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Cum dumpstertrashy cougarI’m proud to be a cum dumpster. I was bottle fed on my daddy’s cum. And I bottle fed my brats on their daddy’s cum. My daughters and I still like to play with cum. It’s our secret to looking young. I’m known in my trailer park as the cum dump cougar, so when men need their balls drained, they hunt me or one of my bukkake slut daughters down, sometimes they get lucky and get us both like today. My daughter was over this morning hanging out when there was a knock on my door. It was the married guy from a few trailers over with an ugly bitch of a wife. Poor guy probably has not been blown since Regan was president.

I told him I knew exactly what he needed. What every man needs. Cum release. I’m happy to take the cum from any living creature! I stripped naked, got on my kitchen island and let him fuck my ass. I love cum running out of my asshole. So does my daughter. She has been sucking cum out of my fuck holes since she was a wee girl. My neighbor’s balls were so swollen. My girl got under us to suck his aching ball sac as he drilled my ass like the energizer bunny. For a guy who has not fucked in way too long, he had amazing staying power.

anal cum dumpster cougar whoreI let him dump his load in my ass knowing my daughter would clean me up. Watching me shit his cum out into my daughter’s mouth got him hard again almost instantly, so I let him take a turn in my cunt. He fucked me longer this time, which was great because his cock was really thick and long. As he was pounding my puss my daughter was fingering his ass to massage his prostrate. I taught her the trick to drain a man’s balls completely. I’d like to say I was concerned about men being totally satisfied and healthy being drained, but it’s really more about my greed for cum. I want all I can get!

But I am not so greedy I won’t share spunk with my cum whore daughter. I pissed out the cum he left in my cunt into a bowl, then I spoon fed it to my daughter just like I did when she was a wee one. She loved it then, like she loves it now. Do you like cum? I’ll let you clean me up too. Maybe even spoon feed you jizz out of my pussy.

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The smile on your face lets me know that you want me. You know what I am and you know that I am willing to do anything you fucking want. You fallow me down the street, down an ally. You start laughing when you see my little bed behind the dumpster. You grab my hand and put it on your cock. “Are you going to be a good little cock sucking cunt for me?” I smile, I’m high as fuck but you can see that. The higher I am the more things I do. You call a cab, take us to a cheap hotel where lucky for me my dealer lives there. We get to the room and you rip off my clothes.

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I lay down and start rubbing my pussy for you, as you take your clothes off and pull out this black case. you pull me off the bed by my hair and stick your half hard cock in my mouth. I can hear you doing something while you mumble. Then I hear you snort something up your nose. I stopped sucking your cock and started to rub it looking for what ever it was that you snorted. There on the table was a nice heavy sac of coke. You tell me to snort some if I wanted. I grab some and put in on your cock. I do my line off your dick and what I don’t snort I suck off. After a few more lines we are both fucked up. You have me bent over the table and your are fucking my ass. “I have to piss.” You start to pull your cock out of my ass but I push back against you. ” Didn’t you hear me bitch? I have to take a piss.” You start to pull your cock out again and I slam my ass back on your cock, taking every inch of it in my ass. I lean back “Fill up my dirty ass with your warm piss baby.”

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I fucking love feeling warm piss fill up my ass. A mans cock is so hard when he has to piss and has a hard on. I keep pushing my ass against him while he is pissing in my ass hole. He is jerking, shaking and twitching. As soon as he finishes pissing in my ass he pulls out and I slip down and start to suck his cock. He really loved going from ass to mouth after he has pissed in my ass. A few sucks and he blew his load half in my mouth and all over my face. He paid me and left me the rest of his coke. I am such a trashy whore!!

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It’s Horny Hump Day!

anal cum dumpsterI am horny as fuck so I have decided that today is Horny Hump Day! I have already started my day off with a bang too, I went next door and sucked my neighbor’s dick then I let him fuck my ass and fill me up with the first load of cum for the day. I didn’t stop there either, I went straight from his house to the xxx store down the street, they have glory holes there and I wanted to get a taste from every single one. Mmmmm it was delicious, there were so many cocks and they were all willing to pump my hungry mouth and gaping asshole with more and more cum! I worked those glory holes until I had a belly full of hot cum and more was dripping down my legs, then I went back to my place so I could get really nasty. I love the taste of cum so much that I never waste it, I wasn’t about to just leave it in my ass, it’s way too yummy for that! As soon as I got home, I squatted over a bowl and shit all that cum out so I could eat it up with a spoon. I’m about ready for round two though because I can never get enough!

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Trailer trash whore dirty mommyThe life of a trailer park whore is never dull. My daughter decided to introduce me to her latest beau. A cute punk rocker boy. He has a thing for rode hard put away wet cougars. Well that would be me! And my daughter and I have shared many men together; some my boyfriends, some hers. When I met this flavor of the week, there was instant chemistry. I was on his cock like white on rice. Didn’t take him long to shoot his young spunk all over my face either. He immediately said he had some friends waiting outside, who love cougar cunt too, especially paired with young pussy.

My daughter informed me she has been gangbanging this guy and his friends for a week or so now, but when she told them about her hot mom they wanted to see for themselves. Plus, like all hot blooded boys, they wanted in on our mother daughter action. Can you blame them? I told my girl’s beau to invite them in. Lot more than I expected, but young, dumb and full of cum is NEVER turned away at my place, no matter how many. I had them rock out with their cocks while my daughter, her boyfriend and I warmed them up with a pre orgy show. It was a pretty nice visual seeing all those young studs stroking their cocks as I ate my daughter’s pussy and got fucked in the ass by her man. I just kept thinking of how much cum those hot young things could cover me in!

orgy phone sex circle jerkThey couldn’t stay on the couch stroking their fuck sticks for long. While my face was buried in my daughter’s muff, they gathered around us and started circle jerking. A cum dumpster’s delight is having a gangbang of young boys cover her in jizz. My daughter is a cum dump whore too. I love sharing spunk with her. We like to snowball that thick white jizz together. I’ll suck it right out of her fuck holes and spit it in her mouth to swap back and forth. We share everything after all. Her boyfriend is a keeper. Not only did he fuck me ass better than anyone has in a while, but he has the tastiest spunk around, not to mention a band of fuck toys who enjoy tag teaming a mother and her daughter.

We had cocks in every hole, cum draining out our cunts and asses, cum matted on our bodies everywhere… and we could have taken more. We puked up cum later that night, but I don’t mind puking from too much jizz consumption. A small hazard I guess of being a professional cum dump Cougar.

Lot Lizard Sex

Lot Lizzard SexI have been feeling EXTRA nasty lately. It seems no matter how many cocks I get I want more! I decided what I needed was a trip! I put on my red leather and 5 inch fuck me pumps. I went down to the truck stop. I picked the biggest guy I could find. And asked for a ride! Of course I had to PAY first. That meant spreading my legs and letting him fuck my ass. Then we were on our way! The next stop I jumped out and found another ride. I had to suck his cock then he fucked me while he was still in the driving seat! And when his riding buddy woke up I fucked him too! Load after load! I took almost 24 hours. And as many cum loads before I ended up right back at the same gas station! It was a VERY nice trip! Although I couldn’t tell you where we actually went. But that is the life of a lot lizzard.

Cum Dumpster Clean Up!

Cum DumpsterI was just cumming back from lunch on Friday. I had a Cunt FULL of cum! I was hoping I had time to put on some underwear before our big meeting. But I didn’t have time! So I sat through the entire meeting puddling cum! And when I stood up… It ran all the way down to my shoes. I knew I had to clean up before I went down to the help desk. I bumped into Brian the cute new guy, as I was heading out of the office. I REALLY wanted to stop and talk him into a quick fuck. BUT … No time for that now. Of course the Ladies bathroom were being cleaned. So I just popped into the men’s room to clean up right fast!. I threw my leg on the counter and started trying to wipe all the cum up. And that is when Brian came rushing in. The look on his face! Seeing me like that! Ass hanging out. Pussy in full view. I just smiled at the hard cock trying to wiggle out of his pants! I asked him if he needed the bathroom. And Brian said NO. He just sat in something. I almost died laughing when I noticed the spot on his pants. He had sat in my chair! I got a wicked smile on my face and asked If I could get some help. And Brian rushed right over to clean the cum out of my cunt with his mouth! I think I am going to have to have a standing order for a cunt cleaning every day! He is really good at it!

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anal cum dumpsterI am one nasty bitch and my very favorite thing to is to be your anal cum dumpster! I crave big fat cocks in my ass morning, noon and night, I can never get enough and I’m not afraid to get nasty with it either. Just this morning I had a friend over, he woke me up by shoving his cock down my throat and half drowning me with his piss. Then he rolled me over and shoved his cock right up my ass! But you know what? I loved it!! I love being treated roughly like that and I never want to change. I even licked my own shit off his dick after he came inside me, I love the taste more than anything. I want to be your new nasty ho, trust me, you won’t find a nastier chick than me!

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Day drinking is my shit. Well really everything to do with drinking and shooting up is my kind of fun. I like to turn up and get crazy. Yesterday afternoon I was stumbling down the sidewalk. I was shit faced and I don’t really remember how I got in the taxi. But I wasn’t going to fight it. I had been drinking and was horny. I wanted his big black cock shoved into my tight country white girl ass. I kept begging him for it harder, Deeper, Longer. That nigger had such a big fat cock. He tore my ass up. He fucked me for hours. My ass is a gaping hole and is sore. But I don’t let that stop me. I am sobering up now and I need a fucking drink, some coke and a big dick to fill up my holes. Who is next on my wild ride? Im wanting more and more big black nigger dick.



Cum Dumpster

I left home at a young age. My mother always wanted a female baby but my father wanted a male. I have always been confused on what sex I am. My mother dressed me up as tranny whore and let men fuck her son up his ass. My father hated me and beat me, told me I was nothing.

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My younger years have stuck with me to this day. I am reminded of how my father would make me get on my knees and suck his cock, “You want a pussy? Then you need to learn how to suck cock like a dirty whore.” I giggle as I cough up some cum from my last client. I coughed up cum and sit it out on the cock I was working now. Fuck I am such a dirty Tranny whore. One more cock and I can get my smoke. My smoke makes me numb and more fun to fuck.


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Live Phone Sex SilviaI became a live phone sex operator because there are some nights I am so fucked up I cannot even stand up. Those are the nights I get my ass beat so bad that I cannot show my face outside my trashy apartment. So there I am, beaten and fucked up on coke, and I really need to get my pimp some cash and get my cunt worked over. That is when I get all my dirty phone calls. They want to know just how nasty I am. What will I do for them? What is the furthest I will go to make them cum. When you have me on the other end of that phone, anything goes baby! I cum just for you! I cum when you cum!

Want to know what I am into? How far how nasty? I will go as far as I am told. I am a good cock fed whore. A dumb cum guzzling slut. Just here to make my cunt wet and my nose stuffed with candy. I love stretching out my long sexy legs and imagining them wrapped around your waste as you slowly enter me. Stretching out my cum crack. Pushing in far, so far, so deep, so hard! Me begging you to please never stop. You looking down at me as you fuck me so hard and slap my tits, slap my face. Call me a whore, a useless tramp! Than spread my ass cheeks and fuck my pink rosebud! Pump it hard as I pinch and bit my own tits for you. Than when you explode all over my face shove it so far down my throat that it cums through my nose! Make me taste your dirty spunk for hours! Now that is the kind of phone chat I love!Cum Guzzing Whore Silvia