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Golden Shower Sex Stories

Dear Daddy,

You’d be proud of me. I’ve finally started exploring the world of hot golden showers sex stories with my little ones. I know the very thought of my little rugrats getting pissed on turns you on so badly. You love the fact that you were my first dirty, nasty pissing experience. You made sure I spent my younger years, especially in my teens, learning what it meant to be a hot little whore for that golden urethral nectar!

Let me show you what a cumslut I am, and exactly how I’ve trained up my little whores to worship your every movement. Not only are these sweet angels toilet trained with their filthy fuck holes, but they enjoy giving a bit of piss play as well. My lovely lullabies aim well, and always hit the mark. They’re known for sucking down every last drop, and begging for more. I love watching them showered in that aurum water.

I have made a name for myself; Amara, piss capital of the world. Use me like a filthy little toilet again, Daddy. Cum and put your slutty little girl in her place. You left for a pack a cigarettes, and never came home. Momma said it was my fault, but I know damn well you left ‘cause she wouldn’t let you piss in her mouth.

Let me say “aaaa” Daddy. Cum back home.

Pissing Sex

Sweet Slutty Daughters

Trashy Milf


It’s been a long time since I enjoyed some quality fuck time with my favorite daughter. Of course I have a favorite one of my little slutkins; how could I not? They all have their talents. One is possibly going to turn out as a better anal cum dumpster than I am. She loves to get stretched on out like the filthy slut she is. She cries that it burns, but it makes her pussy wet.

Another of my whores has no gag reflex, so we’ve trained her up to be the cock swallowing queen of the neighborhood. She can take absolutely any girth, any length, right in her slutty little gullet. Even the BBC boys who come around are shocked to see the pythons she slips inside of her. And then, there was my sweet little angel.

She has the most delicious little peach fuzz pussy I’ve ever tasted, and I simply can’t keep my tongue or my fingers away from her. I love the little sounds she makes as she tries to resist cumming. She squirms, and that makes my pussy drip. Mommy has a nasty little appetite, and only my slutkins can fill it.

Anal Sex Whore Amara

Anal Sex Whore

I’m an anal sex whore, and I teach my girls exactly how to be perfect little sluts. I know these nasty perverted men pay great money for whores who will let them stretch out their precious little fuck hole. It doesn’t matter how old you are, ass sex hurts the first fifteen times or so! It takes quite a long time for your tight little ass to get used to a big cock riding up there. I teach my daughters to train their dirty little posies up right! A true anal slut should be able to prolapse, and go right back into shape! Last night we ran a little “anal sex boot camp”, if you will.

Each of my sluts had a couple of multi sized dildos and a fuck bucket full of lube. I laid down, and spread my sexy legs until they could see my tight, pretty fuck pucker. I’ve been taking loads up my ass for decades, but it sure still does look like the day I got my chocolate cherry popped! My whores spent the night stretching out, bigger and bigger, until they were screaming and gaped. I need a live volunteer for tonight.

Period Phone Sex Whore

Period Phone Sex
When you told me to pick a surprise for your birthday, I bet you weren’t expecting me to have found out about your period phone sex fetish, huh? I know only nasty perverts like this sort of fuckery. Your biggest fantasy is to have me ride you reverse cowgirl so you can watch your massive man meat slide in and out of my bloody pussy. I know the sight of it drooling down from my cunt every time I rise up, coated in little candied clots, really turns you on.

You’re fucking me hard and fast, and I’m milking you with my little cherry pie. I know it won’t be long before you’re ready to bust a load deep in my cunt. This is too hot for you. I’m literally making jackoff porn for you right before your very eyes. Happy birthday honey. I can’t help it! I’m cumming hot sauce geysers all over you and your cock! That’s enough to push you over the edge.

You squirt creamy delicious cum right up in my hot pot! You grab me by my hair, forcing my head down. You’re going to make me clean off our strawberries and cream delicacy! I love tomato cream pie, so I’m eager to lap it up!

Crazy Gangbang Sex Stories

Gangbang Sex Stories

I know you love to hear all my crazy stories during our gangbang sex sessions, so let me tell you about the time I had my first bad rope burn. I have a nasty one now, and it had my pussy reminiscing about what happened to me that night!  I had been suspended from the rafters in the dusty attic of an old abandoned house for several hours, and I wasn’t trussed up gently! The ropes bit into my skin, causing me to cry out every time I wiggled even a little big. My limbs were screaming, burning, begging for some relief, but all that pain was keeping my pussy dripping.

I got used by five different cocks that night, my pussy a rotating fuck toy for them. I wasn’t being given any rest between poundings. They shoved those six thick sticks of man meat in my asshole too, dumping load after load in my little back door. It was really fucking hot! I have more cum running down my legs that night than I’ve ever had in my life, even since then! And I’ve taken more men at a time! But these guys were really cumming, draining their balls right into me.

It was fucking hot, and these burns on my wrists only serve as a hot reminder as to what might want to happen to me again. Fuck I hope it does…

Auntie Amara Sells Sweet Teen Slut Aiden

2 Girl Phone Sex

You know me, and you know what I’m good for; a cheap, druggy whore PMommy Auntie who’s cunny is still tight. If you know my sweet honey Aiden, you know she helps me turn out my rugrats. We’re light on our limits with them! Our only limit is you must pay up of you want to use me or one of my little cum dumps. Usually, to use sweet Aiden is extra, but that niece of mine has been a mouthy little shit.

I know you’ve missed me, baby, and the hot whiskey lullaby of my slutty little voice. My slutkins are just as eager as I am to please you, and we’re going to help you use the drippy teen fuck holes of Aiden. She loves exploring all those dirty little fetishes with me! She’s a little cock hungry whore who’s been begging men to “please, stretch out my tight little pussy!” since the day she learned how to get a man’s attentions. Then again, she learned from the very best didn’t she? Auntie Amara taught my sister’s whore well.

Her Auntie is the ultimate white trash slut, and we’re going to do absolutely anything to milk those balls of your dry. My sweetheart slut Aiden has scars on her knees, just like me, from choking on sidewalk cocks. Aiden is your teen anal whore; cum and get her.

Teen Anal Sex

Road Head For Coke Heads

Cum Filled Cunt

“Get the fuck in the cab, you nasty lot lizard whore.” My favorite dealer taunted, holding up a spicy little bag of snow to coax me in. He had his fat cock out; thick and nasty from being on the road. I could smell another bitch’s cunt on him. My little snow day would keep my nausea at bay, so I bounced up into the Mack and tugged my shirt over my head. My cunt was soaked, not caring about his dirty dick if it meant I got this much blow. This one loved to do most of the work for me, but not today. Today, he revved the engine, my slit dripping as the realization set in.
He threw the tractor trailer into drive, speeding us out to the highway. “Eat my dick you dirty whore.” I sniffed a quick line from the dash, and then I pounced, slamming him into the back of my throat. He gripped a had in my hair, the other struggling to hold the truck steady.
I started face fucking myself faster. He started to pull over right there on the highway. He grabbed me, threw me back onto the bed, and held me down. He fucked my throat raw.

This PMommy Can Party!

No Taboo Phone Sex

A nasty Pmommy slut like me doesn’t need any encouragement to show her sweet little darlings off down at the truck stop lot I tend to whore around every night. The men love to see my innocent hunnies all decked out in their sluttiest attire. My offspring range, and I have eight! Yes, two from each of my four marriages! I never partied while pregnant, at least not the hard stuff! Now however, I’m free to fuck myself up and get myself fucked as much as I damn well please. And I do, every time I take my slutkins out to prowl the fucking lots with me.

I get so wet watching these big, salty truckers force their cocks down the young throats of my cherubs. Some of my brats scream, and fight, and cry. I swear that almost fucking makes me wetter. I just keep chasing the dragon, hazing my way through as I masturbate my nasty PMommy pussy to the sight of my sweet, innocent ones being forcibly violated and used. By the time they get handed back to me, they’re filthy little cum dumpsters, covered in stains no holy water will ever wash away.

My Young Daughter Chokes On A Cock

gangbang Whore

The coke was in his hand, and he was dangling it above my head while he held out his cock. “I said suck me off bitch.” My sweet daughter hesitated, so I grabbed her by the back of her neck and forced her open, trembling mouth down over his throbbing fucking man meat. I wanted my fix, and he wanted my young sweetheart. Here we were, making an even trade. The baggie was in my left hand now, my right still a fist full of the sweet honey curls of my daughter. She was crying, the tears pouring down her f

ace and smudging her mascara. That only seemed to fuel him further, causing him to face fuck her faster and faster! She was screaming around his cock, begging me to make it stop, so I pushed her throat up further and let myself get dripping fucking wet to the sound of her choking, gagging, and gasping for air. Should I let the bitch breathe or let her fucking gag it out? I already have my nose candy; I don’t need her anymore.

Used As An Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster

Who do you think you are, passing up using me like an anal cum dumpster? I bet you want to look all nice and proper for your prick friends, but what you don’t know is I spend my weekends getting gangbanged by your rich pretty boy friends. My asshole gets gaped regularly by three or more men who just want to use my tight anal fuck hole like their own personal pocket pussy. They just want to use my little Black Eyed Susan to jack themselves off inside of me. And then you know what? I get used as a cum dump receptacle.

My pussy is getting drippy from my ass getting stretched out and pounded so much! As soon as one hot piece of meat leaves me, another one lubes up and slides in to take his place and fill that hole left in me. During the week, I have to wear a thick, heavy butt plug. Otherwise, I feel so empty. One way or the other, my cunt is soaked. Do you still think you’re too good of a white collar Walter to fuck a white trashy milf druggy coke whore PMommy bitch like me?

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