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Confessions of a trucker slut

I was eating this old fat mans asshole yesterday when he decided to let a big fat stinky fart out right in my face, while his cock was in my mouth and his balls were swinging in my face. I know that most people would be turned off by this, but I was not! It actually surprised me and I got really wet super fast, I almost came. The smell was rotten like sour milk and sweaty ball and ass.

Big dick sucker

I could definitely even taste the sourness of it, like a really nasty bag of gym clothes, the musty sweaty sour film that gets inside of your nose and mouth. That i what I experienced but I am a freak and I like that kind of stuff. I get off to the smell of sweaty asshole and being shit on as a human toilet. I enjoy being pissed on and shamed while a fat old bald dude pounds my asshole shamelessly. You cannot degrade me enough, I am a cock whore with no morals. Use me as you like, I enjoy it.

Cum guzzling slut Amara wants your load

I noticed we had an unusual amount of truckers stop at the diner to eat today and I could not believe how many of them were not attractive at all. I really feel like they were all old and fat dudes who needed to get on a treadmill. They were like greasy slime balls who needed pussy because their wives would probably not let them touch them. Regardless of that fact I had to make rent money and knew that more than likely, I was going to have all of those cock in my ass or cunt after work.

Cum guzzling slut

I need to make another $400 dollars just to get my land lord off of my ass or I am going to have to give him some pussy too. I do not mind if they are quick, but most of the greasy stinky guys want to take their time and pretend like they care or something. All I can think when they are pumping away at my holes is “hurry up, gotta get to the next truck too”. I am not ashamed because I am a dirty whore and that is my alternate job, but just fuk me and let me move on, I got bills to pay buddy!

Gangbang Whore Amara

Gangbang whore

I went to a party last night with some guys I knew fro high school. I ran into them at a bar and had not seen them for some time. They all were still good looking and invited me along, so I said sure. The party was fun but I was given a drink that must have been spiked with something, because when I came too, my ass hole, my pussy and my mouth were all being fucked and their was a line of men waiting for their turn. I cannot lie, my pussy was wet and I was enjoying the attention. I had not been fucked that hard or by that many men in a long time. Actually come to think of it, it was some of the same guys from the high school football team that were the last ones to fuck me like that, way back in the day. Well, I guess they remembered what I liked because I left that party a little wobbly, sore, but fully satisfied and full of cum.

Big Dick Sucker and her Amazing Asshole

I love taking it in the ass while being face rammed by a big old shaft running his long thick cock siding in and out of my mouth. Anal sex has always gotten me hotter than when I get pussy fucked. Maybe it is because I lost my virginity in my ass before I did in my cunt. My cherry was popped later after I grew to love anal. If a guy ever asks me where I want it and gives me a choice, you will always here ” put it in my ass” first.Daddy, my unces and even the neighbors that daddy used to have fuck me would go for my ass first. I guess it just feels more natural to me to have my ass cheeks spread as I am bent over something and then have a hard push, hear a pop as a cock enters my ass hole. Yep, I love anal and my asshole is still tight.

Big dick sucker

Cum dumpster

Cum dumpster

I love being fucked by two nasty hard cocks from the truck stop. When I get off work and I go dress up in my outfit to make money as the nasty lot lizard sucking every ones cock for money, I like to hope I can find a tag team to fuck the shit out of my nasty beat up pussy.  Some times I find them but majority of the time I only get one client at a time. One cock in my cunt in my asshole or cunt pounding away and then throwing money at me. But I am a nasty little slut that need to be filled to them brim. So having a double penetration by a team of truckers One in my asshole and one in my cunt as their sweaty nasty cocks rip me open by the seams and all you hear is slosh wet pussy grinding, grunting and moaning and me cumming hard while they pound away.

I eat shit, so what

Every one gives me shit because I love scat play. I can not help the fact that I find nothing hotter than having a guy take me from behind, spit on my ass hole and ram his rock hard cock into it, then whip me around and make me suck his cock including the shit right off of it. I love it when I am used as a human toilet and I am shit on, pissed on and have come sprayed all over my face because I am your personal little cum slut. I was raised to know my place and to know that I am no better than the shit that plops in the toilet. My pussy and my mouth are your personal fuck hole to do with as you please. I will obey and be the best little cum guzzling cunt that you have ever had the pleasure of fucking. Just tell me what you want and lets get this party going.


Cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster whore wants to play

I love being a dirty cum dumpster that is used for a mans pleasure. My daddy taught me at a wee age that woman are here for a mans pleasure and that we are great for opening our legs and mouths. Not to speak but to take a big fat cock down the back of the throat and swallow his load. I was dealt with accordingly in my training as a wee one. My daddy made sure I got plenty of experience not only with cock, but with discipline, submission and so much more.. I would not be the woman I am today if it was not for him. I owe him everything from the way I fuck and ride a throbbing fuck stick, to the perfected method I use with my hands and mouth to suck a big fact cock. I wish my dad was still around to teach my girl s all of the valuable lesson he taught me, to be able to teach them to my girls. He unfortunately died a few years back, so we have actively been on the hunt for new man to teach the girls valuable life lessons. Got any lessons to teach my girls?


Anal cum dumpster

Lie to me Pinocchio

I named my favorite dildo Pinocchio after a joke that my friends and I had going one day. We met this guy with a huge nose, other than that he was pretty hot. He just had a huge honker. Well my friends hooked me up with him and this man could fuck. I mean he knew all the right moves, his cock was huge and he made me cum over and over. I sat on his face while he ate my pussy and I was just playing but I kept telling him his nose was like Pinocchio and to fuck me harder with it. He rammed his snozer right into my cunt and made me cream so fucking hard. Anytime I see him nowadays I tell him whats up Pinocchio and he says yo want me to lie to you, then fuck you. It was a fun experience and my friends tease me, but they weren’t there that night and they do not know what they are missing. So yes, Pinocchio…lie to me please.I wonder if there are any other good stories that could be a catalyst for real life fuck sessions of not so good looking guys with amazing abilities to satisfy my pussy hole.


No taboo phone sex

Mini hookers for hire

Me and my daughters are the nastiest and freakiest cum dumpster you will find on the truck lot. We are hungry for money, cum and cock. I tell my girls before every shift that I do not care what it takes. Give him what he wants, let him put his dick or any other appendage in any hole he wants and make mamma that money. I busted my ass taking care of my girls and now my daughters get to help take are of me. I have a no birth control policy because the more help we have to pay the bills, the better.

Hookers for hire

If they get knocked up while they are spreading them legs, cunts and assholes, then good. I want a big family. I want lots of cunts to help pay the bills and be good little fuck slaves and lot lizard whores for me. I have taught my girls the necessary things they need to please a man, they know their place and they all know how to please. They have no excuses for not bringing me home money every night.

Shitty Piss Fuck

I need to take a bath. I just had a trucker piss and shit on me while fucking my ass and cunt so hard I bled. I thought it was going to be a normal hook job. I was ready and got up into the truck. I asked him what he wanted and I started to undress a sI normally would. I stated it was gonna cost him fifty bucks to fuck my pussy and sixty bucks if he wanted my ass hole. I told him it was an extra fifteen if he wanted me to suck his cock.

Lot lizard sex

He threw a hundred and fifty dollars at me and told me to bend the fuck over, he rammed his cock in my ass, puled out and shoved his entire hand into my asshole scaping shit out. He pissed on my face and in my hair. Fucked the shit out of me and made me suck my own scat off his throbbing hard cock.

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