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BBC BJ Training With Brats

BBC Sex Stories
I’ve got eight brats at home to feed, though I make the sluttiest of them earn their own keep. I’ve been training them since they were just tots bobbing around delightedly. Cocks filled their mouths to muffle any complaint as my sick Pclients took advantage of their young little bodies. Today, I was teaching them how to blow a perfect job all over a cock!

I had nine throbbing BBC’s lined up in my living room. I knelt in front of mine, my little angels surrounding us like flies upon honey. I started my sticking the entire BBC right down my fucking sick druggy Mommy throat. My young sluts tried to follow suit, but it was so difficult for their small throats to swallow all that cock. They were gagging all over, and choking, but some lessons in life are hard.

Their big chocolate men grabbed them by the heads, and kept forcing their heads down. Some of them passed out, and awoke to a thick cock being rammed inside of their asses. Mommy always has to make a lesson out of things, especially when each of these cocks paid two grand to be here. Time to move us to the city where Mommy can whore us al lout to the PWolves of Wall Street.

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Eat My Dirty Pussy!

Cum Eating Phone Sex

I worked a long shift down at the truck stop getting my pussy stuffed full of all different flavors of cum. Eighteen hours on my back, getting bent over, and riding thick, horny trucker cock is an experience – let me tell you.

When I got home, my young ones were giggling. They told me I had a guest. He’d cum by while I was at work, and my sweet young girls had been keeping him entertained. He was laying on the floor, and I knew just what to do!

I walked over to him, and squatted down over his face. I don’t wear panties under my little skirts – why bother when they’re just coming off, or getting cum soaked? He grinned as I hovered my pussy just inches above his open, hungry mouth.

He wanted to clean all that cum right out of me, and I was going to let him. My boys gathered around to jack their cocks nice and hard so they could make up extra batches for him. For now, my cum marinated pussy was what he got.

He slurped it down with such vigor, his cock rock hard. I knew there was probably honestly gallons, and I knew he wasn’t going to waste a single drop.

Creampie Slut

Hit The Pipe, Hon

Crack Whore Anal
Just hit the pipe hon, no one will ever know. Your cock isn’t going to stay hard if you don’t and you and I both know how bad you want to plow me. I even brought my youngest angel along, like you requested. So you aren’t chickening out now. Let my sweet princess choke your cock down her throat. She can’t if you won’t stay hard!


Her tiny lips are pouting. I promised her she could lick your dirty cock; she loves a special Popsicle. Meanwhile my boy will lap up the runny juices of my pussy. I don’t have issues staying hard because I made sure to hit the pipe before we got situated and started. My sweet girl’s cunt is in my hand. I’m playing in her wetness, right where your cock should be.


Do you need to do a line of snow off her lithe little body, baby? We’ll line it up through the slit of her pussy, over her tender belly button and up between her flat tits. Those nipples can get sucked as you sniff your way up. There you go, just needed the smell of that innocent sweetie huh? Sniff as much as you like, and hit the pipe. We’re yours until you stop paying.

Creampie Slut

The Party PMom

Lot Lizard Sex
The name’s Amara but most of y’all just call me bitch. I’m the traveling party PMom! I pay for our fair with my filthy druggy pussy. By our, I mean my slutkins and me! There’s eight of ’em and I’ll be damned if I’m feedin’ all those mouths alone! All them bitches work and earn their keep with whatever fuck hole they got! I got two sets of twins, too.

I know my sons and daughters will please the ever living fuck out of you. Anyway, sorry I’m high as fuck, I have a hard habit to maintain too! We go from state to state practicing the lot lizard nomadic way of life. My Momma did this with me ‘n my siblings when I was a young slut and so I know all the ropes. I got a whore for everything, and a need for every or any fucking drug y’all might offer me.

Keep an eye bitches, I might be cummin’ to a truck stop with my breeding brood soon! We’re passing through on I-70 right now, but I won’t tell you where! Guess right, and win a prize in the Party PMommy lottery.

Pick one of my brats to play with, and let us pleasure you for any fix you got; especially rock or cock.
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Daddy Made Me A Druggy Slut

No Taboo Phone Sex
I remember how I got started being a little slut for Daddy and his big dick friends friends. I was so young! My tiny tits were barely popping in and my sweet innocent nipples were always rock hard pebbles poking tiny mosquito bite bumps into my little tan top. I didn’t even bother with that training bra shit, I just went straight to half cup push ups from Vicky’s hush hush.

I know Victoria’s Secret, and it’s that she doesn’t need a nasty John to feel like the hot whore she is.

Neither do I, but I had my Daddy and his little gang and that was enough for me. When I wouldn’t cooperate, Daddy would just refuse to “give me my medicine!” That’s fucking right, my Daddy had his innocent little princess hooked on crack, meth and coke! The rock rocks my fucking world, ice makes my cunny run and coke numbs my throat so I can get face fucked! It works now, and it worked for me then!

I would do absolutely anything to get that dirty hit, and once I was all fucked up I’d do anything they said. Young girl strip tease? Done! Ride some cock until my legs don’t fucking work? Done. I did everything I was told, and I’m raising my slutkins the same way. It’s never too early to start on the pipe!
Druggy Porn

Water Sports Sex For World Environment Day

Water Sports Sex

It’s World Environment Day which, as you damn well know, means I’m up to do my absolute best in conserving the planet. How am I doing that today? Water Sports Sex! I may as well repurpose my piss and cut down on that flush of the toilet, right? I can get a hot little John to be my toilet. I love piss play, and so do some of my best clients out on the lot.

Honestly it’s sort of a secret fetish of mine that I’ve just never taken the time to properly explore. I’m glad I have you here with me. Let’s party it up a little, if you’ve a mind for a drug fueled fuck session with some delicious potty play all over your sexy little face. Lay down on the bed, and I’ll climb right on top.

You know the carpet matches the curtains, and I’m a hot little fire crotch ready to grind all over your hungry mouth. Instead of relieving my oh so full bladder into the piss pot where I’d flush it down and waste water, I’m going to let the river flow out into your mouth instead. You said you were thirsty, sweetheart. Though I know it makes you just as hard for me to stand over top of you and give you a true, well aimed steamy golden shower.

Sucking Off The Indi 500

Cum Guzzling Slut

I got hired on special for a lot lizard event that can’t be topped, no matter how hard you try. Today marks the celebration of one hundred and ten years since that sexy man Ray Harrounat first won the Indi 500. I love NASCAR and all things racing, which is how I ended up at the lot in the first place. I used to love to watch what motors mosied on in.
No shit, Harrounat back in 1911, and he didn’t even break seventy five miles per hour. I often suck cock going faster than that on the highway! Anyway, I got hired to work the lot of the celebration race, and there was money to be made everywhere. Bitches bent over bars, and the horny truckers that drove them in pounding away ever incessantly at their juicy wet slut pussies.

I got to work right away, picking out a trucker from Alaska. he was tall as fuck; Big John. I wanted him to fuck me, and lucky for me he offered to pay. Now when I’m working these events I get paid per hour and per body, and the bodies pay me too. They keep me nice and high, and full of cum. Well, this was Danica Patrick’s trucker, so I ended up behind the scenes. I was getting so much cock and cum, I can’t even tell you how long I was high for.

All I know is there’s a bun in my oven, and his daddy might be a race car driver.
Cum Filled Cunt

Coke Makes Me Broke

Druggy Porn
I have to be a crazy fucking whore because nabbing up all this coke turns me into a broke bitch real quick! But, the coke keeps my cunt juices greasing up my inner thighs and I get to stay high all the time, so what’s the fucking problem? I love taking cock anyway! I was just a young girl when my Momma started whoring me around with her in the truck stop lots at night.

Yeah, I was young but I think that turned the men on more. That’s where I learned my love of that sweet powder that stung like a hornet and shot me right into dream land. I’m a junkie whore, and it’s a fucking fact that I’ll do absolutely anything for my fix. The truth is I’ll take two cocks at a time in each of my fuck holes if it means I can soar the fucking skies.

Gape me out and use me like the slut I am, make my holes nice and drippy. Fill me up with as many steaming cum loads as you like as long as it means I get to do another fucking bump off of your cock. Anything to get high, and absolutely anything to get stuffed by dirty trucker fuck cock.

Gangbang Whore

Drugged By My Young Sluts

Druggy Phone Sex
I awoke with stiff joints; my arms were bound above my head and had been for some time. I was naked, and I dangled above the floor; how far I didn’t know due to the blind fold tied tightly over my eyes. My pussy was on fire; I was so ridiculously horny I could barely form words. “Mommy’s awake.” One of my little ones chimed nearby, That caused a chorus of giggles from the rest of them.

“Look, her pussy is crying.” “Not yet it isn’t.” They moved on me, my angels. They’d drugged me, hung me, and had been edging me for hours while I was unconscious. I needed to cum, and I needed to cum now! I couldn’t think about anything else. My sweet ones were giving me a Mother’s Day present I would never forget. Every time they brought me even close, using their sweet fingers and delicate little mouths, one of them would stop and it wasn’t enough to cum. I was circling the drain, begging my own offspring for some relief. “What about all the times you edged us, Mommy?” They asked in tandem. I was sobbing, my cunt oozing honey straight down to the floor in long, gooey strands.

I needed it, so badly. Please, anyone. Just make me cum, please. “You want to cum, Mommy?” My oldest giggled. “Okay.” They were on me, all eight of them. Hands and mouths and fingers. Biting, pinching, sucking, stroking. I was moaning. I was so close. I couldn’t cum!

They removed the blindfold, and my oldest showed me a needle. “Your medicine won’t let you cum, Mommy. You’re going to have to work for it.” They giggled, moving to smother me with their young cunts and cocks.
Cum Dumpster

Cross Cuntry Cumfest

Trailer Trash Whore
I took myself a cross country vacation, a cross cuntry cumfest if you will, in the bed of a truck, and I’ve finally managed to return home after one hell of a druggy, alcohol fueled, fucking adventure. I swear to fuck I must have gotten bred a hundred times over by more men than I could ever fucking count. If there’s a bastard in my belly, he’ll have to stay that way. His mother is a lot lizard slut and his father is a mystery cream pie I got while chasing the dragon above the clouds.

Days later, I still reek of cum no matter how many times I wash myself. I’ve been a bad fucking girl, and if there is a God I’m not sure he’ll be willing to send me to Hell. I’d probably, honestly, do worse than that Lil Nas X honey. I’ll suck and fuck Lucifer and his devils and demons until my existence implodes. Huge, horny demon cocks – damn these drugs really are still hitting me! I’m fantasizing about any cock I can get. I’m so fucking horny right now; and yet there’s still cum loads dribbling from my once tight shit hole.

I know that I’m not done, and that I’ll go on another wild druggy fuck bender soon. For now, I need a couple cocks to warm my bed, and a vacation from vacation.

Sloppy Wet Pussy

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