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Ever Clear In Everything – Drunk Sluts!

Drunk Girl Fucking

Listen up bitches, we got the Ever Clear and we’re going to get drunk as fuck tonight. Blackout drunk, because me and my little ladies have an intense gangbang coming our way tonight! Valentines Day is so romantic until you’ve got three cocks in your pussy and one in your ass! That’s why we’re getting white trash wasted! I want to fit three and two, and I know damn well I can’t take that as a sober whore. I’m going to get fucked up and let all my inhibitions go. Inebriation nation! I’ll get so fucked up I roll over, puke, then go right back to sucking that cock I had down my throat. I’ll be gobbling cummies until the sun goes down again, so bring a bottle and some batteries for the camera!

Druggy Porn This Valentine’s Day

Druggy Porn

This year for Valentine’s Day I made a bunch of Druggy Porn for all those sick fucks out in the world. I showed up to the studio with a Lucy Laced Lollipop sucked between my lips. The whole idea was to put on some slick ass music, and see how high and fucked up I could get. Then, they were going to set a barrage of every man who had ever asked to be my Valentine but I turned down! It was a gang rape fantasy coming to life, and I was getting mega horny from even just thinking about it. I started out with a hot rail and then a fat ganja blunt, but before long I was getting too faded so I needed something to wake me up!

It was a cocaine shower to the rescue, and that shit went straight to my cunt! I was ready to make gangbang druggy porn! What I didn’t know is they had been filming me the whole time and when I get super fucking high I masturbate without even knowing it! Here they had an hour of me getting fucked up on meth, marijuana, and magic powder while fucking my cunt with my fingers! I had to warm myself up if I was going to get gang banged after all! Trashy whores like me don’t get fluffers.

Druggy Porn


Fuck Me Like You Hate Me came on and the hotel door opened. Seven big, beefy guys came in all with rock hard cocks in their hand! The sight of all those throbbing cocks really got my pussy going. I popped an ecstasy and washed it down with some vodka. It was time to fuck and fucking party! I was pinned to the bed and cock after cock was forced into my throat. They were jerking off over top of me, and I was moaning out loud! I couldn’t make it stop even if I wanted to! I was too fucking high.

“I’m a druggy porn whore and I love taking gang bang cock!” I screamed out. They brought me another line and started tapping it out on this massive black meat right in front of my face. I snorted the whole snow ball and then swallowed that cock down my throat. I ended up passing out because I couldn’t get enough air and I was so fucking high! Cum over, and we can watch it together.

Druggy Porn

My Cunt Is Hot And Dangerous!

Prostitutes Porn

The temperatures are dropping but my slit is so hot it could melt the snow off of you. When I spread my legs in the winter time in my little skirt, my smoke signal is the steam streaming from that hot little snatch! The truckers down at the stop know damn well my pussy is hot, fresh, and ready to take some hot cum loads! As the night goes on and I get fucked more and more like the sloppy whore I am I’ll be steaming Sleeper cabs up all over the lot whether I like it or not. My cunt just gets so hot I can’t stop it from being so dangerous when the temperature drops.

When I get high as fuck, sometimes I’ll just fuck out in the snow ’cause I can’t feel my face anyway! But I sure can feel the way that cock is pounding in and out of my already full nasty cunt! His balls always slap against my ass and make such an echo it sounds like we have applause from all the perverted truckers sitting in their cabs with the lights on masturbating their cocks to the fuck show I’m putting on for them.


Trashy MILF

Little Wolfy Ass Plug Pet Play

Furry Friends Phone Sex

I got bought up by some fancy pervert who has a pet play fetish. I’ve never done much in there, but I thought I’d give it a try being his sexy little wolf pup! He got me ears and a tail that was actually a massive ass plug! That thing stretched me so hard when he popped it in or out and holy fuck did he do a lot of that! My shit chute was so sore for six fucking days afterward, but holy fuck it was so much fun!

Big Daddy Dexter rolled us a bunch of exotics into nice blunts and we smoked for hours as he got my body ready for use. He bathed me, scrubbed me down, waxed me, and then even did my hair and make up. He wanted me to be the perfect pup for him to play with and I was planning on giving him the time of his life. After all, he’d paid me enough in coke to murder a large elephant in cold blood! Once I was high and prettified, he bent me over and forced that cold titanium ass plug inside my little fucking hole.Then, the real fun could begin. Maybe I’ll write you a part two babe!

Sexy Prostitutes

Coke Whore Mommy Spreads Her Legs

Hookers For Hire

Coke whore Mommy Amara loves to lay back in bed with her legs spread and masturbate to that hot incest fuck. I know you can see my pussy pulsating, begging for my sexy son to come watch me dip my fingers in and out of my fuck hole! Sugar Daddy wants all of this, and he pays for my expensive coke habit! He loves when we send him videos of all the nasty incest fucking we do while he is away on business. Sugar Daddy knew on our wedding night that this was the life that we were going to live, and he loved the sound!

I love fucking my husband, but my son has the thickest, hottest cock! He fucks me while I do lines off of my own tits. Sex, drugs, and making bank roll is what I’m talking about! Big boy was fucking this tight coke mommy pussy from behind and making me squeal like a little piggy! I needed more, though, and when my daughter came in I put her to work eating my pussy and making sure that Mommy’s clit was getting used while her big brother tried to breed mommy yet again!

Yeah, you can come by and watch too, but you have to bring the coke!

Trailer Trash Whore

Coochie Queen


Druggy Phone Sex

I’m the fucking coochie queen bitches! This nasty cunt is dripping cum just about twenty four seven, and there’s nothing you can do about it! There’s a reason I work down at the truck stop swinging my ass around while I get high with the boys. They love shooting pool with me as much as they love shooting up with me or shooting a hot load of cum deep inside of me! Once I get on the party train, it all goes straight to my cunt and there’s no stropping. I love getting plowed in public by whatever nasty pervert is hanging on by! Make me cum hard enough, and I might even squirt some of this milk from my nipples. No babe, not pregnant, though you can breed me! I’m just a whore who’s horny for more.

Water Sports Sex With Amara

Water Sports Sex

Mommy Amara loves water sports sex, especially when it’s with my young ones. We love to find ourselves a tinkle drinking Daddy who can handle my sweet girl’s full bladder. She’s been doing the pee pee dance in line at the truck stop. The line is long, and her tiny hands are clamped over her crotch, trying to keep a single drop from spilling out of her pussy. She’s squirming because it hurts her, and Mommy is sitting back and masturbating my pussy openly. The men stare at me with my cunt in the air, and then at my daughter who is wiggling around like the unwilling toilet sex toy she is.

When she sees me playing with my wet mommy pussy, my girl whines! The sounds of the toilets flushing is making her have to go pee pee so badly, but I love watching her in omorashi pissing desperation mode! Finally she leaves the line and runs over to me, begging. “Mommy please I need to go right now, please! I can’t hold it any longer!” Just then, the line moved and she could have gone piss right in the bathroom. When I didn’t respond, she ran up to a man and begged him to lay on the floor so she could piss in his mouth, but he said only if she could act out his scat phone sex fantasy too!


TOilet Sex

Live Phone Sex With A Lot Lizard!

Live Phone Sex

I know you love live phone sex, especially with a lovely lot lizard like me! Mommy Amara is what they call me, because my young ones are known to be just as sexy as me. Nothing makes me smile more than getting invited to be arm candy at fancy parties, doing too much nose candy, and ending up covered in the cum of rich strange men I’d never meet again. Sometimes my young girls would cum with me to the parties, and I’d give them a lesson in whoring! Lap dances and strip teases paired with no limit throat fucking is a must. No man can resist getting milked by me then!

But sometimes, I like to take a classier approach. A phone sex line date with some pervert I’ve been courting, a bottle of wine, an eight ball of coke, and a long night of possibilities. I love to lay back, spread my sexy Mommy legs, and masturbate this sloppy PMommy cunt until I either squirt all over one of my young sluts, or my fuck hole gets filled with sticky Daddy cum. I’ll let you breed me, of course! I might have eight sons and daughters, but I’m always looking to get impregnated by nasty pervert cum and have another lot lizard legacy lolita to turn into a sloppy little gang bang whore!
Phone Sex Line

Breeding Cow Phone Sex Line

Phone Sex LineI take work on the phone sex line when I can’t get down to the lot and fuck! When I’ve been bred, and my pregnant belly is as big as a house I can barely move! The truck stop I work at is golden for breeding cows and cum sluts like me! We serve milk in a glass, or fresh squeezed from our utters. I know you love the swell my body shows ever since you stuck a fat, juicy cum load up that tight birthing canal you love so much. And now that I’m knocked up, you think my cunny is jucier than anything you’ve ever tasted!

I stay high all the fucking time which makes these live phone sex sessions even more fun! I get to tell all the perverts what I do for a dime bag of coke, or even something harder. I’m a crack whore who needs that dirty fix, and I’m not above and beyond selling my own daughters to make the money back up. Being pregnant and high is an expensive hobby, so I guess my bitches had better get to work. You looking for a handy baby, or a juicy young cunt to milk your cock in so you can explode all the fuck over, and then breed up into a slutty little gangbang whore? I’m addicted to that 80’s rock, and I don’t mean the music! Wanna blaze and play?

Live Phone Sex

Fucked By The Baseball Team

Live Phone Sex


My hot honey took me and my girls to the baseball game to make sure the home team got fucking pleasured and moraled by our slutty little mouths and hot honey holes.Those young boys laid me down on the bench in the dug out, and in between their innings took turns running a horny as fuck train on my slutty lot lizard body. My boyfriend was so turned on watching me get used, mostly because he knew he would get to use his tongue to clean it all out of me later! I always made him swallow down the cum loads I collected and marinated in my cunt for him. This baseball team was doing a number on me, and by the ninth inning, I knew my boyfriend was in for a grand slam tonight.