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A nasty Pmommy slut like me doesn’t need any encouragement to show her sweet little darlings off down at the truck stop lot I tend to whore around every night. The men love to see my innocent hunnies all decked out in their sluttiest attire. My offspring range, and I have eight! Yes, two from each of my four marriages! I never partied while pregnant, at least not the hard stuff! Now however, I’m free to fuck myself up and get myself fucked as much as I damn well please. And I do, every time I take my slutkins out to prowl the fucking lots with me.

I get so wet watching these big, salty truckers force their cocks down the young throats of my cherubs. Some of my brats scream, and fight, and cry. I swear that almost fucking makes me wetter. I just keep chasing the dragon, hazing my way through as I masturbate my nasty PMommy pussy to the sight of my sweet, innocent ones being forcibly violated and used. By the time they get handed back to me, they’re filthy little cum dumpsters, covered in stains no holy water will ever wash away.

My Young Daughter Chokes On A Cock

gangbang Whore

The coke was in his hand, and he was dangling it above my head while he held out his cock. “I said suck me off bitch.” My sweet daughter hesitated, so I grabbed her by the back of her neck and forced her open, trembling mouth down over his throbbing fucking man meat. I wanted my fix, and he wanted my young sweetheart. Here we were, making an even trade. The baggie was in my left hand now, my right still a fist full of the sweet honey curls of my daughter. She was crying, the tears pouring down her f

ace and smudging her mascara. That only seemed to fuel him further, causing him to face fuck her faster and faster! She was screaming around his cock, begging me to make it stop, so I pushed her throat up further and let myself get dripping fucking wet to the sound of her choking, gagging, and gasping for air. Should I let the bitch breathe or let her fucking gag it out? I already have my nose candy; I don’t need her anymore.

Used As An Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster

Who do you think you are, passing up using me like an anal cum dumpster? I bet you want to look all nice and proper for your prick friends, but what you don’t know is I spend my weekends getting gangbanged by your rich pretty boy friends. My asshole gets gaped regularly by three or more men who just want to use my tight anal fuck hole like their own personal pocket pussy. They just want to use my little Black Eyed Susan to jack themselves off inside of me. And then you know what? I get used as a cum dump receptacle.

My pussy is getting drippy from my ass getting stretched out and pounded so much! As soon as one hot piece of meat leaves me, another one lubes up and slides in to take his place and fill that hole left in me. During the week, I have to wear a thick, heavy butt plug. Otherwise, I feel so empty. One way or the other, my cunt is soaked. Do you still think you’re too good of a white collar Walter to fuck a white trashy milf druggy coke whore PMommy bitch like me?

Druggy Whore Gaped During Anal


I was staring down, by far, the thickest cock I’d ever seen. BY all standards, that drooling monster wasn’t much fucking longer than my usual sprinkling; maybe nine inches. But he was so thick! He grinned down at me. “I said bend over, bitch.” He slapped me, hard, and that made my cunt spit. I bent the fuck over in his musty, worn cab. He spit on my little tight asshole, and lit a blunt comparable to his cock. He downed half of it, and passed it to me as he began to rub circles around my dirty posy with his callused thumb.Hardcore Anal Sex

I took some hard hits, preparing myself. Before I knew it, he was one, then two, now three fingers deep in my once tight anal fuck hole. I was crying, but really starting to love the way he was finger fucking me, and playing ring around the rosy with my little clitty. I was soaked when he slid that thick monster into my ass. He gaped me the fuck out. I knew my fuck hole was never going to be the same. Old Karl with the wide fucking cock; he left me a nasty cream pie, and paid me for an extra hour just to watch it ooze from my ass.

Anal Cum Dumpster

Christmas Came For Filthy PMommy Amara

Cum Dumpster

Oh Christmas sure as fuck came. Christmas is my youngest daughter, and I spent her very special day teaching her sweet pussy how it could very well be tormented with pleasure. I edged my young daughter for twenty four entire hours, and she learned very quickly why she should never play with her innocent little pussy without Mommy Amara’s permission. I caught her rubbing her little honey bun while she was supposed to be getting dressed. She cried when I caught her with her fingers dancing in the sugar sweet wet mess between her young little legs. She knew exactly what Mommy was going to do.

Mommy edged her long and hard. I used the magic Hitatchi wand on her innocent pussy, and listened to her beg and scream to please let her cum. She swore to never play in her pussy without my permission. I ignored her. After this lesson, my sweet angel was never again going to forget why Mommy had rules in place. Her sweet cunt was pouring, begging for fucking relief before we were even very far into her torment. When I finally did let her cum, she squirted for three minutes straight and promptly passed out. I promise she’ll never touch without asking again.

Forced Festive Fawn Fucking

Cum Guzzling Slut
This year, I’m giving out a different sort of gift. You see, I have eight munchkins at home that are just running up the bills, and not doing me much damn good. Well, I decided to take them with me on my house calls this holiday season. I’m the holiday hooker of everyone’s fucking dreams. I like to party, I don’t have limits, and I always bring my young ones to make sure that you get completely and totally satisfied in your sick fucking fetishes. There’s nothing that we won’t do for you, and I don’t know if that’s more or less disgusting than the fact that I don’t care if my sweetlings want you to touch them or not. I’m going to make them sit down, shut up, open their mouths under legs, and take your fucking cock in their pathetic little fuck holes.
My sweet angels can cry, beg, scream, I don’t care. They came with me to this Fuck Fest, and they are going to festively get fucked. It’s not up for debate. Oh yes, it cost extra for my darlings to come and play with you, especially the unwilling ones. I know we can force them into doing whatever we want. I know that you’re sick and twisted, and that you can back me up when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of making them take thick fucking cock and they’re tiny little fuck holes. I think you know exactly what I need from you. Why don’t you let us come over, say around 10? I’ve got something special in store for you.

PMommy And Her Slutkins

Cum Filled Cunt

You may or may not know this, but I’m a sexy P Mama 2. I’ve been married four times, and I have eight little ones, two from each marriage. Some of them are of mixed blood, but they’re young and they’re hot, and they’re eager to have their little fuck holes filled. I often take at least one of them to work the Lots with me, and that is some sexy group fucking action that I can guarantee you don’t want to miss. Our mouths are hot, hungry, and empty. We’ll be swallowing your cock faster than you can handle, gulping you down.
You tell me your preference, how young, what they look like, and I guarantee I have one that’ll fit your style. You want to get fucked by me and my slutkins? We’ll give you a run for your fucking money, and I guarantee we’ll drain your balls at least three times before you make it out the door. Are you up to fucking us like that? Do you think you can handle a filthy horny Pmommy druggy slut and her little whores?

Home Invasion Whore

Dirty Phone Sex

I came in from work, suspicious that the house was completely dark. From the second he grabbed me, my cunt started to drip and did not stop throughout this entire affair. He dragged me into the living room to find my mother and my slutkins all bound up on the floor. He tied me up, too, and started dragging my mommy up over the arm of the couch, directly in front of us. I was crying, as was every one of my kin in the room. He lifted Mommy’s skirt and started to fuck her like it was going out of style.
Mommy was crying at first, sobbing like a wretched thing. Then, her cries of anguish turned to cries of pleasure. She was enjoying how he was forcing himself on her! I watched as she wound herself up, and squirted all over his cock. She was cumming so hard, begging for more and more. He was fucking her like a nasty feral animal, completely burying himself balls deep in her old GILF cunt. My young ones were watching her, half horrified and half horny, just like me. We didn’t know what to do.
He finally blew a hot fucking load right into Mommy’s old cunt, and let her sit there, showing us her cream pie. He turned, trying to choose between me or one of my gorgeous angelic lovies. I was begging him in my head not to touch my sweet ones, but instead I blurted out, begging him to force himself inside them and steal their fucking innocence. They stared at me in horror, but he eyes me with heady arousal, eager to give me what I wanted.
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PMommy Milf Sells Slutkins For Drugs

Cum Dumpster
I’m a PMommy Milf who will do absolutely do anything for a dollar. This year, I took all eight of my offspring to do some extra special photos with my favorite type of Santa. He was big, black, and built like a brick shit house. He took one look at my cubs, and I could see how hard he instantly got under that fur lined red suit. One by one he pulled them into his lap in the next room, and played with those young bodies to his heart’s content.
They took some very special photos, which I knew would be even more profitable. I popped a couple of pills standing there, watching this giant black Alpha fuck my little slutkins. My cunny was getting wet, and I couldn’t help but play with my own dripping slit. This black anaconda was huge and hungry, wanting to squeeze into something hot and tight. I was thrilled to watch, excited by the prospect of their innocence getting desomated.
My sons were all presenting their rock hard cocks, happily getting jacked off by those massive ebony hands, and sucked off between those thick chocolate lips. My daughters were shy, even crying a bit. But those young bald pussies were getting wet all the same. They were wet enough to slide over that gigantic BBC at any rate. I came hard several times while watching he show, turned on by how much money I was making. Money bought drugs, and drugs make my PMommy cunt a soaked mess.

Dirty Phone Sex

Sucking Dick For A Dollar In The Back

Cum Guzzling Slut

Some shifts at the diner are just slow. Well, my manager happens to know what I do after I’m done serving meals; I go out into the truck stop parking lot and serve this pussy up! So, when some of his better known perverts roll through, he always sends me in to clean the bathroom. Although, to be honest, the bathroom is always nastier after I get done sucking their cocks!
I’ll do a line off the counter, and meet those trucker boys in the stall. They’re almost always already hard, with their juicy hot cocks out dripping as they stroke them for me. That makes me a little horny, I won’t lie. We’ve had more stay overs with it being the Holiday season, so I’ve been slurping more steamy cum loads lately.
Last night, this guy came in and wanted to just eat my pussy. Lucky for him, I hadn’t taken any loads in my cunt yet that day, though I later found out he would have loved to have eaten another man’s spunk from my cunt! He sat me on the counter, and made me cum all over his face. He never even took his cock out, not even once! Well, that’s crazy to me, but it sure was nice to get head for once. I hope he comes back soon; my lot lizard pussy misses him.

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