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Amara Knows Your Secret!

Shemale phone sex

Amara Knows Your Secret 

You have a naughty little secret don’t you? Do not worry, not only do I know your kinky secret, but I know how to give you exactly what you have been fantasizing about. A little Shemale phone sex. 

I have a very good friend named Ebony who has 34 DD’s and a 12 inch working black cock. She is very fucking sexy and just loves to have a little white mouth on her cock. Now, I know you are nervous so I will help you. You can even pretend that I forced you. 

Tying you into a chair so you can not run while she pulls out her chocolate eclair. I will grab a clothespin and put it on your nose. Not only making you open your mouth but making it much easier to deep throat. Then, he is going to push that snicker bar deep into your mouth. Letting those big heavy full balls rest on your chin. 

Horny Lot lizzard needs your Big Rig Load!

Lot lizzard sex

It’s the middle of the month and momma needs to get that money for rent and car payments by the 1st, Its time for some Lot lizard sex.

I love being a horny lot lizard, it comes so naturally and after a long day of waiting tables at the truck stop diner, it feels good to get stuffed and creamed on. It really helps me relax.

Truckers are always so appreciative of my eager lips and hungry wet cunt, they can’t wait to sink their cocks into all of my horny holes. And I pride myself in giving them the fuck of their life.

I just can’t seem to get enough of that Big rig bang time.  I guess that’s why the call me the five star lot lizard.

Amara Wants To Gargle With You !

Cum eating phone sex

Amara Wants To Gargle With You 

You want to be a sissy slut, and I am a cock whore meaning we go together like peanut butter and jelly. Let me teach you how to be a cum dumpster with Cum eating phone sex. 

You and I are going to hit the town. I have the perfect outfit for you, A mini pleather skirt and a halter top. Maybe a cute little red wig to top it off. I am going to draw on your halter top cum dumpster. We will pick a guy and bring him right into the bathroom. Both of us get down onto our knees on that dirty floor as he pulls out that cock. 

Your mouth is watering isn’t it? Let me teach you how to make him cum in your little sissy mouth. Once he cums I want you to swish it around your mouth coating it with his hot jizz. Before you swallow it. 

Naughty whore wants your piss!

Pissing sex stories

Amara Loves A Golden Shower 

I know exactly what it is that you want to hear. You want to know all of my Pissing sex stories don’t you? That is going to make that cock hard, isn’t it?

There is something about being degraded that I love. Laying there while you stand over me with your dick there in your hand. Telling me that I am a dirty little whore as you start to push out that piss. Of course, you don’t let it all out at once. No, you want me to know just what a nasty slut I am. Dragging it out as you piss on different parts of my body. Making me lick off what I can reach. Then, once your bladder is empty you make me roll around it. Making sure that I am completely covered in yellow stinky urine. Last, you make me tell you about all the men that have pissed all over me while you jack off over me.

Amara lets you cum wherever you want!

Cum dumpster

Amara lets you cum wherever you want.

Rent is due and I don’t have it. So, I came up with a great idea. I made a sign that said Cum dumpster cum where ever you want for just $20 bucks and I headed for the truck stop

I knew that these men could not resist covering me in there hot sticky loads. That is what a slutty bitch like me deserves. Within 10 minutes I was sitting on the pavement surrounded by 5 giant truckers. All of them had their cocks in their hands jerking them, Taking turns smacking me with those shafts.

I knew I should feel shame but watching them squeeze those cocks over me made me really excited. I began to rub my bare pussy on the hot ground as the cum began to cover me. All five men jizzed all over my face and tits. Those hot loads covered my eyes mouth and dripped down my chin. Not only did I make rent I made money to pay my electric bill also.

Amara get’s her red wings!

Period phone sex

Amara get’s her red wings

Eating pussy is something I really enjoy. Dirty or clean, it does not really matter. The other day I got to have Period phone sex. That is right I got my red wings.

I have this friend that stays with me sometimes and we always fool around when she stays. When she came over and I went to stick my hand down her pants she warned me she was bleeding. Truthfully, I was so horny I did not care. My fingers plunged into her cunt around her tampon.Feeling that hot sticky blood fill my fingers as I pulled out that cotton plunger.

Having her aunt flow made her wetter than normal and I could not wait to stick my face in it. Seriously, the blood flowing from her snatch made her taste that much better. When she cam she squirted out a ton of red hot blood all over my face. After she licked it off my face.

Fuck Me Freaky!

Freaky phone sex

Let’s get our Freaky Phone Fuck on!

I have always loved Freaky phone sex. There is something super sexy about the no strings attached aspect of Phone fucking that makes me hot.

I want to Rub one off with you.

When we phone fuck, I want you to get Nasty, I am the one girl that you can say anything to. Let’s fuck around together, I will play with my tight little pussy while you tell me your naughtiest fantasies and you can stroke that cock and listen to my taboo tales.

Anything goes Phone Bone.

Nothing is off the table, The dirtier you are the wetter my pussy will get for you and the more I will squirt. I am a naughty slut baby that knows how to rock your cock.

Drunk Pussy is Waiting!

Drunk girl fucking

Fucking her while she’s fucked up turns you on.

You know you Love Drunk girl fucking. Picking some tipsy slut at the bar and taking her home and screwing her silly.

She is still Down to fuck!

You love it when she is so fucked up, she will do anything, you can fuck all her horny holes while she lays there like a corpse eagerly waiting for your hot load of man juice. Feel the way her body responds to your touch; she is slutty even when she is passed out. Her legs open and welcome you into her wet cunt.

She wants your load.

She will suck you and fuck you no matter how drunk or high she gets, eagerly swallowing your loads and welcoming them into all her Whore holes.

My majestic pussy will baptize you!

Golden showers phone sex

My majestic pussy will baptize you.

Working as a lot lizard provides me many opportunities for Golden showers phone sex. The power I feel having you lie beneath my majestic pussy as my golden nectar baptizes you is Hot.

Pure liquid sex!

Pure liquid sex is what I am blessing you with you filthy fucking whore. I want you to drink my nectar and call me goddess. You’re not one of the typical Johns that gets his rocks off by a few pumps in between my thighs. Instead, you crave something deeper.

Drink from my Pussy Fountain.

Drink from my pussy fountain and feel my hot juice running down the back of your throat and into that belly. You need me and I am the only one that can give you what you desire.

Filthy Lot Lizard needs your load!

Cum filled cunt

My Pussy is juicy and over filled.

I just left the truck stop and I have a Cum filled cunt. I know you want to taste me or add to my already overfilled Cum drenched snatch so what will it take to get you off.

My new profession.

I used to work 12 hour shifts at the truck stop café until I figured out I could make double the money in half the time by swallowing loads of cum and becoming the lot lizard my momma groomed me to be.

The lot Lizard.

On my knees and on my back in the Cab of the a Big rig is where I make my living, Stroking, sucking and offering up all my horny holes. I give you everything that you crave and hold nothing back. I am a lot lizard and will always be waiting with a smile. Let’s get Filthy Baby.