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cum dumpster slutI’ve never met a motherfucker that didn’t love some postpartum pussy. It is the juiciest cunt that even exists, not to mention the bitches are always so sensitive. Oh, and our titties are still nice and full of fucking milk. Do you want to know where I think the term squirting came from? I really don’t think it was the pussy, because when I cum, I cum hard and creamy. If I got huge bouncy milky titties, you can bet your ass I’m squirting from my swollen nipples too. This post pregnancy body is absolutely the best fucking thing. I always get so fucking horny after I pop one out. When I tell you that I am dripping, and desperate for a taste of some thick long cock, I’m not kidding. I try to pick up men everywhere I go. The doctor’s office, the gas station, the grocery store. I swear I even talked to a man at a red light the other day, and very shyly asked him if he would slide into the back of my minivan and give my mommy pussy a good fucking pounding. He didn’t quite know what to do with himself, but he did almost get T-boned following me in the Target parking lot. I opened up the back hatch, let him crawl inside, and then bent over so he could see my dripping pussy in my tight little asshole. Oh he ate me out so fucking good! He made me so nice and juicy for him! And then he fucked me with his hard cock. He was just an average guy, on an average day trying to run some average errands. Handed up having the time of his life cumming inside me in a Target parking lot. How’s that for a Tuesday?

Anal Drug Mule Whore At The Airport

Anal Sex Whore

He stared me dead in the eyes as he commanded me. “You take that and you shove that thing right up your ass!” He had his hand gripping my throat, making sure I was staring right at him. The package in my hand was shaped just like his giant cock, only it was stuffed with fucking pure Colombian cocaine.
As you can well imagine, I love having things in my ass, but I was not ready to become his little fucking druggie whore mule. Trying to get across security at the airport was going to be a bitch. But, I squatted down there in that parking lot and shove that thick fucking mule toy right up my tight hot little asshole. I proceeded to walk into the airport.
My cunt was dripping as we went through airport security, whether it was from how good this fucking thing in my little shit hole felt or by how nervous I was I couldn’t tell. However, security noticed the wet spot on the front of my shorts, and politely pulled me aside for a strip search. My pimp looks pretty concerned, but I went with them unbuttoning my blouse as we walked.
By the time the guard got me into the TSA office, I had pulled my titty out and convinced him to fuck me in my tight little cunt. He used me for about half an hour, really searching my dripping wet tight cavity. I was sweating bullets the whole time that I was going to cum, and push that thick fucking pseudo cock right out of my asshole. Well, the TSA agent returned me to my pimp, and we flew on that plane to Las Vegas with that cocaine wedged tightly in my fucking asshole, and the TSA bastard’s cum dripping out of my pussy.

Cum Filled Cunt

Crack Whore Hooker Cunt

Phone Sex Line

You and I both know I’m a crack whore who works the phone sex line to make enough money to get a fix. One of my clients offered me something I couldn’t refuse the other day. He gave me an address, and told me to show up in nothing but heels and a dress. He offered me so much money how could I refuse?
We’d only been on the phone for about 10 minutes, but I found myself rushing to get to the location he gave me. My cunt was wet just thinking about all the drugs I could buy, how high I could get off of what I was going to make from his cock. When I showed up, there were three other men in the room. All four of them stood there jacking off, closing in on me. They ripped off my dress, held me down, and took turns fucking my throat.
Oh fuck then two of them started fighting about who was going to shove their throbbing hard cock deep in my tight wet slutty cunt. In the end, the smaller cock won out and the bigger one went right into my asshole. Oh holy fuck he buried himself so deep inside of me, it hurts so good!
I was screaming as they fucked me, using my body as their own personal pocket pussy. All four of them were just absolutely going to town on my fuck holes. That’s when I noticed they were filming, and I understood why I was going to be paid the amount I was. They used me for six hours, getting more and more footage, taking more and more photos.
In the end, he left me on the bed in a puddle of their come, crying and bleeding, but still dripping wet. He dropped a fat stack of cash next to my head, I never heard from him again.

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PMommy Whore Friday Night Gangbang

Phone Sex Line

Believe it or not, I do more than work the phone sex line and the streets. It was Friday night, and I stood outside of some run down farmhouse in the middle of jabumblefuck nowhere. My seven inch black pumps were imprinting the mud beneath my feet. The rest of me was just fishnets, a small black lace skirt, and a crop top that showed off my huge tits. I was on the prowl for some fresh meat.I fuck a lot for money, I suck a lot of cock for my drug addictions, but I rarely get to fuck around for my own pleasure.

I was taking this opportunity; and I had even brought my eldest daughter with me. She was a sexy teen in a tiny white outfit that screamed and begged to have her innocence ruined. The party was jumping, and we found drinks and a blunt to share in no time. It was hot, and the humidity had everyone in as little as possible. My sweet girl and I stripped down too. I kept just my fishnets and heels on, and coaxed my daughter to do the same.

We were quickly surrounded by an influx of cocks, and sexy slick men stroking them. My daughter and I are cocksucking professionals in real life and during live phone sex, so the lines formed and we swallowed load after load. You won’t believe this, but from the drugs and alcohol in the cum of these delicious treats we were getting fucked up. Some guys got tired of waiting in line, and came to use our fuck holes simultaneously.

Live Phone Sex
Fuck yeah me and my young daughter got fucked like the trailer trash whores that we are. She learned an absolutely valuable lesson that night; all worn and no fun makes for a dull life. Oh, she also learned she squirts all over from her hot young cunt when she gets fucked in her little pink asshole. We have another party tonight, want to tag along?

Anal Crack Whore Loves Her Job

Anal Cum Dumpster
The way you’re addicted to phone sex is the way that I’m addicted to crack, and that’s why I don’t mind being an anal cum dumpster crack whore. People think I do it because I’m desperate for a hit, but in all honesty I kind of like getting my ass stretched out. My favorite thing is when they don’t even stretch me out at all first, and they just start slamming their huge cocks into me. Oh it hurts so fucking good! Some of them don’t even use lube, because they don’t give a fuck about a whore like me. They just want to get off in some tight little hole.

Well I’ll tell you what, it isn’t tight when some of these big boys are done with it! I find that most of the men that really want to slam into my ass have huge cocks. They crave that extra tightness, the dirtiness of it. And it makes my pussy drip either way, so I don’t give a fuck. Getting double-teamed is one of the best things I’ve ever encountered. Having a thick hard cock in my ass, and then one of my tight little cunt? Oh yes, even though I’m a lot lizard whore I’m still tight as fuck. Don’t you doubt that for a second, and if you do, come try for yourself.

Cum Filled Cunt

You Can Take A Whore Out, But You Can’t Take Out The Whore

Dirty Phone SexI can’t say that I’ve ever been a classy lady; I’m more of a white trash whore. That doesn’t mean I can’t conduct myself accordingly when it’s necessary. The other day a very wealthy family strolled into my little truck stop diner, and I couldn’t help but notice the way the father was staring at me like he wanted to bend me over his table and fuck my brains out right in front of his wife and brats.
When I gave him his receipt, I wrote my number real small on the back. I saw him discreetly stick it in his pocket, and he called me a few days later. Oh I dressed up in my finest black dress, with the most beautiful heels I owned. I presented myself as such a proper lady instead of a slut. He took me out to dinner, and then we went to an upscale hotel room. What he wanted me to do wasn’t upscale though.

Cum DumpsterHe gave me some of the finest Colombian cocaine that’s ever graced my nose, and then bound me to the bed where he proceeded to carve tiny words into my skin with a stainless steel scalpel. I must have been in there for at least two days, but he kept the do not disturb sign on the door and a gag in my mouth.
I realized after the first day and nobody was coming to help me. Between scarring me, writing words like beautiful, skank, fat ass, wet pussy, slut, he was fucking me and making me suck him off until he emptied his balls into my throat.
So this is what acting like a proper lady got me, being called out for what I really was; a lot lizard prostitute who would do anything for her fix. I finally passed out, and when I woke up I was in the back of a moving van. I heard him on the phone talking about dog crates on a plane to Ireland, and that he had a nice new bitch to add to his lot.

Cum Guzzling Slut

Anal Druggy Phone Sex

Druggy Phone SexI am not too proud for some druggy phone sex. I don’t think you understand exactly what it means to need a fix, whether that’s a fix of Coke or a fix of your cock. Today I happen to need both, so I’m going to be your anal sex whore. I’m going to come right up into your truck, I’m doing a line off of your cock.
You can see how wet I’m getting just from that one single dose of snow. But you know that I want and need more. So when I bend over, and show you my tight little asshole, you better get excited. I never let anybody fuck my little fuck hole. But there’s something about you that just turns me on so much, I can’t help but beg for it.
Please, please shove your thick cock deep inside my ass. I promise, you’ll come better than you ever have, and I’ll keep you coming back for more. Go ahead, slide your 11 inch cock right inside my tight little asshole. Get it all lubed up, and start to slowly stroke in and out as you push your hips back and forth, pressing your big cock deeper and deeper into my asshole.
You’re stretching me out, and I’m crying, but my cunt is crying too and begging for more and more and more. Do you think you can keep up with me? I’ve got an insatiable appetite for big at cock, especially when it makes me cum.

Anal Sex Whore

Trashy Milf Sucking Cock To 80’s Rock

Trashy MilfI grew up being a dirty whore, but now I’m just a trashy milf. I remember the very first cock I sucked! I was a teen, and my Daddy called me into his room. He had Poison playing on the radio while he laid in his bed, naked as sin, stroking his thick Daddy cock. My hair was teased out, but watching him was a tease to my sweet young cunt. My metallic spandex started to get wet from my little bald pussy.
Daddy noticed how turned on I was, and coaxed me over to him where he grabbed me by the back of my head and forced my slutty mouth down around his cock. I sucked and licked and throat fucked Daddy’s fat cock until he said he had a real nice present for me.
Well, he flipped me over and started pounding my pussy to Poison, an orignal fucking rhythm.
Now, as a grown up trashy milf, every time I hear Poison playing on the radio, I am instantly quivering, a soaking wet mess. I got so addicted to doing lines off of Daddy’s cock that even just the music is enough to take me back to him rocking his hips in that cum worthy rhythm.
My oldest boy was painting my toes for me when Poison happened on the radio, and I made him lick my sweet soles and suck on my little toes instead. It wasn’t long before he was rock hard, and I was jerking him off with my feet.
He was shocked by how wet his trashy milf of a mother was, but I really couldn’t help it. All I could think of was when Daddy did those dirty deeds to me, and we all know what a filthy fucking whore that turns me into. I made my son come closer, and lick Momma’s pussy clean. All he did was make me wetter, though. It was like a never ending flow of sweet wetness. My poor milf pussy was begging for some thick young cock to rock and roll all night. Needless to say, I drained my son’s young balls six times that day, and he almost cried that night when I crawled in his bed, ready for some more.

Trashy Milf

PMommy Masturbates To P-laytime

Gangbang Whore

My hot as fuck boss approached me, and invited me and my brats to family fun night at his house. I’ve wanted him to fuck my cunt forever now! We were all for a little high-class fun, but when we arrived, we say we were the only ones there from work. He coaxed us into the pool, but when I confessed we hadn’t brought swimsuits, the grin on his face turned wolfish. I saw how hard his cock was through his grey joggers. “Nobody said anything about clothes.” He growled, stripping himself.

Then he started stripping down all eight of my little ones. My cunt got so soaking wet as I realized what he had meant by family fun. As he undressed my rugrats, he showed each one how to stroke his massive cock. I saw their young cocks and sweet bald cunts grow excited at the prospective playtime. The next six hours were a blur, as he bribed me with nose candy and the rock to stay distracted while he forced himself on each of my little whores. I drugged up my slutty self all while masturbating my pussy to the sight of what he was doing to them; he was ruining my little darlings, and it was going to make me cum.

Hardcore Orgy Porn

Ass Fucking Sluts For Punishment

Nasty PhonesexMy sweet teen sluts are as voluptuous and horny as their Momma. They’re sultry little cum sluts, but they hate getting fucked in their tiny assholes. Well, my girls tried to outshine me in the truck lot the other night, so Momma has set up a very special punishment for those whores. I gathered all my favorite regulars; the big, beefy, sweaty truck drivers. Crack rocks make my pussy drip, but so do these beef cake big boys. Why did I choose these specific men? Their cocks are thick as fuck, thicker than my fat ass!

I let my little bitches get all pretty, ready for a night of easy money laying on their backs. I dropped them off, each to one of my sexy beasts, who each gave me a wink and tossed me a joint. The money came thrown so I caught it perfectly. When they dumped the girls from the cabs an hour later, they didn’t look as good. They had all been bottomed out! Their once sweet, tight rose bud assholes were now gaping black holes. Or, should I say brown holes?

They cried, and screamed. They had been force fucked in their asses, and were so sorry they had ever slighted Momma. Damn right they were. They’d be stupid cunts to try and make Momma’s fat ass look bad in front of good paying John’s again. I sparked a joint and climbed into my favorite’s cab. He’d treat me right; lap at my chubby mommy pussy, fuck me sweet, and pay me for my good time. I love easy money as much as I love putting my bitchy brats in their place.

Anal Cum Dumpster

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