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Lot Lizard Whore Used Like She Likes

Gangbang WhoreMy manager undressed me with his eyes, his cock swollen against his pants. I have worked at this diner for years, and he had always wanted to lick my sweet snatch. Tonight was a party for all of his investors. “You will keep them happy if you know what is good for you, dollface.” He snarled, glaring at me like he might swallow me whole. I was getting so wet from the attention, my pussy getting so soaked under my thong.
I exited the office to go and collect orders. I had been forced to dress “like a lady” tonight. We all knew the only type of lady I was was a lady of the night. The men, their eyes followed me like starving wolves on a fresh kill. It was not long at all before I was getting slapped, molested, and pulled into laps as I tried to take their drink orders.
It was obvious how soaking wet my slit was after the first one grabbed me. One by one, then three by three, they forced themselves on me. Touching, and molesting; I was sucking and screaming as they fingered my fuckholes again and again. I was taking loads like the cum dumpster crack whore I was. My dress was gone! I got cocks in the ass and down my throat. I was getting overrun by so many pricks, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Was it really forced, since I was cumming so much and so dripping wet for more? I made more cash that night than I did as a lot lizard druggy bitch, and even though my holes are destroyed, I’m craving to do it again.

Frisky Furballs Mount My Girl

Furry Friends Phone Sex“Do you want to play a game?” He asked my sweet teen daughter. She nodded, excitedly. As she skipped with the older man back to his home, her perky tits bounced along. His eyes raked over her, excitedly. I tailed behind them, excited to see what a whore my sweet princess would be today. He brought her to his home, and led her to a back room. I could see his cock straining against his pants as I peeked through the window. He led her to a breeding bench, and restrained her; her ankles were bound, her wrists secured, and her abdomen locked to the bench as he bent her over it. I could see how wet her young bald cunt was. She looked at me through the window, and winked. The man let in his large four legged friend who immediately went to her sweet snatch and started to lap up her juices. She was trying to squirm away, but she couldn’t move. That furry pal was just using his huge tongue to clean her cunt, and she was panting and moaning in time with his licks. I watched her squirt from getting her pussy devoured, but the licking never slowed down. She came again and again from his fuzzball’s kisses. It was an hour before she was finally mounted by the man’s friend. She screamed as the huge cock entered her, but was cumming all over that red rocket in no time. I snuck away, so horny from having watched my daughter get bred I needed to cum or I was going to lose my mind! That night at dinner, I asked her how her day was/ She looked a mess, and smiled. “I made some new friends Momma, and we played one hell of a game.”

Trailer Trash Druggy Whore

No Taboo Phone SexMy cunt gets so wet for crack. That’s right. I’m a trailer trash druggy whore who needs her fix. When I’m dripping wet all over your cock, it’s because I’m thinking about buying and smoking all that ice. I’ll do anything for a hit; anal cum dumpster, sucking big black cocks, even eating your asshole. That’s right, I’m a filthy fucking whore who will do literally whatever you ask. Yeah, there’s nothing I won’t do for a drag of that sweet dream. I’ll even rent out my offspring. I have eight, you know, so I can spare three or four. Do you know how much money I could make off of their young, hard cocks and sweet bald cunts? So much. I know what you’d pay as a PDaddy to be able to play with rugrats. You don’t have to be shy, I actually love to watch them work up on you and fulfill your every fantasy. You want my darlings, and I want my drugs. Let’s make a trade.

Druggy Whore Begs For A Creampie

Druggy Phone SexThis druggy whore loves being a cream pie slut. Yeah, I hit put out lots of lot lizard sex every night to support my habits. I am a good old fashioned crack whore cunt, what can I say? Momma would do anything for a line of coke. So, when I was having trouble because these pathetic trucker cocks can be so cheap, I brought my rugrats to work with me. Only the oldest three, of course, but their young pussies were for sale. I paraded these bald cunted whores around the truck lot with me. I dressed them in barely anything, to show off what taking their virginity and ruining their young cunts was worth. I had buyers for my little ones, so I let their men take them away to plow their little pussies. Then, I had to make my own cash. I went to my regular man who always lets me smoke before slamming his cock into my sopping wet cunt. He always leaves me a tip and makes me a cum dumpster. A creampie in my cunt. Maybe this time, he left a baby too.

Creampie Slut

Sexy Shower Stranger Fucks My Soapy Cunt

Hookers For HireI was soaping up my cunt, rubbing my clitty with the suds, trying to grab a shower between my diner shift and my night in the lot. My hands trailed up my body, tweaking a thick, dusky nipple. I moaned quietly and then a firm hand clasped over my pouty lips. He was on me like July flies on honeycomb.
I felt his fat cock pressing on my lower back; a tall man. His chest hair scratched my back. “Quiet now, whore.” He hissed in my ear, taking his hand from my panting mouth to my hips. He lifted me, and slid his cock right into my tight, soapy pussy. I whined under my breath as he stretched me around his thickness.
He bounced me, jack-hammering his dick deep into my cunt. I threw my hands against the wall to steady myself, the hot water rippling down our bodies. I shuddered as an orgasm ripped through me involuntarily. He just felt so good!
It was well over half an hour, and six times cumming later, he unloaded his balls deep inside my fuckhole. He slid out, set me down, patted my head, and slipped $200 into my hand. I crumpled to the floor, ice cold water sending shock-waves through my body.

Cum Filled Cunt

Trucker’s Favorite Fucktoy – Breeding

Crack Whore AnalI said he wasn’t bringing me back. He’d been using me as his personal fuck slave for the past two weeks. He never unchained me from his bed, not even to piss. But, he kept me flying high as a kite on snow, and my pussy was always dripping wet.
He’d surpassed the point of fucking me raw days ago. I was just a worthless hole now; three holes to be exact. Here he came again to ram his cock down my throat, choking me. When he grew bored at the sounds of me gasping for breath, he’d switch over to my asshole. Tight as I used to be, I was filthy and forced to use the bathroom right where I was. He fucked my in my shithole before making me clean my own ass off of his cock.
He always came in my cunt; he said he was breeding me. He said he was going to fuck me every day until my belly got big as a house, and my tiddies would swell just for him. All the coke in the world wasn’t worth this torture. My pussy disagreed. I grew wetter and wetter as he pounded away inside my destroyed cunt. He came, I came. Ten months later, so did our baby.

Druggy Whore Goes For A Ride

Druggy Phone Sex

“Hop in, you filthy fucking whore.” He taunted, holding up an eight ball to entice me. His cock was out, all pathetic four inches of it. The blow was enough, so I was stripped and in the cab before he had a chance to go soft on me. My pussy was slick, not minding his little cock if it meant cocaine. The less work I had to do, the better.
He took off, pulling the truck out onto the highway. “Swallow my cock, bitch.” He spit in my face as I did a line off the dashboard. I was on him like flies on honey in July. I slammed him into the back of my throat. He moaned real loud, dirty bird, and nearly swerved a lane. I kept throat fucking him, faster and faster. He was grinding the gears, slipping over to the shoulder of the road.
He threw me onto the bunk, climbing up my body. Pinning me down, he face fucked me, rattling my teeth. My head was slamming into the wall, spinning from more than just the snow. He spilled his baby gravy deep down my throat. Getting off, I reached for the coke. Instead, he handcuffed me to the bunk.
“You’re mine, cunt.” He wasn’t going to bring me back to the lot.

Getting Fucked By The Boys In Blue

Creampie SlutMy latest arrest proved to be the best get out of jail free card I’ve ever had. I love a cock, I mean a man, in uniform. He was a big, white, hairy Irish cop; Officer Seamus came nosing around the lot while I was getting my cunt loaded with cum, and my nose stuffed with snow. Of course, Sergeant Big Cock nabs me as soon as I hop from the cab.
He read me my rights, and cuffed me. “I love a man who can restrain me.”
“Considering you can’t restrain yourself.” He nearly purred in my ear as he bent me over the hood. “You have three warrants out for your arrest, Amara. How you gonna pay?”
Just like that, he had my skirt up and his cock out. He slammed into me, brutally, before yanking the cuffs so I had nowhere to go.
I felt my shoulder dislocate, but I was atop Mount Everest from the coke I’d just done. He rammed me, my pussy dripping with the cum of my johns. “Are you going to pay, or are you going to take the punishment?”
He came so hard in me, my pussy milking his fat veiny cock. Ten months later, I wasn’t shocked when my baby had a patch of red hair, and a mean look in his tiny little eye.

Momma Whores Out Her Little Angels For Coke

Sexy ProstitutesI’m a Momma to eight, two from each of my four marriages. Four of my sweet sugar plums are old enough to make their own way. It’s Friday night, so I whored it up, and sluttied up my little sweeties. The three girls each put on some of Momma’s fishnets, one of my shortest spandex skirts, and crop tops to just barely cover their budding little tits. My boy I put in some skin tight blacks.
We strode downtown, down the Boulevard, seeking some clientele. A big van rolled up to us, and six big black dudes got out, shoving us in the back. My little honeys began to cry, but I merely smirked, and showed them my fat tits.
I had blow in my nose before I knew we were going, and a fat, juicy cock in my mouth before I could complain. All around me, I heard the sounds of my brats getting plowed, and pleasuring these chiseled chocolate men.
Momma needed her drug money, and we all worked hard to earn it. My girls each took a load in their pussies, my boy took two in his ass, and sweet Momma got her cunt filled with hot, sticky baby batter.
The van dropped us off. My sweethearts were all in tears, but my spirits were great. The cum dripped down out legs as we walked the road, seeking out next fuck session. They begged to go home, but I don’t give a fuck. Momma needs her fix.

Freaky Fucking For My Fix

Hookers For HireI’ve been out of pot for three days, and I ran out of my coke last night. I swore I was going to stop whoring around the truck stop, but I guess I’m a liar. I’ll suck any cock, fuck any dick, eat any ass for just a gram of either, for a gram of both.
I need it. I’m a trashy milf, a druggy, a trailer trash whore. I even brought my two oldest girls with me tonight. They’re going to help Momma make some quick cash. One of my girls has a baby in her belly, but i don’t care. Once you start bleedin, you can start breedin. That’s what my Momma taught me.
I’m gonna sit back, and smoke a dutch while I watch my sweet angels suck old men’s cocks. I’m gonna laugh when they have to spread their legs, and get pumped full of baby batter. I’m gonna do lines of blow off of their perky young tits and their sweet bald cunts before they take fat cocks in their asses.
I don’t give a fuck what I have to do, or what they have to do. They’ll fuck whoever I tell them to. If they won’t obey me, I’ll really show them what it means to be a filthy whore. Momma needs her fix, and goddamnit she’s going to get it.

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