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Druggy Huggy

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I think we both know I’m high as a fucking kite and I can’t think straight, but my pussy is throbbing so I know I need some cock. Well I was fucked up beyond all belief, strolling between the cabs in five in stiletto heels, a pair of fishnets which were torn to shreds, a micro skirt, a tiny thong that was two sizes too small, and a tiny little crop top that did nothing to cover my massive dugs. I bumped into a trucker, and tried to grab his cock but somehow ended up hugging him instead. He looked confused until I whispered “Druggy huggy!” And dropped to my knees right on the macadam. His eyes went wide as I pulled his throbbing cock from his jeans, and slid that meat monster down my throat! I swallowed his cock, his load, and the vodka he started force feeding me. It was going to be a long, hard night.

Handsy Police Search

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I was laid out on the car like a fucking whore, my pussy exposed for anyone walking right on by to see. My micro skirt didn’t cover shit, and the cop who had me bent over his car was examining every little fuck hole I had. He snapped a glove on his hand as he prodded around inside my mouth for what he claimed was a little “cavity check.”

Well I wasn’t at all too eager to have him searching me for substances I knew I had on me, but when he found nothing in my mouth he quickly moved to opening up my poor asshole to see if I had any muleings stuck in there. Well of course I did, and he pulled those baggies out and tossed them into the grass. I was pissed! But I was cuffed and bent half naked over a cop car so I wasn’t about to complain. He had a big shit eating grin on his face as he moved around, and shoved two fingers right up my cunt.

I won’t lie, I was wet as fuck because I’ve always had a little bit of a cop fantasy. That’s when, even with ample onlookers in broad daylight, it became much more than a cavity search. “Let me slap a glove on my cock.” He gloated. “I don’t want to catch your slutty sickness.” All of that right before he slid his cock into my…

Lot Lizard Sex

Principal Makes A House Call

Cum Eating Phone Sex

My little ones have been acting up at school it seems, flashing their tits and little slits all over. The principal came last night to speak with me personally since I was always too busy sucking big trucker dick down at the lot to make it during his hours of operation. Well we all dressed up in our finest! We put on the torn up fishnets, the cakey slut makeup, and the whorish daisy dukes. He was shocked to see us like that, so shocked his mouth fell open. I gestured, and the girls unzipped his pants. It was time that this old, perverted man learned why my girls were the way they were. Mommy had been teaching them how to work a cock since they were, well, precious. Now Principal Peterson was going to shove his dick down their throats, and he was going to like it.

Paul’s Nasty Drug Bender

Trailer Trash Whore

He Calls me Mistress Crystal ’cause all we do is meth. He likes to give me money, buy me dope and cigarettes. He loves to be my meth slave. We do crank all night, and pick up some dark omens to slaughter back at his place. We like to cruise and do crank. Put that meth in the pipe, melt it down, take a big it. Oh fuck yeah! Talking really dirty, to a nasty drug whore like me gets his cock fucking hard. We go out really late to the bad part of town. I make him get out of the van and crawl on the ground. I walk really slow wearing my boots down the alley at night. He watches men pick me up men, hop into the cab, and pull out my fucking switchblade! I rob those men for their money and their meth, their crank and their cash! I made him my sugar daddy so he can take care of my crank habits! He pays up whenever I ask, and I’m asking baby so pay up to Mistress Crystal Meth! Paul is my little meth slave boy, and I own him. Now eat my ass slave, and get me some drugs!

Druggy Phone Sex

Whoring With My Teen Daughter

Dirty Phone Sex

My teen daughter is almost as sexy of a slut as I am. It brings me so much pleasure to see her get used. I took her with me last night and had her get on all fours in the middle of a restaurant and walk like a dog when she told me she had to use the bathroom. Everyone stared, since her micro skirt flipped up and she wasn’t wearing any panties. They got to see her perfect little ass, but the curving slit was gleaming soaking wet and it was starting to turn me on. As we marched down the aisle several men reached out to pinch and roll her young nipples and slap her chubby little ass. She was whining and flushed red from humiliation, but she didn’t know anything yet. I didn’t walk my young daughter to the restroom at all. I walked her outside so she could piss in the grass like a bitch,

Gangbang Whore Takes Three Cocks

Gangbang Whore

Out on the lot, anything goes as long as you have the funds to back up your fantasy. I walked home last night with what i swear was hot buckets of cum drooling down my legs. My first John of the night really wanted something nasty and messy, so I made sure me and my little slutkins delivered just that. He didn’t fuck me and my three girls in his truck cab, but he coaxed us up with coke, candy, and cannabis fun and took us for a ride down the Interstate. He pulled up at a dingy little motel where twenty other trucks were parked. He got us all fucking drugged up and then led us inside of the motel suite. All twenty men were inside, waiting for us. There were three other girls, that made seven. “Assume the position!” The guy who had driven us there called. That was when three men grabbed each of us and ripped our clothes clean off. They fell in shreds onto the floor as three throbbing cocks filled our little fuck holes. My asshole was stretching over something hot and thick while my poor pussy was being penetrated rough and wild. All thought left my head as the third cock forced me to swallow it whole.

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Live Phone Sex On Veterans Day

Live Phone Sex

I think it’s important that as a live phone sex slut who works the truck lot I appreciate my Veterans this veterans day. For that reason alone, Mommy Amara and her eight little sluts will be running a special down at the lot for any man or woman who’s served in the American military. I’m born and bred not only a patriotic slut but the true American whore and I’m going to raise my angels the same way! I got everyone all dressed to work which involved stockings, heels, garters, and matching lingerie for all my little girls. My boys I put in hot pants and work boots, something the men seemed to love.

We walked around the lot in a group. And I sent my little sluts into the cabs of veterans who deserved at least a free hand job. This is the true life of a live phone sex whore. I’m addicted to the thought of having a cock slide in and out of me, so making my sons and daughters jack off the veterans was of no problem to me. I sat around smoking a fat blunt and watching the cabs bounce as I realized hand jobs were turning into much more than that.

It was finally my turn when Captain Lipsen called me over to his cab. He was one of my long standing regulars and I knew just how horny his cock was. I climbed in his cab, flashing him my juicy wet Mommy cunt on the way up. “Hand jobs on the house today, Cap’t.” I gave him a toothy grin, and he whipped out his big old cock. I spit on my hand and started jerking him off the way I loved to during some live phone sex. The Captain was happy, and in the distance I heard my daughter screaming for me. I assumed that little bitch was getting a cock somewhere else. Maybe she should get better at hand jobs! I had my own vet squirting out his load in just a few minutes and I licked it up eagerly. My bitch also needed to learn that a good slut never wastes a hot load.

Live Phone Sex

Cum Glazed Like a Donut

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I was walking home from the truck stop, cum pouring in a river down my thighs. It was a beautiful morning, and the sun was starting to rise as a car pulled over and a lone man leaned over to talk to me. “Hey beautiful! You look like a glazed donut!” He laughed at me, flashing a couple hundreds. “Want a ride home, and some cream filling?” He called. I was in his car faster than I could blink, and he sped off down the road towards my home. “You like big cock baby?” He asked me, so I reached over to find out if he had something thick and throbbing for me.
Sure as fuck, I could feel you pulsing against my hand under your jeans. I rushed you through the house and into my room where you started stroking your cock in front of my face. “Face down, ass up little girl. Daddy’s going to give you some cream filling.”

Lazy Moms On The Phone Sex Line

Phone Sex Line

In case you didn’t know, National Lazy Mom’s Day is coming up and I’m using it to stay home and play on the phone sex line. Instead of going out and making money with my own pussy or my own pretty hands, I’m going to send out all eight of my little darlings to work for Mommy so I can just stay home and get high. To be honest I’m lazy all the time but I’ve been looking for an excuse to get the house all to myself. I have such a hard time masturbating and squirting all over while talking on the phone when there’s eight half dressed screaming sluts running around the house.

I celebrated last year too. I dressed them up one by one and told them that Mommy just needed a little time to herself. As soon as the house was clear, I dialed up onto the phone sex line and waited for some horny bastard to come along and get high with me. He was so quick, he scared me when he hopped on the phone. With one hand I let my fingers glide in and out of my pussy, and with the other I chopped up a fine line of coke to snort along side of him. We sniffed that snow together, and I let the high take me over. My pussy was on fire, alive, and begging for some fucking attention.

We got to talking real nasty about my little sluts, just like I love to do. I told him I’d sent them out, and we loaded a bowl together to smoke. My pot pipe is a pretty little pink thing, just like my pussy. Even though I’ve pushed out eight brats I’m not too loose to take a nice cock. I spend most of my time in the lot with the little sluts, I told him, but I love being on the phone chat lines just as much. Are you going to be my pervert and celebrate with me this year? I’ve got some good shit cumming in, and then I can tell you all about my slutty little whores.

Phone Sex Line

Druggy Mommy Sells Her Sluts

Sexy Prostitutes

I like to keep my pussy soaking wet with a hearty combination of cum, my own juices, and the high of my druggy self. But, let’s be honest, buying a constant supply of weed, or coke, or shit even pills is expensive as fuck. My pussy gets worn, and I fuck as much as I can, but I had to think of something smart so I could live this sort of a lifestyle.

Well, considering I’ve got eight brats at home, something sinister slipped into my head. Why can’t I just use those young, tight bodies to get a little cash!? Brilliant! I rushed home from the truck stop to go get them dressed right. I’d bring about half tonight, and switch them on and off. Well, I never expected them to be as popular as they were.

It was only half an hour before all four of my young sluts were off in their own truck cab getting their unspoiled bits played with. I was rolling in the cash, and took the time to celebrate with a fat line off the cock of my favorite John. Work smarter, not harder. This was by far the High light of my life.

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