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Filthy Hooker Amara will Screw you good!

Hooker phone sex

Hooker’s love to screw!

Hooker phone sex will make you into a phone bone craving whore. I love talking dirty to you while being bent over the seat of the big rig and pounded by a horny trucker. Listen to me moan and cream all over his blue-collar cock.

I am a Cum Queen.

I can cum multiple times in a fuck session and love being screwed in all my Slut holes. Fill me up baby and leave me dirty, I love it all. Nothing is too dirty for this whore. Sometimes I even gargle with your load, just to show you what a slut I am.

Let’s get nasty.

Let’s get dirty baby. I want you to tell me your filthy fantasies and I will tell you mine. I will be that slut that lets you do everything you want. Let’s screw!

Open Up and gargle that Jizz!

Cum eating phone sex

Open Up and gargle that Jizz!

Cum is my favorite dessert. I love that salty warm cream in my mouth. However, today is not about me. No today you are going to eat your fucking load. Once my mouth is filled with your hot load we are going swap and cum kiss to end our Cum eating phone sex. 

I am going to suck as hard as I can. I want you to empty your balls into my cum dumpster mouth. Every fucking drop. Oh, you’re close now, tell me is it because you can not wait to eat your cum or is my mouth that amazing. Ha I know it is a little of both isn’t it. 

Here it comes! Open up your mouth. Good and wide. Yes, take the load from my mouth to yours. Do not dare swallow it! I want you to swish it around your mouth. I want every inch of that mouth to be coated in your jizz. You like that don’t you. 

Whisky Makes Me Frisky!

Drunk girl fucking

Whisky Makes Me Frisky

As you know I am a dirty little whore sober but give me some whisky and all I want is to get laid. Are you into Drunk girl fucking. If you have not tried it just you wait. 

“Can you melt in my mouth instead of my hand?” I asked the tall stranger at the bar. At that point I had about 6 shots of straight whisky and was primed. Sluring words feeling bold and wet as fuck. I was wearing a sundress with nothing underneath so when he walked up positioning himself between my legs I could feel his dick poking me through his jeans. My slick cunt soaking those pants. The bar was pretty crowded but I could care less. I reached down, pulled his cock out and put it inside of me. Right there on the bar stool. Who cares who sees? I needed to get laid right now! 

Amara and the Supersized Chocolate Cock!

BBC sex stories

Supersized Chocolate Cock!

I have always heard crazy BBC sex stories from other girls. Growing up in the trailer park did not leave me around a ton of black men. So when I finally had the chance I had to see if the hype was real. Were those dicks really that big? 

No lie when this man pulled down his pants my jaw hit the fucking floor. That black dick was not just massive, it was a monster. I swear it dangled down his knees. Grabbing it in my hand to see if it looked as heavy as it looked and I noticed it was longer than my head. How does someone take a dick like this? It had to be 14 inches long with a 6 inch girth. His chocolate head is shaped like a fat portobello mushroom, and there were deep prominent veins running up and down the shaft. 

I was going to do whatever it took to take as much of this as I could. When I shoved it into my mouth the precum was amazing. Thick and creamy. MMMMM I shoved it past my tonsils opening my white slutty mouth as deep as it would go. 

Cream Pie Brown Eye!

Anal cum dumpster

Cream Pie Brown Eye

Last night I decided to make a bet with my friend. Who can be the biggest Anal cum dumpster? Who can walk around with the most loads dripping out of their filthy little asshole. 

I am a competitive little slut and would do just about anything to win. With that in mind, I went to the truck stop and put up a sign for Cream pie in a brown eye for $20 bucks a shot. The response that I got was ridiculous. The line was at least 20 guys long and I knew I needed to knock them out fast. So I headed to the shower stahl and told them all we were going to run a train.  

Man after man fucked that little asshole of mine. Stretching it out and pouring their cum deep into it. I had at least 25 loads in my cum dumpster when I showed up to my friend. I bent over and pushed, letting it all pour out for her to see.

Treat me like a Dirty trailer whore!

Trailer trash whore

Verbal Abuse 

Can I tell you a secret? I do not tell this to everyone. Can you keep it a secret? I like it when you fuck me like a filthy Trailer trash whore. 

I am sure that you are wondering what I mean by that. I want you to tell me exactly what you think of me while you fuck me hard. Call me your dirty nasty whore while you ram your dick deep into my pussy. Spit on my face and tell me I am a worthless little fuck hole. 

Smack me hard across the face and tell me the only thing that I am good for is to be your nasty little cum dumpster. That I was born to be your fuck doll. Fucking me like I am a piece of trash always drives me wild. 

Sugar & Spice Is Always Nice Especially when it involves, She-Cock!

Tranny phone sex

Sugar & Spice Is Always Nice 

As a dirty little lot lizard it is no secret that I am a horny little whore who will fuck just about anything and enjoy it. That being said I fucking love having the best of all the worlds. Tranny phone sex always gets me off. 

My favorite little tranny lives in a trailer a few blocks down. She is a little thing. About five foot even and 100 pounds soaking wet. That means I can toss her around like a toy! The best part about her is she has a working 9 inch cock! Recently we have been working at the truck stop together. 

The sugar and spice special is what we call it. I blow the trucker while he blows her. Sometimes if he is really lucky and has a nice enough cock we like to make a man sandwich out of him. Do you think you can handle a little sugar and spice?

Trailer trash Amara’s Trailer is a rockin!

Trailer trash whore

When The Trailers A Rockin 

The best thing about being a Trailer trash whore is that it is always on display. When you live in a sardine can aint nothing a secret. 

When there is a big giant cock stuffed into my twat every single person in the trailer park knows it. Not only can you hear my moans and screams right through those metal walls, but the whole house shakes with every thrust. Making each thrust harder than the last. The whole house shakes and vibrates like my pussy.

I love knowing that my neighbors know I am a nasty little skank. Knowing that they are listening in while my cunt is getting used as a cum dump makes me cum so fucking hard. I often wonder if they fuck while they listen to me. I see the way they look at me. The men want to fuck me and the women want to be me.

Trickin Aint Easy 

Lot lizzard sex

Trickin Aint Easy 

You know I love telling you all about my Lot lizard sex stories and do I have a hot one for you today! 

As you know the end of the month is here and rent is due yet again. Time to come up with money and fast. I decided to get really creative and go into the middle of the trailer park with a bullhorn. As loud as I could I announced I was running a very cheap special and anyone interested can just show up to my trailer in the next hour. 

My goal was to fuck as many people as I could in a hour. Can you believe it? I passed my record and my goal. Two dicks in my asshole and 3 in my stretched out pussy. WIth 1 in my mouth. Getting fucked and stretched until I made not only my rent but money to get my nails done. 

Amara Craves that Big Chocolate cock!

Black phone sex

I love all things taboo! What is more taboo than the two of us on our knees being used as dirty little white cumdumpsters in some Black phone sex?

Are you ready to visit the glory hole with me? Having a big black dick poking out of a hole has got you a little nervous right. Well, that is why you have me! Follow my lead as I drop down to my knees. Taking that BBC and licking from his massive bull balls all the way to that sweet tip. 

I reach for your chin and pull your face closer to that massive dark chocolate cock. Watching as your mouth starts to water. Go on lick that head. Yesss! Open wide as he starts to thrust in and out of that hole. Fucking that white mouth of yours. I want him to paint that face of yours with his jizz.