It isn’t easy working different shifts at the Truck Stop day in and day out. Even when I’m not working serving tables, I’m serving the men who drive the rigs in one way or another. I learned from an early age that being a Lot Lizard sex whore makes a hell of a lot more money than getting tips. I guess you could say I still get tips, just a different type. HA!

I mean some would look down on a woman like me. To them I would say, “Fuck you and mind your own damn business.” I have mouths to feed, I have been married four times and each time I ended up getting pregnant twice.

Of course if you live in my house you have to pull your weight once you reach a certain age. I’m not going to be around forever and they need to learn how to put food on their own tables. That is why I have been taking the two oldest ones with me at times to show them the ropes so to speak. To teach them that sometimes it’s not you who the Truckers want, but if you can find them what they need then you still put money into your pocket. My little ones are certainly hookers for hire!

I think this makes me a great Momma to my kin. I’m giving them life skills, just like their MeMaw gave to me when I was younger. I’m passing on the tradition. All you have to do is let me know what you want sugar, and I will give you what you’re craving. Whether it be a Turkey Sandwich hold the Mayo, or my legs behind my head, I’m here to take your order honey. Call me for that nasty no taboo phone sex that your cock craves!

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