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Naughty Creampie Slut

creampie slut

It’s your favorite creampie slut, Siliva here! I had quite a wet weekend. No, it wasn’t because of rain. It was because I got fucked every which way over the weekend and I had cum dripping from every hole I have and then some. I don’t normally drive home with cum all over me, but this time it couldn’t be helped. There was just too much of it to wipe off after they were done with me. I swear there’s still a little bit of jizz dripping out of my cunt and I haven’t been fucked in hours, believe it or not.

If you’re really nice to me, I’ll slide the phone down between my legs and fuck myself with my fingers so you can hear how wet this pussy is. It’s really too bad you can’t put your head between my legs and lick the cum right out of my pussy. I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you? You can taste all the men who were there before you and then you can take your own shot at me. I love when a man sticks his cock into my cum-filled cunt. If you like sloppy seconds or thirds, get on the phone and call me!

Drunk Girl Fucking and Puking

drunk girl fuckingI was a drunk girl fucking this weekend. I am usually a coke whore, but I was out and struggling to find any. Was not a matter of money or trading my body for coke, it is that all my connections are feeling a shortage. Big D gave me some economic reason to explain why car rental rates have soared and coke and pot are harder to get. He had a ton of liquor in his cab, so I drank with him. We fucked and chugged beers. I am not much of a drinker, so I puked. I was afraid my Linda Blair impression would scare him away. Most guys do not like to see a puking gal.  This nasty phonesex whore was more attractive to him drunk and messy. His big black cock was hard for me in my hot mess state. I was seeing double. My head was spinning. But he mounted me like a horse and put his huge cock in my my drunk cunt. He fucked me hard from behind. His big black balls were smacking my ass hard. My stomach was churning as he jiggled my body left and right and back and forth. I puked again. Big D thought it was hot and kept fucking me. He never missed a stroke even with me puking. I guess he likes a nasty girl. I was so fucked up that I passed out in his cab. He must have been horny again because I woke up with cum in my hair and matted cum and puked on my face. I smelt awful and felt worse. Like I said, coke is my drug of choice. I drink some, but not like I did Saturday night with Big D. I thought I could keep up with him but I was wrong. I guess I need to stay in my lane!

Juicy Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cunt

Not a day goes by when I do not have a cum filled cunt. I really can’t help it. All the guys at the truck stop count on me to keep their cocks satisfied. I mean, they are on the road for days at a time, so I really do love providing my services for them. And if you really stop and think about it, I’m helping other people too by keeping all the truckers on the road from getting a bad case of road rage. I think it is safe to say that my cunt is a life saver.

Just today I had a guy fuck me so hard that I have a bump on my forehead from hitting it up against the side of the truck while he was fucking me. But you know, I don’t mind because I know he needed my pussy. I even told him that he could fuck my asshole if he wanted to, but he said that seeing another man’s cum already dripping out of my pussy really made him want to leave a load inside me, too. Which one of my holes would you fuck if you had the chance? Why don’t you call me and tell me, baby?!

Young, Drugged, And Anally Fucked


druggy pornBeing an anal cum dump ain’t easy, but somebody’s got to do it! I started training when I was real small, and I ain’t stopped yet! Now, look at me! You gotta lube me up and work me down if you have any hope of fitting that thick cock into my asshole. Now, I’m not picky at all! You can shoot me up, snort me down, or smoke me sideways. I’ll even pop a pill, or you can popper me up my little shit box. Loosen this young asshole just enough to get that cock inside. After that, I’m on my druggy high and I don’t give a fuck what you do to me. You paid for this after all, didn’t you? I have some nice young cousins who might come play with us if you’re feeling extra hungry. They like to party too! Oh shit I feel your balls getting so tight against me, and I know you’re about to bust right deep in my little ass. You want me to bend over when you pull out so you can take pictures of how gaped open and creamy I am? Yeah, I’ll push just a little and ooze that gunk out!

This Trailer Trash Whore Moved Up Better Than the Jeffersons

trailer trash whoreI am a trailer trash whore. I may clean up. I may live in a gated community in California, but I will always be white trash. I grew up in rural West Virginia. My husband was my savior. Technically, he was my molester. He fucked me for years when I was jailbait. It is such a white trash story. One we cannot tell just anyone. I am a trophy wife since he is so much older than me. I am not well liked, but I am respected since I am married to the richest man in the community. He married me when I was 18. The white trash tale the neighbors know is that I was his high school nanny for his son and daughter from his first marriage. When I met him, he was a widow. His wife died in a car accident. He did the single dad thing for years. I was banging him as a Lolita hooker in West Virginia where he traveled for business. After a couple times fucking me, he was hooked on my tender age cunt, so he bought me from my parents and sold the lie that I was a friend’s daughter and his live-in nanny. He convinced folks that I was living with him to go to a better school. No one would have guessed that I was just a young lot lizard sex whore that he bought. I was a sex trafficked girl who lucked out meeting a P man who made an almost honest woman out of me. I run the girls in our home brothel, and I get pimped out too, but none of my husband’s high society friends would ever guess I was born to meth head parents in a dingy trailer in rural West Virginia or that my husband liked super young pussy. My story is better than the Jeffersons.

Gangbang Whore Trucker Heaven

gangbang whoreEvery dirty man craves a naughty gangbang whore for a mom. It’s true! My son loved to drug me and get me banged by a group of men he invited over. He works with truckers as a dispatch and is always sending over a special fleet. They will be big and burly and in need of a trashy cunt like mine. I may be old but I sure have the fuck holes that these dirty bastards love. I love to be their road fuck stop over. It’s often that they come by without having had a shower and all high on crack. My son provides the crack for these filthy bastard trucker types and I provide the pussy. I was breeding until I could not and have a good bit of young pussy available for them too. This was a goldmine during the pandemic and I know it will stay in the ranks of the best little whore house in the Southern region for truckers and cab drivers for longer still. Swing on down when you are driving those long hours and need a trashy tramp to bust a load in. I am always waiting for the next dirty phone sex fuck squad.

Friday Nights are Made for a Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutIf it is Friday night, I am a cum guzzling slut. I have a Friday night routine. I put on my sluttiest outfit and head to the truck stop for some, cock, coke and cum. The three C’s of my life. And I can get all three at the truck stop, especially on Friday nights. Big D is usually stopped for the night there and he has the biggest black cock of my regular truck stop fucks. And he always has the best blow and weed. I can handle all his meat unlike most women, so he is always looking to trade a ball draining for some party supplies. Last night, his big dick nephew was with him. While he is out of school for the summer, he is traveling with his uncle. A young black buck in tow? Hell, yes. That is like my wet dream cum true. I am full of BBC sex stories, and now I have some more. The boy was no virgin, but he had never been with an old cougar. He was in for a treat. So, was I. Big D is 3 times his nephew’s age, but the boy had a cock damn near as big as his uncle’s cock. That means the boy will be bigger than his uncle soon enough. I slurped on the boy’s big black cock while Big D watched and stroked. He told his nephew that he knew a whore who could not say no to a big black cock. I cannot say no to two big black cocks. I was on all fours in Big D’s cab getting double penetrated. Combined, they had over 20 inches of big black cock for me. For draining them both, this trashy milf got a gallon of jizz, some primo weed and a big bag of coke. It feels great to be rewarded so handsomely for something I would do for free.

Blonde Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slut

So many bitches try to deny the fact that they like to fuck, but you know that’s not me! I’m a cum guzzling slut and I’m fucking proud of it. And I am damn good at it, too. If I wasn’t, would men drive from far away to stop at my truck stop? No, I don’t think so. It makes me happy when someone who has come through as a trucker comes back when they’re off the clock just to fuck my cunt and my whore mouth. I love it when my pussy gets fucked and then he blows his wad of jizz down my throat. Mmmm. You can’t ask for anything better. But I’m not the only cum guzzler at the truck stop. Some of the truckers actually love to suck dick while I watch. But you know me, I like to get involved so sometimes I just grab the back of their heads and shove them down on dick. That gets me so hot and bothered. Then I have to get down on my knees beside them and help out. Sharing a load of cum with a horny trucker always makes my day. Have a truck stop fantasy you want to talk about? I’m your girl.

Playing with My Cum Filled Cunt for You

cum filled cuntI love playing with my cum filled cunt. I am obsessed with cum. I love the taste, the look, and the feel of jizz. I was up late last night. After my shift, I went down to the truck stop. I was looking for some cock and truckers are always interested in playing with a trailer park slut. I was horny after hours of talking dirty. I masturbate on my calls. I cum many times a day, but my sex toys will never replace a hard cock, especially one with cum filled balls. I knew what I needed. Cock. The truck stop is one stop shopping for me. I walk up to any cab, knock on the door and within minutes I am bouncing on a cock and draining balls. Sunday nights are always busy at the truck stop. And I am always in demand. The truck stop was full of lot lizard sex whores like me looking for cock and coke. But none of those whores can ever do the things I can. I blew about 15 truckers last night and fucked just as many. I swallowed so much cum I thought I might burst. I came home covered in jizz too. Head to toe cum dump.  I did a few lines of coke and signed on to take more calls because I wanted to play with all the cum in my pussy. I have enough jizz inside me that I could feed an army of cum whores. Today, I am just feeding one cum whore. Me. I have been masturbating on calls and feeding myself strands of cum buried deep in my cunt. My pussy was not the only cum receptacle either. I managed to get a few loads of fresh jizz up my ass too. I can shit out cum and lick it off wherever it lands. I am such a cum guzzling slut.

The Party PMom

Lot Lizard Sex
The name’s Amara but most of y’all just call me bitch. I’m the traveling party PMom! I pay for our fair with my filthy druggy pussy. By our, I mean my slutkins and me! There’s eight of ’em and I’ll be damned if I’m feedin’ all those mouths alone! All them bitches work and earn their keep with whatever fuck hole they got! I got two sets of twins, too.

I know my sons and daughters will please the ever living fuck out of you. Anyway, sorry I’m high as fuck, I have a hard habit to maintain too! We go from state to state practicing the lot lizard nomadic way of life. My Momma did this with me ‘n my siblings when I was a young slut and so I know all the ropes. I got a whore for everything, and a need for every or any fucking drug y’all might offer me.

Keep an eye bitches, I might be cummin’ to a truck stop with my breeding brood soon! We’re passing through on I-70 right now, but I won’t tell you where! Guess right, and win a prize in the Party PMommy lottery.

Pick one of my brats to play with, and let us pleasure you for any fix you got; especially rock or cock.
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