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Trailer Trash Druggy Whore

No Taboo Phone SexMy cunt gets so wet for crack. That’s right. I’m a trailer trash druggy whore who needs her fix. When I’m dripping wet all over your cock, it’s because I’m thinking about buying and smoking all that ice. I’ll do anything for a hit; anal cum dumpster, sucking big black cocks, even eating your asshole. That’s right, I’m a filthy fucking whore who will do literally whatever you ask. Yeah, there’s nothing I won’t do for a drag of that sweet dream. I’ll even rent out my offspring. I have eight, you know, so I can spare three or four. Do you know how much money I could make off of their young, hard cocks and sweet bald cunts? So much. I know what you’d pay as a PDaddy to be able to play with rugrats. You don’t have to be shy, I actually love to watch them work up on you and fulfill your every fantasy. You want my darlings, and I want my drugs. Let’s make a trade.

Lot Lizard Sex Is my Favorite

lot lizard sex

Your whore is known for lot lizard sex around here. Right now I am doing my country a good deed by pimping out my pussy! Though needing a fix is what really drives me, and well, my love for cum. My hands were shaking as this stocky trucker handed me a rock and told me to climb up in his sleeper. That big rock meant I was going to have to suck a lot of cock and be fucked multiple times. I didn’t care as I took the pipe out of my bra. The truck stop was bare for this time of morning so I didn’t see it coming. I didn’t hear him on the CB telling anyone that a true gangbang whore was ready to be pummeled. I did hear a couple trucks pull in as I was lighting the crack and heard that beautiful fizzle and pop, and then my body melted into oblivion. The truck door swung open and someone called we are ready for that slut! I was harshly yanked out of his truck and pulled to the ground. Five dirty truck drivers surrounded me and with cocks out and trucks parked expertly to block us I knew what they wanted. A bukkake whore to suck them and to coat with cum! I stopped and tried to back away asking where my baggie of crack was only to be shown it by the original driver. I would have to earn my dope back nickel by nickel he said. “Now get to work whore!” I crawled back to the circle and accepted my fate. I love cock and if I was getting rock for it I would suck these men like golf balls through a garden hose. The taste of cum and crack are what fuels a live phone sex whore like me!


Sexy Shower Stranger Fucks My Soapy Cunt

Hookers For HireI was soaping up my cunt, rubbing my clitty with the suds, trying to grab a shower between my diner shift and my night in the lot. My hands trailed up my body, tweaking a thick, dusky nipple. I moaned quietly and then a firm hand clasped over my pouty lips. He was on me like July flies on honeycomb.
I felt his fat cock pressing on my lower back; a tall man. His chest hair scratched my back. “Quiet now, whore.” He hissed in my ear, taking his hand from my panting mouth to my hips. He lifted me, and slid his cock right into my tight, soapy pussy. I whined under my breath as he stretched me around his thickness.
He bounced me, jack-hammering his dick deep into my cunt. I threw my hands against the wall to steady myself, the hot water rippling down our bodies. I shuddered as an orgasm ripped through me involuntarily. He just felt so good!
It was well over half an hour, and six times cumming later, he unloaded his balls deep inside my fuckhole. He slid out, set me down, patted my head, and slipped $200 into my hand. I crumpled to the floor, ice cold water sending shock-waves through my body.

Cum Filled Cunt

Trucker’s Favorite Fucktoy – Breeding

Crack Whore AnalI said he wasn’t bringing me back. He’d been using me as his personal fuck slave for the past two weeks. He never unchained me from his bed, not even to piss. But, he kept me flying high as a kite on snow, and my pussy was always dripping wet.
He’d surpassed the point of fucking me raw days ago. I was just a worthless hole now; three holes to be exact. Here he came again to ram his cock down my throat, choking me. When he grew bored at the sounds of me gasping for breath, he’d switch over to my asshole. Tight as I used to be, I was filthy and forced to use the bathroom right where I was. He fucked my in my shithole before making me clean my own ass off of his cock.
He always came in my cunt; he said he was breeding me. He said he was going to fuck me every day until my belly got big as a house, and my tiddies would swell just for him. All the coke in the world wasn’t worth this torture. My pussy disagreed. I grew wetter and wetter as he pounded away inside my destroyed cunt. He came, I came. Ten months later, so did our baby.

I Know All ABout BBC Phone Sex

bbc phone sexI know how to do BBC phone sex. I am a dirty hold whore. I was raised on black cock. My momma was a trailer park hooker. My dad was a trucker who had no clue what she was up to when he would travel. We needed money. He left us a few bucks to feed us for a week. We needed money for my clothes and school supplies. Daddy was a mean son of a bitch that wanted us penniless and dependent on him. My momma was a sexy blonde bitch. She was a high school drop out but she was a beauty queen. Plenty of men were willing to pay for her pussy. Often, when they saw me spying on them, they wanted two hookers for hire. Momma fucked a lot of black men. They never cared how young I was either. All they cared about was how deep I could take their big black cocks and where I could take them. I think black guys will always prefer fucking white women. Here I am forty some years later still getting big black cock. Terrance is a truck driver I hook up with occasionally. I have not seen him in months because his route was cut due to Covid. He texted me that he was back on his route and would be blowing through my town. I told him to park his cab next to my trailer. My skanky pussy was happy to have his dark meat back inside it. Kind of felt like I was a virgin again. That cherry popped in 1976. But it has been a while since I had a 12-incher in my pussy. I lowered myself slowly on to his dick and I shit you not, I squirted as soon as I was all the way down. I let out the loudest moan as he thrust in and out of my lot lizard sex hole. When he came, it was like a volcano went off in my barren womb. Damn, it felt good. He cleaned the cobwebs out. Just what I needed too.

Druggy Whore Goes For A Ride

Druggy Phone Sex

“Hop in, you filthy fucking whore.” He taunted, holding up an eight ball to entice me. His cock was out, all pathetic four inches of it. The blow was enough, so I was stripped and in the cab before he had a chance to go soft on me. My pussy was slick, not minding his little cock if it meant cocaine. The less work I had to do, the better.
He took off, pulling the truck out onto the highway. “Swallow my cock, bitch.” He spit in my face as I did a line off the dashboard. I was on him like flies on honey in July. I slammed him into the back of my throat. He moaned real loud, dirty bird, and nearly swerved a lane. I kept throat fucking him, faster and faster. He was grinding the gears, slipping over to the shoulder of the road.
He threw me onto the bunk, climbing up my body. Pinning me down, he face fucked me, rattling my teeth. My head was slamming into the wall, spinning from more than just the snow. He spilled his baby gravy deep down my throat. Getting off, I reached for the coke. Instead, he handcuffed me to the bunk.
“You’re mine, cunt.” He wasn’t going to bring me back to the lot.

I Love Being a Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whoreI wasn’t always doing so well in life especially since I’m a Trailer trash whore. I was raised by a crack whore mama and her johns were always over taking advantage of me. I just learned quickly to suck cock and spread my legs and give them what they wanted. If I fought them, I’d get pretty messed up. I rather them just pump pump and blow and get the fuck out. I’m trailer trash but I ain’t stupid. I figured out how to become resourceful after getting kicked out of school. I tried the college thing but it wasn’t for me. I got a full scholarship because of what I am and where I’m from and I passed some tests. They may have drugged me and fucked the shit out of me but I still have a brain and I make use of it. I decided to take in some other young girls from the street and shitty families and make a fucking good living off of them. I like crack rock, so what, and I like fucking, big deal. The thing I like most is making a living off of pimping out some of these young tight holes so they can earn their keep. Want some?

A Yummy Black Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntGuys love it when black girls have a cum filled filled cunt. I think they like to see the contrast between their white milky seed and my black pussy. I hooked up with this guy last night for some party money. He just wanted to use me as his cum receptacle. I am cool with that. I am a nasty trick. I let guys use me for money. Whatever they give me, I put up my noise or shoot in my arm. I have been a junkie ho since I was a little girl. This old white dude last night had jungle fever and a big wallet. I let him pump is old white dick into my chocolate cunt for about ten minutes for some easy money. The fucker was a nasty freak too because he wanted to taste his own cum up my cunt. He got down on the grown and licked his thick ropes of cum out of my freshly fucked pussy. He did not just want to taste his cum. He wanted to snowball with it too. I made him toss in an extra $50 to get freaky. If money or crack are involved, I am all in. I will be the nastiest freak you ever met. I let the old fuck snowball his cum with me, took his money and then I went to get high.

This Trashy MILF is on Cougar Life

trashy milfThis trashy MILF got a workout last night. No, I did not go to the gym. I never go to the gym. Fucking is my exercise. I have a few cougar friends who are finding cubs to fuck on Cougar Life. It is a dating site for younger men looking to date older women.  I was skeptical about it at first, then I met a few of the local cubs my sexy mommy friends have been banging. I wanted some of that young man action. The pandemic closed the schools and interrupted my daily routine. I would fuck schoolboys before and after school. My trailer is in front of the school bus stop. I have my son and his friends I fuck, but a trailer trash whore can never have enough young studs around to fuck her. I signed up for the dating site, and my inbox was full two hours afterwards. I had lots of local younger men vying to date me. Zach was my cub who came over last night. He was like some Olympic fucker. He had me in all sorts of positions. Many, I did not even know existed. It was like he read the Kama Sutra before coming over. One position, I was pretty much on my head like some yoga pose. He was squatting down between my legs fucking me. I have a sore neck today. I have whiplash from fucking, LOL. My neck is not the only thing sore. My pussy is sore, and that never happens. I am a seasoned old whore. It has just been a hot minute since I fucked a younger man with that much stamina. He fucked me like I was a contortionist for hours. He came bucket loads of cum too. One guy with an army of cum and the stamina of the Energizer Bunny owns my old ass. I will be his cum dumpster any day.

Getting Fucked By The Boys In Blue

Creampie SlutMy latest arrest proved to be the best get out of jail free card I’ve ever had. I love a cock, I mean a man, in uniform. He was a big, white, hairy Irish cop; Officer Seamus came nosing around the lot while I was getting my cunt loaded with cum, and my nose stuffed with snow. Of course, Sergeant Big Cock nabs me as soon as I hop from the cab.
He read me my rights, and cuffed me. “I love a man who can restrain me.”
“Considering you can’t restrain yourself.” He nearly purred in my ear as he bent me over the hood. “You have three warrants out for your arrest, Amara. How you gonna pay?”
Just like that, he had my skirt up and his cock out. He slammed into me, brutally, before yanking the cuffs so I had nowhere to go.
I felt my shoulder dislocate, but I was atop Mount Everest from the coke I’d just done. He rammed me, my pussy dripping with the cum of my johns. “Are you going to pay, or are you going to take the punishment?”
He came so hard in me, my pussy milking his fat veiny cock. Ten months later, I wasn’t shocked when my baby had a patch of red hair, and a mean look in his tiny little eye.

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