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BBC Phone Sex Party

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is something a trailer park slut excels at. There are two types of women in a trailer park. Racist, confederate flag loving whores and black cock sluts like me. I love some big black cocks, but they love me right back. I am slim and stacked, and I can take a pounding. I crashed a lot party last night. I was out seeing what kind of trouble I could get into. The power went out around 7 pm from a storm that rolled through and I was in the dark. I decided to get out and see what was going on. I saw a group of brothers out on a porch drinking Colt 45s and smoking blunts. They had an old school boom box playing 90s rap. They seemed interested in this trashy milf. They asked me to join them. I grabbed a beer and they grabbed my ass and tits. I sat on this one guy’s lap. He shared a big blunt with me. I did not know them. They are not from around here. Just in town visiting the stripper who lives in the trailer. I know her. She must have been at the club dancing. I partied with the brothers. By the time the sun went down, I was already full of black cock spunk. Head to toe. They passed me around like a rag doll. I bounced on one big black dick for a while, then hopped onto the next big black cock. Musical big black cocks is one of my favorite games. I was enjoying getting to know these brothers. They like to party and they like to fuck a blonde fucking whore. I was with them for several hours. I never once missed having power because I was distracted by beautiful big black cocks.

Sharing A Cock With My Favorite Tranny!

Freaky Phone Sex

Last night I shared a thick 10 in cock with my favorite tranny whore, Alexa! I’ve always thought tranny women with cocks are so sexy and powerful, it’s been a longtime fantasy of mine to have a threesome and share a cock with a tranny slut. Last night I had a client request that I find a beautiful tranny and share his cock with her, he wanted us to dominate him. When Alexa arrived to the hotel room we were both impressed with her beauty. Long dark hair, perfect tits and long sexy legs made her so inviting and warm. We started out sucking the john’s cock hard, his 10 inch cock was throbbing and leaking precum by the time I started stroking Alexa’s cock, making her throb in my hand. Just seeing this gorgeous tranny with her cock hard for me made my pussy soaking wet! I had to try it, I slid my cunny down on the johns cock and Alexa forced her thick dick in my tight little asshole. The pleasure from being stretched out was amazing, I squirted all over both of them as the fucked me, I could feel the john cumming violently in my pussy as Alexa filled my ass with her hot load as well.

BBC Phone Sex whore

bbc phone sexI am a BBC phone sex whore. I love black guys. It goes back to my young teen years. My mom was a hooker for black men. She would see guys in our trailer when my dad was on the road. He would not let her have a job and he was very stingy with money. It started off as just a couple guys, but they told two friends and so on and so on. She started making great money. I loved it for her because she bought me nice clothes. I would spy on my mom and masturbate. I used to fantasize about those big black cocks. Eventually, I started helping my mother with some of her clients. That gave me my first love for BBC. It is a love I still have today. I have not seen Big D in months. He had surgery on his back and has not been on the road for a bit. But he came through town last night and wanted to see his favorite blonde fucking whore.  I was excited to see him again. He has the best coke and the best cock. I told him to park his cab in my lawn and spend the night. He can leave after some rest. Although he did not get much rest because I was greedy with his cock. Big D has a beautiful black cock. It is long and it is thick. And it loves white pussy. He did not think I could handle him when we first met. But he did not know my history. I was already a seasoned black cock whore when we first met a decade ago. I rode his cock last night. No fancy fucking since he is still recovering from surgery.  He felt amazing back in my pussy. We did not miss a beat. He turned me into a cum dumpster like no one else can. I was his druggy whore most of the night. He had to get back on the road, but he left me full of his seed and with a big bag of coke. Just like old times.

Latina phone sex with a nasty cum slut

latina phone sex

Hi, there. Happy scrolling! I know you are enjoying the blogs here at the fornication station. We are some nasty wild girls. I want to express my love for getting high and fucking, and why I like getting high on the phone.

I enjoy getting high with my callers because it makes my cunt so wet. Whenever I have a regular and they tell me to snort some lines or hit the bong, you know I will do it gladly.

The feeling I get when the drugs hit me is out of this world. Let’s get perverse together tonight. Want some Latina phone sex and want it tame you know I can do that for you. I’m versatile, but I like a marathon of hot porn and lots of wild fun. I’ve got an array of toys and all kinds of goodies. 

I enjoy dirty playing games with my callers and roleplaying all kinds of dirty stuff. Enjoy these summer nights with me, papi.

Trailer Trash Whore Fucks for Coke

trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore knows how to party. Friday night came and I was out of coke. I guess I partied more than normal during the week. My only responsibility is being a phone sex whore. I never schedule myself early in the morning because I am like a vampire. I am up all night partying and I sleep until noon, LOL. So, Friday I took my skanky ass down to the truck stop to hustle truck drivers out of coke. Most truck drivers use cocaine. It is how they stay up for those long rides at night. I just cab hop and collect little bags of coke that add up after the tenth cab. I have to be a druggy porn star for the truck drivers, but they never mind sharing their stash with me if I take care of them. And I do take care of them. Friday night, I took care of 16 truck drivers. That was 16 loads in my fuck holes. Never a problem. That is actually a low number. I have taken more than that in a night. If my daughter is with me, we can do some serious damage. I do whatever the truckers want. I am a slave when it comes to coke. Most of the truckers just want a blowjob or to fuck my pussy or ass. By the time I got to the last truck, I was a creampie delight. Coated in cum from head to toe. I was burping up cum bubbles. Seriously, cum was oozing out my nose too. My belly was full, but I was not at the puke it up stage yet. I am a seasoned cum dumpster. The last trucker just wanted to give me something to wash the cum down. He was willing to give me some of his coke and a few fat joints, but he wanted to piss on me. I guzzled his urine like a dirty toilet ho. I do not mind pissing fun, especially if I am getting some primo drugs out of it. It was a busy night but this dirty old whore got enough coke to last all week.

He was ready, Drunk girl fucking

Drunk girl fucking EllenHe stalked over without any hesitation, stepping out of his pants and boxers in one practiced movement as he approached ready for some Drunk girl fucking. His hungry gaze made me a bit nervous, but not as much as his ravenous hands lifting me up by my ass and his body pressing against mine to pin me to the wall without any warning at all. “Holy crap.” I found myself sputtering a little, unable to control my voice. My dark eyes widened, my legs worked to wrap themselves around his waist instinctively and my bare tits bounced with the weight of my suddenly tense breath. Crimson flushed onto my cheeks at the suddenness of knowing that this wasn’t just an oddly embarrassing hook up and screw for money, but that a real stud was about to have him some Hot teen phone sex and fuck the daylight out of me until I blacked out and took a cum bath I didn’t ask for. His shaft rubbed against me deep down below, mindful of my surprise but more than happy to push me forward if I didn’t get with the program soon. I couldn’t blame him, he paid for this and I’m a professional damn-it so like hell I was going to let him win because of a few cheap surprises! I knew he needed pussy now, I kind of needed him to fill my pussy now so I’d say we were on the same page. I was soaked, hot pussy juice leaking into my panties and dampening his cock before it was even in me. He placed a kiss on my neck, another embarrassing yet sudden act no whore expects, and I tilted my head to the side to give him better access. He took that as the invitation for Lot lizard sex it was, and used his cock to push my panties aside in a display of precision before he filled my cunt to the brim.

Creampie Slut

creampie slut

Are you a creampie slut? There is no shame in admitting that you like sloppy seconds. I do not think eating cum from a cunt or ass makes your gay. Maybe guzzling it from a cock might be a different story, but there is something hot about cleaning up a woman’s messy pussy. My son loves it. So does my daughter, but she is a cum junkie like her mother. My son was over this morning because he knew I would wake up with a creamy load because I would have been at the truck stop last night. My boy knows me so well. Like he had me pegged. I had not been asleep long when he came into my bedroom with coffee and donuts. I was horny. In need of the hair of the dog that bit me. I was doing Tequila shots with a few men at the truck stop last night. That led to fucking which led to me coming home with a cum filled cunt. I was too drunk and high to shower before bed. Plus, I am not really that kind of girl. I am sure you know the kind of girl I am talking about. The kind of girl who does not swallow and must brush her teeth immediately after giving you head, and she showers right after sex too. It is like she cannot wait to get your seed off her body. I am not like that. I will savor that cum all day long. All night long too. I will sleep with chunks of cum in my hair and cum stuffed in all my holes. My son knows that and when he feels extra perverted, he pays his trashy milf mommy a visit to taste her cum filled holes. It is the best way to wake up in the morning. My son licked me all over but focused on the areas with jizz. Once he cleaned me up, he left me full of cum again, which is just the way I like to be: covered in cum.

Water Sports Sex at the Truck Stop

water sports sexWater sports sex is not an everyday thing for me, but if a guy wants me to piss on him, who am I to say no or judge? This was a loser white boy, of course. That was probably obvious, LOL.  I go to the truck stop a few nights a week. I pick up a lot of black cock at the truck stop. I find a lot of men down to party with me. Occasionally, it is some bitch boy like Leroy who has no cock but lots of coke. He was not looking to fuck me. Unlike my small dick ex-husband, Leroy has accepted his short comings. He knew he could never fuck a hot trailer trash whore like me. I asked him what he was offering then. He was the one that approached me about some coke he wanted to share. I know it is ass or grass, but nobody rides for free. He wanted a hot bitch to pee on him. I was like is that all? I mean he had a huge bag of coke that would have been $500 easily if I had to go to a dealer for a fix. He spewed out this sob story about being a humiliation junkie but struggling to find some one for water sports. Golden showers or brown showers, if you are paying me cash, grass or powder, I am in. What do I care that some small dick wonder wants me to give him a golden shower? I have done a lot worse things than pissing sex for coke, LOL. I got in his cab with him, snorted a couple lines and guzzled a Big Gulp of lemonade. That turned me into a pissing machine. I coated him head to toe in my golden nectar. He was like some horny monkey in a cage, basking in the glory of my sunshine and wanking his little nub. Sure, he was one pathetic loser, but I got the biggest bag of coke from our deal and it only cost me a Big Gulp. Now, that was a steal.

Crack Whore Luna Is An Anal Cum Dumpster

I have been a Lot lizard for a while now and most men do not want to fuck your cunt while you are on your period and bleeding. Since i still needed to get high I decided I would have some an Anal cum dumpster fucking special. Bring whatever drugs you have, and you can fuck my asshole. I had so many guys coming to me for some Crack whore anal fucking and I was so excited I got high and bent over letting them take their turn fucking my asshole hard. I would start by sucking their cock until it was nice and hard by then they were so ready to fuck my ass I had to just lay there and take it. My ass was getting pounded hard and getting stretched open at some point I wanted to take a break I felt like I had to poo all the cum out, but they didn’t want to let me, so I keep letting them fuck me.

Scat phone sex

By the time the last guy came in I was ready to let him use my ass and be done. But while he fucked me, I felt my ass started to drip and I knew the drugs and all the cum in my ass was making me shit. He didn’t stop, he kept going using the cummy shit to lube his cock up so he could blast his nut. I got high for just being what I am an Anal cum dumpster. 

Sloppy Wet Truck Slut

sloppy wet pussy Hello, boys! I had a really wild orgy today at the truck stop and I’d love to fuck my sloppy wet pussy with a dildo while I tell you about it. You know you wanna hear all that jizz that’s just oozing out of my fuck hole! I love the sound of it sloshing around on that dildo while I rail myself with it. I bet you’ll break out your lube and start stroking so I can hear that, won’t you? You’re a pretty fucking nice guy like that. I hope we can time it so that we cum together.

If not, don’t worry. I can cum over and over again. So, if I happen to blow without you, you don’t have to worry that I’ll leave you hanging. This trailer park whore would be more than happy to rub her pussy over and over again until you’re ready to shoot your load. I bet you’re going to get really turned on by the things I did today. Are you ready to hear what kinds of things I did with those horny truckers and their friends? I hope you can stomach some of the sick things I like to do with cum.

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