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Playing With My Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussy

I almost always have a sloppy wet pussy because I spent a lot of time down at the truck stop. I mean, those guys have been on the road for a long time, so they need a little bit of loving from a dirty whore like me. Honestly, what kind of slutty lizard would I be if I let a man leave that truck stop still horny? That’s why I am the most popular. I always make sure to take care of my boys and they treat me very well in return. Most women probably can’t say that they really love their job, but I do.

Yes, I consider my time at the truck stop to be a job. But not in a bad way. It just brings me so much joy to spread my legs and take a hot load. I know that I’m doing something good for a trucker when I do that, and that makes me and my sloppy pussy very happy. I would love to tell you about some of the more kinky things I’ve done at the truck stop, but you’re gonna have to give me a call for that. I can’t share all my secrets here. That would be no fun. I am excited to share with you how nasty I a

horny brat!

lot lizard sex

The other night, right after I finished my shift on the young slut phone sex line, I went out to my back
porch just to get some fresh air. I was so damned horny because of all my phone sex boyfriends, and
outside I saw a man who’d just moved into the next apartment over.
I was only wearing my tee-shirt because I always want my cunt accessible while I’m handling the cum
slut phone sex calls. The older man took one look at me in my tight, pink tee shirt and blonde pigtails
with a nice bare cunt just begging for attention and knew he wanted to fuck me.
He didn’t even talk. He just called me over by wiggling a finger. I climbed over the little fence between
our porches and he didn’t waste any time. He unzipped his pants with one hand and pushed me to my
knees with the other.
His cock was so big, and I choked on it as he shoved all ten inches into my throat. He grabbed my pigtails
and used them as handles as he fucked my throat. I loved it! I sucked as hard as I could and pushed
fingers into my hungry teen cunt as he fucked his young teen slut’s face.
After he forced me what seemed like a gallon of cum, he lifted me up, bent me over, and rammed his
thick man-meat into my tight, bare cunt. He fucked me so hard! I couldn’t believe how deep he got and I
must have cum five or six times before he pulled out.
I thought he wanted me to swallow more but when I tried to turn around, he pushed me back and
rammed into my tiny teen asshole to cum there. It hurt like hell but I was still cumming anyway! He
finally pulled out and just lifted me back over the railing.

White Trash Phone Sex Slut

white trash phone sex

Hey there you dirty pervs. It’s your favorite white trash phone sex whore ready to make all your nasty dreams come true today. Maybe I could tell you about the motorcycle gang the passed through the truckstop last week. As soon as they got there, they were looking me up and down and I knew I was going to get lucky. I just walked right up to the leader and offered my services to him. I told him I’d even give him a discount since he had brought so many customers with him. That was all it took in before you know it, I was on my knees with a bunch of dick slapping me in the face.

Most guys who ride bikes seem to be pretty aggressive, but these guys were on another level. They used up this cunt, mouth, and asshole and wore me out. I can usually fuck all day, but I had to go home and shower and rest after these guys got done with me. Do you want to hear what they did to me, or maybe what I did to them? Pick up the phone and call your favorite dirty lot lizard and I’ll tell you a nasty story.

Freaky phone sex whore Quinn

freaky phone sex


My neighbor came over earlier to check on me. I guess he heard me moaning and screaming during one of my freaky phone sex calls. He had a few questions. I apologized for the noise but once I explained to him what he was hearing, I could tell he was turned on. I watched the bulge in his pants get bigger as I got nastier with the details. I was getting so wet and excited, watching his cock get hard for me. I told him all about how I was on my bed with my legs spread wide open, teasing my slutty cunnie when he knocked on the door. I reached down and grabbed that rock hard dick and led him into my apartment. I backed him up against the wall and dropped to my knees, begging him to pull that dick out so I could taste it!  I deepthroated his dick until he was about to cum. Then, I pulled it out and let him cream all over my face. I told him to come back over and let me know if he hears me again. I would hate to be that noisy neighbor that no one likes.

Molly world

cum dumpster

Wow, my pussy is still drenched. I am such a cum dumpster. The loads keep dripping down my thighs, and I can’t get enough of them. I really do enjoy being fucked and rammed by a ton of different men. Now that I have discovered molly’s world, I don’t ever want to stop.

It was like being on coke times 1000%. I was fucking and sucking and begging for more. I popped a molly, and I felt like superwomen. I knew I was meant for fucking, but once I got a little help from a pill, I went ahead and didn’t stop. In fact, I begged to be used.

I enjoyed being fucked and discarded and went from party house to party house till I could barely walk. An explosion of cum really does the body good.

The way I fuck, I will never get tired. I can’t stand plain vanilla sex; I want to get nasty and need it quite frankly.

I want to fuck high all the time.

Sweet Slutty Daughters

Trashy Milf


It’s been a long time since I enjoyed some quality fuck time with my favorite daughter. Of course I have a favorite one of my little slutkins; how could I not? They all have their talents. One is possibly going to turn out as a better anal cum dumpster than I am. She loves to get stretched on out like the filthy slut she is. She cries that it burns, but it makes her pussy wet.

Another of my whores has no gag reflex, so we’ve trained her up to be the cock swallowing queen of the neighborhood. She can take absolutely any girth, any length, right in her slutty little gullet. Even the BBC boys who come around are shocked to see the pythons she slips inside of her. And then, there was my sweet little angel.

She has the most delicious little peach fuzz pussy I’ve ever tasted, and I simply can’t keep my tongue or my fingers away from her. I love the little sounds she makes as she tries to resist cumming. She squirms, and that makes my pussy drip. Mommy has a nasty little appetite, and only my slutkins can fill it.

Fisting Whore at the Truck Stop

fisting whore

I bet you’d love to hear the story of how I became a fisting whore, wouldn’t you? Well, one night down at the truck stop, the guys got bored and decided to bet and see which one of them could get their fist the furthest up my cunt. I was only half paying attention to what was going on because I was working on sucking a big dick, so I asked what was going on when I heard my name and they told me to just not worry. They gave me another line of coke and a glass of whiskey and I got back to sucking.

The next thing I know, I’m getting fucked pretty good and I thought to myself “Wow, those are some big cocks!” and then I heard someone yell “I win!! I got it in up to my elbow!” I had no idea they were talking about my pussy. I felt good so I didn’t question it. I finally figured out what was going on after I sucked that load down my throat. I high-fived them and told them that the next time they decided to fist my cunt, I wanted to watch! Call me and I’ll tell you everything!

cum whore

lot lizard sex


I love getting pissed in! the first time it happened I was with my ex and he just wanted to fake that he got off so we could stop having sex and he could go back to playing his stupid game. so he pissed in me and it was so much! I instantly knew what he did from the amount but instead of getting pissed at him because most girls would be like ew I got so fucking turned on. I came so hard from it that I passed out afterwards with his little furry friend trying to fuck my ass from the scent. I was tempted because I was still so fucking horny but I didn’t let him. now since we have broken up I go to the local truck stop and beg and plead for guys to piss in my tight wet cunt. it feels so fucking good whenever they agree I can’t wait for it to happen again

I am No Longer the Only Trailer Trash Whore in the Neighborhood

trailer trash whoreEvery community has a trailer trash whore, even gated communities like the one I live in. I am a crazy horny milf who will fuck anything that moves. My husband loves that I am a whore. I was born into this world to be a whore.  I have competition in the neighborhood though. A new trophy wife moved in across the street.  My community has been gossiping about her nuptials. She is an old stripper who has been working decades at this seedy strip club in the red-light district. Most men in the community have had a lap dance from her at some point.  She married a much younger man so perhaps he can keep her satisfied, but I doubt it. Most nymphomaniacs cannot stay faithful. Maybe her husband is like me. Just likes a trashy milf. He is the youngest homeowner in our community too. Some tech genius. Lots of young guys want to marry older women.

trashy milfYou know how the rumor mill goes right? Lexie is rumored to have once married her first cousin. She has been stripping at this club since she was a teen in the late 80s. She has five daughters with different baby daddies. The light bulb went on. Maybe this rich tech giant married a down on her luck and over the hill stripper for access to her daughters. I checked the girls out. Most of the girls are older teens, but one looks so young she could be her granddaughter. Hell, maybe it is the two older girls look like breeders. He would not be the first man to marry a woman so he could molest her offspring.  My husband married me so I could be his breeding whore and he would have little ones to fuck. I decided I wanted to meet her. The two of us could be the town tramps together. Before I got out the door, my oldest son came home smelling like sloppy wet pussy, but not mine. He had this shit eating grin on his face when he asked me if I had met the new neighbors yet. Damn, she got to my son already. I definitely have some competition, but it is game on. I will molest her daughters and fuck her husband. No woman can out tramp me.

Creampie Slut Phone Fuck

creampie slut

As a dirty creampie slut, I’m always thankful for my time down at the truck stop. I’m the most popular lot lizard there, so my pussy and asshole are always dripping cum. Sometimes on the way home, I have to stop and wipe the cum that’s dripping down my legs. But don’t you dare worry about it – I don’t waste it. I always lick that cum right off my fingers. Yummy in my tummy! Fuck, I love cum so much and I would do anything to get it. I mean, if you’ve been reading my blogs or calling me for any amount of time, you already know that to be true.

You should have seen the huge creampie I had the other day. My pussy was so full of multiple loads of cum that literally no more would have fit inside me. I think I got fucked around 11 times that day. My pussy was so sore, but luckily it had those creampies to soothe it. It was a pretty freaking wild day and I’d love to tell you everything the truckers did to me. My God, they really know to treat a dirty whore like me. I am so lucky to have those cocks anytime I want. Let me tell you all about them!

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