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Blonde fucking, pissed soaked whore is what I am!

Blonde fuckingBlonde fucking, pissed soaked whore is what I am! Maybe you’ve had a taste of my sweet, meth-coated pussy. I’m a blonde bombshell with a tight body and a insatiable craving for the most devilish things in life. And when I say devilish, I mean downright filthy. I’m talking about getting my holes filled with all sorts of cock and drugs, and I just can’t get enough.

Nothing gets my blood pumping and my juices flowing like a good old-fashioned pissing session. I’m talking about a man, or even better, multiple men, taking turns using me as their own personal toilet. And let me tell you, I fucking love it.

It’s like a twisted fucking fairytale, where instead of a princess, you have a blonde, fucked up meth whore and instead of a prince, you have a group of filthy, horny assholes ready to use her in every way possible. And doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?

I crave the taste of your piss, the warmth of it soaking into my skin and the feeling of being completely degraded and humiliated. I love being treated like nothing more than a urinal, a cum dumpster, a fucking hole to be used and abused. And when you combine that with my love for meth, it’s like a mind-blowing fucking explosion. It amplifies every sensation, every dirty desire, and every filthy thought. It’s like the ultimate fuck high.

So if you want to experience true filth and debauchery, give me a call. I’ll be waiting, my meth-coated pussy dripping with anticipation, ready to be your dirty little toilet slut. So, baby call me for explosive Pissing phone sex! Just be sure to bring plenty of hits and a full bladder, because I’m one hungry, dirty, pissed soaked whore and I just can’t get enough. But be warned, once you get a taste of me and all the nasty shit I’m into, you’ll be hooked. 


Cum guzzling slut Hazel

Cum guzzling slut

One thing about this Cum guzzling slut shes gonna get her fill no matter what! Lately I’ve been on a roll lately With my favorite john. He comes to pick me up from the lot whenever he’s in town and last night he was bringing in a load and I was ready to drain every once of cum out of him. He always comes with the party treats that makes him last all night long.

He took me to the back of his trailer and laid me on my back and did a line off my titties and had me do a line off his cock before he shoved his meaty cock inside of my tight little cunny. He filled me up with his thick 10 inch cock making me moan and gush. I told him to bend me over and he shoved a X pill into my ass and began pounding my pussy making me squirt all over him. I love being a trashy slut getting fucked and filled with cum. Come and fill me up daddy!

Trailer Trash Whore Beverly Enjoys Ass to Mouth Sex

trailer trash whoreI know I am a trailer trash whore. So, do all the men and women in my state. While I trolled for cock at the truck stop last night, I met a new guy. However, he knew all about Beverly the lot lizard. It appears many truckers speak highly of my no limit ways. I love to do all the things good girls never even consider. Paul, the new trucker, wanted an ass to mouth whore. And that’s never been a problem for me. I think my ass taste great. But it is even better mixed with your jizz.

Paul could not believe that I never even hesitated. Clearly, he did not know who he had just met. I am an anal sex whore and a no limits bitch. Silly boy thought he needed lube to fuck my pussy and my ass. Sure, I likely had 30 some years on Paul, but my cunt stays lubricated. And I mean my snatch drips so much all day long it splashes back on my ass. So, any cock can fuck my asshole with ease. Paul seemed shocked that an old bitch would be so juicy and horny.

I am Just an Old No Limits Sort of Woman

He gave me some coke for my troubles. But it was no sweat off my back.  I like to fuck. And he had a decent cock for a white boy. About 9-inches. I am blonde but I am no dumb blonde. Nine inches fits perfectly in any of my fuck holes. I sucked him first. My skills can make a cock harder than ever before. Sure enough, he grew an inch bigger in my old skilled mouth.

He fucked my ass hard. But he saved his cum for my mouth. He wanted to watch me be an ass to mouth whore. No problem. I sucked his dick clean right before he exploded down my throat turning me into a cum guzzling slut. I told him to send me his friends. Never met a man I did not want to suck and fuck.

Drunk girl fucking any guy that calls her pretty!


Drunk girl fucking has always been the greatest especially because it comes with the sloppiest and easiest head you’ll get. When im all liquored up and hoped up on coke You can bend me into any position you like. How wild do you think you can get? I know i can get Wilder than a tornado in Kansas. How about you take me to the back of your truck and we can fuck until the sun comes up? I know you have a nice comfy bed for us to use back there.

Once we are in the back of the truck Im gonna drop my clothes to the floor and lay on the bed. I want you to put your face between my legs and lick my sweet little pearl until my toes curl. Im so not for wasting time id rather get right down to business! after I creamed all over your face i want you to flip me over and tease this pretty little kitty before you shove it deep inside of me. Stretch me out until i scream and shove my face into the bed until I cant breath. I want long hard deep strokes daddy make me squirt all over you.

Come and bend me over daddy Im here for you to use me!

Cum Guzzling Slut on Easter and Every Other Day

cum guzzling slutFor Easter I am going to be a cum guzzling slut. Okay, who am I kidding, LOL. I am always a cum guzzling whore. My addiction to cum controls me. Although I love to party and snort my coke and smoke my weed, I am not addicted to either. However, I am addicted to cum. I am the only woman I know who keeps cum in her freezer. It is like a hurricane preparedness supply. I never want to run out of it or find myself with a day that I cannot get any jizz fresh from the source.

My son came over last night and brought friends. When he visited the night before, he knew my cum stash looked low. How sweet is my son? He knows his mother is a cum dumpster whore. But he that by himself he could not cum enough for me. So, he invited 10 of his friends to help replenish my low stock. My son makes me so happy and proud. He really takes care of me.

The Only Thing I am Truly Addicted To is Cum

No Easter sunrise service for me. However, I was still up when the sun came up. Ten boys plus my son kept me busy. Everyone wanted to cum in one of my old holes. But they also wanted to cum in a pitcher for me so I could freeze their sperm. They each came a couple times in my sperm catcher. And I don’t mean my pussy this time.

Younger men can come more. Same for black men. So, when I need to replenish my cum stash, I either get the teen boys in the trailer park to lend me their cocks, or I take my pitcher down to the truck stop to collect some nigger seed. But this time my son rescued me. I love his cum the most. Honestly, it tastes so yummy.

If you enjoy cum eating phone sex like I do, perhaps we can share a cum cocktail together. Cheers to me for being a cum whore.

Lot lizard sex addict like me loves the red, white & blue!

Lot lizard sexLot lizard sex addict like me loves the red, white & blue! Hey y’all, it’s your favorite gun totting trailer trash whore. My favorite things in life: sex, America, and getting paid for both! I may not have much in the way of education or fancy things, but let me tell you, I know how to please a man like no other. And I ain’t afraid to get down and dirty for a little cash in my pocket.

Give me a hot and steamy truck stop bathroom any day over some fancy hotel. I love the thrill of the chase, the smell of diesel in the air, and the sound of a big rig pulling up. There’s just something about a rugged, hard-working man that gets me going. And trust me, I know how to give him what he needs.

My body is perfect, and it sure knows how to please. My juicy pussy is tight as can be, and I guarantee you’ll be screaming the Lord’s name in vain once I’m done with you. I’ll ride you like a wild stallion, and I won’t stop until you’re begging for mercy. And when you finally release all that baby juice inside me, it’ll be like a celebration of the red, white, and blue. Let’s breed for America, baby!

But don’t just take my word for it, give me a call for some hot Live phone sex. I’ll make you feel like you’re right there with me, riding me hard and fast. I’ll moan and scream and make you feel like a real man. And when you’re done, you can cum deep inside that pussy, because I love the USA and everything that comes with it.

So, my dear men, don’t be shy. Give me a call and let me show you how a real woman takes care of her man. if you’re lucky, maybe we can make some patriotic fireworks together. Yeehaw!


Lot lizard sex with cum dumpster Hazel

Lot lizard sex

Lot lizard sex with cum dumpster Hazel. Walking around the lot in my sluttiest outfit showing my legs and these perky titties is the best way to get a guy to stop.Going from truck to truck looking for a daddy to fill me with cum. Bending over showing my tight little pussy dripping wet and ready to be used and abused.

 Last night my tactics worked on a sexy blonde man and boy did we have fun. He picked me up at the truck stop and said he had some fun treats for me so of course I hopped in the front seat. Im a bit of a coke whore so one mention of nose candy and im running in that direction. He had some real good columbian powder the best part was being able to snot it off his meaty cock before he shoved it down my throat. My mouth was so numb he was able to pound my throat as hard as he wanted and every stroke made my pussy gush. He pulled me up and bent me over Shoving his coke covered cock into my tight little pussy wrapping. my hair around his hand and forcing me back on to his cock deeper and faster with each stroke.  Making me cream and cum all over his cock until he exploded inside of me.

Trailer Trash Whore Beverly Livens Up Any Party

trailer trash whoreYou can count on a trailer trash whore to liven up a party. I have a great friend from the right side of the tracks. We grew up in the trailer park together, but she had smarts and went to college. But she ended up majoring in Mrs., LOL. She met a man who came from money, married him and now lives in a fancy mansion. You can take the girl out of the trailer park. However, you can never take the trailer park out of the girl.

Stacy will always be a hood rat even in designer clothes and shoes. She held a party last week and wanted me to come. She invited no one I knew, but I do not need to know anyone to be the life of a party. I dressed up, even styled my hair nicely. I wanted to look somewhat sophisticated. You know, not like a trashy milf, LOL. 

And as suspected the party bored me to tears. However, a couple brought their young teen son. New meat for me. I have fucked all the young boys in my trailer park. I felt like I was due something new. So, I flirted with the lad discreetly. But I could tell he never encountered a woman like me before. Even though I wore a nice dress, I did not wear panties. I never do wear them.

You Can Take the Whore Out of The Trailer Park But Not the Trailer Park Out of the Whore

I flashed the boy my shaved cunt, and his eyes got huge. So, I knew he wanted some of what I just offered him. I took him upstairs, away from the crowd, and we fucked in a closet. I swear that closet felt larger than my bedroom. Although the boy did not appear to be a virgin, I suspected he never fucked a milf before. My mouth sucked his cock back to life after a first quick cum. And for round two, I let him fuck my ass. Popped his ass cherry. Well, sort of. I became his first anal sex whore.

I went back to the party smelling like taboo sex and leaking the boy’s jizz on the floor of my friend’s fancy mansion. Perhaps, I should wear panties. Nah. It is too much fun being a dirty trailer park slut.

Crack whore anal slut addicted to sex and speedballing

Crack whore anal Crack whore anal is the best anal sex I’ve ever had. I smeared cocaine all over my asshole until it felt numb and tingly then I took my heated meth pipe and put it in my shithole until it cooled off. Once I got my asshole gaping, I had spent the rest of the evening face down in a hill of cocaine and my ass up in the air being penetrated. I love anal fucking, I have an addiction to anal sex! Especially when it involves black men with Big black dicks. I feel it in my chest… It enhances my high.

I like it rough which is why I always make sure to numb my ass with cocaine before having Hardcore anal sex. The biggest black dick I’ve ever managed to swallow every inch inside of my asshole was 15 inches. it was some Nigerian guy I had met at a swingers club that had a snow bunny slut with him. She bragged about the size of his dick all night long! I couldn’t help but find out for myself what the hype was all about. We went into a private room and switched dicks. I remember feeling goosebumps rise on my body as my nipples hardened.

His dick dug deep into my anus. My jaw dropped and I jerked his dick with my shithole while blowing meth smoke. The more I smoked the wetter my cunt got. For some reason whenever I smoke Crank my mouth waters and I get so fucking horny. That was also the first night I had ever tried pink cocaine. It was a cocaine-mixed mouth Molly that had me raging all night long. There was so much going on that night but I do also remember joining two hot Teen sluts fucking and eating their creampies.

I love drugs and sex!!

Lot lizard sex over the road whore here.

Lot lizard sex           Lot lizard sex over the whore here. Traveling with my leg out instead of the thumb. Showing that gets one to stop. Settling in at a stop. Going from one tractor to the next. Nasty little whore is what I am.

          Wagging the ass in front of those truckers. After all the stops have all, I need. A bathroom if they want a cleaner whore than one covered in fleas. In fact, most have a bed in the cab. Lift the skirt up, slip the cock in. Right between the pussy lips. It must be remembered that I like it nasty.

          Shove that cock right between the ass cheek up into the anal cavity. Ripping me open. I really am the biggest Cum guzzling slut that you will find in the area. Nasty too boot. Blow your load on my face. Eyelashes coated. Face covered with cum.

          Jump down out of the tractor, wipe it on the sleeve and hop on up into the next tractor. Make ride the shifter. Knowing what a 26 speed Peterbilt has under the hood. At the same time, you are having me fuck that shifter you are face fucking me and your companion is fucking this smoking hot ass.

          All of you cum quickly, gather up my money and moving on down the road to the next. After all, this lot lizard whore is going to keep on moving so you may keep on trucking.