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Cum Dumpster Beverly is the Belle of the Lot Lizard Skanks

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. I do not need a holiday to celebrate that I am a cum whore, but long weekends are always busy times at the truck stop. I am a lot lizard. And according to the truckers, I am like a primo skank. The most coveted piece of ass at the truck stop will always be me. That is because I am not a meth head. I don’t do smack either. I am a vintage coke whore. Those are hard to find theses days in the era of designer and prescription drugs. I do not mess with Fentanyl or Oxy. That shit makes your body ugly quickly. I am just an old-fashioned druggy porn star who takes pride in her body. I want to luck good while fucking, but more importantly, I want men to want to fuck me. And last night at the truck stop, they were all fucking me. The other whores were not happy. Not my fault they did not look as good as me. They were all younger than me too. That went to my head a bit if I am being honest. I love showing up the lot lizard whores.

I had never seen that many trucks in the bay over a holiday weekend. Never. I know I was not the reason they were there. I was the reason, however, that they stayed so long instead of getting back on the road. My truck stop has shower bays and a restaurant, but this blonde trashy milf is the main reason that truckers stayed longer. I was cab hopping. I would fuck one trucker and do some coke with him, then bounce to the other trucker and have some fun with him. I did about twenty-five truckers last night. Some were black, some were white. All were horny for this old broad. And I was horny for their cum.

Cum Guzzling Slut Beverly Loves Cum So Much

cum guzzling slutI am a cum guzzling slut. Everyone who knows me, understands this. It is getting to be cum cube season. Do you know what that means? It means that I need to start collecting as much cum as I can to keep it on hand for those extra hot days. Nothing cools off a dirty old cougar better than a cum cube. I will suck on them. I will put them in my drink. I will put them in my pussy too, or my ass. My hot holes melt a cum cube quickly which makes me feel like I just got a hot load shot inside me. I am a cum dumpster. Men in my trailer park get excited for cum cube season too. No one minds contributing jizz to my cause. Last night, I entertained several younger men in my trailer who wanted nothing more than to give me some cum to freeze. It was a struggle not to swallow it. I love cum. I have always been a swallower. In fact, I could easily swallow a gallon of a cum a day. But I was on a mission. I had to be good. I had a pitcher near me. When a guy would shoot his load in my mouth, I would spit it out in the pitcher. Some guys could give me two loads. I think I sucked off 10 guys last night, 5 of them twice. So, I had 15 loads of cum. That filled one ice tray completely. Cum is denser than water, so you need more of it to fill up an ice tray. I want thick cum cubes. I froze my loads immediately last night and tested one this morning. So, fucking yummy. This trashy milf has only just begun. Every night, for all of summer, I will guzzle as many cocks as I can and save the jizz for my cum cubes. This old broad needs all the cum she can get.

Horny Lot lizzard needs your Big Rig Load!

Lot lizzard sex

It’s the middle of the month and momma needs to get that money for rent and car payments by the 1st, Its time for some Lot lizard sex.

I love being a horny lot lizard, it comes so naturally and after a long day of waiting tables at the truck stop diner, it feels good to get stuffed and creamed on. It really helps me relax.

Truckers are always so appreciative of my eager lips and hungry wet cunt, they can’t wait to sink their cocks into all of my horny holes. And I pride myself in giving them the fuck of their life.

I just can’t seem to get enough of that Big rig bang time.  I guess that’s why the call me the five star lot lizard.

Trashy MILF Beverly is Ready for Summer and Young Fuck Toys

trashy milfThis trashy milf is ready for summer. This is the last week of public schools, which means all the schoolboys I flash at the bus stop in front of my trailer will soon not be there for a few months. I will miss my mornings fucking young teen boys, but they will be around with me all summer. And most of their parents have real jobs, which means they are not home in the daytime. I can fuck those boys in their trailer park bedrooms. This week though, I have been dressing up to entice those schoolboys. I put on my lucky purple dress to score me some teen cock. I don’t have to where anything. I mean, young teen boys are horny as fuck. And I do not look bad for an old trailer trash whore. But there is this one black boy that seems impervious to my charms. And by my charms, I mean my big tits and my shaved cunt. I thought maybe the boy was gay. Turns out he just likes a classier broad. In my high heels and slinky purple dress, the boy was putty in my hands.

He missed the bus. I drove him to school. But for the hour before first bell rang, he was all mine. His young black cock was in all my trashy whore holes too. This boy was no virgin, but he admitted he had never enjoyed an asshole or a mature pussy. I was his first anal sex whore and his first cougar. I never mind being a young boy’s first anything. I love creating sex machines. He was already a sex machine though. He did not need my help. This boy was a beast in the sheets. Shredded my old fuck holes in a good way.  I cannot wait for the end of the school year. These young studs can fuck me all day long.

Any girl hooked like me is up for Crack whore anal

Crack whore analI always want drugs, and I want you to know about it, because it also means I’m up for crack whore anal. I’d feel less on drugs, if you weren’t aware, that I was on drugs. You need to know, my dealer especially needs to know, hell I need to know. Drugs are just like that, you’re not high until others know you’re high. If a druggie is high in the forest and no one is around to smoke with them, were they ever really smoking? My point is, I needed some crack, and that meant I had to find someone who sold crack, who was really into getting blown. I’d blow them anyway, I love blowing dealers, but if I don’t get some free drugs while I’m at it then I’m wasting blow-jobs. And blow. Both of which are criminal, a man needs to get off and I have a mouth, it just seems like a match made in heaven. Bobbing my head up and down, slurping on his cock, drinking up his pre-cum while getting ready for a big shot of jizz deep into my throat. When I’m done, when he’s exhausted and groaning, I get my drugs and he knows he’s getting another blowjob later because drugs don’t last very long.

Dirty Phone Sex Stories Are Plentiful with an Old Whore

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex stories are plentiful with me. I am a dirty old whore. I was at some dive bar last night. Only kind I go to. It was a mix of guys. Working class bar. Black men, white men, old and young. Mostly guys in the trade craft world. Plumbers, electricians and folks like that. I was not looking for cock. I figured I was too old for men my age. I was wrong. Just about every man in the bar bought me a drink. I can hold my coke. I do better than the average woman, but a working-class Joe who kicks back a few beers an hour. Yeah, I was out of my league, but that did not stop me from trying. I was too drunk to drive. Hell, I was too drunk to find my car. A few guys my age drove me home. I invited them in for a drink. They were gentlemen. I am not used to that. I was thinking they could turn me into an anal cum dumpster in the dive bar bathroom and leave me until I woke up in a pool of my own puke. Instead, I had to convince them to fuck me. I told them I am not their wives. I am a whore. A dirty old whore. I shared some Mary Jane with them. Then, I did what I do best. I pulled out their cocks and blew them dry. They came easily for old men. A lot of cum too. I did not point out the obvious to them. But I knew their wives were worthless. The did some lines of coke with me and that brought those old cocks back to life quickly. I got to be a cum dumpster for my peers. I cannot remember the last time I fucked a guy in his 50s. It is usually the younger men who want this old whore. Well, now at least three old plumbers in my city want to fuck this old broad. They are skipping the bar tonight and partying at my place.


Druggy Porn Star Blossom!

Druggy Porn
The first time I had sex for drugs I knew it was the beginning of a very beautiful friendship between me and my dealer! I’m Blossom, the nastiest little white trailer trash whore you’ll find on the wrong side of the train tracks. I’ve been a big dick sucker for as long as I can remember because my mama was a low budget porn slut. She was the one who started doing hardcore drugs and getting fucked right in front of me. I had to follow in mommy’s trashy milf druggy whore footsteps by finding a dealer to fuck me and get me high enough to fuck right in front of the camera. Mommy was so proud of me the first time I fucked two big dicks at the same time right in front of her, I was her little cum guzzling slut. She fed me big hits of meth as I got gaped by the biggest cocks I’d ever taken; one belonging to her dealer and the other belonging to her boyfriend! Mommy even filmed it, my first time making druggy porn was a big success!

Cum Filled Cunt Needs Fucked Too

cum filled cuntMy son loves fucking my cum filled cunt. He prefers sloppy seconds. Not sure why. I do not care one way or another. I just love feeling my boy pushing that cum deeper inside my messy muff. He is a nasty freak like me. This weekend, he spent visiting his mama. He wanted to bring some friends, which I did not mind. My car was in the shop, which meant getting to the truck stop for some BBC was out. I know I could Uber. Ubering there is never a problem. It is coming home when your snatch is full of cum that is the issue. I have been banned from a few drivers’ cars for leaving a mess on the back seat. I sit on a towel, but that never sops up all the cum in my pussy after being a gangbang whore at the truck stop. I had plenty of coke for the weekend, and my son always brings me some too. He and his friends would keep me busy for the weekend. My cunt loves white dick too. I am just a whore for coke, cock and cum. The three C’s every woman needs more of, right?

My son never goes first when he has friends over. He claims it is because he is being hospitable letting the guests go first. I know that it is because he enjoys his mommy’s sloppy seconds. I think I am to blame for his creampie addiction. When he was just a young teen boy, and we started fucking, I was always full of some black man’s cum too. I would come home late after turning tricks at the truck stop and find him with a little boner and unable to sleep with part of his body awake like that, LOL! I would hop on his dick and ride his cock. Back then, he thought I was that wet because I missed him. I let him think that. Now he knows that he is a creampie slut because his mother is nothing more than a whore. It was a sloppy weekend. Sloppy pussy, sloppy ass and sloppy seconds.

Use Me For Crack Whore Anal NOW!

Crack Whore Anal

It’s no wonder I’ve gotten a reputation around the club for being a wild slut, I’ve been hosting hot crack whore anal orgies! Lots of guys in the champagne room want to get a feel of my juicy booty but I can’t help that I want to feel those hard cocks stretch me out. Every time I’m giving a lap dance, I get lost in thoughts of being anally gaped like a porn slut. The idea of being used like a cum dumpster for strange cock makes my cunt soak my panties and my stockings ! When I’m grinding on a hard dick with my ass right up against it, I feel so fucking sexy. The worst part is… I’m addicted to the pain of being used like an anal sex whore, I love when big dicks stuff my butt full to the brim!

Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal Sex Whore for My Son and Anyone Who Wants My Ass

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. Been one since I was a young schoolgirl in the 70s. When it comes to ass fucking, I do not need as big of a cock. My ass is way tighter than my pussy. For most women, especially mothers, that is the case. My son loves my ass. He has a decent sized cock, but it is not as big as I prefer. I am a black cock whore. I am all about those big black dicks stretching my pussy and gaping my ass too. My son is perfect for my ass. I feel him in my cunt, but I feel him better in my ass. He popped by last night for dinner and a fuck. He is not much of a cook. I am not either, but for a trailer trash whore, I do not do too badly in the kitchen. I whipped up something for us to eat. I made it hearty too because we were going to burn some calories afterwards. My ass craves cock almost as much as my pussy does. All my holes get fucked and often. My son just wanted my ass last night. And my mouth afterwards. He loves that I will be his ass to mouth whore. He thinks I only do it for him, but I will be anyone’s ATM baby. I love tasting my ass or cunt juice off a cock. We fucked for hours last night. When we woke up this morning, we were horny again. He had to get to work, so we did not have as much time to fuck as we did last night. I blew his cock which still tasted like my hot ass. When he pumped me full of cum again, this anal cum dumpster shit the cum out into a cup and poured it into my coffee. Every woman needs some cream in her coffee to start her day off right.