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Lot Lizard Sex

Lot Lizard Sex

I gave lot lizard sex a try and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done! I went to the truck stop and had some fun in a few of the big rigs. Those over-the-road truckers who haven’t been home to their wives in weeks sure do have a lot of stamina (and cum) to give. I was with one trucker in the back of his cab for a solid to hours! He fucked me every which way from Sunday, he filled every hole and had my body leaking and my body sore from the positions he put me in. But where I really had a lot of fun was at the glory hole! I’d never been to one before and noticed it in the bathroom when I was washing up; one of the men stuck his big, fat cock through the hole and it was just pulsating and throbbing, waiting for me to suck it, so I did! I pressed my lips right up to the hole so I could deep throat him and he thrusted into the back of my throat and made me gag and cough as his thick mushroom tickled my tonsils. He came in the back of my throat without warning and before I could move my mouth away from the hole as he pulled away, there was a fresh dick in my mouth, pumping away! I really liked taking so many cocks in one day that I sucked it for a bit, but I was so wet still that I needed to fuck. I backed my ass up to the wall and fingered my hot wet cunt while he pounded my tight little hole. I came so fucking hard I nearly flooded the place with how much I squirted! I stayed at that truck stop all night, getting fucked back to back by horny truck drivers needing to get their dicks wet. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life and my new favorite pastime! 

Sexy Prostitutes are Always Recruiting New and Young Whores

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes like me are always on the look out for new meat. I consider myself a talent scout. I know a good whore when I meet one. Last night, I was feeling restless. I got in the car and drove to the red light district. LA still has old-fashioned street walkers. There is new meat on the corners daily. Some have pimps because they are trafficked girls. Some are runaways who will eventually have pimps, and street pimps are never nice. Some girls are not full-time hookers, but drug addicts in need of a fix and hooking is a quick way to get that money for a fix. I have recruited a lot of talent on the streets of LA.  When they join my home brothel of hookers for hire, they are treated way better than any street pimp. They become part of the family. I target the young ones. I only want Lolitas. Preferably, runaways with no family to rescue them, and no pimp yet for a turf war. I found Misty last night. Cute teen girl down on her luck. She was dirty. No bath in way too long. I needed to polish her up and see what I had to really work with. I paid her a grand for the night. More money than a dirty hooker can make on the streets in a week. Misty had potential. I saw me in her. I was a dirty whore literally when I was young. Thanks to my husband, I cleaned up well. When we got back to my place, I cleaned Misty up. She had never seen a bathroom like mine with a huge walk in shower and rainforest shower head. I got in the shower with her. I wanted to test the merchandise. I did pay for her, so I had every right to fuck her. She cleaned up well. She is perfect for my young teen phone sex clients, but I think she will be my personal lesbian slave until I grow tired of her or want something younger. As the head of this home brother of hookers, I get to claim whores for myself. And what madam ever has enough little cunt lickers around?

Lot Lizard Sex Whore Gets Anally Tortured for Coke

lot lizard sexI am a lot lizard sex whore. I love the truck stops. I find that I can hustle safely there. I did have one bad encounter this weekend but I was so fucking high that I did not feel it until the next day. Boy did I feel it too. Nothing that a little coke cannot fix. Okay, nothing a lot of coke cannot fix, lol. Want to know the story? I knocked on the wrong cab. There was not just one trucker in there. There were 6. I don’t think the other 5 were truckers though. All Hispanic and young looking. Did not speak much English. I think that truck driver was part of a coyote organization. Coyotes smuggle in folks and make them work off the fee for getting them out of their homeland with sex work and sweat labor, or even mule work. I played dumb. Coyotes will kill anyone who stands in their way. I guess I found the one benevolent coyote. He offered me up as a gangbang whore to the men in the back of his truck. I understand some Spanish because I live in Florida. They saw me as a whore and wanted to use my asshole. The coyote trucker gave me some good blow, so I sucked it up. Welcum to America boys. I was on all fours in the truck getting anally gang banged. Those were some big brown cocks. Aggressive too. I am an anal slut, but these guys were rough on my old ass. Brutal. I did not feel it at the time because that was some good cocaine. King Kong could have fucked my ass and I would not have felt it in the moment. The next day, however, this anal sex whore felt it all. But I still had some primo weed. That makes anything better.

Outdoor Score Crack Whore!

Crack Whore Anal

I’ve been known to do some crazy things for a crack rock but getting fucked in public is a new one! I needed a score really bad, I had to work later and my usual dealer wasn’t picking up. I knew just who to call, my friend Tyrone, he would give me a rock if I took his BBC! Tyrone asked me to meet him downtown behind the warehouses, by the time I got down there it was dark and there was no one around. Tyrone stepped out of the shadows with about four other tall dark guys, I was relieved to see him. He told me that I would have to gape my asshole for them if I wanted my quick fix. I told him they could do whatever they wanted with me once I got high! They pulled out a pipe and lit me up before they started grabbing their dicks and surrounding me in broad daylight. Luckily behind the warehouses there was an alley that was hidden from view, I sucked every last dick and let them stick it deep in my ass. I loved the way my ass stretched for those Big Black Dicks; every hit made every stroke feel like the sweetest anal punishment!

hot stripper sex and blow

hot stripper sex

I love to dance, and I am proud of stripping. I don’t care who sees me. Anyone can come into the club, and I have no shame. I’ve gotten to enjoy my life as a stripper slut. One of my favorite clients brings me so much coke. Whenever he gets a private dance for me, I get an eight ball handed to me.

It’s pretty impressive and the best form of payment. Oh my gosh, I love getting high and having hot stripper sex. My client loves to give me coke because once I get some in my system, there’s no stopping me. The sloppiest yummiest blow job you will receive, and it will be so worth it, and you won’t be able to stop seeing me.

Cum Filled Cunt from Four Horny Teenage Boys

cum filled cuntI love playing with my cum filled cunt on calls. When I started my shift this morning, I had a few loads in me already. Not from the night before, but from this morning. There were some boys at the bus stop. I got confused because today is a holiday. There is no school. Turns out the boys knew that, but they did not want to go three days with no trailer trash pussy. It boosted my ego to know that four young boys got up early on their day off to come fuck me. Three days without pussy is an eternity for a young boy. I understood the need. I cannot go even one day with out a cock. I need that cock and cum to start my day right. I ushered those horny teen boys into my trailer. I told them that we could fuck as long as we wanted too today since there was no school. This trailer trash whore could be late to work if needed. I mean getting crammed full of boy cock is a necessity for an old whore like me. I did a few bumps of coke to set the mood, then those four lads fucked the shit out of me. They were as horny as me. I think that is why cougars prefer teen boys. They about the only group of guys who can keep up with our horny hormones.

The more coke I did, the harder those boys fucked me. It was like they knew if I was snorting a line, I needed pounded harder. I have been fucking boys from the bus stop for a decade now. I have a bit of a reputation in my trailer park among teenage boys. They all know about the trashy milf and druggy whore at the corner who loves to fuck and party. I hope to be fucking teenage boy for decades to cum too.

Trailer trash whore: Sent out to the lot.

Trailer trash whore

Daddy always had this rule that we had to earn our keep, me especially because I’m just a trailer trash whore, or so he called me. He taught me at a young age what it’s like to be a lot lizard, bouncing from truck to truck earning my keep so to speak. You should see the look on the greedy trucker’s face when a hot little thing like me comes bouncing up to their window asking if they need my services with my sweet teen giggle!

Last night he sent me out because the mortgage payment is going to be way too far behind and he and Mommy are about to lose the house. You see, Daddy has a bit of a gambling problem and I’ve had to pay for his issues for some time now. It’s a lot to keep up with when he spends thousands of dollars a week betting on sporting events or even just in the slots.

So almost every night I have to go out, knock on the windows, and hope some pervy trucker feels bad for me. It’s kinda dehumanizing crawling into the bunks in the back of their trucks. They never smell very good and all they wanna do is paw at me, touching me all over. Licking me, and kissing me in places I don’t really want them to kiss me in. But I was raised that you’d do anything for your family.

Would you let me in if I knocked on your window?

I Kissed Santa Claus With Mommy!

Extreme Phone Sex

My mom and I went to a male strip club and ended up sharing the cock of a stripper dressed like Santa! I’m a stripper and my mom is a former porn star so we celebrate Christmas a little differently than normal folk. This year we went to a Santa strip-off contest at a male strip club that we saw an ad for; the competition was stiff, literally, I’ve never seen so many hot guys and with hard cock wearing Santa suits! Me and my mom ended up sharing the cock of the best stripper Santa who won the contest! We danced with him on the bar and invited him back to my place for a Christmas drink with us two horny sluts. When we got drunk together, me and my mom put on a show for that sexy Santa with the hard body; while my mom licked my cunt, sexy Santa made me suck his big hard dick!

Hot Stripper Sex

Druggy Phone Sex Holidays with My Son and Daughter

druggy phone sexI love druggy phone sex holidays. The holidays always bring out the party guys. I am always in party mode though. I do not have the excuse of the stress of the holidays or seeing in-laws. I just like to party. I have no stress really. My family is just me, my son and my daughter. We get alone great. They have nothing to do with their father, my ex-husband. So, no in law drama for us. They are staying with me through the first of the year. They have been with me for a couple months since we had back-to-back storms that did damage to their places. I would love it if they never went back home. I wake up every day with a cock to fuck me and a pussy to lick. My son and daughter are party animals too. Last night, I stayed in. I rarely stay in on a weekend night, but I did not need to go look for coke. I had plenty for once. I did not need to look for cock either because this trashy milf had her son and a couple of his friends around to play with. Yes, I stayed in, and my daughter did too. We did lines of coke off cocks. We snowballed cum and we cleaned each other up too. My son has a lot of male friends with big cocks who love to fuck mature women. Add that they can fuck a mommy and a daughter together, well they never wanted to leave the house this morning. They were loving tag teaming my girl and I. Honestly, we loved it too. These boys were early to mid-20s. They took turns on my daughter and I. We were side by side kissing and helping each other cum on those cocks. Sure, I love to be a lot lizard sex whore and troll the truck bays for big black cocks, but I can stay home and party with my offspring and their friends every day of the week.

Trashy Milf Beverly Loves Molesting Schoolboys

trashy milfBeing a trashy milf is what I do best. I know how to seduce the young boys. There is one last week of school before Christmas break. So, through the end of the week, I still have cute young boys waiting for the school bus in front of my trailer. I am a BBC whore, but there is something so sexy and taboo about molesting young boys. Normally, I am fucking the horny teen boys. They are always down to fuck a trailer park whore. This morning, however, I saw a new boy who was so cute. He was young looking. Likely younger than any boy I have seduced before, but I love the taste of boy cum. When they are too young for swimmers yet, their cum taste so different. It is sweeter tasting. I invited the boy in my trailer. He was nervous, but he came inside. I had some awkward chat with him. The boy was not very sociable. Maybe he was just shy. I pulled his pants down, but he did not stop me. He did not even fight me. I took his hairless pecker in my mouth and showed him what a trailer trash whore I really am. He was not making a sound and his body was stiff as a board. He feared me. No one is afraid of me. I massaged his little peanuts and sucked on that smooth dick until he started to relax. He got into it, but it took a few moments for me to convince him that I wanted to make him feel better. I was not there to hurt him. I was there to pleasure him. He did cum in my mouth. He was not big enough to fuck. His cum was sweet mixed in with piss. He was too young for a man orgasm, but I enjoyed him all the same. That little boy came into this blonde fucking whore’s mouth. Started my day off with a bang. I bet his too.