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Druggy porn star

Druggy porn

druggy phone sex

I have always dreamt about becoming a druggy porn star. I want to be a slut that’s always high on camera. It’s not that hard because I always am high indeed. I indeed crave to be lost in my sins.

My mom is a whore, and my aunts are as well. The whore factor did not start with me; I can promise you much.

The long line of sins has been going on since my great-grandmother. It is so true. I used to love to see my family be dirty. I constantly wanted to want to imitate and be like my mom.

My mom was a perfect prostitute who was consistently high and looking so hot! She wasn’t a cheap hooker. She had some clas, but boy did she know how to rock worlds.

I aspire to lots of acknowledgments and attention. My goal is to be a fucked up porn star who is always begging to be the main attraction.

I love to feel Coke hit my twat.
I love to fuck for money; I love to fuck for the lights & camera. I’m always looking forward to new experiences as a slut who is high. I have all the qualities to be the best porn star ever.

 My pretty good looks help so much. I have huge tits, a nice round-ass in shape body, long jet black hair, and a Twat that’s still so tight and perfect it is a magnet.

I’m also not lacking inexperience. As I mentioned, earlier my family comes from a long line of prostitutes. My mom, grandmother, and aunt have all been big on Coke. My sisters and I have followed the lead, and now I am looking forward to making it to porn valley. If you love druggy phone sex you have to talk to the best which is me 😉


Phone Hookers for Hire

hookers for hire

It’s your favorite slut and I’m so fucking horny today. I woke up with my cunt throbbing and it was already soaking wet. So, I did what I had to do and I got out my big black dildo and fucked myself like five times. You are probably wondering what got me into such a randy mood that early in the morning. I got a call yesterday and this guy told me that he was looking for hookers for hire because he had a really raunchy fantasy. I asked him what it was, and I was happy that I did.

He said that he wanted to find me on a street corner and give me a lot of cash to make his fantasy come true. He didn’t want to fuck me himself. He wanted to take me out to a back alley where all the homeless men lived and told them to fuck me. And while they were fucking me, he wanted them to tell me all about how long it had been since they showered, what kind of STD’s they had, and how I was going to help them spread it all around town. Sound like fun to you? 

Cum Dumpster Holiday

cum dumpsterThe life of a cum dumpster is never dull. Down here in Florida it is like 50 degrees. That is cold for this state, but nothing is too cold for me. There were not as many people out and about, but I know where to look when I want to get laid. The truck stops are not busy in the day, but the glory holes are. I know where every glory hole in town is too. A good cum dump knows these things. Hell, I have been so hard up for cum, I have gone to a gay glory hole and drained some homosexuals of their jizz. For the most part, no one cares who is sucking that dick on the other side of the wall. I went to this glory hole in an adult bookstore in the seedy part of town. I wish they would put one on the beach strip, but I guess its bad for family tourism. This bookstore was popping on a holiday. All men. So, when I walked in all eyes were on me. I let them all see my take my skanky ass to the back where the glory holes are. I hoped they would follow me.  They did. I got in position and cocks galore were fighting to get in my mouth. Finally, I just knocked on the wall and told them to come on over. I can be a better cum guzzling slut with a wall in the way. I had younger guys, older guys, black guys and white guys. Even a few brown dicks wanted to get blown by me. I was in that glory hole room for over three hours. My belly was so full of cum I thought I might need my stomach pumped. Just joking.  Stomach pumps are for amateurs not a trailer park whore like me.

My Son and Daughter Love My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntDo you like a cum filled cunt? My son and daughter do too, but for different reasons. My son likes sloppy seconds. He loves feeling how wet my pussy is on his dick. He just loves knowing I have taken multiple loads of cum in my pussy. My daughter, she loves to eat mommy’s cream pie. Honestly, she is such a cum guzzler. She prefers my pussy full of jizz. She likes it full of cum. Her favorite cum belongs to her brother or niggers. She will slurp either out of me like a cum whore. Last night I came home from the truck stop covered and filled with cum. I was a hot mess. A hot sticky mess, but my son and daughter were home and excited about the condition I arrived home in. I love being a messy bitch. I let my son fuck me first. If I want to satisfy both my son and daughter, I need to let my son fuck my creampie first. That way he gets to feel the cum inside me while he adds more to the mix for my creampie slut daughter to eat out of me. Cum is one of the many things my daughter and I have in common. I love being a trailer whore, but the fact that my son and daughter love me even more once I have been a dirty cum dump, makes it even better. Tonight, is going to be pretty much the same. After I am off from my phone sex job, I will be a lot lizard whore at the truck stop. When I come home covered in cum again, my son and daughter will be waiting to enjoy the sloppy seconds. Perhaps you can appreciate a dirty cum whore too. The more the merrier in this family.

Hardcore anal sex coke slut

Hardcore anal sex

My drug dealer loves to fuck me at my sisters. My mom trained us all to be whores. We do know how to please a man. We all have a big-ass addiction to Coke. Well, we love all drugs, every single one. We love all drugs because our mom has been feeding us Coke and Percocets since we were young. My mom was a stripper, and my grandmother was a hooker. We have all been ingrained to sell our bodies for the high. I enjoy hardcore anal sex pound. Men usually respond to this because girls don’t love to get fucked in the asshole. My mom adores anal sex, and she introduced it to us. Drug dealers value plunging their big dicks inside us. It feels so good to feel my ass hole in my mouth stretched out. Our pussies are not safe? We love to feel raw cock in them. The Coke just hits my clit. I’m high as a fucking tight, and I love it so much.


Cum Dumpster with No Limits

cum dumpster

New year, same fucking cum dumpster here.  You didn’t think I would be making any resolutions to be less of a whore, did you? Fuck no! What I do promise to do, though, is be even more twisted and raunchy than ever. I started fucking on New Year’s Eve and haven’t stopped. I haven’t even been to the trailer park or strip club all year because I’ve been going from truck to truck blowing and fucking every single trucker who passes through. Sometimes more than once if the dick is good. Sometimes even more than one man at a time.

At this point, I think I should just stay here for the rest of January and see the month out with a bang. I wonder how many guys I can fuck this month. I need to start asking the truckers to bring friends with them. I might even start fucking the guys who aren’t truckers when they stop for gas, food, or whatever. Hey, they can get lonely and horny on the road too, even if they aren’t doing a long-haul route. Call me and tell me what you’d say if I walked up to at the truck stop and offered you this cunt.

Miss Fists

Fisting whore


I’m a dirty back door, front door, fisting whore and all the guys in the trailer park know it.  Somebody even put a sign up in the dirty trashy laundromat that has a picture of me with a fist wrist deep in my ass hole advertising my status as a fully stuffed slut.  It’s a little humiliating but it also makes my nasty cunt drip into my constantly cum filled panties thinking of everyone that might see it.  That means that if they ever take the notion to take out their aggressions on a slutty piece of meat they know exactly who to hunt down for a furious fist fucking.  Years of hardcore hole abuse and constantly penetrating my professional pussy with the biggest cocks and dildos I could find have made my canyon of a cunt hungry for more.  I need a couple of handfuls of balled up knuckles thrusting and pumping in and out of me to really get me off.  Okay, if I’m honest, I might have put up that sign.


hot stripper sex and lots of drugs

Hot stripper sex

I have scored the best strip club. I’m so stoked to see what this new adventure will bring. My last strip gig was in cocoa beach, Florida. It was a pretty neat place, but it had nothing compared to the south shore places where I was used to frolicking with the coke dealers. I used to party my ass off and do so much coke that I could barely walk. I was interested in where the best parties were going to be. Whether it was a 10 million dollar yacht or a concert, you will see me having a blast getting all fucked up. I, of course, did some shady things there, so I moved to coca for a new fresh start. All that got boring quickly, so now I am in sin city. I love vegas and love that I could sell my cunt for extra money guys love Hot stripper sex. I love to get high and be a nasty cum dump.

Lot Lizard Sex Whore

lot lizard sexI am a lot lizard sex whore. Men love me down at the truck stop. They pull in for a shit, shave and shower, and find me in my daisy dukes, high heels and tube top walking up and down the truck bays looking for action. The truck stop is better than any glory hole. Why? I get to do a lot more than just suck random dicks. Being a lot lizard means I get cock in my mouth, pussy and ass. It also means I get to party. Truckers always have the best blow. And they are always willing to share with a dirty old whore like me. I was in heaven yesterday. The truck stop was booming. Usually, there is an after holidays slump, but not this year. Business is good. Not even winter storms all over the Midwest will stop these truckers. When they stop for their shit, shave and shower, I am there to be their druggy porn star. I work hard for the coke too. Why pay for coke when I can fuck for it instead? I love being a trailer park whore and a lot lizard. I do not care what people think of me either. It does not matter what anyone thinks. I am happy. I love to fuck, and I love to party. And so do truckers. I was trying to keep count of the dicks I sucked and fucked yesterday, but as the day went on, the higher I got and the worse my ability to count became, LOL. I did over 20 guys I know. I think that made me officially a cum dumpster. I know it was more men. I was covered head to toe in jizz. It was pouring out my pussy like a river. I got a ton of coke though. Some even to go. When I got home, I pissed and shit the rest of the cum still inside me out so I could freeze it. There will be a day that the weather is too bad to leave the house. At least I will have some frozen jizz to eat.

Blondes Have More Cum

Blonde fucking


I’m a blonde fucking whore and last night I went on a fuck filled cumstravaganza.  I felt extra whorish after bleaching my hair so I threw on a short ass skirt and some fishnets with a hole in the crotch for easy pussy access then took my happy ass down to the adult bookstore.  I knew there would be plenty of sleazy cocks looking to get sucked and fucked by a trashy blonde who is hungry for jizz and a good hard pounding in all my fun holes.  I headed straight back to the porn arcade, grabbed the first guy I saw and shoved him into one of the booths.  I dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick, slurping loudly up and down his shaft.  We attracted some not so unwanted attention and, before I knew it, I was gulping down and getting railed by about a dozen dirty dongs. It got to where I couldn’t count how many pricks were surrounding me, stretching me out and stuffing my holes full.   I just took load after load of hot horn dog cum wherever they wanted to put it.


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