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BBC Phone Sex Put the Fire in My 4th of July

bbc phone sexI love BBC phone sex. However, black men rarely call me. But they fuck me every chance they get. Florida has been hit with some storms and extreme heat lately, but I got a reprieve from mother nature allowing me to go to the truck stop for 4th of July. Truckers on the 4th always have blow and fireworks. Not the big booming ones. But when it comes to fireworks, I do not care about size. Cocks, well we all now I am a size queen.

I wore some red, white and blue to go score with some black men. And the truck stop seemed popping. I do not often get to the truck stop on a Thursday, but I got a special invite from Big D. And he loves to party with me. But I love partying with him more. His dick looks more like a black mamba snake than a penis, LOL. Monster black meat is what this trailer trash whore needs. Big D might be close to my age, but he can fuck circles around men a quarter of his age. And he can cum a ton more too.

BBC Puts the Fireworks in My Holiday

We let off some fireworks first with some other truckers. But afterwards, we made our own fireworks in the back of his decked-out cab. He let me do some blow off his big black cock first. And I loved it. Since his cock measures over a foot long, that means I get to do a long line of coke. And I can out coke anyone. Even big D, LOL. That coke went straight to my pussy. And Big D’s cock filled me up. Oh boy did he stretch and gape my cunt. We could hear the fireworks going off around us. But we did not care. As much as I love fireworks, I love big black cock more.

I felt like a druggy porn star from the 90s. I did lines off his dick and that made his cock harder to fuck me. We both came so much. I spent the night in his cab doing lines, fucking and listening to fireworks. A very memorable Independence Day.

Cum dumpster for America looking to keep the party going!

Cum dumpster

As a Cum dumpster for America, I’ve made it my mission to pleasure as many hot, horny guys as I can. I’ve lost count of how many cocks I’ve sucked off yesterday. But who’s counting, right? I’m just here to have a good time and keep the party going.

The Fourth of July was a wild day for me. I was out there, hitting cock to cock, making my way through a sea of hot, horny men. I mean, I must have sucked off like twenty cocks. But hey, it’s not every day that you get to thank a veteran for their service in the best way possible. God bless America, and the diversity of cocks that came my way.

I was a real Gangbang whore for America that day, shoving as many cocks in my throat as I could handle. At one point, I even had two fat cocks in my ass and two down my throat. I was getting spitroasted like the dirty pig whore I am, and I loved every second of it.

Then I took a huge fucking hit of meth and went for another round, and more after that. I must have had like 50 loads of cum in my holes. It was pouring out of me. They pounded me so fucking hard that my pussy is going to be so swollen, but it is worth it!

And you know what? I want to keep the party going. That’s why I’m offering up my services for Live phone sex. You can call me anytime, day or night, and I’ll be more than happy to help you get your rocks off. I may be a dirty meth whore, but I’m also a sexual goddess, and I know how to make your fantasies come to life.


The Cum Dumpster: A Wild Ride

Cum filled cunt


Hey, I’m the girl you’ve been waiting for—the cum-guzzling, meth-fueled slut ready for any kink and freakish fun. Don’t worry about finding a special connection; I’m your fix and fuck, ready to party.

My cunt craves cock, and I’m not picky. As long as you’ve got a fat shaft, I’m good to go. let’s get really nasty—I wanna be your personal cum dumpster. Abuse me, call me names, and force me to swallow your cock. I’ll even let your buddy join in on the fun.I’m a pro at bending over and spreading my cheeks. Fuck me like the dirty whore I am, and while you’re at it, make me squirt. I come hard, and my cravings are insatiable.

But the real treat is when you blast your load inside me. I want that warm, sticky mess deep in my cunt, ass, and mouth. Cum so hard you see stars, and I’ll milk your cock dry.I’m not just any girl; I’m your wildest fantasy—the cum-filled slut who’ll do anything. So, if you’re up for a depraved good time, I’ll be your little secret sin.

Lot Lizard Sex Whores Barter for Coke

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex whores know how to score blow. I need coke. But I never mind fucking for it. Even though I make great money as a phone whore, why would I pay for something when I could barter for it. I do my best hustling at the truck stop. All sorts of men, young and old, black, white and brown, will fuck me for some blow. Truckers have the best coke too. Since it’s a stimulant it works better at keeping truckers awake than a 5 Hour Energy drink which is like No Doze in a liquid form.

The truck stop appeared to be popping too. Holiday weeks often bring out the truckers. In my daisy duke shorts and a tank top, I walked in and out of the truck bays, and truckers invited me in. Coke will always be my poison. I do weed and Molly too, but I am a clean druggy porn whore. Most of the lot lizards in my town look like skanky Meth heads. So, the truckers prefer to fuck me. Plus, I do not charge them. I just accept in-kind donations in the form of white lines.

I Love to Barter My Fuck Holes for Blow

The black truckers love to fuck me. But last night the star of my world had a big white dick and the best blow ever. He told me he scored some coke while in Cuba last month. And this shit was like Tommy Montana coke. I got fucked up quickly. This white trucker appeared half my age. But that cock! What a long dick. A little blow on the head, and he became a fuck machine. He hogged me most of the night. But neither of us minded.

He gave me a goody bag to take home too. And his shit works better than any coke I have done before. Fuck. I am still fucking high. Call my phone sex line now and take advantage of a fucked up blonde cougar.

A Librarian’sWet Pussy: A Tale of Depraved Delights

Sloppy wet pussy

I’m a Slutty librarian with a little dirty secret – I’m a massive slut. Under these glasses and sensible cardigan beats the heart of a wild woman. You see, I love nothing more than getting my kit off, getting high, and getting my pussy absolutely drenched.

My library is a haven for my horny adventures. With a quick swish of my hair, I go from prude to slut. The shelves provide the perfect cover for my Breeding ground of Debauchery.

I had a sexy regular customer who’d visit, looking for “non-fiction.” Let’s call him Mr. BigDick. One day, he proposed a little deal – if I gave him some special attention, he’d help me get the highest high.

Well, I couldn’t refuse that offer.

In the back stacks, I bent over, and he entered me from behind. My pussy was already dripping, and his thick cock slid in easily. He pounded me hard against the bookcases, and I couldn’t help but moan.

But the real fun began when we added some kinky roleplay. Mr. BigDick became a dominant force, ordering me around like a little whore. I loved it.

He’d make me count each stroke, and as he approached the finale, I’d feel his pace quicken. It was like a drug, a rush that made my sloppy wet pussy even wetter.

He came hard, and I swallowed every drop. As we dressed up, not a soul knew what transpired.

I love my quiet, debauched life. It’s a good thing that between the bookshelves, my pussy’s always moist, ready for whatever kinky adventure comes my way.

You want a taste of my sloppy library special? Shhh, come closer and I’ll tell you more…

BBC Sex Stories I am Never at a Loss To Share

bbc sex storiesAlthough it’s no secret that I have lots of bbc sex stories to share, I seem to create new ones every day. Last night, my coke stash went dry. My dealer I could not reach. So, I went to the truck stop to score. Most truckers will party with this old whore. I suck and fuck. And they give me coke in exchange. I am not a hooker, but I will always barter my holes for party supplies.

And none of my usual guys appeared to be hanging out at the truck stop. But I make new friends easily. I met Trey and Jason. Two young black truckers down to party with this blonde whore. I have t-shirts older than either guy. They groped my big tits and fingered my old cunt and ass before they pulled out their cocks and told this blonde fucking whore to suck them dry. I told them it was my pleasure because it was. Anytime I can suck two hung black dudes and get free coke, is a great day in my book.

This Blonde Whore Trades Her Fuck Holes for Coke

These guys acted like an old white whore had never polished their knobs. And to come and find out no old broad had ever touched their monster cocks. I was happy to pave the way. At one point they tag teamed me in the back of their cab. And it appeared to be a nice cab too. Brand new truck. And their cab had plenty of room for our shenanigans. I did lines of their coke while they fucked the shit of me. It felt great to get two big black cocks at once. Plus primo coke? Yeah this day turned out to be a win for this trailer trash whore.

I left the truck stop with an ass and pussy full of cum. And a big bag of coke that they gave me as a thank you gift for draining their monster rods.    

My White Trash Seductress Experience

So, I’m walking home from the store, minding my own business, when this shady character flags me down. His name’s Jimmy—a real piece of white trash if ever I saw one. But there’s just something about him that screams trouble … and damn, I wanna ride that trouble train!

He’s got that rough, unshaven look, and a sneer that says he’s up for anything. My body’s on fire just standing next to him.

He starts spitting all this filth about how he wants to bang me senseless, and show me a good time. Me, being the horny little slag I am, goes along for the ride!

We’re in his beat-up truck, and he’s laying into me with some serious x-rated promises. I’m wetting myself just listening to this guy.

So, we end up at his place, and let me tell you, it’s a mess—but damn, I felt like I owned the dump. He bends me over, and it’s on.

The way he manhandles me, calling me his little whore, sends shivers down my spine. I’m a freakin’ dishwasher rubbering up on his filthy floor!

This white trash seductress got more than she bargained for—and loved every goddamn minute!

Your’s truly,

Hazel, the white trash experienced one

Lot lizard sex hauling through the night.

          Lot lizard sex hauling through the night. Great big convoy rocking through. Six days on the road and he’s going to get laid tonight. Special present from the lot. It’s his birthday and Cottonmouth Bear is not going to catch him as he fucks that old lady of his. The lot has the best lizard around. Curves, slutty, takes it in the ass, always coming back for more. Being covered in cum. Taking it anal.  

          He’s the Rubber duck and he’s here to put the hammer down than the cock in the cunt. As soon as I walk in, she knows where to find me. It is his birthday and I just know he is looking forward to a special gift. Now I am not the reverend and will not be calling him brother rubber. He is going to make sure that my Cum filled cunt is overflowing with his jizz and juice.

          Give me that jizz and juice. To be sure I am the whore of the trailer court. Waiting on the Rubber duck, feeling him fill me up. Wrapping my legs around him. Riding him. One of the many truckers. Going to go on a Convoy. Fucking through the night. Filling the cunt hole, making it sloppy. Biggest cum whore. Take it anal.  Sloppy seconds from this whore will keep you coming back for more.Lot lizard sex

Hookers for hire here, looking to get fucked up!

Hookers for hireHookers for hire here, looking to get fucked up! I am a sweet party girl, looking for a wild sugar Daddy to spoil me. Let me paint you a sexy picture of what a night with me would look like. You walk into a dimly lit hotel room, and there I am. Sprawled out on the bed, wearing nothing but a lacy thong and a devilish grin. I’ve got curves that just won’t quit. My eyes are dilated and my pupils are huge, a sure sign that I’m high as a kite and ready to party.

As you approach the bed, I giggle and beckon you closer. I can tell you’re already hard just from looking at me and who can blame you? I’m a fucking knockout. I wrap my arms around your neck and pull you in for a kiss. Our lips meet in a sloppy, drug-fueled embrace. I can taste the meth on your tongue. It’s bitter and metallic, but I don’t care. I’m too far gone to care about anything but getting fucked.

I push you back onto the bed and straddle you, my thong barely covering my pussy. I grind against your cock, feeling it twitch and throb beneath me. I’m wet, soaking fucking wet and I can feel my juices dripping down my thighs. I lean down and whisper in your ear, “let’s get high and fuck all night.”

You don’t need to be told twice. You reach into your pocket and pull out a bag of meth, the crystal glinting in the low light. I take it from you and load it in that pipe. As I exhale, a rush of euphoria flows  through my body. I’m flying now, higher than I’ve ever been before.

We spend the next few hours fucking like animals. You flip me over and pound me from behind, your cock slamming into my pussy over and over again. I scream and moan, begging you for more. I’m your slutty little whore, and I’ll do anything you please. I want you to destroy my Gangbang whore ass with all you and all your buddies’ cocks. I want to be abused and left like the sloppy whore I am.

I know how to put on a show. I’ll dance and twirl and strip for you, my body moving sinuously to the music. I’ll grind against your cock and make you beg for more. I’ll suck you dry and then I’ll do all your friends, again and again, until you can’t take it anymore.

So what do you say, sugar daddy? Are you ready to party with me? To get high and fuck and dance the night away? I’m  methed out whore who’s ready to make your wildest dreams come true. Let’s get wild with Hot stripper sex. I’ll suck you dry!



I Never Mind Some Golden Showers Sex

golden showers sex Golden showers sex may not be my specialty, but I enjoy it. Occasionally, I let a man pee on me. However, I am the one usually pissing on men. I am not too shy to piss on a man. While at the truck stop last night looking for hung truckers willing to share coke or weed with me, I met a new guy. A white man with a tiny dick who reminded me of my ex-husband. But this guy seemed a lot more self-aware than my ex.

Terry asked me to pee on him. He knew I preferred big black cocks. And he knew he had nothing that could satisfy me either. But he views himself as worthless. And he enjoys extreme humiliation from hot women. He offered me $500 to piss in his mouth. Easy money for a lot lizard sex whore. So, I chugged a couple beers and went into the back of his cab with him.

I squatted over his mouth and pissed right in his mouth too. And it was a long piss. Beer makes me pee like a racehorse. Terry surrounded his entire mouth over my pussy like a vacuum seal so he would not waste a drop. I bet I filled a milk jug with all my urine too. And he swallowed it all. He even licked my pussy and ass using his tongue like toilet paper. Although I thought we might be finished. I mean I pissed in his mouth like he wanted.

Pissing Games Never Scare Me. I Love to Piss on Worthless Dicks

But he told me if I got some black cock spunk in my cunt and ass after I left his trailer, I should come back, and he would pay me another $500. I am no hooker, but this was easy money. And I did need cleaned up afterward to black truckers pumped a few loads inside me. So, I bounced on a few black cocks and came back to my creampie slut trucker.

I made $1000 in a couple hours. And that was easy money for a lot lizard too.  Although I will never be a hooker because I like fucking. Never want it to feel like a job fucking black cocks. Plus, I would rather trade for sex for party supplies. But if I see Terry again, and he wants me to piss on him, and feed him my creampie, I will take his money.