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My Hot Stripper Sex Days

hot stripper sex

You may know me as the town lot lizard, but that’s not all I’m up to during the week. Sometimes you’ll find me down at the local strip joint having some hot stripper sex with whoever pays to get a piece of this pussy. I’m pretty popular because guys know I don’t have any limits and that I’ll do anything they want me to. Of course, the really kinky stuff costs more, but they’ll gladly pay for it every time. I have lots of favorite things, but I’m not going to tell you here. You have to call me to get the details on the really nasty stuff. I guess I could give you ONE example. See, guys will pay big bucks to use me as a human toilet. I do a dance for them and then we go back to the private room. Their cocks are already so hard so I make them jizz on me and then they can do whatever else they want to me if you know what I mean. Some like to wash the cum off with a steady stream of delicious golden liquid, and some like to do their other business on me. I’ll let you call now to find out about that!

A Big Dick Sucker and A Coke Whore for New Year’s Eve

big dick suckerI rung in the new year being a big dick sucker and a coke whore. Nothing special from any other night, LOL. I am all that and more 352 days a year. Last night, I was with my daughter, her boyfriend, my son and few of his friends. Small party in the trailer, but it was not boring. I do not do boring. We started off with body shots on my body. Slippery nipples and other naughty shots to get people drunk. I mean you cannot end a shit decade sober, can you? I did lines off my son’s cock. A few more lines off my daughter’s pussy and I was feeling great. My daughter and I went down on my son together. While we polished his rod, his friends fucked our asses. I got filled up with cum and shit it out into my daughter’s mouth. Coke brings out my nasty freak side. So does tequila and I was doing plenty of that too. My daughter and I shared her boyfriend too. He had the biggest dick there. Of course, he is not white. She is a bbc whore like her mommy. I learned early on from my mama that nigger dicks are the best dicks. I passed that on to my daughter. Now, I fuck all kinds of dicks. Sure, I love to be savagely fucked by a big Nigger dick, but I like those hairless dicks too. I guess what I really am is a taboo whore. I like to fuck folks an old white woman is not supposed to fuck like young boys, Niggers and her own son. I had it all last night too like a true trailer trash whore. I fucked my son. I fucked my daughter’s black boyfriend, and I fucked the young boy next door who snuck out of his trailer to join the party. Hell, I am still high and full of cum. So far, I am loving 2021.

Crack Whore, Piss whore

toilet sexToilet sex is nothing new to me. I get paid to be the piss drink cum slut men love to hate. They know I am a used up crack whore. And when the economy gets bad men get meaner than they have ever been. They need a skank like me to take it out on. Sometimes, like tonight I remind them of their nagging wife. My name isn’t even mine as I am in the back room of the trap house. A cock is in my mouth and my hair is being pulled as I am being called his worthless wife’s name over and over. “That that you bitch, maybe my cum load will change you attitude,” He is seething. And as his cum squirts into my mouth I gag a little. That results in a slap that blacks my eye. I feel the pain But I don’t care as he breaks off a nickel of crack and kicks me in the ribs. You like that Skank? You are nothing but a five dollar whore. His lets loose a stream of after sex piss on my bruising face. I grab the tiny rock greedily. I don’t care, I just need my fix.

Druggy Whore Gaped During Anal


I was staring down, by far, the thickest cock I’d ever seen. BY all standards, that drooling monster wasn’t much fucking longer than my usual sprinkling; maybe nine inches. But he was so thick! He grinned down at me. “I said bend over, bitch.” He slapped me, hard, and that made my cunt spit. I bent the fuck over in his musty, worn cab. He spit on my little tight asshole, and lit a blunt comparable to his cock. He downed half of it, and passed it to me as he began to rub circles around my dirty posy with his callused thumb.Hardcore Anal Sex

I took some hard hits, preparing myself. Before I knew it, he was one, then two, now three fingers deep in my once tight anal fuck hole. I was crying, but really starting to love the way he was finger fucking me, and playing ring around the rosy with my little clitty. I was soaked when he slid that thick monster into my ass. He gaped me the fuck out. I knew my fuck hole was never going to be the same. Old Karl with the wide fucking cock; he left me a nasty cream pie, and paid me for an extra hour just to watch it ooze from my ass.

Anal Cum Dumpster

Druggy Porn Whore

druggy pornSometimes, I fancy myself a druggy porn star. Seriously, when I am high, anything goes. My son was laid off work again. He had a decent job, but budget cuts made his company downsize and he was the last hired. He has some debts. One debt he cannot rob Paul  to pay Peter either. He is a gambler and sometimes the ponies do not pay. He was okay with paying the bookie back with ridiculous interest, but he panicked when he lost his job. Miss a payment to his bookie and lose a kneecap. He came to me for help. I do not have the kind of money he needed, but I do have pussy and ass I can sell. Normally, I just trade my fuck holes for coke, but I have no pride. I do not want my son hurt, so I put an ad up on this discreet hookup site and had a few thousand dollars arranged the old-fashioned way. I demanded cash payments because Venmo and Paypal can be cancelled afterwards. If I was going to pimp myself out for cash instead of coke, I better not get screwed twice, LOL. I told my son to record me with the various men fucking so we could profit double off my tricks. Other men love to pay for live streams of women being lot lizard sex whores. I love the modern age. I can be my own pimp and arrange a date quickly with no street corner work. Sex always sells. I think now more than ever men want some strange and are willing to pay for it. I think I am going to have to sell my holes daily to get my son’s out of debt to Guido the killer bookie. No better reason to be a whore than your flesh and blood though.

Cum back baby

lot lizard sex

I got a call a few nights ago for some lot lizard sex from my favorite trucker. I hadn’t talked to him in a bit and I missed his voice. I had been out whoring my pussy to anyone and everyone at the truck stop who would take it when I saw a familiar truck pull in. I wasn’t busy with anyone at the moment and so I began to toddle my way towards his rig. He greeted me with a kiss and a hug and then opened the door for me to climb inside. As I bent over to get across the seat he grabbed my ass from behind and gave my ass crack a big lick. I scrambled to get into the back and onto my back as he climbed in behind me. He pulled me over to him and asked how many loads that I had taken inside me today. I mentioned that I lost count somewhere around 15. He asked where I had taken all of them and I replied that most were in my pussy and ass but that I did suck a few as well. That’s all that it seemed to take for him to get into a frenzy and he began kissing me and searching in my mouth for any cum that I may not have swallowed yet. He stuck a couple of fingers right into my slippery cunt and brought out some of the baby batter that was still oozing from there. We both took turns sucking his fingers clean and sharing the excess back and forth. Finally he said that his cock was so hard that he had to get into this sloppy slit and he pushed me down onto my back and slid right in. He fucked me until he was about to cum and then he pulled out and shot his load into my mouth so that we could share that as well. I sure hope he comes through again soon.

Trashy MILF Loose in The Suburbs

trashy milfThis trashy milf crashed a holiday party last night. It was by accident. I was on the right side of the tracks because I was shopping. I drive an old beater car and it broke down. Fuck my life. My cell was dead too, so I could not call my son. I knocked on the first door I saw, and it was a party. A small one, but still a party. The boy that opened the door thought I was a guest and told me to come in and grab some wine. I am more of a beer drinker, but I do not turn down booze. He said everyone was out back. I was not interested in hanging out with a bunch of upper crust prudes. I wanted to party with the teen boy in front of me. I forgot all about my broke down car out front and asked him to show me his room. It was a typical boy room. Pictures of Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello on his wall. I thought he might think I was too old for him. I mean the law and his mama would think I was too old for him, but I was hoping he would see the fun in a much older woman. He was not picking up on my ques. I guess I am more use to trailer park boys. I took off my top and my boobs got his attention. I was in someone else’s house, molesting a teen boy I just met while his mother was out back. This was a huge risk, but worth it. I mean only a trailer trash whore would be this bold, right? He fondled my boobs as I stoked his cock. I took his virginity in his twin bed in his suburban bedroom with his mommy not far away. Of course, when I heard a woman calling his name up the stairs, I climbed out his bedroom window and hid in the bushes until I could get to my car. I had to walk home, but I think it was fate that I broke down where and when I did.

White Trash Phone Sex Holiday Tradition

white trash phone sexMy son and I have a holiday tradition. I call it a white trash phone sex Christmas tradition. When I was married to his father, as a family we would open one small gift a piece the entire month of December, saving the big gifts for Christmas Day. It was me, my daughter, my son and my husband. One year when my son was just a horny teen, he decided to give me a sexy piece of lingerie. He got some lacy panties at the Dollar Store. We had been fucking on the side for years. He was more of a man than his Daddy. His dick was bigger. He knew how to use it, and he never had an issue getting it up. My husband was clueless that I was fucking our son. My husband saw that pair of underwear my son gave me and went into a rage. He called me a whore and his son all sorts of names. My son was pissed at the way his father treated me. He was a young teen, but he was done with his father. He told his father he was replaced as the man of the house. He pushed his father down on the floor, bent me over the dining room table and fucked me as his father watched. He instructed his Daddy to stroke his broke down dick and observe how a real man takes care of me. That was the night my husband left. It took my son cuckolding his daddy to get him out. My ex-husband will never admit this, but he was turned on. I think it was more to do with being cuckolded by his teen son than watching his trashy milf wife fuck their son. I think he was embarrassed to be aroused, and that is why he left and never came back. Good riddance. Every December, my son and I celebrate the day his daddy left by fucking on the dining room table. I put on those Dollar Store panties that started it all and we imagine we are cuckolding his daddy again. Sometimes, my daughter plays the part of daddy. For me, Christmas time is cause for much celebration, like the time I got rid of my ball and chain and made my boy the man of the house and owner of my pussy.

BJ & Hadley Have BBC Sex Stories

BBC Sex Stories

BJ stands for blow jobs and she and I both have so many BBC sex stories. I will let you in on one of my favorites. 

Christmas is approaching and we thought you dirty perverts would like the gift of big black cock tales from two trashy whores! 

It was one of my runs up towards where this hot momma slings her ass.

 I had hopped a couple of rigs and ended up not too far from where she stays.

 I needed a good fix and some dick. 

That’s all I texted as he told me where to meet her! Meeting BJ in person was even better than I expected.

 She is built like brick shit house and her tits are so fucking round like snow globes.

All I could do was stare at her tits until she turned around in that dirty motel room and bent down to put her boots on.

His ass was fire and no wonder black cock found its way in her ass!

Now being known for a big dick sucker I knew when BJ brought me up in that trap house on main and 5th we were going to be blowing lots of BBC and getting some dope for it!

I love sucking black dick and I was game.

What I wasn’t prepared for was a twenty man gangbang for both of us.Big dick sucker

She grinned as we were stripped naked and the Massive Anacondas flopped out.

“Get to work bitch, it’s not that many, I can do it by myself if you don’t want to, more cock and blow for me!” she pointed to the black men waiting and made me crawl to those big cocks and begin slurping and doing my best. 

That when BJ laughed and said that’s right whore do that gawk gak 500o and do it well! Slobber those Black cocks for me!

Red wings?

period phone sex

Perfect timing last night for period phone sex, other than the bloating and overeating I get really horny during this time of the month. I walked my fine ass up to the local truck stop and ask around to see who is into a ride on the blood bus. I generally will have at least two of the men who are happy to eat at the bloody buffet and then fuck me with their hard cocks. Best part of it being that time of the month is that I have double the normal built in lube. My pussy is so much more sensitive during this week and it seems like I can’t stop cumming! Once I finish with one then I don’t ever bother putting a tampon in knowing that I’m just going to waste it when I find someone else to fuck. I remember one guy had his wife in the truck with him and she was also on her period. He lied me down and plowed my puss while his wife lowered her bleeding gash onto my face. He had fucked her earlier and so I was feasting on her personal mix of blood and cum. I was in heaven laying there being rode while his woman was trying to get my tongue into her womb. She came at the same time her husband did and I was sad to leave them. I walked home that night with a pink snail trail and a hope that they come back soon.


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