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Trashy MILF Beverly Loves Teen Cocks

trashy milfA trashy milf like me loves to troll the school games looking for fresh meat down to party with a cougar. I know where all the soccer and football practices and games are held in my city. Just like P men know where all the beauty pageants and dance recitals are. I am a P woman. I like my lovers either big and black, or young and white. Well young and whatever race. I do not discriminate. I found a high school soccer match last night and I showed up posing as a mom. No one asked too many questions. It is easier for women to be predators. No one suspects that we are checking out the young talent. I found three teen boys down to party with a trailer trash whore. Most boys are, it is just that it was daylight, and some soccer moms were watching me. I gave them my address and told them to come by after they showered and changed clothes. I had no clue their age. I did not care. I just knew they were still in high school. I love teen cock. And teen cocks love mature pussy. They really do. About an hour later, I was about to hit the truck stop because I thought they boys were blowing me off. Turns out they just had to ride their bikes over. They were younger than I thought. Perfect. They looked so scrumptious to me. Honestly, been awhile since I had teen cock outside the trailer park. I did a few lines and started blowing hairless cocks. I love the feel of smooth, stiff, teen cocks and balls. These boys were full of cum. Young and hung and full of cum. Just what a cougar needs. They kept up with me. Turned me into a three-hole whore. Okay, I was already a blonde fucking whore who took it in all three holes, but they loved thinking it was the first time I ever did it. I likely had my first three cocks before their mommies were even born lol. I fucked them for hours. Drained each boy a few times over because I am a cum whore. I am grateful that I can still attract those young studs.

Trashy MILF Hurricane Parties are the Best

trashy milfThe only thing better than a trashy milf is two trashy milfs. It is hurricane season here in Florida. While most women are at home securing the hatches and sandbagging their homes, my friend Shayla and I were throwing a hurricane party. It is a thing in Florida. Now normally it means you just have a keg and a bunch of folks over to forgot about Mother Nature for a while or try too at least. I love being a whore. I will be a whore no matter what is going on in the world. So, our hurricane party was just us and about 20 guys from the trailer park. What we had was a lot lizard sex party. We drained cocks. We did belly shots off each other. We fucked. We snowballed.  We were gang bang whores while the storm was brewing. We could hear the thunder and rain. The wind was rocking my trailer. But we did not allow ourselves to worry about the hurricane. It was out of our hands. But we did have fun. We escaped with my favorite things cock, coke and cum. How does it get any better than that? Shayla is a BBC whore like me, but she had never fucked a young boy before. I am a P cougar. The only thing I like as much as those big black cocks are young boy cocks. My hurricane party had a mixture of black cocks and young cocks. Shalya fucked her first jailbait cock at my hurricane party. It was a game changer for her. I was happy to be a part of that too. I mean really happy because women our age should have as many young lovers as possible. I broke the seal for her, LOL. She had this one boy who she thought was on the right side of barely legal, and she let him bang the piss out of her. He gave her a sloppy wet pussy. When I told her his real age, well, the damage was done. She was hooked on his Energizer Bunny cock. A young boy rabbits an old pussy. It was the best hurricane party I have yet to throw. We got filled with cock and cum. We were distracted from the storm and my friend discovered the joys of P cock.

My Private Dance Routine!

Stripper Sex Stories

Last night while I was working my shift at the strip club, I was asked to give a private dance and my guy got way more than he bargained for in the champagne room! This guy had been watching me all night, as I worked the pole and when I was serving drinks. I couldn’t believe how sexy he was, just feeling him stare me down made my cunny wet. I felt like prey and he was the predator for my sloppy wet pussy. I was summoned to the champagne room for a dance but I knew already who would be waiting for me, of course it was him. I was all too excited to grind on him and feel his cock getting hard against my stocking covered ass. He surprised me by grinding his cock against me as I rode his lap, we were passionately humping with our clothes on. My sexy client was pouring singles all over my body just before I felt him suck on my nipples and rip my stockings open, exposing my wet slippery cunt. I couldn’t resist his cock, I slid his hardness out of his jeans and let the head rub against my throbbing cunt. When he penetrated me I came instantly, I milked his cock hard as he grabbed my ass. I couldn’t believe how amazing his cock felt inside me, I begged him to fuck me silly. He rewarded my greedy pussy with a hot steaming load of cum, never have I given a better private dance!

Big Dick Sucker For BBC and Any Big Cock

big dick suckerI am a big dick sucker. I am rarely surprised when I see a big dick. I almost never get caught off guard because I know the signs of a man with a big cock. Okay, so my signs are black skin and tall, LOL. A girlfriend of mine has a teen stepson she said was huge. Now, she has never seen a black cock, so I questioned her notion of a big dick. I was curious though because she talked nonstop about his cock. Of course, I was curious. A young teen boy with a monster cock? I had to check it out. I was indeed shocked. Her stepson is a high school boy. He is still growing. He is bigger than my 26-year-old son who is full grown.  This trashy milf wanted some of her stepson. He had plenty of cock to go around. I took to his balls while she worked on his shaft. She struggled to get him even halfway down her throat. Not me though. I am the big cock sucker and BBC whore. I can swallow a tree trunk. I showed my friend how it is done. She is one lucky stepmom. Her husband, the boy’s dad, is likely hung too. But he travels a lot, so she is home with a teen boy often. I told her what I would be doing with the boy every fucking chance I got. She had never been with a boy so young. She is not a serial predator like me. She knows that I get older, but my lovers get younger. She figured correctly that I would know what to do with him. I have no problem fucking any boy. Age is just a number. A big dick is a big dick. I sucked that boy dry. I let him turn me and his stepmom into cum dumpsters. This trailer trash whore is rarely caught off guard. This time, I was though. Never thought a white schoolboy would have that big of cock. But now that I know, I will fuck that lad every chance I get.

Trailer Trash Whore Becomes Strangers Anal Cum Dumpster

Being a trailer trash whore has always been easy for me and has its advantages.

Trailer trash whore

I know I will always make money being a lot lizard. I just have to walk around and as soon as any horny guy with money sees me, they pick me up. Sometimes I don’t even try I was walking from the store and right away a guy pulls up next to me asking me I’m a good analyst sex whore. I am and we agreed on a price. When we got to my place, he asked me to bend over and spread my legs he wanted to get a good look of my asshole. I bent over my table I had my blow on and spread my ass cheeks for him. As he stuffed his face in my ass, smelled and licked my ass I did a rail. Being high makes it fun when a guy shoves his fat cock in my asshole and that is what he did. He pounded my asshole like he was mad at it. I just kept getting high as I took his pounding, it was like he wasn’t even there to me. Finally, he filled my asshole up and I knew I could milk him for more money by letting him make me his Anal cum dumpster.

PoPo GloHo Toilet Sex

Toilet sex


My hot hookers all know that if your whore holes are out of commision for any reason but you still want to make a few bucks, then you have to spend a little time toilet sex blowjobs in the PoPo GloHo.  Yep, my porta-potty gloryhole was one of the best investments I ever made, not just for me, for all of us cash hungry cum guzzlers!

Should a prostitute have to put her paycheck on hold just because her pussy is so swollen from the previous night’s work?  If one of my creamfilled callgirls comes down with the clap really bad or contracts a particularly staunch strain of syphilis that just won’t go away, should she have to worry about feeding her family until she’s better?  No way!  I have a great option for my gaped out girlies who aren’t trying to work the beat or have pus covered pussies that are too sticky for a roll around in the sheets.  That’s right, the PoPo GloHo.

It gets a lot of action, I put it in the park behind the dumpsters right across the fence from the truck stop.  It’s basically my own personal 24 hour blowjob station with a constantly rotating staff of cock snot sucking sluts whose cunts you may or may not want to risk ramming your rod into.  Make no mistake, just like all of my sexy services, my porta-hole is provided on a “Fuck at your own risk” basis.  You’ll probably be fine, though.

You need a quick long dong lube job, 30 bucks and a bit of throwing caution to the wind is all you need.  Just hop the fence at the Lovelies Travel Plaza off of exit 89 and you can get all the sucking you want.  Don’t hit me up with complaints, though.  You get what you get at a gloryhole, just sometimes load blowing comes with an STI.  You won’t mind, I have the best big dick sucker sluts ever who can’t wait to show you how they can make their tongues work.  All you gotta do is come on down to, say it with me… Caroline’s PoPo GloHo!


Anal Cum Dumpster Gives The Best Lot Lizard Sex

An Anal sex whore like me knows how to be a lot lizard and sell her asshole for blow and doe. Like a usual trailer trash whore, I wanted to get high and party all night long, so I needed money.

Anal cum dumpster

I went to my favorite truck stop where i knew i would be able to be a nasty Anal cum dumpster for someone with the right amount. A trucker pulled up to me and I got in his trailer, he gave me a handful of bills and a bag of blow. He wanted me for the night and wanted a good Anal sex whore. I stuffed the money in my bag and on his back bed he had a mirror I used to dump the blow on. As I made my rails, I felt him rubbing his cock on my asshole. Then with a hard push as I snorted my powder, he shoved his cock deep in my asshole. He wasn’t playing about making me his Anal cum dumpster and fucked my hole hard. Good thing I was getting high, or it would really hurt. I just kept doing my blow and letting him fuck his lot lizard Anal cum dumpster he purchased. He sped up his pounding until I felt his cock pumping semen in my asshole, finally he was done.

Lot Lizard Sex is What a Trailer Park Whore Does Best

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex is a term for trailer park whores who frequent the truck stops. Some troll for cock because they are hookers. Some troll because they are whores. I troll because truckers have the best drugs. I guess since they stopped selling No Doz and caffeine pills, truckers use cocaine instead. That shit can keep you up for days. I have a good dealer. But a few years ago, I discovered I did not need to pay for coke when I could fuck for it instead. I could have always fucked for coke; I just wish I had known that when I was younger. I have been a druggy porn whore since the 80s. Back then everyone did coke. In preparation for the weekend, I went to the truck stop last night willing to trade my old whores for coke. None of my usual guys were there. I think because it was a Wednesday night instead of a Friday. I just ran out of coke sooner than usual. It was a wild week for me. I met this trucker named Ed. Older man. Not older than me, but in his 40s easily. Never seen him before, but he knew of me. Said he had been hoping that one time he would meet the infamous Beverly. He had great coke and a lot of it too. He was more than willing to share, but he wanted to fuck my ass. He thought I would not be down for that. In fact, I think he wanted me to not be a seasoned anal sex whore. I am street smart, so I could read between the lines easily. If I was going to get a big bag of coke for acting like I hated anal sex, I was going to go for an Oscar performance. He ravaged my asshole like he had a big black dick. He did have a big white cock. One he said his wife would never take in her backdoor. I am not like most women. I will do anything for free coke and last night, I did. I screamed and cried and gave an Oscar worthy performance as a woman who hates anal sex just for coke. And I will do it again too.

Getting Blasted By BBC!

Cheap Phone SexI

let a group of hot black stallions run a train on me last night! I was walking to get some cigarettes after a long night of stripping for money when I saw a group of guys hanging out next to the gas station. They whistled at me and watched me walk past, of course when I came back their way, they didn’t expect me to invite them all over for a drink at my place. They were surprised that I was so bold but they accepted my invitation with excitement. I met them at my place and I couldn’t believe how hot these guys were, I sipped my drink thinking about getting stuffed full of BBC. I couldn’t wait anymore, I stood up and stripped for them, their eyes on me got me so hot! It didn’t take more than a few minutes for me to get them hard and the biggest cock had to fuck me first. I let them rip my asshole open by double stuffing me while that first BBC pounded my cunt. I came over and over, squirting a little every time, soaking those big massive rods in my juices.

BBC Sex Stories From a BBC Loving Whore

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories, those I have plenty to share with you. I have been a BBC whore since I was a schoolgirl. I lost my virginity at a ripe young age to a much older and very hung black client of my mother’s. She was a BBC prostitute. She did fuck a few white guys for money, but in the 70s, it was mostly black guys paying for her services. My mother tried to keep me from the action, but I was curious. Plus, we lived in a small trailer and there were no secrets. Just thin walls, LOL. In the 70s, in the South this was still pretty scandalous. White women with black men was not the norm it is now. Now, interracial hook-ups and relationships are standard. Everywhere you look you see black men taking all the hot white chicks. That is because it is not just a trailer trash whore like me who appreciates those big black beauties.

My Big D is my favorite black cock. He is almost 14-inches when fully erect. I know I am not the only white woman he bangs either. He is a truck driver, and he goes all over the US. He has a white woman in every city he bunks. Last night, he was in my city and when I sucked his big black cock, I could taste white woman pussy on it. I know that smell and taste so very well. It did not phase me though. Sloppy seconds don’t upset me. I am not the jealous type. Big D is not my only nigger cock. I have many, and I am always adding. Big D and I go back years and since he is over a foot long, he is on the bigger side of my hung black lovers, making him a favorite. I did not care about the pussy stench on his nigger cock. I licked it all off, then put my mark on his cock with my trashy milf pussy. That is just one of many bbc stories I can share because I am a nigger loving whore.