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I Put the Trash in White Trash Phone Sex

white trash phone sexNo one puts the trash in white trash phone sex like me. I was partying hard last night. I was on a three-day bender. I did so much coke I could not sleep, and I could not cum. Do you know how frustrating it is not to be able to cum? I am sure some of my party dudes can relate. You get too high or too drunk and your body betrays your mind. I needed to cum. I was never going to sleep if I could not cum. I came home with a pussy full of cum and a swollen clit. I dug out my sex machine. It had cobwebs and dust. I prefer cock to sex toys. I bought the sex machine at the beginning of the pandemic because I had no clue how long I might have to go with out dick. Turns out a trashy milf does not need to go with cock. Not during in a pandemic. Not during a hurricane. Not ever. I did my best to dust it off and finally get my money’s worth. I took some Molly because it’s a sex drug. I had a little bit of everything in me. I was full of cum too, so I did not need any lube. A few minutes in my cum filled pussy and I was squirting everywhere. I was flinging dudes’ cum on my walls. Probably not the worst thing to ever touch my walls. Finally, I got some relief. I needed it too. I could feel the lack of sleep affecting me, but I needed a hard cum to crash. Can you relate? Something about a hardcore cum helps me sleep. Not saying it won’t happen again that I end up on a binder. Just now I am prepared. I know I can dust off the sex machine anytime I cannot sleep or cum again.

Cashapp Notification Cum Slut For Sale

Sexy prostitutesI know exactly what you want. I knew it from the moment I caught you staring up my tight mini skirt while I sat at the bar with my legs slightly open for a stud like you to see. I came here to get fucked and paid, and panties just don’t seem to fit into that equation. The way you lick your lips at my hot wet cunt lets me know that going commando was the right choice tonight. You ordered me a drink and left your room number on the napkin. That sealed the deal. I knew right then and there you were the perfect trick for this kinky treat. The door was unlocked and I let myself in. You were already naked and had your toys laid out on the bed: whips, ball gags, nipple clamps, handcuffs, a paddle and so much more. As soon as the Cashapp notification came through, you ordered me to pull my fucking skirt up and used a spreader with ankle and wrist cuffs to bend me over and expose my hooker pussy. You rammed your hard cock in my cunt and the hardcore fucking began. You fucked me hard until you squirted hot cum sauce all over my white ass. You sent another Cashapp payment and grabbed your paddle. You kept the payments coming as you satisfied all your BDSM fantasies. This pussy squirted harder with each Cashapp notification. I left you my number so you could look me up the next time you need a submissive hooker for hire to handle your cock.

Lot Lizard Sex Family

lot lizard sexI want to show my girls how to sell their most prized possession. It is not often you get a family deal when you look for some lizard whores. I’m proud to have twin girls that can make me so much money. We get high together and scout all kinds of men. We like the ones that will be able to supply our insatiable appetite. Cock and crack are what we all need. You can say this is a family tradition. Her momma pimped out my mom, and I, of course, was pimped out by my mother, and now I am doing the honors and giving my girls the lesson of life. Life is short to be a stuck-up brat. We are here for a good time, not a long time. Our cunts get pleasure from cock, and being treated like a stupid hooker is hot. Whenever I am high and drunk and servicing a john, I feel the most alive. My daughters are yearning to be like their momma, and now we are about to make some good money and terrible decisions. No one will get us to change our minds. Selling our pussies pays the bills and keeps us living the dream.

BBC Sex Stories Galore

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories. I am often full of bbc cum too. Friday night I always hustle at the truck stop. Friday night is my night there because that is when so many black truckers camp for the night at the Loves. I put on my Daisy Dukes, a tube top and high heels. I shake my ass up and down the rows and hop from cab to cab. The black truckers love me. They love watching a skinny blonde cougar take their big fat beef sticks. I should be a BBC porn star. I look like an older version of all those skinny young blonde trailer park whores getting split in two by big black cocks. I was riding Big D’s monster cock when some other black truckers came knocking on his truck. They wanted in on the action. I will be a gangbang whore for black guys any night. I may be thin, but I do not break. I can take a pounding. And Friday night, I took 6 big black cocks. Sometimes, I had 3 at a time. They all got to fuck me several times. All came in at least two of my holes, with some coming three times in a hole. I was a sticky mess. Maybe some girls would want to shower after that. Not me. It is my whore badge of honor. I love being covered in cum. I did not come home until the sun was coming up. I teetered home covered in cum, smelling like Crown Royal and coked up. I was still horny. The truckers had to sleep some before hitting the road. They could not keep up with me. No one can. I called my daughter. She is as close as it gets to keeping up with me. She came over and ate my cum filled cunt. We partied and around noon we finally crashed. I love my life as a lot lizard whore.

Handsy Police Search

Sexy Prostitutes

I was laid out on the car like a fucking whore, my pussy exposed for anyone walking right on by to see. My micro skirt didn’t cover shit, and the cop who had me bent over his car was examining every little fuck hole I had. He snapped a glove on his hand as he prodded around inside my mouth for what he claimed was a little “cavity check.”

Well I wasn’t at all too eager to have him searching me for substances I knew I had on me, but when he found nothing in my mouth he quickly moved to opening up my poor asshole to see if I had any muleings stuck in there. Well of course I did, and he pulled those baggies out and tossed them into the grass. I was pissed! But I was cuffed and bent half naked over a cop car so I wasn’t about to complain. He had a big shit eating grin on his face as he moved around, and shoved two fingers right up my cunt.

I won’t lie, I was wet as fuck because I’ve always had a little bit of a cop fantasy. That’s when, even with ample onlookers in broad daylight, it became much more than a cavity search. “Let me slap a glove on my cock.” He gloated. “I don’t want to catch your slutty sickness.” All of that right before he slid his cock into my…

Lot Lizard Sex

Big Dick Sucker Lends a Hand and a Mouth

big dick suckerWhen you are big dick sucker, the word gets around. Even women talk about you. I got a text from a random number last night that I did not recognize. The text asked if I help women too. I was high and not putting two and two together in regards to what she was asking. We went back and forth a few minutes and I got out of her that her son had a big dick and she wanted to learn how to handle it. Indeed she was in the right place. I was happy to help her. I mean I am a great cock sucker and a trashy milf. Of course, I could help. She texted me her address and showed up coked up and ready to  drain some young balls . Her son had a bad case of blue balls. I had never seen a cock that big on a boy that age. His father is black. That explained that. Apparently, the boy took some Viagra. It was hard not to laugh. A young teen boy does not need Viagra. He was going to have a 2 day erection. He was in pain. Mommy wanted to help her boy, but she was intimated by how big he was. If I was a not a big cock sucker, I might have balked too. I dove in to relive his swollen balls. I had to. I cannot see a boy suffer and he was clearly suffering. I went on his cock first, then showed mommy how to blow her boy. A guy has a big dick, you just have to tilt your head an coat it with like some olive oil. A big cock will slide right down a lubed up throat. I was happy to drain those balls. I made a new friend. I helped a young boy and I got to suck cock. Great night for a cum guzzling slut.

Trailer Trash Whore Loves Cum

trailer trash whoreI love being a no holds bar trailer trash whore. When you have a reputation like me, nothing hurts. Hell, even a hardcore ass fucking does not hurt. At least it does not hurt much. I was an anal whore last night. I entertained a dozen guys. Some men. Some boys. Some fathers and sons. When a girl is giving up her ass, men cum running. My trailer was at maximum capacity. I was snorting lines of blow and getting rammed in the ass. Some dudes got tired of waiting, so guess what? They decided to fuck my mouth too. I am built to handle cock. I can be skull fucked and ass fucked at the same time. Toss in my hands and I can stroke dudes off until they cum all over me. I am a cum dumpster too. Give me cum in all my fuck holes. I want them overflowing with cum. I got my wish last night too. I think cum was running out my ears and my nose too. I had a gang of horny guys who could not wait until an ass or pussy opened up. They spooged in my face. With the cum in my mouth and cum on my face, I looked like a bukkake slut. Just another night for me. My trailer is always rocking.

Horny Lot Lizard Needs a Hardcore Fuck

Lot lizard sex

When I’m in the mood for a hardcore fuck session, the local truck stop is where I go. I never have a problem finding a big, thick cock to sit on. My reputation as the sluttiest lot lizard in town makes me a real hit around here. These truckers will literally drive hundreds of miles to ram their giant cocks into my ass, cunt, and throat. When this cum guzzling whore is horny, she doesn’t have any limits. You can even invite your trucker friends to our fuck party too. Two big trucker dicks in my ass is always better than one. This lot lizard whore has more than enough holes to pass around. If you’re ever in my area and you’re in the mood for kinky, nasty, hardcore fun then call up Bobbie on your CB radio.

Pissing phone sex Bobbie

pissing phone sexIf pissing phone sex is your kink, then I’m the pissy little cum slut you need in your life. Soak my horny cunt in your golden shower and watch how hard it makes my clitty. I want to lick your dripping cock clean while you fuck my face and guzzle a bottle of water. I can feel your cock hardening and filling up with more of my favorite beverage. I work my tongue and jaws harder too. I look in your eyes and open my mouth ready to receive your sweet piss and pre-cum swirl. Your warm urine smoothie is the perfect temperature for my thirsty throat. I lap it all up like the piss connoisseur I am. You thank me by cummin all over my slutty face and tits.

Druggy Phone Sex: I Got the Coke if You Got the Cock

druggy phone sexI love druggy phone sex. I am a druggy whore. I have been doing coke since the 80s. Still my favorite drug. But my biggest addiction is cock and cum though. I could live without coke. I could never live without cock or cum. I was out late last night looking for a playmate. I went walking around like a skank in my trailer park looking for some one who wanted to play with an old cougar. I found a teen boy home alone and bored. I had the coke; he had the cock and cum, so it worked out nicely. I do not know how I had never noticed this lad before. Cute boy. Kind of shy. He said he moved in with his mother during the pandemic. He seemed to be wanting a trashy milf. He was flirty and checking me out. I asked him back to my trailer. I did not want to be riding his young cock and have his mother bust us. I have had more than one mother try to fight me when she discovered I was fucking her young son. Most women do not care, but I think some get jealous that I got to that young cock before they did. I love a young boy, especially if he is still wet behind the ears. I can train him how to eat pussy and fuck me just the way I like. That boy had some major stamina. I had the coke to keep up. Damn, that boy was a stud. He was a virgin until I ruined him too. Now, he will likely always want old pussy because it was old pussy that made him a man. His mom never came home. She must have been getting her own cock. I got that boy all night long and I got all the cum I needed. At lease for the night.

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