Are you familiar with the term white trash? Well, I am the queen of the trailer park whores. White trash phone sex isn’t just a job for me its a way of life! I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. More like a big cock in my mouth. I swear my bottle was filled with cum not milk, because I am a fucking cum addict, a cum guzzling slut. I need cum like most chicks need oxygen. In fact, I was draining balls while my friends were still playing with dolls. Teachers, daddy, neighbors, dirty old men on the street, grandpa, my cousins, my daddy’s boss…. I sucked all their cocks before I was even knee high! I was even fucking behind the school when I should have been in class! I was THAT girl. School tramp. But I embraced my bad reputation. Girls called me a slut, a whore and I just fucked their men. You see I did all the things nice respectable girls didn’t; still do. I let guys use my face as a cum dump; piss in my mouth; fist me; fuck my ass; share me with their friends and family; breed me; pimp me out; get me fucked up on booze and drugs… Even let their furry friends fuck me. I had no limits as a school girl, and I have no limits as a cougar.

As a cougar cunt, the only thing different is that I now fuck all the young boys too. I love to corrupt the young ones. I give a whole new meaning to being a trashy milf. What young boy doesn’t need a dirty old broad to teach him all about the birds and the bees? I love me some baby boy batter. Young spunk taste so yummy. P cock rocks. From my own offspring to my best friend’s brats, I don’t care who it is I fuck. I don’t have a moral code; I have an immoral code. Gang bangs, circle jerks, cum tastings, breeding parties, bukkake bashes…any way I can get drenched in cum is hot in my book. Hell, I even like getting a cum bath in public. Guess that makes me an exhibitionist cum whore too! I wanna be Carrie at the prom, but instead of being drenched in blood, I want to be coated in cum. The dirtier, the nastier, the more taboo something is, the harder I get off. I’m proud to be a cougar cum whore.

I don’t believe in limits or taboos. Dirty phone sex is where it’s at. I’m in my sexual prime and refuse to let anyone tell me what is proper behavior for a mature woman. I ain’t no lady. I don’t want to be some repressed, stuck up bitch who doesn’t know how to have fun, like your wife. If I want a few dozen black cocks in my holes at once, if I wanna troll for dick at the kennel, if I wanna rob the cradle, if I wanna profit off my body, if I wanna puke up cum, I am gonna do it and anything else deemed not respectable. I don’t want respect, I want cum. How nasty can we get together?


    • Greg on September 5, 2016 at 8:28 pm
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    OMFG you are so hot.

    • Chris on June 30, 2020 at 12:49 am
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    OMG you are hot Beverly. W O W

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