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Hooker Phone Sex with Octavia

My car broke down on me recently and I was in need of a fix quickly. I needed to get to my trick, who is a big spender and loves spoiling me ! I give him girl friend experience treatment and he showers me with gifts and money. He is just a very busy, very married man so I had to catch him while I had the chance! My rent was over due and I blew my money shopping so I needed to see my trick ASAP.

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I called over a mechanic and he told me my car was going to be over a thousand dollars to fix and the parts were going to have to be ordered which meant it could be days for my car to be fixed and I had only today to see my trick! I had to come up with a plan quickly. I did what I knew best, bent my big ass over and let this nasty white boy taste a piece of this ass. I didn’t even have to talk or use any negotiation skills; he had one look at this pretty asshole and wet pussy and that was all the currency he needed to help get to my favorite john.

Can you believe he let me use his car and waited for me to return. I got my money from my trick and gained a new one. Now that is what you call a real whore!



Anal Cum Dumpster Nevaeh

Anal Cum Dumpster

My fat black ass is oiled up and ready to be used as your personal anal cum dumpster. I’m an anal sex whore and I need you to fuck my little shit hole as hard as you fuck my pussy. I want you to drill and stretch my tight fuck hole and feel it spasm around your cock as you fuck me. I want to taste my ass on your dick as you slide it out of my tight hole, making me suck it and get it soaking wet before you plunge it back inside me. I want my asshole gaping open so wide that after you cum in it, your jizz just runs straight out, leaking down my legs and into my panties. I want to feel your hands and nails dig into my meaty cheeks, spreading them apart so you can watch your big hard dick get devoured. Spank me hard while you ride my ass, using your other hand to press me face and tits further into the mattress to stifle my screams. I can’t wait to feel the soreness from this rough anal fucking the next day, making me want another round of it and be ripped open!

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Hot teen phone sex This is the story of my first time having sex with an older man he was wealthy and older you know how they say mature men are better was right I had been cleaning for him for a few months but I just started earning bonuses too such as unlimited dick sessions with my older boss he was easily the kindest lover I knew he would spoil me after we had sex for the first time in his master bedroom upstairs he carried me up stairs and kissed me hard as he laid me on the bed he played with my pussy fingering licking and sucking on my clit as time passed I laid in the bed sweaty and horny still having just fucked my boss heavy I got up from the bed and grabbed a blue robe I went to the shower and got in with my boss Tony he held me and washed my body and fingered my pussy hard as the day got darker we went back to bed and made love again he was so amazing in bed he made my toes curl as the night grew darker he carried me to the table and fucked me slow oh yea babe take me on the table right now.

Stripper Sex Stories From Sexy Prostitutes Leave You Drained

stripper sex storiesStripper sex stories from my days taking it all off and turning tricks in my small deep south town are some of the hottest.  There was nothing like having your clients all in one place. The drugs we would get were fire and I was up there dancing my ass off.  High as a kite I would go around leaning over on the gentleman that came in.  The trick is to make sure you find a way to grope that cock early. Sometimes it just happens to be that my ass would pounce on that cock and grind, total accident.

My face may fall into their laps and nibble through their pants until I felt it get hard. There was a no touching rule that I completely ignored. I needed those cocks hard to get the good money. I had regulars that would pay me extra to go back to the private area even with wives sitting in the main floor.  They would stick their hard cock up my pussy as I was giving them a lap dance.  We had a small window into the main stage and it was every night I would meet eyes ith a wife as her husband thrust his cock deep inside me.  I remember peaking out the curtain of one of the doors talking to a wife while her husband hid behind me. Well to be fair, he was behind me because he was fucking me in the ass at the time.  Nothing like getting a load shot up your ass while smiling at his insuspecting wife saying he went to the bathroom.

We made bank opening our holes up at the strip club.  The owner loved pimping me out. He set up my dates after work.  Sometimes showing up at shady motels at 5am after a full nights work.  Waiting for me is a train of black men jacking off.  Realizing my fellow sexy prostitutes purchased from the club bailed on me. So I would take all the black dick myself. Challenge accepted, give me those big black cocks fellas@

BBC Phone Sex Say Yes Please

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is what is up! I can’t tell you how much I love that big black juicy cock.  I lick my lips as I write this imagining the last black juicy cock I had.  In fact, I try to seek out multiple black cock a week. Once you go black,  you will always try to go back.  They sure love that white pussy too.  The darker the chocolate, the whiter they seem to go. I am as white as you can get.  White trash trailer whores like me love that black cock.  Especially love it entering our mouths, choking on that dick, watching the black XXL hot dog go into the white buns.

No offense to white guys because I definitely love some white cock as well.  They seem to prefer to watch me get fucked by the black cock than they care to partipate with me.  I’m not against a little cuckolding so if need be and they get intimidated by the big dark beasts, we let the little princess white boys watch their girl Bobbie get pounded.

What other world can you have a guy paying you for sex, that you don’t actually have to fuck him because his fantasy is to watch a bbc fuck your white pussy until you are raw from being fucked for so long and for so hard.  They love that shit.  I watch their cocks get damn hard and you know what gets them every time? The minute that cock comes out, if they are soft, they are instantly hard seeing htat black python.  Then, if they need an extra boost, seeing that pythong slither it’s way into the unknown in between my vagina walls, oh those white boys pre-cum then joins the party.  More on this another time…. my black juicy date is here and I haven’t eaten dick yet tonight.

Amara and the Supersized Chocolate Cock!

BBC sex stories

Supersized Chocolate Cock!

I have always heard crazy BBC sex stories from other girls. Growing up in the trailer park did not leave me around a ton of black men. So when I finally had the chance I had to see if the hype was real. Were those dicks really that big? 

No lie when this man pulled down his pants my jaw hit the fucking floor. That black dick was not just massive, it was a monster. I swear it dangled down his knees. Grabbing it in my hand to see if it looked as heavy as it looked and I noticed it was longer than my head. How does someone take a dick like this? It had to be 14 inches long with a 6 inch girth. His chocolate head is shaped like a fat portobello mushroom, and there were deep prominent veins running up and down the shaft. 

I was going to do whatever it took to take as much of this as I could. When I shoved it into my mouth the precum was amazing. Thick and creamy. MMMMM I shoved it past my tonsils opening my white slutty mouth as deep as it would go. 

Anal sex whore like me need electricity too!

Anal sex whoreThe lights flickered, my anal sex whore vibrator fizzled, and I realized my electricity bill was past due. Any moment now I could be left in the dark, but more importantly any moment now I could find myself unable to charge my pleasure device! Fuck that I left to go find a stud to charm me and, most importantly, fill my wallet quickly like a bat to the night. 

The lights were pumping, my heart was pounding, I’d been led to a club and I’d soon be a topless slut soon. I was ready to have a lot of fun and show myself around, a super sexy black phone sex slut on the prowl aching for a filling. My people said there was a dude here harassing girls and flaunting money. I just needed to swoop in and make him an offer. “You get a nut, I get my money.” It was that simple, so why was I on my back getting a heavy dick spreading my pussy lips wide and far. I hadn’t planned on getting fucked, just having fun, but things don’t go my way, they go the way of cosmic desire. It was fine, I was already quite soaked and ready. His dick was big enough to stretch me every which way and make every single plunge count. There’s a special sort of feeling to being used like a toy by a man who can have anyone he wants. The cash was already deposited in my purse, I knew he was good for it, and I’d be coming back. This meant that my goal here was to rock my hips just right to make him overflow inside of me and make him beg for more so next time I have an advantage.

My vibrator was going to keep its ability to be charged, and with a final pump I could feel a lot of heat entering my black booty. I knew I’d satisfied him so- oh no I didn’t he was still pumping for dear life in his black stripper sex toy!

Licking Ebony Stripper Pussy and Swallowing Her Cum

Black stripper sex


My friend Tanya and I were dancing on stage in the strip club together, rubbing each other and taking each other’s clothes off as we danced. This performance caught the eye of a particular customer and he wanted both of us to join him in the VIP room. We joined him there, ready to strip for his pleasure. He told us to take each other’s clothes off like we did on stage. I rubbed Tanya’s beautiful Ebony body up and down, slipping her little stripper outfit right off. She rubs my breasts before lifting up my top and fondles my ass as she pulls down my shorts. Then, he requested that we make out. I embraced Tanya’s beautiful black body and stuck my tongue in her mouth, touching every inch of her. After that, he told us to fuck and that he would pay us so much money to eat each other out. I was more than happy to lick Tanya’s black pussy, licking her beautiful clit and making her tiny pussy wet. I tongue fucked her pussy, her wetness dripping down my chin as I hungrily at e her sexy cunt. She moaned for me while rubbing her sexy black titties. When she came for me, I licked her pussy clean. I can’t wait to feel her wet tongue on my pussy next. 

Black stripper sex


Black stripper sex

I invited over a stripper. Oh, she is so sexy she has some big juicy  Bouncy titties that you just want to suck all over. Oh, she’s has this tiny little waist that you can wrap your arms around. Nice  Round fat ass that you can sit aa cup on. She’s standing in my living room swing around this Pole. She is so stretchy and limber. When she climbs all the way to the top of the pole is a sight to see. Her in that thong she’s wearing sliding down at pole. Black stripper sex

I just wanna go and lick that Pole so I can taste all of that pussy. As she’s positioning me on the Pole I noticed her slide her hand over my ass. Then she swipes her hands over my nice juicy titties, So I push my Ass upon her. Then she kisses my neck and that’s all I needed. I turned around and I started kissing her grabbed her pussy sticking my fingers inside. Her pussy is it was so warm juicy and wet. Squeezing her ass walking her back to the sofa. Sitting her down opening up her legs Pulling her thong to the side and licking her from top to bottom. Twirling my tongue around sucking on her clitoris until she cums all over. This Black stripper sex is gonna be amazing.

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Cum dumpster Men love my big bouncy ass and when I am working that pole, my ass is the main attraction! I’m a nasty freaky ho and i love having hot stiff cock coming at me from all directions! I can take on 7-8 cocks at a time and give every damned one all of my special attention! I love meeting men in the strip club I work at and taking them in the parking lot for a little car sex. I suck them and fuck them and take all their money! They get a load of my big juicy ass and I milk them for all they are worth! One time I did a bachelor party for some frat boys at a private estate. When I arrived the music was pumping, the drinks were flowing and I was center stage doing my thing when one of them damned frat boys held up a $100 dollar bill to fuck my asshole in front of his drunken overly-privileged frat-boy buddies.They were all cheering and chanting, “Fuck her ass!” “Fuck her ass!” and yelling all kinds of nonsense calling me the “n” word and a nigger whore.Think I care? I told him to get another $100 dollar bill out and we could make it happen. He gave me 2 $100 dollar bills, pulled his stiff white cock out of his pants , grabbed me by my big ass cheeks and drove his cock deep in my asshole, his cock was pretty damned big and I gasped! The whole damn room went crazy, there were about 20 guys there and they started screaming and going crazy and throwing beer on me while this white dude rode my asshole, then they started whipping out their cocks and jerking off on me cumming all over my face and hair.. I am telling you it felt so good and I came so hard! When my ass started quivering on White boy’s cock he started yelling how much he loves nigger ass and pussy and how there isn’t anything better than a dirty black whore! He then proceeded to shoot his thick white load deep inside my asshole and passed out right on top of me! His Frat-buddies pulled him off me and we had a fuck-fest the likes you have never seen. But I ain’t crazy I made sure to gravitate towards the dudes that were holding up $100 bills. I then proceeded to suck so much cock, take cock in my pussy and asshole. I mean these guys went crazy on me they were grabbing and pawing at me from every direction! Right there on the floor! I had dicks in my pussy, asshole and mouth for hours! I came so many times I almost passed out and when I would a guy would throw beer in my face to wake me up so I could take his cock. When I finally got back to my ride in the early morning hours I was a mess! Covered in beer, jizz, urine and lord knows what else! I was exhausted,Yeah I made about $1400 that night. And a good time was had by all.