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I love when I get a nasty perv daddy who likes to use any cock to make me an Anal cum dumpster.  First, he makes sure to give me enough money to get all I need for a good party night. Therefore, I got some blow. My dealer came over with a big baggy of blow and his big pit bull. After I do some lines, my body starts to react. “Open your mouth for all three of our dicks, nasty druggy slut” you say as you point to my dealer and his pitbully. I know how nasty you can get.

Therefore, I get on my knees and start by sucking your dick. Once it’s hard I move on to my dealer and suck his big black cock. While I suck his big dick you stroke yours. Then I feel his furry friend start sniffing my cunt. “That’s it, wiggle your ass for his wet nose” you moan as you beat your dick. As I sucked dick, I could feel the blow flowing through my veins. So, when I felt his wide wet rough tongue slide inside me, I started fucking it back.

Anal cum dumpster

It didn’t take long before you helped my dealer’s furry friend mount me. “Good fuck that cum dumpster ass” you moan as you grab his red lipstick cock. Then I feel you push him into my asshole. “Pound that fucking whore” is all I hear as I do more blow. He starts to pound me hard doggystyle. I feel you push your fingers in my cunt trying to feel how deep his man’s best friend was in my ass. “Fuck I want to feel how deep his red rocket is in you whore” you moan as you shoved your hard pervy cock in my ass too.

After some hard pounding I started to feel his lipstick cock start to knot up. “Fuck he is knotting up on my cock” you grunt as you both start to explode in my ass. “Good boy, now clean her up” my dealer told his furry friend while fucking my mouth harder. “Feed her a load” you say as you watch his furry friend clean my cum dripping asshole. I just kept doing blow like the best Trailer trash whore.

Trashy Milf BJ Loves the Black Cock

Another hot night of being a Trashy Milf for the BBC on the South Side is over. God damn I still have that nigger cum dripping out of my ass and cunt. Things got fucking wild and that crack rock was soooo good.😌

Now that I am home and high I realize I need more of that big African dick pounding my holes out. Fucking hell I thought I was getting my holes pounded with that 30 guy gangbang. But it seems they were only wetting my appetite for that big fat Mandingo dick of my dealers.

Finally after getting a few texts off to him he showed up. My eight ball and that too big for a magnum condom ebony snake of a cock was ready for me. As always Jerome did not disappoint. In fact he even brought by a couple of bros to join in. They understood well what this white crack whore mama needed.

Trashy Milf

Anal Cum Dumpster Lilibeth Raised Anilingus Acrobat Daughters

anal cum dumpsterAn anal cum dumpster like me enjoys anilingus. That’s just the clinical definition for ass eating. But this John hired me and my daughters to be his anilingus acrobats. Apparently, that is a thing I did not even know about. Men like to get in interesting, even contorted poses or have women do all sorts of acrobats to simply eat ass. But I raised anal whores, so I took the gig. Plus, the money seemed phenomenal for just ass eating. We rim each other and suck cum out of assholes all the time.

So, last night my anal acrobats and I showed up at this guy’s house ready to eat ass and be his anal whores. We all enjoy being a man’s anal cum dumpster. And since he paid us so well, we told him he could fuck our assholes too. You should have seen how big his eyes got. He wanted to shoot his seed inside all our assholes. So, he excused himself and took Viagra. Even though it would take a while for it to kick in, we knew we could speed up the process with some anilingus acrobatics.

My Anal Whores and I Want to Be Your Ass Eating Acrobats Too

I instructed my anal whores to get in the beach ball position. This is a great position for ass eating. My whores laid on their backs, brought their legs over their shoulders, opening their assholes for their mommy’s tongue. And I licked their sweet, puckered buttholes. I danced my tongue around the holes before I tongue fucked those pretty rosebuds. But I made them eat mommy’s asshole too. I got on all fours, and they took turns licking mommy’s back door.anal cum dumpster

Our client did not need to wait four hours for that little blue pill to work its magic. Around this anal cum dumpster and her anilingus acrobats, no one needs to wait for hours for an erection. That’s the power of watching a whore and her slutkins eat ass. But we showed off our ass eating skills with our client too. Although he could not get into too many contorted poses, we did get him to lie on his back and hold his knees to his chest. This exposes the cock, balls and ass for us all to show off our rim job skills.

We made him cum so hard just from anilingus. But once the blue pill kicked in, he wanted to give us each some cum in our pretty assholes. And of course we let him. We are anal whores after all. And anilingus acrobats. So, when he came in our assholes, we took turns cleaning it all out. We all enjoy being anal whores.

Druggy porn is what I made with you

Why not make some Druggy porn when I’m getting paid and getting high. It is easy to fuck for hours when you are off blow. But my favorite part is getting high with a nasty perv. Once you get high, we can do anything.  First you will fuck my throat even though it is numb from the blow my lips soon turn numb too. I’ll sit on your face and smother you with my cunt while I do lines.

My favorite is when I get you so high and blown that you will put your mouth on anything, even a big cock. That is why when my brother came over you got on your knees right away.  After you started sucking his cock I started to cheer. “Deep throat my brother’s cock like a hooker slut” and did more lines. After a while you looked at me and ask, “can you do a better job?” I never back down from a challenge.

Druggy porn

Therefore, I started sucking my brother’s cock. While you do lines of blow, I suck my bros cock. By the time his cock was leaking pre-cum you were so high I was able to bend you over and open you up. “Fuck him bro just like you fuck me when we are high and partying” I say as I open your ass up for his cock. Then I put some blow on your ass and right away my brother pushed his cock inside you.

As he fucked your man pussy I held the blow to his nose for him to sniff. Then I started to film it. Nothing better than watching high hoes getting fucked. That is what we’re for the rest of the night. I got to film it. After you got a big load from my bro, he was still hard, so I took my turn to fuck him too. The best part was I filmed it all, you were the best high Anal cum dumpster I have filmed in a while. 

Sexline for Married Men Craving a T-Girl’s Big Dick

When you call my Sexline, you understand I am not like other girls. My extra special treat is exactly what makes your dick twitch. And in all honesty, that makes my shecock twitch.

Many of my callers are married men. They sneak their time with me and boy do I love that. To demonstrate this effect that married guys need tranny girl phone sex, let’s discuss J. This young married man would hide in the closet with his toys and cell.
Honestly I don’t believe his wife was even home but seems he had his play time there to ensure full discretion.

Even if his wife was home, it didn’t matter. J was jerking hard to me and using his dildo to suck while he jerked off. And I had him fingering his ass and we were going to get him trained to take it in the ass. However, it seems he disappeared. This happens often.

The fact of the matter, humans are just fucking gay. No, don’t deny this nor yourself. Men and woman need to explore sexuality to the fullest to really know their own bodies. Even if it’s just a short phone rendezvous, or a constant need of partying with a hot tranny. Sex is healthy.

A Sexline for Exploring T~Girls

Finally, if you find yourself thinking about the feel of a real fleshy cock in your mouth, and to look up at these great tits and pretty face while you suck. Then please do not deny yourself.

One final note. My craving is to throat fuck the hell out you. Then I will either sit my beautiful waxed taint on your face and make you eat my tranny pussy. And when I feel you deserve it. Only then will I fuck that sweet pussy of yours with you on your back. Bareback, deep and raw.


Cum guzzling slut swallows’ gallons of cum.

  Cum guzzling slut         Cum guzzling slut swallows’ gallons of cum. One right after the next. Bukkake. Please gangbang is more like it.  At least then they are all at once. Fucking and filling me up. Bukkake they are slapping those dicks in my face. Smothering my face in cum. At the same time perhaps, we should have a Bukkake gangbang. Really give me all the cum and cocks.

          After all, a slut has no limits, will take on numerous men. Like it rough? I know do. Give it all to me. Don’t go worrying about hurting me. As shown above I can take the cum. In fact, call me the Cum dumpster whore that takes it anal too. Fill all the holes up. Have it oozing out of me. Covering me from the top of my head down to the tip of my toes. Not an inch shouldn’t have cum.

          Make me into the big cum whore that there is. Licking and slurping it all up will give me a belly besides the gallons that I suck right from the cock. Using the cock as a straw and just pulling it from the balls until they are finally all drained. Nothing left. Then I will have you find me another good gangbang. Use me all up. Stretch me open. Fuck me hard.

          I am a cum guzzling slut who swallows’ gallons of cum.  

Druggy Phone Sex Whore Trades Harcore Anal Sex For Crystal

druggy phone sex

I’ve been addicted to druggy phone sex and druggy fucking since I was a tight little teen. Now I use my used up cum holes to get another hit. That’s why I came over to your house. I’ll trade these slutty fuckholes for more ice. You toss the baggie on the table and my cunt starts getting wet already. Then you pull out that hard dick. I know the drill. I get on my knees and spit on that dirty cock. You love a nasty slut and a sloppy throat fuck. I ram that cock down my throat and let the drool leak to those full balls.

Druggy Phone Sex With Slutty Meth Whore

You lean back on the couch and let me fuck my own throat. I have my hands twisting and stroking the base of that cock while I slobber all over that tip. The slurping noises are so fucking loud. You push me off your cock for a second to fill a pipe. I keep pumping that cock when you put it up to my lips and tell me to suck. The rush hits me immediately. I slide my hands into my panties and get back to taking care of that cock. But you’re ready for that blonde fucking. 

Forced Hardcore Anal Sex for Slut Lauren

You grab a fist full of blonde hair and drag me until I’m bent over the coffee table. My bald pussy is ready to take that cock. You rub my cunt with that dick. Then surprise me with your cock balls deep in my ass instead. I scream outloud. You just stick the pipe back in my mouth and tell me to take another hit. I know the deal, I’m your filthy fuckdoll until you jizz in one of my holes. I just take a hit and bite my lip. Then, I reach back to play with my cunt while you keep giving me hardcore anal sex

Cum Guzzling Slut Bella Loves to Fuck Unsuspecting Men

cum guzzling slut

From a very young age I knew I wanted to grow up and be a cum guzzling slut! That’s why once I was old enough, I went and had my tit job done. I needed a nice big pair juicy jiggly titties for all those naughty men out there who were hiding that fact that they wanted a big cock to fill their holes.

They would take one look at me and see that I had titties and think I was a girl, then once they took me home, they would see just how big of a cock I had. I love turning them into my little anal cum dumpster. They think they’re going to get so many tight little holes to fill, until I get naked in front of them.

They’re caught off guard when they see my huge cock swinging back and forth while I go to town on their huge throbbing dick. Sometimes they try to say no, but there’s no turning back now. I’m going to shove my cock down their throat before they get the chance to say no to me.

You’ll be surprised that my cock is bigger than yours! 

My nice big titties bouncing up and down in their face while I dance around them. Telling them all the dirty little nasty things that I’m going to do to them. Once they feel my cock up against their face, they can’t help but to suck it while I turn them into my little creampie slut.

I’m going to force fuck that little asshole, no matter what he says or wants.

He thought he was going to get to cum in some little whore, but the tables have turned and he’s my little whore now. I’m going to cover him in my hot sticky dick juices. You’re going to love every minute of it, are you, my little sissy boy!

Anal cum dumpster has a wild weekend

Daddies nasty Anal cum dumpster had been busy. Being high for days while getting all my holes fucked is a good weekend to me. That is what my dealer planned for me. He has a big black cock and lots of friends who do too. “We can party and play and you get paid, ” he said to me. Of course I was up to it. Especially when he gave me a table hill of blow.

As soon as I started to do some lines his customers and friends started filling the room. “Let’s party!” I cheered as guys all around me started to undress and snort some candy up. It is easy for me to just get to sucking cock when there’s so many in the room. The drip from the blow numbs my throat.

Anal cum dumpster

Therefore, I can deepthroat a cock and not choke. While I was sucking big black monster cocks my holes started getting played with. My dealer did what he always does when he is ready to rough pound my ass. He covered his cock with blow and rammed it inside me. I could feel him spreading me open. It is part of the fun. With his monster oily dick, he showed everyone how hard I can get fucked.

After that he rammed his big hard cock in my ass. Everyone cheered and took a turn on fucking one of my holes. Finally, I got to taste my first load of sperm and my holes got filled up too. But that is just the beginning of my night for daddies Trailer trash whore. 

Gangbang Whore Bella Enjoys Lots of Cocks

gangbang whore

Being a gangbang whore is something I’ve always wanted to be. I love cock so much; I want all of my holes filled. I’d take 5 or 6 sexy tall thick dicked men. Invite them over to fill me up like a good little slut. Let them suck my cock, and I’d suck all of theirs.

Maybe invite over a good little sissy boy to help me suck all these cocks. Teach that good little sissy boy how to suck and fuck her way through a good gangbang. Both of us on our knees sucking cock together.

Guzzling Cum can be Lots of Fun

Gagging and guzzling cum together. Stretching our asses open nice and wide for those thick meaty dicks. Turning ourselves into a cum guzzling slut. All that meat nice and slippery wet from our mouths. Stroking their cocks while they watch us suck the next one. Everyone had always told me my mouth looked so pretty while it was wrapped around a thick juicy erect cock.

I know how to suck a cock so well that I know I would be able to teach a good little sissy how to suck like a fucking hoover. I know that I could suck a pea through a straw if I tried. There’s nothing better than adding another good big dick sucker into the LGBTQ community.

By the end of this nice gang bang we’ll have a perfect little sissy that knows just how well to guzzle cum and have all their holes filled. It’ll be amazing watching all the cocks cum all over our faces and bodies. Perfect erect huge cocks jerking all over us, covering us in their nice hot seed.

Call me tonight for some erotic fun. I’m ready to get my dick hard and jerk it for you, while you tell me all the nasty things you want to do to me.