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I was hired to whore at a small party a rich gangster was hosting. He offered me crack to blow his whole crew and I did, swallowing those big black thug cocks. He let me get a hit of the baggie he had in hand and I felt amazing. I told him that I would do anything to get more. Then, he told me that if I wanted to get more crack I would have to get fucked in the ass by each of his homeboys. I had never gotten ass fucked by that many cocks before, but I wanted more crack so bad. I agreed and they proceeded to use me like a fuck doll. They lifted me up and put me in position as they rammed their cocks into me. Some of them wanted me on my back, others wanted me on my knees, another wanted to slam my ass on his cock as he sat on the couch. They tore my ass apart, leaving it a gaping hole. They knew I would do anything for more crack and kept pushing crack on me in exchange for abusing my body. 

a cum filled cunt pays the bills

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I never thought I’d say this phrase, but it’s true! a cum filled cunt pays the bills. Since I’ve become a prostitute, I’ve gotten my shit together. Many people will frown upon my decisions, but I look at it this way: if you aren’t having fun, are you living? The rules were made for breaking, and I love to spoil them by feeling good and chasing the high.

Since my friend Romy told me about the game, I’ve become so hooked. I sometimes don’t even have to fuck any of the johns. Usually, I will be so high that I get the johns aroused and ready to cum and bounce. If I admit something, it’s going to be that I enjoy those johns that genuinely take advantage of me and fuck me with no regrets.

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This Shemale cannot get enough use of an anal cum dumpster like a couple of my favorite bitches. Making men worship my shecock is really a ot time for me. It’s kinky to ooze my jizz all over that fucking begging face that stopped sucking me off properly.

If you are afraid of taking this cum in your mouth I will force you to start getting used to it. Start with eating your own cum to get accustomed to the taste. I can guarantee I cum lots and with a warm wet mouth like my bitch bois working my dick he’s going to get all of my ball juice.

Once I feed you my cum I will get that man cunt and own it too. On your back as I stand between your legs and thrusting them up I will force myself in that cunt and fuck you hard while you suck on that crack pipe.

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Daddy made sure to rip my assailed open and show me why I am his favorite Anal sex whore. He got my party favors so I could get high because he knows when I get high I can take any size cock in my ass.  As soon as he saw me he slapped my face reminding me I’m his little slut. I was able to get high as he rubbed my asshole with some blow so I would be numb and ready to take his cock deep inside me. I was smoking a joint and he took it and put it out on my tits. The pain in my eyes turned my daddy on and I could feel his cock poking at me. It got me excited and I was ready for daddy. I took my scarf and tied it around my neck like daddy likes. He used the scarf to pull me onto his cock and it made me fuck daddies cock so hard. When I finally came daddy pushed me down and pushed his cock deep in my ass.

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Daddy pounded my hole hard and used me teaching me what his Trailer trash whore daughter gets. He didn’t stop pulling on the scarf around my neck as he fucked me until he filled my asshole. I almost passed out as I felt daddy made my asshole drip with cum. Daddy gave me my allowance making sure I would have all the blow I needed until he came to visit me again.

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Anal Cum Dumpster

My fat black ass is oiled up and ready to be used as your personal anal cum dumpster. I’m an anal sex whore and I need you to fuck my little shit hole as hard as you fuck my pussy. I want you to drill and stretch my tight fuck hole and feel it spasm around your cock as you fuck me. I want to taste my ass on your dick as you slide it out of my tight hole, making me suck it and get it soaking wet before you plunge it back inside me. I want my asshole gaping open so wide that after you cum in it, your jizz just runs straight out, leaking down my legs and into my panties. I want to feel your hands and nails dig into my meaty cheeks, spreading them apart so you can watch your big hard dick get devoured. Spank me hard while you ride my ass, using your other hand to press me face and tits further into the mattress to stifle my screams. I can’t wait to feel the soreness from this rough anal fucking the next day, making me want another round of it and be ripped open!

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Anal cum dumpsterCreampie SlutAnal cum dumpster addiction is something that I am very good at. Not only do I get addicted to drugs, and alcohol but I am a sex addict as well. Not just sucking dick and taking it missionary. That is, of course, boring as fuck. I am an anal sex addict, an anal sex whore if you will. Spreading my beautiful butt cheeks to men is what I love to do. Stick your cock deep inside my puckered starfish, with no lubrication. That is no problem at all for me. I know just how to take a throbbing hard cock deep inside of my anal cave.

However, you might be a hungry dude and desire to lick my beautiful ass hole first. This IAnal sex whore highly recommend. Running your tongue over each of my sphincter wrinkles is going to prep me for brutal penetration and make your cock so hard. Shoved face first onto the couch I can reach back and spread my sexy bubble butt cheeks apart and show you right where your glory hole is.

The feeling of your hard cock pushing inside of me is going to flood my pussy with so much wetness. I won’t be able to do anything but moan out so load. There is nothing like the feeling of a large, girthy cock forcing itself deep inside of my anus. The pain mixed with pleasure is a sensation that I crave over and over again. I really am an anal whore, fuck my ass hole deep and hard. 


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Ever since my mom sold me for drugs, I have been an Anal cum dumpster. Now every year the day before moms birthday I will throw a gangbang party and charge and get all the drugs and money I can to give it to mom for her day. Last year I had 14 guys. This year I wanted more. I invited all of them and their friends. When they got there it was almost 20 guys. I got nice and high plus took a few shots.I was getting groped and grabbed while doing my blow. I even had one of them rub some dope on my asshole. I wanted my asshole to be numb so I could take as many dicks as possible. I got on my knees and started sucking cock, as high as I was i didn’t care what was going on. I just put my mouth on any dick in my face. That is part of being a Gangbang whore. You know you will be sucking and fucking cock so it doesn’t matter what direction a hard cock is coming from i need to suck it and fuck it. It was a few hours and i still had 10 guys left to continue fucking me. I did a few lines and was ready to milk the rest of these dicks. Mom was going to have lots of dope for her birthday. There were only three dicks left to milk and I was sore and dripping with nut. I did a few more lines and went on hoe overdrive and popped my pussy and ass on those dicks until they unloaded inside me. I was dripping cum and when they all left i just got high and laid there letting their cum just drip out of me and dry up on my skin.

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Anal Sex Whore Family: My Son & My Girls Love Anal Too

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. I have raised a bunch of anal whores too. Most guys think of women as being the biggest anal whores. But guess what? Teen boys can be even bigger anal whores than their mothers! My youngest son loves ass play. He had a daddy date night last night. His first in a while. I feel badly for him sometimes. Most of our clients want our daughters. He is my only son who enjoys being whored out to men. Men love a tight boy ass sometimes too. My son got his asshole stretched and pumped full of cum last night. He came home walking funny but with a huge smile on his face. Cum was leaking out of his ass like an anal cum dumpster. A trail of cum dripped from his bum leading to my room. I thought it was hot that my boy took that much cum in his ass. Anyway, when he came home, I thought he would want to shower and crash. That was not the case at all. My little anal whore wanted mommy to peg his ass. He wanted more of the hair of the dog that bit him. He is my son. And the apple does not fall far from the tree. I got out my strapon dildo and prepared to fuck his cum filled asshole. I did finger his ass a bit first. He was right, his daddy did cum a few times. Felt like a few dozen loads up his tight asshole. I licked it a bit just to taste that creamy goodness. I do love the taste, the smell and the feel of cum. I am a creampie slut! I wanted nothing more than to suck that cum out of his asshole, but it was the perfect lube for pegging his ass. After I pegged him for about 30 hours, he was ready to call it a night. I licked the cum out of his well-fucked asshole and we snowballed it before he crashed. A family of anal sex whores never lets cum go to waste.

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Being a Trailer trash whore makes men think they can do whatever they want to. They can, they just have to pay me. I will make sure I use these holes right; it is what my momma taught me. She actually forced me to learn. I was young and dumb, didn’t know where mom was taking me. She went into a room, came back with a bag of drugs and told me to go in there.

Trailer trash whore

When I did all I saw was a big monster cock in my face. He grabbed my head and told me mommy gave me up for a baggy. He was going to get what is his now and shoved his big monster cock in my little mouth. When I started tasting some salty sweet liquid, he pulled out my mouth and sat back. He had me undress and give him a young girly baby strip show. I could see his black monster cock was leaking down his hand. He grabbed my hair and pulled me to him. He bent me over and rubbed his big black meat on my asshole. I was so scared I was shaking but he forced his meat deep in my butthole. I felt his big monster meat ripping my ass and I fell to the ground. He kept pounding my asshole even when I cried. He kissed my face and told me I did good as he was making me into his Anal cum dumpster. As I put my clothes on he told me he would pay me anything to get that again. That is why I sell my holes now.

Leaking like an Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster

Leaking cum from the latest higher up like an anal cum dumpster, I couldn’t help but look down at my pretty blue dress and groan. Cum is easy to wash out, blood, not so much. It took me a minute to remember how I’d even gotten it dirty, but it came back with a flash once I really focused. He’d been unhappy with my request, my whole agenda for coming here, and he’d decided that if my master at the time was going to send second rate white help, he’d wreck it and turn it red. He’d hit me, not even just once, several times. Made me black out a little – hence the memory issue – and probably cracked my skull. While he was at it, he’d grabbed my hair hard, pulled it while he forced kiss after kiss out of his creampie slut. I was here to do just that so I didn’t understand why he was being so brutal. This was completely compliant, I was complacent and willing and even begging for it, so it didn’t make a lot of sense. At the time I didn’t know some men just want to hurt you for the fun of it. Some men get off, on watching you groan in pain, hearing you scream, enjoying your cracks and crinkles. I absolutely wasn’t ready for when that dick of his slipped right into my cunt and started wrecking house like he’d already done the front lawn and the exterior paint. I had tears running down my face, make-up staining anything he slammed me against. Now the slamming was happening very frequently because his balls were slapping my ass too! “Guaaah!” I heard him groan one last time as he got faster, and I knew what was cumming. Him, he was cumming, filling my depths with creamy relief after a hot summer’s scorching drag across the sand. Next he’d be after my ass, and I was ready, but also a scared little cum dumpster.