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anal cum dumpster

As an anal cum dumpster I am always having my asshole pounded and used.  Only big ones get to go up my asshole.  Stretch it out make me scream make me ask for more make me beg for more. The better you fuck me the more I want it and it becomes quite the addiction for me.  Yes I am not a role model to any girl any woman I am slut that wants only a man to nut all over her ass cheeks. The warm jizz feels so good it makes me want to be a slut for life.  There’s no limits when it comes to me I am a whore that will do it all happily. Double penetration is my absolute favorite.

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druggy phone sex

My friend Clara invited me to her house because she would take me on an adventure. We went to a big party for the elites, basically anyone in the music industry. I was all kinds of naughty stuff happening all around. People were getting high and fucking like crazy. There were all sorts of substances, and I knew to keep myself horned up and ready to try anything at least once. All kinds of pills were there and the curiosity got to me and I had to try. It felt so good to have a wet cunt. Druggy phone sex is indeed my lane. Clara and I fucked all kinds of musicians and did so with no condom. A real whore like me knows how to party.

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I love being on my knees being a Big dick sucker. Men love when I am worshiping cock in my heels with my actual heels up in the air. If you’ve even had a cock in your mouth you would definitely know how amazing it feels to submit to hard cock in your mouth. Especially men with titles or superior positions. And I don’t just mean what they do with work. Having a man who knows how to weld his cock with my mouth in a way that I know who’s in charge is my favorite pastime. No matter how many different men I find who can dominate my mouth I still crave more.

Last week my neighbors wife left him. He has been my neighbor since I moved to Texas 3 years ago. We are good god fearing people but I think the devil must be in him. Once she moved out the next day he asked me to come over. He bluntly told me he was single to mingle. He must have know what type of whore I am. I just didn’t respond because I know my weaknesses. So he started sending me cock pics as soon as he knew we were both home alone. Maybe he has a camera in my house and he was watching me because within moments of me trying to ignore the hot rod picture he sent me, he knocked on the door.  It only took a moment of him being in the house. He had barely stepped into the door and locked it before he dropped his trousers. Staring at that cock made my mouth water and cunt juices flow. All I could do was simply drop to my knees. I didn’t want to suck him off but I have an addiction that is cock and cock pleasure. By the time he placed his hands on my head I had wrapped my hands around his ass and was masterbating my throat with his cock.

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Just an anal cum dumpster when it comes to getting high and taking that Big black cock. Stripping, partying and fucking are my daily grind as a Trashy milf. This is the only way I want to live. Giving my holes up for drugs and nigger dick.

We can get quite fucking filthy and wild. I love to take a lot of satanic nigger dick and have fun with scat. Some of my niggas are really filthy mother fuckers and I truly love the filth. We get nasty and wild.

Anal cum dumpster

Fucking my prolapsed anus and shitting out sperm and crap all over that white boy bitches face. This is just another filthy caller still. I have so many hot and nasty calls I get down and filthy with and I won’t be stopping soon.

Get under Mama BJ’s cunt and watch it get plowed by nigger dicks. Eat my ass out and taste their nigger dick must and all that gooey jizz.

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Dirty Phone Sex Stories Are Plentiful with an Old Whore

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex stories are plentiful with me. I am a dirty old whore. I was at some dive bar last night. Only kind I go to. It was a mix of guys. Working class bar. Black men, white men, old and young. Mostly guys in the trade craft world. Plumbers, electricians and folks like that. I was not looking for cock. I figured I was too old for men my age. I was wrong. Just about every man in the bar bought me a drink. I can hold my coke. I do better than the average woman, but a working-class Joe who kicks back a few beers an hour. Yeah, I was out of my league, but that did not stop me from trying. I was too drunk to drive. Hell, I was too drunk to find my car. A few guys my age drove me home. I invited them in for a drink. They were gentlemen. I am not used to that. I was thinking they could turn me into an anal cum dumpster in the dive bar bathroom and leave me until I woke up in a pool of my own puke. Instead, I had to convince them to fuck me. I told them I am not their wives. I am a whore. A dirty old whore. I shared some Mary Jane with them. Then, I did what I do best. I pulled out their cocks and blew them dry. They came easily for old men. A lot of cum too. I did not point out the obvious to them. But I knew their wives were worthless. The did some lines of coke with me and that brought those old cocks back to life quickly. I got to be a cum dumpster for my peers. I cannot remember the last time I fucked a guy in his 50s. It is usually the younger men who want this old whore. Well, now at least three old plumbers in my city want to fuck this old broad. They are skipping the bar tonight and partying at my place.


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Hardcore anal sexSay what you want but being a Hardcore anal sex slut has made me thousands. I am not one to use my pussy up, I prefer a nice anal Creampie oozing out of my asshole.. The sound my asshole makes when its queefing is such a turn on for me! Especially when I am hovering my asshole over the face that just got through using me. Clenching my shithole with your eyes right beneath looking up at my asshole pulse as I push the cum right into your mouth, such a tasty treat.

If I am not in a hotel room getting high while grinding my ass all over a tricks cock.. I am on the phone tending to a neglected husband! It’s true you cannot turn a whore into a housewife and you have fully accepted that which is why you married the prude but still seek your excitement with women like me who know what to do. Cheap phone sex with a druggy whore who likes to party and get high on cocaine and ecstasy; while sending you visuals of me stretching my pussy does the trick.. I mean at least daddy isn’t out late at night riding around picking up hookers off the side of the road..

A girl like me isn’t what you will find street-walking on the side of the road and a family guy like you doesn’t attract nor know where to find girls like me.. Plus you probably are not so tech savvy so more than likely you punched into google’s search engine bar seeking Hookers for hire and that’s how you found me.. you were only supposed to do it once, but after the dirty things I filled your vanilla head up with your cock has been driving you back for more.. Whoever thought Phonesex would be this exciting?

forever an anal sex whore


anal sex whore

What I desire is an entirely endless amount of Coke. All I want is to be filled with so much semen inside me. I love to taste semen and lick its deep-throat cock till it spurts all that glazed goodness. As an anal sex whore for angel dust and so much more I am one to do anything to get my fix. I mean anything; I say that because as long as I get that high that I search for, I am down for anything that crosses my mind. I don’t care if it’s fucked* up. I could care less if it’s not morally correct or makes me seem heartless. When it comes to what I love and what brings me joy, I enjoy it and will search high and low for that fix. When my dealer tells me he wants to shove his dick in me, I allow him to rub his cock on my ass crack. Slide it in with no lube. All I can feel is fun Nirvana from the coke.

This Big dick sucker gets what she wants

Big dick suckerAs a big dick sucker, cocks against my face are a great feeling. Hot dick against my ass, one rubbing away against my cunt slit, pressuring dick with my boobs and even stepping on some depraved dealers in need of touch but with nowhere left for me to give it. That was my morning, and holy shit was it fun. I love a good one woman orgy, where I’m a toy to too many people to keep track. The goal is to put myself into good positions to be used as a toy and not a lover. I don’t want some guy to mount me, intertwined our fingers and pin my hands by my head while he gently rocks into me and takes my lips slowly and sensually. As an anal cum dumpster I’m into a real rough routine that has at least three to four guys, and that takes work, practice, a sense of precision. If I’m on my stomach, it needs to be on top of a guy and in the perfect position for another to get into my ass. See, there’s a problem though, then the guy I’m titfucking has his balls swaying in the guy under me’s face, so I need to twist a little, and if I’m already twisting myself I need a place for my hands to rest for balance. It turns out, gripping two big dicks and jerking them off makes a great balance, so that’s five guys. The sixth is where things get really hard and complicated – pun hella intended. I need it, I really need it, so my normal routine at that point is to turn my head and open my mouth and hope someone else can figure it out. Even if they can’t, I at least expect someone to jerk off so they can spray all over my face through the confusion. What’s the point of being used by a group of horny guys if no one leaves this cum guzzling slut covered in stinky spunk!

Anal cum dumpster BBC Party girl

anal cum dumpster

Now besides being an easy bake oven for cum, My ass does the trick when I need to be an anal cum dumpster. And speaking of tricks my ass getting filled up as almost always because some man paid to fuck my asshole violently and bareback. But then again there’s always an exception to the rule especially when he’s hanging and he is a big Domme black daddy! Especially a dominant black daddy with a 10-inch cock and baggies of coke ready for me! Nothing turns me into a nasty little booty whore like some of that chalk. I’ll be dancing on a dance floor taking a line from some rando and the next thing I know I’m flipping my skirt for a big black man in the corner. I know my husband without in the crowd somewhere just waiting to see who’s going to get to butt fuck his wife. But,  the majority of the time My husband doesn’t get to see anything. He just knows that I’ll leave with one or two BBCs occasionally and come home with some milky stuff around my ass and pussy. Do we like to play a game where he asks what is that stuff?  We both know and enjoy a smell and taste test! I mean isn’t it obvious with my blown-out asshole? My party whore BBC sex stories never stop because I need to be creamed bareback with BBC all the time!

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Crack Whore Anal

It’s no wonder I’ve gotten a reputation around the club for being a wild slut, I’ve been hosting hot crack whore anal orgies! Lots of guys in the champagne room want to get a feel of my juicy booty but I can’t help that I want to feel those hard cocks stretch me out. Every time I’m giving a lap dance, I get lost in thoughts of being anally gaped like a porn slut. The idea of being used like a cum dumpster for strange cock makes my cunt soak my panties and my stockings ! When I’m grinding on a hard dick with my ass right up against it, I feel so fucking sexy. The worst part is… I’m addicted to the pain of being used like an anal sex whore, I love when big dicks stuff my butt full to the brim!

Anal Cum Dumpster