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Nice guys finish last

cum eating phone sex

I had a guy once be so smitten with me he would do everything in his power to make me smile. I, of course, never paid him any mind. I don’t really like submissive men. I like men who will take over and show me what a nasty whore I am. After an atrocious date, I agree with going back to his place to have a drink, and once I would be done, Id goes my merry way. I was quite the guest because both his roommates were all horned up at just my presence. I was pleasantly surprised his roommates were actually handsome and interesting.

My date ended up spilling some liquor all over him. I think he was all jittery and nervous with me around. While he was away getting cleaned up in the shower, I acquainted with his roommates. I got on my knees like the perfect cum eating phone sex slut and ended up deep throating and swelling those loads. My date had no clue.

In need of a cum dumpster

cum dumpster

The boys love to have game night and watch their favorite sports team battle it out. Unfortunately, this particular night isn’t a great one. Their team has lost, and they are each so bummed out. Not even my delicious treats can cheer them up. My boyfriend and all his closest friends, however, have something else in mind. They want me to do the honors and cheer them up.

How can I possibly say no to being their cum dumpster? I want that more than anything, so I am all in for their pleasure. My holes are each fucked and filled. I’m certain I will be sore for weeks on end.

I am enjoying all the attention, and I won’t stop till I get them all to turn those frowns upside down. I am one heck of a cum slut and enjoy it all and can’t stop begging for it. I’m a cum obsessed girlfriend and want to please all the time.

Anal Cum dumpster loves torture

anal cum dumpster

Time to come over and fill my mouth with your cock. I want to prepare you to fuck my shit hole. I know you like dirty girls and won’t be pleased unless you are deepthroating a stupid cum slut. All you want is to make me your anal cum dumpster.

You can bet that I won’t ever stop you from getting what you deserve. You need me to be your fuck slut, and I promise I will make you happy. Stretch me out and leave your mark on me.

What else would you like? Ask me anything and do whatever you damn well please I know you will be happy as soon as you have me fucked up and tortured. I want to please only you and nobody else. There’s no reason to stop you when you’re a man, so automatically, you are far more superior than me.

I was born to make men happy and make them cum blast me.

Little teen slut!

big dick sucker


As far as I’m concerned, I’m going to enjoy all the sex I can get while I’m young and I have all this energy
and a body that men want. I don’t get girls my age who hold back. As far as I’m concerned, a bad day
where I get to make a dick or three cum is better than a good day doing anything else!
Last week, there was a construction crew on my street. They were doing something with a section of the
sidewalk, and right around lunchtime, I saw the three of them just leaning against the truck. Well, I
couldn’t waste an opportunity like that, and you should have seen how they looked at me when I
walked up wearing tight, tight shorts and a tee-shirt so small my young tits were practically on display!
It didn’t take any time at all for the men to stop leaning against their concrete mixer truck.
Let me tell you something. I’m glad I’m young. I don’t know if I could have handled a big dick in
my throat, a big dick in my pussy, and a big dick in my ass all at the same time if I wasn’t. Sure, I may be
a little teen slut but I’m a happy little teen slut, and I wouldn’t give up all the eight, nine, and ten-inch
cocks I get to play with for anything at all.

Anal A Girls Bestfriend

Sometimes a woman just needs a big fat cock in her ass. She needs a man to come up from behind her grab her by the neck and tell her how much he wants her and is going to use her. I love it when you bite my body too showing me you are letting the beast out. It gets my pussy wet, so wet you use it to get my ass juicy for you hard cock. All I want is for you to bend me over and shove your hard cock in my, reminds me of how my daddy used to fuck me. He used to come in my room at night and lick my ass until I squirmed, then he would shove his big man meat in me. The first time it hurt but after so many times it felt so good, I wanted more and more. I would lay there and then start bouncing my ass back and I didn’t stop until he would bite me and I felt his cum start filling my ass up. Since then, I need a hard cock inside my ass.Anal cum dumpster

Every Girl in My Family is an Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. I have been for ions. Since before I could talk, I took cock in the ass. I am raising my girls to be anal whores too. I am nicer than my sperm doner or mother were, however. My darlings live in luxury. I was raised in a dingy one-bedroom trailer in the hills of West Virginia.  My room was an old pop-up camper in the back yard. I slept on a dirty mattress and had not a single toy. I was a whore from the get-go.  My daughters have toys and electronics. They each have their own room equipped with the best beds. They have their own bathrooms too. That is because daddy and I put the money they earn back into them. My folks put the money my tight holes made them in their arms. They were strung out on heroin and meth. I just do coke and pot. Another difference between my upbringing and that of my sexy prostitutes is that my angels did not start the moment they came out of me. Daddy and I love our little whores. Plus, you do not want used up holes on such marketable little sluts. The goal is not to make a ton of cash quickly, but steady money over time. And high paying clients want pristine little fuck holes. The guys I had to fuck as a little girl hooker did not even know what pristine meant. Seriously, they shoved their cocks in any of my holes and came when I cried. Daddy and I keep our girls in good shape, especially those pink assholes men crave so much. I was not trained to be an anal whore, but I have trained my girls. Practice makes perfect. Practice keeps puckered buttholes tight. Now I have a small army of anal whores. Each girl loves to be an anal cum dumpster for you.

Daddy’s Anal Whore

Anal sex whoreI’m the best anal whore out there, I love taking cock and all the loads of hot cum I can get. I have to thank my daddy for that because he is the first one to take my ass hard and fuck my ass so often, I ended up needing it. Daddy already had been training me to be his slut but this night when he came into my room, he was hard and aggressive. He shoved his cock deep in my throat and almost made me throw up. He ripped my panties off and spread my ass cheeks. I could feel his tongue wiggle and poke all over from my baby cunt hole to my butthole. I could feel how wet I was all over, he got on top of me from behind and covered my mouth up. I felt his daddy meat poking and rubbing my butthole and with a shove I squealed as the tip of his cock popped in my hole. He started rubbing my clit and pushing it deeper in my ass my screams muffled by his hand as he pumped me hard and fast, telling me how he is going to fuck my ass and fill it up until I love it. As he I felt him pumping in me and rubbing my clitty I started cuming and I realized that I did love daddy pumping my butthole. 

Sweet Slutty Daughters

Trashy Milf


It’s been a long time since I enjoyed some quality fuck time with my favorite daughter. Of course I have a favorite one of my little slutkins; how could I not? They all have their talents. One is possibly going to turn out as a better anal cum dumpster than I am. She loves to get stretched on out like the filthy slut she is. She cries that it burns, but it makes her pussy wet.

Another of my whores has no gag reflex, so we’ve trained her up to be the cock swallowing queen of the neighborhood. She can take absolutely any girth, any length, right in her slutty little gullet. Even the BBC boys who come around are shocked to see the pythons she slips inside of her. And then, there was my sweet little angel.

She has the most delicious little peach fuzz pussy I’ve ever tasted, and I simply can’t keep my tongue or my fingers away from her. I love the little sounds she makes as she tries to resist cumming. She squirms, and that makes my pussy drip. Mommy has a nasty little appetite, and only my slutkins can fill it.

Anal cum dumpster Bitch 4 Shecock

Bitch boy Anal cum dumpster, that’s you. I’m the sexy trans woman that has you crawling around begging for my meat stick. You a good boy baby? Hmmm? Does Josie have what you crave? Be a good boy and beg for it, cum on. Beg for my shecock, bitch. Oh, yes that’s what I thought. Mouth open eyes big and wide. I slide theis tranny cock across your lips. You try to part them and I slap you. No! Not yet… I walk around you looking you up and down. Running my long nails across your bare cock I scrape up the shaft. It reacts and throbs. I smile sweetly as I direct you to lay down. Good boy. I sit my beautiful ass on your face and command you start eating my ass.

You are a good rim jobber baby, but you need to go deeper. Come on. Drive that tongue deep in my shitter and your lips around my puckered hole. That’s it baby. Eat that cream out. Slut.

Anal cum dumpster

Anal sex whore party

anal sex whore

I have some hot dirty friends. We are all anal sex whore sluts that love to party and have a good time. I often go to orgy parties and mingle with dommes who want to ruin subby sluts like my friends and me. We love to do lines of coke and get all fucked up. Sometimes we even do hardcore drugs because it helps get up extra horny. it is like the coke only does so much till you have to go on to the next drug. Molly is an ultimate favorite. It gets me going and makes me beg for huge cocks up my tight ass.

I want my ass to hurt, and I want not to be able to walk for a few days. It’s true that guys who know how to use their dicks will have me hooked. I love a guy that knows he has control over me and isn’t afraid to put me in my place. At orgy parties, this situation unfolds in so many ways you have dozens of domme guys ready to use subby sluts like me that have been partying all night long.

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