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Anal Sex Whore Lilibeth

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. This mommy loves ass sex and I make no apologizes for it. One of the biggest requests from Johns is going Greek. Guys pay good money for women who give up the ass. My daughters are all anal whores too. Most women are afraid they will not ever shit again right, LOL. That is part of the fun of anal sex!  I trained all my girls to be anal whores like their mother. You must take cock in your ass if you want to bring in big money. I was hired for a bachelor party. What they wanted was an anal whore who would take it bare back. Why would an old whore like me make any guy wear a rubber to fuck her ass? Rubbers hurt the ass, even a used-up ass like mine.  Anyway, I was just the trashy milf those men wanted. The groom wanted a milf whore who could take a good ass pounding since their wives never have ass sex. The groom to be got first dibs on my ass. He snorted coke off my lady humps then plowed his cock deep in my ass. Balls deep. I could feel his cum filled balls slapping against my fine ass. I looked up and saw a bunch of guys jacking their dicks watching me be a filthy ass slave. Once he nutted in my ass, he made me suck his dick clean. I think he thought that would be humiliating to me. Not at all. I am a nasty freak. I let them all fuck my ass. My asshole just got messier and messier. But guess what? I just shit that cum out on the floor and licked it up. I could hear the guys saying things like oh shit and look at that whore. I am not some silly suburban wife who never gives up the booty. I am a seasoned anal cum dumpster. I went home with a pocket full of cash and an ass full of cum.

Anal Sex Whore Play Toy Wanted

I am a trashy hot T-girl and need myself a filthy cum dump to be my Anal sex whore play toy. You will desire to have me cum in that sweet ass multiple times a day. I will use you my muppet cum slopping cock puppet. You will expect my big cock to hurt at first. It’s only temporary. The pain and the gape is part of the fun. I will anally destroy you and then just make you a party favor for my sexy hot tranny whores that will be visiting me and partying with me. We are a bunch of hot tranny phone sex whores and have a great need for a warm hole and nasty cock sucking mouth to help us out as we take filthy calls and do massive lines of blow. A girl like me just can’t have enough playthings in her life. Yeah sure as sexy transvestites’ we enjoy fucking each other also. We really put on a nice show for some big daddy cocks that love our tranny holes. So we may be sexy ladyboy lesbians when we party hard but we still need a good clean up bitch to lick and suck our cocks and asses.

Anal sex whore

Cashapp Notification Cum Slut For Sale

Sexy prostitutesI know exactly what you want. I knew it from the moment I caught you staring up my tight mini skirt while I sat at the bar with my legs slightly open for a stud like you to see. I came here to get fucked and paid, and panties just don’t seem to fit into that equation. The way you lick your lips at my hot wet cunt lets me know that going commando was the right choice tonight. You ordered me a drink and left your room number on the napkin. That sealed the deal. I knew right then and there you were the perfect trick for this kinky treat. The door was unlocked and I let myself in. You were already naked and had your toys laid out on the bed: whips, ball gags, nipple clamps, handcuffs, a paddle and so much more. As soon as the Cashapp notification came through, you ordered me to pull my fucking skirt up and used a spreader with ankle and wrist cuffs to bend me over and expose my hooker pussy. You rammed your hard cock in my cunt and the hardcore fucking began. You fucked me hard until you squirted hot cum sauce all over my white ass. You sent another Cashapp payment and grabbed your paddle. You kept the payments coming as you satisfied all your BDSM fantasies. This pussy squirted harder with each Cashapp notification. I left you my number so you could look me up the next time you need a submissive hooker for hire to handle your cock.

Addicted to lust

Sloppy wet pussy

My sloppy wet pussy’s adventures. Yes, I’m a whore that likes to suck, fuck, and get fucked but not just any whore…. I love to soak my pussy in hot water after a good night fuck of getting gang banged. I would be so depressed if a man went to eat me out and was grossed by any smell coming out of my kitty. I am addicted to cleaning my pussy scentless. I really use a garden hose to clean it. I run hot water and I stick the hose in my pussy which makes me want to rub one out. Anything in my pussy makes me want to cum. It’s an OCD. I love to get it cummed on just so I can have a reason to clean it again.

Due to my hygiene addiction I always tend to find myself in screwed up situations. Like as of right now I’m in the back of the basketball court in broad daylight getting trained by the winning team. OMG it’s so unfair they are doing Five on One. Five of them and One of me, and I really need the company of just One more person to cum and make it more nasty, so after they are done training, I’ll be one for the team. As long as they win I’ll be their favorite trophy. I love when they fill me up! I am one fucked up individual who loves getting shot in all of my rims. Cum and shoot your shot in me coach ;)…I really need my fix!

Party Animal Cum Slut

Druggy phone sex

It’s no secret how much of a party animal this coke whore is. Sometimes it can be so hard to find someone who can keep up with my party girl porn star lifestyle. I need someone who understands my need for a thick cock to fuck my face while I enjoy my nose candy and pop molly in all my fuck holes. It would be so nice to meet a rockstar who wants to party hard and fuck me harder. Can you be the stud that wants to see me feeling good and fucked up while I’m being gaped and filled with jizz until my asshole is leaking and dripping warm cum? This skank wants sexy new friends that love dirty party games, and know exactly how to show a horny party slut a great time. 

Druggy phone sex with a nasty whore

druggy phone sex

I know that druggy phone sex isn’t for everyone, but oh my god, when I get to experience it with a dirty man, it makes me so fucking aroused. I love to have my ass cheeks stretched and spread open while I am high as fuck. I want you to fuck me and make your little fuck slut forever. Start me off by jerking and sucking off all your friends. Go ahead and boast all about your new dirty girlfriend.

I’m all yours, and when I get a hit of crack, my pussy begins to erupt. My wet cunt needs a big pipe in it, and I beg for my ass and pussy to get demolished. I need that nut inside me. It fills me up and makes me feel complete.

Toilet Sex Adventure!

Toilet Sex

My Toilet Sex Playtime ends up with four guys taking huge dumps on my chest before I jerk them off in my latex gloves and leather outfit! I knew I would get into so much sexy fun if I went to take my position behind the glory-hole at work wearing my new sexy leather outfit with the matching gloves. I walked in wearing my regular bar tending outfit but when I got into the men’s bathroom I changed into my sexy clothes in the stall with the glory-hole and waited for some company. It only took about 15 minutes for 4 guys to come in all together and this time I decided to reveal myself to them. You should have seen the way they looked at me in my latex and leather, I see their cocks stirring in their pants, one by one they get so hard and I know what I’ll have to do next. I dropped to ground exposing my chest, “Shit on me and cover me with your cum…” They looked amazed and extremely turned on in the same moment, all four of the sexy hard cocked men started unbuckling their jeans and pulling their pants down. The first one with long blonde hair squatted right over my exposed tits and pushed out and amazing wet shit, feeling it warm all over my chest made me moan. He stepped aside and made room for the next hot guy with short black hair to squat over my chest and release a long hard turd, the stench was intoxicating and when he was done they started jerking their cocks watching the other two big biker types take their turn defiling my exposed shit covered tits. I stroked them in my leather gloves and they topped off the huge loads of filth with hot ropes of cum leaving me completely desecrated and wetter than I’ve ever been lying on the bathroom floor!

Ass Destruction Lover!

Anal Sex Whore

Ass torture is my favorite, I love having my asshole torn by two hard Big Black Dicks at the same time! I sometimes stay late at work cleaning up and closing the strip club just so I can walk to my car alone. Occasionally I see a couple of black guys lingering in the parking lot selling drugs to the girls who just got off, when I walk to my car I make sure to look vulnerable in my skimpiest clothes and highest heels. I see two guys walking close to my car and give them the signal to get in by rolling down my windows. They come get in the passenger seat and back seat but I know they are hard and waiting to get off with me. I jump into the back seat straddling the lap of the second sexy black man, he grips my waist and pushes my pussy down on his cock letting me soak him. He has no Idea that my hope for the night is that he and his friend stuff my ass with both of their cocks at the same fucking time!

My Offspring Love My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntWhen I have a cum filled cunt my offspring get excited. They love to lick up my mess. And I had one hell of a mess last night because it was Friday. I did a gang bang at a frat house for about 40 frat boys. Rich frat boys too because they all paid $500 each to fuck me bare back. If guys want to dump their seed inside me they can. I can still get pregnant but I’m in my early 40s still, so   it is harder to knock me up. Once upon a time I was very fertile. You could look at me and knock me up. College boys hate to wrap their dicks, but coeds make them. They do not like messy cunts nor do they wanna get knocked up. Me? I love a creampie and so do my girls. I have one son who enjoys sloppy seconds a lot. Honestly, all my boys will get some sloppy seconds when they are horny, but my two older sons will not go down on me like my girls or my youngest teen boy. I am full of creampie sex stories. When I came home last night, I smelled like a frat house. I had the smell of stale beer and cum on me. My cunt and ass were raw and full of jizz. I handed my husband the money I made. He takes care of the finances. I sat on the couch, spread my legs and my loves fell on their knees to clean me up. My baby boy was first in line. He wanted that fresh cum like a baby bird wants s that worm. I do not think he left much cum inside me for his siblings. That was fine by his older brothers. They just wanted to fuck me while my pussy was still ripe and primed. It was another great Friday night with the family.

Hot Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore

As you know, I’m always a slut. But the other night, I was a total anal sex whore and I’ve just got to tell you all about it. So, I usually have a limit on how many dicks I can take in my shitter before it starts to get too stretched out and sore. But the other night, I was the entertainment at a bachelor party, and they had all the good party favors if you know what I mean. So, when they all started fucking my ass, I didn’t even think about when I needed to make them stop. They just kept on fucking me all night.

I woke up the next morning and I felt weird, so I spread my legs and looked at my ass, and oh my God. It was gaping more than I’d ever seen it gape and my cunt was so fucking swollen. I guess it looks that way when you’ve been gang fucked all night long by a bunch of rowdy bachelors. Do you want to hear what they did to me that night? The parts I can remember, anyway? Then get on the phone and give me a call for the dirtiest phone fucking you could ever imagine!

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