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Hooker phone sex is where I get to party and play

Hooker phone sex is where I find some of the nastiest dirty freaks I have met. They like to party and love getting deep in my asshole.  “Fuck you’re hotter than I pictured” you say as you pour some blow down on my mirror. “Plus, I’m nastier than you can imagine too” I say laughing. Once I do some blow my body starts to react. Therefore, either take all my clothes off. “You make any man hard right away” after you do some blow too, you have me bend over.

Hookers phone sex

“A little for your asshole to get numb” you say as you rub some blow on my rose bud. Right away it numbs me up. Then I feel you lick my ass. “You must be hungry” I tease and say. “Let’s do more blow” I say since I’m a druggy slut. The higher I get the looser I get. Then I get hungry for cock, and I get on my knees. After I shove your cock in my mouth your eyes roll to the back of your head like you do when you hit the pipe or do a line. “I want to feed that asshole my load” you moan out as you pop your cock out of my mouth.

Your body is full of adrenaline and cum. Therefore, you shove me down and just ram your cock in my ass. “Fuck me back druggy bitch I’ll feed your ass my sperm and your nose my blow” you moan out as you fuck me. Finally, I feel your cock start to pump cum in me. “I’m not done with you yet baby, we have lots of blow and all night to drain my balls” you say as you have me snort more blow. I don’t care, I’m a Trailer trash whore and that is what I love. 

Anal Cum Dumpster Like You Craves Tranny Dick

Would you admit to being an anal cum dumpster? Most of the guys that call me actually love the idea of it. And what is better is when I get a caller that I will happily transform into a tranny prostitute and whore her out. And this did happen.

Obviously it was not the first call I have had where a guy wanted to be transformed into a Shemale. It does happen alot. Either in forcefully abducting a married man, or he begs and is willingly transformed.

However it is always at my hands. This time I had the wife get in touch with me. She devised a plan and I was more than happy to assist her. This wife was done with her husband. She thought he would be better as a whored out tranny.

Now then once we had him turned into another her, the two of us got to take out use of her. Once she was awake and in shock we introduced her to the new her. I really enjoyed fucking this newly transformed tranny with her wife.

Anal cum dumpster

Anal Sex Whore

I love getting my ass fucked. I love the feeling of having my hole filled with a huge cock and then cum. I love it when I get the cum sucked out of my ass. I love it in all positions. I love it flat on my back, doggy style and even bent over the bed. After a good ass pounding, I want my cunt filled with cum and my mouth filled with cock. I love to taste my juices from a nice big cock.My juices are especially sweet when I am tasting them from a cock and it is mixed with cum. I am greedy for cum, I can’t get enough of it.   I love to impale myself with a big cock and just bounce on it continually till it explodes.

Anal Sex Whore

Once the con explodes I love to rub the cum all over myself. I love to rub it all over my tits and play with my nipples. I also love it deep in my pussy.  Is there anyone out there that wants to fill my every hole?

Step Daddy Likes Fucking his Blonde Teen Anal Whore

Teen Anal Whore Takes Step Daddy Cock

My teen anal whore ass was getting split in half by Daddy’s cock. Mommy was in the next room over, but daddy forced my face into my pillow so she couldn’t hear me moaning. I used to get so scared when my step dad would come home from the bar late. But then I had to try really hard to pretend to hate it. But even when he was drunk off his ass he could tell I was arching my back into him. He knew I liked taking that thick meaty cock in my ass and feeling him pump me full of his cum. 

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Step Daddy was always smart enough to use my asshole so he didn’t accidentally creampie my cunt. But this naughty little whore was desperate for a thick dick inside my sloppy wet pussy. The last time he snuck into my bedroom, I put a plug inside my ass. When he tried to push it inside of his usual cum dump, it slipped inside my cunt instead. The drunk fuck didn’t even stop thrusting. My pussy was getting pounded for the first time and I had to let out those filthy noises.

Daddy Explodes From Dirty Pissing Sex

I pushed my face into the pillow and started to scream into it. My pussy was getting too tingly. I felt like I was going to piss all over myself. I tried to push him off of me, but the horny pervert fucked me harder. His cock slammed into my cervix so fucking hard that I couldn’t control my bladder. So I pissed all over his cock! He loved it. His cock twitched inside my pussy and my step Daddy came from pissing sex with his little step whore. I loved feeling his cum in my cunt. 

Cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sex


Cum eating phone sex makes me feel like the dirty nasty slut that I’ve been called for years. That’s okay though because I love being dirty and nasty. I love when I’m fucked so hard and in every hole. Cum inside every hole and watch it all ooze out. Feed it all to me like a five-star dessert. I love the taste and texture of cum and I want to be completely filled with it.

                A gangbang would be the perfect situation. I could get fucked by five or six guys in every hole and be the slut that I am. By the end, every guy can cum all over my face and tits and body. When I’m nice and covered in all this man cum, I’ll take my finger and collect as much as I can and put it all in my mouth and taste that amazing shit.

                Come over here baby and stick that fat dick in my mouth. I’ll give you the best mind-blowing blowjob that you have ever had in your life. I’ll suck that bitch until I get all that sticky stuff out of it, and it fills up my mouth and belly from swallowing so much.

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Live phone sex           Live phone sex with a nasty cum sucking whore. Red solo cup I fill you up. Let’s have a party. Everyone loves to fill up that red solo cup. Fill me up with it. All of it. Live on the phone in the chat. In a group. As long as you are treating me like a whore and making it nasty. This bitch will make sure to get you off hardcore.

          What’s your poison? Shit. Piss. Down the throat with the cock. Hide the sausage in the ass, with this in mind there is nothing that is wrong. Only very bad and nasty but good at the same time.

          Now we don’t want to waste any time getting you off. Without delay going to get down to the nitty gritty and your deepest darkest and let us not forget nastiest thoughts you have. Like filling me up making me your anal cum dumpster.

          Tight ass. Strong muscles. Squeeze tight around your cock. Have toys must play. Lots and lots of cum. Nothing is my limit. To be sure I love nasty. Drinking down that cum right from that red solo cup. What else are you going to put in it?

Anal cum dumpster Carrie is selling that hole for fun!

Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster Carrie is selling that hole for fun! I know you can’t resist my tight body and my insatiable craving for that sweet, sweet crystal meth. And I know that you’re just itching to get a taste of my hot, wet holes.

You know what I need, Daddy? I need that good stuff. That crystal meth that makes me feel like I’m on top of the world, ready to take on any dick that comes my way. And I know you’re more than willing to help me get it. Because you know what comes with that sweet meth? Me. Ready to be your little fuck puppet.

I bet you’re already salivating at the thought. Seeing me on my hands and knees, my ass up in the air, just waiting for you to fill it with your hard, throbbing cock. You love watching me take every inch of that BBC, feeling it stretch me open while I scream in ecstasy. And don’t worry, Daddy, I know you’re not just gonna leave it at that. You’re gonna make sure I get my fill of those dark, thick, manly cocks. You’re gonna line them up and watch as I wrap my lips around each and every one, taking them in deep and swallowing every thick, creamy load.

I love feeling your cock slide out of my tight little hole and straight into my waiting mouth. I don’t care if it’s been in my pussy or my ass, I’ll lick it clean and beg for more. And you get to watch it all, Daddy. You get to see your little meth whore getting fucked hard and dirty by a bunch of big black dicks.

So come on, Daddy. Let’s make this happen. Let’s get that meth and get me all hot and horny for some wild and dirty BBC phone sex. I guarantee you won’t find anyone else like me, ready and willing to fulfill your every twisted fantasy. Because I am Carrie, the hot methed whore, and I am here to please.


Cum dumpster

Cum dumpster

Come and get me and get a piece of this cum dumpster action. I’m such a whore for it and I just can’t seem to get enough. The harder you fuck me, the more I cum and I know you will cum just as hard. I want a cream pie filling. Cum inside my pussy, inside my ass. Watch it all drip out of my pussy and down my legs, and watch it drip out of my ass and drip down the back of my legs.

                Use me as the cum whore that I am. When you’re done cumming inside me, come in front of me and jack off again and again and get all that creamy, milky liquid all over me. Cum on my tummy, my tits and all over my face. I’ll open my mouth and try and catch what I can and swallow it all down. I know you got a dick full of hot sperm; my tummy will be full!

                Once you’re done getting that cum all over me, I want to play in it and rub it all over myself. I’ll be a huge mess when I’m done, and it will be a glorious sight!

Creampie sex stories from a Anal Cum Dumpster

Creampie sex stories

Im a cum hungry Slut and Creampie sex stories are my addiction! I Need cum on a daily I cant get enough of that sweet hot load a man releases in all my holes. I know too much of anything can be a bad thing but I cant resist. The taste and the feel makes my entire body vibrate. 

My absolute favorite part is When I lay my head back and You have your hand under my chin keeping my mouth wide open as you dip your cock in and out of my mouth hitting the back of my throat. I can feel your cock throb viciously as your about to explode down my throat. My pussy begins to gush and cream from the anticipation of that sweet load landing all over my face and in my mouth. I relish in being your personal cum dumpster and having multiple men shove their cocks in all my holes and take me to pound town! Having each of them release their load all over my body.

Can I be your little play thing daddy? I want to drain your balls until you cant take it anymore!


Anal cum dumpster barely remembers last nights party

I woke up feeling like a used up Anal cum dumpster. Well, I don’t care because I get paid for it. What I remember is that I was getting drunk and high, and I met a few perv daddies. “We buy whores like you houses” he joked. “Whores like me love money and drugs” I said while winking at him. Then he quickly pulled out a baggie of blow and a wad of cash. “As long as you will take any cock I say” he laughed. Right away I dumped some blow on my drug plate and did a few fat lines. Then I started stripping for these party sugar daddies.

“That’s right, show me what my money gets me” he said while throwing some more money at me. “Get on your knees and show us what your slut mouth can do” he demands. Since I did so much blow so quickly, I didn’t care what I was doing, and my throat was numb. Therefore, I took turns sucking them all off. I figured that if I gave them the time of their lives, they would come to party with me often and bring their fat wallets. After a few of their cocks started to leak some thick pre-nut.

Anal cum dumpster

They had an idea. “Let’s see who can last the longest in her asshole. First sugar daddy stood behind me rubbing blow on my asshole as they all cheered on. Then he tried to pound my ass like he was young. But he quickly learned that when I am on blow, I bounce my ass hard and fast. That was all it took, he started pumping my asshole with his sperm just after a few minutes. “I’m going to last longer than you did” someone said as I busted down a few more lines of my favorite nose candy.

One after the other stuffed my asshole with their cock and creampied it, writing down how long it took. After the last one they announced the winner. “You get to keep the whore for the rest of the weekend” they said to the winner. Then handed me another fat wad of cash and left. I made more to be a Trailer trash whore for the winner than I did to get my ass fucked by all of them. But I was high, so I didn’t care or would barely even remember. When I woke up my ass was sore and still dripping with cum.