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Trailer Trash Druggy Whore

No Taboo Phone SexMy cunt gets so wet for crack. That’s right. I’m a trailer trash druggy whore who needs her fix. When I’m dripping wet all over your cock, it’s because I’m thinking about buying and smoking all that ice. I’ll do anything for a hit; anal cum dumpster, sucking big black cocks, even eating your asshole. That’s right, I’m a filthy fucking whore who will do literally whatever you ask. Yeah, there’s nothing I won’t do for a drag of that sweet dream. I’ll even rent out my offspring. I have eight, you know, so I can spare three or four. Do you know how much money I could make off of their young, hard cocks and sweet bald cunts? So much. I know what you’d pay as a PDaddy to be able to play with rugrats. You don’t have to be shy, I actually love to watch them work up on you and fulfill your every fantasy. You want my darlings, and I want my drugs. Let’s make a trade.

Slutty Gangbang whore wife

Gangbang whore

Your turned out your wife because she owes the coke man lots of money. Not just turned out but made her a gangbang whore at that. You got your beautiful blonde wife so fucked up on that coke she loves so much, and then let her loose with four of the biggest dicked coke dealers this side of the state. She had no choice, but in the end she loved being used by all those cocks shoved up her ass and down her throat. You even took a turn in each hole that was full of other men’s cum. You told her what a filthy slut she was as your cock squished inside her and all the other dick cum squished out around your own dick. Look at what you made her, there is no going back to a normal sex life for either of you. You better make sure she gets paid for taking cock, that coke habit can get expensive!

Drunk Girl Fucking Makes For Some Nasty Fun

drunk girl fucking

When I end up at a frat party, you can count on one thing – I’ll be the drunk girl fucking anyone and everyone there who wants a piece of me. When I’m drinking, I get so horny and I will let anyone fuck me. I will put my ankles in the air and wait for everyone who is in the line outside the bedroom has had a turn with me. I hope people want to watch it, too. I bet they’ll cheer for me and tell me what a good little whore I am. That’ll make me cum all over whatever cock happens to be inside me.
Maybe the other women there will get so fucking turned on by watching me get gang banged that they’ll wanna get fucked, too. I’d be more than happy to have another slut or two lie on the bed with me and we can just all get fucked together. It would be amazing to have a sexy woman to make out with while someone is plowing me. I’m getting so turned on just thinking about this. Get on the phone and call me now so we can get it on with each other, baby!

Gangbang Whore Hadley

Gangbang Whore

It was like any other night for this gangbang whore. I was at the strip club and I didn’t have a babysitter so my little son was there watching me dance and gyrate on these men. He must be really proud to have a slut mommy that makes so many dicks hard.

 I had already taken three Cocks right in front of him as he rubbed his little boy dick. I had so much cocaine flowing through my body that I felt like I was flying. So the next logical Choice after leaving the strip-club was to go by my favorite biker bar.

And of course  being the whore mommy that I am…I drug my son along with me. Not one of those hairy, sweaty men cared that my little son tagged along to watch my whore activities.  They still  bent me over the pool table and used my holes the way a good Coke slut should be used. Big slugs in and out of me cumming so deep and making me moan right in front of him. Even though my son’s watching as I masturbate my cum filled pussy.

 I was raised on incest makes  sense that my son and I be lovers sharing my sex escapades. And I know you need all the nasty details in live phone sex with this blonde slut! I’m ready for a P-mommy hot whore fuck now!

White Trash Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpster

My reputation is a filthy one. I have been called every name in the book, I think my favorite so far is white trash anal cum dumpster. A nice long slander to indicate exactly what I am. I was doing my rounds at the crack house to see if I could score some pure coke and get a little dick too. My Dealer screamed put that nobody wanted my pussy but if that ass was open for a train he would hook me up. He got on the phone and was talking and he said you want to come to fuck this white bitch? Oh, you know that white bitch and I knew what would follow the slutty nickname that has followed me for the last few weeks. But can you really blame me? Having my ass packed full of glorious warm sticky cum is so fucking good. And as the men arrived they were rough with me and used my hair as a tether to keep me in place as they filled my gangbang whore ass over the top with load upon load!


Gangbang Whore



Take My Cock During Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sex

I really like taking control of your body. You came to me with questions about if you were gay for wanting shemale phone sex with me. I laughed and wondered if you really knew what I could do to you. I had you take out that beer bottle you were saving and put a condom over the top. We couldn’t have you getting it stuck in your ass with the suction. The neck would be going first all the way until the fat part slide effortlessly into your tight sphincter!  I pumped so coconut oil and my hand and began describing my cock as I slowly stroked it and knew you were an ass virgin. At times like these, I wish I could service every man who was curious about cock on a whore with big tits and lots of experience. I would make your ass a new sloppy wet pussy after I had come down your throat and squirted my tranny cock a few times in your ass. You would be obsessed and never go back to women again! My cock belongs down a good whores throat and deep in a shit cavity for some ass to mouth play!

I’m An Anal Cum Dumpster For Massive Loads

anal cum dumpster

My daddy made me into a good anal sex whore. He used my cunny and tight pink puckered asshole as hs personal playground for years feeding me the good nose candy and telling me that My body would be my only escape form the hood. He was right when Jackson found me on the street corner selling my pussy for a line of coke at a time. He was a massive man who moved kilos and made “home movies” of young whores trying to make a living wage. He brought me to O’ Mileys up the street with a proposal. We were knocking back shot and doing lines in the bathroom between blowjobs and fucking my sweet little ass. In fact, I was auditioning for his next movie. Teens Hooked on BBC, The anal Diaries. He brought me to his set and There waited five black cocks ready to fuck my young drunk ass. I was pulled to the pool outside and there they began filming the drunk sex porn that would help me get my own place and become a name in the stripper industry. Who knew white trash could pay off one day?

I Was The Anal Cum Dumpster

He tricked me today and made me his Bitch. I was high and elated after taking one of my little bitches on and his girlfriend earlier in the morning. He showed up then and decided I was going to be his anal cum dumpster today. He is always so cunning and sweet to me. Always sweet talking me and kissing me sweetly. Those sweet kisses are usually accompanied by his twisted little ways in how he’ll pinch my nipples and nibble my neck. He know just what to do to make me let my guards down. I’m so ashamed in how easy he had me. That cock thrusting in my t-girl ass. The way he stroked my cock as he fucked me like a bitch. I guess all Doms get a little switching sometimes. I must admit though, I really kind of like it.

Anal cum dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster Ready To Play

anal cum dumpster

Ever since I was a young girl I have been an anal cum dumpster whore! I will never forget my first time taking it up the ass and I kind of want to re-live that moment with someone who has a massive cock like he did and someone who equally appreciates filling up my little asshole with cum. I love feeling that cock stretch me open, especially after it’s been some time and my asshole is nice and puckered up. It’s almost as if it’s winking at you and taunting you to enter it. I want you to work that fat cock in nice and slow before you build up a nice fucking rhythm. We’ll feed off of one another’s bodies responses and it won’t be long until we are hitting that much needed spot for both of us. I intend on milking the cum right out of your cock by massaging it with my tight little asshole. I’m already extremely wet thinking about how good it’s going to feel you pump my asshole up full of cum. Once you’ve done that. I will immediately plug it up with my pink jeweled ass plug, so that I can savor that wetness and sensation.

bounty hunter anal fuck

I was on all four’s in a mini skirt the bounty hunters cock was pressed against my asshole. Last time I got chased they excepted my form of payment and now this fat asshole decided a blowjob wasn’t enough. His chubby thick cock head pushed into my asshole with ease. It did need a little bit more spit then he was willing to get. His body was sweating all over me as he huffed and puffed drilling my asshole so i wouldn’t be taken to the slammer for being the little prostitute whore I was. I needed to make quick work of him. He gripped my hair and started to fuck my brown eye harder and faster, his sweaty body slamming into mine as he was about to hit his peak! He poured his cum in my used asshole and let me go.

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