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Hardcore Orgy Porn is Hot to Watch but Hotter to Make

hardcore orgy pornI made a hardcore orgy porn last night. We were all hired for the same guy. He does this once a month. He hires me and my sons and daughters for a family orgy. He is super rich but never married. No brats of his own. I get it. He wants a family fuck fest, so he hires us because we can make it seem real for him. This time he wanted me to film it. My little sluts are naturals in front of the camera. They love to perform. In fact, I think they all have a future in porn. My middle daughter has already told me she wants to be a porn star. It is an honest profession. I will encourage my daughters to be in the sex industry. I mean why not profit off their natural abilities. Teen sluts fucking is a wonderful thing. Daddy and I always encourage our angels to be whores. This client last night loves all my brats, even the boys. He pays well. His only request is that the girls call him daddy. They love that. Even the boys call him daddy. We all worshiped our rent a daddy’s cock and balls. Plus, we licked his ass. He loves that. Not sure why he has never married.  He is older than me, rich as fuck and handsome. He spoils us, especially me. I always get gift cards to local spas to pamper myself. He has the stamina of a 20-year-old boy. He can fuck my ass, cum and be hard to fuck one of my daughters a minute later. He used my son as an anal cum dumpster too. My youngest son is bisexual naturally. He loves to take a daddy dick in his ass. When we got home, we watched the video I made and fucked some more. We loved watching ourselves in action.

Trailer Trash Whore Meets Daddy For The First Time

I am a trailer trash whore but the only man that can soften me up is daddy. Mom ran off because she was a druggy whore and I only met him when I was already the trailer trash whore mom made. The first time I met him I thought he was a trick, and I took all my clothes off before daddy could say a word. 

Trailer trash whore

He was stomped by my body and actions. Once I realized he was my daddy I was embarrassed but he held me on his lap naked. Daddy asked what kind of life I have lived, and I had to tell him about the first night he left. My mother was so drugged out she didn’t realize her druggy friend had snuck into my room. He pulled his big black cock out and forced it down my throat. I could barely breathe, and it was too big that I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough. That is when he slapped me and pushed me down on my belly. He ripped my Jammies and panties off, as I told daddy my story his hands ran up and down my thighs getting closer to my cunt. When I told daddy how he shoved his big black in my tight asshole, he pushed his finger in my Sloppy wet pussy. Daddy finger fucked my pussy as I told him about the first time i became an Anal cum dumpster and I got a cock forced in my asshole. I came so hard on daddies’ fingers, and he told me he would protect me. I’m still a trailer trash whore but when daddy is around, he makes love to me as we talk about the things I do when he isn’t around. 

Viva Colombia

druggy phone sex

Coke is fun and all, but visiting my family and friends in Medellin, Colombia (also known as the cocaine capital), I discovered something new! The pink powder substance was esthetically pleasing at first sight. At first, I thought it was makeup, candy, or even an art powder. To my dismay, it was going to be the best drug ever.

I went to a guaracha party, a word in Spanish that means a dance party, and the music was terrific. It put me in a trance, with a few lines of Tucibi 2C for short. My god, is it so popular in Colombia? I couldn’t believe I couldn’t find this in Miami thus far. It put me in such a good mood and made me want to fuck everyone. It was such a wild ride I can’t even talk about it in only one blog! Stay tuned to hear all about my fun and how 2c is becoming the hot topic in druggy phone sex for me. Viva Colombia, papa!🇨🇴

Trailer Trash Whore Becomes Strangers Anal Cum Dumpster

Being a trailer trash whore has always been easy for me and has its advantages.

Trailer trash whore

I know I will always make money being a lot lizard. I just have to walk around and as soon as any horny guy with money sees me, they pick me up. Sometimes I don’t even try I was walking from the store and right away a guy pulls up next to me asking me I’m a good analyst sex whore. I am and we agreed on a price. When we got to my place, he asked me to bend over and spread my legs he wanted to get a good look of my asshole. I bent over my table I had my blow on and spread my ass cheeks for him. As he stuffed his face in my ass, smelled and licked my ass I did a rail. Being high makes it fun when a guy shoves his fat cock in my asshole and that is what he did. He pounded my asshole like he was mad at it. I just kept getting high as I took his pounding, it was like he wasn’t even there to me. Finally, he filled my asshole up and I knew I could milk him for more money by letting him make me his Anal cum dumpster.

Secret stash of coke

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My stepdad loves coke so much. Since I got into doing lines of blow, I’ve gotten addicted. I will tell you that I am spending recklessly and have gotten away with stealing some of my mom’s money. My dealer was out of town one weekend, so I needed coke severely. The mollies weren’t doing it for me. I know how crazy molly is with such a fucking vibe, but I wanted some angel dust. The numbing effect was what I was chasing. I went into my stepdad’s stash and did some blow. I got so fucking horny that I began to rub my sloppy wet pussy and had no idea he was behind me, jerking himself off to me. It was then that I knew that this fucker would be using me for his pleasure, so I made sure to use it from his stash.

Hookers for hire Tranny Girls

Many guys really love the idea of getting with a hot tranny. This is such a demand that many sexy shemale women are Hookers for hire. I for one used to be a sexy assed shemale escort. I did quite well, and still could. I have a few of my choice regulars that indulge in me in a big way.

Mind you I can not discuss those days too much, as I don’t want men to get the wrong idea. I will not meet up with you. Ever. Now, we have that cleared up, and we can get into fantasy play. I have a very rather lover that has flown me all over to hang out with him on his trips away from home. He is a family man with a happy marriage. Ha ha ha… money and ignorance is a good mix for some women to not have a clue of things.

Hell she is kept well. He is not interested in her sexually. He enjoys his chosen few shemale companions. I have been one of his for many years now. He spoils and pays for my time and why I was off for a couple of weeks. I was off enjoying some Sun and pleasure.

We had some of the best anal fucking fun together. If you love to entice in a filthy behind the scenes and classy in front kind of She cock femme fatale then we need to play!

Hookers for hire

Trashy Anal Whore

Crack Whore Anal Bobbie (2)

I don’t mind getting nasty with the right group of men cause not every man wants a filthy whore like me. I’m the one that will do literally anything with your cock as long as you fuck me as hard as you can stretching me out deep.  I’m the bitch you call to satisfy those needs your girl would never even think of trying because she doesn’t care to please you. Fuck me until I shit all over you than spread it across my tits and my face, let your friends nut all over me and gag me with your cock until I vomit on that thick hard shaft. I love being covered in everything your willing to give me babe-even sprinkle that gold shower into my mouth then lean in for a taste. I know your friend needs me to shit in his mouth once I cum again, so hold him down while I shove this asshole right over his lips while he scoops it with his tongue all around my walls.

doing lines at the wedding

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I love getting high anywhere. If you think I am sober at all, you are wrong. It doesn’t matter where I’m at graduation, church, a wedding, even a little birthday. I’m the kind of girl who loves to get blasted and needs to feel like I am high enough to be even in the moment.

It’s going to make me wet as fuck, and will have me letting me be your fisting whore once I get my pussy all wet from doing lines of blow. Last weekend I attended my friend’s wedding and let a random guy fuck me in the porta-potty down the road. All the bathrooms were occupied, so I let him fuck me in the dirty portapotty. When you are high, you will do anything to get cock.

Anal Cum Dumpster Gives The Best Lot Lizard Sex

An Anal sex whore like me knows how to be a lot lizard and sell her asshole for blow and doe. Like a usual trailer trash whore, I wanted to get high and party all night long, so I needed money.

Anal cum dumpster

I went to my favorite truck stop where i knew i would be able to be a nasty Anal cum dumpster for someone with the right amount. A trucker pulled up to me and I got in his trailer, he gave me a handful of bills and a bag of blow. He wanted me for the night and wanted a good Anal sex whore. I stuffed the money in my bag and on his back bed he had a mirror I used to dump the blow on. As I made my rails, I felt him rubbing his cock on my asshole. Then with a hard push as I snorted my powder, he shoved his cock deep in my asshole. He wasn’t playing about making me his Anal cum dumpster and fucked my hole hard. Good thing I was getting high, or it would really hurt. I just kept doing my blow and letting him fuck his lot lizard Anal cum dumpster he purchased. He sped up his pounding until I felt his cock pumping semen in my asshole, finally he was done.

Pump My Ass Full

anal sex whoreYou had me pinned to your desk with my little skirt over top of my ass feeling my ass cheeks and my soaking wet pussy. I felt you squeeze my ass cheek and then push me on my knees. You took out your long hard cock and didn’t even let me take a breath. You grabbed my head and pushed your cock all the way into my throat, choking me. I choked and gagged on your cock as you held me down making sure it was dripping with my saliva. You stood me up and before I was able to catch my breath you bent me over your desk again. I felt a finger slide into my ass home making me gasp and then moan at how fucking good it felt. I felt you add 2 more and almost screamed at how fucking full it already felt. You pumped my ass with your fingers so fucking fast making me so fucking close to cuming. I felt you take them out and start to push the tip of your cock into me I screamed in pain and pleasure as you pushed it all the fucking way in. You fucked me so fucking hard and fast until you filled my little shit hole all the fucking way up.