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My Cock Sucking Slut J

I have a few great lovers that are really my favorites. And I always miss them when I don’t hear from them. As a sexy gal of Shemale phone sex there is no shortage of horny men for a hot fit babe with a secret package waiting to be exposed. I love to indulge in the surprise aspect of them not knowing.

Here’s the set up: Me sexy and alluring in the upscale hotel lounge working my circuit as a prostitute seeking out the lonely and solo traveling business man. These guys are so easy to spot. I walk in and scan the room quickly as I approach the bar for my usual Martini, extra dry. I sip and wait for the approach, or vice versa I slip in next to my potential client and get my drink making flirtatious small talk.

This occasion, our eyes meet as soon as I walk in. We have a few drinks and kiss a little. I move my hand to his leg and whisper that we should go to his room for more fun. We barely make it to the room before stripping each other. It doesn’t take long for him to find my surprise and he shyly takes my shecock into his mouth.

I force his face down on me and to suck me giving him his first taste of cum. He is not big at all and is therefore officially my bitch. I take that sweet ass forcing his legs up and that hole exposed. He panics a little and grunts with the bigness of my shecock breaking open his virginal mancunt. I spread him and he lubes up and soon he is pushing back on my cock and squirting.

Shemale phone sex

They Love My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntWhat is better than a cum filled cunt? A cum filled ass according to my daughters. I am enjoying having them around for summer break. I came home from a gangbang last night dripping wet. Both holes dripping with cum from frat boys. It was my monthly rich boy frat house party. This frat house is nothing but silver spoon rich boys. They have trust funds and can afford to hire a mature hooker once a month. I love it. It pays well and all those young cocks are so hard for me. No dick issues ever with frat boys. Hell, they can drink a gallon of booze and never suffer drunk dick. After my gangbang frat nights, however, I am full of more cum than a street whore. My belly is full too. Those college studs make sure I always have a cock in a hole. Sometimes a few, LOL.  I am a gangbang whore. My little angels and my not so little teen daughters were waiting up for me. Do you know why? Because they are dirty cum whores just like me. I was bottle fed cum. I grew up big and strong with a healthy addiction to male seed. I passed that love for cum down to my daughters. I stumbled in about 4 am and they were on the couch waiting up. Even my bi boy was there waiting for his creamy treat. I love my offspring. They take great care of their mommy whore. I was sore and oozing cum, but my greedy cum whores cleaned me up and soothed my tired asshole and cunt. My girls like to wiggle their tongues up my cum filled ass and snowball it with each other. I love watching them enjoy cum so much. They always seem sad when they have sucked it all out. This is why they make such great hookers for hire. They are natural cum junkies. The apples never fall far from this tree.

Cum Dumpster Party Whore

I was drunk at a party with all my friends acting like fucking whores. My friend dared me to pull out my perky tits out in front of everybody at the table. My friend started sucking on my nipples and all the black bulls in the room started cheering her on. I looked around and could see their BBCs poking through their pants. My friends and I talked amongst us and made a bet on who could take the most dick. I know I am the best whore so I went up to the biggest cock I could see poking out and whispered in his ear to meet me in the bathroom.

Big dick sucker


There I was waiting bent over like a slut with my legs spread open. He came in right away pulling his big black cock out and pushing it inside my wet ass hole. One after another my friends and I made a trip to the bathroom with a different dick to fuck every time. We talked again and took count. I was neck to neck with my best friend so I went up to two best friends and told them to pull their dicks out so I could suck them. As I sucked their big black dicks everyone cheered, that is when they bent me over and fucked me in front of everyone. When they filled my holes up with their thick nuts, I looked at my girls and told them I won! I’m the best cum dumpster.

Pretty sweet invesment

cum dumpster

I’m a pretty terrible mommy, and it makes me proud. See, beauty is everything to me, and I take pride and being one of the hottest escorts in town. Every time I get pregnant with one of those rugrats, I get fat as fuck. I’m lucky my guys love me in any size or shape. Plus, it is for an excellent cause to be pregnant. Its a safekeeping for me and what you call an investment of sorts. Yes, I treat my girls like money bags for me. They take me away from the game for about a year. I make sure that one year will give me 10-100 X more in cash value. I spent a year fat and dedicated to nurturing this wee one. You bet your ass this Minnie me is going to work her ass off as I do, and all my sisters did, my mom and aunts, and grandma. We are a line of hookers, and it will never stop. Drugs and sex, and beauty rule me. I know my limits and how to balance it all out. I’m quite the cum dumpster and will live it up.

Stretch My Ass

Anal Cum Dumpster

There’s something Devilish about this new dress; I could almost taste those two cocks across the street. My senses are quicker than before-maybe it’s because I’m a cum whore, but I really want to know what they taste like. I walked right up to them like no other bitch would, I know what I want and make sure I get it before another cunt could. “Shoulda, coulda, woulda and did fuck that cock” is my motto. My friends are always telling me to let my pussy rest for a little, but I’m addicted. I took the last drag of my cigarette and took a quick line from my necklace vile. Today I chose to listen- I sucked on their light skin cocks and fit them both up my ass. OMG was I glad I pulled them into the alley onto that old couch hehe. They were stunned at first-but their dicks couldn’t say no. One up my ass-one in my mouth-fucking the daylights out of me. I love that they couldn’t help but moan while they both fucked and filled my asshole.

Anal Stretching

Anal Cum Dumpster

              I got caught up in having so much fun I forgot how the world shut down about 2 years ago; we all changed as well as the lives around us, or should I say- we were all exposed along with this filthy fucked up world. I’ve been making up for all the missed cock-I forgot my friend Kim needed to get tested with her munchkins and boy is her story deep. I thought I was the nastiest bitch in town, but turns out-she took all her shit out this week, literally. I took her in for an exam & waited for at least an hour- she came out with her youngsters glowing! Since she was so late on getting tested-her doctor needed to thoroughly test them with the help of his assistant. Kim had her ass cheeks spread out nice and wide by his assistant while her doctor stuffed his thick cock inside slowly, stretching that virgin ass. She never took cock so big in that tight ass of hers before, but my gosh did she love his! The way she still moans while describing that thick hard meat stick mmmm makes me want to eat them both! I knew I heard her moaning by the window of the exam room while I smoked my cigarette. I thought it was just memories from last night still lingering around my mind. Kim made sure to let him know NOT to stop fucking her until his dick was smothered in all of her shit. But it didn’t stop there-her little ones needed to be tested too she claimed. Kim and the assistant helped walk them through it very well. Holding their arms, rubbing their backs while both their tight assholes were stretched so nicely. Their doctor let his assistant and Kim slurp his cock up nice and clean after. She made sure they were well taken care of but of course keeping samples for the test was why any of this had to be done to begin with, according to Kim. Now I thought I could wait, but clearly I waited long enough. I set up an appointment with him next week, I can’t wait for him to fuck the shit out of me with that juicy cock. I want him to smack his assistant in the face with it while she smears her fingers through my shit. Now I’m proud of Kim for being a new anal whore, maybe I can take her out into town on the weekends!

having a ball sucking on balls for an eight ball

cum dumpster

One of the best feelings is to have a cum dumpster slut like me at your beck and call. Ever since I can remember, I have done it all for some drugs. I used to suck off the teacher to share some of the coke he would bring to campus in class. I am well aware of my surroundings and have a good judge of character. If I see that someone looks like they can give me a high, I go ahead, taking it without thinking twice. My cunt is always wet and needs both dick and drugs. It’s how I roll, and I can thank my momma for that one. When you grow up in a house full of whores you tend to pick up traits of sluts. I’m not complaining; I’m thankful because I live life having a ball sucking on balls for an eight ball.

Daddy’s Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum dumpster I love being a slutty cum dumpster for my daddy. He loves when I come up to him after he’s had a long day to make him feel all better. I love to walk up to him and pull down his pants and ask for his permission to suck on his huge cock. He loves when I give the tip of his huge cock a big wet kiss and then lick from his filled balls all the way around his tip. Daddy doesn’t like when I tease him, so he grabs my hair and shoves my fucking head all the way down on his fat cock. He loves to make me gag and choke on his cock before he takes it out of my mouth and shoves it in my tight little wet pussy. Daddy loves to fuck my tight cunt hard and fast while I scream for him to cum inside of me. Daddy loves to cum inside of his daughters tight fucking cunt making her his little breeding whore. I love being daddy’s breeding whore his hard cock makes my pussy so fucking wet.

Big dick sucker- Bobbie

Big dick suckerI’m such a Big dick sucker, but I don’t just suck, I come at his cock with a ravenous hunger that tingles on the surface of my skin and flows through my whole body from my thighs to my great big tits. I bob my face deep down so that he prods my cheeks far back and my tongue can swish him from side to side. I’m not about to let him go, not now that I have a taste of him and my needs are flaring into focus. I’m a dirty whore who knows exactly what she needs and if I let a man run the moment I have him in my grasp I’ll never get even a little satisfaction. I drink of him, working him like he deserves to be worked, or at least I need him to deserve it so I can justify putting my all into his big dirty thick cock without having to explain to myself why there’s not someone behind me reaming my big tight ass with their rigid iron like the Anal cum dumpster I am. My eyes rolled back on first seeing it and my toes tingled, and now I’m drinking him up and fucking him with my face. I’m absolutely a dirty cum slut ready for his huge dick and potent loads. I’m experienced enough I can tell exactly how much he needs me, I can feel his intoxicating waves of potent lust, and they do wonders to my slutty cumwhore body. His desire and my needs force me to drip between my legs and moan throatily, and my fingers find their place where they belong deep in my needy cunt because I simply can’t handle it anymore without any relief. I’m too hot, too worked up, I’m a Creampie slut and I need his dick in my raw pussy now!

Anal Cum Whore

Anal cum dumpster

My daddy fucked me hard in my ass this morning before he left for work and guess what? My brother watched so he could learn how to fuck me when dad isn’t home. My family loves having fun with each other. Every weekend we make sure we have some hot family sex with each other. It keeps our bond so much stronger. My mom and dad takes turns fucking and sucking my pussy every night before bed and every morning before school. My brother hasn’t fucked me yet but I’m planning on giving him to tight chocolate pussy tonight after family dinner. I want him to feel what this dirty black pussy feels like. Now that that he is a little older I think he is ready to have a piece of my creamy pie. “Bend over and spread your fucking ass cheeks you dirty nigger.” “Hmm yes daddy!” I was always such an obedient and submissive little whore. Whatever daddy told me to do I did it with no hesitation. Daddy spit in my asshole and shoved his big hard cock inside of me. “Oh my God Da— “Shut the fuck up bitch and take this fucking dick.” He smacked my ass and fucked me harder pulling my hair with one hand and fingering my clitoris with his other hand. “Yes, daddy don’t stop!!” My brother was jerking his black cock seconds away from cumming. “This tight shitty asshole feels so fucking good! Who’s your daddy bitch?” “Hmmm fuck you are daddy! You are!” I arched my back and throw my fat ass back on his rock-solid anaconda dick. Daddy’s cock was so fucking huge. The deeper he got the wider my ass stretched. “I’m gonna cum in this dirty ass. Here I cum!! Ughhhhh fuck yeah!!” “Ohhhhhh yesss my ugh!” Daddy filled my ass with his creamy load. I was his anal cum whore and I was loving every minute of it.

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