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Drunk Phone Sex Round 1


drunk phone sex“Drunk phone sex is all you do anymore!” My college roomate belted out.  She wasn’t wrong, lately, I was glued to my phone talking about cocks from around the world entering in my temple and leaving me with loads and loads of the jizzy juice.  After high school I was 2 things, drunk and filled with random cum.  Sorry mom.

It was the perfect combination.  A few drinks to take the edge off.  Some of the tricks I’ve had to pull can be rough.  If they pay, I play. So staying drunk was key.  I realized my love for drinking and sex talk once I had a trick schedule a long session. I waited around at the Motel 6 forever. I finally walked over to the gas station and splurged on an Old English 40.  Those suckers are tasty. Liquid gold, some call it.

I got a buzz fast off my drink of choice for the evening. This dude still hadn’t showed up.  I scheduled this one through a site online at the time called PageBack or something like that.  The dude had already paid so why was I wasting my clients money. I started talking to him about if I was with him.  We got into the extreme details laying out what types of juices were coming out of each of our mouths, holes, etc.  Our spits, cum, and sweat intertwined as that cock deeply penetrates my deepest darkest spots of my slut holes.  You quite literally went to places in my body, no man has gone before.

To that, I say, come back again soon.  Cheers to that!

Drunk Sex Porn For my Son

Drunk sex Porn Drunk sex porn for my son gets really raunchy and dirty. Being a dirty trashy mommy is just one side of me. I guess I’m not quite used to exposing my secrets about incest. My new Husband encourages me to fuck my own offspring. I find it extremely pussy wetting but I find myself needing some Southern comfort or Jose. Getting drunk helps me let my resistance down so my young son fills my whore holes up. Now, It’s never been a private show with my boy. I have always had a John or my man watching as I suck him off.

My son knows he cums last when it comes down to mommy making her money for some booger sugar or Rock. That’s right my young son enjoys my anal cum dumpster ways long before he gets to fuck me.  I started out with his baby boy self fisting my cunt and ass. I have only progressed to being a whore mommy for him recently. The drunker I get to be able to fuck him, the more he wants to have proof that he has fucked me. In my fucked up state I let him take out his phone and watch his drunk mommy fuck him on video. And of course, he is showing it off to his friends. I already had calls from a couple of concerned daddies who say they need to come see me. I know they really just want to get me drunk and watch me fuck my own offspring!

Tranny Phone Sex Sexline where the Curious Cum for Josie

Tranny Phone Sex Sexline where the Curious Cum for Josie. Don’t be shy for the craving my sexy she cock. As a matter of fact many of those sexy prostitutes have a special something.

In fact You watch these gorgeous hookers working the casino lounge. Of course you are getting a throbbing cock watching them. However they are not what you think.

Obviously these special girls are just like I am. We have hot sexual bodies and a surprise. A shemale surprise in fact. And this is where things get interesting.

So as I am a special lady, and it really is not obvious. Beyond the nice nearly nine inches of cock, I am quite feminine. One would have to get into my panties to find out otherwise.

Interestingly enough, I somehow doubt you would throw a fit. I will have you so into me and worked up with our foreplay and making out. You will still have no idea I have a dick. It’s moment of reveal is the very moment you are at a point of no return.

Tranny phone sex

Bobbie is known for being an anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster

In my case, anal sex has become addictive. I’ll never forget the first time I tried it. My young boyfriend had been pressuring me for weeks to try it. I said as long as he got me lubed up and stopped if I wanted him to, my ass was his. I’d had some dirty phone sex sessions about anal and I felt ready. As soon as he penetrated my sweet pink asshole, I felt pain that quickly turned to the most intense pleasure.

I felt my pussy throb in response and my clit became stiff and sensitive. I came like never before, and I haven’t stopped since. I love the sensation of hot cum filling my back door, then sliding out and dripping down my crack and onto my thighs. I love the second before that hard cock breaks through and pushes its way inside, and I feel my asshole tighten and then loosen in response. I love how I can reach my fingers inside my pussy and feel that hard cock in my ass through my pussy walls.

Most of all, I love how my orgasms from anal sex are so strong that they make me weak.
When the men in my life find out how hot I am for a stiff dick in my butthole, they almost beat down my door to get some more of me. I can’t wait for the next load of cum to shoot of that hard cock while I rub my hard clit, cumming so hard that I scream. My ass is a cum dumpster for my fuckbuddies, and they are more than willing to provide the drop-offs. Guess I’ve become an anal sex whore after all.

Druggy Whore Wants You to Get Fucked Up With Her

Druggy phone sexGet me high and I will become the nastiest whore whose only mission will be to get you so high you feel as horny as I do. There’s no need for me to have all of the fun. I have a stash that rivals whatever you’ve got in your medicine cabinet and better than what you can get from your dealer. Let’s get completely fucked up and you can fuck me as much as you want. I’ll give you a little booty bump and eat that ass until it’s numb. I prefer meth, however, because it makes me so horny. I’ll let you have a few hits of my crystal that will take you to the stratosphere, making you a fucking machine. I’ll even bring some of my teen friends over who are ready to be tired out by your cock. Every single time you get high with me you turn into a sex god. I can barely take it as you pump me and squirt inside my holes, still ready to cum some more.

Trailer trash whore sells lil sis to be an Anal cum dumpster

When you are a good Trailer trash whore, you know exactly how to spot a nasty pervert with money. The ones that will pay anything to fulfill their perversions. You’ll be lured in by my young sexy looks. I am the big sister you need to pay to use her preteeny sister. Once I get my money in hand, I know that is all I need. All you want is her little body, so when I walk in with her you are watering at the mouth. As she undresses you pull your hard old perv dick out. Your big hands run up and down her flat chest, pinching her small nipples.


That dick bounced and started leaking. It was easy to make her bend over and spread her legs because I have been training her to be a good whore. It would be the perfect way to make money. Look at you now you handed over everything I wanted just to be here now. Your watering mouth started licking and eating her cunty. “Ooh baby you have been starving for a kiddy cunt”. All you wanted was to get her wet so you could make her into your Anal cum dumpster.


Trailer trash whore

My cunt was wet from watching you abuse her and the lines of blow I was doing, I spread my legs for her to lock. She always did, especially when John’s filled me up. Then you slammed your cock in her little asshole. Her screams muffled into my cunt as you used her little butthole to jack you off. I came in her mouth and made her snort some blow. It was all she needed to start fucking your cock back. That is all your pcock needed to fill her up with that big load of semen you were holding in.

White Trash Whore Want Hardcore Fuck

White trash phone sexWhat brings you to the trailer park? There’s nothing but white trash whores over here. We’re wild cum sluts who would always like to make an extra dollar. We’ll do anything to keep paying our rent. I will suck your cock until your balls are completely drained of cum, even if you have to cum in my throat ten times. You can rip my ass apart as you anally fuck me, ruining my asshole for good. Have you ever had someone’s tongue sweep between your balls and your asshole, tongue fucking you and polishing your balls while stroking your cock? Basic whores won’t even suck the tip of your cock. You can fuck the shit out of us trailer trash sluts and we’ll still be wet enough to feed you all our pussy juices right after, 69’ing you while I gag on your dick. Nothing is off-limits, and I can take a pounding like the best of them. Want to take a ride on the Whore Express?

Being a Big dick sucker and Anal cum dumpster is how I make my living

It isn’t just about being a good Big dick sucker. That is why I was taught to use all my holes to get what I want. By the time I was very young I had made my mother enough money to keep me fed and her drug fix filled. I also was making money on the side by selling my young cunty to my friend’s dad. I still see him now, but now I get lots more than I did from him before.

Big dick suckerWhen you come, you come with my favorite nose candy. It is what you always called it when you would get me high and fuck me. I get as high as I want, and you don’t mind it makes it better when I fuck you. I’ll twerk my sexy ass on your cock showing you what a good filthy whore I am. You don’t even care that my last trick was leaving as you were coming in, or that my cunt is still dripping semen loads out of me as you shove your cock inside me using it to lube up for my ass.


You will be fucking my ass like you do every time that is why you pay me. All you need me to be is an Anal cum dumpster, because your wife isn’t. We both need our fix just like and that is why you come to me. We give each other what we both need. My holes make me my money and you love that about me it makes your cock hard and that is why you leave with your wallet and balls empty.

Cream Pie Brown Eye!

Anal cum dumpster

Cream Pie Brown Eye

Last night I decided to make a bet with my friend. Who can be the biggest Anal cum dumpster? Who can walk around with the most loads dripping out of their filthy little asshole. 

I am a competitive little slut and would do just about anything to win. With that in mind, I went to the truck stop and put up a sign for Cream pie in a brown eye for $20 bucks a shot. The response that I got was ridiculous. The line was at least 20 guys long and I knew I needed to knock them out fast. So I headed to the shower stahl and told them all we were going to run a train.  

Man after man fucked that little asshole of mine. Stretching it out and pouring their cum deep into it. I had at least 25 loads in my cum dumpster when I showed up to my friend. I bent over and pushed, letting it all pour out for her to see.

I’m a whore always


Teen anal whore


As a party slut I am always hitting up all kinds of parties. Night clubs, college frat parties, and raves. you name it, and I am all over it. I love to get all fucked up and love feeling the facts of ecstasy hit my body. A couple of of lines and I’m open for all types of fun. You’re only young ones, and when you get the urge to party in a way that you haven’t before, it’s fun. One of the hottest parties of the summer was about to start, and I couldn’t miss it I took a colorful pill, and within minutes I was doing what a teen anal whore does, and I got a cock right away. There I was, all dizzy and giggling. The effects were full-on raging in me.. Besides how I felt, my cunt couldn’t quit dripping. Woah I am horny as hell I need to be double penetrated.