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Sloppy Wet Truck Slut

sloppy wet pussy Hello, boys! I had a really wild orgy today at the truck stop and I’d love to fuck my sloppy wet pussy with a dildo while I tell you about it. You know you wanna hear all that jizz that’s just oozing out of my fuck hole! I love the sound of it sloshing around on that dildo while I rail myself with it. I bet you’ll break out your lube and start stroking so I can hear that, won’t you? You’re a pretty fucking nice guy like that. I hope we can time it so that we cum together.

If not, don’t worry. I can cum over and over again. So, if I happen to blow without you, you don’t have to worry that I’ll leave you hanging. This trailer park whore would be more than happy to rub her pussy over and over again until you’re ready to shoot your load. I bet you’re going to get really turned on by the things I did today. Are you ready to hear what kinds of things I did with those horny truckers and their friends? I hope you can stomach some of the sick things I like to do with cum.

Freaky phone sex whore Quinn

freaky phone sex

I’m looking for a hot and freaky phone sex Daddy to use my filthy fuck holes. I’m the dirty, cum junkie slut of your dreams. I spend my days bouncing from trap house to trap house, trading my hot cunt for the magic, powdery stuff that every wild bitch loves. Party sluts like me never stop! I have plenty of stories I could tell you about being used by Daddy and traded by Mommy, when I was just a little thing. They made me the nasty, cum loving party whore that I am today. Getting fucked up and having my fuck holes packed with cum is all I know and all I care about. You won’t regret calling me for a quick release. I’m the ghetto, gutter whore you need tonight!


My Son is a Creampie Slut Like Me

creampie slutI am not the only creampie slut in my family. I may have been the first one. I may have been the one to pass on the love for cum, but now I have a family of cum whores. That includes my boys too. My youngest son is my kinkiest boy. He takes more after me. I never met spunk I did not want to eat. I will eat cum out of an ass. I will eat cum out of a pussy. I will lick cum off the floor. My favorite is to just guzzle it from a cock, but because I am a cum whore, I will eat it anywhere. My son is the same way. When I was done fucking his father and his brothers last night, he cleaned me up. But his cum was inside me too. I was a family cum dumpster last night. No one had school today so they could stay up late. My baby boy was the last man standing. That is because he wanted to clean out the mess. I was covered in jizz too. Cum was on my tits. Cum was oozing out of my cunt and ass. I even had chunks of jizz in my hair and on my face. My little cum guzzler even got the jizz that spilled out of my holes on to the floor. Most men will not even kiss me after I give them head, and here was my boy eating his own cum, his brothers’ cum and his daddy’s cum from his mother’s pussy. I think he is more of cum guzzling slut than me. I had cum in every nook and cranny of my body, but he did not miss a drop of jizz. He loved cleaning me up. He got erect again just eating the cum off my body. I let him spooge on my tits if he promised to lick it up. Very few men clean up their messes, so I am grateful that my baby boy is such a cum loving boy.

Two Girls, One Bathroom

Live phone sex

My best friend and I work together for older men who need help keeping their space clean. A man named Don told us we were both sexy little things! We loved that so we decided to give him a show while we were cleaning the bathroom. I brought my toys out of my cleaning bag and we slowly stripped down as he watched from his bed. I grabbed my pink anal dildo and sucked it down my tight little throat to get it soaking wet for her asshole! He loves watching us. We sucked each other’s assholes out nice and clean for that extra lubrication and laid out on the floor. She hovered her sexy ass over my face and backed down slowly onto the dildo as Don watched us fuck he had his cock out jerking away! We did not stop until he busted from his cock and we helped clean him up!

Four Dicks One Girl

Crack Whore AnalLet’s go back to the first gangbang I enjoyed. I met up with my brother’s friends because he was supposed to take me home-but we fucked instead. I always found Chris attractive, and I knew he knew because he would always flirt back. It was when he slipped out his cock by the subway that I knew how much he really liked me. He had three of his other guy’s meet us- but he was already balls deep in my cunt when they arrived. When his friends came by-they asked no questions, just hopped on me or should I say into me hehehe. One stuck his cock straight down my throat, the other up by ass and the last waiting for the right moment to double cock my ass. Chris knew I was already loaded up on crack so I wasn’t feeling anything but euphoria. I just didn’t expect the trip to escalate from a simple flirt into a subway gangbang.



Blonde Fucking Whore

blonde fuckingI am a blonde fucking whore. I was not born a blonde, but I have been blonde since the 80s. Blondes do have more fun. Black guys love blondes. I think we are a novelty to black guys. They love the contrast and the difference from black women. Black guys, however, are not the only guys who prefer blondes. No, I am not talking about gentlemen. I am talking about boys. Young boys love blonde cougars. Boys are conditioned from porn to think blondes are more fun and wilder in the sheets. Most porn stars are blonde. Most porn stars look like me to a schoolboy: blonde, buxom and mature. Now that school is over for the summer, I must find my horny schoolboys elsewhere. During the school year, it is easy because the bus stop is in front of my trailer. The boys come by for a ball draining in the morning and after school. Now, that it is summer, I can pick up horny boys at the trailer park pool, the beach and the skate park. Young boys love a blonde trashy milf. This weekend, I was at the trailer park pool. No one is ever there but me and horny youngsters. I cram my big tits into a tiny bikini top and shake my goods. I draw them to me like moths to a flame. I remind them of their moms, or porn stars. They think I will do anything a porn star will. The reality is I will do a lot more than any porn star will. I will let a bunch of young boys gang bang my old twat and ass at the trailer park pool in the daylight. This weekend, I must have taken 40 or some loads from every boy in my trailer park. Some of them I fucked a few times. Nothing hotter than being a cum dumpster for young boys. I am teaching them that women that look like me are there for their sexual pleasure. And, we are.

Pretty sweet invesment

cum dumpster

I’m a pretty terrible mommy, and it makes me proud. See, beauty is everything to me, and I take pride and being one of the hottest escorts in town. Every time I get pregnant with one of those rugrats, I get fat as fuck. I’m lucky my guys love me in any size or shape. Plus, it is for an excellent cause to be pregnant. Its a safekeeping for me and what you call an investment of sorts. Yes, I treat my girls like money bags for me. They take me away from the game for about a year. I make sure that one year will give me 10-100 X more in cash value. I spent a year fat and dedicated to nurturing this wee one. You bet your ass this Minnie me is going to work her ass off as I do, and all my sisters did, my mom and aunts, and grandma. We are a line of hookers, and it will never stop. Drugs and sex, and beauty rule me. I know my limits and how to balance it all out. I’m quite the cum dumpster and will live it up.

Born for BBC Phone Sex

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is my jam. My comfort zone. I am good at it because I am a BBC slut. My mom was one in the 70s. She was a big whore. My dad would be on the road for weeks at a time and my mother would fuck black men in our trailer. For years, I watched her in awe of her big dick sucking skills. When I got older, I helped her with those black cocks. My mom took money from black men for sex. She also took money from them so they could fuck me. My cherry was popped by a much older black man with an 8-inch cock. My mom said he was the smallest she fucked and my tight little cunnie would make him feel like a king. It made me feel like a Queen. A Queen of spades. Although, I never got a tattoo, I am still a dirty bbc whore, full of bbc sex stories. One of my mother’s old lovers, Tyrone came looking for her. I live in the same trailer I was born in. Of course, I have updated it. I told him my mother died a few years back. He thought maybe I was her. We look alike. She got knocked up with me when she was in high school. When he realized I was her daughter, his dick came alive in his pants. I could tell he had a monster cock. I told him I was a BBC whore just like my momma. He told me he offered my momma money to fuck me, but she declined because his dick, which is 12 inches, would have destroyed my schoolgirl cunt. He is in his late 60s now, but his dick still works. I fucked him. Of course, I did. I let him turn me into a cum dumpster. Why wouldn’t I? Age is never a factor for me. I mean a hard cock is a hard cock!

Silvia’s Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cunt

Just got home from the truck stop and it’s pretty safe to say that I have a cum filled cunt. I don’t know how many men I fucked tonight, but I do know that I lost count at seven. It was at least that many and oh my God, I feel like such a dirty whore. I always love it when a lot of truckers are there, and I can really get my cunt used up. But don’t worry, all my other holes got used, too. I had a cock in all three of my holes several times during the evening.

When I was walking down the street to go home, I could feel the jizz just starting to drip down my inner thighs. Oops, I guess I forgot to put my panties back on. I just reached down between my legs, scooped it up, and licked my fingers clean. People on the street were looking at me funny, but don’t they know I’m the fucking town whore? If they don’t, they should. I’m probably fucking their husbands, too. Do you want to hear more about the kinky things I did tonight? I’ll be here, ready and waiting to tell you everything.

I’m not ashamed to be your cum dumpster!

Dirty phone sexRam me harder with that massive throbbing cock baby! I love the way you force your cock deep inside my pretty pink pussy! Your so dirty baby and I love every bit of that perverted mind! Spit on that cock while its sliding in and out of my wet ass pussy! Gripping my shoulders to get leverage as you pound me with all your might! Damn daddy your trying to force me to suck your cock through my pussy at this point! But I love it like that! Force it all deep inside me while I take this massive cock in my sweet little mouth! I’m a whore baby! And I want you to use me like it! Fuck me like all you want is to use my amazingly tight holes to get your nut! That’s ok baby! I’m not ashamed to be your cum dumpster! Smack me across the face while your fucking me baby degrade me and put me in my place! I’m a whore to be used however you see fit! I’m gaging on this rock-hard cock, barely able to breath and you love the way my pussy clamps down on you each time I gag! “Yes whore! Keep squeezing this cock so I can fill you up like the good little whore you are!” you moan as you pound away.  Oh my god I feel you growing inside my pussy getting hard, whilst pounding me harder. He cums deep down my throat and I gag on the huge load he force fed me, and with that last tight squeeze I was able to please! You filled me up with your massive nut. And your friend leans over and starts licking it up out of my now overly full, swollen cunt.

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