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Dirty phone sex with Sybil

I love some good nasty, dirty phone sex. I’m a nasty whore and I’m always ready for a good fucking. I have never had a better fuck than when I’m doing anal sex. I partially remember this one night, I was drunk, and a few guys I met at the bar came back to the trailer with me.

                We were squished up in my tin can of a home, but like I have said in the past, it’s just enough room for a queen size mattress. All three of the guys got on every side of me. I had no idea what I was in store for. These guys were so rough, even from the start. They spanked my ass, smacked me on the tits, and hit me in the face a few times with their hard dicks. I loved the attention.

                One guy grabbed me and threw me on the bed again with my ass up in the air. They positioned me to their liking. My arms were being held down, so I was not able to help spread my cheeks apart. I felt my ass spread wide and my asshole gaping wide. The guy directly behind me spit on my ass before he stuck his long, thick shaft inside me. He was rough, and shoved it directly in. I started to scream, but another guy covered my mouth.

                They raped my ass for what seemed like hours before I was covered in cum. Luckily, I’m a damn cum whore and can’t get enough of it. I love to eat it and I love the taste!

Dirty phone sex

Cum Eating Phone Sex Means Me and My Whores Guzzle All Your Spunk

cum eating phone sexCum eating phone sex has its perks. I am a cum whore. Proud to be one too. But a cum whore is not born. However, a cum whore is made. And I make the best cum whores ever. We adopted a young Hispanic girl a couple years ago. She is the youngest cunt in the house. Although daddy loves to explore her tiny holes, she has not been whored out to our clients yet. But that day seems closer than before.

So, I work with her daily. I pride myself on having greedy cum slut girls for men. Every whore in my family loves to eat cum. However, they prefer to be mommy’s creampie slut and drink cum from the pussy that gave them life. Although I did not give birth to this little girl, she is family none the less. And last night seemed to be the perfect night to develop her cum eating skills. All daddies love a cum guzzler, right?

I Train Little Girls to Be Awesome Cum Whores

With a pussy full of cream, I sat on the couch and summoned Rosalita to me. She crawled between my legs like I had pixie stix dust sprinkled inside. Her tiny little nose wriggled back and forth on my swollen clit, while her fingers and tongue probed inside me. Her little fingers and tongue felt better than any of my sex toys. With every probe into my warm mommy cunt, she scooped out some hot man seed and devoured it with a giggle.

My pussy felt like it contained a volcanic load of jizz too. Perhaps, it did. I let some college boys and their fathers run a train on me last night before her cum lesson. I wanted Rosalita to gobble up every last drop of cum inside me. And I think she did. She appeared to enjoy being my cum guzzling slut. Which means she is ready to be yours too.

Big dick sucker always swallows your loads!

Big dick sucker

I’m a Big dick sucker, always have been. There’s just something about the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth that gets me soaking wet. I don’t give a fuck who you are or what you look like. If you’ve got a big dick, I want it. And when I say I swallow, I mean it. Let me gargle it I fucking love it!

The thing is I am a  filthy, fucking slut who lives for the thrill of getting railed all night long. Of course I also love smoking some sweet, sweet crystal when I am getting fucked. I mean, what’s the point of living if you’re not getting your holes filled with rock hard cock and your lungs filled with that delicious, mind-altering smoke?

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m addicted to meth and cock!When I say I’m a Cum guzzling slut, I mean it. I will always swallow your loads. I can’t get enough of that salty, sticky goodness. I’ll suck you dry, and then I’ll beg for more. Don’t even get me started on how much I love getting fucked. I can take a pounding like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve got holes that can fit a lot of cock, so bring your friends. I’m always up for a party, and I’ll never say no to a gangbang.

I fucking love cum, so fucking much! I will be your dedicated whore, working your cock hard. I want it in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass, everywhere. I’ll be your Cum dumpster, your personal fuck toy, your filthy little whore. I’ll do whatever you want, as long as you keep the loads coming.

So, if you’re looking for a wild night of debauchery and depravity, look no further. I’m your girl. I’ll party with you, fuck you, and smoke you up. I’ll be your filthy little meth whore until the sun comes up, and then I’ll do it all again the next night. Because I live for the thrill of getting fucked up and getting fucked.


Sorority girls fucking black athletes in the gym locker room

Sorority girls fuckingSorority girls fucking and sucking big dildos inside of the boy’s locker room after a winning game! It was our way of giving the athletes gratification for their performance on the field.

We all slipped out of our cheerleader uniforms and waited for them on the locker room bench! They walked in to see every last one of us with our hands tucked beneath our asses bunny hopping on huge silicone cocks.

We were preparing our asses for an alternation sess! We dropped to our knees and sucked and slurped their sweaty cocks. I Love anal fucking and couldn’t wait to be bent over and treated like an Anal sex whore…

Every time I gagged I could feel my asshole gape in desperation for a huge cock to stretch my pucked pink asshole wide open. I got what I wanted! The coach was the first to cram his into my gaper…

He dug his thumbs into the indentation of my spine and jerked my naked body on and off his cock… Then Steven came over and mounted my face, the two of them together fucked me delirious.

I orgasmed multiple times and had huge loads of cum compiled inside of my cum craving holes. Luckily there were enough boys to keep all of us Cheerleader sluts pleasured at once.

I love being used as a Cum dumpster! 

Shemale phone sex with Bella will make you Cum!

shemale phone sex


Shemale phone sex with Miss Bella will always get you rock hard. I have tons of dirty perverted stories to tell, like what happened last night at the club I strip at.

Last night at the strip club, I had this group of guys come in all sloppy drunk. Looked like they were a bunch of soldiers from the base up the freeway. Army boys. Fuck I love me some men in uniform. These boys definitely looked like they were going to be some fun tonight. There was one in particular looked like he might be some fun. I wasn’t working tonight. I was just here to have some fun with some friends.

Of course I was all dolled up still. Wearing a beautiful little strapless dress. My cock tucked, with a string on. Hair curled up and a full set of make-up done. There’s no way he’s going to know what’s underneath my dress. I followed his drunk ass into the bathroom. Stood next to him while he was pissing and stared right at him. The look of confusion on his face for a second, until I reached down and grabbed his cock and started rubbing it. He didn’t give a fuck. He was giving me that cock.

I got on my knees and started sucking. He was in total shock. A woman in the men’s bathroom, giving him a blow job at a strip club. As soon as I got him nice and rock hard, I stood up. Started walking towards the door to lock it. He ran after me to stop me and asked why I was leaving. I said to him, Oh Honey I’m not leaving, I’m just locking the door so no walks in on me fucking you. He was stumbling a little, but excited. I turned back around, grabbed ahold of my cock, and pulled it out from under my dress. To be honest I had no idea what was about it happen.

He looked down, and all I heard him say was, “Oh my god yes”. Before I knew it he was on his knees, sucking my cock. Gargling, spitting, sucking on my balls. I could feel him moaning through his mouth vibrating my cock, holy fuck he was good. I grabbed ahold of the back of his head and started to fuck his face. Shoving my fucking cock down his throat over and over again, I was getting so close. He pulled my cock out and so, “No, no, I want that sweet cum in my ass. Now!”

Before I could even reply to him, his pants were off and on the floor. His ass was nice and milky white and jiggled as he walked towards the sinks. He lifted a leg up and put his knee on the sink. I followed him. Took my cock in my hand, spit on it, and shoved it deep inside his ass. Fuck it was tight. He turned back towards me, kissing me. My cock thrusting harder and harder into his tight fuck hole. He pulled my dress down to expose my perky little tits.

Right as he started to pinch my nipples, I could feel myself about to cum. He reached behind towards my neck, wrapped his fingers around my throat and told me to cum deep inside his ass, to fill him up with my hot cum. So I did. I fucked him harder and harder till I exploded deep inside his night tight ass. This was definitely a nice little surprise, usually guys aren’t so willing. But this good little fucking army boy wanted some cock tonight. Hopefully I see him again.

I did manage to get his number. Although his friends have no idea what’s underneath my skirt, he does, and that’s all that matters. Maybe he’ll be my muse, I definitely can’t stop thinking about him. Hopefully I can tell all you kinky dirty nasty little perverts what happens the next time I see him, if he calls me. I have a good feeling this is going to be fun, even though I  don’t usually do the relationship thing, but this one’s, sexy. I wouldn’t mind fucking that tight ass every night. Let’s see if he texts me tomorrow. 


Cum dumpster used by randoms at a rave!

Cum dumpsterI knew this rave would be a time to remember; I knew it was the best place to be a Cum dumpster. I told all my friends I expected to fuck at least 3-5 guys a night for the 3 days we were there. They said I was so disgusting for letting anyone fuck me; they are just prudes though. I told them life isn’t fun without a little danger and risky sex. They disagree but they love me anyway; even though they think I am the biggest skank in town. I think that is part of the reason I love hanging out with them so much. It makes me so wet and turned on that they think so lowly of me. Nothing makes me drip more than a room full of people who think I am nothing but a fuck doll for men. 

My outfit was very exposing and it turned lots of heads when we were dancing. I was all over so many guys so I can’t remember which one took my drunk ass somewhere subtle and made me into a Big dick sucker. All I remember is gagging on cock for a while and taking it up the ass hole. It was easy because I was pretty much naked so all he did was bend me over and slip my panties/shorts over. He slipped his cock in my bald shit pipe and pumped me for a few minutes. When he was ready to nut I turned around and he blew his spunk on my face. 

This kept happening through the night and I remember waking up with a swollen throat and butt hole. The next morning we all went to get breakfast and I had pics on my phone of me covered in many loads from the prior night. I did not even remember bringing anyone back to my room but the pictures speak for themselves. My friends laughed as they took my phone and looked at the pictures of me getting fucked by random men all night. You know I went back to the room after and fucked myself some more until I came!

Furry Friends Phone Sex-Cumming With A Girl’s Best Friend

I love furry friends phone sex! I love having the red rocket in my mouth, ass, or pussy. I even enjoy it when my furry buddy pisses on me,  I can get the best pussy eating in the world with some peanut butter. I open up my pussy lips and spread peanut butter all over them. My furry friend then goes to town with his tongue and gives me the best orgasm I have ever had. I love when he mounts me and fucks my pussy and ass. It feels so fucking good to have him knot inside me. I like bigger furry friends.  I also love to suck that red rocket dry. The jizz tastes so fucking good.  I know some people might think it’s freaky how close I am with my furry friend but hey we are happy!

furry friends phone sex

Hot stripper sex with slutty Sybil

Hot stripper sex

I know this is a huge fantasy for some of you, so tonight we’ll make it a reality. Hot stripper sex is what we’ll get in to. I’ll meet you on the corner and you can take me to the alleyway. You can treat me like the dirty nasty slut I am, and I’ll give you a ton of prostitution porn for future references.

                I’m wearing a tiny halter top that hardly covers my tits and nipples, along with a black leather microskirt. You can tell by my cum covered top and skirt, and my ripped up fishnet stockings, that I’ve been fucking like a white trash whore all night long. You almost ask yourself if you should be taking advantage of me in this state, but then you laugh to yourself since you know I deserve to be treated like this.

                I get into your backseat so I can get fucked like never before. The backseat is small, but we squish in there anyways. You unzip your pants and pull out your already hard dick. I lay on my back and spread my legs as much as I can, as you go on top of me and jam your cock inside me. You are not gentle with me in the least.

                The fucking feels amazing and then you turn me over on all fours. I stick my ass out in the air as much as I can. You stick your cock in my asshole and fuck me so hard. I can hear you grunting and grabbing me harder. You pull out of my ass and spray your hot cum all over my ass cheeks.

Sexy Prostitutes Bring Limp Dicks to Life

sexy prostitutesMy sexy prostitutes include my two college aged daughters. Aren’t they so hot? Although we took Mother’s Day off to celebrate me, we got right back into the swing of things on Monday. My girls, along with two of my sons, have returned from college to play with mommy all summer. I have some younger whores too. And of course, they join me and their big sisters when we get called to action.

Monday one of daddy’s closest associates wanted the family experience. He hired me and all 4 girls. Our adopted daughter got to join us. And she seemed super excited to be part of the action. As our youngest, we waited awhile before letting her be one of the hookers for hire. Not that we have rules about age. Daddy just wanted to enjoy her tight holes first. You cannot keep holes tight once you enter the world of prostitution.

I Love Sharing Daddies with My Daughters

This daddy paid big bucks to have a sexy wife and four daughters worship his cock. He told me we worked miracles on his old dick. Young pussy works better than Viagra. If your dick appears limp, get yourself a tight young thing and I bet it perks up! Our littlest whore enjoyed being daddy’s little dick spinner. And our rent a daddy enjoyed all of us. This daddy impressed me. Even at his age, he mustered enough energy to give me and 4 girls a load of cum. Of course, the cum loads got smaller as the night went by. But he still came 5 times.

He said it was all because of us. But I imagine in his day, the girls all loved him. We gave him all the love we could for the time we spent with him. And he used each one of us as his personal cum dumpster. No one is complaining though. We love playing together and sharing any daddy who wants us.

Cum Dumpster Lauren Loves Swallowing Dark Dick

Blonde Slut Loves Being Cum Dumpster

I love being a backwoods BBC cum dumpster. It’s not hard to find a huge black dick willing to fill a pink hole. I’ve been ran through by so much nigger dick that I might be addicted. I see the bulge in his pants and my pussy had to have it. My latest black hog was so fucking fat that I could barely fit it in my mouth. I found a 6’4 bull with a 10 and a 1/2 inch dick at a bar. I brought him home with me. Then an hour later, he had my blonde hair in his fist and was slowly pumping his dick in my drooling mouth. 

cum dumpster

I love polishing a thick black dick. I was stroking his dick and sucking and licking the first few inches. Then I looked up at him and told him to treat my throat like a pussy. He grabbed the back of my head and let me take a breath. Then his nigger cock was ramming into the back of my cum guzzling slut throat. My throat relaxed and let his cock sink in. I couldn’t breathe or keep my eyes open. I wanted to be treated like a whore. That nigger dick was going to kill me and I loved it. 

Cum Guzzling Slut Swallows Nigger Dick

The bubbles that were covering his cock made my pussy so fucking wet. I slid my fingers into my cunt. But he moved my hand and crammed his thick fingers into my pussy. So he fucked my face faster while he was stretching about my pussy. I was moaning around that thick cock and thrusting against his fingers. Then he forced his whole fist in my sloppy cunt and started fisting me. I couldn’t take it. This whore cunt was cumming all over his fingers. He flipped me on my back, spread my legs and let the blonde fucking begin.