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Big Dick Sucker and BBC Whore

big dick sucker

If you are a BBC whore, you are a big dick sucker. I know how to sword swallow. I was at this trailer park Halloween Party last night. Instead of bobbing for apples, we bobbed for cocks. This was a Queen of Spades party. Know what those are? It is a sex party where white women fuck only black men. Most of the women in my trailer park only fuck black guys. I am a BBC whore too, but I do not limit myself to only black cock. I am an equal opportunity slut. Big is big regardless of the race or age. I was crowned the Queen of Spades at this Halloween party. It made many women jealous, especially since I do have a Queen of Spades tattoo. The guys judged on skill alone and I can swallow more cock per inch without gagging than any official Queen of Spades. I can also swallow more cum in one setting than any of them combined. That is because I am in my 50s and these other women were more than half my age. I thank the Kardashians for creating a generation of young black cock sluts. I have been sucking cock since I was a young girl hooking with my trailer trash whore mother. She taught me how to suck big dicks using garden vegetables so I would not puke. I swear, I have no gag reflex and I have been sucking cock for 40 years. I told the princesses of spades to watch and learn. I drained every black man there. I motor boated their balls and drained them dry. I got gang banged too. I was crowned the winner when all their cum shots landed on my face and tits. I let the amateurs lick their cum off my body. No sense letting black spunk go to waste, right?

Druggy Whore For Hire

druggy phone sex

Do you have what it takes to be a cock sucking, prick riding whore like me? I promise I make such good money, and the Johns keep me high as a mother fucking kite on whatever party drug I ask for. I am a trailer trash druggy whore who has to work the streets to live the life I love. I will take you with me to pace the corners tonight and teach you how I make my living sucking juicy cocks and riding dirty dicks. The married men love me; even though I am a druggy whore and a hooker for hire, I give a great GFE which means girl friend experience. Sex can be slutty and sensual all at the same time! Get dressed in your shortest, tightest snake skin skirt. Put on some ripped fishnets, and a little crop top. Make sure you wear your eight inch pumps, yes, the ones that scream “Fuck Me!” let me show you how to be a slut. Walk right up to his car, lean in, and ask him if he has ever cum in three minutes before. He will laugh, and say no. But I will teach you exactly how to work his cock to make him cum in less than that. All that nut will go right down your cock sucking throat. Make sure you swallow every drop, and he will make sure you get every dollar you deserve.

Lot Lizard sex
























Lot lizard sex is my lot in life. You see my parents were both truck drivers and I grew up in the truck stops. As I grew older I knew that I didn’t want to drive a truck myself but still wanted the lifestyle. At the ripe age of 18 I became a lot lizard.  I would get so excited to see the trucks all lined up, big, burly men and women coming out and going into the shop to shower. I would wait until they were coming back out and ask if they wanted some company for a while. Most were very excited and would ask how much I wanted. I would answer $20.00 and a can of beer- pretty reasonable if you asked me. I spent many hours in the back of a truck fucking and sucking. Sometimes I would have guys who were so satisfied that they would call their friends on the cbs and I would be in and out of truck all night long. I enjoyed the women drivers the most as they really knew what a woman needs. I had some of the drivers who would ask for my number and they would then call the next time that they were rolling through. I never had a night go by that my pussy wasn’t oozing cum as I walked home.


I changed his mind

live phone sexThe guy that lives below me is kind of a pain in the ass, he is always complaining about the noise even if it’s during the day. I swear I could be sitting on my couch doing nothing at all and he would still complain! It’s annoying as fuck and something had to change. I decided that I was gonna fluster him as much as possible so I stripped down to just a thong and put on some music. When he came up to complain about the noise I made sure to answer the door wearing nothing but my teeny tiny lil thong and a smile. He turned crimson red and stuttered and stammered and had no idea what to say so I just took him by the hand and led him inside. I got on my knees and sucked his soul out his dick. He came so hard that he nearly passed out and after that he said that the music wasn’t too loud after all.

Creampie slut Quinn loves cock!

creampie slut

This dirty, freaky creampie slut is so stuffed with sticky cum that it’s rolling down my thighs when I walk! I’ve been out getting fucked all day long, like always. Being a cum dump gutter whore is what my life is now. I don’t even have to work anymore because of how hot and wet this little fuck box is! No one turns down a drugged up, drunk little cum slut who will do anything for a few bucks. Especially one that is always ready to get as nasty as you want! This soaked fuck hole is in high demand with all of the dealers around here. All I have to do is walk down the street, all the guys around here already know what it takes to get some of this. As long as they keep me feeling good, then I’ll make sure they feel amazing! My favorites are the ones that bring friends and use me like a fuck toy, passing me around and pumping me full! I come home every night and have to squeeze huge gobs of jizz out of my stretched out hole, but I love it!

Cum Dumpster Slut

cum dumpster slutI’ve never met a motherfucker that didn’t love some postpartum pussy. It is the juiciest cunt that even exists, not to mention the bitches are always so sensitive. Oh, and our titties are still nice and full of fucking milk. Do you want to know where I think the term squirting came from? I really don’t think it was the pussy, because when I cum, I cum hard and creamy. If I got huge bouncy milky titties, you can bet your ass I’m squirting from my swollen nipples too. This post pregnancy body is absolutely the best fucking thing. I always get so fucking horny after I pop one out. When I tell you that I am dripping, and desperate for a taste of some thick long cock, I’m not kidding. I try to pick up men everywhere I go. The doctor’s office, the gas station, the grocery store. I swear I even talked to a man at a red light the other day, and very shyly asked him if he would slide into the back of my minivan and give my mommy pussy a good fucking pounding. He didn’t quite know what to do with himself, but he did almost get T-boned following me in the Target parking lot. I opened up the back hatch, let him crawl inside, and then bent over so he could see my dripping pussy in my tight little asshole. Oh he ate me out so fucking good! He made me so nice and juicy for him! And then he fucked me with his hard cock. He was just an average guy, on an average day trying to run some average errands. Handed up having the time of his life cumming inside me in a Target parking lot. How’s that for a Tuesday?

First Time Getting My Tranny Dick Sucked

Growing up I had always been letting guys fuck me in the ass after bending me over and rimming my tight little ass. But one day, before I got fucked in the ass, this man made his wife suck my dick while he was tongue fucking me in my asshole. It felt so good I can’t believe that I was so scared to let someone do it before. Did not want to be judge for me being me, but now that’s how it will work. I will always get my dick sucked. He was not lying when he said that she was really skilled and knew what she was doing. He made me get on my hands and knees this time before he fucked me. She crawled under me and kept sucking my dick. As soon as he put that fat cock in my ass, I was moaning out. It just felt so good with his wife sucking my dick and him fucking me. I was getting so close to cumming. I couldn’t believe how fast I was going to blow my load, normally it takes a while. I couldn’t help but try to shove my dick deeper in her mouth while he was fucking me. I felt him cumming in my ass and that was all I needed, and then I was shooting my load all over his wife’s face.


cum dumpster

Teen Sluts Fucking for Money

Teen sluts fucking is what every man wants to see. I bet you do too. I have no problem getting an audience. I have been doing sex shows down at my local adult bookstore. Men love to watch me fuck a black guy in a little Plexiglas booth. I have this big black stud with a 10-inch dick who loves to fuck my little white holes. He does it for free because I am the tightest bitch he has ever fucked. I love his hard fat cock gaping my holes. White men love seeing a teen slut get ravaged by black cock. They pay for it too. I know you might think I am a prostitute. I am, but I skirt around it by telling cops if I get busted that Leroy is my boyfriend not my pimp and men are only tipping me to watch me get fucked. It is no different than a cam show. I am in a closed, adult environment. Sometimes I must blow the cop to make it go away but most just let me slide. What is wrong with white men tipping a white teen slut? My little sex shows make me bank. I will keep doing them too. When you look like me, you can always get out of trouble.

Teen Sluts Fucking

Traveling lot lizard

lot lizard sexI love to get liquored up and head to my local truck stop to find some fun for the night. Tonight I scored some pretty good weed, a little coke and a whole lotta cock. I bounced from truck to truck with each of the drivers taking their turns fucking me in the ass and then making me clean their cocks after. Sometimes a driver would be sweet and he would start by putting in my pussy but would soon get animalistic and would end up pounding my ass and screaming out his release. I was soon down to tattered clothes, many a loan of cum dripping down my leg and a high that just wouldn’t quit. At my last truck of the night I found a driver who seemed very nice and he laid me down in his sleeper to talk and touch. He was stroking my face and my eyes were closed when he jumped on top of me and tied my arms to the bed, he made quick work of my ankles too and before I could process what was going on we were moving. He said that he was now going to be my lot lizard pimp and that we were going to make stops nightly and that I needed to fuck anyone and everyone he told me to. He was going to collect his fees and I was the product. What he didn’t know was that I was excited about the idea and even came a little when he laid out the plans. I can’t wait to serve my new master and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Dirty Education

I got a call from my little pre-whores teacher the other day so in I went for a one on one.

He was telling me that there was this group of boys that kept pulling my little rug rats pigtails. I knew my girl could take care of herself so I asked the hot teacher what the problem was…and that is when he explained that every time they pulled her hair she either bent over and stuck her ass in their little crotches or dropped to her knees and buried her face there!

My little angel! I was so proud!

But I wanted to have a little fun so I played dumb and said that I had no idea what he means and said maybe he should show me.

I could tell he was getting uncomfortable. I love watching men squirm!Live phone sex

I stood up and turned around and pushed my ass against his crotch! “You mean like this?’

His voice was shaking but I could feel his bulging cock start to stiffen. So I pushed harder and started rotating my tight ass in circles, rubbing his cock through his khakis.

I laughed as I flipped my skirt up and pulled my thongs to the side so he could see my cute little rosebud!

And there it was, the precum dark spot that khakis just can’t hide! Ha Ha Ha!

Come on baby! Teach me something!

I need a little dirty education!

Maybe if teachers taught with their cocks out, girls would pay more attention!

I knew he didn’t like my teasing when he grabbed my hips in his strong hands and with one hard fast thrust, he forced his throbbing dick deep in my dripping glitter covered cunt!

It has been a while since I felt a big fat one fucking me with purpose!

He was slamming that meat in me like he had something to prove!

My pussy was begging him for more with each thrust! I actually wanted him to fill my snatch with all that cock cream!

But he pulled out and pulled my hair and forced me down and slammed his pussy juice covered pecker in my mouth!

He came so hard and so fast that I almost choked on the gushes that were flooding my mouth!

Then he pulled my mouth off his meat and looked down and said that was way better than my daughter does it!

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