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Cum Guzzling Slut for BBC

cum guzzling slutI am proud to be a cum guzzling slut. I was bottle fed on cum. And I bottle fed my daughter on cum. We both grew up to be cum whores. You might think I was fed daddy’s cum and that I fed my daughter her daddy’s cum. My mom gave me black cock cum and that is just what I gave my daughter too. I was raised to be a black cock whore. I followed in my mom’s footsteps, and I raised my daughter the same way. My daughter and I like to play with black cock cum. It is my secret to looking young. I am known in my trailer park as the black cock whore. If a black man needs his balls drained, they hunt me or my bukkake slut daughter down. Sometimes they get lucky and get us both like last night. My daughter was over when there was a knock on my door. It was this black stud from a few trailers over. I have fucked him before, but my daughter has never had the pleasure. I think she thought he was a myth. His dick is over a foot long and it is beer can thick. Normally, I titty fuck him. He loves his wife, but she does not swallow. He does not want to cheat, but he needs his balls drained. Last night, he wanted to fuck. I think it was because my daughter was there too. She is way tighter than I am. He wanted to make her an anal cum dumpster. She bent over the couch, and he rammed his monster cock up her tight white ass. I think she was shocked she took him balls deep.  He dumped his load in her ass knowing I would clean her up. Watching her shit his cum out into my mouth got him hard again. Now it was my turn. I let him fuck my cunt. But this time instead of shitting it into my daughter’s mouth, I shit it out in a pitcher. My daughter and I made cum cubes with his second load. I told you I was a cum dumpster.

Insta- Gangbang whore.

gangbang whoreCocaine turns me into an Insta – gangbang whore! Especially when the coke is so good it burns my nose and makes my cunt so fucking wet on the first line. As I began to rub my pussy through my panties under my skirt it turned my dealer on. He knew I would fuck him for my baggie of white gold. When you get high and need cock, you suddenly need all the cock you can handle and more. My only desire is that I want to get too high with you and cream all over your dick and all the men you bring to me. My job is usually to stand on the corner and look like a whore that is ready to fuck. But tonight up in the trap house, begging for blow and cum, I am nothing but a usable, cum dumpster. My dealer lifted my ass up and started bouncing me up and down as more men filled the room. It soon would be time to be a pass around bitch. But for this moment I was being fucked so hard My pussy squirted from the hard drilling. I would be filled soon enough as the men surrounded us and began jerking off and waiting for a prize orgy slut.

Sorority Girls Fucking is all you see

sorority girls fucking

Sorority Girls Fucking is all you see! Get ready to see a good catholic girl turn into a deviant sexual being. Far too long, I have had to deal with suppressing my sexual urges. Now I lust after something that enthralls me into a world like no other. I want to be bad, and I am tired of being a good girl. There is something about getting fucked by a random stranger that truly makes my bald pussy so wet. My tight cunt deserves the best cocks. Let me spread my legs so you can take a good look at my beautiful work of art. My clit is so orgasmic even by one touch, and I am in full come fuck me mode. I want that cock deep-dived in me. Let me be the school slut you have always wanted to fuck. I don’t care if you are married. My love for unavailable men runs deep, so fuck me like you could be careless about your boring wife.

Trashy MILF Beverly is a Cum Dump

trashy milfThis trashy milf had a wild weekend. My daughter’s place was flooded from a tropical storm. She came over to bunk with her sex mommy. We did not just stay home huddling in the bathroom in fear of a monsoon. We invited some trailer park boys over to party and escape mother nature’s wrath. We did lines of coke and sucked dick. If Mother Nature is being a bitch, we party in the trailer park. Ride the storm out with cock, cum and coke. It was a mix of ages and races. Plus, a mixture of cock sizes, so something for everyone. It was raining cats and dogs outside, but we were oblivious because we were fucking. My trailer was rocking. My daughter and I are trailer park whores. We were doing lines off cocks and getting gang banged from behind. We both had a bucket load of cum in our pussies. Quite a lot in our asses too. My daughter and I love cum as much as cock. We started swapping cum. I love snowballing with my daughter. The guys loved watching my daughter suck the cum out of my asshole. I sucked the jizz out of her asshole too. We were cum dumps. Druggy whores too. The city was being drowned by the rain and we were fucking like there was no tomorrow.

Live Phone Sex with a Druggy Whore

I fancy myself a druggy porn star. I tell men they can make a movie of me doing anything they want. They just need to pay me in coke. I hooked up with this group of guys I met at this hole in the wall bar last night. College boys. They were kind of yuppie looking. They were slumming. Looking for a skanky whore to fuck. They were in the right place for that. Preppy looking guys always have good blow and weed. I let them buy me drinks. I can out drink anyone. I may have acted drunker than I was so I could see if they were the kind of guys who take advantage of intoxicated women. I was not looking for gentlemen. I was looking for guys who would take advantage of a situation. I quickly found out they were my kind of guys. I made a deal. I said share your blow and weed with me, and you can gang bang me and even film it for spank bank use later. They were all in. We went back to my trailer and I showed them what a druggy whore does for a fix. They ran a train on me. They skull fucked me. They ass fucked me. And they coated me head to toe in jizz like I was a bukkake star. They got to use a dirty skank and I got high. Win win in my book.

Blonde fucking X 2

blonde fucking

When he wanted blonde fucking he wanted it times two! He knew to come and find his two hot blondes he could sneak in while his wife was sleeping. We had met at the bar and had a few drinks and things had already gotten wild. Emily the sexy seductive slut had dared to suck Big D’s (Big Daddy D, that is!) in the back of the Uber and Gave the driver a show. If we hadn’t had plans on having a hot taboo threesome we would have fucked him as well. Now faced with a sleeping wife and a Big D wanted to fuck as close to her as he could. I loved how he took charge and had his cock out while coating it with a little nose candy to tempt his whores of the evening. Emily and I didn’t need any extra motivation as we got on our knees and took turns moaning and fighting over who  would suck him down the furturest. I was told to shut up and just watch as he fucked her sweet tight ass. Face against the wall and spreading my ass cheeks he asked how it felt to watch my sexy slut friend being his cum dumpster instead of me? I just wanted his cock and I knew we could keep him hard and get multiple loads while his wife was oblivious to his philandering ways in the hallway. Her pussy tastes like cummy honey as I licked her clean before he penetrated my ass hole deep.  

cum dumpster

Our moans got louder and we dirty talked about how good that fucking dick was he was sharing with us. We looked at each other and couldn’t believe his bitch ass wife didn’t wake up. Our final act was a doozy though! We crept in the marital room and begin letting him take turns fucking us beside his sleeping wife.Emily and I left knowing that fucking married men can be so taboo especially when you are a cum guzzling slut like us!cum guzzling slut

A Masturbation Show

dirty phone sexSome high baller had rented out the entire club for a bachelor party. Bachelor parties are great. They typically throw around lots of cash and buy lots of booze. If you’re lucky there is also lots of pot and coke too. The night started out as they always do. The entire bachelor party was shit faced and throwing money around to the girls to get lap dances and some private room action as well. Bottles were being tossed around and lots and lots of shots. As the evening went on one of the groomsmen asked if he could buy the groom a little one on one action behind closed doors. Hell, yeah, he can, just pass me that credit card honey. So, me and another girl headed into the private area with him and a few of the guys. As we prepared to start some dancing the groom said he had a special request. Sure honey, it is your money after all. He didn’t want a blow job, not a hand job, not a titty fuck, not an ass fuck, nor a pussy fuck. This guy wanted to watch me, and the other girl masturbate while he watched. That was new and different but hey it was easy. So, we each took turns stripping down and masturbating with our hands, dildos and vibrators until we orgasmed. He never touched us, not once. When we were through, he handed out a nice tip and they left. Only bachelor party I have ever been to that I haven’t left as a complete cum dumpster.

Dirty little cunt!

cum flled cunt

I love being the dirtiest little cunt I can be! I got auctioned off today at my local sex party my friends were throwing. Guys just had to pay a small fee to line up to fill me up with their hot sticky loads. It felt so good being used by all of these men just to milk their big thick cocks. I had a cock in every single hole of mine just getting stretched to the max and gapped open! I love being a gangbang whore and letting anyone and everyone get their turn with my tight little holes! I can’t wait to go back next week and see how many cocks will show up ready to be milked by my tight little fuck holes! I was used as a little cum rag for hours today and I’m so fucking sore but it was so worth it to be filled completely up I’m still leaking out cum all over my legs!

Forced At The Truck Stop

I was in the truck stop bathroom when the door swung open. I tried to scream that it is in use but the man covered my mouth with his hand. Telling me he was watching me and knows that I am a dirty slut and all I want is cock. He taped my mouth and tied my hands with a zip tie. He bent me over the toilet and lifted my skirt, with his pocket knife he cut my panties.

Toilet sex

I tried to resist but I couldn’t fight him, he stuck his fingers in my cunt and asshole. Then he smelled and liked his fingers. It must have excited him more because when he pulled his cock out it was throbbing and bouncing. He stuck his cock deep in my pussy with just one push. He started moaning and pounding away, I was hoping it would end. He stuck his fingers in my asshole telling me he wanted to feel how deep his cock was in my pussy, as he continued to pound me. Finally, I felt his cock starting to pulse and the rush of his nut filling me up. He threw money at me and walked out. I tried to take the tape off my mouth and scream, but just like that no one was around many cars were leaving.  

Juicy Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cunt

Not a day goes by when I do not have a cum filled cunt. I really can’t help it. All the guys at the truck stop count on me to keep their cocks satisfied. I mean, they are on the road for days at a time, so I really do love providing my services for them. And if you really stop and think about it, I’m helping other people too by keeping all the truckers on the road from getting a bad case of road rage. I think it is safe to say that my cunt is a life saver.

Just today I had a guy fuck me so hard that I have a bump on my forehead from hitting it up against the side of the truck while he was fucking me. But you know, I don’t mind because I know he needed my pussy. I even told him that he could fuck my asshole if he wanted to, but he said that seeing another man’s cum already dripping out of my pussy really made him want to leave a load inside me, too. Which one of my holes would you fuck if you had the chance? Why don’t you call me and tell me, baby?!

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