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Anal Sex Whore Play Toy Wanted

I am a trashy hot T-girl and need myself a filthy cum dump to be my Anal sex whore play toy. You will desire to have me cum in that sweet ass multiple times a day. I will use you my muppet cum slopping cock puppet. You will expect my big cock to hurt at first. It’s only temporary. The pain and the gape is part of the fun. I will anally destroy you and then just make you a party favor for my sexy hot tranny whores that will be visiting me and partying with me. We are a bunch of hot tranny phone sex whores and have a great need for a warm hole and nasty cock sucking mouth to help us out as we take filthy calls and do massive lines of blow. A girl like me just can’t have enough playthings in her life. Yeah sure as sexy transvestites’ we enjoy fucking each other also. We really put on a nice show for some big daddy cocks that love our tranny holes. So we may be sexy ladyboy lesbians when we party hard but we still need a good clean up bitch to lick and suck our cocks and asses.

Anal sex whore

Trashy Milf Likes it Rough

Trashy Milf

My whole life i have liked it rough and tumble when it comes to sex. It’s no surprise that as a trashy milf the rougher the sex the better! Last night as I was scoring some coke from this white boy, he doubled the price on me. I had a client waiting on me and was pissed off. Not only was he fucking with my money, he told me the only way he consider giving the coke for regular price was if I blew him. So looking at the time I figured I could get him off in a hurry and be back where I needed to be. Still pissed at losing money, my body is money!  And I would be losing more money if this whore didn’t get back in time. As I began to suck that pecker presented in my face, it became clear that he was a grower not a shower. The more I gobbled, and sucked and bobbed, the larger his dick grew! I was really impressed and lost track of time as I lost myself in sucking this glorious member. Soon he had me on my back slurping my dirty pussy like it was golden nectar. My coke dealer really loved to bury his face in this cum dumpster cunt! And I’m hoping you do too! I have a treat for a trick. 

I Put the Trash in White Trash Phone Sex

white trash phone sexNo one puts the trash in white trash phone sex like me. I was partying hard last night. I was on a three-day bender. I did so much coke I could not sleep, and I could not cum. Do you know how frustrating it is not to be able to cum? I am sure some of my party dudes can relate. You get too high or too drunk and your body betrays your mind. I needed to cum. I was never going to sleep if I could not cum. I came home with a pussy full of cum and a swollen clit. I dug out my sex machine. It had cobwebs and dust. I prefer cock to sex toys. I bought the sex machine at the beginning of the pandemic because I had no clue how long I might have to go with out dick. Turns out a trashy milf does not need to go with cock. Not during in a pandemic. Not during a hurricane. Not ever. I did my best to dust it off and finally get my money’s worth. I took some Molly because it’s a sex drug. I had a little bit of everything in me. I was full of cum too, so I did not need any lube. A few minutes in my cum filled pussy and I was squirting everywhere. I was flinging dudes’ cum on my walls. Probably not the worst thing to ever touch my walls. Finally, I got some relief. I needed it too. I could feel the lack of sleep affecting me, but I needed a hard cum to crash. Can you relate? Something about a hardcore cum helps me sleep. Not saying it won’t happen again that I end up on a binder. Just now I am prepared. I know I can dust off the sex machine anytime I cannot sleep or cum again.

Cashapp Notification Cum Slut For Sale

Sexy prostitutesI know exactly what you want. I knew it from the moment I caught you staring up my tight mini skirt while I sat at the bar with my legs slightly open for a stud like you to see. I came here to get fucked and paid, and panties just don’t seem to fit into that equation. The way you lick your lips at my hot wet cunt lets me know that going commando was the right choice tonight. You ordered me a drink and left your room number on the napkin. That sealed the deal. I knew right then and there you were the perfect trick for this kinky treat. The door was unlocked and I let myself in. You were already naked and had your toys laid out on the bed: whips, ball gags, nipple clamps, handcuffs, a paddle and so much more. As soon as the Cashapp notification came through, you ordered me to pull my fucking skirt up and used a spreader with ankle and wrist cuffs to bend me over and expose my hooker pussy. You rammed your hard cock in my cunt and the hardcore fucking began. You fucked me hard until you squirted hot cum sauce all over my white ass. You sent another Cashapp payment and grabbed your paddle. You kept the payments coming as you satisfied all your BDSM fantasies. This pussy squirted harder with each Cashapp notification. I left you my number so you could look me up the next time you need a submissive hooker for hire to handle your cock.

Cum Guzzling Slut At Your Service

cum guzzling slut

I fucking love it when a guy tells me to get down on my knees so I can be his cum guzzling slut. Any man who has ever had the pleasure of me sucking his cock knows this. I don’t EVER waste any jizz. I have to swallow every drop and I will even lick it up off the floor or wherever it lands if I spill some. It’s my opinion that women who waste cum are really not even fit to have a cock in their mouths. You should stick with a real woman like me who will swallow every drop of you.

Luckily for me, I get to swallow lots of cum down at the truck stop. I can’t even tell you how blessed I feel when I get down on my knees and cock after cock just keeps coming at my face. Sometimes the guys will get impatient and shove two cocks into my mouth at once. Luckily for them, I can fucking take it. I can’t wait for you to call me so I can be a nasty cum guzzler for you just like I am for all the truckers. 

BBC Sex Stories Galore

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories. I am often full of bbc cum too. Friday night I always hustle at the truck stop. Friday night is my night there because that is when so many black truckers camp for the night at the Loves. I put on my Daisy Dukes, a tube top and high heels. I shake my ass up and down the rows and hop from cab to cab. The black truckers love me. They love watching a skinny blonde cougar take their big fat beef sticks. I should be a BBC porn star. I look like an older version of all those skinny young blonde trailer park whores getting split in two by big black cocks. I was riding Big D’s monster cock when some other black truckers came knocking on his truck. They wanted in on the action. I will be a gangbang whore for black guys any night. I may be thin, but I do not break. I can take a pounding. And Friday night, I took 6 big black cocks. Sometimes, I had 3 at a time. They all got to fuck me several times. All came in at least two of my holes, with some coming three times in a hole. I was a sticky mess. Maybe some girls would want to shower after that. Not me. It is my whore badge of honor. I love being covered in cum. I did not come home until the sun was coming up. I teetered home covered in cum, smelling like Crown Royal and coked up. I was still horny. The truckers had to sleep some before hitting the road. They could not keep up with me. No one can. I called my daughter. She is as close as it gets to keeping up with me. She came over and ate my cum filled cunt. We partied and around noon we finally crashed. I love my life as a lot lizard whore.

Druggy Cum Dumpster

Live Phone Sexanother day, another cum filled pussy as I make my way home high and fucked up on every fucking drug you can imagine. I’m horny and ready for more! But I heard guys like you love the taste of cum dripping out of a tight pussy. When you paid me for high and drugged-up sex, I didn’t imagine you ripping apart my panties so I have nothing to cover up with on my way home. Now you’re tracing your tongue down my pussy lips that are soaked in a dozen of other men’s cum and you’re slurping it and licking it all away as your dick grows harder. I jerk it off for you as you clean me out of cum from other daddy dicks that dominated me and make you cum all over your face! How does your own cum taste baby?

Skyping With Daddy

dirty phone sexDaddy is away on a trip with his boring ass wife. But that doesn’t mean daddy doesn’t think about me and my big tits, bald pussy, and perfect mouth. We set up a time every night. He slips away every night for a run, or so he tells her. What he is really doing is skyping me. Like clockwork the computer rings. Today I answered with a hot surprise for him. Me laying back in the bed, tits on display, fucking my pussy with the dildo he had just bought me.

He smiles as he pushed the car seat back and pulls out his cock. I see him stroking as I take the dildo out of my juicy wet cunt and put it in my mouth. Imitating a sloppy wet blowjob. He moans as he tells me he misses me. I smile because I know that my cashapp will be dinging soon with a brand-new money load. He asks if I have been good, and I tell him I am always good. I send him a video of my earlier nights fuckfest. Me with a cock in my mouth and one in my ass. He watches and strokes frantically, blowing his load all over the screen. The video ends and just like that my notifications go off.

I Crave Cock

anal sex whoreYou would think the best thing about working at the club would be the hot ass men with deep wallets. However, for a horny slut like me it all the available cock at my disposal. I love giving them lap dances and grinding my tight ass against their crotches. The feel of their cock twitching and rising against my ass always makes me gape. I whisper in their ear that we should take it back to the VIP lounge. Most willingly agree but every once in a while, they get a little shy and need that extra incentive. I just smile as I bend over and let them see my gaped ass. Nobody can refuse that, and they can’t get that cash into my hands fast enough. I tell them to invite their friend. They are rock hard, and I am horny and wet. I bend over as they push their cock deep inside my tight cum filled ass. I then tell their friend to come closer, and I open my mouth and give him a wet sloppy deep throated blow job. With my ass and throat full of cum I pull out those little blue pills and hand them out so we can go for another round. There is not enough cock in this place to appease me. Think you can help a whore out tonight baby?

Party Animal Cum Slut

Druggy phone sex

It’s no secret how much of a party animal this coke whore is. Sometimes it can be so hard to find someone who can keep up with my party girl porn star lifestyle. I need someone who understands my need for a thick cock to fuck my face while I enjoy my nose candy and pop molly in all my fuck holes. It would be so nice to meet a rockstar who wants to party hard and fuck me harder. Can you be the stud that wants to see me feeling good and fucked up while I’m being gaped and filled with jizz until my asshole is leaking and dripping warm cum? This skank wants sexy new friends that love dirty party games, and know exactly how to show a horny party slut a great time. 

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