Cum Dumpster Lauren Loves Snowy Christmas in December

I’m Stepdaddy’s Coked Up Cum Dumpster

It’s not winter but Stepdaddy wanted to make it snow for his little cum dumpster. We call it Christmas in July. Mommy leaves and you come into my bedroom with a tray of ice cubes, a little baggy, and a hard cock. You open the little baggy first. You poured a line of it on your hard dick and told me to clean it off. I licked the line of coke off your cock. Then I pushed your dick down my throat to clean off the white residue still on your cock.

cum dumpster

I could feel my mouth numbing. Me and Stepdaddy learned about this the first time he fed me coke. It meant he could push his cock into my cum dumpster throat as far as he could. And it makes me so fucking horny. My mouth gets so wet. He scooped a bit of coke on his nail and snorted it himself. The only downside of swallowing coke is that it takes so much longer to get high. I popped his cock out of my mouth to ask to do a bump too.

Stepdaddy Makes it Snow for Christmas in July

Stepdaddy only lets me use his coke when he wants to fuck my ass. I was basically asking to have my asshole fucked hard as fuck. He went over to my dresser and set up a line. I had to bend over to snort the line. He put his cock up to my asshole and spread my ass cheeks apart. He spit on my asshole and then slowly pushed his cock into my tight asshole.

cum dumpster

Stepdaddy’s cock is so fucking thick. Every time he pushed into my ass he complains that it’s too fucking tight. He grabs my ass as he slid his fat pole deep in my ass. But the coke made my tight slut hole relax a little. He pulled his cock out to the tip and then slammed it inside as hard and fast as he could. When Daddy is hard like this he could fuck for hours and my tight asshole is his cum dumpster. I pretend I don’t like it at first but he can feel my wet pussy leaking onto his balls.

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