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Surely, you can imagine at first I had nothing but pure intentions. I can be quite the good little girl when I want to be. I assure you of that. I spent the next couple of days making loads of fruit pies and even a couple of chocolate and coconut pies. On the day of the sale, I made sure to dress my best, load the pies up in my friend’s minivan I borrowed, and set up a table for the school parents to come and purchase my goods. However, my presence was not welcomed at all. Mothers covered their sons’ eyes and wives pulled the hands of their husbands trying to distract them from my delicious pies. I tried not to let it bother me, my table still covered in the goods I spent so much time making. The principal came over and began complimenting my baking skills. 

I felt very accomplished as he bought one of my pies. Suddenly the gym teachers joined my table speaking to me while also purchasing a pie. My loneliness was cured as men lined up to purchase my pies. The PTO Moms looked at me with side eyes. I hadn’t the faintest Cum Dumpsteridea of what their problem was. Probably that their husbands preferred my delicious juicy pie to their dry tasteless cakes. A man approached my table disappointed, said he was the super attendant and had heard how wonderful my skills were, however at this point I was all sold out. I felt bad, offering to make him a pie and bring it by his office sometime. He put his hand on my lower back and walked with me toward the offices at the front of the building. “Why wait when you could just write that recipe down for me and we will count it even,” he chuckled opening the door and directing me inside. 

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I never thought I’d say this phrase, but it’s true! a cum filled cunt pays the bills. Since I’ve become a prostitute, I’ve gotten my shit together. Many people will frown upon my decisions, but I look at it this way: if you aren’t having fun, are you living? The rules were made for breaking, and I love to spoil them by feeling good and chasing the high.

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