An Anal Sex Whore With A Cock

Anal Sex Whore

Johnny knows what I am.  An anal sex whore with a cock that loves giving and receiving. A man who can share a blunt with me and be on his knees worshiping my cock while staring into my chocolate eyes! Although I do love to surprise him with the fact that his girlfriend is an equally big cock whore as he is. I had him over and surprise him with his sexy big totted girlfriend popping into the living room after he had all my cock in his mouth. I made him lick my cum out of her pussy and ass. Yes, I had fucked Johnnys’ girlfriend for hours and let him know what a freak she was for me. Then I plowed that ass so damn hard and deep he won’t be taking a shit for a week. I even taught his beautiful sexy girlfriend how to use a pegging strap on so he could get the anal fucking not just from this live phone sex bitch. And I promised to make my callers all know what a cum slut and anal whore he really is for me!

Horny Whore Can’t help herself!

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There I was just walking down the street in a tight little skirt and tube top looking for my next john when suddenly a cop pulled up. He flipped his lights on and stepped out. He was quite handsome unlike some of the dicks I deal with. He told me to come to the back of his car that he needed to search me. He kicked my feet apart and slid his strong hands up my exposed skin.  His fingers pressed hard into my thigh. He pulled up my skirt and exposed my ass. Kneading it with his strong fingers. I enjoyed his rough hands and when i heard his pants dropped i knew he was in it to get his rocks off for free! I took his fat cock in my ass nice and hard! he filled me up to the brim and went on his way! That’s one way to stay ticket free!

Phone Sex Sluts are Essential

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts have stayed busy during the quarantine. I guess we are essential workers to the horny perverts of the world. I have been fine stuck in my trailer. I get cock, a lot more than I expected, really. But then I am a greedy cock addict. I went out and found cock and of course the men in my trailer know who to visit when they have cum filled balls. My state has opened back up. Bars are closed but the beaches are open and so are my legs. I put on an itsy bitsy tiny bikini and picked up some college boys. The beaches opened just in time for spring breakers. Even though colleges are all closed, I guess the college boys and girls who would have gone on break decided to flock to the beach. Lucky me. I was the bell of the sandy beach. I picked up a few frat boys in from Louisiana. Damn they were buff too. White boys, but hung and total beefcakes. They wanted to fuck a trashy milf. I am an easy milf too, especially when to comes to cock. I was not meant to go a day without cock. Rona fucked up my sex life. No more young schoolboys stopping by on their way to school. The truck stop had limited traffic and no over night stays in the lot for truckers. My favorite trucker, Big D was not making as many trips and guys in general just were more shy about fucking a stranger, even a hot lot lizard sex whore like me. These college boys had no qualms about coming back to my trailer to fuck. I rode all their cocks for hours and got filled with their spunk. It was just like old times and it feels great to be back.

Don’t Be So Shy

Don’t be so shy about it, you are an anal sex whore and you must succumb to that desire. My big dick was just what he needed to really set him free. We have had multiple secretive rendezvous in seedy hotels. He would get wasted at the bar and ready to go, or rather ready to take it. I loved delivering the cock to his sweet tight puckered fuck hole and delivering it often of late. I am making a real anal slut out this good ole boy from Texas. Everything may be bigger in Texas but he sure is lacking that for country boy, he’s a real bitch when I deliver the goods. I love making him my big dick sucker and he’s beginning to get really good at it even. He sneaks down to Mexico sometimes to get some real fun and try out new things. I suggested he take those steps and improve on coming out like a good little fag boy. He does so well taking my cock and dressing like a slut. I should just start calling him sissy, after all he is sure becoming one. I really love to see one that acts so manly is really furthest from that truth. This one is muscular and masculine until he takes those tight jeans and cowboy boots off. What’s hiding under your man suite big boy?

anal sex whore

So Who Is In Control?

Dirty Phone SexSo, I meet you at a bar, dressed in very casual clothes but you notice my dark bra under my white tank top. You like that, it makes you think I am a little edgy. But you are still cautious and slowly make your move. You buy me drinks and shots and we play a little pool. As the night goes on you start touching my shoulder or stroking my hair. I play along because I realize you like to think you are setting the hookup. When it is last call you ask if I would like to go back to your place for an after-hours drink and for some food that you are going to cook. I hesitate but then agree. I can see you are pleased with yourself and we walk in and you pour a drink and start cooking. I excuse myself to the bathroom and when I return, I am completely naked. I look you in the eye and tell you to come, please me. You just look and I say it again, just louder. When you get to me, I lay on the couch spread my legs and push your face into my juicy bald pussy, holding it there, grinding my pussy on your face. I do not let you up until I have squirted all over your face. You start to speak, and I cover your mouth and start undressing you. I lay you down and slowly lower myself on your hard dick. I put your hands on my tits, guiding your hands to squeeze my nipples. I then ride you, still not allowing you to speak. I continue fucking you all night, never allowing you to talk. After I am done with you, I clean up, smile and leave, kissing you on the forehead. See baby, you only thought you were in control but secretly I think you might like that.

Trailer Trash Whore Amara

trailer trash whoreI’m just you local trailer trash whore and the head mama of the local crack house. Yeah I have a few rug rats and they help mama out. I take care of all the local teen degenerates and runaways. I have a god damned sex ring of junkie prostitutes for you to choose from. Whatever you like, white, black, dark chocolate, white chocolate, milano, mulatto,caramel, girls with dicks, young male cock suckers, honey I got it all. You like hitting the junk and need to make that cock feel good, I got you. I’m a size queen mama and I don’t care what color that dick is as long as it’s over 9 fucking inches. Please this mama good and maybe I let you have a sweet jail bait prize for a discount. I like watching a young bald white pussy get destroyed by a big daddy dick. I will sit by and watch that tight young cuny get ripped open and gaped while hitting that crack pipe and masturbating my milf cunt. I love watching the way their tight little holes gape and when that ass gets stretched into a rosebud, boys or girls, man it’s a most exciting thing.

Dirty Phone Sex with an Asian Masseuse

dirty phone sexI have a hot dirty phone sex story to share. The massage parlors have opened back up in my city. They have less girls working and fewer hours, but I can still get a massage. The problem was my expensive and elite European massage place was still closed. I have been sore and tight from spending more hours at the computer. My husband suggested his girl. He goes to one of those happy ending Asian places. I was not even sure they would let a woman inside. I tried to go to one years ago and I was chased out. I guess they assumed I was an unhappy wife. My husband’s money goes far, so he had his little Asian masseuse make a house call for his wife. She came by this morning with her massage table. She was a tiny thing. Barely legal but could have been much younger. Not that I cared. She did give me a wonderful massage before she rubbed my pussy. Damn, her fingers were strong too. I started squirting on her face. My husband came in to watch his little China doll make his wife a sloppy wet mess. I wanted some Asian cuisine, so I flipped her on top of me so we could eat each other out. She was yummy tasting. Sweet and sticky. My husband’s old cock was rock hard even though both of us are older than his preferred age. I have not had some Asian pussy in too long. My husband snapped photos and filmed us fucking. She has a tight little pussy too. Even a few fingers inside her pussy showed me that. I used a dildo on her pretty pink cunt to make her squirt. I spent most of the morning being a trashy milf with a young Asian girl and I loved every moment of it.

I’m An Anal Cum Dumpster For Massive Loads

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My daddy made me into a good anal sex whore. He used my cunny and tight pink puckered asshole as hs personal playground for years feeding me the good nose candy and telling me that My body would be my only escape form the hood. He was right when Jackson found me on the street corner selling my pussy for a line of coke at a time. He was a massive man who moved kilos and made “home movies” of young whores trying to make a living wage. He brought me to O’ Mileys up the street with a proposal. We were knocking back shot and doing lines in the bathroom between blowjobs and fucking my sweet little ass. In fact, I was auditioning for his next movie. Teens Hooked on BBC, The anal Diaries. He brought me to his set and There waited five black cocks ready to fuck my young drunk ass. I was pulled to the pool outside and there they began filming the drunk sex porn that would help me get my own place and become a name in the stripper industry. Who knew white trash could pay off one day?

He shouldn’t have pissed me off

live phone sexMy ex called me this morning and started a fight over some dumb shit. I know that I should be the bigger person and not fight but he made me so mad I went nuclear! I went into full on petty bitch mode and called up his best friend. This guy has been trying to get in my pants since we first broke up and I had been being nice and not going for it but all bets were off. I went over there and fucked him and made sure to take pics too just to really rub it in. I sent those pics to my ex and he was so mad he turned purple. It was so good to see him all worked up but little does he know that I am nowhere near done. I plan on fucking every single one of his friends, might fuck his family too just to be extra petty.

Highways, Truckers and Hot Stripper Sex

Hot stripper sex on the highway is what Trucker Tom got. I was caught in some Holiday weekend traffic on a rural narrow part of the highway where it was just two lanes and construction. We were at a standstill for at least 20 minutes. Next to me was a big rig with a fairly handsome driver. I was sitting there rubbing one out with my foot hiked up on my seat legs parted and my blouse open. I pulled out a tit and started rubbing at my nipple. I may as well give him a show I figured. I made sure he was watching as I went at my pussy and exposing my big stripper tits. He was certainly enjoying the show and making some lewd comments. Once traffic got to moving again we took to the shoulder once we got past the construction. I hopped up in his truck and blew that cock like the filthy hooker I am. He ate my pussy, we smoked some crack and fucked like rabbits as traffic flew by. It was the hottest fuck I’ve had since this whole quarantine has started. I think I might try being Highway hooker more it’s quite a rush.

Hot stripper sex

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