Trailer Trash Whore Tag Team

trailer trash whoreA sexy trailer trash whore is never bored or lonely. I mean there are plenty of rough looking trailer park sluts in the world. They have a face like a catcher’s mitt and give off that rode hard put away wet vibe. I think I still look good for being in my 50s even though I party too much and tan too much. Notice I did not say fuck too much. That is because you can never fuck too much. When you look like me, you can put on some Daisy Duke shorts and a crop top and pick up a man at the Piggly Wiggly. It was raining, so no one was at the pool or park. No sexy black boys playing hoops either. It was too early in the day for any truckers to be parking at the truck stop, so I went to the grocery store. I knew I could shake my skinny ass and pick up something other than milk and cigarettes. I lucked out and found a single dad with a teen boy picking up pizza and beer. The boy flirted with me first. The father was saving his son from the trashy milf but ended up flirting with me too. I did what any milf tramp would do. I invited them to my trailer for pizza, beer, weed and fucking. I may not have admitted the fucking part, but it was going to happen. No man or boy comes into my trailer and does not fuck me, not even my own son. I am a dirty old whore who needs cock and cum. While the pizza was cooking, I was guzzling cock and they were slamming beers. The boy was not old enough to drink but he was old enough to fuck. A father and a son tag team? That is the stuff that wet dreams are made of for a white trash phone sex whore.

Lauren’s Trailer Trash Fun

druggy phone sexI was a shy baby girl until I was old enough for daddy to show me his cock. Ever since then I’ve been known as the little trailer girl who stayed cracked and was a good money maker for her parents. It was every other day if not day that I sent myself out to take very kind of cock imaginable! I was gang banged, used as a toilet slut and ate up all the yummy baby batter I could get on my hands! I want to show you how great of a dirty phone sex whore I can be too. I may be drugged up but I still know how to give a man a great time when it comes to putting myself out. I’ll pounce of you like a good sex slut and will give you the explosive orgasm you deserve once I’m finished. You will want to keep coming back to my sexy pussy for more after I soak it all up with my tasty juices just to let me lick and suck it all off!

Drugged By My Young Sluts

Druggy Phone Sex
I awoke with stiff joints; my arms were bound above my head and had been for some time. I was naked, and I dangled above the floor; how far I didn’t know due to the blind fold tied tightly over my eyes. My pussy was on fire; I was so ridiculously horny I could barely form words. “Mommy’s awake.” One of my little ones chimed nearby, That caused a chorus of giggles from the rest of them.

“Look, her pussy is crying.” “Not yet it isn’t.” They moved on me, my angels. They’d drugged me, hung me, and had been edging me for hours while I was unconscious. I needed to cum, and I needed to cum now! I couldn’t think about anything else. My sweet ones were giving me a Mother’s Day present I would never forget. Every time they brought me even close, using their sweet fingers and delicate little mouths, one of them would stop and it wasn’t enough to cum. I was circling the drain, begging my own offspring for some relief. “What about all the times you edged us, Mommy?” They asked in tandem. I was sobbing, my cunt oozing honey straight down to the floor in long, gooey strands.

I needed it, so badly. Please, anyone. Just make me cum, please. “You want to cum, Mommy?” My oldest giggled. “Okay.” They were on me, all eight of them. Hands and mouths and fingers. Biting, pinching, sucking, stroking. I was moaning. I was so close. I couldn’t cum!

They removed the blindfold, and my oldest showed me a needle. “Your medicine won’t let you cum, Mommy. You’re going to have to work for it.” They giggled, moving to smother me with their young cunts and cocks.
Cum Dumpster

Route 66 Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sex

Lot Lizard sex is much more than getting fucked in Truck stops near me. I hop rigs and fuck the United states truck drivers for my own pleasure. But there is something I do that thrills the fuck out of me. I like driving Route 66 not for the views but for the massive amounts of truckers parked along the road in rest areas. This time I took My little green Miata and took off in search of it. I was in New Mexico at dusk when I spotted the first 20 trucks sleeping or calling into sex workers like me to get some puntang. I’m sure these men get a lot of road pussy, but sexy prostitutes like me are rare. I love my cock and cocaine but I keep my body tight and fit for fucking. The first truck I climbed up on the side boards and shook a little baggy of powder indicating I needed a fill up. And fill up he did, after he fucked my ass and made me clean my shot off he got on the CB and passed me around those trucks and cocks. My baggy of cocaine was full again and my cunt was full! I got in my Little green coupe and took off to Arizona to fuck many more drivers. I must have had a hundred cum loads inside of me before I reached California! And now Back to Florida so I can double that! This is the life of a sexy and druggy gangbang whore like me! 

Teen Sluts Fucking Much Older Men

teen sluts fuckingWatching teen sluts fucking is a hot way to spend a Friday night, especially when they are fucking much older men. All my daughters were whored out last night for one gig. My husband and I went as chaperones since this was a new client. He hired our 5 girls for an orgy of sorts. He was hosting a party for some big clients and he wanted to have some Lolita hookers as entertainment. This was a wild party. The more money someone has, the more perverted they can afford to be. That includes hiring jailbait sluts to service your best clients. My husband and I love our girls. We profit off them daily, but we never want them completely destroyed. I mean how can they make us money if they are ruined? Most clients do not mind us chaperoning. My little hookers for hire were on their best behavior too. They were dressed in sexy lingerie too mature for their bodies with their hair teased out like 80s video vixens. They almost looked like beauty pageant sluts. My girls are not sophisticated enough for the pageant world. But they are perfect for the whore life. They were going around sucking guys off and jacking their cocks. Men would bend them over all throughout the mansion and start fucking their tiny bald holes. There were 5 jailbait sluts entertaining about 50 men. Men decades older than them. My sluts were passed around like candy and filled up with cum. I could see cum leaking out of their used fuck holes and all I could think about was how much I wanted to take them home and eat the cum from their cunts. Daddy just wanted to dump more cum inside their used up holes. We took our little money makers home and rewarded them with ice cream and more fucking for making us bank.

Filthy Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slut

Now that people are starting to get vaccinated, it’s even easier to be a cum guzzling slut! A lot of my favorite guys stopped coming down to the truck stop in the past year, but now things are starting to get back to normal and I am loving it. Just yesterday I got to get fucked by a guy I hadn’t seen in well over a year. His cock was still as delicious as it’s always been. He grabbed my head and held onto it while he shoved his cock as far into his mouth as he could. When he shot his load in my mouth, I made sure to swallow it all and not miss a drop.

It really is a shame that you aren’t down at the truck stop with me. The guys love it when a cock sucking faggot comes down to give them some action. And it would be nice to see someone besides me gag until tears stream down their face. Do you think that sounds like a good plan? I do! I want you to be as much of a cum guzzler as I am! Just pick up the phone and call me and we’ll make it happen!

lauren loves big cocks

big dick suckerI want to be your big dick sucker. Let me show you how a real woman sucks on a big cock. Not only that but all of my holes are meant for you. Take anyone you want. In fact invite some others with you and have yourselves fuck me until I can’t walk or sit straight, I’m ready to be used up like the good cum dumpster I am. I wanna be your little creampie whore! I’d be the best little slut for you to release your cum and leave it dropping from any hole you want. I know this is what you’ve been looking for. The perfect little whore to be stretched out and used up without complaining. I promise to be a good doll. Come play with the pretty blonde girl and make me eat up all that yummy cum you have save in those tight balls just for me! I’ll be a real good big dick sucker. You won’t regret giving me a call once your load explodes all over me!

I’m a cum dumpster for you all

cum dumpster

The boys love when I come over. I am dating a guy who has a few roommates, and they all love to make me their cum dumpster. I love group fucking. The more guys, the better. I like the attention and love to beg for cock and cum. I’m not a good girl I am a dirty cock loving slut, and I am damn proud of being that, So when my boyfriend tells me his roommates want to fuck me, I say fuck yes. Give me all those cocks one by one.

Watch me tale it and show you how amazing I am at taking more than one. I am better when I’m doing what I love best, and that’s get used as a complete cum slut.

I love to feel that cum run down my thighs and drench me fully. I want more jizz all over me and in me like the cum whore I am. I want it so bad and never want to be without cum.

Guess What Secret I Have

This little bitch signed up for the wrong job. I think he makes a better cock sucker than a tow truck driver. His big rig emphasizes his need for cock. He is a bit of a bitch behind his exterior machoness. That’s how I like my bitches though. I like to share with my tranny girlfriends also.

These men just can’t handle a couple of hot bitches in uniforms. The joke is on them though. These two hot bitches in police uniforms had a secret. These hot sexy whores had dicks. In fact these dicks are bigger than this new little bitches cock for sure. We owned that bitches mouth and ass in no time roadside. That’s the proper roadside assistance that these tow guys should be giving their peace officers. Now be a good bitch and get on all fours.

Shemale phone sex

BBC Phone Sex is for You Too

bbc phone sexDo you like bbc phone sex? It is okay to admit that you do. Many men call me because I am a black cock whore. It is no secret that I am a fan of those huge anacondas. I have been chugging big black dicks since I was a schoolgirl, so I have lots of stories to share. I also cuckolded my ex-husband. Most men who call me asking about the big black cocks I have had in my life are black cock faggots or wannabes. Sometimes, I meet such guys in real life too. Over the weekend, I was at the truck stop partying with some black truckers. There was this white loser pumping gas when I got into the back of a cab. I saw the look he gave me. It was sort of the race traitor look, but that was just his spiel, I guess. Because he did not lay into me for long before he was begging for some BBC for himself. I think some men struggle admitting that they want big black dicks. They do not want to be labeled gay. There is gay then there is being a black cock faggot. They are not the same. When me and my black trucker buddies party, we get freaky. My black buds will fuck any white ass or mouth. It could belong to a trailer trash whore like me or it could belong to a black cock faggot like the loser pumping gas. My pals used him up too. They fucked his mouth and his back door pussy. They laughed at him. They filled him up with cum too. They even made him say things like, “I’m gay for big black dick.” It was like he had a pussy for the night because my black studs filled him up with as much cum as they did me. I was a little jealous and he was in heaven. Do not fret. They will fuck you too.

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