Black Phone Sex

Black Phone Sex

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Blonde Fucking Whore Loves Erotic Roleplaying

blonde fuckingThis blonde fucking whore loves to role play. And I have roleplayed many things in my life on and off the phone. A few months ago, I posed as a teen boy’s mother to get him out of trouble at school. I enjoyed it. Felt good to act like I had a teen son again. But I really helped him out just to get that pounding a teenage boy can give a woman’s pussy.

This boy got in trouble again and needed me. However, this time he was facing expulsion for a fight he did not even start. I guess the principal expected him to lay on the ground getting kicked in the face until some teacher intervened. My poor teen lover looks like he got hit by a truck. I am glad he defended himself. And I planned on defending my teen “boy” with the school authorities.

I marched into the school and demanded to speak to the principal. Of course, since I am a trashy milf, I wore a tight micro dress that showed off my big boobs. I needed to fuck the principal, get it on film then barter for my son. Even though I am a trailer park woman, I do have a brain. I can think creatively when I need to. Since the principal only seemed to notice my bimbo boobs, I seduced him first, then told him who I was.

trashy milfI Love Role Playing In and Out of the Bedroom

I fucked the shit out of that married principal on his desk during school hours. A man could lose his job and his wife for that. While his cum oozed out of my pussy and onto his desk, I told him I was Zach’s mom. He had that look of dread on his face. He knew he was in trouble. Of course, my cell phone captured every moment of him fucking this trailer trash whore. I told him all I wanted was for my son to not be expelled. Perhaps suspended for a few days, but not expelled.

And when the principal would not play ball, I blackmailed him into giving my young teen lover only a 3-day suspension. I went back to my trailer, told my lover and he fucked me harder than the principal did. I still had his cum inside me, but my young lover did not care. He was so grateful to me he said he would have eaten the principal’s cum from my pussy to say thank you.

Stripper Whores Get An Orgy After A Long Shift!

Hardcore orgy porn I love pissing on my bitch Molly whenever we have some hot orgy sex with a few friends. We are party sluts and work together at the strip club. Our hours align pretty well with one another so it is so much fun when she is ready to party and get fucked with me. We both get drunk and high and love taking cock up the shitter and getting pissed on; she is just like me and I love it. My favorite thing is watching the bitch get her shitter plowed out as I piss all over like the nasty whore she is. I have seen this slut take so much cock, cum an piss; she is better than me sometimes.

Look at that big, thick and fat cock slamming inside her slutty little ass hole as she bounces her sweet body up and down. She is designed to take cock and get pissed on. It is so much fun having a guy degrade us together while I degrade her too. It’s the perfect little mistress moment for me since I am usually always degraded. When another cunt is in the situation with me; I love to use her like a piece of meat too. Molly is a little dominant whore too sometimes; she loves pissing on me and using me after she gets fucked like a rag doll fuck whore.

She wanted some filthy sex so as a friend I made sure to set something hot up after work so we can be dirty bitches together. He busted his hot load up her ass hole like 3 or 4 times and that bitch wanted more. I made some more calls to get some more cocks over here for us so we had more cum, piss and spit for the both of us. We went at it all night long; our holes were so fucking sore we couldn’t even cum anymore. At one point we didn’t even feel it when we were getting plowed up. Between the drugs, alcohol and the amount of cock we were getting; we literally just got numb.

We were laying there as they each took turns on us and felt nothing; it was easier to just let them have it. I think I even saw that whore fall asleep a few times as she got her holes rammed out. I had to slap her to wake her up and she said “It’s okay, they can keep going while I shut my eyes”. The boys loved that we were barely conscious because it just made us look and feel even trashier than we already are. The best way to be the ultimate fuck slut is by getting fucked up and never saying NO! Trust me, all the men love whores who never say no. Isn’t that right baby? I am sure your cock is leaking so much pre-cum now just thinking about it.

Druggy Porn and a Sexy Tranny for the Night

Druggy porn and a night with a tranny prostitute is a good time. I truly love just getting high and watching porn with my lovers. Let yourself get kinky thinking about being my little bitch.

First things first, and that is the fact that I love being the one in charge. However there are a few exceptions. These are rare exceptions too. One is that the guy has a bigger cock than me and is truly a confident and dominant man. Then and only then will I become ever so slightly submissive.

When I say slightly submissive I mean that I will not tolerate some ignorant guy that thinks he can control me. As a control freak and one that is very skilled I know how and when I will submit.

Of course there are times when I have a lover and we really just have some kinky fun together. That is truly the hottest time for me. No need to try and convey your testosterone levels to me. I will pick up on your energy soon enough. We can just really have some fun partying and I can seduce you and take that man pussy.

Druggy porn

Lot Lizard Sex

Lot Lizard Sex

I gave lot lizard sex a try and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done! I went to the truck stop and had some fun in a few of the big rigs. Those over-the-road truckers who haven’t been home to their wives in weeks sure do have a lot of stamina (and cum) to give. I was with one trucker in the back of his cab for a solid to hours! He fucked me every which way from Sunday, he filled every hole and had my body leaking and my body sore from the positions he put me in. But where I really had a lot of fun was at the glory hole! I’d never been to one before and noticed it in the bathroom when I was washing up; one of the men stuck his big, fat cock through the hole and it was just pulsating and throbbing, waiting for me to suck it, so I did! I pressed my lips right up to the hole so I could deep throat him and he thrusted into the back of my throat and made me gag and cough as his thick mushroom tickled my tonsils. He came in the back of my throat without warning and before I could move my mouth away from the hole as he pulled away, there was a fresh dick in my mouth, pumping away! I really liked taking so many cocks in one day that I sucked it for a bit, but I was so wet still that I needed to fuck. I backed my ass up to the wall and fingered my hot wet cunt while he pounded my tight little hole. I came so fucking hard I nearly flooded the place with how much I squirted! I stayed at that truck stop all night, getting fucked back to back by horny truck drivers needing to get their dicks wet. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life and my new favorite pastime! 

Creampie slut Carrie is so hungry!

Creampie slut

Creampie slut Carrie is so hungry! I am an addict. Not just any kind of addict, but a cum addict. I can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet cum, and I simply can’t resist it. I know cum is bad for me, but I just can’t help myself, and as soon as I taste it, I am ready for another fix.

My favorite thing to do is to sit back and let a man load up my face with as much cum as he can. I savor every drop of it, licking it off of my lips and allowing it to slide down my throat. I even get aroused by tasting it, and love when I can feel it gushing down my throat. I love the rush I get when someone gives me a facial, and the feeling of being completely covered in cum always drives me wild.

I love being a Cum dumpster and have a dick shoved deep into my tight, little asshole, and then have the man fill it up with all that cum. I usually like it when the guy cums quickly, so he can fill me up with as much cum as possible. I take pleasure in feeling it seep out of me afterwards, and love nothing more than making sure that not a single drop goes to waste.

And I love when a man buries his face into my pussy and just devours it. The feeling of his tongue circling around, eagerly awaiting his next helping of cum, is so incredibly pleasurable. I don’t mind if he swallows it all, either. I just love knowing that he is enjoying me as much as I enjoy him.

Being a cum addict has its ups and downs. Sure, I get to enjoy some of the sweetest cum there is, but it also means that I have to keep feeding my addiction. I must constantly search for new men, just so I can fill up on more cum.

But, no matter how hard, no matter how inconvenient it can be, I will never give up my cum addiction. That sticky, sweet cum is simply too amazing to pass up, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. So, call for Cum eating phone sex! I can take copious amounts of cum!


Dirty Phone Sex Provides Me with an Outlet to Share My Dirty Antics

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is my outlet. This is a side gig for me and a creative outlet for me to vent and share my dirty escapades. My life and my fantasies I cannot share with just anyone. And I have few friends outside my family. As a trophy wife with no formal education or proper upbringing, I never fit into my husband’s world. Although, I can fake it when I need to. And the holiday parties have begun, so I need to fake niceness to bitchy fellow trophy wives.

I dress up sexy, but not too provocatively to make all the wives jealous. But I cannot help but make them jealous. I am younger and hotter and all natural too. This party was full of freshly Botoxed women. I mean some of them had so much Botox in their faces they looked plastic. Nothing fake on me. Not even my hair color. Okay, maybe my boobs are not all real. But I do not need Botox and that drives some of these Hollywood wives crazy.

Do Not Fuck with a Trailer Park Whore

Since every woman at this party ignored me, I gave my attention to their husbands, and sons. One wife, Julie, is the queen of the mean girls. The rest of the wives follow her lead. And she thinks I am nothing but a trailer trash whore. Although she is right, I am a far cry from the dumb hick she thinks I am. I let her do her backhanded compliment shit. She cannot knock me down. But I can fuck her husband and her son in her bed at her party,

Since she attempted to flirt shamelessly with my husband, I seduced the men in her life. Together too. I marched them right into her bedroom and fucked them both on her bed. My husband lets me have fun. He would never cheat on me. Plus, he likes his women much younger than that old biddy.

This old cunt will never know I let her son and husband tag team me in her bed at her own party. But I have the satisfaction of knowing I left her party with a cum filled cunt from the men in her life. I did leave her a present though. A big wet spot of my cunt juice mixed with both her husband and her son’s sperm. Never fuck with trailer trash, Julie.

Hardcore orgy porn while Daddy would molest my bald cunnie

Hardcore orgy porn My dad molested me when I was just a young girl! He would force his cock into my Young bald pussy and use me as his Cum dumpster… I didn’t have much say, since Mom was aware and well my sister was just glad to be too old for Daddy’s liking. I grew to enjoy the late nights he would spend with me in my bedroom. The first time he ever fucked me, he had me lubricate his cock using my slimy little tongue. His dick was big for my itty bitty mouth, so I stuck my fingers into my cheeks and stretched my mouth open so Daddy could fit his big dick in my face. When Dad was ready to pop my cherry he laid me on my back at the end of the bed and slapped the lips of my naturally bald cunnie with the head of his heavy cock.

He whipped my pebble-sized clit and then tucked his big dick between the lips of my 3-inch slit.

In the background played Hardcore orgy porn, daddy wanted me to repeat whatever I heard the older girls say on tv. Before Dad fucked me he had me beg for him to stretch my cunt… Then he forced his oversized cock into my dime-sized hole… He muffled my moans using my favorite Tuesday panties that he stuffed in my itty bitty mouth. Dad managed to fit his entire 8-inch cock into my petite shapeless body. At first, it hurt, but as he thrust in and out my sweet little cunnie, I began to get wet. The wetter I got the more enjoyable sex with daddy became. My mom sat back rubbing her cunt as she watched Dad molest my little cunt. Within minutes I was left with a cum filled cunt that my mother cleaned with her tongue.

Slow Night At The Strip Club So I Made Money Off My Mouth Instead!

Cum guzzling slutIt was a really long shift at the strip club last night and it was kind of slow which made shit feel even longer. I could not wait to get the fuck out of there. The amount of men that just like to sit and not pay for a dance is pathetic. I was so sick of shaking my ass for them and getting little to nothing. All the regulars and big ballers usually come on the weekend so during the week it’s always trash money. I needed something to give though because I was broke as fuck until Saturday. I was a little drunk and began to ponder my options an how I can make some easy cash. 

So, a few dudes were sitting in the back and I could tell they had money but were interested in more than just a little dance. I went over there and said hello with a few free shots to get shit warmed up. We took a few shots and talked and I was flirty and had my tits hanging out along with my pussy that barely fit in my panties. I bent over so they could see my cunt and ass too; I looked at them and said I wanted to play. They were excited and said “Oh yeah, play for pay is the way we do things here baby”. I smiled and whispered to all 3 of them that they should come meet me in the back for a special dance. 

They were all excited but I told them it had to be one at a time so no attention was drawn. So they totally agreed and said no problem. So I went to the back and waited for the first perv to come in and get some action. He walked in and asked me what kind of dance I was referring to while he took out his wallet and flashed his cash. I pushed him against the lockers and took off all my clothes so he could see my big tits better. I said “How about a turn on this mouth with your cock baby”? He bit his lip and said “If you swallow my cum I will raise the price whore”.

I smiled and said “There is no other way to face fuck a slut if she wont swallow your load”. He laughed and smiled and slipped his cock in my mouth and went right into fucking my throat. He fucked my throat and made me gag all over him; he railed my mouth for a while. I could tell he was holding back his load because he wanted his money’s worth. He held my head down and made me look up at him and he said “You made this night way better whore; I am going to cum now and then I will send my other friends in to get their turn”. 

He pumped my mouth a little harder and within a few seconds I felt him unload in my throat. I swallowed all of that cum and it was so much; I could tell this fucker was backed up. He looked down at me, slapped me in the face and said “I am so glad bitches like you exist for men like us skank”. He laughed and threw me $500 and said to wait here while he got the next cock for me to please. I smiled and wiped away my wet teary eyes so I looked presentable for the next one and said “Okay I am ready sir”. It ended up being a really good night and I made some good fucking money!

Druggy phone sex slut Quinn

druggy phone sex

Wanna chat with a nasty, freaky druggy phone sex slut? My name is Quinn and I’m as dirty and nasty as they come! I can spread my legs and prove to you what a freaky, nasty whore I am. Just ask my step dad, brothers and any other man that knows me. There’s not a cock in my life that hasn’t had my sloppy whore hole all over it. I spend every waking second, getting fucked up and taking as many hard cocks as I can. I like to chat with guys like you while the jizz in my cunnie is leaking out all over my fingers. I’ll eat it all up while you tell me what a filthy set of fuck holes I am. My worn out cunnie is always stretched out and dripping cream and I love to show it off!. I’m still wired from last night when I went out partying. I was fucked up, bouncing from bar to bar, getting fucked by any man that would pay attention to me. I just got home a few hours ago and knew that I had to get on here so that I could chat with my phone lovers and tell them what their favorite nasty cum slut has been up to. Before I went out last night, I spent all day, hanging around the trailer park, trading my filthy fuck holes for some quick cash to buy dope with. There weren’t many guys around but I did trade my sloppy cunnie for the neighbor boy’s lunch money before he got on the bus for school. He’s super young but I couldn’t help myself, I needed the cash. I pulled his dick out right there at the bus stop and started blowing him in front of all of his little friends. He didn’t take long and the cream from his young cock tasted so fucking good! After that, the whole bus stop was lined up with their lunch money, trying to get a sloppy blowjob from the druggy, bimbo slut. Don’t take too long to call me babe, I’m still horny as fuck and ready to talk about how my whore hole got so packed with jizz today!