Volunteers Needed For Pre-Whore Training

Live phone sexI am looking for volunteers. It is about time my little pre-whore learned to take care of a man properly.

This would involve serious deep throat blow jobs, extreme pussy pounding and hard core anal probing.

I need a man with a huge cock. It doesn’t do any good to learn with a tiny prick when she is going to be performing all these skills on giant fuck rods.

The little slut needs to learn to take every inch of your cock to the depths of her young tight sugar hole with out any crying or whimpering. She needs to learn to take it and grind down on it as if her little kitty is starving for more!

She needs her plump round semi-virgin ass stretched so that she can learn to unleash the squirting orgasm that comes with the erotic anal stimulation!Phone sex line



And she needs to learn to suck that big fat mushroom head and slide it down her throat without gagging! She will practice jacking that juicy cock off and smile sweetly as you unload cum on her face again and again and again!

It is a mothers job to make sure she raises and adequate pre-whore so I will be assisting in guiding your cock in her tiny fuck wholes and restraining as needed. If this sounds like it may be too much for you, back up is perfectly acceptable.

Her young cunny could learn a lot from a gangbang fuck session!

Surprise Cock

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He came up to me and said he wanted some fun. He said that he wanted to know what I could give him that these other girls can’t. I was ready to show him. So, we got in his car and went to a dark alley. I pulled out his cock and started sucking on it while he planted with my tits. I felt my cock starting to get hard. The more I sucked it the harder mine got. As soon as I had his cock nice and hard and wet, I told him I had that surprise for him. I got out the car and walked around to the driver’s side. I opened the door, grabbed him by the back of his head and pushed his face against my crotch. Shoving his mouth against my clothed hard cock. He was stunned at first but then I saw his cock twitch. I knew he wanted my cock. I pulled my skirt down and grabbed my cock and started rubbing it against his lips. I told him to be a good boy and open up. A good boy he was; he listened very well. He surely did know how to suck a cock. I would grab the back of his head and start pushing it further down until I heard him gagging on it. It was feeling so fucking good that I started fucking his mouth. Pumping my big hard dick in and out of his throat. I grabbed his head and push his mouth down my cock so I could shoot my hot cum down his throat. He made sure to swallow it all too. He was such a good cocksucker. He will be coming back for more.

Trading My Young Ones For Rent

trailer trash whoreWell rent is due, and the horny sleazy landlord came calling. I know what he wants but I want to get all the bills covered as much as possible before I give in to his perverted ways. He showed up wearing only sweatpants and holding a forty. I was still fucked up from the night before but that won’t stop me. I invited him in, and he started in about last day of the month and rent is due and blah blah. I told him I have what he wants. I sat him down pulled out his cock, spit on it and then put my trashy lips around that big beast and sucked him off. I smiled and he said nah, you owe more than that. So, I stood up and lowered my juicy wet pussy onto his monster and fucked him. He grabbed my big tits and bounced me up and down on his cock. He squirted his load deep inside me. I stood up and he just laughed. He told me I knew what he wanted. I did but I decided to negotiate just a little. I threw in some new appliances and a zero balance and he could have it. He took a drink and said bring her on. I smiled as I grabbed my little trailer trash whore in training from her room and handed her to him. He loves her tiny soft flat hairless body. He tore her up and left her in tears and bloody, but I don’t care. That is the reason I had those cute little tiny fuck toys.

PMommy Whore Friday Night Gangbang

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Believe it or not, I do more than work the phone sex line and the streets. It was Friday night, and I stood outside of some run down farmhouse in the middle of jabumblefuck nowhere. My seven inch black pumps were imprinting the mud beneath my feet. The rest of me was just fishnets, a small black lace skirt, and a crop top that showed off my huge tits. I was on the prowl for some fresh meat.I fuck a lot for money, I suck a lot of cock for my drug addictions, but I rarely get to fuck around for my own pleasure.

I was taking this opportunity; and I had even brought my eldest daughter with me. She was a sexy teen in a tiny white outfit that screamed and begged to have her innocence ruined. The party was jumping, and we found drinks and a blunt to share in no time. It was hot, and the humidity had everyone in as little as possible. My sweet girl and I stripped down too. I kept just my fishnets and heels on, and coaxed my daughter to do the same.

We were quickly surrounded by an influx of cocks, and sexy slick men stroking them. My daughter and I are cocksucking professionals in real life and during live phone sex, so the lines formed and we swallowed load after load. You won’t believe this, but from the drugs and alcohol in the cum of these delicious treats we were getting fucked up. Some guys got tired of waiting in line, and came to use our fuck holes simultaneously.

Live Phone Sex
Fuck yeah me and my young daughter got fucked like the trailer trash whores that we are. She learned an absolutely valuable lesson that night; all worn and no fun makes for a dull life. Oh, she also learned she squirts all over from her hot young cunt when she gets fucked in her little pink asshole. We have another party tonight, want to tag along?

All twisted up



Drunk girl fucking Alyssa
The best dick I’ve ever had has been when I was drunk. That night I mixed my Vodka, My Tequila, and my brown all night I mean when I say fucked up I was. This guy and his friend walked up to me and they said I was looking good that night. I grabbed his dick and his friends dick to see what it was like. They both were perfect, you know not too big but not small either. I didn’t even stop and think I just unzipped the pants and dropped to my knees while sucking his cock and from there I began to play with his friend’s dick. I then bent over while lifting my dress up motioning for him to start fucking me from the back. As I’m being fucked from the back every pump forces his friends his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. Just as he begins to cum I suck it all down while continuing to suck. Then Turn around and start sucking his friend’s dick and while allowing him to fuck me from behind. Just as they were about to cum we were asked to go upstairs from the party. I agreed but not until I finished them off. Now I’m up in the room with no one to join me. Care to cum?

Jerking It On The John

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  It’s Shemale phone sex that I offer. I have a dick, and a Ladyboy pussy. I’m always jerking my dick and sometimes I need another dick to jerk and suck off. I’m very dominant but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like a nice big fat cock to suck off. I love getting my Ladyboy hole plugged with worthwhile big dick. The best times are had with a sexy hunk of hot man meat. I love being the tranny with nice tits and a perfect cock. This picture is missing you baby. You sucking my tranny ass and this beautiful cock while I blow pretty boy smooth talker Romeo. I’ll be your filthy Juliet big boy if you have more than 7 inches for me.

Dream Fucking a Trashy Milf

trashy milfWhen you are a trashy milf, every young boy in town knows where you live. That is why I have an open-door policy. I never lock my doors. I do not have intruders. I have welcomed horny guests who take advantage of my pussy and ass at all hours of the night. On the weekends, the horny teen boys in town like to party in the trailer park. They have a kegger at some one’s trailer and when the booze and weed kicks in, they find their way to my trailer with hard dicks. About 5 boys entered my bedroom around 5 am reeking of weed and stale beer. I love that smell. They were giggling and stumbling. I turned the light on, and their faces were priceless. They thought they were in trouble. I told them my pussy was already full of cum, but they were welcome to deposit some more. I can never have a cum filled cunt that is too full of cum. Young boys do not care about creampies. They welcome an easy pussy. They just want to fuck. I spread my legs still half asleep and hungover and took their loads.  None of them lasted long. I fell back asleep. I woke up for my shift around noon and thought it was a dream. Just a really hot dream. I went to pee and cum fell out of my cunt like a flooded river. Then I knew it was just a late night gang bang for this old whore.

Blonde Fucking A Slutty Whore!

Blonde fucking

I know I am nothing but a blonde fucking whore, but when I get a boyfriend he is supposed to be devoted to me. I can fuck whoever I want, but his cock is reserved for me. Double standards apply to men who worship big titted beautiful blondes. I can get away with anything I want point blank. I work in the sex industry I have to fuck for a living. The back room at the club after dancing and teasing men. The nights I feel like slinging my pussy on the boulevard. Or a paid Gangbang. I used to have a hot boyfriend that loves that he could  fuck me after all the cock I took for the night. I need a cock to stroke as I fall asleep and a hard dick between my ass cheeks when I wake up. I had a man recently fuck my so called best friend. We were at a decent bar and she was fucking him on the dance floor. 

I know what you’re thinking, how does a gangbang whore have such audacity? Well, I am a nice piece of ass and since my boyfriend’s Twin was with us, I decided to get revenge publicly. I pulled out my tits and sank to my knees at the side of the bar stool. “Fuck my tits! And I will suck you cock!” I yelled loudly making the patrons of the bar turn around. I was right in sight of that boyfriend stealing whore. Maybe she didn’t think anything of it because I am such a whore. But what is mine is mine.  I now have my ex’s Twin at my beckon call. He has more money and a bigger dick and I fuck him in front of his loser brother every chance I get now! I still fuck who I want, but I have a big dick to fuck when I am done being a cock skank now. Oh the good life. Cock , coke and cum will always be my great loves! 

Live Phone Sex: Anything Can Happen

live phone sex

Live phone sex means anything can happen. Last night, I was home alone. That almost never happens. I was partying and taking calls late. I had this one guy who just wanted some one to party with. I get it. I do not judge. I like talking to high men because their true self comes out. Same can be said for women. It is that coke or whatever your drug of choice may be lowers your resistance. You speak more freely. This guy was not home alone. He moved back home after the pandemic to help his folks out. We got to talking and he admitted he called me because I am a trashy milf who fucks her sons. He revealed his longings for his mommy’s pussy. Incest thoughts lurk in us all somewhere. I told him how I came to be the son fucker I am and gave him some tips on how to be a mother fucker. He added Fireball into his mix and that liquid confidence, made him bold. He was whispering. But I understood he was going into his sleeping mother’s room, naked with his cock out. The plan was just to jack off and look at her for a few. Maybe, steal a pair of dirty panties. His father takes Ambien at night and would sleep through a bombing he said. I was quiet, but I was speaking to him on an earpiece so no one could really hear me. He was so fucked up. He ended up cumming on his mother’s sleeping face. She woke up and I heard yelling from a woman. I think I heard something break too, LOL. We got disconnected. I was hoping to hear back from him, but I think his mother did not respond like he hoped. It was still hot for me to be along for the ride even if it ended abruptly. With druggy phone sex, anything can happen.

Bachelor party

live phone sexI did a bachelor party as a favor to a friend, she didn’t want her fiance to have some rando stripper doing dirty things and tempting him. I guess she figured I was the safe one? I don’t know what she was thinking honestly because I am one hell of a whore and she knows that! I’ve even fucked him before but I guess she probably didn’t know that. Anyway, I stripped for all those guys and it just turned me on bad. Seeing all those hard cocks had my pussy gushing and all I could think of was fucking them. I did too, every single one of them including the groom to be. I know if my friend finds out she will probably be all mad and shit but honestly it’s her own fault. She should never have asked me to strip for them!

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