New job turned out fun

live phone sexI got a new job working in a warehouse and I was a little intimidated at first because they were all men, I was literally the only woman they hired. Well, they were teasing me and giving me shit at first and I thought I just needed a really good icebreaker right? So I went up to them when we were all on lunch break and told them if it would help them be nicer to me, I would fuck them all right then and there. Well boy did they like that! They were ready to fuck so I stripped down and took that gang bang like a real woman. I sucked every dick and let them fuck all my holes they were lining up for the privilege to fuck me, even the boss got in on it! Safe to say I will be keeping this job forever!

Breeding Phone Sex Sluts and Their Daughters

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Do you like the notion of breeding phone sex sluts? What about their daughters? I loved being pregnant. I was pregnant over 12 times in my life. I am still fertile, but I am 42 now and that is not the best breeding age for a woman. I have three daughters, however, who have already started their periods which means anyone of them can get a bun in the oven. The only way our family is going to stay strong and grow is if my daughters birth daddy and I some grand angels. I am grooming my girls to be breeding whores. A fertile pussy is a terrible thing to waste. We need some much younger pussy to sell. None of my sweet whores are virgins anymore.  My band of sexy prostitutes have some high mileage pussies for their age. Men want super tight. Men want virgins. Men want super young pussy. Daddy has started feeling out some of his contacts in the sex industry. It is his client list that keeps us rolling in the money. Thanks to modern technology, daddy and I can auction off fertile young pussy and we can even stream impregnation parties. We can profit so many ways. First, off selling the rights to knock up a young fertile girl. Second, off watching a young fertile girl get knocked up. We can also make money off pregnant girl porn. Guys pay more money to fuck a pregnant whore, especially one about ready to pop a brat right out of her pussy. Daddy has already secured three high rollers for our breeding bash party. I cannot wait until we have three pregnant teen sluts fucking. I am not sure I want to be called a grandma yet, but I am down for making more money off even younger little holes.

Gangbang Whore Trashy Momma

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I am what you call a gangbang whore momma. I enjoy getting filled up like a tanker and bringing it home to my little darlings.  My pussy eating darlins. I starve them for affection and they get it by cleaning out my cummy holes. The most cum is always in my ass! Why, because that’s when these men who pay me think a nasty whore like me is only entitled to cum deposits in my shitter! 

One such night I am turning tricks in my bedroom because I had no sitter from my son or daughter. I look up and my son is jacking off his little wiener. I was even more turned on as my ass was getting drilled deep by a massive black dick. Why black dick because he was one of my dealers and he paid me in that high quality dope. I had powder all over my nose as I had the brilliant idea to snort a line of soft pink balls. He was reluctant but I told him he would feel good and momma was only going to make it better. I slathered his little wiener and smooth testicles with as much dope as I thought he could handle. I snorted cocaine off my son’s balls and wiener.  My dealer who was fucking my ass spurted so far up in this anal sex whore ass that I could feel it in my throat. He made a call to a couple perverts that would “enjoy this shit and would pay cash up front!” That is how this dirty druggy mommy keeps the lights on and food in my brats bellies! Ya know besides all the dope that goes up my nose and in my veins! I never said I was a good mom, just a trashy ass whore who loves to stay high and get all the cum I can handle!

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Frisky Furballs Mount My Girl

Furry Friends Phone Sex“Do you want to play a game?” He asked my sweet teen daughter. She nodded, excitedly. As she skipped with the older man back to his home, her perky tits bounced along. His eyes raked over her, excitedly. I tailed behind them, excited to see what a whore my sweet princess would be today. He brought her to his home, and led her to a back room. I could see his cock straining against his pants as I peeked through the window. He led her to a breeding bench, and restrained her; her ankles were bound, her wrists secured, and her abdomen locked to the bench as he bent her over it. I could see how wet her young bald cunt was. She looked at me through the window, and winked. The man let in his large four legged friend who immediately went to her sweet snatch and started to lap up her juices. She was trying to squirm away, but she couldn’t move. That furry pal was just using his huge tongue to clean her cunt, and she was panting and moaning in time with his licks. I watched her squirt from getting her pussy devoured, but the licking never slowed down. She came again and again from his fuzzball’s kisses. It was an hour before she was finally mounted by the man’s friend. She screamed as the huge cock entered her, but was cumming all over that red rocket in no time. I snuck away, so horny from having watched my daughter get bred I needed to cum or I was going to lose my mind! That night at dinner, I asked her how her day was/ She looked a mess, and smiled. “I made some new friends Momma, and we played one hell of a game.”

Freaky phone sex slut Quinn

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Everyone knows what a freaky phone sex slut I am! I had the hottest call ever yesterday! He wanted to have fun with a kinky little cum slut. I had already been playing with my cummy cunt for hours. I was snorting lines and teasing my clit all night long while I was on the phone with him! He listened as my dealer showed up and I paid him for more blow and for his hard dick! I had to get my fix and cum is my true addiction! I let him fill my pussy with cum before I made him call some friends over to fuck me. I needed to be packed and stuffed full of sticky cream to satisfy my cravings. Once they left, I started finger fucking my cummy cunt while I talked nasty to my caller. He loved hearing me talk about the warm cum gushing out of my wet pussy in waves and the sticky strings of jizz all over my hand. I spend every day getting fucked and stuffed and every night on the phone playing with my cum hole.

Hot Stripper Sex Is The Best

Hot Stripper SexHot Stripper sex is the best. I mean a woman who knows how to move her body to get you so worked up that you will throw money at her definitely knows her way around a bedroom. Of course, a woman who is comfortable with her body being naked in a public setting is going to give you a great time in private. I definitely do not disappoint in that area. I am a naughty nasty freak who likes it rough and wild and non-stop. I mean that is what the coke is for right? To keep it going all night long. Don’t think I won’t make you work for it though. I am a sure thing, but you best know how to get my pussy wet and my orgasms long and often if you want to keep me around. I want you to start by sucking on my juicy wet pussy, paying lots and lots of attention to my sweet clit. Suck it, rub it and nibble it just a little too. Stick your finger in my hole and feel the orgasm as my pussy grips your finger before my juices flow. Now if you can get that done you are in for a real treat. I will keep that cock hard and have you blowing your load over and over until we both are too exhausted to keep going. Then we will rest, hydrate and go on to round two baby. So, you think you could keep a dirty slut like me satisfied?

Trashy MILF Beverly

trashy milfI am a trailer park granny. I am the trashy milf respectable mothers warn their sons to avoid. I make no apologies for being a horn dog. I love to fuck. Age never stopped me from fucking someone. This virtual schooling has fucked up my world. No more young boys in front of my trailer waiting on a school bus. Today my daughter came over with a couple young boys. She has picked up some babysitting gigs with schools being out and folks going back to work. She is just like her whore mommy, a horny fuck. While the two boys watched Saturday morning cartoons, I helped my daughter out with a problem. She had not cum in a few days. I cannot go a day without cumming, LOL. I got out her favorite dildo and started fucking her cunt while the boys watched TV. I edged her so she would have a better cum. When she would get close to cumming, I pulled out the dildo and shoved a finger or tongue up her twat. The boys suddenly cared less about cartoons. They had little chubby dicks and wanted to help their babysitter cum. You know this trailer trash whore never cares about age. Her pussy was super wet. I let the boys taste her. She begged me to make her cum. I could have eaten her pussy or fingered her just right until she exploded. I decided to let her cute little charges fuck her instead. I rubbed her clit while their hairless peckers penetrated her wet pussy. They could not make her cum with what they had, but a little extra help from mommy and she was squirting all over their faces. With my daughter as my wingman, I think I can still have fun with little ones despite schools being closed.

BBC Phone Sex

bbc phone sexI have a secret love for bbc phone sex. I am not like an exclusive black cock whore. I love all kinds of cocks. Variety is the spice of life, but I fucked this black dealer last night to score some coke. O M G. His cock was huge. It was hard to swallow it all and I think I have some awesome cock sucking skills. He made me work for my weekend party supplies too. He said he had a thing for blonde whores who party. Before I tried to swallow his cock, I had to snort a line off his dick. Let us just say that was the longest line of coke I have ever snorted. His cock was almost 13 inches long. He was hard to swallow even for a big dick sucker like me. He took a few pictures of the blonde whore gagging on his anaconda and shared it on his snap chat. Before long he had friends coming over to share the party girl’s holes. I could not say no. I wanted that coke. I wanted those big black cocks too. I needed their cum. Sometimes, a girl just needs to be treated like a whore. And no one treats me more like the whore I am than a black man.

Trailer Trash Druggy Whore

No Taboo Phone SexMy cunt gets so wet for crack. That’s right. I’m a trailer trash druggy whore who needs her fix. When I’m dripping wet all over your cock, it’s because I’m thinking about buying and smoking all that ice. I’ll do anything for a hit; anal cum dumpster, sucking big black cocks, even eating your asshole. That’s right, I’m a filthy fucking whore who will do literally whatever you ask. Yeah, there’s nothing I won’t do for a drag of that sweet dream. I’ll even rent out my offspring. I have eight, you know, so I can spare three or four. Do you know how much money I could make off of their young, hard cocks and sweet bald cunts? So much. I know what you’d pay as a PDaddy to be able to play with rugrats. You don’t have to be shy, I actually love to watch them work up on you and fulfill your every fantasy. You want my darlings, and I want my drugs. Let’s make a trade.

Phone Sex Line for P Stories

phone sex lineI believe in giving back to my community, especially in times like these. Philanthropy feels good. I think giving is receiving. That is why I volunteer every Friday at my local YMCA. They are still having some activities for young ones stuck at home for the summer. The camps were cancelled, and the pool is closed, but they have a few hours a day for boys and girls to make some arts and crafts. I pass out the art supplies to the poor boys and girls in need of a little social interaction. Most of them have mommy or daddy issues and just need a nice MILF to be good to them, to give them the nurturing and love they do not get at home. These are the darlings of crack whores and pimp daddies. These girls and boys often lack their mother’s love, which makes it so much easier to prey on them. If you have ever called my phone sex line, you know I am a dirty P whore. When a brother and sister were left behind because no one picked them up, I offered to give them a ride home. I drove them right to my house for daddy and me to enjoy. Two little jungle bunnies. Daddy and I love some young tender dark meat occasionally. A good woman gives boys and girls the love and care they need. I sucked that boy’s black dickie and ate that tender age girl’s bald cunnie. The boy was big for his age. He will grow into a porn star if the hood does not swallow him up. Daddy enjoyed fucking that sweet little black pussy. Very pink and juicy on the inside. I did take them home, eventually. They did not want to leave our place. I felt bad returning them. They could make us so much money as part of our hookers for hire, but we do not need the police looking for us. Daddy and I gave them a bag of money that we told them to hide from their crack whore mommy. I take care of the little ones I molest. Treat them well and they never tell on you.

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