Halloween BBC sex stories

BBC sex stories

BBC sex stories with this stripper whore are so erotic and nasty on Halloween! I had picked a slutty Cop outfit to strip in for the evening. Total trashy woman in uniform, really brings the cash and chalk! I have a couple Officers on our payroll, and they loved seeing me shake my ass and be a bad bitch as I twerked on their cock, telling them I wanted to handcuff them and suck their cock. I would have gladly done it for free, just to show good favor when I was hustling on the streets. 

But a fight broke out with My bouncers and I had to jump in on the action. It was a regular old big John who had been stiffed by one of the other backroom whores. My big black man had every right to be pissed. I playfully handcuffed him and took charge of the situation as I leaned down and whispered “Play along, I will make it worth your while,” The audience loved it as I sat on his back and told my big Mandingo he was under arrest for being to fucking sexy! Big Black John was happy to be escorted to the back among cheers and dollars from the crowd! I really thought that this was a scene for Halloween and I gave Big black cocked John my slutty ass and sucked him like he was a chocolate Ice Cream! My Cops got some pussy too, but that’s more stripper sex stories for another time, baby!

Anal Sex Whore Lilibeth

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. This mommy loves ass sex and I make no apologizes for it. One of the biggest requests from Johns is going Greek. Guys pay good money for women who give up the ass. My daughters are all anal whores too. Most women are afraid they will not ever shit again right, LOL. That is part of the fun of anal sex!  I trained all my girls to be anal whores like their mother. You must take cock in your ass if you want to bring in big money. I was hired for a bachelor party. What they wanted was an anal whore who would take it bare back. Why would an old whore like me make any guy wear a rubber to fuck her ass? Rubbers hurt the ass, even a used-up ass like mine.  Anyway, I was just the trashy milf those men wanted. The groom wanted a milf whore who could take a good ass pounding since their wives never have ass sex. The groom to be got first dibs on my ass. He snorted coke off my lady humps then plowed his cock deep in my ass. Balls deep. I could feel his cum filled balls slapping against my fine ass. I looked up and saw a bunch of guys jacking their dicks watching me be a filthy ass slave. Once he nutted in my ass, he made me suck his dick clean. I think he thought that would be humiliating to me. Not at all. I am a nasty freak. I let them all fuck my ass. My asshole just got messier and messier. But guess what? I just shit that cum out on the floor and licked it up. I could hear the guys saying things like oh shit and look at that whore. I am not some silly suburban wife who never gives up the booty. I am a seasoned anal cum dumpster. I went home with a pocket full of cash and an ass full of cum.

Cum Filled Cunt

Cum Filled Cunt

The feeling of a cum filled cunt is so thrilling. Truckers use me as their own personal cum dumpster and it drives me fucking crazy. I can’t ever get enough cock and I don’t see that changing any time soon. The filthier the better is the motto here at The Greasy Skillet truckstop. Satisfying men comes naturally to me as I’ve always had a way of pleasing a big, throbbing cock. I grew up turning tricks in order to get my fix. I have a regular who is into some nasty shit. (Literally!) Most recently, he wanted me to take a big, raunchy dump right on his chest. I’m a whore with no limits so of course, I didn’t say no. He drilled me until I couldn’t take his cock anymore and then I squatted over his hairy chest. I squeezed and pushed until a hot shit squeezed out then he licked me clean. If you’re looking for a dirty whore, you have come to the right place.


Cum guzzling slut I am such a whore. I love having gatherings at my place just so I can find my next victims. I love throwing myself on men and watching their facial expressions in such shock. Today I had a neighborhood cookout, you know how much men love food. I decided to serve myself on a platter as well. It’s not my fault their wives don’t pay them much attention. That just gives me the chance to screw them like never before. So the guys are in the back playing dominos and having beer. I walked out naked with my high heels on, you should have seen their faces! I began serving them hot dogs and hamburgers; when I passed by Rick he slapped my ass. Victim #1 was all I could think of right when he did that I bent over and said don’t be scared rub my ass. Eventually I had all 5 dicks inside of me oh these men were viscous mmmm I had two in my pussy rubbing cocks and another up my ass. Henry had his cock sliding in and out of my throat. Rick was more shy he kind of stood off to the side and jerked off afraid to get caught. They fucked me so good they switched off. Henry was deep inside my pussy at one point and Rick was deep in his ass…. That explains! omg it was such a beautiful sight to see!!! The way Drake pounded Henry’s ass and John put his cock down Henry’s throat while Kevin had his cock deep in my ass and Sam fucking my throat. It was raining cum.. We were all cum guzzling whores! John kissed Henry and spit his Cumshot into his mouth there was cum dripping down Henry’s chin I came along and licked it all off. We all fucked so good. I know they can’t wait til my next event. IM SOOO FUCKING HORNY AND READY TO DRAIN SOMEONE OF CUM! Who’s my next victim?

Hot Stripper Sex For Perversions

Perversions are anything out of the ordinary range of sex. Perversions are the things that drive us hungry for a carnal delight. Hot stripper sex is one way to get fulfillment of some perversions. A stripper is a sex object that men (and women) indulge their fantasies in. I am a prostitute, stripper and I love my drugs. I love to fuck. Taboo fucking is the best kind of fucking. Getting high, and horny go with my profession. I drain the balls and wallets of men. 

Yesterday I was out buying a few new pairs of stripper heels for one mans fantasies. He loves the thigh high cheap pleather stiletto heel boots in red. I have another john that likes to fuck me while I wear cowboy boots with spurs. Lastly I have a guy that gift carded me $700.00 so I could find a pair of cheap basic Christian Louboutin Kate’s. I couldn’t resist buying some French silk stockings to go with the Kate’s. While I was cashing out with the heels and stockings I had a preposition from another guy with his perverse desires. He paid me to wear the stocking and leather designer heels and nothing else. I walked around his warehouse flat as he laid there, on the floor stroking off. 


Hot stripper sex

Cum Dumpster Beverly

cum dumpsterI am such a cum dumpster. I love cum. If I could live on cum alone I would. Friday night, I was in a mood. I was drunk and high and I went trolling for cum. I went down to the truck stop and partied with some truckers. I was doing shots of Tennessee whiskey and lines of coke on cocks. I was partying with the brothers. Most of them I did not know. New truckers to me. They did not mind partying with an old skank like me. When they whipped their big black cocks out, I showed them what a cum whore I am. They had no clue that I would be such an exceptional big dick sucker. I took every big black cock in that truck stop balls deep. They were in awe that a skinny tramp like me could handle their huge rods. I struggled for me. They did not realize I was having any problems until I puked. One guy was damn near 15-inches. That was big enough to find my gag reflex. Plus, I am a bourbon drinker not a whiskey drinker and I was drunk. I puked up what appeared to be like a gallon of cum. The guys were laughing. One guy said I bet that skank is such a cum whore she licks it up. He was right on the money. I got on my knees and licked it all up. That is because I am such a trailer park whore.

Druggy phone sex for the weekend


druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sex when you are home alone with a hard-on is a nice way to spend your weekend. My pretty wet cunt loves to have cock stuffed deep. I like it sloppy. I won’t deny how dirty I like to get. My pussy is an equal opportunity temple. I love all kinds of cocks, no matter what color or how big or small. Cock in my slits makes me pinch my tits. I want a cock that can fuck my big tits, and I need a cock that will make me want to hop on it and get it deep in my ass. My pretty asshole needs to be creamed. I want to watch you jizz in me, then lick it all up.

For Your Entertainment

dirty phone sexHalloween party you say. I was all in and excited. Dressed as a slutty inmate and headed your way. I walked in and it was rocking. Blow and pot and x filled the tables and an endless supply of alcohol. The thing I did notice was it was all male, except for me. Like a sausage fest happening. A normal girl might be taken back but my horny neglected pussy was thinking of only one thing. This would be a perfect night for a hot ass gangbang. You are a little nerdy but hot as hell and as I looked around, I noticed a trend. These friends of yours don’t look like they see a lot of action and I got even a little more excited.

Excited you ask? Why yes, that means their balls are full and they are horny. I made my way over to you and told you this was an awesome party; it was just missing one thing. You inquired. I leaned in closer and told you that the entertainment was lacking. You seemed confused. I quietly removed my Halloween costume and stood in only a lace bra and matching panties and smiled. The room went silent, and many pants started to bulge. If you were there, what would you do with me first?

Lil Debbie Pussy Loves BBC Creampie

Creampie slut

My tight, wet pussy is the perfect place for your milky, white jizz. I want to lick your hot, fresh cum juice off my fingers after you fill up my horny cunt. I love the taste of a good cream pie baked fresh inside my pussy. I can walk around with your baby batter inside me for hours. The sensation of it leaking and dripping down my inner thighs makes me want to sit on your fuckstick all over again. My thighs stick together from the cum adhesive that’s seeping out of my fuck hole. I must admit that being a walking Lil Debbie and making my own pussy cream pies is hot as fuck. All I need is an eager, hard cock to fuck until my pussy is overflowing with sweet, creamy, delicious, cum frosting.

Cum filled cunt


I’m a sucker for dick

Gangbang whoreI slurp dick like my life depends on it. I am such a dumpster for cum. I love being labeled as a whore. One day I woke up and went for a walk in the neighborhood. I got to thinking about who I haven’t fucked. The population in my small hometown is 5436 people. I think I have fucked about 5000 of those people, maybe more. I just know someone has not fucked me yet. I am horny and need dick. I am so addicted. I honestly just want dick deep in my throat. I went down this dark alley and I saw 3 dudes hangout. I approached them and asked if they wanted to come over to my house to help me fit a pipe down the hole. They agreed and they came and fucked me. I just need my dick fix. Once again Im horny now and need another fix, come and be the lucky man so i can make you cum. Ugh I’m such a filthy dirty sneaky whore.

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