My Life is the Stuff Dirty Phone Sex is Made of

I could only work on a dirty phone sex site. We do have a vanilla site at this company, but I would suck trying to be vanilla. My life is one big taboo. I was born in a dingy trailer in rural West Virginia. Home birth and my birth was never recorded. As far as the state of West Virginia is concerned, I never existed. My parents were meth addicts and meth makers. I was born solely to be their cash cow. I never went to school. I never had friends. I could barely talk. I did not even live in the main trailer. My parents never loved me. They whored me out for money. I was young when my husband bought me for a large sum of money and brought me to California. He was a widower at the time and told folks I was his stepdaughter, and he was raising me after his wife’s death. He got me educated and when I was 18, he married me. Wealthy men do that kind of stuff all the time. I mean marry their stepdaughters, not buy a Lolita bride although they do that too. I birthed him many brats, and now we pimp out our daughters and sons. We have even adopted and bought a few of our own so we always have something very young around too. My husband is a P man, and I am his P wife. I went from trailer park Lolita to the madam of a home brothel with young sexy prostitutes for hire. I know some folks may think I traded being a whore for being a whore, but that is not how I see it. I am not some dirty hillbilly anymore. I am a rich, educated madam with a family who loves me and a family I love. And I will bet that my life is way more fun than yours!

On My Period Phone Sex

period phone sex

Some sluts act like they’re too good to take period phone sex calls, but I freaking love them. I’ve always loved fucking while on the rag. And I’m going to be really honest – the guys down at the truck stop don’t give a fuck if my twat is bleeding. In fact, I’ve been told by some of them that they actually prefer it! They’ll fuck me anytime, any way they can. They always tell me they love the feeling of how extra warm and wet my pussy is when I have my period. I guess it really is that special time of the month, right?

Period fucking is hot, but nothing in the world beats having my pussy eaten then! I love just lowering myself onto a warm, wet tongue while the blood just drips right into his mouth. I love giving out those red wings, as they call them. Having a man make me cum on his face and then standing up to see that his cheeks are all bloody and red just makes me want to sit right back down for another orgasm. Do you agree with me? Then I hope you’ll call me so we can get nasty together!

Anal Cum Dumpster P Mommy

anal cum dumpsterHadley is your mommy who is a certified anal cum dumpster. I should have that Tattooed on me next!
See, I believe in showing my Daughters how to make money with every part of their bodies. The best way to make money is doing what you love, so anal for me is the best part about being a hooker. My ass can take so much cum inside and This trashy bitch has a cute small butt plug that can keep every single load buried in my anal cavity until I get home and light up a big fat bowl of ice or a glass dick of crack!
My son told me today that I like crack because my ass crack is always dripping cum! Brats say the darndest thing. But it got me to thinking, do all crack whores like anal fucking? I had him invite a few friends over so I could quiz them on their crack whore mommies experiences. We all know that dope sluts love fucking those brats. It’s an innate desire crack brings out of you as a woman.
I needed info on all this mommies getting ass fucked and cum filled cunt stories!
Plus more boys and girls to share my experiences and to molest? That’s a big hell yes from  this anal sex whore! 

That Good Lot Lizard Head

Lot lizard sexWhen a night of dancing doesn’t hit the sweet spot in my panties that I want, I’ll head over to the truck spot. It’s not fair from the trailer park and one horny trucker is all it takes to make my night. Just like my good ole buddy Jim, he often comes through on the weekend during his route and he cock is always looking to bust. A good lick and suck is good to get him off the first time, but he always wants to be the big man and spend a bit more to get into my holes. Fucking hot when he grabs my hair and drags me to the bathroom telling me what a filthy whore I have to be to get fucked in nasty bathrooms by strangers. That one of these days he’s going to teach me a lesson and bash my head in on the sink or something if I keep this up. I think he’s got this thing with temptation and blaming me for him giving in. It’s whatever, I’m just a ho making that dough.

Mouth Slave

Big dick suckerMaster Reese is my favorite master, He uses me as his cum guzzling whore. Whenever he is in the mood, he points towards his balls and I know it means for me to play and suck them, and I do with pleasure. I suck them both into my mouth and I use my tongue to flick his big balls. When his dick gets hard from this, I start sucking the head real slow using my tongue as much as possible I know he likes that. I then start pushing his dick deeper down my throat while playing with his balls. I push it as far as I can take it down my throat and then swallow so it can tighten and grab at the head of his big cock. It turns me on so much I have to play with my dripping wet pussy. I then lay back and let him get on top of me, I get to suck on his balls and lick his ass from this position while looking at him stroking it in my face. I keep playing with my clit and he fingers my pussy until I cum hard, when his balls get nice and tight, I know a big load is cumming so I open my mouth ready to receive every drop. Sometimes I can take and sometimes it is so much it over flows from my mouth that he just keeps cumming on my face any where it lands.

Trailer Trash Whore Bev Crashes a Kegger

trailer trash whoreEvery young boy wants a trailer trash whore to fuck him. Most trailer trash whores want a young boy to fuck them, so it is a win win situation. I went whoring in my trailer park last night. On a Saturday night, some young boy or girl is having a party I can crash. When you look like me, it is never a problem to crash a teen party. I bring the pussy and the party supplies. I love to fuck. I love to get high. Teens share my love for both. I found a kegger at a stripper’s house. The stripper was at the club, but her daughter was throwing a party. There were a bunch of teens drinking beer around a firepit. I walked right on up and asked if I could join. I showed them all the joints I had, and I flashed my boobs, and I was invited to join. There were more teen boys there than teen girls, but the hostess saw my weed and did not care. We all stood around the fire pit getting stoned and drunk until I invited myself inside the trailer. I made sure the guys knew I was down with teen sluts fucking me. I wanted to play with the girls first, so the boys could gang bang me next. I eat pussy better than most men. I told the girls we were smoking pussy weed, so I needed to lick some bald snatches. The girls got naked on the floor and lined up naked so I could lick away. While my ass was up in the air, the teen boys had their way with my ass and pussy. I would make a high school girl cum and a high school boy would deposit a huge load of cum in one of my holes. I made teen girls squirt and I made teen boys cum in my ass and a pussy. This is why a trashy milf can crash any teen party.

Need a Good Lickin’

Gangbang WhoreI may have partied a little too hard last night!

It was two for one night at the club and those giant big black cocks were taking it seriously!

My tight white has was being stretched beyond maximum capacity last night with two big black cocks fucking my back door!

A giant cock in my ass makes me squirt every time but this was not about my pleasure!

I was just another whole to unload all that creamy cum into!

But I was so wasted, I have to admit, it felt good at the time!

I loved having a long train of giant big black cocks gangbanging my hot tight ass and slamming my sweet pussy!

I had pumped and dumped in every fuckable hole!

But now it’s the next day and I am laying here with a bruised as and pussy and covered in crusty cum!

And all I want is for a soft wet tongue to lick my wounds!

What I wouldn’t do for a good lickin on a Sunday morning!

Auntie Amara Sells Sweet Teen Slut Aiden

2 Girl Phone Sex

You know me, and you know what I’m good for; a cheap, druggy whore PMommy Auntie who’s cunny is still tight. If you know my sweet honey Aiden, you know she helps me turn out my rugrats. We’re light on our limits with them! Our only limit is you must pay up of you want to use me or one of my little cum dumps. Usually, to use sweet Aiden is extra, but that niece of mine has been a mouthy little shit.

I know you’ve missed me, baby, and the hot whiskey lullaby of my slutty little voice. My slutkins are just as eager as I am to please you, and we’re going to help you use the drippy teen fuck holes of Aiden. She loves exploring all those dirty little fetishes with me! She’s a little cock hungry whore who’s been begging men to “please, stretch out my tight little pussy!” since the day she learned how to get a man’s attentions. Then again, she learned from the very best didn’t she? Auntie Amara taught my sister’s whore well.

Her Auntie is the ultimate white trash slut, and we’re going to do absolutely anything to milk those balls of your dry. My sweetheart slut Aiden has scars on her knees, just like me, from choking on sidewalk cocks. Aiden is your teen anal whore; cum and get her.

Teen Anal Sex

A Cum Filled Cunt from Felons

cum filled cuntI love having a cum filled cunt. It is the hallmark of a slut. I play a game with my offspring. I like to see if they can tell how many men mommy fucked with just one lick of my pussy. The girls love this game. I went out last night alone. Not on a special date. I just went out to see what kind of trouble I could get into. I had a bit of cabin fever. A bad case of it truthfully. I went to this hole in the wall strip club I sometimes frequent. The girls are not glossy looking. These are druggies and lot lizards dancing for money to get a fix. I like this place because anything goes. Girls can pick up your beer bottle with their cunt lips. They can take your dollar bills with their ass crack. You see things in this club you just do not see in a gentlemen’s club. No gentlemen are in this club either. I was in a mood. I live high on the hog now thanks to a rich husband, but I was born in a trailer park in rural West Virginia. I sometimes miss those days and go slumming because you can take a girl out of the trailer park, but you can never take the trailer trash whore out of the trailer park girl. I did some lines with some recently paroled felons and paid for their lap dances. I have plenty of mommy. Plus, I like bad boys. I ate one of the skanky dancer’s pussy while the newly released men fucked my pussy. They have not had pussy in years. I was happy to welcome them back to civilization. They were fun.  Just folks like me, who did not luck out like me. I had a lot of cum in my pussy and ass. I was drunk and I was high, and I made my girls clean out my pussy and guess if mommy had been a gangbang whore or not.

I Was A Creampie Slut

dirty phone sex

Nothing is hotter than dirty phone sex with a hot ass hoe. Like me for example. I love to get anything I want with just a little smile and a peak of my ass. The other day at one of those pay to play parties I was sitting on a chase dressed sexy and showing my nice, toned ass. I saw a gentleman across the way that looked like he was loaded. I don’t come to these parties to fuck no poor ass cock I go straight for the big ballers. Literally, the ones that can provide me with a stack of cash straight to my cashapp and a big load inside my tight perfect pussy. I smiled and he came my way. I gave him the digits and he filled my account up perfectly. Then we made the way to a room. I undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his pants, letting them fall to the floor. I sat him on the bed and removed his boxers and then went to work on his cock. I smiled up at him as I did a little cock worshiping and sack sucking. I knew not to let him blow his load as he wouldn’t get hard right away and I was focused on pleasing more men and fattening my account. So, once I tasted his precum I laid him back and lowered my wet bald twat down on his throbbing cock. I rode him as he squeezed my nipples and moaned. I kissed him fiercely as he filled me with his warm cum. I gave him a little TLC and helped him dress. I then took my whoring ass back out to the game. By the time, the night was over I was not only flush in my account, but I was a full on creampie slut.

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