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I found a new sugar daddy and his old ass loves my hot, cum dumpster cunt and tight, puckered shithole! He’s not super loaded but he has enough to throw me stacks of cash every time he fucks me and that keep me coming back for more. He’s just some old man that I met online and was going to fuck for fun but once he started giving me cash and buying me stuff, I started meeting up with him a few times a week. I make quick and easy cash riding his wrinkled, old cock and letting him cum in me. This nasty, old fuck loves to hear stories about me being a filthy whore and getting my mouth and cunt reamed at the local glory holes. Good thing I’m a party slut with lots of stories from all my nights out, being wild and freaky. I tell him about all the cum loads that get shot up in my pussy and shithole on a nightly basis and it makes his old dick throb! He gets all stiff at the thought of me being a filthy slut and getting fucked my so many men back to back. He practically cums in his pants when I spread my legs, open my pussy lips for him and show him that I still have big gobs of jizz all in me. I slide my fingers in and out while he strokes his dick and asks me questions about the cocks I was taking. When he finally shoves his old dick in me and feels his meat and balls get covered in a thick layer of cum from other men, it sends him over the edge and he busts instantly! It’s fast and easy cash for me, plus another sticky cream load to bring to the next cum lover!


Trailer Trash Whore Beverly Enjoys Meeting and Fucking New Neighbors

trailer trash whoreBeing a trailer trash whore never gets dull for me. Friday nights get wild for this old queen of spades. A black family moved in not far from my trailer recently. And of course, I spied on them to check them out. From what I could tell, the family consists of three teenage sons, a young daughter and a father and mother. Even though those young black boys looked scrumptious, my eyes got locked on daddy.

What a black bull. Beefcake body. Tall as fuck too. Handsome and likely very hung. Since I wanted to check the family out, I made some pies. I can bake when I want to. It’s just when presented with the choice of baking or fucking, I will go with fucking for the win, LOL. Last night did not go as planned, but what happened I can include in my BBC sex stories.

I took the pies over after I saw the wife and daughter leave. But I did not know where she went or how long she’d be gone. I used my best moves on daddy. Plus, I looked fine too. But daddy loves his wife. And he politely told me to leave. Black men rarely reject me. I am an easy fuck. Once I came back home, I planned on going to the truck stop. But as I changed my clothes, I heard a knock on the door.

I Welcomed New Neighbors with Pies and Pussy

It was my new black neighbor and his three sons. He told me he wanted to thank me properly and whipped out a monstrous looking cock. And his boys followed his lead. Turns out the wife does not trust her husband, so she installed cameras in the house for when she leaves. She keeps her husband on a short leash. But I get why now. His cock measured over 13-inches.  And thick too. She wants that cock all to herself. And I do not blame her.

But this trashy milf fucked all three teenage boys and daddy with the bull cock. Each one of them came inside me many times. And when they left, they said they would be back to use me again. They called me a white trailer park whore. And they were right. I will always be a black cock whore.

I’m Blonde fucking whore who’s got a tina craving

Blonde fucking Blonde fucking whore here, utterly reckless with one motivation. Sweet hot tina. She makes me feel so sexy, so fucking on it. Everything comes together when she hits my brain. 

I’ve been hitting her hard lately, and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. After all, we only live once, right? And I want to experience everything this life has to offer, fuck the mundane. Partying and getting high are my way of escaping all the bull shit.

It definitely goes hand in hand with my whoredom. I love the thrill of bending over and taking strange cock to get high, just being a total Cum dumpster. The dirtier and more degrading, the better. I have a deep-seated need to fill and being used by cock satisfies me on so many levels. The fact that I have to fuck random guys to get high turns me on so much that I cum harder with strangers than with guys I know.

The last time I got some strange, this guy brought some friends, he didn’t mention them before we met and I would have been pissed if he didn’t bring party favors. He brought some of the best shit I ever had. Oh and those fucking cocks, they used me up right. I couldn’t believe it but they all were inside me at once. It felt so right and I need more. Come get me on some Freaky phone sex, Daddy, lets get fucked!


Cum filled cunt for A pussy Crusader who loves cleanup

Cum filled cunt Cum filled cunt eating out for a pussy crusader offered nightly at the KitKat Titty bar. After a long shift of milking cocks and making some hard cocks jizz in my holes, I am full! As for tonight at the bar… well let me just say this: there are some very happy customers leaving with their cocks drained and their minds blown by my amazing cock draining skills.  My Husband loves it and always has a taste for my dirty cunt.

Nope, I don’t go and take a whores bath or even use a rag to clean up when I get home from the club. His mouth is all I need. I do sometimes jump in the shower with him so we can get this clean up crusade going! I am using the steam from the shower to loosen up all that tasty juice from my pussy!  After I am done with him, he will know I am the best gangbang whore in town.

Cum filled cunt eating out for a pussy crusader

 It might have slipped your mind that I am a sloppy second slut. My pussy throbs just thinking about your sexy thick cock deep into a Cummy hole. No matter what you say, I won’t stop. Beg me for more pussy and my pussy will drip more! 

I’m such a whore, I love to get drenched in cum and get fucked in every hole. I’m insatiable and need more! You love me being such a naughty cum filled girl, don’t you? Can you tell by the way I talk about being covered and filled in cum?  It turns me on just thinking about it.  And the fact that I don’t even bother cleaning up before coming home to my husband… wow, that takes some pure sluttiness! But hey, if he likes it dirty, then who am I to judge? I am the ultimate Creampie slut no condoms allowed! 

Fisting Whore Lauren Gets Her Holes Rearranged

I Started Being an Anal Fisting Whore Early

All the anal has turned me into a dirty fisting whore. It started small. First I was filling my ass with my brush handle. That was when I was so young that I still had to hide my moaning from my mom. Then I started sneaking vegetables from the fridge. A cucumber here or a carrot there. No one knew I was shoving them inside of my asshole every night. I’d fuck myself until my ass got sore. I didn’t even have lube. Just spit and elbow grease. 

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Then when I got a bit older, I found Mommy’s toys underneath her bed. It turns out that she’s a little bit of a slut for anal too. She had these thick butt plugs. I would steal one while she was at work and wear it all day until she got back. But my step dad eventually caught me. There was no point in stretching my ass if I wasn’t taking a cock in it. I begged him to fuck my little asshole with his cock. And how could he resist a pretty blonde slut with a stretched-out asshole. 

Now I’m an Addicted Anal Sex Whore

He would pound my ass so hard. It was almost daily. But it still wasn’t enough. After he would rearrange my asshole I would finger my ass to feel all his cum inside of me. The warm cum and my already sore ass made me feel so good. One or two fingers turned into three or four. Then I was able to fit my entire fist in my asshole no problem.

Now I’m a complete fisting whore and no amount of anal stretching is enough. I can take two cocks in my ass no problem. And if I want a real challenge I can push another dildo inside. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from my anal addiction, but I don’t think I really want to.

Sexy Prostitutes Can Get the Wrinkles Out of Old Dicks

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes can get the wrinkles out of old dicks. Trust me. I can make even the oldest most shriveled up old balls cum. And cum hard too. I know all the tricks. This man hired me and all my daughters to fuck him and his best friend last night. When someone hires all of us, I assume they are young. I mean 4 hookers might give even the healthiest man a heart attack. So, when we discovered the two men who hired us where in their 80s, we looked shocked.

But old dicks need to cum too. Maybe old dicks need to cum even more than others. A paid gig gives men the best of me and my sexy prostitutes. These two men appeared widowed and lonely. My guess, when a man ages, finding pussy gets harder. Most young girls do not want to fuck a wrinkled old dick. And most old women do not enjoy fucking any more. So, what do horny old men do? They call a pro and pop some Viagra.

My whores and I know how to get the wrinkles out with our mouths and our pussy and ass. After a few minutes of our best cock sucking, those old dicks stood at attention for us. Sure, their balls smelled a little musky, but we could take care of that too. These old buddies served in the Vietnam War together too. Even though both seemed filthy rich based on the house we went to, I still gave them a soldier’s discount. We appreciate our veterans. Even the ones with old dicks.

My Whores and I Can Get the Wrinkles Out of Old Cocks

Our clients appeared shocked they we could get their cocks hard that quickly. And I explained that my little sluts and I enjoy a challenge. But I think their old dicks work just fine with the right inspiration. And I think a sexy mommy and her sexy prostitutes might have been the right inspiration.

We all fucked those old men. Even tea bagged their shriveled old balls. They fucked our cunts, our mouths and assholes too. And we drained their balls several times. They felt so much better when our session concluded. And we felt better too. It feels good to service men, especially men who need it the most.

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Trailer Trash Whore Working The Trailer Park And More

I love being a trailer trash whore. I can suck, fuck, and get whatever bodily liquid you want to spew on me anytime anywhere. We had no rules in our trailer park. Mom and dad were high as shit every day. From a young age I knew if I left my trailer and went to wander around, I could find some men willing to pay me and give me gifts to suck their dicks. I figured it was the easiest job around.  Let these old men thrust their dicks a few times in your mouth, squirt their juices down your throat and a quick $50 in your pocket. I was the breadwinner after. few times.  Mom and dad saw how my holes were making money and started inviting their friends over to fuck.

It was way easier to go to the back room of my own trailer than wandering around at all hours getting pulled into places or  whistled at from their trailers.  Never knowing if it was a gang bang, how old the dick was, how big it was, etc. My first big black cock was the drug dealer of the trailer next door.  He saw me come in and the owner of the trailer said they could settle their debt if he’d take me.  His eyes lit up seeing my tiny white skin as be took his cock out rubbing it up and down on my body to get it hard. Par for the course.  I puffed my chest out then teasingly bent over to get that big black cock hard.

He rubbed that cock up and down my body watching like magic, that cock turn into e

Anal cum dumpster gets nasty with pervcock

I love when I get a nasty perv daddy who likes to use any cock to make me an Anal cum dumpster.  First, he makes sure to give me enough money to get all I need for a good party night. Therefore, I got some blow. My dealer came over with a big baggy of blow and his big pit bull. After I do some lines, my body starts to react. “Open your mouth for all three of our dicks, nasty druggy slut” you say as you point to my dealer and his pitbully. I know how nasty you can get.

Therefore, I get on my knees and start by sucking your dick. Once it’s hard I move on to my dealer and suck his big black cock. While I suck his big dick you stroke yours. Then I feel his furry friend start sniffing my cunt. “That’s it, wiggle your ass for his wet nose” you moan as you beat your dick. As I sucked dick, I could feel the blow flowing through my veins. So, when I felt his wide wet rough tongue slide inside me, I started fucking it back.

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It didn’t take long before you helped my dealer’s furry friend mount me. “Good fuck that cum dumpster ass” you moan as you grab his red lipstick cock. Then I feel you push him into my asshole. “Pound that fucking whore” is all I hear as I do more blow. He starts to pound me hard doggystyle. I feel you push your fingers in my cunt trying to feel how deep his man’s best friend was in my ass. “Fuck I want to feel how deep his red rocket is in you whore” you moan as you shoved your hard pervy cock in my ass too.

After some hard pounding I started to feel his lipstick cock start to knot up. “Fuck he is knotting up on my cock” you grunt as you both start to explode in my ass. “Good boy, now clean her up” my dealer told his furry friend while fucking my mouth harder. “Feed her a load” you say as you watch his furry friend clean my cum dripping asshole. I just kept doing blow like the best Trailer trash whore.

Cum Dumpster Lauren Loves Snowy Christmas in December

I’m Stepdaddy’s Coked Up Cum Dumpster

It’s not winter but Stepdaddy wanted to make it snow for his little cum dumpster. We call it Christmas in July. Mommy leaves and you come into my bedroom with a tray of ice cubes, a little baggy, and a hard cock. You open the little baggy first. You poured a line of it on your hard dick and told me to clean it off. I licked the line of coke off your cock. Then I pushed your dick down my throat to clean off the white residue still on your cock.

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I could feel my mouth numbing. Me and Stepdaddy learned about this the first time he fed me coke. It meant he could push his cock into my cum dumpster throat as far as he could. And it makes me so fucking horny. My mouth gets so wet. He scooped a bit of coke on his nail and snorted it himself. The only downside of swallowing coke is that it takes so much longer to get high. I popped his cock out of my mouth to ask to do a bump too.

Stepdaddy Makes it Snow for Christmas in July

Stepdaddy only lets me use his coke when he wants to fuck my ass. I was basically asking to have my asshole fucked hard as fuck. He went over to my dresser and set up a line. I had to bend over to snort the line. He put his cock up to my asshole and spread my ass cheeks apart. He spit on my asshole and then slowly pushed his cock into my tight asshole.

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Stepdaddy’s cock is so fucking thick. Every time he pushed into my ass he complains that it’s too fucking tight. He grabs my ass as he slid his fat pole deep in my ass. But the coke made my tight slut hole relax a little. He pulled his cock out to the tip and then slammed it inside as hard and fast as he could. When Daddy is hard like this he could fuck for hours and my tight asshole is his cum dumpster. I pretend I don’t like it at first but he can feel my wet pussy leaking onto his balls.

it’s a Tale of two Horny Souls.


 Extreme phone sex

This cute little librarian with a dirty little secret. Beneath this innocent exterior lies a ravenous slut, yearning for cock and hungry for cum. While working at the library, a place of purported serenity, my panties get soaked daily. Yes, I’m that desperate for some rough, no-holds-barred fucking.

A mysterious stranger, let’s call him “Stud,” frequents the library. He knows what I need and is more than willing to oblige. During my lunch break, he bends me over a bookcase and slips his meaty cock into my soaking wet cunt. He pounds me senseless, and I can’t help but scream and moan, the erotic chaos of it all nearly making me cum.He calls me his good little cum dumpster, and I wear the title like a crown. I earn that title by deep throating his massive prick, taking it all the way down, and begging for more. He doesn’t hold back, spewing his load down my throat. And that’s not even the main event!

He laid me down and spread my legs wide, opening me up for his invasion. He plunged the bat into my cunt, slowly at first, making me squirm and whimper. With each thrust, he went deeper, making me wonder how much more I could take.I came hard, screams echoing through the room. But Stud showed no mercy, keeping the bat lodged inside me, and that’s how he left me—a sweaty, cum-drenched mess, with a goddamn baseball bat up my fuckhole.

As he left, I couldn’t help but masturbate, thinking about the kinky night and the sick pleasure it brought me. Some might find it twisted, but I knew I’d found my calling—a bat-wielding cum slut, ready for round two.