A Trailer Trash Whore Wedding

trailer trash whoreEvery city has a trailer trash whore. In my city, I am that whore. The wild horny bitch who fucks anything that walks. Well, I was at least. I may have met my match in my own daughter. There is this stripper half my age who got married. She lives in my trailer park. She married a much older man and my neighbors had been in a gossip frenzy about her. I had been calling her Anna Nicole since I heard she was marrying this older dude with one foot in the grave. My daughter is friends with her, so she snagged me an invite to the wedding. A trailer park whore was marrying up. I wanted to be there because I knew it would be a freak show. A bunch of trailer park whores mingling with the wealthy elite. I would have crashed that wedding if I had not been invited. My daughter and I dressed like whores. I had on hot pants and a tube top. My daughter was in a wife beater and black miniskirt. We caused a few old biddies to stroke out. My daughter spiked the punch. She wanted to loosen up the old fogies who were watching the nuptials with scorn for my daughter’s friend. The bride was younger than the groom’s offspring. I am sure they saw her as a threat to their inheritance. Once the Spanish Fly kicked in the party came to life. The reception quickly became an orgy. My daughter fucked herself with a champagne bottle in front of the ring bearer.  Everyone did body shots off her lean stomach.  The wee ones at the reception ate cake out of my daughter’s cunt. Soon these other women there were following suit and we had a hardcore orgy porn instead of a wedding reception. I was high and drunk, but that is nothing new for me. My daughter brought the trailer park to the old rich folks’ wedding. I am sure it was the dirtiest things the silver spoon bunch had ever seen. I thought I was a dirty whore, but my daughter took that wedding further than I ever would have imagined. I am so proud to be her trashy milf mama.

BJ & Hadley Have BBC Sex Stories

BBC Sex Stories

BJ stands for blow jobs and she and I both have so many BBC sex stories. I will let you in on one of my favorites. 

Christmas is approaching and we thought you dirty perverts would like the gift of big black cock tales from two trashy whores! 

It was one of my runs up towards where this hot momma slings her ass.

 I had hopped a couple of rigs and ended up not too far from where she stays.

 I needed a good fix and some dick. 

That’s all I texted as he told me where to meet her! Meeting BJ in person was even better than I expected.

 She is built like brick shit house and her tits are so fucking round like snow globes.

All I could do was stare at her tits until she turned around in that dirty motel room and bent down to put her boots on.

His ass was fire and no wonder black cock found its way in her ass!

Now being known for a big dick sucker I knew when BJ brought me up in that trap house on main and 5th we were going to be blowing lots of BBC and getting some dope for it!

I love sucking black dick and I was game.

What I wasn’t prepared for was a twenty man gangbang for both of us.Big dick sucker

She grinned as we were stripped naked and the Massive Anacondas flopped out.

“Get to work bitch, it’s not that many, I can do it by myself if you don’t want to, more cock and blow for me!” she pointed to the black men waiting and made me crawl to those big cocks and begin slurping and doing my best. 

That when BJ laughed and said that’s right whore do that gawk gak 500o and do it well! Slobber those Black cocks for me!

Free Ride

Live phone sexI have not fucked so hard in a car since I was much younger!

I had just finished a night with my legs wrapped around the pool and was too tired to walk home.

I went outside and saw an Uber waiting for someone.

He asked if I was his client and of course I said no. I did not have an account.

He motioned to the seat next to him and told me to hop in!

We drove for a minute and then he stopped.

I saw the bulging cock in his pants and I knew what he wanted!

He pushed his seat back to make room for my head and pulled his massive cock out!

He had a raging hard on and I couldn’t wait to pounce on it!

I was on my knees, ass in the air just sucking that fat fuck stick like his cum was liquid gold!

Then I heard my door open and felt this man grab my hips and start rubbing his cock on my ass.

In my profession, you get to know the feeling of a hot hairy cock poking around your fuck holes!

I tried to maneuver away but I was trapped by cocks on each side!

Then I thought, my tight pussy is already starting to crust over from my boss filling it with cum, might as well relube!

So I continued to yank on that Uber cock as I backed my sloppy wet cunt into side car willy.

I don’t mind saying, both of those mighty meats were more than a mouthful and I loved the way backdoor man started filling my ass!

Within minutes I was taking loads in unison, drowning my fucked face and exploding in my tight whore ass!

Guess we all had a free ride that night!

The Ultimate Anal Sex Whore

I’m a lot of things, but an anal sex whore is definitely one of them. I can cum like a teenage boy, fifteen to twenty times a day! But I love nothing more than getting railed in my ass like the fucking slut that I am. Any time some thick, rock hard cock slams up my dirty little fuck hole, I swear my cunt goes into super soaker mode. I only squirt when I’m receiving some hardcore anal fucking. There’s just something about being stretched out, about being reminded that you’re just a piece of meat for men to use as a personal pocket pussy. Well this pocket pussy is hot blooded, and loves when she gets used and abused by men. I don’t care how big their cocks are, I just want their cum. My regular calls me every single Sunday morning while his wife is at work. While she’s on her knees praying to the Good Lord, I’m on my knees getting his ten inch johnson right up my slick little rosebud. No matter the occasion, I’ll do anything for that ass fucking action. Maybe you think I’m a bit dramatic, but no baby I’m just enthusiastic. If you got your tight ass stretched out and used like an anal cum dumpster, maybe you’d understand why it just gets my sweet snatch off so much. Now, do you want me bent over the bed, or the hood of your car?

Anal sex whore

Thanksgiving with Young Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesHow do sexy prostitutes celebrate Thanksgiving? With a Thanksgiving feast and an orgy, of course. My husband took care of the orgy arrangements, and I dealt with the feast part. I was in the kitchen all day Thursday making a meal to feed my large brood of whores. My husband was on the phone arranging some wealthy donors to our holiday orgy. He knows lots of rich men who pay to fuck little starlets like ours. Most of them have fucked our little ones before. With bars closed again in California, men have no place to unwind after enduring a family dinner, so we offered a few select men a place to have a drink and some jailbait pussy. Daddy’s clients paid well for our underground speakeasy. Ten men showed up ready to after party. I served up the drinks and the young pussy. My girls were sitting on men’s laps, flirting and teasing them into boners. Did not take long for an orgy to ensue.  We had the recreation room decked out like a 70s swinger’s pad. Oversize pillows on the floor, mattresses too. Porn showing on the walls. We passed around drugs and alcohol to keep men in the mood. Daddy had a bowl of Viagra for the older men. Even in the presence of young cunnie, some men need performance enhancing drugs to best enjoy my young hookers for hire. It was a sight to see. Little bald pussies, some teen pussies too, all being filled with old man cock. Some of these guys acted like porn stars. I am sure with some coke and Viagra they felt like porn stars too. Daddy and I made bank on Thanksgiving renting out our little sluts and providing a safe space to unwind and enjoy jailbait pussy. We are already planning a Christmas orgy.

Cock Sucking Coke Whore


Phone Sex Line
Sometimes coke is hard to come by, and coke is what keeps me a happy whore. Now I know the cooks at my day job always have that Colombian shit, but there’s no way in Hell I’m paying those ridiculous prices. I think with my head, and bargain with my pussy. These big Jamaican boys have juicy BBC’s that their wives don’t pay enough attention to. I always execute my plan perfectly. I was going to do whatever it took to get me some coke, and in all honesty I really wanted a hard pounding by those big black cocks too, They are so hard to resist, really. Getting stretched by those things makes me gush like a fucking geyser!

I approach them while they’re putting the truck away in the walk in freezer. I stand there and let them stare as I start to finger my dripping whore cunt, periodically licking my own juices off my fingers. They know what I want in return. Big black cocks come out with super sonic speed, and these dark delicious men are tapping lines out on their cocks. I snort them up, and make sure I lick up the excess before letting them bend me over the boxes.
I love the feeling of those big black cocks sliding in and out of my sloppy wet cunt. It drives me so wild, I can’t help but cum again and again over those monsters. It doesn’t help that the coke is so fucking good I barely know what’s going on. I would gladly OD on those BBCs. I’m addicted to coke, cock, and the cooks at my job.

Cum Filled Cunt

Druggy Phone Sex Trashy Tranny

There’s a need as great as your favorite druggy phone sex poison stirring inside. You start to crave dick as you get high and reach those desires. Mmmm… baby I am the kind of sexy gal that loves to party. I am also the kind of gal that has a little something extra. You don’t need to be a fag to crave a cock. You love tits and ass and just wish to have a nice sexy slut with a nice shemale surprise stuffed in pretty panties. I want you to slide your hands in my panties and explore that special extra in the silky bikinis. Oh, that is a surprise for you. Mmm… come here big boy and kiss me. Go ahead and stroke my meat rod and get it throbbing for you. I whisper in your ear as I press my perfect tits against you. “I think you should get down and suck my sexy shemale cock”. You don’t even respond. You are slithering my snake from its panties and on your knees taking it in your mouth. You like that don’t you baby?

Druggy phone sex

Creampie slut Quinn wants more cum

creampie slut Quinn

As usual, I’ve been out all day long, getting fucked by as many cocks as I could get my hands on. With little drizzles of jizz streaming down my thighs, I still crave more! I’m a cum addicted creampie slut and I can never satisfy my cravings. I have a constant need for having a stretched, cream soaked pussy. While most sluts are sleeping, I’m up, taking load after load of hot cum and begging for more. I have an endless parade of men that come to my house at all hours of the day and night to give me my fix. Holidays make it harder for me to get my fix, with everyone being with their families. Today, I was bored and really fiending for a fat, gooey load in my cunt. I went over to my neighbor’s house. I knew that his young cousins were in town so I left my panties behind. I had a few strong drinks with them before I had both of their hard dicks inside of me. One in each hole, they were stroking and pounding my cum dump pussy and ass! I got a little taste of it but I still need more!

Red wings?

period phone sex

Perfect timing last night for period phone sex, other than the bloating and overeating I get really horny during this time of the month. I walked my fine ass up to the local truck stop and ask around to see who is into a ride on the blood bus. I generally will have at least two of the men who are happy to eat at the bloody buffet and then fuck me with their hard cocks. Best part of it being that time of the month is that I have double the normal built in lube. My pussy is so much more sensitive during this week and it seems like I can’t stop cumming! Once I finish with one then I don’t ever bother putting a tampon in knowing that I’m just going to waste it when I find someone else to fuck. I remember one guy had his wife in the truck with him and she was also on her period. He lied me down and plowed my puss while his wife lowered her bleeding gash onto my face. He had fucked her earlier and so I was feasting on her personal mix of blood and cum. I was in heaven laying there being rode while his woman was trying to get my tongue into her womb. She came at the same time her husband did and I was sad to leave them. I walked home that night with a pink snail trail and a hope that they come back soon.


Black Men Love Blonde Fucking Whores

blonde fuckingBlack men love blonde fucking whores like me. I think they like the contrast of their dark skin against our fair bodies. I just like that dark meat inside my white meat. It feels amazing to get stretched and filled in both my holes. I am black cock whore. I am the only slut in town who can handle the kind of stuffing that Big D gives. He has a 13-inch black cock. His wife cannot handle all his cock, so every time he drives through town, he stops off to see his favorite blonde whore. Blondes on blacks is a fetish. Guys love to watch blondes getting ripped apart by big black dicks. Times are tough so Big D suggested we make a little video, and he would upload it to this site who knows about. Make us some Christmas money he said. He was worried I might be concerned about being naked on the Internet. I laughed because this trailer trash whore is naked all over the Internet currently. He set up his iPad to film us and we made a hot little BBC porn. I moaned and screamed more than usual to give the illusion of pain. Folks pay more if they think the chick is being ripped apart, he said. I think guys live vicariously through big black dicks. They imagine having a big black cock that can punish a pussy because their little white dicks could not punish a Barbie doll’s pussy. White men are obsessed with black on blonde porn. I guess they have a bad case of penis envy, LOL. Big D put up the video of us fucking and the money was coming in almost immediately. He said he will share the profits with me since I am the one taking the beating. My pussy has been taking a beating from his cock for a decade now. Wish I knew sooner I could make money from being a bbc whore.

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