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Once he came over and sold my new friend what he was looking for, we started to get high. Right away I started teasing him. By shaking my ass on my connect, making sure he saw how big his cock imprint is. After a few shots and some more lines of my favorite nose candy, I got on my knees and started sucking my dealer’s big black cock. I made sure to choke on it and play with my cunt. If he saw how much I enjoyed it he would come help too.

That is how guys like him get when they party hard with me. “Come one baby give it a taste” I say to you while holding his massive, big dick. I can tell by how much your mouth is watering that you really are hungry for cock. So before you can say no I shove him down your throat. “Don’t say anything, just suck and snort” I say as I put the mirror with a big mountain of blow on it. After you get your sniff on, I start to take your pants off. To my surprise you had panties on.

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trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore never has limits. I went out drinking with a few friends last night. We somehow ended up at this dive strip club. This place is a hole in the wall. Not one of those upscale gentlemen’s clubs with no pink rules. Know what that means? Some clubs prohibit the girls from spreading their legs to show off their pretty pink pussies. Lame, right? Men want to see cunt and assholes when they go to a strip club. At least the men I know do.

The Pink Kitty welcomed us in. It was dark, our shoes stuck to the floor and no top shelf liquor.  However, the stage appeared well lit. The men in the club looked like mostly old men. Men my age. After a few rounds of tequila and Fire Ball shots, I wanted to get up on stage. Even though I was more than twice the age of any stripper there, I felt confident I could deliver some hot stripper sex. No one seemed to mind as I commanded the stage. My friends egged me on.

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The four dancers in the club gave me the stage and wished me luck. They then gave lap dances to my friends, some whom were women. We may come from the trailer park, but we tip well. Spending money on naked women, I never mind. But I made some money too. Quite a lot more than I expected. The club did not appear packed on a Monday night. As I gyrated and worked the pole, I spread my legs wide. This old whore showed lots of pink. My pink cunt. And my pink asshole.

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Tranny Phone Sex is a kinky kind of outlet. Surprisingly, a lot of you crave my special package. Whether you care to admit to it, it’s a nice dick that you desire. Now let’s not get defensive. 

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hardcore orgy pornI never say no to hardcore orgy porn. Not even when I am the only female involved in the orgy. For a few years now, I have had a running gig at a frat house. This frat loves mature women. Most of the members come from money. Rich horny frat boys who want a sure thing. Nothing surer than a rent a milf, right? The faces change from year to year, but this gig is one I enjoy.

Before Covid, I went every Friday night during the school year. Although Covid benched the fun for a year, we got back into the swing of things. But lately the frat house has struggled with my fee. So, we went from every Friday to once a month. You want me to fuck you and about 40 of your closest friends, well that will cost. Hookers for hire don’t fuck for free. No matter how much we enjoy fucking.

This past Friday night the president asked if they could film our orgy. They want to use it for next year’s recruitment. I think they want to show potential pledges all they can look forward to if they join their frat. I added a small fee because I enjoyed the fact that my sexy body and skills could lure new pledges to the fraternity.

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We have one more session booked for next month before summer break. The president promised to show me the finished video then. I love being filmed. My husband films me fucking our offspring all the time for his spank bank. So, I know the camera loves me. I went into gangbang whore mode when the camera turned on.

Down on all fours, I sucked cocked and fucked cock too. I know how to be a three-hole whore. Afterwards, I joked about needing knee pads, LOL. I did not expect college boys to be gentle on me. But 40 men fucked me. And some of them went twice!

But I hurt in a good way. My husband picked me up and got so turned on seeing me covered in cum, he fucked me in the car before we got home. Think you would love to fuck your wife after a frat gang bang too? I cannot wait to see the little orgy porn we made on my next visit to the Delta house.

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Hookers for hire As you can all see the Hookers for hire campaign is working out great for me and all my girls. These last few weeks we have had so many new clients simply from word of mouth. It’s been so great getting new customers with great reviews. It makes me such a happy cum slut and whore owner to know we are all doing what we are destined to do. I am also so grateful to have such good camera men that take the best photos and videos of us. It really helps paint a picture to all the potential customers; they get to see what they are buying first.

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I bet you are ready to make me your ass whore too. Call me so I can show you how a real hooker is supposed to drain balls! 

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Drunk girl fucking on her Honey moon is a free for all for the groomsmen! You know my husband is a strip club owner and he married me, his top producing $ whore in vegas last year.  My husband started right away letting all his friends know I was a free for all slut. The number uno reason my man snatched me up was my dirty rep! But let’s go on! My honeymoon was no exception to the rule.  Hell it was the rule! In my wedding dress I began getting some cock right as My husband went downstairs to play some craps.

He says im his lucky whore and he gets a hell ton of winnings when I am being fucked to heaven and back. Not one but five of the groomsmen had turns in my cunt that night. I wondered why he was filling me up with champagne and vodka sodas at the reception we had.  I guess he wanted to make sure I had enough energy to enjoy his gang bang. I was in heaven and I will never forget that night.

Drunk girl fucking on her Honey moon is a free for all for the groomsmen!

He made sure to fill the men in that Iwas to be used as an Anal cum dumpster too! I do love that man because he made sure every man was big and thickin his pants! That helped as I was used and abused by some white chocolate and dark chocolate cocks! I guess I should have been glued in on his naughty needs when he had the Elvis impersonator eat my pussy right after he married us!

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bbc sex storiesA trashy blonde whore can tell some BBC sex stories. In honor of 4.20 day, I went to the truck stop to get some weed. Of course, I wanted some coke too. Nobody gets better coke or weed than black truck drivers. Although Big D did not come through town last night, he CB’d this younger black trucker that I would fuck and suck for some good shit. So, when my skanky ass walked through the truck bays, Trayvon came looking for me. However, he did not appear alone.

I love it when a trucker brings a pal with him. The more the merrier for me. Devan accompanied Trayvon to learn the ropes. And I guess that training included tag teaming a druggy porn star. As I snorted some primo coke and puffed on some good ganja, those two black studs railed my ass and pussy. I could feel two big full ball sacks slapping against my ass at once.

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Huge young black cocks snaked deep inside my fuck holes. Hell, I think they hit some spots that no one has ever found, LOL. I mean I felt like my body experienced an earthquake. All of me quivered. Perhaps, they found that elusive G-spot. I get a lot of big black cock. But it is not often I get two at once. This did not appear to be their first time sharing a mature whore.

When their cocks appeared drained dry, I brought them back to life with my oral skills. Like Mick Jagger sings, I can make a dead man cum. I am that good. And I did not care that their cocks looked coated in my cunt and ass juice. I wanted more BBC phone sex fun. So, I pumped those big black cocks back to life. And got tag teamed some more. By the time I got home, I smelled like a gang bang porn star. But what a great smell. And what a great way to spend 420 day.

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I’m a big dick sucker and I’m about to take you on the ride of your life! I’m such a whore for cock and I can’t ever get enough. Not only do I love cock in my ass and stuffed in my pussy, I love my mouth being full. I want your dick to fill up my mouth and to gag and spit all over it. The cock on the back of my throat feels the best.

                I enjoy laying on my back on my bed upside down and sucking your cock from upside down. It makes me choke and gag even worse. I love all cock, I don’t discriminate, but the bigger it is the better. I love to deep throat my dicks, but the ones that only fit halfway are so much fun. It’s like a game, I try to get more in my mouth, inch by inch.

                Give me a great ending you dirty, nasty boys! I want to feel that hot cum shoot inside my mouth and hit the back of my throat and choke as a result.

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Cum guzzling slutCum guzzling slut like me can’t get enough action! I’m the real deal, a cock sucking slut who will do just about anything for a taste of that sweet release. And, I’m not just talking about one-on-one fun. No, I mean let’s have a fucking party and shit let’s make it a fucking picnic. You, me, and all your friends in the beautiful outdoors. Round us all up and let the good times roll.

But let’s get one thing straight, I’m not some delicate little flower. I’m rough and rowdy, wild and crazy. And I need some liquid courage to really let my freak flag fly. Get me drunk and high, and watch as all these clothes just magically disappear. Oh, you like what you see? Trust me, it only gets better from here. Out here we can do anything we want and get as fucked up as ever. I love being spit roasted by a fire, nothing can be better.

So here’s the deal, boys. You circle around me like I’m the fucking queen of the party, and I’ll show you just how much fucking fun outside can be. I’ll get on my knees and service every single one of you, sucking and fucking and begging for more. I want my face pushed into the dirt and grass stains on my knees. I am your wild bitch in heat and the more you feed me party favors I will go above and beyond. This pussy strikes light lightening, I’ll make the clouds roll in as I am riding your thick hard cock. My pussy will make it rain till I flood every one of those hard cocks with my pussy juice.

And if you’re not here to party, then get the fuck out. I don’t have time for your vanilla bullshit. I’m a wild and free spirit, and I won’t be tied down by anyone. I’ll take on any challenge, any position, any kink you throw my way. I bet you’re just getting excited thinking about all the things you can do with a hot drunk slut like me.

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