Creampie Slut

Creampie Slut

It was around midnight and this nasty lot lizard was looking for some late-night action. My favorite trucker was parked out back so I decided to pay him a little visit. He loves when I’m his creampie slut and I love his greasy trucker cock! He pulled me onto his lap and I could feel his meaty snake immediately. I unbuttoned his jeans and let his thick dick pop right out for me. Like the good little cum guzzling slut I am, I gobbled it right down my mouth until his head was rolling back. Quick and dirty is my style and I always aim to please. I got in the back of the truck and spread my hooker legs for him. He started pounding away and grunting. I loved every minute of his sweaty body working itself on top of me. He kept going until he decided my pussy wasn’t enough and he switched to my asshole. I felt it start to gape as he slipped two fingers in my twat as he worked my asshole. He let out one deep grunt and I felt his hot sticky cum fill my asshole. Then he bent me over and I felt his tongue sliding along my crack tasting his jizz. My trucker always knows how to satisfy this creampie slut.

Taboo Phonesex Fantasy

taboo phonesexI was born for taboo phonesex role plays. I have been keeping a secret from my husband. Every night after he goes to bed, I have been sneaking into our oldest daughter Melissa’s bedroom and molesting her. We have two younger girls who are twins. Their names are Brandy and Kristy. I think deep down I am a lesbian and I have been trying to live the suburban housewife life, but it is not me. My teen daughter, Melissa, does not seem to mind mommy finger banging her every night. I have been using fingers and toys on her sweet holes and eating her pussy too. I thought it was our secret. It was until recently. My husband caught on and started recording me with hidden cameras. When he confronted me, I denied any wrong doing. When he handed me the zip drive with the camera footage, I thought he was going to have me arrested. He could have sent his wife to prison, but he made me an offer I could not refuse. He has been researching incest families and he came across a private community called Brookline. It is a community of parents who like to play with their daughters. In this community, daughters are raised to be whores. Not just whores for their parents, but for the community too. Girls can work as strippers, prostitutes and porn stars. My cunt was wet hearing my husband talk about a community where I could molest my daughter openly. A community where I could ogle other naked daughters. A community where we could raise our girls as whores. I thought he was punking me.  In this community the girls only watch porn. They walk around naked. I thought there had to be a catch. I mean this sounded too good to be true, but Brookline is a real community. I was all on board but convincing our girls to move would be challenging. Melissa can be quite obstinate when she wants to be. Being raised as a whore is not something she will want to do willingly. I have the best husband ever. Last week I thought I was going to prison, now I am moving to a community of like minded perverts. My world just got a lot more interesting.

Cum-Fusion ( Cum eating Phone sex )

Cum eating phone sex

The Cum-fusion about cum eating phone sex perverts really can be settled into two categories. Fucking bimbo sluts like me that love to eat cu right out of your cock as I suck you off. Or even better eating your cum out of a hot cunt or ass hole of a fellow sex worker while you watch and hopefully splatter your cum across both of us again for some hot Bukkake fun! 

Then there are the men who love eating out a whores cunt after she has been gangbanged! Cream pie lovers to the extreme if you’re eating this trashy whores ass and cunt out! I will tell you that I am an OG Cum dumpster who loves to collect loads of cum throughout the day. Of course I will have a nice big mouthful for you to eat. 

I hope this whore of cum eating has cleared up any cum-fusion for you. All I know is I am ready to take loads in my ass for you and eat cum or let you eat cum. Cum one, cum all, In a free fuck for all!

The Mouth Behind The Hole

Cum Guzzling Slut


Sometimes I really like to spend a day at my local bar during the day time, I go find a seat early and start drinking before its even noon. I wait for the right guy to come along and buy me a drink,  I flirt with him casually, eventually I leave to check my makeup and they follow me to go to the men’s room. Little do they know that there is a gloryhole in the  bathroom that I have staked out, It is my favorite place on earth to spend time. I am the mouth behind the hole, I love sucking off these hard strangers and making them bust their nuts all over my sloppy mouth. They moan so loudly in pleasure as they try to  fuck my throat, helplessly thrusting against the gloryhole. It gets me so wet to know that the whole bar knows about my little game by now. They will all be waiting for their turn to fuck my mouth.

Hardcore Anal Sex Slut

hardcore anal sex

I had a wild night of hardcore anal sex the other night and my asshole is finally to the point that it’s not gaping wide open. I mean, I get why it took so long to get back to normal, though. It went through a lot of abuse the other night and I loved every single second of it. See, the boys down at the truck stop got drunk and high and decided to have another contest to see who could shove the biggest dildo up my whore ass. At one point, I think they were using things other than dildos, but I’m not sure because I was high as fuck.

The dildo that won was so big I couldn’t even get both hands around it, yet somehow, the dude was able to shove it up my shitter. You are probably wondering what he won for accomplishing such a feat. The prize was winners choice, and he decided that he wanted me to be the party favor at his upcoming bachelor party. I’m not sure exactly what’s gonna go down, but I know it’ll be something really kinky. If you won me in a contest, what would you want from me? 

Anal Sex Whore Beverly

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. I even take those big black cocks up my ass. Last night I was a black cock anal whore. That is most nights. Last night was special though because it was father son night. I hang sometimes with this biker gang. They are all black of course. I am like their mascot. When I am there, I serve them drinks and pussy. Yesterday, they wanted ass. And they wanted to bring their sons to initiate them in the club. The way they do that is fuck a white woman who services the club. That would be me. I am the lot lizard sex whore for the club. I was happy to bend over and offer up my old asshole for the initiation of young teen boys. The smallest dick in the club is 8-inches. I figured that the sons would follow in their footsteps. All the boys were 6-10 inches. The smaller dicks are still growing, so one day soon they be as big as their fathers. Boy did my asshole take a beating. Those boys were hungry for white pussy and ass. I was their first white pussy. I will not be the last, however. Just like white women like black cock, black men love white pussy. They love to take a white woman from a white man. They think I am married to a white trucker and playing on the side. I will take a dozen loads of black cum any day. Hell, I am a cum dump whore for any man.

uppers and downers mixed

Cum Filled cunt

My cum filled cunt loves to be dripping wet all the time. There’s not one moment of the day you will find me high and ready to pounce on a cock. The best high is when you mix uppers and downers. It gets me so hyper love coke and Ritalin with some edibles. All of that mixed together with a Xanax, I am in heaven. Ready to fuck and be fucked so roughly. My needs and desires all stem from wanting to be used by multiple men because, as we can guess, daddy issues play a huge role in my life, but that’s more than okay. It is so hot to depend on wanting men and having to be fucked and used.

Hooker phone sex

Hooker Phone Sex

I’m such a nasty phone sex hooker. One of my regular trucker fucks did me right in the bathroom of the truckstop diner last week. My lover had me bent over the urinal and was using my pussy any way that he wanted. I didn’t have any complaints when he yanked my tight skirt up and stuck his fat dick inside me. He was grunting on top of me and telling me to take it like the fucking whore I am. Then it got really nasty. He sat down on the toilet and began to take a huge shit right in front of me. He said, “Aurora, take my cock down your throat while I take this fucking dump.” I’ll do anything to make sure my lover is satisfied. He grunted as I worked his meat with my mouth. Saliva dripped from his cock as he shit. Then he stuck his ass right in my face and made me lick him clean. After I got him nice and clean he shoved his dick in my asshole until it was gaping. Then I felt it fill with his hot juices. I’m just a dirty lot lizard with an ass full of cum and a mouth full of shit.



Your Trashy Whore

dirty phone sexBeing a nasty little cum dumpster for all the hot men and daddy dicks in my trashy neighbor hood is what gets me going! When you get your hands on me we will do nothing but party and fuck in any and every which way that you want baby! Let us do some nasty drug fun and get high as hell so you can shove yourself into my ass hole and make me your fucking whore. Dump all your loads deep inside of me baby! Are you ready for this trailer trash whore to be your slave while we are both fucked up in this run down hotel meant for nasty hookers like me? Come and join me and give me all the cock I need!

Trailer Trash Whore is my nickname

Trailer trash whore

Growing up in a trailer park was interesting to say the least; I got to see the filthiest sex at a young age which is why I’m such a druggy slut. My mother was a crack whore who sold her pussy to the men around the park which meant I often saw her getting fucked either in our trailer or outside behind the cars. One of my earliest memories was seeing a group of guys standing around my mom with their hard dicks out, she was sucking them all off. Her naked body was being covered in cum, each man blowing their load right on her face. Ever since I witnessed that I’ve been on my own mission to become a cum-guzzling trailer trash whore just like my mama.


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