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Druggy Porn and a Sexy Tranny for the Night

Druggy porn and a night with a tranny prostitute is a good time. I truly love just getting high and watching porn with my lovers. Let yourself get kinky thinking about being my little bitch.

First things first, and that is the fact that I love being the one in charge. However there are a few exceptions. These are rare exceptions too. One is that the guy has a bigger cock than me and is truly a confident and dominant man. Then and only then will I become ever so slightly submissive.

When I say slightly submissive I mean that I will not tolerate some ignorant guy that thinks he can control me. As a control freak and one that is very skilled I know how and when I will submit.

Of course there are times when I have a lover and we really just have some kinky fun together. That is truly the hottest time for me. No need to try and convey your testosterone levels to me. I will pick up on your energy soon enough. We can just really have some fun partying and I can seduce you and take that man pussy.

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Trailer Trash Whore Christmas Becomes Better Every Year

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore Christmases are the hottest. It is no secret my youth was less than typical. I never got Christmas presents or birthday presents either. Hell, I never knew about Christmas until I met my husband. Since he rescued me, I make sure every Christmas is more spectacular than the last. On Sunday, we put up the tree.

I gave each of my sons and daughters a little present too. Although I spoil them during the holidays, they like to spoil their sexy mommy back. And I let them too. Sunday was a family day. Even though all my daughters had men requesting to spend time with them, I gave my daughters a day off. Even hookers for hire need a day of fun and relaxation, right?

My husband enjoyed the festivities too. Family fucking includes him. Although he is older now, a little blue pill allows him to fuck me like he did in his 30s. What my husband can no longer do daily, his sons can. A trophy wife never needs to worry when her much older husband develops dick issues if she has sons in the house.

The Holidays Are For Family Fucking in My House

After my husband watched our daughters and sons worship my pussy, his cock stayed erect for hours. Perhaps, he does not need Viagra after all. Maybe it only takes the right visual to bring his cock back to life for me. My pussy sounded super wet. That will happen when 7 mouths feast on your cunt. A family orgy by the Christmas tree appeared to be what we all needed.

Even a milf whore like me needs quality family fucking time. We spend so much time with other men as sexy prostitutes that we forget that pleasure begins at home. Family fucking made us all feel great. But as the matriarch of this family, I think I felt the best. Everyone worships me. My sons, my daughters and even my husband. You will worship me too!

Hardcore Anal Sex With My Big Shecock to Stuff Your Ass

Hardcore anal sex is a fuck of a hot time with my Shecock pounding your ass out. Make no mistake that my greatest love is owning bitches like you pervert daddy. My Uncle Dave was in for a surprise on Thanksgiving.

Obviously when he started to hit on me he had no idea of my secret. Uncle Dave is new to me as a true womanizing pervert. He thinks that all women need to be groped. So I found it a total joy to get him alone.

Men get so drunk on the Holidays and Uncle Dave was no different. And due to his pure assholeness to all the women we comprised a little fun. I lured him into a room as I flirted back. We made out way to a room and I pretended to be ever so flattered by him.

Playing shy and flirty I got him where I wanted him. I had his cock out and it was pathetically small. I stroked at it a little and let him suck on my tits. He was so hard and telling me to suck his cock. In a matter of seconds when he tried being forceful I turned on my full dom bitchiness.

Hardcore Anal Sex is what Uncle Dave is going to get…

Pushing Uncle Dave down on the bed and dominating him. He had no idea what was about to happen as I straddled his face and forced my big shecock down his throat. His struggle made me laugh. I pulled it out and noted how hard he was. I pushed his legs up and slapped his ass and called him a hot piece of ass.

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Finally I slid my throbing big tranny cock in Uncle Daves asshole and fucked him hard. Funny thing… he turned into a weak little wimpering bitch. Best yet he fucking blew his load as I unloaded in that tight puckered ass.

Trailer trash whore gets paid to milk man and his furry pals dick

A Trailer trash whore like me doesn’t care what she has to do to make her money. I just love being high and getting paid to fuck. Last night a man and his best friend came over. “If I pay you, will you milk the both of us” he asked while pointing at his furry friend. “I can milk any cock, but it will cost you” I laughed and responded. “I don’t care how much it costs”, he says back while pulling his wallet and cock out.

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Once I get all the money I ask for, I do a few lines of blow. After I get high, I don’t care what dick I suck. Therefore, I get on my knees and start sucking his old cock as he sits next to his furry friend. I watch as he pets him, and his red rocket cock starts to poke out. It is thick at the base and long and skinny at the tip. Then I sucked his furry balls and cock into my mouth too.

His master watched as I sucked his puppycock and stored his perv dick too. Soon after that he says, “Bend over bitch, I want to see him fuck you”. I bend over and felt his furry friend’s wet nose starting to sniff my cunt and asshole. Then he helped him mount me and angled his lipstick cock right at my cunt. “Fuck her Rex, open her up for me” he commands of him.

Like a loyal friend he does as he is asked and fucks me hard. It didn’t take much before he started to knot up inside me and that is when his master shoved his cock in me too. “I’ll massage the knot out of you with my mother fucking cock” he moans loud as he starts pumping his semen inside me too. “Let’s see how long we will be stuck inside your trashy cunt. 

Sexy Prostitutes Feel Grateful for Pervert Daddies

sexy prostitutes Sexy prostitutes stay busiest around the holidays. You will never hear me say I do not work holidays. I do not think I will ever say that because a family of whores like us make bank on the holidays. Thanksgiving is not even here yet and my daughters and I are giving thanks to pervert daddies daily.

This morning we pretended Thanksgiving came early with a client. Too many daddies want to give thanks to this family of whores that every day this month feels like Thanksgiving to us. Scheduling proved challenging to me this month, but I made it work. And the daddy date we had this morning wore us all out.

I kept my girls home from school, and we went to visit Daddy Dave. He only wants the girls of the family. Some guys only want the girls and not me. Some just want the boys. And even a few want a mixture of both. However, I never judge. We offer something for everyone in this family of hookers for hire. Daddy Dave catered a huge lunch. But we may have worked off all we ate with the fucking. Even a seasoned pro like me struggles to keep up with Daddy Dave when he pops a Viagra.

A Family of Whores Will Always Be Grateful to Pervert Daddies

Even though I doubt he really needs a little blue pill, I think he wants a long erection to take care of me and my three daughters. Unlike many Johns, Daddy Dave makes us cum a few times before he even cums once. He insists on pleasuring us. He loves eating bald little schoolgirl cunnie. I bet you do too even if only in your mind.

However, Daddy Dave even loves to eat trashy milf pussy too. And do not tell my sons or my husband this, but no one eats pussy like Daddy Dave. My daughters agree. We squirted all over his place this morning. I bet his bedroom will smell like schoolgirl pussy for a week. We came on his face, on his fingers and even on his cock. Perhaps this family of whores needs to be thankful for Daddy Dave.

Sexy Prostitutes Can Be Special Girls with Big Dicks – Josie

When you think of sexy prostitutes are you thinking about T-girls? I sure hope you are! Prostitution is a great time, especially treating men with a special surprise. Most men that I hook up with think I am pure woman.

To be fair, I am pure woman. Well except that I have only a back door pussy and a mouth. But my special surprise, or shemale surprise is really the greatest part of the experience.

You see when we get hot and heavy with kissing and you get to suck and kiss my breasts… well you are so ready and turned on. No need to shy away from me because I have a cock. In fact I will even suck your cock and get you so far past the point of no return.

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Sexline Transexual Dominant Josie is Ready to Own You

Calling my Sexline is like calling yourself out as a cock craving little faggot. Don’t resist or deny yourself. My cock and my body are beautiful and perfect for fucking you best. Let me just own that sweet spot and give you the best orgasm ever.

Optimally you will have a little something to play with while we play. Maybe some candy and we can both get fucked up and  or high. The one thing I love with my lovers is that they are willing to take something in that sweet hole of theirs. Get that ass cunt fucked. Massage your prostate and jerk off.

Finally the thought of my dick owning your ass and mouth pussies makes me hot. I will destroy your hole and make you gag with that throat fuck. Let Josie own your dirty desire for shemale cock.


Big Dick Sucker Stripper Cunt BJ

Big dick sucker stripper cunt BJ loves being a BBC whore. In fact I cannot get off with little white dicks. Obviously as druggy stripper cunt my holes have been stretched. Even my ass has been ruined by that monster black meat.

As a well fucked cum slut that gets used in BBC gangbangs all the time I cannot even feel dicks smaller than 8 inches. Sometimes I can’t even feel that 8 inch cock in my cunt. My ass gets prolapsed regularly taking two big nigger dicks in my hole at once.

Cucking my white man daddy was so much fun in my teens. He really set the stage for his trailer trash slut in the teens. I was used by daddy’s friends for his debt payments. 

It wasn’t long before I just went out started hooking. Soon I was owned by a Black pimp. Drugs were hot and so were those BBC’s I begged for a chance with. That was the end of my taking white dick.

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Anal cum dumpster gets paid for vacation and gangbangs

Going on vacation just to be a paid Anal cum dumpster is what I was made for. I just want money and blow. “Let’s do some rails”, I say to the party host and tight away he gave me a baggy. After doing a few lines of blow, he pulls his cock out and puts some blow on it. “Suck it off my cock deep down your throat” he says.Anal cum dumpster

It will numb your throat up and you will be able to suck every dick in the room without stopping” he laughs as he pushes his coke covered cock down my throat. Being high I didn’t notice there were many guests at the party for my vacation. But I went into action dancing and partying. Then my inner stripper came out and I started taking all my clothes off in front of everyone.

One of the BBC party guests came up behind me, quickly bent me over and rubbed some blow on my asshole. “You want me numb don’t you” I say giggling at him. “That’s right you Trailer trash whore” he says as he pushes his cock in my ass. He pounded my asshole until he filled it up. Thanks to the blow I barely felt it. Even when the next cock was pushed inside me it wasn’t too much for me to take. All night I did blow and milked big black dicks in my ass. It was a great vacation and gangbang party.

Trailer Trash Whore Halloween Gives You Tricks and Treats

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore Halloweens I find the hottest. I love to dress me and my daughters up in a slutty theme. One year we went as sexy vampires, another year slutty zombies. This year my girls want to go as the Kardashian clan, and they want their daddy to be Caitlyn. He plans on it too. My daughters love the Kardashians. I just love Kim. She might be one of the most beautiful women in the world to me.

But Halloween for us is about bonding and enjoying life. We just want to party and make money. Every year we host a Halloween party for our clients. My girls invite some school friends, girls who likely want to make money the easy way. Daddy invites our clients. And those clients invite some friends who might like to hire some of our sexy prostitutes in the future.

Seeing my daughters dressed like Jenners and Kardashians turned most of the men on. Face it, most men harbor some vulgar ideas about the worlds most famous Internet family. My daughters played their parts too. I taught my girls how to milk cocks and how to milf wallets. Skills every woman needs, right? My girls can milk pussies too, especially mommy’s pussy.

We Live in a Transactional World

Our Halloween party got wild. No money changed hands, but my little whores turned a lot of tricks. And our clients got all the treats. Sometimes whores need to give it away for free so they can make bank later. I know these men well. They took notes on what my girls and their friends did for them. And how well they did it too.

My whores love older men. I raised man pleasing sluts. But these clients spoil my girls, and my girls know it too. Even when no money exchanges hands, my girls navigate the transactional world well. We live in a transactional society. I do not trust a woman who tells me she’s never had sex for money. Everything we do with men is transactional even if no cash exchanges hands. And my girls prefer it that way too. I think men do too because hookers for hire give men what they want when they want it. With my young whores you get what you need no matter how kinky it may be.