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Breeding Phone Sex Sluts and Their Daughters

phone sex sluts

Do you like the notion of breeding phone sex sluts? What about their daughters? I loved being pregnant. I was pregnant over 12 times in my life. I am still fertile, but I am 42 now and that is not the best breeding age for a woman. I have three daughters, however, who have already started their periods which means anyone of them can get a bun in the oven. The only way our family is going to stay strong and grow is if my daughters birth daddy and I some grand angels. I am grooming my girls to be breeding whores. A fertile pussy is a terrible thing to waste. We need some much younger pussy to sell. None of my sweet whores are virgins anymore.  My band of sexy prostitutes have some high mileage pussies for their age. Men want super tight. Men want virgins. Men want super young pussy. Daddy has started feeling out some of his contacts in the sex industry. It is his client list that keeps us rolling in the money. Thanks to modern technology, daddy and I can auction off fertile young pussy and we can even stream impregnation parties. We can profit so many ways. First, off selling the rights to knock up a young fertile girl. Second, off watching a young fertile girl get knocked up. We can also make money off pregnant girl porn. Guys pay more money to fuck a pregnant whore, especially one about ready to pop a brat right out of her pussy. Daddy has already secured three high rollers for our breeding bash party. I cannot wait until we have three pregnant teen sluts fucking. I am not sure I want to be called a grandma yet, but I am down for making more money off even younger little holes.

Vacation For Sexy Shemale

It’s Summer and this Sexy Shemale phone sex whore is heading to vacation! I will keep all my perverts in my thoughts as I go and soak up some sun and fun. It’s going to be exciting to hook-up with some vacation cock. I will be taking and giving loads like the sexy chick with a dick I am. It’s ok guys, I am headed to a secluded little Island with my lover. I’m a good girl even though my dick get’s me in trouble nearly as much as these perfect tits do! Well, I guess my ass seems to also draw attention mixed with my blonde mane. I’m just a hot little package of trouble and I guarantee I will be back and ready to let you drain these balls before long! I suspect I’ll be back by Sunday the 8th so save some of that playtime for this horny sexy shemale’s return. *smooches* to all my lover boys. You have a coupled of days to get me before I go.

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Gangbang Sex Stories w/ Sexy Shemales

For some the thought of a tranny is exciting and they are always curious about having sexual encounters with one. Some even want more of that tranny dick. I had this caller that wanted some hot tranny gangbang sex stories to get him off and it was quite hot. Getting yourself sandwiched with a whole lot of tranny sausages in your face and in that faggot ass of yours is what you need, at least once. The idea of a sexy gangbang of big shemale cocks probably tends to get your cock hard. It’s tits, dicks and ass. So many as five sexy tranny cocks could excite that desire for cock and make any alpha male a total submissive faggot. I know this to be true. I have been a part of a few hot orgies with as many as ten sexy tranny girls. We love to fuck one another and suck each other off as much as we love to share some intrigued little bitch, female or male. I know plenty of chicks with a fetish for tranny dick and why the hell not?! If this intrigues you we should talk about it baby.

gangbang sex stories

My Dirty Phone Sex Story

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex stories are something I have plenty to share. My life has been one dirty story after another. I had a caller last night that was more interested in my story. Most of my callers want to talk about my family of little whores. I had to go back to some painful memories, but that is what good coke is for, right? This caller wanted to know how a girl from rural West Virginia ended up in a gated community in California. It was luck or fate. I am still not sure which. My parents were meth heads. I was born in a trailer and raised as nothing more than a cash cow to support their habits. My earliest memories are being in some dingy little camper in the back of a trailer with fat old men on top of me. My parents kept me strung out too, so I would not fight as I got older. My husband thinks I may not have even been born to them. He has a theory that I was either kidnapped for the sex trade or purchased from sex traffickers for the same purpose. My parents would lure travelers and truckers to the little camper in back and exchange money for a few minutes in heaven with a Lolita trick. It was all I knew. I never had friends. I never went to school. The words I knew, I picked up from Johns and my folks. I was barely a teen when my husband who is P man found himself lured into that camper. Unlike most of the Johns, he was not a redneck poor trucker. He was a wealthy P man who liked young pussy. He felt sorry for me and had designs for something better for me. He bought me from my folks. Raised me as his adopted teen daughter and married me when I was 18. Sent me to school; got me educated; got me clean off smack so I could get pregnant and turned me into a breeding machine for his P needs. He is 35 years older than me and we have been together over 25 years. We have a family of sexy prostitutes. My life has changed. I am still a whore, but I am a well-taken care of whore living high on the hog now. My caller made me realize I need to embrace my past to appreciate my life now.

A Family of Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireI am the madam of a family of hookers for hire. I have something for everyone too.  I have young boys and girls and I have teen boys and girls. I even have a Nubian princess and a little Latina darling that are adopted. Plus, I have the friends of my little whores who are always greedy to make some money. Sometimes, however, men want to hire the matriarch of a home brothel instead. Like I said, we have something for everyone. My husband takes care of the clients and I take care of the talent. We work well together. I was hired to take the virginity of a young teen boy. I was a special birthday present from his father. I was sort of a fantasy mom hired to deflower the lad. Since it was a surprise, I arrived earlier than the boy. His nanny had him out doing stuff. The father showed me to the boy’s bedroom. I slipped on something sexy and waited about 20 minutes before the birthday boy arrived. The look on his face was priceless. He got a hardon in his jeans. He was like, “Daddy, is she for me?” I told him to come sit on the bed with me. Been awhile since I had a boy this young in my pussy. He was eager to get the party started. I gave him his first blowjob. His cock was naturally hairless. His balls were small but hard. I was not sure he would stay in my pussy, but I let fuck me. I told him I was his present; he could do what he wanted. He liked being in control. He fucked me like a rabbit until he nutted. He lasted longer than I expected for a boy his age fucking a trashy milf for the first time. I got paid a few grand to fuck a young boy I would have done for free any day of the week. I love my life.

Momma Whores Out Her Little Angels For Coke

Sexy ProstitutesI’m a Momma to eight, two from each of my four marriages. Four of my sweet sugar plums are old enough to make their own way. It’s Friday night, so I whored it up, and sluttied up my little sweeties. The three girls each put on some of Momma’s fishnets, one of my shortest spandex skirts, and crop tops to just barely cover their budding little tits. My boy I put in some skin tight blacks.
We strode downtown, down the Boulevard, seeking some clientele. A big van rolled up to us, and six big black dudes got out, shoving us in the back. My little honeys began to cry, but I merely smirked, and showed them my fat tits.
I had blow in my nose before I knew we were going, and a fat, juicy cock in my mouth before I could complain. All around me, I heard the sounds of my brats getting plowed, and pleasuring these chiseled chocolate men.
Momma needed her drug money, and we all worked hard to earn it. My girls each took a load in their pussies, my boy took two in his ass, and sweet Momma got her cunt filled with hot, sticky baby batter.
The van dropped us off. My sweethearts were all in tears, but my spirits were great. The cum dripped down out legs as we walked the road, seeking out next fuck session. They begged to go home, but I don’t give a fuck. Momma needs her fix.

Tranny Whores Live phone sex

live phone sex

Sometimes you need fucked by a good tranny whore. Maybe you just need to be hypnotized for some live phone sex so I can eventually fuck that tight sweet little ass of yours. I’ve had men coming to me curious about my cock and what it can do to them. They even pay me to suck my pretty dick. I guess you just can’t ask your wife if you can suck a cock. She might start thinking things, Like that you’re really deep down either Sissy or straight up gay man. But I know curiosity it’s completely normal and natural. 

You know how good it feels to have your own dick sucked and you want to know what’s on the other side. Like how does it feel and taste to suck a cock? And it’s only natural that your ass starts throbbing as you think about that cock going in and out of your mouth. How good it would be to open up that ass and hit that pretty little prostate. Now that’s some deep ass fucking. and I’ve been in a few gangs before and I know that once you get just a little you need a lot of cock. I would love to turn you out and make you my whore. Don’t be shy baby you only live once and I know you have just been waiting for it. You are swept away by my voice telling you how much you need my cock inside of you and how I would love to use you as a gangbang hole for my own pleasure.


Some Young Hookers for Hire Need Punished

hookers for hireI have a family of hookers for hire. All my slutkins have been trained to be good whores. It seems, however, that this quarantine has made some of them lazy and disobedient. I am a dominant mommy. I love my little cash cows, but they will not forget their place. Two of my daughters have developed a smart mouth. I am not going to let any little whore smart off to me and refuse to do what she is told, especially when I am telling her to suck cock. Normally, my husband and I have a no harm policy. Fuck our little whores, but do not leave a mark. I changed that last night when a retired porn star in the neighborhood wanted a few hours with my Lolita hookers. This guy has damn near a foot-long cock. It is a punisher dick. Women like me would be sore from his cock. I had no doubt a couple disobedient young girls would be too. I told the client to fuck them with no lube. I wanted the bitches to hurt. I wanted them to walk funny today. I wanted them to agree to be good whores in exchange for never being fucked by him again. I got my wish too. He fucked them so hard and dirty I had new girls today. Sure, they have prolapsed assholes and gaping cunts, but that will heal in time. The important thing is that I got my sexy prostitutes back on track.

Freaky Phone Sex Shemale Josie

Freaky phone sex is my specialty as a Hot sexy Ladyboy. I have a naughty lover that is always blushing when he’s around me. Jay is always so very intrigued by my hot body and throbbing package. It’s easy to seduce him and make him putty in my hands. It seems to amaze him all the time in how well I hide my big package between my legs and still wear sexy micro skirts and bikini’s without the bulge really being noticed. I’m just a professional so of course I know how to hide the fact that I have a nice shemale surprise lurking in the midst. I seduced him the first time at the club and he had no idea what I was. He knew I was a prostitute of course. But the nice nearly nine inches was quite the surprise to him. We just had such a hot love making session and I really did cum quite hard for Jay. It’s amazing how good he is at worshiping every inch of this fine body of mine. The way he eats my ass is fucking amazing, but of course I do have an amazing and clean ass after all. Wouldn’t you like to get in on some of this fine tranny action?

Freaky phone sex

Live Phone Sex is a Blast

live phone sex

I love live phone sex calls because anything can happen. I was at the park today watching some teens play. Honestly, I was there to scope out some talent. We can always use more working girls in our home brothel. There was this young girl I recognized. She is a school friend of my middle daughter. Sasha recognized me and came over to the bench I was sitting on. We got to talking and she told me her family was having financial issues. And the kicker, she is pregnant.  The hamster in my head was spinning fast. A pregnant teen whore would be in high demand from the perverts my husband knows. Any pervert would love to fuck a jailbait preggo whore. I ran a few things by her. I mean clearly, she knows how to spread her legs. I told her young sexy prostitutes make great money. It is easy to lure in young girls with money. She can make more in a night fucking an old man than she can in a year slinging hash browns at McDonalds. When I told her that, I had her attention. I brought her home to test out the merchandise. She was down to play with a mature woman. She is not showing yet, but when she does, she will be a goldmine for my husband and me. We let girls keep more than half of their earnings. I guess you could say we are benevolent pimps. I was not treated well as a young whore for my parents. It is a miracle I survived. My husband rescued me. He needed a good breeding whore to give me brats for him to play with and pimp out. He treated me well, better than I had ever been treated. That is how you get loyal hoes. You treat them better than anyone ever has. Sasha is my project. Until she starts showing, I am going to spoil her and train her how to be a great whore. Maybe my husband can knock her up too and we can add another little ho to the family.

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