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Being a daddy’s Anal cum dumpster is all I love to be. Especially when he feeds me lots of naughty snow candy. Once I sniff big lines of it, my cunty starts to react. “Take everything off for daddy,” he says sternly. Right away I undress, and I love it. To know his cock stiffens seeing me naked gets my pussy wet. Soon after that daddy bends me over his knee. “Who’s daddy’s dirty slut?” you moan as you smack my ass hard. “I am daddy” I whimper as your hand hits my ass hard over and over.

Even when you choked me, I begged for more. As a reward you feed me more rails. Then I feel your finger push into my ass. I know what that means as soon as I feel my booty hole numb up. My daddy is about to pound the fuck out my ass. “Get ready for daddies thick dick” you say sternly as I open my mouth. You love to abuse me and use me. That is why you right away ram your cock down my throat and make me choke.

Anal cum dumpster

Right away you squeeze throat to feel how deep you are fucking me. “Good girl” is all I hear as I feel my throat muscles closing around your hard rod. Once I start to taste the salty gooey droplets from your cock, I get ready to be pounded. Your favorite is when you fuck me doggy style. That way you can wrap your belt around your little Trailer trash whore neck. As I do more blow, you ram your cock inside my ass.

You push me so hard my face falls into the blow and I just sniff away. After all, I don’t care how daddy uses me as long as I get what I want. Soon your hands were wrapped around my neck, and you were using me like a rag fuck doll. “That’s it, baby girl milk daddy” you moan loud. As I catch my breath my cunty squirts and you start filling my ass up. “Thank you, baby girl,” you moan as you let go of my neck. Even though I was numb and high I could feel the creampie nut leaking out my ass.

Druggy Porn Is Full of Weapons of Ass Destruction

Filling your hours with druggy porn is the way of my meth smoking perverts. These hours of filth is enhancing that need for ass destruction. My tranny cock is what you start to crave.

Now is the time to submit to me and worship my shecock. Be a good little slut and dress like a sleazy sissy. My Sexy tranny cock throbs for a hungry sissy craving the ass destruction. While you take a hit of tina,  H or Ice whatever term for your poison, you cannot stop stroking and thinking about getting pounded.

Evidently when you get high you like to dress up and watch tranny porn. And at some point you are craving to talk to a real shemale with a beautiful tranny dick you can worship. Now I say look no further honey. I will let you suck off my shecock.

In fact I will expect you to worship and eat my sexy tranny cunt. My ass pussy feels great when your tongue is licking it, nice and deep.

Druggy porn

From the very moment you ring me up, I will have you mesmerized. Let my voice guide you into a complete blissful enticement for yearning to feel my cock in your mouth.

Once I have you hypnotized, with the images of this beautiful shecock, I know you will be mine. Just remember you crave this and I adore the power i hold over you. My cock will be the very thing to destroy that ass of yours.

Just enjoy that druggy porn and let my shecock destroy that ass

Finally the moment I have you fingering your sissy cunt as I tell you how good you feel you know what you need. The need and desire is to have me bust a fat load of cum deep in that sissy cunt.

Drunk girl fucking gang of men bareback in the bar bathroom

Drunk girl fuckingI am that Drunk girl fucking in a bathroom stall at the bar… When I get drunk and high I lose all control of myself! I honestly love losing control, I intentionally dress up as a sleazy whore and show off my Big tits and long Sexy legs. Men can’t resist me, I never have to get high on my supply because men dish drugs out to me like candy.

I always go to this small town bikers club and get shit-faced and somehow always wind up in the bathroom on all fours getting gangbanged. It’s the rough fuck that I truly enjoy… I am a known Gangbang whore in my small town, so men know when they see me it’s time to party and play!

The best way to sniff a line is off a stiff cock.

It feels so good dragging my nostrils up a veiny cock and filling my nose with powder. My nipples get so hard and my Young bald pussy instantly quivers… I’ve been into hard shit ever since I was a Teen whore, My mother was the Fantasy mom of every younger boy’s dreams… My mom was passed around the basketball team that I was a known Cheerleader slut for.

Mom and I used to turn tricks and do drugs together… That was until Mother’s clients started contacting me on the side. Then I realized I didn’t need Mom for drugs and money I could get it all on my own. I would sneak men through my bedroom window or sneak out to turn tricks at motels. Eventually, I found myself a pimp who branded my Sloppy wet pussy.


Sexy Prostitutes Bring Limp Dicks to Life

sexy prostitutesMy sexy prostitutes include my two college aged daughters. Aren’t they so hot? Although we took Mother’s Day off to celebrate me, we got right back into the swing of things on Monday. My girls, along with two of my sons, have returned from college to play with mommy all summer. I have some younger whores too. And of course, they join me and their big sisters when we get called to action.

Monday one of daddy’s closest associates wanted the family experience. He hired me and all 4 girls. Our adopted daughter got to join us. And she seemed super excited to be part of the action. As our youngest, we waited awhile before letting her be one of the hookers for hire. Not that we have rules about age. Daddy just wanted to enjoy her tight holes first. You cannot keep holes tight once you enter the world of prostitution.

I Love Sharing Daddies with My Daughters

This daddy paid big bucks to have a sexy wife and four daughters worship his cock. He told me we worked miracles on his old dick. Young pussy works better than Viagra. If your dick appears limp, get yourself a tight young thing and I bet it perks up! Our littlest whore enjoyed being daddy’s little dick spinner. And our rent a daddy enjoyed all of us. This daddy impressed me. Even at his age, he mustered enough energy to give me and 4 girls a load of cum. Of course, the cum loads got smaller as the night went by. But he still came 5 times.

He said it was all because of us. But I imagine in his day, the girls all loved him. We gave him all the love we could for the time we spent with him. And he used each one of us as his personal cum dumpster. No one is complaining though. We love playing together and sharing any daddy who wants us.

Sexy prostitutes Like Bobbie Get Down And Dirty

sexy prostitutuesI was just a young girl when I started selling myself on the streets as one of many sexy prostitutes. My mom was a junkie and my dad was never around, so I figured this was the quickest way to make some money and get by. At first, it wasn’t too bad – just some old men giving me a few bucks for a blowjob or letting me ride their cock until I came. But as time went on, things got darker and more twisted.

One day, this rich businessman picked me up in his fancy car. He took me back to his hotel room and gave me a line of coke before he even undressed me. The stuff burned my nose but made everything else feel good – especially when he shoved his huge cock down my throat without warning. He fucked my face hard while I gagged and choked on him; then he pulled out and sprayed his cum all over my tits like they were a goddamn canvas painting. That night taught me that there were guys who liked to see me suffer.

It didn’t stop me from continuing to suck cock or bend over for a quick buck.  It’s too easy and it’s just fucking and sucking. I don’t care to take a dick for some easy money.  Also an added benefit is I usually get some blow at the same time from a lot of clients. I’m a regular whore at this point, and the whole town knows it. i don’t mind being a trailer trash whore though and no plans to stop!

So yeah, that’s my story as a teenage hooker: endless rounds of coke-fueled blowjobs; getting fucked raw by strangers; taking every inch of their huge dicks up my ass without complaint; tasting cum from dozens upon dozens of different men…it’s not something most people would envy but hell if it didn’t make for some wild stories now!

Trailer trash whore steps In for men with sexless wives

Trailer trash whore steps In for men with sexless wives! I give that nasty good-good pussy to all the locals who have stiff boards instead of sex pots in their marital beds. I give that nasty good-good pussy to all the locals who have stiff boards instead of sex pots in their marital beds. I’m the perfect cure for their sexless misery.  Men know Hardcore Hadley is always ready and willing to step in and take care of their cock and balls! How else would I be known as the best whore in the Trailer court? 

The husband of the sexless wife can’t help but feel a back-up in his balls he needs released.  He stumbles through life, wanking and watching porn until he finds a Trashy milf mommy who sells her pussy. 

Trailer trash whore is your Local cum crusader bent on draining the balls of married men!

One night, after a few too many drinks, he ventures to the seedy trailer park where the whore resides. He doesn’t know what he’s looking for, but he needs something to help his aching balls. 

Trailer Trash whore

As he approaches the trailer, he can feel his cock throbbing in time with his heartbeat. He takes a deep breath and knocks on the door looking for Hadley Hardcore. 

The door is answered by this buxom blonde with a ring of coke on her nose and in her panties and bra.   “Yes, baby, I’ve been waiting for you. Cum on in and let’s see what we can do with that raging cock of yours. I giggle as I offer him a line of pure dope!

Trashy Milf helps men who don’t get laid by wives! 

We drug and drink together, and my mouth makes its way down his body, unleashing his neglected cock.

 I suck him dry while he grasps the back of my head, choking me out like a good boy! I savor every last drop of what he feeds me as he releases his cum dump into my whore belly. It takes Sexy prostitutes to help men who have a dry wife and I love my Job!

Sloppy wet pussy is all you become

When I get high, I get a Sloppy wet pussy. Once I hit a few rails of blow my cunt starts to talk. It wants to make money and get fucked. The best way is to go on my hoe stroll to the bar. There I find guys ready to fuck me and fuck me good. Right away I found a guy who wants to party and play. So, I hit my dealer up and we met back at my place. After we talked about what we needed we started to party. I get naked.  because I love to tease, it makes you give me more of what I want. What you don’t know is that.

Sloppy wet pussy

The more we party the more you want to be nasty for me and do whatever I want. You want me to push you to your limits and beyond. So when I started sucking his big cock you looked closely. “I bet you don’t party like me” I say teasingly. Then you do more lines of blow. “Watch me” you say as you push me out the way and start sucking on cock. I knew you were nasty but not this nasty. But I love to push your limits. “Now suck on his balls” I cheer you on while doing more lines of coke.

We are so high we try to outdo each other. If I choked on the dick so, did he. But then i pushed it i took all my clothes off and i rubbed blow on my holes. Then I slid my ass on my dealer’s big cock. As I ride it you look jealousy, “my turn” you say eagerly. As soon as I jump off his cock you jump on. You moan out “bitch feed me lines. Therefore, I feed you more blow to be a nasty Anal sex whore you have been wanting to be, you just needed that push. 

As you ride his cock like a dumb hoe, I feed you blow. What an amazing life I have. Glad I was taught to be a druggy hoe and to make money. Finally, you started getting filled up. That made you spray all over the place, “let’s do more blow”. You say as you jump off his cock. Party and play is what I want, and you need. 

Creampie slut gets some furry balls too

Since I am known as a Creampie slut, one of my favorite sugar daddies makes sure to come with two sets of full balls. Him and his furry pal’s balls. “I’m going to fill you up and stretch you out like a filthy cock whore” he says as he gives me my payment. “We are ready for a good whore to milk us, aren’t we buck” he says as he pets his head. First, I like getting blown, that loosens me up in every way. When I feel his furry friend’s nose sniffing me, I know it is time to get naked.

Once all my clothes come off, you say “dance and tease us before we use you. Therefore, I dance and shake my ass in their face. Even spread my cheeks and shove my booty hole on his pals’ wet furry nose. I could hear his tail wagging every time he sniffed me in. Then you stand up and start rubbing your pet’s belly. I see his big lipstick cock start to slide off his socket. “You have excited him too much, suck his red rocket now you nasty slut” you demand me to do.

Creampie slut

Being the best hooker slut takes skill and that is why I get on my knees right away and start sucking him good enough to make you jealous. “My turn hoe, I want you to suck my cock while buck rams into your tight hooker hole” you spank my ass and say. Once I’m in position between your legs and take your cock down my throat, buck starts to sniff my holes again. “Let’s fuck this bitch buck” you say and then whistle as you ram your cock in my mouth.

All of a sudden man’s best friend mounted me. “Spread your ass for me hooker whore” you moan as you fuck my mouth hard. “I know you remember how I taught you”. Yes, I do, because you are the nasty pervy guy next door who helped turn me into the nasty slut I am today. What is next is what has always been next, I got a big lipstick cock in my asshole. They both fucked me and used me like an Anal cum dumpster, but hey i get paid for it.

Hooker Phone Sex Babes Share Clients and Cum Filled Holes

hooker phone sexHooker phone sex babes often know each other. We travel in the same circles and sometimes share clients. But this one hooker I knew when she was a schoolgirl. She is the daughter of one of our best clients. She is the reason he hired me and my daughters that very first time. His wife married him for his millions. And although she was a trophy wife like me, she did not show her gratitude.

I let my husband fuck our daughters. And I fuck him every chance I get even after almost 30 years together. So, this guy hired me and my jailbait daughters to play house with him. And a few times, his daughter was in the house watching us play. She grew up to be like me, not her mother. And after her parents divorced, I helped train her to be a good daddy’s whore. And now she is a whore too. Not just for Daddy. She went to college and got a degree, but the lure of the adult industry is strong.

Sexy prostitutes can make bank. We work less hours. And get paid more than even lawyers and doctors. Plus, we can retire early if we want. Education is important as a safety net. Sarah and I hooked up over the weekend for drinks before we met a client for an orgy. Invite only. Some rich dude in Southern California throws this exclusive orgy every year. He hires a few pros like Sarah and I, ones with good reputations as no limit whores, and invites his closest male friends.

Whores Love to Hustle and Show Off

This guy likes to have the hottest whores around to make his friends feel special. Sarah feels like a bonus daughter to me, so we worked that party in tandem. Put the other whores to shame. Men got to watch us play together before fucking us. I would sit on her face or vice versa depending on who got fucked. Some of the other invited whores got pissy and left. They could not compare to us.  We got paid no matter what. But we wanted to have fun too. Plus, we both wanted to flip these friends of our host to future clients. So, we did what whores do best. We hustled and showed off our skills.

After the orgy, I brought Sarah home with us. We both had messy pussies and sore holes that I knew my sons and daughters could help with. So, after a hardcore orgy porn, we had some TLC from my offspring. Sarah loves being a bonus daughter. Lots of perks like my sons’ hard teenage cocks and my daughters’ soft wet mouths.

Sexy Prostitutes Fist Each Other for a Client

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes sometimes get to play together for a client. I had a solo gig last night. Or so, I thought. But this guy enjoys fucking lots of whores. And with his money he can afford to have a few whores a day. Even an expensive one like me. The other whore he wanted me to play with looked smoking hot to me. Pretty blonde girl from the Ukraine. He found her on Private Delights, which is a high-end platform for working girls.

Layla appeared to be more like a GFE provider. But money is money. And if our client wanted to watch some kinky girl on girl action, I planned on delivering. This client seems to be an oddity. He prefers legal age girls. But he has other kinks. Like watching me fist his other whore. She did not mind me putting four fingers inside her cunt. So, our shared client told me to turn her into my fisting whore.

Not every day I get to play with a woman I am not related to. Made my cunt purr to finger fuck her. But when our client told me to fist her, I creamed my panties. Guys fist my cunt often. But I pushed out a lot of little ones naturally. I can handle a fist in my cunt. However, my playmate for the night never pushed out a brat. Do you know what that means? A tight pussy.

I Love Fisting a Pussy or an Asshole

I went slow, working four fingers in her cunt first. Once I got knuckle deep in her cunt, I inserted my thumb, then started to make a ball. She felt so wet on my hand. Our client loved the show. His dick appeared stiffer than a board, and he is an old dude. My blonde playmate’s cunt drenched my hand when she came. But the client wanted more. And I knew what he wanted too. So, my fist went into her ass.  Although she might not have been an anal sex whore before, she certainly was afterwards.

I love playing with other whores. But mostly men just hire me to play with my daughters. My blonde playmate seemed like a refreshing encounter. Our client came so hard. But I bet you would too seeing a sexy milf fist a young woman’s pussy and ass.