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Amara: Piss Capital Of The World

Golden Shower Sex Stories

Dear Daddy,

You’d be proud of me. I’ve finally started exploring the world of hot golden showers sex stories with my little ones. I know the very thought of my little rugrats getting pissed on turns you on so badly. You love the fact that you were my first dirty, nasty pissing experience. You made sure I spent my younger years, especially in my teens, learning what it meant to be a hot little whore for that golden urethral nectar!

Let me show you what a cumslut I am, and exactly how I’ve trained up my little whores to worship your every movement. Not only are these sweet angels toilet trained with their filthy fuck holes, but they enjoy giving a bit of piss play as well. My lovely lullabies aim well, and always hit the mark. They’re known for sucking down every last drop, and begging for more. I love watching them showered in that aurum water.

I have made a name for myself; Amara, piss capital of the world. Use me like a filthy little toilet again, Daddy. Cum and put your slutty little girl in her place. You left for a pack a cigarettes, and never came home. Momma said it was my fault, but I know damn well you left ‘cause she wouldn’t let you piss in her mouth.

Let me say “aaaa” Daddy. Cum back home.

Pissing Sex

Sexy Prostitutes Have Dicks & Tits

You need not be shy about your desires. Sexy prostitutes have more than just a sexy body. A great body and a nice cock is what this sexy shemale ho has. I’m excited to think about you worshiping my asshole and my big dick. You will love every bit of my cock. Something that turns me on is watching you get turned on, and hearing in your voice just how turned on you are. I play off of your sounds completely. My pleasure is knowing how hard you are going to cum for me.

You may just want someone to talk to about things and that’s ok baby I am a great listener especially if your confused. I have shy first timers hit me up and it’s always awkward at first, but once they open up…  Together our experience will be priceless baby.

Sexy prostitutes

Every Girl in My Family is an Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. I have been for ions. Since before I could talk, I took cock in the ass. I am raising my girls to be anal whores too. I am nicer than my sperm doner or mother were, however. My darlings live in luxury. I was raised in a dingy one-bedroom trailer in the hills of West Virginia.  My room was an old pop-up camper in the back yard. I slept on a dirty mattress and had not a single toy. I was a whore from the get-go.  My daughters have toys and electronics. They each have their own room equipped with the best beds. They have their own bathrooms too. That is because daddy and I put the money they earn back into them. My folks put the money my tight holes made them in their arms. They were strung out on heroin and meth. I just do coke and pot. Another difference between my upbringing and that of my sexy prostitutes is that my angels did not start the moment they came out of me. Daddy and I love our little whores. Plus, you do not want used up holes on such marketable little sluts. The goal is not to make a ton of cash quickly, but steady money over time. And high paying clients want pristine little fuck holes. The guys I had to fuck as a little girl hooker did not even know what pristine meant. Seriously, they shoved their cocks in any of my holes and came when I cried. Daddy and I keep our girls in good shape, especially those pink assholes men crave so much. I was not trained to be an anal whore, but I have trained my girls. Practice makes perfect. Practice keeps puckered buttholes tight. Now I have a small army of anal whores. Each girl loves to be an anal cum dumpster for you.

Sweet Slutty Daughters

Trashy Milf


It’s been a long time since I enjoyed some quality fuck time with my favorite daughter. Of course I have a favorite one of my little slutkins; how could I not? They all have their talents. One is possibly going to turn out as a better anal cum dumpster than I am. She loves to get stretched on out like the filthy slut she is. She cries that it burns, but it makes her pussy wet.

Another of my whores has no gag reflex, so we’ve trained her up to be the cock swallowing queen of the neighborhood. She can take absolutely any girth, any length, right in her slutty little gullet. Even the BBC boys who come around are shocked to see the pythons she slips inside of her. And then, there was my sweet little angel.

She has the most delicious little peach fuzz pussy I’ve ever tasted, and I simply can’t keep my tongue or my fingers away from her. I love the little sounds she makes as she tries to resist cumming. She squirms, and that makes my pussy drip. Mommy has a nasty little appetite, and only my slutkins can fill it.

Hooker Phone Sex Anyone?

hooker phone sexHooker phone sex anyone? I am a professional whore on and off the phone. Sometimes, however, I like to get myself a whore. I like to check out the competition. This time around, I went with a young whore. There is this outfit that brings young models to client’s home. Now, it is structured as a modeling company, but they only have jailbait models. And you will never be able to hire the same whore twice because they rotate the girls out frequently. They are trafficked girls, I am sure, but that does not mean I cannot enjoy them. I looked through the “modeling” catalog and ordered up a home visit from this little Asian girl. I have a thing for Asian girls. There is this porn outfit in Japan called Street Scene and they have the youngest looking little porn stars. They are a legal porn outfit, but they twat teased me into wanting super young Asian slaves. Last night, the girl arrived for our modeling session. Her handler was there, but I paid her well to leave the room. I wanted to be alone with this little piece of meat. I do love young sexy prostitutes. Asian girls are very obedient too. They take direction and they do as they are told. I told her to eat my ass and she was on her knees quickly with her tongue buried in my asshole. She ate my pussy next. I put on a strap-on and fucked her tiny fuck holes. Her body was lean and tight. Her long jet black hair was perfect to hold on too as I rammed my dildo in and out of her cunt. I fucked her ass too. I made the little whore squirt. She was the best whore I have hired from that site yet. So good in fact, I had my husband make the handler an offer. We bought her. She is off the market and will soon be our newest adoptive daughter. She won the lottery because she will live the life of luxury. She will still be a whore, but she will want for nothing. For awhile though, she is going to just be mine. She is too good of a cunt and ass licker to share yet.

Anal cum dumpster Bitch 4 Shecock

Bitch boy Anal cum dumpster, that’s you. I’m the sexy trans woman that has you crawling around begging for my meat stick. You a good boy baby? Hmmm? Does Josie have what you crave? Be a good boy and beg for it, cum on. Beg for my shecock, bitch. Oh, yes that’s what I thought. Mouth open eyes big and wide. I slide theis tranny cock across your lips. You try to part them and I slap you. No! Not yet… I walk around you looking you up and down. Running my long nails across your bare cock I scrape up the shaft. It reacts and throbs. I smile sweetly as I direct you to lay down. Good boy. I sit my beautiful ass on your face and command you start eating my ass.

You are a good rim jobber baby, but you need to go deeper. Come on. Drive that tongue deep in my shitter and your lips around my puckered hole. That’s it baby. Eat that cream out. Slut.

Anal cum dumpster

Big Dick Sucker Dom Tranny Josie

Good times are what this big dick sucker tranny gets off on. When I had Ryan hit me up with his promise for a big black anaconda cock I was all in. My little slutty cock sucking mouth was watering at the look of that big black dick. I sucked his cock so good he plastered the back of my throat with his seed. The next thing I knew I was getting down with that black dick and bouncing my sweet blonde ass on it.

Ryan really knew how to serve this dominant tranny the good hard anal fucking I needed. I pumped my jizz all over the place as I was being fucked hard and deep in my ass. I lapped up every drop of that jizz off of those big black balls. Once they were clean and emptied in my tranny whore ass I sucked it clean. Mmm… I would take Ryan on again anytime and be the total anal slut ball drainer for his big nigga cock.

Big dick sucker

Sexline for No Limits Fun

sexlineMy sexline is anything goes anytime. Guys ask me all the time if I am no limits. Of course, I am. Read my blogs and my bio. I have never had limits in my life. Why start now? My middle daughter is pregnant. Despite all sorts of birth control methods, she got knocked up. She is still in high school and the daddy could be her own daddy or some random John. It could even be a schoolboy. She is a whore. She was thinking about getting rid of it, but my husband and I discussed it. If she does not want to raise her little bastard, we will. Of course, we will groom the little girl or boy for incest. If a little girl, she will eventually join the ranks of the sexy prostitutes in this family. Plus, we will make bank off her pregnant body.  Johns pay great money for pregnant whores, especially jailbait pregnant whores. My husband and I decided that since she is not showing yet, we can auction her pussy off for impregnation. Men love to impregnate young girls. Any girl really. It makes them feel virile and manly. I get it. While my daughter is not showing, we will profit off her pussy as much as we can. And we will enjoy every moment of her knocked up cunt too. Pregnant girls are hornier. Their cunts are wetter. And their pussies are even tighter. Would you pay for the privilege of knocking up a young girl or banging a preggo girl? How much would it be worth to you?

Any Age Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireIt is no secret that I have a family of hookers for hire. Any age you want, I can deliver. Even if I have not given birth to the right age you want, I have access to any age you desire. It pays to have a few extra on standby. My husband got a request for two super young ones. He wanted to destroy them, so my husband and I made the decision to find him some expendable girls. My husband knows a coyote. He helps bring Mexican illegals over into the US. It is all about the money for coyotes. The highest bidder always wins. So, a family may pay a coyote to take their daughters to Texas, but if some one else pays more for those young pussies, those girls never see Texas. My husband talked to his coyote friend and made him an offer. The next day, we had pictures of our purchase. My husband made the arrangements with the client and I knew my job was to get the girls ready and cleaned up when they arrived. They arrived strung out. I guess the coyote uses heroin, so their precious cargo will sleep in a shipping container. They came to us in one of those U-Haul Pods. Cute darlings, but a mess. I had 24 hours to turn them into princesses. I can work a lot of magic though in 24 hours. I polished them up and delivered them to the hotel. I was required to stay because I would have to get rid of them afterwards. I am not a snuff queen or anything, but I can take the borrowed sexy prostitutes that get too used up to circulate again with our clients and sell them to another guy who traffics them again. I did feel a little sorry for these girls. But money is money, and they were not my daughters. If mothers will sell their girls to a stranger why can’t I?

sexy prostitutes

My Life is the Stuff Dirty Phone Sex is Made of

I could only work on a dirty phone sex site. We do have a vanilla site at this company, but I would suck trying to be vanilla. My life is one big taboo. I was born in a dingy trailer in rural West Virginia. Home birth and my birth was never recorded. As far as the state of West Virginia is concerned, I never existed. My parents were meth addicts and meth makers. I was born solely to be their cash cow. I never went to school. I never had friends. I could barely talk. I did not even live in the main trailer. My parents never loved me. They whored me out for money. I was young when my husband bought me for a large sum of money and brought me to California. He was a widower at the time and told folks I was his stepdaughter, and he was raising me after his wife’s death. He got me educated and when I was 18, he married me. Wealthy men do that kind of stuff all the time. I mean marry their stepdaughters, not buy a Lolita bride although they do that too. I birthed him many brats, and now we pimp out our daughters and sons. We have even adopted and bought a few of our own so we always have something very young around too. My husband is a P man, and I am his P wife. I went from trailer park Lolita to the madam of a home brothel with young sexy prostitutes for hire. I know some folks may think I traded being a whore for being a whore, but that is not how I see it. I am not some dirty hillbilly anymore. I am a rich, educated madam with a family who loves me and a family I love. And I will bet that my life is way more fun than yours!

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