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Big dick sucker

I’m a Big dick sucker, always have been. There’s just something about the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth that gets me soaking wet. I don’t give a fuck who you are or what you look like. If you’ve got a big dick, I want it. And when I say I swallow, I mean it. Let me gargle it I fucking love it!

The thing is I am a  filthy, fucking slut who lives for the thrill of getting railed all night long. Of course I also love smoking some sweet, sweet crystal when I am getting fucked. I mean, what’s the point of living if you’re not getting your holes filled with rock hard cock and your lungs filled with that delicious, mind-altering smoke?

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m addicted to meth and cock!When I say I’m a Cum guzzling slut, I mean it. I will always swallow your loads. I can’t get enough of that salty, sticky goodness. I’ll suck you dry, and then I’ll beg for more. Don’t even get me started on how much I love getting fucked. I can take a pounding like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve got holes that can fit a lot of cock, so bring your friends. I’m always up for a party, and I’ll never say no to a gangbang.

I fucking love cum, so fucking much! I will be your dedicated whore, working your cock hard. I want it in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass, everywhere. I’ll be your Cum dumpster, your personal fuck toy, your filthy little whore. I’ll do whatever you want, as long as you keep the loads coming.

So, if you’re looking for a wild night of debauchery and depravity, look no further. I’m your girl. I’ll party with you, fuck you, and smoke you up. I’ll be your filthy little meth whore until the sun comes up, and then I’ll do it all again the next night. Because I live for the thrill of getting fucked up and getting fucked.


Cum dumpster used by randoms at a rave!

Cum dumpsterI knew this rave would be a time to remember; I knew it was the best place to be a Cum dumpster. I told all my friends I expected to fuck at least 3-5 guys a night for the 3 days we were there. They said I was so disgusting for letting anyone fuck me; they are just prudes though. I told them life isn’t fun without a little danger and risky sex. They disagree but they love me anyway; even though they think I am the biggest skank in town. I think that is part of the reason I love hanging out with them so much. It makes me so wet and turned on that they think so lowly of me. Nothing makes me drip more than a room full of people who think I am nothing but a fuck doll for men. 

My outfit was very exposing and it turned lots of heads when we were dancing. I was all over so many guys so I can’t remember which one took my drunk ass somewhere subtle and made me into a Big dick sucker. All I remember is gagging on cock for a while and taking it up the ass hole. It was easy because I was pretty much naked so all he did was bend me over and slip my panties/shorts over. He slipped his cock in my bald shit pipe and pumped me for a few minutes. When he was ready to nut I turned around and he blew his spunk on my face. 

This kept happening through the night and I remember waking up with a swollen throat and butt hole. The next morning we all went to get breakfast and I had pics on my phone of me covered in many loads from the prior night. I did not even remember bringing anyone back to my room but the pictures speak for themselves. My friends laughed as they took my phone and looked at the pictures of me getting fucked by random men all night. You know I went back to the room after and fucked myself some more until I came!

Cum-Filled Family Affairs


let me tell you about my crazy AF family… My daughter’s got a thing for my cum-drenched cunt, weird, right? But it’s true! She says it’s her favorite treat, licking me clean after a good creampie. And you know what’s even Wilder? She loves the taste of her brother’s jizz in there too. It’s like some double taboo shit, her eating her brother’s cum from the very pussy that bore her.

But that’s not all; my son’s got a kinky side too. He’s straight, but every now and then, he gets a kick out of a good old creampie. And you won’t believe what went down last night…

I came home with a pussy full of another man’s cum. Nothing new, but this time, the kids were waiting for me. Instead of being grossed out, they were turned on! We were all like cum whores, high on the scent of jizz. I spread my legs, and they went to town, licking and sharing my creampied pussy like it was the sweetest fucking dessert. No taboos whatsoever!

It was so fucked up, but hey, I’m proud I raised such freaky kids. My son did his thing and creampied me all over again. But this time, my daughter didn’t waste a drop. She went straight for it, like a cum-hungry little monster. Dude, it was so fucking hot! A cum-filled pussy should never be wasted, am I right? You sicko!

Our family’s a little fucked up, but we sure as hell enjoy every fucked-up second of it.

Druggy Porn Is Full of Weapons of Ass Destruction

Filling your hours with druggy porn is the way of my meth smoking perverts. These hours of filth is enhancing that need for ass destruction. My tranny cock is what you start to crave.

Now is the time to submit to me and worship my shecock. Be a good little slut and dress like a sleazy sissy. My Sexy tranny cock throbs for a hungry sissy craving the ass destruction. While you take a hit of tina,  H or Ice whatever term for your poison, you cannot stop stroking and thinking about getting pounded.

Evidently when you get high you like to dress up and watch tranny porn. And at some point you are craving to talk to a real shemale with a beautiful tranny dick you can worship. Now I say look no further honey. I will let you suck off my shecock.

In fact I will expect you to worship and eat my sexy tranny cunt. My ass pussy feels great when your tongue is licking it, nice and deep.

Druggy porn

From the very moment you ring me up, I will have you mesmerized. Let my voice guide you into a complete blissful enticement for yearning to feel my cock in your mouth.

Once I have you hypnotized, with the images of this beautiful shecock, I know you will be mine. Just remember you crave this and I adore the power i hold over you. My cock will be the very thing to destroy that ass of yours.

Just enjoy that druggy porn and let my shecock destroy that ass

Finally the moment I have you fingering your sissy cunt as I tell you how good you feel you know what you need. The need and desire is to have me bust a fat load of cum deep in that sissy cunt.

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Hooker phone sexIt is obvious Danny was missing some of my stripper pussy. He has always known how good I am at Hooker phone sex so he could never control himself around me. This man is obsessed with strip clubs and loves when a bitch gives him access to her holes. He has the money to pay; he just needs the right slut to spread her legs. When a bitch is craving cock and money he knows they will always come running to him. For a little while he had himself mixed up with some dumb bitches that had no idea how to work his cock the right way. They were just hungry for cash and uninterested in getting fucked; Danny wasn’t feeling it.

If you don’t have a Sloppy wet pussy while he is railing you out he isn’t interested. So as you can imagine; once he came across me at my club he was in love. Ever since then, I drain his heavy perverted balls at least 3 times a week. He mainly pops in on the weekends when his wife is away with the kids. He gets those days wife and kid free so he has time to pump my dirty hooker ass hole full of seed. He is such a fun time and he always has the best coke when he comes to use me for a while. Sometimes if I take his cock real good up my shit hole he will get so over excited and come back to my place for the night. When he does that he always gives me extra cash, brings bottles and so many drugs. It ends up being such a blast of a night! Who wouldn’t crave some nasty Hot stripper sex  with a cum bucket whore like me? I can make all your filthy fantasies come true.


Anal sex whore needs a pounding, I’m sick for dick!

Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore here who needs a pounding and I’m sick for dick! My body aches if I haven’t gotten dick in a while. I mean even a few hours can be too long for me. I’ve got a serious craving for dick, and I don’t care where I get it. I have fucked huge fat cocks to skinny little dicks, I don’t care as long as I am having fun!

 I am a party monster who is willing to fuck all night. I ain’t afraid of a hardcore gangbang, I mean really nothing is too taboo for me, especially if you hook me up with meth! I want to feel your throbbing spun-up cock blasting into me, filling me up and making me feel like the dirty little whore I am.

And when I say I’m a whore, I mean it. I’m the kind of girl who loves to get down on her knees and suck cock, the kind of girl who will do whatever it takes to make her man happy. I’m a Big dick sucker, and I love every inch of you. I need my fix. I want to get high and party all night long, and I want you to be right there with me. Let’s find a cheap motel room and get a big bag of meth. Let’s do shots and snort lines until we’re both feeling good and ready to go.

And when we do, I want you to take me hard. I want to feel your cock pounding into me, filling me up and making me beg for more. I want to be your Anal cum dumpster, the girl you can come to when you need to let loose and really go wild.

Let’s do this, Daddy. Let’s get fucked up and have the time of our lives. Who cares about stupid bullshit out there in the real world? We can get deep into your fantasies and we will both cum so fucking hard! It will be better then heaven. 

My pussy is pure bliss and I can’t wait to feel your cock inside me, filling me up and making me scream. I’m your whore, and I’m ready to do whatever it takes to make you happy. I am a Big dick sucker who will rock your dick! Let’s go!


Cum Dumpster Lauren Loves Swallowing Dark Dick

Blonde Slut Loves Being Cum Dumpster

I love being a backwoods BBC cum dumpster. It’s not hard to find a huge black dick willing to fill a pink hole. I’ve been ran through by so much nigger dick that I might be addicted. I see the bulge in his pants and my pussy had to have it. My latest black hog was so fucking fat that I could barely fit it in my mouth. I found a 6’4 bull with a 10 and a 1/2 inch dick at a bar. I brought him home with me. Then an hour later, he had my blonde hair in his fist and was slowly pumping his dick in my drooling mouth. 

cum dumpster

I love polishing a thick black dick. I was stroking his dick and sucking and licking the first few inches. Then I looked up at him and told him to treat my throat like a pussy. He grabbed the back of my head and let me take a breath. Then his nigger cock was ramming into the back of my cum guzzling slut throat. My throat relaxed and let his cock sink in. I couldn’t breathe or keep my eyes open. I wanted to be treated like a whore. That nigger dick was going to kill me and I loved it. 

Cum Guzzling Slut Swallows Nigger Dick

The bubbles that were covering his cock made my pussy so fucking wet. I slid my fingers into my cunt. But he moved my hand and crammed his thick fingers into my pussy. So he fucked my face faster while he was stretching about my pussy. I was moaning around that thick cock and thrusting against his fingers. Then he forced his whole fist in my sloppy cunt and started fisting me. I couldn’t take it. This whore cunt was cumming all over his fingers. He flipped me on my back, spread my legs and let the blonde fucking begin.

I am Proud to Be a Cum Guzzling Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whoreI’m proud to be a trailer trash whore. Everyone in my trailer park knows I am just a cum whore. Seriously, I can never get enough. And although I do have a thing for those big black cocks, I never turn away young men in need of a ball draining either. This cougar loves to deep throat monster black cocks and still growing boy dicks, black or white.

School will be over for the summer in a few weeks, and that means no early morning dick sucking for this cougar. Now, the teen boys will still come over, but it will not be before school. But this morning, Jackson stopped by for a little oral therapy before school. He woke up with morning wood. And he still could not get his cock to go down after jacking off in the shower. So, he came to see his favorite trashy milf. He marched himself into my trailer with his morning hardon and said, “Suck it mommy, it hurts.”

I Love Helping Teenage Boys Relieve Their Morning Balls

Jackson palmed the back of my head to push me down on my knees. This boy still attends high school. However, his cock is bigger than most full-grown white men. Rough oral sex, I always welcome. His big piece of teenage meat gagged me. And I rarely gag. But I love a monster cock, so I did not mind. His cock appeared so big that his pre cum seemed more than most men ejaculate. I rubbed his oozing seed all over my lips like it was Chap Stick, LOL.

As I gagged and drooled on his young dick, I rubbed my pussy. He turned me on so much, I thought I might spontaneously cum. I slide his monster dick between my big tits to give my hands a break. After about giving him head for about 20 minutes, he exploded. Cum went everywhere. It even hit my ceiling. That boy needed my big dick sucker skills desperately. Good thing I was home and awake. He started my day off well too. I spent most of the morning masturbating thinking of him. But he came back after school and fucked me properly. And to think this boy is still growing.

Big Dick Sucker’s Oral Obsession: My Knees, Your Pleasure

“Oh yeah, daddy, give it to me rough! Real rough!”

You gonna show me what a real man is all about? ‘Cause I’m dying to find out. Slam that big cock down my throat, make me gag and drool all over it. Hell, I’ll even keep my gag ring on to make it easier for you to fuck my face. I’m talkin’ deepthroating, baby; throat fucking till I see stars.

The harder you go, the wetter my pussy gets. You’ll be amazed at how soaked my panties are when you bend me over and slide that big phat cock inside. Fuck yeah, pound my pussy like it’s your personal pound cake. Go hard and go deep, ’cause I can take it.

And when you feel my tight walls clenching around your cock, you know I’m about ready to explode. But I want you to keep going, keep shoving those fingers down my throat and making me gag. Fuck, I love it when you make me lose control.

And here’s the best part, daddy. I don’t spit, I swallow. That’s right, every drop of your tasty load ends up in my belly. I live for that shit. And while you’re at it, stretch my ass with your fat cock. I’ve got a vibrating plug just waiting to tease you. Fuck me blind, leave me breathless, and cover me in your cum.

Show me what you’re made of, big boy!

Big dick sucker Audrey deepthroats and swallows after facial

Big dick suckerFacialize me with your big cock!

I am a Big dick sucker that knows exactly how to give a toe-curling sloppy Deepthroat blowjob. Your monster cock makes my mouth water… I always keep a gag ring in place just so you have easy entry to my slutty face. Pin me to the wall on my knees and slam your throbbing cock down my throat… Show me no mercy, I don’t deserve any!

I like it rough, make me gag, slobber, and choke.

The deeper down my throat you dig the wetter my Shaved wet pussy will get. When you are through using my face as a cockpit bend me over and force-feed my Sloppy wet pussy your big phat cock. Bang my cunt deep and hard! Shove your fingers down my throat and feel the walls of my warm coochie flex up around your cock when I gag.

I don’t spit I swallow…

Your cock is going to be so drenched in saliva and cunt juice you won’t need any lube to enter my gaping asshole. I will have my vibrating butt plug in place so that you can feel the vibrations through the thin layer of skin that separates my pussy from my asshole. Have it your way, that’s the good in fucking a dirty Trailer trash whore.

I love sucking dick!