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Big Dick Sucker Then and Now

big dick suckerThank God I am a big dick sucker. Tyrese had a monster cock that took me by surprise. He is a brother, so I knew he had a huge dick. I measured him at over a foot long. I may be skinny, but I can handle more cock than a bevy of sexy BBWs. I have years of experience. Decades of experience with big dicks black and white. The first cock I ever sucked was ten inches. He was a black man and my mother’s client. He had been coming to her for years, seeing me grow up. One day he looked at me and asked if I was as good as my mother. My mom said I was off limits, but then I asked how much he would pay me. Even at a young age, I understood the cash exchange for sex system. My mom was still trying to keep me from being a Lolita hooker, but when she heard how much money he was willing to pay just for my mouth, she could not say no. I was her dick sucking young daughter, but I did not stay just giving head for long. Not when we realized how much money we could make off my tiny fuck holes. Flash forward many decades later, and I doing my mother proud sucking big black cocks better than the old prostitutes. I am a cum guzzling slut for those big dicks too. Tyrese did not have to pay me. I am a black cock whore and everyone in town knows it. Tyrese offered to pay me, but I told him monster cocks like him get head from me for free. I enjoyed slurping up and down his thick rod. I did gag and I even choked some too. But nothing this seasoned old cock sucking whore cannot handle.

Blonde Fucking Tranny Hottie

I’m a hot blonde fucking tranny and I love making men my bitches. However, there’s no saying that I don’t enjoy some good hot love making with my lovers. I have many lovers and they know how to please me, and I them. I get the occasional naughty boy that likes to get aggressive with me, well if he is packing what I love then I let him get down and dirty with me. I will willingly suck a cock bigger than my nearly 9 inches and let him control me like a little bitch. But those are a rare few that earned their place to get me to switch.

Blonde fucking

Most guys looking for Shemale phone sex want to be owned by a hot and sexy femdom with a little something extra. I bet your own cock is twitching right now. I had the hottest cyber sex chat with one of my favorite lovers. He is so weak in the knees when we have our dates. I adore him so much. He is also the best fucking kisser. You know a good kisser when you get that sensation through your body and your cock starts to twitch. Mmm… yes that is exactly what I love. I bet we could be good lovers too baby.

Shemale phone sex

my friend

cum dumpsterI had my sights set on my friend at work since I started . He just makes my pussy throb and I find myself always bending over and looking at him and pressing up against him . Eventually I got the courage to hit on him even though he is married .I knew once i put in my two week notice that I was running out of time so I found a reason to go into the freezer and i bent over and took off my pants. I had fantasized about his dick many times but I had no idea it was so big .He  lifted both of my legs above his cock and slammed it in ..anyone could walk in at any moment .He dug his nails into my skin and I squirted everywhere . He told me how bad i was for wanting his dick so bad ..and then he shoved my face into the icy floor and fucked my virgin ass .He instantly he cummed the biggest fucking load i have ever seen but he couldn’t stop ..He flipped me over and as I laid on the floor he tied some tape from one of the boxes around my neck until i couldn’t talk or breath .Then he shoved his big throbbing cock down my mouth .I loved the taste of my ass and his cum .He used the tape like reins so that it kept tieing tighter around my throat while face fucking me so damn hard it made me cry .

She Thought She Could Have Me Fired

dirty phone sexShe actually thought that she could fire me. I laughed as I made my way back to my big boss’s office. I walked in and smiled. As I explained that the bitch tried to fire me, but I knew he would override her he just smiled. I know how to keep a job. With pouted lips I made my way towards him, undoing my top as I went. He smiled as he turned his chair towards me, and I straddled him. Kissing his neck and licking his ears I could feel his large cock rubbing against my pussy. I stood and unbuckled his pants and pulled them and his boxers to his ankles. I then smiled as I positioned my hot self between his legs and started worshiping his cock. I sucked his balls and licked the head. I slyly looked at him and asked if she could fire me. He smiled and told me of course not. Then he grabbed the back of my head and rammed it down on his throbbing cock. He held me there were he fucked my face as I gagged and chocked before feeling those warm streams of cum inter my throat. I sucked him until his balls were drained, wiped my mouth and stood up. He smacked my ass and told me to get back to work. I flipped the bitch off as I took the stage.

My Hot Stripper Sex Days

hot stripper sex

You may know me as the town lot lizard, but that’s not all I’m up to during the week. Sometimes you’ll find me down at the local strip joint having some hot stripper sex with whoever pays to get a piece of this pussy. I’m pretty popular because guys know I don’t have any limits and that I’ll do anything they want me to. Of course, the really kinky stuff costs more, but they’ll gladly pay for it every time. I have lots of favorite things, but I’m not going to tell you here. You have to call me to get the details on the really nasty stuff. I guess I could give you ONE example. See, guys will pay big bucks to use me as a human toilet. I do a dance for them and then we go back to the private room. Their cocks are already so hard so I make them jizz on me and then they can do whatever else they want to me if you know what I mean. Some like to wash the cum off with a steady stream of delicious golden liquid, and some like to do their other business on me. I’ll let you call now to find out about that!

My Young Daughter Chokes On A Cock

gangbang Whore

The coke was in his hand, and he was dangling it above my head while he held out his cock. “I said suck me off bitch.” My sweet daughter hesitated, so I grabbed her by the back of her neck and forced her open, trembling mouth down over his throbbing fucking man meat. I wanted my fix, and he wanted my young sweetheart. Here we were, making an even trade. The baggie was in my left hand now, my right still a fist full of the sweet honey curls of my daughter. She was crying, the tears pouring down her f

ace and smudging her mascara. That only seemed to fuel him further, causing him to face fuck her faster and faster! She was screaming around his cock, begging me to make it stop, so I pushed her throat up further and let myself get dripping fucking wet to the sound of her choking, gagging, and gasping for air. Should I let the bitch breathe or let her fucking gag it out? I already have my nose candy; I don’t need her anymore.

Cum Guzzling Slut Forever

cum guzzling slutI am a cum guzzling slut. My son texted me yesterday to get my thoughts on what was going down in DC. I had no clue about any of it. I do not exactly watch the news. I am never on my phone or any of those social media platforms. I am too busy fucking and sucking. That is a productive use of my time. While everyone was glued to CNN yesterday, I was collecting cum. The cold month has hit Florida. Now, it is not as cold as Michigan, but for this trailer park whore, the 40s is fucking freezing. I will be hanging out in my trailer hoping horny men will come to me until it warms up. They will. They always do, even in a hurricane or a health crisis. I just want to make sure I have a surplus of jizz. Most women hoard food and toilet paper when inclement weather approaches. Not me. I hoard cum. Yesterday, I was a cum dumpster for 68 guys. It was a revolving door of men cumming in my trailer. I swallowed some loads because I do love the taste of cum. But I saved most loads so I could freeze it. Sure fresh cum taste the best, but when you are a cum whore, you will take cum anyway you can just to get a fix. Frozen cum will suffice when no one can get to me or I cannot get out of the trailer. Hey, cum has done this body good. I was raised on jizz and I will die a cum junkie.

Worthless Mommy Big dick Sucker


Big dick sucker

Worthless Mommy and big dick sucker. A cum receptacle and nothing more. Nobody gives a damn about a whore who sells her body and does dope all day. But my doll baby and my young lad do! They know mommy is dependent on the taste of cum and getting her holes filled every single fucking day. My daughter is going to be just like me. Hell she told her teachers that she wants to be a stripper when she grew up just like me. I had to put some prudes in there place when they told me it was unacceptable. What is a poor white girl going to do other than sell sex? My son wants to follow in my large bros footsteps as a drug dealing pimp. There’s great mommy in both professions. My son’s little man dick is very grateful to have a whore mommy who lets him climb right on top of her and pump, pump, pump her until he feel satisfied. Hopefully his semen generates soon! And my daughter is the teen cum guzzling slut of the year now! I can’t believe how many cum loads she took at our gangbang party! A whore family full of druggies and nasty pimp daddy’s and sluts. This will be the best fucking year ever!

cum guzzling slut



A Big Dick Sucker and A Coke Whore for New Year’s Eve

big dick suckerI rung in the new year being a big dick sucker and a coke whore. Nothing special from any other night, LOL. I am all that and more 352 days a year. Last night, I was with my daughter, her boyfriend, my son and few of his friends. Small party in the trailer, but it was not boring. I do not do boring. We started off with body shots on my body. Slippery nipples and other naughty shots to get people drunk. I mean you cannot end a shit decade sober, can you? I did lines off my son’s cock. A few more lines off my daughter’s pussy and I was feeling great. My daughter and I went down on my son together. While we polished his rod, his friends fucked our asses. I got filled up with cum and shit it out into my daughter’s mouth. Coke brings out my nasty freak side. So does tequila and I was doing plenty of that too. My daughter and I shared her boyfriend too. He had the biggest dick there. Of course, he is not white. She is a bbc whore like her mommy. I learned early on from my mama that nigger dicks are the best dicks. I passed that on to my daughter. Now, I fuck all kinds of dicks. Sure, I love to be savagely fucked by a big Nigger dick, but I like those hairless dicks too. I guess what I really am is a taboo whore. I like to fuck folks an old white woman is not supposed to fuck like young boys, Niggers and her own son. I had it all last night too like a true trailer trash whore. I fucked my son. I fucked my daughter’s black boyfriend, and I fucked the young boy next door who snuck out of his trailer to join the party. Hell, I am still high and full of cum. So far, I am loving 2021.

A New Year’s Eve Of Fucking

dirty phone sexIt is New Year’s Eve, and this naughty girl is looking to be fucked. Like a total gang bang. Like a train sounds nice tonight. So, I went to my neighbor, who also happens to supply me with my party favors and to my surprise he is having a party tonight. A sort of get together he called it. Him and some friends. After and inquiry it was determined that this get together is actually going to be a meat fest. A real cock pleasing crowd, or so I hope. I fuck him often as opposed to paying for my play time so as he was pounding my pussy I asked if I might come and join on their little jerk circle. He laughed and told me that a dirty hoe like me would have a great time. As I spoke of wanting a nice choo choo to ring in the new year he bust his nut deep inside of me. His eyes got wide and he told me that he would be the one on top of me at midnight and that I could have all those other dicks before or after. I pulled up my panties and headed home for a nice nap. Then a shower, bump and shot to get me started. Want to join me for some New Year’s Eve fun?

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