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My bills got paid

live phone sexLately I have had a rough time what with the pandemic and all that so I had to get creative to get these bills paid. So I auctioned myself off to the highest bidder for one day of anything goes raunchy ass sex. There were several guys I know that had been wanting to fuck me for ages but I always shot them down because I just wasn’t attracted to them. Desperate times call for desperate measures tho so I was even open to fucking them if they paid me enough. Well, they all pooled their money so that they could all get a turn, can you believe that shit? I was very pleased by the amount of money they paid tho so I met up with them and put myself at their disposal. They fucked all my holes and used me like I was just a dirty little whore. They took out all their frustrations on me and used me for hours, honestly it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Freaky Phone Sex Shemale Josie

Freaky phone sex is my specialty as a Hot sexy Ladyboy. I have a naughty lover that is always blushing when he’s around me. Jay is always so very intrigued by my hot body and throbbing package. It’s easy to seduce him and make him putty in my hands. It seems to amaze him all the time in how well I hide my big package between my legs and still wear sexy micro skirts and bikini’s without the bulge really being noticed. I’m just a professional so of course I know how to hide the fact that I have a nice shemale surprise lurking in the midst. I seduced him the first time at the club and he had no idea what I was. He knew I was a prostitute of course. But the nice nearly nine inches was quite the surprise to him. We just had such a hot love making session and I really did cum quite hard for Jay. It’s amazing how good he is at worshiping every inch of this fine body of mine. The way he eats my ass is fucking amazing, but of course I do have an amazing and clean ass after all. Wouldn’t you like to get in on some of this fine tranny action?

Freaky phone sex

Drunk Girl Fucking Makes For Some Nasty Fun

drunk girl fucking

When I end up at a frat party, you can count on one thing – I’ll be the drunk girl fucking anyone and everyone there who wants a piece of me. When I’m drinking, I get so horny and I will let anyone fuck me. I will put my ankles in the air and wait for everyone who is in the line outside the bedroom has had a turn with me. I hope people want to watch it, too. I bet they’ll cheer for me and tell me what a good little whore I am. That’ll make me cum all over whatever cock happens to be inside me.
Maybe the other women there will get so fucking turned on by watching me get gang banged that they’ll wanna get fucked, too. I’d be more than happy to have another slut or two lie on the bed with me and we can just all get fucked together. It would be amazing to have a sexy woman to make out with while someone is plowing me. I’m getting so turned on just thinking about this. Get on the phone and call me now so we can get it on with each other, baby!

I got pulled over

live phone sexI got pulled over this morning and I was so sure I would get a huge ticket. I was going too fast but I was in a rush I was so late! The cop was young and kind of sexy so I just unbuttoned my shirt a little more and hoped for the best. He asked me to step out of the car and he patted me down, he didn’t seem to be searching me tho, it was more like he was just rubbing me all over and that’s when I knew I would be getting off with a warning. I turned around and asked him if there was any way I could convince him to not give me a ticket and the bulge in his pants told me what I needed to do. I tried to suck his dick but he wasn’t having it, he pulled me up on the hood of the car and ate my pussy until I was a quivering mess. Then he fucked the shit out of me. It was so good I nearly lost my mind but I definitely didn’t get a ticket.

Hot Stripper Sex Party Of BBC

There was a hot stripper sex party on opening night. We were finally allowed to open up and the VIP room was jumping. I work that backroom like the Madame of a prominent whore house or brothel. I generally service all the big black cocks that come through the door. These guys pay big bucks for what we offer. I am a train pulling filthy cum dump crack whore of an ex stripper. I bring in the young fresh meat often to let my guys get that feel of fresh tight young white girl cunt meat. They love to rip up a sweet little college girl that’s trying to pull in quick cash for the university studies. School isn’t cheap and neither is rent. These girls will do whatever it takes to make a few bills quickly. That often means me pulling them of the stripper pole and into taking some big black poles. I got my fill of black dick opening night and our newest recruit really took it good also.

Hot stripper sex

Mommy Beverly is a Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutI am a cum guzzling slut for any big dick, but when the big dick is attached to my son, I can spend hours swallowing his jizz. My son is well endowed. His father had just an average dick, so my guess is one of my many lovers at the time is the real baby daddy, lol. My son is twice the man his father ever was, which is why I started fucking my son while I was still married. After my husband would pass out from his nightly case of beer, I would go to my son’s room and ride his cock until the sun came up. My son never did well in school because he was always falling asleep in class. That was my fault because I would wake him to fuck in the middle of the night. My son still graduated high school. He never went to college, but he still managed to get a decent paying job. He is grown-up now, but he still loves his mama. He knows I am a cum whore. He loves nothing more than to make me his cum dumpster. He no longer lives at home, but he visits me several times a week to feed me his seed. He paid me a visit last night. I was all set to go stalk the truck stop for some cock, when he texted me that he wanted to visit. I stayed home and waited for my baby boy to give me the cock and cum I crave. I sucked him off in the kitchen not 5 minutes after he arrived. I drained his balls good by how much cum was all over my face. I like making any man cum quickly the first time because he lasts longer the second time. My son fucked all my holes for hours. It was just like when he was younger. We were still fucking when the sun came up.

Cum Guzzling Slut For BBC

Your secret is out with me baby, You crave being a cum guzzling slut just like me. I’m in no way going to shame you on that. I get it, and i do get it literally. I love gobbling down a big black cock in my mouth and guzzling some semen from that BBC while I’m at it. I crave the thick loads of cum sliding down my throat. It’s hot and messy when I get a black cock bukkake facial. My big stripper tits will always get creamed on also. I know you are excited to watch me get gangbanged by that BBC and I love to make you suck them off. That’s right you get nice and close and pull a big black dick from my cunt and start sucking it. Be a slut for BBC.

Cum guzzling slut

BBC Phone Sex Whore

BBC phone sex

BBC phone sex is not only fun for me, but also a cock sucking blast for a dick sucker like yourself. Don’t worry, it’s nothing new around here and I am almost convinced that all men have been curious about big black cock at least once in their lives. The good thing about having my help is that I can show you how it’s done. Sucking black dick is a mind and body altering experience and it’s true when they say that once you go black, you won’t want to go back.
I have two friends that I want to introduce you to and they are both going to give you more than a mouth full. I need you to be receptive and open during this cock sucking session because things are going to get pretty kinky. Just imagine their big dicks for a moment before you decide to call. They are incredibly long, thick, veiny and delicious. I love those huge sets of balls attached too, They carry so much cum and when they shoot, it’s a force you’ve never experienced before. There is so much power behind it. Anyways, let’s get to sucking, baby.

No Rent? No Problem

trailer trash whoreEven after all those shifts at the diner, I knew I wasn’t going to make my rent. When I approached Mr. Peter’s with my proposition, I damn near thought his sexy jaw might truly hit the floor. Instead, his eyes glazed over as he grabbed me by the throat. He slammed me against his office wall. My eyes were crying, but my pussy was screaming for more.

He roughly shoved two fingers in my mouth. I sucked and licked like they were his cock. I didn’t have to wait long. He forced me to my knees, undid his zipper, and pulled out his fat cock. I tried to lean forward to pull his length into my mouth, but he grabbed me by the hair, and held me still.

A small baggie appeared. My mouth began to water. I know coke when I see it. I’m a fucking coke whore deep down in my bones. I needed a bump. Lucky for me, Mr. Peters laid out a line along his length. “Here’s your treat, you fucking trash.” He yanked my head towards him, and I did the line off of his cock.

Nothing else mattered as he filled my mouth; the sharp taste of the powder combined with the heady musk of his cock was too much for me. My sweet pussy was dripping, begging.

He fucked me for hours. I was shocked an older man could go for so long
Most of my trucker clients were one stroke and done. Yet he wanted more and more and more.

“You’re worthless.” He hissed in my ear as he shot his fat load in my hot cunt. I am worthless, just a junkie whore who would blow anyone for a bump. A simple slut who fucks her landlord when she can’t pay her rent.

Mr. Peters ended up selling the building. Know any rooms for rent? I promise I can pay…somehow.

He won’t ever forget us

live phone sexMe and my friend were hanging out at a park to get some fresh air when we saw a really hot guy walking his dog. This guy was tatted up and just looked like the kind of guy that would have a huge cock so we called him over and asked him if we could suck his dick. He was kind of shocked at first, he couldn’t believe that we were really serious but eventually we convinced him to pull that dick out and let us suck it. We didn’t even care that we were in the middle of the park and anyone could see us. All we could see was that huge cock and we practically attacked it. We sucked it together, taking turns deepthroating it until he squirted all over our tits. Then we flipped up our skirts and begged him to fuck us right then and there too and you know what? He sure wasn’t too shy for that, he fucked the shit out of both of us, kit was so fucking hot!

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