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Traveling lot lizard

lot lizard sexI love to get liquored up and head to my local truck stop to find some fun for the night. Tonight I scored some pretty good weed, a little coke and a whole lotta cock. I bounced from truck to truck with each of the drivers taking their turns fucking me in the ass and then making me clean their cocks after. Sometimes a driver would be sweet and he would start by putting in my pussy but would soon get animalistic and would end up pounding my ass and screaming out his release. I was soon down to tattered clothes, many a loan of cum dripping down my leg and a high that just wouldn’t quit. At my last truck of the night I found a driver who seemed very nice and he laid me down in his sleeper to talk and touch. He was stroking my face and my eyes were closed when he jumped on top of me and tied my arms to the bed, he made quick work of my ankles too and before I could process what was going on we were moving. He said that he was now going to be my lot lizard pimp and that we were going to make stops nightly and that I needed to fuck anyone and everyone he told me to. He was going to collect his fees and I was the product. What he didn’t know was that I was excited about the idea and even came a little when he laid out the plans. I can’t wait to serve my new master and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Anal Drug Mule Whore At The Airport

Anal Sex Whore

He stared me dead in the eyes as he commanded me. “You take that and you shove that thing right up your ass!” He had his hand gripping my throat, making sure I was staring right at him. The package in my hand was shaped just like his giant cock, only it was stuffed with fucking pure Colombian cocaine.
As you can well imagine, I love having things in my ass, but I was not ready to become his little fucking druggie whore mule. Trying to get across security at the airport was going to be a bitch. But, I squatted down there in that parking lot and shove that thick fucking mule toy right up my tight hot little asshole. I proceeded to walk into the airport.
My cunt was dripping as we went through airport security, whether it was from how good this fucking thing in my little shit hole felt or by how nervous I was I couldn’t tell. However, security noticed the wet spot on the front of my shorts, and politely pulled me aside for a strip search. My pimp looks pretty concerned, but I went with them unbuttoning my blouse as we walked.
By the time the guard got me into the TSA office, I had pulled my titty out and convinced him to fuck me in my tight little cunt. He used me for about half an hour, really searching my dripping wet tight cavity. I was sweating bullets the whole time that I was going to cum, and push that thick fucking pseudo cock right out of my asshole. Well, the TSA agent returned me to my pimp, and we flew on that plane to Las Vegas with that cocaine wedged tightly in my fucking asshole, and the TSA bastard’s cum dripping out of my pussy.

Cum Filled Cunt

Suck My Cock

I got my fat tranny cock sucked really good tonight. He tried to act like he didn’t know what he was doing but I could tell he was going to be a great cock sucker even if he was trying to be shy. I had to show him what I wanted, or well maybe it would be better if I said that I had to make him do what I wanted. I wanted my fat cock deep in his throat. I wanted to hear him gagging and choking on my cock. I wanted to feel all of his spit, all over my cock. I had to shove his head all the way down on my swollen cock, so that I could feel that spit running down my dick and balls. I fucked his throat as if I was fucking a pink bald pussy or tight ass. I fucked his mouth and throat so good. As soon as I was getting close to cumming, I slammed my cock down his throat and held his head so he couldn’t go nowhere until I pumped my last drop of cum down his throat. I fucked his throat as if I was fucking a pink bald pussy or tight asshole.

hooker phone sex

I started stripping again

live phone sexI have been bored and restless at home so I went back to stripping and it has been so much fun. Last night especially was fucking awesome cus this hot guy came in and tipped me and my friend a LOT of money to get a little freaky with him. The club I work at is cool with girls making extra money fucking the guys that come in, they don’t even care if you do it out in the open. So when this guy offered us a thousand bucks to let him get up on stage and fuck us both we were all about that shit. We stripped him naked too and he picked me up, he was so strong and that cock was nice and fat and long and I was loving it! Getting paid to fuck in front of an audience was hot as fuck and the guys watching tipped us too. It was a fantastic night!

Dirty Phone Sex Tranny Josie

I’m a slut for dirty phone sex. It’s true that I have a cock, and yes my cock is beautiful and big. My tits are perfect and I ma a slender, sexy blonde. I love nothing more than to let you watch me take a big bull cock in my tranny cunt as you worship my shemale cock with your cock sucking faggot mouth. I like to be a part of the fucking faggot culture and be as filthy as we can get together. I’m a lover of sucking glass dicks with crack rock and sucking big black dicks from my dealers gang of bull cocks. I also love making my fagboy lovers and clients suck those big black bull cocks also. I will let you worship every inch of this beautiful ladyboy cock and you will love looking up at these tits as my dick is stuffing your mouth. You will be on all fours and you may be lucky and get a nice ass gaping of that BBC if your a good slut. Dirty Phone Sex

BBC Slut Maker

Gangbang whoreMy profile says “Mommy Slut Maker”.

That doesn’t just refer to my own little brat!

Some girls don’t know how lucky they are to have a nice thick cock at home that wants to fuck them all the time. They use their cunts as secret weapons to get what they want.

After weeks of nothing and then a minute vanilla session, they think they are good for another week and their poor men are left with blue balls and needing to get fucked hard!

So they call me and we gangbang her ass until she submits!

I have a whole group of whores that love to help hold her down, strap on an extra large long one and slam her barely used cunt!

If she is a real prude, my pimp joins in and loves stretching her ass out with his big black cock!

But last week I had a guy who was watching that big black cock pump his girl full of cum and I saw the bulge in his pants start to grow!

I nudged my pimp and within seconds he was sliding his cock down the boyfriends throat!

I think he even came while getting face fucked by that giant piece of meat!

He is coming back again for more…let’s see where this goes!



Fucking For My Next Fix

trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore has no limits. Not even my sisters baby daddy was off limits to me. I needed a fix, and he was my dealer. I had no cash to offer but I had my body. He didn’t mind that and decided to double my quantity if I would entertain him and his friends for the afternoon. He shot me up and I was ready. My sister’s baby daddy of course wanted me first, he wasn’t into sloppy seconds he said. Didn’t matter to me which dick was poked in me first because by this time I was already flying high. I rode them, I blew them, I spread my ass cheeks for them. I even took my step nephew and his friend at the same time. I was so filled with cum there was no need for lube as they rammed cock after cock up my tight ass. The room was spinning, my belly full of cum and my holes destroyed but I had my next fix. My sister came home to find me passed out, naked in a pool of cum and just laughed.

Druggy Porn Star in a Dive Bar

druggy pornWhen you fancy yourself a druggy porn star, nothing is off limits. My son and daughter always tell me I can only get so high. Bullshit. I can get as high as the sky. And when I do, I crave cum. I crave freaky ass sex. I was a naughty old whore this week. I went to this dive bar to meet a guy about getting some coke. He stood me up. I still had fun. There were guys willing to share a pinch in exchange for head. I give awesome blow jobs. My middle name is Hoover because I suck better than a vacuum cleaner. I swallow too. I love to swallow cum. Well, once one dude saw me blowing a guy, he wanted a blow job too. Well, I was not giving head away for free. Not last night at least. I needed more coke. But beggars cannot be choosers, so I was happy to take whatever they wanted to give me. I got some joints, some gummies, some coke, a couple Oxy, a bunch of shots and a whole lot of cum. I swallowed a few dozen loads of jizz. It was a win for me. Sure, I went to score more coke, but it would have coast me a few hundred dollars. Instead, I used my oral skills and got all sorts of things for free. Why pay when you can trade?

Fucking husband and wife

cum dumpster

Nothing like running a train on a hot couple. It was supposed to be me getting fuck by her husband, but as soon as he seen my delicious fat cock, he wanted to be fucked by it. I wanted him sucking my cock while she sat on my face. Her sweet pussy tasted so good, every time she squirted in my mouth you could see her juices running down the side of my face. Her juices over flowing my mouth. It was making my cock so hard in her husband’s mouth. He was sucking my cock so good. Such a good little cock sucker he is. Once my cock was wet enough, I told him I wanted to watch him fuck his wife’s nice pink pussy doggy style. He was fucking her nice and good. I decided to get behind him and lick his ass a little. Sticking my tongue in it, tongue fucking his ass. Getting that shit nice and ready for my fat cock. Once I felt it was ready for my cock, I grabbed my dick and was running it up and down his ass crack. I was tease he asshole a little with the tip. Finally, I slammed in his tight little asshole. Making his wife moan out with how hard me slamming in his ass, made him slam into her pussy even harder. They both were moaning as I continued to fuck him. It wasn’t long before I was shooting my load in his ass and he followed by cumming in his wife’s pussy.

Cum Dumpster Spreading it For Dick

You are in the mood for something dirty, nasty and fucking hot to get that cum oozing. I’m in need of that seed like any good cum dumpster would be. I crave to fill your filth ooze inside my cunt, ass, and down my throat. Filth is what I live for. I am trashy. I love big dick and crack rock, like any trashy milf does. Well any druggy trashy stripper whore milf that is. I’m BJ and yes I am proud to be known as a blowjob professional whore. Your throbbing and dying to know how hot I’d look taking those big black cocks on the street corner. You paid them to come up here and fuck mama. You are a great lover baby. I am proud to have you support my filthy needs. I am a gangbang whore and when I get high as fuck I need to fuck. I fuck big dicks. I love blowing BBC and letting them in me bareback. It’s just the way things are with us and you enjoy it every bit as much as mama BJ does. I can fucking tell by the way your breathing changes and the bulge in your trousers grows. Your as nasty as me baby cum play with the trashiest Milf in the trailer park. I have the crack rock and Ice today.

Cum Dumpster

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