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My Cock Sucking Slut J

I have a few great lovers that are really my favorites. And I always miss them when I don’t hear from them. As a sexy gal of Shemale phone sex there is no shortage of horny men for a hot fit babe with a secret package waiting to be exposed. I love to indulge in the surprise aspect of them not knowing.

Here’s the set up: Me sexy and alluring in the upscale hotel lounge working my circuit as a prostitute seeking out the lonely and solo traveling business man. These guys are so easy to spot. I walk in and scan the room quickly as I approach the bar for my usual Martini, extra dry. I sip and wait for the approach, or vice versa I slip in next to my potential client and get my drink making flirtatious small talk.

This occasion, our eyes meet as soon as I walk in. We have a few drinks and kiss a little. I move my hand to his leg and whisper that we should go to his room for more fun. We barely make it to the room before stripping each other. It doesn’t take long for him to find my surprise and he shyly takes my shecock into his mouth.

I force his face down on me and to suck me giving him his first taste of cum. He is not big at all and is therefore officially my bitch. I take that sweet ass forcing his legs up and that hole exposed. He panics a little and grunts with the bigness of my shecock breaking open his virginal mancunt. I spread him and he lubes up and soon he is pushing back on my cock and squirting.

Shemale phone sex

Oh my God daddy, I’m going to puke!

I’m a dirty potty whore and I love the taste of your ass right after a fresh shit! I prefer for you to give it to me right from the tap, but right now I’m eating shit off of your cock! You took the biggest nastiest load right on my big tits, and then I fucked your cock with my shitty titties. Ummhhmmmm I know you loved the way it felt when your rock-hard cock was sliding in between my big soft breasts, and that shit smeared and coated both you and me. Dirty phone sexEach stroke making me even sloppier and your cock even shittier. The more the merrier I can’t wait to eat it off I start to catch the tip in my mouth as you thrust up, getting a sweet taste. The preview is awesome. I love cleaning you up after you get sloppy! You thrust hard and grab my head and push the full length of your cock down my throat. Yes daddy, face fuck me with that dirty cock! Make this potty whore clean you up, like the dirty little slut I am! ummmm it tastes so good daddy thank you for feeding me! I love when you save big nasty loads for me! And to let me wear it too?! Such a nice surprised treat! You always know how to treat your toilet whore right! You ram my head down and I gag on the entire shit coved shaft and you push it further down. Oh my God daddy, I’m going to puke! Oh well some else I get to clean off your cock!

Ryan’s Anaconda Filled Me Up

Big Dick Sucker

He is suck a clit tease! Ryan is always chatting about his big black anaconda but a stripper slut like me has heard it all. My fat wet pussy has gotten some of the biggest dick out there so when he told me I wouldn’t be able to take it I brushed him off as another arrogant motherfucker. I brought him to my hotel and told him to show me what he got. He told me to shut the fuck up and suck his dick. I like an aggressive man so my snatch began to drip from his tone as I lowered down to my knees. His big thick cock bounced out of his drawers like a pogo stick! It was so heavy in my hands that I wanted to admire it but before I could say anything I hear, “ don’t say shit. Just suck it!” he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his big dick in my mouth. My deep throat was being stuffed with his big black anaconda! He fucked my throat so hard my eyes began to water! Just when I through he was going to suffocate me with that BBC, he throws me onto the bed and pulls me back on his cock. That dick stretched me out like no other! His grunts and moans made my twat soak as he plowed my slut hole. I never had a dick this fucking big stuffing my hole. My cunt soaked his shaft and balls as he stroked me. I couldn’t stop the wave of ecstasy that came over me as my pussy leaked down my thighs. As he got closer to cumming I could feel his balls and rod throbbing. I could tell by how hard it was pulsing that he was about to unload a heavy batch into my pussy. He grabbed my hips and rammed his big dick into my juicy black ass. I screamed as he stretched my shit hole out! “Make me your fucking cum slut” I beg as he rips me open. He busted a nut so deep in my belly I skipped my next meal! I am still full of his seed and it makes me so horny as I feel it oozing out. I can’t wait to get stretched out again.

Cum Dumpster Party Whore

I was drunk at a party with all my friends acting like fucking whores. My friend dared me to pull out my perky tits out in front of everybody at the table. My friend started sucking on my nipples and all the black bulls in the room started cheering her on. I looked around and could see their BBCs poking through their pants. My friends and I talked amongst us and made a bet on who could take the most dick. I know I am the best whore so I went up to the biggest cock I could see poking out and whispered in his ear to meet me in the bathroom.

Big dick sucker


There I was waiting bent over like a slut with my legs spread open. He came in right away pulling his big black cock out and pushing it inside my wet ass hole. One after another my friends and I made a trip to the bathroom with a different dick to fuck every time. We talked again and took count. I was neck to neck with my best friend so I went up to two best friends and told them to pull their dicks out so I could suck them. As I sucked their big black dicks everyone cheered, that is when they bent me over and fucked me in front of everyone. When they filled my holes up with their thick nuts, I looked at my girls and told them I won! I’m the best cum dumpster.

Pretty sweet invesment

cum dumpster

I’m a pretty terrible mommy, and it makes me proud. See, beauty is everything to me, and I take pride and being one of the hottest escorts in town. Every time I get pregnant with one of those rugrats, I get fat as fuck. I’m lucky my guys love me in any size or shape. Plus, it is for an excellent cause to be pregnant. Its a safekeeping for me and what you call an investment of sorts. Yes, I treat my girls like money bags for me. They take me away from the game for about a year. I make sure that one year will give me 10-100 X more in cash value. I spent a year fat and dedicated to nurturing this wee one. You bet your ass this Minnie me is going to work her ass off as I do, and all my sisters did, my mom and aunts, and grandma. We are a line of hookers, and it will never stop. Drugs and sex, and beauty rule me. I know my limits and how to balance it all out. I’m quite the cum dumpster and will live it up.

Born for BBC Phone Sex

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is my jam. My comfort zone. I am good at it because I am a BBC slut. My mom was one in the 70s. She was a big whore. My dad would be on the road for weeks at a time and my mother would fuck black men in our trailer. For years, I watched her in awe of her big dick sucking skills. When I got older, I helped her with those black cocks. My mom took money from black men for sex. She also took money from them so they could fuck me. My cherry was popped by a much older black man with an 8-inch cock. My mom said he was the smallest she fucked and my tight little cunnie would make him feel like a king. It made me feel like a Queen. A Queen of spades. Although, I never got a tattoo, I am still a dirty bbc whore, full of bbc sex stories. One of my mother’s old lovers, Tyrone came looking for her. I live in the same trailer I was born in. Of course, I have updated it. I told him my mother died a few years back. He thought maybe I was her. We look alike. She got knocked up with me when she was in high school. When he realized I was her daughter, his dick came alive in his pants. I could tell he had a monster cock. I told him I was a BBC whore just like my momma. He told me he offered my momma money to fuck me, but she declined because his dick, which is 12 inches, would have destroyed my schoolgirl cunt. He is in his late 60s now, but his dick still works. I fucked him. Of course, I did. I let him turn me into a cum dumpster. Why wouldn’t I? Age is never a factor for me. I mean a hard cock is a hard cock!

BBC Sex Stories Boy do I have them!

I am a BBC whore and have so many BBC sex stories going back to my teens. The fact that I was stripping and hooking before I was legal should give you a good idea. It’s the filthy hot times that I have had in the 90’s with so much cocaine, micro dots and ice in my system I was going at those big dicks to fuck my pussy and ass into a gape like it was the last day on earth. My holes got so obliterated at times and I was so barely able to dance. Those days I just danced on the laps of big black dicks and cocaine was keeping those holes operational. The thought of doing some of the shit I did in my teens now really makes me sad. I had such great times being gangbanged and stretched. Nowadays in my 40’s things just don’t recover so quickly. However I am still doing the gangbangs but not like a few a night like I used to!

BBC sex stories

Daddy’s Whore

live phone sexI think the reason I became a crack loving, cum guzzling stripper is because of what my daddy and his friends used to do to me. Daddy wasn’t rich and didn’t really want to work so of course he did what any daddy would do, use his daughter to get what he wanted. It started out with just daddy coming in while mommy wasn’t home and making me feel good in all different ways, by taking my clothes off and telling me how much he loves my tight young body and that he cant wait to make me a woman. I loved being daddy’s little girl and I would do anything for him, like getting on my knees and letting him fuck my pretty face until it was red because I couldn’t breathe. Daddy came in for the last time and said he had a surprise for me, he told me he was going to make me a woman so of course I opened up my tiny little legs for him and begged him for it. Daddy made me feel so fucking good the way he just slammed his hard thick cock into my tight virgin pussy made me scream out in pleasure. Daddy is the reason I love to be fucked hard and fast and just wait until I tell you about his friends.

Gangbanged For Dope

Hooker phone sex

I am a Big dick sucker and I love doing some rails and choking on a cock. Being a trashy whore like I am, it is easy to get what I want by using my holes. Yesterday night my dealer knew I was needing a fix and popped up at my place with a nice bag of powder. Right away I got on my knees. I didn’t notice his friends walking in behind him. I swallowed his load and that is when I noticed four other BBCs out and hard. I asked for my drugs and he said not until I milk them one by one. I responded one at a time why not just gangbang me. In my mind it would be faster and I could get my drugs which is all I want. I bent over and got on all fours like a horny dog bitch wiggling my ass in the air for them. They picked a hole to start pounding and forced their big black dicks in me. One by one they came inside me filling me up with nut. When they were done all I wanted to do is some lines, I didn’t even care about the cum dripping out of me.

Laurens A Cum Dumpster For You

Live Phone Sex

I was browsing the neighborhood daddy’s when you invited me in last night! You offered some stuff to party on and I joined you inside but I was immediately thrown onto a bed with my clothes torn off! I liked this a lot better and you could tell as you whipped out your dick for me to suck on. Fuck baby this cock is so big! I want you inside of me nice and deep! Don’t stop. I got your cock all the way down my throat! The sounds of my gagging and choking made you twitch in my mouth. My pussy grows wetter for you and I finger myself as you watch. I feel myself getting ready to cum! Before we know it, I am squirting all over your floor! I promise to clean up my mess daddy!

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