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BBC Phone Sex

bbc phone sexI have a secret love for bbc phone sex. I am not like an exclusive black cock whore. I love all kinds of cocks. Variety is the spice of life, but I fucked this black dealer last night to score some coke. O M G. His cock was huge. It was hard to swallow it all and I think I have some awesome cock sucking skills. He made me work for my weekend party supplies too. He said he had a thing for blonde whores who party. Before I tried to swallow his cock, I had to snort a line off his dick. Let us just say that was the longest line of coke I have ever snorted. His cock was almost 13 inches long. He was hard to swallow even for a big dick sucker like me. He took a few pictures of the blonde whore gagging on his anaconda and shared it on his snap chat. Before long he had friends coming over to share the party girl’s holes. I could not say no. I wanted that coke. I wanted those big black cocks too. I needed their cum. Sometimes, a girl just needs to be treated like a whore. And no one treats me more like the whore I am than a black man.

Big Dick Sucker and Proud

big dick sucker

I’m pretty well known on the lot lizard scene in my town for being a big dick sucker. Cocks that choke other whores slide right down my throat very easily. I guess it helps that I have been sucking cock for a really long time – probably even before I should have been. But I LOVE being a dirty whore and getting down on my knees to suck that trucker cock. I mean, they’ve been on the road for a while and need some relief. I’m very happy to be the one to provide it for them. Some truckers tell me they drive a little bit out of their way just to make sure they can get a blow job from me.

I love looking up and seeing a line of men waiting on me to suck them off. It turns me on so much and I always have to put my fingers in my cunt while I’m sucking those big cocks. Do you want to hear what it’s like for me on one of those nights? Do you want to hear about the way I would suck your fat cock and make you cum? Just call me and use me just like everyone else does. I love it.

Big dick sucker Quinn

big dick sucker

I’m craving a fat dick to suck on tonight! I’m very well known for being the best big dick sucker in this area. The reason I’m so good at it is because I get tons of practice. Any time I need some money I can just get on my knees and suck the magic cream out of a hard dick! This is how I always have money to get cigarettes and alcohol and of course lots of powdery, white stuff to party with! Everyone in town knows about me and what I can do with this slutty mouth. I’ve sucked every cock that lives within 25 miles of my house. My step brothers love my lucious whore mouth and even my Step Daddy lets me suck his cock instead of having to pay rent! Most sluts are jealous of how good I am at being a cum slurping slut. I don’t think I will ever have to work because of how skilled I am at gagging on fat, throbbing cock! 

Cum Guzzling Slut Shares BBC

cum guzzling slutI am such a cum guzzling slut. I want all my sexy cougar friends to be cum guzzling whores too, especially for big black cocks. I have a few cougar friends from the right side of the tracks. You know. The kind of women who need someone like me in their lives for fun. I had two hung black studs over last night. I was sucking on their huge anacondas and swallowing cum when it hit me that I should not be selfish. When it comes to big black cocks, there is always more than enough to go around. I texted Alex. She is a married rich trophy wife. Bored and stuck at home because of COVID-19.  She has never had black cock and her husband no longer gets hard. Her and I were just talking about big black cocks the last time we were together. I took a picture of the 13-inch cocks I was playing with and told her to come on over.

She arrived in less than an hour. She was a little scared by their dicks. I gave her a line of a coke and she started to relax. Since I am a big dick sucker, I showed her how to swallow a black cock. A few minutes of watching me chug a huge rod, she wanted one of her own. Big D had no problem leaving my mouth to skull fuck a new white housewife. He loves to ruin white women for their husbands. I watched him skull fuck her until her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She was struggling to breath, but she loved it. I left the black cock I was sucking to feel her cunt. It was as wet as it has been in years. I guided Big D’s monster dick into her cunt. When he nutted inside her, I was there to suck it out of her sloppy wet pussy. Snowballing is something else I introduced her too.  She could not believe one man could cum so much. I love ruining white women for white dick too. Once you go black you rarely go back.

My photo session turned naughty

live phone sexI had an appointment to get some professional pictures taken and I was real excited. They were gonna be sexy pics, I dressed up in leather and heels and went all in on a slutty trashy look. The photographer really liked my look, I could tell because his cock was hard like the whole time and I wasn’t even naked! I figured he would like it if I asked to take some more revealing pics so I asked if it would be ok to take off my top. Well his eyes lit right up and he told me he would be happy to let me get as naked as I liked. There was no way I could resist an offer like that so I gave him a little strip tease that ended with me only wearing my heels and a smile. Then I walked over and got down on my knees in front of him and pulled out that hard cock. He was taking pictures the whole time I was sucking it but I didn’t care, it was kind of a turn on to know I could look back at them later. Now I have a whole set of dirty pics, wanna see?

Let’s Get Naughty

hot stripper sexWhat is better than hot stripper sex after a long day at work? Not much. And when that stripper is a naughty kinky slut who wants to get drunk and high with you then you have hit the jackpot. I love it when I get a caller and we drink and smoke or sniff a line or two before we start into a hot and naughty role play. There is nothing too taboo for me and I will play along with what ever is your kink for the night. I can suck a mean cock, tilt my head back and open my throat wide. I love it when it fills it up so much that I gag and gasp for air. I bet you love the sound of a woman gagging on your cock don’t you. Of course, if you want to play with some little ones too, I always have them handy as well. They are good little whores in training and while they can’t take it all the way down their throats just yet they do know how to spread those legs for you to demolish that small young bald pussy or tight little ass. The options are limitless baby, so pick up that phone and you give me a call and let’s get kinky.

Blonde Fucking Whore

blonde fuckingWhen you are a blonde fucking whore, every man loves you and every woman hates you. Truth.  I have a hard time staying away from nice cock, even when it is married to a friend. I love to fuck. And men love to fuck me. I was at my friend’s anniversary party. They have been married 25 years. I did not last 2 years as a wife. In my defense, I did not hit on my friend’s husband at their anniversary party. I just did not stop him when he hit on me. We were both drunk. He corned me in the bathroom, pulled out a cock I was not expecting, and I did what I do. I showed off my whore skills. I let him finger bang me. I sat on the edge of the sink with my legs spread and he shoved damn near every finger up my cunt. Felt pretty amazing too. I was squirting. He told me he always wanted to fuck me, but he thought I only did black guys. I laughed because my friend told us a bunch of lies to keep us apart. I mean a woman should not have to go through such lengths to keep her friend and her husband from fucking. But I am not most friends. I am a trailer trash whore who cannot say no to a big cock. My friend told me her husband for 25 years had a small cock and was a lousy lay. That is because she knows I am a size queen. I figured he was a good provider if she stayed with him this long. I know it was wrong to fuck him, especially on their 25th wedding anniversary but damn, his cock was huge, and he made me cum so hard. I rarely fuck men my age, but he was not like men my age. He has no dick issues and he is not out chasing pussy half his age either. When it came time to sing Happy Anniversary and help blow out a cake, I had my friend’s husband’s cum running down my leg. I may have a lost a friend, but I gained a big dicked lover.

I’m a Big Dick Sucker and Proud!

big dick sucker

I love it when I’m at a party and some random dude asks me if I want to suck his dick. And I tell him that as long as it’s a big one, I’m in. I think that I get invited to a lot of parties because I am known as the town slut and I’m quite the big dick sucker. So last night, I was at this fucking party and when I walked in, I saw that JC had invited a bunch of my favorites – big black cocks. It was really fucking awesome. Like, it wasn’t even my birthday but he gave me exactly what I wanted.
I don’t always deserve them in my pussy. I have to earn that. So I dropped down on my knees and they lined up in front of me because they knew that they were gonna get their money’s worth out of my whore mouth. I slurped all over those big cocks and even gagged on a few of them. I’m a slut but some of those cocks were just huge. I don’t mind gagging and the tears that run down my face. As long as I get to suck those big black cocks, I don’t care about anything else.

I got a second job

live phone sexI got a second job cleaning houses and boy is it hard! I’m constantly busy so it’s a workout for sure but the money and tips have been okay. Well, I got a new cleaning job yesterday and this one is so good I may quit all the others. When I got there yesterday this old guy told me he would pay me extra to put on a sexy maid outfit and let him watch me clean. Well, I love money so I agreed and I made sure to flash my pussy at him every time I could. He didn’t even last one whole room before he was offering me money to suck his dick and let him fuck me. I was happy to take his money and his cock was nice and big and he could still get hard as fuck so fucking him was way better than I thought it would be. He offered me a live in housekeeping position where I would dress sexy and take care of his cock and in return he will pay me well and spoil me rotten, what could be better than that?

If I Was Your Secretary…

hookers for hireI have a high dollar client who likes to get his freak on while at work in his corner office. He hires me as a temporary secretary for the day and I love it. Not only does he pay me big bucks, but I get a check cut from the company as well. I always show up dressed like the naughty sexy secretary but still a bit conservative. He has his assistant show me around and then introduce me to him. It is a little game he likes to play, and I am happy to oblige. So, after the norm and she had introduced us I sat in front of his office and he had her shut the door. I stood up and leaned over his desk showing him by massive cleavage and asked what he would like for me to do for him today. He smiled as I unbuttoned my blouse and walked towards him. I removed my skirt and blouse and stood there in only my panties and bra. He smiled as he turned his chair around and I got between his legs and started unbuckling his pants. I took his big cock out and started stroking it while I licked his balls. Then I looked up at him and smiled as I took that long cock deep in my mouth for him to throat fuck me. We had quite the kinky time that day, but you wish you were my boss for the day too. Just what would you like me to do for you?

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