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Million Dollar Joystick

Live Phone Sex It was a slow night at the club and most of us girls were playing with each other to keep our smooth shaved pussies wet and ready for the next client!

The only girl that really had any action was the new bitch and she was only giving it away for free to her boyfriend!

She thought she was all that cus she had a cock to go home to….so we had to go mean girl on her ass!

I started dancing and teasing him with my tits in his face and sliding my almost bare ass in his lap until he was rock hard and dripping!

I told him that we needed to do a private session and he just looked at his girl like a puppy asking permission!

I laughed and said she could come to…after all…it’s only fun if she is watching me fuck her man into mind blowing bliss!

I worked his cock like it was a million dollar joy stick, sucking it and worshipping it like it was fruit from a god!

And that bitch’s eyes got so big as she stood there and watched her mans mighty meat disappear into my tight ass!

I shook my puckered fuck hole all over that beefy cock and let him marinate my juicy rump with all his creamy cum!

As she watched that cock spit drip from my gaping shit hole, I couldn’t resist looking over my shoulder and smiling as I asked her if she wanted a taste!


Big Dick Sucker Poolside

big dick suckerWhen you are a big dick sucker, you will suck cock anywhere, even your trailer park pool. I love giving head. Any age, any race. Big dick is big dick. My little trailer park pool is open again. It is a swim at your own risk sort of thing. No lifeguard. I have had gang bangs in that pool. Last year, it was closed because of the virus. Everything is back open now in Florida and that means I can be a dirty old cougar poolside again. I was tanning my sexy milf body when I felt a shadow over me. At first, I thought the clouds had rolled in, but it was a teen boy checking out my body. I opened my eyes, saw the bulge in his swim trunks and helped myself. I do not say no to cock. Ever. At least not one that big. I sat up in my lounge chair and started deep throating his massive hard on. For a boy still growing, he had ample meat between his legs. This trashy milf loves a young cock. They are always hard and full of cum. As I was slurping on his dick, more boys came over for some of the action. I cannot say no to a blow bang because I am a cum whore. No better way to swallow jizz than sucking on some hard young cock. I was swallowing jizz bombs like I was chugging beer. Yummy. The sun was beating down on my body as my lips drained teen cocks and balls. Before long there were like 20 boys, maybe more. I suspect all the teen boys in the trailer park were at the pool once the rumor was out that a trailer trash whore was swallowing cum for free. I have some funky tan lines, but worth it all to suck off that many teen dicks in a day.

Hookers For Hire Are Sexy Shemales

Hookers for hire

Hookers for hire are where the sexiest Shemales can be obtained. It’s probably true that you wouldn’t have a chance with a hot ladyboy if you didn’t hire one. That’s part of the perks for both sides. I am offering a service and making money, you are obtaining a service and getting a fantasy fulfilled. That to me is a win/win and why being a hired date is the best fun.

I get some of the kinkiest perverts and I adore them all. More than one share in my love for piss play. I find golden showers very arousing and kinky. It’s a give and receive kind of kink for me. You will have to enjoy my piss on you and you must also piss on me. Understand I want to get really nasty with you and I hope that means a lot of cum, piss and piss play.

I Watched Him Cum

dirty phone sex


I got to tell you about the Skype call the other day. This dirty boy and I were watching some hot ass porn and he sent me a picture of his flashy butt plug. I told him how hot it was, and he described how it actually lit up. I had to see that for myself, so we set up a Skype call and he put his fine ass in front of the camera, and I watched as he pushed it deeper inside of him, turned on the vibration feature and watched as it lit up and drove him crazy. He couldn’t see me because well, company policy, but I got to enjoy the show. And let me tell you what a show it was. The butt plug flashing, the vibrator going and him stroking his big thick cock. He went right in front of the camera so I could watch as he got wetter from the pre-cum. I was stroking my wet pussy and pounding with my dildo as he shot his load. Just watching his creamy load squirt from his cock pushed me over and soon I was orgasming right with him. Baby have you got a big cock you will let me watch cream too? A horny girl like me craves that.

Anal Cum dumpster loves torture

anal cum dumpster

Time to come over and fill my mouth with your cock. I want to prepare you to fuck my shit hole. I know you like dirty girls and won’t be pleased unless you are deepthroating a stupid cum slut. All you want is to make me your anal cum dumpster.

You can bet that I won’t ever stop you from getting what you deserve. You need me to be your fuck slut, and I promise I will make you happy. Stretch me out and leave your mark on me.

What else would you like? Ask me anything and do whatever you damn well please I know you will be happy as soon as you have me fucked up and tortured. I want to please only you and nobody else. There’s no reason to stop you when you’re a man, so automatically, you are far more superior than me.

I was born to make men happy and make them cum blast me.

March Madness Gangbang

Gangbang sex storiesIt was march madness when I went to a party there was so many players around! I was taking shots after shots that I blacked out, when I woke up, I was naked and my pussy was being rammed as I looked around, I could see a circle of players around me naked with their cocks out. Before I could say no, I cock was shoved in my throat, I was lifted and made to ride the cock and still sucking the dick. Before I knew it another cock was being shoved into my ass, I felt like I was being ripped open. I felt cum being sprayed all over my face and tits. Then cock started filling me my ass and pussy up with hot cum, I thought it would be over but then the next round of players started taking their turn fucking my ass my pussy and cumming all over me. I stopped moving after the 3rd load I had filling me up, when they were done, they took me into the shower and washed me off and told me to get rest more fun was coming my way. 

Little teen slut!

big dick sucker


As far as I’m concerned, I’m going to enjoy all the sex I can get while I’m young and I have all this energy
and a body that men want. I don’t get girls my age who hold back. As far as I’m concerned, a bad day
where I get to make a dick or three cum is better than a good day doing anything else!
Last week, there was a construction crew on my street. They were doing something with a section of the
sidewalk, and right around lunchtime, I saw the three of them just leaning against the truck. Well, I
couldn’t waste an opportunity like that, and you should have seen how they looked at me when I
walked up wearing tight, tight shorts and a tee-shirt so small my young tits were practically on display!
It didn’t take any time at all for the men to stop leaning against their concrete mixer truck.
Let me tell you something. I’m glad I’m young. I don’t know if I could have handled a big dick in
my throat, a big dick in my pussy, and a big dick in my ass all at the same time if I wasn’t. Sure, I may be
a little teen slut but I’m a happy little teen slut, and I wouldn’t give up all the eight, nine, and ten-inch
cocks I get to play with for anything at all.

Blonde Fucking Whore

blonde fuckingA blonde fucking whore knows how to party. I crashed an Easter party last night. It was a bunch of teens drinking and smoking pot. It was not so much an Easter party as an excuse for teens to party. The mom of the host is a stripper, and she was out making money on the pole. She is not the kind of mom that minds if her son has a kegger or bangs the old cougar from the trailer park. Her son is hung. I may not have been officially invited to the kegger, but no one minded when my skanky ass walked up and asked for a beer. The host joked that I must bring something to drink for free. I know its ass or grass, no one rides for fee.  I offered up blowjobs. The line for my blowjobs was longer that the beer line. That is because I am a cum guzzling slut. I am legendary in the trailer park from the boys to the men for my cock sucking talents. I was chugging back cum like it was beer. Cum is better than beer to me. I would rather be drunk on cum than any other liquid. I did drink some beer and I did do some pot, but mostly I drained Easter eggs. I still can taste the cum. In fact, I have been belching up cum bubbles all day because I drank so much jizz last night.

I Got His Call

I got the call. He wanted to see me. Then I got the notification of a deposit $$$. Well, well well looks like daddy was wanting to play hard tonight. I am certainly not one to disappoint so I sent a snap back showing him all the goodies. I knew the place and I knew the time because this was at least a weekly hookup. I loved the money, but I also loved his big thick cock when he was pumped full of those little blue pills. I got there early and ordered room service and some drinks, changed into a hot little panty and bra set, put on some porn and waited. I heard the key go in the door and I swear my panties got moist. He walked in with a big smile as I went to greet him. His big hands held me and then made their way to my ass where he got a big squeeze. I kissed his face and got to work removing all of his clothes. I told you he is a hot ass, so I took my time admiring him. Then I playfully pushed him back on the bed, licked my lips and crawled between his legs. Kissing him from his feet to his thighs, stopping at his ball sack before opening my mouth wide. Want to hear what I did next? Or maybe you want to hear what I want to do to you? Give me a call, I will be waiting.

Cum Eating Phone Sex Sissy Slut

It’s not every day that I get calls from perverted sissy sluts. I do get them and I do enjoy them. That instance of seeing your new sissy slut taking a big black cock in both of her fuck holes, for the first time… It’s awesome. I enjoyed watching this sissy get her sissy cunt taken by big black for the first time and how she screamed! She was just as was expected … a little bitch.

This slut was getting bent over the couch and a nice big cock waited for her mouth on the other side. That’s right slut is about to become one of the nigger cock loving sissy sluts of the world. She felt that cock pop into her man pussy and had a mouthful of BBC so she couldn’t make a peep. It was great to be a part of this sissy sluts first time.

Cum eating phone sex

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