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Sometimes I get a little bored

live phone sexSometimes I get a little bored staying home but what can you do right? Nothing is really open here and we all have to social distance and it really sucks when you’re a slut like me who needs cock to live. I am so horny I can’t even stand it so I called up an old friend of mine and we video chatted since I couldn’t do anything else. I stripped for him and he got rock hard, just looking at that cock was driving me wild and I resorted to begging him to come by and give me some. He kept saying no and made me masturbate until I came and told me to go take a nap but how could I do that with dick on the brain? Well, he was just trying to surprise me after all, he showed up at my door about an hour later and we fucked all night! I’m telling you, I may just move his ass in till all this is over with.

It was for my health

live phone sexI have been going stir crazy with all the pandemic bullshit going on. I’ve been mostly stuck at home, there’s no parties and I am fucking bored! I want fun, I want to be active and I want new cocks to fuck! I was even starting to gain a little weight so I decided that I would take up some socially distant jogging for my health. Well, there I was jogging when this huge black guy came up behind me. He was keeping his distance and all cus neither one of us had a mask on but just looking at him had my panties soaking wet and all I wanted to do was jump on that huge black dick. I stopped jogging and turned around to ask him bluntly if he would fuck me and to my surprise he smiled and said hell yeah. We maintained our distance by just bending me over so he could fuck me with that huge dick doggy style and it was everything I had been missing. Plus it was kinda hot to be fucking all out in the open like that where anyone could see. I will be going back out again tomorrow, I hope I see him again, you know, for my health.

We had the best time

live phone sexI went over to my friend’s house and we had the best time! He is this really big guy with a huge dick to match so I love going over there. He fucks me in ways that other men just can’t, yanno? Well,my friend didn’t believe me when I told her how big his cock was so I had to bring her there to see it for herself. Boy was she ever surprised! She couldn’t wait to gobble up that dick and honestly? Same here. We both got down on our knees and sucked that massive cock until we were both gagging and choking and all that did was make us wetter. In the end we were begging him to fuck us with that huge dick, I’ve never been stretched out like that with anyone else ever. I can’t even tell you how many times he made me cum it was just the best dick ever!

I changed his mind

live phone sexThe guy that lives below me is kind of a pain in the ass, he is always complaining about the noise even if it’s during the day. I swear I could be sitting on my couch doing nothing at all and he would still complain! It’s annoying as fuck and something had to change. I decided that I was gonna fluster him as much as possible so I stripped down to just a thong and put on some music. When he came up to complain about the noise I made sure to answer the door wearing nothing but my teeny tiny lil thong and a smile. He turned crimson red and stuttered and stammered and had no idea what to say so I just took him by the hand and led him inside. I got on my knees and sucked his soul out his dick. He came so hard that he nearly passed out and after that he said that the music wasn’t too loud after all.

I started stripping again

live phone sexI have been bored and restless at home so I went back to stripping and it has been so much fun. Last night especially was fucking awesome cus this hot guy came in and tipped me and my friend a LOT of money to get a little freaky with him. The club I work at is cool with girls making extra money fucking the guys that come in, they don’t even care if you do it out in the open. So when this guy offered us a thousand bucks to let him get up on stage and fuck us both we were all about that shit. We stripped him naked too and he picked me up, he was so strong and that cock was nice and fat and long and I was loving it! Getting paid to fuck in front of an audience was hot as fuck and the guys watching tipped us too. It was a fantastic night!

Bachelor party

live phone sexI did a bachelor party as a favor to a friend, she didn’t want her fiance to have some rando stripper doing dirty things and tempting him. I guess she figured I was the safe one? I don’t know what she was thinking honestly because I am one hell of a whore and she knows that! I’ve even fucked him before but I guess she probably didn’t know that. Anyway, I stripped for all those guys and it just turned me on bad. Seeing all those hard cocks had my pussy gushing and all I could think of was fucking them. I did too, every single one of them including the groom to be. I know if my friend finds out she will probably be all mad and shit but honestly it’s her own fault. She should never have asked me to strip for them!

I had a photo shoot

live phone sexMy friend knows this photographer and she said that if we got naked for him he would take all kinds of great pics. So of course I wanted in on that, who doesn’t want high quality nudes? It was awesome, we stripped while he took pics and his dick just kept growing and growing and it was really getting me wet. So I went a little more hardcore with the pics he was taking. I started fingering my dripping wet pussy and asked him if he liked what he saw. Well, he liked it enough to come over and pull that cock out of his pants. I gobbled that dick down like it was ice cream, swallowing every inch until he couldn’t take any more. He bent me over and fucked me until we were both cumming all over, it was so hot! And he got it all on film too so now I have hot new pics and a sexy video too.

He got what he deserved

live phone sexI was at my friend’s house last night hanging out with a  few people and I was drunk as shit. I went to go to the bathroom and I guess I was taking too long cus this guy just barged on in acting all rude telling me I was taking too long. Well that shit pissed me off! Who the fuck was he to just walk in there like that? I was just drunk enough to be a total bitch so I jumped up off the toilet and shoved him down to his knees. I said if he was in such a hurry to get me out of there he could take care of cleaning me up since I was clearly not doing it fast enough for him. Then I shoved his face right in my dirty asshole and made him lick me clean. He was protesting and trying to wiggle away but I had him pinned up against the wall and there was no way for him to get away. He had to lick my shitty asshole until it was clean and only then did he get to use the bathroom. Of course, once I saw that huge cock I had to take that for a spin too, how could I resist?

I had to pay my rent

live phone sexI was so behind on my rent and totally freaking out because I did not have enough money to pay it. I didn’t know what to do all I knew was that my landlord was coming over soon and I had nothing to give him. I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I dressed up real sexy for him, he’s an older guy that is always flirting with me so maybe he would give me a break if I showed a little skin. Well, when he showed up and saw me sitting there with some tiny shorts on and a sheer bralette he was awestruck. His cock started pushing out the front of his pants and I knew then that I had him. He asked for the money I owed him and I asked if we could work something else out, well he was thrilled with that idea for sure! He was on me like a flash and said that if I agreed to fuck him a few times a month that I could live there for free so I gave him a fuck he will never forget!

New job turned out fun

live phone sexI got a new job working in a warehouse and I was a little intimidated at first because they were all men, I was literally the only woman they hired. Well, they were teasing me and giving me shit at first and I thought I just needed a really good icebreaker right? So I went up to them when we were all on lunch break and told them if it would help them be nicer to me, I would fuck them all right then and there. Well boy did they like that! They were ready to fuck so I stripped down and took that gang bang like a real woman. I sucked every dick and let them fuck all my holes they were lining up for the privilege to fuck me, even the boss got in on it! Safe to say I will be keeping this job forever!

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