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druggy Anal cum dumpster is what Iam best for daddy

Being a daddy’s Anal cum dumpster is all I love to be. Especially when he feeds me lots of naughty snow candy. Once I sniff big lines of it, my cunty starts to react. “Take everything off for daddy,” he says sternly. Right away I undress, and I love it. To know his cock stiffens seeing me naked gets my pussy wet. Soon after that daddy bends me over his knee. “Who’s daddy’s dirty slut?” you moan as you smack my ass hard. “I am daddy” I whimper as your hand hits my ass hard over and over.

Even when you choked me, I begged for more. As a reward you feed me more rails. Then I feel your finger push into my ass. I know what that means as soon as I feel my booty hole numb up. My daddy is about to pound the fuck out my ass. “Get ready for daddies thick dick” you say sternly as I open my mouth. You love to abuse me and use me. That is why you right away ram your cock down my throat and make me choke.

Anal cum dumpster

Right away you squeeze throat to feel how deep you are fucking me. “Good girl” is all I hear as I feel my throat muscles closing around your hard rod. Once I start to taste the salty gooey droplets from your cock, I get ready to be pounded. Your favorite is when you fuck me doggy style. That way you can wrap your belt around your little Trailer trash whore neck. As I do more blow, you ram your cock inside my ass.

You push me so hard my face falls into the blow and I just sniff away. After all, I don’t care how daddy uses me as long as I get what I want. Soon your hands were wrapped around my neck, and you were using me like a rag fuck doll. “That’s it, baby girl milk daddy” you moan loud. As I catch my breath my cunty squirts and you start filling my ass up. “Thank you, baby girl,” you moan as you let go of my neck. Even though I was numb and high I could feel the creampie nut leaking out my ass.

Anal cum dumpster can take cock when high and partying

When you are a party whore like me. It is a plus to get used like an Anal cum dumpster by a big black cock. They always have the best blow. “It’s time to party” my dealer said as he and his bbc friends walked in. I love to party and play so my body starts to get excited. “Fuck yeah! let’s do some rails” I cheer on the guys. First, I like to get really high to the point where my body is floating, and I don’t care what we do. I like to dance and shake my ass.

Which always works for teasing and getting dicks hard. I’m a hooker slut so I know how to get the job done. “I want to see how much cock you can take in your ass” my dealer says while feeding me more blow. “I already know your mouth can milk dick until it’s dry” he continued. “But it has been a while since I have seen you work that ass,” he winked at me. “You know what I want” I responded back.

Anal cum dumpster

That’s when he pours a whole little white hill on the mirror and told me to have all I want. He smacks my ass and covers his finger with some yay.  As I did a few more lines, he pushed his finger deep in my ass. His bbc friend watched as he finger fucked my ass with his cooked-up finger. I’m a hot bitch with nasty ways. So, one of his friends pulled his big thick dick out.

“Let’s see what he is talking about” my dealers friend said as he started to fuck my sexy mouth. The thickness of his cock made me have to stretch my mouth wide open. “I hope that asshole opens up just like that” my dealer says as he starts to rub his bbc on my rosebud. All the while his other friend watched cuckold style stroking his cock. I was so high when his dick went deep in my ass, I just took it.

Didn’t even stop the rhythm of my dick sucking. As high as I was, I felt like I was dancing on his cock with my ass. I didn’t even stop after his friend’s black cock exploded in my mouth. “Fuck baby you are going to make this big cock bust” I hear as the blow flows through my veins. All I feel is bbc pumping in my ass. 

Sloppy wet pussy is all you become

When I get high, I get a Sloppy wet pussy. Once I hit a few rails of blow my cunt starts to talk. It wants to make money and get fucked. The best way is to go on my hoe stroll to the bar. There I find guys ready to fuck me and fuck me good. Right away I found a guy who wants to party and play. So, I hit my dealer up and we met back at my place. After we talked about what we needed we started to party. I get naked.  because I love to tease, it makes you give me more of what I want. What you don’t know is that.

Sloppy wet pussy

The more we party the more you want to be nasty for me and do whatever I want. You want me to push you to your limits and beyond. So when I started sucking his big cock you looked closely. “I bet you don’t party like me” I say teasingly. Then you do more lines of blow. “Watch me” you say as you push me out the way and start sucking on cock. I knew you were nasty but not this nasty. But I love to push your limits. “Now suck on his balls” I cheer you on while doing more lines of coke.

We are so high we try to outdo each other. If I choked on the dick so, did he. But then i pushed it i took all my clothes off and i rubbed blow on my holes. Then I slid my ass on my dealer’s big cock. As I ride it you look jealousy, “my turn” you say eagerly. As soon as I jump off his cock you jump on. You moan out “bitch feed me lines. Therefore, I feed you more blow to be a nasty Anal sex whore you have been wanting to be, you just needed that push. 

As you ride his cock like a dumb hoe, I feed you blow. What an amazing life I have. Glad I was taught to be a druggy hoe and to make money. Finally, you started getting filled up. That made you spray all over the place, “let’s do more blow”. You say as you jump off his cock. Party and play is what I want, and you need. 

Creampie slut gets some furry balls too

Since I am known as a Creampie slut, one of my favorite sugar daddies makes sure to come with two sets of full balls. Him and his furry pal’s balls. “I’m going to fill you up and stretch you out like a filthy cock whore” he says as he gives me my payment. “We are ready for a good whore to milk us, aren’t we buck” he says as he pets his head. First, I like getting blown, that loosens me up in every way. When I feel his furry friend’s nose sniffing me, I know it is time to get naked.

Once all my clothes come off, you say “dance and tease us before we use you. Therefore, I dance and shake my ass in their face. Even spread my cheeks and shove my booty hole on his pals’ wet furry nose. I could hear his tail wagging every time he sniffed me in. Then you stand up and start rubbing your pet’s belly. I see his big lipstick cock start to slide off his socket. “You have excited him too much, suck his red rocket now you nasty slut” you demand me to do.

Creampie slut

Being the best hooker slut takes skill and that is why I get on my knees right away and start sucking him good enough to make you jealous. “My turn hoe, I want you to suck my cock while buck rams into your tight hooker hole” you spank my ass and say. Once I’m in position between your legs and take your cock down my throat, buck starts to sniff my holes again. “Let’s fuck this bitch buck” you say and then whistle as you ram your cock in my mouth.

All of a sudden man’s best friend mounted me. “Spread your ass for me hooker whore” you moan as you fuck my mouth hard. “I know you remember how I taught you”. Yes, I do, because you are the nasty pervy guy next door who helped turn me into the nasty slut I am today. What is next is what has always been next, I got a big lipstick cock in my asshole. They both fucked me and used me like an Anal cum dumpster, but hey i get paid for it.

Crack whore anal milking is what you ended up doing

A Crack whore anal bitch will do whatever she needs to get her high. So, when I met an old money daddy who wanted to get high, I knew I could use him. He is the type of daddy who gets high, and you can do whatever you want with him. I figured I could see his ass. The bbc bulls I know would love to tear that ass up, so I told my favorite one. He had a jungle cock. It is big and thick plus he has all the party favors we need.

Crack whore anal

Once he came over and sold my new friend what he was looking for, we started to get high. Right away I started teasing him. By shaking my ass on my connect, making sure he saw how big his cock imprint is. After a few shots and some more lines of my favorite nose candy, I got on my knees and started sucking my dealer’s big black cock. I made sure to choke on it and play with my cunt. If he saw how much I enjoyed it he would come help too.

That is how guys like him get when they party hard with me. “Come one baby give it a taste” I say to you while holding his massive, big dick. I can tell by how much your mouth is watering that you really are hungry for cock. So before you can say no I shove him down your throat. “Don’t say anything, just suck and snort” I say as I put the mirror with a big mountain of blow on it. After you get your sniff on, I start to take your pants off. To my surprise you had panties on.

I rubbed some blow on your man pussy and then I knew you were ready. Ad I did lines of your blow I watched your man pussy get fucked. You squealed like a bitch in heat get5ing impregnated. Every once in a while, I fed you more blow. We didn’t stop until your manhole was stretched open dripping in multiple loads of jizz. That is why you love to party with a Trailer trash whore like me.    

Creampie slut was made by druggy mommy and pcocks

When I get really high, I love finding a pdaddy who will give me some blow to be his Creampie slut. After I get my money and my blow he says “I hope you’re ready for my motherfucking cock” junkie whore. Just like when my mom sold me to her dealer, I sell my holes to get what I want. My asshole was fucked open when she sold me but I barely felt it. That’s because he got me high. “Snort this if you want to enjoy any of this, ” he said to me.

Cock sucking whore

Since I was young and dumb, I did what he said. Right away I felt the rush hit my body. Then he rubbed his finger covered in blow all over my asshole. Even shoved it deep in my hole. “Open your mouth slut, ” my mom’s dealer said. “I like young bald little hoes,” he smirked at me. After I opened my mouth, he slammed his big hard pcock in my throat. With tears streaming down my face all I could think about was snorting more blow. “Are you ready for me to get what I paid for?” He asked.

“Not until I get more of that” I said as I pointed to his drugs. After he smiled, he let me snort as much as I wanted. It was easy for him to lift my little body and slam me on his cock. Since he numbed my ass, I took every inch. That is what you want from a young slut, and you pay for it just like my mom’s dealer. After ramming your cock in my ass, you fuck he hard like he did. “What a good little dumb whore” you moan out as you feel me up. Because of pdaddies like you mommy made me into a junkie hooker. It is the best way for me to get what I want.

Hooker phone sex is where I get to party and play

Hooker phone sex is where I find some of the nastiest dirty freaks I have met. They like to party and love getting deep in my asshole.  “Fuck you’re hotter than I pictured” you say as you pour some blow down on my mirror. “Plus, I’m nastier than you can imagine too” I say laughing. Once I do some blow my body starts to react. Therefore, either take all my clothes off. “You make any man hard right away” after you do some blow too, you have me bend over.

Hookers phone sex

“A little for your asshole to get numb” you say as you rub some blow on my rose bud. Right away it numbs me up. Then I feel you lick my ass. “You must be hungry” I tease and say. “Let’s do more blow” I say since I’m a druggy slut. The higher I get the looser I get. Then I get hungry for cock, and I get on my knees. After I shove your cock in my mouth your eyes roll to the back of your head like you do when you hit the pipe or do a line. “I want to feed that asshole my load” you moan out as you pop your cock out of my mouth.

Your body is full of adrenaline and cum. Therefore, you shove me down and just ram your cock in my ass. “Fuck me back druggy bitch I’ll feed your ass my sperm and your nose my blow” you moan out as you fuck me. Finally, I feel your cock start to pump cum in me. “I’m not done with you yet baby, we have lots of blow and all night to drain my balls” you say as you have me snort more blow. I don’t care, I’m a Trailer trash whore and that is what I love. 

Anal sex whore gets hired to milk man and his furry friends cock

The fact that I’m known as an Anal sex whore doesn’t mean I don’t do other nasty things. As a matter of fact, I do it all. Since I get high, I do whatever brings me money and blow. “His name is butch” my new client said when he walked in with a big greatDane. “He is a big boy” I say as he starts sniffing me. I pat him on his head as I get my payment. Being a nasty hooker hoe means I always get payment first, then I bust down some lines. Once I get high, I give my trick daddy and his man’s best friends what they came for.

Anal sex whore

I shake my ass in their face while undressing. After all my clothes are off, I say to his furry friend, “sniff me now butch”. His owner grabs him by the collar and pushes his snout onto my cunt. His wet nose pushes right against my rose bud. Butch’s wide rough tongue starts to lap my cunt. “Good boy, keep licking” his owner starts cheering him on as he pulls his dick out. As he watches his furry friend lick my holes, he jacks off. “I’m ready to fuck her wet cunt butch, are you ready for her ass?” He asked his man’s best friend. I did some more blow and slammed my pussy on his cock.

After he felt my wet cunt, he pulled his pet by his leash and helped him mount me. I felt his red lipstick cock probing around my asshole. Finally, I felt him push up inside my asshole and I just started bouncing hard. I could feel their cocks poking at each other through my body. “Come on whore milk my pet” he moans as he fucks me hard. Then I felt his red lipstick cock start to pump in my ass. Not too long after that he was knotted up inside me and was stuck in my ass. His pulling on his red rocket made his owner fill my cunt up too. While I waited for his knot to release, I did more blow and counted my money. It is the life I live as a Trailer trash whore.

Creampie slut ends up drenched in piss and high

It is easy to be a Creampie slut. But sometimes when I party hard with some nasty freaks, I get a full warm golden shower. My dealer dropped me a baggie of my favorite nose candy. “Let’s party baby” I said since I was taking the night just to party and play. We did a few lines of blow and it got me hot and horny. Therefore, I started to undress. My dealer and I fuck often. We do sex parties together.

So, it doesn’t surprise him seeing my body. Actually, it makes his big black cock rise. He pulled my camera out and started filming me. “Shake that ass for the camera,” he says. Since I am high and blown, I shake it and spread it for him. He takes his finger and rubs my asshole with blow. It right away makes my rose bud numb. My hooker pussy always gets wet and gooey when he rubs blow on my ass. Then I get on my knees and right away suck his big dick.

Creampie slut

It gets big and hard, and I am ready to get fucked. His cock starts to leak pre-nut and I just bend over. He keeps filming as he starts to ram his BBC in my ass. “You asshole swallows my cock so well” he moans out while holding the camera and fucking me hard. I just do more blow and rub my clit. It doesn’t take much for me to squirt and just drop to the ground.

“I need more rails to get my energy up” I say as he keeps fucking me. Big black cock started to pump semen inside me, and he filmed the whole thing. After he pulled his cock out he said “i need to drain my bladder” he laughs. Then starts pissing all over me showering me until he was empty. “Wow you are still a hot Trailer trash whore pissy and wet” he compliments me before we do more blow.

Trailer trash whore gets sick and nasty

“Let’s party” I say to my dealer. As a Trailer trash whore who loves getting high, I am best friends with my dealer. He is on speed dial. I wanted to make money and so I called every trick I know. “Hard nasty daddy” is the one who answered, and he was ready to use me. After my dealer came over and we did some lines of blow we looked for things to stretch me out with. Once nasty daddy was over, I was ready for him.

Trailer trash whore

My dealer and I did some more rails and I undressed. “Lay back on the bed and hang your head over the edge” I know that means he is going to fuck the fuck out of my throat. Part of the reason I get so high. Nasty daddy starts pushing his cock in my throat and I can barely breathe. “Take it slut I won’t stop until you throw up all over yourself” he says fucking my mouth. There was nothing I could do. I started to throw up all over his cock and my face. “That’s it you nasty bitch, get dirty” he moans out as he slaps my vomit covered face with his cock.

Then he rips my panties off. “You belong to me for the night” he said as he slammed the rolling pin my dealer and I found in my cunt. “Shove your cock in her ass while I fuck her other holes” he demands. “I’ll pay you to use this whore with me” he moans out as he fucks my dirty face. Finally, I see his balls tighten up and he starts filling my throat. It was so much I started drowning on his thick gooey nut. He pulls his cock out and covers my mouth. “Swallow every drop and anything else coming out of you bitch” he said. I spent the rest of the might doing lines getting used and cleaning up messes like a nasty druggy slut.