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He shouldn’t have pissed me off

live phone sexMy ex called me this morning and started a fight over some dumb shit. I know that I should be the bigger person and not fight but he made me so mad I went nuclear! I went into full on petty bitch mode and called up his best friend. This guy has been trying to get in my pants since we first broke up and I had been being nice and not going for it but all bets were off. I went over there and fucked him and made sure to take pics too just to really rub it in. I sent those pics to my ex and he was so mad he turned purple. It was so good to see him all worked up but little does he know that I am nowhere near done. I plan on fucking every single one of his friends, might fuck his family too just to be extra petty.

I cheered him up

live phone sexMy friend has been down in the dumps since quarantine started. He hates being stuck at home but he takes care of his elderly grandparents so he has to be very careful. They are stuck at home 24/7 he doesn’t even leave to get groceries they have them delivered. So when this poor guy called me up and was practically crying because he was so horny I knew I had to help the poor man out. I took some sexy pics and sent them to him then hopped online so I could watch him getting off to my pics. He wanted to fuck me so bad but all we could do was masturbate together. We were watching each other and thinking back to the many times we’ve fucked in the past.When we finally came we had to laugh at the whole situation, it’s that or go crazy right? Well, we will be fucking again for real soon enough I hope.

The new neighbors love me

live phone sexI met some new neighbors yesterday and they are cool as fuck! There are four of them, three sisters and a brother and they all live together and they are hot as fuck. I was invited over for a few drinks and let me tell you, shit got intense real fast. They all were down to fuck and who am I to judge if families wanna fuck right? All I knew was that they were sexy as hell and down to get me naked too so I joined in with lots of enthusiasm. The brother’s cock was big as fuck and he was happy to fuck all our holes with it. He filled my tight ass in a way I had never felt before it was so good! The girls were so hot too we were playing with strap on cocks and eating each other out. The whole night was a blur of drinking and fucking and orgasm after orgasm it was just what I needed after all this damn quarantining I’ve been doing lately.

I broke the rules

live phone sexI know that I am supposed to stay home and do nothing and all that but I just can’t do that! I have an addiction to cock, I need to be fucked every single fucking day or I will seriously go crazy! I have tried to be a good girl, I stayed home and masturbated and just phone fucked guys but I can only take so much. Dildos weren’t cutting it, vibrators were just the wrong thing, I needed a real fucking dick inside me and I needed it right then! So I did it, I left my house and went trolling for cock. I found a couple guys walking to a store and I walked right up to them like a brazen little whore and straight up asked them to fuck me. They didn’t even hesitate, they pulled hard dicks out of their pants right away. SO I got down on my knees sucking those big dicks and let them use all my fuck holes right there on the street. It’s a good thing not many people are out huh? Whatever, I’m glad I went out I needed a good fucking. I might just do it again tonight too!

A contact-less world

live phone sexA contact-less world is a shitty place for real, I need human contact! I can’t get fucked if the guy is six feet away yanno? Shit fucking sucks! I for one was going bat crap crazy about it so I did something a little desperate and cliche. I ordered a pizza and when the guy got there for the contact-less delivery I was right there but ass naked and rubbing my dripping wet pussy. You should have seen the look on his face! It was just too much, he was shocked but clearly turned on because his dick was rock fucking hard. I had to have it, I crawled over to him on my knees and pulled that dick out of his pants right there in the doorway. Obviously it had been a while since he had a pretty lady suck his dick because he came really fast but that was fine with me. I got to suck a dick before dinner and that was all that mattered to me.

I’m going stir crazy!

live phone sexI am losing my mind on this quarantine bullshit! I am stuck at home all alone with no dick, how am I supposed to live? I am a slut, a dick loving whore, a cum guzzling sex addict that is losing her fucking mind! Thank god I can at least talk dirty to you perverts right now or I swear to god I would completely lose it. I had a great call this morning, I woke up horny as fuck but masturbating all alone was just too boring for me so when Paul called I was all about it. He told me exactly how to do it and acted like he was right there watching me and that shit had me cumming so fast and hard it was amazing. He had me squirting all over the place with just one great call and that was just what I really needed. Hope I get a few more calls like that soon!

It was my first time

live phone sexMy first having a gangbang is a great memory for me. I was so nervous, I had no idea how it was gonna be and if it would hurt or if I would love it or hate it. I remember walking in there and looking at all those men thinking how am I ever gonna do this?? Well one guy took me by the hand and told me to just relax that it would be fun and not to get all worked up about it and man did that help me. I was still nervous but I gave it my best shot and it turned out to be so fun! All those cocks in me felt so good and all those guys were really sweet too it turned something I was scared of into one of my very favorite things to do.

Baby it’s cold outside

live phone sexBaby it is cold as fuck outside so I am in here staying warm the best way I know how… by sucking and fucking all the dicks I can get! There have been men coming and going from my house all day long and I’m loving it cus it is keeping me all kinds of warm. I’ve had black dicks and white dicks and even a few hispanic dicks too and I love em all. Shit I had a few all at the same time today and I loved that most of all! What can I say? I just love being a slut, I love that feeling when every fuck hole is stuffed with cock to the point that I’m gaped wide open it just feels so fucking good! My door will be open all night long too I’m hoping to be fucking all day and all night tonight wanna join me?

He really stretched me out

live phone sexMy lover has a huge black dick and he loves to gape my poor little asshole wide open with it. I pretend like it hurts and act like I don’t like it but honestly? I really love being stretched out like that! I cum so fucking hard every time too I seriously can not get enough of it. He really surprised me last night tho, he showed up here with not one but TWO of his friends and they all had black dicks just as big if not bigger than his! I was a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to handle it but I had to try. I was more filled up than I had ever been before, I had a huge black dick filling every fuck hole and I was acting like a little whore begging for more. By the end I was all stretched out and filled with cum and I was so satisfied it was amazing!

My brother came to visit

live phone sexMy brother lives across the country from me so I don’t see him very often but when I do see him it is always a whole lots of kinky fun. He’s been here for a few days and already we have had more sex than I think I have had all year… and that’s really saying something cus I fuck a lot! I’ve taken him around to all the touristy places and somehow he has managed to fuck me at all of them. We’ve been fucking in public and in every private corner we can find. Tonight he wants to invite some other men over so he can watch them fuck me too, he said that he has been selfish with me keeping me all to himself and he wants to share. So I am going to go all out and have a bunch of men and women over so it can be one big orgy! Wanna join us?

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