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Being a Big dick sucker is an advantage for me. I get taken care of nasty daddies who want to see me suck a big black cock while they beat my cunt with their daddy meat. He needs to hear me choke and gag all the way down until I can’t breathe. I pass out a bit but they wake me up with powder up my nose as i keep getting fucked. It wakes me and gives me a rush all the way down to my cunt and asshole.

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I bounce my holes back on whatever cock is me. I look around and i see daddy about to fuck my asshole while i was getting a big black dick in my cunt. I must be a good Trailer trash whore for daddy. My holes are stretched out and I just think about the powder and money I will have. As my hair is pulled and my neck is choked, I start squirting. I just want to get every drop of semen deep in my holes until daddy was finished with me. My body wasn’t allowed to stop and I took it hard all night for daddy and his hired bull hooker hoe slut punisher.

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This Trailer trash whore was booked all week for parties where I was going to be used to milk all the cocks I could. The last event was my favorite, I got gangbang. There were big black dicks all over the place and a table full of my favorite party favors. My party outfit consisted of a pair of high heels, a cup less bra and crotchless panties. My one rule was I get to be as high as I want and since I got my payment, I wanted tips. Not just a cock tip but money, it always talks. I did a few lines before I started giving guys lap dances. While I danced, they groped and touching every inch of me. Even the inside of my holes were proved. I had a guy stick his finger in the blow and then in my ass. I knew they were going to be using my holes hard and that would help me numb up to take it. I slammed my high pussy on the last big cock I danced on. As i fucked him another dick was shoved in my cunt. I even sucked a guy off while riding a cock. That is why I love blow it gives me energy to fuck like if there were more than one Gangbang whore in the room. I kept bouncing my pussy and ass on any cock that was in it. A few of them started filming because they couldn’t hold their nut and busted a big load quick. By the end of the night, I had gotten double my pay with tips. I am the best whore out there.

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Daddy promised to hire this sexy Trailer trash whore to be a nasty cock whore and get used by a big black dick. He takes care of me so well and I let my body get abused by him. I have to stretch my slutty mouth for a big black dick while I get choked, making sure I make daddy proud. Knowing I am being a filthy slut for daddy gets my cunty wet and dripping. When I put on a shoe for daddy, and I see his cock get hard as he watches me get slapped while my cunty is being stretched open is why I am a hired whore. I love it and my juices drip down to my asshole. As i got fucked i screamed out for daddy to fuck my mouth. Daddy always gives me what I want so he stuffed my throat with his cock while I got a big dick stuffed in my asshole. Getting rammed by daddy in my throat and my bbc friend made me squirt. That is why daddy pays to take care of his little girl, so all I focus on is being a nasty Anal sex whore.

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I was hired to be the best Anal sex whore that I am by a very handsome older businessman. I never leave home without my party favors, he knew to have my favorite drink at his rental. When I got there, I immediately made a few lines of blow for us. He doesn’t normally party but around me he has to. He soon was desperate to smell and lick my pussy and asshole. He loves knowing i was getting fucked and filled up before our visit. He will lick all in my holes trying to get any leftover semen inside me. It gets his cock so hard that all he does is just push up inside my ass and pound me hard. While he fucks my asshole hard and rough, he asks his favorite Trailer trash whore how many big black dicks I took my in my ass before our visit. The more dicks I fucked before our session the more he pays me. So, I make it a mission to have as many gangbangs as I can before I see him. I just love making my money and getting high and fucked.   

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When you party as much as I do, you end up being the best Gangbang whore of the night. I love to pre-game before I go out. I love doing lines of blow and getting my body ready and pumped for a fun night. I fill my belly with shots of alcohol just like I would with come loads, I swallow every drop. By the time I got to the party I was so on that I flirted with everyone. It is how a hooker hoe networks. I show off my body and get them excited and ready to pay me. By the time the party was almost ending i had half the guys there trying to fuck me. I figured the best way to make my money and get it fast was to have a gangbang. I told them one by one to meet me in the back. They all started flowing in and saw me bent over the desk doing a few lines of blow. I told them how they could all get a chance to fuck me but they had to do it at once all together. They were fine with that; they love a good Trailer trash whore who can take dick. I got one the bed and that is all they needed. They pounced me like hungry hyenas. Good thing I was on blow, I had dick coming at me from every direction and needed it to keep up. When I bent over I got a big dick in my mouth and soon in my cunt and asshole too. I just made sure to work my holes well so I could make them nut fast. Lucky for me they were a few quick cummers and I was able to get through all of those dicks before my holes were sore. I didn’t care i made my money.

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I found the best new trick. He loves how much of a Trailer trash whore I am. He takes care of me so well and pays me very well. I get to be high and fuck all the big dick i want. He just wants to see me get used by a big black cock while I am high and drunk. He loves seeing when my pussy is spread open and swallowing a big black cock. He learned when I am high, and I drunk I let anyone with a big cock fuck me for a good price. I will take it hard and let them beat my body and holes up until they fill me up. I watched as he stroked his cock watching my asshole get fucked hard. He slowly got close to me and he pushed his cock in my mouth as he moaned for the bbc to fuck my asshole harder. I took his cock inside my mouth and sucked it like it was ice cream. After he saw the bbc make me an Anal cum dumpster, he started pumping semen in my mouth. He now gives me money all the time, especially when he wants to see me get fucked by a big black dick while I am high and drunk.  

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I get paid to be a Cum guzzling slut and I love it. Why not? I get whatever I want whenever I want it. All i have to do is suck any dick that will pay me what i want.  I walked to my favorite truck stop. There a guy picked me up asking if I wanted to make a group deal. I made lots of money with group sessions before so i was ready for it all i needed was my blow. When I got there it was two of his trucker friends and their big cocks in hands. They gave me my money and I did a few lines of my favorite energy powder. I got on my knees and I started sucking their dicks down my throat one by one. They wanted to use my throat to jack their fat hard cocks off. When they came hard down my throat I swallowed every drop.they loved watching as they took turns filling my belly with cum. These truckers just cheered and were proud to feed a Trailer trash whore like me thick jizz and blow all night.

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xI wanted to show daddy what a good Anal cum dumpster I am. So when my dealer came over I told him to get me sore for daddy. Normally daddy pays him to use me while he watches and jacks off or has me suck his cock. So while daddy was away I made sure to get used up just for him. I had him pull his big black monster cock out and slapped me with it while telling me what a filthy druggy whore i am. He grabbed my mouth and face fucked me while choking me. He wanted to feel his cock sliding down my throat in every way. He was smoking his cigarette and put it out on my big titty. It hurt but i thought about daddy and how good he takes care of me and fucks me. I couldn’t wait to show daddy all the love marks I was going to get from tonight. I got my baggy and made a few lines. As I took my lines, a big cock was being rubbed on my asshole. He shoved it deep in my asshole and started ripping my asshole open. He made sure to choke me and slap me hard in the process. I wanted to have marks everywhere for daddy. He pounded my asshole hard so I rubbed a little blow on there to numb me up. He left me full of cum and marked up so I could show daddy. I want to make him proud being a Big dick sucker getting marked up and used.

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I got paid to be an Anal sex whore. Like normally, I sucked his big dick and got my pussy creamy dripping down to my asshole. But this time it was different. He grabbed my head and shoved it down to his ass. He forced my mouth and tongue into his asshole and I could taste more than what I expected. Not only did I taste scat i tasted thick creamy cum. He didn’t care about it because he paid me to be his hooker bitch. He paid to fuck my ass or have his ass licked, so i ate his ass like it was making my money for the month. I made sure to scoop out any shit and cum goo. He loves me being a nasty Trailer trash whore and that is what had his cock leaking. I was ready and done licking him. My tongue was getting numb and not from my blow, so I bent over and spread my ass for him. That is all he needed. He shoved his leaking cock  in my asshole hard using me like a fuck rag, just something to cum on. Once he stiffened up I knew he was going to give my asshole a big load. I was just ready to have him fill me up so I can move on to my next customer.

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Guys love Lot lizard sex, knowing you were just fucked like a fucking whore getting your holes filled up and you got paid for it makes their cock so hard. I’m sure some wished they could watch or even be me. My last john wanted to eat my cunt after I was gangbanged. He wanted to suck lots of thick gooey cum out of my holes. I told him if he wanted my cunt so dirty and full of cum he would have to pay extra. He agreed and when he got to my place he gave me a big envelope. One by one the guys i found to fuck me came in, he watched as i got my holes used by my paying customers. He saw six guys fucking me at once and his mouth was watering and his cock was hard as a rock. After the last dick that filled me up he said he was ready for my cunt. He got on his knees and licked me like he was a hungry dog bitch. He used his tongue to scoop all the cum that was inside me as he jacked off. Then one of my johns walked in. He was late to the gangbang. He didn’t stop licking me and i told my john to just fuck any hole he could reach. He reached his asshole and without a thought shoved his cock deep in him. He screamed into my cunt but just kept licking me and stroking me. When my john filled him up, he fell to his knees and creamed his hand. He told me he loved me making him into a Trailer trash whore like me.

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