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Gangbang For The Night

Gangbang sex stories

I am a big horny slut and I know that I like having my holes filled and used. I decided I needed more than one dick today or more than two, I wanted a gangbang for the night. I went to the bar had a few drinks and gave any hot guy with a big bulge my information and invited him over. When I got home, I got ready. I made sure to leave my door unlocked, I made a sign for the door that said “Come in for the fun fucking”. I got naked and drank more as the men started coming in, I told them how I want to be fucked and have all my holes filled. I got on my hands and knees and right away had cock poking at my mouth, pussy and asshole. Everything I wanted, I sucked cock as I felt dick sliding into my holes. As I got pounded, I started swallowing loads of cum. It turned me on so much it only made my pussy wetter and it made the cock in me started to cum.  I did this all night until my holes were sore, it will be something I do every week to feed my need for cock.  

Forced At The Truck Stop

I was in the truck stop bathroom when the door swung open. I tried to scream that it is in use but the man covered my mouth with his hand. Telling me he was watching me and knows that I am a dirty slut and all I want is cock. He taped my mouth and tied my hands with a zip tie. He bent me over the toilet and lifted my skirt, with his pocket knife he cut my panties.

Toilet sex

I tried to resist but I couldn’t fight him, he stuck his fingers in my cunt and asshole. Then he smelled and liked his fingers. It must have excited him more because when he pulled his cock out it was throbbing and bouncing. He stuck his cock deep in my pussy with just one push. He started moaning and pounding away, I was hoping it would end. He stuck his fingers in my asshole telling me he wanted to feel how deep his cock was in my pussy, as he continued to pound me. Finally, I felt his cock starting to pulse and the rush of his nut filling me up. He threw money at me and walked out. I tried to take the tape off my mouth and scream, but just like that no one was around many cars were leaving.  

Asshole Used While Drunk

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I woke up with a big fat cock inside my ass. It was a long fun filled night of drinking. I was hot so I had taken all my clothes off and just passed out on the bed. I woke up feeling a bit of pain and movement. As I opened my eyes, I could see I was on my stomach and the pain was coming from my ass being pounded away. I tried to move but couldn’t my body was so tired and I was still drunk. I grunted just for him to tell me to relax he was almost done. He kept pounding me and then stuck his fingers in my wet cunt. His body on top of me was forcing him deep in me and the feeling of his fingers in my pussy drove me wild. I started squirting hard all over his fingers. He didn’t stop the pounding of my ass until he filled it up with his hot cum. He made me clean his cock before he left to get some more beer. 

Surprise At The Gyno

I don’t know why every time I go to my gyno I get horny.

Live phone sex

The thought of him probing me and sticking his fingers in my pussy turns me on so much. I get wet when he tells me undress. Waiting for him on the bed with my feet in the stirrups, I closed my eyes when I felt his face right by my wet dripping cunt. I let out a moan when he stuck his fingers in me, I know he heard me. As he his fingers spread me open and dug in me, I started rocking my hips and pushing down on them. He then got up and locked the door pulled his pants off and his hard cock jumped out. He stuck his cock deep in me and lifted my legs higher so he could pound me harder. I started playing with my clit as he pounded me, hearing him tell me how he smells his fingers after every appointment drove me over the top. I started cumming all over his cock. He grabbed my hips and slammed me down on his cock, all I could fill is him pumping his cum in me. He gave me a prescription for the morning after pill and birth control and an appointment for the following week.

Furry Friend Fun

Being outside in the nude with the sunrays on me felt so good.

Furry friends phone sex

I have always been a horny slut so I masturbate a lot. I plunged my fingers deep in my cunt and went at it. I was so deep into fucking myself I didn’t notice the dog coming towards me. I only felt it as it licked me with its rough wide tongue over and over on my wet cunt. It felt so wonderful that I bent over and let him have access to lick all of me. I played with my clit as his tongue got pushed up deep in me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his licking until felt him mount me his paws gripping my hips and a big throbbing lipstick cock started poking at me. I didn’t know what to do I dint want him to bite me. So, I just let him do as he wanted. As he entered, I have never felt something like that before his cock pushing sideways in me and deep. He humped me until he barked loud and he started filling me up with gooey furry friend nut. I just played with my clit and came hard. He licked me clean and I went for a swim. It was a new sunbathing experience.  

Memorial Day Gangbang

Creampie sex stories


For Memorial Day I wanted to give back to those who have served. I decided I would plan an open gangbang for anyone who served to come fuck me. All I wanted was my holes to be enjoyed by them.  I drank some wine and got myself ready. Being blind folded and tied up always turns me on. So, I was wet and ready when the first set of men came in. I thought I was going to get my mouth fucked first but they went straight for my pussy and asshole. It felt like I was being ripped open but it took the pain and began to enjoy it. When my holes started getting filled with cum I couldn’t help but start squirting. I love the feeling of cum filling me up. Dick after dick came and fucked me filling my holes up and them thanking me at the end, as I thanked them for their service. I’m glad I was able to give back for their duty. 

High-Priced Whore

Druggy porn

Being a high-priced whore has its perks. I get to afford all the drugs I want and I get to get fucked and used like I like. When I get high my body craves a cock and its cum. I know my pussy hole starts throbbing and my mouth waters for a cock. If you buy me, you must bring drugs too. I love the way it feels when I get to snort snow and a cock is shoved down my throat. I don’t care to be known for being a drug whore I am one of the best. Once I’m high you can do as you want with me. I even have gotten two dicks in my ass at one time. It was so fun and so good getting my asshole opened up that wide and having loads of cum filling it up and dripping out of it. I couldn’t help but squirt all over. That is why I like being a high-priced whore. 

The Couple Who Used Me

Cum guzzling slut

I was picked up by a couple at the bar, they mentioned drugs, sex and alcohol all the things I like. So, I jumped at the chance to play with them. When we got to their hotel room, I was surprised at all the sex toys they had all over the bed. I didn’t think I was ready for all those, but when I turned around to leave, they grabbed me and tied me up to the bed. They said fighting only makes it much more fun. As I was going to scream, he shoved his cock in my mouth and she stuck a big dildo in my pussy. As she was pounding my pussy with this huge dildo, she put coke in my nose telling me she wanted me up for all the things they had instore for me. As I felt the drugs run through my system the cock choking my mouth and dildo pounding my pussy started feeling good. I wanted more. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and shoved it into my pussy while she squatted over my face so I can slurp on her dripping wet pussy. After she filled my mouth up and he filled my pussy up I asked them to untie me. I wanted more drugs and more fun!  

Love Playing With My Furry Friend

I’m too much of a slut to not let my furry friend lick and fuck me. I was giving him a bath and I saw his furry dick get hard he is not small by any means. So, I decided to touch it and stroke it and see what would happen. He started panting and sticking his tongue out, I decided to see what he would do with his tongue. I took my panties off and got on my back and spread my legs and right away he went to sniffing and locking my cunt. He has such a good rough wide tongue. He was able to lick my pussy and asshole up.

Furry friends phone sex

I needed my ass licked more so I got on all fours and spread my ass open and he right away licked it. I was so into it I didn’t realize he was mounting me until his paws were gripping my hips tight and his furry friend cock was slipping into my wet cunt. It must have felt so good he was howling and pumping my cunt I couldn’t help myself and play with my clit. As I was cumming I felt him grip me hard and start barking and filling me up with his gooey nut and when he was done, he licked me clean. I love playing with him now.  

Furry Friend Surprise

Extreme phone sexSun bathing in the yard had me feeling like My pussy was feeling like I was a bitch in heat, pulsing and dripping wet. I had to take my bathing suite off and play with my cunt. It was so gooey I used the juices to finger my asshole. My eyes were closed so I didn’t notice my furry friend was nearby and could smell my juices. The next thing I know I felt his grainy long sticky tongue lapping at my dripping cunt. It felt so good I didn’t stop him I let him go on and on. I wanted him to reach my asshole so I got on all fours like a bitch wanting it bad. I was so into it, when he gripped me with his paws and I felt something thick poking at me I didn’t have time to move. I tried to fight back but his nails dug into me and he bite my shoulder. I had to let him take me, it was a rape fantasy I never thought of and as his cock pushed up inside me, I could only enjoy it. I stopped fighting back and let him take me, I played with my clit as my furry friend’s cock went in and out of me. As he howled, I knew he was filling my cunt up I rubbed my clip hard and I started cumming all over his cock. He stayed stuck in me for a few minutes and after he pulled it out, he locked me clean which made me cum again. My furry friend is my favorite toy to use for afternoon orgasms.

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