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Anal sex whore for daddies visit

Daddy made sure to rip my assailed open and show me why I am his favorite Anal sex whore. He got my party favors so I could get high because he knows when I get high I can take any size cock in my ass.  As soon as he saw me he slapped my face reminding me I’m his little slut. I was able to get high as he rubbed my asshole with some blow so I would be numb and ready to take his cock deep inside me. I was smoking a joint and he took it and put it out on my tits. The pain in my eyes turned my daddy on and I could feel his cock poking at me. It got me excited and I was ready for daddy. I took my scarf and tied it around my neck like daddy likes. He used the scarf to pull me onto his cock and it made me fuck daddies cock so hard. When I finally came daddy pushed me down and pushed his cock deep in my ass.

Anal sex whore

Daddy pounded my hole hard and used me teaching me what his Trailer trash whore daughter gets. He didn’t stop pulling on the scarf around my neck as he fucked me until he filled my asshole. I almost passed out as I felt daddy made my asshole drip with cum. Daddy gave me my allowance making sure I would have all the blow I needed until he came to visit me again.

I showed what a good Gangbang whore I am

Ever since my mom sold me for drugs, I have been an Anal cum dumpster. Now every year the day before moms birthday I will throw a gangbang party and charge and get all the drugs and money I can to give it to mom for her day. Last year I had 14 guys. This year I wanted more. I invited all of them and their friends. When they got there it was almost 20 guys. I got nice and high plus took a few shots.I was getting groped and grabbed while doing my blow. I even had one of them rub some dope on my asshole. I wanted my asshole to be numb so I could take as many dicks as possible. I got on my knees and started sucking cock, as high as I was i didn’t care what was going on. I just put my mouth on any dick in my face. That is part of being a Gangbang whore. You know you will be sucking and fucking cock so it doesn’t matter what direction a hard cock is coming from i need to suck it and fuck it. It was a few hours and i still had 10 guys left to continue fucking me. I did a few lines and was ready to milk the rest of these dicks. Mom was going to have lots of dope for her birthday. There were only three dicks left to milk and I was sore and dripping with nut. I did a few more lines and went on hoe overdrive and popped my pussy and ass on those dicks until they unloaded inside me. I was dripping cum and when they all left i just got high and laid there letting their cum just drip out of me and dry up on my skin.

Gangbang whore

Trailer trash whore learned how to sell her holes

Being a Trailer trash whore makes men think they can do whatever they want to. They can, they just have to pay me. I will make sure I use these holes right; it is what my momma taught me. She actually forced me to learn. I was young and dumb, didn’t know where mom was taking me. She went into a room, came back with a bag of drugs and told me to go in there.

Trailer trash whore

When I did all I saw was a big monster cock in my face. He grabbed my head and told me mommy gave me up for a baggy. He was going to get what is his now and shoved his big monster cock in my little mouth. When I started tasting some salty sweet liquid, he pulled out my mouth and sat back. He had me undress and give him a young girly baby strip show. I could see his black monster cock was leaking down his hand. He grabbed my hair and pulled me to him. He bent me over and rubbed his big black meat on my asshole. I was so scared I was shaking but he forced his meat deep in my butthole. I felt his big monster meat ripping my ass and I fell to the ground. He kept pounding my asshole even when I cried. He kissed my face and told me I did good as he was making me into his Anal cum dumpster. As I put my clothes on he told me he would pay me anything to get that again. That is why I sell my holes now.

Best Gangbang whore of the new year

Gangbang whore

For the New year I was out partying, having drinks and getting blown. I was at a party and there were so many hot dudes with big dicks. I could see their dick prints through their pants, they had big black cocks for me. I went around making sure they knew I sold my ass. It worked out for me at the end of the night when everyone was leaving. The guys told me i could make lots of money i just had to fuck them all at once. I am never the type to turn down money, so I took it. I just wanted to have more drinks and do some more blow. Once I felt the rush through my body, I took all my clothes off. I got on my knees and one by one they started fucking my mouth. I was about to be the best Gangbang whore of the year. As they started using me all I could think about was the story I would have after this night. I was getting all my holes fucked, i even had two dicks pushed in my ass at the same time. I was so high that I could barely feel it. They had rubbed some blow on my asshole to help open me up. By the time they all finished fucking me i was dripping cum from my asshole and pussy, plus i had swallowed so much cum my tummy was full. They abused me hard as they fucked that when i woke up the next morning i had bruises all over and choke marks on my neck. What a way to bring in the new year.

This Anal cum dumpster made her money

Nothing better than someone who gets paid to be an Anal cum dumpster. I know I am hot and can get anything I want. Well I wanted money. I wanted to make sure I got everything I needed so I went off to sell my asshole. I walked around for a bit at the truck stop because I know I will get picked up there fast. It wasn’t long before a fat daddy picked me up wanting me to be his good little slut. I told him it would be extra to call him daddy. He didn’t care how much it would take, he just wanted that. so, I got my money and daddy got to play with his little slut. He wanted his little slut to choke on daddy’s dick. Like anormal paid whore I did as he asked, i choked on his cock and i was hoping he would cum fast, but he told me he was going to fuck my asshole while I called him daddy. He shoved his cock in my ass and had me scream for daddy to fill me up. He told me he wanted to get his little daughter pregnant and that i better hold every drop of nut in my cunt hole. Nothing better than knowing I am getting paid to be the best Trailer trash whore I can be.

Anal cum dumpster

When he finally filled me up, he told me to lay on my back and hold daddies nut in my cunt. I told him to pay me more if he wanted me to hold his nut. He gave me more money and that is what I did for him. I held his nut in my cunty while telling daddy I could feel his cum swimming inside me.

Cum guzzling slut shows what a good Trailer trash whore she is for holiday money

I needed to make some holiday money, so I decided to have a full night of me being a Cum guzzling slut. I got some blow and my favorite alcohol; I started my night early drinking and getting high. I knew where to go to quickly get picked up. I was picked up by two friends who gave me lots of money for just some head. What I didn’t know is that they wanted me to suck their hard fat cocks at the same time. We went back to my place and made sure to rub some blow on the back of my throat numbing it and making it perfect for sucking cock. I opened my mouth wide so one of them could shove their dick in my mouth but they both pulled their cock out and tried to shove it in my mouth. They managed to get the head of their cocks in my mouth at the same time. If I wasn’t high and drunk, I would have bitten them because the corners of my mouth were ripping a bit. I could see them jerking their hard dicks as I twirled my tongue on the head of their stiff penises. I just closed my eyes and tried to picture my daddy telling me that a good Trailer trash whore will do anything and take anything in her mouth and enjoy it.

Cum guzzling slut

Thinking about daddy always makes my cunty wet and my body immediately reacts. Somehow, I opened my mouth even more and they were able to start pumping both their dicks in my mouth at the same time. I was horny and high now and I just lifted my skirt and played with my clitty while they fucked my mouth. I came hard before they pulled their cocks out my mouth and sprayed my face. They took a picture of my cum dripping face because they wanted something to jack off to later.

Trailer trash whore shows daddy what a good Anal cum dumpster she is

Trailer trash whore

Since daddy hasn’t visited me, I have been lonely. I went out and got a ball to party with. I went to a few bars bending over and taking cock at each one, after all I am a Trailer trash whore.  I took a shot after every load of thick cum I swallowed at the bar. By the last bar I was in which was close to home I made so much money and I was so drunk. When I got there to my surprise it was daddy waiting for me. He had a gift of blow for his druggy whore and more money I had made that night. My cunt got wet right away because I knew daddy would abuse me and fuck my ass hard after I tell him what I have done. I told him about all the loads of Jizz I swallowed until my tummy was full. He was stroking his hard daddy meat in my face and lips as I told him how hard my throat got fucked and I did the blow daddy brought me. My cunt was on fire ready to be pounded. I started fingering my cunt and daddy just lifted my legs and rammed his cock in my ass. Daddy didn’t stop until finally filling my ass with the last load of the night I was going to take. I am daddies’ Anal cum dumpster. 

Sloppy wet pussy missed daddy

When I get blow and I’m high as a kite, my Sloppy wet pussy needs to be fucked and abused. Daddy normally is around but tonight I was getting blown with my neighbor. I know he has a big black cocktail because he sells it to rich older white women. I straddled him and kissed him all over grinding my pussy and ass on him. I could feel his big black dick poking at me and I got on all fours. He grabbed my head and started face fucking my mouth hard and deep. All I could think about is how deep my daddy fucks my throat, even made me pass out from not being able to breathe. I finally begged for my neighbor to fuck me with big black cock. That’s what happened and he didn’t stop until he drowned me with his nut.

Sloppy wet pussy

After we did more lines and told me he would abuse me and drown me with nut any time i missed daddy, his friends could join too and fuck my brains numb.  That is what I like as a Trailer trash whore. 

Daddys Little Trailer Trash whore gets used because daddy said so


I am a good Anal cum dumpster for daddy and he knows if he takes care of me i will do anything he wants. He paid a BBC bull to fulfil any rape fantasy he had with me. He made sure to get his little slut anything he she needed to be able to take a good torture sex session. He knows I love to get high, and he always takes care of me so well. When my bull friend came, we did our blow and waited for daddies’ instructions. When daddy finally got there the Trailer trash whore in me was easily activated. He instructed my BBC friend to start by choking me and slapping me to show me how i just belong to daddy and I must do anything he wants because he pays for me and my holes. I was taking every blow just thinking about busting down some lines. I could tell daddy was really liking by his smile and bulge. When daddy pulled his big daddy meat out, he told my BBC friend to choke me with his cock and to not let off. That is what happened. I could barely breathe but I was happy to make my daddy proud. He told him to use my ass and fuck my little asshole. I did a line as my asshole was ripped open by a big black dick. He pounded me and choked me from behind while daddy fucked my throat.

Anal cum dumpster

I could barely breathe when I felt daddy start cumming down my throat. He commanded my BBC friend to fill my asshole up and just like that I was the perfect Cum dumpster for daddy. Daddy let me rest because he knew I was going to be sore after the ass fucking, I just got. 

Daddy Pays To Have His Little Anal Cum Dumpster Abused

BBC sex stories

My BBC sex stories is what I normally tell daddy, but last night he had a different idea. Daddy paid one of my BBC drug dealer to give his little Anal cum dumpster a lesson. Daddy wanted to see how good of a Big dick sucker I am. I wanted to make daddy proud because I know I am a Trailer trash whore and I just want him to be proud of me, so I sucked that BBC deep down my throat. Daddy pulled his cock out and ordered my BBC friend to choke me while he throat fucked me. That is what he did, and I could see how pleased daddy was. Daddy rubbed my Sloppy wet pussy while my throat was getting abused and whispered in my ear asking if i was going to be a good Anal cum dumpster and i was going to take that BBC. For daddy i will do anything, so i braced myself as daddy told my BBC friend to fulfill his anal rape fantasy and fuck my ass. He didn’t hesitate and pounded my ass hard. Daddy took his cock and fucked his little Anal cum dumpster mouth until he came hard, and I swallowed every drop. He then choked me until I passed out. When I woke up, I was alone with a sore asshole dripping of semen just like a Cum dumpster is left.