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Druggy phone sex

I was offered blow and money for an anal fisting, I took it! I am known as an anal gangbang whore, so my asshole is used to being fucked and stretched out. When I get blow, I rub some on my asshole to numb it up. It makes me take more and more without feeling the ripping too much. I can enjoy it more and fuck harder. I got my money and snow up front and right away I was getting high. As soon as I’m blown, I spread my ass cheeks for him. To my surprise he started licking my asshole, he even stuck his tongue in it. I liked it so I pushed my ass on his face even more. Then he started fingering my asshole with two fingers. After he pushed another two fingers inside my ass, I couldn’t take it I squirted all over his hand. That made his hand wet enough for him to slip his thumb right in. He then just started fist fucking me and stroking his now hard cock. Since he paid me, I had no choice to take it. He quickly pulled his fist out and shoved his cock in my ass so he could fill it up with his gooey nut making me his Anal cum dumpster. I couldn’t believe when he started licking it and sucking his nut out of me.  

Selling My Asshole For Blow

Gangbang blow hoe is what I am known as. I love to party, and I don’t care who knows it. If you have what I like I will give you what you want. I have done many times with many men even at the same time. When I was offered a whole lot of party favors in exchanged to get fucked in my ass, I took it. But when he pulled his cock out and I saw how big it was, I knew I had to get really high.

Anal cum dumpster

His horse size dick shoved down my throat made me gag and my eyes water. He rubbed some blow on my asshole to numb it up. When he shoved his big thick black dick, I could feel it stretching my asshole open. He fucked me hard like a horse would pound out his mare. I took it as much as I could but I one pound I fell into the bed, and he just kept pounding my ass hard into it. He jack hammered my asshole until he came all in it. He told me to wash and rest up he would be ready for more soon. He made me his Anal cum dumpster all night.  

New Years Anal Gangbang

Gangbang sex stories

For the new year’s I decided to really party and get some blog and fuck lots of dick. I didn’t know it would be all at one time. I started by sucking my dealer’s cock, he came in my mouth and gave me double the amount I asked for. I’ll I did was swallow his load. At the hotel I did so much blow the room was spinning as I got naked, I had told a few friends I wanted dick. When everyone started showing up, I lost track of what cock was who. I just bent over and let them use my holes, picking their favorite. Their favorite seemed to be my asshole. Cock after cock was filling my asshole with gooey thick nut. At the same time, they were covering my face with their jizz. I didn’t care I was high, and they gave me money, I know I am a druggy whore who they love to have asshole gangbang parties.  

Anal Gangbang Queen

Hooker phone sex

In my neighborhood they talk about how much cum I can take in my ass. I love knowing I can take big loads until my ass is filled up. To me getting blow and partying all night gets me going and ready for a good anal gangbang. Sometimes I even rub some blow right on my asshole so I can numb it up. Because I want to be able to take as many dicks as I can before the sun comes up. The more dicks I can milk the more money I make. I want the neighborhood to know I am best at what I do and that is milking cock with my asshole. The first time I got a dick in my ass was hard, my asshole was so tight. Now it is so good and easy since I have been stretched out over the time. Plus, I have mastered it and can charge whatever I want to whoever I want even the pastor of our church. I would say I am the anal gangbang queen. 

Landlord Took My Asshole

My landlord fucked me in the ass. I was late on rent and he was at my door telling me all the fees I was accumulating, it had me annoyed I was already late I didn’t need more fees.

Hooker Phone sex

I could see all he did was stare at my tits. I asked him to come in we could talk about a payment arrangement. As he walked in, he shoved me on the wall telling me I would be his whore and my debt would be paid. There was nothing I could do I owed him and I had no money. He bent me over my kitchen table, rubbed his cock on my clit all the way to my ass. Then he shoved his cock hard into my ass, there was nothing I could do but let him fuck my asshole. He pounded my asshole hard like I was just his fuck toy. He pounded me hard and I just hoped he would finish, finally he came. I could feel his cum dripping out my asshole. 

Sold My Asshole To A Truckstop John

A trailer trash whore like me knows that during the holidays I can make lots of money by selling my asshole to all the truck drivers who like to get high and fuck for hours.

Druggy porn

I waited at the truck stopped dress in my best hooker outfit and I spotted the perfect john. We had small talk and then he mentioned partying and fucking with lots of money involved. We went to a hotel room and as soon as the door closed, he pulled the drugs out and his cock. Told me to suck it if I wanted to get high and of course I did. As I sucked it, I could smell, and taste left over pussy on his cock. He had fucked someone right before getting me. His dick was hard, and we stopped to snort some lines, I got naked, and he bent me over and rubbed his powder right on my asshole and told me he would pay me big time if I let him fuck it. I agreed, and then he licked my asshole making it wet and sloppy. As he slid his cock in my ass, he told me how he made sure to numb it up because he was going to jack hammer fuck my ass until I couldn’t move any more. That is what he did for hours until his balls were empty.  I was so tired, numb and high but happy I made so much money.  

Daddy Sold My Asshole!

Daddy sold my asshole for drugs. I was sleeping when daddy came in my room high as usual. He shoves a cup to my face and tells me to drink it all. I did as daddy asked and it tasted strong and gross and have me feeling loopy right away. Now I know he made me drink alcohol. He brought me into the living room, he undressed me laid me on the ground and lifted my butt up in the air and told me to stay that way and not move no matter what. He had men surround me and he rubbed something on my butthole that made it very numb. The next thing I know I felt hands holding me down and big pressure right on my asshole, one of the men was shoving his cock in my asshole. He held me down as he pounded my little tiny asshole. One after another pushed their cock in my asshole and filled it up then gave my dad money, they didn’t care if I cried or anything they just wanted to fill up a little asshole.

Drunk girl fucking

Dad put me in bed and told me he was going to buy me doll that I was such a good girl and made him lots of money.  Dad was the first to make me his Anal cum dumpster. 

My Ex Tricked Me Into Getting Anally Fucked

Anal sex whore

I was partying with my ex-boyfriend last weekend and he knew I’m a coke Anal sex whore. He brought enough to get me so high I would do whatever he wanted. As we were getting high, two of his friends came into the room. He told me to snort some cock off his friend’s big dick. I didn’t hesitate and snorted the whole line off his cock. His friend then pushed my head down on his big black cock and I was being forced to suck it, my ex in the background said he would pay me if I sucked his friend off. I kept sucking his big black dick with eagerness since I was going to be paid. Then I felt his other friend lift my skirt and pull my thong to the side and I knew he was about to stick his cock in my asshole. As soon as he did my ex whispered in my ear how he has always known a little cock makes me into the biggest slut. He stroked his cock as he watched his friends fill my mouth and asshole up. We got high all night and I let them fuck me until the sun came up. He tricked me into getting fucked but it was so much fun.  

Using My Asshole For My Advantage

No taboo phone sex

 I am a whore and I love it. When my boyfriend’s mom said she didn’t like me I decided to fuck her husband, my boyfriend’s dad. I got really high and took a few shots before I went to his job looking like a total slut. When he saw me, I could tell he got hard. I explained to him that I wanted my boyfriend’s parents to like me. As I walked towards him, I told him I would do anything. I got to my knees and pulled his cock out and shoved it deep in my throat I knew his wife doesn’t do that. His cock was leaking already when he picked me up and bent me over his desk. I had no panties under my dress which made him laugh as he told me how he knows why his son likes me. He rubbed his hard leaking cock on my tight rosebud. I knew he was going to fuck my ass good; he doesn’t get to fuck often his wife is a boring bitch. He shoved his cock in my asshole and started pumping my ass back on him as I reached down to rub on his balls. He didn’t stop until I felt his balls tighten up and his cock empty deep in my asshole. He told me how he would make sure his wife would like me since I let him make me into his anal cum bucket. 

Gangbang For A Good High

Druggy phone sex

My drug dealer has been slave training me he knows that I need to be put in my place and I love being high. So he made me his submissive whore while I am over to get high and was showing me that my place is to serve him and anyone he chooses in any way. He knows how to fuck a high whore into submission. I know that I must take all he has, so when he decided to invite multiple bulls with big black cocks over for a Gangbang training session. I knew I had to do my very best and take everything they had for me. He asked me to put on a show and strip for them that he would make sure I get really high. That is what I did I danced in front of them as I took my clothes off showing my nice big tits, and my bare cunt. Master likes my cunt nice clean shaven. Me dancing got them excited and wanting more to the point where their cocks were poking at my direction. I got on my hands and knees and opened my mouth and spread my legs like master has trained me to do. That way they can choose which hole they want to pound. Just like big bulls, they stuck their BBCs in me, stretching me out and pounding away using me like master does. I took their gangbang pounding until every hole was filled up and leaking with cum. Then I kneeled in front of him and let him spray his cum all over my face. Anything to be able to be as high as I want.  

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