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Anal Sex Whore Is A Good Cum Whore For Her Rent

Anal sex whore

I needed my rent paid so it was time to be an Anal sex whore for my landlord. He loves using me when I don’t have all the rent and he will make me his Anal cum dumpster. He knows I am a Big dick sucker and can make a dick cum quick with my throat so he only wants to fuck my asshole. Sexy prostitutes like me know how to sell their body for what they need. But I need to get drunk and high first. As I did my last line, he started rubbing his fat cock on my asshole. The blow makes my body tingle and loosen up and right away the hooker Anal cum dumpster comes out of me. He aimed his cock to my asshole and with a hard push I slammed my ass on his cock. My body was numb from the blow, so it was easy for me to fuck his dick hard. He started moaning louder and louder and I knew I was about to be his cum dumpster. After he dumped his cum in my ass, he told me that next month he would have a bigger surprise for me to fuck on for the rent. When i am high i can take any size cock. 

Trailer Trash Whore Meets Daddy For The First Time

I am a trailer trash whore but the only man that can soften me up is daddy. Mom ran off because she was a druggy whore and I only met him when I was already the trailer trash whore mom made. The first time I met him I thought he was a trick, and I took all my clothes off before daddy could say a word. 

Trailer trash whore

He was stomped by my body and actions. Once I realized he was my daddy I was embarrassed but he held me on his lap naked. Daddy asked what kind of life I have lived, and I had to tell him about the first night he left. My mother was so drugged out she didn’t realize her druggy friend had snuck into my room. He pulled his big black cock out and forced it down my throat. I could barely breathe, and it was too big that I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough. That is when he slapped me and pushed me down on my belly. He ripped my Jammies and panties off, as I told daddy my story his hands ran up and down my thighs getting closer to my cunt. When I told daddy how he shoved his big black in my tight asshole, he pushed his finger in my Sloppy wet pussy. Daddy finger fucked my pussy as I told him about the first time i became an Anal cum dumpster and I got a cock forced in my asshole. I came so hard on daddies’ fingers, and he told me he would protect me. I’m still a trailer trash whore but when daddy is around, he makes love to me as we talk about the things I do when he isn’t around. 

Trailer Trash Whore Becomes Strangers Anal Cum Dumpster

Being a trailer trash whore has always been easy for me and has its advantages.

Trailer trash whore

I know I will always make money being a lot lizard. I just have to walk around and as soon as any horny guy with money sees me, they pick me up. Sometimes I don’t even try I was walking from the store and right away a guy pulls up next to me asking me I’m a good analyst sex whore. I am and we agreed on a price. When we got to my place, he asked me to bend over and spread my legs he wanted to get a good look of my asshole. I bent over my table I had my blow on and spread my ass cheeks for him. As he stuffed his face in my ass, smelled and licked my ass I did a rail. Being high makes it fun when a guy shoves his fat cock in my asshole and that is what he did. He pounded my asshole like he was mad at it. I just kept getting high as I took his pounding, it was like he wasn’t even there to me. Finally, he filled my asshole up and I knew I could milk him for more money by letting him make me his Anal cum dumpster.

Anal Sex Whore Is A Big Dick Sucker For Her Neighbor

I became my neighbors Anal sex whore. I wanted to be high and as a trailer trash whore, I know who has all the drugs around. I was lucky to have my neighbor have the best blow. I was fine being a big dick sucker if it meant I would have all the blow I needed for the night. It was easy to get his cock hard and I put it deep into my mouth. I sucked it hard and fast making sure I would get all his nut out. But he stopped me and told me his shit is the best and he didn’t want just his dick sucked. He wanted to fuck me in my ass, I’m used to it because I have a nice round ass, but it was already sore from a pounding I had earlier. I was made into and Anal cum dumpster already.

Anal sex whore

But I do anything to get high, so I rubbed some of his blow on my asshole and spread my ass cheeks for him. He quickly pushed his big cock up inside my asshole and used my ass like a glory hole. He just pounded at my ass and used it before he fingered my cunt. It felt like he was trying to feel how deep he was in my asshole. It was easy to be his Anal sex whore cum dumpster all night. The next morning my ass was so sor4e and gappy, it was well worth it

BBC Sex Stories Make Me Into A Big Dick Sucker

BBC sex stories makes me want to go out and be a big dick sucker for free. Normally I get paid to be a Cum dumpster, but last night I was willing to do it for free. I am part of the Sexy prostitutes crew and we never fuck for free. The guy convinced me because he pulled out his big cock onto the table and it made a thump noise because of how heavy it was. We were getting drunk and high and didn’t believe him when he said he can have you walking weird after getting fucked by his BBC. As soon as I saw it and heard the noise my mouth dropped wide open. I then dropped down to my knees and started deep throating his big black cock meat. Maybe it was because I was blown but I wanted to swallow all 12-inches of fat heavy black cock meat. He grabbed my head and faced fucked my hard, luckily my throat was numb from all the blow.

BBC sex stories

I had no gag reflex at this point, and he just pounded my face hard with his cock, his balls were hitting my chin hard. I could feel the pumping from his cock rising to the head of his dick and that is when he pulled his dick out. He wanted to show me he had big loads too and sprayed my face with all his thick gooey semen load.

Anal Cum Dumpster Gives The Best Lot Lizard Sex

An Anal sex whore like me knows how to be a lot lizard and sell her asshole for blow and doe. Like a usual trailer trash whore, I wanted to get high and party all night long, so I needed money.

Anal cum dumpster

I went to my favorite truck stop where i knew i would be able to be a nasty Anal cum dumpster for someone with the right amount. A trucker pulled up to me and I got in his trailer, he gave me a handful of bills and a bag of blow. He wanted me for the night and wanted a good Anal sex whore. I stuffed the money in my bag and on his back bed he had a mirror I used to dump the blow on. As I made my rails, I felt him rubbing his cock on my asshole. Then with a hard push as I snorted my powder, he shoved his cock deep in my asshole. He wasn’t playing about making me his Anal cum dumpster and fucked my hole hard. Good thing I was getting high, or it would really hurt. I just kept doing my blow and letting him fuck his lot lizard Anal cum dumpster he purchased. He sped up his pounding until I felt his cock pumping semen in my asshole, finally he was done.

Made To Be A Young Anal Cum Dumpster

I became a young Cum guzzling slut early on in life. My mother forced me to suck her dealer’s cock so she could get some drugs. I didn’t want to because it looked so big and black. When I opened my mouth, it didn’t fit so he forced it deeper making me choke and gag. I threw up all over his cock and he made me lick it clean.

Anal cum dumpster

Once his cock was clean, he pulled my pants and panties off and rubbed something on my little butthole. It started tingling and then I could not feel much. He bent me over, grabbed my hips and shoved his big black meat in my butthole. I could still feel how it was ripping my butthole open, but he didn’t care. My mother just watched as she did her blow not caring about my cries for help, she was just a druggy whore. He kept pounding me until my body gave up and I just laid there. His big black cock ramming in my asshole hard made him start pumping into my butt. When he pulled out, he shoved it in my mouth and made me drink the rest of his juices he was leaking. From my asshole I could feel some gooey thick cream coming out and dripping out of me. I now know he made me his anal cum dumpster. 

Cum Dumpster Luna

Men love Drunk girl fucking.

Cum dumspterThey get to make them an Anal cum dumpster even if they do not want it. I learned this the hard way when I was a young party whore. I was always a big dick sucker from the moment I had to walk. My mother sold me to her dealers many times and made me a Cum guzzling slut. So, when I was drunk at a party being a Trailer trash whore, it was not a good idea. I thought I could pass out in the room in the back. When I woke up, my asshole getting fucked and ripped open. I tried to fight back but I was too drunk, and I am used to being a cum dumpster, so I just laid there let him use my asshole until he dumped his load in my asshole. When he was done, he called his friends in and they took turns making me their cum dumpster all night. By the time they were done I had nut dripping down my legs.

Anal Cum Dumpster At Old Folk’s Home

I went to visit my grammy at the old folk’s home. There I couldn’t help but flirt with her caretaker.

Anal cum dumpster

I am a trailer trash whore so any opportunity I get to get some dick is fine with me. When we spoke, he talked about partying and right away he got my full attention. I told Nana I would be back in a bit and her caretaker, and I went to an empty room. He made a few lines and right away we were snorting on some party powder. I felt the rush through my body meet right in between my legs. Being a druggy whore is so fun I will get high and then all i want is to get pounded. He could tell what type of slut I am and took advantage of it by pulling his big cock out and making me suck it. I don’t mind, I’ll do anything to get high. He started playing with my asshole while I sucked his cock. I knew he wanted to fuck my ass when he rubbed some blow on it. He bent me over the bed and shoved his cock in my ass while I did a line. The drugs running through my body made me fuck his cock with my ass hard. I became an Anal cum dumpster and he filled me up. We did a few more lines as his nut dripped out of me.

Trailer Trash Whore Prank Call Gangbang

Trailer trash whore

I know I am a trailer trash whore, but I didn’t know a prank call would lead me to getting gangbanged. I needed to get high, and my phone rang. I had only called my dealer, so when I answered I just said I was texting my address and hung up. I unlocked my door and went to take a shower I was so excited to get blown. When I got out, I was jumped. That is when I was told how i am a dumb slut for answering a prank call and giving my address away. They had their face covered and right away pulled their big black cocks out. They slapped and told me if I ever wanted to be able to get high again, I would milk their cocks right. I opened my mouth and started sucking any cock around, I love getting high, so I’ll do anything to be able to get high again. I felt my legs being forced open and I knew if I just fucked them hard and fast, they would cum right away and maybe leave fast. I kept sucking the first big black cock while getting my asshole pounded. After the last one busted, they threw some money at me and left. Next time I’ll make sure to screen my calls.