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Trailer trash whore gets paid to milk man and his furry pals dick

A Trailer trash whore like me doesn’t care what she has to do to make her money. I just love being high and getting paid to fuck. Last night a man and his best friend came over. “If I pay you, will you milk the both of us” he asked while pointing at his furry friend. “I can milk any cock, but it will cost you” I laughed and responded. “I don’t care how much it costs”, he says back while pulling his wallet and cock out.

Trailer trash whore

Once I get all the money I ask for, I do a few lines of blow. After I get high, I don’t care what dick I suck. Therefore, I get on my knees and start sucking his old cock as he sits next to his furry friend. I watch as he pets him, and his red rocket cock starts to poke out. It is thick at the base and long and skinny at the tip. Then I sucked his furry balls and cock into my mouth too.

His master watched as I sucked his puppycock and stored his perv dick too. Soon after that he says, “Bend over bitch, I want to see him fuck you”. I bend over and felt his furry friend’s wet nose starting to sniff my cunt and asshole. Then he helped him mount me and angled his lipstick cock right at my cunt. “Fuck her Rex, open her up for me” he commands of him.

Like a loyal friend he does as he is asked and fucks me hard. It didn’t take much before he started to knot up inside me and that is when his master shoved his cock in me too. “I’ll massage the knot out of you with my mother fucking cock” he moans loud as he starts pumping his semen inside me too. “Let’s see how long we will be stuck inside your trashy cunt. 

I made Druggy porn and it was so fun

Last night I ended up making some Druggy porn. Like always I was drinking and doing rails. “Your ass needs to be fucked doesn’t it baby?” One of my party friends asks. “Maybe, how much money and blow do you have?” I respond back with a smirk. Then he pulls out a bag and his wallet. “If we are going to party like this, I will film it”. After that he pulls his camera out.

Druggy porn I did a few more risks and I was ready. Therefore, he gave me my money and I took everything off while staring at the camera. “Your big black cock poking out tells me you like what you see”.  After that I bend over to do some more lines and you come up behind me. You take some blow and pump it into my asshole. “Oooh you are going to numb my asshole so good”.

“Yes, I will I need you to take this big hard dick”. I even learned a trick to numb my throat. If I suck some of the blow through the straw it numbs my throat right away. A good Trailer trash whore knows all the tricks of the trade. Then I got on my knees and made sure to suck that big black cock down my throat.

It was easy to do so since I had numbed it up. After sucking your cock until the prenut dripped out, you bent me over. “I’m ready for that tight asshole of yours”, you say as you start pushing your bbc into it. As you filmed your cock deep in my ass, I did some more lines of snow. That made for a perfect nasty movie, and we didn’t stop filming until you fill my asshole with semen.

Trailer trash whore is skilled for wealthy sugar daddy

Not every daddy can afford a Trailer trash whore like me. I am skilled and use my holes better than any prostitute bitch out there. “Remember daddy you want all of me you have to give me all the money I want”. “You will get to use me however you want”. First, I get the money and the blow. Then I start the party. A few lines of blow will do to start.

That makes it easy for me to get on my knees and Starr swallowing your cock. You have heard about my skills, and you are excited and curious. Finally, he was going to get what he wants. He starts to choke my neck as he pounds my throat hard. “I want to feel how deep I can fuck your throat”. Is all he says. Lucky for me my throat hot numb by the drip of the drugs I am doing.

Trailer trash whore

Once I taste the saltiness of his precum, he pulls his cock out of my mouth. “Bend over you will be my hired Anal sex whore tonight” he says as he rubbed some blow on my asshole. Anytime a guy does that I know that I will be getting fucked hard. As I do some lines of my favorite bugar sugar, he starts pushing his cock in my ass. Since I am high, I just feel all the pleasure none of the pain.

Therefore, I am able to take every inch of his hard meat. “Bounce that asshole on my dick bitch” as soon as you say that I think about my money, and I do as you ask. It doesn’t take much for my tight asshole to milk you dick. Like a good prostitute I get every drop of nut out of your balls. “You are worth every penny you say as you pop your cock out of my leaking ass. 

Anal cum dumpster gets paid for vacation and gangbangs

Going on vacation just to be a paid Anal cum dumpster is what I was made for. I just want money and blow. “Let’s do some rails”, I say to the party host and tight away he gave me a baggy. After doing a few lines of blow, he pulls his cock out and puts some blow on it. “Suck it off my cock deep down your throat” he says.Anal cum dumpster

It will numb your throat up and you will be able to suck every dick in the room without stopping” he laughs as he pushes his coke covered cock down my throat. Being high I didn’t notice there were many guests at the party for my vacation. But I went into action dancing and partying. Then my inner stripper came out and I started taking all my clothes off in front of everyone.

One of the BBC party guests came up behind me, quickly bent me over and rubbed some blow on my asshole. “You want me numb don’t you” I say giggling at him. “That’s right you Trailer trash whore” he says as he pushes his cock in my ass. He pounded my asshole until he filled it up. Thanks to the blow I barely felt it. Even when the next cock was pushed inside me it wasn’t too much for me to take. All night I did blow and milked big black dicks in my ass. It was a great vacation and gangbang party.

Cum dumpster slut needed money and to party

I needed money so I used that I am such a big Cum dumpster for a gangbang party. All I have to do is do a few lines of coke and my holes will be ready to get used. “Show me the money baby then I will show you how good I can milk all of your fat cocks” I said with my hand out waiting for payment. Once I got it, I didn’t care anymore, I was ready to party. As I did some lines my perky tits and ass were getting played with.

“I’m ready for your dicks, are you ready for my holes?” I said as I got on my knees ready to suck my first cock. Since I am so high the drip from the blow numbs my throat up. “Rub some snow on my asshole before you fuck it” I moaned, since I felt fingers already starting to prove my asshole. I started swallowing a cock and then I felt one going in my ass. I swallowed that cock as deep as I could down my throat.

Cum dumpster

“You want to eat this load don’t you, Trailer trash whore” he moaned as his load started spraying my throat. Aster that I knew I had plenty of loads to go and I want to get paid, get laid and go. So, I bounced my asshole hard making sure to milk his dick inside me good and fast. “Let me do some rails and I will milk two dicks in my asshole next” I said to the horny dicks in a circle around me.

Big dick sucker will do anything for a new dealer

Since I’m looking for a new dealer, I decided to use the fact that I am a Big dick sucker to get a new one. One of my junky hooker friends introduced me to a tall dark bbc bull dealer and I knew if I sucked his cock, I would make want me on call. “Hey boo I heard you’re the cock to suck on if I want to get the best blow”. I say as I wink at him. “Oh, so you will take a cock in your mouth to party?” he asked me. “Hell, yeah I am, let me show you” I respond with as I drop to my knees.

Big dick sucker

Then I pull his cock out and start slurping on it like I am hungry. My body is hungry for some blow, so I’ll do whatever to get it like a nasty druggy bitch. “Ok slut that’s a good start, but I want that asshole” he moaned out. “If you want me to be your Anal sex whore, I need a big baggy first”. Then he handed me a fat sack and I got straight to busting some lines. “What a druggy cum slut you are”, you said as you rubbed your big black cock on my ass.

After I snorted a few lines, I was ready to show him why everyone loves me. “Go deep!” I moaned out as I slammed my asshole hard on your cock. Since I was high, it was nothing to bounce my asshole hard and fast on your cock. “There you go slut milk my big black dick” you moan out before you start filling my ass up with all you cum load. “See baby i am the best, you want to keep on your team” i told my new dealer while squeezing my asshole around his cock.

Trailer trash whore has new trick daddy

I love it when I get a new trick daddy who knows what a special Trailer trash whore I am. He comes with lots of money and gifts. Plus, he gets me lots of dick too. The way he uses me makes me want to be all his, for the night at least. “I’ll do anything you want sugar daddy as long as you also bring the candy I like”. “Yes, I did and a big black cock to go in that ass”. Daddy responded. After he gave me a fat envelope and a big baggy of blow. I did a few lines, and I was ready.

Trailer trash whore

My throat was numb from the drip of the blow and that always makes my cunt excited. “Watch me suck this big black cock daddy” I mumble as I stuff his friends’ BBC in my mouth. “Good slut, keep taking every inch of that black cock “sugar daddy “m” tells me to do. Since he pays me and spoils me with party gifts, I will suck it until I pass out. I don’t care, all I care about is getting high and getting paid. Before I almost passed out, sugar stuck some blow in my little asshole.

“Wake up little whore and get ready for cock, daddy wants to see his paid whore get used”. I felt my asshole numb up and I knew I was going to get my ass fucked hard. What I didn’t know was daddy had two other BBC bulls that were to come use my hooker holes. “I need some bugger sugar for that daddy” i said knowing i was about to get fucked. After a few lines I didn’t care what happened. As long as I get to stay high I don’t care what hole they fuck. 

Gangbang whore gets paid the big bucks for a reason

A paid Gangbang whore better milk every cock in the room. That is why I party and do lines of blow to keep my energy up and my holes numb. First start by sucking them up. It doesn’t matter if they are a big black cock or a small white dick. I will suck it and get it hard. Sometimes I even rub some yayo on my ass to really numb it up for all the dicks that will be fucking me. Then one by one they started to pick a hole to fuck.

Gangbang whoreI get so high and numb that I don’t even care who is fucking me and in what hole. I start swallowing some jizz and I know the party was in full effect. “Take it you slut” is all I hear as another cock goes down my throat. “I am about to fill your ass up you Trailer trash whore” is what he moaned out while filling my ass up. Then the next dick used his nut to lube his cock up to fuck my ass too. This went on all night, i took breaks to drink and keep getting high. My ass was fucked while i did a few lines of blow which always is fun to do. That is why i get paid the big bucks.

Big dick sucker hooker hoe will do anything for money

Since i am the best Big dick sucker, a new trick and his great big furry friend. I asked for extra money. He didn’t mind paying me, as long as I was going to suck both their dicks. After doing a few lines of dope, I let my body feel the rush. I was ready to use my mouth to get them off. First, I start to undress, I can see your mouth water. After I was naked, I bent over. Spreading my ass for your family friend made you excited. “Come here good boy, come sniff me”.

As he sniffed my cunt, I rubbed my clit. “Lick her all up bobo” you whistled as his wide tongue started to pop out his mouth. When his wide rough tongue started lapping on my cunt, you stuffed your cock in my mouth. “Suck my dick you filthy hooker”. That eggs me on and makes me want to suck the nut out of his cock. Finally, you tell me it is time for me to take care of your best friend bobo. You pull him by the collar, and it is easy for his slimy red rocket to slide in my mouth.

Big dick sucker

As I sucked his lipstick cock, his owner fucked my ass. A good Trailer trash whore can take anything you have for me. “Suck his big whoofy cock” you moan out as your nut starts pumping in my butthole. It pushed me into overdrive, and I suck your furry friend’s cock faster and deeper in my throat. When he finally gets ready to pump his semen in my throat, I can feel his pupcock knot up inside my mouth and spray his thick load. Then I tongued the knot off his cock in less than ten minutes. That is why you gave me an extra big tip.

Trailer trash whore gets furry friend cock too

When you are a Trailer trash whore, you are hired for all kinds of fuck jobs. Last night a guy and his man’s best friend visited me for a session. Hello there furry butch how are you” is all his furry friend needed to hear for him to jump up and start trying to lick me all over. That is what his master loves to see. He wants to see his rough wide tongue lick my pussy and asshole until his red rocket gets stiff and his furry body mounts me.

First, he pulled his cock out and started fucking my throat as you watch my cunt get licked. After my pussy was dripping wet, your furry guy butch was ready to fuck me with his red rocket. You wanted me to ride you. I slide my trashy pussy on your pervcock and I bounce my cunt hard. You whistle “come on butch mount the slut”. his bell on his collar jiggles as his furry long nose rubs against my asshole. Then his paws lift him up from my shoulders. “Good boy butch keep going until you pound her with that red cock”.

Trailer trash whore

I felt him humping me around poking at my asshole with his slippery wet red lipstick dick. His paws were scratching me when he started pushing up inside me. Then when his owner felt him through my pussy lining, they both started pounding me together in the same rhythm. “Don’t stop fucking me until you both fill me up”. “Then shove my cock in your ass too” is what he said as he pulled his cock out my cunt.

I forced his cock into my asshole too and that is all it took. Finally, I felt his furry friend’s cock knot up and pump all the creamy nut inside me. His owner feels it too, that is why he started to rub that knot with his hard on. Then he pumped his semen inside me too. “Good job butch we fucked that whore good” is what he said as he thanked this Anal sex whore days job.