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Mouth Slave

Big dick suckerMaster Reese is my favorite master, He uses me as his cum guzzling whore. Whenever he is in the mood, he points towards his balls and I know it means for me to play and suck them, and I do with pleasure. I suck them both into my mouth and I use my tongue to flick his big balls. When his dick gets hard from this, I start sucking the head real slow using my tongue as much as possible I know he likes that. I then start pushing his dick deeper down my throat while playing with his balls. I push it as far as I can take it down my throat and then swallow so it can tighten and grab at the head of his big cock. It turns me on so much I have to play with my dripping wet pussy. I then lay back and let him get on top of me, I get to suck on his balls and lick his ass from this position while looking at him stroking it in my face. I keep playing with my clit and he fingers my pussy until I cum hard, when his balls get nice and tight, I know a big load is cumming so I open my mouth ready to receive every drop. Sometimes I can take and sometimes it is so much it over flows from my mouth that he just keeps cumming on my face any where it lands.

Snowed In

I got snowed in with my neighbor, he came over to help with somethings and I wanted to thank him with dinner but we had a huge snow storm and got stuck in. I was excited about it because I knew I turned him on every time he saw me, he would get a hard-on I could see the big print on his pants. I came out of my room naked, I apologized and told him since we are stuck in, we should get comfortable. I right away started taking his pants off. My cunt was already wet and dripping. I started sucking the head of his hard cock it was so big I had to open wide. I liked the precum while playing with his balls, I went deeper and deeper picturing it sliding in my wet pussy. He pulled my head up and bent me over, sliding his tongue in my ass the more I moan the harder he licked. Then I felt it his big cock head poking at my asshole, I knew what was coming next and before I could get ready, he shoved his fat cock in my ass, as he fucked my ass hard opening it up, he spanked me and called me his filthy slut told me how he will be filling my ass whenever he wants before I knew it, he bit me on my back grunted out loud filling my ass up with spurts of hot cum!  


Anal sex whore

My Dirty Bottom Boy

John is one of my submissive. He has to come naked to the door with his big hard dick hanging out. I bend him over my knee and spank him while playing with his balls. Then I make him get on my knees and lick my wet cunt all the way to my ass, he knows he must stick his tongue in it or I punish him by squeezing his balls and sticking my thumb in his butt. If he does it just like I like it I reward him by sitting in his face and jerking his now leaking dick. Before I get him off, I sit on his dick reverse cowgirl style. I like him to watch me grind my ass and pussy on him. I play with my clit and I make him stick a finger in my butt, I don’t stop until I cum all over. I make him lick my pussy and clean up my juices. When I feel all clean, I put my strap-on on and I make him suck it while playing with my pussy when I’m good and ready I make him bend on all fours, I lick his ass and get it all nice and wet before I slide my black dick in his ass, I fuck him hard while stroking his dick and telling him to cum all over my hands like a good boy he is he releases his fat load all on my hand. I love when a man can take my dick. 


Hardcore anal sex

Creampie whore

Creampie sex storiesThe cream pie whore of your dreams, all I want is a fat cock filling my pussy up with hot cum. And my favorite daddy does it just right, as soon as he comes to the door, he expects me on my knees with my mouth open like a good slut I am. He shoves his fat cock in my mouth until I gag, he keeps going until I can’t take it anymore and my eyes water up and tears fall down my face, he will sometimes chock me while he is deep down my throat or slap me just to see me in pain more, tells me “bitch be ready to get used like the whore you are!” oh that gets me so wet! He bends me over shoves two fingers in my already dripping pussy and one in my ass, even if I’m not ready I better take it. Before I can even enjoy, he sticks his hard throbbing cock in me, pumps it hard and fast using me shoving me down more on the ground, pounding away at my pussy until he finally cums hard and cream pies my pussy, he tells me how good my cunt felt and leaves, as soon as he leaves, I use his cum dripping out of me to play with my clit and finger my pussy until it squirts all over the floor.   

Cum Dumpster

cum dumpster

I am such a cum dumpster. Married men who do not get enough sex at home or get boring sex come straight to me! I get pleasure from draining balls until they’re empty. I have a regular playdate who visits me often. His wife is the boring type who only like missionary, she doesn’t even give him head. So as soon as he walks through my door, I go straight for his pants pull his big cock out and start sucking the head teasing it with my tongue. I squeeze his balls and use my finger to rub right underneath them while I push his cock deeper down my throat, I know he likes it and doesn’t get it at home. You want to know what else he doesn’t get at home? He doesn’t get to shove his hard cock in an asshole, lucky for him I love it. I love ass play I like it being licked and fingered specially fucked. That is why I am his favorite! And I know if you come to me, I will be your favorite too! 


All The Whore You Need

freaky phone sexAre you looking for a freaky phone sex whore, then I am all you need. I get fucked by all kinds of men, from filthy daddies to dominant business men. They’re so many freaks out here who like to do drugs, have fun and get nasty, I am one of them! I am not ashamed to say I like my cunt being filled up with your cum or let you choose where you want to dump your load. I do not have to worry about getting drugs or dick, I just sell my pussy to the highest bidder and I get to have both. If I’m lucky I’ll get a nasty customer with a filthy fetish who will make try new and exciting things. I love things we shouldn’t be doing. Use my whole body up while I’m tied up or whip me with your paddle, when you buy me, I will do whatever you want. It is my pleasure and gets me off every time. You will get off talking to me telling me all the things you would do to me if I was there with you!

The whore of whores

trailer trash whore Do you need a submissive whore … well I am the one for you! I like partying having fun and making memories. Do you have any kinky pleasures? I want to hear about them and explore them. Tie me up or I’ll tie you up, spank me or ill spank you. Bring all your favorite toys you want to use on me, have my pussy or my ass spread ….my gaping pussy oozing of juices from the last nights creampie with my playmate. I love a nasty watcher peeping at me stroking his big member trying to get off as I play dirty with whomever I met the previous night. Usually online or a social atmosphere where whores can be whores because I am one of the best whores out there. I’m ready for anything you throw my way as long as you make me cum over and over and I promise you will not be disappointed because I will be making you cum load after load.

I Had A Cum Filled Cunt

Cum Filled Cunt I love my job but what I really love is the VIP parties. Nothing gets my pussy wetter than a nice wad of cash. So, whenever I have a big party of horny men being particularly generous, I always try to move them to the VIP lounge. It never takes much convincing. A bachelor party had come in last night and that typically means lots of cash will flow from their pockets to mine. I suggested that if we took it back to the VIP room that I could assure them that there would be some touching. After quickly agreeing we headed back. I recruited a few other girls as there were about a dozen guys in the group. We danced for the groom to be and the others. We stripped completely naked and rubbed our tits and pussies all over them. And then I whispered that for a little more cash we would be happy to entertain them with our pussies. They could not pull their money out fast enough. I took each one of those hard dicks in my nice, juicy, bald pussy and fucked them hard until they had cum inside me. After fucking all those horny bastards, I had a cum filled cunt, a real cream pie. As a special treat, I had the groom to be lick my pussy clean of all his and his friends cum. This got their dicks hard again and I passed them onto my friends to fulfill their needs. I smiled and walked out with more cash than I could fit in my pockets.

Sometimes I get a little bored

live phone sexSometimes I get a little bored staying home but what can you do right? Nothing is really open here and we all have to social distance and it really sucks when you’re a slut like me who needs cock to live. I am so horny I can’t even stand it so I called up an old friend of mine and we video chatted since I couldn’t do anything else. I stripped for him and he got rock hard, just looking at that cock was driving me wild and I resorted to begging him to come by and give me some. He kept saying no and made me masturbate until I came and told me to go take a nap but how could I do that with dick on the brain? Well, he was just trying to surprise me after all, he showed up at my door about an hour later and we fucked all night! I’m telling you, I may just move his ass in till all this is over with.

It was for my health

live phone sexI have been going stir crazy with all the pandemic bullshit going on. I’ve been mostly stuck at home, there’s no parties and I am fucking bored! I want fun, I want to be active and I want new cocks to fuck! I was even starting to gain a little weight so I decided that I would take up some socially distant jogging for my health. Well, there I was jogging when this huge black guy came up behind me. He was keeping his distance and all cus neither one of us had a mask on but just looking at him had my panties soaking wet and all I wanted to do was jump on that huge black dick. I stopped jogging and turned around to ask him bluntly if he would fuck me and to my surprise he smiled and said hell yeah. We maintained our distance by just bending me over so he could fuck me with that huge dick doggy style and it was everything I had been missing. Plus it was kinda hot to be fucking all out in the open like that where anyone could see. I will be going back out again tomorrow, I hope I see him again, you know, for my health.

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