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Drunk Trailer Trash Whore Gets Anal Gangbang

I was so drunk last night I didn’t realize I was gangbang by big black dicks until this morning. My asshole was sore and gappy when I woke up. I could only remember bits and pieces.

Drunk phone sex

I could remember getting so drunk I was on my knees sucking any big dick I could see. There were a few times I was sucking cock and I was gagging so hard my throat was squeezing his dick until he busted his thick gooey semen load down my throat. I almost threw up a few times, but I was too drunk to care. I only felt the first dick that was shoved in my ass, after that they just took turns fucking my drunk ass over and over. I had cum dripping down my legs, but it didn’t bother them they just used the leftover creampie to lube my asshole up. They continued to fuck my gappy asshole until I passed out. They then finished and blasted their nuts on my face. Waking up crusty with a sore gappy asshole is what a trailer trash whore does.

Anal Crack Whore Hunting

My favorite fuck buddy and i were driving around getting high in his van only stopping to have my cunt filled up with nut. I wanted to watch him fuck a tight asshole open, so we were looking for the perfect crack whore to use. We drove past young strung-out slut with big tits and ass.

Crack whore anal

We pulled up next to her and I told her that her ass looks perfect for fucking and that we have party favors for her. She got in the van so fast, we just drove to a secluded spot nearby. She hit the pipe as I undressed her. I made her get his cock hard with her mouth as I rubbed my clit then I told her to lick my cum filled cunt clean. Since she was so blown he rubbed his pre-cum on her ass hole and was able to shove his cock deep in her ass without her even flinching. She scooped the nut out of my cunt into her mouth. It was so fun watching this anal crack whore getting fuck as my cunt was licked, that I drenched her face when I came. He loved seeing that crack whore drenched in my cum taking his big dick with ease so much he filled her asshole with a big load before we gave her another hit. 

Anal Cum Dumpster Whore made By Daddy

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There is a reason I am the best Anal cum dumpster. My mommy sold me to her crack dealer and made me crack whore young. The man who busted me out of his nuts loved bouncing me on his lap, making me feel his hard cock poking at me. At night he would use me to milk his cock off and make him nut all in my mouth until it was full. When that wasn’t enough, he would make me drink his “special juice”. Now I am addicted to it and more. He would get me luppy enough to have me close to passing out and that is when he first fucked my butthole. It hurt but he just pushed his daddy dick in my ass and fucked me hard. He fucked me like i was just a whore to use and filled my asshole up before just leaving the room. Daddy made into the best Anal cum dumpster that now knows how to use her asshole to get what she wants. 

Crack Whore Luna Is An Anal Cum Dumpster

I have been a Lot lizard for a while now and most men do not want to fuck your cunt while you are on your period and bleeding. Since i still needed to get high I decided I would have some an Anal cum dumpster fucking special. Bring whatever drugs you have, and you can fuck my asshole. I had so many guys coming to me for some Crack whore anal fucking and I was so excited I got high and bent over letting them take their turn fucking my asshole hard. I would start by sucking their cock until it was nice and hard by then they were so ready to fuck my ass I had to just lay there and take it. My ass was getting pounded hard and getting stretched open at some point I wanted to take a break I felt like I had to poo all the cum out, but they didn’t want to let me, so I keep letting them fuck me.

Scat phone sex

By the time the last guy came in I was ready to let him use my ass and be done. But while he fucked me, I felt my ass started to drip and I knew the drugs and all the cum in my ass was making me shit. He didn’t stop, he kept going using the cummy shit to lube his cock up so he could blast his nut. I got high for just being what I am an Anal cum dumpster. 

Wrist Deep In Asshole

I was getting high with my dealer, and he had fucked my asshole it was stretched open already dripping with his nut. He had an idea of how i could get really blasted and it was to stick a pill up my asshole.

Scat phone sex

There is nothing more that I love than being so high I don’t care what happens to me. He took the pill, and I could feel his fingers pushing up inside me, but he kept going and pushing until he had his whole fist in my asshole and started pumping my asshole with his fist. He pulled his fist out of my ass and rubbed his shitty hand on my face. Then i felt my body get the rush and high I wanted. He shoved his fingers in my mouth and made me clean his dirty shity hand he told me he would give me more drugs if I did. I love being blasted and how I was feeling that I went for it. He made me ride his cock with my asshole and making sure i cleaned the scat off his hand until he nutted in my ass one more time. I’m a trashy druggy whore and I’ll do anything for my high.

Cum Dumpster Party Whore

I was drunk at a party with all my friends acting like fucking whores. My friend dared me to pull out my perky tits out in front of everybody at the table. My friend started sucking on my nipples and all the black bulls in the room started cheering her on. I looked around and could see their BBCs poking through their pants. My friends and I talked amongst us and made a bet on who could take the most dick. I know I am the best whore so I went up to the biggest cock I could see poking out and whispered in his ear to meet me in the bathroom.

Big dick sucker


There I was waiting bent over like a slut with my legs spread open. He came in right away pulling his big black cock out and pushing it inside my wet ass hole. One after another my friends and I made a trip to the bathroom with a different dick to fuck every time. We talked again and took count. I was neck to neck with my best friend so I went up to two best friends and told them to pull their dicks out so I could suck them. As I sucked their big black dicks everyone cheered, that is when they bent me over and fucked me in front of everyone. When they filled my holes up with their thick nuts, I looked at my girls and told them I won! I’m the best cum dumpster.

Gangbanged For Dope

Hooker phone sex

I am a Big dick sucker and I love doing some rails and choking on a cock. Being a trashy whore like I am, it is easy to get what I want by using my holes. Yesterday night my dealer knew I was needing a fix and popped up at my place with a nice bag of powder. Right away I got on my knees. I didn’t notice his friends walking in behind him. I swallowed his load and that is when I noticed four other BBCs out and hard. I asked for my drugs and he said not until I milk them one by one. I responded one at a time why not just gangbang me. In my mind it would be faster and I could get my drugs which is all I want. I bent over and got on all fours like a horny dog bitch wiggling my ass in the air for them. They picked a hole to start pounding and forced their big black dicks in me. One by one they came inside me filling me up with nut. When they were done all I wanted to do is some lines, I didn’t even care about the cum dripping out of me.

Dope Strung Trashy Pussy

Last night I decided to get drunk and high. I went to my dealer and told him I needed some blow, he told me he does too. I got on my knees and started sucking his big fat black cock, I do anything to be high.

Hooker phone sex

Then his friends came out from the kitchen and pulled their cocks out. I don’t mind selling my holes for what I need. I started sucking each cock one by one, it made my trashy cunt wet. They kept stroking their dick as I suck the others and then I felt it cum started splashing me with their nut as I had cum being pumped down my throat. They started to splash all their nut on me bukkake style and now I wanted to get my blow and leave. I tried to get up but that is when I was pushed down, and they forced my legs open. My dealer stuck his still hard dick in my cunt ripping it open with his horse size dick. His BBC was digging deep in me, and he then pulled it out and shoved it in my ass as his friends cheered him on. He finally pumped my ass with his nut making me his Anal cum dump and told me to get my drugs and go. I forced him to give me extra for taking my cunt and asshole telling him I don’t give my holes up for free I’m a hooker.  

Trailer Trash Training For A Young Lot Lizard

I did a young slut a favor and gave her some trailer trash training. I met her being a lot lizard and she looked like she didn’t even have hair on her cunt, which she didn’t. I made her come with me as I had a few johns waiting in my room for us. I told her to follow my lead and she would make lots of money. I got her naked, on her knees, sucking big black cock like she was hungry. She probably was, she looked like she had been used and abused. She at least was now going to get paid for her young holes.

BBC phone sex

I told her to bounce back on the BBC no matter what. When the big black cock pushed inside her bald tight hole, I could see the pain in her face so I started rubbing on her clitty. I didn’t stop until I felt what I think was her first orgasm. As we got fucked and filled up, I kept rubbing her cunt making her enjoy the pounding she was getting from these big black dicks. Then when they were done, they handed me all the money and I gave her little cut. She made me so much money and learned how to be a good lot lizard from me.  

Anal Sex Whore Luna

Anal sex whore

Being an anal sex whore has many advantages. I love when it is a big black dick, I’ll get on my knees like the dirty slut I am. Making sure it disappears in my mouth is not hard at all. What makes it even better is when I get to get high then I become a Crack whore anal lover. Once your big cock is leaking, I want you to give me some Hardcore anal sex. Fuck my asshole hard baby while I rub on my clit and when your friends walk in, I want you to make sure they see how gappy you are making my asshole. I don’t mind if they stroke their large thick black cocks to me getting fucked in my ass, the more cum the better. If you feel like sharing me, just make sure you get me higher. You and your friends will have a good time giving my asshole creampies until you guys are all drained up. If I get to be high, I don’t care how many loads I milk with my asshole.  

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