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Gangbang Whore Is At It Again

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The last john that picked me up was a nasty pervert freak but I didn’t know until we got to the hotel room. He had paid me a lot of money so I knew I was in for a long night. When I walked in, I could see at least ten guys. He told me I would be fucking all of them, what he didn’t know was I am a gangbang whore. I love the way it feels to have a cock shoved into my holes one after the other. I went to the bathroom got high just like I like being when I’m getting fucked and took all my clothes off. As soon as they all seen me naked, they started stroking their cocks. There was all kinds of sizes and colors I got to my knees and started sucking one then I felt a cock rubbing against my ass and I got ready as it was shoved in me. The whole night I was fucked in all my holes getting filled up time after time until I fell asleep. I woke up to a big bag of money.  

Pissy Cum Slut

Pissing phone sex

Pissy cum slut is what one of my johns calls me, he loves coming over having me naked as he gives me a big golden shower. He will spray his piss all on my face and tits watching it drip down my body before he fucks me. I make sure I have plenty of water for him to drink so he can fill his bladder up again while I suck his cock clean. He makes me open my mouth wide for what he calls his warm urine smoothie, which is his piss and pre-cum mix. I swallow every drop of it. Filling up my stomach all night just like he will fill my cunt or asshole up with his hot gooey nut. Pissing on me is only the beginning, he will pound my holes until they are ripped open wide and raw. One time he fucked my ass hard and fast even used his fist so my asshole could be wide open he wanted to piss in my asshole too. He had me spread my ass cheeks wide open as he filled my asshole up with his piss until it dripped out of me.  

Submissive Mommy Whore

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I’m a whore mommy who is very submissive and playing with my young ones is part of my mommy hood. I love taking a bath with them and cleaning their little holes. I even let them join when my playmates come over. I love watching them use their little mouths on some big fat throbbing cocks. Especially when they try to swallow all the hot gooey cum and it spills over dripping down their favorite is when I see them bounce on your lap while your cock slides in and out their holes. It turns me on so much I want to join have them lick my cunt and asshole and finger my holes while I play with my clit until I cum hard. We won’t stop playing and using their little bodies until you are ready to explode. You can fill their little holes or spray them all over with your cum either way they will be licking up the mess.  

Partying Needing To Get Gangbanged

Staying up and partying is one of the things that gets me excited and wet. I wanted to really get fucked so I messaged a few big dicks I know to come over for a gangbang. I am a gangbang whore and love getting all my holes filled up, so when partying I want to be pounded hard until I squirt. As my first fuck toy came in, I was already naked made his cock hard as a rock. I bent over and spread my ass cheeks for him so he can see how dripping my cunt was and can choose which hole he wanted to fuck.

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He played with my asshole and I knew to lower my ass on his cock. As I fucked him more and more men walked in and all my holes were finally getting fucked liked I wanted. I started getting my mouth full of gooey nut I kept getting fucked as I tried to swallow every drop but it spilled out dripping onto my tits. I felt my asshole and cunt being filled up and I was ready for more. Every time my holes got filled up it brought me closer to cumming, getting gangbang while high drives me crazy and then it happened, I squirted all over. 

EX-Boyfriend’s Slutty Toilet


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My ex-boyfriend was a big freak who would use me in any way he wanted. This time he used me as his fuck toy toilet. He fucked my mouth deep as usual and played with my pussy getting it wet and dripping, he pounded my pussy so good he made my cunt squirt. He even played with my asshole before he fucked it. He then pulled it out my ass and made me clean it with my tongue and mouth. He pushed his big black cock deeper in my throat making me gag over and over. He called me a filthy skank until he started filling my mouth up with his cum until my mouth was over flowing, I swallowed every drop and then he held my face and told me to open up again and when I did, he started pissing all over my face and mouth drowning me with his hot smelly piss making me drink it up. He called me his good slutty toilet and said we would be doing that more often. 

Gangbang On My Trip

Being a gangbang whore is what I love. Having my holes fucked and abused turns me on so much all I want to do is take fat cocks and fat loads. That is why I planned a gangbang during my trip. I placed an ad for big fat cocks to join me in my hotel room for a fuck party. When everyone arrived, I was ready naked and on all fours like a bitch in heat.

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As soon as I got my first taste of cock my pussy dripped with my juices. Perfect to take a big dick deep in there. I took a dock in every hole sucked it and fucked it until I was filled up over and over, I had cum dripping down my legs and getting fucked in all my holes made me squirt many times. I’m a gangbang whore and that is what I wanted during my trip. I make sure to plan one every time I go on a trip, lots of new cock fucking me is what I like.  

Gangbang For The Night

Gangbang sex stories

I am a big horny slut and I know that I like having my holes filled and used. I decided I needed more than one dick today or more than two, I wanted a gangbang for the night. I went to the bar had a few drinks and gave any hot guy with a big bulge my information and invited him over. When I got home, I got ready. I made sure to leave my door unlocked, I made a sign for the door that said “Come in for the fun fucking”. I got naked and drank more as the men started coming in, I told them how I want to be fucked and have all my holes filled. I got on my hands and knees and right away had cock poking at my mouth, pussy and asshole. Everything I wanted, I sucked cock as I felt dick sliding into my holes. As I got pounded, I started swallowing loads of cum. It turned me on so much it only made my pussy wetter and it made the cock in me started to cum.  I did this all night until my holes were sore, it will be something I do every week to feed my need for cock.  

Forced At The Truck Stop

I was in the truck stop bathroom when the door swung open. I tried to scream that it is in use but the man covered my mouth with his hand. Telling me he was watching me and knows that I am a dirty slut and all I want is cock. He taped my mouth and tied my hands with a zip tie. He bent me over the toilet and lifted my skirt, with his pocket knife he cut my panties.

Toilet sex

I tried to resist but I couldn’t fight him, he stuck his fingers in my cunt and asshole. Then he smelled and liked his fingers. It must have excited him more because when he pulled his cock out it was throbbing and bouncing. He stuck his cock deep in my pussy with just one push. He started moaning and pounding away, I was hoping it would end. He stuck his fingers in my asshole telling me he wanted to feel how deep his cock was in my pussy, as he continued to pound me. Finally, I felt his cock starting to pulse and the rush of his nut filling me up. He threw money at me and walked out. I tried to take the tape off my mouth and scream, but just like that no one was around many cars were leaving.  

Asshole Used While Drunk

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I woke up with a big fat cock inside my ass. It was a long fun filled night of drinking. I was hot so I had taken all my clothes off and just passed out on the bed. I woke up feeling a bit of pain and movement. As I opened my eyes, I could see I was on my stomach and the pain was coming from my ass being pounded away. I tried to move but couldn’t my body was so tired and I was still drunk. I grunted just for him to tell me to relax he was almost done. He kept pounding me and then stuck his fingers in my wet cunt. His body on top of me was forcing him deep in me and the feeling of his fingers in my pussy drove me wild. I started squirting hard all over his fingers. He didn’t stop the pounding of my ass until he filled it up with his hot cum. He made me clean his cock before he left to get some more beer. 

Surprise At The Gyno

I don’t know why every time I go to my gyno I get horny.

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The thought of him probing me and sticking his fingers in my pussy turns me on so much. I get wet when he tells me undress. Waiting for him on the bed with my feet in the stirrups, I closed my eyes when I felt his face right by my wet dripping cunt. I let out a moan when he stuck his fingers in me, I know he heard me. As he his fingers spread me open and dug in me, I started rocking my hips and pushing down on them. He then got up and locked the door pulled his pants off and his hard cock jumped out. He stuck his cock deep in me and lifted my legs higher so he could pound me harder. I started playing with my clit as he pounded me, hearing him tell me how he smells his fingers after every appointment drove me over the top. I started cumming all over his cock. He grabbed my hips and slammed me down on his cock, all I could fill is him pumping his cum in me. He gave me a prescription for the morning after pill and birth control and an appointment for the following week.

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