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Drunk Trailer Trash Whore Gets Anal Gangbang

I was so drunk last night I didn’t realize I was gangbang by big black dicks until this morning. My asshole was sore and gappy when I woke up. I could only remember bits and pieces.

Drunk phone sex

I could remember getting so drunk I was on my knees sucking any big dick I could see. There were a few times I was sucking cock and I was gagging so hard my throat was squeezing his dick until he busted his thick gooey semen load down my throat. I almost threw up a few times, but I was too drunk to care. I only felt the first dick that was shoved in my ass, after that they just took turns fucking my drunk ass over and over. I had cum dripping down my legs, but it didn’t bother them they just used the leftover creampie to lube my asshole up. They continued to fuck my gappy asshole until I passed out. They then finished and blasted their nuts on my face. Waking up crusty with a sore gappy asshole is what a trailer trash whore does.

BBC Phone Sex Party

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is something a trailer park slut excels at. There are two types of women in a trailer park. Racist, confederate flag loving whores and black cock sluts like me. I love some big black cocks, but they love me right back. I am slim and stacked, and I can take a pounding. I crashed a lot party last night. I was out seeing what kind of trouble I could get into. The power went out around 7 pm from a storm that rolled through and I was in the dark. I decided to get out and see what was going on. I saw a group of brothers out on a porch drinking Colt 45s and smoking blunts. They had an old school boom box playing 90s rap. They seemed interested in this trashy milf. They asked me to join them. I grabbed a beer and they grabbed my ass and tits. I sat on this one guy’s lap. He shared a big blunt with me. I did not know them. They are not from around here. Just in town visiting the stripper who lives in the trailer. I know her. She must have been at the club dancing. I partied with the brothers. By the time the sun went down, I was already full of black cock spunk. Head to toe. They passed me around like a rag doll. I bounced on one big black dick for a while, then hopped onto the next big black cock. Musical big black cocks is one of my favorite games. I was enjoying getting to know these brothers. They like to party and they like to fuck a blonde fucking whore. I was with them for several hours. I never once missed having power because I was distracted by beautiful big black cocks.

Always A Happy Ending!

Stripper Sex Stories

My private striptease shows in the champagne room always have a happy ending! When I take to the pole at work I’m lost in the sensation of moving my body to the music, feeling all those eyes on me makes my pussy throb and I know I’ll end up making a little extra money tonight if I just say yes. Yes to the drugs, to the private dances and to the cocks that want to slide inside me and make me their cum dump. I took a private dance with a high roller, big money was being spent on me and me alone, I had to oblige any request. This sexy rich stranger was rock hard against me as I ground my hips against his. I was slippery wet already all I had to do was free his cock from his pants and slide it in. Instantly he grabbed my hips and started pounding me into the couch, I loved every second of it and so did he apparently. He slid two wet fingers in my ass as he pumped my cunt and made me nut. It wasn’t long before I felt him unload inside my fuck hole, god I love being a stripper cum whore!

Small Snowbunny take BBC

BBC sex stories BobbieI miss taking a nice 15 inch big black cock! I love the sensation of getting stretched, stuffed and begging the man to stop when he really knows not to. He’ll look me dead in the eye and stroke me slowly but he will never pull out unless he knows he won’t make me cum in that angle. Jerry fucks me like the little whore I am, he makes me cum every time until I can barely breathe. I bounce on his cock like it’s the last fuck I’m going to get and I wouldn’t even be mad. His cream pies always have my thighs shaking while he tosses me onto his friends. I swear black men know how to fuck a white bitch that’s why we will always take their dicks as far as they need. No cunt wants a cock that won’t make you cum- I need to be fucked like a whore and Jerrys BBC does more than I ever planned.

BBC Phone Sex whore

bbc phone sexI am a BBC phone sex whore. I love black guys. It goes back to my young teen years. My mom was a hooker for black men. She would see guys in our trailer when my dad was on the road. He would not let her have a job and he was very stingy with money. It started off as just a couple guys, but they told two friends and so on and so on. She started making great money. I loved it for her because she bought me nice clothes. I would spy on my mom and masturbate. I used to fantasize about those big black cocks. Eventually, I started helping my mother with some of her clients. That gave me my first love for BBC. It is a love I still have today. I have not seen Big D in months. He had surgery on his back and has not been on the road for a bit. But he came through town last night and wanted to see his favorite blonde fucking whore.  I was excited to see him again. He has the best coke and the best cock. I told him to park his cab in my lawn and spend the night. He can leave after some rest. Although he did not get much rest because I was greedy with his cock. Big D has a beautiful black cock. It is long and it is thick. And it loves white pussy. He did not think I could handle him when we first met. But he did not know my history. I was already a seasoned black cock whore when we first met a decade ago. I rode his cock last night. No fancy fucking since he is still recovering from surgery.  He felt amazing back in my pussy. We did not miss a beat. He turned me into a cum dumpster like no one else can. I was his druggy whore most of the night. He had to get back on the road, but he left me full of his seed and with a big bag of coke. Just like old times.

Trailer Trash Whore Fucks for Coke

trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore knows how to party. Friday night came and I was out of coke. I guess I partied more than normal during the week. My only responsibility is being a phone sex whore. I never schedule myself early in the morning because I am like a vampire. I am up all night partying and I sleep until noon, LOL. So, Friday I took my skanky ass down to the truck stop to hustle truck drivers out of coke. Most truck drivers use cocaine. It is how they stay up for those long rides at night. I just cab hop and collect little bags of coke that add up after the tenth cab. I have to be a druggy porn star for the truck drivers, but they never mind sharing their stash with me if I take care of them. And I do take care of them. Friday night, I took care of 16 truck drivers. That was 16 loads in my fuck holes. Never a problem. That is actually a low number. I have taken more than that in a night. If my daughter is with me, we can do some serious damage. I do whatever the truckers want. I am a slave when it comes to coke. Most of the truckers just want a blowjob or to fuck my pussy or ass. By the time I got to the last truck, I was a creampie delight. Coated in cum from head to toe. I was burping up cum bubbles. Seriously, cum was oozing out my nose too. My belly was full, but I was not at the puke it up stage yet. I am a seasoned cum dumpster. The last trucker just wanted to give me something to wash the cum down. He was willing to give me some of his coke and a few fat joints, but he wanted to piss on me. I guzzled his urine like a dirty toilet ho. I do not mind pissing fun, especially if I am getting some primo drugs out of it. It was a busy night but this dirty old whore got enough coke to last all week.

Silvia’s BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories

Baby, you know a truck stop lot lizard like me has all kinds of BBC sex stories. I am and always have been a size queen, so I have fucked and sucked a lot of black cocks. It seems like a lot of truckers are black guys with huge dongs, so I reap the rewards of their long, lonely drives a lot. Pretty much every single day. I mean, it’s the least I can do for these fine men, who do their best to make sure our country is supplied with everything we need. Bending over and taking those massive chocolate cocks is just my contribution to show my appreciation.

I love it when they shoot their loads in my cunt. It’s always gaping wide open when they are done with me, and I love watching it all drip out of me. But sometimes another BBC is buried balls deep inside me before the load even has a chance to start leaking out. Then I get to watch a double load ooze out of my pussy while I suck another big black cock. Do you want to hear more about my love of big black dicks? Perhaps your share my feelings for them. 

Gangbang Surprise

Cum Dumpster BobbieI remembered having two cocks up my ass and one up my pussy with a fourth on its way to stretch my cunt. Meanwhile I gagged another fat cock while getting slapped by a fresh one. Dicks just kept adding on. I did as I was fucking told like the cock sucking cum gagging whore I am. I may have drank more than the suggested amounts they tell most woman these days- but the fucks I give and the fucks I get make it worth my while. I know I started out with two cocks because I dragged both of the boys to the back myself, the others that joined in-were just a bonus. I remember cumming a few times while I was bent over being gripped well by the first man that stuffed me. His cock was thicker than the rest and he reached deep where the others couldn’t. Usually I like to let them in by size but after sucking his cock in the kitchen I needed him and his friend to fuck me senseless. His friends couldn’t believe I was serious when I kept begging them to try and fit their cocks inside me together. I wanted three in my cunt and three up my ass, shit I wanted to get fucking stuffed full of cream until I couldn’t move and drip out on the floor into the morning. I am a fucking slut and proud of it-the more dicks I get- the more satisfied I’ll be!

Daddys Cumslut

Anal Cum Dumpster Bobbie

He gave me five minutes to make them all cum, daddy knows he trained my cunt to fuck any cock real fucking good. In fact daddy had all his friends run a train on my when I was barely legal- and let me tell you it was a ride that ended quicker than I wanted. Having one thick dick stuffing my mouth while daddy’s filled my tight pure cunt, kissing me he guided his best friend nice and slow into my tight little ass. “shh it’ll only hurt a minute, then I promise-its all pleasure Bobbie” he whispered into my ear while he kissed me and rubbed our juices toward my filthy hole. His dick stretched me out as I came on daddy’s dick and gagged on his friends cock. Once he was all the way in my ass I could feel both their cocks stroking against another deep inside me-slipping so fast while I had cum fill my throat. I swallowed and couldn’t stop moaning so loud his friend began to smack me in the face with his cock. Daddy held me down since I could barely control myself from Cumming all their cocks, squirming pushing them out; “fuck Bobbie you’re so tight we’re both gonna cum in you, hold fuckin still” daddy said. They fucked me so hard, cocks gliding in and out my ass through my pussy so fast you can hear their balls slapping my cunt between my cries of pleasure and pain. Having all that hot cum spray and squirt inside me was so fucking satisfying. They pulled out and I could feel how sticky I was while I laid there- it all dripped out of me. Daddy and his friends definitely broke me in first- now I can’t go a single night or day craving for a throbbing hard cock inside me.

A Fuck To Give

Creampie slut bobbie

All dicks need love- the biggest fear I have- is not finding a good fuck for this long weekend. I always have something in mind or pre-planned; Every morning I wake up, my cunt is throbbing begging for a nice, hot warm tongue to fill me up- followed by a hard thick cock. I am a fucking cum whore, what more did you expect? Some pillow princess that just lays there and gets dicked down?! No honey- I like to work my angles and If I can snort a line off your dick before you shove it up my ass. I’ll share the rocks I got with you once you cum in me, Why would you want it any other way? Better yet, we can go for another round and invite your plug, I don’t mind showing him what a deep cunt I have- promise it’ll make it worth the price honey, and if not- I won’t leave until he fucks me straight!

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