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I am Full of BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories to share with you. I am a BBC whore. I get it from my mother. She was a trailer park hooker on the down low. She would fuck black men while daddy was on the road. He never knew. My mom did not say I am gonna be a white hooker for black men. It was the 70s. Racial tensions were still high in the South. My dad was a racist. He used the N word daily. My mom was not that way. Her first John was black, and that was a game changer. That first John told all his friends about the hot white hooker, and soon she was servicing every black guy in town. She charged $50 and that included everything. Blow jobs, anal, two guys at once, cum shots on the face. Whatever the men wanted. That would be about the equivalent of $250 now. She became a black cock whore. I was raised watching her take those beautiful big black cocks. Eventually, I was hooking with her. We hid the money from daddy. I do not know why I married a white guy just like my daddy. That marriage did not last long because he was not a fan of his bbc gangbang whore wife’s choice in lovers. Once I was divorced, I was free to be the BBC whore my mom was decades earlier. I have had 5 decades of taking big black dicks. I have shared BBCs with my mother, my daughter and even my son. The older I get, the more BBC I get too. Black guys love mature sexy women because we can handle the kind of monster cocks they have. Us old bitches do not care about tight holes anymore and we cannot get pregnant, so black men gravitate to us. Here I am today, in my mid 50s, and still enjoying black cock thanks to my pioneering momma. If you are looking for BBC phone sex, I am full of stories and Nigger seed.

Piss Play Whore Wets Panties!

BBC Sex Stories

Watersports are my secret craving, I love talking about how wet and wild it is to piss through my panties on a call! I can’t get enough piss play when I’m horny, I wait all night for someone to call and tell me they want to hear me pee or talk to me while I soak my little thong. This morning I woke up so fucking horny, dreaming about all kinds of cock and cum. When I reached down to touch myself my panties were soaked, I think I must have finger fucked myself to the point of squirting while dreaming of all the hard cock inside my cunt and ass! If you love hot soaking wet panties and piss play just as much as I do, call me!

Cum Guzzling slut mommy

cum guzzling slutCum guzzling slut mommy here doing what she does best. Milking a big chocolate cock to get a little blow to survive the week. It’s already been a long week with school back in session and I definitely haven’t got enough cock, coke, or cum to make it through! My son was the first to tell me what a crab ass I was being. He said why don’t you go down to your dealer’s house and get some mommy elixir. I went to grab some cash, but it was lunch money for this week for my two brats. I threw up my hands and my son pointed out that all I would have to do is fuck and suck for it like I always do. I knew he was right, but he didn’t have to talk to me like that. “Watch your sister, I’ll be back,” I stormed out of the house, but my son was begging to come with me so he could watch me in action. “Well fucking grab a coat for your sister, I cant leave her by her self.” and off we went so mommy could suck black dick and get some dope! I have more  BBC sex stories with me and my brats, just like this one! 

Selling My Asshole For Blow

Gangbang blow hoe is what I am known as. I love to party, and I don’t care who knows it. If you have what I like I will give you what you want. I have done many times with many men even at the same time. When I was offered a whole lot of party favors in exchanged to get fucked in my ass, I took it. But when he pulled his cock out and I saw how big it was, I knew I had to get really high.

Anal cum dumpster

His horse size dick shoved down my throat made me gag and my eyes water. He rubbed some blow on my asshole to numb it up. When he shoved his big thick black dick, I could feel it stretching my asshole open. He fucked me hard like a horse would pound out his mare. I took it as much as I could but I one pound I fell into the bed, and he just kept pounding my ass hard into it. He jack hammered my asshole until he came all in it. He told me to wash and rest up he would be ready for more soon. He made me his Anal cum dumpster all night.  

BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI am full of BBC sex stories. I have been a black cock whore since I was a young girl. This week, I ran into the man I lost my virginity too. I was a young schoolgirl. He was a younger man. Not younger than me, but younger than my mother who he was fucking. He was my mom’s first black John. He was the one that spread the word that she was a great BBC whore and down to fuck black men for money. I used to spy on them fucking and masturbate. I was supposed to stay out of sight. My mom’s Johns were not to know I was in the house, but I liked to watch her. She was beautiful, especially when she was a big dick sucker for the local black men. One time, Jerome caught me watching and he offered my mom money to fuck me. Now, she did not want to turn out her young daughter. It was me who assured my mother I was ready for the challenge. I was still a virgin, but I was horny as fuck. I had been watching my father’s VHS collection of porn and watching my mother be a black cock whore. I told my mother we needed the money. A bbc whore was born that day. It hurt, but I still loved it. I was not sure Jerome would recognize me. I was all grown up. It had been 40 some years since I saw him, but he recognized me because I look just like my mother. He is damn near 70 now, but he still looked good. My guess was his anaconda still worked too. I went home with him. His dick had a few issues, but nothing a good rim job could not fix. His son was there too. He has a son my son’s age. The boy was just as hung as his father. I am a trailer trash whore, so I fucked them both. I had a black father and son tag teaming my holes all night. I did this for free. I was feeling nostalgic and super fucking horny. My mom may have charged black men to fuck her, but I fuck them for free.

Drunk Phone Sex Bimbo

drunk phone sex

Let’s get fucking wasted and have drunk phone sex, baby! I know you will be more open and loosened up if you’ve had a couple drinks and that’s when the phone fucking goes to a whole new level. I don’t need to be loosened up and I think you know that if you’ve read any of my blogs. But I’m willing to drink up in solidarity with you. What’s your drink of choice? I want to know what makes you feel good, so you will let your guard down. Then, I know I can make you feel really fucking good.

Listen…I know you have some fantasies that are so far out there that you don’t think anyone will want to even hear about them, much less weave together a fantasy and help you jerk off. But baby, you’ve never met a whore quite like me. I’m famous for doing anything and everything to make a man shoot a hot load of jizz. I don’t care what it is. I just get so excited when you are turned on that I reach right down between my legs and rub one out, too. Come on. Don’t keep me waiting, lover! Let’s play!

Festive BBC sex Stories

BBC Sex Stories

I love festive BBC sex stories, dont you? A whore who gets to be laid by the biggest black cock she has ever had. A true black cock celebration by a whore who needs gaped and used to the fullest extent! I wasn’t even planning on going whoring. My son wanted me to relax and spend some time with him and his sister since it was Christmas eve.. I was out of blow and had to run to do a quick errand, I promised I would be right back. But as I got to my dealer’s hook up spot he was a no show. I called in a few favors and arranged to meet a new guy for my baggie of good feeling powder. If my brats wanted mommy pussy, I needed to feel good and blow makes me extra honey, i

 was doing this for them. Well if you know me and know how much I love the BBC, then you know I couldn’t resist this mother fucker with a huge dick in his grey sweatpants, just hanging out like Nick Cannon and shit. I had to see for myself! I left my brats alone as I worshiped that anaconda and got dicked down by the biggest black dick ever. When I got home my brats were pissed. But I explained my situation and they didn’t mind mommy being a trashy milf for that big of black cock!

a slut in everyones book

Cum Filled cunt

My cum filled cunt is the talk of the town. So much so I had to move out and get into another city because everyone has had a piece of me. When the blow hits my brain im all about being a slut.

My cunt deserves to be glazed by jizz, and I want to stick my fingers and pick out the cum and eat it like a nasty girl. Look at me while I do it, and you will see how much I’m ready to be a little bitch who will be a pissy whore too because you can use me and give me golden piss showers that I have also enjoyed. When that salty golden stream hits my mouth, you will know I am a high slut who is ready to do it all and more.

Kinky Trashy Milf

Trashy Milf This trashy milf knows a thing or two about cocks. I have been on and sucked enough cock to know all about what makes a man explode. You know as A stripper I get a lot of men with really kinky fetishes this time of year. It seems like the closer to Holidays the more men want to see me bouncing on a big black cock. Not only that they pay extra to have a private session with me and my son and daughter watching with them. Now sometimes the money’s real good and I let my daughter suck off the Payer of perversions, while mommy rides and sucks an anaconda. But most often or not my BBC sex stories involve my son helping mommy get fucked. He loves to help hold my legs, feed me cock and even clean my cummy pussy up. I enjoy this time of year not for any other reason than my perverts who love seeing me be a dirty mom and fuck Big black cock!

Trailer Trash Whore For BBC

trailer trash whoreThere is no party like a trailer park party. I never miss them. So, tonight was no different. I put on my short little dress with some heels and of course no panties or bra because I don’t want to lose them when things get freaky. I drank of few beers, smoked a little meth and headed out whoring. It was already in full swing by the time I got there. I poured myself a beer from the keg and took another hit of meth. I was just hanging out with my friend Flo and we both were getting a little bit horny, so we scoured the party for some nice hard BBC to fuck. I found the perfect cock hiding in my neighbors’ sweatpants. Being a trailer trash whore, I went over to get me some of that dick. We went inside the trailer and found a nice soft bed in the back with only one other couple on it. We got beside them and undressed. I climbed right up on him and stuck my sweet juicy bald pussy in his face for the licking. I grabbed that big black cock and licked, sucked and rubbed that monster before I stuck it down my throat taking his warm load. Then he stuck one finger in my dripping wet pussy and one in my tight asshole while licking my clit, I exploded all over him. Now I think we will join the other couple for some more fun.

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