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Anal Sex Whore Play Toy Wanted

I am a trashy hot T-girl and need myself a filthy cum dump to be my Anal sex whore play toy. You will desire to have me cum in that sweet ass multiple times a day. I will use you my muppet cum slopping cock puppet. You will expect my big cock to hurt at first. It’s only temporary. The pain and the gape is part of the fun. I will anally destroy you and then just make you a party favor for my sexy hot tranny whores that will be visiting me and partying with me. We are a bunch of hot tranny phone sex whores and have a great need for a warm hole and nasty cock sucking mouth to help us out as we take filthy calls and do massive lines of blow. A girl like me just can’t have enough playthings in her life. Yeah sure as sexy transvestites’ we enjoy fucking each other also. We really put on a nice show for some big daddy cocks that love our tranny holes. So we may be sexy ladyboy lesbians when we party hard but we still need a good clean up bitch to lick and suck our cocks and asses.

Anal sex whore

BBC Sex Stories Galore

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories. I am often full of bbc cum too. Friday night I always hustle at the truck stop. Friday night is my night there because that is when so many black truckers camp for the night at the Loves. I put on my Daisy Dukes, a tube top and high heels. I shake my ass up and down the rows and hop from cab to cab. The black truckers love me. They love watching a skinny blonde cougar take their big fat beef sticks. I should be a BBC porn star. I look like an older version of all those skinny young blonde trailer park whores getting split in two by big black cocks. I was riding Big D’s monster cock when some other black truckers came knocking on his truck. They wanted in on the action. I will be a gangbang whore for black guys any night. I may be thin, but I do not break. I can take a pounding. And Friday night, I took 6 big black cocks. Sometimes, I had 3 at a time. They all got to fuck me several times. All came in at least two of my holes, with some coming three times in a hole. I was a sticky mess. Maybe some girls would want to shower after that. Not me. It is my whore badge of honor. I love being covered in cum. I did not come home until the sun was coming up. I teetered home covered in cum, smelling like Crown Royal and coked up. I was still horny. The truckers had to sleep some before hitting the road. They could not keep up with me. No one can. I called my daughter. She is as close as it gets to keeping up with me. She came over and ate my cum filled cunt. We partied and around noon we finally crashed. I love my life as a lot lizard whore.

Hadley is an anal cum dumpster

anal cum dumpster

I have been up all night, running around the streets and trying to find a big black cock to sit my fat anal sex whore ass down on. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling the way that my asshole stretches when I am presented with a giant piece of black man meat. That midnight monster is going to force my asshole open. No amount of knocking or pleading, or even scissoring me why does going to make my little fuck hole ready for him. I wanted a man that was at least 14 in long, and I finally found him downtown by the river. He was dealing dope, and I love me a hot fucking ride so I bought a rock off of him and got myself all fired up. Every time that I get horny as shit. I couldn’t help but notice the way that he was staring at my tits, and I didn’t even have to beg him for him to whip that cock out. When I saw how thick his dick was, I knew that he was the one. I instantly turned around, bent over the railing to the river, and flipped up my little micro skirt. I reached back and spread my own sheets so that he could see my brown eyed Susan, and he knew exactly what I wanted. I got BBC sex stories for miles cum and play with a nasty gang bang Black cock slut!

Ass Destruction Lover!

Anal Sex Whore

Ass torture is my favorite, I love having my asshole torn by two hard Big Black Dicks at the same time! I sometimes stay late at work cleaning up and closing the strip club just so I can walk to my car alone. Occasionally I see a couple of black guys lingering in the parking lot selling drugs to the girls who just got off, when I walk to my car I make sure to look vulnerable in my skimpiest clothes and highest heels. I see two guys walking close to my car and give them the signal to get in by rolling down my windows. They come get in the passenger seat and back seat but I know they are hard and waiting to get off with me. I jump into the back seat straddling the lap of the second sexy black man, he grips my waist and pushes my pussy down on his cock letting me soak him. He has no Idea that my hope for the night is that he and his friend stuff my ass with both of their cocks at the same fucking time!

druggy phone sex is hot to me

druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sex is great. You can hear all my stories of getting stoned and fucked at the same time. My pussy craves juicy cock, exceptionally when im high. I want to feel you push your thick dick deep inside me and make you watch as my eyes roll back. It feels fantastic to have you in me, and I can’t deny myself letting go and getting the highest I have ever gotten and let you fuck me till you explode. I’m ready to be your fuck slut and will let you have any wish you crave. You can do it all to me, and I will say yes, please. fuck me silly and make me your cum slut and show me you are the boss while I serve you on my knees.

Big Dick Sucker and Blonde Whore

big dick suckerWhen you are a big dick sucker, word gets out quickly. Every man in my trailer park with a big cock and a wife who cannot handle his enormous dick, comes knocking on my door sooner or later. Last night, three black boys showed up at my door. They had some Crown Royal with them and some primo weed they took from their father. I was interested in daddy, but I am not going to turn away three horny brothers. These black boys wanted to fuck an old blonde whore. They said they heard I never met a cock I did not want to suck. I love that folks talk about what a trailer trash whore I am with other folks. I love having a bad reputation just like Joan Jett, LOL. I partied with them then I showed them what a three-hole whore I can be with the right cocks. I really am a dirty three-hole whore. I mean I have three holes, why not let them all be filled with cock and cum. Big, black cock. These boys were teenagers, and their dicks were bigger than many adult males I know including my ex-husband. I am not much of a Crown Royal drinker, but I did not want to be rude. I drank it with them, got high with them, and drained their big black balls many times in a few hours. I tried to subtly ask about their daddy because you know if the sons have big dicks, they likely got it from daddy. They knew why I asked. I was not as sly as I thought. Daddy bats for a different team. Too bad for me, but I have three hung young black studs in the neighborhood now and they want to play with this blonde fucking whore again. It feels like Christmas came early.

I Love Being a Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. Cum does this old body good. I am a cum whore. I will drink cum from a cock, out of a pussy or ass, off the floor or in a drink. I have a confession to make. I have a freezer full of cum. I have some in baggies and some filling up the ice cube trays. Most days I get cock and cum directly from the source, but some days that is just not enough. I was cum hungry this morning. I had fucked all night long. I guzzled a ton of cum, but it was not enough for me. After all my lovers left, I went to my freezer for more cum. I put 4 cum cubes in my coffee. After I sipped my morning coffee with my special cream, I went back to the freezer and thawed out a bag of frozen cum. It was a big bag too. It is from Big D my black trucker fuck buddy. He fills up a baggie of cum like no one else. I am addicted to his jizz. I guzzled down one bag of his cum. I had warmed it in the microwave and that made it warm like I was drinking it straight from his 14-inch big black cock. I was playing with my pussy while being a cum guzzling slut. I could still feel the cum in my cunt from the night before.  I scooped that out and fed it to myself. I was like a starved wild animal. I could not get enough cum. I went back to my freezer and got another bag of Big D’s cum and nuked it too. I stood there in my kitchen guzzling almost all my frozen cum. You would have thought I was eating M and M’s the way I went through my freezer full of jizz. I guess I am going back out this week to replenish my stock.

Gangbang Whore

gangbang whoreI know “Gangbang whore” sounds like a really bad title… But that’s only if you’re a boring ass bitch who’s scared to live life and have fun. Being a self-proclaimed dick-sucking whore has made my sex life an ongoing fuck fest with plenty of cock to go around. You haven’t lived until you’ve had more than one meat stick in you at the same time. My love for the feeling of having two dicks fucking my cunt and my ass makes me squirt this sweet pussy juice just like a water hose. So when my new boo suggested he bring a guy friend along when we fucked, of course it was a no brainer. Within seconds of them pounding me in both holes I was cumming and making a big mess. While my boyfriend kept his dick buried deep in my ass, his friend stuck two finger in my pulsating slit and began licking my swollen clitty. As my body began to shake and I felt myself about to cum, my boyfriend spread my legs wide open and his friend joined him in fucking me in my asshole. The feeling of their cocks grinding together inside my ass while being finger fucked was indescribable. We all came so fucking hard! Needless to say now I’m more curious than ever to see how many cocks I can fit into both holes at once.

Big Dick Sucker 24 / 7

big dick suckerWhen you are a big dick sucker, the word gets out. Men come knocking on your door at all hours of the night. Most folks in my trailer park know I keep vampire hours. I party all night, sleep in the day like one of the Lost Boys. Most of the men needing their big balls drained come to visit in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning after wives have gone to bed or left for work. I was actually sleeping around noon when there was a frantic knock on the door. Honestly, I had no clue who it could be because no one visits me in the day much. I was a bit grouchy because I had slept off the booze and cocaine. My mood quickly changed when I opened the door and saw a beautiful black man in front of me. I was hoping it was a delivery because I wanted his package. He was new to the area and needed his balls drained. His neighbor said I was the best cum guzzling slut he had ever met and told him to come see me. I needed to thank Dan for the referral because this man looked like he had a huge dick. He did have a big dick. I unzipped his pants and out rolled a neglected anaconda. I chugged it back with little trouble, which impressed the fuck out of him. I told him I was a BBC whore and I have had a few amazing cocks in my life. He told me if I made him cum in less than five minutes, he would pay me and become a regular. I wanted to tell him that I do not need money to do what I love, but coke is not free. Plus, I felt challenged. I made him cum in 3 minutes. Drained his balls 3 more times within 30 minutes. Not only did he slip me $500, but he also told me he was going to come by several times a week because I was the best cock sucker he had ever met.

BBC Sex Stories : The Blossom Train

BBC Sex Stories

I love it when I get cat called out on the street, I often use it as an opportunity to get my cunt filled with cum! I remember one time I was walking to work from my trailer park and I heard a group of black guys laughing loudly and talking as they were waiting for the bus, as soon as I walked by they stopped, all of their heads turned and I heard one of them say “Damn her ass is phat!” Thinking of all the hot BBC Sex Stories I’ve ever heard, I tuned to face them giving them my sexiest look, it bent over a little so they could see my ass better and they all started staring. I let them follow me to the nearest motel and I knew it was dangerous to let them all fuck me but I couldn’t control my thirst for cock. I first told them to take their Big Black Cocks out, they immediately started surrounding me and getting hard. I keeled and let them all take turns slapping my face with their fat dicks. I was getting wet as I began to feel the length of their cocks with my hands, I couldn’t wait to get my holes stretched out! I didn’t have any lube so I had to get their cocks wet with all my spit, I slurped and sucked each cock before they began probing my holes. The first cock slid into my wet pussy and filled me completely, I looked up at this dark skinned sexy man and I almost creamed instantly as he began fucking me. I let the others put a cock in my hand and In my mouth, my eyes rolling back as they fucked me. Soon enough I felt a fat dick pushing at my asshole and I almost screamed as he ripped my ass open to fuck me even more. Feeling two BBC’s thrusting together as they double penetrated me was the most amazing feeling I have ever had, so full of cock I could have died right then but instead I squirted, My little cunt and open asshole began pulsating like I’ve never felt before! I blacked out from how hard I came! When I woke up alone I knew I had to miss work because I couldn’t even walk.

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