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Big Dick Sucker Then and Now

big dick suckerThank God I am a big dick sucker. Tyrese had a monster cock that took me by surprise. He is a brother, so I knew he had a huge dick. I measured him at over a foot long. I may be skinny, but I can handle more cock than a bevy of sexy BBWs. I have years of experience. Decades of experience with big dicks black and white. The first cock I ever sucked was ten inches. He was a black man and my mother’s client. He had been coming to her for years, seeing me grow up. One day he looked at me and asked if I was as good as my mother. My mom said I was off limits, but then I asked how much he would pay me. Even at a young age, I understood the cash exchange for sex system. My mom was still trying to keep me from being a Lolita hooker, but when she heard how much money he was willing to pay just for my mouth, she could not say no. I was her dick sucking young daughter, but I did not stay just giving head for long. Not when we realized how much money we could make off my tiny fuck holes. Flash forward many decades later, and I doing my mother proud sucking big black cocks better than the old prostitutes. I am a cum guzzling slut for those big dicks too. Tyrese did not have to pay me. I am a black cock whore and everyone in town knows it. Tyrese offered to pay me, but I told him monster cocks like him get head from me for free. I enjoyed slurping up and down his thick rod. I did gag and I even choked some too. But nothing this seasoned old cock sucking whore cannot handle.

I’m Full of BBC Phone Sex Stories and BBC Cum

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex stories are something I have plenty to share. I am a black cock whore. I sucked my first nigger dick when I was a young girl. My mom was a black cock whore. It was not that she was curious about big black dicks or even had a clue they might be bigger than white boys. It was the 70s well before Internet porn. She needed to make money. At the time, black men loved fucking white women, especially hot ones. My mom was a former beauty queen who married a loser and a drunk. She wanted me and her to have money that daddy did not control. She started hooking in the trailer park we lived in and at the very same truck stop under a new name I go to party with the truckers. Black men were more than willing to pay money to fuck a former Ms. Georgia. She had a lot of black clients and you may not believe this, but they paid well and treated her nice. They did not treat her like a trailer trash whore. They brought her gifts and cared if she got off. You must realize that I was spying on my mom with black men from a young age. I saw those huge dicks. I saw them spoiling and pampering my mama. I wanted that too. Life was not easy for us back then, but black men made it easier. They always tipped her too. One day a regular offered a lot of money for me to suck his cock. Mom said no originally, but I convinced her to let me help. I sucked my first nigger dick that day. I swallowed my first load of cum ever too. This dirty old whore became a black cock whore that day. I have been one ever since too.

A Big Dick Sucker and A Coke Whore for New Year’s Eve

big dick suckerI rung in the new year being a big dick sucker and a coke whore. Nothing special from any other night, LOL. I am all that and more 352 days a year. Last night, I was with my daughter, her boyfriend, my son and few of his friends. Small party in the trailer, but it was not boring. I do not do boring. We started off with body shots on my body. Slippery nipples and other naughty shots to get people drunk. I mean you cannot end a shit decade sober, can you? I did lines off my son’s cock. A few more lines off my daughter’s pussy and I was feeling great. My daughter and I went down on my son together. While we polished his rod, his friends fucked our asses. I got filled up with cum and shit it out into my daughter’s mouth. Coke brings out my nasty freak side. So does tequila and I was doing plenty of that too. My daughter and I shared her boyfriend too. He had the biggest dick there. Of course, he is not white. She is a bbc whore like her mommy. I learned early on from my mama that nigger dicks are the best dicks. I passed that on to my daughter. Now, I fuck all kinds of dicks. Sure, I love to be savagely fucked by a big Nigger dick, but I like those hairless dicks too. I guess what I really am is a taboo whore. I like to fuck folks an old white woman is not supposed to fuck like young boys, Niggers and her own son. I had it all last night too like a true trailer trash whore. I fucked my son. I fucked my daughter’s black boyfriend, and I fucked the young boy next door who snuck out of his trailer to join the party. Hell, I am still high and full of cum. So far, I am loving 2021.

Trashy Milf Year In Review

Trashy Milf

I swear I must have gotten swiped into a god damned time warp guys, or maybe some drugged black hole. This trashy Milf has apparently been too busy getting strung out and fucked like a damned virgin tossed in a prison cell of sexual predators that hadn’t had pussy in years. Yeah, that is a good summary of the past month. I have been getting so mother fucking god damned high and taking every fucking cock I could fit in me. The majority of those cocks were, of course big massive black cocks that left me aching, not shitting right and gaped. I oozed with cum for the entire Month and dammit, this year was a craphouse so why shouldn’t my holes become as ridiculous! I’m loving your trashy minds guys and your need for someone like me. I am the Filth Queen of fetish topics and the filthier and more ridiculous the better. I am in love with being your nigger cock whore and fucking helping out with these crack whores I get stuck taking in. Always a fresh batch of tight holes to be destroyed before they destroy themselves. Being born on the junk is the gateway to a shit life so let’s celebrate that and all the fucking twats we saved from being a shit stain on society. We have enough of them so let me help you get off with the most deranged of fucking fetish kink that we will both be coming hard with. The ridiculous year needs a even more ridiculous way to go out. Take it out in filth, be my filth junky and don’t make me have to raise G.G. Allen from the grave to get the depravity I need.

🎅Big Dick Sucker For Big Black Cock!

Big dick sucker

All I want for Christmas is my skull fucked by a big black cock. What else would a big dick sucker ask for? This time of the year the club is normally jumping, but we have covid restrictions so I have taken a lot more pay for play sex acts on location.  No tell motels, back alleys, married mens living room while the wife goes out for a bit. Ya know typical everyday whoring. I met big john through one of my dealers.. He had never fucked a white bitch much to my surprise. 

Extra excited and wet before I got to Johns town home. I watched his wife pull out and waited the 15 minutes before I pulled around back and knocked three times, stopped and knocked twice more. You know the good old whore knock! He was naked as he answered. I only had eyes for his huge thick black dick! It was already leaking precum and kept jerking like it was trying to get a look at me! 

“That is one big black snake!” I Giggled as he pulled me in and made me get on my knees. Face to face with that black cock, this knew i would have to suck him and make him realize that white bitches suck the black cock the best.  I slurped and gulped and gagged until my eyes watered. He had only requested a nice slow blowjob but I was working extra hard to make him blow his load more than once! I enjoy giving head, it’s my talent and my pleasure at the same time. But John had better ideas. He pulled my by the hair to his couch and said he needed some snow bunny pussy! I spread my legs willingly to get pumped by his big black dick. He looked me in the eyes for the first time and said that he wanted me to cum on his nigga dick and let our juices spill all over the couch! He wanted to remember me as him and his wife watched tv together! Man I have so many BBC stories but this is the best Christmas gift I have received in a few years, It’s just so naughty! Like me! 

BBC sex stories

BBC Cum Shots

Gangbang WhoreI had go to California last year for the annual stripper competition.

I love going to these and checking out the local clubs and seeing all that fresh hard thick meat!

We went to this one club and the UCLA basketball team had just won a big game so they had come to club to blow off a little steam and celebrate!

Seeing the room filled with all those hot hard young black cocks made me cream my panties instantly!

I knew I just had to have one of those stuffing my tight cunt…or using my ass as their team anal cum dumpster!

I guess I probably pissed off some of the local whores when I started offering free lap dances just so I could wiggle my ass in their laps and feel their long thick fuck sticks grow between my cheeks!

It didn’t take long and they were buying my drinks and doing body shots from my firm round tits!

We had a blast in the party room where I was taking cum shots from those big black cocks!

BBC Phone SexI think they caught on that I was an experienced gangbang whore when I took two of those big black cocks in my sloppy wet cum filled cunt!

You could tell they were a good team and played well together when one would spread my sweet ass cheeks apart, opening up my tight ass so the rest of the team could do a slam dunk in my hot shit hole!

It was the best fuck filled night ever!

They even gave me a signed ball saying that I was the honorary team cum guzzling slut!


Slutty BBC Phone Sex

BBC phone sex

I’m a huge BBC phone sex slut, and I know that there are guys out there who dream of being like me. It’s so cool when I find out that a sissy slut wants to be turned into a big black cock sucking whore. I love taking those sissies down to the truck stop with me because that’s the best place to get their training! I always say that for anything you want to learn, you should just go in head first and get your training “on the job”.  And I know all of the guys at the truck stop and they’re always more than willing to let a cock sucking virgin practice on them.

Have you always wondered what it would be like to have a big black cock balls deep down your throat? Trust me – once you do it for the first time, you’ll wonder what took you so long to go through with it. Just think of me as your fairy cock mother and I’ll teach you everything you need to know about being a dick sucking slut. Are you ready to get started, you dirty little whore? Pick up the phone and give me a call!

BJ & Hadley Have BBC Sex Stories

BBC Sex Stories

BJ stands for blow jobs and she and I both have so many BBC sex stories. I will let you in on one of my favorites. 

Christmas is approaching and we thought you dirty perverts would like the gift of big black cock tales from two trashy whores! 

It was one of my runs up towards where this hot momma slings her ass.

 I had hopped a couple of rigs and ended up not too far from where she stays.

 I needed a good fix and some dick. 

That’s all I texted as he told me where to meet her! Meeting BJ in person was even better than I expected.

 She is built like brick shit house and her tits are so fucking round like snow globes.

All I could do was stare at her tits until she turned around in that dirty motel room and bent down to put her boots on.

His ass was fire and no wonder black cock found its way in her ass!

Now being known for a big dick sucker I knew when BJ brought me up in that trap house on main and 5th we were going to be blowing lots of BBC and getting some dope for it!

I love sucking black dick and I was game.

What I wasn’t prepared for was a twenty man gangbang for both of us.Big dick sucker

She grinned as we were stripped naked and the Massive Anacondas flopped out.

“Get to work bitch, it’s not that many, I can do it by myself if you don’t want to, more cock and blow for me!” she pointed to the black men waiting and made me crawl to those big cocks and begin slurping and doing my best. 

That when BJ laughed and said that’s right whore do that gawk gak 500o and do it well! Slobber those Black cocks for me!

Black Men Love Blonde Fucking Whores

blonde fuckingBlack men love blonde fucking whores like me. I think they like the contrast of their dark skin against our fair bodies. I just like that dark meat inside my white meat. It feels amazing to get stretched and filled in both my holes. I am black cock whore. I am the only slut in town who can handle the kind of stuffing that Big D gives. He has a 13-inch black cock. His wife cannot handle all his cock, so every time he drives through town, he stops off to see his favorite blonde whore. Blondes on blacks is a fetish. Guys love to watch blondes getting ripped apart by big black dicks. Times are tough so Big D suggested we make a little video, and he would upload it to this site who knows about. Make us some Christmas money he said. He was worried I might be concerned about being naked on the Internet. I laughed because this trailer trash whore is naked all over the Internet currently. He set up his iPad to film us and we made a hot little BBC porn. I moaned and screamed more than usual to give the illusion of pain. Folks pay more if they think the chick is being ripped apart, he said. I think guys live vicariously through big black dicks. They imagine having a big black cock that can punish a pussy because their little white dicks could not punish a Barbie doll’s pussy. White men are obsessed with black on blonde porn. I guess they have a bad case of penis envy, LOL. Big D put up the video of us fucking and the money was coming in almost immediately. He said he will share the profits with me since I am the one taking the beating. My pussy has been taking a beating from his cock for a decade now. Wish I knew sooner I could make money from being a bbc whore.

Mighty Whitey Dominated By BBC Phone Sex

Mighty whitey young, dumb and full of cum. You think you have shit for this BBC size Queen of a used up retired stripper cunt? Hah! I had the best laugh today when a young man thought he could fuck me and try dominating me. Thinking he can pull my hair and I will moan like a whore on his pathetic prick? Hahahahahah. I nearly pissed myself laughing. But instead I was cumming for the big nigger cock up inside my stripper cunt as I read these messages. I moaned like a whore right then on that 12 inches of fat fabulous fuck meat. Just understand a woman like me is Not going to be dominated. I am the trashy, druggy Milf and mama to all the crack whore cunts in my territory. I am Queen Bitch pimp mama always keeping the King cobras for myself and tossing the little anorexia junkies to the rest. You wanna fuck the hell out of something tight, white boy? Well hit me up for one of these trashy teens I have around. Teen may be to much for you if that pecker is under 7 inches and you may need to discuss further about something juicier and tighter. Thing is if you wanna talk dirty to me and expect me to be excited… well honey we can all fake it to make it and that means pay to fuck me and play baby.

BBC Phone Sex

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