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Trailer trash whore hired for a gangbang fuck

This Trailer trash whore was booked all week for parties where I was going to be used to milk all the cocks I could. The last event was my favorite, I got gangbang. There were big black dicks all over the place and a table full of my favorite party favors. My party outfit consisted of a pair of high heels, a cup less bra and crotchless panties. My one rule was I get to be as high as I want and since I got my payment, I wanted tips. Not just a cock tip but money, it always talks. I did a few lines before I started giving guys lap dances. While I danced, they groped and touching every inch of me. Even the inside of my holes were proved. I had a guy stick his finger in the blow and then in my ass. I knew they were going to be using my holes hard and that would help me numb up to take it. I slammed my high pussy on the last big cock I danced on. As i fucked him another dick was shoved in my cunt. I even sucked a guy off while riding a cock. That is why I love blow it gives me energy to fuck like if there were more than one Gangbang whore in the room. I kept bouncing my pussy and ass on any cock that was in it. A few of them started filming because they couldn’t hold their nut and busted a big load quick. By the end of the night, I had gotten double my pay with tips. I am the best whore out there.

Trailer trash whore

Trashy Milf Stripper Sex Cum Eating From a Prolapsed Asshole

Trashy milf Stripper sex gets nasty when you crave the extreme. Nothing gets more extreme than a prolapse anus oozing with spunk. My stripper ass gets pounded out pretty hard. All the BBC I take it’s no surprise that thing gets prolapsed really good. 

One night there was a younger stripper in the VIP room with me. I was showing the ways of taking that BBC and making those massive cocks cum like champs. She was easy to train and a total freak.

This slut got down and dirty and started to lick and suck the jizz from my prolapsed anus. She suck and licked my prolapsed like she was worshipping a BBC. I really can’t deny that turned me the fuck on.

Once we got this young trainee for BBC pounded out, things got nastier. This cum slut was a total champ moaning and begging like a good whore. I love training a new nigger slut whore.

Trashy Milf

Trailer trash whore gets paid to be used

Daddy promised to hire this sexy Trailer trash whore to be a nasty cock whore and get used by a big black dick. He takes care of me so well and I let my body get abused by him. I have to stretch my slutty mouth for a big black dick while I get choked, making sure I make daddy proud. Knowing I am being a filthy slut for daddy gets my cunty wet and dripping. When I put on a shoe for daddy, and I see his cock get hard as he watches me get slapped while my cunty is being stretched open is why I am a hired whore. I love it and my juices drip down to my asshole. As i got fucked i screamed out for daddy to fuck my mouth. Daddy always gives me what I want so he stuffed my throat with his cock while I got a big dick stuffed in my asshole. Getting rammed by daddy in my throat and my bbc friend made me squirt. That is why daddy pays to take care of his little girl, so all I focus on is being a nasty Anal sex whore.

Trailer trash whore


BBC Sex Stories With A Goddess Will Make You Explode!

BBC Sex Stories Carrie

Let me tell you about some of my naughtiest, raunchiest bbc sex stories! There are a ton of stories because I absolutely love big, veiny, juicy black cocks. I think for today we will focus on one thick juicy, meaty piece of ass. His name is Omar and I fucking worship his beefy black cock. He has a thick, 9-inch black anaconda and it is all mine!

I love sucking on his juicy thick ass man meat and worshiping him like he’s the god he really is. He is truly blessed to have suck an amazing cock and have one that takes me to another world of orgasms. I am nothing more than amazed at how big and juicy it is and how it pushes and pushes to get into my tight wet cunt. How it stretches and fills me up so much that I nearly cum right as he penetrates me. It’s so hard not to cum when you have that enormous anaconda inside of your little slit.

When he pounds me and thrusts his cock inside of me, its like I cum over and over again. It’s a never-ending pleasure feast and he loves every minute of it. He always tells me how tight my wet pussy is and that he loves making love to me and fucking me like a whore I am. He told me he will never stop and I am so good with that, I never want him to stop fucking the whore out of me.

Anal sex whore for hire

I was hired to be the best Anal sex whore that I am by a very handsome older businessman. I never leave home without my party favors, he knew to have my favorite drink at his rental. When I got there, I immediately made a few lines of blow for us. He doesn’t normally party but around me he has to. He soon was desperate to smell and lick my pussy and asshole. He loves knowing i was getting fucked and filled up before our visit. He will lick all in my holes trying to get any leftover semen inside me. It gets his cock so hard that all he does is just push up inside my ass and pound me hard. While he fucks my asshole hard and rough, he asks his favorite Trailer trash whore how many big black dicks I took my in my ass before our visit. The more dicks I fucked before our session the more he pays me. So, I make it a mission to have as many gangbangs as I can before I see him. I just love making my money and getting high and fucked.   

Anal sex whore

Cum guzzling slut like me have too many stories to remember them all

Cum guzzling slutDirty cum guzzling slut like me need to be constantly appeased with ropes down our throats and cock in our soaking pussies. I’m always in need, and that means hunting down dick like a hunger would an old wild animal. I need fuck meat so frequently I don’t even carry cash to my deals, anyone I’m going to keep in regular contact with is going to fill these holes, so I get free stuff or I move on and get a different dealer. I’m a pass around bicycle with a ride record that puts anyone else’s to shame, I don’t even remember each fuck enough to give the kind of details I want to put here. Who was yesterday? Really, who? Was yesterday the guy who got all his friends together and made me a really thick drink that I chugged in front of them all with gratitude as a cum eating phone sex whore? Was yesterday the literal cum bath? Was yesterday when I joined a friend on a shopping trip and then made him pin me to the wall and get fucking right in an alley? Honestly? It was probably all of the above, my life blends together because it’s always happening. I don’t take note of it because if I did, I’d be too overwhelmed to go get fucked again and if you’re paying attention, you know that I breathe cock and piss semen. I happen to be a great fan of music, specifically the beatwork. I get songs stuck in my head and I take great joy in trying to match my hip movements to the beat, making nice juicy cocks cum to someone’s song always makes me giggle. I have so many men in my life, and that’s a problem because I can’t always remember who’s who. In fact, a lot of the time I have no idea who someone is until their dick is out, and I’m stuck faking it until I make it into my cum filled cunt.

Trailer Trash Whore BJ High and Fucked | Druggy Whore BJ

Trailer trash whore BJ is always ready to play. The Party never ends when it comes to a party whore cum dump like BJ. My sole existence is about drugs and fucking. I fuck cunts, and big nigger dicks. My holes get stretched and those fucking BBC’s love to leave me gaped and filled.

Getting high I enjoy some pussy grinding with another trashy whore sharing all that BBC together. This all started with my stripper sex years and doing hot sex shows for the big black vip men that got off on two cracker whores pussy eating. Munching out that cunt hole filled with that nigger cum was never a problem.

As a teen I started stripping and working as a prostitute even before then. I was doing mommy and daughter shows for bbc as I was trained by another older stripper. So I was trained early to be the nasty fuck freak that I am today.

Trailer trash whore

Big dick sucker Deidra needs to be cum Whore

Big dick sucker

Deidra is probably the most willing Big dick sucker you’ll ever meet. From the moment I feel that draw from your eyes. I can tell when you are watching me with a hard cock. You look at my breast and think of my erect nipples pressed into your chest. Your eyes slide up to my slightly open mouth and you think about the warmth of my tongue on your cock and how smooth my lips are. I make myself intentionally a sexual object because I know that’s all women can ever be. Finding cock to cum in, on, and around us is clearly what god meant for us to do. I go nowhere without searching for eyes on me. Unless a man is paying me directly in real time he should be expecting me to keep an eye out for a more lucrative offer. 

Anal cum dumpster BBC Party girl

anal cum dumpster

Now besides being an easy bake oven for cum, My ass does the trick when I need to be an anal cum dumpster. And speaking of tricks my ass getting filled up as almost always because some man paid to fuck my asshole violently and bareback. But then again there’s always an exception to the rule especially when he’s hanging and he is a big Domme black daddy! Especially a dominant black daddy with a 10-inch cock and baggies of coke ready for me! Nothing turns me into a nasty little booty whore like some of that chalk. I’ll be dancing on a dance floor taking a line from some rando and the next thing I know I’m flipping my skirt for a big black man in the corner. I know my husband without in the crowd somewhere just waiting to see who’s going to get to butt fuck his wife. But,  the majority of the time My husband doesn’t get to see anything. He just knows that I’ll leave with one or two BBCs occasionally and come home with some milky stuff around my ass and pussy. Do we like to play a game where he asks what is that stuff?  We both know and enjoy a smell and taste test! I mean isn’t it obvious with my blown-out asshole? My party whore BBC sex stories never stop because I need to be creamed bareback with BBC all the time!

Trashy MILF Season Has Started and This MILF is Ready

trashy milfIt is trashy milf season in Florida. The weather is back to being warm. The trailer park pool is open again. And I can troll for young cubs wherever I want. Our pool is dinky. Not much to look at. No lifeguard either, but I only go there to find young boys to play with. I put on my skimpy pink bikini and trolled the trailer park pool on Saturday. There were lots of young studs there and I was the only adult. Lucky me. I had all the boys to myself. A lot of shit goes down in my trailer park. People mind their own business. So, if anyone saw this trailer trash whore getting gang banged by a bunch of schoolboys, they would not say anything. It would not even be the biggest crime going on in the trailer park or the worse thing they have seen. Many of the boys I have fucked before, but there was a teen black boy in the mix with a horse cock who I had never met. Turns out his aunt lives in the park, and he was visiting this weekend. Lucky me again. I let the boys titty fuck me and gang bang me poolside. Before I even had a cock in my old cunt, I had about ten loads of jizz on my big knockers. I impressed the boys by licking their cum off my tits. I am a cougar of many skills.  I brought their cocks back to life quickly.  That new black boy got first dibs on my pussy. The other boys protested though. They knew if he went first, my pussy would be too stretched out for them to feel. They had a point. So, I was a gangbang whore for the white boys first. Then the black boy got my creampie. Oh my, his cock pushed that other boy seed so deep inside me, I swore it was going to come up through my throat. I waddled back to my trailer full of boy cum and a little sore from that black boy’s horse cock. But I went back for more yesterday. How could I not?