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Trailer trash whore is a Druggy whore for BBC

BBC is a drug as much as the crack, cocaine and anything else for this trailer trash whore. First thing in my waking up I am dripping with black seed from the night before. Then the need to get that first hit off the crack pipe comes on. So with two fingers in my cunt playing with that nigger cum I am reaching with my other hand for the remnants of ice on the mirror.

As I masturbate the black seed in my breeders hole I am snorting up some ice. Laying back then I work that jizz from my crack whore pussy and start to lick it up. This is when I start thinking about you. I go out to the living room naked with my sperm covered milkers bare and glistening and find my cunt licker passed out.

Now it is time to be a good little cunt licking slave. Mama BJ is going to Queen you and push all of this nigger jizz out of these sloppy fucked out holes. Pushing my prolapsed anus covered in jizz right into your mouth. Come on and be a good boy for Mama crack whore BJ.

Trailer trash whore

Druggy Porn Star Beverly Makes a Homemade Porno

druggy pornDruggy porn stars do not look like me. That is what this black dude told me at the truck stop last night. Although my ankle is still in a cast, I have mastered driving in a big plastic boot. I need to hustle. Christmas is a month away and most of my cash goes to bills and coke. But the truck stop allows me to hustle. Since I am a dirty old whore, anything goes.

Marc wanted to make an interracial porn for his spank bank. He offered me several hundred dollars to be his star. I agreed. Marc’s big cock alone made me agree to be filmed. But the money and coke he offered me convinced me too. Everyone knows that I am a BBC trailer trash whore. If black men want to pay me for what I love to do anyway, I will take it.

I Love to Be Filmed Sucking and Fucking BBC

Marc set up the camera while I stripped naked. First, I did a line of coke off his fat black fuck stick. Then, I showed off my cock sucking skills when I took his foot long cock balls deep in my mouth. Perhaps, I struggled a bit. But the coke helped me work through it. I gagged a tad, but I swallowed every ounce of his cum. Big thick ropes of cum dripped out of my nose as I tried to swallow every drop. Marc wiped my nose with his fingers, then forced me to lick it off.

However, I did not mind eating snot cum. Cum should never be wasted anyway. The camera caught it all too. He needed less than ten minutes to get hard again. So, while his dick came back to life, he ate my old twat. I keep it bald and clean for oral fun. He buried his tongue inside me. Although I came on his face a few times, I came on his big black cock a few times too. Now he owns a hot video of a blonde fucking whore sucking and fucking his big monster cock. And I have some coke and some money.

Shemale Phone Sex Fantasies with Deanna

Shemale phone sexI need you to indulge me by jacking off at work while watching some hot shemale porn. Imagine those big beautiful tits bouncing as they ride on top of you; imagine their thick dicks filling up every hole they have – including mine! It turns me on just thinking about it because nothing gets my juices flowing like knowing how much pleasure both of us will experience when this happens.

When you get home tonight, let’s make sure there are no distractions so we can focus solely on each other and our new playmate. We can take things slow or go hardcore depending on how adventurous everyone feels but either way, I promise an unforgettable night full of passionate sex acts that will leave us all satisfied beyond belief! And

I love being your most obedient and obliging wife; nothing makes me happier than seeing you satisfied both physically and emotionally. So go ahead, jack off thinking about those gorgeous trans women while imagining them pleasuring both of us until we scream with delight – then come home ready to make every dirty fantasy come true!

Our new shemale friend just so happens to have a big black cock for us to play with. I know how much you love it when they stretch out my tight little pussy. Just thinking about it makes me wetter than ever before. Imagine that huge dick filling up both of us at once.  You will be convulsing as your prostate is stimulated and you explode is orgasmic bliss from the shemales cock filling up your hole

I can already feel myself getting wet just thinking about it all; my cunt is aching for your big cock inside of me while another thick shaft takes turns pleasuring every inch of me from behind or above. The thought alone sends shivers down my spine… So please, baby – indulge in this fantasy with me tonight by jacking off hard on those dirty thoughts until we are together again soon enough!

Football Team Gave me a Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntWhen I say I had a cum filled cunt, no time rings more true than when the entire football team gangbanged my young slutty pussy and left me completely used up. As they were all cumming inside of me, I couldn’t help but feel a little like I had heard someone talking about football players cum recently.  I remember being half asleep hearing a story about how the whole team shot their loads in someone’s mouth every day after practice.

My brother walked in as these high school boys were finishing up shooting their loads in my ready and willing little young cunt.  When they finally finished unloading their hose juices on me, my brother appeared.

He saw cum dripping out of sissy’s pussy down her leg and he swiped a little on his hand and to my shock, put it on his tongue. Without hesitation, he told me that was john for sure. He then looked at more spots and swiped again. He recognized all the cum I had dripping out of me by the taste, I was shocked but impressed by my brothers cum knowledge.

I was impressed so much that I offered him to lick my cunt out to get the cum of the rest of these guys out that I could tell he was craving. You see he was the one they shot their loads in the week before, I found out then they pick a whore of the week. My family just got back-to-back nominations.  My brother was craving to do it again when he saw his sister being the cum dumpster instead. He was disappointed, to say the least. Luckily, sis saved the day as I had all the fresh cum still in me for him to vacuum out with his mouth.

As he lapped up every drop of cum from my soaked pussy, I could see the excitement in his eyes knowing that he was tasting not only his sister’s juices but also those of some of the hottest guys on campus for the second time. It turned him on more than anything else. I know we bonded that day over being the cum dumpsters for the football boys.  It made him feel like part of our secret world where nothing is off limits or forbidden.

BBC Phone Sex is Where the Filthy Fun is At with Trashy BJ

BBC Phone sex with this trashy stripper is where the filthy hot times are. A little crack and alot of cum. This is what BJ craves for making me feel alive. Being gangbanged out by all that big blak bull cock is living.

At first we just get high and watch some porn. Then I become so damned high and excited I start to play with my cunt. Soon there are big black hands all over these stripper tits. And kissing those black lips as their anaconda’s start to grow stiff and throb.

Finally down on my knees and taking care of five big black cocks is my place. Sucking and soon fucking them all. We are getting super high and fucking super hardcore with out fucking. This is really what you want too white boy. Maybe its my cracker pussy stuffed with that nigger seed that you crave.

Well come and get some.

BBC Phone Sex

Anal sex whore Carrie is addicted to big black cock!

Anal sex whoreAnal sex whore Carrie is addicted to big black cock! She is addicted to a lot of shit, especially that white powder. She will do anything to get her vices. Once upon a time that naughty nasty girl was so desperate for coke, she shoved two giant black cocks inside her and went past her limits! Seems like she was aiming to out do her last sexual experience, Carrie was always looking for a way to get her kicks. The last time she took one huge cock after the other, the boys loved running a train on her white ass! That whore did so much blow she almost oded! Of course when she’s high out of her mind she never shuts up, she likes to share her hot BBC sex stories with those willing to listen, talking in depth about her latest conquests.

Carrie definitely out did herself this time. She has taken on so many BBC she can’t count but this was a moment she will remember forever. It was a challenge she took on with pride and Carrie often recounted the story with a prideful glimmer in her eye. The dirty whore took on two giant thick black cocks and  bigger than anything she ever experienced before. It got so rough and intense in the throes of passion that Carrie prolapsed! You would think after a medical emergency this slut would take a pause, but she was too horny for that blow and BBC. They kept railing her trashy white ass until they exploded cum all over her ass.

She is a number one slut of the world and a proud and passionate black cock enthusiast. She never stopped pushing boundaries and set the bar for others as to what they could do with big cocks. Although, no one could ever quite measure up to her level of greatness. She is a Big dick sucker who can take down any BBC!

BBC sex stories

I made Druggy porn and it was so fun

Last night I ended up making some Druggy porn. Like always I was drinking and doing rails. “Your ass needs to be fucked doesn’t it baby?” One of my party friends asks. “Maybe, how much money and blow do you have?” I respond back with a smirk. Then he pulls out a bag and his wallet. “If we are going to party like this, I will film it”. After that he pulls his camera out.

Druggy porn I did a few more risks and I was ready. Therefore, he gave me my money and I took everything off while staring at the camera. “Your big black cock poking out tells me you like what you see”.  After that I bend over to do some more lines and you come up behind me. You take some blow and pump it into my asshole. “Oooh you are going to numb my asshole so good”.

“Yes, I will I need you to take this big hard dick”. I even learned a trick to numb my throat. If I suck some of the blow through the straw it numbs my throat right away. A good Trailer trash whore knows all the tricks of the trade. Then I got on my knees and made sure to suck that big black cock down my throat.

It was easy to do so since I had numbed it up. After sucking your cock until the prenut dripped out, you bent me over. “I’m ready for that tight asshole of yours”, you say as you start pushing your bbc into it. As you filmed your cock deep in my ass, I did some more lines of snow. That made for a perfect nasty movie, and we didn’t stop filming until you fill my asshole with semen.

Cum Dumpster Beverly Enjoys Being the Whore of a Party

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. Cum does this body good. Better than milk too. I am almost 60 and still fucking and sucking cock like I was a teenager. And I show no signs of slowing down either. Fridays night in the trailer park get wild. Of course, I am the one who makes them wild. I still have a cast on my leg, so I am not driving to the truck stop for cock yet. But I do not need to go far for cock in my trailer park.

And I love the fact that on the weekends, I am a stone’s throw away from a party. I crashed a party last night. But none of the guys minded. In fact, I became the life of the party. It appeared to be my kind of party too. All black men and one blonde fucking white whore. Those black bulls passed me around like a party favor.

Black men off all ages too. Some teenage boys and some men my age. Most of the guys I guessed to be in their 30s. However, I did not card anyone. Age never matters to me. As long as cocks get hard and fill me with cum, I am a happy camper. All those black bulls had no problem getting hard, staying hard and cumming multiple times.

Hallmark of a Trailer Park Whore is a Messy Cunt

And they treated me gently with my bad leg. For the most part they just held me up in the air or sat me on the laps to fuck me. However, they did fuck me hard. Rough sex in the sense they drilled my  fuck holes. But gentle because they made sure not to hurt my already hurt leg. I still have a cum filled cunt.  Hallmark of a BBC whore.

I might be walking a bit slow today. But I am glowing. That freshly laid look stays with me for a bit. However, my holes still seem sloppy. So, if you a creampie lover, I have a treat for you.

Trailer trash whore is skilled for wealthy sugar daddy

Not every daddy can afford a Trailer trash whore like me. I am skilled and use my holes better than any prostitute bitch out there. “Remember daddy you want all of me you have to give me all the money I want”. “You will get to use me however you want”. First, I get the money and the blow. Then I start the party. A few lines of blow will do to start.

That makes it easy for me to get on my knees and Starr swallowing your cock. You have heard about my skills, and you are excited and curious. Finally, he was going to get what he wants. He starts to choke my neck as he pounds my throat hard. “I want to feel how deep I can fuck your throat”. Is all he says. Lucky for me my throat hot numb by the drip of the drugs I am doing.

Trailer trash whore

Once I taste the saltiness of his precum, he pulls his cock out of my mouth. “Bend over you will be my hired Anal sex whore tonight” he says as he rubbed some blow on my asshole. Anytime a guy does that I know that I will be getting fucked hard. As I do some lines of my favorite bugar sugar, he starts pushing his cock in my ass. Since I am high, I just feel all the pleasure none of the pain.

Therefore, I am able to take every inch of his hard meat. “Bounce that asshole on my dick bitch” as soon as you say that I think about my money, and I do as you ask. It doesn’t take much for my tight asshole to milk you dick. Like a good prostitute I get every drop of nut out of your balls. “You are worth every penny you say as you pop your cock out of my leaking ass. 

Sloppy Wet Pussy Won’t Clean Itself

sloppy wet pussyI enjoy my sloppy wet pussy. Although I get a lot of cock, I still like to play with my cunt. Last night, I got a lot of cock. I’m still benched from driving, but cock comes to me. And I am getting spoiled. I do not need to leave the house. Men come over to fuck me. And cock cums in me, lol.  I entertained some black teenagers last night.

About 8 high school black boys ran a train on me last night. My trailer hit maximum capacity. And I think my pussy and ass did too. These boys did a number on my cunt and ass. But that is no complaint. Personally, I enjoy rough sex. I am too old to make love anymore. Since I have no desire to remarry, fucking is fine with this trashy milf.

I woke up this morning with a swollen pussy. My ass looked rough too. But I sat in a comfy chair playing with the cum in my cunt. I would pull out strands of string cum and feed it to myself.  Of course, I did this in front of my window so the high school boys and girls could see me. Although I did not signal anyone to come in and play, two teenage girls walked into my trailer.

Eat My Sloppy Cum Filled Pussy

Normally, boys walk in to fuck me before they catch the bus for school. But today, two schoolgirls wanted to play with my pussy. I suspected they were cum sluts in the making. My cum filled cunt attracted them. I let them play with the cum before I told them to eat the cum from my pussy.

Just what I needed this morning too. Young hot eager tongues probing my pussy and ass soothed my sore holes. Those teenage girls guzzled every drop out of my pussy and ass too. But the hottest part was when I had them snowball that nigger seed. I bet I just indoctrinated a new generation to black cock spunk.