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Cum Guzzling Slut for BBC

cum guzzling slutI am proud to be a cum guzzling slut. I was bottle fed on cum. And I bottle fed my daughter on cum. We both grew up to be cum whores. You might think I was fed daddy’s cum and that I fed my daughter her daddy’s cum. My mom gave me black cock cum and that is just what I gave my daughter too. I was raised to be a black cock whore. I followed in my mom’s footsteps, and I raised my daughter the same way. My daughter and I like to play with black cock cum. It is my secret to looking young. I am known in my trailer park as the black cock whore. If a black man needs his balls drained, they hunt me or my bukkake slut daughter down. Sometimes they get lucky and get us both like last night. My daughter was over when there was a knock on my door. It was this black stud from a few trailers over. I have fucked him before, but my daughter has never had the pleasure. I think she thought he was a myth. His dick is over a foot long and it is beer can thick. Normally, I titty fuck him. He loves his wife, but she does not swallow. He does not want to cheat, but he needs his balls drained. Last night, he wanted to fuck. I think it was because my daughter was there too. She is way tighter than I am. He wanted to make her an anal cum dumpster. She bent over the couch, and he rammed his monster cock up her tight white ass. I think she was shocked she took him balls deep.  He dumped his load in her ass knowing I would clean her up. Watching her shit his cum out into my mouth got him hard again. Now it was my turn. I let him fuck my cunt. But this time instead of shitting it into my daughter’s mouth, I shit it out in a pitcher. My daughter and I made cum cubes with his second load. I told you I was a cum dumpster.

Cream filled holes

drunk girl fucking

I know you love when I come over with some drugs and lots of booze, and I know you must have a drunk girl fucking everyone on site. I can’t wait till you slide your cock deep in me. It’s so hot to know you will never get a dirty whore like me. I’m so totally going to let you fuck me up and choke me out till I pass out. My creamy pussy is filled with all your jizz. I have forgotten about where I am. The drugs take over me, and I am having quite the trip. Let’s see how you make me orgasm. Spray me with all the cum you have and ask all your friends to give me your cock in my mouth.

BBC BJ Training With Brats

BBC Sex Stories
I’ve got eight brats at home to feed, though I make the sluttiest of them earn their own keep. I’ve been training them since they were just tots bobbing around delightedly. Cocks filled their mouths to muffle any complaint as my sick Pclients took advantage of their young little bodies. Today, I was teaching them how to blow a perfect job all over a cock!

I had nine throbbing BBC’s lined up in my living room. I knelt in front of mine, my little angels surrounding us like flies upon honey. I started my sticking the entire BBC right down my fucking sick druggy Mommy throat. My young sluts tried to follow suit, but it was so difficult for their small throats to swallow all that cock. They were gagging all over, and choking, but some lessons in life are hard.

Their big chocolate men grabbed them by the heads, and kept forcing their heads down. Some of them passed out, and awoke to a thick cock being rammed inside of their asses. Mommy always has to make a lesson out of things, especially when each of these cocks paid two grand to be here. Time to move us to the city where Mommy can whore us al lout to the PWolves of Wall Street.

Crack Whore Anal

BBC For a trashy MIlf

trashy milf I’m what they call an Alabama Slammer; sexy, inbred, trashy milf.
Always ready to get stuffed by the Big Black Cock in whatever fuck hole I can. My sweet little one gets off on watching Mommy get her tight trashy asshole stretched out by huge BBC. 
It doesn’t matter how many Johns slide through my back door to ass fuck me in my anal fuck hole. She still lays there, rubbing her innocent little pussy.
Her clitty gets so hard, a little rosebud eager to get licked and sucked and flicked so she can squirt all over while I’m getting plowed out back the barn!

Some of my clients want my sweet girl to join us, but she giggles and runs away. That is, until Maurice got ahold of her. He’s built like a fucking gorilla, with a king sized cock and a deep rooted hunger for virgin cunt. Maurice snatched my sweet secret masturbator up by her fucking hair and dragged her back to bed.
She was kicking and screaming “Mommy help me!” But I’ll do anything for a fix and this one was supplying more than just a throbbing chocolate cock. Cock-olate if you will.

Friday Nights are Made for a Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutIf it is Friday night, I am a cum guzzling slut. I have a Friday night routine. I put on my sluttiest outfit and head to the truck stop for some, cock, coke and cum. The three C’s of my life. And I can get all three at the truck stop, especially on Friday nights. Big D is usually stopped for the night there and he has the biggest black cock of my regular truck stop fucks. And he always has the best blow and weed. I can handle all his meat unlike most women, so he is always looking to trade a ball draining for some party supplies. Last night, his big dick nephew was with him. While he is out of school for the summer, he is traveling with his uncle. A young black buck in tow? Hell, yes. That is like my wet dream cum true. I am full of BBC sex stories, and now I have some more. The boy was no virgin, but he had never been with an old cougar. He was in for a treat. So, was I. Big D is 3 times his nephew’s age, but the boy had a cock damn near as big as his uncle’s cock. That means the boy will be bigger than his uncle soon enough. I slurped on the boy’s big black cock while Big D watched and stroked. He told his nephew that he knew a whore who could not say no to a big black cock. I cannot say no to two big black cocks. I was on all fours in Big D’s cab getting double penetrated. Combined, they had over 20 inches of big black cock for me. For draining them both, this trashy milf got a gallon of jizz, some primo weed and a big bag of coke. It feels great to be rewarded so handsomely for something I would do for free.

What a Great Lover of Tranny Cock

Tranny phone sex is hot when you love a sexy woman with a dick. I’m trashy and classy. Lewd and polite. Lascivious and virtuous. lol… Virtuous!? What a fucking joke right? Come on I am on The Fornication Station after all and this ain’t no site for docile virginal innocence. Who the fuck am I fooling?! No One! 

I have dressed for Sunday Brunch with a lovers family when I went on vacation with him. I looked classy and together. I passed so fucking well. But you know that was making him so much more lusting to rip my clothes off and let me fuck him like my bitch. It was funny watching him squirm in front of his elder parents that were clueless. I reveled in it. The moment we left them we were in the car snorting lines and he was suck my big tranny cock like it was mums fucking tit.

I will say that I miss all of my filthy lovers while away on my little excursion to an Island to visit my lovers family. *Disclaimer: Please do not ask where I went as I am not privy to giving out that much private information. I just can’t help but mention I had a blast but specifics I am not disclosing and that goes for all aspects of my life. *smooches* thanks for your restraint.

Needless to say his sisters were complete freaks and they really knew how to through down like good Columbian whores. *wink* Yes, I did fuck both of his sisters this family was amazing. The parents completely oblivious and the sisters complete fucking party whores with so much fucking Columbian blow I no idea why I even left there! But, for you my lover, I am back! 

Tranny phone sex

Surprise At The Gyno

I don’t know why every time I go to my gyno I get horny.

Live phone sex

The thought of him probing me and sticking his fingers in my pussy turns me on so much. I get wet when he tells me undress. Waiting for him on the bed with my feet in the stirrups, I closed my eyes when I felt his face right by my wet dripping cunt. I let out a moan when he stuck his fingers in me, I know he heard me. As he his fingers spread me open and dug in me, I started rocking my hips and pushing down on them. He then got up and locked the door pulled his pants off and his hard cock jumped out. He stuck his cock deep in me and lifted my legs higher so he could pound me harder. I started playing with my clit as he pounded me, hearing him tell me how he smells his fingers after every appointment drove me over the top. I started cumming all over his cock. He grabbed my hips and slammed me down on his cock, all I could fill is him pumping his cum in me. He gave me a prescription for the morning after pill and birth control and an appointment for the following week.

Phone sex sluts love BBC

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts love hard poundings from massive BBC Monsters! I know they’re only interested in breeding my young teen cunt. My tits are nice to suck on while they have me riding and grinding all over them, of course. My perky gumdrop nipples taste like candy in their mouths while my hot teen slit is melting all over those chocolate cocks!
Can you imagine the river of honey that flows from my cunt? It would drown lesser men, but these BBC Daddies can handle the slutty drip of my pussy. It drives me wild. And I have so many black men in my life because I love nose candy and getting fucked up and fucked senseless! The best life is all about Big black cock, cocaine and so much cum! I love laying there with my legs spread eagle, a giant BBC cock in front of me with his huge hands wrapped around my thighs while he pounds the fuck away deep into my cum filled cunt!cum filled cunt

I am a no taboo druggy whore who loves being so fucking nasty! I got a little one who’s ripe and ready to play. My own mom always said if they’re old enough to be bleeding they’re old enough to be breeding. I have to agree! All trashy whores like me deserve a pussy fully of BBC cream and a mixed sexy bun in her womb!

I am Full of BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI am full of BBC sex stories. One of my favorite stories involves my daughter. When she was just starting to fuck, I had concerns about her choice in men. As a parent you worry about your offspring. I only wanted the best men for my girl, but she was banging white teen boys not worthy of her tight pink snatch. These boys were posers. You know the boys who act black but have pathetic white dicks. Teen punks who treated her badly. I had to have a conversation about big black cocks with her. I arranged a friendly meet and greet for her with one of my hung fuck buddies. He was younger than me, but older than her and his cock was worthy of her sweet pussy. I do not only fuck black cock, but he only fucks white pussy. My introduction was not selfless. He had the best coke in town too. I exchanged my teen daughter’s cunt for coke. When my girl saw his cock, she was in shock and awe. He was standing beside me when she came home from school. His anaconda fell over my shoulder, and down to my boobs. My girl has part of me inside her and I am a black cock whore.  She wanted to see if she could be a big dick sucker like her mother. I had to assist her of course. I had her lay on the couch upside down so her throat would open better for his big black cock. She had to relax her throat muscle with her head tilted back. She gagged and I thought she was going to puke, but once he went past her gag reflex, she was okay. My daughter became a black cock whore that day. She sucked him and fucked him for hours. Her tiny holes were swollen, but mommy soothed them with her tongue. She found out why women say once you go black you do not go back.

No Taboo Fun

No taboo phone sexDaddy woke me up with a big black cock this morning! He said it was my early birthday present and whatever money I made on the streets today I could keep for myself. I was so excited I suck that black dick off as fast as I could and nearly left naked! I had on my short red skirt and black bra that only covered my sweet nipples! I hurried out after sucking daddy’s dick too of course! I met man after man and even some other trailer trash whore who wanted to help me out for that day! I sucked all the left over mixes of other guy’s cum that had been left inside their shit holes and pussies! Oh they tasted so good I knew daddy would be proud of his slut whore daughter. I saw at least fifty guys today and thirty more at night. I was stretched by more cocks then I could imagine and had myself a huge cream pie to bring home to daddy. Once I finished and returned I spread my whore legs wide for daddy to stare into my red used up pussy and see the damage done to it! He made me suck it all clean off my fingers!

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