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All twisted up



Drunk girl fucking Alyssa
The best dick I’ve ever had has been when I was drunk. That night I mixed my Vodka, My Tequila, and my brown all night I mean when I say fucked up I was. This guy and his friend walked up to me and they said I was looking good that night. I grabbed his dick and his friends dick to see what it was like. They both were perfect, you know not too big but not small either. I didn’t even stop and think I just unzipped the pants and dropped to my knees while sucking his cock and from there I began to play with his friend’s dick. I then bent over while lifting my dress up motioning for him to start fucking me from the back. As I’m being fucked from the back every pump forces his friends his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. Just as he begins to cum I suck it all down while continuing to suck. Then Turn around and start sucking his friend’s dick and while allowing him to fuck me from behind. Just as they were about to cum we were asked to go upstairs from the party. I agreed but not until I finished them off. Now I’m up in the room with no one to join me. Care to cum?

Eat it up


Cum guzzling slut


Eat it up, eat it like it’s your last meal. As I bent him over I ate his ass like it was my last meal. After I finished I grabbed my strap on and began to fuck him in the ass. I could tell he enjoyed it so I pulled out and grabbed his dick. I began to eat his big cock, swallowing his whole cock whole. Deep throating the cock as I began to cough and chock on his cock for the vibration I heard him moan. Then he quietly whispered yes eat that dick up bitch.  I kept sucking his dick making sure to get real sloppy spit everywhere, as he told me to get on the dick. I got up and hopped on his dick riding his cock. Slowly riding and slowly riding because slow and steady wins the race. Then I kept riding his cock and grinding all on the dick as he came all inside my tight pussy. Come on give me a call so I can eat you up.

Getting my fix

Black Girl Phone Sex



“Suck this dick bitch. Suck this dick until I nut.” I was on my knees again sucking his dick all I could think about was what I was about to get. I started deep throating his shit. Gagging until I was gonna throw up. I had to get sloppy with it and before I knew he came up behind and put his dick in my ass. As he was fucking my ass he began to finger my tight pussy and before I knew we had an audience. He told me to ride his boy. So I straddled that big black cock and rode his dick like no tomorrow. While I was riding his friend’s dick, he stuck his big black cock back in my mouth and I began to suck that dick like it was no tomorrow. I kept going fucking like I had never fucked before and sucking that big cock. As I was about to gag they both came at the exact same time. I got my fix and my pussy got hers.

Anal Sex Whore and Proud!

anal sex whore

JC told me that there was a special batch of E that I had to try out. He’d never had a whore work as hard as I do, so he had no doubt that I’d make the grade, and get that fucking shit for myself. He yanked my hair and told me that I was the pharmacists anal sex whore for the night, so to make him proud. None of the other bitches would go to the level of cum whore that I go to for a good fucking time. If this stringy ass haired boy was going to give me the BEST E? My ass was all his.

The guy out a pipe to my mouth and I sucked in and felt my cunt drip. His hot hard cock was ramming into my lubed up hole, just no warning, just fucking into my whore ass. I winced and he laughed and slapped my thigh before pounding harder into my ass. There was no telling how much cum I would take over the course of the night, but I wanted them all, no matter what. At that point it was more lust than need for E. My holes needed cum. 

Gangbang Whore

Everyone knows what goes on in the private rooms at the club.

It can get pretty rough sometimes but that’s where a little crack can go a long way!

Normally I am not the Gangbang whore type and only do one on one but last week there were these two guys that came in and they wanted to tag team! What can I say…money makes the rules!

I barely had time to finish my line before they were pawing at my tits and ass with their big black cocks out!

They were so big and strong! They bent me in half like a tooth pick, forcing my face down on ones cock as the other lifted my ass in the air!

He spread my cheeks with his fingers and was kind enough to spit on my tight brown eye before ramming that massive black cock inside!

I let out a scream and that is when the other guy shoved his meat in my mouth! I gagged as he fucked my face, pulling my hair so he could see my lips tightly wrapped around it!

Every time that back door man slammed his meat in my ass, my face was forced against the mouth fucker, burying his cock deeper in my throat!

Just about that time, the crack kicked in and I was ready to go!

I was begging for both of those big fat cocks in my ass! I needed to feel them stretch my shit hole like it had never been stretched before!

They were happy to accommodate my need for  a double ass fuck just before unloading all their thick gooey wads all over my cheeks!

Ah, sometimes you just need a good gangbang ass fucking to set things right!

Trailer Trash Whore is Back in Action at the Truck Stop

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore signed on to work this morning with cum in her cunt. I forgot I had the early shift. I had not even been to bed. Why? Because it was a fucking Friday night and I wanted to get some big black cock. I marched my old skanky ass to the truck stop. Loves is back in full swing. They are allowing trucks to park over night and truckers to shower in their facility again. That means, there is always a party in a truck again. I went down last night. It was already late. I knew I would find some one to party with. I found three. Big D, my favorite black cock. He is a 40 something trucker with a 13-inch black cock. He was not traveling alone. He had two young black apprentices with him. Three black cocks for me? Hell, yes. This lot lizard sex whore was in heaven. I sucked and fucked big black cocks until I realized the sun was coming up. I partied too. I was coked up and filled with cum when I came in. I was set to shower and crash, but I realized I was supposed to work at 10 am. I just signed in with black spunk running down my legs. I did another line of coke and made a pot of coffee because I like things black. You do not mind talking to a freshly fucked old whore, do you?

Live Phone Sex BBC Therapy

live phone sex

It is live phone sex, bitches. Anything is possible. I helped a couple last night. Here is the back story with this couple. The wife is not sexually happy with her tiny dicked husband. He is like 3-inches hard and that is being generous. Worthless little pecker. She started watching porn to get herself off and discovered black cock porn. Hell, even when a woman just watches it, she never wants to go back to white dick porn. Now, she has a few black lovers. She was being sly about it at first, but her loser husband found out. They live in my trailer park. I new he was likely a small dicked dude. He is short with anger issues. All that anger in him is from having a small dick. She told me he was threatening divorce if she continued to fuck black men. So, she confided in me and I took her to a BLM protest. Perfect place for a trailer trash whore to pick up some big black cocks. I told her not to care about what her husband thinks. He is not taking care of her. I invited about 6 black men over after the protest for some big dick fun. I also told her husband to come over. Bitch move or smart move? Hear me out. Her little shrimp dicked husband needed to see his wife getting fucked by bigger dick. A man knows when a woman is sexually satisfied. He can see the difference in her reaction to his dick and big black dick. Seeing his believing. Hell, I did not even realize he was there yet. He was watching his wife cum hard. Harder than she ever has on his dick. I made him suck a big black cock that had been in his wife’s cunt. Her hubby just needed a little black cock intervention and injection. Just watching his wife be a black cock whore was enough to make him want to be a cuckold.

Tag youre in

Gangbang whoreI went to the club and got drunk as fuck. There were about five niggas there giving me the eye. I couldn’t choose one so why not have them all. I went o the first one and started sucking his dick right there I felt it all eyes on me and you think I gave a fuck ? No not one. I grabbed one of the other guys pulled him behind me and I yanked my skirt and he started fucking the shit out of me from the behind and it was good so I tagged the next guy and ohhhhh he was even better and as I was bout to cum. Here comes the next the dude coming to fuck me crazy and boy was it good. He fucked me so good but I had to get the next dude in and as he came behind I started sucking my juices off as the next nigga finished and now tag you’re in give me a call so we can see what you will do.

Boy, Do I Have Some Striper Sex Stories For You

stripper sex stories

I’m sure you’ve discovered by now that I’m a dirty whore. And as you might imagine, I have a lot of stripper sex stories. Stripping is still one of my favorite things in the world. I enjoy being ogled and used by all these dirty fucking men. It gives me a rush that I can’t even explain to you. So if you’ve ever had a fantasy about fucking a stripper, call me and tell me all about it. We can talk about it and I bet we can come up with a nasty role play to make you happy.

I’ve fucked a lot of guys who come in to see me dance. They love seeing my titties and even my cunt as I slide my panties over and show them how wet I am. I’m so popular that it’s always a fight over who gets to fuck me. But I tell them to calm down because they can all get a piece of this hot pussy. Sometimes there are even threesomes and gang bangs. If you’d like to hear more about how my body gets used every single day, give me a call! I can’t wait to tell you about what I did yesterday. Curious? I’m ready for you.

Big Dick Sucker Whore BJ

There’s no reason for me to deny the fact that I am a Big dick sucker whore. Hell my name is BJ and that is kinda an earned pseudonym. It’s fitting for this trashy stripper cunt that loves servicing BBC. Big black cocks are amazing to get my bitch lips wrapped around. The feeling of a black cock, well any big fat fucking cock for that matter.. but the feel of it growing hard in my mouth is just the best feeling. I love working it nice and hard with my lips and tongue while stroking the base. I get it pulsatingly hard with my mouth and take it in my whore slit. My cunt has taken so many big fat cocks that there is a permanent stretched out gape going between my legs. Let’s see if you can stuff your hard cock in this gaping hole and feel the walls of my pussy.

Big dick sucker

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