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BBC Phone Sex Whore Because My Mom was a BBC Whore

bbc phone sexI love bbc phone sex. I am a nasty whore who likes anything taboo. Young boys, big black dicks? Only thing in common is they are all forbidden fruit. I was raised in the 70s when it was still controversial to see black men with white women. Segregation was not even a decade ago at that point. Florida was still considered part of the South. My dad was a mean racist fuck. My mom, however, loved those big black cocks. I mean this was before Internet porn, or the term interracial cuckolding. Women did not really know how big black cocks were then. I think white men did a good job of trying to keep that under wraps for fear of losing their white women. My mom never knew about big black cocks until she started hooking while my daddy was on the road. He would not let her have a job, and never left us money for basic things for weeks at a time. She got creative. Sexy prostitutes make bank in any decade. She never turned down a John, and when she fucked her first black John, she went for more black guys until she was officially a black cock whore. I watched in awe. First year or so, I spied on her she never knew and neither did her Johns. But one day I was busted, and that black John offered her a lot of money for me to suck his cock and I wanted to do it. A black cock whore was born that day. Sadly, I married a white man, but divorced him after he gave me a son and a daughter. Now, I have a son and daughter to play with and I can have all the black cock I want. Hurricane Ian has not slowed me down either. I just hosted a hurricane party for some black guys in my trailer park and they fucked the shit out of me and my daughter for days. Now, we are filled with black cock spunk and bbc sex stories.

Lots Of BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories

Prostitutes have so many BBC sex stories to tell, one of us should write a book series about all of them.  Maybe start a daily sex blog all about the giant ebony bones that bore out and blast big loads of pearly white cum into our bought holes, or something.  If you can think of a position or situation, I guarantee that I have a hot yarn to spin all about how a big black bullcock paid to bang me out in that very way.  What can I say, I take a lot of dick.  It’s my job, yo.

Want to hear about the fat fuck hog I sucked at the truck stop the other day?  He pushed my head against the wall and just wailed away on my mouth for a bit until he busted a juicy ass nut all over my face.  How about the time I took two swollen black snakes in my prossy pussy at once at the ballpark?  They really dicked down my dugout like they were swinging for the bleachers and filled it to the brim with cum once they got their money’s worth.  I could tell you about the owner of the limo company who makes me smoke crack with him and gets me super high before he crams his crank deep into my asshole.  The back of that limo has had so much shitty cum dripped all over it, I have no idea how it keeps it from reeking.  Lots of Egyptian musk and cigar smoke, I guess.

I can tell BBC fuck tales until the hoes come home, and then they’ll have a few to tell you or their own!  Here in the south, a lot of anaconda comes slithering our way.  I can’t speak for hookers anywhere else, but down here, black phone sex fuck stories are as common as the whores that tell them.  Let me know what size of black cock you want to hear about and I know that I’ll have a fun cum filled chronicle or two for you, for sure!


Wet and saucy BBC sex stories

BBC sex storiesOf my BBC sex stories, this one was really wild. It started with him letting loose thick globs while I sped up, my tongue flat and my breaths heavy and muffled with anticipation. I wanted it, I needed it, and I dragged his cum out of him by force. I took his thick globs of yes down my throat like I was born for. Then, after a few ropes, I pulled back enough for him to fill my mouth, and opened up so he could see himself shooting onto my tongue and filling my lips. With all said and done, I did what seemed natural as a Big dick sucker. I opened up wide to show him the inside of my cum filled mouth, flicked my tongue around in a pool of jizz, then closed it, swallowed, and opened up to show him my clean pink mouth. He couldn’t handle it, I knew he couldn’t, he was back in my throat within a second. His hands on my hair, gripping tightly and beginning to use them as handholds to aggressively fuck the absolute shit out of my airway. I was more ready than I had any right to be, prepared and planning for such an event with hundreds of hours of practice. As a Cum dumpster, I knew how to squeeze him just right so his cock slipped in and out of my throat with greed. I knew how to drink him up and get a little air while I was at it. I had no intentions of stopping him or even asking him to slow. No, I needed this more than he did. I needed to drain his thick balls dry and let loose my inner fuckdoll for a night of stress-free fucking, sucking, slutting and drinking. I wasn’t going to complain if my first glass was straight from the tap, that’s where the purest, best fruity drinks come from!

Trashy Milf BJ Loves Cum

It’s all about cum and cock for me. I am a trashy milf stripper cunt that loves to fuck. I only fuck bareback and mostly only fuck BBC. If you have a big cock then I am going to be all over it. I am a skanky whore of the trailer park and all the teen girls want to be like me.

We get high and my dealer brings friends by. I fuck all those big nigger dicks like a good trashy cunt. My holes are always gaped and filled up. I will always be open for fucking big dicks. My holes get messy with lots of cum and my is also a fuck hole for big black dicks.

As a druggy whore stripper I was turned on to taking BBC and now it’s all that really makes me cum. I would love to talk about those big nigger dicks that fuck me the best and all the cum they fill me up with. I love getting filthy and the higher I get on coke and crack the hornier I get for massive monster dicks.

Trashy Milf

Trailer Trash Whore Meets Daddy For The First Time

I am a trailer trash whore but the only man that can soften me up is daddy. Mom ran off because she was a druggy whore and I only met him when I was already the trailer trash whore mom made. The first time I met him I thought he was a trick, and I took all my clothes off before daddy could say a word. 

Trailer trash whore

He was stomped by my body and actions. Once I realized he was my daddy I was embarrassed but he held me on his lap naked. Daddy asked what kind of life I have lived, and I had to tell him about the first night he left. My mother was so drugged out she didn’t realize her druggy friend had snuck into my room. He pulled his big black cock out and forced it down my throat. I could barely breathe, and it was too big that I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough. That is when he slapped me and pushed me down on my belly. He ripped my Jammies and panties off, as I told daddy my story his hands ran up and down my thighs getting closer to my cunt. When I told daddy how he shoved his big black in my tight asshole, he pushed his finger in my Sloppy wet pussy. Daddy finger fucked my pussy as I told him about the first time i became an Anal cum dumpster and I got a cock forced in my asshole. I came so hard on daddies’ fingers, and he told me he would protect me. I’m still a trailer trash whore but when daddy is around, he makes love to me as we talk about the things I do when he isn’t around. 

BBC phone sex is needy and sensual

BBC phone sex“You have a nice cock.” I measured his BBC phone sex python with my eyes and fingers. It sat powerfully in my outstretched palm, teasing me with its potency. I leaned forward to lick the tip real quick and get a taste. I also let out a little saliva while I was at it, so I could stroke it into his length and make my fingers feel even better. The gentle air from the room caused a tingle I could see on his face. I nuzzled his dick, giving a somewhat innocent enthusiasm I knew he craved. Even a pain crazed whore like me can play cute sometimes, and I often enjoy doing so. “I want this cock cumming deep in my pussy.” I admitted while happily taking in what was soon to be making my pussy a Cum filled cunt. “But, for now, I kind of want to suck it. Is that okay?” I took great pleasure in his sudden and enthusiastic nodding. There’s something wonderful to be said about a man’s own innocent excitement bleeding through. I didn’t ask again, I simply opened my mouth and engulfed his tip in heated expert lips. He tasted really great, the scent and taste of a proper man are indescribable to someone who hasn’t experienced both the best and the worst, and he was the best. Every bob left my pussy hotter, wetter, and before long one of my hands dipped to play with my cunt lips. I heard him groan and couldn’t help but titter around his cock, enjoying the general mouth feel of his swollen need filling up the path between my cheeks. It was like a nice dinner I didn’t ask for, and I had no intentions of relenting even if he asked. I had a desire in my heart and it was spreading across my skin. “Fuck it.” I pulled back, unable to take it anymore. Stroking his tip while looking him in the eyes. “Can we just skip to the part where you press my ankles behind my head and fill my pussy with hot fertile seed?” I was a Creampie slut and I needed it right then.

Cum Filled Cunt in the Club Because I am a BBC Whore for Life

cum filled cuntMy cum filled cunt was more full than usual last night. It was girls’ night at this urban club me and my black cock whore friends frequent. That just meant we got free admission and half off drinks. And to me and my gal pals it meant all the big black cock we could want. I think I blew and fucked every brother in the place. My girlfriends helped, but I was the main whore. My skinny blonde ass attracts all the beefcake brothers with Stallion cocks. It is a thing. Big burly black men love the idea of fucking skinny blonde bitches. Now, I know they think they can split me in two, but I am built sturdy. I am a gangbang whore. Those brothers flocked to me like fat brats to candy. I was the queen of the BBC last night. I danced. I drank and I fucked every black man in the place. I am no lady, but I am a dirty whore and I polished big black knobs. I got fucked in the VIP room and even the bathrooms. I do not have any class and zero limits. A bunch of brothers ran a train on me in this VIP room. There were all kinds of black men in there. Some pro athletes, some businessmen and a few college boys. They all wanted some of the skinny blonde whore who was spreading her legs for big black dicks. I was walking funny when we left the club. Cum was pouring down my legs. One of my girlfriends drove and she made me sit on a towel, so I did not stain her seats, LOL. My daughter was waiting for me when I got home. She was happy to see her cum dumpster momma. She cleaned me up as I told her all about the big black cocks I got at the club.


Anal Sex Whore Is A Big Dick Sucker For Her Neighbor

I became my neighbors Anal sex whore. I wanted to be high and as a trailer trash whore, I know who has all the drugs around. I was lucky to have my neighbor have the best blow. I was fine being a big dick sucker if it meant I would have all the blow I needed for the night. It was easy to get his cock hard and I put it deep into my mouth. I sucked it hard and fast making sure I would get all his nut out. But he stopped me and told me his shit is the best and he didn’t want just his dick sucked. He wanted to fuck me in my ass, I’m used to it because I have a nice round ass, but it was already sore from a pounding I had earlier. I was made into and Anal cum dumpster already.

Anal sex whore

But I do anything to get high, so I rubbed some of his blow on my asshole and spread my ass cheeks for him. He quickly pushed his big cock up inside my asshole and used my ass like a glory hole. He just pounded at my ass and used it before he fingered my cunt. It felt like he was trying to feel how deep he was in my asshole. It was easy to be his Anal sex whore cum dumpster all night. The next morning my ass was so sor4e and gappy, it was well worth it

A Cum filled cunt is all I’m good for

Cum filled cuntA Cum filled cunt is all I’m good for! They don’t call me dirty donna for nothing! I am a filth whore who loves to push the boundaries. Golden showers are tame to me! I love to be degraded and force-fed shit! Make me clean your ass with my tongue and tell me how worthless is am. I don’t even deserve the honor of licking your ass baby but some one has to do it!

Force me to be your nasty whore and shit all over my tits. Smear it all over me and tell me how disgusting I am! Make me beg to feel that warm shit sliding across that hard cock as you titty fuck me. Shove the head of that shitty cock in my whore hole as I fuck you with my shitty titties. I love to be used baby! I love the way your chocolate covered cock tastes even more!

I know that I don’t deserve it but please shove that cock in my filthy cunt. I know its dirty but the dirtier the better. Ram me hard and pack that shit I’m my slutty hole. You know you want to feel me jerk you just right forcing you to cum for me and you know this nasty bitch is tight! So, fuck me every inch on my shit covered body. I’m your fuck toy baby and with a dirty bitch like me you know I’m down for literally every and anything! Use me baby show me my worth. I would say I’m worthless but hey at least I can make you cum !

BBC Sex Stories Make Me Into A Big Dick Sucker

BBC sex stories makes me want to go out and be a big dick sucker for free. Normally I get paid to be a Cum dumpster, but last night I was willing to do it for free. I am part of the Sexy prostitutes crew and we never fuck for free. The guy convinced me because he pulled out his big cock onto the table and it made a thump noise because of how heavy it was. We were getting drunk and high and didn’t believe him when he said he can have you walking weird after getting fucked by his BBC. As soon as I saw it and heard the noise my mouth dropped wide open. I then dropped down to my knees and started deep throating his big black cock meat. Maybe it was because I was blown but I wanted to swallow all 12-inches of fat heavy black cock meat. He grabbed my head and faced fucked my hard, luckily my throat was numb from all the blow.

BBC sex stories

I had no gag reflex at this point, and he just pounded my face hard with his cock, his balls were hitting my chin hard. I could feel the pumping from his cock rising to the head of his dick and that is when he pulled his dick out. He wanted to show me he had big loads too and sprayed my face with all his thick gooey semen load.