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BBC Sex Stories I am Full of And I’m Full of BBC Cum Too

bbc sex storiesI am full of BBC sex stories. That should not come as any surprise to anyone who knows me. Or even anyone who has visited my phone sex page. Trailer park whores know their way around big black cocks. I watched my mother handle all those black men when I was growing up. My mom fucked black men out of necessity. In the 70s, in a trailer park in Florida, black men paid to fuck a white whore. They still pay, but I fuck for pleasure and the occasional bag of coke.

Big D came through the truck stop last night but instead of resting there, I sent him to me. He parked his truck in my back yard and spent the night partying and fucking his favorite blonde fucking whore. He brought me some great cocaine too. Even some pussy weed from Chicago. Illinois legalized weed for both medicinal and recreational use, so he gets me that high grade stuff that makes my panties wet at the smell.

I Love Big Black Monster Meat

Nothing gets my old trailer park pussy wetter, however than his big black cock. Not only is his cock long but it is thick too. We took some pictures together to illustrate his girth and length. I fuck a lot of black dudes, but Big D will always be my favorite. And not just because his cock is the biggest either. Although, that does not hurt, Big D treats me well too. He brings me drugs. And he eats pussy so good. I mean after he finishes his tongue lashing on my cunt, I am nothing but a puddle of wetness, LOL.

Last night was no different. Between him eating my pussy, giving me some great drugs and fucking me senseless with his big anaconda, I can barely walk and talk afterward. Hell, I am still sore today. But my sloppy wet pussy hurts so good. I will miss Big D, but even this trashy BBC whore could not take his fat meat stick every day.

Creampie slut for massive hard juicy chocolate cocks, Only!

Creampie slutI have so many BBC sex stories, I am a BBC whore! The bigger the cock, the better the sex… Yes, I get that it’s all about the motion, but to be honest there is nothing like the pain that comes with pleasure. Only a big black bull cock has what it takes to make you scream and orgasm at the same time. No matter how many times you get fucked by a big black cock you just never get used to them. I’ve been fucking Derrek for about 3 years now, on and off…

Every time he fucks me I find myself running up the mattress because I am not ready to take on his big black cock, but once he is in deep ohh fuck, I cannot get enough! I had never realized how much of a nymphomaniac I was until I had my first black boyfriend. That guy used to literally beg me for a break, I was constantly either on top or bent over with his massive cock buried inside my Sloppy wet pussy.

My first Black lover is the reason behind my cock sucking addiction!

I would always French kiss his dick right before he slid his veiny cock inside of me. I did struggle to get every inch of his 10-inch cock down my throat at first, but after he forced his dick into my face the first time; it always slid back in with ease there on after. Big tits are for big cocks, I paid over 10k for these knockers and to maintain this figure… There is no way I will be wasting tits this big on a guy with a small cock. When I meet a guy I asked them right away, how big their dick is.. Why? well there is no point on wasting anytime, I am a size queen and a Creampie slut for BBC! 


Crack whore anal bitch gets paid.

A wild night of partying led to a weekend of binging and being a Crack whore anal  zombie. I was hired to strip at a bachelor party. My favorite part is all the party favors they have. After getting some blow and alcohol in my body I was ready to shake my ass. They want a sexy white skin bitch like me for their big black cock party. Look how I can shake my ass guys don’t you want to tip me? One of them walked up to me with a glass cigarette with white rocks melting inside.

Then I wrapped my lips around it just like I do big dicks and sucked the smoke into my lungs. The rush hit my brain then my pussy and ass. I twerked all over until one of you pulled your cock out. If you want more than a dance, you will pay me more. Money was thrown at me as well as the pipe. That is all I need. I took my panties off and spread my ass for them to use, while hitting the pipe. Since I was so high, I barely felt them using me as an Anal cum dumpster.

Crack whore anal

Every time I felt a big black cock deep in my ass, I hit the pipe. I felt the first dick start pumping inside my asshole before I got one in my mouth. After swallowing the nut, I decided to drink some shots to wash the nut taste out of my mouth. “You can fuck my holes as much as you want but keep my mouth free”. I want to keep my mouth free to hit the pipe. As high as I was, I didn’t realize how much my asshole and pussy were getting filled up. All I could feel was loads of thick cum dripping out of me. Before I knew it the sun was coming up.

BBC sex stories about times I turned a hot guy into a whore



BBC sex stories


BBC sex stories about times I turned a hot guy into a whore. He followed me home then I made him squeal and moan soo loud my neighbors began to knock on the walls, that didn’t stop us we where in full fuck mode and no turning back. Now I often bring guys home for the “Jinx” ride, and they do enjoy the ride. My sexy stories about my slutty adventures will make your dick throb, I don’t mind you being shy trust me it will go away the more I spread you open. Then the good part!, My favorite part is letting my sticky load go in between his ass cheeks turning him into a proper creampie slut, YUM!

Lot Lizard Sex Whore for Big Black Cocks

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex whores love BBC. And black men love blonde whores. It’s a thing. Blacks on blondes. You can even find lots of porn dedicated to black men gang banging some young blonde girl. Even some old skinny blonde whores like me. I made a black on blonde porno last night with two truckers. My skanky ass picked up two hung black studs at the truck stop last night. They wanted to party with me. And I always want to party. So, I brought them home with me.

They had some great Colombian blow. Although it is dangerous to do coke these days with strangers, I trusted these guys like I trust my dealer. Why give a woman bad coke if you want to fuck her? She either dies or gets violently ill before the fucking even begins. Their coke went down smoothly too. Sex coke. Never been that horny for BBC before. And I am a horny blonde fucking whore for BBC too. I joked that they laced their coke with some Spanish Fly, LOL.

After only a few snorts, I started gyrating madly like a stripper working for her next fix. I bounced, jiggled and rubbed my body all over their bodies. Big, beautiful, black bodies. Buff as hell. And then my skinny blonde ass. I might appear like I cannot handle big black cocks, but I have yet to meet one I could not handle yet. However, even on sex coke, these two black cocks proved challenging.

This Lot Lizard Loves BBC

They wanted to film me handling their big black dicks. I never mind being filmed. In fact, I often suggest it first. Think about it. I get to feel like a porn star. And they get a memento for their spank bank. The camera loves me, but those BBCs were the real stars of the film. Perhaps now, I can tell folks I am a druggy porn star for BBC and it will be true, LOL. We partied and fucked all night.

Now, my cunt and ass look like a train wreck. I guess while I was high on that sex coke, I could not feel much. But I woke up sober and sore. I did some coke to numb my pain and soaked in the tub too. However, despite being sore, I am ready to party all day with my phone perverts. I am full of dirty stories to share, and I have some sex coke to party with too.

BBC Sex Stories for Days

BBC Sex stories

BBC sex stories went on for days on that family road trip.  I started telling ma and pa about the nice beautiful big black cocks I had the pleasure of getting to know up close and personal.  I love seeing my dad’s cock get hard as I tell him how his pale white daughter seeks out the darkest man in the bar, goes up to him, grinds on him hard while music plays. I do this to measure the cock I’m working with. I know it will likely be huge but I need to know how huge.  My ass has seen enough big black cock to know when Im getting a good 12 incher. That’s what I go for these days.

After grinding on that cock, this trailer trash whore has her picks narrowed down. Next, I proceed and pick a dark tall muscular man and decide his cock is mine tonight. I don’t give him much choice, I go to the corner of the bar where it’s dark. Then, I pull his pants down and stuff that monster into my mouth and gag.  Gag some more and some more until I almost puke out my chicken wings all over his huge black anaconda.

This usually is the key to getting them to come home with me. Once in my bed, I stick my cunt on that cock and ride like I’m in a donkey show. Something about watching a huge dark cock enter my white bald pink pussy that makes me creamy and juicy in my sluthole.  The white jizz from my squirting cunt hole running down a black candy bar that dipped itself inself the white chocolate of my heavenly pussy, it’s truly enough to make me cream my panties just thinking of it. It sure made my sweet daddy cream his panties too in the car on that trip as we drove to our family vacation.  Great bonding time telling our stories for sure!

Gangbang Whore BJ Can Never Get Enough BBC Big Dick Sucker

As a Gangbang whore for BBC, I am always hungry for more. And a Big dick sucker is what I am and I sure do love a lot of cock. My prostitution days and being a stripper may be done.

But fucking for a few bucks and for my drugs will never stop. It’s BBC phone sex that makes the bucks mostly. However, of course I fuck at the parties and raise a few more bucks and drugs. It’s what a coked up cock whore for BBC does. It is all that I know after all!

True, this still makes me a prostitute I guess. Making men cum is my favorite thing. Well that is next to all those big nigger dicks that please me so well. 

So obviously when it comes to big dicks all I want to do is fuck, suck and cum all over them. Gangbangs for drugs, rent and spending money is always how I make a living now.

Gangbang Whore

Anal sex whore shits on BBC with her mom

Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore for BBC is bringing summer’s end in with a huge blast! I believe life has a few simple pleasures that one must indulge in from time to time. And Anal sex with a huge black cock is one of them for me. Will I hurt the next day? Well yes, but that reminds me that I had a lot of fun with Rod’s huge ebony rod the night before.

Will I have issues pooping for a couple of days? Yeah, But that’s what Coke is for! A sniff or a hot on the ol’ Pyrex and I’ll be shitting just fine! Even if it aches a bit on the way out. Speaking of taking a healthy shot and BBC ass blasts… 🍆

Anal sex whore shits on BBC with her mom

Now, to get back to one of my favorite BBC sex stories to date! My mother, ever the old whore, called her favorite slutty daughter over to have some fun with Rod her Boyfriend. He loves white cracker bitches like us getting vomit-face fucked and shitty anal fucked. 💩

He knows with the right amount of crack he can make us stupid white trash whores do anything. 

My mother was in charge of cleaning his cock off between my shitter exploding on his nigga cock. Every time one of us shot as he was gaping our snow bunny asses, he would laugh. But really a black man giving us hits off his crack pipe is exactly the perfect setup for some black-on-blondes crack whore anal!  Let me tell you about how my mother nad I suck a big turn like a BBC for this dark motherfucker! 

Crack whore anal gets screwed by dealer in more ways than 1

I am your whore, and I want you to fuck this crack whore in my asshole. Ram that cock in, making me beg you to let me just have a little bit of crack. It doesn’t have to be the good stuff. I will take anything that you want to give me. You are my dealer, the first one to get me hooked on it.  

First one to use my anal hole for fucking. Making me into your whore. You know I will do anything for some drugs. Not just crack. Now treat me like a whore and fuck this asshole. Put a line on my asshole and sniff it. Taking a line off your cock as I blow you. 

Sleazy is how I like. Crack whore anal

Drunk Phone Sex Round 1


drunk phone sex“Drunk phone sex is all you do anymore!” My college roomate belted out.  She wasn’t wrong, lately, I was glued to my phone talking about cocks from around the world entering in my temple and leaving me with loads and loads of the jizzy juice.  After high school I was 2 things, drunk and filled with random cum.  Sorry mom.

It was the perfect combination.  A few drinks to take the edge off.  Some of the tricks I’ve had to pull can be rough.  If they pay, I play. So staying drunk was key.  I realized my love for drinking and sex talk once I had a trick schedule a long session. I waited around at the Motel 6 forever. I finally walked over to the gas station and splurged on an Old English 40.  Those suckers are tasty. Liquid gold, some call it.

I got a buzz fast off my drink of choice for the evening. This dude still hadn’t showed up.  I scheduled this one through a site online at the time called PageBack or something like that.  The dude had already paid so why was I wasting my clients money. I started talking to him about if I was with him.  We got into the extreme details laying out what types of juices were coming out of each of our mouths, holes, etc.  Our spits, cum, and sweat intertwined as that cock deeply penetrates my deepest darkest spots of my slut holes.  You quite literally went to places in my body, no man has gone before.

To that, I say, come back again soon.  Cheers to that!