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Anal sex whore parties and milks bbc

This Anal sex whore gets high and uses her ass to milk a big dick. When I get a high the tush hits my body all the way to my holes. I learned early when mommy started to trade me for blow. The first hit I got was in my bum. His big finger was covered in white snow. when he rammed it deep in my ass I got numb and tingly. My body felt weird but my little cunty started to leak. His big dick was big and black. Like a dragon coming at my mouth.

Anal cum dumpster

Even though I tried to suck it all, it was too big for my little mouth. “Bend over let me tickle your bum again” he said as he started to unzip his pants. Once I was spread, he put his coke covered finger to my nose. “Sniff little slut” he demanded of me. Right away I felt the rush. It was making my heartbeat fast. That’s when I felt him pop the head of his cock in my butt. The pain of him stretching made me go stiff. But that’s when he rubbed my clitty. It tickled so good, and I started to loosen up. “Can i have more nose candy?” I asked as I wiggled my butt hole on his cock even more.

“Keep pushing down on my cock like that little slut and I will give you as much as you want” he moaned as he kept fucking me. Therefore, I kept pushing back down on his big black cock. After I got to sniff more, he started pumping me hard. My little buddy just bounced like a rag doll. “Fuck you are tight” he moaned. I just wanted to feel more rush. So, I bounced back like he asked and finally he moaned out hard. “I’m about to cum little Trailer trash whore” he grunted. That’s when I felt his cock pumping inside me like a water hose. Now I love getting blow and milking cock all night.

Being a Cum Dumpster Means Taking Lots of Big Dick

My biggest joy in life is being a total cum dumpster for BBC. In fact big nigger dick really destroys my druggy whore fuck holes.  Honestly I am eternally grateful in my meeting my drug dealer turned pimp when I was young and out on the streets. If it wasn’t for my black daddy, I would not be the true whore that I am today.

As has been mentioned over again, my pussy belongs to nigger dick. It’s true I was blacked and really did never look back. And now that I am well in my forties I can say that all I need is more nigger dick every day and every night.


Coincidently I am the type that the black men love. I have a nice set of stripper tits, and a trashy whore muscular body. Round it all out with a nice juicy ass. And my ass is truly loved by my black daddies.

Being a Cum Dumpster for Nigger dick is a trashy whores greatest pleasure

Now that the warm weather is here I am constantly being approached for some hot fucking orgies. My work at the strip clubs VIP BBC Only room is absolutely on fire. 

Just last night my favorite black dick and his posse approached me to pay for my services at an after hours party. My cunt immediately throbbed for the thought of so many huge nigger dicks violating it. In fact I made bank in the money and in the creampied holes. 

Finally the pure fucking of all my holes with nigger dick is amazing. I take them all unprotected and get all of their bukkake. This is really a heavenly experience when it goes for four straight hours and around ten really hung guys. These guys destroyed my holes and I never felt more alive. But that could have also been all those party favors soaring through my body as well!

Cum Dumpster

Druggy Phone Sex Superstar Beverly Enjoys BBC and Coke

druggy phone sex Druggy phone sex superstar might be new nickname. Larry called me that last night. We talked for hours. Party guy. But I am a party girl. So, he was in the right place at the right time because I worked late. And even though I had a BBC lover over, I still took calls. We fucked, did lines of coke, fucked some more and did more lines. But he told me he wanted to listen to me on the phone.  So, I signed into work. Hell, I talk the dirtiest when I am high on coke.

And my first caller, Larry, wanted to hear me suck cock, preferably big black cock. Plus, he wanted to hear me share some bbc sex stories. And I am full of those. But my caller lucked out because I had a hung black man in my trailer when he called. Most guys get to hear me suck on my King Kong Dong. But this guy got to hear me suck on Big D’s anaconda.

Nothing I Love More than Big Black Cocks and Cocaine

My caller turned out to be a BBC faggot. I get a lot of those type of callers. When I party, I can go all night. Larry got to hear many tales about giant BBCs. But he also got to hear me gag on a real anaconda. Plus, he could hear me snorting lines of coke too. But I enjoyed fucking Big D while talking to Larry. I bounced up and down on a huge cock while slamming a loser on the phone.

You could call my phone sex line a party line, but it is also an interracial cuckold line. I fuck some white guys, but honestly, they are usually younger men with bigger cocks than you might expect. However, grown men with 3-inch dicks? They get bupkis with me. I could never be that fucked up.

I need to thank Big D for the earth shattering orgasms. And Larry for the laughs.

Anal cum dumpster has a wild weekend

Daddies nasty Anal cum dumpster had been busy. Being high for days while getting all my holes fucked is a good weekend to me. That is what my dealer planned for me. He has a big black cock and lots of friends who do too. “We can party and play and you get paid, ” he said to me. Of course I was up to it. Especially when he gave me a table hill of blow.

As soon as I started to do some lines his customers and friends started filling the room. “Let’s party!” I cheered as guys all around me started to undress and snort some candy up. It is easy for me to just get to sucking cock when there’s so many in the room. The drip from the blow numbs my throat.

Anal cum dumpster

Therefore, I can deepthroat a cock and not choke. While I was sucking big black monster cocks my holes started getting played with. My dealer did what he always does when he is ready to rough pound my ass. He covered his cock with blow and rammed it inside me. I could feel him spreading me open. It is part of the fun. With his monster oily dick, he showed everyone how hard I can get fucked.

After that he rammed his big hard cock in my ass. Everyone cheered and took a turn on fucking one of my holes. Finally, I got to taste my first load of sperm and my holes got filled up too. But that is just the beginning of my night for daddies Trailer trash whore. 

BBC Phone Sex Even Happily Married Women Enjoy Too

bbc phone sexI may not talk about BBC phone sex much, but as a slut wife, I appreciate a big black cock too. Last week, I met a sexy younger black man with a huge anaconda. Although I don’t often cheat on my husband unless I am fucking a hired John, our sons or their friends, I am still human. And when I saw Ryan, I wanted him. So, I let him know how much I wanted to choke on what he had in his pants.

Ryan could not tame the beast in his pants either. I saw it twitching and throbbing in his jeans. And I wanted his big black snake to own me. He followed me home to an empty house, which is rare, especially in the summertime. I led him into the bedroom where I sleep with my husband. He could not take his eyes off my trashy milf body. Just like I could not take my eyes off his pulsating rod.

Even a Happily Married Woman Gets Week for a Big Black Cock

When I unzipped his pants, out rolled the biggest and the blackest cock I have ever seen. It smacked me in the face. Although I had never seen a cock that big before, I felt determined to slurp it down balls deep. I choked, gagged and drooled over his monster meat. And when Ryan fucked me with his big black cock, he hit spots I did not know I had. When he came, it felt like an explosion. We left a huge wet spot in the bed where I sleep with my husband.

Ryan’s anaconda made me cum so many times, I felt dehydrated. But I fueled up and he came back later that night to fuck me again. But this time he made my husband watch. We cuckolded my hubby. And he did not like it. At least not initially. But once he saw what Ryan’s cock could do to his wife’s pussy, he started to enjoy the show. This slut wife has a new lover. And boy is his big black cock quickly ruining my pussy for white dick. I belong to Ryan now. I am his cum dumpster slut wife.

Anal sex whore Bells Loves Having her Asshole Fucked

anal sex whore


I love being an anal sex whore for BBC. The way a giant cock feels when it’s pounding my fucking asshole is orgasmic. Being a tranny means I still have a prostate, and it needs milking just like yours does. I’ll shove anything up my ass just to be able to cum as hard as I possibly can. I like edging myself with a nice big dick inside my tight asshole.

Holding my load for as long as I possibly can that way when I finally give in to those deep dark desires, I can shoot my hot tranny cum all over your face when I’m done letting you fuck my ass. Or maybe I’ll shove my dick in your ass and fill you full of my sweet tranny juices.

Use My Ass for Your Pleasure

There’s nothing better though than feeling a BBC up my tight ass, stretching me over inch by inch. I love being bent over and lubing my ass up with your mouth juices, then feeling you shove it in nice and rough. Ass play can be addicted for me. Once you cum in my ass I won’t want to stop. I love feeling it run out of ass when I stand back up. I want to be your anal cum dumpster!

What’s even better is having a little sissy eat my asshole after a BBC filled me up, feeling that little sissy faggot sucking the cum out of my ass like a hoover vacuum. Doesn’t matter what you use though, I’ll take a massive strap on too if you have a tiny cock that won’t do the trick.

Strapons, Dildos, BBC’s, Trannys, I Love it All

Take my strap on, sinch up to your little sissy body and bend me over and fuck my asshole till it’s raw. I’m an anal sex whore for just about anyone or anything. Women, men, sissys, trannies, shemales, you name it and I’ve had it up my ass. You could even rip start my ass with some anal beads like a lawnmower if you want too. Just as long as you give me something to shove in my ass that would make me a nasty happy anal sex whore. 

Drunk sex porn live on Twitch, gangbanged with an audience

Drunk sex pornI got wasted and made Drunk sex porn unintentionally… I had no idea that cameras were rolling! The next day when I woke up and saw the video and a group message from the men I had been gangbanged by the night before, it made me so hot. Watching how slutty I was and how sloppy the Deepthroat blowjobs I had given made my pussy tingle. I felt like such a fucking whore seeing me get raw-dogged by not one but five different cocks that I barely even knew.

Hearing them degrade me and seeing the text messages of how they couldn’t wait to use me as a Cum dumpster again, turned me on. I met one of the guys on Twitter who had invited me to a smoke session… When I got there the motel was filled with smoke, loud music was playing and it reeked of cheap alcohol. The cameras had been rolling live on Twitch from the moment I walked in.

Not only did I get gangbanged but I had an audience!

They didn’t take advantage of me, a few shots in and I was stripping out of my clothing and rubbing my Big tits while begging to be fucked. One guy even tried giving me water but I refused and begged for his cock. I began kissing his dick through his pants which led him to whip his dick out and fuck my face.

My Sloppy wet pussy was passed around from dick to dick and swallowed multiple cum loads. 

Blonde Fucking Whore Prefers Big Black Cocks

blonde fuckingThis blonde fucking whore has an ex-husband problem. Although he divorced me, I looked at it as a blessing in disguise. I cuckolded him with BBC all the time. I mean if a woman is going to cheat, she should cheat big. At least that is what I think. Size matters. And it matters more to women as they age. Our pussies get bigger and looser with age and motherhood. So, we go on a quest for something to satisfy us. And once we do, we never look back.

Take me for example. My daddy was racist. So, was my ex-husband. But as I aged, I realized their racism stemmed from jealousy. Tiny white boy dicks. Small dicks with fragile egos. So, they spew their hatred towards black men out of pure jealousy. And once I realized that I decided to use bbc phone sex against all racist white boys I met. My ex-husband included.

However, my ex still sniffs around. I think he realized what a good lover I was and regrets leaving me. However, I look at him leaving as the best thing to ever happen to me. Because now, I can get all the big black thick dicks I want. And I do not need to slink around. I am a proud BBC whore.

Big Black Cocks are Superior Cocks

But last night, I attempted to enjoy two BBCs at once. And my ex barged in and called me a race traitor. He attempted to slam my black lovers with racially derogatory terms. And I knew that would never fly. Never. I did not need to do anything. My two hung lovers took care of my white ex problem. They dick slapped him. Then they took turns forcing him to apologize with a mouth full of their big black cocks.

I just sat back, masturbated and enjoyed the show. Anytime I get to watch hung black studs cuck a loser white boy is a great day for me. My ex ran out of my trailer with a mouth full of black spunk and a bruised ego. And I took care of those black beauties once my lovers took care of my ex-problem for me. I am full of cuckold bbc sex stories.

Big dick sucker always swallows your loads!

Big dick sucker

I’m a Big dick sucker, always have been. There’s just something about the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth that gets me soaking wet. I don’t give a fuck who you are or what you look like. If you’ve got a big dick, I want it. And when I say I swallow, I mean it. Let me gargle it I fucking love it!

The thing is I am a  filthy, fucking slut who lives for the thrill of getting railed all night long. Of course I also love smoking some sweet, sweet crystal when I am getting fucked. I mean, what’s the point of living if you’re not getting your holes filled with rock hard cock and your lungs filled with that delicious, mind-altering smoke?

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m addicted to meth and cock!When I say I’m a Cum guzzling slut, I mean it. I will always swallow your loads. I can’t get enough of that salty, sticky goodness. I’ll suck you dry, and then I’ll beg for more. Don’t even get me started on how much I love getting fucked. I can take a pounding like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve got holes that can fit a lot of cock, so bring your friends. I’m always up for a party, and I’ll never say no to a gangbang.

I fucking love cum, so fucking much! I will be your dedicated whore, working your cock hard. I want it in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass, everywhere. I’ll be your Cum dumpster, your personal fuck toy, your filthy little whore. I’ll do whatever you want, as long as you keep the loads coming.

So, if you’re looking for a wild night of debauchery and depravity, look no further. I’m your girl. I’ll party with you, fuck you, and smoke you up. I’ll be your filthy little meth whore until the sun comes up, and then I’ll do it all again the next night. Because I live for the thrill of getting fucked up and getting fucked.


Anal cum dumpster can take cock when high and partying

When you are a party whore like me. It is a plus to get used like an Anal cum dumpster by a big black cock. They always have the best blow. “It’s time to party” my dealer said as he and his bbc friends walked in. I love to party and play so my body starts to get excited. “Fuck yeah! let’s do some rails” I cheer on the guys. First, I like to get really high to the point where my body is floating, and I don’t care what we do. I like to dance and shake my ass.

Which always works for teasing and getting dicks hard. I’m a hooker slut so I know how to get the job done. “I want to see how much cock you can take in your ass” my dealer says while feeding me more blow. “I already know your mouth can milk dick until it’s dry” he continued. “But it has been a while since I have seen you work that ass,” he winked at me. “You know what I want” I responded back.

Anal cum dumpster

That’s when he pours a whole little white hill on the mirror and told me to have all I want. He smacks my ass and covers his finger with some yay.  As I did a few more lines, he pushed his finger deep in my ass. His bbc friend watched as he finger fucked my ass with his cooked-up finger. I’m a hot bitch with nasty ways. So, one of his friends pulled his big thick dick out.

“Let’s see what he is talking about” my dealers friend said as he started to fuck my sexy mouth. The thickness of his cock made me have to stretch my mouth wide open. “I hope that asshole opens up just like that” my dealer says as he starts to rub his bbc on my rosebud. All the while his other friend watched cuckold style stroking his cock. I was so high when his dick went deep in my ass, I just took it.

Didn’t even stop the rhythm of my dick sucking. As high as I was, I felt like I was dancing on his cock with my ass. I didn’t even stop after his friend’s black cock exploded in my mouth. “Fuck baby you are going to make this big cock bust” I hear as the blow flows through my veins. All I feel is bbc pumping in my ass.