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I’m a nasty slut who will let anyone do anything to me for money. I especially love having my pussy stretched out by black cock after cock. One time, I had a bunch of black guys as my clients. One of them had a birthday party and wanted me to be the present. I got down and sucked hard on his dick, slurping all over it. A good cock like this deserves to be pleasured all the time. I worship his big cock, telling him how much I love it and wish I could suck on it forever. He throws a stack of money and tells me that I will. His friends unzip their pants and push their cocks into my face. I suck and choke on as many cocks as I can, taking two cocks in my mouth at a time. The rest of his friends don’t want to wait to shove their cocks down my throat and fuck my ass and pussy. My ass and pussy are filled with so much cum that the juices from my ass drip into my pussy. I love being a whore for black cock. 

BBC Phone Sex with a Blonde Old Whore

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is my favorite. I love big black cocks. And black men love this old blonde whore too. Blondes have more fun, especially with black men. There is an entire genre of porn dedicated to blondes getting big black cocks. Black men find me anywhere. Normally, on a Friday night, I am out looking for them at the truck stop. Last night, however, two hung black men found me in a movie theater. I rarely go to movies, but I wanted to see this new Gerard Butler film, Plane. There is a beautiful black actor in it too named Mike Coulter. That was why I wanted to see the film. Not many folks in the theater. I sat in the back. I was getting high, eating popcorn and enjoying the film when two brothers came to the back and sat next to me. I think they saw a blonde fucking whore by herself and wanted to keep me company. They pulled out their cocks and gave me some special butter for my popcorn. Suddenly, I was like Alanis Morrisette going down on a guy in a movie theater. Only, I was not going down on Uncle Joey from Full House. I was going down on two super hung black men. The movie was loud from the special effects, so no one towards the front could hear me gagging on two monster black cocks. These men were black as night too, so I doubt anyone in the theater could even see them well. I bounced on the lap of each guy, taking each of their big black dicks deep inside my fuck holes.  I was loud, but not louder than the movie. No one knew that two black guys were fucking a blonde trashy milf in the back of the theater. I wobbled out of that theater. My legs were weak. Those two fucked me hard. Best movie ever. Maybe I need to go to the movies more often.

Trailer trash whore learned how to sell her holes

Being a Trailer trash whore makes men think they can do whatever they want to. They can, they just have to pay me. I will make sure I use these holes right; it is what my momma taught me. She actually forced me to learn. I was young and dumb, didn’t know where mom was taking me. She went into a room, came back with a bag of drugs and told me to go in there.

Trailer trash whore

When I did all I saw was a big monster cock in my face. He grabbed my head and told me mommy gave me up for a baggy. He was going to get what is his now and shoved his big monster cock in my little mouth. When I started tasting some salty sweet liquid, he pulled out my mouth and sat back. He had me undress and give him a young girly baby strip show. I could see his black monster cock was leaking down his hand. He grabbed my hair and pulled me to him. He bent me over and rubbed his big black meat on my asshole. I was so scared I was shaking but he forced his meat deep in my butthole. I felt his big monster meat ripping my ass and I fell to the ground. He kept pounding my asshole even when I cried. He kissed my face and told me I did good as he was making me into his Anal cum dumpster. As I put my clothes on he told me he would pay me anything to get that again. That is why I sell my holes now.

Fisting Me to Prepare Me for BBC

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My tight little pussy needs to be trained to take big black cocks. My tight pussy needs to be stretched out completely so that the cock can slide in and out of my pussy, pounding me hard and deep. I had a man, a tall black guy, come over to my place for sex. After he licked my pussy, he started to unbuckle his pants. I tell hi that I am not sure if my pussy will be able to take his big cock. He replies that I sucked his cock and made his pussy hard so my pussy had better cooperate. He said he would stretch my pussy out and he placed in one finger in my pussy. Then, he added two, finger fucking me as he was doing it. Then he added three and four fingers, his fingers deep inside of me, reaching to his knuckles. I loved being fisted by him and was ready for some big black cock. When he stuck his cock in me, it took everything inside me for me to not come. He used his cock to explore my pussy, going deeper and deeper inside of me. 

Best Gangbang whore of the new year

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For the New year I was out partying, having drinks and getting blown. I was at a party and there were so many hot dudes with big dicks. I could see their dick prints through their pants, they had big black cocks for me. I went around making sure they knew I sold my ass. It worked out for me at the end of the night when everyone was leaving. The guys told me i could make lots of money i just had to fuck them all at once. I am never the type to turn down money, so I took it. I just wanted to have more drinks and do some more blow. Once I felt the rush through my body, I took all my clothes off. I got on my knees and one by one they started fucking my mouth. I was about to be the best Gangbang whore of the year. As they started using me all I could think about was the story I would have after this night. I was getting all my holes fucked, i even had two dicks pushed in my ass at the same time. I was so high that I could barely feel it. They had rubbed some blow on my asshole to help open me up. By the time they all finished fucking me i was dripping cum from my asshole and pussy, plus i had swallowed so much cum my tummy was full. They abused me hard as they fucked that when i woke up the next morning i had bruises all over and choke marks on my neck. What a way to bring in the new year.

BBC Sex Stories I am Full of To Share With You

bbc sex storiesI am full of BBC sex stories for you little black cock faggot boys. There are a ton of you in the world. I talk to cuckold wannabes and bbc sissies daily. This week, I met one outside my trailer. I was fucking Big D’s monster cock in my trailer the other night when I quickly realized we had a peeping Tom watching us fuck. Big D is this black married trucker I know who has a black mamba snake for a cock and a penchant for white milfs. We have been fucking for a couple decades now. He claims I am the only one who can handle his cock. He also tells me I am the skinniest girl he fucks too. He prefers more meat on his bones than what I have, but once I convinced him that I could handle what he had, he gave me a shot. He did not think a skinny trashy milf could take his big black cock, but I put all the other women to shame. He was driving through town, and I told him to sleep at my place instead of the truck stop. There was not much sleeping being done, however.

When we realized this annoying little BBC faggot was watching us through my window, we put on one hell of a show. He was not being a subtle peeping Tom, LOL. He made so much noise a deaf person would know he was there. I summoned him inside. I wanted him to watch the monster meat I was taking. I do not usually share my monster meat with little faggots, but I was feeling charitable, and so was Big D. I turned that little faggot into my creampie slut. I sat on his face letting that nigger seed cascade out my cunt right into his mouth. I made him clean the cum from my asshole too. It was a great night for me. I got to fuck my favorite black cock and cuckold an annoying neighborhood faggot.

BBC Phone Sex will Always Be In Style

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex seems to be on white men’s minds lately. It is a growing fetish. I was fucking big black dicks, however, long before it was in fashion. My first big black cock was when I was a schoolgirl. There was no Internet back then. Hell, DVD players were not even around yet. Now, they have come and gone, but big black cocks are here to stay. My daughter had a wonderful idea to raise some extra cash. She thought she should film me fucking black men for cam sites. I told her that I could not work for a cam site and have this sexline too because I signed a non-compete contract. It was a great idea, so I suggested she be the cam star. She needs extra money like we all do, and if she had a better paying job, she could help me out with the bills. I love my son and daughter, but everything has tripled since they moved back home. My daughter is a BBC whore just like me and just like my mother was too. I knew the perfect guy for her first cam show too. Big D. He loves to show off his monster black cock and he has been dying to fuck my daughter so he can say he had mother and daughter bbc whores. My girl was down for it. I texted Big D since he was in town, and he said hell yes. I felt like a porn director. I got to direct my mini me riding my favorite black cock. My daughter is skinny like me. And blonde too. I signed her up on one of those cam sites, and even though it was her first night, she made a lot of money. Guys were tipping her big bucks to see her choke on that big black cock. One gave her a grand to be an anal sex whore for that anaconda cock. She is sore today because Big D has damn near 14-inches of black meat on his bones. But when she saw how much richer her bank account was, she decided to do it again tonight. My baby girl is going to be an Internet sensation.

Big Dick Sucker and BBC Whore Beverly

big dicker suckerI am a big dick sucker. You must be when you are a black cock whore. I have big tits, so if a cock can snake its way between my big boobs and there is plenty left over for my greedy mouth, I know the guy has a huge cock. I am a size queen, but more than that I am a taboo queen. I love hairless cocks and big black cocks. Those young lads I seduce, however, get lost in my big fake tits. So, when I find a cock that can titty fuck me while I give it head, I am in my zone.  Marcus came by last night because he heard there was a white trashy milf living here who could sword swallow. I did not know him. Hell, I had never even seen him in my trailer park. After a few moments of chit chat, I discovered he was just visiting for the holidays. His brother is a frequent flyer of my trailer. Harold is his brother. And Harold and I have been fucking for about 5 years. He is married to a beautiful black woman who would leave his ass if he knew he was fucking the white whore of the trailer park. The problem is his wife will not suck cock. She barely fucks her beautiful black man. I guess his brother has the same problem. That is why Harold sent him to me. What other women will not do for big beautiful black cock, I am happy to do. I let Marcus do everything he wanted to me because he had a monster cock. We started with some big titty fucking. That was followed by a creamy facial. That led to me sucking his cock some more so I could pump him back to life and he could give me some hardcore anal sex. In just a few hours, I did all the things his wife swore she would never do. It feels good to take care of those big black cocks better than any other woman.

Golden Showers Sex One Night Stand

As an drunk off my ass stripper chilling at the bar post set, I get approached with all kinds of propositions. I accept most of them without a thought. And Golden Showers Sex is certainly a popular one when drunk. The ones I don’t accept is usually that the guy wouldn’t even be able to walk out of the joint much less enjoy my filthy company.

So I was getting completely pissed and searching for my cocaine connection. My normal guy was away for a bit and my other guys had been out of town or down sick. So I was looking for some of the regulars around the club. I was lucky while I waited that one of the patrons had a bit on him. He wanted a little trade. He wanted me to piss on his face while I snorted lines off of his six pack, then let him piss on my stripper tits.

This was certainly right up my alley and I told him I had to piss like a beast, and we all know that he got more than he bargained for!

Golden Showers Sex

12 inch BBC Fucks Me in the Ass

BBC phone sex


I am such a slut for BBC. I love taking big black cocks down my throat and in my ass. Having those big cocks face fuck my throat while I am on my knees like an obedient cum slut turns me on immensely. The biggest cock I ever had was a black guy who was a basketball player. I met up with him after a game and he invited me to his house, but I couldn’t wait. I begged to be fucked by him immediately and he took me to the team’s locker room. He was huge, 12 inches hard, and it made my jaw drop. He told me that my mouth would be better served sucking his cock. I got down on my knees and licked his cock up and down. Then, I took his cock down my throat slowly. I could barely fit it in my mouth. I was gagging and choking all over his cock. When his cock was wet and throbbing, he told me to lean against the lockers so he could give me the ass fucking of a lifetime. When I turned around and shook my ass in front of him, I was not expecting the amazing feeling of having a 12 inch cock stuffed into your tight little ass. The way he pounded my ass made me cum, dripping all over my leg. His cum gushed inside of me as he dominated my tight ass with his cock.