Hello, my name is Hazel. I am a Librarian. People look at me and see a sweet innocent girl. They see only the good and none of the bad. No one ever sees the bad side of me. They don’t know I am wearing whore clothes under my business dress. Or that I am wearing nipple clamps and a clit ring. They would never guess I had cum for lunch. Yes, I am certainly a cum dumpster! And they can’t tell how fucking high I am right now! I can pull you right back to the law section of the library and let you fuck me against books! Everyone assumes I am just the sweet girl next door. Fuck that shit! I am the slut you have always dreamed of. I party hard! I am totally an anal sex whore! And expect hard-core ass fucking and double penetration. That leads to a cum shower. I want to call you master. Let me show you how good you can have it! I am going to lick your ass hole and tongue you out! Then fucking beg for you to give me that cock! I want to bounce on that thick piece of meat for you! Let me milk all your cum out! I am the biggest cum whore you will ever meet! And the reason you will never judge a book by its cover again!

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