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uppers and downers mixed

Cum Filled cunt

My cum filled cunt loves to be dripping wet all the time. There’s not one moment of the day you will find me high and ready to pounce on a cock. The best high is when you mix uppers and downers. It gets me so hyper love coke and Ritalin with some edibles. All of that mixed together with a Xanax, I am in heaven. Ready to fuck and be fucked so roughly. My needs and desires all stem from wanting to be used by multiple men because, as we can guess, daddy issues play a huge role in my life, but that’s more than okay. It is so hot to depend on wanting men and having to be fucked and used.

druggy phone sex rocks my world

druggy phone sex

Another night another high. Wow, it was something else last night doing so much, molly. It gave me the best high ever and made me spread my holes, and made me so submissive. I lo e drugs I fucking do. I can’t deny it, and honestly, I know I have a problem. I know I’m addicted, and I will say it loud and proud. Life is too short not to have fun. Why would I suppress my cravings when life isn’t promised and if I overdose and die, at least I had one heck of a ride. You don’t understand how exciting it is, and maybe if you have some druggy phone sex with me, you can hear all about my experiences. I have gotten cock after cock and have had massive orgasms that have totally rocked my world. When I’m not high, orgasms aren’t as fun truly don’t satisfy me.

Sorority Girls Fucking is all you see

sorority girls fucking

Sorority Girls Fucking is all you see! Get ready to see a good catholic girl turn into a deviant sexual being. Far too long, I have had to deal with suppressing my sexual urges. Now I lust after something that enthralls me into a world like no other. I want to be bad, and I am tired of being a good girl. There is something about getting fucked by a random stranger that truly makes my bald pussy so wet. My tight cunt deserves the best cocks. Let me spread my legs so you can take a good look at my beautiful work of art. My clit is so orgasmic even by one touch, and I am in full come fuck me mode. I want that cock deep-dived in me. Let me be the school slut you have always wanted to fuck. I don’t care if you are married. My love for unavailable men runs deep, so fuck me like you could be careless about your boring wife.

Hot date night makes me so much money

fisting whore

I love dating rich men with fetishes. They love to seek me out and make me their trophy girlfriends for an event of even a couple of months. Many of them end up falling for me. They love that they can fuck me wild and are so proud of my hot looks, but they also love that they can share those freak fetishes that unless you got an escort of whore you would never be able to be so open.

I look like the total hottest sexpot you will ever lay your eyes on, but I’m also keen on fetishes and making them happen. You would never think Id be such a coke slut who will allow you to fuck me in any way as long as I’m high. Let me be your fisting whore. You have always wanted to fist a hot sexy slut. Now that I’m yours for the weekend make that fantasy reality—That’s exactly what I do.

Cream filled holes

drunk girl fucking

I know you love when I come over with some drugs and lots of booze, and I know you must have a drunk girl fucking everyone on site. I can’t wait till you slide your cock deep in me. It’s so hot to know you will never get a dirty whore like me. I’m so totally going to let you fuck me up and choke me out till I pass out. My creamy pussy is filled with all your jizz. I have forgotten about where I am. The drugs take over me, and I am having quite the trip. Let’s see how you make me orgasm. Spray me with all the cum you have and ask all your friends to give me your cock in my mouth.

Party Girl on campus

latina phone sex

School girls make the best kind of sluts. Why would you want to have latina phone sex with a girl who knows how to please? I want you to make me your whore and fuck me no matter what. Whenever you slide that cock balls deep in me know that you won’t be the only one having a taste of this whore.

I promise you I’m not a one women kind of girl. I need lots of cock that has to become my priority the more cock the happier I become. I get moody and in a bad mood whenever Im without hard rock cock. Thats why i chose the party city of the world to be a whore. Las Vegas will be treating this girl right.

Lets get freaky

cum dumpster

I have really gotten into some freakier kinks lately. I try to keep up with the notion that I’m a proper girl. Let’s face it, and there’s nothing proper about me. I like to fuck, and there’s nothing wrong about that either.

If I could do anything, it would be a pleasure all day and night. Who doesn’t want to fuck and do copious amounts of drugs and live in ecstasy? I’m truly the definition of a party slut. I think I may have found my match, actually.

It was a Friday afternoon, and I began to swipe on that popular app until I found a Friday night hook-up. Before I could even think it through, I matched with a hot guy. The bio he had was amazing. He wanted something that wasn’t too serious and wanted to dominate a girl for the weekend. Well, I didn’t waste time at all. So I did what any adventurous girl would do, and I messaged him and said I was more than down to be his for the weekend.

My new friend showed me how to party and have pain inflicted. It was actually my first time getting whipped and nipples clamped and fucked rough. I had blood, sweat, and tears. It was quite the adventure.

Hot stripper sex with me for your pleasure

Hot stripper sex

I know you want hot stripper sex with me. You see me and get so turned on and want to fuck my every hole. There is nothing like using a slut up and pounding her until she’s ready to jizz. I want to bring over all my stripper friends so that you can have the orgy of your dreams. Watch as we give you the orgy you crave. You know it’s hot when you see me and my girls do big lines of blow and fuck all the big black cock we crave. Whenever you see us, you go home to your wife and dread every minute of it. You wish you can fuck us, and now it is your chance. Pull your cock out now that we are high and you have tipped us greatly. Now you can fuck me and my hot friends. We are always ready for big cock like we are supposed to be.

Have some fun with us and get those balls to drain.

Hookers for hire I’m an escort now

latina phone sex

I’m an escort at a high-class establishment. I love to fuck guys looking for hot hookers for hire. Whenever I get a white-collar guy I know, he’s going to bring the good stuff. I love coke and love to fuck, so of course, I am down to have those party favors. My pussy gets very wet whenever I am high in angel dust. It’s a job, but it feels so sinister to get paid to get laid and have a good time. Of course, it’s frown upon, but that doesn’t bother me when I am cashing that check and driving my Benz and getting the top of the line outfits and make-up and skincare sets.

I already closed on my second house and have the life most girls will only dream of. I wouldn’t give up my life for anything. Any guy that dates me has to be assimilated into my lifestyle. I’m sure as hell not going to stop the fun.

The bosses mistress

fisting whore

I have been the other woman for quite some time now. My boss loves to fuck me wild and do all the perverse things his wife won’t let him do to her. It is fun to be his fisting whore and do tons of blow with him during working hours. We get so fucked up and begin to get high when we should be professional and handle the workload. Luckily I am the boss’s mistress, and he can do whatever he wants and let other people handle the workload while we get freaky in his personal office. All kinds of things get done, minus work. We get high buzzed and begin to enjoy all sorts of porn and live our lives hiding our crazy, fun relationship.

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