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bartender bang

fisting whoreI loved working as a bartender it was one of the best times ever. I enjoyed getting drunk with the customers and even hanging out afterward. My favorite time was the day I was asked if I could be a fisting whore for the right price. I said heck yes. I wasn’t going to mind a fist in my holes for cash and blow. I wanted coke and wanted a good time I was in like sin. I couldn’t help myself I wanted to be a naughty whore and was high enough and drunk enough to do it all. It was a fun time but I also couldn’t stand still for days. It was a real beating and my holes were stretched out so much.

Living my best life

anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster for all the dealers is what I have become. My asshole craves cock, and my cunt does too especially if I will be getting high as a kite. I had a full-on orgy before noon. I was the life of the party. Staying up late and getting high and getting filled. I have brought my little sisters on to the fun. I am not a morally correct type, gal. I like to have fun and party and do whatever the hell I want. As a big sister, I shouldn’t be exposing them to cock and coke. Well, I learned that long ago, life is short and watch me get fucked and used living my best life. I have never been happier than I am when I am being dazed and confused. I have the most fun when my dealers bring me that candy and cream. I have to keep it exciting, and as I am not 18 anymore, I have to bring some young fresh meat so I can keep my benefits.

Brians beer can cock

Nasty phonesexBrians beer can cock is the best thing ever. I can’t stop craving it and dreaming about it every single night. Once you get it, you are hooked. Nasty phonesex is better when it’s with him. I love his huge white cock. It’s so thick and perfect; it makes me wet instantly. I love making his dick grow. I swear it gets bigger and better each time. My fat ass bend over for him to slide right in and tear me up is all I want. I love feeling him stretch me out and fuck all my pretty pink holes. My pussy and ass only crave him. When I am ready to fuck, I only want his beer can cock. No one compares to brian. No one gets me off like him ever. Brians cock is the best that there ever was and ever will be.

Fucking the janitor

trailer trash whore I was rushing to get to the next class I was super late. I dropped one of my packets, and I heard someone behind me. I panicked and tried to hide my stash, but he already saw. He moaned and groaned and said well you could get in serious trouble for that missy. I saw it was the janitor. I played it cool, but he wasn’t going to let me off the hook. Listen, missy, if you don’t want me to sing like a canary, follow me. I was a little shocked and assumed he wanted some. I followed him. To the utility room, we went, and that’s where he told me a trailer trash whore like me was going to get used. I had to fuck him, or he would rat me out I had no choice. As soon as I agreed, it was the beginning of a never-ending bribe. I had to fuck him everywhere whenever he wanted.

drug dealer on speed dial

cum dumpsterI have my drug dealer on speed dial. I am so ready to get high and get fucked. After working all day, all I want is my holes fucked, and I want to be high as hell. I spread my ass and let him take it with each pound. My eyes roll back, and my juicy pussy starts to drip. I can feel my cunt begging for some meat too, Cum inside me and make me your cum dumpster. Together we get fucked up and ready to be used some more. My drug dealer gives me two of the things I want and need in this whole world. Drugs and dick will always be my favorite combo ever. Nasty girls always get what they want.

wasted whores

drunk girl fuckingDrunk girl fucking gets you off if you like dumb cunts. Young dumb and full of cum. Yes, I am. I love being a whore who gets to be fucked and plowed and passed around. I get so high I forget who I am fucking. I went to an epic party and got so fucked up that I didn’t notice I knew one of the guests. It happened to be my sister’s fiance. Without even knowing it, I was getting stuffed by him. Once I realized I was too horny and high to care. You can bet I won’t stop fucking and getting trashed because I am a party slut through and through. I love a good time, and won’t ever stop loving getting used.

Dark secrets

latina phone sexCum fuck me roughly. I know you have a thing for sexy Latinas who have no limits what so ever. I don’t mind digging deep into your perverse mind and taking out all your naughty secrets. We both know you have deep dark skeletons in your closet. Don’t be shy and let me show you I can be your perfect accomplice — a sexy latina whore who will do anything for cum in her tight twat. Your jizz is a complete treat for me. You are well aware of all the things that turn you on, and I am ready to make you live out all the nasty latina phone sex and porn you have always needed to experience. You want to get a do it all whore on her knees. I will be your willing slut.

They used me up

live phone sexWhat a night. Another group of bikers used me. They reek of alcohol, but they have some cash and a stash of the good stuff. I am high and ready, and they want to give me anything that will be a thigh opener. Silly pigs, I am willing to open my thighs for anything. It doesn’t take much cash to get me to be a cum whore for just about anyone. All I want is a good time, and I am rocking and rolling. One by one, they slid in me and pumped and pumped till they had all there fun. What a nasty whore I am to take them bareback. I don’t even think twice when I’m fucked up and trashed out my mind. I don’t care I like what gets my sloppy twat off each time. It’s the perfect situation for Prostitutes porn.

best cum dumpster on earth

cum dumpsterI am a cum dumpster, and I am proud of that. Cum is so delicious and pretty much a need for me. My stepdad uses to fuck me every morning before school. I would hear the arguments between my mom and him. My mom wasn’t a good dick sucker, nor was she fond of cum. I, on the other hand, was put on this earth to be glazed on and fucked. I have always known I turn boys on of all ages. As long as you produce that yummy cummy, I will be all over you in no time. I like being fucked to the point of no return. My holes are to be fucked with and used. Give me all your cream and make me beg pretty please!

Truck stop fun

Gangbang whoreI was a gangbang whore tonight. I enjoyed fucking all the truckers and making them take my holes and fucking me like a great slut. I was all fucked up on a cocktail of drugs, and my cunt was ready to be owned. I knew my life was all about being a stupid cunt that would do anything for dick and dope. I was hooked to drugs so much that I had no problem being fucked and used by everyone who wanted a piece of me. The trucker men are all in love with me. Most would kill to marry me. At first glance, I seem like a beautiful knockout who shouldn’t be out hooking and using, but this is the life I live and the one I love. My existence is all about being fucked and used.

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