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Fuck this druggy slut

latina phone sex

Latina phone sex is great. I love that I can show you what a dirty whore I am in two languages. You will see why I fuck the best and want me to come over to blow you for blow. I want to deep throat your cock while your friends all fuck my ass till it’s bleeding and stretched out. Prolapse my ass. I don’t care what anyone says whores like me make men want to fuck us over and over again. I may not be ladylike like but I look so hot and delicious for all men. You may think that Im not harmful, but in reality, I will stop at nothing to get what I want. I’m sure of that and will make you see why a druggy-loving slut fucks the best.

My dealer loves to use me

druggy phone sex

My drug dealer woke me up to tell me its time to pay up with my pussy. If you like druggy phone sex, you will enjoy all the raunchy details of my nights with the dealer. I have to pay off all my debts and make them disappear. Whatever my dealer wants, I will make it happen. So far, I have gotten ganged, banged, and have gotten chocked nearly to death. I’ve also made my dealer happy by making it a family affair. It was hot to see love my sisters and my mom. It was quite hot to see my mom get his cock deep inside her and how delicious it was to be able to get a ton of cum all out of their holes. I won’t know what my dealer wants now.

Anal sex whore for master

My master took me to a party where he unleashed all his demons on me. To be honest I do love to be your anal sex whore. I want you to rip my asshole open. Get me all high and fucked up. Make sure I take a ton of significant lines. Huge big cock sized bars right out of your big dick. Spit in all of my holes and on my face. I want you to degrade me and take over my body. Stretch all my holes out and pump your cum in me till you breed me. Tell me what a worthless whore I am and make me beg you to treat me like crap. I don’t care if all your friends see you break me down. It turns me on when you treat me like your property and when you treat me lower than scum.anal sex whore

Im dating a drug lord

sloppy wet pussy

My sloppy wet pussy has me fucking one of the biggest drug lords in the USA. It is so amazing how I got him to zero in on me and make me his girlfriend. Now I don’t have to worry about when my next high will be because my new boyfriend will get me anything through his supply. My love for shopping is fulfilled and I won’t. It is so lovely to be able to get anything I want. My boyfriend throws the most lavish parties with all sorts of celebrity friends. It is pretty hot to know my boyfriend has all kinds of athletes over. Im can fuck every single one I want without worrying. It is nice to have a drug dealer as a boyfriend.

Druggy phone sex for the weekend


druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sex when you are home alone with a hard-on is a nice way to spend your weekend. My pretty wet cunt loves to have cock stuffed deep. I like it sloppy. I won’t deny how dirty I like to get. My pussy is an equal opportunity temple. I love all kinds of cocks, no matter what color or how big or small. Cock in my slits makes me pinch my tits. I want a cock that can fuck my big tits, and I need a cock that will make me want to hop on it and get it deep in my ass. My pretty asshole needs to be creamed. I want to watch you jizz in me, then lick it all up.

Druggy phone sex with a nasty whore

druggy phone sex

I know that druggy phone sex isn’t for everyone, but oh my god, when I get to experience it with a dirty man, it makes me so fucking aroused. I love to have my ass cheeks stretched and spread open while I am high as fuck. I want you to fuck me and make your little fuck slut forever. Start me off by jerking and sucking off all your friends. Go ahead and boast all about your new dirty girlfriend.

I’m all yours, and when I get a hit of crack, my pussy begins to erupt. My wet cunt needs a big pipe in it, and I beg for my ass and pussy to get demolished. I need that nut inside me. It fills me up and makes me feel complete.

druggy phone sex is hot to me

druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sex is great. You can hear all my stories of getting stoned and fucked at the same time. My pussy craves juicy cock, exceptionally when im high. I want to feel you push your thick dick deep inside me and make you watch as my eyes roll back. It feels fantastic to have you in me, and I can’t deny myself letting go and getting the highest I have ever gotten and let you fuck me till you explode. I’m ready to be your fuck slut and will let you have any wish you crave. You can do it all to me, and I will say yes, please. fuck me silly and make me your cum slut and show me you are the boss while I serve you on my knees.

druggy porn pays of my bill

Druggy porn

So I owe my drug dealer a ton of money the only way I could pay it off would be thru druggy porn and some escorting. I have to sell my holes to pay my debt and, of course, also indulge in drugs. I love coke so much, so there must be coke in the mix whenever I get some hot fun. My pussy is a waterfall when I am high, and I can fuck so many guys at once. It’s truly a talent. My drug dealer is making a killing off me, and he deserves it because I left him with quite the bill. I racked it up high, but now I can break even with him and let him use me and pimp me out.

the fisting whore is the best.

fisting whore

I am such a party whore that I don’t mind doing drugs and getting plowed by strangers. I never knew much about fisting. I mean, I sure did see some of it in porn. It didn’t register to me that it was a thing.

I was pretty surprised when I went to a frat party, and a couple of the guys wanted to see who could make me the dirtiest fisting whore. I went with the tallest one, and he was pretty packed down under.

I began with letting him eat me out and then get me all wet for his fingers. One by one, each finger began to slide all the way deep inside my cunt.. It didn’t take long till he got his whole fist inside me.

cum dumpster no matter what

I have to be a cum dumpster. Everything revolves around getting off and pimping off my sisters to get some hardcore drugs. One thing I Love bout being a slave and degrade myself for my dealer. Muy dealer loves to use me and make me a sexual demon.

If you have ever been around a succubus, you would know the kind of girl that makes him hot and ready to fuck.

Remember that a wet cunt feels better stretched, used, fucked, and discarded to the side.

I don’t deserve to be treated like a princess. I am a filthy escort that loves to drain your wallet, never your balls. I love when you say, “I’m going to make sure you know whose in charge and willing to fuck you over proudly.” I am so happy I get to be your sex slut.

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