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No regrets

 Hardcore anal sex

Everyone and their momma know I’m the neighborhood slut. I love to take cock and like to fuck my way out of all sorts of situations. My landlord, my old bosses, my new boss. My ex-boyfriends. I have a story for every situation. I have been thru some things you would never believe. I have fucked my way out of all kinds of things. I’m quite proud of this pussy and mouth and ass because they have helped me steer clear of problems.

Yes, maybe I shouldn’t be drinking and doing drugs while I’m supposed to be watching tots. I can’t help it. I want to party hard and get rammed. Maybe I should pay my rent on time, but why wouldn’t I spread for the landlord. Also, maybe I shouldn’t be illegally smuggling coke to work, but the cops want a nice piece of ass after a long work night. Also, I shouldn’t be stealing from my job, but my boss won’t fire me because he loves to feel my holes and cum on my tits.

When I can get out of trouble and earn all kinds of perks, why would I stop living my crazy, fun life?

Nice guys finish last

cum eating phone sex

I had a guy once be so smitten with me he would do everything in his power to make me smile. I, of course, never paid him any mind. I don’t really like submissive men. I like men who will take over and show me what a nasty whore I am. After an atrocious date, I agree with going back to his place to have a drink, and once I would be done, Id goes my merry way. I was quite the guest because both his roommates were all horned up at just my presence. I was pleasantly surprised his roommates were actually handsome and interesting.

My date ended up spilling some liquor all over him. I think he was all jittery and nervous with me around. While he was away getting cleaned up in the shower, I acquainted with his roommates. I got on my knees like the perfect cum eating phone sex slut and ended up deep throating and swelling those loads. My date had no clue.

In need of a cum dumpster

cum dumpster

The boys love to have game night and watch their favorite sports team battle it out. Unfortunately, this particular night isn’t a great one. Their team has lost, and they are each so bummed out. Not even my delicious treats can cheer them up. My boyfriend and all his closest friends, however, have something else in mind. They want me to do the honors and cheer them up.

How can I possibly say no to being their cum dumpster? I want that more than anything, so I am all in for their pleasure. My holes are each fucked and filled. I’m certain I will be sore for weeks on end.

I am enjoying all the attention, and I won’t stop till I get them all to turn those frowns upside down. I am one heck of a cum slut and enjoy it all and can’t stop begging for it. I’m a cum obsessed girlfriend and want to please all the time.

Anal Cum dumpster loves torture

anal cum dumpster

Time to come over and fill my mouth with your cock. I want to prepare you to fuck my shit hole. I know you like dirty girls and won’t be pleased unless you are deepthroating a stupid cum slut. All you want is to make me your anal cum dumpster.

You can bet that I won’t ever stop you from getting what you deserve. You need me to be your fuck slut, and I promise I will make you happy. Stretch me out and leave your mark on me.

What else would you like? Ask me anything and do whatever you damn well please I know you will be happy as soon as you have me fucked up and tortured. I want to please only you and nobody else. There’s no reason to stop you when you’re a man, so automatically, you are far more superior than me.

I was born to make men happy and make them cum blast me.

Coke lines of my tits

creampie slut

The boys were ready to have their fun with this hot brunette. I like to fuck the guys in my circle. One of my closest friends was about to get hitched and didn’t really turn to have a bachelor party, so the boys all ended up throwing a last-minute get-together. They invited me because my big tits totally would rival any strippers. My hot body definitely can turn all men on even if they are drunk off their asses. Besides, what are friends for anyway? I was down to be the stand-in stripper to my best buds.

They wanted to see me fully naked and wanted to do party favors right from my rack and ass, of course.

It turned from a harmless strip party to a complete creampie slut porn flick after we all got high. The guys all wanted in on my ass and cunt. I got load after load and did it with a smile.

I love my friends and will do anything for them.

Molly world

cum dumpster

Wow, my pussy is still drenched. I am such a cum dumpster. The loads keep dripping down my thighs, and I can’t get enough of them. I really do enjoy being fucked and rammed by a ton of different men. Now that I have discovered molly’s world, I don’t ever want to stop.

It was like being on coke times 1000%. I was fucking and sucking and begging for more. I popped a molly, and I felt like superwomen. I knew I was meant for fucking, but once I got a little help from a pill, I went ahead and didn’t stop. In fact, I begged to be used.

I enjoyed being fucked and discarded and went from party house to party house till I could barely walk. An explosion of cum really does the body good.

The way I fuck, I will never get tired. I can’t stand plain vanilla sex; I want to get nasty and need it quite frankly.

I want to fuck high all the time.

A party train

drunk girl fucking

I can hardly wait for the weekend. I want to be the drunk girl fucking everyone. I want cocks galore. I like to get high and bounce on cock after cock. The feeling of being drunk is the best. I like to have sloppy sex. I want an orgy. I want orgasm after orgasm. Shots after shots. I want to be fucked by guys that I don’t even know.

I bend over and get a  cock rammed up my holes. I don’t even get a glimpse of who is in me. It is kind of a hot thing to do. Knowing you might be out in public one day and someone recognizes you as the fucked up girl at that one party that let everyone run a train on her, and she doesn’t even have any recollection of the situation. Wow, I’m so wet thinking about all the possibilities. I’m one cum loving cock fucking slut. I won’t ever be a girl who turns down a good time.

Rules were made to be broken

druggy phone sex


If you love druggy phone sex, you will love my little story. My dealer is so mad at me because I owe him so much money. I can’t help it that I am such a junky slut. At first glance, you would never assume such a thing, but once you get to know me, it is clear that I am a dirty whore who needs to be used.

I love to do big lines and get high. My dream night is one where I am high as a kite fucking all night long. My next-door neighbor came over to fuck me. As I am on his cock, my dealer bangs on my door. It’s time to pay up.

I’m in the middle of riding a dick. I didn’t expect him to show up. Nonetheless, my dealer begins to think long and hard about how he can get me to pay up. Then he figures out he’s going to stream me being a slut and get paid for it; after all, he’s some sort of entrepreneur.

I agree and show him that this plan is a cash cow, and I pay off my debt and gain much more fucking and drugs.

Anal sex whore party

anal sex whore

I have some hot dirty friends. We are all anal sex whore sluts that love to party and have a good time. I often go to orgy parties and mingle with dommes who want to ruin subby sluts like my friends and me. We love to do lines of coke and get all fucked up. Sometimes we even do hardcore drugs because it helps get up extra horny. it is like the coke only does so much till you have to go on to the next drug. Molly is an ultimate favorite. It gets me going and makes me beg for huge cocks up my tight ass.

I want my ass to hurt, and I want not to be able to walk for a few days. It’s true that guys who know how to use their dicks will have me hooked. I love a guy that knows he has control over me and isn’t afraid to put me in my place. At orgy parties, this situation unfolds in so many ways you have dozens of domme guys ready to use subby sluts like me that have been partying all night long.

Extreme phone sex gets me going

extreme phone sex

One of my callers enjoys having extreme phone sex with me. I am hooked on taking his calls. He knows how to dominate me and make me work for orgasms. I have always had the ability to cum whenever I damn pleased, but now that I have an owner, there’s no way I can cum whenever the mood strikes. My owner owns me, and it is up to his discretion for me to climax. If he wants to edge me for days or weeks, he has the ability to do so. I like to beg and worship his big hard meat stick. I love to tell him he owns me, and he is my dome for life.

I will never get to the cream unless he deems it necessary. Sometimes he throws me a bone and lets me do some coke and go to some orgy fuck parties, and that’s where I can get my cum cream loads in the buckets.

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