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a cum filled cunt pays the bills

 cum filled cunt

I never thought I’d say this phrase, but it’s true! a cum filled cunt pays the bills. Since I’ve become a prostitute, I’ve gotten my shit together. Many people will frown upon my decisions, but I look at it this way: if you aren’t having fun, are you living? The rules were made for breaking, and I love to spoil them by feeling good and chasing the high.

Since my friend Romy told me about the game, I’ve become so hooked. I sometimes don’t even have to fuck any of the johns. Usually, I will be so high that I get the johns aroused and ready to cum and bounce. If I admit something, it’s going to be that I enjoy those johns that genuinely take advantage of me and fuck me with no regrets.

trailer trash whore and her sisters

trailer trash whore

When funds get low, I need to blow. My baby sisters came with me to get the job done. We all go and love to suck cock together. I give them some x, and they are so high. Oh my, do they open their mouths wide for those big cocks. It’s wrong, but I don’t want to be correct. I love being naughty. They are so used to it because my mom also uses them for payment.

Now that my mom has turned a new leaf and is all bible belt, my sisters still crave cock. So I take advantage of them and take them to parties. We love to play and be total sluts. A trailer trash whore like me wants to capitalize on what will make her money.

hot stripper sex and blow

hot stripper sex

I love to dance, and I am proud of stripping. I don’t care who sees me. Anyone can come into the club, and I have no shame. I’ve gotten to enjoy my life as a stripper slut. One of my favorite clients brings me so much coke. Whenever he gets a private dance for me, I get an eight ball handed to me.

It’s pretty impressive and the best form of payment. Oh my gosh, I love getting high and having hot stripper sex. My client loves to give me coke because once I get some in my system, there’s no stopping me. The sloppiest yummiest blow job you will receive, and it will be so worth it, and you won’t be able to stop seeing me.

On the run in Cartagena

anal cum dumpster

Want to know what an anal cum dumpster thinks about day and night? Well, the answer is quite simple. Coke, cock, and cum. The three c’s that get me all hot and bothered. I’ve had many instances where I had to pay with my holes. During the pandemic, I hit an absolute low. You can say my drug use became catastrophic thru the pandy.

My dealer was getting upset with all my false promises. I owed him thousands, and he was getting impatient with me. At one point, I was in Colombia visiting family. They paid the expenses, and I couldn’t say no. Plus, Colombia has the best coca in the world. The truth is you can compete with a Colombian drug base. Well, my drug dealer got him by showing up randomly and giving me the beating and fucking of my life. It was excruciating to feel all the pain, but all I ended up doing was a few more coke lines, and the pain disappeared.

slutty secretary

trailer trash whore

I got my first real job as a secretary for a Fortune 500 company. Coming from the trailer park, this was a significant accomplishment. Men become putty in my hand, so when I applied and interviewed, I was happy to see mainly men.

I knew right away my new boss was a pervert. The porn he would watch was audible throughout the office. Looking back, I can see why he did it, and I’m sure it was tactful. As days went on and a few comments here and there shook up our convos, he finally told me it was his plan. He knew I was a trailer trash whore and wanted some ass while he worked. The comments and porn-watching were all for me to fall under his sensual spell. Silly boss man didn’t have to work so hard to get me to be his cum loving puta.

creampie slut for christmas

creampie slut

The brothel house I work at decided to have a big bash for Christmas. I love Christmas and enjoy all kinds of hot outfits. My customers know that I give the best show. The reason why I like being all festive is that holiday miracles do happen. I met my ex-husband a few years back at a Christmas party. Every time we have big bashes, something ends up happening. Well, this year, I have my eyes set on the drug dealer and hope he will bring me some much-needed coke. My marriage didn’t work out, but I got two daughters that seem to be my carbon copy. I am counting the days to put those girlies to work because I know they will make me rich. You know, being a creampie slut does sell.

cum filled cunt and ass

cum filled cunt

I am such a fucking whore who needs so much coke. You love that I am so addicted. My drug dealer loves fuck my ass while I’m so fucking horny and high. I am so horny from my drug dealer. My fingers are so fucking drenched with all my fucking pussy juices. Everyone is going to see what a hot coke whore is.

My dealer always brings all his friends. They even brought a four-legged friend to use me. Only a fucking druggy slut would allow that kind of humiliation. It feels so good when I am so high and ready to be used.

All I want is cum and coke, and I want to be stretched out. I am the hottest coke whore fuck. I want to pimp out all my little sisters for all that fucking angel dust. My cum filled cunt feels fantastic!

drugs and the g spot

cum filled cunt

Do you know what gets me going? When a guy hit my g spot. I could be having a gang bang and only one guy can make this cunt convulse. Not many men can hit a girl’s treasure the right way. You have to be persistent and know that you will be making this cum filled cunt yours. 

The feeling of a meaty cock hitting my g spot is about pressuring my pussy hood and pushing it up. I love to have a guy in my mouth while this is happening and another guy rubbing my body. The team work always will deliver the best result. A girl like me loves to be high and feeling cock hit all the right places.

my drugged up cunt

cum filled cunt

My cunt is going crazy. I woke up this morning in a puddle of all my juices. It was yet another productive night of partying and fucking and getting my pussy all coked up.

The dealer and his friends came around and used me up, but after hours of getting high and fucking like crazy, I still felt I needed more. So I went with some friends to the local sex lounge. We all look like cheap hookers with heels and stumbling all over high, drunk, and fucking horny.

We knew we would get fucked well in the lounge. More drinks, more coke, and some X, and we all were a part of a massive orgy. The whole place was filled with hot whores and horny men who gave in to our desires and cravings. I always end the night with a cum filled cunt.

Fisting whore for drugs

fisting whore

I’m a Fisting whore for drugs. My drug dealer loves how tight my pussy is, and every time I want an eight-ball for free, I know he’s going to want to fist me for it. Coke really is the most important substance in my life. Hell yes I will let him fist me in front of everyone they all love to watch as my dealer makes me his fuck doll.

My dealer knows what to say and do to get me on his side. A nice mouth full of his balls and him getting all rough with me will clearly get me in the mood to feel jizz all over me head to toe. I love to do all the wild dirty stuff my dealer wants of me because I know he’s going to take care of me and let me have the best high ever.