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Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpsterIm Hazel, I look innocent on the outside but on the inside im nothing but naughty trouble. I love to party nothing like a few shots of tequila and few lines of coke to get the night rolling!  Im a Librarian by day and a wild party girl by night! It all started in high school when i smoked a blunt with my best friend for the first time at a party. I have never been so horny and free all at the same time before. I let three guys fuck my asshole that night and its been a world wind ever since. Now im a cum guzzling slut.

 I want you to fill every last one of my holes! Fuck me swollen and sore daddy. Im craving every last inch of that thick cock slamming into my ass until I squeal. I want you to tell me how much of a dirty whore I am while you do it! I want you to pull my hair making me slam back harder on that cock until you ooze into my asshole. I want to satisfy your every desire daddy while you fulfill my every dream of being daddies favorite girl.Cum guzzling slut

Cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sexHi there Handsome I’m Hazel. I’m a sweet, fun,loving librarian with a dirty little secret. I may present as innocent but I’m a cum chasing slut! Hell even on my shift I’m being bent over and fucked ferociously against a bookcase. Don’t worry no one’s the wiser I keep my stroll for cock to myself. They can’t even tell I’m high every time I come in anyways. So of course they have no clue I’m a proud cum dumpster. Or that I go looking for balls to drain on my lunch break. Not to mention the amount of cock that goes in my ass daily on my days off. I am the slut ur mama told you to stay away from but you simply just can’t resist. Don’t expect anything less than hard core fucking when it comes to me I’m talking double penetration and vicious face fucking. I love to party hard and be showered with cum right after. I want you to be my master and let me please you every way I know how and more. I wanna bounce this phat ass all over that thick cock daddy! Wanna play?Extreme Phone sex

Live phone sex

Hookers for hire

Hookers for hire

Live phone sexHey there, this is Hazel. People think I’m such a prude, but they have no idea about the freaky side of me. I wear clothing that leaves little to the imagination and love to flaunt my nipple piercings, clit ring, and tongue ring. I’m not just partying, I’m going all out. During my breaks, I slip away to indulge in my wildest fantasies, consuming copious amounts of cum. Most people don’t even know I’m high all the time. I’m living a double life, keeping my true self hidden from the world.Im a full on cum dumpster. No one can ever tell how High I am all the time they all assume im just a small town girl. You know the girl next door type.We can engage in all sorts of playful games, and you can unwind, knowing I’ll take care of you just as you take care of me. So, my love, what are you in the mood for tonight? Are you feeling naughty and dirty, or are you in the mood for something a bit more Freaky and rough? The choice is yours, and I’m more than ready to cater to your desires.

Cum dumpster

cum dumpsterHey Im Hazel, I love being a Librarian people think im such an innocent girl. They only see the bookworm version of me. They’ll never see my the worse version of me. No one has a clue about me wearing clothes that makes me look like a dirty Whore. They have no clue about my nipple piercings or my clit ring. They don’t even know my tongue is pierced. They would never know that I sneak off on my breaks to guzzle cum. Yes You guessed it Im a full on cum dumpster. No one can ever tell how High I am all the time they all assume im just a small town girl. You know the girl next door type.In reality im a dirty fucking slut that loves cum. I want to be used and abused by your cock. I crave your cum all over me and down my throat. can i be your little Slut? I want you to fuck my throat until we both cum!creampie phone sex

My cum filled cunt is overflowing

cum filled cunt

Drug fails orgies during music to my ears. My cum filled cunt  serves as proof that I enjoy myself when there are more individuals at the party. Ever since my first orgy party, I’ve been hooked.

The more people that come, the more drugs there are, and the better the fun is. I genuinely am a wild whore down for whatever. Every hole is open for business, and my nose is ready for that candy. Different color pills, all kinds of hazes, every high, whatever I want, whether shrooms, H,  or good old X, some lines of angel dust, and endless booze, it’s all a party.

My master throws the best epic fun parties. If you want to make it, you have to be open-minded and have no limits the sluttier you are, the better you thrive.

In a Haze with hazel

fisting whore

I have the perfect name for the way I get so fucked up. Enjoy getting in a haze with hazel baby. I am always horny and high and really into getting blasted. When my dealer drops some coke, I do several lines with sloppy wet juicy twat. As an advance, he gets to make me his fisting whore for a bit and warms me up for all the cocks that are about to come on in for me.

As a horny trashy puta, I am always ready to make my asshole all kinds of men’s paradise. I’m the type of slut willing to have a gangbang without hesitation. Yes, use me up with many guys and girls. It doesn’t matter to me.

Let’s make a movie, and I want it to go viral on all the porn sites worldwide.

It’s going to make me a famous druggy, big-titted porn star!

I would wake up with a cum filled cunt

cum filled cunt

Cum looks good on me. I wear it well; I have always loved jizz. Ever since I had my first encounter with it, you can say my mom was quite the slut bringing in all kinds of guys over. She had a knack for dirty men with a fetish for young girls.

I’d awake with a cum filled cunt. I think my momma would pimp me out without my knowledge. She would always give me a nice big cup of fruit punch, and inside, there would always be a clump. I figured it out soon enough, but momma didn’t have to go through all that trouble. If only she knew I would listen in on her getting pounded so fucking hard that I would get wet and play with my twat.

anal sex whore bukkake party

anal sex whore

I enjoy going to my dealer’s house because he always has a massive party. As an anal sex whore  I am always down to get my whole stretched out and to get nice and high.

The theme was all about bukkake and hitting a Target. As the excellent slut, I sure wanted to be the target myself. I want all of that jizzy goodness to myself. I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl that’s loved cum as much as I do. It’s not an act; I enjoy all that creamy white sperm. It may make me filthy, but I never said I wanted to be a good girl, and the naughtier, the better it is for me. The more I get off, the more I enjoy myself.

A cum dumpster like me

cum dumpster

A cum dumpster like me has become beyond filthy and is a product of the environment. When I grew up among aunts strutting around with their substantial plastic tits being complete putas, I also wanted to be a puta.

A hot Colombian slut who does plenty of lines and gets herself all high and ready to play with every cock she comes into contact with for the night.

I once had a guy I would marry, but he became too controlling, wanted to take my drugs away, and didn’t want my holes to be free. A girl like me was made for fucking, and I couldn’t allow him to stop my fun.

No tears were shed when he ran. I was so happy, and I got to keep everything. Now I get to fuck who I was and enjoy all cum loads. It’s like an ice cream shop for me.

a cum dumpster orgy

cum dumpster

I’m always down for a good time as a good cum dumpster. I am so ready to be a good slut. I want some great Molly and good weed if I can get high. Coke is my number one, and although I try to avoid it, it always finds me. Mixing all three is for sure a disaster in the best way possible. A party I went to had me on a bender, and I wanted all kinds of big cocks. So you know me, a little whore ready for a good time. I decided to let all the men in the party run a train on me. We went upstairs, and they all were down on the excellent pussy and ass of mine. Fuck did they split me open? I couldn’t feel a thing. I was so numb, but I was feeling oh so good.