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Drugs make me do it

 cum dumpster

Drugs make me do it.. I am such a nasty cum dumpster,, and love it so much. Ever since I made my way to Las vegas,, I have gotten friendly with a few of the escorts. Now I am enjoying myself,, making money,, and pimping out my sisters.

I’m such a slave to coke that I have gotten a job as not only a prostitute but also a stripper. You can even call me a pimp because I am pimping my sisters and all the young girls in my neighborhood. From Nevada to reno, these girls get ready for weekend affairs and get bidded on, and I know its wrong, but it makes my cunt wet when I’m high.

I’ll do anything to get my fix no matter how dirty or how unethical.

Viva Colombia

druggy phone sex

Coke is fun and all, but visiting my family and friends in Medellin, Colombia (also known as the cocaine capital), I discovered something new! The pink powder substance was esthetically pleasing at first sight. At first, I thought it was makeup, candy, or even an art powder. To my dismay, it was going to be the best drug ever.

I went to a guaracha party, a word in Spanish that means a dance party, and the music was terrific. It put me in a trance, with a few lines of Tucibi 2C for short. My god, is it so popular in Colombia? I couldn’t believe I couldn’t find this in Miami thus far. It put me in such a good mood and made me want to fuck everyone. It was such a wild ride I can’t even talk about it in only one blog! Stay tuned to hear all about my fun and how 2c is becoming the hot topic in druggy phone sex for me. Viva Colombia, papa!🇨🇴

Secret stash of coke

sloppy wet pussy

My stepdad loves coke so much. Since I got into doing lines of blow, I’ve gotten addicted. I will tell you that I am spending recklessly and have gotten away with stealing some of my mom’s money. My dealer was out of town one weekend, so I needed coke severely. The mollies weren’t doing it for me. I know how crazy molly is with such a fucking vibe, but I wanted some angel dust. The numbing effect was what I was chasing. I went into my stepdad’s stash and did some blow. I got so fucking horny that I began to rub my sloppy wet pussy and had no idea he was behind me, jerking himself off to me. It was then that I knew that this fucker would be using me for his pleasure, so I made sure to use it from his stash.

druggy phone sex with a total coke slut

druggy phone sex

I’m going to show that I can be the nastiest nymph around. Set down a plate of coke and watch as I go to every man in the room and blow them in front of everyone. When I get some pure angel dust in my system, my wet cunt needs attention. I live for that coke to strike me.

There’s no limit to when I am horny and high. I promise I will do above and beyond to make sure I please every man around. No way will I ever stop myself from being a coke whore. gangbangs make me happy I thrive when I am horny on drugs. Watch as I get my brains fucked while I’m on cloud nine from all the blow around.

doing lines at the wedding

fisting whore

I love getting high anywhere. If you think I am sober at all, you are wrong. It doesn’t matter where I’m at graduation, church, a wedding, even a little birthday. I’m the kind of girl who loves to get blasted and needs to feel like I am high enough to be even in the moment.

It’s going to make me wet as fuck, and will have me letting me be your fisting whore once I get my pussy all wet from doing lines of blow. Last weekend I attended my friend’s wedding and let a random guy fuck me in the porta-potty down the road. All the bathrooms were occupied, so I let him fuck me in the dirty portapotty. When you are high, you will do anything to get cock.

Coke slut is a big dick sucker

I’m going to fuck my new brother-in-law. I can’t get my eyes off his cock. I know he has a big dick because tats all my sister talks about now. She should learn not to brag and be boastful. As a woman, you should never highlight the good in your life, and that’s one thing she does way too much, especially now. Ever since I could remember, we have both had a competitive streak. Who can be hotter, who can party more, who can be louder?

It’s a sick game we both play, but now I am ready to make her new husband my new toy. I’ve got some blow in my system, and I am going to make this guy see first hand I’m a  big dick sucker.

Crack whore anal prostitute

Crack whore anal

I will be a hot and horny slut and raid every drug house with my charm. I have the gift of the gab so that I can talk my way into practically anything. All the cops that have let me go can attest to that. A little blowjob has gotten me off some serious time for prostitution. 

I think on my feet and know how to turn any negative situation around in my favor. I learned from my momma, who learned from hers. You can call me a great con artist. My only purpose is to be high as fuck with a creamy cunt. When I get on all fours like a crack whore anal slut you know you can beat down that cock in me nonstop.

My littles make me bank

druggy phone sex

I  have the magic key to unleash all your dirty fantasies. Let’s get deep into p- fantasies, talk about all the stuff you want to indulge in and watch as I make you my accomplice. You know I have a lust for making you get high with me. Hear me do lines right as you hear my moans. You know I’m going to get my littles in a deep slumber. Tell me what you want me to do to them, or better yet, let me tell you what my dealer has done to them. 

My sleeping beauties get their holes plunged and used up how I like them and need them to be. Mommy makes a ton of money pimping out her tots, and there’s no reason to stop.

I’m giving him my girls so he can fuck them


hookers for hire

I’m giving him my girls so he can fuck them. My new husband loves hookers for hire and chose my girls and me to come along and live with him. I love pimping out my tots, and now that I am a wife, I will be his breeding whore consistently high and giving him that young cunt he so is desperate for and craves.

I’m so into p cocks and doing so many drugs. My clit needs cock, and it must be fucked by all the drug dealers while I watch my new husband fuck his new stepdaughters. My girls call him daddy already, and they know what mommy and their new daddy expect from them. We plan on opening an excellent school for tots, and there we will enjoy having our p-fun.

anal sex whore to the core

anal sex whore

Anal sex whore to the core and proud! I’m always looking for that warm jizz deep in my asshole. A couple of bumps, and I’m ready to get my asshole wrecked. Watch me enjoy a big cock in my tight ass while I shove a dildo in my cunt. The pleasure is out of this world, and when I am high, you know I want to be destroyed deep in my asshole. There’s a reason why a girl like me wants to get anal pounded, and it’s because the pleasure and pain together make me cum like crazy. I can’t help but look for that sensation. I am so obsessed with all the differences between pain and pleasure at once. It heightens my orgasm in ways I would have never guessed before.