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fuck my high holes

druggy phone sex

My cunts are always wet and ready to get a dealer’s dick balls in, and I am always plotting to get the next big thing deep inside me. Do you know what I love more than anything? It is a dick that will blast me with a ton of cum while I am so high and ready to go on a complete fuck spree with a ton of friends to sweeten the drug deal. When my sloppy cunt gets rammed raw, you can bet I will be one happy girl. When I bring friends over, I know my dealer will be happy. I bring my hot escort friends. I also bring over some wee ones from my family.

My cousins and sisters make the cherry on top of every deal!

Pretty sweet invesment

cum dumpster

I’m a pretty terrible mommy, and it makes me proud. See, beauty is everything to me, and I take pride and being one of the hottest escorts in town. Every time I get pregnant with one of those rugrats, I get fat as fuck. I’m lucky my guys love me in any size or shape. Plus, it is for an excellent cause to be pregnant. Its a safekeeping for me and what you call an investment of sorts. Yes, I treat my girls like money bags for me. They take me away from the game for about a year. I make sure that one year will give me 10-100 X more in cash value. I spent a year fat and dedicated to nurturing this wee one. You bet your ass this Minnie me is going to work her ass off as I do, and all my sisters did, my mom and aunts, and grandma. We are a line of hookers, and it will never stop. Drugs and sex, and beauty rule me. I know my limits and how to balance it all out. I’m quite the cum dumpster and will live it up.

becoming the number one fisting whore

Fisting whore

I love to work at the strip club I’m at; we always hang out, do a couple of lines, and by the end of the night, battle out between who is the ultimate fisting whore. As a stripper in a big city, plenty of well-known celebrities pops by. My energy is unmatched compared to the other girls. It is always showtime when we work with the men. The difference between the other girls and me is that I know how to make a man’s cream and get addicted. The right concoction is what I have. I know what kind of uppers and downers to get that fat tip and a nice dick. I’m a freaky slut that has all the cravings of doing coke and snorting lines out of assholes. There are a lot of tequila and some good drugs, and I will let you fist me.

having a ball sucking on balls for an eight ball

cum dumpster

One of the best feelings is to have a cum dumpster slut like me at your beck and call. Ever since I can remember, I have done it all for some drugs. I used to suck off the teacher to share some of the coke he would bring to campus in class. I am well aware of my surroundings and have a good judge of character. If I see that someone looks like they can give me a high, I go ahead, taking it without thinking twice. My cunt is always wet and needs both dick and drugs. It’s how I roll, and I can thank my momma for that one. When you grow up in a house full of whores you tend to pick up traits of sluts. I’m not complaining; I’m thankful because I live life having a ball sucking on balls for an eight ball.

cum dumpster forever

cum dumpster

I’m going to show you what a real cum dumpster is like, and that is a whore who does it all. Yes, you read that right I will do it all, and I will do it in ways you will have your windblown. I’m all for sexual pleasure and lots of drugs. My cravings stem from feeling good and free. The feeling I get from cum dripping all over my body is far beyond better than anything in this world. The hot jizz that spurts into my pussy with no condom will have me on cloud nine. I’m into hot sex that will leave a lasting impression. When I fuck it, it is always on drugs because the drugs keep me going and have me hyper on your cock.

I love the advantage I have when I’m strung out. It makes me work hard for the cum load. It doesn’t take long for jizz to come for me, but the lasting impression is forever.

I love big black cocks!

bbc sex stories

I love big black cocks, and boy, do I have plenty of BBC sex stories for you to hear. My sister and I ended up going to a party across town. It was a fun party with tons of strobe lights and music that would make anyone move their hips. My sister Iris and I were feeling and dancing together, all proactive. These two tall, dark and handsome black men approached us, and from then on, it was a blur. We got high and drunk and ended up at a corner motel. We had fun swapping partners and grinding our bare cunts on those big black rods. Neither of us was single. My sister was newly engaged, and I was with my long-term boyfriend. When we saw the big black cock, everything went out the window.

Miami Mansion Mission

sexy prostitutes

I know it takes sexy prostitutes like me to enjoy themselves fully and go on a binging spree. When I got an invite to a party mansion, I couldn’t say no. Endless amount of drugs and cocks is the way I roll. As soon as I got invited, I spent my day looking for the skimpiest outfits, and party mode was in full effect. 

Miami mansion parties are the best, and it is always fun to make my way to south beach for some of the best blow money can buy. All the dealers were ready to fuck all the hot strippers and escorts invited from all over the US and Canada, even some from the US territories. Some hot Latina Strippers from Puerto Rico and some hot escorts from Colombia. The sluts from up north were filthy freaky snow bunnies. It was quite the scene getting blasted and fucked.

fuck me silly!

fisting whore

I enjoy being a fisting whore for my dealer while I pimp out my sister. I have gotten the hang of making the men who supply me with drugs give me even more. There is so much coke that I need I can never get enough. I’m quite the junky, and I enjoy being one. Whenever I get a coke, I am usually always so excited I begin to go down a spiral I can’t snap myself out of and don’t want to. Quite frankly,

drugs do rule everything for me. I’m indeed happy to pimp out the girls in my family to get lost in drug domes. During the festival, this weekend was able to make my sister my molly trade-in, and I was tripping out in the best ways, letting the guys fuck me silly.

the coke hits the clit

lot lizard sex

I’m quite the girl who loves to party and get her cunt high. I enjoy coke in my pussy and let it my clity. My ass deserves a nice pound like the whore that I am. I will be begging my dealer for more coke. I’m a lot of lizard sex princess. I’m into getting guys off as long as they give me some party favors.

I get deeper into a trance of partying and enjoying myself. I’m a druggy-loving bitch who will pimp out anyone for the high that rocks my world. My ass getting fisted is only the beginning. I’m far too gone into the coke scene to leave it behind. Another benefit of being a coke whore is that I stay slim and hot and don’t have to worry about my hot figure.

Paying off the coke debt with my sloppy wet pussy

sloppy wet pussy

I love to tease my stepdad. I found out he was a closeted coke head, and I dabbled in his stuff. If you know pretty little hazel, you know she can’t keep her hands off the angel dust. What was I to do not get some of his stashes? Of course, I was going to get my hands on that coke. It began with a small amount, but the more coke I got, the more I needed. Soon enough, he began to raise suspicion and set up a trap to catch me. One day I was itching for some cocaine and made my way up to his hidden treasure. I began to rub some of the coke on my clit and started to get high while masturbating. It is pure ecstasy for me and all I desire. When I heard some noise, it was him, my stepdad jerking his cock. I began to freak out. My stepdad made his way over to me, roughed me up, and told me I had to pay with my sweet ass and my sloppy wet pussy because I was stealing his coke.

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