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Hot Stripper Sex Added to My Kinky Resume

hot stripper sexI had hot stripper sex last night. I am a whore, a slut wife and dirty mom. Stripping is something new I just added to my kinky resume. I have a friend who runs the girls at this gentleman’s club downtown. They have reopened. She needed a favor and I owe her a few. Their featured porn star dancer was a no show. Guys packed the place to see this retired star I bare a resemblance to. She asked me to give the men a show and pass myself off as the porn star. It sounded fun. I was going to make some money too. I looked up the porn star so I could memorize some info about her in case I was asked. I have some dance moves. Plus, I am in shape. Pilates and yoga keep my trashy milf body in good shape. I was excited to help her out, make some money and pretend to be a porn star for a night. No one seemed to notice when I was on stage that I was not who they paid to see. I shook my ass and tits. I worked the pole. And, I worked the men. I had a stage full of money after my first set. I loved the attention and I loved the tips. I signed some autographs, took some pictures with fans and even gave some lap dances. By my second set, I had another stripper on stage with me. We got each other wet in more ways than one. It was like a bimbo car wash without the car. I even ate her cunt on stage. The money flew in the air when I did that. I did not care at all about this virus, and neither did the club or its patrons. The place was packed, and no one was wearing a mask. I even let a few of the wealthier patrons fuck me. I called it the porn star experience. Even though I was not the real porn actress, no one caught on. Not like I do not have a life as dirty as a porn star anyway. Hell, I bet I have a dirtier one. I cannot wait to create more stripper sex stories to share.

Sloppy Wet Pussy On The Buffet Line

Sloppy Wet Pussy

I know how much you love a sloppy wet pussy. A pretty stripper cunt filled with cum after a day of working the pole and being fucked like the piggy slut she is. I can’t help that my obsession with being filled with Cum and having all that coke at my disposal puts me in these positions. Many positions too. Legs around my neck, hands held behind my back as I receive facial abuse. I am a white trash whore through and through, what can I say? Not much with a mouth full of cock that’s for sure! Business at the club has been slow since the plague happened and we were able to open back up. My owner decided to put in one of those buffets, but he is cheap so us stripper sluts had to work the food and make sure things stayed sanitary. I had food service shit, that’s why I strip and hook, ad talk to dirty men on the phone line.

My body is for sexual purposes only. I worked the buffet line alright. Completely naked in just heels and offered blow jobs half price. (Sometimes my love for cum overrides my need for money.)😛 I just got on my knees and took twenties and sucked off as many clients as I could. Well, Its it my fault that soon I was hanging off the salad bar getting filled with Cum and then some got in the dressing and on the lettuce. The owner was pissed but they customers kept eating off the buffet as I got fucked gang bang style!

Gangbang Whore BJ Loves BBC & Crack

Cock hungry filthy Gangbang whore BJ loves to join the Black Lives Matter wagon. The only thing is I’m a trashy white stripper whore that is far from being politically correct in shit. It’s a fucking turn on for dirty talk and being the vulgar fucking whore I am.  I love Nigger dick. Clear as that, plain and simple. BBC is what fucks me best and I do my part in quelling those pent up frustrations that black man has. I’m not ashamed for the gangbangs I have with only big Nigger dicks, I fuck a nigger or 20 on a daily basis. I feed the cause and they feed this trashy trailer whore with their fucking big black cocks and tons of black milk. I let them spill their seed in me. I am really past the age of worrying about pregnancy and I love feeling those fat nigger cocks pumping semen in my white trash trailer whore honkey cunt. What can I say, I love and support the cause. I have had my share of filthy trash loving white men that are of the opposite end but it’s all good when you’re a whore stripper and fuck for a living a cock is a cock and money is what talks to me. Your color isn’t an issue here. We are all the same underneath that pigment. Let’s just rejoice and smoke a fucking blunt and get over the violence and hate and just fucking Fuck. As a band I know and love dearly has a song, Keep on Fucking.

Gangbang whore

Trashy Tranny Josie

I’m that trashy tranny that offers tranny phone sex fun to married straight men who crave to feel a dick. You want tits because then it’s not so gay to be enjoying this dick. My nice big tranny cock is making that ass feel like it’s missing something. You are missing my beautiful nearly 9 inches of shemale surprise up in that hole. It’s my pleasure to give it to you like the little depraved cock craving bitch you are. Never deny the desire for the dick. I have a pretty face, slim body, a nice set of tits and the dick you crave. Eat my ass like a good boy and I will let you fuck my pussy. It’s really the best fun a fellow crack lover can have, it’s secretive, sexy and won’t break up that marriage. If I do become the home wrecker, it really isn’t my fault. It’s just your animalistic desires can only be quelled by a nice sexy cock. I’m not gonna tell anyone and if you didn’t do it with me it would be someone else so just take the plunge baby and explore my cock.

Tranny phone sex

Silvia’s Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex stories

I know that every man reading this has been to a strip club, but do you have any stripper sex stories you want to tell me? I do love hearing them, but you know what I love even more than that? Telling you MY stories. I used to dance for a long time and even though clubs say you can’t have sex, it happens. Those big paying customers deserve to have a little more than titty in their faces for the amount of money they shell out.

My first time having sex with a customer was so hot. We did it right there in front of everyone in the VIP room. He whispered in my ear and asked if he could put his cock inside me secretly and I said yes. I was sitting on his lap, facing him when he pulled my panties to the side and just popped that cock right inside me. I started grinding on him and he was moaning like crazy. His cock felt SO good, just like I knew it would. I could tell by his swagger that he would be a good fuck and I was right. He shot his load inside me and I don’t think anyone ever noticed. They did notice the next time, though… so if you wanna hear that story give me a call!

Your Blonde White Trash Whore

Blonde phone sexI went to the Spanish part of town tonight. I had a meeting with a man about running some dope to the girls at the club. And yes, The Kitty Palace is still open. We are considered essential in my part of the world. But only a handful of guys come in, and it’s not really for the show. The girls are hustling cocaine and black tar for me. And of course, we are selling our pussy and mouth for real cheap now. But When I went to see this vato to re-up he told me that he wasn’t going to give my blonde bimbo anything until he got some pussy. But not just any pussy he wanted me for 24 hours in a sleazy hotel room dressed like in only black lace. I had to do everything he wanted for a full 24 hours. I agreed because I was jonesin’ and I needed a fix. He brought the party favors and a big greasy dick to the room. I swear his cum was the sourest I had ever tasted and I had to blow him so many times before he ass and pussy fucked me. And that Mexican dick was always hard. Oh, and he is a biter so Now I have to show off marks of my Mexican drug dealer until they go away. He texted tonight and asked if his little blonde bitch wanted some more. I don’t but I will do anything for a lay and some dope!

Want to Have Some Dirty Phone Sex Baby?

Dirty Phone SexWould you like to have some dirty phone sex baby? I have so many naughty stories I can tell you. From my nights at the club to trolling the truck stops as a lot lizard. There is basically nothing that me nor my pussy will turn down sweetheart. There has always been action in the VIP room, and you might be surprised at how kinky those guys can be after some alcohol and a few hits. Often, they like to be humiliated or even feel physical pain. They love a good bare ass spanking, especially if I insert a pretty jeweled butt plug first. And I always keep a stash of diapers around because they love that too. I lay them on their back and powder their bottoms before attaching that diaper. They love to watch me dance as they squirt their load in the diapers. I then mash it all around them before removing it and licking all of that warm salty cum from their bodies. So, baby if this quarantine has you feeling a little lonely, just give me a call and let me tell you some raunchy stories and get you off too.

Perversions of A Trashy Milf

This trashy milf is always a filth loving deviant. I’ve been in the sex industry before I was legally of “age”. I’m a little jaded and a whole fucking lot of experienced. Sometimes this stripper gets to play with dirty daddies who wish me to be their filthy little daughter and that gets me hot. I love to be the trashy young slut that I was some decades ago and quite enjoy the ageplay. I have the best times getting high and fucking, but don’t we all? I’m a kinky milf that can really let loose of that golden nectar on a filthy perverts cock, in his gaped ass that my BBC lovers fucked or in that hungry fucking mouth. I will make you be my bitch and be the bitch for my big nigger cocked lovers, and I will enjoy every second of it. You love to be my filthy cum filled ashtray and I love to watch those big black dicks fuck you into a gaping cum filled mess that I get to hose down with my golden stream of piss.

Trashy Milf

Let Me Tell You How I Will Drain Your Balls

Dirty Phone SexBaby would you like to have some dirty phone sex. I know that I would. I love to hear your voice as I stick my hands deep inside me. I love to talk dirty to you as I hear you stroking that big fat cock. The sound of you jacking off makes me even wetter. I tell you kinky stories of the club and the naughty things I like to do to my clients. How I like to strip them down and have my way with them. Sucking on that hard cock, putting it deep in my throat. Feeling their dick get harder, almost gagging me as they nut in my mouth. How I then get their dick hard again and climb up on them, lowering my slick wet pussy down on their throbbing cock until my pussy wraps it so tight. Then I ride them, slow at first and then fast, making them moan as I rub my big tits against their chest. I hold them tight as I feel their cock start to twitch. My pussy grabs them as I slowly drain their balls. I am wet just thinking about it baby. You give me a call and we can talk all about it.

BBC Phone Sex Fantasy MILF Stripper

Many white guys get hard watching that nigger cock fucking a hot white chick. If those BBC phone sex fantasies turn you on and you love it dirty like Little Dave does then you best call the trashiest trick in the trailer park for that down and dirty fucking. I’m a trashy mama that has been stripping since I was able to get a fake ID. I had ok tits back then but it didn’t matter because I was hot Y. You know hot little trashy fucking jailbait? Little Dave took me under his wing back then and gave this trailer trash a place since I ran away from my cramped shithole apartment with an alcoholic mother. Fuck I didn’t change too much from her except I took to working the streets then the strip clubs. I gained an addiction and started putting out for the crack dealers that came by the club. They all loved that I was a hot piece of white girl ass. I got myself some big ole fake titties in my twenties when one of my clients sent me down to Mexico to get them done. If you are looking for a trashy Milf that loves BBC and making little dicks pulsate and squirt talking about it then you best give me a call.

BBC phone sex

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