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All Women Are Whores

Live phone sexI learned a lot as a stripper…money is power but sex trumps everything!

People may look down on me for taking my clothes off and people my think I am a whore for sucking and fucking in the back room but i think I made a good choice!

All those sluts out there that will only let one man fuck their wet pussy…what makes that cunt so special? Is it lined in gold? They are denying themselves what they really want!

All the house wives, they are fucking for money, it’s just that they don’t even have control in how it’s spent! Now That is dumb!

I love a big fat hard cock stretching my cunt and I consider it a party if there is another in my ass!

I love what I do and I get paid for it!

And I don’t split that with anyone!

Men love me! I have repeat clients, most of them have wives or girlfriends that also use sex as a weapon, but they don’t know how to play the game!

You don’t deny a man to get what you want, you reward him! Isn’t that right, boys!

Give him what he needs! Give him that deep throat blowjob!

Fuck that thick hard cock every chance you get!

Cus if she doesn’t, I will.

Sometimes I wish I could tell them…

Think about it…I fuck your man, I get his meaty cock, his money and his attention, you give him the cold cunt and you’re home alone while we are drinking, smoking, partying, fucking and having a good old time!

We are all whores, I am just better at it!

Trashy Stripper Cum Filled Cunt

I’m a retired stripper. My tits are fake and my pussy and ass have been used hard. I have been throat fucked a million times and my lovers enjoy my cum filled cunt more than any other filthy whores. I’m the Queen of blowjobs and I live up to my name. I give the best down right filthy stripper sex and will do almost anything for drugs or drug money. I am trash and I am a cum dump. I am the dirty seedy street walker of the 90’s that would do anything for a grand. The whore in me needs the reckless libido you have to get off with. I am the answer to your filthy crack fueled and viagra enhanced night of jerking off. I am the lap dance that gives the happy ending, bareback and cum filled stripper cunt you crave in that filthy smoke filled mind of yours.

Cum filled cunt

Mommies Little Whore

Live phone sexI love to watch my little brat spread her legs and wrap them around that pole! She is going to be one hot nasty ass stripper!

My boss was watching her work the pole as she was sliding her ass up and down it and shaking her tiny tits. He said he wanted to put her in the line up but wanted to make sure she had what it took and told me to bring her back to his office.

So i picked her up and told her to do what ever the man said and followed him in.

I knew what he wanted so I locked the door and started to undress her small young body.

He already had his cock in his hand and started yanking his fat meat.

He told me to make sure she was ready so I laid her down on his sticky cum stained couch and started licking her smooth young kitty. Mommies little girl tasted so ripe and sweet, just like honey!

I slide my finger in her tiny honey pot to make sure she was nice and wet and I was surprised at how tight she was!

Then he pushed me out of the way and said that was enough and to hold her still!

He spread her tiny little bald lips and slide his fat cock inside and started fucking that tiny pussy! My girl was taking every bit of it just like a good little whore!

When he was just about to shoot his load, he pulled his meat out and waved it in her face and she grabbed a hold of it with both hands and started sucking on it like a bottle!

He came so hard that it filled her mouth and ran all over her tiny little face and tits! She looked just like her mom, covered in cum!

That’s my girl!


Boy, Do I Have Some Striper Sex Stories For You

stripper sex stories

I’m sure you’ve discovered by now that I’m a dirty whore. And as you might imagine, I have a lot of stripper sex stories. Stripping is still one of my favorite things in the world. I enjoy being ogled and used by all these dirty fucking men. It gives me a rush that I can’t even explain to you. So if you’ve ever had a fantasy about fucking a stripper, call me and tell me all about it. We can talk about it and I bet we can come up with a nasty role play to make you happy.

I’ve fucked a lot of guys who come in to see me dance. They love seeing my titties and even my cunt as I slide my panties over and show them how wet I am. I’m so popular that it’s always a fight over who gets to fuck me. But I tell them to calm down because they can all get a piece of this hot pussy. Sometimes there are even threesomes and gang bangs. If you’d like to hear more about how my body gets used every single day, give me a call! I can’t wait to tell you about what I did yesterday. Curious? I’m ready for you.

You Can Dress A Stripper Up But She Is Still A Hoe

stripper sex storiesEvery so often I have wealthy clients that like me to attend outside functions with them. For a cost I will do just about anything. Anyways, he wanted me to help him host a small gathering of his colleagues and play the part of his partner. Sure, no worries, I like the dude and how hard can it really be. I arrived wearing a nice dress and helped him. I hadn’t seen him outside the club, and he was actually quite nice looking. I had fucked him sure, so I knew what he had beneath those khakis, but I kept it in check and continued on with the party. It was a success, and everyone left happy and none the wiser that I was in fact a paid stripper. I tried to be good, but I had had a few drinks and was feeling horny. As he walked back to the kitchen, I met him with my tits and juicy pussy fully exposed wanting his cock. He actually dropped the plates and headed right to me. He lifted me on the counter and started sucking on my tits as I hurriedly unbuckled his belt and grabbed his big cock. I laid back and he started sucking on my swollen clit making my quickly squirt in his face. Then he lifted me to the ground, bent me over the chair and pounded my pussy from behind. He was stroking so hard and his balls were rubbing against me that I came again. He filled my pussy with his warm creamy cum and then turned me around, pushed me to the floor and I blew him hard again. We fucked into the morning and I left with a big stack of cash and my holes full of his sperm. It was a hot night.

I am Full of Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex storiesI am full of hot stripper sex stories. When the virus shut everything down, I started giving private dances. I had a big black book of patrons because I have been at the club for several years. I had phone numbers and emails. I got industrious. I sent some texts and emails about private lap dances and more. While my fellow strippers were trying to collect unemployment, I was whoring myself out for private dances and parties. So many horny men wanted someone, anyone to fuck. If they paid, I did whatever they wanted. My strip club is back upon now. I just dance with a mask on. I double dip. I work at the club a few days a week and the rest of the week, I am doing private parties. Last night, I helped a soon to be husband have a bachelor party. He paid me more than I make at the club in a week. Of course, I had to do a lot more, but I have no limits when it comes to making money. I got gang banged by 22 guys. Most of the men had a lot of cum to give me too because they had been stuck at home with their wives who would not put out. I let them run a train on my ass. Married men love to fuck my skanky ass. I do not know why I did not become a whore sooner. I could have been making so much more money.

Creampie Phone Sex Stripper MILF

Yeah I am that creampie phone sex stripper milf you heard about. I’m the one that takes in young crack hoe offspring and turn them into good little whores. Meanwhile I am laying back spreading my legs and getting this sloppy snatch pounded into a sloppier gooier fucking mess. This cunt and ass is so full of cum and my cuckold hubby can just sit by and watch it get sloppier. You see he isnt allowed to fuck me, hell he ain’t even allowed to touch his wee wee. I have it caged and my son makes daddy suck his teen cock off after it’s dipped into mommy’s messy fuck holes. Are you going to be one of the big cocks that fuck me good and leave that creampie for my son to pound and my pathetic loaded hubby to clean? Or are you the pathetic hubby that gets to watch his trashy trailer whore wife take much more satisfying BBC? I bet you are dying to be y son who whacks off to me taking that dick and then gets to fuck mama’s cream holes. I have a sloppy wet pussy that needs to be fucked or cleaned and you can be a part of it or be the voyeur that gets humiliated by it.

Creampie phone sex

Hot Stripper Sex Added to My Kinky Resume

hot stripper sexI had hot stripper sex last night. I am a whore, a slut wife and dirty mom. Stripping is something new I just added to my kinky resume. I have a friend who runs the girls at this gentleman’s club downtown. They have reopened. She needed a favor and I owe her a few. Their featured porn star dancer was a no show. Guys packed the place to see this retired star I bare a resemblance to. She asked me to give the men a show and pass myself off as the porn star. It sounded fun. I was going to make some money too. I looked up the porn star so I could memorize some info about her in case I was asked. I have some dance moves. Plus, I am in shape. Pilates and yoga keep my trashy milf body in good shape. I was excited to help her out, make some money and pretend to be a porn star for a night. No one seemed to notice when I was on stage that I was not who they paid to see. I shook my ass and tits. I worked the pole. And, I worked the men. I had a stage full of money after my first set. I loved the attention and I loved the tips. I signed some autographs, took some pictures with fans and even gave some lap dances. By my second set, I had another stripper on stage with me. We got each other wet in more ways than one. It was like a bimbo car wash without the car. I even ate her cunt on stage. The money flew in the air when I did that. I did not care at all about this virus, and neither did the club or its patrons. The place was packed, and no one was wearing a mask. I even let a few of the wealthier patrons fuck me. I called it the porn star experience. Even though I was not the real porn actress, no one caught on. Not like I do not have a life as dirty as a porn star anyway. Hell, I bet I have a dirtier one. I cannot wait to create more stripper sex stories to share.

Sloppy Wet Pussy On The Buffet Line

Sloppy Wet Pussy

I know how much you love a sloppy wet pussy. A pretty stripper cunt filled with cum after a day of working the pole and being fucked like the piggy slut she is. I can’t help that my obsession with being filled with Cum and having all that coke at my disposal puts me in these positions. Many positions too. Legs around my neck, hands held behind my back as I receive facial abuse. I am a white trash whore through and through, what can I say? Not much with a mouth full of cock that’s for sure! Business at the club has been slow since the plague happened and we were able to open back up. My owner decided to put in one of those buffets, but he is cheap so us stripper sluts had to work the food and make sure things stayed sanitary. I had food service shit, that’s why I strip and hook, ad talk to dirty men on the phone line.

My body is for sexual purposes only. I worked the buffet line alright. Completely naked in just heels and offered blow jobs half price. (Sometimes my love for cum overrides my need for money.)???? I just got on my knees and took twenties and sucked off as many clients as I could. Well, Its it my fault that soon I was hanging off the salad bar getting filled with Cum and then some got in the dressing and on the lettuce. The owner was pissed but they customers kept eating off the buffet as I got fucked gang bang style!

Gangbang Whore BJ Loves BBC & Crack

Cock hungry filthy Gangbang whore BJ loves to join the Black Lives Matter wagon. The only thing is I’m a trashy white stripper whore that is far from being politically correct in shit. It’s a fucking turn on for dirty talk and being the vulgar fucking whore I am.  I love Nigger dick. Clear as that, plain and simple. BBC is what fucks me best and I do my part in quelling those pent up frustrations that black man has. I’m not ashamed for the gangbangs I have with only big Nigger dicks, I fuck a nigger or 20 on a daily basis. I feed the cause and they feed this trashy trailer whore with their fucking big black cocks and tons of black milk. I let them spill their seed in me. I am really past the age of worrying about pregnancy and I love feeling those fat nigger cocks pumping semen in my white trash trailer whore honkey cunt. What can I say, I love and support the cause. I have had my share of filthy trash loving white men that are of the opposite end but it’s all good when you’re a whore stripper and fuck for a living a cock is a cock and money is what talks to me. Your color isn’t an issue here. We are all the same underneath that pigment. Let’s just rejoice and smoke a fucking blunt and get over the violence and hate and just fucking Fuck. As a band I know and love dearly has a song, Keep on Fucking.

Gangbang whore

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