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Another Stripper Sex Party!

Hot Stripper Sex

This weekend I held another stripper sex party at the motel across the street from our club! This time there were mostly women and about five guys all drinking, doing coke and smoking weed. Us strippers were all starting to get really wet from licking each other’s cunts when the guys whipped out their dicks ready to fuck us all night long. Some of the guys were handsome niggers with big black cocks which are some of my favorite kinds of dick to get pounded with, I could see how thick their dicks were right through their pants! Of course we dropped right down to our knees and started slobbering all over those hard dicks excited to get fucked hard while we ate some slippery wet stripper pussy! I love having wild stripper gangbangs on the weekends!

Slutty Prostitute Pussy

Prostitution porn

After my pimp daddy slutted me out I been sucking and fucking on cocks for big bucks every single night. These men out here say I got the tightest pussy and the wettest mouth in town. And it’s true! I deep throat any cock that’s comes my way, and they pay me good for it too. Last week I made almost $700 bucks sucking two johns in the back seat of a jeep. I even let them fuck me something crazy in my shitty black asshole and they creampied me. “Oh fuck! You stupid nigger this asshole is so tight!” He pounded me and pulled my hair while the other guy fucked my mouth hard with his big white cock. “You filthy dirty whore! Suck this fucking dick. You worthless piece of shit!” I love being humiliated too. My pimp daddy thought me how to be a well-behaved cunt. I had them hooked, they both come back every Saturday and pick me up on the corner of Johnson Ave is Las Vegas! That’s where most the high rollers would pick up a local girl after partying all night. I love being a prostitute. I am making good money and I am fucking some of the biggest cocks. You want to be one of those guys baby?

Blossom’s Stripper Sex Stories!

Stripper Sex Stories

I love it when my paid stripper gigs turn into straight up hardcore sex parties! Me and a few girls from the club worked a very posh bachelor party in the hills that was full of drugs and alcohol. When we arrived ready to strip all the guys were rowdy and drunk as ever, it was pretty hot seeing them be so aggressive towards us. Next thing we knew our strip tease had all these guys hard and pulling out their cocks! I let them know it would cost them extra to cum dump us but they didn’t care what the price was, they just wanted to violate our holes until we were completely covered in cum and that’s exactly what they did! We did some pills and lots of shots as we lined the guys up for some kinky orgy fucking! They pounded our cunts as we stripper sluts went down on each other, I came over and over again! It was one of the hottest sex parties I’ve ever been to.

Trashy Milf BJ is a Size Queen

Mama BJ is a trashy Milf and a size queen. The other day my son came to me and asked mama if white men just don’t have big cocks. I told him that some do, but it’s quite rare. He then asked how white men can get any pussy at all when they are so small? I just couldn’t help myself. I told my son that some woman are just not aware of what they are missing out on.

In this line of work we deal with many white men that just need to watch that white pussy get destroyed by BBC. These men have learned their place well and will be a cucky slut cum eater because of this fact. It’s so true. Many white men in their 50’s start to realize things and end up cross dressing and submitting to that black king cock too. Luckily my son already realizes all of this and is a good creampie eating faggot for the BBC.

Trashy Milf

Whole lotta Stripper sex stories

stripper sex stories


I have a whole lotta dirty stripper sex stories. And most of the time I get myself in bad situations because I can be a dumb blonde and always have some way of trying to make money with my body. I recently got obsessed with this guy who had visited me a couple times at the strip club. He was rich and powerful and the son of a big dog. I began stalking him and found out that he loves blonde hookers for hire. I made a shrine to him and told him how much I loved being his hoe and that I wanted to be that hot cock whore he can depend on, rain or shine to suck his cock dry! But all my stalking Only made me a pathetic excuse of a woman who needed cock and coke! He told me that he realized what a fucking dope whore and skank i was when he saw my shrine to him. But he was impressed and fucked me in my ass and pussy for a long time before he invited all of his buddies over to run train on me. Do you love a devoted slut like me to use?!

Sloppy Wet Pussy Gets Pounded


sloppy wet pussy

I woke up to him cumming inside my unconscious black trash snatch. It isnt hard to go overboard and have too much fun when you’re a druggie stripper whore like me. Most nights when I’m working the strip club, I can easily finish two bottles of tequila an eight ball of Coke, and whatever other drugs someone may want to dump inside of me before fucking my asshole until it’s raw. This particular evening, I guess I overdid it and passed out mid performance while on stage. I work at a very sleazy and trashy bar so when they see an unconscious black whore passed out with her pussy out, the first thought is to cream pie her holes until she woke up. I had already removed my G string while dancing so the entire bar ad easy access to my bare and exposed twat. Dancing makes my cunt so fucking wet so I know that when the random truckers and perverts visiting the bar rammed their dirty dicks inside of me, it went in easily. When I woke up I was coved in cream and and my sloppy wet pussy was being pounded by a greasy biker. I wrapped my legs around him and rode that motherfucker to hell! He came so hard we almost feel off the stage. I guarantee that they never had a drunk fucking whore with such a wet gushy cunt before! 

You First or Me?

Stripper Sex StoriesShe’s already stripping the moment he closes the door. Her head is fuzzy, her heart’s pounding, she doesn’t remember what she told her parents she was doing tonight but she knows she lied and that’s good enough. She’s slow about it, rocking her hips while her pink skirt slides down her thin long legs. She takes her panties off even slower, keeping eye contact and rolling her tongue over her lips while pushing them down and revealing her naughty bald pussy. She’s her uncle’s girl tonight, and she can already feel his balls slapping against her clit before he’s even ready to fuck her from behind. He’s not, not yet, he wouldn’t neglect her of the privilege of stripping him herself first. He also wouldn’t forget to let her stroke him full and suck the cum right out of his dirty cock. For now, she takes off her schoolgirl top, unbuttons her catholic uniform one tight knit button at a time, tosses her undershirt and reveals her round tits and perky nipples for what they are. “Do you want to suck them first or should I get sucking?” She can’t help but ask. Her heart is beating so fast.

Trick Turning Trixie

Stripper sex porn


I figured out that an easy way to make some fat stacks of greenbacks is to sell stripper sex porn online, so when I’m not pleasing all the cocks who wander into my trailer park, I’m hanging out at strip clubs looking for some hot young starlets to feature in my salacious sex vids!  I never leave a nudey joint without some young junk juicing Judy to film and exploit, but the hot little totty I picked up over the weekend is about to make me more money than any of the others ever have!

Tiny Trixie has only been dancing for dollars for a few months now, but you wouldn’t know it by seeing her move.  I knew by the way she expertly handled the pole on stage that she’d be able to do the same in the sack.  When she was done shaking her stuff and collecting her bucks, I approached her with my pussy pounding porn producing proposition.  That cock hungry slut didn’t hesitate one bit to agree, the excitement in her eyes was so cute!  She really is a fucking doll.

After her shift, I brought her back to my trailer where I knew I’d have a line of men lurking in the shadows waiting for me to return home.  I didn’t want to scare her away with a grisly gangbang right off, so I only let a couple of them in to provide the penetrating portion of her first ever porn scene.  She was amazing, as expected, pretty much directing all of the action herself.  Trixie obviously knows what the camera wants to see and was not afraid to provide the sexy, slit stretching scenery for all to enjoy.  She made certain that her tiny holes were all used and abused before she let them cum all over her pretty, petite face.  I know it’s a hot ass scene, the way she handled those cocks made me rub my wet pussy the entire time I filmed it!

I was shocked to learn that Tiny Trixie had never turned any tricks before now.  I mean, I don’t know if you’re keeping track, but the horny hogs in my movies are all Johns who can’t wait for some scandalous fuck action, so I make money off of those pay for pussy players on the front end and the horny, laptop loving junk jerkers who hit up my site on the back end.  I can’t lose!  And with me showing her the ropes, neither can Trixie.

I managed to talk her into joining my lustful lineup of lurid ladies of the night.  That skinny little stripper was actually pretty excited at the prospect of selling her snatch to strangers, I don’t think there’s anything I could throw at this bubby little bitch that could shock her!  We’ll find out, though.


Mexican cum gangbang whore

gangbang whore
This gangbang whore has sucked off hundreds of cocks in her lifetime. Big ones, small ones and even fat hairy sacks bigger than the cock itself! What’s always been interesting to me is how each load can have a different taste. The higher I get the more flavors of cum I get on my tongue. Last night I was with this Mexican who had the sweatiest balls and an uncircumcised cock. Now there was no saying no to him as he was the brother in-law of the strip club’s owner! Now this whore went over there with a simple blow job and fuck on my mind. I knew my Boss had sent in his big dick sucker to gain favor with his wife. And that hispanic cock was a decent size, nothing I couldn’t handle. I did what I do best and ended up with a mouthful of chunky bitter cum! EWW! must be all that spicy food and tequila!  I puked right all over my tits and thsi mother fucker laughed at me. He used the vomit to titty fuck while he was fucking laughing at me! My boss owes me big!

Private Room Secrets

Stripper Sex PornI love being a stripper. I love when men come in and ask for private shows so I can show them all of my tricks. I always get so wet when I work and seeing a hard cock through a mans pants gets my pretty little cunt soaked. Men always try to touch me when I’m working but I only touch them back in a private room, so I don’t get in trouble. I love to bounce my perky little tities in their face while I’m grinding on their hard cock. They love to slip their fingers into my tight wet pussy and hear me moan while I start to pull their pants off. I always suck their cock first because I love the feeling a hard thick cock being shoved down my throat making me choke. Then I let them bend my perky little ass over the couch and shove their dick inside me filling up my tight little pussy. I let them fuck me hard and fast while I bounce my ass on their long cock and just when they’re about to cum I get down on my knees and make them cum in my pretty little mouth. I love the taste of cum so salty and sweet it fills me up for the night.

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