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When My BFF Sleeps Over!

Cum Eating Phone Sex

After a long weekend of stripping and making money, having my best friend over for some nasty fun is the best way to relax! My girl Emma came over for a smoke session and we ended up getting so high we just wanted to fuck. I called up some of my BBC fuck buddies because we needed to get higher and filled up with hot creamy cum! My black friends showed up with more alcohol and they were ready for us horny stripper sluts to suck them off. Me and Emma got to work gagging on their 10-inch dicks, we were scissoring and getting face fucked while they lit up and cheered us on. I wanted two BBC inside my holes so Emma sat on my face while I hot double stuffed. We came over and over again, by the time my friends left all we wanted to do was lick each other’s cum filled pussies and fist ourselves until the sun came up!

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Blossom The Cock Inspector!

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I’m a professional cock inspector and I love being good at my job! I’m a stripper and bartender but by night I’m better known as the cock inspector. I’m the whore for hire they call when there is just too much cock and not enough sloppy wet pussy to go around. When I arrive for any job I come prepared with my big back of toys and tricks. I like to put on a show, teasing those big hard dicks with my perfect curves and stocking covered legs. Once those cocks are out, I have to get a closer look, I have to taste their precum and measure all those inches with my ass shaft and tight cunny. I know the job is done when all my holes are leaking cum samples, I’ll have to return to my lab to have them analyzed for cum guzzling quality!

Stripper Sex Stories

Stripper Fucks Customer in VIP Room

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Stripping in the club and getting tipped a whole bunch of money can be great, but I know the real money is in the private rooms. In walks a high roller, well-dressed and eager to spend on girls. He is throwing so much money around I know I have to get a piece of that. I straddle his lap, play with his hair and tell him that he can enjoy more than a show if he takes me to the VIP room. We go in there and I strip for him, revealing my sexy titties and my pussy shaved bald. He pulls down his pants to show off his huge cock. He tells me to rub my pussy on his cock. I rub my pussy, now wet from rubbing my clit, all over the tip of his cock. He says that if I sit on his cock he’ll give me the tip of a lifetime. I ride that cock hard, bouncing my tits and my ass up and down, telling him to grab my ass while I ride him. He comes inside my pussy, cum dripping out of it. When he cleans up, he slaps my ass and gives me a nice big tip. I hope he comes back next time because I have a few more things I want to try out on him. I wonder if he has ever been given a blowjob by a stripper who can make him cum instantly.  

Anal sex whore naughty momma

anal sex whoreAnal Sex whore works in tandem with other young whores so they can become just like me! Yes, even my very own slutkins! I have always wanted my daughter to follow in my paid for sex footsteps. And ass training is something I’m very good at! I bought her first butt plug and dildos so we could practice. Just like my mommy did for me when I was her age. I strive to watch her all I know and ass play for play is a hookers paradise. Men love using up a dirty little girl’s ass until that prolapse creates the prettiest little rose bud.

Of course I baited my sexy men with her and me dressing sexy and doing private strip teases as they fuck my own ass. Watching is a crucial point of learning to be a back door slut! She saw how much fun I was having as loads spun webs all over my rosebud! ANd you know I made her clean up that cummy nummy mess! Look at my whore now, she has a sexy step daddy that makes her dance and fuck men in front of her! It pays to be mother and daughter anal Hookers for Hire!

I Kissed Santa Claus With Mommy!

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My mom and I went to a male strip club and ended up sharing the cock of a stripper dressed like Santa! I’m a stripper and my mom is a former porn star so we celebrate Christmas a little differently than normal folk. This year we went to a Santa strip-off contest at a male strip club that we saw an ad for; the competition was stiff, literally, I’ve never seen so many hot guys and with hard cock wearing Santa suits! Me and my mom ended up sharing the cock of the best stripper Santa who won the contest! We danced with him on the bar and invited him back to my place for a Christmas drink with us two horny sluts. When we got drunk together, me and my mom put on a show for that sexy Santa with the hard body; while my mom licked my cunt, sexy Santa made me suck his big hard dick!

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Toilet Sex with a Trashy Stripper

Trashy Stripper BJ knows how to get filthy and hot with some Toilet sex. Push my big bare tits against the wall and finger bang the fuck out of my cunt wile being pushed against the urinal. Telling me to piss in the Urinal as this cunt gets banged. Slam that big cock inside my cunt from behind. That’s right get down and eat my ass out too. I am the trashy stripper whore that kneel before you and be your urinal. Piss on my tits and down my throat.

I once had a client that hired me to shit on his hooker date’s face while he banged her. In fact he paid me to make it a show and had an audience. I was merciless with this little fucking crack head cheap hooker. Best part was his cock pissing inside her after he came all over her whore face mixed with my cocaine shits.

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Sorority girls fucking Learning from Me

sorority girls fuckingHadley teaches sorority girls fucking skills to level up. I’ve never been one to back down from a sexy challenge. I normally vet all the young girls coming to dance for the club. My husband always seeks out the best barely legal talent. And it’s up to me to show her the ropes. Ropes of cum eventually will be her bankroll. Say good young slut she might have fucked him around a little bit but she has no idea what these filthy men need.

So what does an experienced whoor do? I reserved a room just for me and the new stripper teen. I make sure to send a mass text out to my big dick daddy so we have fresh meat up in VIP number two! Tonight’s all about training time and I’m going to take all the money for her learning to be a big dick sucker!
I have to admit this new little blonde reminded me of my daughter! So eager to learn this little teeny bopper is! At the end of the night as we were picking up our tips in a couple of empty baggies to dispose of she told me her jaw was sore. It was so cute listen to her squeak out words because those cocks had demolished her throat.  Another good young whore training session by yours truly.

Kringle All The Way!

Cum Dumpster

Being nasty stripper slut is so much fun around Christmas! All the dancers at the club where I work were booked for a holiday party last minute. The only thing we were told was to dress up festively and expect to be paid lots of cash! When me and the girls arrived at the mansion for the party, we were overwhelmed at the number of cars parked out front. We rushed in excitedly to find a big group of old men all dressed as Santa! I couldn’t have been more excited because I’ve always found a way to fuck a Santa Claus every year and this year it happened like magic! Right away I started dancing with all the jolly old men, they got so hard watching me and my stripper friend touch each other I decided to really give them a show. I stripped naked and started scissoring with my gal pal, before I knew it, I was getting a hard dick forced in my mouth and they were fighting over my sloppy wet cunny!

Stripper Sex Stories

cum filled cunt and ass

cum filled cunt

I am such a fucking whore who needs so much coke. You love that I am so addicted. My drug dealer loves fuck my ass while I’m so fucking horny and high. I am so horny from my drug dealer. My fingers are so fucking drenched with all my fucking pussy juices. Everyone is going to see what a hot coke whore is.

My dealer always brings all his friends. They even brought a four-legged friend to use me. Only a fucking druggy slut would allow that kind of humiliation. It feels so good when I am so high and ready to be used.

All I want is cum and coke, and I want to be stretched out. I am the hottest coke whore fuck. I want to pimp out all my little sisters for all that fucking angel dust. My cum filled cunt feels fantastic!

Stripper sex Stories 4 Christmas.

Stripper sex storiesStripper sex Stories for Christmas.
Once upon a time there was a incest stripper named Hadley!
Her sister was younger and Hadley only wanted to make her sluttier.
She knew that the way to get to her sisters sweet pussy would to be to show her off!
Dressed Up for what was supposed to be a normal office party non-nude strip show.
But Hardcore Hadley didn’t get her name from being tame!

Not being a big whore is such a shame, Im the bad sister to blame.

I made her this way and she loves grinding on me while we cum guzzle now! 

What I did was wrong but it felt so right! 

Santas cums twice tonight!
It was in fact a nude and Pay for play sex party with some of the Local Club Owners.
My sister soon found out who we submit our bodies and souls too.
Men who pay for pussy and like it nasty and wild.
My sister would be riding my face like a sleigh!

We took all thise men in a slutty bukkake sister gang-bang! 

My fingers in my pussy as My ass gets fucked all the way! 
Santa Cums early with whores who sister fuck the way we do!
Hardcore hadley loves stripping and fucking her sister for the gangbang whore Hoe-a-days!

gangbang Whore