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My Private Dance Routine!

Stripper Sex Stories

Last night while I was working my shift at the strip club, I was asked to give a private dance and my guy got way more than he bargained for in the champagne room! This guy had been watching me all night, as I worked the pole and when I was serving drinks. I couldn’t believe how sexy he was, just feeling him stare me down made my cunny wet. I felt like prey and he was the predator for my sloppy wet pussy. I was summoned to the champagne room for a dance but I knew already who would be waiting for me, of course it was him. I was all too excited to grind on him and feel his cock getting hard against my stocking covered ass. He surprised me by grinding his cock against me as I rode his lap, we were passionately humping with our clothes on. My sexy client was pouring singles all over my body just before I felt him suck on my nipples and rip my stockings open, exposing my wet slippery cunt. I couldn’t resist his cock, I slid his hardness out of his jeans and let the head rub against my throbbing cunt. When he penetrated me I came instantly, I milked his cock hard as he grabbed my ass. I couldn’t believe how amazing his cock felt inside me, I begged him to fuck me silly. He rewarded my greedy pussy with a hot steaming load of cum, never have I given a better private dance!

Stripper Hookers For Hire

Hookers for hire

In my area stripper and hooker just means the same thing. There are no girls I work with myself included that won’t do extra for a bit more cash. Why the fuck not, most of us end up fucking by the end of our nights anyways might as well take the highest offer instead of spreading for free. I might be a slut but I’m not a dumb whore. I’m giving lap dances and pocketing extra money I don’t have to split for blowjobs, and getting gushy creampies. Strippers are just hookers for hire that you can sample a little bit first around here. For just the right price you can get the white trash whore of your dreams. Just be careful if you go home to the missus afterward, you never know what evidence might stick on you when you hire a stripper to fuck your brains out.

Trailer Trash Becky Fucks Married Men

trailer trash whore

At this point, more than half the cock I get is some married guy who needs a whore a lot more than he needs a wife. I don’t mind it, I don’t want a prince charming much rather have a man who just desires my body than some guy who wants someone to care for his house. Let his trophy wife do the boring shit. I’m just the trailer trash whore he calls up for a good time. That he sneaks over to right after work coming to my trashy low-class trailer to fuck my wet stripper pussy until he loads it up with his cum before driving home to the suburbs. So far I haven’t run into any of these wives who are brave enough to confront me fucking their husbands. I know they know cause I like to leave the occasional love mark in places that are quite hard to hide from someone so close to you. It’s my own little power move, cause I don’t give a fuck about some paper, or someone’s vows. My pussy loves married men and that’s all I can about. I’m a girl that spreads her legs and reaps the benefits of fucking married cock with no strings attached. Just the way a whore likes it.

Club Gang-Bang

Gangbang whoreBachelor party season is not over just yet and we had quite the horny group just last week. They came into the club and asked for the “private section”. It’s a little room we craved out in the back to bring guys to for our extra services. I went back there with another girl to be their entertainment. A few lap dances and strip down to absolutely nothing, allowing them to watch the other girl eat me out on the couch. That however was not enough for this group, they didn’t want to watch. They wanted to play. So for just a couple hundred more they could play a lot. 

I’m used to being grabbed and crowded by lots of cocks at once but it was fun to have another girl to share it with. Getting to see another girl stuff with cock just like me was hot to watch. Just two gangbang whores getting stuffed in all our holes with our hands full was amazingly hot. The guest of honor gave each of us facials while his buddies stretched and opened our holes for him to watch. He had a nice thick juicy dick that I really didn’t want to stop sucking, the bride-to-be is a really lucky girl.



A Strippers Guide To A Good Handjob

Stripper sex stories

Being a dancer, I have tons of stripper sex stories. For a few bucks, one of your private dances with me can turn into a full-on cum fest. I have new girls ask all the time, “Becky, how do I sell a dance like you?” and I tell them, it’s all in your technique. Being the worn gangbang whore I am, I know how to handle a few cocks, and to full service with just a hand. This blog is a guide to know how to get a man off with just a few flicks of the wrists. Maybe you’d like to try these on yourself. 

First of all, remove any rings and lube up your hands real nice. I like to use my spit sometimes, but always having a good lube will reward you with your cum fountain a lot sooner. The first basic move I like to do is wrap both my hands around his shaft and twist my wrist toward each other while moving up and down. This lets me stroke each inch of his hard cock, and it’s great on the bigger guys. 

If you’re a bit on the smaller side or just love to feel it grow in your hand as I do, this one’s for you. Use one hand to grab the shaft and use the palm of your other hand to carry the tip. I love how sensitive the head of a cock is, and by rotating my palm in a circle I can give him a toe-curling orgasm in minutes. My favorite one that I totally stole from porn is perfect for eye contact, and great if you’re milking him for a facial. Interlock your fingers around the shaft, and use your thumbs to caress the frenulum. If you’re bad at anatomy like I am, that’s the real sensitive bit right underneath the head. 

This last one I want you to try is very simple. If it doesn’t cover your wrists in hot sticky cum I don’t know what to tell you. Grab your cock with your non-dominant hand at the base. This is best if you stand. Next, I want you to grab it with your free hand and squeeze and twist, it like a door knob. Don’t squeeze too tight, but you’ll be able to gauge by your twitching when you have just the right grip. Happy stroking!

Talk To Trixie

Creampie sex stories


If you want to hear some of the craziest creampie sex stories ever then you absolutely have to talk to my stripper whore Trixie.  Oh, I have plenty of pearly semen soup stories of my own, but she has so many internal cumshot tales that I’m surprised that skinny bitch has never gotten pregnant before.

She told me about how she takes on tricks at work, sometimes a few at once.  Said the VIP room at the club is a great place for her to make some extra cash.  Makes sense to me, I don’t give a shit where she bangs her booty buying boners as long as she gives me my cut.  Anyway, apparently she can make an extra grand or so a night by gettin’ it while she’s stripping.

Trix says that not every one of the gentlemen in the place want to blast their jelly blobs up into her cooter, but most of them do.  If she’s taking on more than one perv at the same time then one or two of them will typically give her gash their goop, but there’s always someone, maybe a couple, who don’t want their buddy’s cum to touch their cock, so they’ll just blast it somewhere on her.  Face, titties or pussy hole, you know the routine.

I don’t know, maybe I’m not telling it right.  You should ask Trixie, she’s a lot funnier than I am.  If you want, I can tell you about blasting a hot, shit filled load out of my asshole all over the passenger seat of a local rapper’s Escalade.  That was pretty fucking funny!


The Fuck Show

Stripper sex stories

Hope you enjoy stripper sex stories cause I got to tell someone about my show Monday night. It was wild! Obviously, our place isn’t the high-class strip joints that have super strict rules, hell most of us girls make our money providing “extra” services. We are also cheap sluts so our little rundown strip joint attracts all sorts of clientele. Well, it was my turn on the stage, prepared to do my usual strip and grind on the pole. Then a new guy came in and waved a wad of cash at me and I crawled out to him with my tits hanging down, making my nipples touch the sweat-covered platform. 

He pulled my hair to whisper in my ear “Let me fuck you here and now, and it’s all yours”. Smiling I waved the bounce and asked him to hold on to my cash, with a promise of a slice for turning a blind eye. Pulled up my new favorite customer up onto the stage dancing my ass all over him while he got hard and pulled out his cock. Thick, fat 9-incher rubbing all over my juicy red pussy while I moaned. The stage had lookers all around, and the money piled up on the stage. They loved seeing my holes probed and stretched by his cock shouting out requests about where he should cum. Ultimately there was overwhelming support for him to nut in my ass, when he pulled out I bent over and let the onlookers watch the cum dripping out my gaped ass. It certainly was one hell of a finale!

Gangbang Whore filled with Cum

I’m the trashiest cum craving gangbang whore and I can not get enough. Filthy whore for the big dicks. Lots of dick and cum is what I need. It’s not unusual for me to be on a binge of getting high and taking all the BBC I can get.

Truth is I will even fuck my son while my holes are filled with cum and I am waiting for more big black cocked studs to breed me. This stripper cunt needs more fucking jizz. Insatiable doesn’t even sum up what I am for that big dick. My mouth stuffed by a fat black rod and my pussy and ass are also taking that fat fuck meat. More I say, More!

Last night I was craving a high and went to the crack house I found my dealer and a few big nigger cocks to fuck me as I lit that rock up. Oh that was fucking heaven for me! I just took black dick all night and smoked crack, ice and did some lines of something. I’m maybe a little strung out but i sure am in the mood to party some more!

Gangbang Whore

Cumming Hard With Mommy!

Sexline Blossom

Seeing my mom riding my boyfriend’s cock made me cum so hard while I sat on his face! Once I shared a cock with my porn slut sexline mommy, I couldn’t get what we had done out of my head. I thought of the fuck faces my mom made as my boyfriend pounded her slippery wet fuck sleeve, it got me so hot thinking that she was cumming on a cock that had been inside me only moments ago. of course I couldn’t resist the urge to flick her clit and make her cum hard again, my pussy was throbbing as she looked into my eyes. I couldn’t believe my mother was so fucking hot, I kissed her deeply and my boyfriend started pounding her harder. I leaned down between her legs and sucked her clit relentlessly. Just as I made her squirt all over my face, I saw my boyfriend’s cock pump a huge nut inside her sloppy wet mom pussy. For the first time I hoped that my mommy got pregnant, even if it cost me my boyfriend. The memory of us fucking that hard cock together is still one of my favorite things to think of as I pound myself with a thick dildo.

Sharing Cock With My Porn Slut Mom!

Taboo Phonesex

When my boyfriend found out that my mom did some hot porn films back in the day, he insisted that me and my mom share his cock! I won’t lie I have always tried to hide the fact that my mom was a porn actress because it makes men so horny. I let it slip in front of my boyfriend that she was in a few filthy movies and of course once he saw them he begged to fuck us. My mom was delighted at the idea of sharing my handsome young boyfriends cock with me, I was pretty keen to the idea as well so we got all dressed up in our sluttiest clothes for him. My boyfriend was so hard just looking at me and my mom touching softly and kissing. I started out by letting my mom suck his cock until he was begging for our soaking wet pussies. Mom rode his cock and made him cum deep inside her. I licked mom’s juices off his cock and proceeded get him ready again, this time mom sat on his face, making him eat his own cum from her cunt while I bounced up and down on his length. I came so hard and mommy squirted all over his face as we held hands, I made him cum deep inside my cunt, leaving me a sloppy mess for my mom to lick up!