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Stripper Sex Stories Are Trashy

Stripper sex stories

Stripper sex stories are the trashy kind of things that you only wish you could enjoy these days. With this fucking pandemic and strip clubs being closed, things that were taken for granted are harder to enjoy. I live as a trashy whore mama and am always taking in the crack hoes off the streets. My dealers are pimps and pushers. They always find that disposable little cum slut for me to mother a little and turn her into a trashy p mommy like I was. I was brought up by a pimp. I learned to enjoy that big nigger dick at a ripe young age. I was hooking and stripping and drugging since my young years I am not allowed to mention. I was the illegal little hooker and stripper that learned the way of the streets early on. The shit I did and saw was like a bad movie. I am not ashamed of being the filthy no holds barred whore I am.

Stripper sex stories for all

stripper sex stories

I have a lot of stripper sex stories but there are a couple that really stick out in my mind. I was working in a cheap, run down club where you were lucky if there wasn’t pocket change on the stage at the end of your set. I had just left the stage and the owner told me that he had a friend here waiting in his office to see me. I went in and there sat the biggest guy that I had ever seen. He must have weighed close to 400lbs and he was already breathing heavy. He gave me a leering look and told me to come crawl to him on my knees, I wasn’t going to until he showed me the wad of cash and the pile of coke in front of him. That changed my tune pretty quick and I did the sexiest crawl I could to him and his cock. It was small and shriveled up but that didn’t stop me from inhaling it and working my magic. It slowly grew in size and girth and when it was fully erect he had me sit backwards in his lap so I could do some line while he fucked me. It wasn’t the best fuck but I got some coke and made 50 bucks from it. He is coming back through town soon and I hope he stops by to visit!

Trashy Milf Year In Review

Trashy Milf

I swear I must have gotten swiped into a god damned time warp guys, or maybe some drugged black hole. This trashy Milf has apparently been too busy getting strung out and fucked like a damned virgin tossed in a prison cell of sexual predators that hadn’t had pussy in years. Yeah, that is a good summary of the past month. I have been getting so mother fucking god damned high and taking every fucking cock I could fit in me. The majority of those cocks were, of course big massive black cocks that left me aching, not shitting right and gaped. I oozed with cum for the entire Month and dammit, this year was a craphouse so why shouldn’t my holes become as ridiculous! I’m loving your trashy minds guys and your need for someone like me. I am the Filth Queen of fetish topics and the filthier and more ridiculous the better. I am in love with being your nigger cock whore and fucking helping out with these crack whores I get stuck taking in. Always a fresh batch of tight holes to be destroyed before they destroy themselves. Being born on the junk is the gateway to a shit life so let’s celebrate that and all the fucking twats we saved from being a shit stain on society. We have enough of them so let me help you get off with the most deranged of fucking fetish kink that we will both be coming hard with. The ridiculous year needs a even more ridiculous way to go out. Take it out in filth, be my filth junky and don’t make me have to raise G.G. Allen from the grave to get the depravity I need.

Stripper Sex Stories Of a Size Queen

Stripper Sex Stories

Stripper sex stories are wild and hot. I’m a trashy fucking BBC loving whore. I have been hooking and stripping forever. It’s what I do. It’s what I know. I’m a druggy trailer dwelling Milf. I have a teen son. But I am the mama to my junkie crack whores that are fresh on the scene. I take care of their crack addicted offspring and raise the other young brats up to be just like us. I train them to make money for me. There is no existing if you can’t contribute. The ones that make a huge ordeal of it all never last. Those are the little cum dumps that end up in the dumpsters or the lake. These little fucking offspring of junkies don’t have a fucking place in this world of any worth and so, ya know, we deal with them right. It’s a p daddy’s dream to visit me when he wants some young tender fuck meat to destroy. We all have needs and the higher you get the bigger you go in the darker side of fulfillment. I personally only fuck BBC. SO all the guys I get coming by to fuck me will usually be pushed off to a lesser whore.

Stripper Sex Stories: Hammered

That old man really had some power in his drive. The way he pounded that pole in my fucking grass was amazing. He was like a god damned jackhammer pounding me. Long slow but firm and hard thrusts of that big girthy cock of his. The dude was in his 50’s and I usually get them a lot younger. He may be closer to my age than usual but when they say a man with experience is better than the young and hung type, they are so right! I’m a filthy BBC whore and this average but strong build guy really surprised me. I love the way he fucked me and filled all of my holes. As a trashy stripper whore that can go for hours, I have to say it said something the way he wore me out! We got so hot and heavy I was needing a fucking cigarette in the first 20 mins and 2 orgasms in!

Stripper Sex Stories

VIP Treatment For You

stripper sex storiesOne of my favorite clients is an older gentleman that comes by once a week. He has done this for many years and this week was no different. However, I had a surprise for him today. He always takes me to the VIP room where I give him one on one attention. Mostly my mouth and my tight wet pussy and his cock. He doesn’t last enough to pound my ass so today I handed him a little blue pill and told him we had all afternoon. I handed him a drink and as he swallowed, I unzipped his pants and laid him back on the couch. Then I climbed between his legs and started sucking on his full tight ball sack. Putting my lips firmly but softly around him. He loves that. I was stroking his cock as I continued sucking his balls and licking and kissing his thighs. I raised and he smiled as I took him deep in one motion. All the way. No gag reflexes at all. I sucked him dry and started stroking him again. He started to lay me back, but I stopped him. I smiled and said today you get a special treat. Then I lowered my tight asshole down on his wet thick cock. We played all afternoon, and I was filled with his cum. He handed me a fat tip and left a happy man. Give me a call baby and let me give you some VIP treatment too.

Mommy Stripper Sex Stories

Stripper Sex Stories

The things that happen to a mom whore. Stripper sex stories are just hotter knowing my son was watching the whole time! I am ripping on my clit why my son jacks off to my trailer trash pictures. I am also thinking of how he called his daddy and told him how much big cock I got last night. 

He told daddy that I even brought a man home and got my pussy so full of cum It left puddles! 

I am a hot whore wife fuck for him to come back home and fuck me in my cum filled pussy. 

That’s okay you know why? Because my son’s daddy pays me for each load I take in my pussy! 

He knew he married a dirty stripper whore and  it makes me cum to make him listen and watch to all the cum loads he is paying for. 

Even on our honeymoon before our son was born I  went down to the truck stop and fucked some of those truckers, then I spread my legs and showed my new husband all that cum inside of me and what I had done

I have to be a paid for cum dump whore, I have dealer dick that I have to pay my cocaine tab off! 

Ahh, the life of a gangbang whore, If it weren’t for my son and raunchy whore loving husband what would I do!

All Women Are Whores

Live phone sexI learned a lot as a stripper…money is power but sex trumps everything!

People may look down on me for taking my clothes off and people my think I am a whore for sucking and fucking in the back room but i think I made a good choice!

All those sluts out there that will only let one man fuck their wet pussy…what makes that cunt so special? Is it lined in gold? They are denying themselves what they really want!

All the house wives, they are fucking for money, it’s just that they don’t even have control in how it’s spent! Now That is dumb!

I love a big fat hard cock stretching my cunt and I consider it a party if there is another in my ass!

I love what I do and I get paid for it!

And I don’t split that with anyone!

Men love me! I have repeat clients, most of them have wives or girlfriends that also use sex as a weapon, but they don’t know how to play the game!

You don’t deny a man to get what you want, you reward him! Isn’t that right, boys!

Give him what he needs! Give him that deep throat blowjob!

Fuck that thick hard cock every chance you get!

Cus if she doesn’t, I will.

Sometimes I wish I could tell them…

Think about it…I fuck your man, I get his meaty cock, his money and his attention, you give him the cold cunt and you’re home alone while we are drinking, smoking, partying, fucking and having a good old time!

We are all whores, I am just better at it!

Trashy Stripper Cum Filled Cunt

I’m a retired stripper. My tits are fake and my pussy and ass have been used hard. I have been throat fucked a million times and my lovers enjoy my cum filled cunt more than any other filthy whores. I’m the Queen of blowjobs and I live up to my name. I give the best down right filthy stripper sex and will do almost anything for drugs or drug money. I am trash and I am a cum dump. I am the dirty seedy street walker of the 90’s that would do anything for a grand. The whore in me needs the reckless libido you have to get off with. I am the answer to your filthy crack fueled and viagra enhanced night of jerking off. I am the lap dance that gives the happy ending, bareback and cum filled stripper cunt you crave in that filthy smoke filled mind of yours.

Cum filled cunt

Mommies Little Whore

Live phone sexI love to watch my little brat spread her legs and wrap them around that pole! She is going to be one hot nasty ass stripper!

My boss was watching her work the pole as she was sliding her ass up and down it and shaking her tiny tits. He said he wanted to put her in the line up but wanted to make sure she had what it took and told me to bring her back to his office.

So i picked her up and told her to do what ever the man said and followed him in.

I knew what he wanted so I locked the door and started to undress her small young body.

He already had his cock in his hand and started yanking his fat meat.

He told me to make sure she was ready so I laid her down on his sticky cum stained couch and started licking her smooth young kitty. Mommies little girl tasted so ripe and sweet, just like honey!

I slide my finger in her tiny honey pot to make sure she was nice and wet and I was surprised at how tight she was!

Then he pushed me out of the way and said that was enough and to hold her still!

He spread her tiny little bald lips and slide his fat cock inside and started fucking that tiny pussy! My girl was taking every bit of it just like a good little whore!

When he was just about to shoot his load, he pulled his meat out and waved it in her face and she grabbed a hold of it with both hands and started sucking on it like a bottle!

He came so hard that it filled her mouth and ran all over her tiny little face and tits! She looked just like her mom, covered in cum!

That’s my girl!


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