I’m your White Trash phone sex Bad Girl that always has her legs open. A stripper job landed with a fake ID led me into the porn industry where I did the nastiest, sleaziest scenes. I have tons of stripper sex stories to tell that are real live scenarios!
A druggie whore that loves to cuckold her older sugar daddy landlord. I never give him sex, his pathetic old man cock can’t please me. After doing some BBC sex scenes I was addicted to black cock gangbangs. It started with my crack and cocaine habit and a debt to my dealer.
His black ass knew all about my porn career and used that to his advantage. He knew I was a coke whore and if he dangled that white powder in front of me I would be begging to suck his big black dick.
My slumlord of the craptastic house I rent used to videotape me in my bathroom and bedroom using hidden cameras. He would sneak in and resituate them when I wasn’t around. My dealer came across the videos online as my piece of shit ghetto lord was a friend of Big Daddy, my dealer.
This slumfuck landlord evidently only rents to strippers, hookers, and single mothers in order to get free content for his streaming video site. This is when things got really dirty, and were I plan on blackmailing this nasty old mother fucker voyeur. Or at least have filthy fun trying to take this asshole down. My cuckolded slumlord is as worthless as a fucking sissy fag alcoholic.
I will be the filthy whore you need to get that cock aching and squirting. It’s likely you have a dark desire for a raunchy stripper sex porn acting MILF that can’t get enough dick. My limits are none meaning ANYTHING fucking goes with me.
Some areas of interest and expertise; Gangbangs, big black cock, cuckolding, blackmail, sissification, and more! Call me for all of your nasty no limits phone sex needs!


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    • scott on March 1, 2020 at 3:19 am
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    you are so muscular i have to talk to you

    • scott on March 1, 2020 at 3:31 am
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    your ass is so ripe

  1. Hi,
    Is your son a sissy homo cumslut in panties?

  2. Awesome call with P-mommy BJ. Love her filthy mouth. Don’t be afraid to call her if you’re not a cuck/sissy whatever. She listens and gives you what you want soo good and on topic. Super sex velvety voice too, I can feel it in my nuts.

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