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Frat party fun

live phone sexI have this neighbor who is in a college fraternity and I have always wanted to be invited to one of those parties. So, I went over and asked if I could get an invite. He told me that he could get me in, but I would need to do a little something for him first. I really wanted to go to the party, so I gladly got down on my knees and blew him. The night of the party he picked me up and when we walked in my pussy was so wet looking at all the hot coeds. I searched the room for the one I wanted to fuck first. A big tall football player was my choice. I flirted and he asked if I would like to go to his room. Gladly I followed. Luckily for me a few of his roommates were in the room too. I did not waste any time removing my clothes and letting them run a train on me. I was fucked so many times that my pussy and tight ass were so sore. But my mouth felt fine, so I continued taking all those big fat cocks deep in my throat. This is the perfect scene for a hot teen slut like me. I cannot wait to come back.

A Birthday Celebration with Young Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesMy brood of sexy prostitutes knew how to celebrate mommy’s birthday last night. My favorite restaurant could not accommodate my large family in their place, but they could cater me a birthday spread for the entire family. Just dinner would be too tame for a mommy like me as a birthday celebration. My husband catered in more than food. He brought in some young cute sluts from another agency. Not so much agency as a sex trafficking outfit that my husband does business with occasionally. Not that I do not enjoy the sweet little pussies and hairless cocks under my roof. Special occasions deserve something extra, something different. When the young hookers for hire daddy got me paraded around in front of me like little beauty queens, my little whores got jealous. I assured them they were still number one in mommy’s eyes. I am a P mommy and as cute as these young whores were, we shared no DNA. Taboo of course to play with anything that young; could get me arrested too, but not the same as playing with the tender age whores you birthed. Since it was my birthday, I called the shots. Not like I do not usually call the shots, but I wanted to watch more than sample the merchandise. I had the hired sluts play with the family sluts. It was the kind of orgy that if we filmed would net us a lot of money and get us arrested if discovered. Of course, we filmed it. It was my birthday orgy party. Little boys fucking little girls. Little girls sucking little dicks. Little ones eating each other out and sucking little dicks too. And daddy cumming all over their faces, lol. He got just as much out of my birthday present as I did. The house still smells like young pussy and cock. Best birthday yet.

Horny Whore Can’t help herself!

big dick sucker

There I was just walking down the street in a tight little skirt and tube top looking for my next john when suddenly a cop pulled up. He flipped his lights on and stepped out. He was quite handsome unlike some of the dicks I deal with. He told me to come to the back of his car that he needed to search me. He kicked my feet apart and slid his strong hands up my exposed skin.  His fingers pressed hard into my thigh. He pulled up my skirt and exposed my ass. Kneading it with his strong fingers. I enjoyed his rough hands and when i heard his pants dropped i knew he was in it to get his rocks off for free! I took his fat cock in my ass nice and hard! he filled me up to the brim and went on his way! That’s one way to stay ticket free!

Trailer Trash Whore Amara

trailer trash whoreI’m just you local trailer trash whore and the head mama of the local crack house. Yeah I have a few rug rats and they help mama out. I take care of all the local teen degenerates and runaways. I have a god damned sex ring of junkie prostitutes for you to choose from. Whatever you like, white, black, dark chocolate, white chocolate, milano, mulatto,caramel, girls with dicks, young male cock suckers, honey I got it all. You like hitting the junk and need to make that cock feel good, I got you. I’m a size queen mama and I don’t care what color that dick is as long as it’s over 9 fucking inches. Please this mama good and maybe I let you have a sweet jail bait prize for a discount. I like watching a young bald white pussy get destroyed by a big daddy dick. I will sit by and watch that tight young cuny get ripped open and gaped while hitting that crack pipe and masturbating my milf cunt. I love watching the way their tight little holes gape and when that ass gets stretched into a rosebud, boys or girls, man it’s a most exciting thing.

He shouldn’t have pissed me off

live phone sexMy ex called me this morning and started a fight over some dumb shit. I know that I should be the bigger person and not fight but he made me so mad I went nuclear! I went into full on petty bitch mode and called up his best friend. This guy has been trying to get in my pants since we first broke up and I had been being nice and not going for it but all bets were off. I went over there and fucked him and made sure to take pics too just to really rub it in. I sent those pics to my ex and he was so mad he turned purple. It was so good to see him all worked up but little does he know that I am nowhere near done. I plan on fucking every single one of his friends, might fuck his family too just to be extra petty.

Cum Dump Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sex

I do what a trashy shemale phone sex whore does. I look for cock in every place I can. I look for ways to give my cock to men. Tonight, I spent some time on the corner looking for men who might pay for a blow job or to get a nice tight ass hole reamed. Shawn pulled up in a nice black Lincoln and asked if I wanted a ride. I was wearing my sunflower daisy dukes and my yellow halter top making sure I showed off my big fake tits. I am always cautious of a man who might not know that I have a dick. I leaned in and said baby I have a little extra than most women, is that okay? A smile lit up his face and he said I was counting on it. I jumped in waved to the other girls selling their wares and took off straight towards downtown. We didn’t make it that far we stopped at the Cavern a pay per hour place I knew well. In minutes I was sticking my tongue down his throat and he was grabbing for my tranny dick in my shorts. I was hard and he whispered in my ear that he was going to be my cum dumpster tonight and he would pay men big bucks to fuck him over and over. As I felt his cock rise My only response was for him to fuck me back just as hard with the thick dick he had.

Bimbo Blonde Fucking

blonde fucking

It’s your lucky day if you’re looking for a blonde fucking bimbo, baby! I’m not that smart in a lot of ways but I fucking know my way around a cock. I guess it’s pretty good that I started getting my face fucked when I was pretty young. Once I got a taste of cock, I stopped studying and stuff. I mean, I didn’t have time for school when there were cocks to be fucked and sucked. I barely graduated high school and I never went to college. I’m doing just fine being the perfect blonde bimbo slut for older men out there. I take care of them, they take care of me.
Don’t get it wrong. I don’t get spoiled by all these guys. I have enough to live and have a decent life but it’s not luxury and I don’t fucking care about that. All I care about is the fact that I have at least once cock in all my holes every day. One guy might come by for a blow job. One might swing over for my hot cunt. And then the last guy is definitely gonna want to fuck my asshole. You in? Give me a call and use me.

A Trailer Trash Whore, Her Friends and Her Son

trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore has other trailer trash friends. I invited two of my hot horny cougar friends over last night to party. I had some great coke and my son was over too. He loves milf pussy. Sherry and Marie are a little younger than me, but both are in their 40s. They are dirty whores. That is why they are my besties. My son can take care of three cougars. He has a big cock, plus he popped a Viagra so he would stay hard for his milf spinners. I was trying to get some other guys over for our little sex party, but this damn virus makes it hard even for a trashy milf to get dick. I think my son was happy. He wanted three horny cougars all to himself. Good thing he took that Viagra. He was going to need an erection lasting four hours or longer to satisfy us. I l et my friends go first. They are not as lucky as me. They do not have a handsome and hung son. Both Sherry and Maire have daughters. We have played with our girls together, but even strapons are not the same as hard cocks that can shoot cum. My son had no problem taking us all on. Three horny milfs played sit and spin on my son’s throbbing cock. He gave us each a cum filled cunt. After a few hours we were worn out and his cock was still hard. Hard as a rock. Mommy to the rescue. My girls were spent. Covered in jizz with swollen holes. I was in the same condition, but I was still able to suck my son until he had the ultimate explosion and his 5-hour erection went away. I may never need two guys at once again if my son keeps playing with Viagra.


I Was The Anal Cum Dumpster

He tricked me today and made me his Bitch. I was high and elated after taking one of my little bitches on and his girlfriend earlier in the morning. He showed up then and decided I was going to be his anal cum dumpster today. He is always so cunning and sweet to me. Always sweet talking me and kissing me sweetly. Those sweet kisses are usually accompanied by his twisted little ways in how he’ll pinch my nipples and nibble my neck. He know just what to do to make me let my guards down. I’m so ashamed in how easy he had me. That cock thrusting in my t-girl ass. The way he stroked my cock as he fucked me like a bitch. I guess all Doms get a little switching sometimes. I must admit though, I really kind of like it.

Anal cum dumpster

Fucking Her Husband

Trailer trash whoreWell, my new neighbor is officially going to be referred to as “Big Dick Bill”. I got an official reveal yesterday. With the shutdown, Bill’s been home a lot while his wife, luckily still gets to leave and work. Bill worked at a warehouse and right now is furloughed for the time being. So he goes out most of the day on the little wooden steps to his trailer, chaining smoking and looking for free pussy on his phone while the wife is away. I would know because I came across his profile while I was looking for a good lay. I laughed when I saw him come up on my phone and walked outside and shouted at him and pointed to my phone. He laughed, came over, and simple said “Wanna fuck?”. Within minutes we were on my couch naked with me between his knees sucking his big 9-inch cock. He wasn’t gentle either, he fucked my face as hard as he could like his life depended on it. Then grabbed me up by my blonde hair and bent me over the couch and without asking rammed his cock hard into my ass. I loved every minute of it! I thought for sure he would come in my ass when he asked me if I was on birth control. I told him no and he proceeded to put his cock in my wet pussy and cum all up inside me! My guess is “Big Dick Bill” likes to live dangerously.

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