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Dirty Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sex

Hello there, my nasty lovers! It’s your very favorite lot lizard reporting for sexy time duty. Fuck. Last night I went down to the truck stop and one of my favorite playthings was there! He has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my life, and I never miss out on an opportunity to make that big black snake shoot a hot load. Big dicks are useless unless you know how to use them, and boy does he know how to work it. He makes me cum every single time just from fucking me – I don’t even need to rub my clit!

All the truckers love watching this guy fuck me. I let him fuck any hole he wants and when he fucks my asshole, it stretches out and when he’s done with me, it’s gaping with cum dripping out. For some reason, that always turns everyone on and then they all just start fucking me. Having things turn into a gang bang is always a really good time for me. Have you ever been involved in one before? Would you like to be? Call me and tell me all about it, or just call to hear some kinky truck stop stories!

Cum filled cunt needs more!

cum filled cunt

This slut has had a wild day! My cum filled cunt is dripping sticky jizz everywhere. It all started when my brother asked me to stop by and meet a few of his friends. He always has me fuck or suck a few cocks, so that we can score party favors to have fun with later. I love cum and don’t care where it comes from, so I was willing to help out. I knew that he had invited his dealer and some other people over, but I wasn’t expecting so many to show up to fuck me! After the first few hours, I got carpet burn on my knees from being slammed so hard from behind, over and over. I didn’t tap out though! Everyone knows that cum addicted whores like me can never get enough. My stretched open, pounded down pussy still wants another thick, hard cock to share more of that creamy goodness!


Amara On The Rocks With a Twist Of…

Phone Sex Line
Hey hon, welcome to the bar! Yeah yeah, what can I get you to drink? Oh, Amara on the rocks with a twist of lucy? Sounds delish! Let me go in the back and get ready, I’ll meet you upstairs in room three, alright?

Twenty minutes later, I come in with a cart carrying an array of party time favors for you and I. The rocks was a certain, and I lit up that crack pipe without a second thought. I’ll roll on the rocks all day and do any fucking thing you say. My bar is a special place where we cater to the taboo and unusual. You’ve just booked a night with a wild druggy whore who will do anything to stay up up up! The only crashing down I want to do is onto your cock.

But you, my sweet, ordered me with a twist of Lucy! LSD is my favorite, even more than methamphetamine. I took that tab, and watched the edges of everything begin to fade. That’s when you grabbed me, and forced me to the floor. You ripped my panties off, and spread my PAWG cheeks. My dirty posey stared back at you, and you lined that sadistic cock up to fill me in one fucking stroke.
Live Phone Sex

Creampie Slut Last Call

Creampie Slut

Getting drunk and taking home strangers is a way of life for me, I’m a real creampie slut; one of my favorite memories ever is when I stayed late at a bar until there were only a few guys left there. I knew they were desperate to fuck and so was I; the music played and I danced seductively as last call circled around my young pussy. A few guy closed in on me, I shrugged my dress off my shoulders and let it hit the floor around me. Before I knew it my tits and pussy were exposed and I was surrounded by hard cocks. I kneeled in the middle of the circle and opened my mouth the way only a teen cum dumpster would. They all took turns fucking my mouth, touching my young perky titties and dipping their fingers into my pussy until finally the tall handsome bartender was the one to plunge his hard dick deep inside this dripping wet cunt. All the others jerked their cocks off around me, waiting for their turn to creampie me. Mmmm… thinking about them all cumming for me still gets me off!


Cum Guzzling Slut for BBC

cum guzzling slutI am proud to be a cum guzzling slut. I was bottle fed on cum. And I bottle fed my daughter on cum. We both grew up to be cum whores. You might think I was fed daddy’s cum and that I fed my daughter her daddy’s cum. My mom gave me black cock cum and that is just what I gave my daughter too. I was raised to be a black cock whore. I followed in my mom’s footsteps, and I raised my daughter the same way. My daughter and I like to play with black cock cum. It is my secret to looking young. I am known in my trailer park as the black cock whore. If a black man needs his balls drained, they hunt me or my bukkake slut daughter down. Sometimes they get lucky and get us both like last night. My daughter was over when there was a knock on my door. It was this black stud from a few trailers over. I have fucked him before, but my daughter has never had the pleasure. I think she thought he was a myth. His dick is over a foot long and it is beer can thick. Normally, I titty fuck him. He loves his wife, but she does not swallow. He does not want to cheat, but he needs his balls drained. Last night, he wanted to fuck. I think it was because my daughter was there too. She is way tighter than I am. He wanted to make her an anal cum dumpster. She bent over the couch, and he rammed his monster cock up her tight white ass. I think she was shocked she took him balls deep.  He dumped his load in her ass knowing I would clean her up. Watching her shit his cum out into my mouth got him hard again. Now it was my turn. I let him fuck my cunt. But this time instead of shitting it into my daughter’s mouth, I shit it out in a pitcher. My daughter and I made cum cubes with his second load. I told you I was a cum dumpster.

Insta- Gangbang whore.

gangbang whoreCocaine turns me into an Insta – gangbang whore! Especially when the coke is so good it burns my nose and makes my cunt so fucking wet on the first line. As I began to rub my pussy through my panties under my skirt it turned my dealer on. He knew I would fuck him for my baggie of white gold. When you get high and need cock, you suddenly need all the cock you can handle and more. My only desire is that I want to get too high with you and cream all over your dick and all the men you bring to me. My job is usually to stand on the corner and look like a whore that is ready to fuck. But tonight up in the trap house, begging for blow and cum, I am nothing but a usable, cum dumpster. My dealer lifted my ass up and started bouncing me up and down as more men filled the room. It soon would be time to be a pass around bitch. But for this moment I was being fucked so hard My pussy squirted from the hard drilling. I would be filled soon enough as the men surrounded us and began jerking off and waiting for a prize orgy slut.

Not Yet a Teen Anal Whore

teen anal whoreMy youngest daughter is what we call not quite a teen anal whore. She is young, but she wants to please. I adore my baby girl. She never questions anything. She rarely cries. And she never fights. If there was ever a time to cry and fight, it would have been last night. Daddy arranged a special daddy gang bang for her, and all the daddies wanted to fuck her virgin asshole. The daddy that fucked her asshole first, paid the most to pop her anal cherry. The rest of the daddies paid well too because she is still a little girl, and they were fucking her asshole. Normally, we do not let men gang bang our super little ones, but this man is a very wealthy man. He is also part of an underground daddy pervert ring that uses sex trafficked little girls. We made sure he knew our hookers for hire belong to our home brothel only. We never sell our little ones out right like my parents did me. We do, however, rent their fuck holes by the hour. Sex sells and it sold even during a pandemic. Now that the world has opened back up, our little sluts are in the highest demand ever. The money is too good to say no to, so we let him, and his horny P men sodomize our littlest angel all night. When we brought her home this morning, her baby butthole was destroyed. Nothing that will not heal, but we do have to take her off the rotation for a week. She is not complaining either. She gets spoiled all week. Plus, mommy licks her sore little butthole to make it feel better and she gets eat some magic gummies that make her feel good too. I feel bad that her bum hole hurts, but we made more money off her in one night than the rest of our jailbait sexy prostitutes combined in the month.

Sorority Girls Fucking is all you see

sorority girls fucking

Sorority Girls Fucking is all you see! Get ready to see a good catholic girl turn into a deviant sexual being. Far too long, I have had to deal with suppressing my sexual urges. Now I lust after something that enthralls me into a world like no other. I want to be bad, and I am tired of being a good girl. There is something about getting fucked by a random stranger that truly makes my bald pussy so wet. My tight cunt deserves the best cocks. Let me spread my legs so you can take a good look at my beautiful work of art. My clit is so orgasmic even by one touch, and I am in full come fuck me mode. I want that cock deep-dived in me. Let me be the school slut you have always wanted to fuck. I don’t care if you are married. My love for unavailable men runs deep, so fuck me like you could be careless about your boring wife.

Naughty Creampie Slut

creampie slut

It’s your favorite creampie slut, Siliva here! I had quite a wet weekend. No, it wasn’t because of rain. It was because I got fucked every which way over the weekend and I had cum dripping from every hole I have and then some. I don’t normally drive home with cum all over me, but this time it couldn’t be helped. There was just too much of it to wipe off after they were done with me. I swear there’s still a little bit of jizz dripping out of my cunt and I haven’t been fucked in hours, believe it or not.

If you’re really nice to me, I’ll slide the phone down between my legs and fuck myself with my fingers so you can hear how wet this pussy is. It’s really too bad you can’t put your head between my legs and lick the cum right out of my pussy. I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you? You can taste all the men who were there before you and then you can take your own shot at me. I love when a man sticks his cock into my cum-filled cunt. If you like sloppy seconds or thirds, get on the phone and call me!

Trashy MILF Beverly is a Cum Dump

trashy milfThis trashy milf had a wild weekend. My daughter’s place was flooded from a tropical storm. She came over to bunk with her sex mommy. We did not just stay home huddling in the bathroom in fear of a monsoon. We invited some trailer park boys over to party and escape mother nature’s wrath. We did lines of coke and sucked dick. If Mother Nature is being a bitch, we party in the trailer park. Ride the storm out with cock, cum and coke. It was a mix of ages and races. Plus, a mixture of cock sizes, so something for everyone. It was raining cats and dogs outside, but we were oblivious because we were fucking. My trailer was rocking. My daughter and I are trailer park whores. We were doing lines off cocks and getting gang banged from behind. We both had a bucket load of cum in our pussies. Quite a lot in our asses too. My daughter and I love cum as much as cock. We started swapping cum. I love snowballing with my daughter. The guys loved watching my daughter suck the cum out of my asshole. I sucked the jizz out of her asshole too. We were cum dumps. Druggy whores too. The city was being drowned by the rain and we were fucking like there was no tomorrow.

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