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Dream Fucking a Trashy Milf

trashy milfWhen you are a trashy milf, every young boy in town knows where you live. That is why I have an open-door policy. I never lock my doors. I do not have intruders. I have welcomed horny guests who take advantage of my pussy and ass at all hours of the night. On the weekends, the horny teen boys in town like to party in the trailer park. They have a kegger at some one’s trailer and when the booze and weed kicks in, they find their way to my trailer with hard dicks. About 5 boys entered my bedroom around 5 am reeking of weed and stale beer. I love that smell. They were giggling and stumbling. I turned the light on, and their faces were priceless. They thought they were in trouble. I told them my pussy was already full of cum, but they were welcome to deposit some more. I can never have a cum filled cunt that is too full of cum. Young boys do not care about creampies. They welcome an easy pussy. They just want to fuck. I spread my legs still half asleep and hungover and took their loads.  None of them lasted long. I fell back asleep. I woke up for my shift around noon and thought it was a dream. Just a really hot dream. I went to pee and cum fell out of my cunt like a flooded river. Then I knew it was just a late night gang bang for this old whore.

Bachelor party

live phone sexI did a bachelor party as a favor to a friend, she didn’t want her fiance to have some rando stripper doing dirty things and tempting him. I guess she figured I was the safe one? I don’t know what she was thinking honestly because I am one hell of a whore and she knows that! I’ve even fucked him before but I guess she probably didn’t know that. Anyway, I stripped for all those guys and it just turned me on bad. Seeing all those hard cocks had my pussy gushing and all I could think of was fucking them. I did too, every single one of them including the groom to be. I know if my friend finds out she will probably be all mad and shit but honestly it’s her own fault. She should never have asked me to strip for them!

Drunk Girl Fucking Makes For Easy Sex

drunk girl fucking

When guys come into a party I’m at and see that there’s a drunk girl fucking anyone and everyone, they always get so excited. And I don’t turn anyone away. I figure if someone has a hard cock and needs a hole to put it in, who am I to deny them that? The good news is that I have three holes, so I can do more than one at a time. Time-saving is always good, plus it means that I really can have every cock at the party and the lines won’t be too long. I don’t want guys to have to wait to get inside me.

I don’t mind leaving a party with my pussy and asshole dripping cum down my legs. I think a lot of girls would be embarrassed, but not me. I like being known as a slut. If guys see that I’m a slut, then I am sure to get more dick. Sometimes I even get it on the street on the way home from parties. I have so many fun fucking stories to tell you, so if you want to hear about what a naughty girl I’ve been, just pick up the phone and call me.

Trashy MILF Beverly

trashy milf

I love being a trashy milf. I tease all the youngsters in my trailer park. I have been forced to get creative since the young boys no longer gather at the bus stop in front of my trailer. I live in Florida, so the pool is still open. Although there is no lifeguard, the boys and girls often hang out there in the day instead of doing their homeschooling. I put on my skimpy orange bikini, high heels and went trolling for young flesh. Boys of a certain age ogle any woman scantily clad. I like dressing inappropriate for me age. How else are boys supposed to know I am down to fuck? I am like the pied piper of young boys. I strut my skanky ass around the pool, and they follow me back to my trailer. I had 7 boys this morning before I started my shift. I love being a gangbang whore for teen boys. They are like an endless supply of energy and cum. They can be greedy with my fuck holes, but luckily when they are young, I can stuff two at a time in either hole. I managed to get three in my pussy at once this morning, so I could accommodate all 7 of them. This is because I am a black cock whore too. Those big black cocks have stretched my cunt out more than my son or daughter did when I was giving birth to them. Those young boys did not care that I was a mommy or a black cock whore. They just cared that my fuck wholes were open to them. I tell all the young boys, schools may be closed, pools may be closed, hell beaches may be closed, but my old fuck holes are always open because I am a trailer trash whore.

Trashy Milf BJ Loves a Creampie

I’m a Trashy Milf and happily embrace every part of being such. It’s exciting to have my son watch mama Bj getting banged by many big throbbing nigger cocks while smoking their crack. I’m a whore of conviction. It’s too bad not everyone gets into the filthy shit I am and in a way it’s great. I love to get all the action in my trailer park and all the young boys around want some of this too. I’m trashy, trampy, cum hungry panty soaking for that big black cock and it really is a black cock matters kind of thing for me. I just wonder if you can handle all that cum filled pussy and ass after so many guys pounding me. Can you get down and clean mama BJ up, pretty please.

Trashy Milf

No Taboo Phone Sex Talk

no taboo phone sexI love no taboo phone sex. It was what I was born to do. I have been a whore since I was born. Just now, I call the shots. I am the madam of my home brothel. Last night something different happened. A man wanted to fuck one of my sons. He paid great money and money is money, right? My sons are whores just like their sisters, but they do not get called to action as much. My youngest son is sort of a kinky freak. I think he may be naturally bisexual. I have fucked his ass with a strap-on several times and he loves it. He begs for it actually. When I told him about daddy’s client, he was not at all concerned. He was happy for the chance to get some dick in his ass and make some money. All my sexy prostitutes love money. Daddy and I have raised a brood of money whores. My youngest boy looks like a girl from behind. He is a little California surfer dude. He has long dirty blonde hair, a tanned body and a cute little butt. I had to play with his ass the night before his date to prep him. If the ass does not used regularly, every hardcore ass fucking will feel like the first time. He enjoyed my strap-on more than he did daddy’s client’s cock. But he did enjoy the money. His ass his sore, but mommy knows how to take of all her sore whores.

Friday Nights are for Dirty Phone Sex

dirty phone sex

Friday nights are for dirty phone sex fun. I have sort of a Friday night ritual. I get high and head to the truck stop. Friday night is the busiest night there. Truckers from all over converge at the Loves to shower, shave and fuck. Every lot lizard knows truckers have the best coke. Years ago, someone made No Doz illegal to sell anymore because truckers were getting whacked out on it and causing accidents. Get rid of one thing, and folks find a good alternative. Coke is a great alternative. Plus, truckers have the best shit. I go down on Friday nights and exchange pussy for cocaine because I am a hot blonde fucking whore. Truckers will not pay for pussy. They do not need too. Lot lizard skanks are drawn to them like moths to the flame. That is because truckers have the good coke, like the shit from Columbia and places like that. I partied an hour in one cab, them moved on to the next cab. I would do some lines, give head or let a trucker fuck me depending on how much coke he would share with me. The last cab of the night, I was there for hours because if I serviced all his friends, he was willing to be generous with his cocaine. Hell, yes. I am a dirty whore. I love cum. I love cock, so I let 6 truckers fuck all my holes for hours. They could have fucked me for days if they wanted because the coke was that good. I came home wobbly. My legs were pinned behind my ears for quite a while. Cum was streaming down my thighs. I am a cum dumpster, so that was no big deal. Nothing is a big deal when you got free coke to last you a couple weeks. Good coke too. Not totally free, I guess, but well worth the hardcore fucking.

Anal Sex Whore and Proud!

anal sex whore

JC told me that there was a special batch of E that I had to try out. He’d never had a whore work as hard as I do, so he had no doubt that I’d make the grade, and get that fucking shit for myself. He yanked my hair and told me that I was the pharmacists anal sex whore for the night, so to make him proud. None of the other bitches would go to the level of cum whore that I go to for a good fucking time. If this stringy ass haired boy was going to give me the BEST E? My ass was all his.

The guy out a pipe to my mouth and I sucked in and felt my cunt drip. His hot hard cock was ramming into my lubed up hole, just no warning, just fucking into my whore ass. I winced and he laughed and slapped my thigh before pounding harder into my ass. There was no telling how much cum I would take over the course of the night, but I wanted them all, no matter what. At that point it was more lust than need for E. My holes needed cum. 

Drunk Sex Porn with Frat Boys

drunk sex pornThis is what I look like after drunk sex porn. I look like a hot mess, emphasis on hot, LOL. I am more of a coke and weed girl than booze, but I was partying with college boys last night. Rich boys. Trust fund brats who pooled their resources to hire a hot milf for a closed party. The college is in session, but there are no parties. Isn’t that part of the college experience? A few frat houses have been shut down for violating social distancing orders from the dean. I get it. You got to keep folks safe. But college boys need to party and fuck too. I was the only female there. The doors were closed. No university folks would suspect a thing. And if some one saw me coming or going, well I was just checking on my son. Who would guess that a sexy albeit trashy milf was the entertainment at a frat party? I was doing shots with the boys. Lots of mixed shots too. Yager, Jack, Patron and some mixed body shots. I am a sloppy drunk, but that is what they wanted. I was on top of their bar dirty dancing. I encouraged them to pull out their cocks and spray me. Cum shots were coming from every direction. That was just the warmup. I blew cocks. I swallowed loads. I let frat boys run a train on me. I never puked though. I am a hot mess, emphasis on the hot when drinking. I came home smelling like a mix between a porn star and bartender. I reeked of cum and booze. That scent makes my brood horny. No time for a shower when my husband and our boys pounced on me. This dirty mommy is never too worn out or too fucked up to keep the party going.

You Can Take A Whore Out, But You Can’t Take Out The Whore

Dirty Phone SexI can’t say that I’ve ever been a classy lady; I’m more of a white trash whore. That doesn’t mean I can’t conduct myself accordingly when it’s necessary. The other day a very wealthy family strolled into my little truck stop diner, and I couldn’t help but notice the way the father was staring at me like he wanted to bend me over his table and fuck my brains out right in front of his wife and brats.
When I gave him his receipt, I wrote my number real small on the back. I saw him discreetly stick it in his pocket, and he called me a few days later. Oh I dressed up in my finest black dress, with the most beautiful heels I owned. I presented myself as such a proper lady instead of a slut. He took me out to dinner, and then we went to an upscale hotel room. What he wanted me to do wasn’t upscale though.

Cum DumpsterHe gave me some of the finest Colombian cocaine that’s ever graced my nose, and then bound me to the bed where he proceeded to carve tiny words into my skin with a stainless steel scalpel. I must have been in there for at least two days, but he kept the do not disturb sign on the door and a gag in my mouth.
I realized after the first day and nobody was coming to help me. Between scarring me, writing words like beautiful, skank, fat ass, wet pussy, slut, he was fucking me and making me suck him off until he emptied his balls into my throat.
So this is what acting like a proper lady got me, being called out for what I really was; a lot lizard prostitute who would do anything for her fix. I finally passed out, and when I woke up I was in the back of a moving van. I heard him on the phone talking about dog crates on a plane to Ireland, and that he had a nice new bitch to add to his lot.

Cum Guzzling Slut

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