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Pissing sex with a filthy gutter whore!

Pissing sexThere is something so primal and nasty about Pissing sex with a gutter whore. I mean there is nothing more fun than being a drunk whore and pissing outside for everyone around to see. I was at the beach party the other day and I got wasted with my friends. I made out with a few guys and sucked off a few too. Before I knew it, I was drunk as fuck and I had to piss so bad. I don’t know what happened but all I knew was I needed to drain this bladder as soon as possible. I briefly remember trying to look for a bathroom or something; it dawned on me that we were outside so there wasn’t one obviously.

I swear sometimes I am just a dumb bimbo bitch; it is what it is though. Long story short; I said to myself “fuck this I need to piss”. Somewhere between that and being in public turned me on so much. So, I took off all my clothes and walked across the sand while everyone could see me. They all stared at me like I was a Cum dumpster and some of them jerked off too. I smiled and opened up legs so they could all see. I took my fingers and peeled open my cunt lips and pushed out my hot, warm and big piss stream right there. It took a good five minutes until I emptied out my dirty pussy. I grinned and walked back to my clothes and waited for all that hard dick to follow me. I knew I would get some more cock at the end of the night!

Phone Sex Line Operators Do Not Belong in the Vanilla Work World

phone sex lineSince I work a phone sex line, my friends think I can answer vanilla phones too. However, it is hard for me to be vanilla. It just is. Not in my DNA. But I like doing favors for friends. It’s good karma. One of my besties married well. And she got her real estate license. Her regular office assistant called in sick for the day. So, she asked me to fill in. Told me I could wear what I wanted as long as my private parts appeared covered. No fun I told her with a giggle.

I answered every call seductively. Told you it was in my nature. But when this younger man came into the office, we locked eyes. And I locked the door and pulled down the shades. We had a moment. He agreed. Before we even exchanged names, he pulled his cock out of his pants. Hubba hubba. His cock impressed me. I saw the ring on his finger, but if he did not care, why should this trailer trash whore care, right?

I Can Clean Up But I Will Always Be a Trailer Park Whore

So, I sat in the swivel chair and took his cock down my throat. Barely even gagged and he told me his wife gags every time. I told him to enjoy the honeymoon period while he can because I know from talking to men like you, wives do not keep sucking cock forever. But for a cock like his, I would welcome him back anytime. We fucked on my friend’s big oak desk. Now, this she might not approve of, but I shut the cameras off. And I could clean the desk up afterwards.

The way I saw it, I helped her make a sale. That young married man who walked in off the street wanted a realtor to help buy a home for him and his new wife. My trashy milf pussy, mouth and ass just cinched the partnership. Now she owes me two favors.

Creampie slut Deanna Loves A Cum Filled Cunt To Start The Weekend

Creampie slutSometimes, you can’t help but be a creampie slut and that’s a badge, I choose to wear proudly. Why because I am obsessed with cum. I’m not sure if it’s an addiction, per se. It’s more like a deep-seated desire that runs through my veins. The taste, the feel, the smell – they all combine to create this intense rush of pleasure that I can’t get enough of. Plus, there’s something incredibly empowering about knowing that I can make men lose control just by offering up my holes for their enjoyment. It makes me feel wanted and needed in a way nothing else does.

So yeah, maybe you could say I have a bit of a phone sex addiction when it comes to talking dirty and discussing all the filthy things we could do together… but who am I kidding? As long as there are cocks out there willing to fuck me senseless with their cum, I don’t think this addiction is going anywhere anytime soon!My cunt is throbbing and aching for some cream pie right now, You.

It’s soaking wet with my juices, ready to be filled up with your thick cock. I can feel the heat emanating from my pussy lips as they swell and part eagerly, begging for you to thrust deep inside me. The scent of my arousal fills the air around us, making it almost unbearable not to take care of this raging need that I have for a good fucking. My clit is hard as a rock under all that moisture, just waiting for your skilled tongue or fingers to give it some attention while you fill me up with your cum.

I’m such a slutty whore who loves nothing more than being used like this – taken advantage of and left dripping in sticky semen after an intense session of passionate sex!


Gangbang Whore Here…And I am Proud Of It

I love a good gang bang. Cocks flew at me from every direction and my every hole filled at once. My pussy is soaked just thinking about it. I had a big cock in my pussy, ass, and mouth at the same time. I even had a huge cock in between my tits. When those cocks started cumming I was covered.  It was in my pussy, in my ass, the back of my throat, and all over my tits and face. As the night went on I had a train run on me and I loved every minute. I took about 40 cocks that night.  I had all kinds of cocks. There were big ones, small ones, thick ones, skinny ones, white ones, and big black ones. It is true what they say about black dicks… they are monstrously huge.  I am about to cum now fantasizing about doing it all again.

gang bang whore

Cum dumpster slut Quinn

cum dumpsterWanna know what this nasty, cum dumpster slut has been up to? I’ve been getting fucked up and getting my filthy cunt and shit hole packed by my brother all day long. He stopped by to see our parents and caught me sucking my step dad’s dick so, I had to fuck him to keep him from saying anything. He didn’t give a shit that I was deepthroating our step dad’s big cock but he was so turned on when he saw it that it made his dick hard and he wanted to join in. He didn’t even ask, he just pulled his cock out, got behind me and pulled my soaked panties to the side. He held his cock in his hand, sliding it up and down my wet slit and watching me get more and more wet for it. He could feel the heat from my cunnie and knew how horny I was for him. I was busy with our step dad’s dick down my throat but I kept backing my pussy up to his cock, letting him know how bad I wanted him to fuck me. My brother’s hard dick felt so fucking good. He grudge fucked me and told me what a nasty, incest cum hole I’ve become. Little did he know, getting fucked by my brother has always been one of my biggest fantasies! I’m a horny little freak and I dream about sucking and riding every dick that I’ve ever been around. So, here I sit, waiting on the phone to ring with my brother’s cum leaking out of my sloppy cunt. Call me and talk dirty to me while I finger fuck my cummy pussy!


Cum dumpster poses for the camera man and sucks his hard prick!

Cum dumpsterWe all know I can’t help being nothing but a Cum dumpster whore. I mean I live and breathe sex 24/7. It’s not my fault that I was pretty much built like a sex machine. I have all the assets a man wants in life. Big tits, a Bald cunt and a nice little round fuckable ass. That’s why it’s so easy to get a man to give me what I want; as long as I have something to offer him. Usually that means he just needs one of my holes to unload into. That’s easy enough; since I like being pumped full of cock and cum anyway. 

Believe it or not; all my porn pic shoots are free because I always suck and fuck the camera man. They are usually dirtier than the bastards they film me with. A lot of the times they are more perverse than some of the men who hire me and my girls for servicing specials. Bill is my go to guy; he gets the best shots of me and always makes me look sexy. He always has the best outfits too; he lets me keep a lot of them which is nice. He is a sucker for a Blonde fucking slut though; as long as I give him my mouth or ass hole to use he is a happy man. I needed my hot little mouth full of spunk so I begged him to face fuck me before and after the shoot. He obviously did and I had a whole belly full of nut!

BBC sex Stories From Bobbie’s New BBC friend

BBC sex stories are hot. Especially when you hear a big black cock tell you how it is from his perspecitve. His big, black cock is a sight to behold. It stands at an impressive 13 inches long and thick as a soda can when fully erect. The head is large and veiny, with a slight curve that adds to its intimidating appearance. The shaft is smooth and glistening with precum, inviting others to touch it or take it deep inside them.

BBC phone sex A lot of guys often watch him fuck their girls with envy in their eyes, wishing they could experience the raw power of his huge cock for themselves. Some even offer to suck on it themselves, eager for even just a taste of the pleasure he is providing their partners. As he thrust into my tight warm pussy, creating wet slapping sounds that echo through the room, the other guys around can’t help but be drawn in watching him ram my cunt with that big black cock They will watch us together like it’s some sort of museum exhibit.

The girls he’s been with often comment on how unique his cock would feel inside them; it stretches them wider than any other man they’ve been with yet still fills them up completely. They moan around his shaft as if it were an extension of their own bodies, begging for more as he pounds into them without mercy. It’s not uncommon for me to hear whispers about wanting to feel me inside themselves too, even though they know better than to act on such desires in public settings like these parties or gatherings where we find ourselves engaging  the most. Despite this taboo attraction towards each other, there exists a strange bond between us all – one fueled by lust and curiosity but also tainted by shame and secrecy – that keeps us coming back for more night after night under the cover of darkness

BBC Phone Sex Whore Deanna Sucks Big Black Cocks

Oh fuck, the hottest BBC phone sex? Well I know the hottest big black cock I ever had in my mouth was at this wild house partyBBC phone sexlast summer. It belonged to this guy named Marcus – he must have been at least 14 inches long and as thick as my wrist! He was one of those guys who just oozed confidence and sex appeal; you could tell he knew exactly how much power he held over women like me.

We snuck off into a spare bedroom where we couldn’t be disturbed, and before I even got on my knees to start sucking that monster king size chocolate bar off like it was my job. He pulled out his massive thick oozing cock and slapped it against my face. “Take it all in,” he growled, giving me an order that sent shivers down my spine.

And so I did: opening wide enough for him to fit every inch inside my mouth while still taking deep breaths through my nose. His skin was smooth yet rough against mine as I bobbed up and down on him like a proverbial hoe trying desperately not to gag on all that delicious meat. Although he liked the gagging and was super hard the few times I couldn’t help but choke on that big black

As if reading my mind (or maybe just sensing how far gone I already was), Marcus grabbed a handful of my hair and started guiding my head up and down his shaft, grunting with pleasure each time I took more of him into my throat.

It felt like he was fucking me from the inside out – which was exactly what I wanted! My cheeks hollowed as I tried to take even more of him in; every now and then, he’d pull back just enough for me to catch a breath before pushing forward again.

I was ready for him to explode in my mouth. Hoping I could call everyone up to watch me tak his big fat load in t

Hot stripper sex with a couple of BI-Sexual whores!

Hot stripper sex Hot stripper sex with a couple of dirty whores is always a fun time. You know how the trailer park whores are; we fuck for fun and attention. Anything that will make us some money and get a guy rock hard we are down for it. This is Layla; she is such a fun bitch and is always ready to do whatever I say. When I am on a Duo session with a client who wants a mistress and a sub; I will always pick Layla. She lets me do whatever I want to her and she is such a good sub bitch for me and the degrading clients who love to talk so much shit. 

Layla gets such a Sloppy wet pussy when I am fucking her up the ass with my toy as her mouth hole is being fucked by a cock. All her slut holes nice and filled up. Her sweet pink fuck hole is just dripping and begging to be used by a cock. It makes me so horny when I watch her struggle not to cum; usually a customer loves to watch her sweet ass beg. They love to make her get on all 4s and beg to cum as my toy is up her ass. Or making her eat my slutty cunt out while she gets her ass hole force fucked. Her twat just gushes when we use her like a little piece of fuck meat!


Trashy MILF Lilibeth Fucks When the Power Goes Out

trashy milfTrashy MILF Lilly is what my teen sons’ friends call me. And I love that nick name. It’s been a rough week, and it is only hump day. A storm wreaked havoc Monday night. Bad storms went from the west coast to the east. We had no power for almost 24 hours. As a mother with technology spoiled offspring all they did was bitch bitch and bitch some more. So, I suggested they invite some friends over. They could at least entertain each other.

Each boy invited two friends over. The storm passed so they could play outside until the power got restored. However, once those boys saw me in booty shorts and a sports bra, that’s all they could see, LOL. Well, in my defense its was fucking hot with no AC. But I never mind prancing around naked. Did it all the time in my trailer trash whore years. You can take the girl out of the trailer park but not the trailer park out the girl.

A Sexy Mommy Never Struggles to Find Something to Do When Teen Boys Around

My sons tried to encourage their friends to get in the pool with them, but the boys had other ideas about what to do during the power outage. For a moment I felt bad for high jacking my boys’ plans with their friends. But then I remembered how annoying they were when I was trying to work without the power using my hot spot. Then, I did not feel bad anymore. A little bit of payback, I guess.

Those young boys showed me some amazing cocks. And cocks that I knew still had the potential for more growth. Those bonus teen boys made me forget about the power outage and how hot I felt. They tag teamed me. One in my pussy and one in my ass. I love getting double stuffed. And when I am double stuffed by two teenage cocks, even better. My sons got jealous, and eventually joined the fun. And then a tag team turned into a hardcore orgy porn.

The power came back on the next morning. But I showed myself that there is always something to do and folks to do it with when your world goes dark.