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I’m craving hardcore anal sex in a way I never have before! I think all those hours shaking my ass and grinding on the pole have made me a complete cum dumpster. At this point I don’t care how many guys fuck me in one night, as long as I make my money and get to smoke crack or meth until I’m hot and horny. All the guys the club know me as a druggy porn freak who loves being used as a gangbang whore. All they have to do is show me the money and the hard dick and I’m ready for a night of making hardcore orgy porn in my trailer! Hard cock in my shit sleeve and a fist in my pussy makes me squirt so fucking hard, I won’t stop cumming like a fisting whore while you pump my ass full of cum!

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I like having a cum filled cunt!  You know I am always in party mode. The one thing I want more than anything is to be a good slut.  I’ve learned so much from my aunts, mom, and grandma that I’m ready to embark on a journey where I can feel pleasure 24/7 and not care what anyone else thinks. Once you get a hit of meth or a pretty little colored pill and, of course, some angel dust, you get transported into a whole new world. The kind that can make partying and playing the biggest priority. Well, other girls are establishing being great students and making their college experience matter. Others are careers driven. On the other hand, there are girls like me winding up on the pole or being called late at night for some escort services and those that love to party and play and make more money to we got their cunts pleasured and that angel dust coming nonstop.

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creampie sex storiesI am full of creampie sex stories. I love cum. My first creampie experience made me a cum lover for life. I was just a young schoolgirl. A virgin still. My mom was turning tricks in our trailer when my dad was on the road. I was not supposed to be spying but I was curious. My mom was a good mom. She did what she needed to do to keep me fed and clothed because my father left us $50 a month for everything while he was traveling. In the 70s, it was mostly black men paying for my mom’s time. It was still kind of taboo then, especially in the deep south. I felt guilty that my mother was whoring herself out so I could eat a hot school lunch and have fashionable clothes and school supplies. Trailer parks were full of hookers for hire, but my mom was different. She saw black guys. She told me their money was green like everyone else’s. She partied with her Johns, and one night she passed out covered in cum. She had three black men at once. That was when I learned that women could be three-hole whores. I was sexually curious. I checked out my passed-out mom. I swiped some cum off her body and tasted it. It was strong and pungent, but I liked it. A cum whore was born in that moment. I got lost in licking the cum off her body. She never woke up. I just hoped that she would not realize that I had cleaned her up. She went to bed a cum dumpster but woke up clean as a whistle. It became a thing for me to clean up her messy body and holes once she passed out. Now, I have a daughter and a son to clean up my messy holes. But my mom taught me to love cum and she never even realized it.

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This weekend I made the hottest Creampie sex stories happen this month. I’ve been working on accumulating a wealthy of cum inside my cunt when I get it going. Since it’s almost the end of the month I found myself at my favorite spot : the pleasure den. I always happen to be the only hot female when I go. Sometimes I think there are some ugly bitches in the corner or sissy queens. At this point I walk in like I own the bitch. My long trench coat hidding the face that I don’t have anything on aside from my thong below the waist. Doing a quick scan on the room I can automatically tell there are 2 guys completely ready to blow. I don’t wait for them to come to me. I drop to my knees right in front of the first and put my hand over his and and his cock in my mouth. Bam, done. The second was such a pathetic sissy he came once he saw that other cock spew all over my face. By the end of the night my goal was to clear out the place and make sure there was no cock left behind.