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The Best Kind Of Facial!

White Trash Phone Sex

One of the best ways for me to take care of my beautiful skin is to regularly get my face covered in cum! I love the feeling of hot loads covering my face one after the other, it gets my cunt so wet. Sometimes I organize a circle jerk with at least eight guys just to get my pretty face covered in the sweet nectar from their balls. I suck them one at a time getting them rock hard, Letting them slap my face with their cocks until they start to jerk their cocks furiously. When I feel the first creamy load on my face I start to rub it in like the finest lotion. Again and again they shoot their loads all over my face until I’m absolutely covered in a luxurious mask of cum!

Daddy Sold My Asshole!

Daddy sold my asshole for drugs. I was sleeping when daddy came in my room high as usual. He shoves a cup to my face and tells me to drink it all. I did as daddy asked and it tasted strong and gross and have me feeling loopy right away. Now I know he made me drink alcohol. He brought me into the living room, he undressed me laid me on the ground and lifted my butt up in the air and told me to stay that way and not move no matter what. He had men surround me and he rubbed something on my butthole that made it very numb. The next thing I know I felt hands holding me down and big pressure right on my asshole, one of the men was shoving his cock in my asshole. He held me down as he pounded my little tiny asshole. One after another pushed their cock in my asshole and filled it up then gave my dad money, they didn’t care if I cried or anything they just wanted to fill up a little asshole.

Drunk girl fucking

Dad put me in bed and told me he was going to buy me doll that I was such a good girl and made him lots of money.  Dad was the first to make me his Anal cum dumpster. 

Eat My Cummy Cunt!

Cum Dumpster

I have a little friend who likes to stop by after I get home from being a cum dumpster at the truck stop. He comes by just to clean all that cum from my soaking wet cunt. He knows I spent hours getting my slit filled up with spermies and now he wants a taste of my Mama’s House Cocktail, the Cummy Cunt. I make him lay on his back while my sons surround us and jerk off on his body, then I sit on his face so all they creamy, ooey gooey can drip down onto his face. He uses his tongue like a shovel to get every last drop out of me; and then cums the real fun! My sons are ready to blow, you know!

Fisting Whore Cum Slut

fisting whore

Would you like to know what I am that I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be? I’m a fisting whore. Oh, and not just my pussy. That’s not really that impressive, if you ask me. Cunts stretch. When it comes to fisting, I like mine to be of the anal variety and most men are pretty surprised by that. I can’t even explain to you how good it feels when a man starts to slide his lubed-up hand into my asshole. Sure, the first time I got my ass fisted, it didn’t quite feel as good as it does now, but I got used to it in no time. I’m a determined little slut when it comes to achieving my sexual quests and I never run out of men or women who want to stretch my shithole with their fists. 

What position would you like to put me in while you push that balled-up fist inside my shitter? Do you want me on my back with my legs spread wide open, or would you rather me bend over so you can really get some leverage and get it all the way in? Fuck, I’m getting hot just thinking about it. I have the lube and I’m ready for you!

Creampie slut Quinn

creampie slut


Tonight, I was supposed to go to dinner at my mom and step-dad’s house. I was running super late but I had to make a stop on the way, and get my fix. I’m not just talking about drugs, I also had to get my sloppy, creampie slut pussy filled with cum, before I could go. I told the guys at the dealer’s house that I was in a rush. I just needed my slutty fuck holes to be full to the brim, so that my step dad could lick it all up for me. Those guys didn’t disappoint me at all. Their big, fat cocks felt so good fucking my wet cum holes and making my cunnie squirt. I promised to bring a special dessert for my mom and step-dad. After dinner, I’m going to spread my legs and let them both lick that sticky, hot creampie right out of my hot cunnie!

Creampie My Cum Eating Cunt

Cum eating phone sex Sex just isn’t complete without a hot creampie ending. I want to know my pussy is freshly fucked. I need you to leave my cunt wet, sloppy, and dripping creamy jizz. I take that as a compliment to how tight and juicy my slutty fuckhole is. But that’s not all this cum guzzling whore wants. I want you to snowball me with your salty, sweet cum juice. Fuck my pussy raw and fill it up with your seed, then suck our cum smoothie out my creamy cunt and spit in in my wet mouth. I need to taste our hot carnal fluids. I love eating cum from my freshly used cunt. I love opening my wide mouth, sticking out my tongue and letting you spit our fuck juices down my deep throat. I crave the taste of milky cum sauce. Eating that protein-filled cock juice is literally the icing on my creampie cake. Cum feed this kinky whore. I want to get full from devouring your nut sauce.

I am a whore for cum

Cum guzzling slutI went to help our new cock long juicy mailman organize the numbers on the mailboxes and wow let me tell you how good that juicy cock turned out to be!! I was dressed in see through leggings and he could see my whole ass jiggling..mhmm he said “wow you must have a real juicy one”. I told him “I’m not going to tell you…why don’t you come and find out for yourself then”. I led him down to the basement and began sucking his fat cock!!! Oh my god I still feel my throat gapping from him ramming my mouth…I was drooling like a dog! All I wanted was for him to fuck me and he sure did!!! I kept challenging him! I twerked and clapped my ass! I even squirted on him but he kept going!!! He sure did handle my thick ass like the man he is!!! He even filled my Cunt with Cum!!! He even called me a cum whore while he nutted!!! I want him to move in with me since I might be pregnant by him! Daddy’s cock is always hard as a rock! What a machine he is!

My Ex Tricked Me Into Getting Anally Fucked

Anal sex whore

I was partying with my ex-boyfriend last weekend and he knew I’m a coke Anal sex whore. He brought enough to get me so high I would do whatever he wanted. As we were getting high, two of his friends came into the room. He told me to snort some cock off his friend’s big dick. I didn’t hesitate and snorted the whole line off his cock. His friend then pushed my head down on his big black cock and I was being forced to suck it, my ex in the background said he would pay me if I sucked his friend off. I kept sucking his big black dick with eagerness since I was going to be paid. Then I felt his other friend lift my skirt and pull my thong to the side and I knew he was about to stick his cock in my asshole. As soon as he did my ex whispered in my ear how he has always known a little cock makes me into the biggest slut. He stroked his cock as he watched his friends fill my mouth and asshole up. We got high all night and I let them fuck me until the sun came up. He tricked me into getting fucked but it was so much fun.  

I want to be your cum dumpster

Cum guzzling slut

I was having my fun at Miami Beach earlier! I had the music going and I rocked and rolled with my G string on! I danced till I couldn’t anymore!!! I mean I really shook my ass off tonight and the right dick came and gave me a prize!!!! That was exactly what I was craving  and looking for!!! A 12 to about 13 inch long fat veiny cock…all I could do was think of a way to impress him so I can keep him for the rest of the night! Wow I got fucked on the sand….honestly I don’t know if it’s healthy for my juicy ran through cunt! But all the sand that was sticking to his soaked juicy cock was rubbing on my inner walls like sandpaper!!! Ohhh the sexual feeling I got was so worth the humiliation and nastiness that we did!! The way I shook my juicy thick ass on his cock caused me to orgasm and squirt everywhere….this Latin pussy needs more of that kind of sex…I am willing to do anything , nothings off limits…come fuck me in weird places! Make me feel pain as you ram me like a horny bull that you are!

Amara Loves Son Cum

Cum Guzzling Slut

I always talk about my four young daughters who I slut around and teach to be good cock sucking whores, but I always fail to mention my sons. I’ve got four and I’m a whore for some hot son cum. I go into their rooms first thing in the morning so I can catch the first load of the day straight from their rock hard morning wood. I slurp and suck, and throat fuck myself off of those hot young cocks until they explode in my mouth and I’m left to suck it down. Their Daddy loves to see me with my legs spread, and we get high together while the boys cum back to repay the favor in the evenings. I start their day with deep throating blowjobs and I end my day getting my cunt licked perfectly by my four young sons while their Daddy and I do lines and get high!

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