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My Taboo Phonesex Line

Taboo phonesexI can get dick pretty much any time I want. A guy isn’t going to tell his stripper not to suck or fuck his cock if she’s willing to do it, and a trucker doesn’t turn away an eager lot lizard either. I know enough drug dealers more than willing to let me pay for my goodies with my holes, however there is something I can’t get whenever I want. And that is the pleasure of enjoying the really fucked up taboo shit. Which is why I love having my own taboo phonesex line so I can connect with other like minded dirty fucks who love to push the limits. To completely release the norms of real life and embrace our dark deviant sides. If we want to talk about pimping little pussys, or snuffing out some druggy ho, or even my druggy ho ass we can. No one can cock block my naughty phonesex line, but they can cum and enjoy themselves with me.

Pizza Man Cum Drop

Cum guzzling slutI sucked the pizza boy’s dick; I was home alone hungry and horny I ordered pizza and while I waited for it, I took my dildo and was fucking my pussy with it. It had my cunt so wet but it wasn’t enough I needed the taste of man nut in my mouth, when the doorbell rang, I opened the door and asked him if he could put the pizza inside. As soon as he did, I grabbed his dick and pulled it out started sucking it he couldn’t believe it, while I sucked it, I stuck my dildo back in my pussy and started fucking it hard. I sucked on his balls and deep throated his cock. He was enjoying it so much I could feel his balls filling up and tightening up and it, started making me fell the rush in my pussy and I started squirting all over the floor. He saw it and with that he started pumping my mouth full of cum and I swallowed every dropped. I thanked him for my pizza and he left.

Period Phone Sex Whore

Period Phone Sex
When you told me to pick a surprise for your birthday, I bet you weren’t expecting me to have found out about your period phone sex fetish, huh? I know only nasty perverts like this sort of fuckery. Your biggest fantasy is to have me ride you reverse cowgirl so you can watch your massive man meat slide in and out of my bloody pussy. I know the sight of it drooling down from my cunt every time I rise up, coated in little candied clots, really turns you on.

You’re fucking me hard and fast, and I’m milking you with my little cherry pie. I know it won’t be long before you’re ready to bust a load deep in my cunt. This is too hot for you. I’m literally making jackoff porn for you right before your very eyes. Happy birthday honey. I can’t help it! I’m cumming hot sauce geysers all over you and your cock! That’s enough to push you over the edge.

You squirt creamy delicious cum right up in my hot pot! You grab me by my hair, forcing my head down. You’re going to make me clean off our strawberries and cream delicacy! I love tomato cream pie, so I’m eager to lap it up!

Creampie Slut Loving Son

creampie slutI am not the only creampie slut in the family. My son loves my sloppy seconds. When he was younger, I fucked all his friends. I did fuck him too, but I always saved the best for last. I fucked my son after I had a few other loads of cum in my cunt. He never minded eating my messy pussy either. I loved the fact that he was cool with other boys. Cool with cum in my cunt. I trained him early on knowing that boys will not instinctively eat another man’s cum. That needs to be taught. He is in his 20s now and loves my creampies. He eats his sister’s cum filled cunt too. Last night my daughter and I were gang bang whores for a few truckers. It was a cold night in Florida, and I invited about 10 truckers to spend the night in a warm trailer instead of their cabs at the truck stop. There was not much sleeping going on. My trucker pals were happy to fuck a sexy mommy and her trailer park daughter. My son was happy to be the clean up boy. He is not gay. He is not even bisexual. He is not our cuckold or submissive either. He just likes to eat our wet pussies. He stayed busy last night because both my daughter and I had load after load in our cunts and our asses. My daughter and I consider ourselves cum whores, but I think the real cum slut may be my sloppy pussy eating son.

White Trash Phone Sex Silvia

white trash phone sex

I might be the most popular lot lizard down at my local truck stop now, but that’s not how I got my start at being a cum receptacle. No, I was a white trash phone sex slut  a long time before I ever started giving all those truckers their jollies. Back home in the trailer park, I was the most popular whore there once everyone figured out what I was doing with my daddy. Boys and their daddies would come from all over to get a piece of my hot young pussy. I am still, to this day, a legend in my hometown. Lucky you! You can talk to a legend when you call me.

I cannot even tell you how many church parking lots and graveyards I sucked cock in during my nasty teenage years. Oh, and not to mention sucking my daddy’s cock while mommy was at the hospital giving birth to my younger sister. Don’t worry – we made sure to turn her into a whore, too. I’m kinda glad mom abandoned us to go join that religious cult. We didn’t need her anyway! Me and my other siblings turned into damn fine whores and we didn’t even need her.

Unapologetic Whore

Stripper sex storiesHis cock was still dripping with cum running down the shaft when his saggy tits down to her knees bitch pulled up. He was sitting in the bed of his truck cooling down from the best head of his life. Made him so relaxed he didn’t even give a fuck when she hopped out and started yelling. Apparently she didn’t like the smug look I gave her, and told me I should be ashamed of myself stripping for money and sucking married men’s cocks in the parking lot. Of course I just rolled my eyes and looked at the cum still resting on his shaft. And like a good cum slut I just bent back over and licked that cum right off and the moment she stepped forward I caught her off guard and spit the wad of her husband’s cum right in her face. The look she had was priceless and I just left with the extra hundred I just made and was horny as fuck after that encounter. Luckily my shift at the club wasn’t quite over and it was full of eager and horny cum filled cocks needing to be drained.

Anal Cum Dumpster for her dealer

anal cum dumpster

Whenever I am short on money and need my fix, I can trust my dealer to give me what I’m craving in more ways than one. I love to take all of his cock and get pounded over and over again till I make him bust. I’m such an anal cum dumpster, and I wouldn’t want to ever stop myself from doing big lines of blow from my dealer’s cock. It is so satisfying to make him bust all over my big tits. The warm cum gliding down makes me so happy. I can’t deny myself from tasting every bit of it and slurping that cum.

Hot jizz in my ass is so good. I get on all fours and can take my dealers’ dick. I’m paying off my debt and also adding some fun to my night while doing so. I love the high I get from the drugs, and I love the benefits I get from fucking my drug dealer.

Dirty Phone Sex With Him Made Me Cum

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex was what he was looking for but after our call he was hooked. I was his drug, he needed me, and I needed him. The hotness of our call was crazy. The sound of his wet cock in his hands and the feel of my fingers inside my soaking wet pussy was mesmerizing. He talked of kissing me from my toes to my thighs and then softly flicking my clit with his tongue before sucking on it. I though damn this man knows exactly what he is doing. I closed my eyes and imagined him here. He brought me to a trembling orgasm and of course this slut was quick to reciprocate. I told him how I would lay him back. Lick his thighs and suck his balls. How I would open my throat wide and take that gigantic cock deep inside. I would hold him there too. So deep that my slutty mouth would gag, and choke and my eyes would water. I wouldn’t stop until my mouth was filled with his warm creamy goodness. Then I would climb up on his chest and grind my pussy in his face while leaning back stroking his wet cock. He was hard as a rock then and I turned and rode him reverse cowgirl, giving him an awesome view of my hot ass. Now baby, I bet you can get me off, too can’t you? Can’t wait for you to call and show me.

Virgin Vortex

Nothing tastes as sweet as baby girl pussy!Live Phone Sex

Nothing feels as good on your tongue as fluffy soft pussy lips that are as smooth as a babies bottom!

Your mouth is watering right now, isn’t it!

Are you nervous? Don’t be scared…she likes it!

Maybe I can do it for you…you can watch as mommy eats that sweet tasty cream filled treat!

And now you are wondering how tight that virgin fuck hole is, aren’t you?

Maybe it is sooo tight, your cock will cum the second you push it deep inside her slippery wet kitty!

Well, that is if you can force it into that tiny vice at all!

Imagine, that tight tender, silky smooth, slippery wet, pussy seducing the cum out of you hard throbbing, dripping cock!

Imagine stretching that tight, untouched hole, being the first to pry that young cunt apart……fucking a sweet wet hole where no man has fucked before….

She is all yours…all you have to do is let go of that delicious cock long enough to push a few buttons!

Don’t worry, I will be slurping that juicy smooth young cunny…and she will be ready and waiting for you to squeeze your cock into her virgin vortex!

He Was a Cum Guzzling Slut

Mama BJ loves her dirty boys that love a fucked pussy and ass. This trashy stripper only takes big bull cocks and they are usually hung niggas. Those big dicked nigga’s love this trashy crack whore and how good I look bouncing on their big nigger cocks. I am no racist but I sure do play one in some of my hot fuck sessions. I love that nigger cock and they love the taboo fucking of a trailer trash, bars and stars wearing big titted stripper. I’m only up for some good hard fucking. I don’t feed into political, religious or social matters. I fucking live my life high. By High I mean I am always mother fucking lit up on something! I would love you to be my filth loving mommy fucker of a son that craves a messy gooey nigger dick fucked creampied gaped cunt.

Cum guzzling slut

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