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Cum Filled Cunt Anyone? My Daughter Loves Mine

cum filled cuntThe only person who enjoys my cum filled cunt more than me would be my daughter. She cannot get enough of my pussy when cum oozes out of it. You can tell I gave birth to her. We are two peas in a pod. Both of us are nasty cum eating freaks. My daughter accompanied me last night while I cab hopped at the truck stop.

Friday nights seem to be hopping most of the time. We looked for Big D but could not find him. He will regret missing a chance to tag team me with my daughter. He loves sharing us. To be fair, he does have a cock big enough that a BBC slut and her cum whore daughter can share it. The truck stop still had plenty of horny men looking to play with a trashy milf and her hot daughter.

My Daughter is a Creampie Whore

She needed money. So, I told her she could hustle at the truck stop. I trade my fuck holes for coke. She could trade her holes for cash to pay the rent. She hustled like a pro too. We both look better than the lot lizards that hustle there. I do coke and weed. But some of those girls look like meth heads or worse My daughter and I pissed off a few skanky looking lot lizards too. No guy wants a used up old skank when they can have a fresh 20 something year old girl with tight holes still. No brainer there.

I fucked my regulars for generous bumps of coke. My pussy appeared full to the brim. And that sloppy wet pussy of mine needed my daughter’s tongue and fingers. After we counted her loot and did a few lines from the bumps of coke I earned, we cleaned each other up. My daughter played with the cum in my cunt first. She gets it on her fingers and plays with it. She has always appeared fascinated with cum.

We had an amazing time last night. I will never grow tired of the special time I spend with my cum whore daughter. She made three times her rent, so she took me to breakfast this morning before she headed home.

BBC Phone Sex Say Yes Please

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is what is up! I can’t tell you how much I love that big black juicy cock.  I lick my lips as I write this imagining the last black juicy cock I had.  In fact, I try to seek out multiple black cock a week. Once you go black,  you will always try to go back.  They sure love that white pussy too.  The darker the chocolate, the whiter they seem to go. I am as white as you can get.  White trash trailer whores like me love that black cock.  Especially love it entering our mouths, choking on that dick, watching the black XXL hot dog go into the white buns.

No offense to white guys because I definitely love some white cock as well.  They seem to prefer to watch me get fucked by the black cock than they care to partipate with me.  I’m not against a little cuckolding so if need be and they get intimidated by the big dark beasts, we let the little princess white boys watch their girl Bobbie get pounded.

What other world can you have a guy paying you for sex, that you don’t actually have to fuck him because his fantasy is to watch a bbc fuck your white pussy until you are raw from being fucked for so long and for so hard.  They love that shit.  I watch their cocks get damn hard and you know what gets them every time? The minute that cock comes out, if they are soft, they are instantly hard seeing htat black python.  Then, if they need an extra boost, seeing that pythong slither it’s way into the unknown in between my vagina walls, oh those white boys pre-cum then joins the party.  More on this another time…. my black juicy date is here and I haven’t eaten dick yet tonight.

Needy Full Service Sex Object

Cum dumpsterMy pretty little cum dumpster pussy is begging to be used today. I am all ready for some cock to pump me full of cum. I have been missing a nice cock in each one of my holes too. A gangbang sounds like so much fun right now. Bring your friends over and come use my holes until you want to blow. Use me like your little cock socket sex object until your balls are emptied. Give me a little alcohol so I can be nice and tipsy for you and I promise I will do any disgusting thing you ask. Not only will I be a perfect fuck toy for you but I will be your slave and even your piss whore too. I am basically a full service whore for all your needs. So call me; I am craving so much abuse!

Creampie Slave Slut In Service

Sloppy wet pussyLook at my cute little slut friend licking my sloppy wet fuck hole. I have 3 loads in me for her to lick out after I just got my guts fucked by some nice cocks. She is such a good friend and does all the cleanup for me every single time. She always does such a good job taking care of my messy holes so I can’t help but reward her after. I always make sure to eat her hot little cunt and ass hole too until she cums. I also love to take my strap on and slam her cunt until she squirts. She is the most perfect obedient friend anyone could ask for. Plus, look how needy she is for all that cum to drop into that slut hole mouth. Nothing is better than 2 skanky best friends ready to please. So call me and tell me you want to bust a nut in my young holes and watch my sexy slave bitch friend eat your seed out of me!

My Sexline is Anything Goes All the Time

sexlineMen find my sexline always anything goes. Honestly, I talk about anything. Let me just digress a moment though. Get this. My doctor benched me for a few days. The 40-year-old in the house needs her tonsils removed. I scheduled surgery for this morning. I did not eat anything in preparation for it. And I did not even swallow any cum last night either. That proved a struggle for me. I acted responsibly this time, and the hospital pushed my surgery back until tomorrow afternoon.

Perhaps all the cock I suck contributed to my issue. Who knows. But all my sons and daughters still have tonsils. Now my girls can swallow a lot of cum too. But none of them have sucked cock as long as me. So, my fellow perverts, you might not see me very much for a few days. But when I am back in tip top shape, I can do long calls again. And I will chug cock better than anyone too.

I do not feel too bad, but my voice has been rough. Since my surgery got postponed, my sons decided I needed some sperm this morning. I would not be up this early normally.  But they woke me up to tell me good luck, and that’s when I heard the news. I told them not to rush off yet. Their trashy milf could have some cum after all. I do not think I’ve ever seen my boys drop their pants that quickly in my life.

Going one night without cumming in mommy’s mouth felt like an eternity to them. I must admit, it felt like an eternity to me too. They filled my belly up with cum and left for school.  Funny, when I first woke up, I felt like I was starving. But a few loads of boy jizz filled me right up. Perhaps, all that protein was all I needed to feel satisfied. Hopefully, the next time I share a new dirty tale, I will be tonsil free and full of a lot more sperm.

Cum Guzzling Slut Craves That Juice

Cum guzzling slut is the best description I have for myself.  Ever since I was really young and started sucking off the neighbors in the trailer park, I loved it.  That first squirt I had in my mouth, that warm sticking, salty gooey goodness, yum! I was addicted to cum from there on out. If I didn’t get my daily dose of cum, I was squirming until I got a big cock back in my mouth.

My mouth starts salivating when I get closer to a big fat cock. I am like a dog in heat only I’m in heat for a cock in my mouth. I have never sucked cock and not got a guy off because that would mean I get no cum.  When I am part of orgy’s, everyone knows the deal that the cum goes in my mouth. I don’t care what pussy or ass you were just in, get that cock out and into my mouth when that juice is coming out.

Popeye needs spinach to be strong, I need cum. I’m convinced.  Without it, I’m struggling, with it, I can do anything.  A parlay of getting some shot in my mouth, pussy and ass the same time is a unicorn I strive for every day. The only way I feel fulfilled and filled is when I get cum in every hole in a day.

Who else can relate? But enough with the chit chat, who wants me to guzzle their juice? Guzzle guzzle, mama is ready!

Lot Lizard Sex Whore Beverly Knows How to Hustle

lot lizard sexThis lot lizard sex whore knows how to hustle. If I need a quick buck, I know how to get it. My daughter got herself in a bind and needed cash. She borrowed money from the wrong guy, and he wanted his money back with interest. I love my girl, but she sucks with money. Mommy to the rescue. I did not have the money to give her. But I have a hot ass and pussy. And those are two things men will pay for, especially when you are a no limits old whore like me.

I put on my daisy dukes and went to the truck stop. I found plenty of men down to pay for some action. Black and white men too. One guy told me that black men never pay for pussy because they do not need too. Although black men do not need to pay for pussy may be an accurate statement, they pay for white pussy all the time. No need to wine and dine an old trailer trash whore like me. In the end, it saves them money and they get what they want, which is a freak in the sheets who can handle their big anacondas.

This Old Truck Stop Whore Can Still Hustle

I went from cab to cab giving out blowjobs, hand jobs and fucking too. Men lined up to give me money. Not that I charge much for what you get. I mean I am a seasoned whore. I enjoy fucking big black cock. And I never charge for my pussy, but its is nice to know I can. I lucked out that in the daytime, the truck stop stayed busy. Guys stopping to fill up, shower and pee, and get some white pussy.

My pussy dripped cum, as did my ass, by the time I collected more than enough to get my daughter out of trouble. I packed up and went home so no one would break her pretty legs. I looked and smelled like a cum dumpster. Since I did all the work to save my daughter’s ass again, I made her clean up my messy fuck holes. She was more than happy to do it too.

Cum guzzling slut Quinn needs your load

cum guzzling slut

I can’t stop thinking about when my step dad fucked my mouth for the first time and turned me into a cum guzzling slut! I had come home late after a party. My clothes were all torn up, I was bruised and bleeding because a group of guys held me down, beat me and took turns force fucking me. I tried to explain why I was late but my step dad wouldn’t listen. He just kept yelling at me. He said that I was making up excuses and that I was probably out being a whore. I cried and told him the details of a big group of guys dragging me into a bedroom, holding me down and using me. I watched him shift from being pissed off to being turned on. He demanded that I lift up my skirt so that he could see my little pussy all stretched out. Just as I spread my legs, a big drip of cum rolled out of my gapped out cunnie. I looked up at my stepdad and could see that his dick was stiff and hard under his pants. He kept asking questions and making me spread my legs to show him my worn out, cum filled cunnie. He pulled his raging hard dick out and smacked it right up against my mouth. He called me a dirty, gangbang bitch and told me that I was worn out like Mommy now. He shoved his dick in my mouth and said that he had to punish me for being such a slut and letting all of those men fuck me. I couldn’t breathe but I knew better than to try and pull away from him. Hot tears were streaming down my face and hot globs of jizz were rolling down my legs while he was driving his dick deeper and deeper down my throat. He busted a nut in my little mouth and I haven’t stopped craving it since that day.

Anal Sex Whore and Dirty MILF Gangbang

anal sex whoreAn anal sex whore will be in high demand, always. Take me for example. Some days, I think I get more cock in the ass than my pussy. And I do not mind either. Although I know wives do not like anal sex, I am not all wives.  I am a slut wife. A whore wife too, since many men pay for the honor of fucking this hot ass. My ass saw a lot of action this weekend too between paying clients, family and friends of my family. I guess you could say that I had a busy ass weekend, LOL.

My oldest son attends college nearby. Instead of partying with his frat bothers this weekend, he brought a few home to party. His frat house does not have a trashy milf, free booze and a pool. But home does. Daddy and I never mind hosting parties for our offspring either. We like to party with them. Well, I do. Daddy prefers watching.

No One Out Fucks a Slutty MILF

And daddy got a show this weekend. Perhaps, several shows. As I poured boozy concoctions into frat boys’ mouths, they grabbed my ass and my tits. I partied with them. One hot momma took care of 8 frat boys better than a bevy of coeds could. How? Because I give up the ass. And I do all the kinky things like ass to mouth and snowballing that coeds don’t know how to do yet. All my daughters and their hot friends know these things too because daddy and I teach them everything they need to know to please men and boys alike.

My girls joined in on the poolside fun. We drank fruity drinks and took cock up the ass. While frat boys revived their cocks, we snowballed cum from our fuck whores like good cum whores staring in any hardcore orgy porn. However, frat boys need little time to bounce back! You would think that as the oldest person fucking, I would wear out first. Never the case with me. I took more cum in my ass than all the other girls combined. And I wore my sons and their friends out.

3 Holed Fuck Slut

Cum dumpster3 holes and a set of tits is what I am! I am begging to be filled with cock and cum right now. Laying outside with my pretty cunt and tight ass hole spread open waiting for a line of guys to gang bang me like the bitch I am. I can’t help how dripping wet I become instantly at the thought of a bunch of guys just waiting their turn to get into one of my holes. I am a well trained piece of fuck meat at your service! Call me so I can fuck myself to the thought of you being here splitting one of my holes opened till you blast a load! I am so fucking horny waiting to be a useful cock sleeve.