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BBC Phone Sex Loving Whore


bbc phone sexDo you enjoy BBC phone sex? I know you can tell I do from my photos and blogs. It is no secret that I love big black cocks. Now, I am just a whore, so I fuck plenty of white dick too. I met this white guy at the Piggly Wiggly who wanted to fuck. I thought, why not. He was not ugly, and his body type suggested he was likely endowed. Once we were fucking, the BLM protests came up. Why would you bring up politics while fucking a broad is beyond me, but he was the one who opened the can of worms. I told him I do not discriminate and think they have a right to protest. He tossed me off his cock so fast my head spun around. He started calling me a nigger loving whore and demanded to use my shower so he could wash my dirty juices off his cock. While this racist piece of shit was in the shower, I texted my trailer park neighbor Antonio. He is a black bull with a foot-long cock. By the time, my racist piece of shit hook-up gone wrong was out of the shower, I was bouncing on Antonio’s big black dick. I told him this trailer trash whore loved big black dicks. The look on his face was priceless. Antonio’s cock was more than twice his size. This racist asshole was mesmerized as he watched my old cunt slide up and down a foot long cock. He went from appalled to awed pretty damn quickly. So, I made him a black cock faggot. Antonio pulled his wet dick out of my pussy and shoved it in the loser’s mouth. I made sure to take lots of pictures. I saw the ring on his finger. I checked his wallet while he was in the shower. I knew who he was, where he worked and where he lived. I told him if he did not make a sizeable donation to the BLM group and suck my dirty cunt juices off Antonio’s big black dick, everyone would know what a nigger loving faggot he really was. It was fun to turn the tables on the dude. My guess is the ones making the biggest racist stink have the smallest white dicks and are  just jealous of what the black man can do for the white woman.


Creampie Slut Daughters

creampie slutEvery girl in my family is a creampie slut. I trained my girls to be creampie lovers with daddy’s cum. He would fuck me, and then I would tell the girls that daddy left them candy in my pussy. Did not take them long to be cum guzzlers. Now, they will suck anyone’s cum out of any of my fuck holes. They will snowball mommy too with a fresh load of cum. I came home late last night with a pussy full of cum from a gang bang. I was the entertainment at a Fourth of July party. Daddy arranged it. A client of his wanted a trashy milf for his teen son and his friends. My husband knew I was the best one for the job. I love to entertain teen boys. They have the stamina to go all night and the cum to last for weeks. When they were done with me, I came home with cum inside me for days. I even pushed some out of snatch and saved it in cup. Sometimes, I add cum to our breakfast smoothies. It is better than any protein powder. My daughters waited up for their creamy treat last night. They were all on the couch naked eagerly awaiting to clean out mommy’s used pussy. Each daughter took a turn licking thick ropes of cum out of me. There was enough to feed each girl a few times over. Each girl licked cum out my pussy for twenty minutes and there was still jizz up my cunt. My middle daughter is a cum whore above the rest. She guzzled down all I had in the cup too. She is a cum guzzling slut like no other. We snowballed all that jizz with one another until there was no more. We fell asleep around 6 am this morning because we had bellies full of cum.

Go Fuck Yourself w/ Dirty Phone Sex

Dirty Phone Sex

Dirty phone sex is a great way to Go Fuck Yourself. That’s right fuck your little bitch ass with the biggest dildo you have while getting off with my ladyboy cock as your muse. You are my dirty little fucker and I need you as my muse as I smoke this crack pipe and get nasty with you. You have the best time to go on a druggy binge and I will be here to help you out. We can watch some tranny porn and I can control you and make that cock of yours explode with it’s own fireworks. I love a good hot cum blasting orgasm and would love to shoot it in your ass, bitchboy. Yeah You know who you are. The best little slave to this dick and ass licking mother fucker that craves a good hard cock. I’m ready to go and ready to see if you can take what I have. It’s nearly 9″ and it is the perfect size. I get so hard for your bitch mouth and to lay you down and just fuck that cock sucking faggot mouth of yours. When I’m done with your mouth I will push your legs up while you are on your back. I want you to gaze into my eyes as I push the first inches of this tranny cock in your sweet tight fuck hole. reach up and grab my perfect tits as I make sweet dirty love to you baby. And Yes, you can take another hit off that glass dick before you make me shoot. I want you high as fuck while I fuck you and let my cum explode inside that faggot ass. I will grad a hold of that dick of yours and stroke it to it’s cum shooting explosion. We will have so much fun baby.

Hardcore Anal Sex

This Trashy MILF is on Cougar Life

trashy milfThis trashy MILF got a workout last night. No, I did not go to the gym. I never go to the gym. Fucking is my exercise. I have a few cougar friends who are finding cubs to fuck on Cougar Life. It is a dating site for younger men looking to date older women.  I was skeptical about it at first, then I met a few of the local cubs my sexy mommy friends have been banging. I wanted some of that young man action. The pandemic closed the schools and interrupted my daily routine. I would fuck schoolboys before and after school. My trailer is in front of the school bus stop. I have my son and his friends I fuck, but a trailer trash whore can never have enough young studs around to fuck her. I signed up for the dating site, and my inbox was full two hours afterwards. I had lots of local younger men vying to date me. Zach was my cub who came over last night. He was like some Olympic fucker. He had me in all sorts of positions. Many, I did not even know existed. It was like he read the Kama Sutra before coming over. One position, I was pretty much on my head like some yoga pose. He was squatting down between my legs fucking me. I have a sore neck today. I have whiplash from fucking, LOL. My neck is not the only thing sore. My pussy is sore, and that never happens. I am a seasoned old whore. It has just been a hot minute since I fucked a younger man with that much stamina. He fucked me like I was a contortionist for hours. He came bucket loads of cum too. One guy with an army of cum and the stamina of the Energizer Bunny owns my old ass. I will be his cum dumpster any day.

My bills got paid

live phone sexLately I have had a rough time what with the pandemic and all that so I had to get creative to get these bills paid. So I auctioned myself off to the highest bidder for one day of anything goes raunchy ass sex. There were several guys I know that had been wanting to fuck me for ages but I always shot them down because I just wasn’t attracted to them. Desperate times call for desperate measures tho so I was even open to fucking them if they paid me enough. Well, they all pooled their money so that they could all get a turn, can you believe that shit? I was very pleased by the amount of money they paid tho so I met up with them and put myself at their disposal. They fucked all my holes and used me like I was just a dirty little whore. They took out all their frustrations on me and used me for hours, honestly it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Hot Stripper Sex Added to My Kinky Resume

hot stripper sexI had hot stripper sex last night. I am a whore, a slut wife and dirty mom. Stripping is something new I just added to my kinky resume. I have a friend who runs the girls at this gentleman’s club downtown. They have reopened. She needed a favor and I owe her a few. Their featured porn star dancer was a no show. Guys packed the place to see this retired star I bare a resemblance to. She asked me to give the men a show and pass myself off as the porn star. It sounded fun. I was going to make some money too. I looked up the porn star so I could memorize some info about her in case I was asked. I have some dance moves. Plus, I am in shape. Pilates and yoga keep my trashy milf body in good shape. I was excited to help her out, make some money and pretend to be a porn star for a night. No one seemed to notice when I was on stage that I was not who they paid to see. I shook my ass and tits. I worked the pole. And, I worked the men. I had a stage full of money after my first set. I loved the attention and I loved the tips. I signed some autographs, took some pictures with fans and even gave some lap dances. By my second set, I had another stripper on stage with me. We got each other wet in more ways than one. It was like a bimbo car wash without the car. I even ate her cunt on stage. The money flew in the air when I did that. I did not care at all about this virus, and neither did the club or its patrons. The place was packed, and no one was wearing a mask. I even let a few of the wealthier patrons fuck me. I called it the porn star experience. Even though I was not the real porn actress, no one caught on. Not like I do not have a life as dirty as a porn star anyway. Hell, I bet I have a dirtier one. I cannot wait to create more stripper sex stories to share.

Getting Fucked By The Boys In Blue

Creampie SlutMy latest arrest proved to be the best get out of jail free card I’ve ever had. I love a cock, I mean a man, in uniform. He was a big, white, hairy Irish cop; Officer Seamus came nosing around the lot while I was getting my cunt loaded with cum, and my nose stuffed with snow. Of course, Sergeant Big Cock nabs me as soon as I hop from the cab.
He read me my rights, and cuffed me. “I love a man who can restrain me.”
“Considering you can’t restrain yourself.” He nearly purred in my ear as he bent me over the hood. “You have three warrants out for your arrest, Amara. How you gonna pay?”
Just like that, he had my skirt up and his cock out. He slammed into me, brutally, before yanking the cuffs so I had nowhere to go.
I felt my shoulder dislocate, but I was atop Mount Everest from the coke I’d just done. He rammed me, my pussy dripping with the cum of my johns. “Are you going to pay, or are you going to take the punishment?”
He came so hard in me, my pussy milking his fat veiny cock. Ten months later, I wasn’t shocked when my baby had a patch of red hair, and a mean look in his tiny little eye.

I’m a Cum Dumpster for My Son

cum dumpsterI am my son’s favorite cum dumpster. He was missing his mamma, so he surprised me with a booty call yesterday. It was an afternoon delight. It was supposed to be a quickie. He had things to do, places to be. Once he felt my mouth on his cock, he could not leave. It had only been a week since he saw me last, but he said it felt like an eternity. It was like he took a Viagra because he was hard the entire time. He would cum, stay hard and cum again for his mommy. I have a reputation as a black cock slut and a trailer trash whore. I may love me some big black dicks, but they will never replace my love for my son’s cock. He is my only boy and I have been playing with his dick since he was a tadpole. He is all grown now, and his cock has filled out nicely. His father had a nice cock. Really the only reason I married the asshole. I got rid of him and made my son the man of the house. He takes such good care of his whore mama. Once the sun went down, he realized he was not going home, so I broke out my party supplies. I did a line of coke off his cock and that increased his stamina and his hardness. I love riding his hard cock. Incest is so taboo, which is why I love it so much. I guess you could say I am a taboo whore too. But even if he was not my son, he has a nice cock for a white guy. And he can keep up me. We had one hell of a night. Just us and a bag of coke. I love marathon fucking with my son.

Fisting Whore Prostitute Foster Daughter

I have mentioned how I often find myself fostering some crack whores offspring. It’s common as I am essentially the mama of the strip club I’ve danced at for decades. I help the young girls out and it’s far too often many turn to crack and become addicts. Some get knocked up and continue their habit and having addicted offspring. Some are young mothers turning to stripping to make ends meet and other’s go straight into hooking and come dance to try getting away from that. It’s a circle. I am there always assisting. I will often be stuck with a couple young teens that need a home and guidance. I have to make ends meet as well. I have no shame playing pimp. This newest Foster daughter was a real handful and started stealing fro the club and from me. The only thing I could do is make her pay it all back. This is what happens when you steal from the Queen of this trailer park. Megan got just what she deserved. Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Fisting whore

Some Young Hookers for Hire Need Punished

hookers for hireI have a family of hookers for hire. All my slutkins have been trained to be good whores. It seems, however, that this quarantine has made some of them lazy and disobedient. I am a dominant mommy. I love my little cash cows, but they will not forget their place. Two of my daughters have developed a smart mouth. I am not going to let any little whore smart off to me and refuse to do what she is told, especially when I am telling her to suck cock. Normally, my husband and I have a no harm policy. Fuck our little whores, but do not leave a mark. I changed that last night when a retired porn star in the neighborhood wanted a few hours with my Lolita hookers. This guy has damn near a foot-long cock. It is a punisher dick. Women like me would be sore from his cock. I had no doubt a couple disobedient young girls would be too. I told the client to fuck them with no lube. I wanted the bitches to hurt. I wanted them to walk funny today. I wanted them to agree to be good whores in exchange for never being fucked by him again. I got my wish too. He fucked them so hard and dirty I had new girls today. Sure, they have prolapsed assholes and gaping cunts, but that will heal in time. The important thing is that I got my sexy prostitutes back on track.

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