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Thanksgiving with Young Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesHow do sexy prostitutes celebrate Thanksgiving? With a Thanksgiving feast and an orgy, of course. My husband took care of the orgy arrangements, and I dealt with the feast part. I was in the kitchen all day Thursday making a meal to feed my large brood of whores. My husband was on the phone arranging some wealthy donors to our holiday orgy. He knows lots of rich men who pay to fuck little starlets like ours. Most of them have fucked our little ones before. With bars closed again in California, men have no place to unwind after enduring a family dinner, so we offered a few select men a place to have a drink and some jailbait pussy. Daddy’s clients paid well for our underground speakeasy. Ten men showed up ready to after party. I served up the drinks and the young pussy. My girls were sitting on men’s laps, flirting and teasing them into boners. Did not take long for an orgy to ensue.  We had the recreation room decked out like a 70s swinger’s pad. Oversize pillows on the floor, mattresses too. Porn showing on the walls. We passed around drugs and alcohol to keep men in the mood. Daddy had a bowl of Viagra for the older men. Even in the presence of young cunnie, some men need performance enhancing drugs to best enjoy my young hookers for hire. It was a sight to see. Little bald pussies, some teen pussies too, all being filled with old man cock. Some of these guys acted like porn stars. I am sure with some coke and Viagra they felt like porn stars too. Daddy and I made bank on Thanksgiving renting out our little sluts and providing a safe space to unwind and enjoy jailbait pussy. We are already planning a Christmas orgy.

Cock Sucking Coke Whore


Phone Sex Line
Sometimes coke is hard to come by, and coke is what keeps me a happy whore. Now I know the cooks at my day job always have that Colombian shit, but there’s no way in Hell I’m paying those ridiculous prices. I think with my head, and bargain with my pussy. These big Jamaican boys have juicy BBC’s that their wives don’t pay enough attention to. I always execute my plan perfectly. I was going to do whatever it took to get me some coke, and in all honesty I really wanted a hard pounding by those big black cocks too, They are so hard to resist, really. Getting stretched by those things makes me gush like a fucking geyser!

I approach them while they’re putting the truck away in the walk in freezer. I stand there and let them stare as I start to finger my dripping whore cunt, periodically licking my own juices off my fingers. They know what I want in return. Big black cocks come out with super sonic speed, and these dark delicious men are tapping lines out on their cocks. I snort them up, and make sure I lick up the excess before letting them bend me over the boxes.
I love the feeling of those big black cocks sliding in and out of my sloppy wet cunt. It drives me so wild, I can’t help but cum again and again over those monsters. It doesn’t help that the coke is so fucking good I barely know what’s going on. I would gladly OD on those BBCs. I’m addicted to coke, cock, and the cooks at my job.

Cum Filled Cunt

Red wings?

period phone sex

Perfect timing last night for period phone sex, other than the bloating and overeating I get really horny during this time of the month. I walked my fine ass up to the local truck stop and ask around to see who is into a ride on the blood bus. I generally will have at least two of the men who are happy to eat at the bloody buffet and then fuck me with their hard cocks. Best part of it being that time of the month is that I have double the normal built in lube. My pussy is so much more sensitive during this week and it seems like I can’t stop cumming! Once I finish with one then I don’t ever bother putting a tampon in knowing that I’m just going to waste it when I find someone else to fuck. I remember one guy had his wife in the truck with him and she was also on her period. He lied me down and plowed my puss while his wife lowered her bleeding gash onto my face. He had fucked her earlier and so I was feasting on her personal mix of blood and cum. I was in heaven laying there being rode while his woman was trying to get my tongue into her womb. She came at the same time her husband did and I was sad to leave them. I walked home that night with a pink snail trail and a hope that they come back soon.


Black Men Love Blonde Fucking Whores

blonde fuckingBlack men love blonde fucking whores like me. I think they like the contrast of their dark skin against our fair bodies. I just like that dark meat inside my white meat. It feels amazing to get stretched and filled in both my holes. I am black cock whore. I am the only slut in town who can handle the kind of stuffing that Big D gives. He has a 13-inch black cock. His wife cannot handle all his cock, so every time he drives through town, he stops off to see his favorite blonde whore. Blondes on blacks is a fetish. Guys love to watch blondes getting ripped apart by big black dicks. Times are tough so Big D suggested we make a little video, and he would upload it to this site who knows about. Make us some Christmas money he said. He was worried I might be concerned about being naked on the Internet. I laughed because this trailer trash whore is naked all over the Internet currently. He set up his iPad to film us and we made a hot little BBC porn. I moaned and screamed more than usual to give the illusion of pain. Folks pay more if they think the chick is being ripped apart, he said. I think guys live vicariously through big black dicks. They imagine having a big black cock that can punish a pussy because their little white dicks could not punish a Barbie doll’s pussy. White men are obsessed with black on blonde porn. I guess they have a bad case of penis envy, LOL. Big D put up the video of us fucking and the money was coming in almost immediately. He said he will share the profits with me since I am the one taking the beating. My pussy has been taking a beating from his cock for a decade now. Wish I knew sooner I could make money from being a bbc whore.

I Used Him Like A Dildo

dirty phone sexI met this older guy at a party and after chatting a few realized I had gone to school with his daughter. The fact that I think his daughter is a bitch made him even more attractive. I played it up all night, knowing that I had full intentions of going home with his sorry ass and hopefully running into his bitch ass daughter. So, we drank, and we smoked and did a line or two and as the night was coming to an end I winked and asked him where daddy was taking me for an after party. His pants lit up with a tee pee and he smiled as I went in to kiss his neck. We hopped in a Lyft and headed back to his place. His wife had recently moved out and he was still in the vengeful phase. He asked if I would put on the nighty she wore on their wedding night. A sick fuck he was but hey, I am a naughty ruthless bitch, so I put it right on. I slipped a little blue pill with his drink and off we went. I like a hard dick, but I need a dick to stay hard awhile and my tight ass body with his sex deprived cock wouldn’t last. I used his cock as I would a dildo. I rode that cock; he lifted my legs over his shoulders and rammed my pussy. Then as dessert I spread my ass cheeks and let him give me anal. I don’t think he had ever done that before because even with that pill he blew his load within a few strokes. As he lay there sleeping, I listened for the door of that bitch’s room to open and then so happened to meet her in the hallway before walking back into her dads’ room. I think I will wake him up and fuck him again so she can hear it this time.

Little Mini Gangbang Whore

Gangbang whoreThis could be it! Our big break!

I was filming a porn movie and I did not have a sitter so I brought the pre-whore with me!

I was in the middle of a nice gang bang, taking a cock in my tight snatch and another sliding down my throat when I saw little mini me mimicking everything I did!

That little over actress was on all fours sticking her young bottom in the air and her tongue sticking out, acting as if she had the hugest of giant cocks in her mouth!

That is when the producer came up and asked if the little creampie slut had ever done porn before!

Well not on film!

He said that he would let her try out and picked up her little frame and pushed her down onto his lap. I knew she would copy everything I did so I started rubbing my clit and those little finger wasted no time fingering her tiny little bald pussy!

I grabbed the closest cock I could find and started slurping it like it was my last meal and her little mouth started bobbing up and down on the producers chubby thick prick!

I could tell he was about to unload all that cock cream in her mouth and i did not want her to spoil her dinner so a jumped on the hard fuck stick next to me and started grinding my cunt until he was balls deep!

Damn if that little slut didn’t do just the same, and to watch her bounce and ride that chubby fat weasel was so hot! That cock was half as thick as her tiny body and she was taking every inch in her mini pussy!

I am so proud of my little mini cum dumpster!


Party Girl Skank Amara

Dirty Phone Sex

Slow shifts are for fucking around and getting fucked up; I get real fucking horny when I start partying, don’t doubt that I’m a whore for a second. My regular bus boy always has some fun new party pill, and he’s never out of snow. I’ll line up a couple of snow lines on the counter, and race my way down against the other broad that works mornings. There’s nothing wrong with being totally coked up at eight in the morning on any given day. I gotta keep it interesting.
Sometimes, me and that morning broad will have cock sucking competitions with our regular customers. They know what time it’s slow, and when it’s best to come in for some free truck stop whore head. I really do love living this lot lizard junkie life. I love swallowing hot loads while working and getting fucked up at the diner.
You have to remember I’m a party girl baby. I love doing shit I won’t remember the next day, Where do you think I got a couple of my brats from? I love those rugrats like it’s nobody’s business, but don’t ask me who their daddies are. I have no idea! I took that many loads, I couldn’t track it down to one. You love sloppy pussy party girls; and I love your cock.

No Taboo Phone Sex

Druggy Phone Sex at The Truck Stop

druggy phone sexFriday nights are for druggy phone sex. Truthfully, I get high every night, but Fridays I take myself down to the truck stop and party all night.  I have not been to sleep yet. With the amount of coke in me, I will be up all weekend long. Holiday season means the truck stop is the place to be on the weekends. Truckers are hauling ass to make sure stores are stocked with electronics, games and toys. Add a worsening pandemic into the mix, and those same truckers are hauling the toilet paper that is flying off the shelves too. I was the only lot lizard sex whore down there last night too. That has never happened before. Not that there is ever any real competition. I may be old, but I have skills and a no limits attitude. The truckers at the Love’s always look for me. They know if they share their coke, I share my cunt and I share my ass. Why buy coke with money when I can trade it for pussy? Last night was a white truck stop. None of my usual brothers there, but I am an equal opportunity fucker. I share my pussy with anyone who shares their coke. Who would not want to share with me? Tony was a new trucker on the route, but he knew all about me. He came prepared too. He had a big bag of coke with the letter B written on it. He came right up to me and said my name. He recognized me from description. I went to his cab with him, got high and fucked him. He was a skinny guy. Tall and lanky but had a huge coke. It surprised me. Most skinny guys have pencil dicks, but not him. I was enjoying fucking him so much, that other truckers were banging on his cab begging him to share me. Eventually, I drained his balls dry.  Took the cum all from him, so we turned his cab into the party cab. Other truckers came in and fucked me like the gangbang whore I am. I did lines off cocks. I did lines off assholes. I sucked dick. I rimmed assholes. And I took cum all night long.

Slutty Drunk Girl Fucking

drunk girl fucking

So many guys know that when they have a drunk girl fucking them, it’s going to be a fucking great and free of inhibitions. I don’t even need to be drunk to fuck like that, but that’s just because I’m a nasty whore. I’ll fuck anyone with a big dick and all the guys at the truck stop know that. They call me when they are getting close to my town and tell me to be ready for them to fuck. I am down there so much that I want to buy the house next to the truck stop. Now how do I get those people out? Hmmm.

But anyway, I’m buzzed now and about to get an Uber down to there because I’m a cock crazed whore. My favorite fuck buddy is going to be in town very soon and I’ve missed that big fat cock. He knows just how to work that cock so that he hits all of the right spots. He’s even so good that he can make me cum just by fucking my asshole. That, my perverted friends, is talent. Do you want to hear about all of my drunk shenanigans? Call me and I will tell you what kinds of slutty things I did today!

Some Crack Whore Anal For You!

crack whore anal



“Come and get you some of this crack anal whore!” I look up from behind the table where I have been for hours picking at pieces of rock at the dealer’s house. I haven’t left for days, I am so high with cum dripping down my thighs. My face is matted with cum glue and I know they are talking about me! 

“Nobody wants your nasty bitch!” I was relieved until two black girls pulled me up by the hair and threw me in the shower. The cold water hurt but after I was bathed and dressed again, well partially dressed I was displayed for sale to two very big white boys. Like redneck country assholes. They turned me around like I was cattle at 4H! A load of cash was thrown down, I felt pretty good until I realized they were picking up pure cocaine too! What was I worth fifty dollars? I tried to be outraged until I felt the skinny one pushing his denim covered jeans into my ass. “Nice big fat cock to make you my anal cum dumpster bitch!” Even with everyone laughing I wanted nothing more for him to fuck me in my ass right there! But he waited until we got to his pickup truck and bent me over the seat and fucked my dirty whore ass country boy style!

anal cum dumpster


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