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Cum guzzling slut wants to be used and abused!

Cum guzzling slutI am a Cum guzzling slut, and you are fucking me like the dirty whore I am. Using my wet tight hole to jerk your cock off just right! I love to have your massive cock stretching me out. My tight wet pussy being punished and pounded out right. I have been teasing you all night, but you are in control. You are my master but I am a pain whore and I fight you so you can punish me more.

I argue and fight like I don’t want your hard long cock deep inside. You hold me down by my throat as you whisper “You are nothing but a little cock sleeve, and I will use you bitch. Run away as much as you want but I will always get what I want!” I know I should be scared but the only thing I feel is excitement and pleasure.

 I want you to abuse me! I want you to treat me like a slut. Force fuck me in all my hole and rip open my whore ass wide open! This is all I was made for to be punished and treated like shit.  stretching me out as your massive cock moves in and out of my wet, tight hole. Punish me right as I fight you to string me up like the pig I am. Damn master I wish I was sorry but I’m not! I want you to unleash the frustration you feel use mt holes and feed me a meal. fill me up with all your baby batter then come back to me tomorrow maybe ill at better

Trashy Milf Beverly Loves Back to School Season

trashy milfTrashy milf Beverly is excited this week. That’s what the schoolboys are saying about me. Guess what? School is back in session, and this cougar is so thrilled. I have scrumptious young boys standing in front of my trailer again. They look so innocent and sweet. So easy to molest. So willing to be corrupted by a sleazy milf like me. I was super horny this morning. A big storm came through last night which made trolling the truck bays at the truck stop challenging. I did not get my quota of cock like I wanted. It was divine intervention from the powers that be that school started back earlier than I thought. I saw two young boys at the bus stop this morning who looked so fucking good. I walked out in cut off denim shorts and a tank top with no bra. I invited them in and even told them I would drive them to school. I fixed them breakfast and then made them eat my sloppy wet pussy. It is officially cougar season, and I could not be happier. Those young boys took direction so well too. I mean they licked my cunt and my ass. And when I was ready for them to fuck me, they each took a hole with no problem. Can I tell you how hot it is to wake up and fuck two young boys still wet behind the ears? I love them young. Sure, they do not have big black cocks. But they take direction well. They are eager to please. And they can cum inside me all fucking day long. I love young boys. And as long as they still love me, I will keep on fucking them. I sent those young boys to the first day of school with a smile on their faces. And they sure as fuck started the day of this trailer trash whore off properly.

Crack whore anal prostitute

Crack whore anal

I will be a hot and horny slut and raid every drug house with my charm. I have the gift of the gab so that I can talk my way into practically anything. All the cops that have let me go can attest to that. A little blowjob has gotten me off some serious time for prostitution. 

I think on my feet and know how to turn any negative situation around in my favor. I learned from my momma, who learned from hers. You can call me a great con artist. My only purpose is to be high as fuck with a creamy cunt. When I get on all fours like a crack whore anal slut you know you can beat down that cock in me nonstop.

No taboo phone sex is an understatement for our fun baby!

No taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex is an understatement for our fun baby! I am an aggressive slut who needs cock filling my whore cunt! When I see a target, I lock in and go get it. When saw you walking past my house walking your furry friend, I knew that I could have fun with both of you. I am a filthy bitch who isn’t picky! Give me a hard cock and a warm tongue and I’m sure to cum! he is a man’s best friend and a girl’s best toy! Why not let him join in and enjoy?!

I walked right up you and grabbed your dick right there in front of all the neighbors! I have no shame, and they all know I’m the neighborhood whore! Besides I want you and like I said, I get what I want! “You want to have some fun with me and your friend here?” I whisper in your ear as I feel your cock grow.  I bet you weren’t expecting me to drop to my knees and start sucking you right there, but that’s what I did. I gripped that rock-hard shaft and started licking and sucking you. I love the taste of your precum and I can only imagine what you would feel like fucking my pussy while your furry friend rode my ass.

You started face fucking me like a good whore slamming it down my throat. I was gagging and allowing you to feel my throat jerk that cock right. I love to be treated like the worthless dirty pig I am! Fuck me and use me to jerk that cock just right baby! Mark your territory! Because after you cum I’m going to lead you both to your doom. You will both not know what to do when I get through with you!

Club Gang-Bang

Gangbang whoreBachelor party season is not over just yet and we had quite the horny group just last week. They came into the club and asked for the “private section”. It’s a little room we craved out in the back to bring guys to for our extra services. I went back there with another girl to be their entertainment. A few lap dances and strip down to absolutely nothing, allowing them to watch the other girl eat me out on the couch. That however was not enough for this group, they didn’t want to watch. They wanted to play. So for just a couple hundred more they could play a lot. 

I’m used to being grabbed and crowded by lots of cocks at once but it was fun to have another girl to share it with. Getting to see another girl stuff with cock just like me was hot to watch. Just two gangbang whores getting stuffed in all our holes with our hands full was amazingly hot. The guest of honor gave each of us facials while his buddies stretched and opened our holes for him to watch. He had a nice thick juicy dick that I really didn’t want to stop sucking, the bride-to-be is a really lucky girl.



Phones Sex Sluts

Phone Sex Sluts Bobbie

My fuckholes are here for your cocks pulsing pleasures, tell me how you want me and who you want stuffed inside me. I’m the dirtiest fucking whore you’ll find, I’m sure there isn’t a cock on someone I haven’t fucked already. Shit have your son come over, I already had him stuff my ass with half the bar for a clean fix ahahah. Hmmm maybe even your dad? I think I gagged on his and grandpa’s dick earlier to get my bills paid. They like stuffing a cunt like mine after cum has filled it multiple times- they say they loved watching it ooze out while they pounded me.  Tugging my hair making me gag on their old friends balls and I loved every minute of it. Being treated like a nasty trash whore is what my daddy trained me to be. So when you call me you can expect me to fuck anyone, anything for however long you please babe.

Trashy MILF Beverly is Always Dying for Some Young Cock

trashy milfThis trashy milf was dying for some young cock this morning. I needed it too. When school is not in session, the influx of young boys walking by my trailer dwindles. But today, I went to the playground to see if I could catch some flies with my honey pot. I caught a big old fly too. A teen boy with a huge cock. White boy too. He was playing hoops all by himself. It was early. I had not yet been to bed. I was up all-night partying and fucking, but I was not yet done with either. I needed more cock, and this young stud had my name written all over his cock. Yummy cock too. Long, thick and veiny. He was no virgin despite his age. My guess is he is no stranger to a trailer trash whore like me. As fine as he was and as big as the cock is, I was certain I was not his first Mrs. Robinson, LOL. He was horny and down to fuck too. The moment we entered my trailer, he lifted me in the air and sat me on my kitchen island. He ripped his clothes off first then my clothes. He snaked his huge cock inside my sloppy wet cunt.  I was wet from a few fucks earlier and seeing this fine young piece of meat worked me up too.

He was strong. He was hung. He was skilled. He had my pussy purring and squirting. I am such a cock hound. Honestly, I just love cock so much. I cannot get enough cock. Young cock, old cock, black cock, white cock… I want cock. And this boy had damn near a foot of dick, and I suspect based on his age, he is not done growing yet. How I had never fucked this boy is beyond me. But now, I will not stop fucking him. Luckily for me, he does not want to stop fucking this blonde fucking whore.

New Trailer Neighbor

Trailer trash whore

I was sitting out topless in a lawn chair when the new couple pulled up to move into the trailer adjacent to mine. A younger couple, so I assume first place together but the guy just would not stop staring at me. Hardly even tried to hide it from his little girlfriend who was clearly upset with me shirtless in the middle of the day. She was too much of a pussy to say something though, and she better get used to it. It’s a trailer park not some kind of ritzy apartment. As I continued my tanning I could see the blinds moving occasionally over at their trailer I know it was them. Secretly hoped it was the guy, such a power trip to know my tits can be so alluring. 

After about an hour of peek-a-boo from the blinds, I hear their back door open and watch him sliding out trying to be quiet. Jogging over to me, he was all red and nervous. Not really sure he even had a plan. I like them young and stupid, which means they’re easy. He asked me if this was a regular thing for me, and I simply told him I’m a stripper and this is cheaper than a spray tan. His dick was noticeably growing, and I just smiled. “Wanna come inside?” giving him the let’s fuck grin. All he could do was nod while quickly glancing over at his place. 

We got into my trailer and he said we had to be quick. I just told him to take his dick out and shut up as I pushed him down onto my couch. Climbing on top of his young hard cock, letting it plunge into my wet cunt and started to fuck him. I was loud and vocal sure to make sure everyone knows I was certainly fucking. He busted so fast inside me the whole thing was over in less than five minutes. He promised me next time he’ll show me what he can really do when his girl isn’t home. I just smiled and gave him a kiss while showing him the door.

Phone Sex Sluts Have the Best Naughty Stories to Share

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts have the best stories to share. Honestly, I cannot imagine another job better suited for me. Maybe a porn star. I would make bank doing like BBC gang bangs. I like phone sex. I get to talk to men who like trashy BBC whores.  Friday nights are always happening for me. I have a routine. I stop working my phone sex job around 8 or 10 pm. I put on some daisy duke jean shorts and a tank top. I slip on some high heels, and I march my skanky old ass to the truck stop. I prefer the black truckers. They have the biggest cocks plus they have the best blow. They always share and give me some blow for my troubles. I am known as Beverly, the BBC lot lizard sex whore. I like to party and take care of big black cocks. Last night the truck stop was full of brothers too. So many black men, many I had never met before, and they were all down to fuck me. Good thing I did not have an early start today because I was at the truck stop until the sun came up. I think last night was a record for me considering how many black truckers I serviced. I counted 24 big black cocks that all had their way with me. Some skull fucked me. Some ass fucked me. Almost all of them fucked my white girl pussy too. I have cum still swimming up inside my barren womb too. It has been a while since I have been this big of a cum dumpster too. I need help cleaning up, so I texted my cream pie loving son and daughter. Both were happy to clean up my messy holes. Maybe you are just like them? Never minding sloppy seconds.

Cum Dumpster Luna

Men love Drunk girl fucking.

Cum dumspterThey get to make them an Anal cum dumpster even if they do not want it. I learned this the hard way when I was a young party whore. I was always a big dick sucker from the moment I had to walk. My mother sold me to her dealers many times and made me a Cum guzzling slut. So, when I was drunk at a party being a Trailer trash whore, it was not a good idea. I thought I could pass out in the room in the back. When I woke up, my asshole getting fucked and ripped open. I tried to fight back but I was too drunk, and I am used to being a cum dumpster, so I just laid there let him use my asshole until he dumped his load in my asshole. When he was done, he called his friends in and they took turns making me their cum dumpster all night. By the time they were done I had nut dripping down my legs.

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