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gangbang whoreNothing is better than being high off opioids..  I have been taking Perc 30s, it enhances my sex drive and makes me enjoy sex so much more…Honestly, I just fucking love that shit! I am an addict who loves a good dose of dick while being high. At the apartment complex I live in, I tagged every hallway with my number and the following: “ If you want a cheap blowjob or a good fuck call me (855) 733-5746 ext. 4840”. You won’t believe how many phone calls I receive in a day… Yesterday, I gave head to my best friend’s boyfriend for Free.. The fucking cheating loser thought he can fuck me for that price since both him and I were going to have to keep this a secret. He refused to pay anything for a Druggy whore fuck under the stairwell, so I didn’t give him any of my sloppy wet pussy. I gave him a blow job and told him to call me when he gets paid Friday! I know that tease will have him back at my feet.. I am only a street walking hooker to support my addiction! I mean as long as I am a functional addict, I don’t see the problem with it at all! I get high as a kite and I eat dick more than I eat food LOL. As far as my cunt, I have my own personal druggie Emo boyfriend that allows me to bring in money for the both of us by fucking anyone whos willing to pay up! To me I have a great life that I wouldn’t trade for anything.. Unless you got a bag of Perccocets then I might! Fuck, I am so high right now, its making my pussy so wet baby… I Love being an Anal crack whore! 

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I just love being Daddy’s desert at the holidays, we have this tradition where I get to be his extra special little creampie slut. He loves making sure I’m covered in all of his “cream.” There’s no better feeling than knowing that I’m making him happy and making his cock just want to erupt inside and all over me!

You see, every holiday he takes me up stairs to get something he says we forgot. And he always bends me over his and Mommy’s bed and just absolutely fills me with all of his cum. Then always instructs me to return downstairs without cleaning up so he knows that his cum is just oozing out of me. This year he announced to everyone that he made his very own special “Cream pie” for everyone to see. And laughed as he saw my face turn as red as Rudolph’s nose!

You should have seen how confused everyone was when they asked for the pie and Daddy told them they had to ask me for it! Because I took it all!!

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I am a good Anal cum dumpster for daddy and he knows if he takes care of me i will do anything he wants. He paid a BBC bull to fulfil any rape fantasy he had with me. He made sure to get his little slut anything he she needed to be able to take a good torture sex session. He knows I love to get high, and he always takes care of me so well. When my bull friend came, we did our blow and waited for daddies’ instructions. When daddy finally got there the Trailer trash whore in me was easily activated. He instructed my BBC friend to start by choking me and slapping me to show me how i just belong to daddy and I must do anything he wants because he pays for me and my holes. I was taking every blow just thinking about busting down some lines. I could tell daddy was really liking by his smile and bulge. When daddy pulled his big daddy meat out, he told my BBC friend to choke me with his cock and to not let off. That is what happened. I could barely breathe but I was happy to make my daddy proud. He told him to use my ass and fuck my little asshole. I did a line as my asshole was ripped open by a big black dick. He pounded me and choked me from behind while daddy fucked my throat.

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I could barely breathe when I felt daddy start cumming down my throat. He commanded my BBC friend to fill my asshole up and just like that I was the perfect Cum dumpster for daddy. Daddy let me rest because he knew I was going to be sore after the ass fucking, I just got. 

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cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. It is not even Thanksgiving yet and I am a getting stuffed. My daughter and I had a little pre-holiday gang bang. It is an annual tradition for us. We like to get stuffed with cock and filled with cum. Okay so maybe it is more like a daily tradition. We always want stuffed with cock. Lately, I am on a boy gravy kick. It is weird when you think about it.  I love big black cock. But I like young dick too and those are never that big, not yet at least. I think I am just a taboo phonesex junkie. Fucking black men is taboo or it was when I was growing up in the south. That did not stop my mother or me, however. Young boys are taboo too because of the age thing. I just like the nastier and dirtier things in life. I am not much of normal woman. I never wanted one man for the rest of my life with the white picket fence. I want to fuck as many men as I can and party all the time. I am perfect for a trailer park. My daughter is a mini me. She has been a taboo whore since she came into this world. She took care of her mommy and her big brother with her greedy little mouth and later her tiny fuck holes. She is a cum guzzler like me. Last night, she invited a bunch of boys over to play. I mean boys. None of them could drink. And none of them should have fucked a trashy milf and her daughter, but boys love mature pussy. We had so much fun doing lines off boy cocks. Want to know a secret? A little blow on a young cock makes that cock not only stiff as a board, but it also makes that boy cock able to fuck all night long. We had one hell of a pre-holiday stuffing full of boy cum too.  Happy Thanksgiving guys. I have some leftovers in my pussy if you interested.

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Some things really can’t be changed, and that is why I am still a Big dick sucker for that Big black dick. Cum guzzling and taking big nigger dicks in every fuck hole is this cock whores favorite way to be.

The other day we had a little celebration at the trailer park. It was an community thing and boy did I get some new neighbors. I have a crack house trailer two doors down that has five big nigger dick males living there. Three of them are teens and the other two are a father and Uncle to these teen black cocked boys. Of course mama is around but mama is busy working the white men over with her whore cooch for cash games.

I got to finally meet them with this little gathering and these five BBC men really became fond of this big titted trashy whore of the trailer park. I managed to get it on with all of them.

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I got in some trouble last night and had to call my uncle to pick me up or I was going to jail. I didn’t have anyone else to call so I was desperate. It was the middle of the night and he was pissed that he had to get out of bed and come get me but he did. I told him that I would do anything he wanted to make it up to him. He told me that the first thing he wanted was to feel my dirty, trailer trash whore mouth on his dick the whole ride home. He held onto my hair and kept pushing me down, making me gag and choke on his cock over and over. By the time we got back to our house, I had already swallowed 2 loads of his cum. We went inside, where he ripped my clothes off and started grudge fucking me as hard as he could. He only had a few more shots of cum left in him but he fucked me until his balls were completely empty. I woke up this morning and still had his cum dripping out of my cunt! I know that he’s going to fuck me again when he wakes up but I can’t wait that long to make another hard dick cum for me!

Young Teen Phone Sex Slut Gets Jealous: Impregnated In Class!

Young Teen Phone Sex

Today was sex education for my class at Westlake Academy. Miss Smith’s all-female class arrived after lunch and we were surprised to see our sexy young redhead teacher standing naked at the front of the class with the school’s studly gym teacher.

Miss Smith had a firm, fit body with pale skin from head to toe and what looked like D-cup breasts and pubic hair cut into a small heart… The girls in front could reach out and feel his excitement. Mr. Johnson had a strong effect on most girls. He was muscular and tanned from head to toe, with sun and chlorine-bleached blonde hair and barely any body hair… His cock was completely erect and producing pre-cum Not only were they naked, but the class realized they were putting on baby oil to make their model bodies shine like satin.

Miss Smith explained that we will now start the laboratory part of the class. Which is to demonstrate how a man correctly impregnates a woman. “By the way, you all got a dose of sex hormones during lunch, and that should trigger an uncontrollable feeling of arousal. Don’t worry, that’s just what we want!” She said with excitement to the class. She loaded a sample of Mr. Johnson’s semen onto a microscope attached to the projector. Some of the girls started to openly grope Mr. Johnson while he was occupied with his task. The screen lit up, and the girls oohed and ahhed at the cloud of strongly swimming sperm. Miss Smith explained to the class how to do a sperm count.

Together we verified that Mr. Johnson had well over 300 million motile sperm per milliliter. Mr. Johnson handed a list to Miss Smith, who called my name Stacy and had me strip in front of the class. Stacy was a very athletic blonde girl who played soccer for the school. She had a lean, toned body and muscular legs. For 18 years he was a real specimen. Once undressed, Mr. Johnson took out the bottle of baby oil and lovingly applied it to Stacy’s breasts and pussy.

As she shamelessly fondled Mr. Johnson, massaging his balls and stroking his cock, which profusely leaked cum all over her. She pointed his cock to press against her pelvic area and looked him in the eye She seemed to know what was going to happen.

“As Stacy is ovulating, she will now mate with Mr. Johnson to demonstrate human reproduction. She will carry the baby to term and deliver by the end of the school year.” He pulled her aside in a kiss, one hand on her bottom and the other on her stomach, where a baby would grow, he savored the sentiment of the future mother.

When they broke the kiss, she just bit her lip as he led her to a bed set up at the front of the room. Stacy sat on the couch, lyingSloppy wet pussy with her buttocks on the pillow. She guided his cock as he moved into position with his legs over her shoulders and slid his 8-inch cock into her pussy. He put all his weight on her pelvis and leaned down to kiss her as she hit rock bottom. He was already a few strokes away from orgasm. He just slowly rubbed their smooth bodies together and reveled in the initial penetration. Her asshole tightly flirted with her cervix. He then slowly stroked her from root to tip several times before freezing inside her.

Stacy observed that his cock grew a little and started to contract, but no cum came out. “Miss Smith, is Mr. Johnson really making me a child? Doesn’t Mr. Johnson already have a lot of children? Stacy asked.. “Yes Stacy, you are indeed going to be a mum…

And it’s true, Mr. Johnson loves raising. He wants to have as many children as possible with young girls like you. “Well…oh… “Well… oof…If it’s really that good to have a baby, I think I’ll give it a try. Stacy gingerly agreed as Mr. Johnson continued to plow her.

Miss Smith placed a vibrator on Stacy’s clitoris which sent her into a chain orgasm within seconds. The aphrodisiac was overwhelming Stacy’s reasoning skills and making her enjoyment easier now. “Well, I was hoping you would say that. Mr. Johnson is going to try to impregnate you now. When you feel him stiffen like before, squeeze his penis as hard as you can to make his cum squirt inside you. We don’t want to waste a single drop.” Mr. Johnson closed his eyes and his whole lower body shook. A heart-rending orgasm gripped him as he deliberately impregnated the high school girl below him.

Stacy cried out that she could feel her entire crotch and lower stomach throb against her buttocks as what felt like a garden hose was pounding into the back of her pussy. Mr. Johnson throbbed inside her like this 8 or 9 times before her orgasm started to fade. His reproductive organs completely drained into Stacy. He stayed inside her to stop the sperm and let it finish seeping into her. “Remember girls, you need to let a guy’s cum flow out the back of your pussy and stay there for at least twenty minutes.” Ms. Smith explained: “That’s because the sperm comes out as a gel, which makes it difficult to remove. Then, after ten minutes, it liquefies to allow sperm to flow deep into the woman’s tubes, where the egg is usually fertilized.” Ms. Smith explained to the class.

“Am I pregnant now Miss Smith, do I have a baby in me? Stacy asked.

“Your egg may be surrounded by sperm, being fertilized as we speak. If not, it will be soon. Miss Smith responded by pointing to Mr. Johnson’s semen sample. After some days Stacy start vomiting and sleeping always, and she was brought back into the clinic where it was detected that Stacy was pregnant !!!!

I’m so Jealous that I wasn’t chosen, I saw the list later in the trash and I was literally the second one on it after Stacy! Maybe next time will be my turn! It was so exciting seeing Stacy being used in front of the class I couldn’t imagine how wet it made her! I was soaked just watching, and have been dreaming about being used by Mr. Johnson ever since! I’m sure I will fantasize about it for quite some time.

BBC Sex Stories are Plentiful with a Trailer Park Whore Like Me

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are plentiful with a trailer park whore. I grew up watching my mom service black men in our trailer park. Same trailer park I live in now. Many of the black dudes I fuck are descents of the men my whore mommy fucked. How cool is that? When I was just a schoolgirl, I helped my mom service this one black guy. That was the moment I became a black cock whore. Honestly, I wanted to help. It was my mother who was reluctant. Last night, I fucked that same man’s two sons. They are in their 40s now. Not much younger than me, but I knew who their daddy was. Their father is still alive and living in the trailer park. I was fucking him up until his stroke that left him in a wheelchair. The man is in his 70s now. His sons love this blonde fucking whore. And I love them. Two big black cocks? And they are real brothers too? Porn writers cannot come up with this kind of stuff. It was fate. It was meant to be that I would service all the men in this family. Those two brothers have sons I have fucked too. Three generations of black men got to fuck this whore. I wonder how many black cock whores can say that they have fucked that many generations of black cock? The brothers were in rare form last night too because midway through fucking the shit out of my pussy and ass, they texted their teenage boys to join the fun. I had two father and son duos. I think I give new meaning to dirty trailer trash whore. I had father and son cum running out of my fuck holes. All I could think about though was how much I owed their daddy for making me the best BBC slut around.

Married trailer trash whore

Trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore is married! You know I didn’t marry for love! I married for security and cock. The owner of a couple of nice strip clubs decide to make me his bride! I was astonished when he proposed! I was in the middle of fucking him and two of his friends. He said he was in love with the fact that I was a do anything whore! I thought he was joking and caught in a spot orgasmic bliss. But when he showed up to my house and asked my son if he could marry me, I was elated. I knew that he would help support me and my darlings!
In vegas a Elvis impersonator hitched us. I told him to meet us in the penthouse suite later to get a nice big fat tip! Me, sucking him like a golfball through a garden hose! 

I enjoyed five of his friends that weekend. One was on our wedding night!
My brother and dad still say that he is an idiot. They say he should have just kept me around for a pet. Instead of giving me his name.
My new husband is going to let me fuck whoever I want and whenever I want. He just wants to watch and jack off. And after that he will add to all the warm creamy loads! A married cum dump! I am now a cheating wife, Whore mother who only wants to get more fucked up in life than she already is! Cum see me for the hottest and dirtiest cheap phone sex you can handle! 

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You and my husband decide to wife swap, your wife is with my husband, and I get to be with you. I want you to fuck me in my tight little asshole, something you couldn’t do with your sensitive basic wife. I need your cock to fill up my ass with your cum, and you want to shove your big bulging cock inside of you. You bend me over a counter and you fuck me harder and deeper. I can feel your cock so deep inside me that I can feel it in my stomach. You come hard inside of me and pull your cock out of my ass, and tell me to lick your cock, cleaning all of the shit and cum from the cock. I lick your cock all over, cleaning every bit of it. Then you tell me to suck on your cock. I take every inch inside of my mouth, bobbing my head faster and faster with your hard cock throbbing inside me. I beg for you to come in my face, and you do, covering my entire face with your salty cum.