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Gangbang Whore Lilibeth

gangbang whoreI enjoy being a gangbang whore, especially if I can do it at home. My oldest son had a party the other night. He invited a bunch of his friends from school over. I was trying to give them their space. No one Wants their mother hovering over them when they have their pals over. I was not like trying to make sure the boys used coasters under their glasses or anything like that. I was just horny and hoping the boys would want to fuck their friend’s hot mommy. I broke out my weed. I shared it with the boys because I wanted it to make them horny. It is my special blend I call pussy weed. A few puffs of pussy weed, and those boys were lined up to fuck this trashy milf. I love multiple cocks in me at once. I love a blow bang and a gang bang. I got both. I crashed my son’s party. I stole his thunder. He did not mind, however, because I made him popular. Some of those boys came to his party just in hopes of fucking his hot mother. With the pussy weed in their blood stream, those high school boys turned into porn stars. They drilled me all night. It was not supposed to be a slumber party, but it turned into one quickly when those boys could not get enough of my fuck holes. What can I say? I cannot expect to be on good behavior with a house full of teen boys.

Blonde Phone Sex

Blonde Phone Sex

My name is Aurora and I’m a beautiful, dirty whore who loves having blonde phone sex. What can I say? I grew up surrounded by drugs and sex. It’s the world that I live in and I fucking love it. I have a regular who frequents the truckstop and whenever he’s in town we always have a really good time. The last time he was in, he pulled me into the back of his eighteen-wheeler and told me he had a little something for me. He pulled out a bag of coke and made me get on my knees for it. Of course, I complied. We both got nice and high and then he put a little line right across his monster cock and I sniffed it right up. It made me feel so good and so fucking horny! He grabbed my long, blonde hair and yanked my head down in front of his shaft. I took his dick in my mouth and drooled all over it like the good cum dumpster that I am.

Fucking My Professor

dirty phone sexMy professor wanted to see me after class, and I knew exactly what he wanted. See I had skipped a few classes and bombed a few quizzes, so I was fully prepared to do whatever I needed to pass this class. I purposely wore a short skirt with thigh highs and nothing else underneath. My button up blouse could barely keep my big tits contained. So, I sat front row and periodically would cross my legs, uncross them and then cross them again. Each time giving him a great glimpse of my juicy wet bald pussy.

I caught him looking a few times and as we stared at each other’s eyes I grabbed my pen and moved it in and out of my mouth. This must have caused a little stir in his pants as he continued the lecture from behind the podium. At the end of class I met him in his office. Sat on the couch and spread my legs. He was flustered when he arrived, and my pussy was no longer hidden under my skirt. I smiled at him as I laid back and started fingering my wet hole. He couldn’t resist and I got an A. I bet you would make me do all kinds of kinky dirty naughty taboo favors for an A wouldn’t you?

Slutty Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutes

You might think I’m just a naughty truck stop whore but there is way more to me than that. I am one of the most sexy prostitutes you’ll ever meet in your life. Sometimes I like to go downtown to where all the fancy hotels are and pick up a big whale or two. Hey, sometimes I’m so good that I make them cum too fast and I can go back out and find another man to fuck. Those guys are always rich as fuck, and they always make it worth my while to be a nasty fucking slut for them.

Like, one time, a guy wanted to use me as his human toilet. Listen, for as much money as he paid me, he could have turned my body into the entire plumbing system. Plus, it really made me realize how nasty I am because I actually loved it. That is just one example of how dirty I can be. And I’ll be honest – I’m kind of hoping you wanna hear more of my stories because I’m surely in the mood to tell them to someone. And you bet your ass I’ll be rubbing my dirty cunt while I tell you everything.

Hooker Phone Sex

hooker phone sexI am full of hooker phone sex stories. I have been a whore since I was in diapers. Things are a lot different for me now. I am the queen of the castle now. You could say I went from being my parent’s whore to my husband’s whore, but I do not look at it that way at all. I had no choice with my parents. I never saw a dime of my ill-gotten gains either. My husband lets me keep all my whore money. Also, I can decline any client I want. I never had those options as my parent’s whore. I rarely decline gigs because I am a nasty freak. I have a family of sexy prostitutes. My daughters are whores too. They stay busier than I do, but that is because they are jailbait and men pay great money for jailbait whores. Sometimes, like last night, I am hired with my girls. I had so much fun being a whore last night too. The client wanted a family experience. I love it when our clients have themes or role plays they want to act out. For this guy, he wanted to pretend I was his wife and I encouraged him to fuck our baby girls and make them women. He paid a lot extra to cum in us all bare back. Pregnancy is a hazard of the job. Men love the idea of knocking up a mommy and daughter. In this case, he wanted to knock us all up. I am down with that. My husband is trying to breed a few of our girls who can get pregnant to keep the family of whores growing. Our role play daddy may have gotten a jump on that. He dumped loads in all of us. Many loads too and all bare back. I love being a whore. I love sharing the experience with my angels too

Gangbang Whore Takes Three Cocks

Gangbang Whore

Out on the lot, anything goes as long as you have the funds to back up your fantasy. I walked home last night with what i swear was hot buckets of cum drooling down my legs. My first John of the night really wanted something nasty and messy, so I made sure me and my little slutkins delivered just that. He didn’t fuck me and my three girls in his truck cab, but he coaxed us up with coke, candy, and cannabis fun and took us for a ride down the Interstate. He pulled up at a dingy little motel where twenty other trucks were parked. He got us all fucking drugged up and then led us inside of the motel suite. All twenty men were inside, waiting for us. There were three other girls, that made seven. “Assume the position!” The guy who had driven us there called. That was when three men grabbed each of us and ripped our clothes clean off. They fell in shreds onto the floor as three throbbing cocks filled our little fuck holes. My asshole was stretching over something hot and thick while my poor pussy was being penetrated rough and wild. All thought left my head as the third cock forced me to swallow it whole.

Phone Sex Line

Cum Guzzler Lauren

cum guzzling slutwhere are the daddies that are searching for a cum guzzling slut? I know most hard daddies like it when a slutty whore goes on for hours sucking on their huge daddy dicks. Just to sit and contemplate your dick getting sucked is pleasure enough to get you a raging rock-hard erection, I know the messy and dirty thoughts that are going through your head, the things you need are never satisfied by just the thoughts! How far back in my throat do you need to push that cock of yours? Simply it’s far back enough to make you cum so hard. I have gone through months idealizing my dick-sucking abilities, so when I do get a huge cock to suck?  The things I really do to my dildo on a cum guzzling slut phone sex call would make a man go off the deep end in the case I was doing it face to face. I certainly despise placing little things in my mouth, I generally need my dick to be enormous and thick, so when it goes to the rear of my throat my eye should tearing and rolling to the back of my head as I stare up at you. Subsequent to going through over an hour getting that cock to the deepest parts of my throat, my throat should feel sore, I ought to not be able to drink for a couple of days. At the point when I get down to sucking on those balls is the point at which I think it is the ideal opportunity for him to cum, when I fold my tongue over those balls and gradually begins to pull them in like am sucking on a spoon of rum and frozen yogurt draining those balls until he is totally crazy with no decision except for to clutch the back my head with two hands and cum all over my face.

Sloppy wet pussy for you

sloppy wet pussy

The best thing about a freaky, little semen demon like me is the way I can take so many loads of sticky cum in my hot and sloppy wet pussy! You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many fat, throbbing cocks have blasted a fat load into me today. I’ve been at it all day long and don’t plan on stopping until my pussy can’t take another drop. I started by stopping by my step daddy’s job and letting him and his assistant pound my dirty fuck holes. They each shot a load into my slutty pussy but that wasn’t enough. I spent the rest of the day hanging out at a bar and letting every guy in there bend me over in the bathroom. I took at least a dozen cum loads from different guys today, but I still want some more! I’m a dirty, little cum queen and I need another shot!


I’m A Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutThe life of a cum guzzling slut is not really a difficult one. I spend my days searching for cock, though most of the time they come to me. That’s the great part about working the street corner, is I never really have to worry about where my next hot fuck is coming from. Nasty client cock means hot meals, and fresh Blunts, and lines of party dust. Just the very thought of that makes my delicious cunt drip. Some people look down on me because I’m a proper prostitute, a hooker for hire, a woman of the night, though I prefer to just call myself a happy whore. I love this lifestyle, and no one can change my mind about it honestly. I get to keep my pockets lines, I get to stay high, and my pussy stays full of the most delicious cum on the planet. Is there really anything else that I need to be asking for? You’re real cute. How’s about you swing by after I get off, and I suck the living life out of your cock? Don’t even worry about it, this one’s on the house. You just look like you taste absolutely fucking delicious. Is it true? Do you taste like liquid gold? Either way I’m going to find out, because I intend to get a hot load of you somewhere in or on my body.

I Love BBC

Being a big black cock sucker has so many different perks! I can share with my girlfriends, I get as many as I want, and with more black cock, comes more huge loads to be swallowed and taken into every single one of my holes.     

When I see a big black cock I take it down my throat as fast as I can I lick all around the tip and suck until I can drain those big balls that he’s got hanging. I get down on my hands and knees every single time to spread my cheeks wide open for him to see the entrance of my tight shit hole just for him to take that dripping wet cock out of my mouth and the force fuck my ass as hard as he can! Once he leaves me dripping and soaked in his come leaking out of the ass hole I take my fingers and clean it all up sucking them off one by one. Give me your daddy cock and I’ll show you the best way a girl can suck it off! I’ll give you a show with this sexy body and goddess od a women who craves big black dicks inside of her
No Taboo Phone Sex

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