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Phone Hookers for Hire

hookers for hire

It’s your favorite slut and I’m so fucking horny today. I woke up with my cunt throbbing and it was already soaking wet. So, I did what I had to do and I got out my big black dildo and fucked myself like five times. You are probably wondering what got me into such a randy mood that early in the morning. I got a call yesterday and this guy told me that he was looking for hookers for hire because he had a really raunchy fantasy. I asked him what it was, and I was happy that I did.

He said that he wanted to find me on a street corner and give me a lot of cash to make his fantasy come true. He didn’t want to fuck me himself. He wanted to take me out to a back alley where all the homeless men lived and told them to fuck me. And while they were fucking me, he wanted them to tell me all about how long it had been since they showered, what kind of STD’s they had, and how I was going to help them spread it all around town. Sound like fun to you? 

Cum Dumpster Holiday

cum dumpsterThe life of a cum dumpster is never dull. Down here in Florida it is like 50 degrees. That is cold for this state, but nothing is too cold for me. There were not as many people out and about, but I know where to look when I want to get laid. The truck stops are not busy in the day, but the glory holes are. I know where every glory hole in town is too. A good cum dump knows these things. Hell, I have been so hard up for cum, I have gone to a gay glory hole and drained some homosexuals of their jizz. For the most part, no one cares who is sucking that dick on the other side of the wall. I went to this glory hole in an adult bookstore in the seedy part of town. I wish they would put one on the beach strip, but I guess its bad for family tourism. This bookstore was popping on a holiday. All men. So, when I walked in all eyes were on me. I let them all see my take my skanky ass to the back where the glory holes are. I hoped they would follow me.  They did. I got in position and cocks galore were fighting to get in my mouth. Finally, I just knocked on the wall and told them to come on over. I can be a better cum guzzling slut with a wall in the way. I had younger guys, older guys, black guys and white guys. Even a few brown dicks wanted to get blown by me. I was in that glory hole room for over three hours. My belly was so full of cum I thought I might need my stomach pumped. Just joking.  Stomach pumps are for amateurs not a trailer park whore like me.

Creampie Bitch Wants More

Live Phone SexI love when my cunt is left dripping in the cum of all the men who used me that night! I always find myself walking back through the white trash trailer park I stay in as everyone’s play toy! They love seeing the sight of me come out at night and look down at me as I return to my house, with my panties full of their cum! Some even love with their wives eat the creampie I give them after their dirty husbands had finished inside of me! Everyone here has most likely tasted another man’s cum after eating it from my dripping cunt! How about a nasty creampie roleplay with your wife? I’d love to sit on her pretty face and have her lick me clean!

Cum To Me Baby

dirty phone sexIt is Sunday and the workweek is creeping upon you. What better way to prepare that to relax, party and get off with a dirty slut like me? It is dark and the fam is asleep, and you are restless, you definitely need a release. Built up frustration from the endless amounts of errands, chores and fam time finally gotten to you? I am here baby, wet, and horny and ready to take you into the new week feeling much better. I invite you over and am waiting for you on the bed. Sexy lingerie barely covering my big tits and juicy wet pussy. You walk into my room, and I can see that you are already excited. Your pants in that tell tale teepee that I so desire.

Come to me baby, get your clothes off love. You stand before me, and I reach for your cock. Sucking and jerking as your hands go under my bra and squeeze my big tits. As I continue to blow you you reach your hands under my panties and feel my wet smooth bunt. A finger slips in and I moan. You remove your dick and join me on the bed. Hold up the tray and we both do a line. We lay back and I continue stroking you as you finger my cunt. I then climb on top of you and slowly slide down you big thick wet cock. I start to ride you and whisper, babe the fun has only begun. You smile as your finger enters my tight asshole.

Creampie Queen

Creampie slut

Even though I am the biggest creampie slut in town, there’s some fresh young fuck meat in the trailer park and I am just the skanky whore to exploit them and expand my creamy queendom.  Those horny whorettes were really easy to persuade and now my stable of cock loving cash cows is growing faster than your dick will once you hear the sound of my voice.  My newest little sluts are hungry for massive cock and pearly pools of cum in all of their little holes.  They might be a little wet behind the ears but don’t worry about the screaming, they know the fucking deal.  If they want to get paid they have take whatever kind of fucking you want to give them and they know it isn’t over until you fire your love juice deep into whatever hole you want to put it.  I’m definitely going to make some money and have some fun with my new cum sluts and buy us a new fuck hut for busting nuts.


My Son and Daughter Love My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntDo you like a cum filled cunt? My son and daughter do too, but for different reasons. My son likes sloppy seconds. He loves feeling how wet my pussy is on his dick. He just loves knowing I have taken multiple loads of cum in my pussy. My daughter, she loves to eat mommy’s cream pie. Honestly, she is such a cum guzzler. She prefers my pussy full of jizz. She likes it full of cum. Her favorite cum belongs to her brother or niggers. She will slurp either out of me like a cum whore. Last night I came home from the truck stop covered and filled with cum. I was a hot mess. A hot sticky mess, but my son and daughter were home and excited about the condition I arrived home in. I love being a messy bitch. I let my son fuck me first. If I want to satisfy both my son and daughter, I need to let my son fuck my creampie first. That way he gets to feel the cum inside me while he adds more to the mix for my creampie slut daughter to eat out of me. Cum is one of the many things my daughter and I have in common. I love being a trailer whore, but the fact that my son and daughter love me even more once I have been a dirty cum dump, makes it even better. Tonight, is going to be pretty much the same. After I am off from my phone sex job, I will be a lot lizard whore at the truck stop. When I come home covered in cum again, my son and daughter will be waiting to enjoy the sloppy seconds. Perhaps you can appreciate a dirty cum whore too. The more the merrier in this family.

A House Full of Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fuckingI have a house full of teen sluts fucking. Some of my angels are fucking each other. Some are fucking daddy or me. And some are fucking clients that paid for their jail bait holes. On any given day at any given time, my daughters and sons are in the house fucking. I am either watching, participating or talking dirty on the phone. This morning, I thought everyone was at school. I started working and getting high. I was not alone though. Halfway through the call, I heard loud moaning. My caller heard it too. I told him it was just some sexy porn to keep me company. After the call, I went to investigate. I found my oldest son and oldest daughter fucking. They are both out of school, but in college. I partied so hard last night, I forgot they do not go back to UCLA until next week. They woke up horny and wanted some family love. I did not want to be left out of the fun. I stood in the door frame with coke on my nose. I seductively asked if mommy could play too. They extended their arms to invite me in. My son’s cock tasted like his sister’s cunt. That is the best taste. A blend of the two scents of your son and daughter is always fucking hot. I even sucked the cum from my daughter’s pussy. I love a cum filled cunt, especially when it is my son’s cum, or any family cum. I played with my son and daughter for a while before I had to go back to horny pervs on my phone line. They are still home in the day for the rest of the week before they go back to college. That means more family fun for this dirty mommy.

Cum Dumpster with No Limits

cum dumpster

New year, same fucking cum dumpster here.  You didn’t think I would be making any resolutions to be less of a whore, did you? Fuck no! What I do promise to do, though, is be even more twisted and raunchy than ever. I started fucking on New Year’s Eve and haven’t stopped. I haven’t even been to the trailer park or strip club all year because I’ve been going from truck to truck blowing and fucking every single trucker who passes through. Sometimes more than once if the dick is good. Sometimes even more than one man at a time.

At this point, I think I should just stay here for the rest of January and see the month out with a bang. I wonder how many guys I can fuck this month. I need to start asking the truckers to bring friends with them. I might even start fucking the guys who aren’t truckers when they stop for gas, food, or whatever. Hey, they can get lonely and horny on the road too, even if they aren’t doing a long-haul route. Call me and tell me what you’d say if I walked up to at the truck stop and offered you this cunt.

Live Phone Sex With A Lot Lizard!

Live Phone Sex

I know you love live phone sex, especially with a lovely lot lizard like me! Mommy Amara is what they call me, because my young ones are known to be just as sexy as me. Nothing makes me smile more than getting invited to be arm candy at fancy parties, doing too much nose candy, and ending up covered in the cum of rich strange men I’d never meet again. Sometimes my young girls would cum with me to the parties, and I’d give them a lesson in whoring! Lap dances and strip teases paired with no limit throat fucking is a must. No man can resist getting milked by me then!

But sometimes, I like to take a classier approach. A phone sex line date with some pervert I’ve been courting, a bottle of wine, an eight ball of coke, and a long night of possibilities. I love to lay back, spread my sexy Mommy legs, and masturbate this sloppy PMommy cunt until I either squirt all over one of my young sluts, or my fuck hole gets filled with sticky Daddy cum. I’ll let you breed me, of course! I might have eight sons and daughters, but I’m always looking to get impregnated by nasty pervert cum and have another lot lizard legacy lolita to turn into a sloppy little gang bang whore!
Phone Sex Line

Dirty phone sex whore Quinn

dirty phone sex


My nasty whore pussy is so wet right now! I’m ready to find a kinky guy to have fun with. I’m still thinking about this hot and dirty phone sex call I had last night. He wanted his slutty, little sister to throat his fat, hard cock after he pulled it out of our druggy slut mom. That strung out whore will do anything for a fix, including selling her worn out cum hole. He slammed his rock hard dick into her dirty cunt and made me wait on my knees right next to them. He pulled out just in time to blast his hot load all over my face. I caught that sticky cum shot and licked it up off of my lips. He rammed his dick down my throat and made me slurp her junkie whore pussy juice off of him. I was so turned on playing the slutty, little sister who will do anything for her brother.

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