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Cum Guzzling Slut Bella Loves to Fuck Unsuspecting Men

cum guzzling slut

From a very young age I knew I wanted to grow up and be a cum guzzling slut! That’s why once I was old enough, I went and had my tit job done. I needed a nice big pair juicy jiggly titties for all those naughty men out there who were hiding that fact that they wanted a big cock to fill their holes.

They would take one look at me and see that I had titties and think I was a girl, then once they took me home, they would see just how big of a cock I had. I love turning them into my little anal cum dumpster. They think they’re going to get so many tight little holes to fill, until I get naked in front of them.

They’re caught off guard when they see my huge cock swinging back and forth while I go to town on their huge throbbing dick. Sometimes they try to say no, but there’s no turning back now. I’m going to shove my cock down their throat before they get the chance to say no to me.

You’ll be surprised that my cock is bigger than yours! 

My nice big titties bouncing up and down in their face while I dance around them. Telling them all the dirty little nasty things that I’m going to do to them. Once they feel my cock up against their face, they can’t help but to suck it while I turn them into my little creampie slut.

I’m going to force fuck that little asshole, no matter what he says or wants.

He thought he was going to get to cum in some little whore, but the tables have turned and he’s my little whore now. I’m going to cover him in my hot sticky dick juices. You’re going to love every minute of it, are you, my little sissy boy!

Big Dick Sucker Bobbie Loves Draining Those Balls

I have always been a big dick sucker. That size can be big or small . My goal just like when eating pussy, is to eat a lot of cock for every meal, every day.  Those meaty cocks can be limp and I’ll take the challenge of using my holes, usually my mouth to start, to get that cok hard

But make no mistake – cocks are just as irresistible to me! There’s something primal about taking a throbbing member deep into your mouth and teasing it with soft lips before wrapping them around its girth. As it slides in and out of my eager throat, I can feel the veins bulging against my tongue while I suck greedily at every inch.

My cheeks hollow as I take more and more of him down, desperate for the taste of his pre-cum or any other salty goodness that might drip from his swollen head. And when he’s finally ready to unload? Well then, let me tell you – there’s nothing quite like tasting your own family’s cum on your tongue after a long day of pleasuring them!

Of course, no self-respecting cock whore would neglect their ass either! The feeling of being stretched out by a thick member filling me up is unlike anything else; it makes me moan louder than any pussy ever could. As my asshole expands around its girth, pain turns into pleasure until all that remains are blissful cries echoing through the room. And don’t even get me started on double penetration… Oh yes – having both ends filled simultaneously sends shivers down my spine and leaves me beggingBig dick sucker

Gangbang Whore Bella Enjoys Lots of Cocks

gangbang whore

Being a gangbang whore is something I’ve always wanted to be. I love cock so much; I want all of my holes filled. I’d take 5 or 6 sexy tall thick dicked men. Invite them over to fill me up like a good little slut. Let them suck my cock, and I’d suck all of theirs.

Maybe invite over a good little sissy boy to help me suck all these cocks. Teach that good little sissy boy how to suck and fuck her way through a good gangbang. Both of us on our knees sucking cock together.

Guzzling Cum can be Lots of Fun

Gagging and guzzling cum together. Stretching our asses open nice and wide for those thick meaty dicks. Turning ourselves into a cum guzzling slut. All that meat nice and slippery wet from our mouths. Stroking their cocks while they watch us suck the next one. Everyone had always told me my mouth looked so pretty while it was wrapped around a thick juicy erect cock.

I know how to suck a cock so well that I know I would be able to teach a good little sissy how to suck like a fucking hoover. I know that I could suck a pea through a straw if I tried. There’s nothing better than adding another good big dick sucker into the LGBTQ community.

By the end of this nice gang bang we’ll have a perfect little sissy that knows just how well to guzzle cum and have all their holes filled. It’ll be amazing watching all the cocks cum all over our faces and bodies. Perfect erect huge cocks jerking all over us, covering us in their nice hot seed.

Call me tonight for some erotic fun. I’m ready to get my dick hard and jerk it for you, while you tell me all the nasty things you want to do to me. 

Cum filled cunt with Gang bang Hooker Hadley

Cum filled cuntWishing for a cum filled cunt? Abracadabra baby it’s right here for you. The magic of a whore who collects cum like her life depends on it. My being a dirty whore is not lost on you! Last Night I spent hours with Julio and his three friends. They all took turns making my cum disappear into my pussy. A magic trick that ended up leaking out all onto Julio’s cock, over and over again.

My pussy, a well of pleasure and perversion, sucked each of them in, swallowing their lustful cocks and dreams whole. I sucked and fucked desperate to fill my needy cunt. It was a Magic carpet ride of a Gangbang whore! As each jizzd in turn, their cum gushed into my pussy, coating my walls and dripping down my thighs. I craved more, my lust insatiable. I took each climax a sacrifice to the Old Gods of pleasure, making sure to drain each of them completely.

Cum filled cunt with Gang bang Hooker Hadley

Finally, Julio, the last to cum, groaned in exquisite pain and pleasure as he filled my cunt with his hot, thick seed. I milked him dry, my cunt clenching and unclenching, desperate to drain every last drop from his cum-filled balls. As his cock softened and slipped out of my soaked pussy, I could feel the sticky warmth between my legs, a testament to our debauched night. My pussy dripped cum like a leaky faucet, a constant reminder of the evening’s cum whore adventures, “Again?” I quivered at the thought of more orgasms, more cum, more pleasure. “Of course, baby. There’s always room for more magic with Hardcore Hadley.”

Hookers for hire like me love many loads of cum with you and your friends! 

I Can Still Get a Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyPhone sex gives me a sloppy wet pussy. At 58, my pussy still gets ripe listening to your perverted fantasies and experiences. My pussy will never dry up. And I love that I can still feel so horny at my age. I likely get more cock now than I ever did when I hit my sexual prime in my late 30s. Perhaps, the longer I do phone sex, the hornier I get. And that leads to more cock. Because when I am horny, I do not just masturbate. I go out looking for cock or send a text to one of my many fuck buddies to come fuck me.

Yesterday after I took a break from my phone sex line, I decided to get some cock. After hearing one hot incest story after another yesterday, my pussy could have flooded a village, LOL. But I wanted to experience a cock deep inside me. So, I took my wet ass pussy and trolled the truck bays at the Loves. We have a few trucks stops near me and Love’s has the cleanest bathrooms and the nicest truckers.

I Love That My Pussy Still Gets Sloppy Wet

I think the truckers could smell my wet ass pussy as I walked up and down the truck bays looking for action. And I did not need to yell or bang on truck doors because my scent alerted the truck drivers that a lot lizard was down to fuck. And I had my pick of handsome studs too. But why settle for just one? So, I fucked every trucker, black, white and brown, who wanted this old whore.

And guess what? Almost everyone wanted this trailer trash whore. So, I let them all fuck me. I just went from one trailer to the next sucking cock and taking cum deposits in my wet pussy and my tight ass. Some men think of me as expired goods because of my age. But smart ones know I can out fuck any young girl.

Freaky phone sex slut Quinn

freaky phone sex

I like to end my wild nights out by finger fucking my cum stuffed cunt and having the most nasty and freaky phone sex with kinky pervs! The best thing about this freaky party slut is when I get black out wasted and I turn into a horny, cum junkie slut that’s willing to do anything. Calling me your dirty little girl gets my pussy wet and turns me on like you wouldn’t believe! Just hit me up to see for yourself! Go ahead and grab that phone in one hand, your dick in the other and get ready to play dirty with me because I’m always ready! Any time you see me available, I just came from being fucked and have sticky, creamy evidence of it leaking out of my fuck holes and filling my panties. Sometimes that means that I’ve been up for 24 hours or more, getting wasted and having my slut holes stretched to their limits by big, girthy cocks. I’m more than willing to spread my pussy lips and let you see all of that cum spilling out. My memory of last night is fuzzy but I can still taste the cum on my breath so I know that at some point, I was throating some pole and drinking up cum shots. Getting fucked up and not remembering where I was or who I was doing is nothing new to me. I can kinda remember having a big cock in my hand, jerking it into my mouth and being amazing at how much cum that giant thing was blasting all over my face! I remember feeling it in my mouth and thinking how big and heavy it was and how much I was going to love drinking up his cum. I know that I gave my asshole and cunnie up because I still have sticky leftovers from whoever had my hole last! I’m partying tonight, like I always do so join me for some nasty phone fun before I head out to the bar to find the next dick to take!

Creampie phone sex with Slutty Sybil

Creampie phone sex is so hot and naughty. I get wet panties at just the thought of you filling my pussy and asshole with that delectable cream. I love a good hard fuck right before it too. I enjoy starting off as a drunk girl fucking; I have more fun that way. I’m ready to be used and abused by you, and completely filled up.

                You turn me into such a naughty slut, and I really enjoy being a bad girl for you. You stick your hard monster cock inside my slippery wet pussy and start thrusting in and out. I’m so wet, so it’s a rather easy fuck. My legs are bent and I’m hallway sitting up, just taking this plowing you are giving me.

                You fuck me hard and deep, and I can feel your dick in my womb. You squeeze me tighter as you release that creamy delight in my pussy, and I cum at the same time. When you pull your dick out, it’s covered in white, and you shove it in my mouth. It’s so good as it slides down my throat.

Creampie phone sex

Stripper sex stories with a submissive sex toy!

Stripper sex storiesAre you needy for some nasty Stripper sex stories? I sure hope so; I have been dying to tell someone about all the filthy things I do. I have so many experiences and things I would love to share with all of you perverts. I already know you are just as dirty and depraved as me. You are probably already stroking that big fat cock while you look through my blogs. I bet you are just imagining all of the filthy and vile things you could do to a submissive tied up little fuck slut like me. Your cock is just aching to be played with and those balls are tingling and needing to be drained.

Good thing for you is that I am a needy Creampie slut who is going to bed you for that load. You don’t even have to ask me; I will just spread my legs and take your cock whenever you want. The best and most well trained fuck sluts are the ones who don’t wait for a man to ask for sex. The proper bitch does it without a question or conversation; I just take off my clothes and let a man do what he wants to me. Most guys appreciate a well trained set of holes; I hope you do too. I mean look at my big tits ready for abuse as my little cunt is toyed with. You know my pink hole is sopping wet and will feel so good wrapped around your fat prick.

BBC Phone Sex Even Happily Married Women Enjoy Too

bbc phone sexI may not talk about BBC phone sex much, but as a slut wife, I appreciate a big black cock too. Last week, I met a sexy younger black man with a huge anaconda. Although I don’t often cheat on my husband unless I am fucking a hired John, our sons or their friends, I am still human. And when I saw Ryan, I wanted him. So, I let him know how much I wanted to choke on what he had in his pants.

Ryan could not tame the beast in his pants either. I saw it twitching and throbbing in his jeans. And I wanted his big black snake to own me. He followed me home to an empty house, which is rare, especially in the summertime. I led him into the bedroom where I sleep with my husband. He could not take his eyes off my trashy milf body. Just like I could not take my eyes off his pulsating rod.

Even a Happily Married Woman Gets Week for a Big Black Cock

When I unzipped his pants, out rolled the biggest and the blackest cock I have ever seen. It smacked me in the face. Although I had never seen a cock that big before, I felt determined to slurp it down balls deep. I choked, gagged and drooled over his monster meat. And when Ryan fucked me with his big black cock, he hit spots I did not know I had. When he came, it felt like an explosion. We left a huge wet spot in the bed where I sleep with my husband.

Ryan’s anaconda made me cum so many times, I felt dehydrated. But I fueled up and he came back later that night to fuck me again. But this time he made my husband watch. We cuckolded my hubby. And he did not like it. At least not initially. But once he saw what Ryan’s cock could do to his wife’s pussy, he started to enjoy the show. This slut wife has a new lover. And boy is his big black cock quickly ruining my pussy for white dick. I belong to Ryan now. I am his cum dumpster slut wife.

Sloppy Wet Pussy Must Be Cleaned By a Good Boy

As a total druggy stripper whore I will always have a sloppy wet pussy. My cunt hole and ass will always be dripping with cum. And I will have many gangbangs back to back. Most of that dick is BBC. You know, Nigger dick.

So as it is, I have a good boy, well two good boys at home. One of my good boys has 2 legs and the other good boy is furry with four legs. Both good boys love to lap up mommy’s creamy cummy cunt.

This is especially so after I was fucked ragged by twenty big nigger cocks in the course of 12 hours.

Last night my holes were so swollen and dripping from that gangbang. Then I was passed out and awoke to my cunt being licked by that furry muff. I am such a happy whore. Then he couldn’t resist popping a red rocket right inside my mommy hole.

Sloppy wet pussy