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Filthy Hooker Phone Sex

hooker phone sex

If y’all are looking for a skanky whore for a hooker phone sex fantasy, then you are in exactly the right please. You gotta understand that it’s not just fantasy for me, though. I’m at the truck stop a lot so I can take care of my boys, but sometimes I get dressed up and go down to the street corner and try to sell my snatch. I’m usually pretty booked up because I am a motherfucking rock star when it comes to using my body to make men happy. If there was a cock sucking prize at the county fair I’d surely win it. 

Last time I was down at the street corner, the priest from the church I grew up going to. I wasn’t surprised at all to see him there because he used to try to get me to show him my titles the summer they developed. I don’t think he recognized me when I got in the car, but I quickly reminded him about who I was and then he finally got to see my jugs. Do you want to hear about how me to the church that day and fucked me in the confessional? Call me and I’ll spill all the tea.

Sexy Prostitutes for Hire

sexy prostitutesI have a home full of sexy prostitutes. I gave birth to six of them. We adopted another four. More girls than boys because young pussy is what is in the most demand. But that does not mean my boys do not work hard for the money. Mostly milfs hire my boys. They are seeking that mother son experience. Either they do not have a son, or they are too afraid to molest their own son. Although it is mostly rich bored housewives who hire my little studs, men are quite fond of little boy butts. We do not judge because money is money. If you want a boy or a girl, we can oblige. We are a family of hookers for hire. All four boys were hired last night for a gig. They range in age, but they all have cute tight butts and those are in demand. The guy that hired them gave us $70,000 for 4 boy asses for a couple hours. He is a P man who likes little boys better than little girls. So, do I. My boys came home used up well. They were walking funny. Cum was running out of their buttholes. I had the TLC they needed. The client made sure each boy got a couple loads up his ass. My boys can come home covered in cum. The seven girls in the family, including me, know what to do. The boys bent over the couch with their little butts in the air and my daughters and I started licking those buttholes clean. Once we had all the cum in our mouths, we snowballed it amongst each other. We saw those little boy dicks popping chubbies watching us play with the cum in their assholes. We are dirty cum whores. You want creampie sex stories? I have tons of them.

Gangbang Whore BJ The Jizz Addict

I’m just a druggy slut and a gangbang whore for that big black cock. Yes I am a black cock whore. My pussy is reserved for BBC or cuckolded bitches that need to be shown how pathetic they are. The men that pay me to see me take the BBC are the biggest cucks of them all. My son is a big cucky bitch for his mama’s cream pie.

You love to enjoy the gape and mess that my cunt has become after a good hard gangbang. I will force your face in my gaped cooch and push all that black jizz in your mouth. I will turn around and sit my muscular ass on your face. Eat my ass like the filthy cum sucker you are bitch. Yeah that’s it work that tongue in and suck out that brown cum. You are a filthy little bitch now aren’t you?

Gangbang Whore

BBC Gang Bang Phone Sex

I love a nice big black cock as would any other big black cock slut. I would go to outings and to school, even the store in hopes of being surrounded by 8 or 9 maybe even 12 huge black dicks! The last time I got a nice big black cock gang bang was back in high school! My senior year I would sneak into the boys locker room to meet with an ex. Well when I turned the corner one day, I saw him with a group of the other senior black guys! I walked in knowing full well I was about to have all of my holes stretched out from all the big black dicks surrounding me! I immediately was down on my knees begging for those cocks. They pulled them all out, there had to have been at least 10 of them. I started sucking and didn’t stop. Soon I had big black dicks in my ass, pussy, and mouth! I would be so full and dripping in all of the cum. I had my cream pies dripping everywhere! I had two in my pussy and two in my ass while taking turns with my mouth as they dumped their loads into any hole that they wanted! I wouldn’t be able to sit or walk properly for weeks.
bbc phone sex

I Was His Naughty Secretary

dirty phone sex


I have a high dollar client who likes to get his freak on while at work in his corner office. He hires me as a temporary secretary for the day and I love it. Not only does he pay me big bucks, but I get a check cut from the company as well. I always show up dressed like the naughty sexy secretary but still a bit conservative. He has his assistant show me around and then introduce me to him. It is a little game he likes to play, and I am happy to oblige. So, after she had introduced us, I sat in front of his desk and he had her shut the door. I stood up and leaned over his desk showing him by massive cleavage and asked what he would like for me to do for him today. He smiled as I unbuttoned my blouse and walked towards him. I removed my skirt and blouse and stood there in only my panties and bra. He smiled as he turned his chair around and I got between his legs and started unbuckling his pants. I took his big cock out and started stroking it while I licked his balls. Then I looked up at him and smiled as I took that long cock deep in my mouth for him to throat fuck me. We had quite the kinky time that day, but you wish you were my boss for the day too. Just what would you like me to do for you?

Love Playing With My Furry Friend

I’m too much of a slut to not let my furry friend lick and fuck me. I was giving him a bath and I saw his furry dick get hard he is not small by any means. So, I decided to touch it and stroke it and see what would happen. He started panting and sticking his tongue out, I decided to see what he would do with his tongue. I took my panties off and got on my back and spread my legs and right away he went to sniffing and locking my cunt. He has such a good rough wide tongue. He was able to lick my pussy and asshole up.

Furry friends phone sex

I needed my ass licked more so I got on all fours and spread my ass open and he right away licked it. I was so into it I didn’t realize he was mounting me until his paws were gripping my hips tight and his furry friend cock was slipping into my wet cunt. It must have felt so good he was howling and pumping my cunt I couldn’t help myself and play with my clit. As I was cumming I felt him grip me hard and start barking and filling me up with his gooey nut and when he was done, he licked me clean. I love playing with him now.  

White Trash Phone Sex is No Taboos

white trash phone sexNothing is off limits when you are a white trash phone sex woman. Guys ask me often what my limits are, and I always respond that I have not discovered any yet. Furry friends, gang bangs, BBC, age play, bathroom play, incest… Not much I have not tried. I had a caller this weekend who was pretty much no taboos like me. He has a girlfriend, and they have a daughter and son they are raising in the family way. They like to party like me. He is bisexual so plays with his son and his daughter, so does his girlfriend. She likes big black dicks. Neither of them have taboos. I found myself a little jealous though for a couple reasons. Both had folks who played with them when they were little and of course, they have each other now. My ex-husband did not appreciate how kinky I was. He did not like that I wanted to play with our son. He did not like that I wanted to fuck black cock and teen boys either. I have always been a trailer trash whore. My ex grew up in trailer parks too. He liked to drink beer and watch porn, so I thought he would evolve with me. Alas, I am alone. But I have my taboo callers and my son and daughter and all the black and young men who fuck me too. Life is good, but it could always be better with a partner in crime.

horny teen slut

Blonde fucking



I love being filled with a cock in every hole! one dick is never enough for this teen slut. today I was at my boyfriend’s party he threw since his parents were out of town. nothing big just a guy’s night full of beer and drugs and of course I was the only girl there! I don’t remember much the first part was so boring! I almost left to get some cock from the neighbor but the beer I was drinking tasted weird and a few minutes went by and I blacked out. when I woke up all of my holes were so fucking sore and sticky and all the guys were passed out around me with their pants around their ankles! I searched through their phones trying to see what happened however I was already piecing it together, then I saw pics and videos of them slipping something in my beer and a cock in my ass was the next pic! what the fuck! fucking assholes drugged and fucked me.. I wish I was awake for it that is kind of hot.

Cheating slut loves to fuck her friends husband

big dick sucker

I was invited to my friend’s party, and her husband kept giving me a look. You know the one where you know the person is totally into you? Well, I wasn’t shy, and I played a little game of footsies under the dinner table. I gave him the green light by doing so and let him follow me into the bathroom. There were only a few minutes between us playing footsies and him ramming my cunt and making me the big dick sucker that I am. The house thankfully was filled with guests for the birthday party dinner.

I made my pussy well acquainted with the birthday girl’s husband, and it had me wet as can be. My pussy was squirting all my cum and his jizz. It was quite the scene. It is like we both knew what was up and went ahead and did what we wanted. We both caved in to the cravings, and I honestly love spontaneous whore encounters like this one. I have never met the man. I was only friends with his wife for a short period of time since we started working together, and now I am letting her husband pound me hard in her own house.

BBC Phone Sex Slut

BBC phone sex

Are there any BBC phone sex lovers out there? You know I love that big black cock and I get as much of it as I can down at the truck stop. Oh, speaking of the truck stop and big black cock, I have a story to tell you! One of the gas pumps broke down the other day and the guy who came to fix it was a chocolate dream come true. The minute I laid eyes on him I knew I needed his big black cock in my cunt! And you should know that I always get what I want.

So after he was done fixing the gas pump, I asked him if he wanted to come in and have a bite to eat. What I didn’t tell him is that we were going to be going to the secret room in the back of the truck stop for that bite. I told him to undo his pants and when I saw that giant cock flop out of his pants, I knew that I was going to have a majorly kinky afternoon. If you’re up for some big black cock fun, then you should get on the phone and call your favorite lot lizard!

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