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Cum dumpster Quinn fucks for cash

cum dumpster

After spending most of my day at the truck stop, blowing drivers and getting fucked for powder bumps, I realized that I had lost my phone. For all I know, I could have left it in a truck while I was getting my slutty cunt filled with cum. I was so annoyed because phones aren’t cheap. I needed to hustle up some quick cash to replace it so that I didn’t miss any calls from guys that want to pay for my hot pussy. I knew that to come up with enough money to replace my phone, I would have to find a guy willing to pay a fat stack for my kinky cum hole or, I would have to find 12 hard dicks that wanted to blast my cunt. I worked even harder than I usually do, teasing the drivers that came through. I took cum shots to the face and in my slutty fuck hole. I even let one guy’s furry road companion lick the cream from my cunt while I sucked the owner’s cock. At the end of the day, I had plenty of cash to replace my phone and even some to party on for the rest of the day! Being a cum dumpster always gets me what I want!

It was for my health

live phone sexI have been going stir crazy with all the pandemic bullshit going on. I’ve been mostly stuck at home, there’s no parties and I am fucking bored! I want fun, I want to be active and I want new cocks to fuck! I was even starting to gain a little weight so I decided that I would take up some socially distant jogging for my health. Well, there I was jogging when this huge black guy came up behind me. He was keeping his distance and all cus neither one of us had a mask on but just looking at him had my panties soaking wet and all I wanted to do was jump on that huge black dick. I stopped jogging and turned around to ask him bluntly if he would fuck me and to my surprise he smiled and said hell yeah. We maintained our distance by just bending me over so he could fuck me with that huge dick doggy style and it was everything I had been missing. Plus it was kinda hot to be fucking all out in the open like that where anyone could see. I will be going back out again tomorrow, I hope I see him again, you know, for my health.

I Have Plenty of BBC Sex Stories to Share

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories if that is your thing. I know a lot of white guys call me because I am a black cock whore. White guys love watching me take some big black mamba snake up my pussy or in my ass. I do not know if they watch in awe or jealousy, or maybe a little bit of both. I have an ex-husband who never appreciated my jungle fever. He was a truck driver just like my daddy was and one night, he arrived home when I had a black lover in our marriage bed. I was riding this big black cock too. My husband lost his shit. He called me a nigger loving whore. He told me I soiled my pussy, and he would never fuck me again. He did not react like my callers. He went off on a racist tirade. He started packing up my shit, but it was my trailer. My hung lover got up and pinned him like a bug to the wall. He told my husband that he owed me an apology. I was laughing because my big black lover was not scared of this little white man with a little white dick. My lover forced my disrespectful husband to taste my pussy on his monster cock. I watched as my husband choked on big black cock. My racist piece of shit husband was gagging and choking. And he was pleading for mercy. I knew he did not want to be sucking on black cock. Not that he wanted to suck on any cock, but black cock was salt in an already gaping wound. By the time my lover nutted in my husband’s mouth, I had my husband’s crap packed up. My husband left our trailer that night. He never came back to see me or his son or daughter. His pride was seriously wounded, I guess. I became a black cock whore for life that night. Good riddance to my ex. He had a tiny dick anyway. Follow me for more bbc phone sex stories. I am full of them.

Anal Cum Dumpster Lot Lizard

CAnal Sex Whore

Getting my tight little asshole stretched out so that I can get rammed like a fucking whore by a huge black cock is what I call a typical Monday night. I finish up my shift at the diner, and slip into something sluttier for my prostitution promenade. It’s a wonder I’m not epileptic from the way some of these horny assholes flash their truck lights at me, desperate for the touch of a woman.
It’s hard on the road; you know and I know. I’m content by the blow they offer. It helps take the edge off from the intense fucking ‘m about to receive. I know the type; strong hips, dangerous blue eyes, and thick palms. These behemoths get off on slamming those huge trouser snakes into my fucking shit box.
I’ll take multiple loads in my ass every night, guaranteeing that I love the sloppy fucking anal I get as a lot lizard whore. I like to feel that steamy fucking cum drip from my fuck hole as I hop from one cab to another. Even with all these dicks I’m taking, I stay some sort of tight. Each and every cock gets to stretch me, and fuck me until their balls can’t take it and they explode. Horny? What are you doing tonight?


Stripper Sex Stories Of a Size Queen

Stripper Sex Stories

Stripper sex stories are wild and hot. I’m a trashy fucking BBC loving whore. I have been hooking and stripping forever. It’s what I do. It’s what I know. I’m a druggy trailer dwelling Milf. I have a teen son. But I am the mama to my junkie crack whores that are fresh on the scene. I take care of their crack addicted offspring and raise the other young brats up to be just like us. I train them to make money for me. There is no existing if you can’t contribute. The ones that make a huge ordeal of it all never last. Those are the little cum dumps that end up in the dumpsters or the lake. These little fucking offspring of junkies don’t have a fucking place in this world of any worth and so, ya know, we deal with them right. It’s a p daddy’s dream to visit me when he wants some young tender fuck meat to destroy. We all have needs and the higher you get the bigger you go in the darker side of fulfillment. I personally only fuck BBC. SO all the guys I get coming by to fuck me will usually be pushed off to a lesser whore.

Dirty Phone Sex in the Sauna

dirty phone sexI love dirty phone sex calls. We have our own pool and sauna. We have a hot tub too. We live on a few acres in California. We have a mother in law suite with its own garage. Our help lives there. Our maid and our landscaper, and their precious brown lovies. They have four little ones and a couple teens. Of course, I have played with them all. My husband has played with the girls. We have even rented a few of the girls out before. Brown skinned slutkins make good money. I was in the sauna when the teen boy came in. He was apologetic. He thought it was empty and he was going to use it. They can use the pool and hot tub and anything they want. They are family. I saw him gazing at my feet and long legs. I invited him in. I have fucked him before. He has a nice cock for his age. He is about 7-inches now and my guess is that he has a few more years of growing left. I just never knew he had a foot fetish. Maybe he did not realize he did. I put my foot on his crotch and massaged him through his jeans. He was rock hard, and the fun had not started yet. He unzipped his pants. Out rolled his horny teen cock. I put it between the soft soles of my feet and massaged him. Precum started oozing out of the head of his cock. I wanted to fuck him, but I also wanted to feel his young spunk running between my toes. I gave him a foot job. After about ten minutes of cock teasing him with my feet, he exploded all over my toes. His hot cream oozed in between my toes. I am flexible. I fed my feet to my mouth and sucked his cum off each toe. And just like that this teen boy was rock hard again. My sloppy wet pussy got that cock after all.

Fucking His Face

dirty phone sexWent to a rave last week. I know I know…………. I shouldn’t go because of the COVID thing but my pussy was drying up baby. I needed to juice it up and what better way that a room full of horny people. Some drinks, some pills, some pot and lots and lots of loud music. I saw a hot dude across the way and decided that he would be the one to jump start my pussy. I wrapped my arms around him and said, “fuck me”. He smiled and grabbed my hand leading me to the basement. As people partied around us, I undressed to my heels and got between his legs and blew him. Deep and hard and fast. His nut juice filled my mouth, and I swallowed every last drop. My pussy was feeling it now and I climbed up and straddled his face, grinding my cunt against his mouth. Using his nose like a credit card as I rubbed my slit up and down him. I didn’t stop until he was covered in my pussy juice. Then I licked his mouth clean and climbed on his hard dick. As I fucked him, I noticed a light shining on us and heard someone say smile you are on Instagram live. I just laughed told them to tag me and direct them to my only fans page. Then continued putting on a hot ass show for them as I got my pussy filled.

Just a taste

druggy porn

Finally payday arrived! I went to see my usual dealer and he told me that he had gotten some new heroin in from South America and that he would let me have a free taste if I let him have a taste of me and film it for a druggy porn site. I readily agreed and started heating the new stuff up on the spoon. I grabbed the rubberized band and tied it tight to ensure good IV access. He drew the liquid up into the syringe and then injected it into my arm. Almost immediately I started floating and feeling really good. I could feel him taking my clothes off but didn’t have the ability to care. As I was riding the pink elephant in my mind he was busy riding me. He used my mouth, cunt and ass as though he owned them. I was nothing more than a happy, drooling, passed-out fuck doll. He had his way until he was happy and he left taking the camera and my clothes with him. I woke up a while later with cum dripping from every hole and had to walk home naked. I can’t wait to have another taste of that good shit and hope that he and I can come to an arrangement more often!

Open For Business and Taking Deposits

Live phone sexI know that I am just a trailer trash whore that grew up to be a slutty stripper just like most of the whores in this town.

I was lucky enough to be blessed with a extremely hot fuckable pussy and some killer tits but I know that when men pay to fuck me, I am just another cum guzzling slut.

They don’t care that I have a nice tight ass, perfect for stroking their hard cocks or that I keep my pussy so tight that even the smallest dick feels huge when he is balls deep in my cum filled cunt!

All they care about is having a whole to drop that creamy load, and I happen to provide three very nice ones (six if you count my slutty little pre-whore)!

It is never personal!

I am like a little cum bank that is open for business and taking deposits all day long!

You don’t have to worry about me getting all googly eyed and thinking it is more than a business transaction.

I know what I am! And my name  and number aren’t written on this towns water tower for nothing!

I am one hot white trash phone sex whore ready for you to fill my pockets with cash and my sweet ass with cum!

Trashy MILF and Soon to Be Granny

trashy milf

Do you know what a trashy MILF does on a Friday night? She pimps her daughter out for money. It is sort of a tradition in this family. When I was a young girl, my mommy whored me out for money. She was a trailer park hooker. When she found out she could make more money off me than her, that was a game changer. My daughter is 25 now, but when she was younger, I would take her to this local no tell motel and let men cum on her for $50. If they wanted to fuck her, they could make me an offer. She was a good whore. She still is a good whore. She knows the fastest way to make money. Now, she is a pregnant whore. Yep. I am going to be a grandma and our wheels are already turning. A little one costs money. Pregnancy costs money. My daughter needs medical care. She needs a double wide trailer to live. She needs things for my future grandson or granddaughter. So, last night we brought back a tradition. Friday nights at that the local no tell motel. My son is a master of the dark web. He knows how to place ads that will not get flagged and land any of us in hot water. There are so many men who want to give a pregnant whore their cum. There are many men who want to be on the waiting list to give a tiny girl their seed. We do not know what she is having yet, but we are telling guys it will be a girl because that is where the money is.  Never too young to feed a girl cum. Last night we started feeding the fourth generation of cum whores in the womb. I was being fed cum before I could crawl. I am now a cum dumpster. My daughter was fed cum before she could walk too, and she is a cum whore like her mama. My daughter made bank last night getting fucked and creamed on by horny men who cannot wait until our newest addition arrives. We may be trailer trash whores, but we will never be poor whores because men pay for taboo sex.

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