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Anal Sex Whore Lilibeth

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. I do not hook as much as my young daughters do, but when I do, it is almost always anal. Young men, married men both love anal sex. Young guys see anal videos nonstop on Porn Hub. Married men cannot get wives to give up the ass. I entertained a few married men last night. Men who are obsessed with anal sex and know only whores give up the ass. I came home full of cum. I have this trick I do. I put a butt plug in my ass after anal sex. I want to keep the cum inside me until I get home to feed my creampie slut daughters. They love drinking cum from mommy’s fuck holes. They want to drink straight from the source too. I got up on the couch, spread my ass cheeks and pulled out the plug. I could feel the loads of cum running down the back of my legs. I could hear the squeals of delight followed my eager tongues. They were enjoying the sticky salty treat flowing out of my swollen asshole. Those married men fucked me like a whore. They left a mess in me like a whore too. But my sweet dirty angels were there to clean up the mess.

Trashy Milf Pool Orgy

trashy milfWhen you are a trashy milf, your house is where your offspring’s friends want to hang out. We threw a Memorial Day pool party. Any pool party, I am the center of the focus. I make my self the focus. Being a horny milf in great shape makes it easy to get attention. My husband and I served the teens booze and weed. I even let a few boys and girls do bumps off my belly. Once the party favors kicked in, it was no long a pool party. It was a pool orgy. I am a druggy whore not because I am an addict but because I believe when altered, your freaky side comes alive. I do not care how old or young a person is, a little cocaine, and you want to be the star of a hardcore orgy porn. My sons fucked me in front of their friends. Their friends fucked me in front of their friends. And I ate a lot of pussy in front of everyone. The pool had more cum in it than water, I joked. I honestly do not think my pool parties are that much different from other pool parties in the area. I may have more younger ones in attendance, but everyone is just as high and horny.

Promise to leave you satisfied

Cum Dumpster


When dealing with me I get nasty for that white girl. You want to fuck this cunt and jizz all in this cunt I will do it. You want me to suck you and your friends cocks and till you jizz all over my face, or maybe until I swallow every drop like cum guzzling slut I am I will do just that. Would you like to me lick your asshole I’m down to do that? Open the doors to bring your girlfriend in Ill handle that and eat her cunt while you fuck this ebony cunt from behind.You need a slave to punish and answer to you, master I will abide with everything you do. You just tell me what you want and I will do just that and the best thing about it all you will never hear the word no.  Give me a call and let me treat you to a good time and I promise you won’t regret it.

Trailer Trash Whore is Back in Action at the Truck Stop

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore signed on to work this morning with cum in her cunt. I forgot I had the early shift. I had not even been to bed. Why? Because it was a fucking Friday night and I wanted to get some big black cock. I marched my old skanky ass to the truck stop. Loves is back in full swing. They are allowing trucks to park over night and truckers to shower in their facility again. That means, there is always a party in a truck again. I went down last night. It was already late. I knew I would find some one to party with. I found three. Big D, my favorite black cock. He is a 40 something trucker with a 13-inch black cock. He was not traveling alone. He had two young black apprentices with him. Three black cocks for me? Hell, yes. This lot lizard sex whore was in heaven. I sucked and fucked big black cocks until I realized the sun was coming up. I partied too. I was coked up and filled with cum when I came in. I was set to shower and crash, but I realized I was supposed to work at 10 am. I just signed in with black spunk running down my legs. I did another line of coke and made a pot of coffee because I like things black. You do not mind talking to a freshly fucked old whore, do you?

Let Me Spread My Cheeks For You

hot stripper sexLet’s take it to the VIP room is one of my favorite things to come out of your mouth. I am a slut, but I am a high price slut. But every so often I a pleasantly surprised by just what you have underneath your khaki pants. The wifey doesn’t take care of you the way I can does she. She gives you every excuse she can think of, but I never say no. You start flashing those bucks around and all of my holes immediately open. What you like best is a wet sloppy blow job. Been awhile since you have had one of those hasn’t it. I will take you deep and hard. Want to hold my face to your crotch and hear me gag? You got it. Let me lay on the couch and show you the most desired hole. My sweet tight asshole. You know you aren’t getting that at home. So come on, I will even hold my cheeks for you while you ram it in. It is nice and tight isn’t it? Now push my face to the ground and ram it in so hard that your balls are smacking against me. That’s right baby, with a long thick dick like that you will have us both orgasming in no time.

Trashy Milf Sucking Cock To 80’s Rock

Trashy MilfI grew up being a dirty whore, but now I’m just a trashy milf. I remember the very first cock I sucked! I was a teen, and my Daddy called me into his room. He had Poison playing on the radio while he laid in his bed, naked as sin, stroking his thick Daddy cock. My hair was teased out, but watching him was a tease to my sweet young cunt. My metallic spandex started to get wet from my little bald pussy.
Daddy noticed how turned on I was, and coaxed me over to him where he grabbed me by the back of my head and forced my slutty mouth down around his cock. I sucked and licked and throat fucked Daddy’s fat cock until he said he had a real nice present for me.
Well, he flipped me over and started pounding my pussy to Poison, an orignal fucking rhythm.
Now, as a grown up trashy milf, every time I hear Poison playing on the radio, I am instantly quivering, a soaking wet mess. I got so addicted to doing lines off of Daddy’s cock that even just the music is enough to take me back to him rocking his hips in that cum worthy rhythm.
My oldest boy was painting my toes for me when Poison happened on the radio, and I made him lick my sweet soles and suck on my little toes instead. It wasn’t long before he was rock hard, and I was jerking him off with my feet.
He was shocked by how wet his trashy milf of a mother was, but I really couldn’t help it. All I could think of was when Daddy did those dirty deeds to me, and we all know what a filthy fucking whore that turns me into. I made my son come closer, and lick Momma’s pussy clean. All he did was make me wetter, though. It was like a never ending flow of sweet wetness. My poor milf pussy was begging for some thick young cock to rock and roll all night. Needless to say, I drained my son’s young balls six times that day, and he almost cried that night when I crawled in his bed, ready for some more.

Trashy Milf

Cum Dumpster In Hollywood

cum dumpster

Life here in Hollywood being a cum dumpster has been so good for me. It’s like no matter where I turn, there are dicks and drugs. What more could a girl ask for? Sure, when I first moved here, I wanted to be on TV, but things changed. Sure, if I got a role and could be on TV, that would be awesome. But what I really love is being a whore for JC and all of the men I sell my pussy to. Being a whore truly is my calling. I’ve been doing it since I was old enough to fuck.

Take yesterday, for example. JC told me that we were going to a party and I knew what that meant. When we go to parties, it’s almost always because I’m going to be the party entertainment. He likes to take me in there and let the men do whatever they want to do to me. Of course, I can’t say no and it’s not like I ever would anyway. Yesterday’s party was epic and I’d love to tell you about it. My pussy doesn’t always get sore after a party, but today, I can barely sit. Do you want to hear about it? Just call me and I’ll relive it with you.

Pimpin’ Out Lolita

Live phone sexThe brat and I still have not found a place to live in our new town so we’ve been staying at the local dive hotel where all the hookers turn their tricks.
I had just finished a night on the pole when there was a knock on our motel door. It was those damn door to door religious rats! Two young boys in suits were going to try to save us!
My angel sat on the bed and listened for a minute and then became bored and started playing with her little cunny.
She was rubbing  her young cunt right through her panties. And watching her was making me so proud, I couldn’t help but get a little moist myself!
It was clearly making the boys uncomfortable because they kept shifting from side to side trying to hide their growing cocks behind their Bible’s!
I think the little fuck doll was enjoying it because she pulled her “day of the week” panties off and started slipping her fingers in her kitty.
The poor boys started salivating as they watched that sweet young thing finger fuck herself!
I asked them if they wanted a taste and my girl held up her glistening hands to offer a lick!
The tiny cock rockers couldn’t help them selves and they crawled in the bed with her, taking turns eating her hairless young snatch! You should have heard her squeal as they held her legs and forced their meat deep in her tight young cunt!
Her tiny body looked like a doll as she bounced on one cock and sucked the other and I couldn’t help playing with my clit as I watched!
When she was done, there was not a spot on her body that wasn’t splattered with Bible thumping pussy loving cock spit!
I held out my hand and said that will be fifty bucks!
They looked at me with disbelief.
Come on now, Mama’s gotta pay rent!

He got what he deserved

live phone sexI was at my friend’s house last night hanging out with a  few people and I was drunk as shit. I went to go to the bathroom and I guess I was taking too long cus this guy just barged on in acting all rude telling me I was taking too long. Well that shit pissed me off! Who the fuck was he to just walk in there like that? I was just drunk enough to be a total bitch so I jumped up off the toilet and shoved him down to his knees. I said if he was in such a hurry to get me out of there he could take care of cleaning me up since I was clearly not doing it fast enough for him. Then I shoved his face right in my dirty asshole and made him lick me clean. He was protesting and trying to wiggle away but I had him pinned up against the wall and there was no way for him to get away. He had to lick my shitty asshole until it was clean and only then did he get to use the bathroom. Of course, once I saw that huge cock I had to take that for a spin too, how could I resist?

Tag youre in

Gangbang whoreI went to the club and got drunk as fuck. There were about five niggas there giving me the eye. I couldn’t choose one so why not have them all. I went o the first one and started sucking his dick right there I felt it all eyes on me and you think I gave a fuck ? No not one. I grabbed one of the other guys pulled him behind me and I yanked my skirt and he started fucking the shit out of me from the behind and it was good so I tagged the next guy and ohhhhh he was even better and as I was bout to cum. Here comes the next the dude coming to fuck me crazy and boy was it good. He fucked me so good but I had to get the next dude in and as he came behind I started sucking my juices off as the next nigga finished and now tag you’re in give me a call so we can see what you will do.

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