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BBC Phone Sex is Where the Filthy Fun is At with Trashy BJ

BBC Phone sex with this trashy stripper is where the filthy hot times are. A little crack and alot of cum. This is what BJ craves for making me feel alive. Being gangbanged out by all that big blak bull cock is living.

At first we just get high and watch some porn. Then I become so damned high and excited I start to play with my cunt. Soon there are big black hands all over these stripper tits. And kissing those black lips as their anaconda’s start to grow stiff and throb.

Finally down on my knees and taking care of five big black cocks is my place. Sucking and soon fucking them all. We are getting super high and fucking super hardcore with out fucking. This is really what you want too white boy. Maybe its my cracker pussy stuffed with that nigger seed that you crave.

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BBC Phone Sex

Hardcore anal sex with my boyfriend’s father and his stepmom

Hardcore anal sex I Love anal fucking especially when it’s Hardcore anal sex… The kind that leaves my asshole gaping for days on end. I want to be manhandled and fucked hard like a good little Cock worshiping slut. I was recently caught with the father of my boyfriend by his wife… He wasn’t expecting her home! She walked into my shit hole gaping in the air and her husband sucking his own nut out. To my surprise, he didn’t even bother stopping… He continued slicking my asshole with his tongue while jerking his cock preparing himself for another round. He had the biggest white dick I had ever laid my eyes on.

His wife standing there watching in distraught made the lips of my pussy quiver.

He slipped his hard dick into my pussy and pumped in and out until he left me with a Cum filled cunt. He then called his wife a stupid bitch and told her not to just fucking stand there. She whimpered as she dropped to her knees and began slurping the cum out of my pussy. He asked her how it tasted as he ripped at her head of hair with cum dripping down her chin she responded amazingly “Master”. Cum filled cuntHe slammed his cock down her throat and said I am sure Audrey’s ass juice tastes just as good. I fingered my shithole while watching her gag, slobber, and drool all over his big dick. When he was ready to rupture he dragged me by my ankles to the edge of the bed and fucked me in my asshole missionary style with no remorse.

He choked me while calling me a dirty Cum dumpster slut, after shooting his final load, he told his wife to clean me up with her tongue.

Whores Love It In Their Shitter!

Teen anal whore Back story on Jeff, I have known him since I was like 10; he is my brothers friend from school. I have always had a little crush on Jeff but never said anything when I was super young because my brother would have flipped out. As I got a little older though I stopped caring about what my brother thinks or says. So I have always flirted and asked Jeff to fuck me every chance I could get.  He was resilient at first because him and brother are still good friends and he did not want any bad blood. That all flew out the window when Jeff saw me at the local pub getting wasted. It is my go to spot to pick up some cock as you know; I saw him looking at me from the end of the bar and I knew I was finally going to get what I wanted.

We started shooting the shit and he subtly invited me back to his place. I knew I had him now; obviously I said yes and he paid the tab and we broke out. We walked to his car and said “Your brother would kill me if he knew I was hanging out with you”. We drove to his house and went right to his room; I was pretty wasted and ready to get fucked. He was nervous and had no idea what I was all about; he has never seen the slutty and horny side of me. I was about to blow his world and I could not wait to take his cock for a test drive with my slutty ass hole. 

So he laid back on the bed and I just took off my clothes without even saying anything. I saw the look on his face when he saw my tits pop out of my dress. He took off his clothes too and said “God damn, I should have hooked up with you way sooner girl”. I laughed and said don’t worry I am here to make up for the lost time so I hope you are ready for the time of your life. He smiled and before he could even answer I put his dick in my hot throat. I fucked my mouth with his cock for a few minutes and his cock was HUGE. I was not expecting his dick to be this big but I was so excited to feel it inside me.

I asked him if ever fucked a bitch in the ass hole. He said anytime he has tried to put it in a girls ass it never fits; so he just stopped trying . I laughed and told him to lay back and hold my legs up over my head. I took his cock and lined it up with my ass hole and slid down. I felt it pop through and I could feel myself stretching around him. I groaned and he said “Damn your ass hole is so fucking tight”. I moaned and quivered and said “Oh, don’t worry though once I get it all the way in I can ride it and work that cock like a bitch in heat”. He groaned and said “Yeah baby, show me how a slut fucks”.

His cock went all the way in and I could feel the pressure building around my cunt; I knew I could squirt with that meat stick in my ass hole. I bounced on him like it was the last time I was getting dick. He grabbed my hips and bounced me off his dick like a fuck doll. I told him to pull me upward so I could squirt and he was all for it. I squirted all over his shaft and slid it right back in my ass pipe. He called me a whore and said “I have never fucked a nasty bitch like you before and I can’t wait to breed your shit box with this nut”. I moaned and groaned as he shot ropes of his cum straight up my ass as I kept squirting my cunt juice all over him. It was a night for the books that’s for sure!

Cum dumpster slut Quinn

cum dumpster

Quinn the nasty cum dumpster slut has been a naughty girl today! I want to make you jerk your hard dick while I tell you all about the first time my dad made me cum. I woke up super horny one morning. My cunt was soaked from the hot dream that I had about riding my brother’s big dick and I couldn’t stop rubbing it. I put on some porn and kept teasing my cunnie trying to cum but I just couldn’t no matter what. I didn’t have a dildo with me so I went to my mom’s room to see what I could find. Knowing what a slutty freak my mom is, I knew that she had tons of toys of all sizes hidden in her room. I went through her dresser and found a really nice, thick one in the top drawer. I laid back on her bed, spread my legs wide open and starting stuffing my wet cunt with that fat fuck toy. It was the perfect size and shape and was so thick and perfect that I started squirting all over the place. I slid it in and out slowly at first and then faster and faster, making myself cum over and over. I was cumming so fucking hard and soaking my mom’s bed with my cunt juices. I fucked myself so hard and made myself cum so many times that I passed out with the dildo still in my hot, soaked cunnie. My mom woke me up when she got home from work a few hours later. I was still in her bed, with my cunt juices soaking her sheets and that amazing fuck toy still lying near by. Mom looked a little embarrassed when she started asking me where I found that toy and if I had used it. I told her what happened and that it was the best fuck toy I’ve ever had and made me cum so fucking hard. That’s when she admitted to me that it was a toy that was made from a mold of my dad’s dick. I was all over him when he got home from work that night, teasing him and begging him to fuck me. I’ve been obsessed with his big cock ever since that first time.

How could anyone love being a Cum dumpster more than Deidra?


Cum dumpster

Deidra was a good girl when she was young, but when she turned twenty, she let loose and discovered the joys of slutting around and being a Cum dumpster. Everyone called her Deidra the Cum Dumpster because of her love of fucking and being a slut. She reveled in her newfound freedom and quickly filled her nights with endless adventures of wild sex.

She met men from all walks of life and enjoyed every minute of it. She found that she loved the love and attention she got from these strangers. Whenever she had the chance, she’d take them back to her place and have her way with them.

For the first time in her life, Deidra felt like she was living and she loved it. Every day she had sex with many different men and felt nothing but happiness. Even when she felt bad about herself and the things she was doing, she knew she was in control and that brought her even more pleasure.

Deidra was a cum dumpster who loved fulfilling her wildest fantasies and making memories that would last forever. Every night she would crawl into bed, knowing that once again she had fucked and been a slut. She’d fall asleep with a satisfied smile and awake refreshed and ready to do it all over again.

Big Dick Sucker Beverly Never Met a Cock She Could Not Suck

big dick suckerI take pride in being a big dick sucker. All the guys in my trailer park know that if a girl tells them their cock is too big, they can come see me. I’ve never met a cock too big for me to suck. Only cocks too small for me to waste my time on. Although I am known as a BBC whore, I still like white cocks. But only if they seem to be 8 inches or bigger.

A teen boy visited my trailer last night. However he looked so sad I thought something serious had happened to him. Turns out something did happen to him. He planned on fucking his girlfriend last night, but she stopped the action. She believed his cock looked too big for her virginal pussy. Likely, she was right. For a teenage white boy, Derek’s dick looked like a horse cock. However, not too big for this trailer trash whore.

I’ve Never Met a Cock I Couldn’t Suck

Derek knocked on the right door. And I welcomed his horny dick in all three of my holes. No way he would have fucked his girlfriend’s ass. If she thought his dick was too big for her cunt, no way would she want his fat fuck stick in her asshole. However, me on the other hand, I begged him to fuck my ass. I took that teenage boy with the horse cock and made him a man.

He did not care that I was 40 some years older than him. And I sure as fuck did not care that he was younger. I love young studs. Black or white, I enjoy fucking teenage boys. Their stamina appears off the charts, and they need no time in between fucks. I enjoyed being his anal sex whore. That teen girl’s loss was this old broad’s gain. Like I said. I’ve never met a cock I did not like.

Nasty Bitches Make Cock Harder !

Hardcore anal sexThe best kind of whores are the ones who don’t remember how much of a slut they are for cock. A drunk/drugged out skank ready to let any man violate her shit box should be the goal for all girls. Living in a trailer park neighborhood really gave me a place to start this trashy lifestyle. It gets boring just sitting around and doing nothing. The best way to ignore your boring life is by not remembering it and just getting fucked whenever you can.

I love when I wake up with an ass hole, cunt or face full of cum and never remembering what guy used me to jerk his cock off. It truly is the best feeling in the world when you can just be a horny fucked up mess. Plus, you naturally tend to be way more open to filthy things when you aren’t exactly coherent. I love to live my life on the wild side; all women should take my advice and do the same. I guarantee they will please so many more guys that way; this is why guys always choose me to use. Men want dirty whores NOT girls with morals during sex.

A man wants a cunt who is going to allow him to fuck whatever hole he wants and as hard as he wants. Guys like filthy sex with bitches who degrade themselves and have no standards. I am a hole to be fucked and used however you see fit. Don’t you agree baby? Of course you do, that’s why you are rock hard and want to stroke your cock to me. You want to fuck every hole I have and fill me with cum before leaving me a dripping mess. So what are you waiting for? Let’s play; I can make you blow the fattest load while you think about force fucking my ass hole open!

Trailer Trash Whore Sucks Married Neighbor Cock

This Trailer Trash Whore is a Certified Cum Guzzling Slut

Who doesn’t want to stick their horny cocks in a slutty trailer trash whore who sucks more cock than she breathes air? Even married men can’t help but want to fuck a dirty blonde slut. Like my neighbor. Yesterday, I was laying out front in a bikini top and a tiny pair of jean shorts. He was supposed to be watching his kids, but he was watching me instead. He came out of his trailer massaging his cock through his jeans. And that bulge was fucking huge. Of course, I was going to pull out that cock and get a nice good look at it.

trailer trash whore

Big Dick Sucker Gets Face Fucked Hard!

It was a monster fucking hog. A 9 inch fat dick with these throbbing fucking veins. I’m a certified big dick sucker and I needed to get a taste of that meaty monster cock. We didn’t care that his family was inside next door, or that we were out in public. I pushed his cock into my mouth and pushed my head down as far as I could. I could only get a few inches of that thick dick in my mouth. So I spit on his cock and started to pump it instead. Massaged the tip of his dick with my tongue and watched his head roll back.

Then, his greedy hands were on the back of my head. He was pushing me all the way down on his dick. I could feel his dick spreading my jaw wide and pushing to the back of my throat. My eyes were tearing up and I was gagging hard. I was trying to pull my head up, but he just kept forcing his dick down my throat.

I’ve never been face fucked by such a huge cock. I couldn’t even breathe. I just let him use my face like a flesh light and slobbered all over that massive cock. He forced his dick to the back of my throat again. His balls were against my chin and I could feel the cum pumping down my throat. I bet his wife couldn’t take that hog as deep as this cum guzzling slut could!

Cum Dumpster Beverly Enjoys Being the Whore of a Party

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. Cum does this body good. Better than milk too. I am almost 60 and still fucking and sucking cock like I was a teenager. And I show no signs of slowing down either. Fridays night in the trailer park get wild. Of course, I am the one who makes them wild. I still have a cast on my leg, so I am not driving to the truck stop for cock yet. But I do not need to go far for cock in my trailer park.

And I love the fact that on the weekends, I am a stone’s throw away from a party. I crashed a party last night. But none of the guys minded. In fact, I became the life of the party. It appeared to be my kind of party too. All black men and one blonde fucking white whore. Those black bulls passed me around like a party favor.

Black men off all ages too. Some teenage boys and some men my age. Most of the guys I guessed to be in their 30s. However, I did not card anyone. Age never matters to me. As long as cocks get hard and fill me with cum, I am a happy camper. All those black bulls had no problem getting hard, staying hard and cumming multiple times.

Hallmark of a Trailer Park Whore is a Messy Cunt

And they treated me gently with my bad leg. For the most part they just held me up in the air or sat me on the laps to fuck me. However, they did fuck me hard. Rough sex in the sense they drilled my  fuck holes. But gentle because they made sure not to hurt my already hurt leg. I still have a cum filled cunt.  Hallmark of a BBC whore.

I might be walking a bit slow today. But I am glowing. That freshly laid look stays with me for a bit. However, my holes still seem sloppy. So, if you a creampie lover, I have a treat for you.

Drunk girl fucking Instructions for your cock

Drunk girl fucking

Drunk girl fucking Instructions for your cock. It’s a hot and naughty form of sex that can make men cum like never before.All you need is a woman like me who is so intoxicated from drinking alcohol. The sex is usually wild and uninhibited due to the effects of the alcohol, and you get to take advantage of this and use it for your dirty desires.  It’s a great way to satisfy your craving for wild sex without having to deal with the complications of dating. Just remember, fucking a drunk girl is just for fun and nothing more.

Drunk girl fucking with me and friends! 

You need to make sure that she isn’t too shitfaced to enjoy herself! Balance is in order to fuck hot drunk girls I’ll even bring a friend for your cock while we drink!   

Your cock should always feel comfortable and in control of our intoxicated bodies. While being extra dominant in the bedroom, you should not be gentle or understanding at all. The drunk sex is so passionate and intense! Make sure to be vocal as possible to let me know how much pleasure I am giving your cock. When you want to make a drunk Cum dumpster like me puke and squirt, you should use a variety of hardcore positions. Throat fuck us and allow your big cock to target the most sensitive areas of a drunk bitches throat.

 Puking on your cock is the maximum pleasure for drunk sluts!!!  In addition to using different speeds and angles, be creative with your strokes. It will add variety to the experience and make sure she is continually pampered by your thick mushroom. It’s a great way to spice up any sex life and make sure that your whore gets the pleasure she desires by drunk girl puke fucks! .It’s a hot, naughty form of sex that can make men cum like never before. To add something new and exciting to your bedroom repertoire, try fucking blitzed women like me during live phone sex.