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My stepdad was such a disgusting pig. I couldn’t stand him, but he still found ways to get me to spread my legs for him. He would use the excuse that my car wouldn’t be allowed to leave the garage. All I had to do was make his commands happen. If he wanted me with my legs spread and allowing his girthy chicano cock to slide past my clit I’d have to let him. Sometimes all he wanted was a taste and would whisper in my ear that he couldn’t wait to give me a cum filled cunt. 

He even told me he would knock me up and take me far away. My mom had no clue that my dirty stepdad was obsessed with my pussy. All he ever did for the longest was just taste me and eat my twat. Daddy even told me he wanted to feel me up till I began to beg for his verga. i need that, cream, papi.

Taboo Phonesex Means We Can Talk About Anything

taboo phonesexTaboo phonesex means we can talk about anything. I am shock proof. Nothing is off limits to me. Not even my own little slutkins. I love talking about my family. I even enjoy sharing my family with you horny men. I have three sons, three daughters and two adopted daughters. They all have tight holes too. Most of my callers want to talk about the young pussy I have at home and I understand that. The lure of Lolita sex is strong. Daddy and I make bank off our young sluts’ tight, pink holes too, but sometimes I get calls for my sons. I will confess I love talking about my boys, especially my youngest son. He looks much younger than he is because of his hairless, soft  body. My baby boy is a surfer.  I think, over the years, that the sand has eroded his hair follicles. He has no hair on his back or his chest. And he still has a hairless cock and balls. Unlike his brothers, he has a sift body too. He has no interest in working out. He is the perfect boy for a P trashy milf like me, and even P men like you. From behind, you cannot tell if my boy is a girl or a boy. He has long hair for a boy, and soft features. He looks like a young boy, not a teenager. He is my favorite. I do not tell my other boys and girls that though. Most of my callers want to talk about all the young pussy I have in the house, but I like to talk about my sons too. I know I love a tight boy ass. Do you? No shame in admitting that you find a young boy attractive. I know I do. A soft, hairless boy is an P person’s wet dream cum true. I do a lot of naughty and unconventional things with my baby boy. He is so submissive that I can do anything to him. That means you can do anything to him too. My phone sex line is open, and we can talk about anyone and anything.

Creampie Slut Carrie Will Leave You Drained And Satisfied!

Creampie Slut

I am one massive, creampie slut! I absolutely love it when a man cums inside of my pussy. I love it even more when he records it so that I can watch it later as spank bank material. No clue what it is about creampies, maybe it’s the thickness and the creamy goodness that I love so much. Whatever it is, I cannot get enough of it.

This slut is all about you jacking off and busting your nut inside of my pussy. Sure the face and tits are great for your meat stick to play with, but that cum should always, and I mean always, go inside of my pussy.

Even those yummy huge bbc cocks need to cum inside of my pussy. That is my one rule if you fuck me, you have to cum inside of my pussy. And I don’t mean partially, I mean fully 100% fill me with all of that cum in your balls. I want to drain your balls and milk your cock so that you are empty for a few days afterwards.

I want you to be thrusting so hard into my sopping wet cunt that you can’t think straight and just burst inside of me. Pump your delicious thick, meaty, beefy cock inside of me like no other then just give me that sweet, sweet baby making juice.

Plant it so deep inside of me that it goes directly into my fucking womb. I want to have that risk and danger factor of oh no I might be pregnant. So, pump this pussy full of that delicious gooey goodness!

White Trash Phone Sex Babes Know Fridays are for Fucking

white trash phone sexI put the trash in white trash phone sex. I have a smoker’s voice. Mature and gravelly. I am what I am. I am not polished. I am a raw and dirty whore. What did I do this Friday night? I crashed a teenage party. I do it often. I live in a trailer park. Most of the women in this place are single moms. Many work in strip clubs or as escorts. Friday night is a busy night for sex workers. I guess I am sort of a sex worker. I do have a dirty talk line. I take off most Friday nights though, even though my sexline can be very busy. I need to make money, but I also need young cocks for my mature pussy. I take off Friday nights and either whore myself out for coke at the local truck stop, or I crash a teenage kegger in my trailer park. I did the latter last night. I walked  right up to the bonfire where a bunch of teenagers were partying and said I wanted to join the fun. I am a hot cougar. Young boys love me. Even younger girls love me too. I was the one to crank up the heat at that party. I started dirty dancing by the fire. I grabbed a beer and teased all the teenage boys with my milf body. The boys surrounded me with their cocks out. The girls just watched and sighed relief that I would take care of the horny boys. Boys are horny. They will pressure young schoolgirls to fuck them. No need to pressure a trashy milf. We want to fuck young boys. It was cool outside, but that bonfire and the teenage cocks warmed me up. I drained young balls, drank beer, smoked weed and even ate some young pussy too. I love my wild Friday nights. Fridays are for fucking.

Getting Down and Extra Dirty Watching Druggy Porn!

Druggy PornMy young pussy craves the sweet penetration of a needle in my arm or smoking some speed just as much as a good fuck. I am practically a druggy porn star with the number of men who have picked me up nice and high and had their way with me. There are no limits when it comes to a young gutter slut like me. Never ever will it be considered force for you to find my passed-out druggy body and have your way with me. If fact, if you find me especially out of sorts, just know that a bald wet cunt like mine is down for you to call all your friends for our good time. The more the merrier after all. Perhaps you are just sick and tired of that mundane business life that you have to deal with and you are looking for a good time with a happy ending. Let’s smoke some up and fuck for days as we hit a meth bender taking that year’s frustrations out on my young whore puss ready and waiting for your frustrated pounding. For a little extra, you can even set your tripod and camera up so you can keep memories of the good time we have had for your own enjoyment. Druggy porn will expose just how downright dirty you can get whenever you truly let every one of your inhibitions go and enjoy your real sexual desires.

Creampie Sex Stories with a Dirty Mommy Whore

creampie sex storiesCreampie sex stories anyone? I love to have my messy pussy cleaned up. Usually, it is one of my slutkins licking up all that creamy goodness between my legs. Last night, however, a man paid me to eat my creampie pussy. He is a John. Been paying for my Lolita whores for years now. He had something different in mind this time. He wanted to watch all three of my sons fuck me and then eat my pussy afterwards. I think he just wants to taste the cum from my sons’ cocks and this way he feels less gay about doing it. We don’t judge in this house. Plus, he was paying us for doing something I do for free. I love fucking my sons and feeding their cum to their sisters. If a guy wants to eat my cum filled cunt, I will let him. He came over last night. We finally got our power back after the California storms, and there was no better way to celebrate. It was warm again. The lights were on. I was ready to be a mommy whore for all three of my teenage sons. My client sat in a chair across from us to watch the show. What a show he got too. Not only did my sons fuck the pussy they came from, but they fucked my ass too. My boys were super horny. The power being off for several days fucked with them. Now that they have Wi-Fi and video games again, they are not cranky and can fuck me like a sex doll. Cum was in both holes, dripping out of me quickly. I put a butt plug in both ends and waited for my creampie slut to crawl over and get what he paid for. He was buried between my legs for hours licking every drop of cum from my ass and my cunt. He loved the taste of young boy cum. Like I said. I do not judge. I am a dirty milf whore. What is your kink?

Anal cum dumpster loves thick loads

Anal cum dumpster

Do you ever think about the pleasure I derive from being an Anal Cum Dumpster? I just love getting my ass worked by a hot stiff rod. I love getting around town and everyone knowing who I am. It’s amazing what you can get done when you have friends in all places. Men are such good friends to have especially for a cum slut. Just the other day I was entertaining at the local garage. I went in to get my tires changed but I was feeling slutty (no other word for it).  I’m not sure how those horn dogs work so many hours without fucking midday. Thank god it was only myself and 5 mechanics working. I happened to find myself in the waiting room alone and horny. I’m so glad they have those pads to support a whore’s knees cuz I had to brace for all the cock tearing up my ass. Nothing beats having a cum filled cunt and asking for you.

Blonde fucking nut busting debutante

Blonde fucking

Thats right, I’m a blonde fucking nut busting debutante. Haven’t you heard? I’m the naughty catholic schoolgirl that everyone’s been gossiping about. I’ve been pretending to be the good girl. You know, all smiles and sweet and nice. I pretend to be that girl who has never tried anything like drugs or alcohol. I sit at the front row of the class, legs crossed sitting like a lady. I always make sure to be the first to raise my hand to answer any questions the teacher asks. I’m a teacher’s pet. He always looks down my shirt when giving out homework or passing out test scores. I like the attention. But today I got detention for passing notes to the boys in my class. The truth is I’m a catholic schoolgirl slut. I think he is so hot; it makes me wet thinking about staying behind in detention alone with him. My sloppy wet pussy is dripping. I go to detention and my school approves of corporal punishment. He’s going to cane me! He shuts and locks the door and I pull my skirt up and bend over; I’m not wearing panties. “I don’t understand what it is with you teen sluts fucking with the boys in this school, but you will be punished. I’ve heard what you’ve been doing,” he says. I’ve been talking dirty with the boys about having some orgy phone sex. I want to be their gangbang whore. I’m a blonde fucking cum guzzling slut and want to be treated like one. I want all of them around me, fucking me hard. As I am daydreaming, I suddenly feel that hard cane against my cheeks. It makes my pussy wet with each smack as I know what’s going to happen next. I start counting out the hard lashings against my cheeks. One…Two….Three…!

Just Got My Period. Let’s Fuck!

Period phone sex


Fuck my bleeding wet pussy. I want your cock so deep up my tight hole right now. My mother says I’m not supposed to be doing this with you. She says a man fucking a woman on her period makes her a whore. My Mommy is not here right now so you can use me however you want. I can be your bleeding whore. You can even fuck my young pussy raw since I can’t get pregnant on my period. Cover your cock in my cum and blood while I drip all over you, lubing up your cock as you fuck me. Let me suck all the blood and cum off your cock. Face fuck my tiny mouth so I can finally learn how to suck cock. Getting my period didn’t make me a woman, getting pussy pounded by you did. If you keep stretching out my pussy like this, I might need to put two tampons up my pussy when you’re done. 

Gangbang Whore: Loves To Get Down And Dirty!

Gangbang whore

A gangbang whore like me has no limit when it comes to the number of men who can run a train inside of my gutter slut cum hole. So when those lame college guys slime on down to the slums to pick the perfect whore for their sigma bull shit fuck fest I always wind up holding the bag. I love taking throbbing hard cock from men looking to just cum dump and walk away. My pussy drips with a combination of my own slut juices and horny boy nut as they continue to line up their cocks and plow me down. Their goal is to start a new frat record. However, they have no idea just how big of a roadside slut bag I am cause their double digits are not close to my triple-digit daily record. Truly I love being a gangbang whore, the bag I score whenever I take more cum loads at once has me rolling in my own bed like I am Scrooge McDuck. Then, when I am done and they drop me back off on the corner they picked me up from I will just flag down another john. Men tend to think I am just extra into them when I am dripping with another man’s cum.