Growing up in a trashy trailer park with out much to call my own, I learned early how to use my body to get what I wanted. Years of perfecting how to fuck and suck my way to what I want has made me an excellent little fucking trailer trash whore. And an expert at blackmail. However after so many years of fucking men I found that what I really love is girl on girl action and the younger the better. I like breaking them in my way. There is nothing like sweet young pussy in my mouth. I love watching their hands shake when I tell them to strap that fucking huge dick onto my waist, knowing I am going to fuck the shit out of them, however I want to. Being a resourceful bitch, it didn’t take me long to figure out how to combine my love of sweet young pussy with my desire to have all the materialistic things I want in life. After breaking in fresh new meat I make them my little accomplices. Fuck slaves, ready to do what ever I want them to for fear that I will out them on social media for all their friends to see. I send them out to find horny old fuckers to bring back to me so that we can seduce them and take all their fucking money. Not one man out there can resist watching me fuck sweet young pussy without getting rock fucking hard and wanting in on the action. Everything comes at a price. You have to pay to make my lil whores your cum guzzling slut buckets! I always secretly record our sessions for future financial security and possible blackmail. You never know when your going to need it and I learned early on to cover my ass in more ways than one.

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