You’re just like me.

It was a slow burn as we eyed each other up. We locked eyes while looking at the same thing. She was so petite and so pretty, her long dark hair falling to her waist, just touching her sweet round ass. Her dark eyes shone as she played with her puppy. You could see the beginning of breasts through her cotton shirt. Her tiny toes were painted hot pink. I found myself wondering what color her pussy was with her dark skin. Probably a nice shade of rose, all smooth and soft. I ached as I thought about the way she would taste. I looked up and locked eyes with you. We knew right away that we were the same kind. I saw the way you lusted after her, trying not to show the way your cock was rising in your jeans. No one around you knew the truth, except me. I walked your way with a smile. A little roleplay would get us through. Me pretending to be the little girlie of your fantasies, asking Big Daddy to fuck me harder. Maybe later we could sample the real thing together. Are you ready to play, Daddy. I’m all yours tonight.

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