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Toilet sex


My hot hookers all know that if your whore holes are out of commision for any reason but you still want to make a few bucks, then you have to spend a little time toilet sex blowjobs in the PoPo GloHo.  Yep, my porta-potty gloryhole was one of the best investments I ever made, not just for me, for all of us cash hungry cum guzzlers!

Should a prostitute have to put her paycheck on hold just because her pussy is so swollen from the previous night’s work?  If one of my creamfilled callgirls comes down with the clap really bad or contracts a particularly staunch strain of syphilis that just won’t go away, should she have to worry about feeding her family until she’s better?  No way!  I have a great option for my gaped out girlies who aren’t trying to work the beat or have pus covered pussies that are too sticky for a roll around in the sheets.  That’s right, the PoPo GloHo.

It gets a lot of action, I put it in the park behind the dumpsters right across the fence from the truck stop.  It’s basically my own personal 24 hour blowjob station with a constantly rotating staff of cock snot sucking sluts whose cunts you may or may not want to risk ramming your rod into.  Make no mistake, just like all of my sexy services, my porta-hole is provided on a “Fuck at your own risk” basis.  You’ll probably be fine, though.

You need a quick long dong lube job, 30 bucks and a bit of throwing caution to the wind is all you need.  Just hop the fence at the Lovelies Travel Plaza off of exit 89 and you can get all the sucking you want.  Don’t hit me up with complaints, though.  You get what you get at a gloryhole, just sometimes load blowing comes with an STI.  You won’t mind, I have the best big dick sucker sluts ever who can’t wait to show you how they can make their tongues work.  All you gotta do is come on down to, say it with me… Caroline’s PoPo GloHo!


Water sports sex is what I always crave baby!

Water sports sexWater sports sex is what I always crave baby! I was at a party and being the nasty whore I am, we all know and love when I got the craving for some piss. There was a drunk guy and I knew he wouldn’t remember let alone fight me. I knew he had to piss and the way he was stumbling around, well he wasn’t going to make it, and I sure wasn’t going to waste it. I lead him to the bathroom and his dumb ass whipped out his cock and started pissing right there on the floor. Wasting my liquid gold! The stream was splashing up and hitting my legs.

I was so turned on hearing the piss leave his cock and feeling the warmth splash all over me. I was so ready to be the potty whore that I am. I knew if I got piss all over everyone would know, and that turned me on more. I got on my knees and opened my mouth. I was trying to catch every drop. Alcohol abuse is a party foul and the amount he drank well his piss was basically 80 proof. I couldn’t let that go to waste, could I? I sat there on my knees being the disgusting toilet whore I am. Letting this random drunk man piss all in my mouth and all over my whore face.

I grabbed that rock-hard cock and jerked it, milking out every drop of that delicious piss. I wanted every single drop like the greedy whore I am! I contestant came in to join in. he too was drunk but her just came over and told me to open up. He said he heard I was a good toilet slut and he was going to find out. Got it was so fucking hot. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the party on my knees while guys came in and pissed and shit on me as they pleased. Then when I thought I had my fill. There was a bunch of guys that bend me over and gave me a real good thrill. Fucking and raping my tight little cunt. Oh, and don’t let me mention what they did to my tight round butt! I so fucking filthy!

Nasty Phonesex Cunt

Nasty phonesex

Are you the type of guy whose cock isn’t satisfied until it’s covered in everything imaginable? If so then me and you will most certainly get along. I’m a golden-shower angel, a scat princess, and a vomit guzzler. I’ll have your dick covered in so much filth it will want to bust! I’ve sucked garbage off of smelly nasty cocks nothing puts this nasty whore off. Because I’m a gross nasty phonesex slut who wants a sick fucker like you to cover your cock in all the filthy you desire!

Just make sure before you blow you know which of my holes you want to shove the disgusting lollipop into. I’ve been a filthy cum dump for as long as I can remember. Shock me? You can certainly try but 9 times out of 10 it will probably be me shocking you on just how nasty I will get. Let’s find out together just how dirty, smelly and crazy we can get. My pussy needs some dirty dick, so serve up some of yours!

Sexy Prostitutes Love it Golden

I’m one of those sexy prostitutes types that get really trashed and super filthy. My idea of a good time is going to be wet and messy. Cum, jizz, piss and even lots of spit all over these tits and that cock. I get filthy and I will hope to fuck that that’s how you like it too. Getting off while I give you my golden hot piss all over that cock as you stroke is awesome. You pissing on these titties and and in my mouth as we get wasted and dirty is awesome. My tits should be covered in piss, shit, spit and jizz. We will roll around on rubber sheets and make them slippery and messy. That is fun and games for me.

Sexy prostitutes

I’m a filthy pig, dominate me!

Dirty phone sexShove that massive cock down my throat and make me gag on it! I’m nothing but a fucking filthy whore who was made for this. Force fuck my face and make the tears flow. It’s just seasoning for that massive meat that you are forcing me to eat. I love it rough! Prove to me that I’m nothing but a fuck toy baby! Degrade me!

Anal sex whoreYou know this Sloppy wet pussy is dripping wet! It excites me when you dominate me baby! Use me like the toilet dirty slut I am! Force me to service your cock with every hole I got! Take that cock and shove it in my ass. Rip through this tight whore hole and take what you what! with no! I know you don’t care of how much it hurts. Make that ass gapping while you pound me like the useless whore I am! I’m yours to use and abuse. Pound that ass baby! This is exactly what I deserve!

Now take that dirty dick and shove it deep in this cunt. I’m a filthy pig! Shove that shitty cock in and force fuck me! Make me scream! then grip my throat and choke me and tell me to shut the fuck up! I love the way you man handle me! I moan and throw my head back as I start to squirt all over that cock. My pussy beat into submission. God, I love how you know your pussy baby. My walls clench your dick and start milking you. Cum for me baby! Fill me up and make me your cum whore!  You know this was what I was made for!

Make me you dirty toilet

I am a dirty, worthless, slut baby! Use me and make me your potty whore! Face fuck me like the dirty cum whore I am. Shove that cock as deep down my throat as you can! Force me to gag of that cock and use my throat for your pleasure! This is all I am good for daddy, to be fuck and degraded! I know I’m unworthy of the deliciousness you are going to feed me daddy, but I thank you in advance!

Golden showers sexYou know I love piss and I’m so thirsty baby! After all that throat I just gave you, mine is a little dry! Piss in my whore hole baby! Make me choke on that piss! You know I love to drink every drop like the disgusting little toilet I am! As your piss runs over my massive tits and down to my pussy, I rub it all in and use the extra wetness as lube for this wet, little, pink, cunt. Yes, baby give me that golden shower! That’s right piss all over my worthless fucking face baby!

I grip your cock and start sucking and jerking, trying to milk out every drop of that delicious piss before running my tongue over your taint and onto that tight, little, dirty ass hole! You know I love the taste of your ass baby! Feed me that dirty shitty ass! “Yeah, you fucking dumb whore! This is what you were made for! To be my toilet! Now open up wide and eat this shit!” You order while holding my head back by my hair.

I open up and stick out my tongue grazing your ass begging you to feed my that nice hot shit! You know I and a fucking disgusting shit eating whore! Now open up those cheeks daddy I want more!

Toilet princess

fisting whore

My boss loves that I am his secretary and will do anything to destress him. Lately, I have been more than a fisting whore for him. I’ve let him eat me out during my cycle and lick my ass after a meal of refried beans. So I am keeping a big secret my very successful and popular boss loves to pay me the big money to be his toilet princess.

A couple of lines of coke, and I am okay with whatever his heart desires. If he wants me to fart and shit for him and watch him devour my shit on his desk, I will do so.

Its a turn-on to see him so weak and helpless and like a complete addict for my piss, blood, and shit,

Forever cum dumpster

cum dumpster

I was supposed to be a bride right after school. College wasn’t something my parents wanted. They knew id buck wild in coed life. Instead, they tried to marry me off, but I had other plans, and I was going to ruin it by having a full-on orgy the night before the nuptials. When my soon-to-be husband found out, he couldn’t stomach it and left me at the altar. I didn’t care; I owned up to fucking every one of his friends and kept on with the party.

I was going to celebrate my freedom and enjoy all the fucking I wanted to like the proper cum dumpster I am to the bone. Monogamy isn’t for me. There are far too many flavors in the world for me to commit to some fucker.

Dirty Phone Sex Fun

dirty phone sexSometimes even I have such dirty phone sex that I need to shower afterwards! My daughters and I were hired for a watersports party. Ever been to one? They are pretty hot. It is where a bunch of guys get together and piss on girls. In their mouths, on their faces and in their fuck holes. It can get pretty messy. This house we were at had a concrete party room for pissing games. The walls were painted like a pool, so it was like we were under water. Cool concept for a party room. The men were not that old. Two of the guys were the sons of one of my husband’s biggest clients. Rich boys born with a silver spoon looking to degrade some women, knowing the only ones who would let them get away with their bad behavior would be hookers for hire. I tell guys all the time when there is a cash transition, you get what you want and never have to fear being arrested or blackmailed. Money for sex is the way you ensure you get what you want. My girls and I love watersport games. It was like the Olympic games of water sports too. Me and my sluts lined up and the men sprayed us with their golden nectar. Are water sports my favorite, no. I am more partial to cum baths than piss showers, but the pay is good and it all washes off at the end of the day. So, where is the harm? Men love to think they are degrading me, but I am a tough old broad. If my youth as a whore for my parents did not break me, nothing will. We let those guys think they were degrading us with pissing sex but we laughed all the way to the bank. Whores do anything for the money.

Trailer Trash Whore Fucks for Coke

trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore knows how to party. Friday night came and I was out of coke. I guess I partied more than normal during the week. My only responsibility is being a phone sex whore. I never schedule myself early in the morning because I am like a vampire. I am up all night partying and I sleep until noon, LOL. So, Friday I took my skanky ass down to the truck stop to hustle truck drivers out of coke. Most truck drivers use cocaine. It is how they stay up for those long rides at night. I just cab hop and collect little bags of coke that add up after the tenth cab. I have to be a druggy porn star for the truck drivers, but they never mind sharing their stash with me if I take care of them. And I do take care of them. Friday night, I took care of 16 truck drivers. That was 16 loads in my fuck holes. Never a problem. That is actually a low number. I have taken more than that in a night. If my daughter is with me, we can do some serious damage. I do whatever the truckers want. I am a slave when it comes to coke. Most of the truckers just want a blowjob or to fuck my pussy or ass. By the time I got to the last truck, I was a creampie delight. Coated in cum from head to toe. I was burping up cum bubbles. Seriously, cum was oozing out my nose too. My belly was full, but I was not at the puke it up stage yet. I am a seasoned cum dumpster. The last trucker just wanted to give me something to wash the cum down. He was willing to give me some of his coke and a few fat joints, but he wanted to piss on me. I guzzled his urine like a dirty toilet ho. I do not mind pissing fun, especially if I am getting some primo drugs out of it. It was a busy night but this dirty old whore got enough coke to last all week.