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Trashy Milf Scatology of Chocolate

It was a sexy hot afternoon with this trashy milf when my son showed up with a case of hard cider and some candy bars. They were Baby Ruth candy bars and we got into the discussion about the Caddy Shack scene. It was a hot day and rightfully thought about taking a dip in the pool. We did some blow and downed some ciders and got pretty kinky. I had been fucking a few guys right before he came home. I had my ass and pussy filled with jizz and son decided to get really dirty with mama. He wanted to stuff a chocolate bar in my ass and have me push it out, covered in cum into his mouth and let him eat that cum coated Baby Ruth bar directly from my juicy brown cum filled asshole. That got me hot and I really couldn’t resist pumping my cunt with one of the chocolate logs and making it shit brown and messy. It was hotter than Satan’s butthole after eating a bowl of 10 degree Chili. Now this how things get in the Summer around my trailer.

Trashy Milf

Live Phone Sex Face-sitting

live phone sex

There is no doubt A freaky hoe has some live phone sex fun!  I met Rodger last night at the Roxy and face sitting is what he needed. Not too bad for a country bumpkin, and when he slid the cash on the stage with a little note and key card I was down for some fun. After my set I read his note and laughed and showed a couple other girls who snickered and asked if I was going. I was, but I had a small party of five down in the lounge who had paid up front for three girls in a private setting. I made my way down and sized up the small crowd. My pussy was wet as two of the other strippers had already gotten a couple of the cocks out and were working on slobbery blow jobs.  Being That I am naturally inclined to be a gangbang whore I figured getting two or three cocks off before I met this guy to sit on his face was no big deal. Make twice the amount of money and have my ass reamed and get to get off. I fucking love being a hot cock whore. I scored fat rails and fucked like a porn star fr a couple of hours. I remembered I had this key card on the walk home. I hailed a taxi uptown and when I arrived this guy had been wanking his dick so much his hands were raw and he was dripping all over the floor. Rodger was so happy I came over because he needed me to piss on his face and fart in his mouth before he could blow his load. “You don’t mind if I hit this first?” I held up my small baggy and laid us out both beautiful white coke lines. I climbed aboard his face and farted cum out into Roders very willing mouth with some piss dribbles as well. And his cock shot so high it almost hit the ceiling. He knew I would have a dirty cum filled ass just the way he liked. 


So tell me baby, what freaky things gets your rocks off?

Cock In Your Mouth: Henriettas’ Tranny Phone Sex

tranny phone sex

You don’t fool me I know you want my cock in your mouth. I know why you call my tranny phone sex. Because you need a dose of my hot creamy cum. I tell my clients all the time Don’t be shy that you want to suck me off. I want to suck you off too. I can give you that hot 69 that your wife can’t, my cock down your throat as I’m slurping you down like you’re the last to meal I’ve ever had.

I might just put some coke on the end of your cock so I can suck it longer before you come and you can get high and ride the waves with me. hey I’m a dirty switch I’ll take it up my asshole and you can have a fudge covered cock and I’ll lick it clean. But the best part is when my cock’s been up your ass and you have to clean off my dirty shit covered cock too. If we’re going to get nasty would only get nasty all the way and be the filthy sluts that we are meant to be?


He Loves Toilet Sex With a Tranny

He wanted a special kind of fun with a tranny. It was toilet sex that he craved. He wanted to worship me and everything that came out of my pretty little bottom and the ladyboy hose that I was equipped with. He loved to drink from my fountain(s). I loved taking an enema and just exploding cum and shit juice all over his cock. He had a thing for bringing other hookers in with our fun and having me coat his dick with my shit and the cum from all of the johns I took that day. I would collect the cum after our fucks. Sometimes the cum was in comdoms and sometimes it was in my ass. I squat over a bowl and push it all out. I would empty the contents of the condoms in the bowl also. With the shit mucus and cum collected just for him. He paid me well for this. He would prep an enema with all of it and administer it back inside my shitter. I would then squat on his face and have the other hooker pull the enema tube out and I would just let all of the brown and cum explode on his face and in his mouth. The two of us ladies of the night would then piss all over him. My hose and her pussy just flowing the golden nectar all over the cum and shit covered brown tongue of his. He was a really dirty boy that loved my tranny sex ways. I would pound him real good and he would then leave a messy hot brown shit all over her pussy before he fucked her. Things were always very dirty with this guy and he would always tip us very well. He was a true dirty man and I guess I’m a filthy tranny that serves it up right.

Toilet sex

Anal and Toilet Play Fisting Whore

Fisting WhoreDid you know that this fisting whore can shove her fist up her ass? I have a beautiful Rose that pops out when I do! I know when my sexual services are rented out that some men find it completely fascinating that I can do that! But it’s not for the weak of the stomach because normally after I fist my ass a bit of shit gets squirted out! Now if you are fucking my ass and give me a warm salt water enema beforehand you will get a good flow of warm Diarrhea flowing all over your cock! Most of the men I fuck with are into extreme toilet play and want to see this whore eat her own shit and fuck my shitty ass hole. Yeah, it might make me puke all over my beautiful tits but all the more lube to big fake titty fuck! But my favorite potty play will always be pissing sex. Giving and receiving. So, what do you think am I too nasty for you? Or is your cock rock hard standing at attention for Hardcore Hadley? I am a dirty trashy whore, what can I say, wink, wink!

Dirty Phone Sex: No Toilet Paper, No Problem

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex will keep you busy while you stay at home. I have figured out how to deal with the toilet paper shortage. I have 8 brats living under my roof. They vary in age and gender. Some are biologically mine, and a couple are adopted.  All of them want to please daddy and me. That means if daddy and I want to piss in their mouths or piss in one of their pink holes, they will not protest. I don’t need toilet paper if I am pissing into a little girl’s mouth or cunt, right? My sons and daughters love the taste of mommy’s piss. Do you like pissing phone sex? My family had a piss filled weekend. We ran out of toilet paper on Thursday. I didn’t panic. I just called a brat into the bedroom and pissed in her mouth. My sons pissed in their sisters’ mouths. Daughters pissed in their brothers’ mouths. And I pissed in all their mouths! I am the queen bee of this family. My little slutkins drank my piss like it was lemonade on a hot day. I got them to lick my asshole too. We are an open family. We are a dirty family too. No toilet paper, no problem. If I have a brood of dirty whores, my cunt and ass will always be clean.

pissing phone sex


Toilet Sex WIth Hadley

toilet sexHe was looking for extreme toilet sex with a hot stripper. With Enough nose candy, I will do anything perverse. On stage or not. It started with a full strip and him sticking money in my tiny g-string. He hollered out to the rest of the patrons that if I shoved this bill up my cunt he would buy a round for all of them. Not to displease the crowd, I rolled up the fifty and stuck it in my pussy. Then he crawled on stage and said if he could get that fifty out with his mouth that he would buy another round. The fifty was laced with coke so I was feeling really fucking good. I made him strip down and I put my fat ass on his face and he tried and tried to get it but, then I pissed all over him. He liked it because he got rock hard as I stroked him and rode his face I heard him beg for me to fart. I did what any entertainer would do. I farted on his face in front of the crowd. The bills came flying as we both were hauled off stage. I have to find a new club to strip at but it was worth it! Hardcore Hadleys Blogs 

Stripper sex stories With Hardcore Hadley

stripper sex storiesStripper sex stories are Endless with this blonde whore. Natural blonde, big fake tits skinny coked-out waist with a popping booty. That makes for one hell of a stripper, add in my nasty young single mom ways of making money with a history of incest in my life. I am sure you get the picture. I never turn down anything remotely sexual to make a dollar or to get high. Turns out the men who visit the KITKAT are fucking nasty perverted mother fuckers too. Some old fart saw me scampering little baby girl out the building and I almost maced him before he said He had a two Grande position for me. I quickly said her tight cunt is worth more. One of the bouncers approached but I waved him off what was this little frail man gonna do? He said he just wanted piss play and I took his number and extra room key for the pay by the hour place. Turns out I made two thousand just for letting him piss in my tiny daughter’s mouth. And mommy pissing in her mouth two. Some times it really pays to not have a baby sitter! Who knew I was such a trashy milf?

Snuff and Toilet Sex From My Sadistic Brother

toilet sex

I am only good as a snuff and toilet sex object for my brother. I thought I could offer him my younger sister in exchange for saving my life. But all he wanted to do was have me choke her as she sucked his cock and tell her that we are worthless whores. We were meant to be bred, to be fucked and die at the hands of the men in our lives. For us, it is our brother chopping off and stabbing our tits. My full tits are his to chop off, her tits are stab worthy. Our arms and legs can be hacked off and both of s burned alive in the oven as we still under his command and fuck the heating element with our pussies.  Forcefully fucked, tortured and killed, we are vermin and only created to serve cock in any form.  And if you are anything like my sadistic brother then yu too must join me in no taboo phone sex. STuff and prolapse my ass hole, ruin my pretty pussy and snuff me out the way I deserve to be. 

xoxo, your trashy submissive whore, 

Hardcore Hadley

Druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sexWhat’s the drug of the day? What do I want? What do I crave? I need to be numb, I will never be brave enough to be sober. I am a junkie and I am thinking it’s going to be a white fucking Christmas. Crack is my favorite. It makes me so horny and I can get lots of free lines and bumps being a total skank for any guy that will give me the time of day. I love it honestly, trading myself to get high. I obviously have no self-worth. I let men degrade me and abuse me in every way imaginable. If my parent’s only new their daughter was a piece of fucking shit drug addict whore. They’ll never know though, they think I went missing years ago and I guess I really did. I lost myself years ago when I hit my first line, and it just kept snowballing on and on since then. No shame here! Where’s the party?

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