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Lot Lizard Sex

Lot Lizard Sex

I gave lot lizard sex a try and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done! I went to the truck stop and had some fun in a few of the big rigs. Those over-the-road truckers who haven’t been home to their wives in weeks sure do have a lot of stamina (and cum) to give. I was with one trucker in the back of his cab for a solid to hours! He fucked me every which way from Sunday, he filled every hole and had my body leaking and my body sore from the positions he put me in. But where I really had a lot of fun was at the glory hole! I’d never been to one before and noticed it in the bathroom when I was washing up; one of the men stuck his big, fat cock through the hole and it was just pulsating and throbbing, waiting for me to suck it, so I did! I pressed my lips right up to the hole so I could deep throat him and he thrusted into the back of my throat and made me gag and cough as his thick mushroom tickled my tonsils. He came in the back of my throat without warning and before I could move my mouth away from the hole as he pulled away, there was a fresh dick in my mouth, pumping away! I really liked taking so many cocks in one day that I sucked it for a bit, but I was so wet still that I needed to fuck. I backed my ass up to the wall and fingered my hot wet cunt while he pounded my tight little hole. I came so fucking hard I nearly flooded the place with how much I squirted! I stayed at that truck stop all night, getting fucked back to back by horny truck drivers needing to get their dicks wet. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life and my new favorite pastime! 

Lauren Is My Piss Whore Slave!

Pissing sexLauren is a fucking piss whore; that’s why I love using her when I am in an oddly dominant mood. She is always a fun little trashy bitch to play with. We grew up together and she is the one who taught me the ropes of this shitty trailer park town. She was spreading her holes for everyone before me. When I first started hanging out with her years ago I could not believe the shit she would do. Soon after, I understood how much fun it was to be disgusting for men so I took pointers and became a cock whore like her. 

She loves being submissive just like me; but I tend to get a little dominant when it comes to fucking a girl. So I always knew it would be a blast to use and dominate her however I want. Most of the time I simply just want to be used as a rag doll whore by cock. Sometimes I get the itch to use a slut like a urinal, fuck doll, slave, etc. Lauren is the go to whore for anything perverted and disgusting. I call her over when I have coke and get the tingly feeling of being a dominant bitch. She is always down so I can always count on her to give me what I want. 

When she showed up I had the drinks and coke out and we partied a bit. We got so fucked up and she immediately said “Can you use me already; I am horny as fuck”. I got up and took out my strap and fucked the bitch in the ass for a while and made her squirt for me. She ate my cunt until I came a bunch and we had so much fun. I slapped her around, pulled her hair, choked her out and made her crawl for me and beg me to fuck her. She asked me if I would force her to swallow my piss and record it for everyone to see. I was like HELL YEAH you fucking whore; let’s play!

I set up my camera and pointed in at her face and told her we would make some money on a toilet slave like her. She got down as I held my cunt open for her and pushed my piss out directly into her mouth and watched her graciously take it all. I had a lot of piss since we had been drinking so she was swallowing it and some was dripping on to her slut body. She looked so hot while she begged me for more and told me she was nothing but a toilet whore. I was getting so turned on by her; after she swallowed most of it I then spit all over her and told her I wanted to fuck her again. 

She stood up and bent over and told me to ass fuck her dry again. I wish I could have filmed me pounding out her shit hole with my big 10inch strap. It was so much fun listening to her scream and moan while I railed her out like a bitch in heat. We went back and forth at this for hours straight until we were so fucking drunk and sloppy; I wasn’t even able to stand anymore. We eventually needed to call some friends over so they could fuck us with real cock. It was such a fun and filthy night!

Dirty Phone Sex Can Make a Mess Out of Mommy

dirty phone sexI am all about dirty phone sex. You could say I like messy sex. Lots of cum. But pee is fine with me too. One of my teen daughter’s regular clients loves to piss on her, especially in her high school cheer outfit. Often, I go along on their dates. And he wanted a date with her this week after cheer practice. I picked her up from school and took her straight to his place.

He pays such good money that my teen slut never minds getting pissed on. This date he wanted her doing cheers while he pissed on her. She would jump in the air, and he would spray her belly and face. Honestly, I do not know how he does it. He appears to be full of piss every visit.

He wanted me to piss on her too. Although sometimes we engage in pissing sex at home, I will admit I am more of food play and hot wax girl. But he pulled out a stack of Benjamins that made me pull my panties down and my skirt up. My hot teen slut daughter laid down on the ground and I pissed into her mouth. My daughter acts like such a whore around my pussy and ass.

Dirty Hookers Do It All Even Watersports

Her mouth opened wide to get my salty load of piss. Our client jacked his cock so hard watching his favorite teen slut drink her mother’s warm salty piss. Listening to him slap his meat made me piss even more. Although I am a dominant woman, when he pulled out even more Benjamins for her to piss on me, I had to give in for the money. Christmas is just around the corner.

I laid down on the piss mat as our client calls it and waited for my girl. She struggled to piss on her mother. But I reminded her that hookers for hire do anything for the money. And then she let out a steady stream of sweet teen tea as I call it. I swallowed it all just like she did me, but what a mess.

Whores do it for the money. But, if I‘m honest, I love dirty kinky games with my family.

Perfect Day To Squirt !

Sloppy wet pussy Today was a great day to lay out and squirt some of my hot pussy juice out all over the place for fun. I loved watching my uncles face when he saw how much I can squirt. He told me we can make some really good money off this pussy if I can squirt like that often. I can’t wait to pimp this fuck hole out for all the guys who want a piece. My uncle is so proud of the little pimped out fuck whore I have become. I love making him money with my young body; he has trained me so right. 

He was so proud he just had to take out the camera and record me. He told me to spread my little lips and show all the men how good this pussy is. I bet we can even make some money off the footage he got too; it makes me so wet when I think about everyone seeing my exposed holes. I think the next thing we are going to do is shove a cock in my ass hole while I spread my cunt open and squirt. He said I will look so good with a cock railing my young ass pipe out while my pussy contracts as I make a big fucking mess. 

Throw some money on my whore body while you watch me get used baby!

Cum Guzzling Slut Love Getting Face Fucked


Just look at that huge cock in my mouth. I’m the filthiest cum guzzling slut on this site, but it’s not just the cum that I’m swallowing. I’m a filthy whore for piss play too. I just want my slut mouth used properly. Just last night I was getting down on to my knees and opened my mouth wide for this huge cock. Just some random guy I met at a bar. I sure know how to pick ’em. He was so fucking thick I could barely fit the tip in my mouth at first. As soon as I got it to slide down my throat he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face.

cum guzzling slut

Cum Guzzling Whore Loves Toilet Sex Too!

I was staring up at him while he rammed his cock down my throat. My eyes were rolling to the back of my head and I could feel my cunt soaking through my panties. I started rubbing my cunt and then I felt something warm and wet sliding down my throat. But it wasn’t cum. It was piss! I didn’t even tell him I liked water sports sex, but he was doing it anyway. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and covered my face with it. 

I loved the feeling of getting showered in that warm piss stream. I was completely covered in piss and soaked. He rammed that hard cock back down my throat and I could taste that salty piss. It made it so much more fun to suck his cock. I wrapped his hand around the base of his cock and milked him. I wanted my reward for pissing sex. And that’s a major load of cum filling up the rest of my tummy. 

White Trash Phone Sex Means No Limits Fun

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex, I was born to do. I am a no limits kind of broad. Although I think it appears clear from my blogs and bio, I do anything, guys always ask if I am okay with this or that. Nothing I will not do. In my personal life, that goes the same too. When my daughter called me last night and needed a favor, I said yes without asking what she needed.

I did not think twice about it either. Not much we have not explored together. But there is a first time for everything. Now, on the phone, I get a lot of toilet sex calls. Never a problem. But in my real life, those sorts of requests seem few and far between. Some guys ask me to piss on them, or they want to piss on me. No problem. However, my daughter has never asked me to piss on her or piss on me.

She lost a good job recently and even though I tried to get her to do phone sex with me, she went the cam girl route. She loves it. I raised an exhibitionist whore like me. Since the younger generation in general appears more savvy with technology than me, being a cam girl seems perfect for her. She acquired a big spender recently and he likes the kinkier shit for a private show. I guess the two of them engaged in a conversation recently about how she because such a no limits whore. And she thanked me.

Get Me Wet with Your Piss

Now, I guess the guy has been itching to see her in action with her mother. Personally, I think he just wanted to see if she was telling the truth. He paid her a few thousand dollars for a 30-minute private show. And he wanted to see us engage in water sports sex. I sort of had a feeling when I walked into her house, and she had a shower curtain on her bedroom floor that’s things would get messy. We turned that shower curtain into a slip and slide.

Not only did he pay her for the private show, but he also tipped her big time through Venmo. Every time I pissed in her mouth or vice versa, she got a $100 tip sent to her. Needless to say, we both guzzled a bunch of lemonade to make us keep pissing on each other. Her bedroom smells like a urinal now, but it turned out to be a very profitable water sports session and a first for my daughter and me. But for that kind of money, we will piss on each other 24/7 lol.

Toilet sex Harlot Loves being nasty for her Tricks

Toilet sexToilet sex Harlot Hadley loves being a commode for her tricks. Not shy of bathing in your golden showers or drinking uop your piss either! Something about squirting and pissing all over a man does get my pussy excited though. I have ruined many a bed sheet in motel and hotel rooms. When men pay for potty play they know the consequences! My favorite man who frequents my corner brings me big gulps and drops off suppositories hours before he is ready for me. He also has a healthy cummy ass and pussy addiction.

Part of his foreplay is checking on my bladder and shitter between johns. I know I must hold it. That motherfucker pays well. It has been a challenge to hold my bowels and bladder for extended periods of time. It is the deprivation and urgency he seeks before the big yellow and brown release!

Now tell me baby how fucking nasty can we get. What would you like for a blast of piss, eating out my shitty ass or letting me leak my cummy holes on your face? 


Trailer Trash Whore Fucks For Food Stamps

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore life is in my blood. My mama was the local parks best known hooker for years and years.  She sucked all my friends dads off at one point and likely had them throbbing in her slut hole from time to time.  I had a big name to live up to.  I always knew I wanted to make my mama proud.

I started off trading blow jobs for some change for the mall to get some new stuff from Claire’s.  Wanted to look all fancy for the boys at school.  I reckon I became quite the business woman there.  At a young age, I was leaving my cars on the hoods outside the gas stations and local dive bar joints and getting my pager paged to come meet them.  I loved when I could come home with food for all of us from a night of getting fucked.  Around here, getting someones food stamp card means you are working smart.

The guy who offered it to me was a regular. He would pick me up walking home and have me suck his cock on the way home.  This time though, he had his buddies in the car and not enough money to pay me to let them all relieve their hard dicks and cum in my whore hole.  Being the people pleaser I am, I offered to make a deal with them. Give me your foodstamp card for the week and they get free cum dumping until his buddies head back out of town.

The old man agreed and they sure gots their money’s worth. Anytime I turned around that week, it felt like I was being told to bend over real quick and within minutes one of these dudes shot their load up in me.  Next time, I’ll put a limit on it.  A girl needs to sleep right?

Despite how exhausting it was, I was super proud of myself for being the talk of the trailer park that week.  Mama was beaming with pride as well.  Nothing like making your white trash hooker family proud of your work!

Pissing Sex Games with My Two Youngest Daughters

pissing sexPissing sex is not the norm in my family. But sometimes we find pissing games fun. Also, sometimes clients find pissing games fun too. My two youngest daughters and I had a pissing client over the weekend. Can you believe he did not want to fuck these little angels? My husband and I adopted them. They are mixed with Mexican and American. These two little angels belong to my maid’s daughter. The girl got pregnant as a teenager. Her parents had their hands full with the girl’s youngest brothers and sisters. So, it was my husband and I to the rescue.

These angels proved themselves to be huge money makers for our home brothel. It’s smart to provide clients with a variety of choices. Got to keep the meat young and fresh to keep the big money coming in. Anyway, I veered off course. A client hired these two little sexy prostitutes just for some rough oral and pissing games. I went along with them for security. Need to make sure a client never destroys our goods.

Wet Bathroom Play

Our client requires Viagra and cute young girls to get a boner anymore. Also, he needs something taboo like peeing in young girls’ mouth or on their little hairless slits to get an erection. My angels showed him they were worth every penny he spent on them. This client built a special room in his mansion for piss play. It looks like a big locker room shower. It is all tile with a drain in the middle of the floor. His piss room contains shower nozzles too. It is one big shower.

I may not be a fan of toilet sex, but I am a greedy whore. Who can ever have enough money? Our client wanted to piss on mommy too. So, my angels and I spent an evening swallowing piss and sucking an old dick. His spunk was chunky and pungent, but we swallowed it down like it was fine champagne. Our client said he was happy. He tipped us like crazy too. My girls and I will drink a gallon of piss a day for that kind of dough.

Jinx the Jezebel

Sexy prostitutes

Sexy prostitutes making Prostitution porn at your expense.  Secret videos of pissing sex with jinx standing over some john loser.  Jinx is a pure pro and her Shemale phone sex is unmatched.  Give her a try if you dare, she’s a good first time rider and will keep all your secrets. Jinx loves to hear compliments about her lady stick and what you want to do with it.  Let Jinx slide up and down your cock until you cant stand it any longer. Always for hire , always available, always erect, always hardy, Jinx is the way to go for tranny fun.  Words of warning about Jinx and her magical meat stick, once you have be filled up by Jinx you now belong to her.