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Toilet princess

fisting whore

My boss loves that I am his secretary and will do anything to destress him. Lately, I have been more than a fisting whore for him. I’ve let him eat me out during my cycle and lick my ass after a meal of refried beans. So I am keeping a big secret my very successful and popular boss loves to pay me the big money to be his toilet princess.

A couple of lines of coke, and I am okay with whatever his heart desires. If he wants me to fart and shit for him and watch him devour my shit on his desk, I will do so.

Its a turn-on to see him so weak and helpless and like a complete addict for my piss, blood, and shit,

Dirty Phone Sex Fun

dirty phone sexSometimes even I have such dirty phone sex that I need to shower afterwards! My daughters and I were hired for a watersports party. Ever been to one? They are pretty hot. It is where a bunch of guys get together and piss on girls. In their mouths, on their faces and in their fuck holes. It can get pretty messy. This house we were at had a concrete party room for pissing games. The walls were painted like a pool, so it was like we were under water. Cool concept for a party room. The men were not that old. Two of the guys were the sons of one of my husband’s biggest clients. Rich boys born with a silver spoon looking to degrade some women, knowing the only ones who would let them get away with their bad behavior would be hookers for hire. I tell guys all the time when there is a cash transition, you get what you want and never have to fear being arrested or blackmailed. Money for sex is the way you ensure you get what you want. My girls and I love watersport games. It was like the Olympic games of water sports too. Me and my sluts lined up and the men sprayed us with their golden nectar. Are water sports my favorite, no. I am more partial to cum baths than piss showers, but the pay is good and it all washes off at the end of the day. So, where is the harm? Men love to think they are degrading me, but I am a tough old broad. If my youth as a whore for my parents did not break me, nothing will. We let those guys think they were degrading us with pissing sex but we laughed all the way to the bank. Whores do anything for the money.

Water Sports Sex at the Truck Stop

water sports sexWater sports sex is not an everyday thing for me, but if a guy wants me to piss on him, who am I to say no or judge? This was a loser white boy, of course. That was probably obvious, LOL.  I go to the truck stop a few nights a week. I pick up a lot of black cock at the truck stop. I find a lot of men down to party with me. Occasionally, it is some bitch boy like Leroy who has no cock but lots of coke. He was not looking to fuck me. Unlike my small dick ex-husband, Leroy has accepted his short comings. He knew he could never fuck a hot trailer trash whore like me. I asked him what he was offering then. He was the one that approached me about some coke he wanted to share. I know it is ass or grass, but nobody rides for free. He wanted a hot bitch to pee on him. I was like is that all? I mean he had a huge bag of coke that would have been $500 easily if I had to go to a dealer for a fix. He spewed out this sob story about being a humiliation junkie but struggling to find some one for water sports. Golden showers or brown showers, if you are paying me cash, grass or powder, I am in. What do I care that some small dick wonder wants me to give him a golden shower? I have done a lot worse things than pissing sex for coke, LOL. I got in his cab with him, snorted a couple lines and guzzled a Big Gulp of lemonade. That turned me into a pissing machine. I coated him head to toe in my golden nectar. He was like some horny monkey in a cage, basking in the glory of my sunshine and wanking his little nub. Sure, he was one pathetic loser, but I got the biggest bag of coke from our deal and it only cost me a Big Gulp. Now, that was a steal.

Golden shows sex and more!

golden showers sex He loved that I was down for golden showers sex. Some men Like Ryan want to piss all over a whore so she can know her place. But with me I enjoy being rained on and drinking piss straight from the source! Ryan loves when I piss and even shit all over his cock! What a motherfucking dirty man! But as Im drinking his piss he is already setting me up with a tequila emenema and ready to clean me out and get me fucking drunk as hell! That way I get even more perverted and open for his dirty ass shit! I know they call him big daddy Ryan for a reason. He has his hooks in my gangbang whore as his fake titted cum, piss and scat queen. Big daddy will always know just how to handle me and dominate a stupid slut. Fuck why does it get me so hot when he calls me filthy fucking names as he is fucking my fresh enemas ass. I’m just a cum whore who loves to be rode hard and put up wet!
Cum and call me the filthy names as I get high and masturbate to your dominance!
Let those inhibitions out along with that cock for me! Get prepared for my messy ass to take you whole fuckrode inside and slurp me out all of that gooey, stringing cum booty juice. This pissing sex ass gets such a pounding that once fucked and filled with luscious loads of jizz the gaping of this Shiitter! 

Swim Team Slut

Water sports sex

I fucked 2 guys on my swim team one day after we won a team championship and they cream-pied the hell out of me. I had a crush on both of them since beginning of the school yeah so I was determined to have both of their cocks fill my fuck holes. The championship victory was a perfect celebration. “Hey Matt, you and Jonas should come to my room later on tonight for some fun.” “Alright cool, we will be there.” Hours later they walked into my room, and I was butt naked. “Damn girl.” Jonas shouted. “Oh, hell yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. Matt asked. “I want both of you to fuck me right now, that’s what’s going on.” I laid back on the bed and spread my legs wide open showing them my black wet pussy and putting my fingers inside of me. “This bitch a freak and I like it.” Jonas said unbuckling his pants heading towards the bed. He shoved his hard big black cock inside of me bare back. Four hard strokes and he came so quick. My wet tight pussy was no match for him. Matt walked up next and put his cock deep inside my pink pussy. He fucked me raw too. My pussy was creaming all over his cock. Moments later he was creampie-ing my black pussy. It felt so good to finally had accomplished my goal of fucking the two hottest guys on the swim team.

Piss Whores Love Cum!

Drunk Sex Porn

This weekend I got turned into a human toilet when I brought a few guys back home to my trailer after work! I was drinking and doing a little coke with these sexy guys from the club, they spent so much money on me in the private room that I had to take them home to play with their cocks. When we got back to my place, I got so much more than I expected. These three hot sexy men took out their cocks and started fucking my face, sticking their cocks in my throat one after the other. Just when I thought they were going to cover me in cum, they all started to piss right in my mouth, the warm wetness slid all down my naked body when my mouth overflowed. I swallowed so much piss before they started to cum all over my face!

Water Sports Sex With Amara

Water Sports Sex

Mommy Amara loves water sports sex, especially when it’s with my young ones. We love to find ourselves a tinkle drinking Daddy who can handle my sweet girl’s full bladder. She’s been doing the pee pee dance in line at the truck stop. The line is long, and her tiny hands are clamped over her crotch, trying to keep a single drop from spilling out of her pussy. She’s squirming because it hurts her, and Mommy is sitting back and masturbating my pussy openly. The men stare at me with my cunt in the air, and then at my daughter who is wiggling around like the unwilling toilet sex toy she is.

When she sees me playing with my wet mommy pussy, my girl whines! The sounds of the toilets flushing is making her have to go pee pee so badly, but I love watching her in omorashi pissing desperation mode! Finally she leaves the line and runs over to me, begging. “Mommy please I need to go right now, please! I can’t hold it any longer!” Just then, the line moved and she could have gone piss right in the bathroom. When I didn’t respond, she ran up to a man and begged him to lay on the floor so she could piss in his mouth, but he said only if she could act out his scat phone sex fantasy too!


TOilet Sex

Piss Play Whore Wets Panties!

BBC Sex Stories

Watersports are my secret craving, I love talking about how wet and wild it is to piss through my panties on a call! I can’t get enough piss play when I’m horny, I wait all night for someone to call and tell me they want to hear me pee or talk to me while I soak my little thong. This morning I woke up so fucking horny, dreaming about all kinds of cock and cum. When I reached down to touch myself my panties were soaked, I think I must have finger fucked myself to the point of squirting while dreaming of all the hard cock inside my cunt and ass! If you love hot soaking wet panties and piss play just as much as I do, call me!

Septic Slut

Trailer trash whore


Being such a filthy trailer trash whore I know some real nasty fuckers, but my favorite depraved sickos are really into hardcore bathroom boning.  Those hot creeps love turning me into a human toilet and forcing me to take all of their piss and shit anywhere they want to put it and then expect me to thank them after.  If I don’t, they spit on me, slap me around a little and rain more of their piss down on my makeup smeared face.  They like to call all of their fucked up buddies and invite them to use me in the most disgusting ways imaginable.  One of the guys took a hot shit right on my spread open pussy and they all had a good laugh and wank about it.  He shoved my head in a toilet and fucked that turd deep into both of my filthy fun holes while his cronies took turns covering me with alternating torrents of jizz and pee.  I purposefully didn’t thank him for the dirty dicking because I wanted to get roughed up a little more.


Cum And Piss Whore!


It’s been so long since I’ve gotten pissed on and I’m eager to be a toilet whore before the year is done! I dressed in my latex for work hoping to spend some of my break time behind the gloryhole, when the clock struck midnight that’s exactly what I did! I snuck into the men’s room and waited, before I knew it there was a cock being shoved in my face and I was so excited to tongue it down. I licked and licked and started going deeper on this fat white cock that looked so fucking delicious, I could hear him moaning loudly so I sucked harder. Finally a big squirt of cum was shooting all over my face and leaking from my mouth. Now all I need is a hot stream of piss to wash me clean!

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