Toilet Sex Makes My Daughter Super Wet

toilet sexDo you like toilet sex? I will admit, I don’t do it much, but when I do, I love it. A guy hired me and my youngest daughter for a night this weekend. We rarely spend the night with clients, but when the money seems good, we do. As a family of whores, money talks. David wanted the family experience. It may be expensive to hire two whores for 24 hours, but we are worth every penny.

David likes waters ports. And he paid extra for it. But most men just want to fuck us or watch us fuck each other. However, David wanted to watch me piss on my daughter. His bathroom impressed me. He had a huge rain forest shower, Big enough for us to engage in some water sports sex. I squatted over my daughter’s face and pissed in her mouth many times. Pissed on her bald pussy too.

Sexy Whores Enjoy Pissing Games Too

And David even joined in on the pissing fun. Not only did he piss on my daughter’s clit causing her to cum hard, but we pissed on him too. Kinky men who enjoy piss play, I find challenging to find. Most men just want to fuck a teen girl and her trailer trash mom. But David wanted it all. He wanted to drink our piss. And he wanted to feel it all over his body too.

We always give the client what he wants. Even though we spent a lot of time in his bed fucking, most of the time we spent in his bathroom enjoying piss games. At one point, I pissed on his cock while my daughter pissed in his mouth. All our warm pee kept him erect for almost 24 hours. We barely slept. But we did enjoy his big cock hammering our pussies.

Sexy prostitutes do it all. From jailbait fucking to pissing games, us dirty whores know how to deliver the hottest sex ever.

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