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I Had A Cum Filled Cunt

Cum Filled Cunt I love my job but what I really love is the VIP parties. Nothing gets my pussy wetter than a nice wad of cash. So, whenever I have a big party of horny men being particularly generous, I always try to move them to the VIP lounge. It never takes much convincing. A bachelor party had come in last night and that typically means lots of cash will flow from their pockets to mine. I suggested that if we took it back to the VIP room that I could assure them that there would be some touching. After quickly agreeing we headed back. I recruited a few other girls as there were about a dozen guys in the group. We danced for the groom to be and the others. We stripped completely naked and rubbed our tits and pussies all over them. And then I whispered that for a little more cash we would be happy to entertain them with our pussies. They could not pull their money out fast enough. I took each one of those hard dicks in my nice, juicy, bald pussy and fucked them hard until they had cum inside me. After fucking all those horny bastards, I had a cum filled cunt, a real cream pie. As a special treat, I had the groom to be lick my pussy clean of all his and his friends cum. This got their dicks hard again and I passed them onto my friends to fulfill their needs. I smiled and walked out with more cash than I could fit in my pockets.

Stripper Sex Stories Are Trashy

Stripper sex stories

Stripper sex stories are the trashy kind of things that you only wish you could enjoy these days. With this fucking pandemic and strip clubs being closed, things that were taken for granted are harder to enjoy. I live as a trashy whore mama and am always taking in the crack hoes off the streets. My dealers are pimps and pushers. They always find that disposable little cum slut for me to mother a little and turn her into a trashy p mommy like I was. I was brought up by a pimp. I learned to enjoy that big nigger dick at a ripe young age. I was hooking and stripping and drugging since my young years I am not allowed to mention. I was the illegal little hooker and stripper that learned the way of the streets early on. The shit I did and saw was like a bad movie. I am not ashamed of being the filthy no holds barred whore I am.

My Hot Stripper Sex Days

hot stripper sex

You may know me as the town lot lizard, but that’s not all I’m up to during the week. Sometimes you’ll find me down at the local strip joint having some hot stripper sex with whoever pays to get a piece of this pussy. I’m pretty popular because guys know I don’t have any limits and that I’ll do anything they want me to. Of course, the really kinky stuff costs more, but they’ll gladly pay for it every time. I have lots of favorite things, but I’m not going to tell you here. You have to call me to get the details on the really nasty stuff. I guess I could give you ONE example. See, guys will pay big bucks to use me as a human toilet. I do a dance for them and then we go back to the private room. Their cocks are already so hard so I make them jizz on me and then they can do whatever else they want to me if you know what I mean. Some like to wash the cum off with a steady stream of delicious golden liquid, and some like to do their other business on me. I’ll let you call now to find out about that!

Worthless Mommy Big dick Sucker


Big dick sucker

Worthless Mommy and big dick sucker. A cum receptacle and nothing more. Nobody gives a damn about a whore who sells her body and does dope all day. But my doll baby and my young lad do! They know mommy is dependent on the taste of cum and getting her holes filled every single fucking day. My daughter is going to be just like me. Hell she told her teachers that she wants to be a stripper when she grew up just like me. I had to put some prudes in there place when they told me it was unacceptable. What is a poor white girl going to do other than sell sex? My son wants to follow in my large bros footsteps as a drug dealing pimp. There’s great mommy in both professions. My son’s little man dick is very grateful to have a whore mommy who lets him climb right on top of her and pump, pump, pump her until he feel satisfied. Hopefully his semen generates soon! And my daughter is the teen cum guzzling slut of the year now! I can’t believe how many cum loads she took at our gangbang party! A whore family full of druggies and nasty pimp daddy’s and sluts. This will be the best fucking year ever!

cum guzzling slut



Druggy Phone Sex Cock Sucking Gilf

I’m trashy and old enough to be a GILF and druggy phone sex is my kind of fun. A gilf is an older Milf, you know a Granny I’d Love To Fuck kinda tramp. It’s essentially what I am to these trashy crack whores in the trailer park. I am like a grandmother to their offspring. Crack whores really like to breed. So do I. I love fucking for breeding but only have a teen son. Granted I know he could quite possibly have knocked up a few hoes in his teens already. But these fucking brats he runs around with are a god damned mess. It’s the life in the poor side of crack whoredom that is just too fucking hot to not stay and fester in. We get down right fucking filthy and savage in these parts. No one gives a fuck about another dead crack whore or stripper. Just disposable trash is all it is. Society is fucked up and I want none of that do right kind of shit. I’m a whore from the beginning of my years. I was the fantasy rape for p daddy’s that mama brought home and became a stripper and hooker before I was even legal. I have money, I have my trash loving rich Johns that pay good for what I offer. The cream of the filthy frothing crop is what I bring. I like living the crack life and you fucking love to indulge in all I offer.

Druggy Phone Sex

It’s the best thing ever to play care giver to crack brats. It makes me extra income and their drugged out mama’s don’t give a fuck if these little flesh lights are destroyed. We have all kinds of ways getting rid of the used up fuck dolls. Best of all for me is all the big nigger dick that hangs around here. I get my fill and so can you.

Golden Showers Phone Sex Experience

golden showers phone sex

It might not be a white Christmas where you are, but it could be a golden one – golden shower phone sex, that is! I know there are all kinds of freaks out there who would much prefer that to any other holiday fun, anyway. Just imagine how amazing it would be to fuck me in any position or hole you want and then you could put me on my knees, cum on my face, but then there’s one more thing to do. You could wash all of that cum off my face with a steady stream of your golden liquid. I know you can’t wait to have your piss dripping from my face. You love doing that to me and if I’m being honest, it turns me on a LOT, too. I always reach down and rub my cunt while you’re pissing on me and it sends me over the edge every single time. I always cum so hard when you’re making a golden mess all over me. But I also do love using you as my toilet, too, if you want me to. So if you’re in the mood for golden showers instead of snow showers, call me now!

Sloppy Wet Pussy Lover

sloppy wet pussy

Have you heard that song WAP (wet ass pussy)? Well, it really could have been written about me. I always have a sloppy wet pussy, especially when I’m down partying with the truckers. They tell me that out of all the lot lizards, I’m the one with the best, wettest cunt. And I fucking love that I’m their favorite. It just really makes me feel good inside that I help out all of these lonely, hard-working men. And if I’m being honest, it’s a super huge turn-on to have man after man putting his hard cock inside this sloppy cunt. How about you call me and tell me what kind of nasty sex you’d want to have if you got to take a stab at my pussy. Do you want to bend me over and just not even care about anything other than the fact that you have your cock in my wet hole? I love random stranger fucks. We don’t ever even have to look each other in the eye. Or maybe you want me to ride that cock like a redneck cowgirl. You know I’ll do it really good, baby! The world is ours and we can do anything we want! So call me and play with me! I’m horny just thinking about it.

Young Teen Phone Sex Community

young teen phone sexDo you like young teen phone sex? My phone husband and I do. We have been married 15 years and have three teen daughters. Melissa and twins Brandi and Kristi. The problem is my husband spoils our girls. He turned them into spoiled brats who walk all over us.  My husband is soft on punishment. I have been doing some research and came across a special community that believes not all girls will go on to college. Some girls are just born to be whores. The problem was, how to sell this community to my husband. He is more strait laced than me. I love pussy. I have been bisexual for years. I wanted to eat our daughters’ cunts, but I know my husband would not approve. When I discovered the community of Brookside, I was determined to take our three sluts there to be raised as whores. My husband and I can agree that their behavior needs adjusting and that they will never be doctors or lawyers. I want the chance to play with my girls sweet bald slits. I think deep down inside, my husband wants to fuck young girls. Maybe not our girls, but girls their age. Brookside is an all-girls community that teaches young teen sluts to be whores. I showed my husband the pamphlets and website. We discussed things and agreed to move the girls to Brookside Village. Now, he was not an easy sell. I kept my ulterior motives secret and sold it to him with the idea of discipline for our spoiled sluts. Also, the fact that the community has a strip club and porn studio helped because he will get to enjoy some other teen sluts fucking. I am going to be a pimp for our teen daughters at Brookside. My husband thinks it is a sacrifice I am making to ensure a better future for our daughters. Living in a community that encourages young girls to be nude and prepares them for careers in the sex industry, is going to be beneficial for us all.

Cum Dumpster Carmel

cum dumpsterI love for a man to treat me like the slut I am. I work as a stripper and a lot of the times I have to leave the club as late hours with strange men lurking around. I’ve fucked or sucked most of these bastards so they pretty much leave me alone as I come and go, other than the usual cat calling. A new guy came into the club tonight, someone I’d never seen before and the way he stared at my body as I danced, I knew that he wanted a taste of Caramel. After my set, I left the stage and walked right up to him. “Private dance?” I asked as he nodded and followed me to one of the private rooms. He sat down and I shook my fat ass and titties until he threw all of his money on me. I continued to dance, as he pulled me onto his lap and right onto his fat dick. I wasn’t anticipating this. I tried to fight him a little bit, but who am I kidding, this was exactly what I wanted. I bounced my ass all over his cock as he fingered my clit making me squirt all over him. It must’ve turned him on even more to see that gush of cum flow from inside of me, because he turned me around, bent me over and ate my juicy pussy until I squirted again… All over his face. Just as I thought that I couldn’t take anymore, he slipped his cock into my asshole and started pounding me from the back. “Yes! Fuck me!” I screamed as he fingered my pussy and fucked my little asshole with no mercy. I wanted more… I needed more, I was in complete ecstasy. Once he was satisfied, he moaned with pleasure as he ejaculated all inside my ass. Still feeling the intensity of the moment, I grabbed his cock and clean all of those juices off of his cock. He definitely left satisfied with the private show he received. I sure hope so because I want to feel that cock again and again.

Free Ride

Live phone sexI have not fucked so hard in a car since I was much younger!

I had just finished a night with my legs wrapped around the pool and was too tired to walk home.

I went outside and saw an Uber waiting for someone.

He asked if I was his client and of course I said no. I did not have an account.

He motioned to the seat next to him and told me to hop in!

We drove for a minute and then he stopped.

I saw the bulging cock in his pants and I knew what he wanted!

He pushed his seat back to make room for my head and pulled his massive cock out!

He had a raging hard on and I couldn’t wait to pounce on it!

I was on my knees, ass in the air just sucking that fat fuck stick like his cum was liquid gold!

Then I heard my door open and felt this man grab my hips and start rubbing his cock on my ass.

In my profession, you get to know the feeling of a hot hairy cock poking around your fuck holes!

I tried to maneuver away but I was trapped by cocks on each side!

Then I thought, my tight pussy is already starting to crust over from my boss filling it with cum, might as well relube!

So I continued to yank on that Uber cock as I backed my sloppy wet cunt into side car willy.

I don’t mind saying, both of those mighty meats were more than a mouthful and I loved the way backdoor man started filling my ass!

Within minutes I was taking loads in unison, drowning my fucked face and exploding in my tight whore ass!

Guess we all had a free ride that night!

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