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Stripper Sex Stories Peep show

Stripper Sex Stories

It’s been a long time fantasy of mine to do a peep show and get cum all over me as my payment for the performance! I saw a sign at my bar for a peepshow at a theater downtown, I instantly got wet thinking about signing up to do a strip tease that is very seductive and classy. I always thought the idea of stripper sex stories was very sexy so I put my name on the list and showed up downtown a week later in my classiest slut costume. When I took the stage I looked out at the audience and saw a few men with their cocks out already beginning to stroke themselves, It was then that I knew what kind of peepshow this would turn out to be. The music began and I let my body do the work, I danced seductively and felt all their eyes on me, My cunt was pulsating with the rhythm of the music. When I opened my eyes I was surrounded, various men from the audience were jerking themselves while coming closer to me, I couldn’t help it, I took off my bra and exposed my sensitive nipples to the cold harsh air of the theater. My pussy was soaking through my panties now and all I wanted was to be penetrated deeply right there on the stage for anyone and everyone to see. I knelt, surrendering completely to whatever came next; I was delighted when that thing was a cock in my mouth, and one in each hand. I looked around and saw that I wasn’t the only one taken over by the sexiness of the peepshow theater, about eight guys gathered all waiting for their turn to fuck me, the dancing slut with her tits exposed to the world. I sucked cock like a good little throat slut, they took turns force fucking my mouth before brutalizing my twat and asshole, I could only tell when I stopped cumming when they filled me, each one of their dicks pulsating hard inside me releasing a spray of delicious cum that I will always be craving.

Lot Lizard Sex Family

lot lizard sexI want to show my girls how to sell their most prized possession. It is not often you get a family deal when you look for some lizard whores. I’m proud to have twin girls that can make me so much money. We get high together and scout all kinds of men. We like the ones that will be able to supply our insatiable appetite. Cock and crack are what we all need. You can say this is a family tradition. Her momma pimped out my mom, and I, of course, was pimped out by my mother, and now I am doing the honors and giving my girls the lesson of life. Life is short to be a stuck-up brat. We are here for a good time, not a long time. Our cunts get pleasure from cock, and being treated like a stupid hooker is hot. Whenever I am high and drunk and servicing a john, I feel the most alive. My daughters are yearning to be like their momma, and now we are about to make some good money and terrible decisions. No one will get us to change our minds. Selling our pussies pays the bills and keeps us living the dream.

Trashy Milf stripper whore

trashy milfDoes this trashy milf love her son watching her get fucked? Fuck yes I do. My son loves to watch mommy get full of cum. He is proud of me for being such a whore and making money with my pussy, ass and mouth. It keeps us in blow and a roof over our head. I would do anything to make my son happy, and he makes mommy very happy as he jacks his weenie off behind the stage at the strip club, watching mommy get fucked all night. It’s okay because the other dancers bring their offspring in when they can’t find a babysitter and it’s part of life for most of us. It’s better our young offspring get the full details of what whores these mommies are while they are young. God knows they see it in their own houses too. I know my son does. I will be taking calls after I have just been the sleaziest gangbang whore, and my son just jacks away as I rip my clit for him. Of course then he gets a ride on mommys cunt! My boy loves to fuck my cum filled cunt with his boy dick! Don’t you wish you had a hot whore mommy fuck like me?

I Crave Cock

anal sex whoreYou would think the best thing about working at the club would be the hot ass men with deep wallets. However, for a horny slut like me it all the available cock at my disposal. I love giving them lap dances and grinding my tight ass against their crotches. The feel of their cock twitching and rising against my ass always makes me gape. I whisper in their ear that we should take it back to the VIP lounge. Most willingly agree but every once in a while, they get a little shy and need that extra incentive. I just smile as I bend over and let them see my gaped ass. Nobody can refuse that, and they can’t get that cash into my hands fast enough. I tell them to invite their friend. They are rock hard, and I am horny and wet. I bend over as they push their cock deep inside my tight cum filled ass. I then tell their friend to come closer, and I open my mouth and give him a wet sloppy deep throated blow job. With my ass and throat full of cum I pull out those little blue pills and hand them out so we can go for another round. There is not enough cock in this place to appease me. Think you can help a whore out tonight baby?

Trashy Milf BBC Whore

God damn I love taking BBC like a Trashy Milf working for her crack rock. Then again that is what I am doing, most of the time. It’s more often than not that I am sucking off my dealer and his big dicked nigger bros. Fuck this bitch has no room to be prejudice I am just trash.

A white trash nigger cock loving whore. My husband has been a kind, gentle and patience mother fucker. He loves to see me fucked good and happy. He pays for most of my shit but my drug fix is on me. I have to figure out how to afford my high. He gets off on that. He gets off on seeing his trashy stripper prostitute of a whore make BBC cocks cum. They cum in me, on me and for me.

Trashy Milf

A Young Druggy PMommy

dirty phone sexIt’s no surprise to anyone that I like to rent out my young ones to play. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy seeing their nice tight teen get their body stretched out and used like a lot lizard slut? I know I do! And I’ve got a whole rash of Brats that I can use to entertain me all night long while I get high with my johns. Being a whore isn’t always an easy life, considering that I have to swallow massive cum loads and ride several cocks every single night. When it just becomes too much for me I like to bring my young ones with me and have them help me out. They’re always good at picking out the good John’s, the ones who pay in Cold Hard Cash to shove their hot hard cocks inside young little fuck holes. If my sweetlings don’t come back with their holes dripping with that ooey gooey, I send them back out until I’m satisfied. Mommy needs to make her money, and Mommy needs to get off. You think we can kill two birds with one stone? You bring the coke, I’ll bring the little ones eager to be used by you.

Toilet Sex Adventure!

Toilet Sex

My Toilet Sex Playtime ends up with four guys taking huge dumps on my chest before I jerk them off in my latex gloves and leather outfit! I knew I would get into so much sexy fun if I went to take my position behind the glory-hole at work wearing my new sexy leather outfit with the matching gloves. I walked in wearing my regular bar tending outfit but when I got into the men’s bathroom I changed into my sexy clothes in the stall with the glory-hole and waited for some company. It only took about 15 minutes for 4 guys to come in all together and this time I decided to reveal myself to them. You should have seen the way they looked at me in my latex and leather, I see their cocks stirring in their pants, one by one they get so hard and I know what I’ll have to do next. I dropped to ground exposing my chest, “Shit on me and cover me with your cum…” They looked amazed and extremely turned on in the same moment, all four of the sexy hard cocked men started unbuckling their jeans and pulling their pants down. The first one with long blonde hair squatted right over my exposed tits and pushed out and amazing wet shit, feeling it warm all over my chest made me moan. He stepped aside and made room for the next hot guy with short black hair to squat over my chest and release a long hard turd, the stench was intoxicating and when he was done they started jerking their cocks watching the other two big biker types take their turn defiling my exposed shit covered tits. I stroked them in my leather gloves and they topped off the huge loads of filth with hot ropes of cum leaving me completely desecrated and wetter than I’ve ever been lying on the bathroom floor!

Hadley is an anal cum dumpster

anal cum dumpster

I have been up all night, running around the streets and trying to find a big black cock to sit my fat anal sex whore ass down on. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling the way that my asshole stretches when I am presented with a giant piece of black man meat. That midnight monster is going to force my asshole open. No amount of knocking or pleading, or even scissoring me why does going to make my little fuck hole ready for him. I wanted a man that was at least 14 in long, and I finally found him downtown by the river. He was dealing dope, and I love me a hot fucking ride so I bought a rock off of him and got myself all fired up. Every time that I get horny as shit. I couldn’t help but notice the way that he was staring at my tits, and I didn’t even have to beg him for him to whip that cock out. When I saw how thick his dick was, I knew that he was the one. I instantly turned around, bent over the railing to the river, and flipped up my little micro skirt. I reached back and spread my own sheets so that he could see my brown eyed Susan, and he knew exactly what I wanted. I got BBC sex stories for miles cum and play with a nasty gang bang Black cock slut!

Slutty Piss Whore



Pissing Sex Stories

When I get bored I like to go to the gloryhole in the bar where I work and let some guys piss in my mouth! I come in early so no one sees me when I take my position completely naked and waiting to be pissed on. When the first guy comes in to use the urinal I say,  “over here…” when I have their attention I stick my tongue through the hole and say “Piss on me” sometimes they get freaked out but most of the time they step right up, stick their cock into the hole and I open my mouth for the golden stream of hot wetness. As their piss soaks my mouth and starts rolling down my naked body and my slutty toilet whore pussy gets so fucking wet!

Really Big dick sucker


big dick suckerWhen I say I’m a really big dick sucker I mean I love big dicks and this whore sucks a lot of dicks too! I’m big into sucking dick! When I see a man I immediately size him up by his cock and how much I want to slobber his knob. Yeah I’m a blonde bimbo for a cock sucking good time!  Shit I have a gym membership just so I can suck guys off in the locker room. Yesterday I followed this guy inside and he knew why I was there. He dropped his shorts and let me suck him off like a good girl. We had a crowd gathering and I had another three cocks cum. My stomach was full and I was proud to be a cum guzzling slut! By the time I got to the club to do my set, I was hungry for more cum already! I made sure to get put on the VIP list of whores. I had so much cum by the end of the night that I felt sick! But this night is just starting for me here. Would you want to add to my stomach full of cum. After all momma said not to spit cuz it was rude, better to swallow than make a mess!

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