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Trashy Milf Stripper Sex Cum Eating From a Prolapsed Asshole

Trashy milf Stripper sex gets nasty when you crave the extreme. Nothing gets more extreme than a prolapse anus oozing with spunk. My stripper ass gets pounded out pretty hard. All the BBC I take it’s no surprise that thing gets prolapsed really good. 

One night there was a younger stripper in the VIP room with me. I was showing the ways of taking that BBC and making those massive cocks cum like champs. She was easy to train and a total freak.

This slut got down and dirty and started to lick and suck the jizz from my prolapsed anus. She suck and licked my prolapsed like she was worshipping a BBC. I really can’t deny that turned me the fuck on.

Once we got this young trainee for BBC pounded out, things got nastier. This cum slut was a total champ moaning and begging like a good whore. I love training a new nigger slut whore.

Trashy Milf

Bored Housewife Drunk Phone sex

Drunk phone sex

Libations have made me into a sloppy mess. Read and jerk off to my drunk phone sex raunchy tale. When my husband is at the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO or scouting new talent, I find myself becoming a bored housewife. Not a good look for me at all. So I start with a wine bottle or two and that only makes me horny. I find myself watching old videos of me taking massive amounts of cock. I have a new agenda for helping the young whores become like me. I also have to keep my cuckold husband happy with his whore wife. It happens to all aging whores, although I’m still quite young, I have fucked hundreds of men. I haven’t retired, I just have the longings of being creampied and left in some skanky motel. But the wine helps, and I remember that time Valde shoved a champagne bottle up my ass and laughed as I screamed. My cunt aches to be that young whore scared out of her mind again. The panties slip off and The bottle feels cool against my pussy.  I lift the neck up and pour the rest of the wine down my folds. The kitchen chair is replaced by a bar stool in memory of mine as I push the bottom of the wine bottle into my hole. I’m drunk and all I know is in my mind I’m back in a nasty biker bar and Joe is pushing his fist inside of me. A $50 dollar bet for 20-year-old me. The wine bottle goes inside me and I begin to fuck my Sloppy wet pussy. I think for a minute I should film myself but I’m much to drunk and I have a glass wine bottle fucking my cunt. 

Anal Cum Dumpster for all that BBC – Trashy Milf BJ

Just an anal cum dumpster when it comes to getting high and taking that Big black cock. Stripping, partying and fucking are my daily grind as a Trashy milf. This is the only way I want to live. Giving my holes up for drugs and nigger dick.

We can get quite fucking filthy and wild. I love to take a lot of satanic nigger dick and have fun with scat. Some of my niggas are really filthy mother fuckers and I truly love the filth. We get nasty and wild.

Anal cum dumpster

Fucking my prolapsed anus and shitting out sperm and crap all over that white boy bitches face. This is just another filthy caller still. I have so many hot and nasty calls I get down and filthy with and I won’t be stopping soon.

Get under Mama BJ’s cunt and watch it get plowed by nigger dicks. Eat my ass out and taste their nigger dick must and all that gooey jizz.

Trashy milf

Any girl hooked like me is up for Crack whore anal

Crack whore analI always want drugs, and I want you to know about it, because it also means I’m up for crack whore anal. I’d feel less on drugs, if you weren’t aware, that I was on drugs. You need to know, my dealer especially needs to know, hell I need to know. Drugs are just like that, you’re not high until others know you’re high. If a druggie is high in the forest and no one is around to smoke with them, were they ever really smoking? My point is, I needed some crack, and that meant I had to find someone who sold crack, who was really into getting blown. I’d blow them anyway, I love blowing dealers, but if I don’t get some free drugs while I’m at it then I’m wasting blow-jobs. And blow. Both of which are criminal, a man needs to get off and I have a mouth, it just seems like a match made in heaven. Bobbing my head up and down, slurping on his cock, drinking up his pre-cum while getting ready for a big shot of jizz deep into my throat. When I’m done, when he’s exhausted and groaning, I get my drugs and he knows he’s getting another blowjob later because drugs don’t last very long.

Sexy Prostitutes Like To Cum Swap!

Sexy Prostitutes

Sexy prostitutes like us just want to filled to the brim with cum! Just last night me and my stripper pal Trixie hung out at her place getting high. A friend of Trixie’s called and asked if we were down for some hot stripper sex. We love when guys want to pay us to do what stripper sluts like us love to do; get high and fuck like gangbang whores! Our John came with two friends and a big bag of meth as well as cocaine and a bottle of JD. We got so blitzed we couldn’t wait to start sucking dick and collecting those extra dollars they were throwing while we shook our asses. We fucked them all, every pair of balls got drained in our fuck tunnels and me and Trixie were so fucking stoned we were ready for some freaky phone sex. Those cocks were rock fucking hard all over again when me and Trixie did our favorite show stopping dance move; We got into the sixty-nine position and twerked all over each other’s faces while we sucked those hot loads from our cunts!

Gangbang Whore BJ | Hot stripper sex BBC Cock sucking whore

Gangbang whore is what I am and BJ is my name. I really work hard on keeping to my name sake and giving the best other fucking blowjobs. But that is another part of this story I won’t get into. The exciting morsels are the hot stripper sex gangbangs I enjoy so much.

As a stripper cunt that has been stripping and hooking so long there is no denying my cunt and ass have been used. I’m 44 and still have a smoking stripper whore body that drives the BBC to stand attention. So when I work a frat party of a Black fraternity full of young studly bull niggers there is a lot to take *pun purely intended* in.

Taking in all that massive bull BBC dick was the best time. They were all over 18 and filling out in their manhood nicely! Their stamina and enthusiasm was amazing for covering my stripper tits in bukkake. The sloppy cunt and asshole are here for your licking!

Gangbang Whore

Bossy Blossom The Cum Guzzling Slut!

Cum Guzzling Slut

I’m a cum guzzling slut but I’ve been known to dominate some hard cock when I’m feeling bossy! I get offered all kinds of fun jobs while working as a stripper, one of the most awesome things I’ve ever done is dominate a group of horny business men! I never know what to expect when I arrive to an out-call gig but it’s always a thrill that makes my cunt wet to walk up to a hotel suite in my sexy outfit ready for anything. This time I was wearing my bossy blossom leather outfit that definitely said I was here to dominate and get paid! When the door opened there were five Asian business men all in suits, I knew from the look of them what I needed to do first… I cracked my riding crop and told them to strip naked! I made them lick my boots and stroke their cocks until I pulled out my strap-on, it was a beautiful site watching them fight to lick my big black dong! Before the night was through we made the freakiest hardcore orgy porn of me draining their little cocks all over my face!

Hardcore Orgy Porn

My daddy uses me to make hooker phone sex porn

Hooker phone sexMy daddy taught me well when it comes to hooker phone sex. It all started when I was a young girl, and he came into my room at night. He taught me how to suck him off at first. I licked up and down his shaft curiously and with his encouragement I was able to deep throat his cock like a natural whore. I then got to deep throat his friends and suck them off too. My pussy was fingered and played with as I got older while I sucked them, and they paid my daddy for my services. As I got older, I learned how to please a man and make them cum fast. I could fuck at least twenty men in a day. He made money off of me in other ways too, I was the star in a prostitution porn film that was posted all over the internet. Hard and horny men with huge hard cocks from everywhere paid to watch this young cunt be fucked and annihilated. I would meet men who were my regulars at skanky hotel rooms and my daddy would come to watch me please these men. It turned him on the most to see me deepthroat a huge cock like theirs. He always tells me what a good whore I am, and it makes me feel so proud to be his little girl. Now that I’m older he likes to watch them breed me. At the end of each paid hooker fuck session, they use me as their cum dumpster. Just pumping their creamy thick loads inside my tight wet cunt.

Trailer Trash Whore BJ Fucks for Rent

It’s the end of another fucking Month and I realize I need to step up my trailer trash whore game and make rent. It seems I spent my bill money on more drugs and filthy lingerie to seduce the school boys.

Back up a little, I have moved to a new apartment and next door to me is a sports park. I really enjoy being the trashy whore and have these young men watch me. I got myself broke by inviting these boys over to get high and fuck me.

So spending my money on these young black guys has fucked my bill money up. Now I need to start whoring my holes out to flthy men that love the thought of my creampied milf cunt filled with the spunk of young black boys.

Trailer trash whore

My Sexline Makes Me Crave Taboo Phonesex!


I love having access to the boss’s office at the strip club so I can make a little extra cash on my sexline when it’s slow! When I’m working the pole I’m taking calls like all the other phone sex sluts! I get bored on days at the club where it’s dead so if I’m not pouring drinks and chatting up regulars, I’m in the back office making my money having taboo phonesex with perverts. I love it when guys call me up just to see if I’ve taken any cock on my stripping shift! They get rock hard when I tell them I’ve already been acting like a creampie slut by letting some guys fuck my cunt on the boss’s desk. I brought them in the back so they can see that I really am a big dick sucker but they wanted to jack off all over my stocking covered ass. I let them fuck my face, making me drool all over their balls before they filled my sloppy wet pussy right there where anyone could walk in!

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