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Backseat Bangin’ with the Stripper

Hot stripper sex


You’re in for a real live one, a stripper fantasy come true. And guess what? I’m your lucky lady. Tonight, I’m gonna show you how a real stripper gets down and dirty.

Waitin’ for you on the corner, I see you approaching, lust in your eyes. I’m dressed to kill in a teeny halter top that struggles to contain these perky tits and a leather mini that’s practically non-existent. My fishnets are ripped, a telltale sign of the wild night I’ve had. You can’t help but salivate, imagining what it’d be like to bend me over and have your way with me.

We dive into the backseat of your ride, and things get heating up faster than a porn scene. You whip out your already erect pecker, and I’m so damn ready. I spread my legs wide, practically begging you to take me. You mount me like a rodeo bull, ramming your rod deep inside my soaking slit.

It’s a wild, animalistic fuck. You’re not gentle, and I love it. Roughly, you turn me over and pound my asshole till it’s red. The grunts and moans fill the car, and cum drips down my legs. You exert your dominance, and I’m putty in your hands.

With a final, fierce thrust, you pull out and decorate my ass cheeks with your hot, creamy jizz. And there I am, a mess of cum and lust, loving every damn minute of it.

So, baby, are you ready for some no-holds-barred, backseat bangin’? ‘Cause this stripper is ready to show you the time of your life!

Shemale phone sex with Bella will make you Cum!

shemale phone sex


Shemale phone sex with Miss Bella will always get you rock hard. I have tons of dirty perverted stories to tell, like what happened last night at the club I strip at.

Last night at the strip club, I had this group of guys come in all sloppy drunk. Looked like they were a bunch of soldiers from the base up the freeway. Army boys. Fuck I love me some men in uniform. These boys definitely looked like they were going to be some fun tonight. There was one in particular looked like he might be some fun. I wasn’t working tonight. I was just here to have some fun with some friends.

Of course I was all dolled up still. Wearing a beautiful little strapless dress. My cock tucked, with a string on. Hair curled up and a full set of make-up done. There’s no way he’s going to know what’s underneath my dress. I followed his drunk ass into the bathroom. Stood next to him while he was pissing and stared right at him. The look of confusion on his face for a second, until I reached down and grabbed his cock and started rubbing it. He didn’t give a fuck. He was giving me that cock.

I got on my knees and started sucking. He was in total shock. A woman in the men’s bathroom, giving him a blow job at a strip club. As soon as I got him nice and rock hard, I stood up. Started walking towards the door to lock it. He ran after me to stop me and asked why I was leaving. I said to him, Oh Honey I’m not leaving, I’m just locking the door so no walks in on me fucking you. He was stumbling a little, but excited. I turned back around, grabbed ahold of my cock, and pulled it out from under my dress. To be honest I had no idea what was about it happen.

He looked down, and all I heard him say was, “Oh my god yes”. Before I knew it he was on his knees, sucking my cock. Gargling, spitting, sucking on my balls. I could feel him moaning through his mouth vibrating my cock, holy fuck he was good. I grabbed ahold of the back of his head and started to fuck his face. Shoving my fucking cock down his throat over and over again, I was getting so close. He pulled my cock out and so, “No, no, I want that sweet cum in my ass. Now!”

Before I could even reply to him, his pants were off and on the floor. His ass was nice and milky white and jiggled as he walked towards the sinks. He lifted a leg up and put his knee on the sink. I followed him. Took my cock in my hand, spit on it, and shoved it deep inside his ass. Fuck it was tight. He turned back towards me, kissing me. My cock thrusting harder and harder into his tight fuck hole. He pulled my dress down to expose my perky little tits.

Right as he started to pinch my nipples, I could feel myself about to cum. He reached behind towards my neck, wrapped his fingers around my throat and told me to cum deep inside his ass, to fill him up with my hot cum. So I did. I fucked him harder and harder till I exploded deep inside his night tight ass. This was definitely a nice little surprise, usually guys aren’t so willing. But this good little fucking army boy wanted some cock tonight. Hopefully I see him again.

I did manage to get his number. Although his friends have no idea what’s underneath my skirt, he does, and that’s all that matters. Maybe he’ll be my muse, I definitely can’t stop thinking about him. Hopefully I can tell all you kinky dirty nasty little perverts what happens the next time I see him, if he calls me. I have a good feeling this is going to be fun, even though I  don’t usually do the relationship thing, but this one’s, sexy. I wouldn’t mind fucking that tight ass every night. Let’s see if he texts me tomorrow. 


Cum dumpster used by randoms at a rave!

Cum dumpsterI knew this rave would be a time to remember; I knew it was the best place to be a Cum dumpster. I told all my friends I expected to fuck at least 3-5 guys a night for the 3 days we were there. They said I was so disgusting for letting anyone fuck me; they are just prudes though. I told them life isn’t fun without a little danger and risky sex. They disagree but they love me anyway; even though they think I am the biggest skank in town. I think that is part of the reason I love hanging out with them so much. It makes me so wet and turned on that they think so lowly of me. Nothing makes me drip more than a room full of people who think I am nothing but a fuck doll for men. 

My outfit was very exposing and it turned lots of heads when we were dancing. I was all over so many guys so I can’t remember which one took my drunk ass somewhere subtle and made me into a Big dick sucker. All I remember is gagging on cock for a while and taking it up the ass hole. It was easy because I was pretty much naked so all he did was bend me over and slip my panties/shorts over. He slipped his cock in my bald shit pipe and pumped me for a few minutes. When he was ready to nut I turned around and he blew his spunk on my face. 

This kept happening through the night and I remember waking up with a swollen throat and butt hole. The next morning we all went to get breakfast and I had pics on my phone of me covered in many loads from the prior night. I did not even remember bringing anyone back to my room but the pictures speak for themselves. My friends laughed as they took my phone and looked at the pictures of me getting fucked by random men all night. You know I went back to the room after and fucked myself some more until I came!

Hot stripper sex with slutty Sybil

Hot stripper sex

I know this is a huge fantasy for some of you, so tonight we’ll make it a reality. Hot stripper sex is what we’ll get in to. I’ll meet you on the corner and you can take me to the alleyway. You can treat me like the dirty nasty slut I am, and I’ll give you a ton of prostitution porn for future references.

                I’m wearing a tiny halter top that hardly covers my tits and nipples, along with a black leather microskirt. You can tell by my cum covered top and skirt, and my ripped up fishnet stockings, that I’ve been fucking like a white trash whore all night long. You almost ask yourself if you should be taking advantage of me in this state, but then you laugh to yourself since you know I deserve to be treated like this.

                I get into your backseat so I can get fucked like never before. The backseat is small, but we squish in there anyways. You unzip your pants and pull out your already hard dick. I lay on my back and spread my legs as much as I can, as you go on top of me and jam your cock inside me. You are not gentle with me in the least.

                The fucking feels amazing and then you turn me over on all fours. I stick my ass out in the air as much as I can. You stick your cock in my asshole and fuck me so hard. I can hear you grunting and grabbing me harder. You pull out of my ass and spray your hot cum all over my ass cheeks.

Hooker phone sex with the best anal bucket!

Hooker phone sexIt is obvious Danny was missing some of my stripper pussy. He has always known how good I am at Hooker phone sex so he could never control himself around me. This man is obsessed with strip clubs and loves when a bitch gives him access to her holes. He has the money to pay; he just needs the right slut to spread her legs. When a bitch is craving cock and money he knows they will always come running to him. For a little while he had himself mixed up with some dumb bitches that had no idea how to work his cock the right way. They were just hungry for cash and uninterested in getting fucked; Danny wasn’t feeling it.

If you don’t have a Sloppy wet pussy while he is railing you out he isn’t interested. So as you can imagine; once he came across me at my club he was in love. Ever since then, I drain his heavy perverted balls at least 3 times a week. He mainly pops in on the weekends when his wife is away with the kids. He gets those days wife and kid free so he has time to pump my dirty hooker ass hole full of seed. He is such a fun time and he always has the best coke when he comes to use me for a while. Sometimes if I take his cock real good up my shit hole he will get so over excited and come back to my place for the night. When he does that he always gives me extra cash, brings bottles and so many drugs. It ends up being such a blast of a night! Who wouldn’t crave some nasty Hot stripper sex  with a cum bucket whore like me? I can make all your filthy fantasies come true.


Hot stripper sex with an anal party slut!

Hot stripper sexOne of my favorite perverts was needy for some Hot stripper sex with his favorite gutter whore! Me and Bradley spend lots of time together in the summer when his wife is away with her family. He has his house to himself and free range to get fucked up and pound out me and my stripper bitches. He usually loves some orgy sex with me and my sluttiest stripper friends on the weekends during summer nights. Today he just wanted some one on one time with me; I was excited to get that cock up my filthy butt hole!

When I have Bradley all to myself I have such a good time making him blow his loads in every single hole. There is nothing I like better than being a Cum dumpster for a nasty pervert. Feeling that big fat man meat stretch my anal cavity open makes me feel so great. I am craving the feeling of that dick spraying seed inside my guts. My sweet little puckered ass hole has been through so many cocks; I feel permanently gaped open and I love it.

I sure hope you are in need of an ass whore cum dump for your prick baby! I am ready to have you on the phone getting fucked up with a party hooker who has no limits!

Hot stripper sex for mean men who force me!

Hot stripper sex for mean men! Often a lap dance ends with a big schlong of one of my customers putting his hot load in my belly! Last night, as I Twerked my way through the crowded biker bar, I felt a strange Sexual charge in the air. As the night went on, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being stalked. I saw a man lurking in the shadows, his eyes boring into me. It wasn’t until I was alone that he found me.

Hot stripper sex for mean men who force my mouth and ass open!!!

There he was dressed in black leather and facial features sharp and mean like Jesse James. He stared at me with such hate and a wave of fear washed over me. Unusual for a stripper whore like me who always gets in bad situations when the coke is good! He knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. He reached out and grabbed my ass, his fingers rough against my skin, yet sending shivers down my spine. “You’ve caught my eye, Hadley and I’m going to use you up tonight.” he seethed. and then pushing me down In the VIP backroom, his cock was in my face in a flash. 

Hardcore anal sex for a stripper whore

“You want me, don’t you?” he growled, his breath hot and foul against my cheek. “You’ve been teasing me all night, stripper whore. Now it’s time to pay the price.” My throat gulped his mean cock with all I had ever gave to a blowjob.. I tried to struggle, but his grip was too strong. He pulled me up roughly, thrusting me against the wall with such force that I felt the dry plaster cracking beneath my back. “Please, no,” I whimpered, hating myself for begging. But there was something about him, something dark and evil that spoke to me!  “Oh, there’s no need to beg, sweetheart. You already know you want this.” With that, he tore open my costume, revealing the lacy edges of my thong.

Cum guzzling slut gest ass to mouth!!!

With a low growl, he pushed me back against the wall, his cock pushing in my shit hole for Hardcore anal sex that left me crying. I could already feel my body responding to his touch, betraying me in ways I never thought possible! “You’re right,” I whispered, in tears. “I do want this.” His hands hurt my body, exploring every inch of me as if he wanted to commit my every curve and to memory.His cock invaded my ass exploring every inch. I fought against him to no avail. His grip was too strong. I had no choice but to give in and let him have his way with me. I moaned in pleasure as he thrust into me, trembling with fear. This stripperwhore has no choice but to be his cocksucking ass to mouth Cum guzzling slut!

Hot stripper sex

Fisting whore addict gets wild, punch my G-spot!

Fisting whore Fisting whore addict gets wild, punch my G-spot! I’ve been in the game for years, and I’ve seen it all. I’ve been fucked in every hole, every position, and every way imaginable. I’ve been high on meth, and I’ve been high on life. But let me tell you, nothing compares to the rush I get when I’m getting fisted by a horny stranger.

I’ve always been a wild one, even before I started doing meth. I loved the thrill of the chase, the excitement of the unknown. But when I discovered meth, it was like a whole new world opened up to me. Suddenly, I could stay up for days, partying, fucking, and getting high. I was invincible, and nothing could stop me.

I became a regular at the local strip club, where I would dance and strip for the horny men who came in droves. I loved the attention, the power I had over them. I would tease them, make them beg for more, and then give them exactly what they wanted. And when they were done, I would take them to the back room and let them fuck me in every way imaginable.

But it wasn’t just the men who wanted a piece of me. The women were just as eager to get a taste of my sweet, tight holes. I didn’t care who it was just as long as I am getting plowed! I beg for it, please, finger-fuck me, lick me, and even fuck me with strap-ons and of course Hardcore anal sex. I loved the feeling of being filled up, of being used and abused by anyone who wanted a piece of me.

And then there was the fisting. Oh, how I loved getting fisted. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a hand being shoved deep inside you, stretching you out and making you scream with pleasure. I would beg for it, beg for someone to fist me hard and deep, to make me feel like the dirty whore I am.

So if you’re looking for a wild ride, a dirty whore who loves to get fucked in every way imaginable, then look no further. I’m Carrie, and I’m ready to give you the ride of your life. Just remember, I’m a meth addicted sexy whore, and I love getting fisted hard and deep. So come on, let’s get wild and have some Hot stripper sex!



Hot stripper sex with cock drunk whore!

Hot stripper sexYou know you have had some Hot stripper sex when your balls are aching and you feel completely drained. When a whore is between your legs lapping up that hard prick you know it’s been a good time. I am feeling cock drunk every single time I have a session as good as this. There is nothing I like more than having a nice hard cock slamming in my nasty holes. I get drunk and high off the scent of sweaty balls and hot creamy loads. It’s like I was designed to be fucked and used; it makes sense since I am always craving a pounding. 

It would also explain why I was made as a Blonde fucking slut from the beginning. I popped out my mothers cunt ready to please cock and take cum. I am so lucky to be able to be living up my full potential every single day. Not many people can say they were born for a reason and fulfill those reasons every single day. Plus, I believe it is super important to have nasty sluts around the world who please men daily. This world would be so much better if bitches understood their place and submitted to all the superior men in this world. 

At the end of the day I know my worth is determined on my Sloppy wet pussy. I know I am only as good as I can perform; that means I have to work hard at keeping myself relevant for men. Which essentially means making sure I always get drunk off dick and cum loads. I have to always be prepared and ready for the camera to be turned on and for my holes to be stuffed by any man who wants to use them. As a top choice cock sleeve I will always make sure I am ready to be made a mess of!

Cum dumpster Hadley is a hot stripper whore begging for more

cum dumpsterAs your resident cum dumpster I strip at the down-and-dirty bar on the outskirts of town. The customers are rough and the drinks are strong. I let men rub their big, hard cocks on me while they buy me drinks, knowing that they can’t afford the lap dance I’d usually give. They’re more than happy to hand over the cash for a little attention.

Resident cum dumpster stripper whore

I have been eyeing that guy over there for weeks, the one with the shiny car and the muscles that almost rip his jacket apart. This whore knows he’s been watching me too.

Finally, he pulls up a stool next to me. “You wanna dance?” he asks, his voice gravelly and thick.

“Sure,” my eyes never leave his crotch. He stuffs some bills in my G-string and away we go fornicating for all the patrons to see!  We both know it was just a transaction, but it’s so hot to get paid to do what I love! 

Big dick sucker

As we dance, I can feel him getting hard against my back. I turn around and give him a taste of what he’s been wanting all along.  “You want cock, don’t you?” the guy asks, pulling his pants halfway down and revealing more of his thick, meaty member. His cock is thick and throbbing, pulsing against my tongue as I lick and suck it. “Yes,” reaching down and stroking it. “I want to be a big dick sucker! I fucking love making people watch as I suck a mighty meat pole right on the floor!  I moan in pleasure as I take it all in, feeling him grow thicker in my mouth. I look up at him, my blue eyes sparkling with pleasure. He groans in pleasure as I take him down my throat.

Hot stripper sex

 Please I want it hard and fast, to feel your cum deep inside my belly” I moan in pleasure as he takes control and fucks my mouth. His hot cum fills my mouth and drips down my chin. I savor the taste of my Hot stripper sex cum payment and lick my lips clean.