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Lot Lizard Love

Lot Lizard Sex


In order to get quick cash for drugs, I’ve started working the truckers as a lot lizard. There’s plenty of fat, dirty nasty truckers wanting a quick fuck or bj for a little cash. These losers are really fucking cheap. They think getting pussy should be like ten bucks! I am some self respect and “im not doing shit for less than at least 20 bucks! So that’s how it usually starts, me wearing short short dress or mini skirt for easy access for those dirt bags to get their dirty fat fingers into my twat to finger bang me for awhile. Then I’m usually forced my the nasty trucker to have my face into his lap, giving him a sloppy wet drooling drippy blowjob, as my spit runs down his dirty dick, I can start to see streaks of pink as my saliva washes his nasty dirt covered cock appears! All veiny and hairy the wirey dirty stinky pubic hair mound he’s got between my legs is forcefully smashed into my face giving me a big whiff of crotch rot. His pubs are so wirey that they stab and tickly my nostrils and scrape the inside of my nose giving me jagged red streak across my face. If that wasn’t enough to have all that big bunch of pubic hair getting forcefully slammed into my face, I feel a callousey thumb getting shoved into my poop chute with out lube! I usually protest but If i’m broke enough and need to get high bad enough i’ll get dry anally fucked by one of those tight wads for these extra cash. They always are blasting Hank williams jr., David allan coe  or Brooks and Dunn thru their stereo, yee hawing and whoop whoopin into their cb radio telling their trucker buddies what a hot piece of white trash ass I am and the will tell them what my “20” is so they can haul ass down where I am to get a piece of this Cindy lizard lot action. No shame in the game though right? I’m just making my way getting a piece of the action to fund my high. I’ve got the body to do it at least for now. Plus I get lucky and a lot of these fuckers have a pipe full of shit and will let me smoke some of their crystal with them before I have to get back out there and serve up my ass and pussy to more trashy truckers.

Redneck peckers

Blonde phone sex


Last night I went out with a couple rednecks that I went to High School with. They live out in the boondocks butt fuck egypt pretty much. Anyway I was just along for the ride. There were 4 of them and me. We went mudding and listened to some Hank williams Jr and drank some bud light and tons of weed. I was high as fuck and horny as hell. I started grinding on this fat fucker named Bubba and he loved it. He whipped his pecker out and told me to “hawp on et” so I unzipped my daisy dukes and lowered my sloppy wet pussy down on his pencil thin pecker. He started whooping  and yee hawing and next thing you know the rest of the dudes are stroking their dicks wanting in on some Cindy action. Why not right? So I let those red necks run a train on me out in the swamp. My pussy was beat the fuck up at the end . Each guy took his turn slipping his schlong into my slippery cunt. I got fancy and had one in my twat and the other in my poop chute. I was quite pleased with myself taking them both on at the same time like that. They were just sawing back in forth in my fuck slots having a good ol time. One dude just jerked his dick til he sprayed his frothy red necter all over my ass. The skeeters were something sick but we managed to swat them off and still get our fuck on. I had to show them how to rub my clit so I could actually get off these guys weren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed if you know what I mean. But I used my own fingers to rub the fuck out of my clit with each cock inside my gash so i could keep their peckers lubed up good. We wrapped it up when we ran out of bud light and they told me they def wanted to take me out again next weekend on the swamp buggy!

My Ass Turned Out By The Church

anal sex whoreI wasn’t always addicted to cock, and getting my ass filled with cum. I used to be a good Sunday school girl. But that all changed when I Met Father Mark. He took one look at my body and he told me that he knew my secret. He whispered through the partition that if I did not quit stroking my little pussy God would Smite me. He had a way to cure my ailments. He said I was to meet in his office every day for a week. And in those meetings, he proceeded to fuck the sin out of my body. At first, I was spoiled and doted upon. But the more times I was called into his office the more he became mean and would invite other men into fuck my ass and my mouth. I began to use my ass as my primary fuck hole. As more girls confessed their sins the more, he didn’t need me anymore. I wanted to be used by Father Mark, but he didn’t need me anymore. I begged to be able to see him he knew he had me where he wanted. I was then the one who would bring other naughty girls to him. This would be the only way he fucked my sweet little whore ass and made me feel good. I was his accomplice fuck whore.

Druggy Whore For Hire

druggy phone sex

Do you have what it takes to be a cock sucking, prick riding whore like me? I promise I make such good money, and the Johns keep me high as a mother fucking kite on whatever party drug I ask for. I am a trailer trash druggy whore who has to work the streets to live the life I love. I will take you with me to pace the corners tonight and teach you how I make my living sucking juicy cocks and riding dirty dicks. The married men love me; even though I am a druggy whore and a hooker for hire, I give a great GFE which means girl friend experience. Sex can be slutty and sensual all at the same time! Get dressed in your shortest, tightest snake skin skirt. Put on some ripped fishnets, and a little crop top. Make sure you wear your eight inch pumps, yes, the ones that scream “Fuck Me!” let me show you how to be a slut. Walk right up to his car, lean in, and ask him if he has ever cum in three minutes before. He will laugh, and say no. But I will teach you exactly how to work his cock to make him cum in less than that. All that nut will go right down your cock sucking throat. Make sure you swallow every drop, and he will make sure you get every dollar you deserve.

I Love Being a Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whoreI wasn’t always doing so well in life especially since I’m a Trailer trash whore. I was raised by a crack whore mama and her johns were always over taking advantage of me. I just learned quickly to suck cock and spread my legs and give them what they wanted. If I fought them, I’d get pretty messed up. I rather them just pump pump and blow and get the fuck out. I’m trailer trash but I ain’t stupid. I figured out how to become resourceful after getting kicked out of school. I tried the college thing but it wasn’t for me. I got a full scholarship because of what I am and where I’m from and I passed some tests. They may have drugged me and fucked the shit out of me but I still have a brain and I make use of it. I decided to take in some other young girls from the street and shitty families and make a fucking good living off of them. I like crack rock, so what, and I like fucking, big deal. The thing I like most is making a living off of pimping out some of these young tight holes so they can earn their keep. Want some?

Trailer Trash Whore Cindy

trailer trash whoreI am a trailer trash whore. I enjoy having the reputation as easy. Honestly, I will fuck anyone. You just must be able to get hard and stay hard. I do not care about cock or body size or race, or even age. I just want a hard cock in my fuck holes. I like to party, and I like to fuck. I went to this trailer park party last week. I crashed it. But no one seem to know that I knew no one there. I make friends quickly. I did shots of Fireball with some dudes, then twenty minutes later I was on my knees blowing their cocks. I love the taste of cum. I love everything about cum. Apparently, a couple dudes I blew had girlfriends or wives and they were not happy that the town tramp was sucking off their men. I am not intimidated by goody two shoes bitches. I breathed my cum breath on those stuck-up bitches and told the guys to follow me home. I entertained four guys in my holes. That is nothing. I have had over 50 men in a night. I love being a gangbang whore. I drained their balls several times each. We drank, we fucked and we fucked some more. The real party is always wherever I am

Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster

I fucking love having anal sex. I am a self admitted anal sex whore and proud of it! There is just something so fucking nasty about having a cock deep inside my asshole. I love the feeling of a thick hard cock stretching out my tight little asshole and sliding in and out! Bend me over and fuck my ass as hard as you want to! Just lube up your cock and I’m ready to go! I mean, I love my pussy getting fucked but there is nothing quite like feeling a massive cock filling up my ass! I especially love being an anal cum dumpster. A nice hot anal cream pie is my absolute favorite! So fuck me fast and hard and deep until you shoot your hot load deep in my ass!

Water Sports Sex

Water Sports Sex


I’m such a nasty slut for water sports sex. There’s just something about being used in such a degrading way that makes my pussy so wet! My first experience with it was completely unexpected but it made me just want it more and more. I was out at a club and grinding up on this guy. He was so hot and I just wanted to get in his pants! We ended up going back to his place and were tearing each other’s clothes off on the way to the bedroom. He pushed me down onto the bed and spread my legs, he pushed his big thick cock into my tight wet pussy and oh my god did it feel amazing! He fucked me so good I came hard all over his dick! He then asked me to get down on my knees and suck him off. I willingly obeyed and sucked his cock hard and fast. I thought for sure he was about to cum when he pulled out and started stroking but instead of cum he completely covered my face and tits with a stream of hot piss! I was so surprised I had no words but as I realized what had happened I was raring and ready to go again! That was just the beginning of a hot and steamy night of fucking!

Nothing but a Fisting Whore

Fisting Whore

I was really craving a fix and was dead broke. I asked my dealer if we could figure out an alternative payment. He said two hours alone where he could use me however he wanted for enough of a fix to last me a few weeks! Of course I agreed! even if he did say that I couldn’t back out or go to the cops. He started off by tying me up and hitting me across the face, hard, hard enough to bust my lip and give me a black eye. Then he shoved his cock in my ass and fucked me til he turned me into an anal cum dumpster! When he was done with my ass he started to finger my pussy, hard. He grabbed lube, thankfully, and began to shove his whole fist in my cunt and punch in and out. I was screaming out for him to stop until he finally had enough and stopped. He left me sore, bruised and bleeding but gave me my fix!

Drunk Phone Sex with Cindy

Drunk phone sex

I love drunk phone sex. I have so much fun partying and drinking until I’m feeling really good and relaxed. And horny. I always get really horny when I drink. I can feel my pussy get wetter with every shot! I am the kind of girl that likes to go out to my bar dressed super slutty and dance provocatively with strangers. I love finding a random guy and making out on the dance floor and then sneaking off to the bar bathroom. My phone number is even on the wall in there! I’ll get down on my knees and take that cock out and start licking and sucking it real good! I’m the best big dick sucker in town and everyone knows it! I’ll go til I get that hot load in my throat and I swallow it right up!