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Hey my name is Cindy. I’m not like all the other girls I know. I don’t try to be a fucking good girl. I am nobody’s barbie doll! I don’t give a FUCK about college or finding some rich fuck to marry. I know what I am and I am a blonde fucking slut. I am a white trash, cum guzzling slut, anal whore! I live to have my cunt filled with cum. I want to be fucked so hard my cunt is swollen and pulsating. And then I want you to move to my ass! Go ahead and lick that ass hole before you go balls deep inside me and don’t forget to pull my hair and call me a fucking whore! Smack my ass while you gape me open! I promise you you cant get too fucking dirty for me! I will do anything as long as I get to bathe in your hot cum! Make me your cum dumpster. So all your friends can go dumpster diving! Fuck college. I want a street education instead. I have all the tools I need to make it in life right here between my legs! My cunt can open doors a college education just can’t provide and some people will never understand that however you are a pervert just like me and completely understand the need to be nasty, don’t you? Call me for that super nasty live phone sex your cock is craving babe.

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