Lot Lizard Love

Lot Lizard Sex


In order to get quick cash for drugs, I’ve started working the truckers as a lot lizard. There’s plenty of fat, dirty nasty truckers wanting a quick fuck or bj for a little cash. These losers are really fucking cheap. They think getting pussy should be like ten bucks! I am some self respect and “im not doing shit for less than at least 20 bucks! So that’s how it usually starts, me wearing short short dress or mini skirt for easy access for those dirt bags to get their dirty fat fingers into my twat to finger bang me for awhile. Then I’m usually forced my the nasty trucker to have my face into his lap, giving him a sloppy wet drooling drippy blowjob, as my spit runs down his dirty dick, I can start to see streaks of pink as my saliva washes his nasty dirt covered cock appears! All veiny and hairy the wirey dirty stinky pubic hair mound he’s got between my legs is forcefully smashed into my face giving me a big whiff of crotch rot. His pubs are so wirey that they stab and tickly my nostrils and scrape the inside of my nose giving me jagged red streak across my face. If that wasn’t enough to have all that big bunch of pubic hair getting forcefully slammed into my face, I feel a callousey thumb getting shoved into my poop chute with out lube! I usually protest but If i’m broke enough and need to get high bad enough i’ll get dry anally fucked by one of those tight wads for these extra cash. They always are blasting Hank williams jr., David allan coe  or Brooks and Dunn thru their stereo, yee hawing and whoop whoopin into their cb radio telling their trucker buddies what a hot piece of white trash ass I am and the will tell them what my “20” is so they can haul ass down where I am to get a piece of this Cindy lizard lot action. No shame in the game though right? I’m just making my way getting a piece of the action to fund my high. I’ve got the body to do it at least for now. Plus I get lucky and a lot of these fuckers have a pipe full of shit and will let me smoke some of their crystal with them before I have to get back out there and serve up my ass and pussy to more trashy truckers.

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