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Lot lizard sex is my lot in life. You see my parents were both truck drivers and I grew up in the truck stops. As I grew older I knew that I didn’t want to drive a truck myself but still wanted the lifestyle. At the ripe age of 18 I became a lot lizard.  I would get so excited to see the trucks all lined up, big, burly men and women coming out and going into the shop to shower. I would wait until they were coming back out and ask if they wanted some company for a while. Most were very excited and would ask how much I wanted. I would answer $20.00 and a can of beer- pretty reasonable if you asked me. I spent many hours in the back of a truck fucking and sucking. Sometimes I would have guys who were so satisfied that they would call their friends on the cbs and I would be in and out of truck all night long. I enjoyed the women drivers the most as they really knew what a woman needs. I had some of the drivers who would ask for my number and they would then call the next time that they were rolling through. I never had a night go by that my pussy wasn’t oozing cum as I walked home.


Traveling lot lizard

lot lizard sexI love to get liquored up and head to my local truck stop to find some fun for the night. Tonight I scored some pretty good weed, a little coke and a whole lotta cock. I bounced from truck to truck with each of the drivers taking their turns fucking me in the ass and then making me clean their cocks after. Sometimes a driver would be sweet and he would start by putting in my pussy but would soon get animalistic and would end up pounding my ass and screaming out his release. I was soon down to tattered clothes, many a loan of cum dripping down my leg and a high that just wouldn’t quit. At my last truck of the night I found a driver who seemed very nice and he laid me down in his sleeper to talk and touch. He was stroking my face and my eyes were closed when he jumped on top of me and tied my arms to the bed, he made quick work of my ankles too and before I could process what was going on we were moving. He said that he was now going to be my lot lizard pimp and that we were going to make stops nightly and that I needed to fuck anyone and everyone he told me to. He was going to collect his fees and I was the product. What he didn’t know was that I was excited about the idea and even came a little when he laid out the plans. I can’t wait to serve my new master and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Trashy MILF Crashes a Party

trashy milfThis trashy milf crashed a party last night. You cannot keep me away from a party. I crave them. I need them. I can smell a horny party boy a mile away. I heard the music, saw the cars. I knew the trailer. The mom is a stripper and she has three teen boys. I have fucked them all before when school was in session. At various times, the boys have stopped by my trailer on the way to the bus stop to enjoy some mature pussy and ass. They love fucking me. I felt confident that I could crash their party and be welcomed. I put on some daisy dukes and a tank top. My ass was hanging out, my nipples were erect, and my pussy was ripe. I was sure that a blind man could smell how horny I was last night. I walked my skanky ass down to the trailer that was rocking, and it was not the boys having the party but the stripper whore mom. She is not a fan of mine. It was a Saturday night. That is like a prime night at a strip club. I assumed while momma was working the pole, her horny boys were having a party. Once I saw her, I acted like I was walking to another trailer. She knew I was looking for her sons. She was in a good mood. She sent me inside the trailer. She was smoking some good shit. I could smell it. The boys were in their bedroom playing video games, staying hidden per mommy’s instructions. They were happy to see me. While mommy was playing with adults, trailer trash whore Beverly was fucking her sons. They pumped me full of boy seed. For hours we fucked, and I could moan loudly too because momma and her friends were playing loud music and talking. By the time I slithered back home, the lads’ momma was passed out in the living room and so were some of her friends. I walked out of her trailer full of her boys’ seed and she likely will not even remember I was there.

Dirty Phone Sex Slut

dirty phone sexI am a dirty phone sex slut. I was raised in the trailer park on a healthy diet of cum. I love cum. My parents put cum in my bottles when I was a little rug rat. Now, I am cum whore and everyone knows it. I had to pay the rent this month. You know this stupid virus has hurt my finances. I have not been able to work at the strip club in months. Plus, the truck stops are like ghost towns now. Turning a trick is not easy, but a girl who needs money will get creative. I started having private parties in my trailer for horny men in the area in need of busting a nut. Twenty dollars to get in and I suck you dry. Fifty dollars and you can fuck any hole of mine you want. I advertised online and, in the community, and I swear the entire state turned out. A lot of men needed a good ball draining. Good thing I am a cum dumpster because I got a lot of cum. I also got a lot of money. Enough money to pay a few months ahead. A whore always finds a way to earn a living.

Truck Stop Tramp’s Druggy Porn

druggy pornThe only thing I love more than druggy porn is the real fucking deal. First and foremost I’m a slut of the highest variety. There’s no cock I won’t suck, no man I won’t fuck. I spend a lot of time lounging around the truck lots just to make some extra cash, and I don’t mind any of those nasty old truckers as long as that cash pads my pockets.
The best time I’ve ever had was with this really tall lumberjack looking mother fucker. He was so goddamn delicious just to look at, he made my mouth and my pussy drool. I spent an hour warming him up before he agreed to take me back to his truck. He seemed shy, but I don’t mind a quiet ride. The joke was on me; it would not be a quiet ride.
By the time I was sprawled on the bed, his cock was out! All twelve inches of his massive cock got slammed right into my mouth, into the back of my throat. That quiet shy guy throat fucked my slutty mouth until he came right down it! He wasn’t done with me, oh no! He flipped me around, face down, and slid that slick dick right into my tight little asshole! I was screaming it hurt so bad! His cock was stretching out my fuckholes, and driving me insane because damn it I needed more!
He destroyed my ass for over an hour before cumming deep inside of my guts. He turned me into an anal cum dumpster! He paid me well, too. Fuck, I hope he drives through here again soon. I love getting paid to get ruined.

Surprise Cock

cum dumpster

He came up to me and said he wanted some fun. He said that he wanted to know what I could give him that these other girls can’t. I was ready to show him. So, we got in his car and went to a dark alley. I pulled out his cock and started sucking on it while he planted with my tits. I felt my cock starting to get hard. The more I sucked it the harder mine got. As soon as I had his cock nice and hard and wet, I told him I had that surprise for him. I got out the car and walked around to the driver’s side. I opened the door, grabbed him by the back of his head and pushed his face against my crotch. Shoving his mouth against my clothed hard cock. He was stunned at first but then I saw his cock twitch. I knew he wanted my cock. I pulled my skirt down and grabbed my cock and started rubbing it against his lips. I told him to be a good boy and open up. A good boy he was; he listened very well. He surely did know how to suck a cock. I would grab the back of his head and start pushing it further down until I heard him gagging on it. It was feeling so fucking good that I started fucking his mouth. Pumping my big hard dick in and out of his throat. I grabbed his head and push his mouth down my cock so I could shoot my hot cum down his throat. He made sure to swallow it all too. He was such a good cocksucker. He will be coming back for more.

Trashy MILF Beverly

trashy milf

I love being a trashy milf. I tease all the youngsters in my trailer park. I have been forced to get creative since the young boys no longer gather at the bus stop in front of my trailer. I live in Florida, so the pool is still open. Although there is no lifeguard, the boys and girls often hang out there in the day instead of doing their homeschooling. I put on my skimpy orange bikini, high heels and went trolling for young flesh. Boys of a certain age ogle any woman scantily clad. I like dressing inappropriate for me age. How else are boys supposed to know I am down to fuck? I am like the pied piper of young boys. I strut my skanky ass around the pool, and they follow me back to my trailer. I had 7 boys this morning before I started my shift. I love being a gangbang whore for teen boys. They are like an endless supply of energy and cum. They can be greedy with my fuck holes, but luckily when they are young, I can stuff two at a time in either hole. I managed to get three in my pussy at once this morning, so I could accommodate all 7 of them. This is because I am a black cock whore too. Those big black cocks have stretched my cunt out more than my son or daughter did when I was giving birth to them. Those young boys did not care that I was a mommy or a black cock whore. They just cared that my fuck wholes were open to them. I tell all the young boys, schools may be closed, pools may be closed, hell beaches may be closed, but my old fuck holes are always open because I am a trailer trash whore.

Lot Lizard Sex Is Never Beneath a Whore Like Me

lot lizard sex

A few years ago, I was on a road trip and passed a sign for a truck stop named Uncle Pete’s. I don’t remember what state it was even in, but I will never be able to forget the good time I had there. As you know, I’m a huge fan of lot lizard sex and I knew it would be very likely that I’d get some at a place like this. So, I got off the interstate and when I saw the place, I knew it was going to be a lot of fun. There were SO many trucks.

I got hit on as soon as I got out of the car. Men started coming up to me and asking if I was there for a good time. I was wearing a mini skirt and heels, so I’m sure that’s how they figured me out so quickly. Turns out there was an orgy going on out in the back parking lot and I was immediately happy that I stopped there. I had a cock in my cunt and one in my mouth before I even got bent over all the way. If you want to hear the dirty details of what happened, you’ll have to get on the phone and call me.

Friday Nights are for Dirty Phone Sex

dirty phone sex

Friday nights are for dirty phone sex fun. I have sort of a Friday night ritual. I get high and head to the truck stop. Friday night is the busiest night there. Truckers from all over converge at the Loves to shower, shave and fuck. Every lot lizard knows truckers have the best coke. Years ago, someone made No Doz illegal to sell anymore because truckers were getting whacked out on it and causing accidents. Get rid of one thing, and folks find a good alternative. Coke is a great alternative. Plus, truckers have the best shit. I go down on Friday nights and exchange pussy for cocaine because I am a hot blonde fucking whore. Truckers will not pay for pussy. They do not need too. Lot lizard skanks are drawn to them like moths to the flame. That is because truckers have the good coke, like the shit from Columbia and places like that. I partied an hour in one cab, them moved on to the next cab. I would do some lines, give head or let a trucker fuck me depending on how much coke he would share with me. The last cab of the night, I was there for hours because if I serviced all his friends, he was willing to be generous with his cocaine. Hell, yes. I am a dirty whore. I love cum. I love cock, so I let 6 truckers fuck all my holes for hours. They could have fucked me for days if they wanted because the coke was that good. I came home wobbly. My legs were pinned behind my ears for quite a while. Cum was streaming down my thighs. I am a cum dumpster, so that was no big deal. Nothing is a big deal when you got free coke to last you a couple weeks. Good coke too. Not totally free, I guess, but well worth the hardcore fucking.

Truck Slut : Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sex

It’s not easy, being this easy. I get called a truck slut just because I need lot lizard sex. These big rigs bring me in all the big dicks, and the cash flow to keep my slut ass high as a kite. I always get first choice of the cocks because I still have these big fake tits and bubble ass. My waist might be tiny but I still get the dick pick before any of these other trashy whores. Also my reputation precedes me! I can hear the echo of the CB radio. “Is that hardcore Hadley?”

 “The one who can suck a man dry in five minutes?” I laugh and flash my tits and I am glowing in the Diesel headlights. I call out that I need the fattest dick and the best shit! I chase these trucks, you know I show off how good I am and that I earned the name Truck slut! Five at a time, that is for amateurs. I take a truck train any fucking day of the week! I don’t even care if the blue lights come on. I know I can suck my way out of any and all trouble I get into. Those Po-Po cum looking for me just to get a nice nut in my gangbang whore mouth. I’m high and I’m fucked well, so does it matter whose nut I get?

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