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Sloppy Wet Truck Slut

sloppy wet pussy Hello, boys! I had a really wild orgy today at the truck stop and I’d love to fuck my sloppy wet pussy with a dildo while I tell you about it. You know you wanna hear all that jizz that’s just oozing out of my fuck hole! I love the sound of it sloshing around on that dildo while I rail myself with it. I bet you’ll break out your lube and start stroking so I can hear that, won’t you? You’re a pretty fucking nice guy like that. I hope we can time it so that we cum together.

If not, don’t worry. I can cum over and over again. So, if I happen to blow without you, you don’t have to worry that I’ll leave you hanging. This trailer park whore would be more than happy to rub her pussy over and over again until you’re ready to shoot your load. I bet you’re going to get really turned on by the things I did today. Are you ready to hear what kinds of things I did with those horny truckers and their friends? I hope you can stomach some of the sick things I like to do with cum.

Silvia’s Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cunt

Just got home from the truck stop and it’s pretty safe to say that I have a cum filled cunt. I don’t know how many men I fucked tonight, but I do know that I lost count at seven. It was at least that many and oh my God, I feel like such a dirty whore. I always love it when a lot of truckers are there, and I can really get my cunt used up. But don’t worry, all my other holes got used, too. I had a cock in all three of my holes several times during the evening.

When I was walking down the street to go home, I could feel the jizz just starting to drip down my inner thighs. Oops, I guess I forgot to put my panties back on. I just reached down between my legs, scooped it up, and licked my fingers clean. People on the street were looking at me funny, but don’t they know I’m the fucking town whore? If they don’t, they should. I’m probably fucking their husbands, too. Do you want to hear more about the kinky things I did tonight? I’ll be here, ready and waiting to tell you everything.

Watch Drunk Sex Porn with Me

drunk sex porn

Sometimes I like to relive all the fun I’ve had down at the strip club, in bars, etc. How do I do that? Well, all I have to do is go online and look up some drunk sex porn. Now, those girls aren’t quite as wild as I am, so sometimes it leaves a little to be desired if you know what I mean. But I have all you sexy fucking perverts to call me and make it up to me, right? Maybe you’ll want to hear about some of my experiences of fucking while I’m drunk as a freaking skunk. I hope so.

I love telling like-minded horny people like me about the people, places, and things I’ve fucked. Yeah, I said “things”. I’ve put so many inanimate objects in my cunt that I’ve probably forgotten some, but I bet your dirty mind will jog my memory! I bet you’ve done some pretty fucked up stuff while under the influence, too! Why don’t you think of something good and then give me a call? I can promise that I’ll be fucking myself while you tell me your dirty stories. I hope that you’ll grab your cock and join me!

Eating My Daughter’s Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntI love a cum filled cunt. When my daughter has one, I cannot help myself. Her and I went out Saturday night. We dressed up sluttier than normal and hit this club in the good part of town. We wanted to fuck the other half. You know, party with rich boys with hard cocks. They look at women like me and my daughter as easy lays. That is because we are easy lays. We are the kind of women who will fuck you in the bathroom of a packed club and do lines on the bar. We found these rich frat boys down to party with two trailer park whores. They had coke too. They knew we were skanks. Just a trashy milf and her trashy daughter. We fucked them in the men’s bathroom. Did some bumps off their cocks then let them run a train on us on the bathroom floor. More guys came in the bathroom, but instead of peeing they joined the gang bang. My daughter and I started doing more lines off cocks while we got fucked. Our pussies were wet and dripping cum, but we just got filled with more cum. We are such nasty whores. I do not know how many cocks we took, but it was a lot. I was too drunk to drive home. Same for my daughter, so we called an Uber. It was a long ride home, so I ate her cunt in the back of our driver’s car. I mean if I didn’t do that, her pussy would have leaked all over his seat. He did not mind. In fact, he pulled over and fucked us both. I still think he should have comped us the ride. He did get some free sloppy seconds. His cock was big, but not as big as those college dudes we partied with. Just another wild night in the lot lizard sex whore chronicles.

Truck Stop Nigger

Lot lizard sex

My filthy black pussy get the wettest for the guys who drive the big 18 wheelers. Me and my hooker bitches always meet up at the local trucks stops around midnight to fuck and suck on all the truckers that stop on the road heading into Texas. Our money-making nights are always during the rush hour hours when the truckers pull over between 1am-4am to get some rest before hitting the road again by sunrise. But before that nap of theirs they always need us to empty their load for them. In our mouths, our pussies, our asses wherever they want. One night it was so busy I had 10 guys creampie-ing my filthy black ass back-to-back. Double penetrating me. Filling up all my fuck holes. I made at least 10k! We talking big bucks! Those truckers were having their way with me, and I was loving every bit of it. “You fucking filthy lot lizard nigger.” “This pussy feels so good.” “Yeah, this dirty asshole is so tight.” “Piss on that fucking cunt.” The guys were loving it as well. My pussy was worth the money. Those other hookers not making the same money as me because I am the sluttiest. Nothing is off-limits and all the truckers know that about me. They love a disgusting whore who like all kinds of different kinky shit. Next weekend we going to hitch hike a ride head with some of the truckers further out west. We plan on making a lot of money and we going to use our bodies to do it.

2 Girl phone sex is wild

2 Girl phone sex2 Girl phone sex is wild and hotter than satan’s filthy asshole. Here I am playing with my beautiful, naughty, dribbling pussy for a guy when my fellow slut picks up my thick ass, pulls my long sexy legs around her waist and lines up to my ass with a strap-on that makes most dicks look like they were made for little girls and couldn’t satisfy a slutty woman like me in a million years. I find myself so much wetter in an instant, knowing I’m about to be anally wrecked and treated like a fuckhole while he watches and jacks off until he’s ready to join and plug me till I have a Cum filled cunt. She doesn’t keep me waiting, she stretches my asshole open with the tip of the plastic cock and looks into my eyes with a mirthful giggle. She knows what she’s about to do, and my breathing gets faster just thinking about how good this is about to feel. “Ready?” She asks, and I open my mouth to answer before she drills in without warning, turning that answer into a loud moan. She stretches me out so deep, my eyes trail back down to that beautiful pussy of mine and I open my dark lips to admire the pink and get ready to aid her in making me squirt like a bitch in heat should. It’s so thick it hurts in just the right way, filling me to the brim and continuing to stretch me for it’s only halfway in and has so much more space to burn. This is Lot lizard sex, powerful stretching, pumping, ass wrecking cock and a man watching on in amazement at what he’s become witness to. I shoot him a coo and a twinkle of my eyes, just as I twist my body just right to squirt a powerful surge of pussy juice and cover him from across the room with the potency and power of my cockhungry spray.

Want to Hear Some BBC Sex Stories?

bbc sex storiesI am full of BBC sex stories. I swear just about every day, I create a new one. Friday night, I went to the truck stop for some more. That is the best place to find big black cocks in my city. So many black truckers driving through on their route, and they need to stop, rest and fuck. Hookers and lot lizards are always hanging out at the truck stop looking for guys willing to pay for pussy. I do not charge. I trade my holes. That is what makes me so popular. The black truckers just need to trade coke to fuck me. They can keep their green. I am all about black and white if you get my drift. I met this new black guy at the truck stop Friday night. Younger guy. Told me he got into trucking school after the shutdowns. He needed a job and thought this was an easy way to make an honest living. He lives in his truck. He had a nice cab too. He was 25, which is not too young for me. Nothing is too young for me. We got to know each other a bit, and he pulled out some coke. He was not like most of the black truckers. He was a tad freaky. I like freaky though. I really do. He wanted me to eat his ass. Most black men will not let me get anywhere near their assholes. Rimming is not a problem for this trailer trash whore. I tossed his salad for hours. He never wanted to fuck me. He did not mind sharing coke with me, but his thing was having his back door played with. I had a dildo in my purse. I always have one in case a guy wants a show. I fucked his ass with it, and he told me he never came so hard. He gave me extra coke not to say anything. I think he was a little embarrassed. He told me he was not gay. I did not care if he was. I got my coke. Men do not be ashamed of anal play. Your G spot is in your ass. That means your ass is meant to be played with. I am a lot lizard sex whore. Who am I going to tell anyway? Your dirty secrets are always safe with me.

Cum Dumpster Mommy and Daughter

cum dumpsterI am such a cum dumpster. I love cum. I show it off too. I wear it proudly on my face and tits because cum on a whore’s body sets her apart. You know a woman is no choir girl if jizz is all over her. I love being a cum whore. My daughter is a cum whore too. She was with me at the truck stop last night. She needed some extra cash, and I was broke. But I know how to make money in a pinch. Lot lizards can make decent money. Now, we are not making sugar baby bank because truckers are not oil tycoons or movie moguls. But they love to fuck. They like to party, and they are generous with the money they have. I walked my daughter and I up and down the truck bays, so the men knew we were hookers for hire. At least for the night. Once guys found out we were mother and daughter whores, they lined up. We have no problem playing together. We do it all the time, but I was gonna fuck for coke and she was gonna fuck for cash. We made more money than she needed pairing up. It was a $150 for us both. That is a fucking blue light special on pussy and ass. She made a couple grand. I got some of the money, but I got some coke and weed too. We both got lots of cum. The truck stop was hopping on a Wednesday night too. Hump day. We humped our way through the night and well into the morning. We fucked side by side. We snowballed cum in our fuck holes. Hell, I even sucked some cum out of my daughter’s twat and saved it in a Ziploc baggie. Took that cum home and froze it. I am a cum guzzling slut. I will drink cum in my coffee or from a cock. My favorite, however, may be drinking it out of my daughter’s twat.

Freaky Slut with No Limits

freaky phone sex

Hello boys! It’s time for some freaky phone sex with your favorite lot lizard whore. If you’ve ever talked to me, you fucking know I don’t shy away from doing all that kinky shit. It’s what I thrive on! If it’s not something that wouldn’t make your grandma clutch her pearls, then I’m just not interested in it. And you might not think that you’re into freaky shit like I am, but you will be. I’ve introduced so many men to new fantasies and fetishes that they can’t believe they ever lived without. But now they’ll never have to again.

So, what’ll it be? Do you know what kind of twisted fantasy you want to talk about? If not, don’t you worry about a thing, sexy! I’m more than willing and capable of coming up with just the thing that will make your fucking cock shoot off like a firework on the fourth of July. I just have this way of somehow knowing what freaky thing is going to get a dude excited. When you’re ready to discover new and exciting things, just give me a ring and I’ll change your fucking life, you dirty pervert.

Trailer Trash Training For A Young Lot Lizard

I did a young slut a favor and gave her some trailer trash training. I met her being a lot lizard and she looked like she didn’t even have hair on her cunt, which she didn’t. I made her come with me as I had a few johns waiting in my room for us. I told her to follow my lead and she would make lots of money. I got her naked, on her knees, sucking big black cock like she was hungry. She probably was, she looked like she had been used and abused. She at least was now going to get paid for her young holes.

BBC phone sex

I told her to bounce back on the BBC no matter what. When the big black cock pushed inside her bald tight hole, I could see the pain in her face so I started rubbing on her clitty. I didn’t stop until I felt what I think was her first orgasm. As we got fucked and filled up, I kept rubbing her cunt making her enjoy the pounding she was getting from these big black dicks. Then when they were done, they handed me all the money and I gave her little cut. She made me so much money and learned how to be a good lot lizard from me.  

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