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This Trashy MILF is on Cougar Life

trashy milfThis trashy MILF got a workout last night. No, I did not go to the gym. I never go to the gym. Fucking is my exercise. I have a few cougar friends who are finding cubs to fuck on Cougar Life. It is a dating site for younger men looking to date older women.  I was skeptical about it at first, then I met a few of the local cubs my sexy mommy friends have been banging. I wanted some of that young man action. The pandemic closed the schools and interrupted my daily routine. I would fuck schoolboys before and after school. My trailer is in front of the school bus stop. I have my son and his friends I fuck, but a trailer trash whore can never have enough young studs around to fuck her. I signed up for the dating site, and my inbox was full two hours afterwards. I had lots of local younger men vying to date me. Zach was my cub who came over last night. He was like some Olympic fucker. He had me in all sorts of positions. Many, I did not even know existed. It was like he read the Kama Sutra before coming over. One position, I was pretty much on my head like some yoga pose. He was squatting down between my legs fucking me. I have a sore neck today. I have whiplash from fucking, LOL. My neck is not the only thing sore. My pussy is sore, and that never happens. I am a seasoned old whore. It has just been a hot minute since I fucked a younger man with that much stamina. He fucked me like I was a contortionist for hours. He came bucket loads of cum too. One guy with an army of cum and the stamina of the Energizer Bunny owns my old ass. I will be his cum dumpster any day.

Getting Fucked By The Boys In Blue

Creampie SlutMy latest arrest proved to be the best get out of jail free card I’ve ever had. I love a cock, I mean a man, in uniform. He was a big, white, hairy Irish cop; Officer Seamus came nosing around the lot while I was getting my cunt loaded with cum, and my nose stuffed with snow. Of course, Sergeant Big Cock nabs me as soon as I hop from the cab.
He read me my rights, and cuffed me. “I love a man who can restrain me.”
“Considering you can’t restrain yourself.” He nearly purred in my ear as he bent me over the hood. “You have three warrants out for your arrest, Amara. How you gonna pay?”
Just like that, he had my skirt up and his cock out. He slammed into me, brutally, before yanking the cuffs so I had nowhere to go.
I felt my shoulder dislocate, but I was atop Mount Everest from the coke I’d just done. He rammed me, my pussy dripping with the cum of my johns. “Are you going to pay, or are you going to take the punishment?”
He came so hard in me, my pussy milking his fat veiny cock. Ten months later, I wasn’t shocked when my baby had a patch of red hair, and a mean look in his tiny little eye.

Freaky Fucking For My Fix

Hookers For HireI’ve been out of pot for three days, and I ran out of my coke last night. I swore I was going to stop whoring around the truck stop, but I guess I’m a liar. I’ll suck any cock, fuck any dick, eat any ass for just a gram of either, for a gram of both.
I need it. I’m a trashy milf, a druggy, a trailer trash whore. I even brought my two oldest girls with me tonight. They’re going to help Momma make some quick cash. One of my girls has a baby in her belly, but i don’t care. Once you start bleedin, you can start breedin. That’s what my Momma taught me.
I’m gonna sit back, and smoke a dutch while I watch my sweet angels suck old men’s cocks. I’m gonna laugh when they have to spread their legs, and get pumped full of baby batter. I’m gonna do lines of blow off of their perky young tits and their sweet bald cunts before they take fat cocks in their asses.
I don’t give a fuck what I have to do, or what they have to do. They’ll fuck whoever I tell them to. If they won’t obey me, I’ll really show them what it means to be a filthy whore. Momma needs her fix, and goddamnit she’s going to get it.

Desperate For Different, Dirty Dicks

Trailer Trash WhoreI’m getting bored with my usual playthings. I’m a trucker fucker just because it pays decent, and it keeps me high for free. I’m craving something new; some new john to service. A man with a fetish as big and sexy as my fat tits. Is that you?
Maybe you want to use me as a human toilet; piss all over my soft body? Shit on my tits, maybe I will clean you up after? That’s nasty, but I’d do it for some crack.
Perhaps you need a submissive whore to follow your every command. One to desolate and demolish every time you’re in town. You can hurt me for an 8-ball, baby.
Do you like age play? I’ll rock out as your babygirl, or your grandma, or whoever you want me to be, as long as I get a fat blunt when it’s all said and done.
We can do some bondage, hard or soft; I drip when I get tied up. I’m at your mercy, helpless, weak. I’m trapped, and your whim is my fate.
Is it cuckolding you crave? You can watch these other big boys plow my pretty pussy, and lick up all the cum they dump in me.
I’ve heard about electro-stimulation. If my new cocks wanted to try it, I’d be down to learn. Edge play sounds fun, and CBT (cock and ball torture) is something those nasty truck fucks have had me do before. I almost sort of like it, even.
The possibilities are endless. Explore your darkest fetishes with your whore.

BBC Phone Sex Make Some White Men Cringe

bbc phone sexI am full of bbc phone sex stories if you are into girls who love big black cocks. I was out last night at the truck stop looking for some black cock. I found these two young bulls down to fuck a white woman. I brought them home to my trailer and we fucked all night long. One of my neighbors saw me going into my trailer with two black men and thought he would start some shit. I do not get it. I have had an army of black men in and out of my trailer for decades. This guy just had his panties in a wad over NASCAR and BLM protests. Guess he is feeling his white manhood threatened by black men. This fucking moron stormed into my trailer uninvited and started hurling racist shit and calling me a nigger loving whore. Well, I was not letting that shit fly. Neither were my black studs. They showed my loser neighbor how superior the black race really is, and they taught him some damn manners. I helped them tie my asshole neighbor up, so they could skull fuck him. I pulled out his dick because with that much hate in his blood, he had to have a small pecker. My clit was bigger than his dick. Pathetic loose was hating on the black man because of jealousy. He has nothing me or any other woman would want and that pisses him off. He would rather believe that black men put some voodoo spell on women rather than see his own inadequacies. I made Jimbo a cuckold. He took black cock. And he wore black cum. And he learned to respect the big black cock. Black cocks matter to white pussy and that scares the hell out white little dick losers. I will always be a proud black cum dumpster whore.

Trashy Druggie Whore Fucks Filthy Trucker

Nasty phonesexYou missed my sweet pussy, didn’t you? It’s been so long since you pulled into our dingy little truck stop for an overnight. It’s been too long since your cock’s been sucked. I can tell by all that pre-cum dripping out. I know I’m the only whore you flash your lights for. You even came out of your way tonight; you needed your filthy fuckthing Amara. You’re a little cuck freak, aren’t you? You send me to any other trucker that wants me just so I can bring you my cum filled cunt to clean, and leave you my nasty panties.
Tonight, I’ve done my rounds, and you’ve already lapped all the cream from my pussy you could manage. Tonight, I want your cum to fill my slutty, sultry little mouth. I’m licking your cock from tip to base. You haven’t showered in days; uncircumcised and disgusting. The blow we did together takes the edge off.
I’m swirling my nimble tongue around your swollen cockhead, flicking and licking until your balls are ready to blow. Not yet, baby. I’ll suckle your hairy nuts, and even do a line out of your asscrack. I’m filthy. A fucking whore, and you, baby, are my dirty little fuck. After I’ve drained you dry, we smoke a fatty, and linger in the sweet smoke. The smokey tendrils mix with the raunchy stink of unwashed man, and cum dumpster coochie. You’re smiling, stroking that cumsoaked cock back to life. You want to fuck my ass? You filthy fuck. Cut me a line, baby. I’m your whore, and you’re my pervert.

Blonde Boy Breeding

Sloppy Wet PussyThat pretty blonde boy was pumping into me like he’d not gotten his cock wet in years. I had just gotten off of my shift in the diner, and I was ready to take my shift in the lot. The lights flashed from a newer white truck, and called me over. I swung up into the cab, and two men waited for me there. One was young, and blonde. Thick in the body and thick in the cock.

The other was older, scraggly, and looked like he smoked at least two packs a day. I preferred the pretty boy, but cash was cash. I wasn’t sure if they were planning on double-teaming me, or what. Maybe they’d want to fill all my holes at once; treat me like the whore I am. Turns out the pretty one wanted to fuck me in the back while his partner sat up front and watched.

Pretty boy laid me down in the bed, took off my pants and my panties, and touched me real sweet like; just running his hands across my skin. Usually the truckers are rough, but this one was a honey. He asked if he could try something new, an I suppose My sure as shit eating grin was reassuring enough, because he started pulling off my socks.

I’ve never been with a man that had a foot fetish before, but little blonde babe worshiped my soles and my toes, and surprising as it was it made my pussy drip. By the time he started pounding away into my cunt, I was sitting in a puddle of my own pussy juices. His partner just sat up front, smoking cigarettes and watching. He never even touched his cock.

My Golden Boy reassured me that’s how it always was, he always just watched and never played. They were still paying me as if they were both fucking me, so it didn’t make a goddamn difference to me. When he asked me where to blow his load, I begged them to leave it right up in my cunt. He was pretty enough to breed with. Why not have little blonde boy of my own? With a wink, and a kiss, I sauntered away from the cab over paid and over pleasured.

He Put My Cum Filled Panties In His Mouth

Freaky Phone SexSo, the action has dried up with the closure of the club, but the truck stops are hopping. A girl can work a night and walk away with a stack. I started out about sundown just as they were starting to settle for the night. I went from truck to truck sucking and fucking my way across the lot. As the sun started to rise and my holes were full of cum, I made my way to my favorite freaky trucker. I opened the door and hopped in as he sat there stroking his hard cock. I walked back to the bed and undressed, and he followed. He removed my cum soaked panties and put them in his mouth trying to suck the cum from them. Then he spread my legs and started to lick all of the cum from my creampie pussy. He stuck his tongue as deep as he could, licking up every drop he could. Then he stuck his finger inside me to clean me out. After he licked his fingers clean, he rolled me over and buried his face deep inside my asshole and sucked it dry. When he was finished, he handed me my cash, we smoked a blunt and I left those panties for him to enjoy as he headed out for his next stop.

No Rent? No Problem

trailer trash whoreEven after all those shifts at the diner, I knew I wasn’t going to make my rent. When I approached Mr. Peter’s with my proposition, I damn near thought his sexy jaw might truly hit the floor. Instead, his eyes glazed over as he grabbed me by the throat. He slammed me against his office wall. My eyes were crying, but my pussy was screaming for more.

He roughly shoved two fingers in my mouth. I sucked and licked like they were his cock. I didn’t have to wait long. He forced me to my knees, undid his zipper, and pulled out his fat cock. I tried to lean forward to pull his length into my mouth, but he grabbed me by the hair, and held me still.

A small baggie appeared. My mouth began to water. I know coke when I see it. I’m a fucking coke whore deep down in my bones. I needed a bump. Lucky for me, Mr. Peters laid out a line along his length. “Here’s your treat, you fucking trash.” He yanked my head towards him, and I did the line off of his cock.

Nothing else mattered as he filled my mouth; the sharp taste of the powder combined with the heady musk of his cock was too much for me. My sweet pussy was dripping, begging.

He fucked me for hours. I was shocked an older man could go for so long
Most of my trucker clients were one stroke and done. Yet he wanted more and more and more.

“You’re worthless.” He hissed in my ear as he shot his fat load in my hot cunt. I am worthless, just a junkie whore who would blow anyone for a bump. A simple slut who fucks her landlord when she can’t pay her rent.

Mr. Peters ended up selling the building. Know any rooms for rent? I promise I can pay…somehow.

Lot Lizard Sex Whore

lot lizard sex

I get SO horny and can never get enough sex. I swear to God my pussy is always wet. One night as I was driving home from my sister’s place, I needed the bathroom so I stopped at a truck stop. I saw a post-it note in the bathroom that said something to the effect of “come to the truck parked here if you want a good time.” I was feeling frisky and I love adventure so I walked outside and over to that particular truck. I knocked on the door, and this older man opened the door and invited me in.
He was like “So, I guess you love giving it up for some lot lizard sex, huh?” I told him this was my first time and he told me he knew a bunch of guys who he’d love to pass me around to. While he was explaining all that to me, he pushed me face down onto his bed area and pulled my pants and panties down. He shoved his cock in me and just pounded me. He said that lot lizards like me deserve to be treated like the dirty whores they are. Do you wanna hear more about my truck stop fun? Call me.

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