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Cum Dumpster Beverly is the Belle of the Lot Lizard Skanks

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. I do not need a holiday to celebrate that I am a cum whore, but long weekends are always busy times at the truck stop. I am a lot lizard. And according to the truckers, I am like a primo skank. The most coveted piece of ass at the truck stop will always be me. That is because I am not a meth head. I don’t do smack either. I am a vintage coke whore. Those are hard to find theses days in the era of designer and prescription drugs. I do not mess with Fentanyl or Oxy. That shit makes your body ugly quickly. I am just an old-fashioned druggy porn star who takes pride in her body. I want to luck good while fucking, but more importantly, I want men to want to fuck me. And last night at the truck stop, they were all fucking me. The other whores were not happy. Not my fault they did not look as good as me. They were all younger than me too. That went to my head a bit if I am being honest. I love showing up the lot lizard whores.

I had never seen that many trucks in the bay over a holiday weekend. Never. I know I was not the reason they were there. I was the reason, however, that they stayed so long instead of getting back on the road. My truck stop has shower bays and a restaurant, but this blonde trashy milf is the main reason that truckers stayed longer. I was cab hopping. I would fuck one trucker and do some coke with him, then bounce to the other trucker and have some fun with him. I did about twenty-five truckers last night. Some were black, some were white. All were horny for this old broad. And I was horny for their cum.

Cum Guzzling Slut Beverly Loves Cum So Much

cum guzzling slutI am a cum guzzling slut. Everyone who knows me, understands this. It is getting to be cum cube season. Do you know what that means? It means that I need to start collecting as much cum as I can to keep it on hand for those extra hot days. Nothing cools off a dirty old cougar better than a cum cube. I will suck on them. I will put them in my drink. I will put them in my pussy too, or my ass. My hot holes melt a cum cube quickly which makes me feel like I just got a hot load shot inside me. I am a cum dumpster. Men in my trailer park get excited for cum cube season too. No one minds contributing jizz to my cause. Last night, I entertained several younger men in my trailer who wanted nothing more than to give me some cum to freeze. It was a struggle not to swallow it. I love cum. I have always been a swallower. In fact, I could easily swallow a gallon of a cum a day. But I was on a mission. I had to be good. I had a pitcher near me. When a guy would shoot his load in my mouth, I would spit it out in the pitcher. Some guys could give me two loads. I think I sucked off 10 guys last night, 5 of them twice. So, I had 15 loads of cum. That filled one ice tray completely. Cum is denser than water, so you need more of it to fill up an ice tray. I want thick cum cubes. I froze my loads immediately last night and tested one this morning. So, fucking yummy. This trashy milf has only just begun. Every night, for all of summer, I will guzzle as many cocks as I can and save the jizz for my cum cubes. This old broad needs all the cum she can get.

Dirty Phone Sex Stories Are Plentiful with an Old Whore

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex stories are plentiful with me. I am a dirty old whore. I was at some dive bar last night. Only kind I go to. It was a mix of guys. Working class bar. Black men, white men, old and young. Mostly guys in the trade craft world. Plumbers, electricians and folks like that. I was not looking for cock. I figured I was too old for men my age. I was wrong. Just about every man in the bar bought me a drink. I can hold my coke. I do better than the average woman, but a working-class Joe who kicks back a few beers an hour. Yeah, I was out of my league, but that did not stop me from trying. I was too drunk to drive. Hell, I was too drunk to find my car. A few guys my age drove me home. I invited them in for a drink. They were gentlemen. I am not used to that. I was thinking they could turn me into an anal cum dumpster in the dive bar bathroom and leave me until I woke up in a pool of my own puke. Instead, I had to convince them to fuck me. I told them I am not their wives. I am a whore. A dirty old whore. I shared some Mary Jane with them. Then, I did what I do best. I pulled out their cocks and blew them dry. They came easily for old men. A lot of cum too. I did not point out the obvious to them. But I knew their wives were worthless. The did some lines of coke with me and that brought those old cocks back to life quickly. I got to be a cum dumpster for my peers. I cannot remember the last time I fucked a guy in his 50s. It is usually the younger men who want this old whore. Well, now at least three old plumbers in my city want to fuck this old broad. They are skipping the bar tonight and partying at my place.


Creampie slut Lot Lizard’s Dream

Creampie slut

My adventures as a creampie slut take me to the most awesome places ever. There is this sweetest little truck stop nearby my house. I love to get dressed up and stroll down there. So many of those horny truckers have had a hard long drive. I feel its my duty to give them a ride. It’s amazing how easy it is to get their attentions and find them following me. Have you ever been to the bathrooms they provide truckers at those major stops. There’s almost always an empty shower shall and I am almost always on my knees trying to find a cock to worship.

Married Lot lizard sex creamy whore for you

lot lizard sex

Selling ass and being cum filled is all a lot lizard seeks when she is on a binge! I got the nickname hardcore Hadley for a smutty trashy reason. That is because of my love of being shared with multiple men and women over the course of a few days. Even my husband gets upset when I take off to the truck stop. That’s because he knows he won’t see me for a couple of weeks! And when I finally drag myself home he is so happy that I was not murdered or fucked to death and left in some ditch on an interstate! But Part of him loves it too. I smell so bad and the cum inside of me is days old. It’s these times that he licks my body from head to toe and deposits his own load right on top of any cream in my cunt or ass. I guess that is his way of marking his territory. No matter how mad he gets at me he knows his gangbang whore always finds her way back to him!

sexy prostitutes do know how to party

sexy prostitutes

Sexy prostitutes know how to party. I’m no exception. I’ve learned that for you to drink hard and with the greatest, you have to keep up. I didn’t think I’d be so hooked when I started doing blow. It is beyond words. It’s like I have the best explosions. I can orgasm so many times non-stop. The squirting, who knew I could squirt? Have you ever put some of that angel dust in your butt hole? Well, I have, and marvelous, I get fucked up and just begin to want to fuck whoever is in my path. Sure, you can say I’m a nymphomaniac, but at least I wear it probably, and I also love a good Adventure. When I was at a concert as an escort with the high-powered attorney, He Slipped me some blows, and we went to have a good time behind the Sound Stage. It was bizarre but so hot I couldn’t get enough. When you get that blow in your system, you become a horny machine.

high hookers for hire


Hookers for hire

Whenever there is a party to go to and I have to work I enjoy the parties where i can do blow. high hookers for hire is my forte you need me to get your cock off I will be doing it with no issues.

All that I want is a good time and I love impressing horny men. Many of the guys I fuck are married. Theres nothing like making a family man cheat and blow with me. The better you party the more explosive the sex. There, is not one ounce of guilt that runs thru my mind when I make these men be bad.

Its not my fault their wives cant have fun. These guys call me for a good time and I love to get high and fuck and be the biggest slut ever.

Cum Filled Cunt Needs Cleaned Up: Any Takers?

cum filled cuntI love eating a cum filled cunt, especially if it is my daughter’s cunt. She is a little slut just like me. She is not so little any more. She is In her late 20s, but she has been a whore since she was a young girl. I caught her blowing boys I was babysitting. I caught her fucking her brother. I caught her fucking my lovers. She was my mini me. This weekend she went with me to the truck stop. She wanted to fuck as much as I did. She also wanted to get some blow. Fucking at the truck stop is the quickest way to get some free blow. You just have to trade your pussy and ass. If you do, all those truckers share their coke and weed with you. My daughter is a younger version of me. A blue-eyed blonde fucking whore. The truckers loved her skanky ass. I watched as she had a gang bang in a truck cab. The truckers were lined up to fuck the fresh meat. Those truckers pounded her pussy and ass. I was second fiddle. I did not mind though. I knew she was fresh meat. New, young and just as slutty as her mommy.

Once her pussy was full of cum, mommy sprung into action. I  got underneath her to catch the stream of jizz flowing out of her cunt. A river of cum flowed into my mouth. I licked it all up too.  Thick ropes of cum dripped into my greedy mouth and I swallowed all of it. My daughter was a cum dumpster.  And I was there to help clean up the mess. I got my turn too. Those truckers were horny. Of course, they had two blonde whores to fuck and they took advantage of us in a good way. We got cum and coke. Our two favorite things. I love hanging with my girl. We always have so much fun together. Double trouble.

Sexline with a Nasty, Druggy Freak is Anything Goes!

sexlineMy sexline is an anything goes line. I am a party whore. Pretty much a guarantee that when you call me, I will be partying. I have many drugs of choice. I love my coke. I am a fan of weed. I always have booze on hand too. My newest discovery is Molly. What an amazing drug to fuck on. My daughter turned me on to this sex drug. Have you ever fucked on Molly? It made me hornier than normal, and I never thought I could be hornier. I mean sex is on my brain 24/7. I keep cum frozen in my freezer because I need cum several times a day. That is me just normal horny for me, not Molly horny, LOL. I took a trip to the truck stop last night. Okay, I took two trips. One by car and one by Molly. I was a druggy porn star at the truck stop last night too. I was hopping from cab to cab jumping on one cock after another. Normally, when I go to the truck stop, I am only interested in those big black cocks. Last night, thanks to the Molly, I was fucking every guy in the truck stop. There were at least 50 cabs. Black, white, Hispanic…it did not matter to me. I was the queen sex slave of the lot lizards last night. Size did not matter. Race did not matter. Age did not matter. Hell, gender did not matter. I ate the pussies of a couple female truckers. Even licked their assholes too. I fuck a few teenage boys riding shotgun with their daddies too. I put the other lot lizard sex whores to shame. I was the cum dump of the truck stop last night thanks to Molly. That sex drug let me up my cock quota and made me forget that I like my cocks big and black, LOL. Now, I just have to do coke and Molly at the same time and I will be a super whore!

Druggy Phone Sex With Wild Blossom!!!!!!

Druggy Phone Sex

They don’t call me Wild Blossom for nothing, It’s no secret that when I roll a fat blunt, I like to get down and dirty with any kind of druggy phone sex! I take deep pulls from my blunt and get high out of my mind while I stuff my tender asshole with a 13-inch black dildo. I love talking about the lot lizard sex I have as a stripper and a call girl who loves her drugs. Just last night my friend came over and licked my pussy while I smoked a big jay of the stickiest green weed. I took calls and moaned like I was enjoying them but really my best gal pal was tonguing my twat expertly! After my shift we invited some big cocks over to fuck us raw while we smoked a few bowls of meth and squirted all over their dicks. We begged our fuck buddies to pound our pussies and leave us scissoring with our cunts filled to the brim with hot nut! That crystal and weed sure does get me horny, especially when I’ve been drinking and doing lines of coke all night!Lot Lizard Sex