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Trailer Trash Whore Likes Teen Cock and Teen Pussy

trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore never has a boring life. Never. Now that schoolboys and girls returned to school, I can stand naked in front of my bay window and catch some bees with my honey pot. Boys love a mature woman who gives her pussy and ass away easily. I do not turn down boy dick. However, today I did not turn away pussy either. I got me some pussy and cock. A brother and sister whom I never saw before.

She seemed more interested in me than her brother. He came around though. Some boys get shy around a mature woman. I understand. They do not realize initially that I am a trashy milf who fucks all the community boys. But I love young pussy too. Delia came on to me. She saw me in my window and came up to my door. Her brother followed her, but he could not make eye contact with me. A shy boy.

I Love Teen Pussy Too

He watched his younger sister eat my pussy though. I told him he could masturbate but he seemed to not even know what that meant. That boy lacked knowledge, skills and game. However, his sister appeared to have enough game for them both. She told me she loves eating pussy, especially mature pussy. It took a bit for her brother to make eye contact with us. But when he did, his pecker grew stiff quickly. I guided him on how to stroke his young cock while his sister buried her tongue between my cunt lips. Holy shit this girl knew how to please a mature cunt.

I squirted on her face. I told them I would drive them to school. No way did I want to rush this fun. Eventually, I got the boy to fuck my sloppy wet pussy. His sister’s skill at eating cunt had my pussy dripping. However, he gave me the creampie. Turns out they just moved into my trailer park last week. That explains why I never met them before. But I promise you, I will meet them again. Maybe even daily.

Lot Lizard Sex Whore Beverly Knows How to Hustle

lot lizard sexThis lot lizard sex whore knows how to hustle. If I need a quick buck, I know how to get it. My daughter got herself in a bind and needed cash. She borrowed money from the wrong guy, and he wanted his money back with interest. I love my girl, but she sucks with money. Mommy to the rescue. I did not have the money to give her. But I have a hot ass and pussy. And those are two things men will pay for, especially when you are a no limits old whore like me.

I put on my daisy dukes and went to the truck stop. I found plenty of men down to pay for some action. Black and white men too. One guy told me that black men never pay for pussy because they do not need too. Although black men do not need to pay for pussy may be an accurate statement, they pay for white pussy all the time. No need to wine and dine an old trailer trash whore like me. In the end, it saves them money and they get what they want, which is a freak in the sheets who can handle their big anacondas.

This Old Truck Stop Whore Can Still Hustle

I went from cab to cab giving out blowjobs, hand jobs and fucking too. Men lined up to give me money. Not that I charge much for what you get. I mean I am a seasoned whore. I enjoy fucking big black cock. And I never charge for my pussy, but its is nice to know I can. I lucked out that in the daytime, the truck stop stayed busy. Guys stopping to fill up, shower and pee, and get some white pussy.

My pussy dripped cum, as did my ass, by the time I collected more than enough to get my daughter out of trouble. I packed up and went home so no one would break her pretty legs. I looked and smelled like a cum dumpster. Since I did all the work to save my daughter’s ass again, I made her clean up my messy fuck holes. She was more than happy to do it too.

Trashy MILF Beverly Loves to Groom Them Young for the Fun

trashy milfThis trashy milf has a reputation as a groomer in my trailer park. Do you know what that means? I prepare young boys for fucking. Now, usually, I set my eyes on a young schoolboy and show him a special interest in him until his cock gets big enough to stay in my cougar cunt. Groom him to be a good milf fucker. Most folks in my trailer park do not care if I play with their sons or daughters. In fact, some bring them to me.

A white guy I party with sometimes, has a hot teen son and daughter. We drank some beers last night and got to talking about his daughter. He wants me to groom his daughter for daddy’s dick. In turn, I can fuck his son whenever I want. To sweeten the deal, he gave me enough cocaine to last a month. I guess I had a dealer living right under my nose. A drug dealer who lives in my trailer park is a dream come true for a druggy porn star.

A Trailer Park Whore Does Anything for Coke

He texted his son while we got drunk. And the son soon joined us. Now I had myself a party. The boy’s cock is like the 8th wonder of a trailer park, LOL. I mean he might not even be done growing, and his cock already measures 10 inches. Perhaps, he possesses a little black in him too. What an amazing fuck. And daddy watched and masturbated. Now, daddy’s dick is decent, but his son outshines him.

druggy pornAfter I had junior’s seed inside me, I told him how I planned to prep his daughter for daddy’s dick. I know the girl. She has partied in my trailer before. In fact, my daughter used to babysit her when she was younger. My rapport with her might aid me in turning her into daddy’s fuck doll. I can see why he wants to bang her. She’s a hot teen slut with an ass you could bounce a quarter off.

I fucked junior a few more times before we called it a night. I woke up and played with my cum filled cunt. Of course, I did a few lines to wake and bake. The daughter will come by after school for daddy lessons. Before long she will be bouncing on daddy’s dick.

BBC Sex Stories I am Full of And I’m Full of BBC Cum Too

bbc sex storiesI am full of BBC sex stories. That should not come as any surprise to anyone who knows me. Or even anyone who has visited my phone sex page. Trailer park whores know their way around big black cocks. I watched my mother handle all those black men when I was growing up. My mom fucked black men out of necessity. In the 70s, in a trailer park in Florida, black men paid to fuck a white whore. They still pay, but I fuck for pleasure and the occasional bag of coke.

Big D came through the truck stop last night but instead of resting there, I sent him to me. He parked his truck in my back yard and spent the night partying and fucking his favorite blonde fucking whore. He brought me some great cocaine too. Even some pussy weed from Chicago. Illinois legalized weed for both medicinal and recreational use, so he gets me that high grade stuff that makes my panties wet at the smell.

I Love Big Black Monster Meat

Nothing gets my old trailer park pussy wetter, however than his big black cock. Not only is his cock long but it is thick too. We took some pictures together to illustrate his girth and length. I fuck a lot of black dudes, but Big D will always be my favorite. And not just because his cock is the biggest either. Although, that does not hurt, Big D treats me well too. He brings me drugs. And he eats pussy so good. I mean after he finishes his tongue lashing on my cunt, I am nothing but a puddle of wetness, LOL.

Last night was no different. Between him eating my pussy, giving me some great drugs and fucking me senseless with his big anaconda, I can barely walk and talk afterward. Hell, I am still sore today. But my sloppy wet pussy hurts so good. I will miss Big D, but even this trashy BBC whore could not take his fat meat stick every day.

A Cum Filled Cunt Never Goes To Waste in My Trailer

cum filled cuntI enjoy the taste of a cum filled cunt, especially when the cunt belongs to my daughter and the cum belongs to my son. Hurricane Idalia bypassed us mostly. But we do have flooding and power issues. Or we did. Last night I enjoyed my son and my daughter. The power went out around 8pm, so I lit some candles and did what I do best. Fuck.

Luckily, I had great cocaine and plenty of booze. We could watch movies and listen to music on our electronics, but I just wanted to fuck. My son’s cock might not be big black cock big, but it’s a nice white cock. He measures around 8 inches. I feel so lucky too because his father had a small dick. At least I think my ex-husband fathered him, LOL. I am a trailer trash whore, so who knows.

A Cum Filled Pussy Won’t Clean Itself!

My daughter licked my asshole and my cunt to prepare my fuck holes for her brother. She’d spit on his cock and guide it in my ass or pussy every time too. I can count on her to be right there licking me as he fucks me. Like a greedy cum whore, she waits for some jizz to ooze out of one of my holes. Perhaps she is a bigger cum whore than her mommy. Nah. I am the biggest cum slut around.

While sirens went off around us for the flood warning, we kept fucking. We could hear the wind and we could feel it shaking the trailer too. But we did not care about anything but my son’s cock in my pussy and ass. Once he came inside me, it became my daughter’s turn. She looked ready too.  We both love his cock.  I enjoy watching them fuck too. I raised a creampie slut loving daughter. And I could not be more proud.

Creampie Slut Beverly Raised Two Creampie Loving Offspring

creampie slutBeing a creampie slut gets easier when you have a daughter and son who love to clean you up. Hurricane season arrived, so my son and daughter moved back home temporarily.  We do this every hurricane season. Safety in numbers, right? Since it only rained last night, I went to the truck stop to see what kind of trouble I could find. Trouble follows me, so that’s never a problem.

Plus, I wanted to score some blow. You can never have enough coke, especially during hurricane season. Plenty of trucks in the lot when I arrived. For a whore like me, that’s all I could ask for. Truckers snort the best blow. And most like to share with an old lost lizard sex whore like me. I hustled last night. Going cab to cab proved rewarding for me too.

I Have A Family of Cum Lovers

I came back home to my trailer with a purse full of blow and a cunt full of cum. Since I know how much my son and daughter enjoy my messy holes, I put a butt plug up my cunt to save it for them. My daughter, especially, can never get enough of secondhand cum. Now, she looks as good as me. Of course, just a few years younger. When I walked into my trailer, my son had his head buried between his sister’s legs. We fuck and they fuck. I would not have it any other way either.

However, once they saw me standing near them, they turned their attention towards me. Now, that’s how it should be. I mean, I gave them life, right? I deserved their attention. They seemed interested in the smell waffling from my cunt. A well-used pussy often smells. Personally, I like that smell. So do my offspring. I sat on the couch so I could feed them my cum filled cunt.

Like honey attracts bees, my sloppy cum filled pussy attracts my son and daughter. They slurped up all the cream I had in my well-fucked pussy. Damn, I think they got every last drop too. I was hoping to snowball some of it. But they did not leave me any!

Blonde Phone Sex Whores Have More Fun

blonde phone sexEveryone knows blonde phone sex whores have more fun. I rock for my age. Maybe for any age. In my life, very few days pass where I do not fuck somebody. School is back in session in Florida. And this blonde MILF could not be happier. Of course, I need to get my skanky ass out of bed earlier to entertain those schoolboys before the bus arrives. But I can always crash again after some young boy pumps me full of cum.

The bus stop popped yesterday morning. Lots of young, hung studs waited for the bus. Until I derailed their plans, that is. Usually, one or two boys come into my trailer as boys and leave as men. However, yesterday morning, the entire bus stop of boys entered me and my trailer, LOL. Six young schoolboys made me a gangbang whore. Although, I have experienced many gang bangs in my life, I let the lads think this was my first.

Blondes Have More Dirty Fun

They seemed so eager to do something I have never done before. So, I thought there was no harm in letting them think that way, right? One after one those schoolboys stockpiled me. Some of their cocks did not appear full-grown yet, but they still felt amazing inside my old cooter. Their cum tasted amazing too. I think a few of those boys did not have swimmers yet. A woman knows when she is guzzling sperm. Every boy appeared happy as a lark.

But no one seemed happier than this blonde fucking whore. Sure, six schoolboys went to school with the scent of cougar cunt on their peckers, but I got to play with a cum filled twat all day while talking dirty. Although I did not get much sleep, I think it was worth it. I can always get big cock at night. However, my days are saved for those young studs.

Phone Sex Sluts Love Cock and Cum, Especially During Hurricane Season

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts love cock. Even though I am closer to 60 than 50, I still attract the young studs. The trailer park association sent some guys to our trailers this week to make sure everything is in working order like our storm windows and stuff. Hurricane season wreaks havoc on trailer parks. I stocked up on supplies like water and nonperishable food already, but I still need to build my weed and coke supply.

I headed out the door, when one of the inspectors showed up at my trailer. Normally, I would leave and just let him in. But he was young and delectable looking. Of course, he could have had a small cock. Being white meant he would not have a BBC. But he was tall. Likely over 6’4 because he had to duck to enter my doorway. In my experience, tall men have tall cocks, LOL. And a big dick sucker requires a big cock to suck.

Cum Guzzling Whore Beverly

He felt my horny vibe. We exchanged some witty double entendres about my pipes being clogged. After that, I stayed. I mean my pipes needed unclogged. He fixed a few things, then he fixed me. Wow, he sported a big cock. Thin but long. Likely damn near a foot long cock. Since he was on a tight schedule, I did not have time to measure him. But we made time to fuck so he could unclog my cunt and my ass.

He fucked my ass and pussy so good too. Men his age can still jack rabbit women, which is why I do not fuck men my age. My ass was on my kitchen counter, and his dick was jack hammering both my cunt and my ass. My pussy got so wet that the juice dripped down my pussy into my ass acting as lube. Afterwards, a puddle of our juices appeared on my kitchen countertop. I just licked it up like a good cum guzzling slut.

If that hurricane hits soon, I will be prepared. My pipes got unclogged and I got some protein in me too.

Lot Lizard Sex Whore for Big Black Cocks

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex whores love BBC. And black men love blonde whores. It’s a thing. Blacks on blondes. You can even find lots of porn dedicated to black men gang banging some young blonde girl. Even some old skinny blonde whores like me. I made a black on blonde porno last night with two truckers. My skanky ass picked up two hung black studs at the truck stop last night. They wanted to party with me. And I always want to party. So, I brought them home with me.

They had some great Colombian blow. Although it is dangerous to do coke these days with strangers, I trusted these guys like I trust my dealer. Why give a woman bad coke if you want to fuck her? She either dies or gets violently ill before the fucking even begins. Their coke went down smoothly too. Sex coke. Never been that horny for BBC before. And I am a horny blonde fucking whore for BBC too. I joked that they laced their coke with some Spanish Fly, LOL.

After only a few snorts, I started gyrating madly like a stripper working for her next fix. I bounced, jiggled and rubbed my body all over their bodies. Big, beautiful, black bodies. Buff as hell. And then my skinny blonde ass. I might appear like I cannot handle big black cocks, but I have yet to meet one I could not handle yet. However, even on sex coke, these two black cocks proved challenging.

This Lot Lizard Loves BBC

They wanted to film me handling their big black dicks. I never mind being filmed. In fact, I often suggest it first. Think about it. I get to feel like a porn star. And they get a memento for their spank bank. The camera loves me, but those BBCs were the real stars of the film. Perhaps now, I can tell folks I am a druggy porn star for BBC and it will be true, LOL. We partied and fucked all night.

Now, my cunt and ass look like a train wreck. I guess while I was high on that sex coke, I could not feel much. But I woke up sober and sore. I did some coke to numb my pain and soaked in the tub too. However, despite being sore, I am ready to party all day with my phone perverts. I am full of dirty stories to share, and I have some sex coke to party with too.

Phone Sex Sluts Know How to Enjoy Life

phone sex sluts

Phone sex sluts know how to have fun. My son informed me once that I am the party. Thus, I could make being locked in a closest fun. That is a true statement. However, I prefer to have someone else in that closet with me. Male or female. It does not matter to me. I will suck cock or eat pussy to entertain myself. Last night, I stayed inside with my son and my daughter We partied like rockstars and fucked like them too.

It’s hurricane season in Florida. The night started off with shopping at Costco. We stocked up on supplies like water and granola bars. My son told me he had plans with friends, but once I started doing lines of coke, he cancelled his plans. He wanted to party with mommy. My daughter and I planned on going to the truck stop to troll for some cash, coke and cock, but we decided to stay with my son and make a homemade druggy porn.

I love watching my son and daughter fuck. When they were young, I would watch them play. Often, I instructed them what to do to each other. Although my daughter never got pregnant, I was hoping her brother would knock her up when she was in high school still. I want to be a grandma while I can still enjoy a little one around.

My daughter blew her brother while he ate my pussy. Watching his cock go in and out of his sister’s cunt, made my pussy wetter. They love fucking each other. Of course, they love fucking their sexy mommy too. When my son came in his sister’s cunt, I went down on her to clean up the mess. Eating my son’s cum from his sister’s cunt makes me a horny mommy.

This lot lizard sex whore loves cream pies, especially the family kind. So, we stayed in last night. Turned out to be a hot three way. My son and daughter love to play with mommy. And I love to play with them. Bring on the bad weather. We know how to pass the time the right way.