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Trashy MILF Bev

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. My son loves it too. I have been fucking my son since he was knee high. Even when I was married, my son was more of a man than his father. I am pretty sure my son is not my ex-husband’s boy. I was a whore all through our marriage. That is why my husband and I divorced. He was not cool with me getting cock on the side, especially big black cock. He thought his 4-inch nub should be more than enough for me. It is not more than enough for any woman, ever. I caught glimpses of our young son in the shower or taking a leak and was impressed. At his young age, he was already bigger than he father. No way he was my husband’s boy. My husband likely guessed it too, which is why he walked out of our lives and never looked back. I raised my son and daughter well. I hooked to make money just like my mother did. Then I started working for this phone sex line and made even more money. My son has grown up knowing his mother is a whore. He is proud of me too. I made him popular in school because all his friends would come over to fuck me. I never say no to young cock. I only say know to full-grown men with shrimp dicks. I did a small dick once and look how that turned out. My son is all grown up now, but he still loves his sexy mommy. He has been staying with me for a few days. We have been partying and fucking. He has watched me take some big black dicks and helped himself to some sloppy seconds too. He is inviting some of his old high school friends over tonight for a gang bang reunion. I love having my son around because I can be my true trailer trash whore self in front of him. The trashier I am, the more he loves me.

Anal Cum Dumpster at the Truck Stop and Home

anal cum dumpsterBeing an anal cum dumpster makes me popular. And not always for the reasons you might think. There is this one trucker who always pays me for my time. He does not have blow like the truckers I fuck. He gives me cash. We do not fuck. I am not even sure he is straight. I do not care if he is or not. I am getting paid. He likes to be my last call at the truck stop because he loves to eat my ass once it is filled to the brim. It often is full too. I am a lot lizard cum dump. All the black truckers love to fuck my skanky holes and fill me with cum. They say my ass is my tightest hole, so an anal sex whore was born at the truck stop. After several black truckers have anally tortured and gaped my ass, I shove a butt plug inside me and hobble to Rico’s cab. He gives me $200, and I feed him my cum filled asshole. He loves eating black spunk from my freshly fucked ass. I do not judge. He is either a black cock faggot or a cuckold. Maybe even both. Two hundred dollars is $200. Easy money. All he is doing to me is scooping out that fresh nigger seed. My daughter loves to clean up my holes too. So, after I have let Rico have first dibs on my cream filled booty, I haul my ass back down to some more cabs to get filled up again. I mean I cannot go home to my daughter with empty fuck holes. I would not be a good trashy milf if I did that. Those black truckers never mind pumping me full of their cum again. I am a cum whore. Are you like Rico? Do you love an anal creampie? Or do you just want to dump your seed in a lot lizard’s asshole like those black truckers?

I am Full of BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories to share with you. I am a BBC whore. I get it from my mother. She was a trailer park hooker on the down low. She would fuck black men while daddy was on the road. He never knew. My mom did not say I am gonna be a white hooker for black men. It was the 70s. Racial tensions were still high in the South. My dad was a racist. He used the N word daily. My mom was not that way. Her first John was black, and that was a game changer. That first John told all his friends about the hot white hooker, and soon she was servicing every black guy in town. She charged $50 and that included everything. Blow jobs, anal, two guys at once, cum shots on the face. Whatever the men wanted. That would be about the equivalent of $250 now. She became a black cock whore. I was raised watching her take those beautiful big black cocks. Eventually, I was hooking with her. We hid the money from daddy. I do not know why I married a white guy just like my daddy. That marriage did not last long because he was not a fan of his bbc gangbang whore wife’s choice in lovers. Once I was divorced, I was free to be the BBC whore my mom was decades earlier. I have had 5 decades of taking big black dicks. I have shared BBCs with my mother, my daughter and even my son. The older I get, the more BBC I get too. Black guys love mature sexy women because we can handle the kind of monster cocks they have. Us old bitches do not care about tight holes anymore and we cannot get pregnant, so black men gravitate to us. Here I am today, in my mid 50s, and still enjoying black cock thanks to my pioneering momma. If you are looking for BBC phone sex, I am full of stories and Nigger seed.

Cum Dumpster Holiday

cum dumpsterThe life of a cum dumpster is never dull. Down here in Florida it is like 50 degrees. That is cold for this state, but nothing is too cold for me. There were not as many people out and about, but I know where to look when I want to get laid. The truck stops are not busy in the day, but the glory holes are. I know where every glory hole in town is too. A good cum dump knows these things. Hell, I have been so hard up for cum, I have gone to a gay glory hole and drained some homosexuals of their jizz. For the most part, no one cares who is sucking that dick on the other side of the wall. I went to this glory hole in an adult bookstore in the seedy part of town. I wish they would put one on the beach strip, but I guess its bad for family tourism. This bookstore was popping on a holiday. All men. So, when I walked in all eyes were on me. I let them all see my take my skanky ass to the back where the glory holes are. I hoped they would follow me.  They did. I got in position and cocks galore were fighting to get in my mouth. Finally, I just knocked on the wall and told them to come on over. I can be a better cum guzzling slut with a wall in the way. I had younger guys, older guys, black guys and white guys. Even a few brown dicks wanted to get blown by me. I was in that glory hole room for over three hours. My belly was so full of cum I thought I might need my stomach pumped. Just joking.  Stomach pumps are for amateurs not a trailer park whore like me.

My Son and Daughter Love My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntDo you like a cum filled cunt? My son and daughter do too, but for different reasons. My son likes sloppy seconds. He loves feeling how wet my pussy is on his dick. He just loves knowing I have taken multiple loads of cum in my pussy. My daughter, she loves to eat mommy’s cream pie. Honestly, she is such a cum guzzler. She prefers my pussy full of jizz. She likes it full of cum. Her favorite cum belongs to her brother or niggers. She will slurp either out of me like a cum whore. Last night I came home from the truck stop covered and filled with cum. I was a hot mess. A hot sticky mess, but my son and daughter were home and excited about the condition I arrived home in. I love being a messy bitch. I let my son fuck me first. If I want to satisfy both my son and daughter, I need to let my son fuck my creampie first. That way he gets to feel the cum inside me while he adds more to the mix for my creampie slut daughter to eat out of me. Cum is one of the many things my daughter and I have in common. I love being a trailer whore, but the fact that my son and daughter love me even more once I have been a dirty cum dump, makes it even better. Tonight, is going to be pretty much the same. After I am off from my phone sex job, I will be a lot lizard whore at the truck stop. When I come home covered in cum again, my son and daughter will be waiting to enjoy the sloppy seconds. Perhaps you can appreciate a dirty cum whore too. The more the merrier in this family.

Lot Lizard Sex Whore

lot lizard sexI am a lot lizard sex whore. Men love me down at the truck stop. They pull in for a shit, shave and shower, and find me in my daisy dukes, high heels and tube top walking up and down the truck bays looking for action. The truck stop is better than any glory hole. Why? I get to do a lot more than just suck random dicks. Being a lot lizard means I get cock in my mouth, pussy and ass. It also means I get to party. Truckers always have the best blow. And they are always willing to share with a dirty old whore like me. I was in heaven yesterday. The truck stop was booming. Usually, there is an after holidays slump, but not this year. Business is good. Not even winter storms all over the Midwest will stop these truckers. When they stop for their shit, shave and shower, I am there to be their druggy porn star. I work hard for the coke too. Why pay for coke when I can fuck for it instead? I love being a trailer park whore and a lot lizard. I do not care what people think of me either. It does not matter what anyone thinks. I am happy. I love to fuck, and I love to party. And so do truckers. I was trying to keep count of the dicks I sucked and fucked yesterday, but as the day went on, the higher I got and the worse my ability to count became, LOL. I did over 20 guys I know. I think that made me officially a cum dumpster. I know it was more men. I was covered head to toe in jizz. It was pouring out my pussy like a river. I got a ton of coke though. Some even to go. When I got home, I pissed and shit the rest of the cum still inside me out so I could freeze it. There will be a day that the weather is too bad to leave the house. At least I will have some frozen jizz to eat.

BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI am full of BBC sex stories. I have been a black cock whore since I was a young girl. This week, I ran into the man I lost my virginity too. I was a young schoolgirl. He was a younger man. Not younger than me, but younger than my mother who he was fucking. He was my mom’s first black John. He was the one that spread the word that she was a great BBC whore and down to fuck black men for money. I used to spy on them fucking and masturbate. I was supposed to stay out of sight. My mom’s Johns were not to know I was in the house, but I liked to watch her. She was beautiful, especially when she was a big dick sucker for the local black men. One time, Jerome caught me watching and he offered my mom money to fuck me. Now, she did not want to turn out her young daughter. It was me who assured my mother I was ready for the challenge. I was still a virgin, but I was horny as fuck. I had been watching my father’s VHS collection of porn and watching my mother be a black cock whore. I told my mother we needed the money. A bbc whore was born that day. It hurt, but I still loved it. I was not sure Jerome would recognize me. I was all grown up. It had been 40 some years since I saw him, but he recognized me because I look just like my mother. He is damn near 70 now, but he still looked good. My guess was his anaconda still worked too. I went home with him. His dick had a few issues, but nothing a good rim job could not fix. His son was there too. He has a son my son’s age. The boy was just as hung as his father. I am a trailer trash whore, so I fucked them both. I had a black father and son tag teaming my holes all night. I did this for free. I was feeling nostalgic and super fucking horny. My mom may have charged black men to fuck her, but I fuck them for free.

Creampie Slut New Year’s Eve

creampie slutThis creampie slut had a great New Year’s Eve. Did you? My son had some friends over. The truck stop is always a dud on major holidays. My son invited a few friends over to party with us. My daughter had a date. She joined us later. I had a big bag of blow. I share my blow too. I was doing lines off cocks. The boys were doing lines off my tits and ass. We drank, we partied, and we fucked. Good thing there were like 6 boys in the trailer, because one could not have kept up with me. One man has never been able to keep up with me. By the time the new year arrived, I was a cum dumpster. I had loads of cum in my ass and pussy. I even had chunks of cum in my hair. My primo coke turned those boys into sex machines. My daughter showed up around 2 am after her date had to return home to his wife. My daughter is escorting on these sugar baby sites. She is as trailer park as I am, but she is younger and hotter. She cleans up well. I call her pretty woman as a joke because she reminds me of Julia Roberts in that movie. She was drunk and horny. She was in the right place. She is a cum whore like me. When she saw all the cum oozing out of my holes, she fell to her knees to clean it up. She brought the dicks back to life that I had drained dry. My girl can make a dead man cum. She sucked their dicks back to life in no time. Now there were 6 boys and 2 whores. Three cocks a piece? Hell, yes.  We are both lot lizard sex whores. We let three boys nail our three holes side by side. 2022 is already off to a great start.

Cum Guzzling Slut and Coke Whore

cum guzzling slutI am a cum guzzling slut every day, but even more so on the holidays because my son is around. He is horny as fuck near me. He says no one drains his balls like his trashy mommy. That is because I really do like the taste of cum. I have been a cum guzzler since I was a schoolgirl. The older I get, the more addicted to cum I become. I need cum like most women need coffee in the morning. I am not a big eater. Like I am not a traditional breakfast girl. A line of coke and a shot of cum, and I am good for the day. I had a late night at the truck stop last night. I had to blow a lot of truckers to get the kind of coke I needed for New Year’s Eve. I want to party with my son and daughter all night. They do not do as much blow as me, but they still like to party. I just had to swallow a lot more loads than normal to make sure I had enough coke. Not a complaint. I will chug a million dicks if it gets me coke. When I came home, I had strong cock breath. I was high and covered in cum. My son was awake jacking off to some porn because I was not home to take care of his morning wood. Luckily, he had not cum yet, so I could one more load before I crashed. I bent over to slurp on his rod. I tried to go slow to make it last for him, but he jet blasted me with cum. It was such a forceful stream, I thought he might blow a hole in the back of my head. I guess his moaning woke up his sister. Perfect timing. I had a mouth full of her brother’s cum. We snowballed his jizz, then I crashed for a few before starting my phone sex line gig. It was a great morning full of cum. Now, it will be a great night full of coke.

Druggy Porn Star for My Son

druggy pornMy son and I made a druggy porn last night. I fancy myself an amateur porn star. I love to be filmed and watched fucking. It is what I do best. I could never have a traditional job though. I would hit on everything I met. I would be the drama at the water fountain because I banged all the male employees and a some of the female ones too. My son and daughter are with me through the new year. My daughter filmed my son and I fucking. He was screaming, “Mommy your pussy feels so good,” too. Sure, folks might think it was staged like most of the milf porn on the Internet, but my son and I look alike. Hopefully, if guys paid attention to the faces, they would believe we were really related. What I did not know was that my daughter uploaded our romp to some amateur porn site. I was doing lines of coke off my son’s dick. I was taking his cock in my ass like an anal sex whore. I love ass sex, especially with my son. I have pushed out a son and daughter, plus I have fucked a lot of big black dicks in my life. My pussy is not tight like it once was, but my ass is. I bounced on his cock after I snorted a line. The coke residue still on his cock made me higher and made his dick rabbit fuck me. My daughter was filming with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. After my son blew his wad in my pussy, he took over the filming duties so my daughter could clean up the cum he left inside me. She is such a creampie slut. We woke up this morning with over 1000 views on our little family porn. I think we are going to make more. The camera loves me. I should have been a porn star.

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