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Big Dick Sucker Poolside

big dick suckerWhen you are a big dick sucker, you will suck cock anywhere, even your trailer park pool. I love giving head. Any age, any race. Big dick is big dick. My little trailer park pool is open again. It is a swim at your own risk sort of thing. No lifeguard. I have had gang bangs in that pool. Last year, it was closed because of the virus. Everything is back open now in Florida and that means I can be a dirty old cougar poolside again. I was tanning my sexy milf body when I felt a shadow over me. At first, I thought the clouds had rolled in, but it was a teen boy checking out my body. I opened my eyes, saw the bulge in his swim trunks and helped myself. I do not say no to cock. Ever. At least not one that big. I sat up in my lounge chair and started deep throating his massive hard on. For a boy still growing, he had ample meat between his legs. This trashy milf loves a young cock. They are always hard and full of cum. As I was slurping on his dick, more boys came over for some of the action. I cannot say no to a blow bang because I am a cum whore. No better way to swallow jizz than sucking on some hard young cock. I was swallowing jizz bombs like I was chugging beer. Yummy. The sun was beating down on my body as my lips drained teen cocks and balls. Before long there were like 20 boys, maybe more. I suspect all the teen boys in the trailer park were at the pool once the rumor was out that a trailer trash whore was swallowing cum for free. I have some funky tan lines, but worth it all to suck off that many teen dicks in a day.

BBC Phone Sex Cuckolding

bbc phone sexI am full of BBC phone sex stories. I love black cock and I make no apologies for it either. I was entertaining a hung black fellow last night in my trailer when this junkie white dude showed up. He busted right into my trailer looking for some coke. He saw me blowing a black man and called me a race traitor and a nigger loving whore. That shit dose not fly with me. I mean yeah, I am a nigger loving whore, but I was not letting some white tweaker loser call me names in my own trailer and neither was my black stud. Terry jumped up to defend me with his big black cock swaying between his legs like a vine. He grabbed the little loser by the throat and pinned him against the wall. He demanded that he apologize to me. He looked like a bug being squashed on the wall. I was laughing. The little loser begrudgingly apologized but when my hung stud let him drop to floor, he started his bullshit again. Terry shut him up with his big black cock. Shoved his 11-inch Python down his throat to teach him some manners. Sometimes, you must get rough with these little white losers. I have discovered that sometimes it is the tiniest dick losers who need to be forced into submission. I love me some interracial cuckolding, especially when it is forced because some asshole does not know his place. The tweaker was fighting sucking Terry’s trouser snake, but he settled down when he started gagging. After a good skull fucking from a real man, he was singing a different tune. He started acting more polite like a good little bitch. That fucking tiny dick loser better not show his face in my trailer again or he will get hardcore anal sex from one of my big black lovers next time.

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Cum Dumpster Spring Break

cum dumpsterIt is no secret that I am a cum dumpster. I was born and raised on jizz. My mom would let her Johns cum in my bottle. When I got older, I would chug it from their cocks. Now, I am an adult and still hooked on cum. I love to eat cum, but I like to wear it too. Last week was spring break and Daytona Beach was full of hot college boys. Most of whom would never say no to fucking a sexy old cougar like me. I was just happy watching those muscle bound jocks play volley ball and surf. I planted my ass on the beach all week. And every day, I brought home some college boys down to fuck a trailer trash whore. Thursday was the largest group I brought home. It was half a frat house, and an entire volleyball team, LOL. They barely fit in my trailer. The house was a rocking if you know what I mean. I was in fucking heaven among all those tanned college jocks. I was touching their muscles, but I only had my sites on the muscles dangling between their legs. Honestly, I would have been happy with a circle jerk. I got a gang bang instead. I had a keg of beer in my trailer, but it did not last long with 15 guys drinking from the tap. Those drunk frat boys fucked me harder than I have been fucked in over a year. I had cocks in my pussy and cocks in my ass. A few in my mouth too. Cum oozing out of all my holes. I was living up to my reputation as a cum dump and a trashy milf. I was sad to see spring break come to an end. But it does seem life is getting back to normal for me.

Blonde Fucking Whore

blonde fuckingA blonde fucking whore knows how to party. I crashed an Easter party last night. It was a bunch of teens drinking and smoking pot. It was not so much an Easter party as an excuse for teens to party. The mom of the host is a stripper, and she was out making money on the pole. She is not the kind of mom that minds if her son has a kegger or bangs the old cougar from the trailer park. Her son is hung. I may not have been officially invited to the kegger, but no one minded when my skanky ass walked up and asked for a beer. The host joked that I must bring something to drink for free. I know its ass or grass, no one rides for fee.  I offered up blowjobs. The line for my blowjobs was longer that the beer line. That is because I am a cum guzzling slut. I am legendary in the trailer park from the boys to the men for my cock sucking talents. I was chugging back cum like it was beer. Cum is better than beer to me. I would rather be drunk on cum than any other liquid. I did drink some beer and I did do some pot, but mostly I drained Easter eggs. I still can taste the cum. In fact, I have been belching up cum bubbles all day because I drank so much jizz last night.

White Trash Phone Sex Easter

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex Easter is approaching. I am not religious at all. But every year I host an Easter egg hunt in my trailer park. It is just an excuse to get cute little angels running around. Last Easter, not as many little ones came out because it was the beginning of the pandemic. That was in my favor. The ten little ones that came out for Easter baskets came over after the hunt. I told their parents I would feed them, and we would watch an Easter movie. Not my fault parents trust me with their precious cargo. I might be a mother myself, but I am trashy milf who loves little girl and boy parts. I spiked their lemonades and within an hour I had them naked. I made a homemade brat porn. Hey, don’t judge me. The money I made off those little videos paid all my bills and bought me a lot of coke this past year. Turns out the phone sex business was busy, and the bottom never fell out. I did not need to worry about money, but I still plan on doing the same thing this Easter. I will have even more little ones. For trailer park parents it is just an excuse to get rid of their brats for a day and do whatever the fuck they want like sleep, fuck or party. For me, it will be another money-making opportunity. I will be doing this on a larger scale. I have more than twice as many little ones. My daughter and son will be helping me. Coordinating the fucking of about 20 little ones requires more than just me. The same guys who bought my last Easter surprise videos want to pay me more for new material. I always thought of myself as a druggy porn star not a druggy pornographer. But as it turns out, I have a real eye for young talent.

Full of BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories. I have been a bbc whore since I was a young schoolgirl compliments of my mommy. I lost my virginity to a black man who was a client of my mother. I wanted to help her raise money so we could leave my mean old daddy. When he saw me lurking around the corner watching my mother blow him, he made her an offer she could not refuse. A black cock whore was born that day. I had not seen that man since that day. I ran into him at the Piggly Wiggly. He was old now, like in his early 70s. I did not recognize him. I was surprised he recognized me because I am an old whore now. He said I was the spitting image of my mom, which is how he knew it was me. He was getting around just fine for an old fart. Now, I am known as a cougar in this town, but a girl never forgets the man who made her a woman, right? I asked him if he was still hung like a horse and in aisle 5, he grabbed my hand and put it between his legs. I could feel the horse stirring. I took him home to show him what a blonde fucking BBC whore he turned me into. He had aged everywhere but his dick. Seriously, I know boys a third of his age with cocks not that hard. If he sat on a toilet his cock would drag on the bottom of the bowl. I helped myself to some geriatric big black cock and he fucked me better than I remembered way back when. The old man still has it. He gave me the biggest cum shot I have had in forever. Of course, the poor guy has to been inside a cunt in over a year. He had a lot of built up fluid in those balls. I was happy to give him release. I need his cum as much as he needed to unload it.

White Trash Phone Sex is Just an Excuse to be a Nasty Freak

white trash phone sexBeing a white trash phone sex whore is just an excuse to get nasty. Like I need an excuse, LOL. I was born a nasty freak. I was stranded at my son’s house most of last week because my trailer park was without water. My son never minds his sexy mommy crashing at his place in the burbs. Neither do his friends. Everyone knows that trailer trash women are the most fun to party with. At least I thought they did. One of his neighbors threw a sex toy party and invited me when she realized I was staying at my son’s crib. I did not know her, but I was down to buy some sex toys.  It was a last-minute invite, so I was fucked up. More so than usual. I am a coke whore, but I was out of blow. One of my son’s friends gave me some crystal meth. I do not use that stuff much because it really fucks me up.  When I arrived at her place, I was as fucked up as I have ever been. I saw a slew of sex toys on her dining room table. There was a variety of fun looking things to enjoy on days I cannot get dick, which luckily are few and far between.

trailer trash whoreI looked all around at the sex toys and helped myself to a few things that were perfect for my twat and ass. I started shoving these hot toys up my twat and the hostess was looking at me mortified. I called her an uptight bitch. I mean you are going to host a sex toy party and never let the guests try out the toys? There were all these sleek, power operated sex toys to play with, but we were not supposed to take them for a spin. That was some fucked up thinking. As other guests came in, they followed my lead. We had a sex toy orgy going on. I took over as the hostess and used some of the toys on the other women. I sold every one of her toys too. She eventually thanked me, but she was still giving me the stink eye. I gave her the one I had up my ass and suggested she replace the stick up her ass with it instead. I cannot wait to get back to my trailer park where a trailer trash whore can be herself. The burbs are boring.

A Trashy MILF and a Virgin Boy

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. I have a reputation as a nasty cougar in my trailer park. I live up to that reputation too. There was a knock on my door late last night. I was in booty shorts and a wife beater. No bra of course, I was at home. I was watching TV and drinking beer. It was my night off and I just wanted to chill and get wasted. I stumbled to the door, and a young man was standing in front of me. Young teen boy, but cute. He had that boyish charm that gets my cunt dripping. He told me that he had heard I like boys his age and I can help make him a man. I was slurring when I told him to come on in. I had him take his clothes off so I could see what I was working with. He had a surprisingly big dick for his age. I asked about his daddy because you know if junior is hung, daddy likely is too. Sadly, his father was just a sperm donor. I would never meet him, but I had junior to make a man. And that is just what I did too. I sucked his young dick until he was fully erect. At his age, the wind would give him a stiff pecker. I hopped on his dick and road him cowboy stye. I just needed spurs. His dick felt amazing inside of my pussy. I was drunk but I could still feel his cock pulsating in my old cunt. He gave me a cum filled cunt. I gave him his first notch in his belt. I think young boys should lose their virginity to older women. We can teach them a few things. Plus, we let them put their cocks in all our holes.

Naughty Phone Sex Sluts

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts have the best lives. I think that is because to be a dirty phone whore you cannot be a choir girl, you know. I have a dirty lifestyle. Born and raised in a trailer park. My mom was a hooker when dad went on the road. She loved big black cocks. She passed that love on to me. I was the only daughter with no siblings, but if I had a brother, I have no doubt she would have fucked him just like I fuck my boy. I mean it is not rocket science. You have a horny teen in the house as you enter your sexual peak. It is like why not fuck your horny son. You are both horny at the same time. When I started fucking my son, I knew my mother would approve. Sadly, she never knew her grandson or granddaughter, but I make sure I tell them she was a trashy milf like me. They would have loved to play with grandma. I have had to be both daddy and mommy to them, but they turned out better than me. They both graduated high school and I was a drop out. They fucked each other like monkeys when in school together. I just had to spy on my mom with her clients. They both play with mommy and party with mommy too. They have good jobs and will help their old whore mommy out when she gets too old to do things on her own. All I must do is send a 911 text and my son comes over with coke if I am out and a hard dick to take care of me too. When I send a 911 text to my daughter, she brings weed and beer and usually a hung friend of hers for us to share. I have a life naughty enough to make me perfect for no taboo phone sex.

A Cum Filled Cunt full of Nigger Seed

cum filled cuntI came home with a cum filled cunt last night. I was gang banged at the truck stop. I thought I would come home to an empty trailer, but my daughter was waiting for me. It was like she had some sixth sense that I had a huge cream pie for her. She had a fight with her boyfriend and thought she would come over and spend the night with her mommy. She is always welcome to come over. She was smoking a bowl and watching TV when I stumbled in smelling like cum, weed and beer. Her three favorite scents. She asked me what I had been up too. As if she had to ask. I knew she could smell the black cock cum on me. She is a nigger loving whore like her mother. She is also a creampie slut, so she buried her face between my legs and lapped it all up. She cleaned my pussy out and my asshole too. It took her a good hour to get up all the cum inside me because I did like 20 guys and some of them twice. I pushed out the cum from my ass and twat straight into her mouth. She stuck her tongue out like I was dripping chocolate in her mouth. It was creamy chocolate. Nigger seed straight from mommy’s cunt to her daughter’s mouth. Then we snowballed what she did not swallow. After she cleaned me up, we smoked some grass, watched some TV and fell asleep. I miss having my baby girl at home with me. We always have so much dirty fun together.

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