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I’m a Cum Dumpster for My Son

cum dumpsterI am my son’s favorite cum dumpster. He was missing his mamma, so he surprised me with a booty call yesterday. It was an afternoon delight. It was supposed to be a quickie. He had things to do, places to be. Once he felt my mouth on his cock, he could not leave. It had only been a week since he saw me last, but he said it felt like an eternity. It was like he took a Viagra because he was hard the entire time. He would cum, stay hard and cum again for his mommy. I have a reputation as a black cock slut and a trailer trash whore. I may love me some big black dicks, but they will never replace my love for my son’s cock. He is my only boy and I have been playing with his dick since he was a tadpole. He is all grown now, and his cock has filled out nicely. His father had a nice cock. Really the only reason I married the asshole. I got rid of him and made my son the man of the house. He takes such good care of his whore mama. Once the sun went down, he realized he was not going home, so I broke out my party supplies. I did a line of coke off his cock and that increased his stamina and his hardness. I love riding his hard cock. Incest is so taboo, which is why I love it so much. I guess you could say I am a taboo whore too. But even if he was not my son, he has a nice cock for a white guy. And he can keep up me. We had one hell of a night. Just us and a bag of coke. I love marathon fucking with my son.

BBC Phone Sex Make Some White Men Cringe

bbc phone sexI am full of bbc phone sex stories if you are into girls who love big black cocks. I was out last night at the truck stop looking for some black cock. I found these two young bulls down to fuck a white woman. I brought them home to my trailer and we fucked all night long. One of my neighbors saw me going into my trailer with two black men and thought he would start some shit. I do not get it. I have had an army of black men in and out of my trailer for decades. This guy just had his panties in a wad over NASCAR and BLM protests. Guess he is feeling his white manhood threatened by black men. This fucking moron stormed into my trailer uninvited and started hurling racist shit and calling me a nigger loving whore. Well, I was not letting that shit fly. Neither were my black studs. They showed my loser neighbor how superior the black race really is, and they taught him some damn manners. I helped them tie my asshole neighbor up, so they could skull fuck him. I pulled out his dick because with that much hate in his blood, he had to have a small pecker. My clit was bigger than his dick. Pathetic loose was hating on the black man because of jealousy. He has nothing me or any other woman would want and that pisses him off. He would rather believe that black men put some voodoo spell on women rather than see his own inadequacies. I made Jimbo a cuckold. He took black cock. And he wore black cum. And he learned to respect the big black cock. Black cocks matter to white pussy and that scares the hell out white little dick losers. I will always be a proud black cum dumpster whore.

Gangbang Whore: Bumps for Pumps

gangbang whoreI love being a gangbang whore. I have never had 100 men at once, but I am working my way up to that. I did 25 guys in a night once. Last night, I beat my own record. I was horny as fuck. I was high as fuck too. I went down to the truck stop. Florida is pretty much open again. The truck stop was hopping. More than it has been in months. Big D was not there, but that did not stop me. I knocked on a truck cab and asked if anyone was down to fuck an old trailer trash whore. Two guys in the cab banged me. Word got around quickly that there was an old whore giving it away for free. Not completely free. I was trading bumps for pumps. Let me share your coke and you can pump a load in which ever hole of mine you want. I enjoyed getting high like that again. Truck drivers have the best dope. I have been hurting since the virus started spreading like wildfire. I have not been able to get the good coke or the good cock. That all changed last night. The truck stop was rocking. I just wish someone had filmed it. I think I handled those truckers better than a seasoned porn star. I took cum load after cum load until it was coming out my ears too. Been way too long since I have gotten gang banged. My best guest was about 50 guys. All ages and races too. My pussy dose not discriminate. I needed a gang bang. It has been months since I had that many cocks and that much cum. I am a cum dumpster. And to be that I need the cum supply of many men. I am sore today, but it was worth it. Now, to fuck 100 men is my next goal.

Mommy Beverly is a Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutI am a cum guzzling slut for any big dick, but when the big dick is attached to my son, I can spend hours swallowing his jizz. My son is well endowed. His father had just an average dick, so my guess is one of my many lovers at the time is the real baby daddy, lol. My son is twice the man his father ever was, which is why I started fucking my son while I was still married. After my husband would pass out from his nightly case of beer, I would go to my son’s room and ride his cock until the sun came up. My son never did well in school because he was always falling asleep in class. That was my fault because I would wake him to fuck in the middle of the night. My son still graduated high school. He never went to college, but he still managed to get a decent paying job. He is grown-up now, but he still loves his mama. He knows I am a cum whore. He loves nothing more than to make me his cum dumpster. He no longer lives at home, but he visits me several times a week to feed me his seed. He paid me a visit last night. I was all set to go stalk the truck stop for some cock, when he texted me that he wanted to visit. I stayed home and waited for my baby boy to give me the cock and cum I crave. I sucked him off in the kitchen not 5 minutes after he arrived. I drained his balls good by how much cum was all over my face. I like making any man cum quickly the first time because he lasts longer the second time. My son fucked all my holes for hours. It was just like when he was younger. We were still fucking when the sun came up.

Trashy MILF Party Crasher

trashy milfYesterday, most of the high schools had graduations. This trashy milf crashed some celebrations. There were all sorts of parties for the local teens graduating virtually. I made an appearance at all the ones I could fine to check out the talent. I am a sexy cougar. No one questions who I am. If someone asks, I am one of the grad’s former teachers. I went to a few that were too small to have fun, so I left. I found one in my own trailer park with folks I knew. That is where I spent the rest of the night. I brought a little Spanish Fly straight from Mexico to spike the punch. I knew that would get the party going. Sure, there were some parental units around, but it is a trailer park full of sex industry workers and drug dealers, no one really cares what I do to their teen boys anyway. It was a flesh smorgasbord for a mature trailer trash whore like me. I love young teen cock. I had myself a trailer park orgy with a bunch of new graduates. I could see the drug taking effect as they started stripping. My pussy was wet at the sight of those teen bodies. Girls were naked too. I took off my clothes and joined the orgy that was about to happen. I was the filthy director. I had boys and girls fucking each other and eating my pussy. I got fucked too. No way I was not benefiting from the Spanish Fly too. Just a few drops of that fuck potion and teen boys were porn star wannabees. That Spanish Fly turned these teens into sex machines. I had a full out orgy in the backyard of some one else’s trailer. I had no clue where the parents disappeared too, and I did not care. Nothing says welcome to adulthood like hardcore orgy porn with the neighborhood whore.

Cum Guzzling Slut of the Trailer Park

cum guzzling slutWhat is a cum guzzling slut without cum? I take pride in not being a basic ho. I have the reputation in my community for swallowing more cum than an army of porn stars. I have not had a good blow bang in months, however, because of the stupid virus. I like a lot more men than ten to get the levels of cum I want, lol. My state is getting back to normal, so I arranged a blow bang party. Sucking off cock after cock is how I got my reputation as a dirty cum whore. I am proud of that reputation too. I just told the neighborhood guys I was having a keg party and they all showed up. I think I counted 40 men in my trailer on Saturday night. I did not think my trailer could hold that many people, lol, but it did. I think the men knew what was up because I was the only woman at my party. That is because when it comes to cum, I do not like to share. I want it all for me. I was on my knees after two beers and a line of coke. I chug cock better than I do beer. Guys from every trailer in my park skull fucked me. They gave me a cum deposit and got back in line. By the time I was done swallowing 40 loads of jizz, those boys were hard again. I was low on my cum supply and summer is here, so loads two, I spit into a pitcher. I am such a cum dumpster that I freeze cum. I put cum cubes in my coffee every morning. I make cum smoothies too. I told you I was a cum junkie. No man ever minds contributing to my cum stash. Would you mind?

Phone Sex Sluts are Essential

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts have stayed busy during the quarantine. I guess we are essential workers to the horny perverts of the world. I have been fine stuck in my trailer. I get cock, a lot more than I expected, really. But then I am a greedy cock addict. I went out and found cock and of course the men in my trailer know who to visit when they have cum filled balls. My state has opened back up. Bars are closed but the beaches are open and so are my legs. I put on an itsy bitsy tiny bikini and picked up some college boys. The beaches opened just in time for spring breakers. Even though colleges are all closed, I guess the college boys and girls who would have gone on break decided to flock to the beach. Lucky me. I was the bell of the sandy beach. I picked up a few frat boys in from Louisiana. Damn they were buff too. White boys, but hung and total beefcakes. They wanted to fuck a trashy milf. I am an easy milf too, especially when to comes to cock. I was not meant to go a day without cock. Rona fucked up my sex life. No more young schoolboys stopping by on their way to school. The truck stop had limited traffic and no over night stays in the lot for truckers. My favorite trucker, Big D was not making as many trips and guys in general just were more shy about fucking a stranger, even a hot lot lizard sex whore like me. These college boys had no qualms about coming back to my trailer to fuck. I rode all their cocks for hours and got filled with their spunk. It was just like old times and it feels great to be back.

A Trailer Trash Whore, Her Friends and Her Son

trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore has other trailer trash friends. I invited two of my hot horny cougar friends over last night to party. I had some great coke and my son was over too. He loves milf pussy. Sherry and Marie are a little younger than me, but both are in their 40s. They are dirty whores. That is why they are my besties. My son can take care of three cougars. He has a big cock, plus he popped a Viagra so he would stay hard for his milf spinners. I was trying to get some other guys over for our little sex party, but this damn virus makes it hard even for a trashy milf to get dick. I think my son was happy. He wanted three horny cougars all to himself. Good thing he took that Viagra. He was going to need an erection lasting four hours or longer to satisfy us. I l et my friends go first. They are not as lucky as me. They do not have a handsome and hung son. Both Sherry and Maire have daughters. We have played with our girls together, but even strapons are not the same as hard cocks that can shoot cum. My son had no problem taking us all on. Three horny milfs played sit and spin on my son’s throbbing cock. He gave us each a cum filled cunt. After a few hours we were worn out and his cock was still hard. Hard as a rock. Mommy to the rescue. My girls were spent. Covered in jizz with swollen holes. I was in the same condition, but I was still able to suck my son until he had the ultimate explosion and his 5-hour erection went away. I may never need two guys at once again if my son keeps playing with Viagra.


Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexI think I may be the queen of the dirty phone sex whores. Today, I was feeling so fucking horny. I just had to get laid. My old twat needed to get crammed full of cock. And I did not care who the cock belonged too! I put on a slutty outfit and paraded myself around the trailer park until someone took the bait. This hot black stud told me I looked like a cat in heat. I asked him if he could help a whore out. He opened his trailer door, and I ran inside to get me some dick. Not just any dick, but big black dick. We did not bother with names or pleasantries. I was there to get fucked. He pushed me down on my knees and forced his huge cock in my greedy mouth. He was more than a mouthful.  I was gagging, and gagging is not something I do often. That means he was packing a porn star cock in his pants. As my eyes bugged out, and tears ran down my face, I blew that black cock like a pro. I reached between my legs to rub my swollen wet clit. I came a few times just worshiping his dark piece of meat. He pushed me to the floor to fuck me doggy style. He smacked my ass a few times before ramming his cock inside me. I could tell he had a rubber on. I told him I was too old to get knocked up and he ripped that rubber right off.

He pumped my pussy hard. I think he stretched out my cunt. I wanted to feel all the black seed up my twat. “You want some cum, dirty ho,” he asked? I begged for it. He pulled out of cunt and pumped his seed in my mouth. I guzzled up every drop too. I’m such a dirty cum dumpster. I put my clothes on, left still not knowing his name, not really caring either. I got what I came for and more. But here I am, a few hours later, needing more cock and more cum.

cum dumpster

A Trailer Trash Whore and Her Boy

trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore loves to get high and fuck her son. I have been into incest for over a decade. My son is in his early 20s now, but he still loves to fuck his nasty mommy. He has cabin fever too. He has his own bachelor pad across town, but he has been coming over often to get some of my pussy. As you can see from this photo, he has a nice cock. His daddy was not worth a shit, but he was a good fuck. My son at least inherited daddy’s big dick. Last night he showed up at my door as I was about to go out. I was stir crazy and I was horny. I was going to the truck stop to get fucked. He convinced me to stay in and have family fun. He brought a big bag of weed and some medicinal gummies. I am more of a coke whore, but I do love some good weed. This shit was smuggled in from Cuba and the gummies were the medicinal kind which meant they were strong. I had half a gummy and one puff of a joint and I was on my knees blowing my boy. He likes to grab my blonde fucking head and shove me down balls deep on his rod. Sometimes, I act like I am gagging to make him feel better. He is above average in the cock department; however, I am a nigger loving whore. I am used to big dicks in my mouth, bigger than my son. Even though he is not as big as a nigger dick, he is still a taboo fuck. I brought him into this world. Pushed him out the very cunt he was depositing the kind of creamy seed that created him. I had just as much fun swallowing my son’s jizz and being his anal sex whore as I would have at the truck stop.

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