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Trashy MILF Beverly

trashy milfThis trashy milf had a special date last night with her son. My boy turned 26 yesterday. He is all grown up, but he will never be too old for his mommy. All he wanted for his birthday was a night alone with me. I felt I could give him that. He rarely gets alone time with me. He is usually sharing me with his friends, his sister or some random men. He parties just like me, only he can handle his booze better than I can. And I can handle my coke better than he can. It was his birthday, but I was the one who got presents. He brought me coke and weed. Big bags of it too. He also had a bunch of edibles and psychedelics. I asked him what was up with all the samples. He told me he had a new job. He was now a drug dealer. That would work out great for me. My own son would never charge me for my medicine, would he? I fucked him doggy style as we discussed him supplying me with coke, weed and edibles. He told me I would have to fuck for my medicine just like I do down at the truck stop. I was a bit offended. I mean I gave him life. I have fucked him thousands of times with no exchange of anything. He saw me getting worked up and he said, “Ass or grass mommy, nobody rides for free.” Then he laughed. He was punking me. He wants me to be his tester. Whenever he gets new strands of weed or new edible products or coke from different places, he wants his druggy porn mommy to try out the merchandise. We fucked all night long sampling the new merchandise. I love fucking when I am high, especially with my son. It was his birthday, but I was the one who got spoiled.

Big Dick Sucker Then and Now

big dick suckerThank God I am a big dick sucker. Tyrese had a monster cock that took me by surprise. He is a brother, so I knew he had a huge dick. I measured him at over a foot long. I may be skinny, but I can handle more cock than a bevy of sexy BBWs. I have years of experience. Decades of experience with big dicks black and white. The first cock I ever sucked was ten inches. He was a black man and my mother’s client. He had been coming to her for years, seeing me grow up. One day he looked at me and asked if I was as good as my mother. My mom said I was off limits, but then I asked how much he would pay me. Even at a young age, I understood the cash exchange for sex system. My mom was still trying to keep me from being a Lolita hooker, but when she heard how much money he was willing to pay just for my mouth, she could not say no. I was her dick sucking young daughter, but I did not stay just giving head for long. Not when we realized how much money we could make off my tiny fuck holes. Flash forward many decades later, and I doing my mother proud sucking big black cocks better than the old prostitutes. I am a cum guzzling slut for those big dicks too. Tyrese did not have to pay me. I am a black cock whore and everyone in town knows it. Tyrese offered to pay me, but I told him monster cocks like him get head from me for free. I enjoyed slurping up and down his thick rod. I did gag and I even choked some too. But nothing this seasoned old cock sucking whore cannot handle.

I’m Full of BBC Phone Sex Stories and BBC Cum

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex stories are something I have plenty to share. I am a black cock whore. I sucked my first nigger dick when I was a young girl. My mom was a black cock whore. It was not that she was curious about big black dicks or even had a clue they might be bigger than white boys. It was the 70s well before Internet porn. She needed to make money. At the time, black men loved fucking white women, especially hot ones. My mom was a former beauty queen who married a loser and a drunk. She wanted me and her to have money that daddy did not control. She started hooking in the trailer park we lived in and at the very same truck stop under a new name I go to party with the truckers. Black men were more than willing to pay money to fuck a former Ms. Georgia. She had a lot of black clients and you may not believe this, but they paid well and treated her nice. They did not treat her like a trailer trash whore. They brought her gifts and cared if she got off. You must realize that I was spying on my mom with black men from a young age. I saw those huge dicks. I saw them spoiling and pampering my mama. I wanted that too. Life was not easy for us back then, but black men made it easier. They always tipped her too. One day a regular offered a lot of money for me to suck his cock. Mom said no originally, but I convinced her to let me help. I sucked my first nigger dick that day. I swallowed my first load of cum ever too. This dirty old whore became a black cock whore that day. I have been one ever since too.

Cum Guzzling Slut Forever

cum guzzling slutI am a cum guzzling slut. My son texted me yesterday to get my thoughts on what was going down in DC. I had no clue about any of it. I do not exactly watch the news. I am never on my phone or any of those social media platforms. I am too busy fucking and sucking. That is a productive use of my time. While everyone was glued to CNN yesterday, I was collecting cum. The cold month has hit Florida. Now, it is not as cold as Michigan, but for this trailer park whore, the 40s is fucking freezing. I will be hanging out in my trailer hoping horny men will come to me until it warms up. They will. They always do, even in a hurricane or a health crisis. I just want to make sure I have a surplus of jizz. Most women hoard food and toilet paper when inclement weather approaches. Not me. I hoard cum. Yesterday, I was a cum dumpster for 68 guys. It was a revolving door of men cumming in my trailer. I swallowed some loads because I do love the taste of cum. But I saved most loads so I could freeze it. Sure fresh cum taste the best, but when you are a cum whore, you will take cum anyway you can just to get a fix. Frozen cum will suffice when no one can get to me or I cannot get out of the trailer. Hey, cum has done this body good. I was raised on jizz and I will die a cum junkie.

A Big Dick Sucker and A Coke Whore for New Year’s Eve

big dick suckerI rung in the new year being a big dick sucker and a coke whore. Nothing special from any other night, LOL. I am all that and more 352 days a year. Last night, I was with my daughter, her boyfriend, my son and few of his friends. Small party in the trailer, but it was not boring. I do not do boring. We started off with body shots on my body. Slippery nipples and other naughty shots to get people drunk. I mean you cannot end a shit decade sober, can you? I did lines off my son’s cock. A few more lines off my daughter’s pussy and I was feeling great. My daughter and I went down on my son together. While we polished his rod, his friends fucked our asses. I got filled up with cum and shit it out into my daughter’s mouth. Coke brings out my nasty freak side. So does tequila and I was doing plenty of that too. My daughter and I shared her boyfriend too. He had the biggest dick there. Of course, he is not white. She is a bbc whore like her mommy. I learned early on from my mama that nigger dicks are the best dicks. I passed that on to my daughter. Now, I fuck all kinds of dicks. Sure, I love to be savagely fucked by a big Nigger dick, but I like those hairless dicks too. I guess what I really am is a taboo whore. I like to fuck folks an old white woman is not supposed to fuck like young boys, Niggers and her own son. I had it all last night too like a true trailer trash whore. I fucked my son. I fucked my daughter’s black boyfriend, and I fucked the young boy next door who snuck out of his trailer to join the party. Hell, I am still high and full of cum. So far, I am loving 2021.

Anal Cum Dumpster Beverly

anal cum dumpsterI was an anal cum dumpster for Christmas. It was just my daughter, son and I celebrating, but my daughter and I were in a gang bang mood. My son called up a few dozen of his friends to come up and spread some joy to his mommy whore and slut sister. My son planned on joining in too. He can never just watch and stroke. Well, he can, just not for long. His friends were happy to blow off their family to join our kinky family fun. I have fucked almost all my son’s friends over the years. Most of them before they could drive. A couple of my son’s friends brought their younger brothers to introduce them to the joys of fucking a trashy milf. I was high and drunk. So was my daughter. When the boys arrived, we got in the position to best take those hard dicks. Side by side on all fours, we showed the boys we were ready to fuck. I am an anal whore, so I told the boys to fuck my ass. I cannot get knocked up anymore because I am in my 50s, but some of the boys liked pretending they were knocking up a dirty old whore. My arm was interlocked with daughter’s arm. We kissed as the boys fucked our assholes. We could both feel hot cum running out our assholes and down our legs. It was such a turn on. I love sharing cocks with my girl. My son came around to the front of us with a couple of the younger boys and demonstrated to them how to skull fuck two bitches. My daughter and I love it when we have a cock in each end. We got to give a few boys their first cums not from their own hands. By the end of the day, cum was oozing out of our assholes and we had bellies full of jizz. I started to shit the cum out of my ass to feed my daughter, but my son wanted to clean up my butthole. I always knew my daughter was a creampie slut, but my son surprised me. He saved some of that hot butthole cream to snowball his mommy and sister with. Best Christmas ever.

Cum Guzzling Slut and Druggy Whore

cum filled cuntI like to get high, talk to callers and play with my cum filled cunt. I am a druggy whore. I have been doing coke since I was a young whore turning tricks with my mother in the 70s. She told me what would help me be the nasty freak in the sheets that men wanted was a little toot of coke. She controlled how much I did back then, but now I can do as much as I want whenever I want. And I choose to do a lot because it gets me into that kinky place I need to be. I am not a vanilla girl. I am a dirty whore. I like to talk about incest. I like to talk about black cock. I like to talk about young talent. This is the perfect job for me because I can party on my phone sex line. Most of my callers are high too. I can spend ten mins or ten hours with a dude swapping kinky stories or fantasies while snorting lines off my coffee table like an 80s coke whore. Last night, I pulled an all-nighter thanks to mommy’s little helper. I had several lines of cocaine laid out on the glass of the coffee table in preparation for a Saturday night of debauchery. My callers never disappoint. I got to be a mommy whore. I got to be a black cock whore. I got to be a dirty cougar who molests young boys in the neighborhood. I got to be a druggy porn star too. All things I am in my non phone life too. I love this job. I have never had an honest day’s work in my life. I have been a hooker. I worked in an adult bookstore. I have been a drug dealer. Now I am a phone whore. I get paid to be me and do coke. How did I not know about this kind of work when I was 18? Oh yeah, I am in my 50s. I had to wait until the Internet was invented.

Druggy Porn Whore

druggy pornSometimes, I fancy myself a druggy porn star. Seriously, when I am high, anything goes. My son was laid off work again. He had a decent job, but budget cuts made his company downsize and he was the last hired. He has some debts. One debt he cannot rob Paul  to pay Peter either. He is a gambler and sometimes the ponies do not pay. He was okay with paying the bookie back with ridiculous interest, but he panicked when he lost his job. Miss a payment to his bookie and lose a kneecap. He came to me for help. I do not have the kind of money he needed, but I do have pussy and ass I can sell. Normally, I just trade my fuck holes for coke, but I have no pride. I do not want my son hurt, so I put an ad up on this discreet hookup site and had a few thousand dollars arranged the old-fashioned way. I demanded cash payments because Venmo and Paypal can be cancelled afterwards. If I was going to pimp myself out for cash instead of coke, I better not get screwed twice, LOL. I told my son to record me with the various men fucking so we could profit double off my tricks. Other men love to pay for live streams of women being lot lizard sex whores. I love the modern age. I can be my own pimp and arrange a date quickly with no street corner work. Sex always sells. I think now more than ever men want some strange and are willing to pay for it. I think I am going to have to sell my holes daily to get my son’s out of debt to Guido the killer bookie. No better reason to be a whore than your flesh and blood though.

Cum Guzzling Slut Needs Cream in Her Coffee

cum guzzling slutThis cum guzzling slut needed some jizz this morning. I went to the fridge for a morning cube of cum for my coffee and there was none left. Usually, I catch my low supply. Admittedly, I was drunk and high all weekend, but if I had known that I was that low, I would have saved the jizz from the weekend. I had a lot in me too because that is what I do on the weekends. I party and I fuck.  I could have spit it out, pissed it out and shit it out to make some more cum cubes because there was that much cum in me. I made a few calls and sent a few texts, and I had my trailer full of men willing to help me out quickly. Black men, white men and brown men all came to my rescue with hard cocks and cum filled balls. I spent most of the morning blowing men and a few boys too. I had a few pitchers nearby to spit the fresh jizz into and when I filled it up, I poured it into the ice trays and put it in the freezer. I love cum that much. I guess word of mouth spread that there was an old broad giving away blowjobs and my trailer became a safety hazard. Not that I minded. The more the merrier for this trailer trash whore. This is Florida anyway, no one cares about a party. This was more a blow bang, but still exceeded the fire hazard capacity for my trailer. Some schoolboys came by too. Once they got off the bus, they saw the party and came to check things out. Old spunk, young spunk, spunk is spunk to me. I was just happy to replenish my stock. I am a cum whore. My morning coffee is not the same without a little cream.

Trashy MILF Loose in The Suburbs

trashy milfThis trashy milf crashed a holiday party last night. It was by accident. I was on the right side of the tracks because I was shopping. I drive an old beater car and it broke down. Fuck my life. My cell was dead too, so I could not call my son. I knocked on the first door I saw, and it was a party. A small one, but still a party. The boy that opened the door thought I was a guest and told me to come in and grab some wine. I am more of a beer drinker, but I do not turn down booze. He said everyone was out back. I was not interested in hanging out with a bunch of upper crust prudes. I wanted to party with the teen boy in front of me. I forgot all about my broke down car out front and asked him to show me his room. It was a typical boy room. Pictures of Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello on his wall. I thought he might think I was too old for him. I mean the law and his mama would think I was too old for him, but I was hoping he would see the fun in a much older woman. He was not picking up on my ques. I guess I am more use to trailer park boys. I took off my top and my boobs got his attention. I was in someone else’s house, molesting a teen boy I just met while his mother was out back. This was a huge risk, but worth it. I mean only a trailer trash whore would be this bold, right? He fondled my boobs as I stoked his cock. I took his virginity in his twin bed in his suburban bedroom with his mommy not far away. Of course, when I heard a woman calling his name up the stairs, I climbed out his bedroom window and hid in the bushes until I could get to my car. I had to walk home, but I think it was fate that I broke down where and when I did.

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