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Maybe I was Just Born for White Trash Phone Sex

white trash phone sexThis white trash phone sex slut goes crazy around young boys and girls. I think perhaps it reminds me of when my son and daughter were that age. Over the weekend, I went to a bridal shower for my daughter’s school friend. I have known Marta since she was knee high. She got knocked up in high school.   Not once but twice. Two different baby daddies and both deadbeats.

I used to watch her little ones when she went to high school since her parents gave her zero support. So, I consider Marta family. And I wanted to help with the bridal shower. She snagged herself a sugar daddy. Although he is not the baby daddy of her son or daughter, he will support them all and likely adopt them too.

Not often a trailer trash whore snags herself a reach sugar daddy. Her son and daughter ran around the house, and I enjoy seeing how they have grown. They call me Aunt Bev even though we share no DNA. Seeing the boy made my old cunt wet. He appears to be around the age I started molesting my son. And he can get chubbies now.  At some point in the bridal festivities, I excused myself and found the boy.

I am Weak Around Young Hard Dicks

We played a game of show and tell, LOL. I showed him my bald snatch. And in turn, he showed me his stiff dick. You know I wanted some of that. Although I sucked this little dick and tugged on it when he still needed an adult to wipe his butt for him, he grew up. And this trashy milf took notice. A hard dick should never go to waste. And I did not cock tease him. Sure, he popped some wood in his shorts when he saw my mommy cunt, but I did not leave him with blue balls.

I took the lad into his bedroom and let him thrust his little monster into my pussy. A few pumps and he was done. But I expected as much because of his age. No problem with me. I can work on this boy. Turn him into a little stud muffin for mature sexy women like Aunt Beverly.

Trailer Trash Whore Bevely Seduces Young Boys and Loves It

trailer trash whoreI love being a trailer trash whore. And I have no shame. My surroundings never matter to me. If I am in public and see a cute boy or even when I am at someone’s house, I often flash my tits and my pussy to entice the lad. Last night, I hung out with my daughter while she babysat this adorable young boy. My girl always calls me when she watches a little lad who she thinks I might enjoy playing with. And she knows my type. Young, hairless and horny.

I sat on the couch and showed off my pussy to the boy. And I caught his attention too. He stared at my wet box long and hard. And I saw the little dick in his shorts wave at me. So, I signaled him over. I wanted him inside my sloppy wet pussy. I needed him inside me. Two things I love most. Young cock and big black dicks. Both feel so taboo and are what a trailer park whore needs.

This Trailer Park Slut Loves Young Hairless Cock Too

My daughter got out her new fancy phone and filmed her charge eating my pussy. Of course, I gave him some instructions. No way that boy ever ate pussy before. Not at his age. But he ate my snatch like it was cotton candy melting in his mouth. My guess, as wet as I was, I was sticky sweet to a young boy. He made me cum hard on his face, so I had to go down on his cut little, hairless dick.

The boy was not as small as his age would suggest. Perhaps it was because I engorge his tiny dick with my old cougar twat. I held him up over my head and sucked hard on that little pecker. He could only give me a pissing orgasm at his age, but I never mind pissing sex. I let him dribble all over my face. And I licked him clean. Maybe my daughter will become their regular sitter. I can hope at least. Would be wonderful to work with this boy and watch him grow in all the right places.

I am Proud to Be a Cum Guzzling Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whoreI’m proud to be a trailer trash whore. Everyone in my trailer park knows I am just a cum whore. Seriously, I can never get enough. And although I do have a thing for those big black cocks, I never turn away young men in need of a ball draining either. This cougar loves to deep throat monster black cocks and still growing boy dicks, black or white.

School will be over for the summer in a few weeks, and that means no early morning dick sucking for this cougar. Now, the teen boys will still come over, but it will not be before school. But this morning, Jackson stopped by for a little oral therapy before school. He woke up with morning wood. And he still could not get his cock to go down after jacking off in the shower. So, he came to see his favorite trashy milf. He marched himself into my trailer with his morning hardon and said, “Suck it mommy, it hurts.”

I Love Helping Teenage Boys Relieve Their Morning Balls

Jackson palmed the back of my head to push me down on my knees. This boy still attends high school. However, his cock is bigger than most full-grown white men. Rough oral sex, I always welcome. His big piece of teenage meat gagged me. And I rarely gag. But I love a monster cock, so I did not mind. His cock appeared so big that his pre cum seemed more than most men ejaculate. I rubbed his oozing seed all over my lips like it was Chap Stick, LOL.

As I gagged and drooled on his young dick, I rubbed my pussy. He turned me on so much, I thought I might spontaneously cum. I slide his monster dick between my big tits to give my hands a break. After about giving him head for about 20 minutes, he exploded. Cum went everywhere. It even hit my ceiling. That boy needed my big dick sucker skills desperately. Good thing I was home and awake. He started my day off well too. I spent most of the morning masturbating thinking of him. But he came back after school and fucked me properly. And to think this boy is still growing.

A Man Can be a Creampie Slut Too

creampie slutMy son, I swear might be a bigger creampie slut than either me or my daughter. Straight boy too. He has zero interest in getting cock. However, if my pussy is full of cum, he can smell it a mile away. He gets in these moods where he wants mommy’s wet pussy. He even eats his own cum from my cunt. Hey, I do not judge. I am a cum whore too.

He knew I went to the truck stop yesterday. And he knows who his mother is too, LOL. So, he took a gamble that I would return home with a messy pussy. Not exactly Magnum PI detective work, but the odds seemed in his favor that his whore mom would have a cum filled cunt for him. And I did. He did not bring any friends. He just texted me if I was home yet. And when I got home, he was waiting for me.

My Son Does Not Like Cock, But He Loves Cum

He did not want me to shower or even take a piss because he wanted to lick everything out of me. I sat on the couch with my legs spread, and my boy went to town on me. Drilled his tongue deep into my old barren womb to eat up every drop of cum inside me. Now, I lost track. But my guess is I had about 10 loads of black cock spunk inside my cunt. The place seemed popping with lots of truckers down to fuck a blonde whore.

I could have allowed more men to fuck me too if I knew my little cum guzzling son wanted a creampie. But ten loads seemed to satisfy him. At least for a little while. He ended up spending the night. I guess you could say he got high on cum. Sound like you. Don’t worry. Even if my son got all the cum from inside me, I will get more. This old mommy whore enjoys being a cum dumpster.

Dirty Phone Sex Whore Knows No Limits

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex, I know a thing or two about as a dirty whore. I do not know any limits yet. And I doubt I ever will. I met a new man over the weekend. One who enjoys pissing games. Since I got drunker than a skunk, I new I could piss all night long. While other people watched the derby in their fancy hats, I pissed on some random stranger’s cock. Now, he did not have a big black cock. More like an above average white boy cock.

The difference between him and me? I can still cum when drunk. However, his dick looked limp. Too much booze equals drunk dick syndrome. And no woman wants that. So, I punished him for disappointing me. Old whores like me expect a working cock. As punishment, I pissed on him. He passed out in my bathroom. I took that as a sign for pissing sex.

When I heard the thump from the bathroom, I went to check it out. I found the man I brought home to fuck passed out on my bathroom floor with his pants around his ankles. The loser appeared too drunk to even stand while pissing, so he sat down and fell off the toilet. So, I stood over him and decided what to do.

Dirty Old Whores Like Me Piss on Drunk Dicks

Since he was half naked in my bathroom lying on the floor, I pulled him towards the shower. Luckily, he was in the bathroom with just a shower. I am not strong enough to pull 250 lbs. of dead weight over a tub, LOL. Once I dragged his body into the shower, I stood over his face and pissed on him. I mean some folks wake up drunks with a cold shower. This was a warm golden shower instead.

 He woke up and I guess he thought my golden nectar tasted like fine champagne. He slurped it up. And I kept pissing on him. I coated his body with my nectar. I did not want water sports sex. However, my drunk hookup had drunk dick leaving me no choice. He passed out again. But I left him on the floor of my shower doused in my piss. And I went to bed. He was gone the next day.

My Phone Sex Line Callers Never Dissapoint Me

phone sex lineMy phone sex line can be a party line if you want it to be. I always have coke and weed on hand. Sometimes, some Molly. And I am up for swapping dirty tales and getting higher together. Last night I came home lit from closing a bar. I went into party mode on a Tuesday, lol. It was almost hump day, LOL.

But I did not come home alone. I brought two men with me. However, they did look white. And black men can party and keep erections. With white guys that’s more of a gamble. You never know if you will get a limp dick or not. But I am a trailer trash whore. And because I am, I can bring out some tricks like a finger in the ass to make a dead man cum.

And like I suspected, despite my valiant efforts, these men had drunk dick. Their minds wanted to fuck, but their cocks did not support them. Most men have been there. I put my fingers up their assholes and everything. But I could not wake the dead. So, I kicked them out of my trailer, got out my big dildo collection and started taking calls.

Nothing Disappoints Me More Than A Limp Dick

Normally, I don’t work late nights. That’s my prime fucking or sleeping time, LOL. However, I could not drive anywhere because I was too lit. And I could not sleep because I was too horny. So, I talked to some fellow perverts about nasty taboo things and came a few times before calling it a night.

And I know you can relate. Nothing worse than having an itch and no way to scratch it. But masturbation can help us both go to sleep. One guy called my sexline to talk about getting his wife and daughter gang banged by black men and he made me cum a few times. We smoked some weed together and drained our veins, LOL. When men disappoint me in the bedroom, at least I have perverts like you guys.

Trashy MILF Club Seduces Virgin Boys

trashy milfI am part of a trashy milf club. Me and a few cougar friends like to get together and seduce young men. Sometimes, we share our sons with each other. Other times, we go out on the town and pick up a cub. Friday night, Sally called me and our other friend Tori because her nephew came to town. She discovered her nephew is still a virgin. Never had a girlfriend either. But she needed our help with him. Of course, Tori and I wanted to help Sally’s nephew. That’s what friends are for, right?

I gussied myself up to look a little classier than I am.  And I went to Sally’s place to meet Kevin, her virgin nephew. Cute boy. However, he came across super nerdy. Like the kind of boy who stays inside all the time playing video games. If the boy got some pussy, he might act more confident. Plus, he might talk to girls easier. And I’ve seen this happen before too. We swarmed Kevin, buried his face between our big tits. Three blonde fucking milfs could make this boy a man in no time.

Three Blonde MILFs See How They Suck and Fuck

We asked him questions and his answers shocked us. The boy just turned 19. Never fingered a pussy and never got his cock sucked either. We wanted to change all that for him. And we did. We smothered him between three sets of big ass mommy tits. And he nursed on our boobs like a boy fresh out of the love canal. We devoured his cock too. All men deserve head. Although I may not want to fuck every cock I meet, I want to suck every cock I meet.

However, Kevin’s dick appeared big. Not the kind of cock women pass on. So hopefully we beefed up his game a bit. Three sexy blonde cougars and one teen boy? You know we put hair on his chest with some orgy phone sex. But he got to fuck us all, even his aunt. And he came in our mouths too. At the skillful hands of me and my fellow MILFs, Kevin busted four loads of cum and learned all about the birds and the bees. It is not often we get virgins anymore, so we enjoyed ourselves almost as much as Kevin.

Druggy Phone Sex Porn Stars Get Wild When High

druggy phone sexDruggy phone sex stars don’t have any limits. Even if we did, we might forget about them because of the buzz, LOL. I do my best work high. When I first took BBC as a young schoolgirl, my mom gave me a little coke to ease the pain. So, I was under the influence when I cheated on my husband for the first time with a big black cock too. When I first fucked my son, I did lines of coke. Same for the first time I ate my daughter’s young bald pussy.

Coke lets the mind go free. We all have our poisons. And mine are coke, booze and weed. Not that I need to be under the influence to taboo fuck. I fuck sober too. But coke gives me the energy I need. I think it fools my brain into thinking I am 25 again. Before I went to the truck stop last night, I did a bunch of blow. However, I never need to do it because as a lot lizard sex whore, truckers share their blow with me.

Coke and BBC Go Together Better than Anything

I am a lot lizard but I am not a whore. Although I could make bank hustling my ass between the truck bays, I prefer to trade sex for nose candy. And sometimes, I just want to fuck because I am horny. Honestly, I am always horny. But I love to party and fuck. Best combo meal ever. Truckers have the best blow too. Last night, I partied with a new trucker. Black, of course. And he had some blow from Columbia. That’s like the best shit. But he did not only want to fuck me. He wanted to film us together.

I am not shy. So, I said sure. He turned on his camera and I became his druggy porn star. I did lines off his cock. And the blow on his dick made him last forever fucking me too. But at the time, the coke made me not feel anything but pleasure. And this morning, my pussy and ass hurt. But I can sit on an ice pack and do more blow since he gave me a nice take home supply.

Trailer Trash Whore Beverly Commanded the Stripper Stage

trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore never has limits. I went out drinking with a few friends last night. We somehow ended up at this dive strip club. This place is a hole in the wall. Not one of those upscale gentlemen’s clubs with no pink rules. Know what that means? Some clubs prohibit the girls from spreading their legs to show off their pretty pink pussies. Lame, right? Men want to see cunt and assholes when they go to a strip club. At least the men I know do.

The Pink Kitty welcomed us in. It was dark, our shoes stuck to the floor and no top shelf liquor.  However, the stage appeared well lit. The men in the club looked like mostly old men. Men my age. After a few rounds of tequila and Fire Ball shots, I wanted to get up on stage. Even though I was more than twice the age of any stripper there, I felt confident I could deliver some hot stripper sex. No one seemed to mind as I commanded the stage. My friends egged me on.

You are Never Too Old to Command the Stripper Pole

The four dancers in the club gave me the stage and wished me luck. They then gave lap dances to my friends, some whom were women. We may come from the trailer park, but we tip well. Spending money on naked women, I never mind. But I made some money too. Quite a lot more than I expected. The club did not appear packed on a Monday night. As I gyrated and worked the pole, I spread my legs wide. This old whore showed lots of pink. My pink cunt. And my pink asshole.

Plus, I showed off one of my parlor tricks. I picked up money and beer bottles with my fuck holes. I am sure those young strippers don’t employ such tricks. But I am not a young girl. I am a no limits trashy milf. We closed the strip joint down. I made a few hundred dollars in tips, but I put in back in the hands of those sexy young strippers. I just wanted to have fun last night, not steal from young girls. Sometimes, even a dirty old whore needs to get out and cut loose sometimes.

BBC Sex Stories I Might Have a Lot To Share with You

bbc sex storiesA trashy blonde whore can tell some BBC sex stories. In honor of 4.20 day, I went to the truck stop to get some weed. Of course, I wanted some coke too. Nobody gets better coke or weed than black truck drivers. Although Big D did not come through town last night, he CB’d this younger black trucker that I would fuck and suck for some good shit. So, when my skanky ass walked through the truck bays, Trayvon came looking for me. However, he did not appear alone.

I love it when a trucker brings a pal with him. The more the merrier for me. Devan accompanied Trayvon to learn the ropes. And I guess that training included tag teaming a druggy porn star. As I snorted some primo coke and puffed on some good ganja, those two black studs railed my ass and pussy. I could feel two big full ball sacks slapping against my ass at once.

Happy 4/20 Day with Weed and Big Black Cocks

Huge young black cocks snaked deep inside my fuck holes. Hell, I think they hit some spots that no one has ever found, LOL. I mean I felt like my body experienced an earthquake. All of me quivered. Perhaps, they found that elusive G-spot. I get a lot of big black cock. But it is not often I get two at once. This did not appear to be their first time sharing a mature whore.

When their cocks appeared drained dry, I brought them back to life with my oral skills. Like Mick Jagger sings, I can make a dead man cum. I am that good. And I did not care that their cocks looked coated in my cunt and ass juice. I wanted more BBC phone sex fun. So, I pumped those big black cocks back to life. And got tag teamed some more. By the time I got home, I smelled like a gang bang porn star. But what a great smell. And what a great way to spend 420 day.