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Trashy Milf Beverly Knows It’s Ass or Grass But No One Rides for Free

trashy milfSo, what does a trashy milf do when her car breaks down on the highway? She hitchhikes. I’m showing my age here, but as a teenager I hitched rides all the time from strangers. No one minded giving a hot blonde teen slut in Daisy Duke shorts and a tank top a ride. Nothing ever happened that I did not want to happen either. Usually, if the guy looked good to me, I let him have some of my teen pussy.

Simpler times in the 70s. Although the 70s did appear to be the decade of serial killers, a young teen girl did not know about any of that. In my mind, the 70s were about free love, sexual liberation and ass or grass no one rides for free. So, when I hitch a ride nowadays, I go back to that time when I hitched a lot more rides.

I Still Love Hitchhiking

A cute college boy offered me a ride anywhere I wanted to go. He had two friends in the back seat, and they all looked just as good to me, you know? A trailer trash whore appreciates younger men. Their bodies look buff still. And their cocks get hard at hello. One of the guys I sat next to asked if I wanted a puff from his joint. You can see how that can be confusing to an old whore right?

I started unbuckling his pants as he lit up some chronic. Me bad, I said to him. But he did not stop me from sucking his big hard joint. The boy told me he never received head from an older woman before. Well, I told him to sit back and relax. Then I showed him my blonde whore head magic. He exploded in my mouth.  Afterwards, his pals wanted some of this blonde fucking whore too.

I fucked and sucked all three of those frat boys before we got back to my trailer. Of course, I invited them in for a proper fuck. I wanted to show off my three-hole whore skills.  Although I know the times have changed, I still love hitchhiking,

BBC Phone Sex Requires a BBC Faggot to Clean Up My Messy Cunt

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex makes me so horny. I love talking to bbc faggots. And I get those kinds of calls every day. Tiny dick white men see me with these big black cocks and get greedy and weak. They want them all for themselves. I get it. Big black dicks harness a special appeal and power. My ex-husband left me because of all the black cock I got on the side. I tried to cuckold him, but he had no interest. Too bad I did not marry you right?

I met a new man recently. Although I knew he was not fuck material, a girl needs to eat right? We have gone on a few dates. But I quickly figured him out. He just asked me too many questions about some of the black men in my social media pictures. Now, I am clothed in all of them. My social media presence is all PG. But this guy did not ask about all the pics of me and my daughter and son.

I Know a BBC Faggot When I See One

He only asked me about the black men. Wanted to know the biggest black cock I ever took and things like that. Well, I am full of bbc sex stories. So, I shared some. And the more I talked about those black bull dicks, the more interested he seemed. I talk to BBC faggots all day long. And they ask similar questions and show the same sort of interest in my stories.

So, I decided to test out my theory. I invited him over last night. And Big D was there too. Simon only had eyes for Big D. I don’t think he even said hello to me, LOL. He beelined straight to Big D, fell to his knees and begged to worship his huge bull cock. I knew it!!! Now Big D has no gay or bi tendencies. But he is very dominant and loves to shame loser white boys. So, he whipped out his huge dick and slapped Simon in the face.

Face It, You Want That Superior Black Meat Too

But Simon loved it. Turns out he is quite the big dick sucker too. Although he gagged and drooled on Big D’s monster meat, he took most of him in his mouth. But the cum, Big D saved for my shaved cunt. He stuffed me full of his creamy seed. And guess what? Yep. Simom nosed dived between my legs to lick up all that superior seed. Looks like I finally have a little white boy cuckold in my life. Are you jealous?

Cum Guzzling Slut Beverly is a Mommy Whore First

cum guzzling slutI was a cum guzzling slut yesterday. Okay, I know what you are thinking. Isn’t that me every day? Yes, it is, but most days I am guzzling big black cocks. Yesterday, I spent with my son. My daughter too. Although my son is 100% Caucasian, his cock seems decent to me. Perhaps it is because of the taboo nature of our relationship. Or maybe my ex is not his true daddy, and he does have some black DNA in him.

He came over to see me yesterday with his sister in tow. They had a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me and take out from my favorite restaurant. Plus, my daughter brought me some weed and coke as a gift. She knows how much her druggy porn whore mama likes to party. Although I got none of that dark chocolate I love on Valentine’s Day, I did spend the day with the two people I love most in my life. I can get BBC the other days of the year.

I Might Be Known as a BBC Whore, But I am a Mommy Whore First

We did some lines of coke, ate dinner and fucked. My daughter even fucked her brother. Brought back memories of when they were younger. And I miss those days, honestly. When they were horny teenagers, they humped all the time. Now, they are older with significant others and no longer live together. But I will confess that I enjoy watching them fuck each other. It’s like foreplay for this dirty mommy.

Once my son came inside his sister’s pussy, I licked his cum from her shaved snatch. I knew that would help him bounce back to fuck me. If my boy fucked me first, he would have cum in like 5 pumps. Since I know this about him, I had him fuck his sister first, so he would last long enough to fuck all my mommy holes. We partied and fucked all night long. Although this trailer trash whore might be a BBC slut, she is a mommy whore first.

Blonde Phone Sex Whores Never Wait for an Invitation for Anything

blonde phone sexBlonde phone sex whores stay in demand no matter their age. Every man loves a blonde. And I am a natural one too. I got called cougar Barbie last night at a Super Bowl party I crashed. Perhaps the woman meant it as an insult because she was jealous, but I took it as a compliment. Some teenage boys and younger men and a handful of women partied two trailers down from me last night.

When I hear a party, I want to crash it. I bring a little kinky life to any party. Just ask the men in my trailer park. Getting called cougar Barbie sent me into trashy milf mode. While the boys watched the plays and the girls looked for Taylor sightings, I chugged on cocks. No amount of weed or beer would keep those cocks down with my mouth on them, LOL. And I think that angered the young teen girls.

Personally, I do not understand why any girl would be jealous of me. Their boyfriends do not want to marry me. Hell, they do not even want to date me. They just want to use my holes. And that is all I want from them too. In my opinion, they should celebrate me. They get the presents and the dates, and I get the cum. I do all the work, and they get all the glory.

A Blonde Whore Does Not Need an Invitation to a Party

Cum serves as my glory. I am a jizz junkie. And every mature woman knows the younger the sperm, the more protein it contains. Cum does this body good. And it has for decades. I only showed up at the party to get that jizz. However, I got a lot more than cum. I got some stiff teenage cocks in my pussy and ass too. As I rode one young cock after another, I watched the game.

I may have missed a few key plays, but that was only because I got lost in cumming on those big dicks. By the time the game was over, I looked and felt like cum dumpster. So, I waddled myself home stuffed full of cum. Woke up this morning, pissed some jizz out for the cream in my coffee. And now I am ready for more cum.

BBC Phone Sex for Valentine’s Day Because the Only Chocolate I Want is BBC

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is what I wanted for Valentine’s Day. And my present came a few days early. Last night my favorite chocolate man, Big D, came to town and wanted to spend the night with his favorite trashy whore. Big D and I go back 20 years ago. He is a trucker who lives in southern Florida. When he is in my city he often bunks for the night. Although not much sleeping ever occurs.

Big D walked into my trailer with a dozen roses, a box of chocolates and his big black cock. His cock appears so big it always enters the room first. Since, I expected him, this trailer trash whore greeted him naked. Big D’s cock is the only chocolate I ever want. No one can drain his balls like me. He has a wife back in Miami, but she cannot handle his anaconda cock like I can.

I am the Blonde Snake Charmer of Florida

In fact, Big D told me, no woman can handle his monster cock like me. I will be honest. Took me a few years. Although I was no BBC virgin when we met, he was the biggest cock I had ever had. You think you know how to handle a hug black cock, then you meet a man like Big D. But he honed my skills. I can safely tout that I am the best BBC whore in my state thanks to him. Plenty of lot lizards tried and failed to take his monster cock. Now, he has no other lot lizards in my town but me.

I’ve Never Met a Big Black Cock I Could Not Tame

As I sucked on his mamba snake, he played with my hair. He loves to pull my hair up and palm the back of my head like it’s a basketball. I never mind. As I showed him, I was his one and only big dick sucker, he started to rub my wet bald pussy. His fingers in my cunt feel better than any white cock I have had inside me too. Soon I got the pounding of a lifetime. Big D’s huge cock snaked inside my pussy, and I suddenly felt like I was on a circus ride. He left me full of his seed too because he came a few times.

Although he had to leave this am to get back on the road, my pussy still has his cum inside me. Who wants a tasty, salty treat for Valentine’s Day too?

Lot Lizard Sex Whores Know How Much You Love a Creampie

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex whores love Valentine’s Day. Well, I do. Not because I am romantic. But because I like chocolate, LOL. I love big black cocks. Not a week goes by that I don’t get some BBC. Last night I had a date with my son. He wanted to take me to dinner for Valentines Day. He needed to take me early because he will be out of town for work on the actual day.

So, I gussied up after a visit to the truck stop. I was running late because I spent too long getting my chocolate fix. My son knows that his mother is a bbc phone sex whore. He waited for me as I changed clothes. Now, I did not have to time to shower. We had reservations at a swank restaurant. The kind I needed to look good for. So, I washed what they could see and I sprayed the rest. My cunt was still filled with cum though. I could feel it leaking into my panties at dinner.

This Blonde Whore Can Turn Anyone into a Creampie Lover

My son and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Truly, it was super fancy. My ex-husband never took me anywhere fancy. I mean the best place he ever took me too I think was Cracker Barrel. But my son is nothing like his daddy, luckily. He loves to spoil his mommy. He went to college. Only one in my family. So, he has a nice job. He couldn’t wait to get me home though. Why? Because he knew I had a pussy full of BBC cum.

Can I tell you a secret? My son is a creampie slut just like me and his sister. Now, he never sucks cock. He is not gay, or even bisexual. But he does love to eat my messy seconds. And if the cum is from black cocks, he likes it even more. He buried his tongue deep inside my cunt. And I was cumming all over my son’s face. I got my chocolate, and I got a VD date with my boy. And of course, my son got my creampie. It was a perfect day.

Trashy MILF Beverly Loves Having Friends with Benefits

trashy milfThis trashy milf usually spends Friday nights at the truck stop getting big black cock and doing lines of coke with truckers. However, this Friday I hung out with a girlfriend from high school. She grew up on the wrong side of the tracks like me. We lived in the same trailer park. Although she did pot with me in high school, she did not share my interest in boys. So, she went to college because she never skipped school and got good grades, unlike me.

Sarah married well. She lives in a big house now with a few handsome young fuck trophies too. So, when I put on my sexy pink dress to go hang out with her last night, I never put on a bra or panties. I wanted to flash her two strapping teenage sons my hot shaved box and my big mommy milkers. Teenage boys often fall for the charms of a mature trailer trash whore like me. Sarah does not need to know I seduced her sons.

I Love to Cock Tease My Friends’ Sons

Sarah and I caught up and got drunk. But I am a seasoned drinker. Sarah, not so much. When she passed out, her boys took her upstairs. And they came back to take care of the woman who cock teased them all night. Both boys nixed the party they planned to attend. Smart boys. High school girls may or may not give up the pussy. But a mature woman like me is a sure thing.

While my bestie from high school slept off her stupor, I fucked her teenage boys. Her husband must be hung, because these two lads possessed impressive cocks. With one teen cock in my ass and the other in my snatch, we made a hardcore orgy porn. They filled my holes up several times with big creamy loads of boy protein. I guess Sarah and I have a friend with benefits relationship. She is my friend, and her sons are my benefits.

Trashy Milf Beverly Enjoys Taboo Fucking

trashy milfI love being trashy milf, especially when school is in session. Every morning I get up and sit naked on top of my couch facing the window where the schoolboys and girls can see me. Honestly, no better way to wake up then to have a teenage boy fucking your ass or a teenage girl eating your pussy. And I like both. Thanks to my son and daughter besides BBC, I love teenage pussy and dick. I am a taboo whore. So, when it’s something forbidden, count me in.

I have ben a dirty milf for decades. Sitting naked in front of my window with a bird’s eye view of those cute young school brats at the bus stop, I have done for 15 years now. Teenage boys and girls I once fucked, often come back for more even when they become adults. Recently, I realized one of my new boy lovers is the younger half brother of a boy I fucked 6 years ago. I should have realized it because both have cocks bigger than their age would suggest. A trailer trash whore remembers the big dick boys.

I Enjoy BBC, But I Love Young Boys and Girls Too

Tony is the big brother. And when he was Chris’s age, he had a 9-inch cock. White boy too. His half brother is even bigger and still growing. Chris told me Friday that I fucked his brother too. And then the light bulb went on. So, Saturday night, Chris texted me that his brother was in town and wanted a reunion. How could I say no to that? I couldn’t and I didn’t.

So, I got two boys. One in his 20s and one just a young teen boy still. And brothers too. What woman does not enjoy two young, big cocks in her at once? No woman I know, LOL. But then I hang out with whores just like me. I let those brothers play musical holes with my cunt, ass and mouth. They each came in all three holes. Not bad for me. I got 6 loads of young cum. And those boys got to make a hardcore orgy porn with an old whore.

Blonde Fucking Whores Know How to Drain Big Black Dicks

blonde fuckingBlonde fucking whores know how to party. My daughter is my mini me. I was 20 when I had her. Hard to believe I have a daughter in her 30s. Although she does have a steady boyfriend, she is not married yet and does not have any brats of her own. But after our BBC gangbang last night, she might be knocked up. She told me she wanted to have a little biracial tot so everyone would know how much she likes black cock.

Her boyfriend is nice. But he comes from a good upper middle-class family. And my girl and I are pure trailer trash whore through and through. But he loves her and understands she needs some big black cock and her trashy mama sometimes. And last night was one of those nights. She called me up telling me she felt like going to the truck stop.

We put on some slutty clothes and high heels and marched our trailer park asses down to the truck stop to see what kind of trouble we could get into. I started knocking on cabs telling my regular fuck buddies that my daughter was with me. Two blonde whores can get a lot of big black cocks at the truck stop. And last night we seemed like the most in demand lot lizard whores around.

Two Blonde Lot Lizard Whores Can Satisfy a Truck Bay of BBC

We bounced from cab to cab, and black cock to black cock. By the time we got to the last cab, cum poured out of our pussies and assholes. We even had chunks of jizz in our hair. And we smelled like cum too. But we like that smell. We enjoy being cum dumpster whores for big black dicks. The last cab we found Big D. I have fucked him for about ten years now. And he is my favorite fuck buddy because he has a monster fucking cock. Plus, he shares a lot of his coke with me.

My daughter and I did lines of coke off his big black cock until the sun came up. Then we marched our cum soaked bodies back home and crashed. But not before we licked up all the cum from each other’s pussies and asses. I love going out with my daughter. We always have the nastiest fun.

Cum Eating Phone Sex Stories with My Cum Whore Daughter

cum eating phone sexIf you enjoy cum eating phone sex, you are in the right place. I am a cum whore. Sometimes, I think my mom fed me cum as a little girl because I am addicted to it now. And I have been for many decades. But my mother was not the trashy whore I am. I fed my daughter cum in her bottle. She grew up to me a cum whore just like me.

Last night, my girl and I went trolling for cock together. Although we are no strangers to sharing cock, we went out of comfort zone last night. We went to the good part of town to see what kind of trouble we could get ourselves into. Normally, we troll the dive bars, and the truck stops for a man down to fuck mother and daughter cum dumpster whores.

But last night we dressed up elegantly. At least elegantly for us. No Daisy Dukes and tube tops for us last night. We put on our sexy black micro dresses and black hose and high heels. We looked like hookers still, but not lot lizards, LOL. The goal for us was to discover a rich man down to spoil a mother and daughter.

Mother and Daughter Cum Whores are What You Need

For a Sunday night, this high-end cigar bar seemed to be popping. And we were the only women in the place. I learned a long time ago that if I wanted to pick up a rich man, a cigar bar was a good place. This rich Hispanic man bought us some fancy bourbon drinks and got us each a Cuban cigar. He did not believe we were mother and daughter, but he took us back to his hotel for the night.

We showed him our IDs and he believed us. Out of town businessman from Miami.  Handsome and sexy. He treated us like hookers for hire, but we did not care. We just wanted to share his big brown cock. And drain his big brown balls. The money he gave us, we saw as icing on the cake. His cock measured at least a foot long.

It felt like old times eating each other’s pussies for a man. And sharing his cock. Plus, it is nice to know if we ever need money, we could hook as a mother daughter duo and pick up a few extra grand.