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Big Dick Sucker Beverly is Known as Ms. Hoover in Her Trailer Park

big dick suckerI am a big dick sucker. Black or white or brown, I do not care. The only thing I care about is that it is big. The rumor is that this bitch who lives on the right side of the tracks has a husband with a big dick. I crafted a plan. I went to high school with this snotty bitch. She is all Botoxed up with those big lips. She looks like an old Barbie doll. She is not nice. Every chance she gets she throws shade on social media. I mean we are not in high school anymore. At least, I am not. I am living my best life as a trailer trash whore. I have game though. I looked up her husband. Turns out he is her second husband and much younger than her. She is trying to turn back the clock on her face, but it is just making her look like a freak. I don’t care what she does to her face or body. I just care that she has some decades old resentment for me and is stirring up drama that doesn’t need stirred up. I seduced her husband. I thought he clearly likes older chicks, and almost all younger guys dig me. I am a blonde, busty whore who can suck the chrome off a doorknob. I am known in my trailer park as Ms. Hoover, LOL. That is because I suck better than a vacuum cleaner. It was easy to seduce her husband. I filmed it too. I did not necessarily want to send his world crashing down to get my revenge. He is a decent guy with a beautiful big cock. I thought about sending a picture of me blowing her husband, but I decided just knowing I was her boy toy husband’s trashy milf whore for a day was all the revenge I needed. I may have fucked him for the wrong reasons, but I will be getting more of his 9-inch cock for my pleasure in the future.

Trashy Milf Beverly Shares a Teenage Boy with His Mother

trashy milfThe only thing better than a trashy milf is two trashy milfs, LOL. I have a new friend who is about 15 years younger than me. She is in her early 40s, but she is just as wild as me. We were getting stoned at her place Saturday night when her son came home. He was not supposed to be home yet. He was with his father for the weekend. He came home and found the two of us with a black guy. The black guy was just some random stud from the trailer park, but he got spooked when her son interrupted our festivities and he fled the trailer. He must have thought her son was a husband or something. The boy tried to slut shame his mother, but I stopped him. The boy needed to know that even if his mother is a trailer trash whore, he still has to respect her. He settled down, but I saw the bulge in his pants. It was huge. This was a teenage white boy. I asked him if he had a sock in his underwear. He laughed, unzipped his pants, and out came a huge dick. “Does this look like a sock, slut, he said to me? I started sucking it. I mean I never did get the cum I wanted. My friend, his mother, fell to her knees and started helping me blow her son. I assumed that since she never even paused, she had blown his dick before. I figured she was a dirty MILF like me. It was her first time. Hell, she had not seen his dick since he became a teenage boy. She had no clue that she had a stud in her house. Her son owned us for the night. We were high and horny. He had scared off the only chance we had at getting laid. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the boy was a stud with a big cock. Turned his mother and I each into his personal cum dumpster. I am liking my new friend more and more each day.

trailer trash whore

White Trash Phone Sex Babes Know Fridays are for Fucking

white trash phone sexI put the trash in white trash phone sex. I have a smoker’s voice. Mature and gravelly. I am what I am. I am not polished. I am a raw and dirty whore. What did I do this Friday night? I crashed a teenage party. I do it often. I live in a trailer park. Most of the women in this place are single moms. Many work in strip clubs or as escorts. Friday night is a busy night for sex workers. I guess I am sort of a sex worker. I do have a dirty talk line. I take off most Friday nights though, even though my sexline can be very busy. I need to make money, but I also need young cocks for my mature pussy. I take off Friday nights and either whore myself out for coke at the local truck stop, or I crash a teenage kegger in my trailer park. I did the latter last night. I walked  right up to the bonfire where a bunch of teenagers were partying and said I wanted to join the fun. I am a hot cougar. Young boys love me. Even younger girls love me too. I was the one to crank up the heat at that party. I started dirty dancing by the fire. I grabbed a beer and teased all the teenage boys with my milf body. The boys surrounded me with their cocks out. The girls just watched and sighed relief that I would take care of the horny boys. Boys are horny. They will pressure young schoolgirls to fuck them. No need to pressure a trashy milf. We want to fuck young boys. It was cool outside, but that bonfire and the teenage cocks warmed me up. I drained young balls, drank beer, smoked weed and even ate some young pussy too. I love my wild Friday nights. Fridays are for fucking.

Drunk Girl Fucking in a Bar Full of Horny Men

drunk girl fuckingI am more of a coke whore than a drunk girl fucking. But I can drink any man under the table, even as skinny as I am. I think all that coke gave me a high tolerance for any illicit substance. I was challenged last night at this local dive bar. I was bragging about how no man can get me drunk enough to do shit I don’t want to do. I never pass up a challenge. Never. Ever. I took his bet and started doing shots of Fireball followed by beers. I was keeping up with this big guy who thought he could out drink me. At some point in our little drinking competition, I got super horny. Liquor does that too me. A trailer trash whore can still handle her booze. This guy did not know me or my reputation as an old coke whore. He also did not realize I was a dirty slut too. He thought he won when I started blowing every guy in the bar. He thought that meant he won. I told him he was not making me be a whore. I was one with or without the booze. I wanted to suck those cocks. The truth is there is not much I will not do so this guy was not winning. I kept pounding back the beers while I was blowing guys and talking to my challenger too. He was looking like he might puke. He was struggling to keep up with a skinny lot lizard. I told him we could call off the bet, but he was not losing to a blonde fucking whore. I ordered a round of beer and started pounding them fast again. He was wasted. Slurring his words, stumbling all over the place. When he went down like a sack of potatoes, I took his clothes off and fucked his ass with a beer bottle. I also wrote all over his body with a black sharpie like Loser and Shrimp dick. For as big and tall as he was, I expected more. I went back to fucking the men in the bar to celebrate being crowned the beer queen whore. Like I said, no one out drinks me.

Trailer Trash Whore Beverly Loves Big Black Cocks and Cocaine

trailer trash whoreI love being a trailer trash whore. Dirty whores like me have the most fun at truck stops. I have my Friday night ritual of whoring myself down at the truck stop for my weekend party favors. I am a blonde lot lizard. Truckers love me, especially the black ones. I may be skinny, but I am not a meth head, so I look good. Most of the skanks down at the truck stop look atrocious. Their tits are saggy. They have scabs all over their bodies. And their faces are all sunken in too. I am like prime rib at the truck stop. I am just a coke fiend. Coke may make me skinny, but I still look good. And that means this lot lizard sex whore can get all the big black cocks and coke she can handle. I bounced from cab to cab draining big black balls and getting some coke for my troubles. The last truck I hung out in was the best one. So good, I spent the night. Two black truck drivers who were happy to share their coke and their cocks with me. I was so excited too. New black meat for me. They are from Chicago. Got their truck driving licenses after Covid tanked their BBQ eatery. They were mid-30s. I was still old enough to be their momma, which added to the fun for all of us. I did lines of coke off their cocks before showing off my bedroom skills. They were impressed that I could swallow both their cocks balls deep. They have been messing with black girls and girls their own age. They needed a white trashy milf to show them what they have been missing. I not only sucked their cocks balls deep, I took those anacondas balls deep in my pussy and asshole too. They gave me more than half their stash of coke for being such a ball draining whore. Hell, I would fuck those brothers for free. Some of the best black meat this old whore as had in a while.

BBC Sex Stories I am Full of To Share With You

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories. That is because I am a BBC whore. Want to know how I became one? It was because of my mother. I would not say she was born to be a BBC whore. She became one out of necessity. She would hook in our trailer when my father hit the road. He was a trucker, but he never left us enough money to survive on while he was gone. My mom did not work. We needed food and we had none. This was before cell phones. We could not just call my dad for money. This was before you could Venmo money quickly too. My mom decided to entertain men for a donation. She became one of the many hookers for hire in the trailer park. She set herself apart, however, by fucking the black men. It was more controversial in the 70s to fuck black men than it is today. I would spy on my mom taking those monster black cocks. I was in awe of her talent. I was envious too. The black men loved her so much. Their black wives could not handle their monster meat, but my mother could.

One day, one of her black Johns, spotted me watching them and offered money for me to suck his big black dick. I was a young teen girl. My mother refused, but I insisted on helping. Why should my mother have all the fun, right? She was not happy, but the money he offered was too good to pass on. That day a BBC whore was born. Over 40 years later, I am still a bbc phone sex whore. I love to be the one woman a black man can count on to suck his big black dick dry.  I love being the BBC whore of the town.

Lot Lizard Sex Whore Beverly Stays Busy at the Truck Stop

lot lizard sexThis lot lizard sex whore stays busy on Friday nights. I have a Friday night ritual. I like to go down to the truck stop and fuck as many black truckers as I can. Black truck drivers have huge cocks and they have plenty of blow they never mind sharing with a blonde whore like me. I love to fuck and I love to party, so it combines the two things I do best. I will fuck a white guy for blow too, but most white guys are stingy with their coke. Ass or grass no one rides for free. I expect the reverse to be true also. If I give up my tight whore holes for free, I want something more than just your cum in return. Any smart man would want this blonde fucking whore high anyway. I fuck the best on coke. Turns me into an even nastier and wilder freak. I met Lincoln at the truck stop last night. A new black trucker I had not met before. Young and hung with lots of blow. His mom named him after Abe Lincoln because he freed the slaves. I did not care about the history lesson. I cared that he had an 11-inch big black cock, and he wanted nothing more than to fuck me. He did not mind sharing his drugs either. He put a big line on his big cock and I started snorting and sucking. When it comes to BBC and coke, I can multitask well. His coke was good too. Almost as good as his huge black cock. For a moment, I thought his cock would go up my cunt and out my mouth. I could feel it snaking its way through my insides. As I bounced on his thick anaconda, I snorted lines of coke off his hand. His cock and his coke had me cumming all night long. I felt like a druggy porn star. His cum will be inside me all day long. I think he filled me up with a few gallons of premium cum.

Cum Eating Phone Sex with a Nasty Freak or Two

cum eating phone sexWe are not the only ones who like cum eating phone sex. I have girlfriends who love it too. I have this one BFF, Kathy, and she is a total cum whore just like me. She knew I was getting gang banged down at the truck stop last night. She thought she would wait for my sloppy seconds. When I waddled home stuffed full of cum, she was watching TV in my living room waiting for me. She saw me come in my house and told me, “It is about damn time.” I just laughed. I do not care who licks my creampie clean, as long as we can snowball that tasty cum in my pussy. Kathy wasted no time. I squatted over her face and pissed out what cum I could. She was licking my cum filled cunt like a starving wild animal. She probed with her fingers and tongue. She was scooping out all that Nigger seed from my pussy. I told her to save some for me. She came up for air and spit a huge strand of ropy cum in my mouth. We savored it as long as we could. She went back between my legs and sucked the cum out of my ass too. Her tongue tickled my asshole as it snaked up my shit pipe to reach the cum those hung niggers shot inside me. She pulled her tongue out and it had a huge glob of sperm on it. I kissed her with my anal crème on her lips. We savored that musky cum that was deposited by some of the biggest black cocks. She did not mind the taste or the smell of my hot ass. I am an anal sex whore. I do not care who fucks my ass. Clearly, I do not care who cleans it up either, LOL. Thank goodness for good friends like Kathy. She is a nasty freak like me.

Trashy MILF Beverly is Welcome to Crash Any Party Anytime

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. I have two kinds of cocks that I love. Big black cocks, and young boy cock. I think both are taboo and since I am a nasty freak, that is what makes me wet and horny. School boys have a three day weekend because it is President’s Day weekend. That means no boys at the bus stop for me tomorrow. Since I would not be getting any young cock in the morning, I went on the prowl this morning for some. I came back from the truck stop early this morning. I was rather disappointed too. Not much fun to be had for me. Normally, on a Saturday night, the truck stop is hopping and this lot lizard sex whore can score cock and coke. Only a couple guys at the truck stop last night. I got some cock and some coke, but not enough of either to satisfy me. I did find a teenage party, however, and I crashed it. No teen boy is saying no to this trailer park milf. They all know my reputation in the trailer park, so I am always welcome to crash any party. There were plenty of young guys down to fuck this old whore at that party. They did not have coke, but they had molly and pot. Good enough for me. Molly is a fun sex drug too. Makes me feel those boy cocks ten times better than coke does. I let them run a train on me. I love a boy gang bang. Teen boys love a milf whore too. They shared their drugs and booze with me, so I shared my ass and cunt with them. I was their gangbang whore for hours. I just waddled home and I am full of teenage cum. It is dripping down my legs still. I am a dirty old whore. I can find a good time anywhere.

Phone Sex Sluts Do Not Have Boring Lives

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts do not have boring lives. A friend of mine recently asked me why I do phone sex instead of having a “normal” job. Why would I have a boring job so I could be normal? I make way more money as a phone whore. My life is never dull. Having a normal job would force me to be something I am not anyway. I like to dress like a whore. I like to dirty talk. I like to do coke whenever I want too. I would stand out like a sore thumb at any “normal” job. If I worked at the Piggly Wiggly like my friend, I would have missed work today. I was out all night being a dirty whore. It was Valentine’s Day. I wanted to get a cum filled cunt from some young, hung stud. I got my cum filled pussy from 6 young, hung studs. I mean I would not want work to interfere with my sex life, LOL. I had a late start to my phone sex job today, so I did not have a care in  the world last night. I was blowing teenage cocks and putting hair on their chests. This young boy came over last night with a handmade Valentine’s Day card he made for me. He was so cute, innocent too. Not anymore though. Well, he is still cute. I blew his cock and fucked him. Taught him how to eat pussy and had him cum inside my cougar cunt. I asked him if he had friends equally as cute as him, and he texted 5 of his friends to join us. I had a boy bang. Perfect Valentine’s Day celebration for a trashy milf. I let each boy fuck my pussy, ass and mouth. I just wanted their cum in my cunt so I could play with it today. I woke up sore, and hung over, but my cure for a hangover is all that jizz. It does this old milf good.