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Nasty Phonesex Mommy

nasty phonesexI am a nasty phonesex mommy. I love fucking my son. We have been playing together since he was a schoolboy. He is almost 30 now. Where does the time go? I may be a BBC whore, but I will always be a dirty mommy first. Unlike me, my son got himself out of the trailer park. He lives on the right side of the tracks. But he is still a trailer park slut’s son. He went to college and has a good job, but like his whore mommy, he likes to party. He sent me a text this morning of his stiff cock. He had to go to work but was horny. The girl he banged last night did not drain his balls. She was hot, but drunk and inexperienced. My son has a high libido like his trailer trash whore momma. He has a big cock too. I am certain he is not my ex-husband’s son because he had a small cock and boys take after their fathers in the dick department. I love my boy’s cock. I was full of cum already, but he never minds that. He wanted to break in the new granite kitchen countertop he had installed this week. He has a nice house. Nicer than anything I have lived in before. He is a broker for a hedge fund company. He has a head for the stock market. It just makes me want to scream. He has a head for making money and a cock for making porn. He did not mind my sloppy seconds. I think he prefers to have me half filled up with jizz when we fuck anyway. My cum filled cunt was leaking all over his new and expensive kitchen counter, but I know how to clean up my messes. I spit shined that counter licking up all the cum that spilled from my pussy. Let him fuck my ass for round two. After he spilled two loads in his whore momma, he was ready to go to work. So, was I.

BBC Phone Sex at the Truck Stop

bbc phone sexIt was a BBC phone sex night for this blonde whore. I love the truck stop on Friday nights because it is like black trucker night. I am serious too. All the black truckers hang out at the Love’s on Friday night looking for lot lizards like me to party with and fuck. I love big black cocks period. Add coke into the mix, and I am in my happy space. Black truckers share their cocks and their drugs. I was low on coke and low on funds to get coke, so the truck stop it was. I am a druggy whore. I trade my holes for a fix. First cab had two black truckers sharing the ride. They take turns driving to get across the country quicker. They had a decked-out cab complete with a disco ball. They had some old school rap on the radio and invited me in when they saw my lot lizard sex whore ass shaking in between the truck bays. I partied with them for a couple hours. They pumped me full of cum then I went to the next cab with brothers down to fuck and party with this old whore. There were a bunch of new faces I had not seen in a while. That excited me. I do love new black meat. The second trucker was Trey. He was 32 and built like a running back. Broad shoulders, wide body and huge fucking cock. Honestly, I was not sure I could take his monster meat up my snatch. Enough coke and I did not feel anything but his pulsating monster hammering my white pussy. He had some stamina too. He did lines of my big tits then turned me into his private dick spinner. I could feel his monster cock in my stomach because he was just that big. I left his cab dripping like a cum dumpster. I had a big smile on my face and a baggie full of coke. I woke up with a swollen snatch, but it is a hurts so good kind of thing.

BBC Phone Sex Party

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is something a trailer park slut excels at. There are two types of women in a trailer park. Racist, confederate flag loving whores and black cock sluts like me. I love some big black cocks, but they love me right back. I am slim and stacked, and I can take a pounding. I crashed a lot party last night. I was out seeing what kind of trouble I could get into. The power went out around 7 pm from a storm that rolled through and I was in the dark. I decided to get out and see what was going on. I saw a group of brothers out on a porch drinking Colt 45s and smoking blunts. They had an old school boom box playing 90s rap. They seemed interested in this trashy milf. They asked me to join them. I grabbed a beer and they grabbed my ass and tits. I sat on this one guy’s lap. He shared a big blunt with me. I did not know them. They are not from around here. Just in town visiting the stripper who lives in the trailer. I know her. She must have been at the club dancing. I partied with the brothers. By the time the sun went down, I was already full of black cock spunk. Head to toe. They passed me around like a rag doll. I bounced on one big black dick for a while, then hopped onto the next big black cock. Musical big black cocks is one of my favorite games. I was enjoying getting to know these brothers. They like to party and they like to fuck a blonde fucking whore. I was with them for several hours. I never once missed having power because I was distracted by beautiful big black cocks.

Being a Cum Dumpster Cures Hang Overs

cum dumpsterI am known as the trailer park cum dumpster. When horny boys or men need their balls drained, they come and see me. I am happy to have that kind of reputation too.Cum does this old body good. I woke up hungover as fuck this morning. I was drinking and doing coke last night, which I am no stranger to doing, but I was mixing my booze and not drinking enough water. With these brutal temperatures, I need to stay hydrated better. I was doing more coke and booze this morning in an attempt to negate my migraine, but it did not work. I heard a knock at the door and it made my head pound. I was hoping it was someone who needed a cum guzzling slut because I knew some jizz would make me feel better and it did. It was three boys from the trailer park who usually see me at the pool. I drain their horny teen dicks at the pool almost daily. They had a problem too. They woke up with morning wood but I was not at the pool to drain them like I usually do.Cum might just be the elixir I needed to make my headache go away. I was down for it. I invited them in for a blow bang. I started to feel better after load number one. That made me want to suck harder on those hairless pricks. They were smooth in my mouth. Stiff as a board too each one of them. I guzzled the cum from their balls. With each load of cum I swallowed, I started to feel better. Cum is my magic cure all. It does this body good. I spent the morning being a blow bang gangbang whore. A belly full of cum was just what I needed to get rid of my hangover.

BBC Phone Sex whore

bbc phone sexI am a BBC phone sex whore. I love black guys. It goes back to my young teen years. My mom was a hooker for black men. She would see guys in our trailer when my dad was on the road. He would not let her have a job and he was very stingy with money. It started off as just a couple guys, but they told two friends and so on and so on. She started making great money. I loved it for her because she bought me nice clothes. I would spy on my mom and masturbate. I used to fantasize about those big black cocks. Eventually, I started helping my mother with some of her clients. That gave me my first love for BBC. It is a love I still have today. I have not seen Big D in months. He had surgery on his back and has not been on the road for a bit. But he came through town last night and wanted to see his favorite blonde fucking whore.  I was excited to see him again. He has the best coke and the best cock. I told him to park his cab in my lawn and spend the night. He can leave after some rest. Although he did not get much rest because I was greedy with his cock. Big D has a beautiful black cock. It is long and it is thick. And it loves white pussy. He did not think I could handle him when we first met. But he did not know my history. I was already a seasoned black cock whore when we first met a decade ago. I rode his cock last night. No fancy fucking since he is still recovering from surgery.  He felt amazing back in my pussy. We did not miss a beat. He turned me into a cum dumpster like no one else can. I was his druggy whore most of the night. He had to get back on the road, but he left me full of his seed and with a big bag of coke. Just like old times.

Trailer Trash Whore Fucks for Coke

trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore knows how to party. Friday night came and I was out of coke. I guess I partied more than normal during the week. My only responsibility is being a phone sex whore. I never schedule myself early in the morning because I am like a vampire. I am up all night partying and I sleep until noon, LOL. So, Friday I took my skanky ass down to the truck stop to hustle truck drivers out of coke. Most truck drivers use cocaine. It is how they stay up for those long rides at night. I just cab hop and collect little bags of coke that add up after the tenth cab. I have to be a druggy porn star for the truck drivers, but they never mind sharing their stash with me if I take care of them. And I do take care of them. Friday night, I took care of 16 truck drivers. That was 16 loads in my fuck holes. Never a problem. That is actually a low number. I have taken more than that in a night. If my daughter is with me, we can do some serious damage. I do whatever the truckers want. I am a slave when it comes to coke. Most of the truckers just want a blowjob or to fuck my pussy or ass. By the time I got to the last truck, I was a creampie delight. Coated in cum from head to toe. I was burping up cum bubbles. Seriously, cum was oozing out my nose too. My belly was full, but I was not at the puke it up stage yet. I am a seasoned cum dumpster. The last trucker just wanted to give me something to wash the cum down. He was willing to give me some of his coke and a few fat joints, but he wanted to piss on me. I guzzled his urine like a dirty toilet ho. I do not mind pissing fun, especially if I am getting some primo drugs out of it. It was a busy night but this dirty old whore got enough coke to last all week.

Being a Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutWhen you live in a trailer park, you are only a stone’s throw away from a cum guzzling slut. Usually, I am the cum guzzling whore, but last night I made a new friend. Trixie is a hooker working from her trailer. She just moved in two doors down from me and one of her clients showed up at my place by mistake. I was intrigued. I wanted to meet the milf hooker who just moved in. I watched and waited till the handsome buck left her place. Then I grabbed a bottle of vodka and a bag of weed and went to introduce myself to my new neighbor. She was happy to have a drink and a joint with me. She is in her 40s. Busty and blonde like me. A trashy milf too. We got to swapping stories and the next thing I knew I was between her legs cleaning up the cum that the handsome buck had just deposited. I was happy to clean up her messy pussy. She tasted good. There was more than one load of spunk in her though. I know my cum. She was filled to the brim with semen. Not after I was done eating her out though. She was clean because I always clean up a cum filled pussy. She wanted to eat me too. We got in the 69-position and ate each other’s pussy and ass. I just met this old broad, and I was already licking her shit box and eating her creampie. This was my kind of woman. She told me she was a hooker for hire and a party woman. I told her I was a trailer trash whore and a party animal. We were destined to be friends. Most women do not like me, so when I find a woman who does, I will latch on to her. Every woman needs a cunt licking friend she can party with, right?

Creampie Slut

creampie slut

Are you a creampie slut? There is no shame in admitting that you like sloppy seconds. I do not think eating cum from a cunt or ass makes your gay. Maybe guzzling it from a cock might be a different story, but there is something hot about cleaning up a woman’s messy pussy. My son loves it. So does my daughter, but she is a cum junkie like her mother. My son was over this morning because he knew I would wake up with a creamy load because I would have been at the truck stop last night. My boy knows me so well. Like he had me pegged. I had not been asleep long when he came into my bedroom with coffee and donuts. I was horny. In need of the hair of the dog that bit me. I was doing Tequila shots with a few men at the truck stop last night. That led to fucking which led to me coming home with a cum filled cunt. I was too drunk and high to shower before bed. Plus, I am not really that kind of girl. I am sure you know the kind of girl I am talking about. The kind of girl who does not swallow and must brush her teeth immediately after giving you head, and she showers right after sex too. It is like she cannot wait to get your seed off her body. I am not like that. I will savor that cum all day long. All night long too. I will sleep with chunks of cum in my hair and cum stuffed in all my holes. My son knows that and when he feels extra perverted, he pays his trashy milf mommy a visit to taste her cum filled holes. It is the best way to wake up in the morning. My son licked me all over but focused on the areas with jizz. Once he cleaned me up, he left me full of cum again, which is just the way I like to be: covered in cum.

Water Sports Sex at the Truck Stop

water sports sexWater sports sex is not an everyday thing for me, but if a guy wants me to piss on him, who am I to say no or judge? This was a loser white boy, of course. That was probably obvious, LOL.  I go to the truck stop a few nights a week. I pick up a lot of black cock at the truck stop. I find a lot of men down to party with me. Occasionally, it is some bitch boy like Leroy who has no cock but lots of coke. He was not looking to fuck me. Unlike my small dick ex-husband, Leroy has accepted his short comings. He knew he could never fuck a hot trailer trash whore like me. I asked him what he was offering then. He was the one that approached me about some coke he wanted to share. I know it is ass or grass, but nobody rides for free. He wanted a hot bitch to pee on him. I was like is that all? I mean he had a huge bag of coke that would have been $500 easily if I had to go to a dealer for a fix. He spewed out this sob story about being a humiliation junkie but struggling to find some one for water sports. Golden showers or brown showers, if you are paying me cash, grass or powder, I am in. What do I care that some small dick wonder wants me to give him a golden shower? I have done a lot worse things than pissing sex for coke, LOL. I got in his cab with him, snorted a couple lines and guzzled a Big Gulp of lemonade. That turned me into a pissing machine. I coated him head to toe in my golden nectar. He was like some horny monkey in a cage, basking in the glory of my sunshine and wanking his little nub. Sure, he was one pathetic loser, but I got the biggest bag of coke from our deal and it only cost me a Big Gulp. Now, that was a steal.

Cum Guzzling Slut Beverly

cum guzzling slutI love being a cum guzzling slut. Cum is my number one source of protein. I love cum so much, I freeze it. With it being hot as fuck again in Florida, I am ready to have iced coffee in the mornings. That means I need cum cubes. During the hotter times in Florida, I collect cum and freeze it. My daughter came over for the holiday weekend to help me guzzle some spunk. When her mommy is catching cum to freeze, we cannot swallow. Now, we can snowball and savor, just not swallow. We hosted a Memorial Day party. Supplied all the booze and pussy. Told the men and the boys there that they could fuck us both. If they did not want to wait their turn and give us a cum filled cunt, they could jack off into a pitcher so we could save the cum. I give a new meaning to the term cum catcher. I needed at least an entire pitcher of cum to make enough cum cubes for the next week or two. I like to start every morning with a bump of coke and a shot of cum. Do not get me wrong. I love cock. I need to get fucked on a regular basis, but I can get laid anywhere. With school out for the summer, no horny boys in front of my trailer needing their balls drained which gives me that protein I need to start my day. I do not get up super early in the summers. I stay up late partying and fucking, sleep until noon, then get up and do a shot of cum and decide my day. If I have coke and cum first thing when I wake up, I can focus on my day. My daughter and I were successful cum dumpster whores over the weekend. We managed to fill two pitchers of creamy jizz and that makes a shit ton of cum cubes for this dirty old whore.

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