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big dick suckerA big dick sucker like me never has a problem getting laid on a Friday night. I went down to the truck stop to party with the truckers parked for the night. Before I went down, I got a text from my ex-husband. He is an ex for a reason. And that reason is his shrimp dick. I told him he was barking up the wrong tree because my days of acting like his tiny dick is the best thing since sliced bread are over. I hung up on him, put on something slutty, and went to the truck stop to find some real men. My ex kept sending me pictures of his tiny dick. I no longer must see that pathetic thing. I was feeling a bit squirrely, so when I hooked up with Big Mike, I made sure to take a picture of me sucking his cock to send to my annoying ex-husband. I am a lot lizard sex whore and a size queen. I know what big dick is and I know that my ex does not have the kind of cock I need. He does not have the kind of cock anyone needs. I slurped on a real cock and took pictures to send to my ex. Hey, if he can send me unsolicited dick pictures, I can send them too. Seeing is believing sometimes. Some men just will not get it. Size matters. I am a mature BBC whore. I have had plenty of big black dicks and some big white cock too. I will no longer settle for shrimp dicks. Not when there are so many big dicks out there who want to bang a trailer trash whore. Women need to wake up and make tiny dicked men their cuckolds because they deserve sexual pleasure. My stud cock enjoyed posing for some pictures to shame my ex-husband with. The pictures sent him a message, but I am sure he will be back sniffing around soon enough.

My Daughter’s 4-Legged Bitch is a Creampie Slut

creampie slutIt is no secret that I am a creampie slut. But you know who else is too? My daughter’s 4-legged friend. I am watching her furry best friend for a week while she is out of town. It is no secret I am a size queen, so furry dick has never really been big enough for me as a black cock whore. Plus, my daughter’s furry bestie is a bitch in heat. I came home late last night from the truck stop. My pussy was drenched in cum. It was running down my legs. I was drunk and high when I stumbled into my trailer. I sat on the couch and played with my cum filled cunt. I love to feed myself fresh jizz out of my fuck holes. I was not looking for any freaky fun, but my daughter’s 4-legged beast was. She came up between my legs and started licking my bald snatch. You would have thought my cunt was covered in peanut butter not cum. She buried her tongue between my legs and helped herself. I did not stop her of course because I am a nasty freak and it felt good. Her tongue was like sandpaper against my cunt, but in a good way.  I started cumming and cumming hard too. I was fucked up, but not fucked up so much I did not understand what was going on. I knew what I was doing. I think my furry girl knew what she was doing too. I am gonna have some fun with a bitch in heat shacking up with me for a week.

I Love BBC Phone Sex

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex anyone? I am a verified card carrying member of the big black cock society. I can find black cocks anywhere too, even the pumpkin patch. My daughter is watching this little boy for the weekend, so we went to the pumpkin patch. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I wanted to get in the spirit early. I was attracting flies walking around in my cut off shorts. Guys were turning their heads to check out the old whore. I love attention. Wherever I go, I draw attention. I am not interested in most white guys, but any attention I get from the brothers is all right by me. Two black men were following us around. I just give off that black cock whore vibe. I am sure you know women who give that same vibe. Black men are not shy and they have no shame. They hit on anything that moves. There were two of them and my daughter and I. I invited them back to my trailer. Been a hot minute since my daughter and I shared some BBC. We put her little charge to bed and we entertained the troops. Now, I can handle two big black cocks all on my own. So can my girl. But it is more fun to share those big black cocks with a friend. They were impressed that we could swallow their balls deep. I am a big dick sucker. I trained my girl to be one too. We slurped on the cocks, then we were side by side getting pounded by them too. They fucked us in every position imaginable. When they pumped us full of nigger seed, we 69’d so we could swallow every last drop. We both love the taste of black cock spunk. They guys had never shared a mother and daughter. They had never seen a mother and daughter snowball their cum either. Best night at a pumpkin patch ever.

BBC Phone Sex is What I Love

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is what I do best. I am a nigger loving whore and I mean that in a respectable way. I am not racist. Many white men are and when I am faced with that racist bullshit, I like to teach them a lesson. I was minding my own business yesterday. I went to the truck stop to pic up some black cock, when this white trucker called me a race traitor and a nigger lover. I let him know he was just upset that he had a small dick that women did not crave. Why would we? One of the black studs I was hitting on stood up and bitch slapped the white man into the next century. He picked him up like he was inconsequential and tossed him into the back of his cab. His other pal tied him up. I did not know this guy. He was just some angry white guy who could not handle the fact that I wanted some big black cock. As if I would pick a white boy over two black studs. I am a trailer trash whore, not a suburban soccer mom. I rode those black dicks in front of him. I would not have kidnapped the dude, but it was fun to help teach him a lesson. He was  some jealous man who likely cannot get any pussy. He thought he could race shame me into fucking him, I guess. Wrong. The joke was on him. His plan backfired. He had to watch me devour two big black cocks at once. He had to sit there unable to touch his worthless dick while I got pumped full of nigger seed. I have no problem with white boys watching me ride some big black cocks. It helps white boys understand just why I am a black cock whore.

I am Such a Cum Dumpster I Make Cum Cones

cum dumpsterDo you want to know what a cum dumpster I am? I make my own cum cream cones. I have one of those old-fashioned ice cream makers complete with a tub to churn the milk. I am known as a cum whore. I always have frozen cum in my freezer. I put cum in bags to freeze. I also make cum cubes that I add to my drinks like coffee and lemonade. It was all the stored cum that saved me during the pandemic. You cannot be a cum whore without the cum, right? That is when I started making cum cones. Those hot days alone in my trailer made me miss cock and cum so much. On one hot day, I made a cum cone. A cum dumpster must get creative sometimes. I would make ice cream using more cum than milk. I still have a bunch of cum in the freezer. I guess I am always worried that the bottom might fall out again, so I keep hoarding jizz.  Good thing I did too because it is hurricane season again.

cum dumpsterThe hurricane sort of bypassed Florida this time and went for Louisiana and the Carolinas. We got a lot of nasty rain, however. And when the rain lifted, it was hot as fuck. And nothing cools this old trailer part whore down quicker than a cool cum cone. I invited my daughter over and told her to bring some friends. We had a hurricane survival party. I brought the cum and made the cum cones. Beer and cum cones? Hell yes. Now that is a party. My daughter is a cum whore too. She brought some hot friends. I invited several guys with big black cocks who love white chicks draining their balls. Once my black lovers realized us white chicks were eating cum filled ice cream cones, they wanted to give us more cum.

A cum dumpster like me, never passes on a chance to have more cum. My daughter went around with a pitcher as I sucked, jacked and fucked to get more cum. I love cum. I cannot get enough of it. For me it is like green eggs and ham. I will eat it anywhere, yes I will. My cum cones were a hit with all the girlfriends my daughter brought to the party. But not as popular as all those big black cocks.

BBC Sex Stories Include Cuckolding

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories. That is because I am a bbc whore. I love big black cocks. Do you? I met a man last night who was into watching. When he hit on me, I thought it was to take me home and fuck me. He had something different in mind. He knew of me. He knew I was the local nigger loving whore. He is like many of my callers. He is infatuated with the beauty and power of the big black dick. He paid me to cuckold him. Now, I have cuckolded many a tiny dick loser before on and off the phone. But this was the first time a stranger propositioned me about it. It was no problem for me to find some back dick. I just had to make a few texts. By the time this guy and I got back to my trailer, a couple black boys were waiting for me. Black men love to fuck in front of white men. It is like payback for all the racial injustice over the years or something. Black men rule white pussy, and they know it. These two black studs tagged teamed me in front of this white loser. He was rubbing his little nub until I handcuffed his hands. He was making all sorts of weird noises which was distracting. Plus, his dick was so small it did not deserve to cum. He had to sit and watch real men work their black magic on my white pussy. My black studs shamed him for being so small. After they came inside me, they made him suck their big black dicks. I taunted him that the only way he would taste my sloppy wet pussy was off the cocks that had fucked me because he was my cuckold now. He loved it. He slurped on their anacondas like a cock sucking faggot. I still cannot get over how pathetic you must be to pay a woman not to fuck you, LOL. It was easy money though and I will do it again.

White Trash Phone Sex

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is what I was born to do. I was born in a trailer park. I have lived my entire life in a double wide trailer. I guess you could say I was born on the wrong side of the tracks. When I was in high school, they called me trailer trash Barbie. I was skinny with big boobs and bleach blonde hair. I wore short shorts, high heels and I fucked all the black boys in school and all my friend’s dads and brothers. My reputation goes way back. I was a dirty whore as a teen girl. I am still a dirty whore. In the 4 decades since I was in high school, I have mastered the art of dirty. I love to get high and freaky. I was entertaining a few guys last night. We were drinking PBR and doing lines of coke. It was 6 guys and me.  I picked them up in a bar. I could not remember their names. I was not concerned with that. I just wanted their young cocks and all their cum. I was getting anally gang banged. They could not believe what a nasty whore I was. They had not seen anything yet. Taking six guys at once is nothing. I had six loads of cum in my ass. To show them that I am a nasty anal cum dumpster, I shit their jizz out on the floor and licked it up. They were stroking their cocks hard watching me lick their cum off the floor. They told me I was better than any porn star they had seen. Damn right. I am a dirty old whore. I love cum. I love anal sex. I love fucking strangers. I am the best kind of woman. I do everything wives refuse to do.

I Will Always Be a BBC Phone Sex Whore

bbc phone sexI love big black cocks. Do you? There is a reason I am good at BBC phone sex. I am divorced now, so I can get all the big black cocks I want. My husband never enjoyed black cock because he was a racist piece of shit. But you know what? When your wife forces you to suck cock enough times, you grow to like it. My husband always acted like he hated black men and hated even more sucking black cock. But his tiny white boy dick was always hard whenever a black cock was present. I have been a black cock whore most of my life because my mother was a BBC addict. My husband knew when we got married, that I was a trailer trash whore. I was very clear that if we got married, I would not be monogamous. I can be discreet, but this pussy needs big black cock. He married me knowing that I was going to fuck who I wanted, when I wanted, and my lovers may be black. Black men and boys love blonde trailer park milfs. They do not want to marry us, but they do want to fuck us. I guess he somehow thought he could control me once that ring was on my finger. Wrong.  No one can tame or control me. I am a wild whore. The only thing that changed was that he went from a straight white racist to being a black cock faggot. Under protest of course. For a white man with a little package, he took a lot of black meat down his throat. He took a lot up his back door pussy too. Then one day he gave me an ultimatum. It was him or black cock.  I think you know how that turned out for him, LOL. No one stands between me and my need for big black cock.

Big Dick Sucker for Little Boys

When you are a big dick sucker, you get a reputation. I do not mind reputations. I love it that guys know I am a cum guzzler and knob slobber. I was hungover this morning. I was up late partying like I am any Friday night. I heard banging on my door early this morning. I think the sun was just barely up too. I am not a morning person because I am a night owl. I keep vampire hours. Well, sort of. That is why you never see me on before noon LOL. When I first heard the banging, I thought perhaps it was my head. But it would not stop. I got up to check the door thinking maybe it was an Amazon delivery. It was a couple young boys. So young I doubted they even had pubes yet. One of them said to me, “I hear you suck big dicks.” I laughed because I knew they could not have big dicks yet. Not based on their age or size. I asked them if they had big dicks for me. One boy was all proud and he said, “Together we have about 10-inches, is that good enough for you?” I laughed. They were precious. Sure, I like my 10 inches to be on one cock, but they were so adorable, and I am always into young boys. I told them to come on in. I was happy to suck their cocks. My guess was they had heard about the trashy milf on Lot 18 who loves to suck cock and fuck. Maybe they heard that I was a size queen. Maybe they just assumed. Either way, I made those horny boys men. Not only did I suck their cocks, but I also let them use me as a three-hole whore. Turns out, their young boy cum was just the hangover cure I needed.

Feeding My Cum Filled Cunt to a Racist Hag

cum filled cuntMy MILF neighbor loves my cum filled cunt. I swear she has a nose for when I get laid. She can smell cum a mile away. She is a hot to trot 40 something woman with 4 ex husbands and 6 baby daddies. I am not judging. I am just as trashy. She enjoys eating my creampies since Covid. She is too afraid to fuck anyone. When I lived with my daughter, she took care of cleaning up my messy pussy.  My neighbor is like an older version of my daughter. A more desperate one. I have never had a problem finding lovers. I do not even have to look hard to find them. My neighbor just does not put herself out there like I do. I mean younger men and black men, they chase all tail old and young, black and white. She, however, thinks she is too good for black men. She is a cum whore with standards she says. I say she is racist. She loves eating cum out of my pussy and ass, but she will not fuck a black man? The bitch does not know that I have been feeding her black cum for months now. I got wind of her racist ways when Black Lives Matter protests came to Florida. I decided then, I was going to make her a nigger lover one way or another. Last night, I had been down at the truck stop getting pumped full of black seed. I was not home for 10 mins when that old hag came knocking on my door. She is a creampie slut and I had fuck holes full of fresh cum to feed her. After she guzzled it all up, I looked her in the eye and told her she has been drinking black spunk from my holes for months now. She looked at me horrified and raced to my bathroom to try to make herself puke up the cum. I told her it was way too late because I have been feeding her black cum since 2020. I may have lost a great cunt licker, but that racist whore needed taught a lesson. Next lesson will be getting force fucked by a gang of black thugs.

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