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Cum Dumpster Mommy Whore and Daughter Want Stuffed

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. It is not even Thanksgiving yet and I am a getting stuffed. My daughter and I had a little pre-holiday gang bang. It is an annual tradition for us. We like to get stuffed with cock and filled with cum. Okay so maybe it is more like a daily tradition. We always want stuffed with cock. Lately, I am on a boy gravy kick. It is weird when you think about it.  I love big black cock. But I like young dick too and those are never that big, not yet at least. I think I am just a taboo phonesex junkie. Fucking black men is taboo or it was when I was growing up in the south. That did not stop my mother or me, however. Young boys are taboo too because of the age thing. I just like the nastier and dirtier things in life. I am not much of normal woman. I never wanted one man for the rest of my life with the white picket fence. I want to fuck as many men as I can and party all the time. I am perfect for a trailer park. My daughter is a mini me. She has been a taboo whore since she came into this world. She took care of her mommy and her big brother with her greedy little mouth and later her tiny fuck holes. She is a cum guzzler like me. Last night, she invited a bunch of boys over to play. I mean boys. None of them could drink. And none of them should have fucked a trashy milf and her daughter, but boys love mature pussy. We had so much fun doing lines off boy cocks. Want to know a secret? A little blow on a young cock makes that cock not only stiff as a board, but it also makes that boy cock able to fuck all night long. We had one hell of a pre-holiday stuffing full of boy cum too.  Happy Thanksgiving guys. I have some leftovers in my pussy if you interested.

BBC Sex Stories are Plentiful with a Trailer Park Whore Like Me

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are plentiful with a trailer park whore. I grew up watching my mom service black men in our trailer park. Same trailer park I live in now. Many of the black dudes I fuck are descents of the men my whore mommy fucked. How cool is that? When I was just a schoolgirl, I helped my mom service this one black guy. That was the moment I became a black cock whore. Honestly, I wanted to help. It was my mother who was reluctant. Last night, I fucked that same man’s two sons. They are in their 40s now. Not much younger than me, but I knew who their daddy was. Their father is still alive and living in the trailer park. I was fucking him up until his stroke that left him in a wheelchair. The man is in his 70s now. His sons love this blonde fucking whore. And I love them. Two big black cocks? And they are real brothers too? Porn writers cannot come up with this kind of stuff. It was fate. It was meant to be that I would service all the men in this family. Those two brothers have sons I have fucked too. Three generations of black men got to fuck this whore. I wonder how many black cock whores can say that they have fucked that many generations of black cock? The brothers were in rare form last night too because midway through fucking the shit out of my pussy and ass, they texted their teenage boys to join the fun. I had two father and son duos. I think I give new meaning to dirty trailer trash whore. I had father and son cum running out of my fuck holes. All I could think about though was how much I owed their daddy for making me the best BBC slut around.

Lot Lizard Sex Whore Beverly Trades Her Fuck Holes for Coke

lot lizard whoreI am a lot lizard sex whore. I am proud to be a truck tramp. Truckers have always taken care of me, even the white ones. Sure, white truckers do not have those big black cocks I love, but they always have blow. And I love that as much as I love a big black cock. The truck stop was slow last night, but I partied with Tom. He is older than me, but coke is like Viagra for him. He did a few lines, and his dick was hard. He thought I was a hooker and invited me into his truck cab. I am not a hooker, but I do trade my pussy and ass for blow. Why pay for something I can get with my fuck holes? I told him I would just like to share some blow with him. He was happy to share his coke with a trailer trash whore. I did some lines off his cock, and watched his dick grow until it was stiff as a board. His dick was super fucking hard. I was impressed because he was easily in his early 60s. Most of the men I fuck are half my age, not older. But if he had coke, he was willing to share, he could have had a limp dick and I still would have hopped into his cab. We did lines for a bit and talked, but he was hard as rock after a couple lines, and I knew I had to pay it forward before his boner went away. I hopped on his old dick and bounced. It felt good inside my pussy. That coke really did act like Viagra. I felt sorry for the dude. He was retired, but the economy changed, and he went back to work. I told him if he has coke to share with this druggy porn whore, I will always drain his balls when he is in town. He seemed to think banging this old broad for coke would be the highlight of going back on the road again.

Druggy Porn Stars are the Life of Any Party

druggy pornDruggy porn stars like me know how to have fun. I love my cocaine. I like to get high, and I like to fuck. Since the last hurricane, my son has been living with me. He lost his place. It was completely ruined by wind and flooding. It is an apartment complex, but the owner has not received the money to fix it up yet from FEMA. So, my boy is without a place. Of course, I let him stay with me. I miss having him around. He is one of the few white cocks I fuck as often as I can. He had a party last night. It sucked. No chicks showed up. Well, it sucked for him, but not for me. Not in the slightest did it suck for me. I crashed the party. I was at the truck stop being a lot lizard sex whore to get the coke I need. I walked into the sausage fest and shared my coke. I love to party with my son and his friends. There were a bunch of horny white boys in my trailer. I seized on that opportunity. They would have fucked me even if I was fat and ugly. I am skinny and hot, and I ever say no to my son’s cock. I do not say no to his friends either. His friends all get a pass. I do not care if they do not have big dicks. It makes my boy happy to see his whore mommy doing lines of coke off their young, throbbing cocks. I told them I would party with them. I took off my clothes, pulled cocks out of jeans and started blowing all the cocks I could. I was high as fuck. I do not need to be high to be a gangbang whore, but it helps. Suddenly, we had a party. We had the hottest sex party those boys had ever attended. That is because not only am I the life of any party, but I am also the whore of any party.

Nasty Phonesex is What a Dirty Cum Whore Loves the Most

nasty phone sexI I love nasty phonesex calls. I am a no limits kind of woman. I am nasty in real life too. I got fucking high last night and went to a glory hole. It was a seedy glory hole too. I guess most are. I have never heard of a high-class glory hole, have you? But this one was on the wrong side of the tracks and known mostly as having a gay crowd. No one cares who is on the other side of the wall sucking their dicks. I mean straight men go to this seedy glory hole because they know a gay guy will suck their dick. And if they get to shoot a big load, they do not care who the cum dumpster is on the other side of the wall. I was feeling like a cum guzzler last night. I mean I needed cum so badly, I did not care whose dick I was sucking or where his cock had been. As I was on my knees chugging on cock, I could taste ass. I knew some of these cocks I was sucking had been in someone’s tight ass.  I did not care. I will be an ass to mouth slut any day. I love all the musky smells and tastes. I love cum. Even nasty or funky smelling cum, I will guzzle. My jaw was getting a workout. My belly was getting full of cum. I wanted fucked though. So, when I saw a big dick come through the glory hole, I started banging on the wall and praying it was a straight man down to fuck a trailer trash whore. The guy was young and hung. I do not know if he was straight or not, but he fucked my cunt and my ass. He even made me lick his cum up that was oozing out my fuck holes and spilling out on the dirty floor. Who knows what has been on a glory hole floor, but I still licked it up. I am a nasty freak and a cum whore.

Trashy MILF Beverly Loves Teenage Cock, Black Cocks and Cocaine

trashy milfThis trashy milf is up to her old tricks with the local schoolboys. My trailer park has a bunch of school aged boys and girls. And lucky me, the bus stop for the high school is right in front of my trailer. I am a dirty soccer mom of sorts. My son and daughter are in their late 20s now, but I had my fun with their friends ten plus years ago. I got a taste young cock when I had my son. He was always horny for me, as were his friends. My daughter was popular with the schoolboys because they all wanted to get close to her trailer trash whore momma. I never say no to three things: big black cocks, teenage cocks and cocaine. If I have one or two or all three, I am a happy camper. Sometimes, I luck out and get a black teenage boy, like I did yesterday morning. I was naked walking around my living room snorting lines to perk up. I had been out partying all night. I wanted to crash, but when I realized the schoolboys would be out front shortly, I decided to stay up and see if I could find anything fun to play with. That teenage black boy saw this white milf in the window and he leaped to my trailer door. He came in holding his crotch telling me he had something better than coffee but just as black to wake me up. The boy was not lying either. He had a massive rod in his pants. It was big. Like a fucking anaconda snake big. He was bigger than my son and my ex-husband combined, and he was still growing. He filled my pussy up. I swear I could feel him rearranging my insides. He had my pussy screaming on his cock. He gave me a cum filled cunt, and I drained his balls before school. Great way to start our day.

BBC Phone Sex Sluts Get all the Treats on Halloween

bbc sex storiesBBC phone sex sluts have all the fun. I went down to the truck stop last night determined to fill my basket with cum. It is Halloween, after all.  The truck stop was happening too. There were other lot lizard whores trolling for a quick buck, but I am not down there charging guys to fuck me. I am down there because I want all those big black dicks. I am a cum whore. I am a BBC slut. If a black trucker wants to give me some blow in exchange for bouncing on his monster cock, I will not say no. But I will never demand money for my fuck holes. Unlike the other lot lizard sex whores, I am not desperate for money. I make great money as a dirty phone bone slut. I just like to fuck. I mean I am in my 50s now. That’s my sexual prime. I no longer need to worry about getting knocked up. I can let all those beautiful black dicks fuck me bare back. It is liberating to say bye to condoms. I may be a dirty old blonde whore, but the black truckers love me. I can handle their cocks and most lot lizards would snap in two. Not me. I am thin but built to withstand a hardcore fucking. Last night, I went from truck to truck asking trick or treat. I got lots of treats. Lots of big black treats for my hungry holes. The place was full of truckers and whores, but I was the whore getting all the attention. That is because I am a cheap whore. I just want all that black cum in my pussy and ass. I am a cum dumpster whore. By the time I got home, I looked like I had been riding a bull too long. I was walking funny, and I had cum everywhere on my body. Happy Halloween to me.

BBC Phone Sex Makes Me Perfect for Cuckolding Calls

bbc phone sexI love BBC phone sex. Because I suck and fuck so many big black cocks, I get a lot of cuckolding calls. I cuckolded my ex-husband, he just did not realize it until 2 years later. That was what lead to our divorce. I would have stayed married to him if I could have had my cake and ate it too. My ex was a racist piece of shit just like my daddy, so divorcing him freed me up to fuck all the black cock I wanted. I have been fucking black dick since I was a schoolgirl. I only want more and more as I age too. I do not have anyone in my life to cuckold, so I enjoy cuckolding my callers. This trailer trash whore had to do everything behind my husband’s back, but on cuckolding calls I can shame you in front of a black stallion while I get pumped full of cum. I like shaming little white dicks that would flop out of my pussy anyway. Seriously, what good is a white dick if I cannot feel it anyway, right? I do not care about the delicate white male ego. I care about the big black cock making me cum everywhere.  On the phone, I can hurl small dick jokes at you so fast that t will feel like you getting a nose bleed from the repeated slaps in the face, LOL. I never got to make my ex-husband eat my creampie. I was trying to be covert at the time, but my son and daughter are grown now. If I was still married, I would turn my husband into a creampie slut. Since I know longer have a hubby, I cuckold many of my callers. It is what they call for anyway. They want a bbc whore who knows what she deserves. Do you want this BBC whore to cuckold you too?

Big Dick Sucker Reputation Means I Never Say No to Sucking Dick

big dick suckerI have the reputation as a big dick sucker. Men from all over the state seek me out when other women fail to swallow their monster cocks. I was home alone Friday night when I got a text that some black man was looking for me at the truck stop. I was curious. The description did not fit any man I knew. I put on some daisy duke shorts and a tube top and went down to meet the man who was asking about me. He was a tall drink of chocolate milk. Fine as fuck. Beef cake of a beautiful black man. He had my pussy purring at hello. He got my name from Big D this trucker I bang often. He told me that he heard I was the finest cock sucking trailer trash whore around. Told me he had 14-inches of cock meat no bitch has been able to handle yet. I am not just some random bitch. I am a cock sucking aficionado. Never met a cock I could not suck yet. This skinny blond whore took his entire monster meat down her throat. I mean balls deep. It looked like a swallowed a snake. My throat was extended. My cheeks were puffy. My eyes were bulging. My eyes were watering. That is because he had an anaconda cock. Not only was he over a foot long, but he was also as thick as a beer can. Super fucking thick. But I take pride in being a huge dick sucker, so I was going to show him what this blonde fucking whore could really do with his monster fuck meat. I swallowed his sword with a huge smile on my face. It was not easy, but I did it. I love a challenge, plus he was a referral. I was not about to fail my reputation. He told me he has a lot of hung friends and he will send them my way. I was so happy that I pleased that monster cock. I am still the big cock sucking reigning champ.

White Trash Phone Sex is Something I was Born to Do

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is what I do best. I was born and raised in a trailer park. I have been in this same trailer park since I was a schoolgirl. After my dad died, the trailer went to my mom. When she passed, it went to me. I had another trailer in the park for a while, but now my daughter lives in it and I have the one I grew up in. The lot fee is cheap, so we stay. The trailers are a bit run down, but the less we pay in lot fees, the more money we have to party with. At least that is how we look at it. My daughter recently lost her job. The hurricane took out the hub of her company. We are fixing up her trailer so we can rent it out. She will live with me until she is back on her feet. In the meantime, I got her a job at the local strip club. The lady next door to me is a hot stripper sex slut at this local club. She vouched for my daughter, and now she is the newest stripper on the block. Last night was her first job, and she made more money in a night than she does in a week at her old job. I went to cheer her on. She was nervous. My son came with me. We posed as a dirty cougar and her cub and hired my daughter for the VIP room. We had some kinky fun in that room. This club is not a by the book establishment, so anything goes. I ate my daughter’s pussy while she blew her brother. Her pussy was already full of cum.  She had a cum filled cunt from the men in the VIP room before us. It was fun posing as a cougar in the club. I think my daughter will stay stripping as long as she can because its more profitable and less work. She is only 25 so she can have a solid decade in the business at least. I think I am going to love having a stripper daughter. My son and I can get into the club for free.