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Dream Fucking a Trashy Milf

trashy milfWhen you are a trashy milf, every young boy in town knows where you live. That is why I have an open-door policy. I never lock my doors. I do not have intruders. I have welcomed horny guests who take advantage of my pussy and ass at all hours of the night. On the weekends, the horny teen boys in town like to party in the trailer park. They have a kegger at some one’s trailer and when the booze and weed kicks in, they find their way to my trailer with hard dicks. About 5 boys entered my bedroom around 5 am reeking of weed and stale beer. I love that smell. They were giggling and stumbling. I turned the light on, and their faces were priceless. They thought they were in trouble. I told them my pussy was already full of cum, but they were welcome to deposit some more. I can never have a cum filled cunt that is too full of cum. Young boys do not care about creampies. They welcome an easy pussy. They just want to fuck. I spread my legs still half asleep and hungover and took their loads.  None of them lasted long. I fell back asleep. I woke up for my shift around noon and thought it was a dream. Just a really hot dream. I went to pee and cum fell out of my cunt like a flooded river. Then I knew it was just a late night gang bang for this old whore.

Trashy MILF Beverly

trashy milf

I love being a trashy milf. I tease all the youngsters in my trailer park. I have been forced to get creative since the young boys no longer gather at the bus stop in front of my trailer. I live in Florida, so the pool is still open. Although there is no lifeguard, the boys and girls often hang out there in the day instead of doing their homeschooling. I put on my skimpy orange bikini, high heels and went trolling for young flesh. Boys of a certain age ogle any woman scantily clad. I like dressing inappropriate for me age. How else are boys supposed to know I am down to fuck? I am like the pied piper of young boys. I strut my skanky ass around the pool, and they follow me back to my trailer. I had 7 boys this morning before I started my shift. I love being a gangbang whore for teen boys. They are like an endless supply of energy and cum. They can be greedy with my fuck holes, but luckily when they are young, I can stuff two at a time in either hole. I managed to get three in my pussy at once this morning, so I could accommodate all 7 of them. This is because I am a black cock whore too. Those big black cocks have stretched my cunt out more than my son or daughter did when I was giving birth to them. Those young boys did not care that I was a mommy or a black cock whore. They just cared that my fuck wholes were open to them. I tell all the young boys, schools may be closed, pools may be closed, hell beaches may be closed, but my old fuck holes are always open because I am a trailer trash whore.

Friday Nights are for Dirty Phone Sex

dirty phone sex

Friday nights are for dirty phone sex fun. I have sort of a Friday night ritual. I get high and head to the truck stop. Friday night is the busiest night there. Truckers from all over converge at the Loves to shower, shave and fuck. Every lot lizard knows truckers have the best coke. Years ago, someone made No Doz illegal to sell anymore because truckers were getting whacked out on it and causing accidents. Get rid of one thing, and folks find a good alternative. Coke is a great alternative. Plus, truckers have the best shit. I go down on Friday nights and exchange pussy for cocaine because I am a hot blonde fucking whore. Truckers will not pay for pussy. They do not need too. Lot lizard skanks are drawn to them like moths to the flame. That is because truckers have the good coke, like the shit from Columbia and places like that. I partied an hour in one cab, them moved on to the next cab. I would do some lines, give head or let a trucker fuck me depending on how much coke he would share with me. The last cab of the night, I was there for hours because if I serviced all his friends, he was willing to be generous with his cocaine. Hell, yes. I am a dirty whore. I love cum. I love cock, so I let 6 truckers fuck all my holes for hours. They could have fucked me for days if they wanted because the coke was that good. I came home wobbly. My legs were pinned behind my ears for quite a while. Cum was streaming down my thighs. I am a cum dumpster, so that was no big deal. Nothing is a big deal when you got free coke to last you a couple weeks. Good coke too. Not totally free, I guess, but well worth the hardcore fucking.

Cum Guzzling Slut Beverly

cum guzzling slutA cum guzzling slut will never be lonely. I have a reputation and I am proud of it. Men of all ages know where to go to get their balls drained. I was busy last night. It was weird because it was Monday. Most men come knocking on my trailer door on the weekends when wives dip out to shop. I had a few men from the right side of the tracks come over last night. With heavy balls, they begged me to drain them. These were not men I knew. How the fuck did they know about me? I mean this was like a group of rich men likely married to trophy wives and soccer moms. They had to hear about me from someone. They just did not all get in a car and drive to the first trailer they saw and hope there was a cum eating whore inside. I wanted cum, so I did not ask too many questions. I got on my knees and started sucking cocks. After I had blown them all once and was preparing for round two, I discovered how they heard about this trashy milf. My daughter. My beautiful cum loving daughter entertained one of the men. He picked her up in a bar Friday night. He said she was the best head he ever had. He asked her where she learned to polish knobs like that, and she told him all about her trailer trash mom. She told this guy how I taught her to suck cock and swallow cum loads at a young age. Like mother like daughter, right? She gave them my address too. I was so proud. Not only that she bragged about my cock sucking skills but that she also directed them right to me. She is a good wingman. And I am a good cum dumpster. I did what she told the leader of the pack I could do. I drained them all several times.

Cum Dumpster at the Truck Stop

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. I had a two-day bender this weekend. I am a coke head, but I out did myself this weekend. I was up almost 48 hours doing lines and chugging cock at the truck stop. I went Friday night to meet big D. We were going to fuck and party for a couple hours but it turned into a couple days because all these other truckers wanted to party with me. Once they knew there was an old whore doing lines off cocks, everyone wanted part of the fun. Big D left, but there were other truckers there who wanted to party with a trailer trash whore. I was gang banged by truckers all weekend long. Old truckers. Young truckers. Black truckers. White truckers. Even some Hispanic dudes who came in from the gas station wanted to fuck me. I am a whore, but I do not charge for my pussy. It was up for grabs to anyone who wanted it. My ass too. The coke kept me from saying no. The coke kept me from realizing how much cock and cum my fuck holes took. I was a hot mess. I came home this morning and I needed to shower. I smelled like a porn star. I needed a shower, but I like that 2-day old stank smell. I am such a dirty old whore.

Trailer Trash Whore Daycare

trailer trash whoreI love being a trailer trash whore. I was upset that there is no school. I have a routine when school is in session. I get up early, make some coffee and sit naked in the window waiting for the schoolboys to walk by on their way to the bus stop. Every morning I got some young cock. Sometimes, after school I got more young cock. No school. No boys going to the bus stop. No boys going to the bus stop no young cock in my cunt. That is just unacceptable. I had to get creative. I made up flyers for tutoring and daycare. A trashy milf can teach anatomy classes, right? I have been running a birds and the bees course daily from my trailer with young boys and girls. Their moms think I am babysitting. I mean I am keeping them safe and alive. I am just having my fun too. Teaching them how to eat pussy and lick ass. Some are younger than my normal high school boys at the bus stop, but most of these little ones I get to play with have big brothers who pick them up later in the afternoon, so I can still get those teen cocks I crave so much. I had a different clientele involved when I passed out my flyers. In the end, however, I have young ones and teen boys to play with and that is better than before. Just need someone like you to help teach them about the birds and bees, especially the cute little angels.

Trailer Trash Whore is Back in Action at the Truck Stop

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore signed on to work this morning with cum in her cunt. I forgot I had the early shift. I had not even been to bed. Why? Because it was a fucking Friday night and I wanted to get some big black cock. I marched my old skanky ass to the truck stop. Loves is back in full swing. They are allowing trucks to park over night and truckers to shower in their facility again. That means, there is always a party in a truck again. I went down last night. It was already late. I knew I would find some one to party with. I found three. Big D, my favorite black cock. He is a 40 something trucker with a 13-inch black cock. He was not traveling alone. He had two young black apprentices with him. Three black cocks for me? Hell, yes. This lot lizard sex whore was in heaven. I sucked and fucked big black cocks until I realized the sun was coming up. I partied too. I was coked up and filled with cum when I came in. I was set to shower and crash, but I realized I was supposed to work at 10 am. I just signed in with black spunk running down my legs. I did another line of coke and made a pot of coffee because I like things black. You do not mind talking to a freshly fucked old whore, do you?

Live Phone Sex BBC Therapy

live phone sex

It is live phone sex, bitches. Anything is possible. I helped a couple last night. Here is the back story with this couple. The wife is not sexually happy with her tiny dicked husband. He is like 3-inches hard and that is being generous. Worthless little pecker. She started watching porn to get herself off and discovered black cock porn. Hell, even when a woman just watches it, she never wants to go back to white dick porn. Now, she has a few black lovers. She was being sly about it at first, but her loser husband found out. They live in my trailer park. I new he was likely a small dicked dude. He is short with anger issues. All that anger in him is from having a small dick. She told me he was threatening divorce if she continued to fuck black men. So, she confided in me and I took her to a BLM protest. Perfect place for a trailer trash whore to pick up some big black cocks. I told her not to care about what her husband thinks. He is not taking care of her. I invited about 6 black men over after the protest for some big dick fun. I also told her husband to come over. Bitch move or smart move? Hear me out. Her little shrimp dicked husband needed to see his wife getting fucked by bigger dick. A man knows when a woman is sexually satisfied. He can see the difference in her reaction to his dick and big black dick. Seeing his believing. Hell, I did not even realize he was there yet. He was watching his wife cum hard. Harder than she ever has on his dick. I made him suck a big black cock that had been in his wife’s cunt. Her hubby just needed a little black cock intervention and injection. Just watching his wife be a black cock whore was enough to make him want to be a cuckold.

A Trailer Trash Whore and Her Son

trailer trash whoreWhen my son was younger, he often asked who his daddy was because he knew he looked nothing like his father. I am a trailer trash whore. We are not the kind of women to be faithful to one man. When, my husband started to wonder if he was the daddy or not, I knew splitsville was on the horizon. I kicked my husband to the curb and made my son the man of the house. He was all I needed anyway. He is all grown up now, but I groomed him early on to take care of mommy’s needs. I explained that I divorced daddy because he could not treat me properly in the bedroom. I put a lot of responsibility on my son when he was young, but he was up for the challenge. And boy did he take care of his trashy milf momma. I am the sexual deviant I am today thanks to how well my son spoiled me when he was younger. He would crawl into bed with me in the morning with his hard, young dick pressed up against my back. He would lick and finger me until I had several good cums. Every day for decades, I had a boy in the house fucking, licking and fingering me whenever I wanted. I was grateful. I always had a high libido and if my loser husband was not going to satisfy me, at least I had a son who would. He would bring me friends from school too like a perfect wingman. My son is still taking care of me. Yesterday, was the first day of school and he knew how sad I was that school is virtual this semester. That means I have no young boys waiting for the bus outside my trailer. That was how I picked up boys. I cannot go a day without fucking. My son helped me get over my lack of boy cock on the first day of school. In fact, he vowed to come over every morning and fuck me before he heads to work. I have the best son.

Drunk Phone Sex: I Spill My Secrets

drunk phone sexI got a wasted at a friend’s party last night. It takes a lot to get me drunk. I am a seasoned drunk phone sex slut. But I know when I start talking silly like which cartoon character I would fuck if I could (Scooby Doo by the way), or start sharing my secret fetishes, I am wasted. I admitted that I saw my son when he was younger fuck a pumpkin we had carved for Halloween. He had just seen the movie American Pie. He was like Jason Biggs, a horny boy looking for a warm hole to bust a nut into. We had no cherry pie in the house, so he improvised with a pumpkin.  Since then, I am all about pumpkin. Used to hate the smell and taste of pumpkin.  Now I love pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie and the smell of pumpkin candles. I was wasted to be babbling about my pumpkin fetish and how I got it. I am a trailer trash whore. Nothing embarrasses me, but my son is a different story. I promised him years ago I would never tell anyone he fucked a Halloween pumpkin. I had the attention of every dude at the party. No pumpkin in the house yet, or I would have suggested they fuck it for me. Instead, I challenged them to find something in the house to fuck. The most creative one got to fuck me. I knew they would all get to fuck me, but it was fun to make them work for it. They decided to work together. Six guys carved holes in this huge ass watermelon and fucked it in front of me. They did not realize that the watermelon had been doused with vodka and was fermenting. They got drunker because the vodka absorbed through their pee holes. What I discovered is fermented dicks made me drunker too. It was like someone gave me a vodka douche up my old cunt. I spent the night telling secrets and being a drunk gangbang whore. Now I have a watermelon fetish too.

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