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Trailer Trash Whore Forever

trailer trash whoreI am such a trailer trash whore. I seduced a married man 20 years younger than me in front of his wife. We were at a trailer park BBQ. Sort of a kickoff to the summer. Pool is open now, so the party was near the pool. I was in my bikini. I am in my 50s, but I still rock a 2-piece bathing suit. This younger dude with a bunch of little fuck trophies running around was checking me out so hard, his wife slapped the back of his head. I found that rude. She was clearly jealous and quite possibly a bitch too. So, I strutted up to where he was, touched his arm seductively and asked if he saw anything he liked. His wife was right there. I knew I could take her if she came at me, but she was a pussy. She looked at him, called him a loser and then said I could have him if I wanted. So, I did. I took him back to my trailer and fucked his married brains out. He was in awe of my cock sucking skills. I was in awe of his 9-inch cut cock. I am a big dick sucker, so I took it all down. He started to cum and spurt in my mouth. It was like he was having a seizure or had a demon inside him. His entire body shook as I drained his balls. The first thing he said after his blew his load was, “Marry me.” I had to point out that his wife would likely not approve of that. So, he followed that up with a “Be my mistress?” That was a no brainer to answer. Huge cock. Fucks like an animal. Plus, he is needy for a woman’s attention. I let him fuck my ass too because I am an anal sex whore. His wife never gives up the ass. A dirty old cougar like me does all the things wives do not.

BBC Sex Stories to Share

bbc phone sexBBC sex stories are my favorite to share with my callers, especially tiny dicked white boys. I love big black cock. Many trailer park girls do. Most trailer park men do not, however. I had some girlfriends over last night. We were sitting around my trailer drinking, doing lines of cocaine, and reminiscing about all the nigger dick we have had in the past. I was pretty much raised on black dick. My gal pals picked up a passion for big black cocks as lot lizards. Sandy fucked a black trucker to score some weed once. It was the biggest dick she ever saw. That big black cock ruined her for white dick. Once you go black you never go back. Folks say that for a reason.  Beth discovered those anacondas later in life with the help of her daughter. Her girl knew in high school that black cock was best for white pussy. Young girls love black cock. My daughter was no different.

I told my friends that my mother introduced me to black cock. I was born and raised on those anacondas. I passed that love onto my daughter. I came home early from work one day and heard her screaming. I thought she was hurt. I rushed to see what was wrong and busted her riding a much older black man. He had a cock to revival King Kong. My tiny blonde waif of a girl got split in two by his cock. My daughter was taking every inch of black cock like a porn star. I told my friends that although my daughter was screaming like a banshee, she did not need my help. She was kind enough to share with her whore mother though. I rode his dick too. He came in my trailer trash whore cunt and my girl licked his nigger seed out of her mama’s cunt. As I shared my mother daughter first BBC story, I looked around and my friends were rubbing their clits. We are whores for any cock, but when it comes to those big black nigger cocks, all sluts are ripe for the taking.

Trashy MILF Uses Her Old Holes to Barter

trashy milfI am such a trashy milf. I am not apologetic either. I will fuck almost any man young or old. The trailer park maintenance man showed up to fix my water heater today and he had his young son with him. Daddy and I have fucked on occasion. He is not my favorite fuck, but when I do fuck him, I get shit fixed for free that is not covered under the trailer park agreement like the water heater. I own my trailer, so getting a water heater fixed or replaced would cost me more than I have in my bank account to fix. Most of my money goes to beer, coke and weed. My utilities and lot fee too. The rest, I use my pussy and old ass to barter for. I made him a deal. I would fuck him and his boy for a new water heater. And not just for the day. All fucking summer. I made them think it was a sacrifice for me, but it was not really. I love fucking a teen boy and my maintenance man is not awful. He just does not have a big black dick. I did junior first. I bounced up and down his hard teen cock. I sat reverse cowgirl on his dick so I could show the boy my hot ass as it bounced on his dick. I was watching daddy jack off while I was creaming on junior’s dick. OMG. It was hotter than I expected. Junior had a bigger cock than his father, but the boy is still growing, so he will likely outshine daddy. When the boy nutted in my sloppy wet pussy, daddy got his turn. I had to put out first. Show that I was a woman of her word before I got a new water heater.  Daddy got some sloppy seconds, and after I drained both their balls twice, I got a new water heater. My old holes can still barter.

Big Dick Sucker, BBC Whore and Dirty Cougar

big dick suckerI am a big dick sucker and a black cock whore. I have been sucking dick longer than most of my lovers have been alive. My son came over last and he brought me a friend. His friend was a yummy dark morsel for me to suck and fuck. Lenny is my son’s former college roommate in town visiting him. I fucked him a few times while visiting my boy at his school.  When my Oreo boys walked into my trailer, I had them both naked and on my couch within 20 minutes of arriving. We did not spend much time verbally catching up. While I had his black cock in my mouth, my son put his cock in my pussy and pounded me hard while I slurped on his pal’s hard cock.  I know I am the best cock sucker this black boy has ever had. No way his coed girlfriends do some of the shit I do, like ass to mouth play and rim jobs. I sucked the black right off his dick. Well, figuratively at least because I suck better than a vacuum cleaner. My son and him took turns on my holes with each one filling me up a few times over. I even let the boys piss in my mouth because I enjoy water sports sex too. I am a no taboos mommy whore. Lenny pissed on me like a dog claiming his turf. He even pissed up my ass.  His chocolate cock owned my fuck holes. He finished in my mouth. His dick tasted like my dirty ass, but I did not care. My son finished in my ass. And to show them both what a trailer park whore I am, I shit my son’s cum out my ass and licked it up with a smile. That made the boys hard again instantly. We fucked all night and all morning. I love it when men share me.

Cum Dumpster and BBC Whore

cum dumpsterI am such a cum dumpster. I want to turn all my girlfriends into cum whores too.  I enjoy making women addicted to black cocks. I had two hung black studs over last night. I was impressing them with my big dick sucking skills. I was swallowing what seemed like an endless supply of cum. I was being selfish. Plus, there was too much cum even for me. I decided I should share the cum. To black men, the more white pussy around, the better. When it comes to big black cocks, there is enough cock to go around. I texted my friend Terri who has never had black cock. She is stuck married to a man with a small dick who no longer fucks her. I did her a solid and texted her to come over.  She was shy at first. Most women get a little scared by big black cock initially. I had to share my big dick sucker tricks. She relaxed when I showed her how to swallow a black beast. I am a black cock pro. I can suck 9 inches balls deep.  My black studs were happy to share their cocks with me and a bored white housewife from the burbs. They enjoyed being her first BBC. They showed her how much cum real men can give her. They skull fucked her mouth hard. When they came, it looked like a volcano had erupted cum because her mouth was oozing with jizz. Being the cum whore that I am, I crawled over to her so we could snowball the jizz. I taught her the art of snowballing. It is important to savor that black spunk and make it last as long as you can. I told her she was a queen of spades now and she would never go back to fucking little white boys ever again.

Druggy Porn Cam Girl


druggy pornI love being a druggy porn star. When I am high on coke, I get bolder. I love to be watched. This guy I have been partying with all week said I was a natural whore. He suggested that we live stream our fucking sessions so we could earn some party money. I am not technologically savvy, but he was. He created us an account on some couples’ cam site. It is a pretty cool site because folks could turn into all kinds of fucking. Threesomes, interracial, girl on girl, guy on guy, even shemales fucking men were on the site too. He listed us under cougars fucking cubs. He is half my age, but that has never mattered to me. I fuck them on the wrong side of barely legal too. I love a young cock. He started calling me mommy as he was fucking me, and we could hear the dings of folks leaving tips. Made me think about how much money I could make fucking my own son. My boy would love to fuck his trashy milf mommy for money. Anyway, my faux boy was snorting lines of coke off my tits, calling me mommy and titty fucking me. He came a few times and the dings of tips continued. I got to party and fuck and make money. I should have been a cam girl. I am a natural performer and a natural whore.

Trailer Trash Whore Tag Team

trailer trash whoreA sexy trailer trash whore is never bored or lonely. I mean there are plenty of rough looking trailer park sluts in the world. They have a face like a catcher’s mitt and give off that rode hard put away wet vibe. I think I still look good for being in my 50s even though I party too much and tan too much. Notice I did not say fuck too much. That is because you can never fuck too much. When you look like me, you can put on some Daisy Duke shorts and a crop top and pick up a man at the Piggly Wiggly. It was raining, so no one was at the pool or park. No sexy black boys playing hoops either. It was too early in the day for any truckers to be parking at the truck stop, so I went to the grocery store. I knew I could shake my skinny ass and pick up something other than milk and cigarettes. I lucked out and found a single dad with a teen boy picking up pizza and beer. The boy flirted with me first. The father was saving his son from the trashy milf but ended up flirting with me too. I did what any milf tramp would do. I invited them to my trailer for pizza, beer, weed and fucking. I may not have admitted the fucking part, but it was going to happen. No man or boy comes into my trailer and does not fuck me, not even my own son. I am a dirty old whore who needs cock and cum. While the pizza was cooking, I was guzzling cock and they were slamming beers. The boy was not old enough to drink but he was old enough to fuck. A father and a son tag team? That is the stuff that wet dreams are made of for a white trash phone sex whore.

BBC Phone Sex is for You Too

bbc phone sexDo you like bbc phone sex? It is okay to admit that you do. Many men call me because I am a black cock whore. It is no secret that I am a fan of those huge anacondas. I have been chugging big black dicks since I was a schoolgirl, so I have lots of stories to share. I also cuckolded my ex-husband. Most men who call me asking about the big black cocks I have had in my life are black cock faggots or wannabes. Sometimes, I meet such guys in real life too. Over the weekend, I was at the truck stop partying with some black truckers. There was this white loser pumping gas when I got into the back of a cab. I saw the look he gave me. It was sort of the race traitor look, but that was just his spiel, I guess. Because he did not lay into me for long before he was begging for some BBC for himself. I think some men struggle admitting that they want big black dicks. They do not want to be labeled gay. There is gay then there is being a black cock faggot. They are not the same. When me and my black trucker buddies party, we get freaky. My black buds will fuck any white ass or mouth. It could belong to a trailer trash whore like me or it could belong to a black cock faggot like the loser pumping gas. My pals used him up too. They fucked his mouth and his back door pussy. They laughed at him. They filled him up with cum too. They even made him say things like, “I’m gay for big black dick.” It was like he had a pussy for the night because my black studs filled him up with as much cum as they did me. I was a little jealous and he was in heaven. Do not fret. They will fuck you too.

Cum Guzzling Slut Duo

cum guzzling slutI am a cum guzzling slut. I love the taste of cum. I will drink cum straight from the source. I will also lick it out of a pussy or ass. I like to snowball jizz, especially with my daughter. My son and daughter were over last night. They visit me a couple times a week. My son comes over anytime he is horny and there is no skank around to take care of his dick. Mommy is his favorite skank anyway! His sister is his second favorite skank. Well, I was getting high, like I always do when they arrived. They brought weed and booze. So, we had ourselves a party. Getting high makes my daughter and me horny. It has a similar effect on my son too. We enjoy incest, especially this past year. It is never difficult for a trailer trash whore to get cock, but my daughter and son were more cautious than I am. I figured with all I drink and put up my nose, no stupid virus was staying alive in my system for long.  I put some coke on my son’s hard cock and did my line. He immediately rammed his dick inside me. Coke makes his cock last longer. My daughter was underneath us to catch some cum that was dripping out her momma’s snatch. She would lick my clit too. My son came a huge load. Because my daughter is a cum whore like me, she drank his jizz out of my pussy like she was guzzling a beer. While she was being a creampie slut my son got hard again. This time he fucked my asshole. Damn, we did that all night. Sometimes it was me under my daughter while my boy fucked her. My daughter and I never get jealous. We take care of each other and clean each other up.

White Trash Phone Sex is No Taboos

white trash phone sexNothing is off limits when you are a white trash phone sex woman. Guys ask me often what my limits are, and I always respond that I have not discovered any yet. Furry friends, gang bangs, BBC, age play, bathroom play, incest… Not much I have not tried. I had a caller this weekend who was pretty much no taboos like me. He has a girlfriend, and they have a daughter and son they are raising in the family way. They like to party like me. He is bisexual so plays with his son and his daughter, so does his girlfriend. She likes big black dicks. Neither of them have taboos. I found myself a little jealous though for a couple reasons. Both had folks who played with them when they were little and of course, they have each other now. My ex-husband did not appreciate how kinky I was. He did not like that I wanted to play with our son. He did not like that I wanted to fuck black cock and teen boys either. I have always been a trailer trash whore. My ex grew up in trailer parks too. He liked to drink beer and watch porn, so I thought he would evolve with me. Alas, I am alone. But I have my taboo callers and my son and daughter and all the black and young men who fuck me too. Life is good, but it could always be better with a partner in crime.

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