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I’m An Anal Cum Dumpster For Massive Loads

anal cum dumpster

My daddy made me into a good anal sex whore. He used my cunny and tight pink puckered asshole as hs personal playground for years feeding me the good nose candy and telling me that My body would be my only escape form the hood. He was right when Jackson found me on the street corner selling my pussy for a line of coke at a time. He was a massive man who moved kilos and made “home movies” of young whores trying to make a living wage. He brought me to O’ Mileys up the street with a proposal. We were knocking back shot and doing lines in the bathroom between blowjobs and fucking my sweet little ass. In fact, I was auditioning for his next movie. Teens Hooked on BBC, The anal Diaries. He brought me to his set and There waited five black cocks ready to fuck my young drunk ass. I was pulled to the pool outside and there they began filming the drunk sex porn that would help me get my own place and become a name in the stripper industry. Who knew white trash could pay off one day?

Cum Dump Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sex

I do what a trashy shemale phone sex whore does. I look for cock in every place I can. I look for ways to give my cock to men. Tonight, I spent some time on the corner looking for men who might pay for a blow job or to get a nice tight ass hole reamed. Shawn pulled up in a nice black Lincoln and asked if I wanted a ride. I was wearing my sunflower daisy dukes and my yellow halter top making sure I showed off my big fake tits. I am always cautious of a man who might not know that I have a dick. I leaned in and said baby I have a little extra than most women, is that okay? A smile lit up his face and he said I was counting on it. I jumped in waved to the other girls selling their wares and took off straight towards downtown. We didn’t make it that far we stopped at the Cavern a pay per hour place I knew well. In minutes I was sticking my tongue down his throat and he was grabbing for my tranny dick in my shorts. I was hard and he whispered in my ear that he was going to be my cum dumpster tonight and he would pay men big bucks to fuck him over and over. As I felt his cock rise My only response was for him to fuck me back just as hard with the thick dick he had.

I Was The Anal Cum Dumpster

He tricked me today and made me his Bitch. I was high and elated after taking one of my little bitches on and his girlfriend earlier in the morning. He showed up then and decided I was going to be his anal cum dumpster today. He is always so cunning and sweet to me. Always sweet talking me and kissing me sweetly. Those sweet kisses are usually accompanied by his twisted little ways in how he’ll pinch my nipples and nibble my neck. He know just what to do to make me let my guards down. I’m so ashamed in how easy he had me. That cock thrusting in my t-girl ass. The way he stroked my cock as he fucked me like a bitch. I guess all Doms get a little switching sometimes. I must admit though, I really kind of like it.

Anal cum dumpster

Give me more cock

anal sex whore

OH YES BABY!! i fucking love two cocks in me at the same fucking time. A big fat fucking cock in my tight cunt and my little asshole stretching me! Holy shit i love it! I just need all the fucking cock i can take. I am addicted to getting rode hard and seeded in! Young, Old, Middle age As long as you can fuck i will ride that cock! The harder you fuck me the more i crave. I want you to absolutely destroy my cunt and my shithole where i can barely move and wonder if I will ever be able to fuck again! My dream is to have two cocks in each of my fucking slut holes with cocks spraying cum all over my body and drenching me from head to toe in their hot seed!

Making You My Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whore

He was one of those shy nerdy types. He didn’t know that soon he would be my anal sex whore. I invited him over to my place to watch some new Anime and smoke a fat bowl of the good Kush I just got. But this tranny whore had other ideas about how the night would go. I laced the Ganja with a little crack and as he got fucked up watching some hot hentai. I went and put on my little catholic school costume and surprised my nerdy man. It did not take long of me pumping my hips for him to find my big shemale phone sex cock under my pleated short skirt. I popped it in his mouth like a pacifier and told him to suck his mistress hard! My big fake breast bouncing joyfully as I face fucked my little bitch made quite the show. And all it took was me saying bend over and stick that beautiful ass in the air for me to have full access to a little ass pussy. I pumped and pumped until I blew my load. Bitch boy blew all over my loveseat, so I made him lick his own load up before we continued our naughty roleplay all night fucking long! Bet you wish you were my bitch boy right about now, huh baby?

Anal Cum Dumpster Ready To Play

anal cum dumpster

Ever since I was a young girl I have been an anal cum dumpster whore! I will never forget my first time taking it up the ass and I kind of want to re-live that moment with someone who has a massive cock like he did and someone who equally appreciates filling up my little asshole with cum. I love feeling that cock stretch me open, especially after it’s been some time and my asshole is nice and puckered up. It’s almost as if it’s winking at you and taunting you to enter it. I want you to work that fat cock in nice and slow before you build up a nice fucking rhythm. We’ll feed off of one another’s bodies responses and it won’t be long until we are hitting that much needed spot for both of us. I intend on milking the cum right out of your cock by massaging it with my tight little asshole. I’m already extremely wet thinking about how good it’s going to feel you pump my asshole up full of cum. Once you’ve done that. I will immediately plug it up with my pink jeweled ass plug, so that I can savor that wetness and sensation.

Selling Pussy In A Vegas Brothel

black stripper sex
My first experience with a legal brothel in Vegas was too scandalous to write home about. I went out to a ranch that had 6 other girls. We all were prostitutes. Guys would come out to the ranch and pick which one of us they liked. We would go back and fuck in a lavishly decorated VIP room. Most of the men were 6 figure ballers. We made a lot that weekend sucking and fucking. Of course our pimp collected a share of our money we made selling pussy. But the ranch was so exquisite I felt just excited to be there. We had free lodging and meals. Tanning and hair and make-up team keeping us looking good. So if you ask me how the brothels are in Vegas I’ll say come out and let me show you what this mouth do. I may sell pussy on a ranch but I’m the most popular hooker on these streets. I’ll fuck any man I meet for the right price.

Tight Tranny Phone Sex Ass Pussy

Tranny phone sexI do have the tightest ass pussy for a tranny phone sex whore. I am a two-way slut! I love to pop my ass right down on the biggest cock I can find. Shit rolling my bowl, smoking some tina as I am bouncing on a cock is the best night for me. I am a filthy chick with a big dick, And I always take turns. I fuck you; you fuck me. I blow you, you blow my cock. My mother is probably rolling over in her grave because she is the whole reason, I am this much of a drug-addicted slut. But wouldn’t you love to have a tranny with her big tits bouncing and he cock flopping as she rode you? Men pay good money for some nasty crack whore anal. Now don’t you call yourself a faggot that’s my job, straight men can enjoy some shemales pleasures and get fucked up with me. Shhh, I won’t tell that you love big fat Henrietta dick! Let me gap your ass and then fill me up with your hot creamy sperms!

I Love Being A Hoe

Black stripper sex
I get so wet when I fuck random men I meet on the street corner. I have become your favorite hoe. Every weekend you know I’m going to be out on the corner and you can’t wait to hit this pussy again. I always wear them stockings and heels you like. I send you sexy photos when I’m getting ready so you know when to come pick me up. I sometimes bring another hot girl with me. And we do a two for one special. There are no limits to how freaky I will get. I will let all your homeboys fuck me too. I like having them run at train on me. One time I fucked five guys in a row. My pussy was so sore afterwards that it was hard to walk. I am a whore with no shame. I will fuck married men and when their wife is calling on their cell phone looking for them. I will keep fucking on they mans.

Big Dick Sucker Tranny Josie

You know this girl has a weakness for the big dick. I’m not too proud to admit that I am indeed a Big dick sucker. I am an anal whore for the BBC. I love to be the dominant shemale I am but I tell you my weakness is for gobbling down a nice big dick. I will wrap my cock sucking lips around any cock bigger than mine. I will throb for feeling it pound my sweet tranny ass. I was hooking the other night and one of the top crack dealers of my hood was about. I wanted that fucking nigger dick of his in a bad way. I heard the other girls go on about that monster black cock and I was going to get some. I flirted him up, and it seems he has a little weakness of his own. A tight assed crack whore blonde like myself fit the bill, tranny dick and all, I had what he wanted and he gave me what I wanted.

Big dick sucker

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