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Million Dollar Joystick

Live Phone Sex It was a slow night at the club and most of us girls were playing with each other to keep our smooth shaved pussies wet and ready for the next client!

The only girl that really had any action was the new bitch and she was only giving it away for free to her boyfriend!

She thought she was all that cus she had a cock to go home to….so we had to go mean girl on her ass!

I started dancing and teasing him with my tits in his face and sliding my almost bare ass in his lap until he was rock hard and dripping!

I told him that we needed to do a private session and he just looked at his girl like a puppy asking permission!

I laughed and said she could come to…after all…it’s only fun if she is watching me fuck her man into mind blowing bliss!

I worked his cock like it was a million dollar joy stick, sucking it and worshipping it like it was fruit from a god!

And that bitch’s eyes got so big as she stood there and watched her mans mighty meat disappear into my tight ass!

I shook my puckered fuck hole all over that beefy cock and let him marinate my juicy rump with all his creamy cum!

As she watched that cock spit drip from my gaping shit hole, I couldn’t resist looking over my shoulder and smiling as I asked her if she wanted a taste!


Nice guys finish last

cum eating phone sex

I had a guy once be so smitten with me he would do everything in his power to make me smile. I, of course, never paid him any mind. I don’t really like submissive men. I like men who will take over and show me what a nasty whore I am. After an atrocious date, I agree with going back to his place to have a drink, and once I would be done, Id goes my merry way. I was quite the guest because both his roommates were all horned up at just my presence. I was pleasantly surprised his roommates were actually handsome and interesting.

My date ended up spilling some liquor all over him. I think he was all jittery and nervous with me around. While he was away getting cleaned up in the shower, I acquainted with his roommates. I got on my knees like the perfect cum eating phone sex slut and ended up deep throating and swelling those loads. My date had no clue.

In need of a cum dumpster

cum dumpster

The boys love to have game night and watch their favorite sports team battle it out. Unfortunately, this particular night isn’t a great one. Their team has lost, and they are each so bummed out. Not even my delicious treats can cheer them up. My boyfriend and all his closest friends, however, have something else in mind. They want me to do the honors and cheer them up.

How can I possibly say no to being their cum dumpster? I want that more than anything, so I am all in for their pleasure. My holes are each fucked and filled. I’m certain I will be sore for weeks on end.

I am enjoying all the attention, and I won’t stop till I get them all to turn those frowns upside down. I am one heck of a cum slut and enjoy it all and can’t stop begging for it. I’m a cum obsessed girlfriend and want to please all the time.

the town whore!

creampie slut


One thing I notice all the time is how men of all ages look at a girl like me and can’t stop looking. Of
course, it doesn’t hurt that I’m horny all the time. Do you have any idea what it’s like to talk about sex all
day long on the phone? It feels like my pussy is always wet and my nipples are always so hard they
almost hurt!
Yesterday, I went to get a coffee in the afternoon, and the coffee shop is next to a bar. I’m too young to
go to the bar but I saw an older guy step out. I heard him say on his phone, “Man, they’re all used up
and they want to wine and dine before they’ll put out.”
Well, the guy was just what I like, an older man, and when he put his phone down, I walked right up to
him and said, “I’m not used up. I’m young, tight, and ready.”
I was horny as hell but I’m not sure I was really ready because he took my hand and pulled me into the
alley between the bar and the coffee shop and before I knew it, he was shoving his dick right into my
mouth. I wanted more but I’m enough of a cum slut that taking his nine inches in my throat felt great
He wasn’t done. After he held me right on his cock and gave me the cum I crave, he bent me right over
some crates in the alley and shoved that long dick of his right into my young little cunt.

Anal Cum dumpster loves torture

anal cum dumpster

Time to come over and fill my mouth with your cock. I want to prepare you to fuck my shit hole. I know you like dirty girls and won’t be pleased unless you are deepthroating a stupid cum slut. All you want is to make me your anal cum dumpster.

You can bet that I won’t ever stop you from getting what you deserve. You need me to be your fuck slut, and I promise I will make you happy. Stretch me out and leave your mark on me.

What else would you like? Ask me anything and do whatever you damn well please I know you will be happy as soon as you have me fucked up and tortured. I want to please only you and nobody else. There’s no reason to stop you when you’re a man, so automatically, you are far more superior than me.

I was born to make men happy and make them cum blast me.

March Madness Gangbang

Gangbang sex storiesIt was march madness when I went to a party there was so many players around! I was taking shots after shots that I blacked out, when I woke up, I was naked and my pussy was being rammed as I looked around, I could see a circle of players around me naked with their cocks out. Before I could say no, I cock was shoved in my throat, I was lifted and made to ride the cock and still sucking the dick. Before I knew it another cock was being shoved into my ass, I felt like I was being ripped open. I felt cum being sprayed all over my face and tits. Then cock started filling me my ass and pussy up with hot cum, I thought it would be over but then the next round of players started taking their turn fucking my ass my pussy and cumming all over me. I stopped moving after the 3rd load I had filling me up, when they were done, they took me into the shower and washed me off and told me to get rest more fun was coming my way. 

Little teen slut!

big dick sucker


As far as I’m concerned, I’m going to enjoy all the sex I can get while I’m young and I have all this energy
and a body that men want. I don’t get girls my age who hold back. As far as I’m concerned, a bad day
where I get to make a dick or three cum is better than a good day doing anything else!
Last week, there was a construction crew on my street. They were doing something with a section of the
sidewalk, and right around lunchtime, I saw the three of them just leaning against the truck. Well, I
couldn’t waste an opportunity like that, and you should have seen how they looked at me when I
walked up wearing tight, tight shorts and a tee-shirt so small my young tits were practically on display!
It didn’t take any time at all for the men to stop leaning against their concrete mixer truck.
Let me tell you something. I’m glad I’m young. I don’t know if I could have handled a big dick in
my throat, a big dick in my pussy, and a big dick in my ass all at the same time if I wasn’t. Sure, I may be
a little teen slut but I’m a happy little teen slut, and I wouldn’t give up all the eight, nine, and ten-inch
cocks I get to play with for anything at all.

Thank You Easter Bunny!

I know it is Easter and most mommies are hiding eggs and handing out chocolate to their tiny little ones in pretty dresses.

Well, I am not most mommies and this deal was too good to pass up!

I made a deal with the devil last night at the club and he had some chocolate that he wanted to feed my young pre-whore!

So I cleanedLive Phone Sex her up and made sure that sweet little kitty was licked clean!

I dressed her in a pretty pink dress and told her we were going to get some thick dark chocolate from the Easter bunny!

He took one look at her in her baby girl ruffled panties and his big black cock jumped to attention!

He watched as she hugged my neck while stepping out of those frilly undies and I knew my little girls ass would never be the same as he stroked that dark chocolate!

I started licking her pretty pink rosebud and stretching it as much as possible to prepare the biggest ass stretching of her young life!

I gave that sweet fuck hole one last drizzle of mommies spit before he grabbed her by the hips with his giant black hands!

With his huge helmet head pressed firmly against her tight back door, he gave one long hard slow push!

My little one’s spine had never been so straight as it was with that cock of steel sliding through her body straight up her back bone!

He kept pulling her tiny body harder onto his big thick cock, fucking her until her gaping ass was larger than a Pringle can!

As her body slumped to the floor, dripping with cum, I realized I wasn’t such a bad mommy after all…I mean she got her pretty dress and more thick dark chocolate than any little girl could hope for!

Anal A Girls Bestfriend

Sometimes a woman just needs a big fat cock in her ass. She needs a man to come up from behind her grab her by the neck and tell her how much he wants her and is going to use her. I love it when you bite my body too showing me you are letting the beast out. It gets my pussy wet, so wet you use it to get my ass juicy for you hard cock. All I want is for you to bend me over and shove your hard cock in my, reminds me of how my daddy used to fuck me. He used to come in my room at night and lick my ass until I squirmed, then he would shove his big man meat in me. The first time it hurt but after so many times it felt so good, I wanted more and more. I would lay there and then start bouncing my ass back and I didn’t stop until he would bite me and I felt his cum start filling my ass up. Since then, I need a hard cock inside my ass.Anal cum dumpster

Pissed On Sluts Face

Golden shower phone sexMy master loaned me out to a man who loved watching me piss on someone, I didn’t know I would like it as much as I did! My bladder was full and I was naked so was the slut he picked for me to piss on. He told me I could do whatever I wanted as long as in the end I pissed all over her, I agreed. The first thing I did was sit on her face, I made her lick my cunt and asshole. I fingered her pussy while she licked and sucked on my clit, I stuck my finger in her ass and she flinched so I slapped her and told her to not move and take what I had for her. As I finger fucked her ass, I rode her face and it felt so good being able to use her for my pleasure. I told her to finger my pussy while she ate my ass, the sight of that must have been a turn, my master’s friend pulled his cock out and made me suck it, as I sucked his cock, I started cumming all over her face and that’s when he told me to piss all over her face. I did as I was asked and it made him explode the biggest load in my mouth.

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