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No Taboo Phone Sex Fun

no taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex is the only way to go. I could not do this if I were limited it in what I could talk about. I like talking about forbidden fruit. You know that super young thing you covet but are too afraid to try. Mine are growing up into teens, but a few adopted ones are young and around. One of the newest additions to our family is a sweet little, brown-eyed darling. She is my maid’s granddaughter. We have a complicated family dynamic as our staff often lets us play and use the little one in their family. We compensate them well, just like our clients compensate us well for the use of our sweet teens. We have this regular client who wanted to try something younger. Since we aim to please, we offered up our brown-eyed starlet. This one is going to be a money maker. Since she is pure and untouched, we offered a premium price for her. Virgin jailbait pussy is the most coveted pussy in the world. Last night was the night she made us a mint penny. We gave her family almost half. We are generous pimps. Poor little Rosie though. She was scared and crying. Our client has a big cock that he likes to use on little girls. He paid extra to pop the cherry of our brown-eyed girl’s brown eye too. She is waddling and her baby butthole is destroyed. Nothing that a little TLC cannot fix. I have been pampering my little anal sex whore all day. Everything hurts the first time you do it, but once you become a Lolita for hire, tiny fuck holes adjust. She is a natural and with her age, we can get a premium amount for her at least for a few more years.

Paying My Debt

Gangbang WhoreMy tight pussy has never been  so full of cum before!

I am dripping from my ass and my cum filled cunt!

My tits are caked with crusted cum and my hair is drenched in piss!

I got a little crazy the other night…I don’t know what the hell that stuff was that I took but I was giving away free fucks like they were Canadian pennies!

I was teasing men with my dripping pussy, grinding my ass on their laps and loving the feeling of them growing harder and harder!

I brought every man I could find into the private room and fucked and sucked every damn one of them!

I couldn’t get enough!

But I was so fucked up, I forgot to charge them and so my boss was pissed!

He said I was going to pay for it one way or another!

So he locked me in this damn hotel room and turned me into a gangbang whore until I worked off my debt!

I have dirty men riding my ass all night long!

Long fat fuck sticks pumping my stretched cunt full of cum, thick throbbing cocks dropping their load in my gapping ass, I even had a skanky slut sit on my face while I eat spunk out of her crack whore ass!

A few golden showers later and I only $1100 more to go!

Crack Whore Anal Slut Faggot

Crack Whore Anal

Crack whore anal slut faggot in need of a hot tranny dom is what he is. His cock throbbed for my control over him. I had him down on his knees in front of me and worshipping every inch of this nice big beautiful shemale surprise. I love the way you get weak and nervous for me. You know I have something special in these panties and it requires a little attention. I will warn you though, it isn’t very little. Can you handle my tranny cock and are you willing to worship it and suck it like a good little bitch? I want to own you and that means I will rub my dick and sweaty balls all over your cock slut little whore face. We can play a game. Your hands tied behind your back and your mouth open trying to catch my big shemale fuck stick as I slap you in the face with it. Lets see how hungry you are for me baby. Kneel before your big tranny cock goddess like a good slave.

My ass is bleeding!

hardcore anal sex

I am still walking funny from the hardcore anal sex we had a few nights ago. After a few shots and a couple of lines I was game for anything. You grabbed me by the hair and forced my mouth onto your cock. You shoved it in and out for a few minutes until it was dripping wet and you then picked me up and slammed your cock into my ass with nothing but my own spit as lube. You held onto my hips so that I couldn’t get away as you slid that man meat in and out of my pucker. Pretty soon it was starting to hurt and I was screaming to try to get away. You were having none of that though and just continued plowing into me. Your cock was getting harder and started swelling more the closer you came to cumming in my asshole. I was doing my best to try to get loose but you didn’t care about anything but getting your nut off. Your fingers left bruises on my hips as you finally came in my ass. The cum was mixing with the shit and was starting to leak out. The mix causing the tearing I had on my rosebud to sting and bleed more. I passed out a short time later and woke up to a big mess, you were also out cold and covered in shit and cum. What a fucking night and I can’t wait to do it again!

Used As An Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster

Who do you think you are, passing up using me like an anal cum dumpster? I bet you want to look all nice and proper for your prick friends, but what you don’t know is I spend my weekends getting gangbanged by your rich pretty boy friends. My asshole gets gaped regularly by three or more men who just want to use my tight anal fuck hole like their own personal pocket pussy. They just want to use my little Black Eyed Susan to jack themselves off inside of me. And then you know what? I get used as a cum dump receptacle.

My pussy is getting drippy from my ass getting stretched out and pounded so much! As soon as one hot piece of meat leaves me, another one lubes up and slides in to take his place and fill that hole left in me. During the week, I have to wear a thick, heavy butt plug. Otherwise, I feel so empty. One way or the other, my cunt is soaked. Do you still think you’re too good of a white collar Walter to fuck a white trashy milf druggy coke whore PMommy bitch like me?

A Big Dick Sucker and A Coke Whore for New Year’s Eve

big dick suckerI rung in the new year being a big dick sucker and a coke whore. Nothing special from any other night, LOL. I am all that and more 352 days a year. Last night, I was with my daughter, her boyfriend, my son and few of his friends. Small party in the trailer, but it was not boring. I do not do boring. We started off with body shots on my body. Slippery nipples and other naughty shots to get people drunk. I mean you cannot end a shit decade sober, can you? I did lines off my son’s cock. A few more lines off my daughter’s pussy and I was feeling great. My daughter and I went down on my son together. While we polished his rod, his friends fucked our asses. I got filled up with cum and shit it out into my daughter’s mouth. Coke brings out my nasty freak side. So does tequila and I was doing plenty of that too. My daughter and I shared her boyfriend too. He had the biggest dick there. Of course, he is not white. She is a bbc whore like her mommy. I learned early on from my mama that nigger dicks are the best dicks. I passed that on to my daughter. Now, I fuck all kinds of dicks. Sure, I love to be savagely fucked by a big Nigger dick, but I like those hairless dicks too. I guess what I really am is a taboo whore. I like to fuck folks an old white woman is not supposed to fuck like young boys, Niggers and her own son. I had it all last night too like a true trailer trash whore. I fucked my son. I fucked my daughter’s black boyfriend, and I fucked the young boy next door who snuck out of his trailer to join the party. Hell, I am still high and full of cum. So far, I am loving 2021.

This was a surprise!


shemale phone sex

I’m gonna tell you about some shemale phone sex I had yesterday. My favorite trucker came by to find me at my trailer park and on his walk over he found a baggie that he picked up and brought with him. He found me a short time later and after a quick hug I invited him into my trailer. As soon as he was in I slammed the door closed with his back and climbed my lumberjack like a tree. He produced the baggie and I got my lighter, spoon and syringe out. As we waited for it to liquefy we made out and started getting naked. He took the syringe and sucked up that liquid high and gave me my taste first. Oh god it was great to fly high. As I was reaching my peak he picked me up and sat me down on his cock. My asshole stretched and I felt the head slide in followed by the rest a short time later. As he was fucking me I heard the door open and my neighbor walked in, she is A beautiful woman and I was all for it. What my guy didn’t know was that she also was packing a 9” cock that she loves to have sucked. She could tell that I was too far gone and so she presented it to him. He opened his mouth and sucked that cock like a paid whore. It didn’t take too much more pumping from either cock before I had one exploding in my ass and the other in his mouth. He grabbed my head and we fed the cum back and forth for a while until there was no more left. I can’t wait for my trucker to roll through again

Druggy Whore Gaped During Anal


I was staring down, by far, the thickest cock I’d ever seen. BY all standards, that drooling monster wasn’t much fucking longer than my usual sprinkling; maybe nine inches. But he was so thick! He grinned down at me. “I said bend over, bitch.” He slapped me, hard, and that made my cunt spit. I bent the fuck over in his musty, worn cab. He spit on my little tight asshole, and lit a blunt comparable to his cock. He downed half of it, and passed it to me as he began to rub circles around my dirty posy with his callused thumb.Hardcore Anal Sex

I took some hard hits, preparing myself. Before I knew it, he was one, then two, now three fingers deep in my once tight anal fuck hole. I was crying, but really starting to love the way he was finger fucking me, and playing ring around the rosy with my little clitty. I was soaked when he slid that thick monster into my ass. He gaped me the fuck out. I knew my fuck hole was never going to be the same. Old Karl with the wide fucking cock; he left me a nasty cream pie, and paid me for an extra hour just to watch it ooze from my ass.

Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal Cum Dumpster Beverly

anal cum dumpsterI was an anal cum dumpster for Christmas. It was just my daughter, son and I celebrating, but my daughter and I were in a gang bang mood. My son called up a few dozen of his friends to come up and spread some joy to his mommy whore and slut sister. My son planned on joining in too. He can never just watch and stroke. Well, he can, just not for long. His friends were happy to blow off their family to join our kinky family fun. I have fucked almost all my son’s friends over the years. Most of them before they could drive. A couple of my son’s friends brought their younger brothers to introduce them to the joys of fucking a trashy milf. I was high and drunk. So was my daughter. When the boys arrived, we got in the position to best take those hard dicks. Side by side on all fours, we showed the boys we were ready to fuck. I am an anal whore, so I told the boys to fuck my ass. I cannot get knocked up anymore because I am in my 50s, but some of the boys liked pretending they were knocking up a dirty old whore. My arm was interlocked with daughter’s arm. We kissed as the boys fucked our assholes. We could both feel hot cum running out our assholes and down our legs. It was such a turn on. I love sharing cocks with my girl. My son came around to the front of us with a couple of the younger boys and demonstrated to them how to skull fuck two bitches. My daughter and I love it when we have a cock in each end. We got to give a few boys their first cums not from their own hands. By the end of the day, cum was oozing out of our assholes and we had bellies full of jizz. I started to shit the cum out of my ass to feed my daughter, but my son wanted to clean up my butthole. I always knew my daughter was a creampie slut, but my son surprised me. He saved some of that hot butthole cream to snowball his mommy and sister with. Best Christmas ever.

Merry Cum Filled Christmas!

Gangbang WhoreThis has been the best Christmas ever!

There were big fat cocks as far as I could see!

My boss threw us girls the most amazing party last night and instead of us grinding our asses in men’s laps and feeling those hard cocks rise, they were stroking for us!

There were at least six men with their cocks hanging out all thick and hard and we didn’t even have to work for it!

They were so eager to stuff that meat in any fuck hole we would offer!

Well word must have gotten out that I am a big dick sucker!

I love a nice meaty cock filling my mouth and sliding down my throat!

So when the first guy came up to me and put that meat on my lips, how could I not just grab right a hold and start licking that dripping head!

But I must have been very good this year because his friend was nice enough to slide his big dark snake into my tight ass while I was getting fucked in the face!

My ass was so tight that he was only two strokes in before I drained every drop of cum from his ball sack!

But the best was when they all lined up, and one by one, pumped and dumped their warm creamy load in my tight bald cunt!

I was the happiest little creampie pie slut in the joint, dripping from mouth to ass and tits to cunt!

Merry Cum filled Christmas to me!



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