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As an anal cum dumpster I am always having my asshole pounded and used.  Only big ones get to go up my asshole.  Stretch it out make me scream make me ask for more make me beg for more. The better you fuck me the more I want it and it becomes quite the addiction for me.  Yes I am not a role model to any girl any woman I am slut that wants only a man to nut all over her ass cheeks. The warm jizz feels so good it makes me want to be a slut for life.  There’s no limits when it comes to me I am a whore that will do it all happily. Double penetration is my absolute favorite.

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I got a sloppy wet pussy thinking of all the fun my baby boy and I are going to have this weekend. We are on a mom and son vacation to Vegas. Want to know a secret? My son is bisexual. He loves shemales, but he has never been with one. I catch him all the time watching shemale domination porn videos. Vegas is Sin City. I can get him whatever he wants. He is not old enough to hire his own hooker, but I can do it for him. I figure for the right amount of money, a shemale will turn a blind eye to the real age of my son. He looks 4 years younger than he really is, which does not help when we want to pass him off as old enough to vote. Funny, the hookers for hire are hiring hookers. I love paying for sex. I bet you do too. You get what you want. My son and I got on TS4Rent. If you have never been there, you should check it out. You can find a sexy tranny in any country. I was so happy that the first one I reached out to was available at that moment and close by at another Vegas hotel. We showered up and greeted her at our hotel door. She had a nice cock. Not too big and not too small. Just right for a teenage virgin asshole. I have done some prostate milking with my son, but he has never had a cock in his ass. She was a dominant shemale. She owned my son for 90 mins. I do not think I have ever seen him cum so hard before. His dick was not even being touched. That meant this sexy shemale hit his prostate. Even though I have played with is ass before, I still had to stimulate his dick to make him cum. But a shemale phone sex star made my boy shoot his load across the room. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?


Cum Guzzling Slut Beverly Loves Cum So Much

cum guzzling slutI am a cum guzzling slut. Everyone who knows me, understands this. It is getting to be cum cube season. Do you know what that means? It means that I need to start collecting as much cum as I can to keep it on hand for those extra hot days. Nothing cools off a dirty old cougar better than a cum cube. I will suck on them. I will put them in my drink. I will put them in my pussy too, or my ass. My hot holes melt a cum cube quickly which makes me feel like I just got a hot load shot inside me. I am a cum dumpster. Men in my trailer park get excited for cum cube season too. No one minds contributing jizz to my cause. Last night, I entertained several younger men in my trailer who wanted nothing more than to give me some cum to freeze. It was a struggle not to swallow it. I love cum. I have always been a swallower. In fact, I could easily swallow a gallon of a cum a day. But I was on a mission. I had to be good. I had a pitcher near me. When a guy would shoot his load in my mouth, I would spit it out in the pitcher. Some guys could give me two loads. I think I sucked off 10 guys last night, 5 of them twice. So, I had 15 loads of cum. That filled one ice tray completely. Cum is denser than water, so you need more of it to fill up an ice tray. I want thick cum cubes. I froze my loads immediately last night and tested one this morning. So, fucking yummy. This trashy milf has only just begun. Every night, for all of summer, I will guzzle as many cocks as I can and save the jizz for my cum cubes. This old broad needs all the cum she can get.

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Trashy milf Stripper sex gets nasty when you crave the extreme. Nothing gets more extreme than a prolapse anus oozing with spunk. My stripper ass gets pounded out pretty hard. All the BBC I take it’s no surprise that thing gets prolapsed really good. 

One night there was a younger stripper in the VIP room with me. I was showing the ways of taking that BBC and making those massive cocks cum like champs. She was easy to train and a total freak.

This slut got down and dirty and started to lick and suck the jizz from my prolapsed anus. She suck and licked my prolapsed like she was worshipping a BBC. I really can’t deny that turned me the fuck on.

Once we got this young trainee for BBC pounded out, things got nastier. This cum slut was a total champ moaning and begging like a good whore. I love training a new nigger slut whore.

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partying like a good druggy phone sex slut

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My friend Clara invited me to her house because she would take me on an adventure. We went to a big party for the elites, basically anyone in the music industry. I was all kinds of naughty stuff happening all around. People were getting high and fucking like crazy. There were all sorts of substances, and I knew to keep myself horned up and ready to try anything at least once. All kinds of pills were there and the curiosity got to me and I had to try. It felt so good to have a wet cunt. Druggy phone sex is indeed my lane. Clara and I fucked all kinds of musicians and did so with no condom. A real whore like me knows how to party.

Tranny Phone Sex Fantasy Rape Gangbang | Sexy Shemale Josie

Tranny phone sex is what he called for and boy did he get it. This guy let out that he was going out to this club that is in the next town over.

We had a nice talk and he really seemed to need what I have.
So, I decided to call up three of my t-girlfriends and take a night out to this very club. I filled the girls in on my plans.

As expected we managed to figure out the targeted guy.
Once we honed in on him all looking sexy and feminine. It was easy to seduce him and got him to come with us for a party at my place. My sexy girls and I rented a limousine and were getting him so fucked up.
In reality we didn’t want to wait and there was a good 90 minute drive to my place. We decided to tie him up and give him the fantasy rape of four big dicked shemales.

He was forced to cum for us four times.

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Deidra is a Big dick sucker Creampie Whore

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I love being on my knees being a Big dick sucker. Men love when I am worshiping cock in my heels with my actual heels up in the air. If you’ve even had a cock in your mouth you would definitely know how amazing it feels to submit to hard cock in your mouth. Especially men with titles or superior positions. And I don’t just mean what they do with work. Having a man who knows how to weld his cock with my mouth in a way that I know who’s in charge is my favorite pastime. No matter how many different men I find who can dominate my mouth I still crave more.

Last week my neighbors wife left him. He has been my neighbor since I moved to Texas 3 years ago. We are good god fearing people but I think the devil must be in him. Once she moved out the next day he asked me to come over. He bluntly told me he was single to mingle. He must have know what type of whore I am. I just didn’t respond because I know my weaknesses. So he started sending me cock pics as soon as he knew we were both home alone. Maybe he has a camera in my house and he was watching me because within moments of me trying to ignore the hot rod picture he sent me, he knocked on the door.  It only took a moment of him being in the house. He had barely stepped into the door and locked it before he dropped his trousers. Staring at that cock made my mouth water and cunt juices flow. All I could do was simply drop to my knees. I didn’t want to suck him off but I have an addiction that is cock and cock pleasure. By the time he placed his hands on my head I had wrapped my hands around his ass and was masterbating my throat with his cock.

Deidra loves being a Blonde fucking Slut

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They say Blonde fucking sluts have more fun. Well it’s true. I feel like most women will never know how fun it is to be desired by most women. When I go places I come with the wind and I can almost always feel the cocks come to attention when I arrive. But I crave being a whore and of service to stiff pricks. My hair might be blonde but my twat is bald and my cunt is wet. Sometimes I just wonder how don’t all women lay down in service to men and their wonderful rods full of cum. On the side I service parties of men and allow them to pump me full of jizz so that I am an Anal sex whore. When I get a party reserved I always let them know there are no limits with a cum dump like me. But honestly I don’t have the discipline to not allow them to do whatever they want whenever they want.

Anal Cum Dumpster for all that BBC – Trashy Milf BJ

Just an anal cum dumpster when it comes to getting high and taking that Big black cock. Stripping, partying and fucking are my daily grind as a Trashy milf. This is the only way I want to live. Giving my holes up for drugs and nigger dick.

We can get quite fucking filthy and wild. I love to take a lot of satanic nigger dick and have fun with scat. Some of my niggas are really filthy mother fuckers and I truly love the filth. We get nasty and wild.

Anal cum dumpster

Fucking my prolapsed anus and shitting out sperm and crap all over that white boy bitches face. This is just another filthy caller still. I have so many hot and nasty calls I get down and filthy with and I won’t be stopping soon.

Get under Mama BJ’s cunt and watch it get plowed by nigger dicks. Eat my ass out and taste their nigger dick must and all that gooey jizz.

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Dirty Phone Sex Stories Are Plentiful with an Old Whore

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex stories are plentiful with me. I am a dirty old whore. I was at some dive bar last night. Only kind I go to. It was a mix of guys. Working class bar. Black men, white men, old and young. Mostly guys in the trade craft world. Plumbers, electricians and folks like that. I was not looking for cock. I figured I was too old for men my age. I was wrong. Just about every man in the bar bought me a drink. I can hold my coke. I do better than the average woman, but a working-class Joe who kicks back a few beers an hour. Yeah, I was out of my league, but that did not stop me from trying. I was too drunk to drive. Hell, I was too drunk to find my car. A few guys my age drove me home. I invited them in for a drink. They were gentlemen. I am not used to that. I was thinking they could turn me into an anal cum dumpster in the dive bar bathroom and leave me until I woke up in a pool of my own puke. Instead, I had to convince them to fuck me. I told them I am not their wives. I am a whore. A dirty old whore. I shared some Mary Jane with them. Then, I did what I do best. I pulled out their cocks and blew them dry. They came easily for old men. A lot of cum too. I did not point out the obvious to them. But I knew their wives were worthless. The did some lines of coke with me and that brought those old cocks back to life quickly. I got to be a cum dumpster for my peers. I cannot remember the last time I fucked a guy in his 50s. It is usually the younger men who want this old whore. Well, now at least three old plumbers in my city want to fuck this old broad. They are skipping the bar tonight and partying at my place.