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Scat Phone Sex

scat phone sex


I wanted to be a nasty girl today. I felt like fucking some hot asses. I bent those bitches over and fucked the shit out of them. I mean this literally. I shoved my fat tranny dick so far down those dirty asses that I could feel the shit coming out as I pounded them. I needed them to be so fucking dirty for me. I made one lay on the floor while the other one stood over her and shit all over her tits and stomach. The rubbed and played all in each other’s shit. They kept telling me how much they loved it because it ws so warm and mushy. After I was done fucking them like the good dirty whores they were, I made them get on their fucking knees and suck my dick clean. They couldn’t stop sucking it until I was satisfied. What they didn’t know was that wasn’t going to be until the shit was all licked off and my cum was squirting all over their dirty shit covered faces.

Suck My Cock

I got my fat tranny cock sucked really good tonight. He tried to act like he didn’t know what he was doing but I could tell he was going to be a great cock sucker even if he was trying to be shy. I had to show him what I wanted, or well maybe it would be better if I said that I had to make him do what I wanted. I wanted my fat cock deep in his throat. I wanted to hear him gagging and choking on my cock. I wanted to feel all of his spit, all over my cock. I had to shove his head all the way down on my swollen cock, so that I could feel that spit running down my dick and balls. I fucked his throat as if I was fucking a pink bald pussy or tight ass. I fucked his mouth and throat so good. As soon as I was getting close to cumming, I slammed my cock down his throat and held his head so he couldn’t go nowhere until I pumped my last drop of cum down his throat. I fucked his throat as if I was fucking a pink bald pussy or tight asshole.

hooker phone sex

Dirty Phone Sex Tranny Josie

I’m a slut for dirty phone sex. It’s true that I have a cock, and yes my cock is beautiful and big. My tits are perfect and I ma a slender, sexy blonde. I love nothing more than to let you watch me take a big bull cock in my tranny cunt as you worship my shemale cock with your cock sucking faggot mouth. I like to be a part of the fucking faggot culture and be as filthy as we can get together. I’m a lover of sucking glass dicks with crack rock and sucking big black dicks from my dealers gang of bull cocks. I also love making my fagboy lovers and clients suck those big black bull cocks also. I will let you worship every inch of this beautiful ladyboy cock and you will love looking up at these tits as my dick is stuffing your mouth. You will be on all fours and you may be lucky and get a nice ass gaping of that BBC if your a good slut. Dirty Phone Sex

BBC Slut Maker

Gangbang whoreMy profile says “Mommy Slut Maker”.

That doesn’t just refer to my own little brat!

Some girls don’t know how lucky they are to have a nice thick cock at home that wants to fuck them all the time. They use their cunts as secret weapons to get what they want.

After weeks of nothing and then a minute vanilla session, they think they are good for another week and their poor men are left with blue balls and needing to get fucked hard!

So they call me and we gangbang her ass until she submits!

I have a whole group of whores that love to help hold her down, strap on an extra large long one and slam her barely used cunt!

If she is a real prude, my pimp joins in and loves stretching her ass out with his big black cock!

But last week I had a guy who was watching that big black cock pump his girl full of cum and I saw the bulge in his pants start to grow!

I nudged my pimp and within seconds he was sliding his cock down the boyfriends throat!

I think he even came while getting face fucked by that giant piece of meat!

He is coming back again for more…let’s see where this goes!



Fucking husband and wife

cum dumpster

Nothing like running a train on a hot couple. It was supposed to be me getting fuck by her husband, but as soon as he seen my delicious fat cock, he wanted to be fucked by it. I wanted him sucking my cock while she sat on my face. Her sweet pussy tasted so good, every time she squirted in my mouth you could see her juices running down the side of my face. Her juices over flowing my mouth. It was making my cock so hard in her husband’s mouth. He was sucking my cock so good. Such a good little cock sucker he is. Once my cock was wet enough, I told him I wanted to watch him fuck his wife’s nice pink pussy doggy style. He was fucking her nice and good. I decided to get behind him and lick his ass a little. Sticking my tongue in it, tongue fucking his ass. Getting that shit nice and ready for my fat cock. Once I felt it was ready for my cock, I grabbed my dick and was running it up and down his ass crack. I was tease he asshole a little with the tip. Finally, I slammed in his tight little asshole. Making his wife moan out with how hard me slamming in his ass, made him slam into her pussy even harder. They both were moaning as I continued to fuck him. It wasn’t long before I was shooting my load in his ass and he followed by cumming in his wife’s pussy.

Anal Crack Whore Loves Her Job

Anal Cum Dumpster
The way you’re addicted to phone sex is the way that I’m addicted to crack, and that’s why I don’t mind being an anal cum dumpster crack whore. People think I do it because I’m desperate for a hit, but in all honesty I kind of like getting my ass stretched out. My favorite thing is when they don’t even stretch me out at all first, and they just start slamming their huge cocks into me. Oh it hurts so fucking good! Some of them don’t even use lube, because they don’t give a fuck about a whore like me. They just want to get off in some tight little hole.

Well I’ll tell you what, it isn’t tight when some of these big boys are done with it! I find that most of the men that really want to slam into my ass have huge cocks. They crave that extra tightness, the dirtiness of it. And it makes my pussy drip either way, so I don’t give a fuck. Getting double-teamed is one of the best things I’ve ever encountered. Having a thick hard cock in my ass, and then one of my tight little cunt? Oh yes, even though I’m a lot lizard whore I’m still tight as fuck. Don’t you doubt that for a second, and if you do, come try for yourself.

Cum Filled Cunt

Eat it up


Cum guzzling slut


Eat it up, eat it like it’s your last meal. As I bent him over I ate his ass like it was my last meal. After I finished I grabbed my strap on and began to fuck him in the ass. I could tell he enjoyed it so I pulled out and grabbed his dick. I began to eat his big cock, swallowing his whole cock whole. Deep throating the cock as I began to cough and chock on his cock for the vibration I heard him moan. Then he quietly whispered yes eat that dick up bitch.  I kept sucking his dick making sure to get real sloppy spit everywhere, as he told me to get on the dick. I got up and hopped on his dick riding his cock. Slowly riding and slowly riding because slow and steady wins the race. Then I kept riding his cock and grinding all on the dick as he came all inside my tight pussy. Come on give me a call so I can eat you up.

Getting my fix

Black Girl Phone Sex



“Suck this dick bitch. Suck this dick until I nut.” I was on my knees again sucking his dick all I could think about was what I was about to get. I started deep throating his shit. Gagging until I was gonna throw up. I had to get sloppy with it and before I knew he came up behind and put his dick in my ass. As he was fucking my ass he began to finger my tight pussy and before I knew we had an audience. He told me to ride his boy. So I straddled that big black cock and rode his dick like no tomorrow. While I was riding his friend’s dick, he stuck his big black cock back in my mouth and I began to suck that dick like it was no tomorrow. I kept going fucking like I had never fucked before and sucking that big cock. As I was about to gag they both came at the exact same time. I got my fix and my pussy got hers.

Drunk Sex Porn with Frat Boys

drunk sex pornThis is what I look like after drunk sex porn. I look like a hot mess, emphasis on hot, LOL. I am more of a coke and weed girl than booze, but I was partying with college boys last night. Rich boys. Trust fund brats who pooled their resources to hire a hot milf for a closed party. The college is in session, but there are no parties. Isn’t that part of the college experience? A few frat houses have been shut down for violating social distancing orders from the dean. I get it. You got to keep folks safe. But college boys need to party and fuck too. I was the only female there. The doors were closed. No university folks would suspect a thing. And if some one saw me coming or going, well I was just checking on my son. Who would guess that a sexy albeit trashy milf was the entertainment at a frat party? I was doing shots with the boys. Lots of mixed shots too. Yager, Jack, Patron and some mixed body shots. I am a sloppy drunk, but that is what they wanted. I was on top of their bar dirty dancing. I encouraged them to pull out their cocks and spray me. Cum shots were coming from every direction. That was just the warmup. I blew cocks. I swallowed loads. I let frat boys run a train on me. I never puked though. I am a hot mess, emphasis on the hot when drinking. I came home smelling like a mix between a porn star and bartender. I reeked of cum and booze. That scent makes my brood horny. No time for a shower when my husband and our boys pounced on me. This dirty mommy is never too worn out or too fucked up to keep the party going.

Pre-Whore Cum Dumpster

My young pre-whore and I finally found a place to rent. But the cost of the rent was more than we bargained for, at least for my short little cum dumpster!

The man that showed it to us said there were no brats allowed, that this was an adults only community. I could see the way he was looking at her as she twirled around, raising her dress high enough to see her panties. That was a look I was very familiar with and so I told him that I think we could work something out, that we were willing to do anythLive phone sexing! Then I watched his eyes as I suggestively ran my fingers down my girls neck and across her young body.

I could see his perv prick growing as he took us into his office. He locked the door and pulled the shades as he pulled out his thick hairy cock and started yanking it!

I slowly undressed her small body, lifting her ruffly dress up over her head and sliding down her white cotton panties,

He was jerking his meat so hard, I thought he was going to yank it right off!

I sat my little slut on the edge of his filthy desk and spread her legs so he could see her tiny puffy bald kitty. He buried his nose against her tiny lips and inhaled her young girl smell before he flipped her over and started tongue fucking her tight shit hole!

His cock was getting fatter and fatter and I knew that meat was going to tear my girls ass apart!

He was not even gentle when he tore the petals off that tight rose bud, forcing his dirty munchkin fucker cock in my lil’ ones ass!

He was still pounding as he burst wide open, filling her stretched, tyke sized booty.

He fell back in the chair, gasping for air as he handed me the keys. He said rent is due on the first and suggested it would be in my best interest to send the princess down to pay!




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