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Sloppy wet pussyI had sex on camera at the leasing office! My landlord and I have a mutual agreement, I don’t pay in cash ever… He allows me to pay with my Sloppy wet pussy juices! I drench his cock every month… He knows I have a dirty little sting going on at my place and he is totally in on it. I have a bad habit and my place is where all the drug dealers hang out. They cook dope in my kitchen and I get free batches of all sorts of different drugs for allowing it! That’s how I got my name “Sinful junkie”…  Somehow I tend to get everything free of charge, I guess that’s what comes with being a sexy exotic bitch with Gigantic tits and a super-soaking Young bald pussy.

Guys just can’t get enough of me… I am that sexy cool babe on the block! All the neighboring Teen whores come over to my place to get their Tiny teen titties gnawed on by the older men. There is this one girl name Sophie they call her the Creampie slut, well that’s because she is always filled with loads of cum. I am the reason for her filthy ways… She would always run away to my house for a getaway! Which only led her down a road of drugs, sex, and money! The young slut cannot get enough…

She has no idea the men that screw her Baby girl pussy have been paying me for her time. Well, I know the little slut is going to give it up for free anyways so I decided to place a price tag on that cummy young slit. Today she and I had sex with three men that had Big black cocks! I got to suck the cum resin that drooled out of her Cum filled cunt.

Anal cum dumpster Carrie is will do anything for crystal!

Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster Carrie is will do anything for crystal! I’ll usually start my day by sucking off some low-life, scumbag dealer just to score some of that crystal. And I don’t just mean a quick little blow job, nah. I’m talking about deepthroating that cock, making it disappear down my throat until it shoots its load of cum right down my throat. Yeah, I’m a dirty cum dumpster, but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get her fix.

Once I’ve gotten my first hit of the day, it’s game on. I’ll head out to the streets, dressed in my skimpiest outfit, looking for my next hit. And let me tell you, I don’t discriminate. I’ll fuck anyone, anywhere, anytime. I’ve done it in alleys, abandoned buildings, and even in the back of a fucking van. And I don’t just stick to regular old vanilla sex. Nope, I’m all about that anal action, I am a motherfucking Anal sex whore! I want your hard cock rammed deep in my ass, pounding away until I can’t even think straight. And don’t be shy, you can call me for some hot crack whore anal phone sex anytime.

I’ll do anything for that rush, that high. I don’t care if you’re old, young, fat, or skinny. As long as you have some crystal, I’m all yours. I’ll even take on multiple guys at once, just to satisfy my craving for that euphoric feeling. And when I’m not out there on the streets, I’m holed up in my little shithole of a room, getting high and fucking myself with whatever I can find. Because let’s face it, a girl can’t rely on dick alone.

So there you have it, folks. That’s my life as a methed-out dirty drug whore named Carrie. It’s not glamorous, it’s not pretty, but hey, it’s the only life I know. And if you think you can handle this, well, give me a call for Crack whore anal action! Let’s get nasty and fucked up together.


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Cum dumpsterA good Cum dumpster knows her best assets are her tits and holes. Men love a nice pair of udders and a tight set of holes to fuck. So whatever you have to do as a woman to keep a man wanting you is what you need to do. The best way to be the best jerk off material is by allowing yourself to indulge in all the perversions that a man gets off to. Which means being readily available for cock and always filming your sessions so he has something to look back at. Plus it’ll help you identify which areas you need to work on to be a better fuck toy for a man. 

Learning how to be a perfect Trailer trash whore is quite simple once you try it for the first time. When you feel that cock slip inside your wet cunt and tight ass hole you will be in heaven. At first it will hurt and you will be sore for a while but you will get used to it. You will learn to figure out how to train your body into always being ready for cock 24/7; your pleasure doesn’t matter. Once you get into the correct mindset you will learn to accept sex and love to fuck because you will crave male attention. Your body and mind becomes weaker and more needy the more you allow yourself to edge in deprivation on every level. 

The most Sexy prostitutes are the ones who learn how to sink themselves lower into submission and humiliation for male satisfaction. At the end of each day you will become more and more pathetic and filthy just to get a cock jammed inside you. Sooner or later you will be just as happy with a man jerking himself off over your tits because at least you are getting some sort of attention in some way. You will start to associate cum with validation and that will be your fuel to be the perfect set of holes and tits for a bastard who needs to cum hard!

Trailer trash whore gets man and his furry friend off

When you are a Trailer trash whore who loves blow you will do anything to party and play. I never go without my favorite nose candy. So, I didn’t hesitate when a client brought his furry friend along. He is a great Dane and there for big boy. But if you do enough blow nothing matters. After he gave me payment and my baggy of drugs, I got ready for a fun night.

Trailer trash whore

First, I did a few lines of blow and then I undressed. My client likes to see me walking around naked. Especially when his man’s best friend gets a whiff of my cunt. Therefore, I wiggled my ass and even twerked for them both. Just like his master his mouth was watering for my cunt. As I was doing my lines his furry friend came up behind me and started sniffing my cunt hole. His nose was cold and wet as he sniffed my asshole.

“Stay like that hoe and let my boy lick you” he demanded of me. I don’t care I’m high and paid and that is all I care about. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of dick or tongue fucks me. Therefore, I spread my legs. Right away his long wide tongue starts to lap over my asshole. “That’s right boy, get her ready to be my Anal cum dumpster” he cheers him on. Then he quickly shoved his cock in my ass. While he fucked me, I just did more blow. Before I knew it he was filling my butt with nut. That’s life of a paid druggy slut. 

Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpsterIm Hazel, I look innocent on the outside but on the inside im nothing but naughty trouble. I love to party nothing like a few shots of tequila and few lines of coke to get the night rolling!  Im a Librarian by day and a wild party girl by night! It all started in high school when i smoked a blunt with my best friend for the first time at a party. I have never been so horny and free all at the same time before. I let three guys fuck my asshole that night and its been a world wind ever since. Now im a cum guzzling slut.

 I want you to fill every last one of my holes! Fuck me swollen and sore daddy. Im craving every last inch of that thick cock slamming into my ass until I squeal. I want you to tell me how much of a dirty whore I am while you do it! I want you to pull my hair making me slam back harder on that cock until you ooze into my asshole. I want to satisfy your every desire daddy while you fulfill my every dream of being daddies favorite girl.Cum guzzling slut

Dirty Cum Slut Has a No Taboo Phone Sex Rule

No taboo phone sexI may bend over for any cock I see but when it comes to No Taboo Phone Sex, I’m not backing (or bending) down. Anything goes in these holes and however we get there, this bitch is long to ride that cock or whatever else you want in my slut holes. Oh, I’m the nastiest of them all! I have no shame and no taboos when it comes to sex. My body is here for one purpose only – to please men and take their cum in any hole they desire. I’ve been called a cum dumpster before, but that doesn’t even begin to describe how much of a slutty white trash whore I am.

I love getting pissed on, especially when it mixes with my own juices down below. It makes me feel so dirty and depraved, yet so alive at the same time. Double penetration? Bring it on! The more cock stretching out my holes, the better. Choking on cock? Sign me up! There’s nothing quite like feeling that thick shaft pushing against my throat as I gag uncontrollably while taking every inch of it down deep into my eager mouth or tight cunt.

As for being an incest whore… well, let’s just say that ever since we all moved out, my brothers have taken full advantage of their newfound access to their little sister’s holes during holidays and special occasions. They’ve fucked me raw, made me suck their cocks clean, and even pissed on my face like it was nothing. And you know what? I loved every second of it! It only makes our bond stronger as a family… or at least that’s what they tell themselves to justify their disgusting actions.

So try me! If you are looking for a nasty girl to be nasty with, you came to the right place!

Anal sex whore

Anal sex whore

You want to come and get a piece of me? I’m such a huge anal sex whore and I can’t get enough dick up my ass! I’ve been doing anal for years now and I absolutely love it and the guys I get with have no complaints about it. I want to tell you just how I like it, so you know exactly how to please this slut!

                Cock in my pussy just doesn’t cut it anymore. I need that thick, pulsing cock in my asshole. I’m such a whore for it that I’ve even taken two nine-inch dicks up my ass at once. There’s nothing like that thickness tearing into my hole and pumping hard and fast in rhythm.

                I just love sex so much, any kind really, and I’ll tell you what else I like. I want you to bend me over the bed like a dirty little slut, ass in the air, back arched up, with your hand or foot pushing my face into the mattress. I can’t hardly breath, but once I feel that cock slip into my asshole, I don’t care!


Anal cum dumpster Hadley gets hubby and BBC for Valentines

Anal cum dumpsterAnal cum dumpster gets her holes filled and emptied them with glee. Oh! That’s so me! Anal sex is so good when I’m coked to the gills. When I get going with ass play it’s never enough to be fucked in my ass. I need a nice hot steamy piss to go along with that dick spurt. 

Anal cum dumpster Hadley shares her ass with Piss and BBC On Valentines

And you know black men just love to see how big of a cock I can take in my back door pussy. Sure sometimes the sheets get messy, but good sex requires a sheet change now and again. Momma Hadley is always up for the challenge of getting some young black cock in her whore ass and twat! I celebrate all holidays so I can get my chalk and a little extra cash. And with Valentines being in the middle of the week I just have to show my Husband I still have what it takes to rock a big black cock.

Here in the privacy of our home, I go a little wild with the BBC, as you can see. My ass gets tested time and time again as My husband and a nice big negra have turns with my little pink asshole. How else can I prove I’m still the anal sex whore he fell in love with years ago? 

Anal Cum Dumpster Bobbie Happily Takes it Up The Ass

Anal cum dumpsterAnal cum dumpster each morning, what’s better that when you shoot that load up my ass as I back into your cock so you give me every inch of that hard long dick!  I love that pain when you first fight to get in in my ass.  I cringe as I feel your head try and break through knowing it is always well worth it!  Once you break through my tight shithole, you push through getting harder as you are deeper in me.  When it gets painful, I just start playing with my throbbing clit to mask the pain of the big cock entering deep within my ass.

I crave that cum inside me so I take the pain and beg for more of you.  Your thick cock throbs inside me and and I scream out in pain and pleasure.  It makes my whole body tingle as I think about the fact that your cock is so far in my ass! I’m your dirty ass slut and your dick is in my shit hole, why is that so damn sexy to me?

I love ass to mouth just as much taking your cock in my throat after it’s been in my ass hole.  I will deep throat a cock like no other after you’ve fucked my ass so hard.  My only deal is I want your cum in my ass hole and I will shove it back in there when I know you are about to explode.  Something about feeling the cream in my ass dripping out later, it makes me feel fulfilled in the craziest sluttiest way.

So give me your cum, give it to me hard and give me as much as you want. Just make sure you give it to me in my ass!  I love Hardcore anal sex in every way so give it to me hard!

Anal cum dumpster misses daddy

I was missing being the best Anal cum dumpster for my favorite sugar daddy, so I asked my dealer to find me a guy who is just like him. First, he has to be ready to party. Then he has to know how to really use me. After we did a few lines he right away pulled out a wad of money. “Let’s really party” said as he did more lines. That is when he winked at me, and I knew it was time for me to undress. Then I took everything off and shook my ass for daddy. “You nasty filthy slut.” he moaned as he spanked my ass hard. His hand left a handprint on my ass.

“That’s it, show her what nasty sluts get” my dealer said while cheering him on. Therefore, he pulled my hair and started spanking me over and over again. I could feel the pain shooting up my body, so I took the mirror and did some lines while getting spanked. All I could think of was my daddy who uses me so well even when it hurts. “Suck his cock bitch” he says as he pulls his cock out. I start swallowing his cock like I do my daddies. Thinking about how hard he fucks my throat, i go down even more.

After almost choking he slaps my face like I normally get from my daddy and says, “do some coke slut”. Again, I do some lines and I snort even the last one he put there for me. As he rubbed my asshole with some blow. “Come fuck this cock slut with that big black dick” he said to my dealer. That did it I was getting fucked just like my daddy gets me rammed. He came in front of me and choked me “more daddy P” I moaned out thinking about my daddy. My cunty squirted as he rammed his coked-up dick into my mouth.

Anal cum dumpster


How I miss partying with my daddy until then I will be an Anal sex whore for daddies that remind me of him and any friend they want.