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creampie sex storiesCreampie sex stories your thing? I have a few creampie sluts in my house, including me. Normally, I am the one coming home from a gang bang with a pussy full of cum and my daughters and youngest son clean me up. Last night, my youngest son had a daddy gangbang date. This boy of mine is naturally bisexual. He is young and hairless and all the P daddies like him as much as they do my teen slut girls. My boy got reamed last night though. This was like a P daddy soiree. Our client and a few of his friends wanted a little boy to play with. Under a certain age it is hard to tell the boys from the girls from behind. My son came home sore. He was a good anal cum dumpster. He loves ass play. I often peg his little butthole or use my fingers for a prostate massage. I had my daughters waiting for his return. This young boy of mine is a trooper. The only son who loves cock. Like he naturally loves cock. He came wobbling home. My husband went to this gathering, so his sperm was inside our son’s butthole too. My girls were anxiously waiting their dirty treat. They wanted to see if they could taste daddy’s sperm in the sea of jizz that was in his asshole. My girls and I are expert cum connoisseurs. We can almost always tell whose spunk is in a hole. My daughters were on their knees ready to make their baby brother feel better. His butthole was a bit battered. It was full of cum like you would expect for an anal gangbang whore. But me and my girls worked all the cum out and we snowballed what we got out of his ass. We love to snow ball. Fuck. Everyone in this family is a cum whore. I am a proud mama.

Drunk Trailer Trash Whore Gets Anal Gangbang

I was so drunk last night I didn’t realize I was gangbang by big black dicks until this morning. My asshole was sore and gappy when I woke up. I could only remember bits and pieces.

Drunk phone sex

I could remember getting so drunk I was on my knees sucking any big dick I could see. There were a few times I was sucking cock and I was gagging so hard my throat was squeezing his dick until he busted his thick gooey semen load down my throat. I almost threw up a few times, but I was too drunk to care. I only felt the first dick that was shoved in my ass, after that they just took turns fucking my drunk ass over and over. I had cum dripping down my legs, but it didn’t bother them they just used the leftover creampie to lube my asshole up. They continued to fuck my gappy asshole until I passed out. They then finished and blasted their nuts on my face. Waking up crusty with a sore gappy asshole is what a trailer trash whore does.

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Crack whore anal

Methadone mile is what they call it! I have been staying in a tent for a few nights now and turning tricks for my new drug dealer. He promised a free supply of that good shit as long as I behaved like a proper bitch! Last night I got gangbanged by three white men! I was high out of my fucking mind… I had been speed balling all day long! I am a spoiled druggy whore, This new dealer has been taking real good care of my urges! I like shooting up then hitting the crack pipe and snorting a line right after. It is the most fucking intense high I have ever experienced. Especially because my pimp/dealer has some good shit! I am going to suck endless amount of cocks! He said if I make $2000 and prove my loyalty he will move me out of the methadone mile and into a nearby hotel… The holiday inn is right down the road this crack whore is upping her class!

Latina phone sex with a nasty cum slut

latina phone sex

Hi, there. Happy scrolling! I know you are enjoying the blogs here at the fornication station. We are some nasty wild girls. I want to express my love for getting high and fucking, and why I like getting high on the phone.

I enjoy getting high with my callers because it makes my cunt so wet. Whenever I have a regular and they tell me to snort some lines or hit the bong, you know I will do it gladly.

The feeling I get when the drugs hit me is out of this world. Let’s get perverse together tonight. Want some Latina phone sex and want it tame you know I can do that for you. I’m versatile, but I like a marathon of hot porn and lots of wild fun. I’ve got an array of toys and all kinds of goodies. 

I enjoy dirty playing games with my callers and roleplaying all kinds of dirty stuff. Enjoy these summer nights with me, papi.

Filthy Anal Sex Whore BJ

I love to get high, and when I get high I am filthy and a total anal sex whore. It’s not unusual to be super horny when that candy hits. I’m a pro at partying and fucking. I do it for a living and have been since well… let’s say a long time.

As a filthy anal whore I will get down with anything once the high is hitting me I want as much filthy and taboo sex as I can get. The bigger the dick the wetter and hornier I get. I love beast cock and big nigger cock. Going down to Jamaica and getting a taste of Island fever is the best fuck’ing holiday I can imagine. I am taking up a collection for a trip to Jamaica to make this dream cum true. I need a vacation with plenty of BBC and I sure hope my guys will help a cock whore for BBC like me out.

Anal sex whore

Anal Sex Whore Lilibeth

anal sex whoreI love being an anal sex whore. I get hired all the time for anal gang bangs. I have a perfect ass to fuck. And no matter how big the cock or how many there are, my ass never stays gaped for long. I do exercises to keep my ass tight. No anal slut has a tight ass after the first couple anal gangbangs. I do because I use a vibrator egg to help condition my muscles. I saw a special doctor years ago. He bleaches assholes and helps keep sphincters looking tight and puckered. I thought all that kind of stuff was junk science, but I was desperate to have an ass that was puckered and pretty. I am not a teen girl anymore. I am a trashy milf with some miles on her holes. Last night, I did an anal gang bang at a frat house. School is out for the session, but there are some guys still living there for the summer. Normally, I have like 40 guys to entertain, and I come back 20 lbs heavier from the cum. It was only 15 last night and they wanted my ass. I thought over the years college girls would have gotten freakier, but I guess not. They just want to keep their holes looking tight and pretty. I get that. I do too, but the difference is I will look for ways to still have my fun and make my ass look as good as it did when I was a teen girl. Now when I came home last night, my ass looked like a cavern. Cum was oozing down my legs. My sons and daughters were still up and ready to clean up their anal cum dumpster mother. They do not mind my asshole looking swollen, and they never mind it full of cum. I went to bed after they cleaned my asshole. I woke up this morning, soaked in an Epson salt bath, did my exercises and my ass looks like a virgin butthole again. Women need to give up the ass. You can be an anal whore and still have a pretty pink puckered shit box.

time for my reup

cum dumpster

Its time for my reup coke and cum. Like the accurate cum dumpster I am, you know I am craving the three C’s I so love so much. Cock, coke, cum.

Its part of my lifestyle. My dealer lives about 5 minutes away. Lucky for me to go right over whenever I am itching for the three C’s

, this time I had to deal with his wife. She was there and gave me the dirtiest look. One thing I can’t stand is mean bitches, so I did a bold thing and showed her that her husband can’t help himself around me.

I gave him a little show, and at first, he was trying to be respectful, but I swear my dealer, and I have quite the bond. He couldn’t fight me too long. He gave in and began to kiss me and blow with me while his wife went crazy with rage. All it took was one slap to the face by him for her to shut her piehole.

I began to enjoy the ride so well and the high. Fuck you bitch for thinking you could be nasty to me while I’m in sear of the three C’s

My Teen Whores Love Creampies

Creampie slut


Not every hot and horny whore you pay to bang will let you turn her into a cum filled creampie slut.  Most of us will make you strap on a condom before you bore out our whore holes, it’s just safe practice.  Luckily, I have a handful of bought bitches who have no problem letting a trick bust a nut deep inside of their guts and, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, that those little sluts make more money than any of my other cash grabbing cunts.

My tiny teen prostitutes are real go getters!  It makes sense, they did learn from the best.  It wasn’t hard to amass a group of goop loving gashes who are willing to take load after load in their cum loving holes.  All I did was explain how the upcharges for the various sex acts they perform work and show them the creampie bonus and just let their gold digging asses take it from there.  Making huge mounds of cummy cash has never been easier for me!

Some of them are on various forms of birth control, a few apparently can’t get pregnant no matter how much jizz gets deposited into their pussies, others take the load right in their assholes.  Anal upcharge plus a creampie bonus is a great payday for anyone, take a few of those in a day and you’ve made half a month’s pay in 24 hours!  They aren’t really worried about STD’s, there isn’t much out there that can’t be contained and controlled these days.  They can even keep AIDS at bay, now.  Sure, herpes hurts like hell, but thousands of dollar bills tend to ease any pain.

It’s no surprise, teen sluts fucking huge cocks and taking the juiciest loads up in them make more money than those who don’t.  I’ve known that for a loooooong time, I’ve had hundreds, if not thousands, of shots of cock snot blown as far up inside of me as possible.  As long as the johns want it, me and my trailer park teen hookers will sell it to them. 


Anal Cum Dumpster Whore made By Daddy

Hooker phone sex

There is a reason I am the best Anal cum dumpster. My mommy sold me to her crack dealer and made me crack whore young. The man who busted me out of his nuts loved bouncing me on his lap, making me feel his hard cock poking at me. At night he would use me to milk his cock off and make him nut all in my mouth until it was full. When that wasn’t enough, he would make me drink his “special juice”. Now I am addicted to it and more. He would get me luppy enough to have me close to passing out and that is when he first fucked my butthole. It hurt but he just pushed his daddy dick in my ass and fucked me hard. He fucked me like i was just a whore to use and filled my asshole up before just leaving the room. Daddy made into the best Anal cum dumpster that now knows how to use her asshole to get what she wants. 

Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore Everyone already knows that I am the gangbang whore of the school. That’s why I get invited to every fucking party. I am the school slut and I fucking love cock, I’ll take cock any way I can fucking get it and that’s exactly what happened last night. I was at this huge party with mostly hot sexy ass men, honestly if anyone of them offered their dick to me I would get on my knees and suck their cock so fucking good. Thank god I met a guy while we were dancing who wanted to fuck me. I could feel his hard on through my fucking skirt and I was so fucking glad I didn’t wear panties. He didn’t hesitate to bend me over and shove his cock into my pussy right in front of everyone. I didn’t care though as long as I got my daily dose of dick I was happy. Next thing I know is I have a cock in each one of my hands, one in my mouth choking me and a huge fucking cock in my pussy. I feel like I’m in fucking heaven with this many cocks coming inside of me.

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