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Cum Guzzling Slut for BBC

cum guzzling slutI am proud to be a cum guzzling slut. I was bottle fed on cum. And I bottle fed my daughter on cum. We both grew up to be cum whores. You might think I was fed daddy’s cum and that I fed my daughter her daddy’s cum. My mom gave me black cock cum and that is just what I gave my daughter too. I was raised to be a black cock whore. I followed in my mom’s footsteps, and I raised my daughter the same way. My daughter and I like to play with black cock cum. It is my secret to looking young. I am known in my trailer park as the black cock whore. If a black man needs his balls drained, they hunt me or my bukkake slut daughter down. Sometimes they get lucky and get us both like last night. My daughter was over when there was a knock on my door. It was this black stud from a few trailers over. I have fucked him before, but my daughter has never had the pleasure. I think she thought he was a myth. His dick is over a foot long and it is beer can thick. Normally, I titty fuck him. He loves his wife, but she does not swallow. He does not want to cheat, but he needs his balls drained. Last night, he wanted to fuck. I think it was because my daughter was there too. She is way tighter than I am. He wanted to make her an anal cum dumpster. She bent over the couch, and he rammed his monster cock up her tight white ass. I think she was shocked she took him balls deep.  He dumped his load in her ass knowing I would clean her up. Watching her shit his cum out into my mouth got him hard again. Now it was my turn. I let him fuck my cunt. But this time instead of shitting it into my daughter’s mouth, I shit it out in a pitcher. My daughter and I made cum cubes with his second load. I told you I was a cum dumpster.

Gangbang For The Night

Gangbang sex stories

I am a big horny slut and I know that I like having my holes filled and used. I decided I needed more than one dick today or more than two, I wanted a gangbang for the night. I went to the bar had a few drinks and gave any hot guy with a big bulge my information and invited him over. When I got home, I got ready. I made sure to leave my door unlocked, I made a sign for the door that said “Come in for the fun fucking”. I got naked and drank more as the men started coming in, I told them how I want to be fucked and have all my holes filled. I got on my hands and knees and right away had cock poking at my mouth, pussy and asshole. Everything I wanted, I sucked cock as I felt dick sliding into my holes. As I got pounded, I started swallowing loads of cum. It turned me on so much it only made my pussy wetter and it made the cock in me started to cum.  I did this all night until my holes were sore, it will be something I do every week to feed my need for cock.  

Not Yet a Teen Anal Whore

teen anal whoreMy youngest daughter is what we call not quite a teen anal whore. She is young, but she wants to please. I adore my baby girl. She never questions anything. She rarely cries. And she never fights. If there was ever a time to cry and fight, it would have been last night. Daddy arranged a special daddy gang bang for her, and all the daddies wanted to fuck her virgin asshole. The daddy that fucked her asshole first, paid the most to pop her anal cherry. The rest of the daddies paid well too because she is still a little girl, and they were fucking her asshole. Normally, we do not let men gang bang our super little ones, but this man is a very wealthy man. He is also part of an underground daddy pervert ring that uses sex trafficked little girls. We made sure he knew our hookers for hire belong to our home brothel only. We never sell our little ones out right like my parents did me. We do, however, rent their fuck holes by the hour. Sex sells and it sold even during a pandemic. Now that the world has opened back up, our little sluts are in the highest demand ever. The money is too good to say no to, so we let him, and his horny P men sodomize our littlest angel all night. When we brought her home this morning, her baby butthole was destroyed. Nothing that will not heal, but we do have to take her off the rotation for a week. She is not complaining either. She gets spoiled all week. Plus, mommy licks her sore little butthole to make it feel better and she gets eat some magic gummies that make her feel good too. I feel bad that her bum hole hurts, but we made more money off her in one night than the rest of our jailbait sexy prostitutes combined in the month.

Feeding My Girls My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy cum filled cunt was in high demand this morning. I was fucking until the sun came up. My slutkins were already awake for the day when I cam stumbling home. I was high as fuck and full of cum. I was hired for a boy’s sweet teen birthday. He invited his entire soccer team. I was paid well for all the extra cocks going in and out of my pussy and ass. I was drenched though. I also smelled like a frat house. I had the scent of 20 young boys on me. They did body shots off me too, so I smelled like day old slippery nipples. Plus, I smelled like weed. I normally do coke, but the birthday boy had some top shelf, Mary Jane. I mean that was like some Bob Marley shit. I enjoyed being the life of the party. The boy’s dad is one of my husband’s best friends. Instead of hiring a bunch of hookers for hire for his son and his friends, he thought one sexy MILF would be able to entertain the troops. He was right. I did some shots and weed, then I was a gang bang whore for the birthday boy and his friends. Then I was a cum dump for my daughters. They fought each other for dibs on my sloppy cunt. It was like a volcano load of cum exploding from my pussy and ass. I thought I wanted to crash when I got home, but my daughters gave me a tongue bath and I realized I was still in need of cock. My boys were home because it is summer, so they took their turns filling their mommy back up with cum. It was a cycle for a few hours. My sons would pump me full of cum and my daughters would clean me up repeatedly. Not a bad way to start any day.

Cum Guzzling Slut Lauren

cum guzzling slut

I love taking daddy’s hard cock down my throat. So I invited one of my best friends over for some play time to entertain you! We brought all our sexy and naughty toys to play, get us wet and creamy for you. She’s stuffing my holes right now preparing my body to take that hard cock into my deep cunt and shit hole! She keeps her tongue licking me all over to get my juices going and my pussy pulsing. Daddy don’t you want to come play with us and taste all our dripping juices. To be stuck in between two hot girls with horny cunts will get you to cum that hot baby batter all over our sexy bodies for us to lick clean off of each other!

Young, Drugged, And Anally Fucked


druggy pornBeing an anal cum dump ain’t easy, but somebody’s got to do it! I started training when I was real small, and I ain’t stopped yet! Now, look at me! You gotta lube me up and work me down if you have any hope of fitting that thick cock into my asshole. Now, I’m not picky at all! You can shoot me up, snort me down, or smoke me sideways. I’ll even pop a pill, or you can popper me up my little shit box. Loosen this young asshole just enough to get that cock inside. After that, I’m on my druggy high and I don’t give a fuck what you do to me. You paid for this after all, didn’t you? I have some nice young cousins who might come play with us if you’re feeling extra hungry. They like to party too! Oh shit I feel your balls getting so tight against me, and I know you’re about to bust right deep in my little ass. You want me to bend over when you pull out so you can take pictures of how gaped open and creamy I am? Yeah, I’ll push just a little and ooze that gunk out!

Asshole Used While Drunk

Anal cum dumpster

I woke up with a big fat cock inside my ass. It was a long fun filled night of drinking. I was hot so I had taken all my clothes off and just passed out on the bed. I woke up feeling a bit of pain and movement. As I opened my eyes, I could see I was on my stomach and the pain was coming from my ass being pounded away. I tried to move but couldn’t my body was so tired and I was still drunk. I grunted just for him to tell me to relax he was almost done. He kept pounding me and then stuck his fingers in my wet cunt. His body on top of me was forcing him deep in me and the feeling of his fingers in my pussy drove me wild. I started squirting hard all over his fingers. He didn’t stop the pounding of my ass until he filled it up with his hot cum. He made me clean his cock before he left to get some more beer. 

BBC BJ Training With Brats

BBC Sex Stories
I’ve got eight brats at home to feed, though I make the sluttiest of them earn their own keep. I’ve been training them since they were just tots bobbing around delightedly. Cocks filled their mouths to muffle any complaint as my sick Pclients took advantage of their young little bodies. Today, I was teaching them how to blow a perfect job all over a cock!

I had nine throbbing BBC’s lined up in my living room. I knelt in front of mine, my little angels surrounding us like flies upon honey. I started my sticking the entire BBC right down my fucking sick druggy Mommy throat. My young sluts tried to follow suit, but it was so difficult for their small throats to swallow all that cock. They were gagging all over, and choking, but some lessons in life are hard.

Their big chocolate men grabbed them by the heads, and kept forcing their heads down. Some of them passed out, and awoke to a thick cock being rammed inside of their asses. Mommy always has to make a lesson out of things, especially when each of these cocks paid two grand to be here. Time to move us to the city where Mommy can whore us al lout to the PWolves of Wall Street.

Crack Whore Anal

BBC For a trashy MIlf

trashy milf I’m what they call an Alabama Slammer; sexy, inbred, trashy milf.
Always ready to get stuffed by the Big Black Cock in whatever fuck hole I can. My sweet little one gets off on watching Mommy get her tight trashy asshole stretched out by huge BBC. 
It doesn’t matter how many Johns slide through my back door to ass fuck me in my anal fuck hole. She still lays there, rubbing her innocent little pussy.
Her clitty gets so hard, a little rosebud eager to get licked and sucked and flicked so she can squirt all over while I’m getting plowed out back the barn!

Some of my clients want my sweet girl to join us, but she giggles and runs away. That is, until Maurice got ahold of her. He’s built like a fucking gorilla, with a king sized cock and a deep rooted hunger for virgin cunt. Maurice snatched my sweet secret masturbator up by her fucking hair and dragged her back to bed.
She was kicking and screaming “Mommy help me!” But I’ll do anything for a fix and this one was supplying more than just a throbbing chocolate cock. Cock-olate if you will.

How to be a Good Anal Cum Dumpster

anal cum dumpsterAs an anal cum dumpster, I have lots of tricks to savor the cum in my ass. I do not believe in letting precious protein go to waste. My slutkins love mommy’s creampies. So, after I had an anal gang bang last night, I put a butt plug in my ass and drove home sitting on it. I have tight anal muscles, so I can keep a plug in for hours. I just needed a barrier to keep that fresh cum in my well fucked asshole. Daddy had all the little ones up for their bedtime treat. I sat on the couch, put my legs in the air, removed my anal plug and fed them. They are all cum whores, especially the girls. But guess what? You can raise a cum dumpster too. When all my daughters were just wee little things, daddy would jack off in their bottles. I would mix his jizz in with their formula, heat up the bottle and feed it to my angels. You start them off young, so they get accoladed to the taste of cum. It is a yummy taste, but it is an acquired taste too. The first time a girl tastes cum should never be when she gives her first blow job. You want her to swallow cum naturally. You want her to love the taste of cum. You begin with the bottle. You progress to cum on the boobs. Then you teach her to eat a creampie. By the time she is a cock sucker, she will already be a cum guzzling slut. My daughters, and even my sons, love my creampies. And last night they were fighting each other to get the last drop of cum in mommy’s hot ass. I can help you raise good cum dumps for daddy’s seed too.

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