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Cum Guzzling Slut for Hire


Cum guzzling sluts are very popular with large parties where they get center attention.   I just have to lay there with my mouth wide open and cum just shoots from all angles into my mouth, chin, and tits. It is almost a pissing contest so see who has the most cum and how far they can shoot.   Those that can land it right in my mouth get that privilege to know that I will swallow every drop of the cum that makes it into my mouth.  The guys also like to brag about who has the biggest cock and who can do it better.

Of course I have to get some in my hot wet pussy so I can give creampies to those men who love to clean me up and suck the cum out of my pussy.  It is even better when I get to bring my girlfriend Lisa because the men love to watch us play with each other for a few lucky guys I put my ass in the air to be fucked while I bring Lisa to orgasm with my tongue.   I am for hire so please invite me to your next party.  I promise I am worth every dollar. 


Anal Sex Whore for BBC fun

Anal Whore for Fun


Deanna was looking forward to Spring Break it was her first time being out of town and on her own.  She had drove down with some friends from school but they were a little more interested in partying then she felt comfortable with.  She was a small town white country girl who had gotten to the University of North Carolina on an athletic scholarship. She did not want to mess the opportunity up to be someone famous.  Her mom had gotten sidetracked at my age with an abusive husband and a crying baby.  My dad left one day to get cigarettes and then never returned home. 

I spent the first day taking in the sun and sand in my new pink bikini.  It should off my curves just right and nestled my big bosom so that I was flowing outside of my breast and nipples. I was getting lulled by sleep to the sound of the waves.  The sun was shining overhead and suddenly I felt a shadow above me and I looked up and saw this amazing Black young man with a gorgeous body and a large bulge in his shorts.  How did I get so lucky.   He invites me back to his hotel while his friends were out partying.  We had a party for ourselves.   I had never imagined anal sex but it was so good I begged for more. 

Sorority Sisters Fucking

Sorority Girls Fun


Deanna was so excited to be pledging with Zeta Tau Alpha.  She had heard that one of the initiation rites was getting to suck every sister’s pussy.  That sounded like a real party to her.   The pledge that was voted the best by the Sorority Sisters would get special privileges and be given priority in choosing her own bedroom.

Deanna didn’t want to brag but Deanna had been sucking girl’s pussy for a long time.  It was her favorite thing to do.  She knew how to use her tongue and was confident that she would be chosen number one by her sisters.  She had endurance and aimed to please.   At the end of the day Deanna face was covered with pussy juices from all of her sisters and went to bed with Sara and Jessica to continue the party.

Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard SexHave you ever heard the word Lot Lizard? They are the women that hang out at the local Truck Stop where the truck drivers stop to refuel and take care of other business.
After the Steel Mill closed in Gary, Indiana where I live most of the young man who I would normally pursue have moved on to better places with jobs and hopefully a better life. My mama was a Lot Lizard for many years, and I just expected to follow in her footsteps because that is all we know how to do to survive. It paid a lot better than working at a fast-food restaurant.

For the most men were nice and happy to have a little comfort even sometimes they were just lonely and wanted to talk to a beautiful young girl like me. I had the advantage of being young. I also looked like the All-America girl. I would have lots tell me that I reminded them of their daughters at home. Of course, the Lot Lizards who had been working the truck stop for years didn’t like me very much. Luckily my Mom was still working and she was the one everyone else was afraid to cross. The were all older and looked like they had been ridden hard and lost that sparkle that I had to offer.

I did really enjoy the company of one of my clients named John. He was very shy, and it took a lot of courage just to speak to me the first time. He had never had a girlfriend and didn’t know quite how it worked. John really enjoyed my company and often we would spend just talking about our lives and our dreams. It really bothered John when he knew that I had other customers and sometimes they weren’t nice to me. He wanted to take me away from all I had ever known. I told him that you can’t make a whore a household. He rode out into the sunset, and I never saw him again. I do think of him often and wonder what my life would have been like if I said yes.


Hookers for hire

hookers for hireToday started out as usual day for as a hookers for hire. I didn’t know the fun that I would have before the night was over. I went to my favorite hotel bar that is always a good place to meet new clients as a hooker for hire. The hotel bar has an outdoors patio. I notice a man who is sitting alone drinking with a sad look on his face. I walk over to him and start the conversation that I can provide him with a happy ending and chase the sadness away. He explained that he is always on the road for business, and he is very lonely.

I know that is a clue that he was looking to have a hooker for hire to do what he wants to do with her. He asked what I liked to drink, and he orders me a martini. You look at him with a smile and your thoughts are that he wanted to get me drunk so that he can take advantage of you. In my most innocent voice you ask would he like to take me to his room and have some fun. He starts to blush and says yes. We started in the hotel room to talk about what type of fun did he enjoy. He knows that I am a hooker for hire and asked how much to have me rock his world. Another fabulous and fun evening for us on the books.

Anything For a Fix

trashy milf

A trashy milf is a filthy whore that fucks for drugs. In fact this filthy milf gets into anything that involves being paid with cash or drugs. I do not give a fuck how depraved of a fantasy you have. I am the fuck whore for your pleasure. Use me like a toilet, a cum receptacle or a party favor for your furry friends. I am that desperate to get my fix. I need the crack rock like you need your depraved fantasies fulfilled. Badly. I am a bad ass bitch most of the time. But when I am in need of a fix, I am a filth groveling whore that the sickest pervert would be ashamed to know. Yeah I ain’t the brightest cunt, but I have a cunt, ass and mouth for your perverted use. Licking up urine on the gas station tile floor was just one depraved thing I was forced to do in order to humiliate myself to avoid being arrested. I was trying to steal some liquor but was caught. The cashier and security guard had their fun with me. I ain’t gonna lie I got off on the situation. Especially when they poured the pint of booe on the tile piss covered floor. Yep I was a good bitch and licked it all up. Then they forcibly fucked me.

Lot Lizard sex

lot lizard sexShould I have a slow night at the club I will often go by the truck stop looking for a few clients to fatten my wallet. There were a lot of trucks idling when I arrived, and I was optimistic. I went in the store and chatted to my favorite cashier, bought a 40 and headed out. As expected, there were many horny truckers looking for a quick blowjob or fuck. I went from cab to cab that night. I hopped in and took their hard cocks right down my throat until they filled me with their cum. Some have beds and we would go back there, and I would ride those dicks till they filled my pussy with their warm thick loads. Others like me to sit right on their dicks until they fill my asshole with their juices. Within a few hours I was a massive cum dumpster. Knowing there is a special trucker friend who loves that, I softly knocked on his window and got in. He spent hours eating all that cum from my pussy and ass, using his tongue and fingers to get every drop of that cum. I headed home all nice and clean with a big wad of cash.

Roadside Roadhead From A Blonde Bimbo

trashy milfI’m a sexy woman, but I know how to suck a cock so a man cums faster than he knew was possible; what I don’t know is how to change a damn tire! I had flashed my perky little tits at a few truckers cruising by as I stood, mostly naked on the side of the highway. I’m pretty sure a few almost crashed, since all their brain blood rushed down to fill throbbing, swollen cocks. And all for me! The very thought made me wetter. So many men pulled over to help me, and I let them clamor over me. The attention made my panties damp. A slight breeze kicked through, picking up the scent of my aroused pussy as the six men turned to stare at me. They had smelled how turned on I was, their cocks pressing through their coveralls. “How are you gonna pay, lady?” One of them asked, grinning. I swallowed, hard. I wasn’t sure. But I had a feeling I’d be swallowing rock hard cocks there in just a second. Spoiler alert: I was right. They moved on me like a pack of starving wolves, tearing off what little clothes I had and forcing me to my knees right in the grass, highway side. Anyone passing by got a hot little show of what they were doing to me. I was being used in the most literal sense of the word, and every thrust of forced cock down my throat only proved to make my little cunt wetter and wetter.

Sorority Girls Fucking Cheater GF

My boyfriend has no clue I am fucking a different guy. I can’t stand my boyfriend’s dick game; it is repulsive. He has the worst cock ever, and he never makes me cum. Not even his tongue can get me to reach climax. Lately, I have been fucking our next-door neighbor. I tried to keep it under wraps, but somehow, I didn’t do the best job because we got caught by a friend. It was my boyfriend’s best friend kyle. He knew that I was two-timing my boyfriend. What can I say? My temptation led me to trouble. I knew he was going to spill the beans. I did not doubt in my mind he would. Frantically I began to text him to please not say a thing. It took a while to get a reply, but he eventually told me I had to have him stay quiet, and the only way he would be quiet is if I let him stick his cock in me too. I wasn’t going to test him; I would do it and make sure my dirty secret stays that. It is true what you do in the dark eventually comes out. I let him use me to his liking and kept my dirty secret safe.

Sorority girls fucking

Ganbang Whore For You

Gangbang whoreYou know how pimps just have slutty gangbang whores of theirs just lined up for themselves but what about you baby? I have a few sluts right here for you to choose from! Did you want me? Out of all this little whore you want me baby? I am all yours! We head back to this little motel room and we get fucked up together! I feel the need to strip down my clothes as fast as I can and become your little fuck slut to become anything you will ever need in this moment! Isn’t that what you need from me sexy? Take me apart baby and make me all yours. Spread me out over the bed, my legs spread out to show off this sweet cunt or my ass cheeks spread apart for you to get a taste of all of me! Now get that big hard cock out and shove it deep in to all of these fucking whore holes! Make be beg and scream for more of you and have me lick up all of the cum mess that we leave behind. I can choke down your whole dick after and lick it all up nice and clean!