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Cum Dumpster Deanna Is Ready For Those Drained Balls To Go Where?

Cum dumpster
Oh lover boy, I’m your cum dumpster and I live for this shit. The way you fill me up with your raw cock is all I need to get turned on. It feels so good when you pound my tight little asshole until it stretches out wide enough to take every inch of that thick meat. And let me tell ya, nothing gets me going more than hearing those dirty words coming out of your mouth while you fuck me senseless.

I love the feeling of being used like a piece of trash – knowing full well that my only purpose in life is to please men like yourself by taking their big dicks deep inside my hungry holes again and again without complaint . My pussy gets wet just thinking about how much cum we could make together; squirting uncontrollably onto our bellies as we both reach peak satisfaction .

So come on over here, big boy , give it to me hard and fast until neither one of us can stand anymore! Let’s see who can last longer under the intense pleasure-pain threshold we’ve created between us . Maybe then ,we can collapse into each other’s arms covered in sweat and semen –the perfect end to another wild night filled with lustful desires fulfilled under one roof called home sweet home (or maybe just ‘fuck pad’).

Or maybe we’ll just keep going until morning breaks and then do it all over again because let’s face it—there’s no such thing as too much sex or too many orgasms when you’re living life on the edge like this . So what are you waiting for? Come fuck your little cum slut now before she gets bored and finds someone else who can really give her what she needs!

I’ll be here waiting, eagerly anticipating the moment when your cock slides between my lips or fills up my tight asshole once again . Until then , I’ll just keep dreaming about how good it feels to be used by someone who knows exactly what they want from me…and takes it without hesitation.

Hooker Phone Sex Days With Down For Aything Deanna

Hooker phones sexAs a hooker phone sex slut, I had my fair share of fun fucking for money. It was always thrilling to have different cocks in my tight little hole, especially when they were big and thick. The men would pay good money just to see me squirm and moan as they pounded away at me. Sometimes it felt like I was being used as nothing more than a fuck doll, but hey, that’s what the job entailed right? And let’s be real here – there’s something about knowing you can make someone cum with just your body that’s pretty damn empowering.

But the best part wasn’t necessarily the sex itself; it was the rush of excitement beforehand. Dressed up in those skimpy outfits, teasing clients over text or on the phone… it gave me an adrenaline rush like no other. And then there were those times when you really connected with someone – not emotionally obviously, but physically… Those were some of the most intense orgasms I ever had!

Oh man, there was this one time when I got paid $4000 to take on a huge black cock. The guy was like 12 inches long and as thick as my wrist! He told me he wanted it all – my mouth, pussy, ass… everything. And you know what? I delivered!

We started in the missionary position but quickly moved onto doggystyle because that’s where his massive dick felt best inside of me. He slapped my ass cheeks hard while he fucked me from behind; it stung at first but then turned into this weird kind of pleasure. When we switched to cowgirl position, he grabbed both our hands and held them above our heads so he could really pound away at me. It hurt so good!

By the end of it all, we were covered in sweat and cum (his mostly). But damn did it feel amazing having someone worship every inch of my body like that – especially since they were paying to dollar for the privilege! That night tqaught me never underestimate yourself or your body’s capabilities when it comes down to business…B

Prostitution Porn From Deanna’s Mans POV

prostitution pornI found this in a guy talking about his love prostitution porn on his email. Here is what he said

I’m not gonna lie, I love some prostitutes. There’s just something about paying for pussy that gets my hard as a rock. And let me tell you, the other day when I was at that truck stop in Nevada, I found this little lizard who was willing to do anything for a few bucks. She had the tightest hole and she knew how to work it. We went at it like rabbits in heat! She took every inch of my cock without even flinching and her moans were music to my ears.

By the time we were done, both our bodies were covered in sweat and cum. It was fucking amazing! I couldn’t help but cum inside her, filling her up with my seed. She didn’t seem to mind though; in fact, she seemed to enjoy it.

After we were done, she curled up next to me and fell asleep while I watched TV. It was the perfect end to a long day on the road. If you ever find yourself at that truck stop looking for some action, make sure you ask for Lizard – she’s worth every penny! I don’t know, there’s just something about a dirty cunt that gets me going.

Maybe it’s the thought of all those other guys pounding into her or maybe it’s the fact that she doesn’t care who she sleeps with as long as she gets paid. Whatever it is, I can’t resist! And when they let me fuck them raw and unprotected? Oh man, that just sends me over the edge! It makes me feel like I own them in a way – like they belong to me and only me. Plus, their tight little holes are always ready for more cock no matter how many times they get used throughout the day. It turns me on knowing that my cum will be mixing with all those other guys’, making her even more mine than ever before.

Trailer Trash Whore Deanna Loves Orgy Fun Time

As a coke loving trailer trash whore, your life revolves around sex and getting high on the white powder. You’re used to having men lined up outside your door, eager to get their dirty hands on you and fill you with their cum. Your pussy is always aching from being stretched out by thick cocks while your asshole throbs in anticipation of another hard pounding.

The guys at the trailer pay for the privilege of using you as their personal fucktoy, but they don’t care about anything else – not even your name or what kind of day you had. All they want is a warm hole to unload into when they need relief.

You live in squalor, surrounded by empty bottles of booze and crumpled bags of chips that once held traces of stale cheese doodles. Your makeup has long since smeared off your face from all the sweaty encounters, leaving behind smudged lines like war paint marking your battle scars from countless rounds in bed or against walls and floors alike.

Your clothes are tattered rags barely covering up all those juicy holes that beg for attention; it doesn’t matter if someone sees them because everyone knows what kind of girl lives here anyway – a slut who loves taking it up her ass or down her throat without question or hesitation!

Your days consist mostly of waiting around until one guy finishes spurting his load inside before another steps forward ready to take his turn at filling every last crevice within reach…and sometimes even those that aren …aren’t supposed to be touched. You don’t mind though; in fact, you encourage it because the more cum inside you, the better high it gives off when mixed with your next hit of coke. Trailer trash whoreIt becomes a vicious cycle that keeps going round and round as men come and go but always leave their mark on your body somewhere – whether it be smeared across your face from deepthroating them or painted onto skin after they’ve fucked every hole available.

At night when everyone else is asleep or passed out drunk, you find yourself alone with nothing but memories of all those hard cocks filling up every inch of emptiness inside yourself – both physically and metaphorically speaking – while dreaming about new ways to get even filthier tomorrow night at this never-ending orgy called life!



Tranny Phone Sex With Deannas Sexy Prostitutes

Oh, you want me to describe how I’d fuck your cunt with a strap-on to train for some tranny phone sextranny phone sex Well, let me tell you what I have in store for that pathetic little cocksucker. First of all, I’d make sure to choose the biggest dildo from my collection – something that would stretch out your tight little asshole and fill up every inch of it. Then, after lubing up both the dildo and your ass nicely, I’d position myself behind you and slowly push inside. You know how much I love watching men squirm when they take my big black cock!

As soon as I feel you opening up for me, I’ll start thrusting hard and fast. Your insides will clench around my dick like a vice grip at first but eventually give way under the relentless pounding. The sound of skin slapping against skin will echo through the room while we fuck like animals together. Every time our hips collide, grunts escape from both our mouths because this is exactly what we both need – raw animalistic sex without any restraints or boundaries!

To add some extra excitement (and humiliation), maybe one of my friends could join us too; someone tall dark handsome like Jamal who loves nothing more than using his massive black cock on sissy boys like yourself! He could stand behind him holding onto his hair while he takes turns using both ends of me.

First fucking your throat until it’s raw before sliding into your ass again just to hear those pathetic moans escape from between those plump lips of yours..and then back into my pussy again. We’ll take turns using every inch of your worthless body until neither one of us can take anymore! And don’t even think about cumming without permission – I’ll make sure to keep those balls empty so that all that delicious cum shoots out onto our stomachs or maybe even into my mouth if I feel like it.

After we’re both satisfied, I might decide to let you clean up the mess since it was mostly your fault for being such a slutty little cocksucker in the first place. But before that happens, there will be plenty more anal training sessions ahead: learning how to properly lick an asshole clean after taking a big black dick up the ass; practicing different positions like doggy style and missionary just so you know how much better it feels when taken from behind by someone who knows what they’re doing…

Cum Guzzling Slut Bobbie Begs To Be Your Personal Cum Dumpster

Cum guzzling slutBoy,love being your cum guzzling slut, I cant help but crave that creamy golden juice when I get near that hard cock.. There’s nothing quite like feeling so used and filled up with hot jizz after a good fucking. It makes me feel wanted, needed – like the dirty little slut that I am. When you shoot your load inside of me, it feels like heaven on earth; warm and thick filling every inch of my cunt until there’s no room left for anything else.

And when you pull out and cover my face or tits with your sticky white seed? Well, that just makes me feel even more special – like you marked your territory on this trashy piece of ass who can’t get enough cock. I don’t care about the mess or the stains; all that matters is knowing that I was chosen to take all of those delicious loads without complaint.

So keep using me however you want lover! I want that thick cock pounding away at both holes until they’re stretched and sssore from taking so much dick, choking on your shaft as deep throat blowjobs turn into ravenous sessions of deepthroating cum swallowing…I live for these moments where we lose ourselves in each other and all sense of decency goes out the window. Just keep fucking me hard, baby – make me scream your name as loud as I can while my pussy milks every last drop of cum from your rock-hard cock. And when you’re done using me up, leave me here to clean myself off with a dirty rag or two; after all, what’s a little dirt between friends (or rather, between a filthy whore and her satisfied customer)?

Oh, I loved being a stripper alright. It was the perfect excuse to show off my body and make men drool over every inch of it. Watching their eyes follow me as I gyrated on stage or gave them private dances back in the VIP room…it was intoxicating. And when they’d beg for more, offering extra cash for some “alone time” with this dirty little whore? Well, that just made me feel even more powerful.

Creampie Sex Stories From a Huge Cum Slut Deanna

Creampie sex stories Summer makes me think of hot sex stories, like the Creampie sex stories I have from over the years.  Like for instance, taking 10 guys running a train on me at the beach last summer! We were at this crazy beach party and everyone was just getting drunk and horny as hell.

One thing led to another, and before I knew it there were like 10 dicks circling around my pussy like sharks waiting for their turn to take a bite out of the juiciest piece of meat they’d ever seen!I remember how each cock felt as they took turns pounding into me – some soft and gentle while others hardcore rough; all of them making sure their mark was left behind inside my creampie-filled cunt. It hurt so good.

Being used by multiple guys at once is definitely something special, and I’m not gonna lie – it turned me on like crazy! As each new cock entered my pussy or mouth or ass (yes, we got pretty kinky too), all those dirty thoughts raced through my mind: “Am I really doing this? Is this real life?” But hey, when you’re in the moment like that nothing else matters but getting off right?

And let me tell ya: we sure did get off plenty! There were so many loads shot inside of me that morning sunrise found us both exhausted yet satisfied beyond belief. My pussy was dripping out cum for days. Actually, all my holes had cum seeping out of them form my ass to even my mouth. I could taste cum the rest of that trip in my mouth, it was wild.

  There is nothing like seeing a cock enter your cunt with it pouring out the last 7, 8, 9 guys cum all in you. Covering that cock with that creampie cum was hot and sexy for sure!

Blonde Fucking Bombshell Loves Filling Up Her Cunt

Blonde fuckingBlonde Fucking Bombshells like me, Deanna, love being a big cum whore.  I will use my long blonde locks to bend over and seduce your cock into my pussy.  My hair will bounce up and down as I move my face towards your crotch.  Teasing you through your pants until I take my teeth and grab that belt. As soon as that belt comes off, those pants slide down and you grab a handfull of that blonde hair and shove my face down on that cock.  Holding my gagging throat, drool falling out of sides of the my mouth.  My eyes water as the grip on my hair you are grasping gets tighter. The pain radiates through me as I try to stay focused on how hard my tight mouth is making your cock

I clench your balls lightly with my one hand and my other hand starts jacking your cock into my mouth as I kept sucking.  As soon as I am able to gasp for hair I get your hand from my blonde hair and I will shove that nice manly hand down to my wet pussy.  I am soaking wet. Ready to get on that cock and ride which is exactly what I do.  I love a little reverse cowgirl where I can bounch my blonde hair back in your face and arch my back so my ass up so you can shove that cock deep into my cunt.

What would you do if I let you shove your cock up in this blonde bombshells wet fucking cunt? I love hearing all about that and more on our next call, you and me

Nothing But Your Little Cum Dumpster Whore

Cum dumpsterWhen they called me a cum dumpster when I was still in school, I took offense, these days, it’s the best compliment.  Being a whore that spreads her legs and takes cock is no longer an insult, it means I am getting exactly what I want.  I especially love those big black cocks dumping their loads inside my cunt.  Everything about them from the girth to the way they feel throbbing inside my dripping wet cunt, it’s unreal.

Black cock is the cock I crave although any cock that shoots cum out and gives me my daily juice will do.  I can’t help but quiver when a huge black cock starts to throb inside one of my holes.  Having my tight hole whether it be my pussy or my tight ass or even my mouth that is way too small but somehow shoves that huge chocolate bar down to deep throat it,  I want to feel it tremble before it explodes.

It’s like craving a volcano inside you, you know it needs to relieve that pressure and when it does you can use the cum lava to feel the satisfaction of it running through you.  I think I have had so much cum in my lifetime that it helps my mood because without it, I am not the same. I am a mess of a woman without that cum. It’s part of me and I need it like an addict needs their drugs.  I am addicted to sex for sure but the way I am addited to cock and cum, I fiend for it and do whatever it takes to get cocks inside me day in and day out. It’s not that I want to fuck, it’s that I need to to feel like myself.

I need that cum coating my pussy and making my panties a wet mess. So come give your favorite cum slut a huge load if you don’t mind!

Creampie slut Deanna Loves A Cum Filled Cunt To Start The Weekend

Creampie slutSometimes, you can’t help but be a creampie slut and that’s a badge, I choose to wear proudly. Why because I am obsessed with cum. I’m not sure if it’s an addiction, per se. It’s more like a deep-seated desire that runs through my veins. The taste, the feel, the smell – they all combine to create this intense rush of pleasure that I can’t get enough of. Plus, there’s something incredibly empowering about knowing that I can make men lose control just by offering up my holes for their enjoyment. It makes me feel wanted and needed in a way nothing else does.

So yeah, maybe you could say I have a bit of a phone sex addiction when it comes to talking dirty and discussing all the filthy things we could do together… but who am I kidding? As long as there are cocks out there willing to fuck me senseless with their cum, I don’t think this addiction is going anywhere anytime soon!My cunt is throbbing and aching for some cream pie right now, You.

It’s soaking wet with my juices, ready to be filled up with your thick cock. I can feel the heat emanating from my pussy lips as they swell and part eagerly, begging for you to thrust deep inside me. The scent of my arousal fills the air around us, making it almost unbearable not to take care of this raging need that I have for a good fucking. My clit is hard as a rock under all that moisture, just waiting for your skilled tongue or fingers to give it some attention while you fill me up with your cum.

I’m such a slutty whore who loves nothing more than being used like this – taken advantage of and left dripping in sticky semen after an intense session of passionate sex!