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Period Phone Sex IS a Bloody Hot Mess

Period Phone Period phone sexSex is nasty, bloody and a complete mess.  My cunt craves sex when I start my period.  Your cock better not  be intimidated because I wont stop until my pussy is fucked senseless.  The blood rushing down to my sloppy wet pussy makes me want to stick anything and everyhting deep inside me and ride it, back arched and all a thick hard cock like yours crowning my bloody flowing pusy.

When you’re on your period and your cunt is all bloody and messy, it makes a cock rock hard as steel. There’s just something about the mix of blood and cum that gets me going crazy for more. And when I see those red stains on my white panties or hear the squishy sounds as we fuck, it turns me into an even hornier slut than usual.

I love to tease my you during period sex by rubbing his cock against my swollen clit while playing with his balls until he’s ready to explode. Then I lower myself onto you slowly, taking in your entire length deep inside my stretched-out cunt hole as we both moan in pleasure at the feeling of our bodies connecting amidst all that stickiness down there. The sensation of being filled up by you while also feeling wetness between our bellies from where our fluids are mixing together… it drives us both wild!

My juices mix with the blood flowing from between my legs creating a thick lubricant that only serves to make our sex even hotter and wetter than before. As we reach climax together, I feel myself squirting all over him – not just cum but also some fresh red blood mixed into it like a fountain of filth pouring forth from my slut hole! It’s disgusting yet arousing at the same time; seeing this messy mixture covering both our bodies only fuels our lust further as we continue fucking until neither one of us has any strength left in us anymore.

Black Phone Sex Training Them Young To Take That BBC

Black phone sex brings back many slutty memories with my mom and I as she trained me to be her little whore. You have no idea the lengths I went to train my little girl in the ways of being a bad whore. From the moment I was old enough to understand what those big, black cocks were for, mommy started inviting them over every week to fuck my tight little cunt and teach me how it felt to be taken properly. It wasn’t easy at first – I was so small and they shoved those cocks in with everything they had to get me to stretch my holes out.

Black phone sexI soon learned just how good it could feel having all that thick meat stretching my cunt out.Hitting spots that left me begging for them to dig their rods into my fuck hole.  I would want to sit on black guys cocks as a little girl, not wearing panties, just to grind on the unsuspecting man, just to have my pussy feel the cock through his pants.

Mommy loved to watch from the shadows as they took turns pounding into my young cunt, their grunts of pleasure mixing with hers. I learned to take it like a champ, my eyes rolling back in her head as I got lost in the sensation of being filled up so completely. And when they were done using me, they’d leave behind a sticky mess that we both knew would be washed away by morning but never truly forgotten. Sometimes she’d go in between my legs to get herself a scoop licking my cunt clean. She loved the bbc cum moreso than other cum and slurped my swollen

Mommy sure trained me to be one of the best whores around now that I’m an adults. I am always ready to take on any and all black cock that comes her way.

Fisting Whore Deanna Loves Getting Her Cunt Stretched Out

This afternoon, you called me your Fisting Whore and I He fisted my wet cunt so hard I was doubled over in pain and a pleasure that was indescribable.  it was so hot when he fisted my cunt. I’m not gonna lie, it was a little bit painful at first, but the pain quickly turned into pleasure as he started to stretch my tight little pussy. He was so big and strong, and I could feel his knuckles digging into my walls. It was intense, but in the best way possible.

Fisting whore

As he started to thrust his fist in and out of me, I could feel my pussy juices flowing freely. It was like a dam had broken and all the cum I had been holding back was finally being released. I could feel my clit throbbing and my ass tightening up around his hand. I was so turned on that I could barely contain myself.

The guy was really into it too. He had this look in his eyes that said he was enjoying every second of it. He was grunting and moaning as he fisted me, and I could feel his cock getting harder and harder against my ass. I knew he was getting close to cumming, and I couldn’t wait to feel his hot cum splashing against my back.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, he pulled his fist out of my cunt and shot his load all over my back. It was the hottest thing I’d ever felt. The cum was warm and sticky, and it felt amazing as it dripped down my spine.

I turned around to face him, my pussy still throbbing from the experience. He was breathing heavily, his cock still hard as a rock. I couldn’t help but reach out and touch it, feeling the heat radiating off of it.

Hot Stripper Sex Makes Deanna Squirt on Those Aching Cocks

hot stripper sexHot stripper sex, there is nothing quite like it.  It’s naughty, it’s dirty, it’s raunchy, and that is the recipe for my pussy to stay wet.  I knew how to work those poles like nobody’s business – grinding against them until my pussy was soaking wet from all the friction; shaking my ass so hard that coins would fall out of their pockets! Then there were those lapdance sessions where I’d straddle their faces and rub myself against their rock-hard cocks through thin fabric…teasing them mercilessly until they couldn’t take anymore.

But nothing beat taking one of those lucky bastards back to a private room where we could really get down and dirty – no rules or limits applied here! I’d suck on his throbbing member until it grew even bigger and then ride him like a cowgirl, feeling his thick girth stretch my cunt to its limits. Sometimes we’d even get kinky and let him fuck me in the ass too – that always made them lose their minds! And when they finally came inside of me? Oh man, did I ever enjoy that feeling…like being filled up with hot cum was the only thing that truly satisfied this dirty slut whore.

Of course, there were some johns who weren’t so nice; those ones got what they paid for – a good old-fashioned rape session where I’d scream and beg for mercy while taking every inch of their cock deep inside my tight holes. But hey, it all part of the job right? Being used by strangers is just another day at work for your favorite trailer trash stripper cum dumpster whore!

BBC Phone Sex Deanna Just Can’t Get Enough

BBC Phone SexOh that black cock is addicting as is BBC Phone sex. There’s just something about the size and power that makes my clit tingle and pussy throb.  I can’t get enough of it in my mouth or slut holes. It feels so good to be stretched out and filled up by all that thick, delicious meat. The more girth they have, the better – I love feeling completely taken over by it. And when they start pounding away at me, oh man…that’s when things really get wild! My pussy juices flow freely as I moan uncontrollably under their massive cocks.

It makes me feel so dirty and depraved in all the right ways. Plus, there’s something about being with a black guy that just adds an extra level of taboo excitement to everything we do together; like we’re breaking some kind of rule just by being together like this! So yeah, count me in for any chance to chase after some BBC action – no matter how filthy or forbidden some may say it is. A girl wants what kind of cock a girl wants, right?

I’ve had my fair share of experiences with big black cocks, and let me tell you…they never disappoint. Whether it’s sucking them off under the bleachers at school or getting pounded against a dirty alley wall, there’s always an adrenaline rush that comes along with it. And don’t even get me started on gangbangs – those are like heaven on earth for someone like me! The more BBC I can take at once, the better. There’s something about being surrounded by all that dark meat that just drives me wild. Plus, they know how to fuck right; their strokes are so powerful yet gentle at the same time. It feels like they own every inch of my body when they use my slut holes and treat me like the whore I am.

So yeah, sign me up for any party where there might be some big black dicks swinging around – I won’t rest until I find one (or two or three!) to satisfy my cravings tonight!

Cum Guzzling Slut Cougar Whore Takes All The Cock Load She Can Get

Cum guzzling slutOh, baby, I’m the biggest cum guzzling slut whore you’ll ever find. I live for cum and can’t get enough of it. The taste of hot, sticky semen on my tongue is like nectar from the gods. It coats my throat as I deepthroat a thick cock until it spurts its load down my gullet, filling me up with your essence. My pussy lips quiver in anticipation as they stretch around a hard dick that pounds into me relentlessly, leaving behind a trail of your seed every time we fuck. And when you want to be really naughty? You shove that massive cock up my tight little ass and fill me with even more cum – it feels so good sliding in and out of my slut hole!

I crave cum like an addict needs their next fix; there isn’t a moment that goes by where I don’t think about getting fucked or finding someone new to satisfy this insatiable need within me. My tits are always ready for some titfuck action too; nothing gets me off quite like feeling those heavy balls slapping against them

As you shoot your load onto my chest, I eagerly lap it up with my tongue, savoring the salty taste mixed with the remnants of our passionate encounter. And when we’re done? I don’t wash off – no sirree! The cum stains on my body are a badge of honor, proof that I’ve been well and truly used by a real man who knows how to treat his whore right. There is nothing I want more from you than to get that cum shot out of those balls, through the the tubes in that rock hard cock, and flowing up until it squirts out to whereever you feel like giving me your load because you already know, this slut takes it everywhere and anywhere, just give that cum to me now.

Anal Sex Whore Virgin Lets Her Slut Hole Get Pounded For First Time

I didn’t start out as an Anal Sex Whore. At one point, I was an anal virgin.  Imagine you took my ass hole virgitnity for a minute.

I had always been curious about anal sex, but never had the courage to try it until now. You guide yourself towards my tight little slutty hole and slowly thrusts that hard cock inside; it burns at first but then gives way under your thick girth as you begin thrusting in and out of my ass with forceful strokes that make every inch of my insides scream with pleasure/pain combination that sends shivers down your spine. Your hands grip onto those huge tits of mine while you take control over every aspect of this encounter – including how hard or soft you want to fuck into that virgin ass hole!

I moan loudly each time you hit a certain spot deep within causing you even more excitement which translates into harder pounding against my tight but ever so streteched out hole making sure every single drop counts when cumming inside such a tight space like this one!

As you pick up speed, I feel myself getting closer and closer to exploding all over your throbbibg dick deep inside my ass. I rub my clit as you hand me a vibrator which only intensifies my desire to stuff you further in me. I beg you not stop while pleading for more of your cock in my tight stretched out ass – begging like the dirty little slut that I proudly claim to be. You grab onto those juicy ass cheeks of mine, and spank them hard enough so they sting but also make your pussy tingle with anticipation at the same time.

With one final thrust deep into your bowels, you release warm sticky juicy goodness deep inside of my no longer virgin slut hole.  You are filling every crevice in that dark tight hole you just ravaged. Making sure every drop counts before pulling out slowly. You smirk down at what you have just done – conquering yet another hole on my slut whore body that you can claim you released your sticky wonder juices into.Anal sex whore

Hookers for Hire Deanna

Hookers for hireHookers for hire situations are great money but not always fun. So when you called me to pay for time with you and your girl, I was ready to lick some clit and cock to make your fantasy come true.  We went back to my small room above one of the seedy bars where the three of us sipping cheap whiskey and you laid out some nose candy, which I was all about. I started undressing your girl, kneeling down to suck on that beautiful clit inserting my fingers in her cunt. What a ready and willing cunt she had, oh good times!

You joined me without further ado taking control right away holding onto my hips as you inserted your rock hard monster cock in from behind as I continued making your girl squirt all over my hand.  You teased me taking your cock out as we all three went to change positions.  You then began kiss ing my way down my neck, across collarbone and finally reaching those perfect tits of mine, which you sucked on like they were the last drops of water in desert. Your girlfriend got out her wand vibrator to play with her pussy watching her man please me. I moaned loudly signaling approval so you moved further southwards until your tongue found its target – that wet pussy full with anticipation for me!

As expected you said it it tasted salty yet incredibly arousing as well; I squirmed beneath you but didn’t resist when you entered slowly at first then began thrusting harder faster deeper into my tight hole. You were claiming me and taking control of the cunt, which got your girlfriend going! She was cheering you on, so

The sex became rougher more intense by each passing moment: slapping ass cheeks occasionally spankings even bites here there just to heighten sensations we were all three experiencing. Eventually weyou and I reached came with you inside me as your girlfriend sat on my face and I slurped up her delicious pussy.  It was one of the better times I had that week with hooker phone sex and I was very happy to have the experience with both you and your girl.

Shemale Phone Sex Fantasies with Deanna

Shemale phone sexI need you to indulge me by jacking off at work while watching some hot shemale porn. Imagine those big beautiful tits bouncing as they ride on top of you; imagine their thick dicks filling up every hole they have – including mine! It turns me on just thinking about it because nothing gets my juices flowing like knowing how much pleasure both of us will experience when this happens.

When you get home tonight, let’s make sure there are no distractions so we can focus solely on each other and our new playmate. We can take things slow or go hardcore depending on how adventurous everyone feels but either way, I promise an unforgettable night full of passionate sex acts that will leave us all satisfied beyond belief! And

I love being your most obedient and obliging wife; nothing makes me happier than seeing you satisfied both physically and emotionally. So go ahead, jack off thinking about those gorgeous trans women while imagining them pleasuring both of us until we scream with delight – then come home ready to make every dirty fantasy come true!

Our new shemale friend just so happens to have a big black cock for us to play with. I know how much you love it when they stretch out my tight little pussy. Just thinking about it makes me wetter than ever before. Imagine that huge dick filling up both of us at once.  You will be convulsing as your prostate is stimulated and you explode is orgasmic bliss from the shemales cock filling up your hole

I can already feel myself getting wet just thinking about it all; my cunt is aching for your big cock inside of me while another thick shaft takes turns pleasuring every inch of me from behind or above. The thought alone sends shivers down my spine… So please, baby – indulge in this fantasy with me tonight by jacking off hard on those dirty thoughts until we are together again soon enough!

Furry friends phone sex and our No Limits Calls

Furry friends phone sex, if you know you know.  You know you’ve peaked down at that hairy cock when its red rocket is out and wonder what that sweet little (turned big) thing would be like in your mouth. Or better yet, what if you could be the dog in heat just one time?  Let that furry friend of yours hump you and feel the way that knot feels as it’s inside your slutty hole.

It reminds me of that one time when we were sitting at our friend’s house and watching her fur love for her.  She had a great big furry monster, the sweetest thing ever. And this furry monster had the biggest monster I had ever seen.  I pointed out that the balls were still intact.  All week I was catching myself reaching over while on the couch playing with it.  Big boy Fido let me.  Then I got a little more curious to see if I could get him hard.  So I secretly would start sucking that limp hairy cock to find my red rocket.

All of a sudden, it appeared.  It seemed like the never-ending growing cock in front of me.  I couldn’t help myself, my pussy by that point was like a magnet and drawn to this big ol’ hairy monster like a force I couldn’t fight anymore.  So I took position on my hands and knees, doggy style, how appropriate.  Fido made his way over like he knew the drill and I helped insert that long, strong red rocket into its outer space.  When he started to know, floods of cum came rushing out onto Fido, the floor, myself, and everywhere I turned at that moment, was a glistening glow of wetness.  The best orgasm I had ever in my life had and it didn’t come from a human.  

Later on that week, you tried it and loved sticking that Fido cock into your shitter hole.  Fido making you his bitch and I couldn’t get enough. Now we are both addicted to that hot furry friend’s cock.  Don’t knock it til you try it!