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Orgy Phone Sex The More The Merrier

orgy phone sex The more holes the better as my grandpa would tell us and that’s what comes to mind when we talk about orgy phone sex.  I’ve always been the type that gets bored with one dick going in my two holes.  Only so many combinations you can play with before you start looking for new sticks and holes to play around with, right? Ever since I was little, and my family had big ol’ family reunions and the adults got wasted, I have seen the fun that can happen when you involve everyone possible.

I remember at Pawpaws trailer, we had a reunion one year and we were all around the campfire when we started the tradition of throwing our panties into the bonfire.  Pawpaw brought each granddaughter over and made out with them and matched them up with a boy cousin to practice licking and fingering  our little cunts.  My aunts and uncles would come by and give instructions to make sure we were doing it right.  Often my uncles or daddy stuck their cock down our little mouths until we were choking and gagging.

Pawpaw was really good at cheering all of us on.  He had a big ol’ bed that when he chose you to fuck that night, you were to accept politely. He was the Hugh Hefner of the trailer park and he wanted to make every one of us feel like the best trailer park whore.  So now a days, if I can join in on a threesome, a couple, a porn shoot with as many as possible.  The more mouths on a cock, they harder they get. The more that cum in me, the more others can lick out. When you’ve had 5 guys in row shoot load upin your pussy, it can leak out for days.

Do you want to have some fun with me and whoever else? Give me a call sometime, let’s see where we can go.

Cum Guzzling Slut Craves That Juice

Cum guzzling slut is the best description I have for myself.  Ever since I was really young and started sucking off the neighbors in the trailer park, I loved it.  That first squirt I had in my mouth, that warm sticking, salty gooey goodness, yum! I was addicted to cum from there on out. If I didn’t get my daily dose of cum, I was squirming until I got a big cock back in my mouth.

My mouth starts salivating when I get closer to a big fat cock. I am like a dog in heat only I’m in heat for a cock in my mouth. I have never sucked cock and not got a guy off because that would mean I get no cum.  When I am part of orgy’s, everyone knows the deal that the cum goes in my mouth. I don’t care what pussy or ass you were just in, get that cock out and into my mouth when that juice is coming out.

Popeye needs spinach to be strong, I need cum. I’m convinced.  Without it, I’m struggling, with it, I can do anything.  A parlay of getting some shot in my mouth, pussy and ass the same time is a unicorn I strive for every day. The only way I feel fulfilled and filled is when I get cum in every hole in a day.

Who else can relate? But enough with the chit chat, who wants me to guzzle their juice? Guzzle guzzle, mama is ready!

Trashy Milf Getting Your Man

trashy milfTrashy Milf Whores as I hear the town prudes call us, oh if they only knew how much their husbands loved us.  I overheard a conversation at Starbucks recently and I recognized the women.  Their husbands are longtime clients.  It made me chuckle thinking about how I was in the car with one of the men when these gossiping hoes talking trash started blowing up his phone.

We had gotten a hotel in town for the weekend and he was supposed to be out of town. She was onto him I guess when he didn’t answer but it was kind of hard when I had him tied up and was riding his cock like my life depended on it.

Maybe if she sucked his cock under the table at the restaurants like I did, he wouldn’t need something on the side.  Maybe if you weren’t just a missionary boring ass hoe, he wouldn’t get off going bare backed cumming in my every hole (and boy did this man cum hard like he hadn’t had a good fuck in awhile, do your wifey duties sister and I won’t need to drain that hubby’s cock.

Then the blonde bitch talking shit, I had to roll my eyes because her husband was just eating me out in the car 30 minutes prior.  He loves my cunt o much that it’s like a drug. In fact, he’s snorted some drugs off my pussy and made some druggy porn all fucked up the night before.  It was wild, dirty, and hot.  He gets me.  Like if we are somewhere, even a gas station, and I give him a look, he knows it’s the look to come stick that hard cock in my hole now.  G

Shemale Phone Sex Give Them The Cock

When it comes to shemale phone sex, I am full of surprises. Sometimes the surprise may come from between my legs.  You may be sucking my nipples and sticking your tongue down my throat expecting things to go a certain way. Maybe you feel a bulge in my pants. Or you saw something out at the bar that had you curious. Grinding on the dance floor your tight little ass did feel it. I knew what to do after that. I invited you over for some dirty tranny fun.

I teased your cock the whole cab ride. I had some hot friends staying in my condo that weekend. We got back to a house full of nakedness and orgies going on.shemale phone sexYou needed those drinks at the bar and maybe a few lines would help ease you up.  I bring you back to my room away from the living room filled with booze and smoke.  I lay out some white stuff on a mirror in my drawer. You take the straw and snort it.  Like a viagra pill, the high is instant and the sex drive is through the roof.  Your hands are all over me although avoiding between my legs. I take charge putting my hands down your pants.

I puill your shorts off and shove that cock down my throat.  I want to fuck you so bad it’s making me throb. I pull my pants down and throw you onto the bed. I know you know whats up now and you are relaxed from the white stuff I gave you.  I take my hard cock and shove it in you deep.  I feel at home instantly.  I wanted that pussy ass tonight and I got it. And it never fails, after they have a tranny, they fall in love and can’t wait to have me, again and again.

Anal Cum Dumpster on Trash Day

anal cum dumpsterBeing someone’s anal cum dumpster makes my little clit tingle and jingle like it’s Christmas morning. Rubbing my clit to ease the initial pain of that big hard cock’s head crowning my small, tight asshole.  Oh how it hurts, but I love the pain, I love that big dick making me clench my fists as my whole body tenses up.  Deeper you thrust that cock. Deeper and harder. Inch by inch you slowly disappear.

Disappear in my ass is what you do.  I can feel your balls swinging back and forth on my taint as you start fucking my ass harder andanal cum dumpster faster.  Grabbing my tits from behind, you are at it full force.  Hardcore anal sex by this point as you ignore my screams of pain and keep at it, your eye is on the prize. The prize of your huge throbbing cock throbbing that milky white cum out. The feeling of pleasure and pain is unreal.  My pussy is dripping wet and I am shaking. In almost in a convulsion like state.  My whole body starts to feel euphoria coming over me as I feel your cock getting harder and harder.

My pussy can almost feel your cum inside there. Like it’s the only way it ce                                                                                                                                                                                                                  omes out is if it’s squirting in my ass. I am clenched onto your cock so tight that you have no choice but to shoot that creamy load up deep in me. I’m not letting you out until I get every last drop of that juice in me.  I want your cum and I want it now.  I feel you start to tense up, you grab me tighter, squeezing my shoulders as you ram my cunt with that nice huge cock.

I start to feel the warmth in my ass as you fill me up with your cum.  I love being your anal sex little whore. Can I be yours now?

Big Dick Sucker Eats Pussy

Big Dick SuckerBig dick sucker who loves to be a big pussy licker too?  What a treat, huh? I know I’m not the only slut who loves sucking dick and can turn around and lick a clit like my life depended on it.  Something excites me about doing it at the same time too but that’s just expected when you are a whore like I am.  I will fuck and suck anything you put in front of me.

A good night for me is having multiple cocks and multiple clits all running around naked with me.  Some booze, some party favors lined out on the table for fun.  Then just down the line, as I’m on my knees, one by one hard cock by hard cock enters my watering mouth. It’s dripping by that point as it tends to do when I’m ready to suck or fuck.  My slobber dripping down the cock and onto the balls of these random guys.

Sprinkled in there, I have pussy thrust into my face.  Something so sensual about licking a twat.  Spreading those big lips to get to the clit, knowing all the feeling is concentrated in that small area. I am gentle and tease the clits because I know what I like I love when my clit gets sucks.  I insert my fingers slowly, one by one, into that cunt as I continue licking and sucking. Teasing and fucking.  My mouth dripping with saliva all down that pussy onto her ass. I usually manage to get a few fingers up there, whether the guy or girl likes it or not.

I love munching that carpet and eating my franks and beans too.  Just like my grandma taught us little whores back in the trailer park.  She sure would be proud to see how many cocks and cunts I’ve had if she were here today.

Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutCum guzzling slut girls like me can’t get enough of those hard throbbing cocks as they pulsate, boom, boom.  The feeling of a throbbing cock in my mouth as I move my dripping wet mouth back and forth, deeper and deeper.  Demanding that you gag me with that cock as I choke the further and further I go down.  I want all of that cock in my mouth.  I go so far down so you can’t see an inch of that shaft when you look down at me, it’s all stuffed deep in my mouth.

I am sucking and blowing, alternating using my mouth to feel what your cock wants out of my mouth.  I feel the hardness increase when I tough certain spots and blow and suck certain ways. I take note as I hope for this cock to be in my mouth a whole lot in the future. I love knowing what you love and giving you what you love.

I feel the cum is getting closer to being squirted down my throat. You are grunting, thrusting it deeper into my slut hole of a mouth.  The veins pulse throughout the roof of my mouth.  Your muscles all tense up like you are getting ready for an earthquake to take over your body and come out the cock.  The intensity is real and I and gobbling it up.

Finally, I taste the salty, sticky goodness leaving your hole, entering my dark mouth, it’s new home.  I suck with my mouth as I continue my mouth and hand thrusting. It is getting more intense as it shoots and your letting me know the feeling rocks. I hear your giggle and breathe heavily, “Damn D, you suck a good cock.”  I smile because, well duh, I know.

Hot stripper Sex wasn’t enough, I am back sluts!

hot stripper sex

So I traded my hot stripper sex life for the life of a telephone sexy whore.  I’m back, bitches! After thinking I could leave this life of sex on the phone every night and just live off turning tricks at the local strip club, I realized I was missing my calling being away from you all!

I’ve had a whole lot of cum drip out of this nasty pussy since I last wrote here, over a year ago.  I can’t wait to share the stories of the hundreds of cocks I’ve had and the skanky pussy I’ve had my dirty mouth licking since I last left you all.  Nothing makes me happier than rough, nasty, skanky sex. And lots of it!  I love that I’ve had the experience now of being one of the best hookers for hire in my area. I was really good at making that money spreading my legs for whoever chalked up the cash.  However, something was missing in my life.

My callers! I loved y’all and spent many nights dreaming of your cocks. I had a dream one night that you were pissing all over me, lots of you were in this dream. I woke up wet with cum from the dream. It made me realize I am truly missing out if I stayed away from my favorite hard cocked men.  I can still love the stripper and hooker life, but I really needed my live phone sex life to

Sexy Prostitutes All About The Money

sexy prostitutes

Sexy prostitutes get a bad rap.  We have stories for days.  Thinking about one and how I ended up bent over again behind the local pool bar ass up face down hanging on the side of a dumpster while the locals pounded it in once again. It is really no secret around here. I needed to make rent. A few of them at Harry’s Dive Bar, a local joint where I was their only stripper, would often let me just suck their wrinkled old fat cocks for a few bucks here and there.

There’s that one cock that I never even caught the old fellas name. He just comes on down on around Wednesday nights, meets me in parking lot, points to Chevy s10 over yonder and I hop up. He pulls out his sweaty old cock and holds it up like a snake. He stacks nasty $100 bills around that cock. I never wanted a cock so bad as I did when I seen that green goodness surrounding the base of that vein pulsing wrinkled-up monster between this old mans legs.  My mouth starts watering immediately.  Is it the money or the cock? Or the fact that this cock comes with some good money.

I left every meeting with him with a cum filled cunt and a few stacks of hundred dollar bills.

Makes it taste a bit better with that cheddar as a side.

Cum Guzzling Slut for Hire


Cum guzzling sluts are very popular with large parties where they get center attention.   I just have to lay there with my mouth wide open and cum just shoots from all angles into my mouth, chin, and tits. It is almost a pissing contest so see who has the most cum and how far they can shoot.   Those that can land it right in my mouth get that privilege to know that I will swallow every drop of the cum that makes it into my mouth.  The guys also like to brag about who has the biggest cock and who can do it better.

Of course I have to get some in my hot wet pussy so I can give creampies to those men who love to clean me up and suck the cum out of my pussy.  It is even better when I get to bring my girlfriend Lisa because the men love to watch us play with each other for a few lucky guys I put my ass in the air to be fucked while I bring Lisa to orgasm with my tongue.   I am for hire so please invite me to your next party.  I promise I am worth every dollar.