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hooker phone sexAs a dirty hooker you get all kinds of hot requests. One of my favorites as of late has been the desire of a hot guy to smell me. Like really smell me. The sweaty grimy film in my tailbone turns him on incredibly. I rub my finger down that indention and put it up to my nose and take in that most pungent odor. I then let him smell it. I spread my legs to show him my pretty pussy, sweaty from working out and not showering. The smell that rises when I move my legs apart is intoxicating. I finger my wet hole and let him smell. Then I finger my beautiful asshole so he can smell that as well. Sometimes he even wants to sniff under my arms. Getting his nose deep in my arm pits. That womanly, musky odor is fabulous. I love the feel of his nose close to my clit. Lightly grazing it and driving me crazy. I just adore him so. Do you have any fun fetishes you would like to explore with me?

Full Of Cum, Just How I Like It

white trash phone sexYou know that saying about white trash whores, right? Well I am everything that entails except I have all my teeth and my juicy wet pussy isn’t ate up with std’s. Anyways, I do like it rough, often and preferably with multiples. I have become fond of gangbangs lately and will make myself your party favor, you only need to ask. So last night as I walked to my trailer, I heard a party happening. I am assuming a football game or something similar as I could see it was full of nothing but men. Perfect. I walked right in the door and lucky for me it was halftime. As I started unbuttoning my blouse, I told them the halftime entertainment had arrived. They stared but the bulges in their pants gave them away. I undressed to my thigh highs, knelt down and pulled apart my pussy lips so they could see my beautiful wet tight hole and clit. I told them there would be enough for everybody as I laid on the couch with my legs spread wide. I let each and everyone of those drunk bastards fuck me. No condom of course. They fucked my pussy and I jerked and sucked them off too. Then as my face, mouth and twat were covered in cum I grinned and told them there was another hole that needed attention. I stood up, bent over a chair and they took turns fucking my tight ass. When I had drained the last drop from each of their balls I smiled and left. Full of cum just how this whore likes it.

VIP Treatment For You

stripper sex storiesOne of my favorite clients is an older gentleman that comes by once a week. He has done this for many years and this week was no different. However, I had a surprise for him today. He always takes me to the VIP room where I give him one on one attention. Mostly my mouth and my tight wet pussy and his cock. He doesn’t last enough to pound my ass so today I handed him a little blue pill and told him we had all afternoon. I handed him a drink and as he swallowed, I unzipped his pants and laid him back on the couch. Then I climbed between his legs and started sucking on his full tight ball sack. Putting my lips firmly but softly around him. He loves that. I was stroking his cock as I continued sucking his balls and licking and kissing his thighs. I raised and he smiled as I took him deep in one motion. All the way. No gag reflexes at all. I sucked him dry and started stroking him again. He started to lay me back, but I stopped him. I smiled and said today you get a special treat. Then I lowered my tight asshole down on his wet thick cock. We played all afternoon, and I was filled with his cum. He handed me a fat tip and left a happy man. Give me a call baby and let me give you some VIP treatment too.

Fucking For My Next Fix

trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore has no limits. Not even my sisters baby daddy was off limits to me. I needed a fix, and he was my dealer. I had no cash to offer but I had my body. He didn’t mind that and decided to double my quantity if I would entertain him and his friends for the afternoon. He shot me up and I was ready. My sister’s baby daddy of course wanted me first, he wasn’t into sloppy seconds he said. Didn’t matter to me which dick was poked in me first because by this time I was already flying high. I rode them, I blew them, I spread my ass cheeks for them. I even took my step nephew and his friend at the same time. I was so filled with cum there was no need for lube as they rammed cock after cock up my tight ass. The room was spinning, my belly full of cum and my holes destroyed but I had my next fix. My sister came home to find me passed out, naked in a pool of cum and just laughed.

Trading My Young Ones For Rent

trailer trash whoreWell rent is due, and the horny sleazy landlord came calling. I know what he wants but I want to get all the bills covered as much as possible before I give in to his perverted ways. He showed up wearing only sweatpants and holding a forty. I was still fucked up from the night before but that won’t stop me. I invited him in, and he started in about last day of the month and rent is due and blah blah. I told him I have what he wants. I sat him down pulled out his cock, spit on it and then put my trashy lips around that big beast and sucked him off. I smiled and he said nah, you owe more than that. So, I stood up and lowered my juicy wet pussy onto his monster and fucked him. He grabbed my big tits and bounced me up and down on his cock. He squirted his load deep inside me. I stood up and he just laughed. He told me I knew what he wanted. I did but I decided to negotiate just a little. I threw in some new appliances and a zero balance and he could have it. He took a drink and said bring her on. I smiled as I grabbed my little trailer trash whore in training from her room and handed her to him. He loves her tiny soft flat hairless body. He tore her up and left her in tears and bloody, but I don’t care. That is the reason I had those cute little tiny fuck toys.

A Slut Does What A Slut Wants To Do

phone sex slutsEveryone loves a nasty naughty slut but when you find one who knows how to take control and bring out the kinky side of you that you never knew existed then you have found a fun playmate. I love to take a man who thinks they are going to use me only to turn the tables and make him my bitch. I had a guy who decided he was going to hold me down by the throat and fuck me. I love that shit but as soon as he came, he thought we were done. No baby, far from it. I started blowing him and then spread his legs underneath me. I then buried my fingers in his ass. He hesitated at first, but I was persistent and relentless. Soon his struggles were non-existent and as I blew him, I fucked his ass with my fingers. Not one finger, but two. His dick was rock hard, and his balls were full. As I sucked his cock my fingers went in and out of his tight asshole. I felt his entire body tense up before he shot the biggest load of cum I had ever seen him shoot. He laid there silently for a few minutes before smiling and just saying wow. I know he liked it because my phone was dinging within hours of him leaving. A slut has to do what a slut wants to do.

Let Me Spread My Cheeks For You

hot stripper sexLet’s take it to the VIP room is one of my favorite things to come out of your mouth. I am a slut, but I am a high price slut. But every so often I a pleasantly surprised by just what you have underneath your khaki pants. The wifey doesn’t take care of you the way I can does she. She gives you every excuse she can think of, but I never say no. You start flashing those bucks around and all of my holes immediately open. What you like best is a wet sloppy blow job. Been awhile since you have had one of those hasn’t it. I will take you deep and hard. Want to hold my face to your crotch and hear me gag? You got it. Let me lay on the couch and show you the most desired hole. My sweet tight asshole. You know you aren’t getting that at home. So come on, I will even hold my cheeks for you while you ram it in. It is nice and tight isn’t it? Now push my face to the ground and ram it in so hard that your balls are smacking against me. That’s right baby, with a long thick dick like that you will have us both orgasming in no time.

You Can Dress A Stripper Up But She Is Still A Hoe

stripper sex storiesEvery so often I have wealthy clients that like me to attend outside functions with them. For a cost I will do just about anything. Anyways, he wanted me to help him host a small gathering of his colleagues and play the part of his partner. Sure, no worries, I like the dude and how hard can it really be. I arrived wearing a nice dress and helped him. I hadn’t seen him outside the club, and he was actually quite nice looking. I had fucked him sure, so I knew what he had beneath those khakis, but I kept it in check and continued on with the party. It was a success, and everyone left happy and none the wiser that I was in fact a paid stripper. I tried to be good, but I had had a few drinks and was feeling horny. As he walked back to the kitchen, I met him with my tits and juicy pussy fully exposed wanting his cock. He actually dropped the plates and headed right to me. He lifted me on the counter and started sucking on my tits as I hurriedly unbuckled his belt and grabbed his big cock. I laid back and he started sucking on my swollen clit making my quickly squirt in his face. Then he lifted me to the ground, bent me over the chair and pounded my pussy from behind. He was stroking so hard and his balls were rubbing against me that I came again. He filled my pussy with his warm creamy cum and then turned me around, pushed me to the floor and I blew him hard again. We fucked into the morning and I left with a big stack of cash and my holes full of his sperm. It was a hot night.

Hot Stripper Sex Is The Best

Hot Stripper SexHot Stripper sex is the best. I mean a woman who knows how to move her body to get you so worked up that you will throw money at her definitely knows her way around a bedroom. Of course, a woman who is comfortable with her body being naked in a public setting is going to give you a great time in private. I definitely do not disappoint in that area. I am a naughty nasty freak who likes it rough and wild and non-stop. I mean that is what the coke is for right? To keep it going all night long. Don’t think I won’t make you work for it though. I am a sure thing, but you best know how to get my pussy wet and my orgasms long and often if you want to keep me around. I want you to start by sucking on my juicy wet pussy, paying lots and lots of attention to my sweet clit. Suck it, rub it and nibble it just a little too. Stick your finger in my hole and feel the orgasm as my pussy grips your finger before my juices flow. Now if you can get that done you are in for a real treat. I will keep that cock hard and have you blowing your load over and over until we both are too exhausted to keep going. Then we will rest, hydrate and go on to round two baby. So, you think you could keep a dirty slut like me satisfied?

I Was Covered In Cum

hooker phone sexI have been working a few private parties lately and this latest one was actually pretty hot. It was just a bunch of horny guys who had put their money together to hire some tits and ass to fuck with. Bars are closed so these dudes picked some sure things. It started with about 5 girls and a dozen or so guys and we all got naked, high and got to it. I got on my knees and serviced those men, blowing each and ev3eryone of them until they blew their loads all over my naked body. I was covered in them cum as I bent over and spread my ass cheeks to give each of them a turn at tearing up my tight ass. They were so into it that the pounding of their ball sacks against my pussy even left me a bit chaffed. Not to mention how they each took turns ramming their hard cocks deep inside my pussy. I was covered with cum and it was leaking out of my ass and cunt by the time we were finished. I love the feeling of that and the smell of all of that sex. I stayed for awhile taking it all in before I collected my money and headed out.

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