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Trashy Milf Likes it Rough

Trashy Milf

My whole life i have liked it rough and tumble when it comes to sex. It’s no surprise that as a trashy milf the rougher the sex the better! Last night as I was scoring some coke from this white boy, he doubled the price on me. I had a client waiting on me and was pissed off. Not only was he fucking with my money, he told me the only way he consider giving the coke for regular price was if I blew him. So looking at the time I figured I could get him off in a hurry and be back where I needed to be. Still pissed at losing money, my body is money!  And I would be losing more money if this whore didn’t get back in time. As I began to suck that pecker presented in my face, it became clear that he was a grower not a shower. The more I gobbled, and sucked and bobbed, the larger his dick grew! I was really impressed and lost track of time as I lost myself in sucking this glorious member. Soon he had me on my back slurping my dirty pussy like it was golden nectar. My coke dealer really loved to bury his face in this cum dumpster cunt! And I’m hoping you do too! I have a treat for a trick. 

Cashapp Notification Cum Slut For Sale

Sexy prostitutesI know exactly what you want. I knew it from the moment I caught you staring up my tight mini skirt while I sat at the bar with my legs slightly open for a stud like you to see. I came here to get fucked and paid, and panties just don’t seem to fit into that equation. The way you lick your lips at my hot wet cunt lets me know that going commando was the right choice tonight. You ordered me a drink and left your room number on the napkin. That sealed the deal. I knew right then and there you were the perfect trick for this kinky treat. The door was unlocked and I let myself in. You were already naked and had your toys laid out on the bed: whips, ball gags, nipple clamps, handcuffs, a paddle and so much more. As soon as the Cashapp notification came through, you ordered me to pull my fucking skirt up and used a spreader with ankle and wrist cuffs to bend me over and expose my hooker pussy. You rammed your hard cock in my cunt and the hardcore fucking began. You fucked me hard until you squirted hot cum sauce all over my white ass. You sent another Cashapp payment and grabbed your paddle. You kept the payments coming as you satisfied all your BDSM fantasies. This pussy squirted harder with each Cashapp notification. I left you my number so you could look me up the next time you need a submissive hooker for hire to handle your cock.

No Taboo Sexline

sexlineMy sexline is an unrestricted party line. I love to party with guys and talk about fucked up taboo shit. I was super high the other night when he called. He encouraged me to get even higher. Of course, I did not mind. I always have coke and pot in the house. I do not need to be high to get freaky. I am a nasty freak sober. I was telling my caller about my daughters. Both the ones I pushed out of my pussy and the ones we adopted. I described each girl’s sweet little pussy and ass. I informed him what each girl is best at. I even told him about some of the experiences they have had with their rent a daddies. He was eating my taboo phonesex stories up. I have so many too. My stories go way back to when I was a little whore for my meth head folks. Some of the things men did to me! My parents never vetted guys. They let any stranger do whatever he wanted to me. I am just lucky no one ever snuffed me out or I would not be here with a big brood of my own to pimp out. I am nicer to my little whores than my parents were to me. My parents did not love me. They never interacted with me. Never celebrated birthdays or holidays. I was just a cash cow to support their meth addiction. My husband and I love our little whores. And we play with them daily. After my call last night, I was so horny, I went into my adopted daughters’ rooms and played with their little bald pussies. They taste so good. The girls woke up and wanted to play with mommy. I love this job especially when I get to party and share taboo age play stories.

Addicted to lust

Sloppy wet pussy

My sloppy wet pussy’s adventures. Yes, I’m a whore that likes to suck, fuck, and get fucked but not just any whore…. I love to soak my pussy in hot water after a good night fuck of getting gang banged. I would be so depressed if a man went to eat me out and was grossed by any smell coming out of my kitty. I am addicted to cleaning my pussy scentless. I really use a garden hose to clean it. I run hot water and I stick the hose in my pussy which makes me want to rub one out. Anything in my pussy makes me want to cum. It’s an OCD. I love to get it cummed on just so I can have a reason to clean it again.

Due to my hygiene addiction I always tend to find myself in screwed up situations. Like as of right now I’m in the back of the basketball court in broad daylight getting trained by the winning team. OMG it’s so unfair they are doing Five on One. Five of them and One of me, and I really need the company of just One more person to cum and make it more nasty, so after they are done training, I’ll be one for the team. As long as they win I’ll be their favorite trophy. I love when they fill me up! I am one fucked up individual who loves getting shot in all of my rims. Cum and shoot your shot in me coach ;)…I really need my fix!

Handsy Police Search

Sexy Prostitutes

I was laid out on the car like a fucking whore, my pussy exposed for anyone walking right on by to see. My micro skirt didn’t cover shit, and the cop who had me bent over his car was examining every little fuck hole I had. He snapped a glove on his hand as he prodded around inside my mouth for what he claimed was a little “cavity check.”

Well I wasn’t at all too eager to have him searching me for substances I knew I had on me, but when he found nothing in my mouth he quickly moved to opening up my poor asshole to see if I had any muleings stuck in there. Well of course I did, and he pulled those baggies out and tossed them into the grass. I was pissed! But I was cuffed and bent half naked over a cop car so I wasn’t about to complain. He had a big shit eating grin on his face as he moved around, and shoved two fingers right up my cunt.

I won’t lie, I was wet as fuck because I’ve always had a little bit of a cop fantasy. That’s when, even with ample onlookers in broad daylight, it became much more than a cavity search. “Let me slap a glove on my cock.” He gloated. “I don’t want to catch your slutty sickness.” All of that right before he slid his cock into my…

Lot Lizard Sex

Gangbang Whore Is At It Again

Druggy porn

The last john that picked me up was a nasty pervert freak but I didn’t know until we got to the hotel room. He had paid me a lot of money so I knew I was in for a long night. When I walked in, I could see at least ten guys. He told me I would be fucking all of them, what he didn’t know was I am a gangbang whore. I love the way it feels to have a cock shoved into my holes one after the other. I went to the bathroom got high just like I like being when I’m getting fucked and took all my clothes off. As soon as they all seen me naked, they started stroking their cocks. There was all kinds of sizes and colors I got to my knees and started sucking one then I felt a cock rubbing against my ass and I got ready as it was shoved in me. The whole night I was fucked in all my holes getting filled up time after time until I fell asleep. I woke up to a big bag of money.  

Dirty Phone Sex with Tiffany

dirty phone sexI love dirty phone sex. That is probably no surprise. I am on a trashy site for a reason. It may not be common knowledge how much I love playing with other girls at the company. Tiffany and I are friends. We have both done some nude modeling and we got paired together once for a foot fetish mother daughter photo shoot.  I have stayed in touch with Tiffany and in fact I got her a job here. It is hard to do much nude modeling in the age of Covid. The best way for adult industry workers to make money is by doing live phone sex or web cam work. Tiffany confessed that although she makes great money at phone sex, she needed more.  I knew how to help her. My husband has clients that love paid pussy. A hot teen slut is in demand, especially one like Tiffany who can age play and pretend to be much younger. Although she is legal, even if barely, I shaved a few years off her age to get her a better price. Now Tiffany assumed her “John” was a man. This particular client was a lesbian my husband knows who pays good money for the mommy daughter experience. Once I whispered what she was making in her ear, she saw only dollar signs. She was ready to make that woman holla. I was there to film the encounter. Tiffany has played with me. She could pretend to be the daughter of an ultra-rich mommy.  Tiffany took such good care of her mommy. I told her to channel our time together if it was hard to lick on old lady beaver. It was not hard for her. She buried her face between our client’s legs and gave her more than one hard cum. Tiffany told me she was bisexual, so it was hot to eat the pussy of an older lady. I think I might make Tiffany an honorary member of my band of sexy prostitutes.

live phone sex

Sexy Shemale Phone Sex Hooker

I know you missed you Sexy Shemale Phone Sex whore. I missed my lovers. The kinky guys that love to be a part of my ball draining fun.

It’s a shame that you couldn’t possibly know how much fucking partying I have been up to on my visit down south. I can’t talk about the little break I took. After all it’s a naughty side I had to embrace again. And since its off the record and not really allowed to discuss..

I’m just a bad ass tranny whore. That’s all you guys need to know. Well except that, ya know this covid shit cramped my style a little and I had to return to my old ways for a break and bank. Enough of that lover. I got that out of my system. Those tricks got the treat you will only be allowed to perceive over the phone with me. But we’re hot, and safe and no one can take away this filthy kinky loving relationship we have *wink*. 

If you just want to suck my tranny dick and experience my cum spurting down your throat, that is the best time too. I’m flexible and I will even let you fuck me in my sweet tranny cunt. It’s exciting the kind of kinky fun you can have with a little ice and some hot tranny cock. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure baby. I can accompany you to a nice dinner as your escort and then return to the penthouse suite for some hot filthy fun. If you like BBC we can arrange a few hung black cocks to meet us there too. Anything goes with Josie.

Shemale phone sex

A Family of Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes make my family bank. That includes me too. We have all ages for men to select. I am constantly amazed though over how many men want me. I am 42 now, but my popularity just goes up not down with age. Last night, a man hired me and my eldest daughter. She is the only teen whore in my house who is legal age. He thought it would be hot to fuck a real-life mother and daughter. He wanted a girl with some experience. All my girls have experience because daddy trained them to take cock and they have all been pimped out before. With this guy, we had to play like we were just regular California girls, not total whores like we are. He did not want a trailer trash whore mother and daughter. He wanted the mother and daughter next door experience. We can play house however a man wants because we are all about the Benjamins. We gave him the suburban soccer mom and daughter experience. It was nice playing normal folks. Well, maybe not exactly normal because my guess is not many soccer moms are blowing daddy with their daughters. More soccer moms should though. Our rent a daddy had a big dick. My daughter and I acted surprised daddy was so hung. My hot teen slut daughter played her role beautifully. She acted like a good virgin girl who wanted her daddy to be her first. I mean she did lose her virginity to her daddy, so she was going on memory. My baby girl can play any role. She is a natural actress and a natural whore.  We spent the night with our rent a daddy to give him the real experience. Honestly, one of the best family threesomes I have had as a hooker for hire.

Taboo Phonesex Fun

taboo phonesexI love taboo phonesex. I have a confession. I like blood play. Not necessarily slicing and dicing. I am taking period and virgin blood play. My youngest biological daughter just got her first period. In our home that is something to celebrate. We celebrate each first period because that is when a girl becomes fertile. We also celebrate popping cherries because that is when a girl becomes a woman. Since my baby girl is now fertile, we had some fun to celebrate. The entire family ate her young count. Period blood in a young girl is sticky sweet. Like vampire blood if we believed in vampires. I enjoy period phone sex play. We all took turns licking her little fertile pussy. We looked like vampires when we came up for air. Sort of perfect for the approaching Halloween season. We licked her little bald pussy clean. After we shared her period blood like we share cum, each boy in the family fucked her fertile cunt. Daddy fucked her first. He always gets first dibs when it comes to impregnating our little whores. Her brothers went next. She got a lot of cum dumped into her little fertile womb on her special day. She felt like the belle of the ball. She was the belle of the ball. All attention was on her and her bloody pussy. Maybe it sounds gross to you, but period blood is natural. It is the sign that a young girl is ready to be a woman. It means we can charge “Johns” a lot more money for the chance of impregnating a little whore. Unless you want to get to that fertile womb first?

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