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Methadone mile is what they call it! I have been staying in a tent for a few nights now and turning tricks for my new drug dealer. He promised a free supply of that good shit as long as I behaved like a proper bitch! Last night I got gangbanged by three white men! I was high out of my fucking mind… I had been speed balling all day long! I am a spoiled druggy whore, This new dealer has been taking real good care of my urges! I like shooting up then hitting the crack pipe and snorting a line right after. It is the most fucking intense high I have ever experienced. Especially because my pimp/dealer has some good shit! I am going to suck endless amount of cocks! He said if I make $2000 and prove my loyalty he will move me out of the methadone mile and into a nearby hotel… The holiday inn is right down the road this crack whore is upping her class!

Tranny Phone Sex Cock Worshipping

Cock worshipping is why you are interested in Tranny phone sex right now and I know it bitch. You are a hungry little cock whore and I have a big dick for you to suck and worship. Be my bitch and you will get the best fucking you could ever handle. Maybe you can’t quite handle me but nevermind, you will learn. My dick is nearly nine inches and uncut. My balls are smooth and heavy. I have a nice tight ass and a great set of tits. As you can see in my pictures I am also a blond. It’s true about blondes when it comes to me. Well my twist to it is that blonde t-girls do certainly have more fun. I know what I want and will more often than not get it.

Tranny phone sex

Druggy whore

Crack whore anal

Cocaine and a whore makes an exotic Crack-whore such as myself. I am so high typing this. I just can not express the level of naughtiness I am willing to endure at this moment. As soon as I wake up the pipe hits my mouth before my feet hit the floor. Honestly you don’t even want to know what I would do for a fix of that pure perico. Once I had to shove a foam football so deep in my ass just so I can get my fix. My dealer spit all over me like a trashy drug whore and pissed inside of my gapping asshole. I had to walk home pretty much naked because he made me use my dress as a rag to clean up the mess. I will do anything for that pipe baby. I mean it in all definitions possible. I will fuck your pipe to get a hit of that pipe. I will suck a pipe to smoke a pipe. I would even transport product up my cunt for the pipe… I’ll suck your dick please give me some more.

My Prostitutes Are Porn Stars

Prostitutes porn


I got one messed up meth head of a repeat customer who swears he can make all of my prostitutes porn stars.  He says that they take a cock pounding in every hole and all of his slut shaming yelled right in their faces better than any jizz juicing whore he’s ever thrown his big ol’ drug fueled bone into, and I take that as the ultimate compliment.

I don’t know if you’ve ever banged a guy who’s tweaking so hard he can barely keep his eyes in his head or not, but I can tell you from plenty of experience that if the dude can keep his dick hard then he’s going to give that cunt the hardest, fastest fuck she’s ever had for hours and hours on end.  Makes for a perfect porn performer/producer.

He goes on and on shooting so much footage of him making my skanky slutbags his pathetic little receptacles for both his degradation and his dick droppings that I have no idea how he has the time to do it all.  Okay, I know it’s the meth, but holy shit!  He buys time with two or three of my hot whores every week but films almost every single day.  Set up, filming, footage review, editing and posting; he must have some pretty good shit to have all of the energy to be a one man porn production company.

I love it, he can do all the drugs he wants and treat my trick pleasers in whatever manner he sees fit for his shoot.  He pays good money to put my slutty trailer trash whore army through the ringer and post them on all of the porn sites.  If you haven’t seen them, keep your eyes peeled.  They’re filthy as hell and really fucking hot!


Dirty Phone Sex Fun

dirty phone sexSometimes even I have such dirty phone sex that I need to shower afterwards! My daughters and I were hired for a watersports party. Ever been to one? They are pretty hot. It is where a bunch of guys get together and piss on girls. In their mouths, on their faces and in their fuck holes. It can get pretty messy. This house we were at had a concrete party room for pissing games. The walls were painted like a pool, so it was like we were under water. Cool concept for a party room. The men were not that old. Two of the guys were the sons of one of my husband’s biggest clients. Rich boys born with a silver spoon looking to degrade some women, knowing the only ones who would let them get away with their bad behavior would be hookers for hire. I tell guys all the time when there is a cash transition, you get what you want and never have to fear being arrested or blackmailed. Money for sex is the way you ensure you get what you want. My girls and I love watersport games. It was like the Olympic games of water sports too. Me and my sluts lined up and the men sprayed us with their golden nectar. Are water sports my favorite, no. I am more partial to cum baths than piss showers, but the pay is good and it all washes off at the end of the day. So, where is the harm? Men love to think they are degrading me, but I am a tough old broad. If my youth as a whore for my parents did not break me, nothing will. We let those guys think they were degrading us with pissing sex but we laughed all the way to the bank. Whores do anything for the money.

Sharing A Cock With My Favorite Tranny!

Freaky Phone Sex

Last night I shared a thick 10 in cock with my favorite tranny whore, Alexa! I’ve always thought tranny women with cocks are so sexy and powerful, it’s been a longtime fantasy of mine to have a threesome and share a cock with a tranny slut. Last night I had a client request that I find a beautiful tranny and share his cock with her, he wanted us to dominate him. When Alexa arrived to the hotel room we were both impressed with her beauty. Long dark hair, perfect tits and long sexy legs made her so inviting and warm. We started out sucking the john’s cock hard, his 10 inch cock was throbbing and leaking precum by the time I started stroking Alexa’s cock, making her throb in my hand. Just seeing this gorgeous tranny with her cock hard for me made my pussy soaking wet! I had to try it, I slid my cunny down on the johns cock and Alexa forced her thick dick in my tight little asshole. The pleasure from being stretched out was amazing, I squirted all over both of them as the fucked me, I could feel the john cumming violently in my pussy as Alexa filled my ass with her hot load as well.

Sexy Prostitutes Train Whores for Daddy

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes are hired for all sorts of things. I could write a book on all the funny shit that has happened while being a whore. I love being a whore. More so now as an adult because I have a say in who I fuck and what I do. I did not have any control when I was a little whore for my parents in a dingy trailer in bum fuck West Virginia. I am not submissive. Now, that does not mean I will not be a dirty cum whore for men because I love servicing men. I am just not letting any man slap a dog collar around my neck and walk me around his house on all fours. I will however do that to a man and even his little slut. Last night, I was hired to break a little girl so she could be daddy’s girl. He has an unruly princess on his hands who thinks she is all that. Girls his daughter’s age just need an attitude adjustment. I brought the whips, chains, anal toys and dog cage. Sometimes a little slut needs to spend a few days sleeping in a dog cage drinking cum from a bowl to understand her place in this world. Every daddy wants his teen sluts fucking him, so I make that happen. Have you ever seen a little girl sleeping in a dog cage? It is so hot. I had his daughter naked with nipple clamps on her flat titties and a dog collar around her neck. I also put a ponytail dildo in her ass to give her an animal tail. I taught her how to suck daddy’s dick and guzzle his cum. She was a feisty cunt, but I was paid to stay the weekend. I can usually break a girl in 48-hours, especially that young. All she drank was daddy’s cum. She slept in the cage and peed on puppy pads.  It was a profitable weekend for me. I have another happy client with a little cock sucking brat. You need a young teen whore? Hookers for hire like me can help train your sluts too.

Gangbang Whore Lilibeth is Good for Business

gangbang whore

I love being a gangbang whore. I have a big family. I can get a lot of dick at home between 3 sons, a horny husband and some of the help we have working for us. I love to get fucked. I am a whore. I may live in a nice house, and I may be able to clean up when mingling with my husband’s circle of friends and acquaintances. None of that changes what I do at home though. Many of the men my husband knows covet me. I am the hot, much younger trophy wife. Their wives hate me. Even the younger trophy wives like me get green with envy. It is because they are not a trashy milf like me. We were at a party over the weekend. It was not a sex party, but it became one. My husband must go to certain parties and events for his business. He has a legitimate business as well as the side hustle with our Lolita whores. That is where the money is at. Peddling young flesh is always profitable. But at this party, I was the star. I was the gang bang star. It started innocuously. One of my husband’s clients was hitting on me. My hubby asked me to take care of him. I am always happy to trade my holes for business for my man. We were in an empty room fucking, when some one busted in on us and wanted to fuck me too. How do I say no? Before long, all the men at the party were in me, LOL. This trailer trash whore was getting gang banged by rich and powerful men. Men with wives and prenup agreements, but they wanted a piece of me. I got pumped full of cum over a couple hours. My husband got a lot of business. This was his most profitable party yet. He wants me to come to all his business shindigs now.

I’m A Pantyhose Whore!

Freaky Phone Sex

I have a kinky stocking and high heel fetish that makes me so hot and horny every time I get dressed up! Ever since I was a little I’ve always loved watching my mother slide on her pantyhose and wear her high heels to work. I used to hide in her closet wearing her dirty pantyhose and stumbling around in her high heels. I’ve always enjoyed the feel of a fresh pair of pantyhose on my naked pussy, I always get the crotch soaking wet when I wear them because I’m so sensitive down there. Every night before I go to work as a stripper I lay in bed in my stockings and play with my pussy, sometimes I even fuck myself with a high heel and make myself squirt right through my pantyhose!

Gangbang Whore for Teen Boys

gangbang whoreI am a gangbang whore. Not just for my family either. I get paid by wealthy clients to take as many cocks as possible. I have yet to hit the too many cocks for me milestone though. I have been servicing cocks since before I could walk. I will be servicing them when I am old and broke-down too. Luckily for me, that is decades away. I love being a whore. Most of the time, rich old men hire me for their sons and their friends. Maybe occasionally for a holiday party or special occasion too. Summer is here and boys are out of school, but the whore business is still booming. One of our wealthiest patrons hired me this weekend. He is a frequent flyer for the young sexy prostitutes we have to offer. He wanted me this time, but not for him. His young grandson and his friends are going to camp for the summer. First time he will be away from his family. Every family has traditions and in this one it is a tradition to get the boys a whore before summer camp. This guy pays well, so I do not judge. Who am I to judge anyway? I love fucking young boys and I am the madam of a home brothel. I spent all of Saturday at this guy’s lake house. More like a mansion. There were 20 boys. Twenty!!! My pussy got wet seeing those cute horny boys. I was told they were all virgins. The most virgins I have done in a night until Saturday was four. This was a record for me, but this trashy milf was ready to turn some boys into men before summer camp. I had to teach them all a few things, but they took direction well. And I took their cock and cum well. It might be my best gang bang yet. That was certainly more boys than I have ever had in a night even at my home! I love making young boys into studs.

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