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Not Yet a Teen Anal Whore

teen anal whoreMy youngest daughter is what we call not quite a teen anal whore. She is young, but she wants to please. I adore my baby girl. She never questions anything. She rarely cries. And she never fights. If there was ever a time to cry and fight, it would have been last night. Daddy arranged a special daddy gang bang for her, and all the daddies wanted to fuck her virgin asshole. The daddy that fucked her asshole first, paid the most to pop her anal cherry. The rest of the daddies paid well too because she is still a little girl, and they were fucking her asshole. Normally, we do not let men gang bang our super little ones, but this man is a very wealthy man. He is also part of an underground daddy pervert ring that uses sex trafficked little girls. We made sure he knew our hookers for hire belong to our home brothel only. We never sell our little ones out right like my parents did me. We do, however, rent their fuck holes by the hour. Sex sells and it sold even during a pandemic. Now that the world has opened back up, our little sluts are in the highest demand ever. The money is too good to say no to, so we let him, and his horny P men sodomize our littlest angel all night. When we brought her home this morning, her baby butthole was destroyed. Nothing that will not heal, but we do have to take her off the rotation for a week. She is not complaining either. She gets spoiled all week. Plus, mommy licks her sore little butthole to make it feel better and she gets eat some magic gummies that make her feel good too. I feel bad that her bum hole hurts, but we made more money off her in one night than the rest of our jailbait sexy prostitutes combined in the month.

Sorority Girls Fucking is all you see

sorority girls fucking

Sorority Girls Fucking is all you see! Get ready to see a good catholic girl turn into a deviant sexual being. Far too long, I have had to deal with suppressing my sexual urges. Now I lust after something that enthralls me into a world like no other. I want to be bad, and I am tired of being a good girl. There is something about getting fucked by a random stranger that truly makes my bald pussy so wet. My tight cunt deserves the best cocks. Let me spread my legs so you can take a good look at my beautiful work of art. My clit is so orgasmic even by one touch, and I am in full come fuck me mode. I want that cock deep-dived in me. Let me be the school slut you have always wanted to fuck. I don’t care if you are married. My love for unavailable men runs deep, so fuck me like you could be careless about your boring wife.

This Trailer Trash Whore Moved Up Better Than the Jeffersons

trailer trash whoreI am a trailer trash whore. I may clean up. I may live in a gated community in California, but I will always be white trash. I grew up in rural West Virginia. My husband was my savior. Technically, he was my molester. He fucked me for years when I was jailbait. It is such a white trash story. One we cannot tell just anyone. I am a trophy wife since he is so much older than me. I am not well liked, but I am respected since I am married to the richest man in the community. He married me when I was 18. The white trash tale the neighbors know is that I was his high school nanny for his son and daughter from his first marriage. When I met him, he was a widow. His wife died in a car accident. He did the single dad thing for years. I was banging him as a Lolita hooker in West Virginia where he traveled for business. After a couple times fucking me, he was hooked on my tender age cunt, so he bought me from my parents and sold the lie that I was a friend’s daughter and his live-in nanny. He convinced folks that I was living with him to go to a better school. No one would have guessed that I was just a young lot lizard sex whore that he bought. I was a sex trafficked girl who lucked out meeting a P man who made an almost honest woman out of me. I run the girls in our home brothel, and I get pimped out too, but none of my husband’s high society friends would ever guess I was born to meth head parents in a dingy trailer in rural West Virginia or that my husband liked super young pussy. My story is better than the Jeffersons.

My Phone Sex Line is a Party Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is a party line. I love to do coke and swap dirty stories. A lot of callers want to know about me when I was a little girl. They expect to hear daddy daughter incest stories. The truth is my parents never touched me. But they were likely the only ones in my rural West Virginia town who did not diddle me. I came into this world for one reason. That reason was to support my meth head parents. They never had to work selling my tiny little holes. I never went to school. Never had a birthday party. Hell, I was with my husband before I even realized birthdays were a thing. He got me a social security card and a birth certificate too. As far as the world was concerned, I did not exist. That was how my parents wanted it. I was their cash cow jailbait whore. Men did things to me long before I have my earliest memories. Despite all the money I made my folks, we still lived in a dingy trailer. They put most of the money I made them up their nose or in their arms.

Thanks to my husband, those days are long behind me. Now, I am still a trailer trash whore. I party. I pimp out my angels. I do things most mothers never would consider. I just do it with money and style. When I am doing coke, I spill the beans. I have no remorse about my life. If I had not been a trailer park jailbait whore, I would not have met my husband when I was a teen girl. I would not have become a mother and the madam of a home brothel. I would not be here helping you molest young ones.  I took the experiences of my youth and turned my life around. Let’s party so I can tell you all my dirty phone sex P secrets.

What a Great Lover of Tranny Cock

Tranny phone sex is hot when you love a sexy woman with a dick. I’m trashy and classy. Lewd and polite. Lascivious and virtuous. lol… Virtuous!? What a fucking joke right? Come on I am on The Fornication Station after all and this ain’t no site for docile virginal innocence. Who the fuck am I fooling?! No One! 

I have dressed for Sunday Brunch with a lovers family when I went on vacation with him. I looked classy and together. I passed so fucking well. But you know that was making him so much more lusting to rip my clothes off and let me fuck him like my bitch. It was funny watching him squirm in front of his elder parents that were clueless. I reveled in it. The moment we left them we were in the car snorting lines and he was suck my big tranny cock like it was mums fucking tit.

I will say that I miss all of my filthy lovers while away on my little excursion to an Island to visit my lovers family. *Disclaimer: Please do not ask where I went as I am not privy to giving out that much private information. I just can’t help but mention I had a blast but specifics I am not disclosing and that goes for all aspects of my life. *smooches* thanks for your restraint.

Needless to say his sisters were complete freaks and they really knew how to through down like good Columbian whores. *wink* Yes, I did fuck both of his sisters this family was amazing. The parents completely oblivious and the sisters complete fucking party whores with so much fucking Columbian blow I no idea why I even left there! But, for you my lover, I am back! 

Tranny phone sex

Young teen phone sex beginnings

young teen phone sex Have you ever wondered what life is like for young teen phone sex sluts? The very ones who grow up slinging that ass and pussy just to eat on the streets? Not all teen whores are lucky like me to have a brother, daddy and a mom who helps them navigate whoredom. My daddy gave me my first line and my brother fucked my ass first. I was a mommy clean up girl before I even knew what that meant! I just needed attention from a neglectful mommy, so I would do anything to be close to her. And daddy and my brother… well they just had easy access cocks, I didn’t even have to leave the house! Now, the men and momma saw the beauty they had on their hands and they knew just what to do. Soon I was begging for a snort of the good feeling white powder and they told me only if a family friend could come and check out the merchandise. Meaning my prime little cunt and ass. I already know that I was expected to follow in the family business of being one of the cash cows, you know one of those sexy prostitutes that get all the cock and the cash! I had to be legal to get on the pole and dance, but I was fucking before I ever showed my naked body to a crowd of strangers! Being a white trash girl it was a logical line of work and keeps me in dope, cock and more cum than I ever imagined!

My Teen Sluts Fucking

I love having a family of teen sluts fucking. I know I talk mostly about our girls with Johns, but they love fucking each other too. Every Chance they get, they experience some sibling love. My husband and I had a rare date night last night. The city is fulling functioning again with no restrictions, so I got gussied up and he took me to our favorite restaurant. I know it is fancy because it had no prices on my menu. After diner, we went to this winery and got drunk and listened to music. My husband is older, but he still knows how to swoon me. We figured our sons and daughters would be doing their own thing when we got home. We even assumed many of them would be out themselves with either the housekeeper watching our little bambinos or one of the older girls. Everyone was home. They were naked too It was a sibling orgy. Little crocs in young bald pussies. One of our sons was filming it. It was hardcore orgy porn amongst siblings. Young ones too. I thought he was just filming it for the family spank bank. He was not doing it just for that. My boy was being very entrepreneurial. He wants money like the girls have. My boy gets pimped out too, but the boys are not as in demand as the girls. He has money, but not like they do.  He found some viewers for a live stream of real siblings fucking. Technically, this was illegal porn because of their ages, but my husband and I never follow the law. You do not get rich following the rules.  We were not mad at him at all. My husband was impressed and hired him. We are going to branch out into the porn / streaming business and maximize our profits off young sluts.  Men love to watch young brats fucking.

teen sluts fucking

The Party PMom

Lot Lizard Sex
The name’s Amara but most of y’all just call me bitch. I’m the traveling party PMom! I pay for our fair with my filthy druggy pussy. By our, I mean my slutkins and me! There’s eight of ’em and I’ll be damned if I’m feedin’ all those mouths alone! All them bitches work and earn their keep with whatever fuck hole they got! I got two sets of twins, too.

I know my sons and daughters will please the ever living fuck out of you. Anyway, sorry I’m high as fuck, I have a hard habit to maintain too! We go from state to state practicing the lot lizard nomadic way of life. My Momma did this with me ‘n my siblings when I was a young slut and so I know all the ropes. I got a whore for everything, and a need for every or any fucking drug y’all might offer me.

Keep an eye bitches, I might be cummin’ to a truck stop with my breeding brood soon! We’re passing through on I-70 right now, but I won’t tell you where! Guess right, and win a prize in the Party PMommy lottery.

Pick one of my brats to play with, and let us pleasure you for any fix you got; especially rock or cock.
Hookers For Hire

Anal Sex Whore Then and Now

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. I have been ever since I was a young hooker in rural West Virginia making money for my Meth head parents. My parents charged extra for men to fuck my asshole. When I hit the age that I could get pregnant, most men came in my ass for fear of knocking me up. A pregnant Lolita hooker is proof of a crime, so most men preferred to cum in my ass, on my face or on my stomach. My tubes were tied after I pushed out my sixth brat. Now when we want younger, we adopt or buy one on the black market. All the years spent as a trailer park whore made me love anal sex. I learned it was something taboo for men and that it was a tighter hole for their cocks. Back when I was a young girl, my holes were about as tight as they could be. Decades of fucking and having several litters of pups means my ass is my only tight hole now.  Men of all ages like a tight hole, so often when I am pimped out, it is for hardcore anal sex. Last night was no different. A bunch of frat boys were having a keg party behind closed doors. No open parties yet on the campuses of California. Not a full frat house. There were like 12 guys hanging around for summer school. They pooled their resources and their daddies’ money and hired a mature whore. I gave them a striptease to warm them up. I let them do body shots off me. And of course, I let them fuck my ass. They bent me over the pool table and took turns on me. I felt like a coed gone wild. I looked like one when it was all over. I was covered in cum. I smelled like beer and slippery nipples. The frat boys were happy. I was happy. My husband was happy because their daddies have money and connections. My ass is a little sore, but I never mind a sore ass because I am an anal cum dumpster. A lot has changed in my life over the years, but I am still an anal whore.

Women Like Hooker Phone Sex Too

hooker phone sexHooker phone sex is not just for men! A sexy mommy like me enjoys a whore occasionally too. I was driving around late last night looking for a young street walker. I have a knack for finding the best talent. I think because I have been a whore all my life, I know what to look for when selecting new whores to join our family of hookers. I found a young teen girl hooking on the corner. She looked desperate for food, money, for life. When the chicks saw me rolling up in a sports car like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, they all vied for my attention. I only had eyes for the young girl. I knew when I picked her up, she would never leave. This girl needed recused. She needed to be part of a group of sexy prostitutes who were well taken care of. I got her story on the way to the house. She has an abusive pimp, so I told her no more. Either she would just never see him again or my rich husband would play let’s make a deal like he did with me several decades ago. I brought her home and cleaned her up. Warm shower, a hot meal, clean clothes before I tested the talent. Rescued girls make the best whores. They are so grateful to be living off the streets that they will do anything to repay you. Plus, if they were already hooking, they will love to hook with a better class of men. After 24 hours of rest and relaxation, Lexie was happy to eat my pussy a few times. My husband was very happy with my selection. He took her for a spin too. She has an instant family. She gets to live in luxury. She gets to keep most of her money. She just won the whore lottery. My husband and I won too because this hot schoolgirl will make us bank.

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