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Sloppy wet pussyI am a Big boobed slut that loves to fuck! My Sloppy wet pussy was made to be filled with loads of cum. I like using my assets to get all the finer things I want out of life! there is no point in burying myself in debt to go to college when three thousand dollars have bought me a pair of knockers that every rich man would love to have wrapped around their cocks. I knew pretty early on that I would be a whore, it was my destiny! It also runs in my family tree… My Mother is a skeeving whore and so isn’t my grandmother. My Grandmother started the tradition by pawning her three girls off to local dealers for a fix. My mother has been turning tricks with her mother for ions and well I was bound to follow in her footsteps.

The first time I got my asshole stretched I was face down eating my mothers Cum filled cunt.

We were a Motel 6 with one of her tricks… they met up regularly to smoke meth and do some sick twisted shit. Since mom didn’t have a sitter she would just dress me up in platform custom mules and tube tops and have me sit and watch her be a nasty slut. I would get a contact high from all the cigs and meth smoke that filled the room… Eventually, Mom started having me do some dirty deeds with her.

My mother wasn’t the only whore out of her pack, there was a herd of bitches running behind her. Mother happened to be a bottom bitch because her pimp impregnated her with me. Dad was all about his Benjamins, he preferred I address him as pimp daddy. my sweet hairless cunnie was a money bag to him… He had many Hookers for hire but the younger the better!

Hooker Phone Sex May Be Something I Know A Lot About

hooker phone sexI may know a thing or two about hooker phone sex. Even before I could walk, I hooked for my parents. However, I do not remember much from my super young days. That’s because my parents kept me doped up. You would think that after a life of forced prostitution, I would not want to fuck any more. But nothing could be further from the truth.

I love fucking. But now, I am in the driver’s seat. Although, men hire me often, my daughters take most of the jobs. Daddy and I are so proud of them too. We love our baby girls. And we love the money they make us. But they do keep most of it. Daddy and I do not force our girls to hook. I never had a choice. And we started them at an older age. My folks forced me to fuck for money before I could even talk to agree to it or not.

I Was Born a Whore and I Might Die a Whore Too

And I never saw any money from all my hard labor. However, my daughters get 90% of the money and always have. My husband and I love our angels. My folks only had me to support their meth habit. We don’t need the money, but can you ever have enough money? Being hookers for hire helps my girls love sex too. Daddy had fucked them first though. Another difference, my parents never touched me. They barely fed me let alone touch me, LOL. But daddy and I love all our daughters, as well as our sons.

But I might love our sons a little more than daddy if you get my drift. I play with my sons and my daughters, but daddy only plays with the girls. He is missing out if you ask me. But you cannot be a woman in my family and not enjoy pussy too. Sometimes, I cannot believe I am where I am today knowing where I came from. I may still be a whore, but I am a whore with six offspring who love me. And a husband who loves me just as much and supports me fucking for a living and working a sexline.

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         Orgy phone sex covered in squirts and cum. It’s important to realize to get covered and have an orgy you need a group of people. Threesome is not an orgy. A twosome is ugh boring and not an orgy. Now looking at a quad getting closer. In the long run make sure you have a good six to eight people for a good orgy. Great would be like a dozen.

          Next, we need to make sure they are good and nasty. Like it dirty. Rolling in the cum. Squirts are always a must. A nasty bitch whore will squirt and shoot it across the room. Taking cocks in every hole. Orgy phone sex           Covering our faces, tits, and asses among other body parts in semen. All in all, this Creampie slut will have all different flavors of cock cum up inside of me. Making me the flavor of the day.

          Tasting the rainbow when you clean out my cunt. Eat my ass. Legs wrapped around two or three people at the same time. Hands wrapped around dicks. Dicks between all the tits. Cum everywhere. It’s one giant ball of arms, legs, cocks, tits, and cunt of course.

          All of a sudden all us sluts end up squirting, juices flying. Hard cocks coming. Tell me there is nothing better. Now let us get sticky together. Be the Sticky Bandits.

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Cum dumpsterWe all know I can’t help being nothing but a Cum dumpster whore. I mean I live and breathe sex 24/7. It’s not my fault that I was pretty much built like a sex machine. I have all the assets a man wants in life. Big tits, a Bald cunt and a nice little round fuckable ass. That’s why it’s so easy to get a man to give me what I want; as long as I have something to offer him. Usually that means he just needs one of my holes to unload into. That’s easy enough; since I like being pumped full of cock and cum anyway. 

Believe it or not; all my porn pic shoots are free because I always suck and fuck the camera man. They are usually dirtier than the bastards they film me with. A lot of the times they are more perverse than some of the men who hire me and my girls for servicing specials. Bill is my go to guy; he gets the best shots of me and always makes me look sexy. He always has the best outfits too; he lets me keep a lot of them which is nice. He is a sucker for a Blonde fucking slut though; as long as I give him my mouth or ass hole to use he is a happy man. I needed my hot little mouth full of spunk so I begged him to face fuck me before and after the shoot. He obviously did and I had a whole belly full of nut!

Creampie slut was made by druggy mommy and pcocks

When I get really high, I love finding a pdaddy who will give me some blow to be his Creampie slut. After I get my money and my blow he says “I hope you’re ready for my motherfucking cock” junkie whore. Just like when my mom sold me to her dealer, I sell my holes to get what I want. My asshole was fucked open when she sold me but I barely felt it. That’s because he got me high. “Snort this if you want to enjoy any of this, ” he said to me.

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Since I was young and dumb, I did what he said. Right away I felt the rush hit my body. Then he rubbed his finger covered in blow all over my asshole. Even shoved it deep in my hole. “Open your mouth slut, ” my mom’s dealer said. “I like young bald little hoes,” he smirked at me. After I opened my mouth, he slammed his big hard pcock in my throat. With tears streaming down my face all I could think about was snorting more blow. “Are you ready for me to get what I paid for?” He asked.

“Not until I get more of that” I said as I pointed to his drugs. After he smiled, he let me snort as much as I wanted. It was easy for him to lift my little body and slam me on his cock. Since he numbed my ass, I took every inch. That is what you want from a young slut, and you pay for it just like my mom’s dealer. After ramming your cock in my ass, you fuck he hard like he did. “What a good little dumb whore” you moan out as you feel me up. Because of pdaddies like you mommy made me into a junkie hooker. It is the best way for me to get what I want.

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You know what it’s like with hookers for hire. I smell like smoke and alcohol. And I look like the cheap whore that I am. It makes your cock hard. Even handing me the cash sends a rush to your cock. There’s just something about treating a woman like a cheap piece of meat. And I know that I’m nothing more than a dirty whore. I’m on my knees with your cock in your mouth in minutes.

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Just fucking my throat feels better than sex with your wife ever did. You start fucking my throat and praying you don’t shoot your load so fast. But it’s hard when sexy prostitutes get on their knees to slurp up your cock. Spit leaking down my chin. Dripping onto my tits. When you’re pushing my head off of your dick, I switch to massaging those balls. You can slap your cock on my face and I don’t even flinch. I fucking love it. When you look down, I’m playing with my pussy. Treat me like the cheap whore I am. I like it when you force your dick down my esophagus.

You love the gagging and glugging noises I make when I choke on your cock. I put your hand on the back of my head and hold in place. You thrust your dick in my mouth and the spittle splooges out onto your balls. The harder you fuck my throat, the more spit pools out of my mouth. Your balls start slapping against my chin over and over. I reach up and massage that swollen sack. You can’t hold back that cum anymore. You start fucking my throat until tears are running down my cheeks none stop. I can’t fucking breathe but you don’t give a shit. You’re going to drain your balls in this cum guzzling slut!

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Hot stripper sex Hot stripper sex with a couple of dirty whores is always a fun time. You know how the trailer park whores are; we fuck for fun and attention. Anything that will make us some money and get a guy rock hard we are down for it. This is Layla; she is such a fun bitch and is always ready to do whatever I say. When I am on a Duo session with a client who wants a mistress and a sub; I will always pick Layla. She lets me do whatever I want to her and she is such a good sub bitch for me and the degrading clients who love to talk so much shit. 

Layla gets such a Sloppy wet pussy when I am fucking her up the ass with my toy as her mouth hole is being fucked by a cock. All her slut holes nice and filled up. Her sweet pink fuck hole is just dripping and begging to be used by a cock. It makes me so horny when I watch her struggle not to cum; usually a customer loves to watch her sweet ass beg. They love to make her get on all 4s and beg to cum as my toy is up her ass. Or making her eat my slutty cunt out while she gets her ass hole force fucked. Her twat just gushes when we use her like a little piece of fuck meat!


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Hooker phone sex is where I find some of the nastiest dirty freaks I have met. They like to party and love getting deep in my asshole.  “Fuck you’re hotter than I pictured” you say as you pour some blow down on my mirror. “Plus, I’m nastier than you can imagine too” I say laughing. Once I do some blow my body starts to react. Therefore, either take all my clothes off. “You make any man hard right away” after you do some blow too, you have me bend over.

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“A little for your asshole to get numb” you say as you rub some blow on my rose bud. Right away it numbs me up. Then I feel you lick my ass. “You must be hungry” I tease and say. “Let’s do more blow” I say since I’m a druggy slut. The higher I get the looser I get. Then I get hungry for cock, and I get on my knees. After I shove your cock in my mouth your eyes roll to the back of your head like you do when you hit the pipe or do a line. “I want to feed that asshole my load” you moan out as you pop your cock out of my mouth.

Your body is full of adrenaline and cum. Therefore, you shove me down and just ram your cock in my ass. “Fuck me back druggy bitch I’ll feed your ass my sperm and your nose my blow” you moan out as you fuck me. Finally, I feel your cock start to pump cum in me. “I’m not done with you yet baby, we have lots of blow and all night to drain my balls” you say as you have me snort more blow. I don’t care, I’m a Trailer trash whore and that is what I love. 

Anal Cum Dumpster Like You Craves Tranny Dick

Would you admit to being an anal cum dumpster? Most of the guys that call me actually love the idea of it. And what is better is when I get a caller that I will happily transform into a tranny prostitute and whore her out. And this did happen.

Obviously it was not the first call I have had where a guy wanted to be transformed into a Shemale. It does happen alot. Either in forcefully abducting a married man, or he begs and is willingly transformed.

However it is always at my hands. This time I had the wife get in touch with me. She devised a plan and I was more than happy to assist her. This wife was done with her husband. She thought he would be better as a whored out tranny.

Now then once we had him turned into another her, the two of us got to take out use of her. Once she was awake and in shock we introduced her to the new her. I really enjoyed fucking this newly transformed tranny with her wife.

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Hookers for hire need a Horny Whore to help them learn the trade! 

Hookers for hireHookers for hire need a Horny Whore to help them learn the trade!  I am the perfect white trash tramp to help them. I’m experienced and I can make good money fucking men. New sluts to the game can learn all the tips and tricks they need to know to get started selling ass for cash. 

This little slut Jewels needed a hand with her deep throat blowjob skills. She thought she could lick the tip and use her hands to get a big ducked John off. But the men who frequent my clubs want a whore who can suck it down her throat like a golf ball through a garden hose. They want that esophagus to close around cock heads! 

I see her struggling and gagging across the dim VIP room. He smacks her and calls her a worthless cunt. It’s up to me to rescue her and make my customer happy!  I step in and take over. So I did what any good trashy milf should do. My motherly insects kicked in and I got right down on the floor with her and shoulder that all she has to do was relax her throat.I take her gag reflex out of the equation and make her swallow every inch of his shaft. He’s impressed and rewards me with a fat tip.

Hookers for hire need a Horny Whore to help them learn the trade! 

It’s a matter of technique that leads to great cocksucking skills. Well worth the pain! Our John got off by me helping her suck that fucking big long down her nice little teen throat. Should see how much jizz she has blown down into her sweet little teen belly for us!  He leaves and I take her in my arms. She cries on my shoulder and I take her to the bathroom to clean up. She is going to half to learn how to survive in the world of Hot stripper sex one way or another!