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Stripper Sex Stories Are Trashy

Stripper sex stories

Stripper sex stories are the trashy kind of things that you only wish you could enjoy these days. With this fucking pandemic and strip clubs being closed, things that were taken for granted are harder to enjoy. I live as a trashy whore mama and am always taking in the crack hoes off the streets. My dealers are pimps and pushers. They always find that disposable little cum slut for me to mother a little and turn her into a trashy p mommy like I was. I was brought up by a pimp. I learned to enjoy that big nigger dick at a ripe young age. I was hooking and stripping and drugging since my young years I am not allowed to mention. I was the illegal little hooker and stripper that learned the way of the streets early on. The shit I did and saw was like a bad movie. I am not ashamed of being the filthy no holds barred whore I am.

Big Dick Sucker Then and Now

big dick suckerThank God I am a big dick sucker. Tyrese had a monster cock that took me by surprise. He is a brother, so I knew he had a huge dick. I measured him at over a foot long. I may be skinny, but I can handle more cock than a bevy of sexy BBWs. I have years of experience. Decades of experience with big dicks black and white. The first cock I ever sucked was ten inches. He was a black man and my mother’s client. He had been coming to her for years, seeing me grow up. One day he looked at me and asked if I was as good as my mother. My mom said I was off limits, but then I asked how much he would pay me. Even at a young age, I understood the cash exchange for sex system. My mom was still trying to keep me from being a Lolita hooker, but when she heard how much money he was willing to pay just for my mouth, she could not say no. I was her dick sucking young daughter, but I did not stay just giving head for long. Not when we realized how much money we could make off my tiny fuck holes. Flash forward many decades later, and I doing my mother proud sucking big black cocks better than the old prostitutes. I am a cum guzzling slut for those big dicks too. Tyrese did not have to pay me. I am a black cock whore and everyone in town knows it. Tyrese offered to pay me, but I told him monster cocks like him get head from me for free. I enjoyed slurping up and down his thick rod. I did gag and I even choked some too. But nothing this seasoned old cock sucking whore cannot handle.

Blonde Fucking Tranny Hottie

I’m a hot blonde fucking tranny and I love making men my bitches. However, there’s no saying that I don’t enjoy some good hot love making with my lovers. I have many lovers and they know how to please me, and I them. I get the occasional naughty boy that likes to get aggressive with me, well if he is packing what I love then I let him get down and dirty with me. I will willingly suck a cock bigger than my nearly 9 inches and let him control me like a little bitch. But those are a rare few that earned their place to get me to switch.

Blonde fucking

Most guys looking for Shemale phone sex want to be owned by a hot and sexy femdom with a little something extra. I bet your own cock is twitching right now. I had the hottest cyber sex chat with one of my favorite lovers. He is so weak in the knees when we have our dates. I adore him so much. He is also the best fucking kisser. You know a good kisser when you get that sensation through your body and your cock starts to twitch. Mmm… yes that is exactly what I love. I bet we could be good lovers too baby.

Shemale phone sex

No Taboo Phone Sex Fun

no taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex is the only way to go. I could not do this if I were limited it in what I could talk about. I like talking about forbidden fruit. You know that super young thing you covet but are too afraid to try. Mine are growing up into teens, but a few adopted ones are young and around. One of the newest additions to our family is a sweet little, brown-eyed darling. She is my maid’s granddaughter. We have a complicated family dynamic as our staff often lets us play and use the little one in their family. We compensate them well, just like our clients compensate us well for the use of our sweet teens. We have this regular client who wanted to try something younger. Since we aim to please, we offered up our brown-eyed starlet. This one is going to be a money maker. Since she is pure and untouched, we offered a premium price for her. Virgin jailbait pussy is the most coveted pussy in the world. Last night was the night she made us a mint penny. We gave her family almost half. We are generous pimps. Poor little Rosie though. She was scared and crying. Our client has a big cock that he likes to use on little girls. He paid extra to pop the cherry of our brown-eyed girl’s brown eye too. She is waddling and her baby butthole is destroyed. Nothing that a little TLC cannot fix. I have been pampering my little anal sex whore all day. Everything hurts the first time you do it, but once you become a Lolita for hire, tiny fuck holes adjust. She is a natural and with her age, we can get a premium amount for her at least for a few more years.

I’m Full of BBC Phone Sex Stories and BBC Cum

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex stories are something I have plenty to share. I am a black cock whore. I sucked my first nigger dick when I was a young girl. My mom was a black cock whore. It was not that she was curious about big black dicks or even had a clue they might be bigger than white boys. It was the 70s well before Internet porn. She needed to make money. At the time, black men loved fucking white women, especially hot ones. My mom was a former beauty queen who married a loser and a drunk. She wanted me and her to have money that daddy did not control. She started hooking in the trailer park we lived in and at the very same truck stop under a new name I go to party with the truckers. Black men were more than willing to pay money to fuck a former Ms. Georgia. She had a lot of black clients and you may not believe this, but they paid well and treated her nice. They did not treat her like a trailer trash whore. They brought her gifts and cared if she got off. You must realize that I was spying on my mom with black men from a young age. I saw those huge dicks. I saw them spoiling and pampering my mama. I wanted that too. Life was not easy for us back then, but black men made it easier. They always tipped her too. One day a regular offered a lot of money for me to suck his cock. Mom said no originally, but I convinced her to let me help. I sucked my first nigger dick that day. I swallowed my first load of cum ever too. This dirty old whore became a black cock whore that day. I have been one ever since too.

Sexy Prostitutes Are Whore Milfs

I know that the idea of fucking some sexy prostitutes that a filthy whore mama’s excites you. You want to bang a trashy cunt and hope her offspring walks in and watches. I do everything in front of my god angels. They are just little fucking crack whore’s genetic dumpster dropping. It’s no fucking big deal. I don’t give a fuck if you desires to get your dick wet in some of that cracked out jailbait either. I have a teen son and he done gone and knocked up some skanky hoe recently. I guess if that bitch pushes out that crotch trophy I will be a grandma. A sexy mother fucking gilf stripper cunt always looking for more cock. I am always open and ready to be bred too. I may be past my prime but damnit I aint fucking dead. The only thing that sucks ass is the fact that my shit ain’t working so I can’t actually be bred anymore. It’s ok, that’s why  take in the trashy young cunts as their mama. I always got a few around the house and feel free to knock their cooches up.

sexy prostitutes

I Have Hot Teen Phone Sex Sluts

hot teen phone sexDo you like hot teen phone sex? Clearly, I am not a teen anymore, but what I did in my teen years and what my teen daughters do now, would make a porn star blush. It is no secret that I run a home brothel. My husband makes great money designing parking lot structures, but you can never have enough money, right? My husband deals with arranging the “dates,” and what I do is get the girls ready for whatever request is made. Sometimes a girl is rented for normal fucking. Sometimes a girl is rented for hardcore ass fucking or a gang bang. Last night, a lesbian hired my two teen sluts. We do not discriminate, but we do not get that request often. My girls do not discriminate either. They will be cunt lickers as well as cock suckers. They eat my pussy all the time. I taught them how to be good pussy lickers. I was surprised how beautiful this lesbian client was. She took my breath away and made me wish I were a hot teen slut again. The date was in our house. We have a few rooms in the house just for fucking. I wanted to fuck her. Hell, I would let her fuck me because she was so hot. She invited me to join them. She would not let my husband, or my sons watch. That is okay because they can watch the shows on the nanny cam feed. This was dominant lesbian. There was ass worshiping, fisting, strapon play and a lot of pussy worshiping. That hot piece of ass owned me and my two teen daughters. She was a no holds bar in charge lipstick lesbian. Me and my teen sexy prostitutes were used better than any man ever could. Yep boys, that is a challenge. Let’s see what you got.

Crack Whore Anal Slut Faggot

Crack Whore Anal

Crack whore anal slut faggot in need of a hot tranny dom is what he is. His cock throbbed for my control over him. I had him down on his knees in front of me and worshipping every inch of this nice big beautiful shemale surprise. I love the way you get weak and nervous for me. You know I have something special in these panties and it requires a little attention. I will warn you though, it isn’t very little. Can you handle my tranny cock and are you willing to worship it and suck it like a good little bitch? I want to own you and that means I will rub my dick and sweaty balls all over your cock slut little whore face. We can play a game. Your hands tied behind your back and your mouth open trying to catch my big shemale fuck stick as I slap you in the face with it. Lets see how hungry you are for me baby. Kneel before your big tranny cock goddess like a good slave.

Filthy Phone Sex Sluts!

phone sex sluts

I know that phone sex sluts like me keep your cock satisfied, but you should know that doing that keeps ME satisfied. I fucking get off hard when I know you’re calling me because I’m the whore who gets you off better than anyone else does. I love dick. I love sucking dick. I love taking dick in both of my fuck holes. You know me – as long as I’m getting a load of cum, I don’t care which hole you’re fucking me in. I know that inevitably, I’m going to get some of it in my mouth because I won’t have it any other way.

On New Year’s Eve, I had a bunch of guys running a train on me down at the truck stop. I’d love to tell you all about how that played out. I think you’ll be so turned on hearing about how I had so many cocks in me that I lost track. How can you keep up the count when you’re being fucked so good? I came so many times that I nearly lost consciousness. Well, maybe that had something to do with the sweet candy I was eating, but that’s beside the point. Call me so I can cum with you while I recall the good time that was had by all!

Freaky Phone Sex Fun with a Lesbian Cunt Licker

freaky phone sexI will admit, I enjoy freaky phone sex calls. I am full of freaky, outside the box fun. Last year, I adopted a teen girl named Jasmine. She was a troubled youth, but I saw such potential in her. Potential to be my lesbian sex slave. She is untouched by the men in this house or any man. A sexy milf like me needs a pretty and tight plaything. Women have sissy maids and boy toys, why not a lesbian cunt licker?  I told myself when I adopted her that I would just keep her to myself for a few months, but she is the best cunt licker around and she is free. My other daughters are so busy with daddy and clients and school, my pussy is not first most on their minds. With Jasmine, she has one job. And that one job is to lick my cunt and eat my ass whenever I snap my fingers.  Okay, so maybe she has two jobs. My offspring were busy New Year’s Eve being sexy prostitutes. Even my husband had a whore. I had Jasmine. I had her in every position too. I bought us a special strapon to use to break those tight teen holes in for mommy’s use. I wanted to be the one to pop that cherry. She is just too cute and tight and talented with a tongue to share. I am being greedy with this sweet piece of ass.  We had the house to our selves for several hours. That meant I could fuck her everywhere. I wore that little teen pussy out with my makeshift cock. She wore my pussy out with her perfect tongue and that is hard to do. My husband thinks I am pimping her out. He might not be too happy that I am still keeping her all to myself for my selfish pleasure. A good cunt licker is hard to find.

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