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Hadley’s Furry Friends Phone Sex Tails

furry friends phone sex


Woof! Your furry friends phone sex tale begins now. What was I to do? My brats wanted Halloween costumes and I had spent all my money on Dope. I knew I had to make cash fast. And when My very own brother knew of a big pay out, I jumped on it. I didn’t ask any questions, I just went to the address. I mean Bubba said I would get a bank, I could buy more coke, and I would have an amazing Time. When I reached the Plaza to meet up with My John, He had the most Gorgeous Dane. That spotted coat made him Look like he belonged in a dairy! I’m in a high state. I asked no questions of my “Date” Maybe the mutt liked to watch. I just let this Monster Jump on me. He was as tall as I was when he was on two legs. My four legged friend licked my face and in that process had stuck his large tongue in my mouth. That made my man friend’s cock jump and growl low in his throat. He ushered me into his Jeep And we took off to a back road. He said before I got the money, that we could roll a bowl of Ice. He thought I would need it. I hear him say that Jack, the mutts cock was bigger than his. I couldn’t believe it. SO We stepped out and in the moonlight He pulled his dick out. I had to find out if this K9 did indeed have a bigger dick. I stroked his furry sheath until he was ragging a red rocket boner. But that only set the scene up perfectly. As I was forced to a squatting position to suck off Jack the mutts dick. I tried my best, and I have experience. And nothing, so I bent over and let this huge furry friend mount me until he came in my pussy! My brats better appreciate the things this Taboo phonesex whore mommy does for them!

taboo Phonesex

Hot Stripper Sex Show

hot stripper sexLast night was a hot stripper sex show. My husband and I had a date night. We went to the local strip club for amateur night. It is a good place to check out talent. We make most of our money off the jailbait whores who live with us, but we do get requests for the right side of barely legal often enough to make recruiting necessary. My husband and I find lots of girls willing to moonlight as whores at the strip club. There were a lot of amateurs there last night for the contest. Times are tough for working girls, younger girls in general. We saw all sorts of dollar signs with some of the girls competing for the $1,000 cash prize. My husband had a brilliant idea. If I entered the contest, I could talk to the girls, feel them out and see if any of them wanted to be part of a profitable group of sexy prostitutes. I had a better idea. Invite them to our place after the contest and have a big orgy. Test the possible merchandise out before making any offers. About ten out of the 15 girls there came back to our mansion. They got a taste for the life of luxury.  Hot tub, in ground heated pool, top shelf booze, expensive clothes… My husband fucked a few of the girls. I finger banged them all. I made sure to 69 with each girl too so I could taste their juice. All of them were between 18-22 years of age, which is what a lot of our clients want. These lovely ladies would make a great addition to our home brothel. Being hookers for hire is nothing to be embarrassed about. While everyone else is struggling right now, whores are on top because sex is always repression proof. And as long as we can keep recruiting young girls, we will just keep getting richer.

White Trash Phone Sex Halloween

white trash phone sexWe had an early white trash phone sex Halloween party. It was just an excuse to check out new talent. The neighborhood is full of sweet young things that could bring my husband and I much joy and pleasure. I love dressing sexy. I love cosplay. I dressed up as an R rated Mulan. My daughters were all various Disney princesses. My husband was Tarzan and our boys were various male characters from Disney movies. We had a theme, but it was ironic because none of us are the squeaky image that Disney portrays. I find when I look innocent and family oriented, the little ones open up around me easier. My husband and I had our sights set on this little angel in a Harley Quinn outfit. So young to be wearing such a violent and slutty character’s outfit. My husband distracted her trophy wife mom. He got her drunk and took her to our room to fuck, while I explored the little girl’s body. Virgins make more money. You can sell their virginity a few times before they just will not be that tight anymore. She was untouched. She tastes so yummy too. Like fresh watermelon. Pink, juicy and very sweet.  I ate her pussy. I had to resist finger banging her or breaking out my strap-on. I have broken a few cherries by mistake and that screws with the price we can get. That is why I test the merchandise and not my husband. We are always expanding our pool of sexy prostitutes because our offspring are getting older and more used every day. This little angel was perfect. As I was eating her bald cunnie, I was thinking of the clients I knew would pay good money for her. My husband and I fucked our brains out later thinking of the money that virgin cunt will net us.

All Women Are Whores

Live phone sexI learned a lot as a stripper…money is power but sex trumps everything!

People may look down on me for taking my clothes off and people my think I am a whore for sucking and fucking in the back room but i think I made a good choice!

All those sluts out there that will only let one man fuck their wet pussy…what makes that cunt so special? Is it lined in gold? They are denying themselves what they really want!

All the house wives, they are fucking for money, it’s just that they don’t even have control in how it’s spent! Now That is dumb!

I love a big fat hard cock stretching my cunt and I consider it a party if there is another in my ass!

I love what I do and I get paid for it!

And I don’t split that with anyone!

Men love me! I have repeat clients, most of them have wives or girlfriends that also use sex as a weapon, but they don’t know how to play the game!

You don’t deny a man to get what you want, you reward him! Isn’t that right, boys!

Give him what he needs! Give him that deep throat blowjob!

Fuck that thick hard cock every chance you get!

Cus if she doesn’t, I will.

Sometimes I wish I could tell them…

Think about it…I fuck your man, I get his meaty cock, his money and his attention, you give him the cold cunt and you’re home alone while we are drinking, smoking, partying, fucking and having a good old time!

We are all whores, I am just better at it!

No Taboo Phone Sex Talk

no taboo phone sexI love no taboo phone sex. It was what I was born to do. I have been a whore since I was born. Just now, I call the shots. I am the madam of my home brothel. Last night something different happened. A man wanted to fuck one of my sons. He paid great money and money is money, right? My sons are whores just like their sisters, but they do not get called to action as much. My youngest son is sort of a kinky freak. I think he may be naturally bisexual. I have fucked his ass with a strap-on several times and he loves it. He begs for it actually. When I told him about daddy’s client, he was not at all concerned. He was happy for the chance to get some dick in his ass and make some money. All my sexy prostitutes love money. Daddy and I have raised a brood of money whores. My youngest boy looks like a girl from behind. He is a little California surfer dude. He has long dirty blonde hair, a tanned body and a cute little butt. I had to play with his ass the night before his date to prep him. If the ass does not used regularly, every hardcore ass fucking will feel like the first time. He enjoyed my strap-on more than he did daddy’s client’s cock. But he did enjoy the money. His ass his sore, but mommy knows how to take of all her sore whores.

Freaky Phone Sex Fantasy Tranny

I love getting off with some freaky phone sex. I have the best freaks as lovers too. I had a good run with two of my favorite freaks getting our own freak on. I love to get high and fuck them. My favorite little sissy is always a blast. I love getting that man fucked up and taking advantage of him. He has a vulnerability and I milk it. He loves tranny girls and is in love with me. I can’t blame him, tbh. I have great tits, and I can party like nobodies business. Really it ain’t nobodies business what I do, nor who I do. I was pulling a train the other night and man some pencil dick neighbor called the pigs on me. I really wanted that copper to be my cum receptacle and I urged him to come back after his shift. I would still be awake and partying and I know he could use a little let loose. I know an interested party when I see one and boy was he interested. I had the man in blue return in just his street clothes and he was looking every bit a tasty treat for me. I knew he would be hung, I could tell. He was throbbing for me and a very willing bottom. Most pigs are bottoms. They are busy asserting so much testosterone at work that they need to lay back. He laid back and took my knight stick like a good ass fucked bottom always does.

Freaky phone sex

My Phone Sex Line is No Limits 24 / 7!

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is for unrestricted fun. You can talk about anything with me. My life is a far cry from a Hallmark card. I am more like an X-rated Lifetime movie. Born in the sticks of West Virginia to meth head parents who pimped me out to older men the moment I learned to walk. No love. No friends. No school. Only cash transactions to support their addictions. One day, I was sold for a lump sum and that is how I got married. My husband, however, is the hero of the story not the villain. Yes, he likes young girls. Yes, I was a breeding whore for him. The payoff was sweet though. I live a nice life. I am rich. I live in a beautiful gated home in California and my submissive sex slave days are long gone. My husband and I have a brood of sexy prostitutes who work hard for the money. They are not chained in some dingy trailer on a cum stained mattress like I once was. They each have their own rooms with beautiful clothes and expensive electronics. The ones who can drive have their own cars. They go to school and they have friends, but they hook at night and on weekends with clients daddy puts through a rigorous vetting process. Unlike my sperm and egg donor, we care that no one beats our cash cows or ruins them from making top dollar in the future. You will never hear one of our little whores crying because they are hungry or dirty. You might hear them bitching about wanting more cock and cum, however, because they are greedy little whores. When you call my sexline, I promise no limits on age and no taboos on what we can talk about. Clearly, my life is not censored, so why would I censor you?

A Slut Does What A Slut Wants To Do

phone sex slutsEveryone loves a nasty naughty slut but when you find one who knows how to take control and bring out the kinky side of you that you never knew existed then you have found a fun playmate. I love to take a man who thinks they are going to use me only to turn the tables and make him my bitch. I had a guy who decided he was going to hold me down by the throat and fuck me. I love that shit but as soon as he came, he thought we were done. No baby, far from it. I started blowing him and then spread his legs underneath me. I then buried my fingers in his ass. He hesitated at first, but I was persistent and relentless. Soon his struggles were non-existent and as I blew him, I fucked his ass with my fingers. Not one finger, but two. His dick was rock hard, and his balls were full. As I sucked his cock my fingers went in and out of his tight asshole. I felt his entire body tense up before he shot the biggest load of cum I had ever seen him shoot. He laid there silently for a few minutes before smiling and just saying wow. I know he liked it because my phone was dinging within hours of him leaving. A slut has to do what a slut wants to do.

My Sexline Celebrates Hispanic Heritage and Hispanic Cocks

sexlineWhen you call my sexline, you will here all my dirty stories about Hispanics. It is Hispanic Heritage month and let me tell you, I love celebrating brown dick and pussy. I live in California. All the help here is Hispanic. Some legal, some not legal. My husband and I do not care. We prefer the illegal Hispanics because they make the best sex slaves. Desperate for money and will never report what you did to them because they will be deported. I have a Hispanic family that lives in the carriage house. All illegals. But in our household its Hispanic Heritage month every month. I am not a racist. I am an opportunist. My little brown family helps my family out in so many ways. First, the husband and wife work for us. She is our cook and maid. He is our landscaper and car repair guy. They are paid well. Better than they would be paid if documented immigrants. My sexline is not so much about them, but their offspring. When my husband first met them, they just had a son. That boy grew up to be quite the stud for me. He is a teenager now and he knows how to fuck white pussy better than most white men. I love brown dick. I celebrate Hispanic Heritage daily when his teen cock is going in and out of my fuck holes. This family has grown since moving on to our property. Now they have three little angels. Of course, we think they tried to have girls to make us happy. Our Hispanic family knows we run a home brothel filled with young talent. Sure, little white girls are always in demand, but so many men want a Hispanic angel or a Nubian princess. Variety is the spice of life, so we aim to please the varied tastes of our perverts. Do not feel badly for them. Those little brown angels bring home more money in a night than their parents make in a year and we pay the parents well. My sexline is full of dirty stories of pimping out the help’s little Hispanic darlings. My family knows the importance of celebrating Hispanic heritage. Brown pussy and brown cock bring us pleasure and money.


Dirty and Hot Stripper Sex

hot stripper sexI had hot stripper sex again last night. My husband and I had a date night. We rarely get to have quality time together these days. One of us is always working or busy lining up dates for our brood of brats. Every one of our girls were on special dates we arranged. Two of my boys were on real dates with schoolgirls getting some teen pussy. My two youngest boys were spending the weekend with friends. That left daddy and I home alone. There is not much open in my city, but the strip club is. It is a seedy little place. Not a classy gentleman’s club. I do not really do the classy route unless forced lol. My husband bought me a lap dance. He is older than me by 22 years, so his dick has slowed down. But he loves to watch me in action with our sons, our daughters, other men and hot sexy black strippers. He loves black pussy. So, do I, but since his dick does not work like it once did, he lives vicariously through me. He hired a sexy ebony stripper for the VIP room. Young Nubian princess looking girl. The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. She thought he hired her from himself. She was pleasantly surprised when she discovered she was for the trashy milf trophy wife. After a few sexy lap dances with her twerking her big beautiful black ass in my face, I joined her on the private stage in the VIP room. We both gave my husband a show that included scissoring our naked bodies together. He had wood in his jeans. First time in a while he has gotten hard just from a visual. He came when I ate the sexy stripper’s black cunt. She was juicy. Her cunt juice squirted all over my face. We brought her home with us for the night. My husband asked her to be one of our sexy prostitutes. That sexy young black ass will make bank. Barely legal, looks younger, big ass and a hot body. Tasty as fuck too.

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