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Young Sexy Prostitutes for Daddy

sexy prostitutesThe weekends are busy for a family of sexy prostitutes. Around here, the weekends often start on Thursday nights. We had a family gig last night. Those are the best. I love it when a guy hires all of us to play. By all of us, I mean me, my daughters, and my sons. It was a hot family fuck fest. My husband served as the chaperone, but we knew he was there just to watch. What daddy would not want to watch something that hot, right? The daddy of the night was James. He is a close associate of my husband. He is also a frequent flyer of my home brothel. He is very fond of my hookers for hire. This was his 60th birthday treat to himself. He is divorced with a daughter he has not seen since she was a little schoolgirl. He has a longing for family. He wanted to pretend like I was his wife, and it was time to introduce our sons and daughters in the family way. I was down for that. Why wouldn’t I be? I gave him a happy birthday lap dance and fucked him. I got that first cum out of the way so he could last longer for our baby girls. He liked the idea of their brothers watching. They watched and stroked their cocks as their sisters took turns sucking their rent a daddy. James has a nice cock. And at 60 it still works. Of course, he had a bevy of jailbait beauties sucking on his cock too. That would bring any man back to life quickly. We had a family orgy. It was so fucking hot too. My girls called him daddy. They know how to milk a pretend daddy in more ways than one. It was a great way to kick off the weekend.

Water Sports Sex With Amara

Water Sports Sex

Mommy Amara loves water sports sex, especially when it’s with my young ones. We love to find ourselves a tinkle drinking Daddy who can handle my sweet girl’s full bladder. She’s been doing the pee pee dance in line at the truck stop. The line is long, and her tiny hands are clamped over her crotch, trying to keep a single drop from spilling out of her pussy. She’s squirming because it hurts her, and Mommy is sitting back and masturbating my pussy openly. The men stare at me with my cunt in the air, and then at my daughter who is wiggling around like the unwilling toilet sex toy she is.

When she sees me playing with my wet mommy pussy, my girl whines! The sounds of the toilets flushing is making her have to go pee pee so badly, but I love watching her in omorashi pissing desperation mode! Finally she leaves the line and runs over to me, begging. “Mommy please I need to go right now, please! I can’t hold it any longer!” Just then, the line moved and she could have gone piss right in the bathroom. When I didn’t respond, she ran up to a man and begged him to lay on the floor so she could piss in his mouth, but he said only if she could act out his scat phone sex fantasy too!


TOilet Sex

Prostitute coke whore

latina phone sex

I’m a little Latina Puta.  If you love latina phone sex you will love me.I love to suck cock and work the streets. I’m a total prostitute. I’ve been one since. Wow, I was a lot younger. You can do the math once we talk. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in a family of women that love to use their sexuality to get exactly what they want. I love to fuck, and I love to party. I love Cocaina. There’s nothing like the Coke from Colombia. I am a little slut who will always know her place. When I get ready to see a John, I know that I will rock his world. I love to shock men. I like to show them what a real whore can do a slut like me can genuinely take cock and every single hall. I’m ready to let you fuck my holes, each one of them. Pay me all my money and have all the fun you want with me you will never forget me

Blow For Anal Fisting

Druggy phone sex

I was offered blow and money for an anal fisting, I took it! I am known as an anal gangbang whore, so my asshole is used to being fucked and stretched out. When I get blow, I rub some on my asshole to numb it up. It makes me take more and more without feeling the ripping too much. I can enjoy it more and fuck harder. I got my money and snow up front and right away I was getting high. As soon as I’m blown, I spread my ass cheeks for him. To my surprise he started licking my asshole, he even stuck his tongue in it. I liked it so I pushed my ass on his face even more. Then he started fingering my asshole with two fingers. After he pushed another two fingers inside my ass, I couldn’t take it I squirted all over his hand. That made his hand wet enough for him to slip his thumb right in. He then just started fist fucking me and stroking his now hard cock. Since he paid me, I had no choice to take it. He quickly pulled his fist out and shoved his cock in my ass so he could fill it up with his gooey nut making me his Anal cum dumpster. I couldn’t believe when he started licking it and sucking his nut out of me.  

Dirty Phone Sex Salaciously Trashy

It’s dirty phone sex that you need. I am a salaciously trashy tranny. My big cock makes men like you drool. Don’t fight that urge To suck off a beautiful, big, she cock. It’s OK to desire this.
And some things just cannot be resisted. What I have in these pretty little panties it’s exactly what you can’t resist. I know you crave cock.  You really crave to suck on a nice she cock. Here’s a great little secret not just the one I have between my legs, but it’s the love affair that will grow between us. It’s something of a secret. Just between you and me. You can enjoy my cock in any way you want and no one has to know. I promise I won’t tell your wife. We both know you’re not a faggot.

Dirty phone sex

Druggy Porn Weekend

druggy pornIt is a druggy porn weekend at my house. That is what we call three-day weekends. My brat pack is off from school. I party almost every day. Coke is mommy’s little helper. I have a home full of little sluts. We like to fuck and party, but I am almost 40. I cannot keep up with an army of brats. I need a little extra energy to keep up with them. Last night all my girls were with Johns. Today, however, was a busy day for them too because of football. We hosted a football watch party. My little whores dressed up as cheerleaders for the teams in the playoffs and helped distract the men from the games. I enjoy Sunday fundays like today. So do my hookers for hire because it is profitable, and they get daddy dicks. My husband and I chaperoned the party. Not like we would say no to anything. We do not do piece meal prostitution. That is when guys get nickeled and dimed for anything extra or special, they want to do. There is one price and that includes anal and rimming and two cocks at once. Anything a client wants is allowed. I mean if he is not doing any permanent damage to my little money makers, nothing is off limits. My whores are eager to please. Very little football was watched today. There was a lot of pausing the games so girls could go Greek and be dick spinners. I let the girls do coke too. It helps them keep up with old men on Viagra. My girls are natural whores. They do love to please old men, but an old man on Viagra can fuck a young girl raw. I want my slutkins to be focused on fucking, not complaining about sore girl parts. The coke helps a lot. It has been a great day so far. It is not over yet. I am whoring on my phone sex line and my angels are whoring their little holes with old men. The coke will help us all party throughout the night.

Cum Guzzling slut mommy

cum guzzling slutCum guzzling slut mommy here doing what she does best. Milking a big chocolate cock to get a little blow to survive the week. It’s already been a long week with school back in session and I definitely haven’t got enough cock, coke, or cum to make it through! My son was the first to tell me what a crab ass I was being. He said why don’t you go down to your dealer’s house and get some mommy elixir. I went to grab some cash, but it was lunch money for this week for my two brats. I threw up my hands and my son pointed out that all I would have to do is fuck and suck for it like I always do. I knew he was right, but he didn’t have to talk to me like that. “Watch your sister, I’ll be back,” I stormed out of the house, but my son was begging to come with me so he could watch me in action. “Well fucking grab a coat for your sister, I cant leave her by her self.” and off we went so mommy could suck black dick and get some dope! I have more  BBC sex stories with me and my brats, just like this one! 

hot stripper sex and lots of drugs

Hot stripper sex

I have scored the best strip club. I’m so stoked to see what this new adventure will bring. My last strip gig was in cocoa beach, Florida. It was a pretty neat place, but it had nothing compared to the south shore places where I was used to frolicking with the coke dealers. I used to party my ass off and do so much coke that I could barely walk. I was interested in where the best parties were going to be. Whether it was a 10 million dollar yacht or a concert, you will see me having a blast getting all fucked up. I, of course, did some shady things there, so I moved to coca for a new fresh start. All that got boring quickly, so now I am in sin city. I love vegas and love that I could sell my cunt for extra money guys love Hot stripper sex. I love to get high and be a nasty cum dump.

Live Phone Sex With A Lot Lizard!

Live Phone Sex

I know you love live phone sex, especially with a lovely lot lizard like me! Mommy Amara is what they call me, because my young ones are known to be just as sexy as me. Nothing makes me smile more than getting invited to be arm candy at fancy parties, doing too much nose candy, and ending up covered in the cum of rich strange men I’d never meet again. Sometimes my young girls would cum with me to the parties, and I’d give them a lesson in whoring! Lap dances and strip teases paired with no limit throat fucking is a must. No man can resist getting milked by me then!

But sometimes, I like to take a classier approach. A phone sex line date with some pervert I’ve been courting, a bottle of wine, an eight ball of coke, and a long night of possibilities. I love to lay back, spread my sexy Mommy legs, and masturbate this sloppy PMommy cunt until I either squirt all over one of my young sluts, or my fuck hole gets filled with sticky Daddy cum. I’ll let you breed me, of course! I might have eight sons and daughters, but I’m always looking to get impregnated by nasty pervert cum and have another lot lizard legacy lolita to turn into a sloppy little gang bang whore!
Phone Sex Line

I am Great at Hooker Phone Sex

hooker phone sexI am great at hooker phone sex because I have been a whore all my life. I was born to be a whore. I do not mean that figuratively either. When I was born, my parents started selling me before I even remember. They did not sell me for much either. They were meth heads. It was a miracle I was not born with any defects with the amount of meth that my folks did. Also amazing I was fertile after all cocks I fucked. I have awful memories of being shackled in a dingy pop up trailer for years. My folks fed me and bathed me, but they never educated me or loved me. I had no birth certificate until I was 18 and my husband got that for me. I am not even sure of my real birthday. I was born to be a cash cow. My husband of 25 years was a client. One of the few out of towners with money who was a frequent flier. I remember our first encounter. He was gentle and loving with me. Called me his baby girl. Eventually, he would buy me from my folks and make an honest woman out of me. Well, not completely honest because I am still a whore and now, I am the madam of a home brothel of sexy prostitutes. I was like George Jefferson. I moved on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky. I traded shackles and a dingy trailer for motherhood and a mansion in a gated community. I was my husband’s “nanny” until I was legal age to marry. He is 20 some years older than me and was a widow when I became his nanny. I am the mother of 9. Six I birthed, three we adopted. I am also a step mom to three boys who are my age or older. My husband married me so I could birth him little girls to play with since his previous union only gave him boys. I also got little boys to play with and some stepsons to bang. He educated me. He polished me up. He transformed me from an illiterate poor whore into a sophisticated, rich madam and mother. Do not worry though, I am still a trailer trash whore at my core with lots of dirty stories to share.

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