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Creampie slut I am a Creampie slut that loves to fuck! I can’t help it, what can I say… I am a talented sex worker that knows all sorts of tricks that’ll have you shooting the Biggest cum shot ever… I always like to start by giving you a sloppy Deepthroat blowjob before taking your cock balls deep inside of my Young bald pussy and bouncing up and down like a pogo stick. My big tits bouncing in your face while I gently caress my pussy is exactly how I like it. Fuck me like a dirty whore, No condoms allowed! I want my cunt to be drooling your creamy load when you are through with me.

There is no better taste than the one that comes off my finger after digging my finger into my Cum filled cunt and scooping up all the cum I can find. I am a horny brunette chick that lives to get my pussy smashed! I will clean your cock of all of my pussy juices when you are through with me, dont worry babe I know you have a wife to go home to. This will all be our naughty little secret… Cum all over my face and do all the things your wife doesn’t allow.

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A man like you should always have multiple vaginas to choose from, may the best slut earn your load. My sexy moaning noises will keep you knowing that I am enjoying every stroke. I will be finger fucking my cunt followed by getting it plowed by my fuck machine while fulfilling your hottest fantasies. Use me as your Cum dumpster!

Hookers for Hire Stay Busy on the Weekends

hookers for hireHookers for hire stay busy on the weekends. Friday nights seem to be when I am in demand the most. My daughters stay busy 24/7. They could be full-time whores if they wanted but daddy and I want them to finish school. I never went to college or high school. Thanks to my husband, I do have a GED. But I want a better life for my offspring. Being a whore lets a woman live in a certain lifestyle, but so does snagging a sugar daddy.

My husband does not force me to be a whore like my parents did. However, I like it. Fucking for money seems like my calling in life. Since I started fucking before I can even remember, being a whore is all I know. Phone whore, real whore, only things I am good at doing. So, I told my husband, if he did not mind, I would like to continue seeing clients. My client list appears far more elite now than it did when my parents pimped me out.

Hookers Love to Drain Cocks Dry, Wallets Too

Last night, a young man hired me. The son of a client of ours. Daddy loves little girls. Junior loves this trashy milf. Seems about right. Younger guys always want to fuck a mature sexy woman. Junior went to college, graduated with honors and now works at a major investments company. He can pay for his own whores now. I took his cherry when he still attended high school. He cannot shake me. However, I do not think he wants to.

Would you try to shake a mature woman with decades of experience. No, you would not. I rode Junior’s cock all night long. He came about 6 times. According to him, no girl his age ever makes him cum like that. My mature cunt can drain a volcano, LOL. Anyway, I spent the night with the lad because he drained me dry too. Wore me out in a good way. Now, I have a cum filled cunt leaking all over the place. Sure, I could let one of my daughters lick it out, and I might still do that. However, I prefer to play with it all day long.

Trailer trash whore eats the officers ass!

Trailer trash whoreWhat can I say? I am a Trailer trash whore and I like to party and get wild. Sometimes I may get too wild and get myself caught up in some shit. I always get myself out though; especially in a small town with a bunch of men who need to get laid. I have been here my whole life so everyone knows who I am. Especially the officers in this shit hole; they are always up everyone’s asses. They have nothing better going on so I guess they just need to nit pick. Although, I will admit this encounter was my fault since I decided to drink and drive. 

Mr.Parker pulled me over yet again; he has run into me before for public disturbance, etc. I knew I was in for it the second he asked me to step out of the car. I tried pleading and he said “Rhiana this is an all the time occurrence; when are you planning on cleaning up your act”? I was drunk and did not feel like arguing so I said “Never sir, I am way more comfortable doing what I want when I want”. He looked me up and down and said “It’s either you shut the fuck and give me some Drunk sex porn footage or I am going to take you down to the station, give you a ticket and keep you in holding until tomorrow bitch”!

I was taken back but thankful that he wanted a piece of my whore ass; I could not afford a ticket or jail. I smiled and slipped my skirt off. He ripped a hole in my stockings and pulled my shirt down to see my big tits. He laughed and said “I always sit in the back when you are working that sexy naked ass on the pole; you always get me so hard with your slutty body”. He told me to get in the back seat so he can bend over. I was like “What?” he laughed and said “Eat my ass hole bitch; you are a nasty whore and I am going to show you what I think of you”!

I Can Turn a Girl into an Anal Sex Whore for Daddy

anal sex whoreI love being an anal sex whore. All women should be, but so many women have issues with ass sex. As a paid whore, all my holes are open for business. But I like helping women explore anal sex. In fact, I trained all my daughters to be good anal whores with varying sizes of dildos. You start small and increase the size with each lesson. With lots of lube and patience, I can make any girl and anal whore.

Travis hired me to make his daughter an anal whore. She recently started her period, and daddy worried about getting his baby girl pregnant. One solution includes turning your daughter into a teen anal whore. Although the girl seemed less than willing to take anything in her butt, even my finger, I needed to drug her. Sometimes a little Molly opens the asshole. It works much in the same way that poppers do. Both drugs make anal sex more enjoyable for the girl.

I Love Making a Girl an Anal Whore for Daddy

A little Molly and this girl begged me to fuck her ass. She went from protesting, to screaming, “Please fuck my ass,” with just one pill. It worked quickly too. Likely, I gave her too much for her size, but she handled it. And before long started twerking her ass at me. Daddy watched us the entire time. Of course, he stroked his cock too. Wouldn’t your dick get hard watching a sexy whore anally train your young teen daughter?

I licked and rimmed her ass before putting a finger inside. A young teen anal virgin’s ass feels tight even on a slender finger. I fed her my fingers, and she even licked her own ass juice off. Before long this trashy milf had a decent sized dildo in her asshole and daddy’s teen slut appeared to be cumming all over her fingers. A girl who rubs her own cunt while getting fucked in the ass with a dildo is a natural anal slut.

I fucked her with a strapon before daddy ravaged her tiny teen butthole. Although I have no doubt that she is sore today, I made another anal whore for another daddy. So that means I did my job well. I love making perverted daddies happy.

Tranny Phone Sex Is a Special Kind of Hotness

Tranny Phone Sex Is a Special Kind of Hotness for a dirty connoisseur. Some of you crave to be a good cock drainer of a sexy shemale dick. Then some are just high and druggy phonesex kink is what you crave.

Whatever your motivation is, you want a sexy babe with a big dick. I really do not find it a problem if you are gay, straight, married or a virgin. Essentially I just want to get my beautiful dick off as much as you do.

This afternoon I will be taking this young guy on. He is a virgin and cute as can be. Mr. K wants to take me out on a date, and then get a hotel room. I imagine I will certainly have one hell f a hot time with this innocent little virgin.

As a matter of fact I love a good anal virgin. I am happy to break that seal open of yours too!

Tranny Phone Sex

Toilet Sex Makes My Daughter Super Wet

toilet sexDo you like toilet sex? I will admit, I don’t do it much, but when I do, I love it. A guy hired me and my youngest daughter for a night this weekend. We rarely spend the night with clients, but when the money seems good, we do. As a family of whores, money talks. David wanted the family experience. It may be expensive to hire two whores for 24 hours, but we are worth every penny.

David likes waters ports. And he paid extra for it. But most men just want to fuck us or watch us fuck each other. However, David wanted to watch me piss on my daughter. His bathroom impressed me. He had a huge rain forest shower, Big enough for us to engage in some water sports sex. I squatted over my daughter’s face and pissed in her mouth many times. Pissed on her bald pussy too.

Sexy Whores Enjoy Pissing Games Too

And David even joined in on the pissing fun. Not only did he piss on my daughter’s clit causing her to cum hard, but we pissed on him too. Kinky men who enjoy piss play, I find challenging to find. Most men just want to fuck a teen girl and her trailer trash mom. But David wanted it all. He wanted to drink our piss. And he wanted to feel it all over his body too.

We always give the client what he wants. Even though we spent a lot of time in his bed fucking, most of the time we spent in his bathroom enjoying piss games. At one point, I pissed on his cock while my daughter pissed in his mouth. All our warm pee kept him erect for almost 24 hours. We barely slept. But we did enjoy his big cock hammering our pussies.

Sexy prostitutes do it all. From jailbait fucking to pissing games, us dirty whores know how to deliver the hottest sex ever.

Gangbang Phone Sex Make This Trashy Milf Excited and Wet

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase Gangbang Phone Sex? I would love to make it that I, BJ comes to your mind when the term gangbang is used. It would be of great pleasure to be making you addicted my filthy cum soaked world.

This weekend I plan on taking part of a great gangbang party. It’s going to be phenomenol. And of course itwill be something of an organized thing through a friend of mine. He is a bit of a purveyor of sexual perversions. Thus this party will have it all.

By having t all I am referring to anything goes hot filthy sex. And of course there will be many BBC’s there as is always on topic with me. The best part is that there will be three of us hot whores.

So essenially three cum and piss dumpsters and over a hundred guys. Well essentially a give or take number. The best part is the filth that we will get into. Scat, piss and bukkake oh my!

Gangbang phone sex

Phone sex sluts like me do anything to make you cumm

Phone sex sluts Phone sex sluts Like me love being the sneaky link. Your wife won’t do half the shit I do to your cock! I bet she can’t even deep-throat your cock at all! In a perfect world, men would marry the whores who give the best blowjobs and pop that pussy until you both have a screaming orgasm! The real trophy wives should be that late-night whore who is put making you money after she fucks you into a coma. 

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A nice sexy squirting pussy that brings home extra cash. But I get it, women like me are hard to handle. We love sex, and we are willing to be as nasty as possible to make your cock throb all night. 

It’s okay baby you can bring that 8 Ball over here and let me be the nastiest Big dick sucker on the end of your cock! I am all for men who love strip clubs, dive bars with hookers for sale, and the men who pick up a streetwalker for shits and giggles. 

Big dick sucker Hadley has some ideas to make you blow!

I am also for the men who grew up with a whore mother who couldn’t keep her hands or pussy away from that youthful dick! Mommies like me who overlook you force fucking your sister just so she can spy on you are worth more than gold! I get it, I grew up servicing a Whore mother and my step daddies, long before it was cool. So cum back in time with me, or let me do the things your wife would never consent to! 

Dirty Phone Sex Only Gets Dirtier with Age and Possibilities

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is the best kind to have. I do not believe in vanilla phone sex. Isn’t that why you have a wife, LOL. My husband knows how lucky he is to have me for a wife. But I am the lucky one. Who knows where I would be if I would even be alive if I had not met him as a young teen prostitute. He took me from squalor and put me into a California mansion. Made an honest woman out of me. Well, almost, LOL.

You cannot take the whore out of a trailer park whore. Although I clean up nicely, and I can play the part of a sophisticated trophy wife, I am still a trailer trash whore at my core. And my husband would not want it any other way. Recently, we discovered that our oldest daughter is pregnant. And we will be grandparents before the year ends. Our oldest daughter attends college. But she still hooks for us occasionally and she does the sugar daddy thing.

I Cannot Wait to Be a Grandma and Have a Little One to Play with Again

However, she is not sure who the baby daddy is. It could be about one in 20 men. And she is not sure she wants to be a mother yet either. But her father and I decided we could raise her until she finishes college and decides she wants to be a mother. And if she never decides she is ready, my husband and I will have another little one again. Boy or girl, we will be happy for either. Been a long time since I changed any diapers, but you never forgot how.

Last night my husband and I had the hottest sex too thinking of all the possibilities of having a young one in the house again. My husband likes his girls at a certain age, but he is in his late 60s. The reality is he may not get to enjoy a little pussy again. But I can. Or a little cock. And you can too. Not sure I want to be called grandma, but knowing I will soon have another one for home use and that I can add to my band of young hookers for hire has me on cloud 9.

Anal cum dumpster barely remembers last nights party

I woke up feeling like a used up Anal cum dumpster. Well, I don’t care because I get paid for it. What I remember is that I was getting drunk and high, and I met a few perv daddies. “We buy whores like you houses” he joked. “Whores like me love money and drugs” I said while winking at him. Then he quickly pulled out a baggie of blow and a wad of cash. “As long as you will take any cock I say” he laughed. Right away I dumped some blow on my drug plate and did a few fat lines. Then I started stripping for these party sugar daddies.

“That’s right, show me what my money gets me” he said while throwing some more money at me. “Get on your knees and show us what your slut mouth can do” he demands. Since I did so much blow so quickly, I didn’t care what I was doing, and my throat was numb. Therefore, I took turns sucking them all off. I figured that if I gave them the time of their lives, they would come to party with me often and bring their fat wallets. After a few of their cocks started to leak some thick pre-nut.

Anal cum dumpster

They had an idea. “Let’s see who can last the longest in her asshole. First sugar daddy stood behind me rubbing blow on my asshole as they all cheered on. Then he tried to pound my ass like he was young. But he quickly learned that when I am on blow, I bounce my ass hard and fast. That was all it took, he started pumping my asshole with his sperm just after a few minutes. “I’m going to last longer than you did” someone said as I busted down a few more lines of my favorite nose candy.

One after the other stuffed my asshole with their cock and creampied it, writing down how long it took. After the last one they announced the winner. “You get to keep the whore for the rest of the weekend” they said to the winner. Then handed me another fat wad of cash and left. I made more to be a Trailer trash whore for the winner than I did to get my ass fucked by all of them. But I was high, so I didn’t care or would barely even remember. When I woke up my ass was sore and still dripping with cum.