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Sexy Prostitutes Like To Cum Swap!

Sexy Prostitutes

Sexy prostitutes like us just want to filled to the brim with cum! Just last night me and my stripper pal Trixie hung out at her place getting high. A friend of Trixie’s called and asked if we were down for some hot stripper sex. We love when guys want to pay us to do what stripper sluts like us love to do; get high and fuck like gangbang whores! Our John came with two friends and a big bag of meth as well as cocaine and a bottle of JD. We got so blitzed we couldn’t wait to start sucking dick and collecting those extra dollars they were throwing while we shook our asses. We fucked them all, every pair of balls got drained in our fuck tunnels and me and Trixie were so fucking stoned we were ready for some freaky phone sex. Those cocks were rock fucking hard all over again when me and Trixie did our favorite show stopping dance move; We got into the sixty-nine position and twerked all over each other’s faces while we sucked those hot loads from our cunts!

Sexy Prostitutes Love to Play Together to Make Your Fantasy Cum True

sexy prostitutesSometimes, sexy prostitutes play together. I was at a gig over the weekend where the client hired three whores. Me, and two other sluts I had never met. They were independent gals he found on an escort site. He did not tell any of us that this was going to be a sexy foursome. I had no problem with it. I eat a lot of pussy at home. He had the typical girl on girl action fantasy, but he wanted me to pretend to be their mother and they were naughty schoolgirls. I could have made his fantasy seem more real with my teen whores at home. I do role plays like this all the time with my teenage daughters. He told me as much as he wants teen hookers for hire, he needs to follow the law because he had a friend who got caught up in a sting once.  That never happens with my Lolitas though. We do nothing on the computer. The Internet is the devil when it comes to doing and arranging jailbait action.

I was happy to meet new girls. One of the girls was in her 20s, but the other one was 19 but looked much younger. This sexy mommy stacked them on top of each other and ate their pussies together. My fingers and my tongue explored every ounce of their bodies. Such sexy bodies too. I was able to make them both squirt which was all the client needed to see to bust his nut. He came all over their tits and my face. A huge load too. He told us it had been over a month since he came. He was an older man, like my husband, but that did not bother me. His money spends like anyone else’s. That Viagra kept his cock hard after he blew his load though. He fucked us all and we pretended we were making a family hardcore orgy porn. I am going to work on this guy. If he came that hard with me and two legal age whores, imagine what he would do with me and two Lolita whores.

Sexline is Always No Taboos: Let’s Party and Get off Together

sexlineMy sexline is always no taboos. I love true confession calls. I like to know other people were raised in fucked up families but embraced it. It is no secret that my parents were never really my parents. I mean they whored me out for almost 2 decades before I escaped. I was just a piece of meat to them. I had none of the typical hallmarks of youth. I talked to a guy last night who had a similar upbringing. He went to school and had friends. His mother celebrated his birthdays and holidays. I had none of that. But this is not a contest to see who had the worst boy or girlhood. This is about taboo phonesex stories. His mother pimped him out.  My caller is older than me, and I guess there was some recession in the 70s. His mom was laid off her job, but she had some rich trophy wife friends. When my caller was a teen boy with a strapping hard cock, she pimped him out to her rich girlfriends. That was how she supported them as a single mom during tough economic times. He got to fuck rich trophy wives. The guys I was fucking in a trailer park were less glamorous, but we were both whored out by parents and that bounded us. He is a coke fan like me. Coke is not my coping mechanism. I just like to party. We exchanged stories about our youth, did lines of coke and masturbated together. Not my typical role play call, but just as hot. He likes little girls now, but sadly he never married. We did fantasize about him fucking my angels, even my sons. He goes both ways like me. I think we should all be bisexual, especially with little ones. My phone sex line is open. We can roleplay. We can party. We can swap stories. We can masturbate together.


sexy prostitutes do know how to party

sexy prostitutes

Sexy prostitutes know how to party. I’m no exception. I’ve learned that for you to drink hard and with the greatest, you have to keep up. I didn’t think I’d be so hooked when I started doing blow. It is beyond words. It’s like I have the best explosions. I can orgasm so many times non-stop. The squirting, who knew I could squirt? Have you ever put some of that angel dust in your butt hole? Well, I have, and marvelous, I get fucked up and just begin to want to fuck whoever is in my path. Sure, you can say I’m a nymphomaniac, but at least I wear it probably, and I also love a good Adventure. When I was at a concert as an escort with the high-powered attorney, He Slipped me some blows, and we went to have a good time behind the Sound Stage. It was bizarre but so hot I couldn’t get enough. When you get that blow in your system, you become a horny machine.

Young Teen Phone Sex: I Love Grooming Young Girls to be Whores

young teen phone sexI love young teen phone sex. I am in my early 40s, so I am not a young teen girl, but I am around them every day. I have three teen daughters. Each one of them a well-trained whore too. I love grooming young girls so when they hit their teen years, they have all the sex knowledge that I do. It feels like a major accomplishment knowing that I have turned a sweet innocent girl into a money-making whore. My daughters, over the years, have brought their friends home. Sometimes, my daughters tell me that a certain friend needs money. When I first met Ava, she was just a little girl. Sweet, innocent and full of money-making potential as part of my hookers for hire home brothel. Ava has big dreams, but she is a poor girl living in East LA. She wants to go to college. She wants pretty things. She wants nice clothes, not thrift store duds. My daughter showed her a life she could have. Sex sells, and Lolita sex sells better. That is my motto. I took Ava under my wing. I taught her how to suck cock like a pro. I taught her how to wrap a “daddy” around her little finger until he is emptying his wallet on her tummy. I taught her how to fuck. Now, Ava is one of my most in demand whores. My daughters are not jealous though. They will let Ava shine, especially my middle daughter who is her BFF. Ava is almost barely legal. She has been whoring for me for a few years now. She has a bigger bank account than I do. I set her up with some investments and high yielding CDs so she could make money off her money. She has enough money to pay for college and buy a condo. Why should young teen girls work in fast food or retail making pennies, when they can be sexy prostitutes making more money than their parents? Do you have a teen girl I can groom too? Face it daddies, thinking of your baby girl fucking for money makes your cock hard. Let your daughter support you.

Bossy Blossom The Cum Guzzling Slut!

Cum Guzzling Slut

I’m a cum guzzling slut but I’ve been known to dominate some hard cock when I’m feeling bossy! I get offered all kinds of fun jobs while working as a stripper, one of the most awesome things I’ve ever done is dominate a group of horny business men! I never know what to expect when I arrive to an out-call gig but it’s always a thrill that makes my cunt wet to walk up to a hotel suite in my sexy outfit ready for anything. This time I was wearing my bossy blossom leather outfit that definitely said I was here to dominate and get paid! When the door opened there were five Asian business men all in suits, I knew from the look of them what I needed to do first… I cracked my riding crop and told them to strip naked! I made them lick my boots and stroke their cocks until I pulled out my strap-on, it was a beautiful site watching them fight to lick my big black dong! Before the night was through we made the freakiest hardcore orgy porn of me draining their little cocks all over my face!

Hardcore Orgy Porn

Orgy Phone Sex Tranny Party – Big Dick Shemale Josie

Orgy phone sex is a kinky kind of fuck. All those cocks and pussy… However with me it will be tits, cocks and a bukkake slut. No, I am not the bukkake slut. I have a nice nearly 9″ of shecock. So do all of my girlfriends. You, my sweets, are the slut. The fuck trophy of sperm. We will all take turns on your fuck holes.

In return of your service to our big shecocks, we expect you to take all of our loads in both holes like a good cum slut or a bitch boi. Crave that shecock, and crave it bad. We will stretch that fuck hole of yours nice and wide. Gape you the fuck open. You like that, Daddy? Letting us all spread you wide and spunk in you? I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

Orgy phone sex

Cum guzzling slut gets paid to swollow

I get paid to be a Cum guzzling slut and I love it. Why not? I get whatever I want whenever I want it. All i have to do is suck any dick that will pay me what i want.  I walked to my favorite truck stop. There a guy picked me up asking if I wanted to make a group deal. I made lots of money with group sessions before so i was ready for it all i needed was my blow. When I got there it was two of his trucker friends and their big cocks in hands. They gave me my money and I did a few lines of my favorite energy powder. I got on my knees and I started sucking their dicks down my throat one by one. They wanted to use my throat to jack their fat hard cocks off. When they came hard down my throat I swallowed every drop.they loved watching as they took turns filling my belly with cum. These truckers just cheered and were proud to feed a Trailer trash whore like me thick jizz and blow all night.

Cum guzzling slut

Sexy Prostitutes Are Never Bored

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes are never bored. I was hired last night for a bachelor party. They are my favorite. Most of the bachelor parties are pretty tame. I dance and give blowjobs. Sometimes I fuck the groom to be. I am always down for anything, but some men are leery of fucking a stripper whore. Last night’s bachelor party got wild, however. The guys there all wanted to fuck me. This was a large group of guys too. It was me and almost 50 men. The groom to be is the heir to some department store magnet. When daddy dies, he will be a very rich man. Junior is his only son, and he is also his right-hand man. They live in one of the nicest homes this trailer trash whore has ever seen. It was in Malibu and overlooked the ocean. A pool moat surrounded the house like it was some kind of castle.  You could swim around the house and see the ocean and the other beautiful homes. I almost wished I was not married and in love with my husband because the old man was a widow and he was into me, maybe even more than junior. I fucked daddy first. I know the groom cums first in situations like this, but I was all about daddy. He was in his early 60s with salt and pepper hair. I do not know if he took Viagra or not, but his cock was hard as a rock. Stiff as a board… He kissed me as he fucked me making my pussy melt on his cock.  I was so wet too. Daddy had an amazing cock. After daddy came into my pussy, the groom got his sloppy seconds. He had a great cock too. My cum filled cunt was purring on junior’s cock. He has shared whores with daddy before. He had no problem with the sloppy seconds. After the groom came inside me it was a free for all. The rest of the guys fucked me. More like ravaged me, but I did not mind. I spent an evening in paradise and made a lot of money and new contacts. It was all worth it just to meet daddy.

Hooker Phone Sex Because Sex Sells, Especially for Schoolgirls

hooker phone sexHooker phone sex may be what I do best. I mean I sell my pussy to men all the time on and off the phone. I love being a hooker and a phone whore. The terms are interchangeable. I make money doing both. I like having money since I spent my youth in a dingy trailer with no toys, no things, no bedroom. I lived in an old pop-up camper. Slept on an old dirty mattress too. I am happy to be a whore now because I control the narrative. I select who I fuck. I decide what I will do and I keep all the money. I never saw a dime as a Lolita hooker when my father was my pimp. There are many legal ways for a woman to whore herself out today. My phone sex line is one such way. But there are other ways too. Only Fans, cam sites and special arrangement sites. There are even platforms for high class escorts like Private Delights and Eros. Sex sells. Why work in a Walmart with the dregs of society slaving away for minimum wage when you can let men spoil you and fuck you for more money in a night than you would make in a year at Walmart or the ilk? That was what I told Leanne. She is this cute cheerleader slut who is friends with my middle daughter. She does not come from money and she yearns for a better life. She is too young for Only Fans and legit sex platforms. She is envious of our house and all the things we have. Men pay great money for a high school whore.  I convinced her to shred her applications to local chain stores. I could get her enough money in the next year and a half to pay for college in cash.

She had her debut as one of my hookers for hire last night. Dressed in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit, she rocked one of our best client’s world. He told me she had the sweetest and tightest little fuck holes. He tipped her more than he has ever tipped one of my girls. I told her that means she has natural abilities and instincts to be a whore. I can hone those skills too and make her very rich before she graduates high school. If a girl can retire at 30 owning her own home, car and still have a nice nest egg, why would she ever have a so called legit job? Sex sells, and it sells even better when you are a young schoolgirl. I just love showing young girls the life they could have and the easiest path to that rich life.