Only Thing Better than One Anal Cum Dumpster is Two Anal Cum Dumpsters

anal cum dumpsterNothing hotter than an anal cum dumpster. That’s what Leon said to me last night. He hired me and my oldest daughter to be his private anal whores. Even though Leon married a hot woman half his age, she does not give up the booty. And he is an ass man. But he loves her. I would have dumped her if I married her. But he likes having a pretty young lady on his arm. So, he hires dirty ass slaves for the things his wife will not do. He loves my family of whores.

My daughter and I enjoy sharing cock. And we both love ass sex. Even rough or hardcore anal sex I enjoy. So, we never mind Leon’s cock in our shit pipes. He enjoys turning us into ATMs too. In case you do not understand the terminology, it means ass to mouth whores. After he fucked my daughter’s ass, I would suck his cock back to life tasting her sweet ass goo on his cock. And she did the same to me.

All Men Enjoy Anal Sex Sluts

Watching a mother and daughter taste each other’s ass juice aroused him. But my guess is it arouses a lot of men. You would enjoy watching me suck my daughter’s ass cream off your cock. Just like you would enjoy watching me suck your cum out of my daughter’s asshole.

We played all sorts of dirty ass games last night with Leon. And we enjoyed ourselves. If a man pays us good money to be his ass slaves, we do it. I am an anal sex whore anyway. So are all my daughters because ass slaves get paid well. Very well. At one point, I put a straw in my daughter’s tight teen asshole and siphoned out the jizz. Watching us snowball the cum in our assholes made him hard again quickly.

We broke out all the ass tricks to milk his balls dry as well as his wallet. And it worked. Do you need an ass slave too?


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