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Druggy Phone Sex With Wild Blossom!!!!!!

Druggy Phone Sex

They don’t call me Wild Blossom for nothing, It’s no secret that when I roll a fat blunt, I like to get down and dirty with any kind of druggy phone sex! I take deep pulls from my blunt and get high out of my mind while I stuff my tender asshole with a 13-inch black dildo. I love talking about the lot lizard sex I have as a stripper and a call girl who loves her drugs. Just last night my friend came over and licked my pussy while I smoked a big jay of the stickiest green weed. I took calls and moaned like I was enjoying them but really my best gal pal was tonguing my twat expertly! After my shift we invited some big cocks over to fuck us raw while we smoked a few bowls of meth and squirted all over their dicks. We begged our fuck buddies to pound our pussies and leave us scissoring with our cunts filled to the brim with hot nut! That crystal and weed sure does get me horny, especially when I’ve been drinking and doing lines of coke all night!Lot Lizard Sex

No taboo phone sex leaves everything Open

No taboo phone sex

What is the most No taboo phone sex session you think you’ve ever had. I’m sure I’ve gone further. It’s those things that stretch the mind of the most extreme session that you could have never imagined yourself. Or the fact that we turn fears and obsessions into sessions of pleasure and cumming. Think of the most torture you’ve felt. Maybe it was when you were very young and it was at the hands of XYZ person. How does it feel to hold that power in your hands and re-write the story you’ve been allowing into your dominating that scenario and cumming all over their faces? For a certain group of people dominated into submission, everytime you see the dominators going to the extreme with them. For me it was a fat bitch in college who would dominate me with her meanness. For some reason I imagine holding down her fat face and shuving my cunt into her face until she can’t breathe. Then allowing men to cum over, fuck me as a Sexy prostitute but right before they cum pulling out and using her lifeless flubberly body to cum on as I fuck my cunt with my favorite toy watching, savoring every load of cum covering her pathetic body.

Dirty Phone Sex is My Deranged Passions

I am a dirty phone sex whore that loves to push the envelope and go beyond the limits. Bring me anything and I will make you ejaculate with a most intense orgasm and thick gooey load. However, I may expect you to lick every drop of sperm up for me to prove you are, indeed, a pervert like me.

My love of cum and cocks has brought me to do so many BBC cock gangbangs and I love them. Every second of getting plowed by the big black cocks are the best seconds of my day. In fact this whore pussy is not satisfied if I am not in the middle of multiple big dicks and especially those big monster black dicks. This cock whore or coke whore, used interchangeably with me is exactly what I live to be.

Dirty Phone Sex


My Valetines night

trailer trash whore

My dealer came over to give me some pills and coke. Oh, my cunt was dripping, and wanting to have some coke on my clit.

Not only was I horny as fuck, but I was high as hell as well. There’s nothing like getting my pussy throbbed up for the dealer.

He came over, ready to pound me for the exchange of an eight ball.

A good pussy pound I got, and he also brought over his son to use me up this time. It was time for him to be a man, he told me. A trailer trash whore like me would make a great first fuck. 

The dealer’s son was shy and unprepared, but I kept him calm and made him smile. He sure loved what he was seeing from me. 

To calm his nerves, I began reassuring him that he would love what I would be giving him. I called him my little valentine. The smile was from ear to ear. Slowly but surely, I got him to listen and zone in on me. 

If I convinced him to fuck and I got that jizz out, I would be getting a 2nd eight-ball courtesy of deflowering the dealer’s son. I had enough ambition and coke pumping thru my veins that I knew id get the youngin to slip his cock in me. Jack was his name. I told jack to close his eyes and let me work my magic on him.  

The curious boy knew that I was a slut. He was smart and knew his dad wanted to get him to finally fuck. All his friends were light years ahead of him, and he was becoming a joke to his daddy. The dealer told jack that at his age, he was fuck three girls at once.  Jack was mesmerized by me but still so nervous. I had the prize in my mind, so I got close to him and flirted my ass off with him and told him to close his eyes and lay back I began to jerk him off and suck him off till his toes curled.

Next, I told him to sit up and explore my wet cunt. I did guide him to fuck me and leave me drenched. The young boy ended up giving me a cum filled cunt. You know I earned not one, not two, but three eightballs.cum filled cunt

Stripper Maid Valentine’s Day!

Stripper Sex Stories

I got hired as a strip-o-gram on Valentine’s Day and ended up getting my cunt stuffed full of hard dick! Valentine’s day is always a strange time to be a stripper, we are usually slow at the club but end up working as call girls all night. This year was a little different because my manager sent me on a strip-o-gram call. Nothing I haven’t done it before, usually it’s a quick strip tease and easy cash. I showed up to the address my boss gave me in my slutty French maid costume, I was ready to be in and out, headed back home to a nice evening alone. When I saw the sexy business type who opened the door, I was a pretty relieved, he was handsome… hot actually. I started my routine right there at the door, singing my little song and shaking my ass, doing my best French accent. He thanked me and told me to come in so I could get a tip, I strutted in and within moments he was all over me. He kissed me hard on the mouth and slid his fingers between my cunt lips, he whispered that he had a request for me. Next thing I know I’m fucking my sloppy wet cum filled cunt with a feather duster while he jacked his cock hard to cum in me again. I was so turned on by this sexy stranger and the extra cash he paid me made everything that much sweeter!

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My BBC Anal Daddy Ryan!

Anal Sex Whore

If there’s one thing you need to know about me it’s that stripper slut Blossom gets down and dirty for BBC! I love splitting my thick juicy ass open for daddy Ryan’s massive black anaconda dick, anytime he calls me up I know it’s time to get ready to fuck! I get my stockings on and my sluttiest dress just to tempt him to pound my tight asshole hard. My obsessive cravings for Big Black Cock make my cunt throb hard when I’m working, I think about gaping my holes for long thick black dick all day long! Daddy Ryan makes me give up my sloppy white pussy every time he comes around and I can’t wait to feel those black balls draining in my ass!

BBC Sex Stories

Lot lizard sex slut

lot lizard sex

I am a lot of lizard sex slut wants to get high and find out who they can fuck for the right price. I am that slut and I love to find a guy who is willing to pay up to make me a great little whore for the night. When I get that money I go to my dealer and buy a big eight ball out of him. Usually I owe him from before so I have to pay with pussy to get him to give me the good stuff. The dealers are always looking for young new blood so I bring over a young slut for them to be able to thrust their cocks into and I can get the good stuff. Its surely a win win and I get to enjoy that angel dust.

When My BFF Sleeps Over!

Cum Eating Phone Sex

After a long weekend of stripping and making money, having my best friend over for some nasty fun is the best way to relax! My girl Emma came over for a smoke session and we ended up getting so high we just wanted to fuck. I called up some of my BBC fuck buddies because we needed to get higher and filled up with hot creamy cum! My black friends showed up with more alcohol and they were ready for us horny stripper sluts to suck them off. Me and Emma got to work gagging on their 10-inch dicks, we were scissoring and getting face fucked while they lit up and cheered us on. I wanted two BBC inside my holes so Emma sat on my face while I hot double stuffed. We came over and over again, by the time my friends left all we wanted to do was lick each other’s cum filled pussies and fist ourselves until the sun came up!

Fisting Whore

trailer trash whore and her sisters

trailer trash whore

When funds get low, I need to blow. My baby sisters came with me to get the job done. We all go and love to suck cock together. I give them some x, and they are so high. Oh my, do they open their mouths wide for those big cocks. It’s wrong, but I don’t want to be correct. I love being naughty. They are so used to it because my mom also uses them for payment.

Now that my mom has turned a new leaf and is all bible belt, my sisters still crave cock. So I take advantage of them and take them to parties. We love to play and be total sluts. A trailer trash whore like me wants to capitalize on what will make her money.

BBC Sex Stories of One Sexy Crack Whore

If you may have noticed I have been missing in action for a couple of weeks. I went to dose up on vitamin BBC sex stories and some beach time. Enjoying the sea and sand I was soon in for a real big surprise. As it were the beach had these fresh off the boat BBC’s roaming about.

I am the sexy crack wore one was calling me a sexy Banana. That made me laugh and he didn’t know very much more English and laughed and continued to say it. I found it sweet and showed him my cunt. I spread my legs as I was already topless. This guys banana was big and boy was he getting hard for some white pussy.

I went with him and a couple of other guys and the four of us did some blow and they too what they needed from me. I gladly gave it up spreading my legs and letting those big island niggers fuck my crack whore pussy, ass and mouth.

BBC sex stories