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Stripper sex porn with a filthy blonde cum bucket!

Stripper sex porn It’s been way too long since I have made some Stripper sex porn. It was time to show you all how good I look getting these holes split open on some cock. Jack is my favorite person to make footage with; his cock is so thick and hard for me. He is just as sexual as me; he loves nasty sex just as much as I do. That’s why I enjoy feeling his man meat split me open every single time we get together. Just laying back and spreading my legs for him while my big tits are bouncing in his face turns him into a sex monster right away. 

Jack loves that I am nothing but a sexy little Big dick sucker for him. He always fucks my throat and tells me how good I am at taking his big cock. When he pumps my hot little mouth open I look up at him and see his facial expressions; he is in pure ecstasy. His hot little groans as he thrusts his hips toward my face drives me wild. He starts to jack hammer my mouth harder and faster right before he cums as I gag. He tells me to take that load down my hooker whore throat as he rails my throat like a cunt!

I love feeling that throbbing shaft as he creampies my throat hole over and over again!

Pissing sex showers me with drugs, sex & a wild ride!

Pissing sex

Pissing sex showers me with drugs, sex & a wild ride! I’ve been a toilet slave a few times, and desperate times call for desperate measures. But I’m not ashamed to admit it. Hell, I lost myself  in it. The first time I did it, I was missing my Crystal so much I couldn’t see straight.

I was practically drooling, craving that sweet, sweet hit of methamphetamine that makes me feel alive. I knew I had to do something drastic, something that would bring in the big bucks and satisfy my cravings. So, I rounded up a few of my girls and we headed to a private party for a group of lawyers. These guys were horny and high, and they had money to burn. We were making money hand over fist.

At first, I was disgusted with myself. I mean, who the hell wants to be a toilet slave? But then, I thought about it. These guys were so horny and high, and they were willing to pay top dollar for us to do all sorts of things. It was like a dream come true. I knew I had to go all in, to give it my all. And that’s exactly what I did.

Not once did I fake my orgasms. Hell no, I enjoyed every single second of it. The higher these guys got, the nastier we got. I had this one slut over my face, and I fingered her pussy so hard she squirted all over my face. She had a cock down her throat the whole time too. We were all totally wild.

Then, she showered me with her piss. She couldn’t control herself, and neither could I. My Sloppy wet pussy gushed as the salty warmth poured into my mouth. I came so fucking hard! Damn, it was almost better than any hit of meth I’d ever had.

Us girls got our fair share of cock too. Those lawyers had some big dicks! We rode them all over the penthouse. I got drilled in my ass and when he exploded into me, I took another load in the face! I really couldn’t get enough. And the best part? Those horny fuckers spoiled me with great drugs. They gave me hit after hit of the good stuff, and I was in heaven. I had no shame, no inhibitions. I was just a nasty, methed-out piss whore, and had a blast!

If you want a night that you’ll never forget, then call my Sexline. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. I’ll give you a show that will leave you breathless and begging for more. I’m a nasty piss whore, and I’m proud of it. So come on, give me a call. Let’s get dirty, let’s get filthy, and let’s have some fun. I’m ready for you, are you ready for me?


Stripper Secrets: When the Club Gets Creampied

Hey there, perverts! You wanna hear something freaky? I’ve got a stash of stories that’ll make your knees weak, and I’m about to unleash one right now. Buckle up!

I’m your nastyStripper bitch, and I’ve got a penchant for trouble. The kind of trouble that involves getting creampied by half the guys in the club. Yeah, you heard that right—I said creampie because I’m a damn slut who loves that warm, creamy load.

I’m the girl who doesn’t need to be asked twice. When a dude wants a piece of this fine ass, I’m spreading my legs and offering up my holes—pussy, ass, you name it. I’m like a gift that keeps on giving cause I’m always down to fuck. My logic? If he’s paying, why the hell not?

So, picture this: I’m on stage, shaking my moneymaker, when I spot this big dude in the corner. He’s got that lustful look in his eyes, and his hands are practically sweating over his pants. I’m gonna make his fantasy come true.

After my set, I make my move. I strip down to practically nothing, straddle his lap, and rub my wet cunt on his cock. He doesn’t need to ask; I’m already riding him like a damn cowgirl. My big tits are bouncing, and his hands are all over them.

He pounds me so damn hard, and I know that sweet, sticky cum is about to shoot out. I’ve got my eyes rolled back, begging for that warm jizz to be pumped inside me. And does he deliver? Hell yeah! He fills me up like a good boy, and I’m left gasping for breath.

That’s just one of many stories, folks. I creampie-hop around the club like a true champion.

Stripper sex stories with a submissive sex toy!

Stripper sex storiesAre you needy for some nasty Stripper sex stories? I sure hope so; I have been dying to tell someone about all the filthy things I do. I have so many experiences and things I would love to share with all of you perverts. I already know you are just as dirty and depraved as me. You are probably already stroking that big fat cock while you look through my blogs. I bet you are just imagining all of the filthy and vile things you could do to a submissive tied up little fuck slut like me. Your cock is just aching to be played with and those balls are tingling and needing to be drained.

Good thing for you is that I am a needy Creampie slut who is going to bed you for that load. You don’t even have to ask me; I will just spread my legs and take your cock whenever you want. The best and most well trained fuck sluts are the ones who don’t wait for a man to ask for sex. The proper bitch does it without a question or conversation; I just take off my clothes and let a man do what he wants to me. Most guys appreciate a well trained set of holes; I hope you do too. I mean look at my big tits ready for abuse as my little cunt is toyed with. You know my pink hole is sopping wet and will feel so good wrapped around your fat prick.

Prostitution Porn From Deanna’s Mans POV

prostitution pornI found this in a guy talking about his love prostitution porn on his email. Here is what he said

I’m not gonna lie, I love some prostitutes. There’s just something about paying for pussy that gets my hard as a rock. And let me tell you, the other day when I was at that truck stop in Nevada, I found this little lizard who was willing to do anything for a few bucks. She had the tightest hole and she knew how to work it. We went at it like rabbits in heat! She took every inch of my cock without even flinching and her moans were music to my ears.

By the time we were done, both our bodies were covered in sweat and cum. It was fucking amazing! I couldn’t help but cum inside her, filling her up with my seed. She didn’t seem to mind though; in fact, she seemed to enjoy it.

After we were done, she curled up next to me and fell asleep while I watched TV. It was the perfect end to a long day on the road. If you ever find yourself at that truck stop looking for some action, make sure you ask for Lizard – she’s worth every penny! I don’t know, there’s just something about a dirty cunt that gets me going.

Maybe it’s the thought of all those other guys pounding into her or maybe it’s the fact that she doesn’t care who she sleeps with as long as she gets paid. Whatever it is, I can’t resist! And when they let me fuck them raw and unprotected? Oh man, that just sends me over the edge! It makes me feel like I own them in a way – like they belong to me and only me. Plus, their tight little holes are always ready for more cock no matter how many times they get used throughout the day. It turns me on knowing that my cum will be mixing with all those other guys’, making her even more mine than ever before.

Shemale phone sex with Bella will make you Cum!

shemale phone sex


Shemale phone sex with Miss Bella will always get you rock hard. I have tons of dirty perverted stories to tell, like what happened last night at the club I strip at.

Last night at the strip club, I had this group of guys come in all sloppy drunk. Looked like they were a bunch of soldiers from the base up the freeway. Army boys. Fuck I love me some men in uniform. These boys definitely looked like they were going to be some fun tonight. There was one in particular looked like he might be some fun. I wasn’t working tonight. I was just here to have some fun with some friends.

Of course I was all dolled up still. Wearing a beautiful little strapless dress. My cock tucked, with a string on. Hair curled up and a full set of make-up done. There’s no way he’s going to know what’s underneath my dress. I followed his drunk ass into the bathroom. Stood next to him while he was pissing and stared right at him. The look of confusion on his face for a second, until I reached down and grabbed his cock and started rubbing it. He didn’t give a fuck. He was giving me that cock.

I got on my knees and started sucking. He was in total shock. A woman in the men’s bathroom, giving him a blow job at a strip club. As soon as I got him nice and rock hard, I stood up. Started walking towards the door to lock it. He ran after me to stop me and asked why I was leaving. I said to him, Oh Honey I’m not leaving, I’m just locking the door so no walks in on me fucking you. He was stumbling a little, but excited. I turned back around, grabbed ahold of my cock, and pulled it out from under my dress. To be honest I had no idea what was about it happen.

He looked down, and all I heard him say was, “Oh my god yes”. Before I knew it he was on his knees, sucking my cock. Gargling, spitting, sucking on my balls. I could feel him moaning through his mouth vibrating my cock, holy fuck he was good. I grabbed ahold of the back of his head and started to fuck his face. Shoving my fucking cock down his throat over and over again, I was getting so close. He pulled my cock out and so, “No, no, I want that sweet cum in my ass. Now!”

Before I could even reply to him, his pants were off and on the floor. His ass was nice and milky white and jiggled as he walked towards the sinks. He lifted a leg up and put his knee on the sink. I followed him. Took my cock in my hand, spit on it, and shoved it deep inside his ass. Fuck it was tight. He turned back towards me, kissing me. My cock thrusting harder and harder into his tight fuck hole. He pulled my dress down to expose my perky little tits.

Right as he started to pinch my nipples, I could feel myself about to cum. He reached behind towards my neck, wrapped his fingers around my throat and told me to cum deep inside his ass, to fill him up with my hot cum. So I did. I fucked him harder and harder till I exploded deep inside his night tight ass. This was definitely a nice little surprise, usually guys aren’t so willing. But this good little fucking army boy wanted some cock tonight. Hopefully I see him again.

I did manage to get his number. Although his friends have no idea what’s underneath my skirt, he does, and that’s all that matters. Maybe he’ll be my muse, I definitely can’t stop thinking about him. Hopefully I can tell all you kinky dirty nasty little perverts what happens the next time I see him, if he calls me. I have a good feeling this is going to be fun, even though I don’t usually do the relationship thing, but this one’s, sexy. I wouldn’t mind fucking that tight ass every night. Let’s see if he texts me tomorrow. 


Sloppy wet pussy stretched and pouring cum, but I want more!

Sloppy wet pussyI rode my sister’s husband’s cock secretly at the family gathering… His son tagged along for some family fun… Together they rubbed dicks inside of my Sloppy wet pussy! It felt so good having the two of them alternate between my ass, pussy, and face… I could feel their dicks hitting off the thin layer of skin that separates my pussy from my ass.

I had an insane orgasm! They destroyed my ass, I can now fit four fingers in my gaper at once. They promised they would pull out but they wound up creaming inside of me. I didn’t even bother fully undressing… I just bent over and let them shove their big dicks into my ass. I was caught playing in my pussy in the bathroom and that’s when I was cock flashed.

I took off my wet panties and continued to finger fuck my Cum dumpster. This was their first time destroying me! I was high out of my mind and had so much to drink, I didn’t even think twice I just wanted some dick. My asshole was fucked hard and filled with cum… Their big dicks left my pussy quivering and soaking wet.

We even arranged for some more hard anal sex and I suggested they gather other some more boys to bring along. My sister’s husband and three of his friends joined me in the laundry room. My holes were already stretched and pouring cum, but I wanted more! My face was stuffed with a foot-long dick while the other guys buried their cocks in my cunt. I am such a filthy Creampie slut!

Slam me in my ass and watch my big tits bounce.

Drunk girl fucking on her Honey moon is a free for all for the groomsmen!

Drunk girl fucking

Drunk girl fucking on her Honey moon is a free for all for the groomsmen! You know my husband is a strip club owner and he married me, his top producing $ whore in vegas last year.  My husband started right away letting all his friends know I was a free for all slut. The number uno reason my man snatched me up was my dirty rep! But let’s go on! My honeymoon was no exception to the rule.  Hell it was the rule! In my wedding dress I began getting some cock right as My husband went downstairs to play some craps.

He says im his lucky whore and he gets a hell ton of winnings when I am being fucked to heaven and back. Not one but five of the groomsmen had turns in my cunt that night. I wondered why he was filling me up with champagne and vodka sodas at the reception we had.  I guess he wanted to make sure I had enough energy to enjoy his gang bang. I was in heaven and I will never forget that night.

Drunk girl fucking on her Honey moon is a free for all for the groomsmen!

He made sure to fill the men in that Iwas to be used as an Anal cum dumpster too! I do love that man because he made sure every man was big and thickin his pants! That helped as I was used and abused by some white chocolate and dark chocolate cocks! I guess I should have been glued in on his naughty needs when he had the Elvis impersonator eat my pussy right after he married us!

Trashy MILF BJ: The Ultimate Guide to No Limits Fucking BBC

Just a trashy milf looking to serve the BNWO. What’s the BNWO you may be wondering? Well, it’s all about getting blacked. The Black New World Order is taking over and us white women know our place.

And my place is feeding those niglets all the milk those big black cocks feed into my womb. Breeder for the BNWO and niglet feeder with my big milf tits.

Trashy Milf

After all, As a stripper I turned quickly to servicing the only BBC. Of course it’s that big black cock really dominates my trashy whore pussy. Soon to be Feeling that BBC feed into my pussy, stretch me and hit against my cervix is amazing.

Now then when that nigger cock is only about this big white girl ass I will accommodate. Many of my niggers love tapping this ass. And if it’s only ass they want it’s ass they will get.

As a trashy Milf I have no limits

My niggers that get cracked out really love to get into some of the filthiest shit. Shit play and getting that big nigger cock covered in my shit is hot.

Finally once I squat and dump a steamy load of crap on that big nigger dick we are only beginning. Next he will have me jerk that shit covered nigger cock between my tits. And covering my tits with all of his nigger shit is certainly going to happen as well.

BBC Phone Sex

All things considered I am all about serving my favourite cock. And that is that big black cock. Whenever I get a chance to pay tribute to the BNWO I will jump on it. Like a cracked out trashy prostitute doing whatever it takes to get her fix. 

Summing things up I need to emphasize that I am a trashy stripper prostitute that will give it up to big black cocks only or to money and drugs. 

Taboo Phonesex Babes Can Have Fun Anywhere

taboo phonesexPeople have no idea what that I was made for taboo phonesex until they meet me. Although I now live in a gated community in California, my parents lived in the back hills of West Virginia. As a young rural girl, men fucked me in the back off a dirty pop-up camper. Until a much older man rescued me from that life of poverty and made an almost honest woman out of me.

My husband may be rich, but he is a nasty freak like me. And he loves to watch his slut wife in action. Normally, he watches me fuck our sons or maybe some other young stud he brings home for me. However, last night he watched me with another girl. A young barely legal girl we met at a dive strip club in East LA. We had a fancy date and ended up there after a few tequila drinks.

When we arrived, we discovered that the club holds an amateur night with a cash prize every Friday. Even though I could be any stripper’s mother and the cash prize I could make in an hour talking to a pervert like you, my husband wanted me to do it. He enjoys watching other men watch his wife. Can you relate? And since I will do anything for him, I signed up.

My Husband Loves to Watch Me With Other Men and Women

Even though I knew I could win it solo, hot stripper sex with a barely legal girl, might sinch the win. So, I picked the youngest looking girl there with a man and told her to join me on stage. And together we worked that pole like nothing anyone in that club had ever seen. And not only did we win the contest, but we also earned over $500 in tips. Afterwards, we gave a few men some dirty lap dances for even more cash.

I told men she was my daughter, and they ate it up. However, my husband enjoyed our duo striptease the most. And perhaps the man she came to the club with too. But I let her keep all the money. Like I said, a couple grand is nothing to us.

We invited them back to our place. Our men drank beer and masturbated while we ate each other’s pussy. They seemed like us in a way. A younger girl with an older man. Let me tell you the girl looked amazing. But she tasted even better. She could make us bank as one of our hookers for hire. So, my husband talked shop with her old man, and she starts next week. I love our date nights. Anything can happen.