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Trashy Milf Year In Review

Trashy Milf

I swear I must have gotten swiped into a god damned time warp guys, or maybe some drugged black hole. This trashy Milf has apparently been too busy getting strung out and fucked like a damned virgin tossed in a prison cell of sexual predators that hadn’t had pussy in years. Yeah, that is a good summary of the past month. I have been getting so mother fucking god damned high and taking every fucking cock I could fit in me. The majority of those cocks were, of course big massive black cocks that left me aching, not shitting right and gaped. I oozed with cum for the entire Month and dammit, this year was a craphouse so why shouldn’t my holes become as ridiculous! I’m loving your trashy minds guys and your need for someone like me. I am the Filth Queen of fetish topics and the filthier and more ridiculous the better. I am in love with being your nigger cock whore and fucking helping out with these crack whores I get stuck taking in. Always a fresh batch of tight holes to be destroyed before they destroy themselves. Being born on the junk is the gateway to a shit life so let’s celebrate that and all the fucking twats we saved from being a shit stain on society. We have enough of them so let me help you get off with the most deranged of fucking fetish kink that we will both be coming hard with. The ridiculous year needs a even more ridiculous way to go out. Take it out in filth, be my filth junky and don’t make me have to raise G.G. Allen from the grave to get the depravity I need.

Christmas Balls Make for Creampie sex stories

creampie sex stories I never really got to celebrate Christmas as a young slut. But I do have a few cream pie sex stories under Santas belt these last couple years! You see my son has been very good to me and I want my daughter to know all about the holidays and Santa! Last year I made sure we had all the snow we could have as Florida never gets a winter blast. But I did and so did my daughter and son! I had one of my Regulars at the club cum pretend to be Santa and give out gifts of good tidings and cheer. Okay…You got me, he was a horny Trashy milf lover who adored my littles and wanted to give mommy Hadley his cum. He did bring a Barbie and a firetruck, but also loads of cum and lots of “snow”! All the money he spent one me last year at the KitKat I wanted to make sure he could fuck me in front of my littles as they masturbated. You should have seen my son with his wee peen and my daughters fat juicy little clamshell cunny as they went to town while mommy got all the cum in her ass and pussy. We finished off the night pouring eggnog on my cunt and having my daughter and son clean out mommies cummy cunt! Happy Fucking Holidays!

Cum Dumpster Carmel

cum dumpsterI love for a man to treat me like the slut I am. I work as a stripper and a lot of the times I have to leave the club as late hours with strange men lurking around. I’ve fucked or sucked most of these bastards so they pretty much leave me alone as I come and go, other than the usual cat calling. A new guy came into the club tonight, someone I’d never seen before and the way he stared at my body as I danced, I knew that he wanted a taste of Caramel. After my set, I left the stage and walked right up to him. “Private dance?” I asked as he nodded and followed me to one of the private rooms. He sat down and I shook my fat ass and titties until he threw all of his money on me. I continued to dance, as he pulled me onto his lap and right onto his fat dick. I wasn’t anticipating this. I tried to fight him a little bit, but who am I kidding, this was exactly what I wanted. I bounced my ass all over his cock as he fingered my clit making me squirt all over him. It must’ve turned him on even more to see that gush of cum flow from inside of me, because he turned me around, bent me over and ate my juicy pussy until I squirted again… All over his face. Just as I thought that I couldn’t take anymore, he slipped his cock into my asshole and started pounding me from the back. “Yes! Fuck me!” I screamed as he fingered my pussy and fucked my little asshole with no mercy. I wanted more… I needed more, I was in complete ecstasy. Once he was satisfied, he moaned with pleasure as he ejaculated all inside my ass. Still feeling the intensity of the moment, I grabbed his cock and clean all of those juices off of his cock. He definitely left satisfied with the private show he received. I sure hope so because I want to feel that cock again and again.

Stripper Sex Stories Of a Size Queen

Stripper Sex Stories

Stripper sex stories are wild and hot. I’m a trashy fucking BBC loving whore. I have been hooking and stripping forever. It’s what I do. It’s what I know. I’m a druggy trailer dwelling Milf. I have a teen son. But I am the mama to my junkie crack whores that are fresh on the scene. I take care of their crack addicted offspring and raise the other young brats up to be just like us. I train them to make money for me. There is no existing if you can’t contribute. The ones that make a huge ordeal of it all never last. Those are the little cum dumps that end up in the dumpsters or the lake. These little fucking offspring of junkies don’t have a fucking place in this world of any worth and so, ya know, we deal with them right. It’s a p daddy’s dream to visit me when he wants some young tender fuck meat to destroy. We all have needs and the higher you get the bigger you go in the darker side of fulfillment. I personally only fuck BBC. SO all the guys I get coming by to fuck me will usually be pushed off to a lesser whore.

Open For Business and Taking Deposits

Live phone sexI know that I am just a trailer trash whore that grew up to be a slutty stripper just like most of the whores in this town.

I was lucky enough to be blessed with a extremely hot fuckable pussy and some killer tits but I know that when men pay to fuck me, I am just another cum guzzling slut.

They don’t care that I have a nice tight ass, perfect for stroking their hard cocks or that I keep my pussy so tight that even the smallest dick feels huge when he is balls deep in my cum filled cunt!

All they care about is having a whole to drop that creamy load, and I happen to provide three very nice ones (six if you count my slutty little pre-whore)!

It is never personal!

I am like a little cum bank that is open for business and taking deposits all day long!

You don’t have to worry about me getting all googly eyed and thinking it is more than a business transaction.

I know what I am! And my name  and number aren’t written on this towns water tower for nothing!

I am one hot white trash phone sex whore ready for you to fill my pockets with cash and my sweet ass with cum!

Stripper Sex Stories: Hammered

That old man really had some power in his drive. The way he pounded that pole in my fucking grass was amazing. He was like a god damned jackhammer pounding me. Long slow but firm and hard thrusts of that big girthy cock of his. The dude was in his 50’s and I usually get them a lot younger. He may be closer to my age than usual but when they say a man with experience is better than the young and hung type, they are so right! I’m a filthy BBC whore and this average but strong build guy really surprised me. I love the way he fucked me and filled all of my holes. As a trashy stripper whore that can go for hours, I have to say it said something the way he wore me out! We got so hot and heavy I was needing a fucking cigarette in the first 20 mins and 2 orgasms in!

Stripper Sex Stories

Teen Sluts Fucking for Money

Teen sluts fucking is what every man wants to see. I bet you do too. I have no problem getting an audience. I have been doing sex shows down at my local adult bookstore. Men love to watch me fuck a black guy in a little Plexiglas booth. I have this big black stud with a 10-inch dick who loves to fuck my little white holes. He does it for free because I am the tightest bitch he has ever fucked. I love his hard fat cock gaping my holes. White men love seeing a teen slut get ravaged by black cock. They pay for it too. I know you might think I am a prostitute. I am, but I skirt around it by telling cops if I get busted that Leroy is my boyfriend not my pimp and men are only tipping me to watch me get fucked. It is no different than a cam show. I am in a closed, adult environment. Sometimes I must blow the cop to make it go away but most just let me slide. What is wrong with white men tipping a white teen slut? My little sex shows make me bank. I will keep doing them too. When you look like me, you can always get out of trouble.

Teen Sluts Fucking

Trashy MILF Crashes a Party

trashy milfThis trashy milf crashed a party last night. You cannot keep me away from a party. I crave them. I need them. I can smell a horny party boy a mile away. I heard the music, saw the cars. I knew the trailer. The mom is a stripper and she has three teen boys. I have fucked them all before when school was in session. At various times, the boys have stopped by my trailer on the way to the bus stop to enjoy some mature pussy and ass. They love fucking me. I felt confident that I could crash their party and be welcomed. I put on some daisy dukes and a tank top. My ass was hanging out, my nipples were erect, and my pussy was ripe. I was sure that a blind man could smell how horny I was last night. I walked my skanky ass down to the trailer that was rocking, and it was not the boys having the party but the stripper whore mom. She is not a fan of mine. It was a Saturday night. That is like a prime night at a strip club. I assumed while momma was working the pole, her horny boys were having a party. Once I saw her, I acted like I was walking to another trailer. She knew I was looking for her sons. She was in a good mood. She sent me inside the trailer. She was smoking some good shit. I could smell it. The boys were in their bedroom playing video games, staying hidden per mommy’s instructions. They were happy to see me. While mommy was playing with adults, trailer trash whore Beverly was fucking her sons. They pumped me full of boy seed. For hours we fucked, and I could moan loudly too because momma and her friends were playing loud music and talking. By the time I slithered back home, the lads’ momma was passed out in the living room and so were some of her friends. I walked out of her trailer full of her boys’ seed and she likely will not even remember I was there.

VIP Treatment For You

stripper sex storiesOne of my favorite clients is an older gentleman that comes by once a week. He has done this for many years and this week was no different. However, I had a surprise for him today. He always takes me to the VIP room where I give him one on one attention. Mostly my mouth and my tight wet pussy and his cock. He doesn’t last enough to pound my ass so today I handed him a little blue pill and told him we had all afternoon. I handed him a drink and as he swallowed, I unzipped his pants and laid him back on the couch. Then I climbed between his legs and started sucking on his full tight ball sack. Putting my lips firmly but softly around him. He loves that. I was stroking his cock as I continued sucking his balls and licking and kissing his thighs. I raised and he smiled as I took him deep in one motion. All the way. No gag reflexes at all. I sucked him dry and started stroking him again. He started to lay me back, but I stopped him. I smiled and said today you get a special treat. Then I lowered my tight asshole down on his wet thick cock. We played all afternoon, and I was filled with his cum. He handed me a fat tip and left a happy man. Give me a call baby and let me give you some VIP treatment too.

Dirty Phone Sex Slut

dirty phone sexI am a dirty phone sex slut. I was raised in the trailer park on a healthy diet of cum. I love cum. My parents put cum in my bottles when I was a little rug rat. Now, I am cum whore and everyone knows it. I had to pay the rent this month. You know this stupid virus has hurt my finances. I have not been able to work at the strip club in months. Plus, the truck stops are like ghost towns now. Turning a trick is not easy, but a girl who needs money will get creative. I started having private parties in my trailer for horny men in the area in need of busting a nut. Twenty dollars to get in and I suck you dry. Fifty dollars and you can fuck any hole of mine you want. I advertised online and, in the community, and I swear the entire state turned out. A lot of men needed a good ball draining. Good thing I am a cum dumpster because I got a lot of cum. I also got a lot of money. Enough money to pay a few months ahead. A whore always finds a way to earn a living.

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