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Teen Sluts Fucking for Money

Teen sluts fucking is what every man wants to see. I bet you do too. I have no problem getting an audience. I have been doing sex shows down at my local adult bookstore. Men love to watch me fuck a black guy in a little Plexiglas booth. I have this big black stud with a 10-inch dick who loves to fuck my little white holes. He does it for free because I am the tightest bitch he has ever fucked. I love his hard fat cock gaping my holes. White men love seeing a teen slut get ravaged by black cock. They pay for it too. I know you might think I am a prostitute. I am, but I skirt around it by telling cops if I get busted that Leroy is my boyfriend not my pimp and men are only tipping me to watch me get fucked. It is no different than a cam show. I am in a closed, adult environment. Sometimes I must blow the cop to make it go away but most just let me slide. What is wrong with white men tipping a white teen slut? My little sex shows make me bank. I will keep doing them too. When you look like me, you can always get out of trouble.

Teen Sluts Fucking

Trashy MILF Crashes a Party

trashy milfThis trashy milf crashed a party last night. You cannot keep me away from a party. I crave them. I need them. I can smell a horny party boy a mile away. I heard the music, saw the cars. I knew the trailer. The mom is a stripper and she has three teen boys. I have fucked them all before when school was in session. At various times, the boys have stopped by my trailer on the way to the bus stop to enjoy some mature pussy and ass. They love fucking me. I felt confident that I could crash their party and be welcomed. I put on some daisy dukes and a tank top. My ass was hanging out, my nipples were erect, and my pussy was ripe. I was sure that a blind man could smell how horny I was last night. I walked my skanky ass down to the trailer that was rocking, and it was not the boys having the party but the stripper whore mom. She is not a fan of mine. It was a Saturday night. That is like a prime night at a strip club. I assumed while momma was working the pole, her horny boys were having a party. Once I saw her, I acted like I was walking to another trailer. She knew I was looking for her sons. She was in a good mood. She sent me inside the trailer. She was smoking some good shit. I could smell it. The boys were in their bedroom playing video games, staying hidden per mommy’s instructions. They were happy to see me. While mommy was playing with adults, trailer trash whore Beverly was fucking her sons. They pumped me full of boy seed. For hours we fucked, and I could moan loudly too because momma and her friends were playing loud music and talking. By the time I slithered back home, the lads’ momma was passed out in the living room and so were some of her friends. I walked out of her trailer full of her boys’ seed and she likely will not even remember I was there.

VIP Treatment For You

stripper sex storiesOne of my favorite clients is an older gentleman that comes by once a week. He has done this for many years and this week was no different. However, I had a surprise for him today. He always takes me to the VIP room where I give him one on one attention. Mostly my mouth and my tight wet pussy and his cock. He doesn’t last enough to pound my ass so today I handed him a little blue pill and told him we had all afternoon. I handed him a drink and as he swallowed, I unzipped his pants and laid him back on the couch. Then I climbed between his legs and started sucking on his full tight ball sack. Putting my lips firmly but softly around him. He loves that. I was stroking his cock as I continued sucking his balls and licking and kissing his thighs. I raised and he smiled as I took him deep in one motion. All the way. No gag reflexes at all. I sucked him dry and started stroking him again. He started to lay me back, but I stopped him. I smiled and said today you get a special treat. Then I lowered my tight asshole down on his wet thick cock. We played all afternoon, and I was filled with his cum. He handed me a fat tip and left a happy man. Give me a call baby and let me give you some VIP treatment too.

Dirty Phone Sex Slut

dirty phone sexI am a dirty phone sex slut. I was raised in the trailer park on a healthy diet of cum. I love cum. My parents put cum in my bottles when I was a little rug rat. Now, I am cum whore and everyone knows it. I had to pay the rent this month. You know this stupid virus has hurt my finances. I have not been able to work at the strip club in months. Plus, the truck stops are like ghost towns now. Turning a trick is not easy, but a girl who needs money will get creative. I started having private parties in my trailer for horny men in the area in need of busting a nut. Twenty dollars to get in and I suck you dry. Fifty dollars and you can fuck any hole of mine you want. I advertised online and, in the community, and I swear the entire state turned out. A lot of men needed a good ball draining. Good thing I am a cum dumpster because I got a lot of cum. I also got a lot of money. Enough money to pay a few months ahead. A whore always finds a way to earn a living.

Mommy Stripper Sex Stories

Stripper Sex Stories

The things that happen to a mom whore. Stripper sex stories are just hotter knowing my son was watching the whole time! I am ripping on my clit why my son jacks off to my trailer trash pictures. I am also thinking of how he called his daddy and told him how much big cock I got last night. 

He told daddy that I even brought a man home and got my pussy so full of cum It left puddles! 

I am a hot whore wife fuck for him to come back home and fuck me in my cum filled pussy. 

That’s okay you know why? Because my son’s daddy pays me for each load I take in my pussy! 

He knew he married a dirty stripper whore and  it makes me cum to make him listen and watch to all the cum loads he is paying for. 

Even on our honeymoon before our son was born I  went down to the truck stop and fucked some of those truckers, then I spread my legs and showed my new husband all that cum inside of me and what I had done

I have to be a paid for cum dump whore, I have dealer dick that I have to pay my cocaine tab off! 

Ahh, the life of a gangbang whore, If it weren’t for my son and raunchy whore loving husband what would I do!

All Women Are Whores

Live phone sexI learned a lot as a stripper…money is power but sex trumps everything!

People may look down on me for taking my clothes off and people my think I am a whore for sucking and fucking in the back room but i think I made a good choice!

All those sluts out there that will only let one man fuck their wet pussy…what makes that cunt so special? Is it lined in gold? They are denying themselves what they really want!

All the house wives, they are fucking for money, it’s just that they don’t even have control in how it’s spent! Now That is dumb!

I love a big fat hard cock stretching my cunt and I consider it a party if there is another in my ass!

I love what I do and I get paid for it!

And I don’t split that with anyone!

Men love me! I have repeat clients, most of them have wives or girlfriends that also use sex as a weapon, but they don’t know how to play the game!

You don’t deny a man to get what you want, you reward him! Isn’t that right, boys!

Give him what he needs! Give him that deep throat blowjob!

Fuck that thick hard cock every chance you get!

Cus if she doesn’t, I will.

Sometimes I wish I could tell them…

Think about it…I fuck your man, I get his meaty cock, his money and his attention, you give him the cold cunt and you’re home alone while we are drinking, smoking, partying, fucking and having a good old time!

We are all whores, I am just better at it!

A Slut Does What A Slut Wants To Do

phone sex slutsEveryone loves a nasty naughty slut but when you find one who knows how to take control and bring out the kinky side of you that you never knew existed then you have found a fun playmate. I love to take a man who thinks they are going to use me only to turn the tables and make him my bitch. I had a guy who decided he was going to hold me down by the throat and fuck me. I love that shit but as soon as he came, he thought we were done. No baby, far from it. I started blowing him and then spread his legs underneath me. I then buried my fingers in his ass. He hesitated at first, but I was persistent and relentless. Soon his struggles were non-existent and as I blew him, I fucked his ass with my fingers. Not one finger, but two. His dick was rock hard, and his balls were full. As I sucked his cock my fingers went in and out of his tight asshole. I felt his entire body tense up before he shot the biggest load of cum I had ever seen him shoot. He laid there silently for a few minutes before smiling and just saying wow. I know he liked it because my phone was dinging within hours of him leaving. A slut has to do what a slut wants to do.

Gangbang Whore

Everyone knows what goes on in the private rooms at the club.

It can get pretty rough sometimes but that’s where a little crack can go a long way!

Normally I am not the Gangbang whore type and only do one on one but last week there were these two guys that came in and they wanted to tag team! What can I say…money makes the rules!

I barely had time to finish my line before they were pawing at my tits and ass with their big black cocks out!

They were so big and strong! They bent me in half like a tooth pick, forcing my face down on ones cock as the other lifted my ass in the air!

He spread my cheeks with his fingers and was kind enough to spit on my tight brown eye before ramming that massive black cock inside!

I let out a scream and that is when the other guy shoved his meat in my mouth! I gagged as he fucked my face, pulling my hair so he could see my lips tightly wrapped around it!

Every time that back door man slammed his meat in my ass, my face was forced against the mouth fucker, burying his cock deeper in my throat!

Just about that time, the crack kicked in and I was ready to go!

I was begging for both of those big fat cocks in my ass! I needed to feel them stretch my shit hole like it had never been stretched before!

They were happy to accommodate my need for  a double ass fuck just before unloading all their thick gooey wads all over my cheeks!

Ah, sometimes you just need a good gangbang ass fucking to set things right!

Trashy Stripper Cum Filled Cunt

I’m a retired stripper. My tits are fake and my pussy and ass have been used hard. I have been throat fucked a million times and my lovers enjoy my cum filled cunt more than any other filthy whores. I’m the Queen of blowjobs and I live up to my name. I give the best down right filthy stripper sex and will do almost anything for drugs or drug money. I am trash and I am a cum dump. I am the dirty seedy street walker of the 90’s that would do anything for a grand. The whore in me needs the reckless libido you have to get off with. I am the answer to your filthy crack fueled and viagra enhanced night of jerking off. I am the lap dance that gives the happy ending, bareback and cum filled stripper cunt you crave in that filthy smoke filled mind of yours.

Cum filled cunt

Girls Fisting Weekend

Live phone sexThis weekend is my favorite holiday!

I know I will be spending the weekend getting fucked and fucked up with all my girls! This time I brought my friend Hadley. I just know she is going to love all my girls!

My boss has his annual stripper relief party and we have such a blast at his house! We are slamming shots and snorting coke and that’s when things start getting good!

I am always the first one to lose my clothes but this time it was Hadley! She just couldn’t wait to get things started! Nothing taste better than a strippers pussy and this girl is hungry!

We spend a lot of time with big cocks in our fuck holes so some stupid little dildo will never be enough! We need a big fist, something with some girth, to fill our cunts! And Hadley was the first to volunteer! She is such a perfect little white trash whore!Phone sex line

She was already sloppy wet when I slid my fist deep in her cunt! She took every bit of it like the dirty little whore she is! It is so hot and so tight! And she is just loving getting fucked as the other girls are slapping her tits riding her face with their cunts!

Her back is arching and her ass comes off the floor as her cunt just begs to be slammed over and over again! Soon, she is dripping wet and about to squirt and then all of us are fight for a spot around that cum shooting whore! We all want to lap up our share of cream!

She is the perfect fuck for our little stripper party! I will definitely bring her back next year!


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