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Trashy Milf Getting Your Man

trashy milfTrashy Milf Whores as I hear the town prudes call us, oh if they only knew how much their husbands loved us.  I overheard a conversation at Starbucks recently and I recognized the women.  Their husbands are longtime clients.  It made me chuckle thinking about how I was in the car with one of the men when these gossiping hoes talking trash started blowing up his phone.

We had gotten a hotel in town for the weekend and he was supposed to be out of town. She was onto him I guess when he didn’t answer but it was kind of hard when I had him tied up and was riding his cock like my life depended on it.

Maybe if she sucked his cock under the table at the restaurants like I did, he wouldn’t need something on the side.  Maybe if you weren’t just a missionary boring ass hoe, he wouldn’t get off going bare backed cumming in my every hole (and boy did this man cum hard like he hadn’t had a good fuck in awhile, do your wifey duties sister and I won’t need to drain that hubby’s cock.

Then the blonde bitch talking shit, I had to roll my eyes because her husband was just eating me out in the car 30 minutes prior.  He loves my cunt o much that it’s like a drug. In fact, he’s snorted some drugs off my pussy and made some druggy porn all fucked up the night before.  It was wild, dirty, and hot.  He gets me.  Like if we are somewhere, even a gas station, and I give him a look, he knows it’s the look to come stick that hard cock in my hole now.  G

Hot stripper phone sex and cooling off

hot stripper phone sex

Hot stripper phone sex, oh the way it makes those cocks harden up, those veins start bulging out with each piece of clothing removed from that perfect body. Watching as I will turn around and shake that ass in your face. You are siting on a chair  so my ass is now perfectly in your face as I shake it.  I turn around to get a glimpse of my white smooth perfectly round ass going up and down bouncing on that scruffy chin of you, my favorite lap dance client.

I bring you back to our special room.  You lean back comfortable as you know the drill.  You pull that large cock out holding it at the base and give me the nod.  I tease a dance on the way closer until I’m on me knees as you waste no time thrusting that cock in my mouth.  My phone rings and I accidentallty put my co-workes on Facetime.  My client waves hi to 5 naked girls back in the dressing room while I slurp him up for dinner.

Before I knew it, I had orgy phone sex happening with my girls getting off watching this man blow his load all over me, and in me and they were fingering and licking having their own phone while getting off watching my mouth teach them what a real classy stripper does for her man.  Sucks his cock dry so no other bitch gets a chance at him.  That’s just how I roll y’all!

Hot stripper Sex wasn’t enough, I am back sluts!

hot stripper sex

So I traded my hot stripper sex life for the life of a telephone sexy whore.  I’m back, bitches! After thinking I could leave this life of sex on the phone every night and just live off turning tricks at the local strip club, I realized I was missing my calling being away from you all!

I’ve had a whole lot of cum drip out of this nasty pussy since I last wrote here, over a year ago.  I can’t wait to share the stories of the hundreds of cocks I’ve had and the skanky pussy I’ve had my dirty mouth licking since I last left you all.  Nothing makes me happier than rough, nasty, skanky sex. And lots of it!  I love that I’ve had the experience now of being one of the best hookers for hire in my area. I was really good at making that money spreading my legs for whoever chalked up the cash.  However, something was missing in my life.

My callers! I loved y’all and spent many nights dreaming of your cocks. I had a dream one night that you were pissing all over me, lots of you were in this dream. I woke up wet with cum from the dream. It made me realize I am truly missing out if I stayed away from my favorite hard cocked men.  I can still love the stripper and hooker life, but I really needed my live phone sex life to

Blonde fucking workouts

Blonde fucking

Blonde fucking workouts with a striper whore are common for me. If beer fails, I get a new dance instructor and my pussy and ass get blown out. And this new choreographer was supposed to be gayer than a three-dollar bill. So I didn’t expect this motherfucker to have a huge boner for me in my tiny workout shorts and sports bra. I spun around the pole and he caught me with his cock pushing up against me. I was shocked and asked him about his husband, He said what he doesn’t know is that he loves pussy just as much as cock.

I made sure to tell him that I felt the same way! But today was about bouncing on that big gay dick as he helped me learn new moves. Stripper sex stories of a whore who likes to be run through fucking bisexual cock. I know that he was brutal and fucked me so hard it was like he hated women. But it was hate fuck I enjoyed! 

I was at the bar and taking his big fat dick when a couple of guys for the next class walked in. And this faggot invited them over to taste some exotic dancer cunt. I was taken in a train and a gang bang and I had the best lesson of my life! One after another they put me through my moves with a dick in my used Cum filled cunt ~

Creampie Phone Sex of a Stripper Prostitute- Trashy Milf BJ

If your looking for filthy hot creampie phone sex, then BJ is the whore for you! My nasty ways are always going to drain some balls. I love creampies and feeding a nasty pervert a nice creampie is what I love.

Mama BJ will take a gangbanging of BBC and then sit on that sweet little face of yours son. Eat out all of that nasty cum like a good boy. Mama only fucks big black dicks baby and you get to dip your taboo son cock inside the creamy cum flled gape of my ass.

I will sit this gooey cum filled stripper pussy right on your face. Don’t disappoint mama and lick it all up, good boy. You know you wish to take the BBC with me as well, don’t you?

Creampie phone sex

Cheer Slut Strips for You and Begs For Cock

Stripper sex porn

Hi there! It’s me, Tami. I’m a little cheerleader stripper slut who loves to be stuffed with cock, any cock, as long as they fuck me without a condom. Do you like my uniform? I’ve got a tiny little crop top with the letter S on it. You can see so much underboob, I bet my nipples would fall out of my shirt if I bent over. I’ve also got a tiny little skirt on too. What do you think the S stands for? Superhead? Slut? Skank? Why don’t you fuck me and find out? You can stick your cock in whatever hole you like. Swallowing cock is my specialty, but I’ve always loved taking a big cock up the ass. I can get your big cock nice and wet so you can slide it into my young teen asshole? Stretch me out and turn me into your fucktoy. I’ll take you into the backroom and I’ll show you exactly what I can do.

Freaky Phone Sex With BBC Daddy Ryan!

Freaky Phone Sex

After a long day of stripping for tips and freaky phone sex slurping on dick, daddy Ryan gave me 12 inches of BBC! Daddy Ryan knows just how to make a nasty slut like me beg for his big black anaconda. I love when he comes over just to find me in my black stockings and high heels, he eats my cum filled pussy and makes me cream. Ryan had 12 inches of big black cock to bury in my gaping stripper pussy and I was wet and ready to make him fill me with his hot steamy nut. He fucked me every which way, my asshole was burning when he stuffed me with that legendary BBC! He fucked my ass and my pussy relentlessly until I was leaking his hot bbc cream from every last fuck hole!

Trashy Milf Stripper Sex Cum Eating From a Prolapsed Asshole

Trashy milf Stripper sex gets nasty when you crave the extreme. Nothing gets more extreme than a prolapse anus oozing with spunk. My stripper ass gets pounded out pretty hard. All the BBC I take it’s no surprise that thing gets prolapsed really good. 

One night there was a younger stripper in the VIP room with me. I was showing the ways of taking that BBC and making those massive cocks cum like champs. She was easy to train and a total freak.

This slut got down and dirty and started to lick and suck the jizz from my prolapsed anus. She suck and licked my prolapsed like she was worshipping a BBC. I really can’t deny that turned me the fuck on.

Once we got this young trainee for BBC pounded out, things got nastier. This cum slut was a total champ moaning and begging like a good whore. I love training a new nigger slut whore.

Trashy Milf

Anal Cum Dumpster for all that BBC – Trashy Milf BJ

Just an anal cum dumpster when it comes to getting high and taking that Big black cock. Stripping, partying and fucking are my daily grind as a Trashy milf. This is the only way I want to live. Giving my holes up for drugs and nigger dick.

We can get quite fucking filthy and wild. I love to take a lot of satanic nigger dick and have fun with scat. Some of my niggas are really filthy mother fuckers and I truly love the filth. We get nasty and wild.

Anal cum dumpster

Fucking my prolapsed anus and shitting out sperm and crap all over that white boy bitches face. This is just another filthy caller still. I have so many hot and nasty calls I get down and filthy with and I won’t be stopping soon.

Get under Mama BJ’s cunt and watch it get plowed by nigger dicks. Eat my ass out and taste their nigger dick must and all that gooey jizz.

Trashy milf

My Sloppy Wet Pussy In Stockings!

Sloppy Wet Pussy

My sloppy wet pussy always soaks my stockings with after a night of getting cum dumped like a gangbang whore! As phone sex sluts like me tend to be nymphos too, that means I have an addiction to stripping and whoring! I spend a lot of time naked or just in my pantyhose putting on a show, getting those dicks so hard they are ready to burst as soon as I dance on them. I always leave a little wet spot when I’m giving a lap dance, grinding on hard dick! So many men love it when I tell them why my stockings are dripping wet right on the crotch. I get a thrill out of telling horny men that my tights are soaking wet because I’m leaking hot creamy jizz from my johns the night before. Once they find out that I love being used like a cum bucket I can almost feel their cocks throbbing against me! Men can pretty much guess I’m an anything goes fuck meat freak because of my my sloppy wet pussy!

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