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Million Dollar Joystick

Live Phone Sex It was a slow night at the club and most of us girls were playing with each other to keep our smooth shaved pussies wet and ready for the next client!

The only girl that really had any action was the new bitch and she was only giving it away for free to her boyfriend!

She thought she was all that cus she had a cock to go home to….so we had to go mean girl on her ass!

I started dancing and teasing him with my tits in his face and sliding my almost bare ass in his lap until he was rock hard and dripping!

I told him that we needed to do a private session and he just looked at his girl like a puppy asking permission!

I laughed and said she could come to…after all…it’s only fun if she is watching me fuck her man into mind blowing bliss!

I worked his cock like it was a million dollar joy stick, sucking it and worshipping it like it was fruit from a god!

And that bitch’s eyes got so big as she stood there and watched her mans mighty meat disappear into my tight ass!

I shook my puckered fuck hole all over that beefy cock and let him marinate my juicy rump with all his creamy cum!

As she watched that cock spit drip from my gaping shit hole, I couldn’t resist looking over my shoulder and smiling as I asked her if she wanted a taste!


Pissing Sex Cum Whore

A refreshing hot pissing sex session is the kind of shower this cum whore needs right now. I have had five big nigger cocks pounding my whore holes into gaping gooey messes. I was passed out like a filthy druggy cunt and these guys had their fun with me. I know you would have joined in with what they gave me. I also know you would be more of a reciever than a giver. Most guys are, really, ya know, bottoms. Yeah I said it, most men are no man exactly. These males are just little bitches, and that is what you are. You are craving my fucked holes. I am maybe your sexy whore of a aunt and you always sneak in my closet to watch me be the sexy whore I am.

I need to know how you would join me and these big nigger cocks fucking me.

Pissing sex

Sloppy wet Pussy Is the best!

sloppy wet pussy

I have a sloppy wet pussy for you baby! I have been really working the club for hours and the amount of cum Inside my pussy right now could drown a man! Don’t you want to stick your dick in my dripping skank cunt? So many men love passing me a blunt and going to pound town on me after I’ve been whoring all night.  It’s not a bad thing to be a cum filled tramp, believe me, I am living my best life! I have all the weed, coke, and cock A girl could want! Plus I get fucked the way a dirty whore should! Yes, you will find me riding a dick in the back room, with cum in my hair and all over my cum shelves that cost a lot of money! Thank you sugar daddy!  My big fake tits barely move as I get fucked hard and deep.  I might be a gangbang whore in the fact that I can take multiple men, but thats what you love right?  I love sex, drugs and being as taboo and freaky as I can be. every man needs a true whore who  afraid to be wild on the phone and in the bed room. 

Wild Stripper sex stories

stripper sex stories

This Blonde Bimbo had the wildest and nastiest stripper sex stories around.  I have became in charge of all the new young and dumb dancers. Girls who are eighteen but look so fresh faced and cute. These are the ones who are going to be stars in the Club and I have to mold them into fuckalicious freaks! Men don’t come to my club to watch and not touch. Full service whores service, for a fee. These fresh faced sluts know nothing of the pretty vials filled with white gold. One line and these young ladies have no clue how to handle themselves. That’s what its important for an established hoe to make sure our club clientele get the hot stripper sex they are after! Being right there when these girls do that first coke covered cock blow job. Pouring water down those throats so they stay hydrated. Many of these nubile whores in training never have orgasmed in their life. Now they are high and having two or even three orgasms every night. It’s a lot to take in. The shit these men want my fresh young  strippers to do sometimes is over the top. I have to teach them it’s okay to puke on a cock and that every stripper whore gets fucked for cash here! Piss is common when white collar men go slumming. They can get vanilla sex any day of the week with boring fat wives. Its up to me to make sure our club has the raunchiest teen sluts fucking to satisfy big cock! 

hot stripper sex

I am No Longer the Only Trailer Trash Whore in the Neighborhood

trailer trash whoreEvery community has a trailer trash whore, even gated communities like the one I live in. I am a crazy horny milf who will fuck anything that moves. My husband loves that I am a whore. I was born into this world to be a whore.  I have competition in the neighborhood though. A new trophy wife moved in across the street.  My community has been gossiping about her nuptials. She is an old stripper who has been working decades at this seedy strip club in the red-light district. Most men in the community have had a lap dance from her at some point.  She married a much younger man so perhaps he can keep her satisfied, but I doubt it. Most nymphomaniacs cannot stay faithful. Maybe her husband is like me. Just likes a trashy milf. He is the youngest homeowner in our community too. Some tech genius. Lots of young guys want to marry older women.

trashy milfYou know how the rumor mill goes right? Lexie is rumored to have once married her first cousin. She has been stripping at this club since she was a teen in the late 80s. She has five daughters with different baby daddies. The light bulb went on. Maybe this rich tech giant married a down on her luck and over the hill stripper for access to her daughters. I checked the girls out. Most of the girls are older teens, but one looks so young she could be her granddaughter. Hell, maybe it is the two older girls look like breeders. He would not be the first man to marry a woman so he could molest her offspring.  My husband married me so I could be his breeding whore and he would have little ones to fuck. I decided I wanted to meet her. The two of us could be the town tramps together. Before I got out the door, my oldest son came home smelling like sloppy wet pussy, but not mine. He had this shit eating grin on his face when he asked me if I had met the new neighbors yet. Damn, she got to my son already. I definitely have some competition, but it is game on. I will molest her daughters and fuck her husband. No woman can out tramp me.

Strippers Revenge

It was one of those nights at the club…

I was busting my ass sliding down that hard pole and the tips were slim.

Then in walked these three guys, being all loud and rude, pawing at the waitresses and being total dicks!

They were even trying to slide fake monopoly money in our tits!

So I decided they needed to be taught a lesson!Live Phone Sex

I grabbed one of our regulars and took him in the Champagne room and told him this one was one me if he could fill my pussy and ass until it was overflowing with creamy warm spunk!

He had been trying to fuck us all for years so his cock was instantly hard for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

He didn’t waste any time pushing his hard cock in my tight wet pussy! He was going deep and hard and I swear his long schlong was about to puncture my lung!

He filled my stretched cunt with chunky thick cum and then flipped me over and started drilling my ass!

We walked out of the room and the three newbies jumped up for their turn!

Of course I eagerly took them in and told them that It would be $50 to eat my pussy and another $50 to lick my sweet juicy ass and the third is welcome to watch for free.

They were throwing money at me, more than I asked for just to make sure they got a spot!

So I gladly sat back and let the little hellions eat the chunky cum out of my stretched pussy and dirty ass!

At least those smart mouths were good for something!

Training The Teen Newbies

Teen sluts fuckingWithout fail around this time of year we get a new batch of fresh tight pussy teens who decided becoming strippers were better for them instead of finishing school or going to college. Not saying their wrong, as long as they are willing to have those pussies wrecked on a regular basis they can make great money as teen whores. It is not like our club is in one of the big cities. Ha! Guys don’t come here for dances over clothes, they want pussy, they want a slut to slobber on their cocks for fifty bucks. So my job and making sure these sluts in training understand this and I’m very blunt about it. I tell them if they want a couple hundred dancing a week that’s fine they can do them. But if they want to make the good money they need to learn that their fuck holes are what they guys are coming here for. I lose a couple after that, and a couple more their first night when a guy cums on their face without warning. Oh but the little bald pussy sluts that remain I make sure they meant they know the ones worth fucking. Who has a big dick and wallet, and who has the large cock worth giving a discount too. I help those cunts become fucking stars around here.

My Taboo Phonesex Line

Taboo phonesexI can get dick pretty much any time I want. A guy isn’t going to tell his stripper not to suck or fuck his cock if she’s willing to do it, and a trucker doesn’t turn away an eager lot lizard either. I know enough drug dealers more than willing to let me pay for my goodies with my holes, however there is something I can’t get whenever I want. And that is the pleasure of enjoying the really fucked up taboo shit. Which is why I love having my own taboo phonesex line so I can connect with other like minded dirty fucks who love to push the limits. To completely release the norms of real life and embrace our dark deviant sides. If we want to talk about pimping little pussys, or snuffing out some druggy ho, or even my druggy ho ass we can. No one can cock block my naughty phonesex line, but they can cum and enjoy themselves with me.

Unapologetic Whore

Stripper sex storiesHis cock was still dripping with cum running down the shaft when his saggy tits down to her knees bitch pulled up. He was sitting in the bed of his truck cooling down from the best head of his life. Made him so relaxed he didn’t even give a fuck when she hopped out and started yelling. Apparently she didn’t like the smug look I gave her, and told me I should be ashamed of myself stripping for money and sucking married men’s cocks in the parking lot. Of course I just rolled my eyes and looked at the cum still resting on his shaft. And like a good cum slut I just bent back over and licked that cum right off and the moment she stepped forward I caught her off guard and spit the wad of her husband’s cum right in her face. The look she had was priceless and I just left with the extra hundred I just made and was horny as fuck after that encounter. Luckily my shift at the club wasn’t quite over and it was full of eager and horny cum filled cocks needing to be drained.

Anal Cream Slut

Anal sex whoreNothing beats the feeling of walking into the club with my ass still gapped and leaking cum as I make my way through to the back room. Some guys can always tell it’s me coming in before I’ve even been made up cause I’m known for being the anal cream slut. They see that cum leaking down my leg and they know it’s me. Getting their money ready for me to make my way out and start making the rounds. I always give out free dances on a few guys before accepting their offers to pay for a private show, because I only want the bigger cocks coming back with me. I love hearing their comments when I bend over and they tell me they can still see how gaped open I am. And I basically pounce on them when they offer me a refill! Nothing feels better than a hot cock sliding into my ass to fill me up with more cum!

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