Stripper sex stories with a submissive sex toy!

Stripper sex storiesAre you needy for some nasty Stripper sex stories? I sure hope so; I have been dying to tell someone about all the filthy things I do. I have so many experiences and things I would love to share with all of you perverts. I already know you are just as dirty and depraved as me. You are probably already stroking that big fat cock while you look through my blogs. I bet you are just imagining all of the filthy and vile things you could do to a submissive tied up little fuck slut like me. Your cock is just aching to be played with and those balls are tingling and needing to be drained.

Good thing for you is that I am a needy Creampie slut who is going to bed you for that load. You don’t even have to ask me; I will just spread my legs and take your cock whenever you want. The best and most well trained fuck sluts are the ones who don’t wait for a man to ask for sex. The proper bitch does it without a question or conversation; I just take off my clothes and let a man do what he wants to me. Most guys appreciate a well trained set of holes; I hope you do too. I mean look at my big tits ready for abuse as my little cunt is toyed with. You know my pink hole is sopping wet and will feel so good wrapped around your fat prick.

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