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Highways, Truckers and Hot Stripper Sex

Hot stripper sex on the highway is what Trucker Tom got. I was caught in some Holiday weekend traffic on a rural narrow part of the highway where it was just two lanes and construction. We were at a standstill for at least 20 minutes. Next to me was a big rig with a fairly handsome driver. I was sitting there rubbing one out with my foot hiked up on my seat legs parted and my blouse open. I pulled out a tit and started rubbing at my nipple. I may as well give him a show I figured. I made sure he was watching as I went at my pussy and exposing my big stripper tits. He was certainly enjoying the show and making some lewd comments. Once traffic got to moving again we took to the shoulder once we got past the construction. I hopped up in his truck and blew that cock like the filthy hooker I am. He ate my pussy, we smoked some crack and fucked like rabbits as traffic flew by. It was the hottest fuck I’ve had since this whole quarantine has started. I think I might try being Highway hooker more it’s quite a rush.

Hot stripper sex

I Was The Anal Cum Dumpster

He tricked me today and made me his Bitch. I was high and elated after taking one of my little bitches on and his girlfriend earlier in the morning. He showed up then and decided I was going to be his anal cum dumpster today. He is always so cunning and sweet to me. Always sweet talking me and kissing me sweetly. Those sweet kisses are usually accompanied by his twisted little ways in how he’ll pinch my nipples and nibble my neck. He know just what to do to make me let my guards down. I’m so ashamed in how easy he had me. That cock thrusting in my t-girl ass. The way he stroked my cock as he fucked me like a bitch. I guess all Doms get a little switching sometimes. I must admit though, I really kind of like it.

Anal cum dumpster

Trashy Milf Stripper For Daddy

One of the things I have done since my early teens was service men. I love cock and became a trashy milf stripper early in my life. I was an addict to may things, guess I have a addict personality. I love what I love and have little restraint. When I discovered I loved to suck cock between my daddy’s legs I was doomed. I started whoring and got into things that made me feel good. It was alcohol first in the early years since it was always around. I discovered cigarettes and loved puffing on them. The pot was awesome but I really got into all kinds of pharmaceuticals to make me feel good. I loved white crosses because I could keep up all night and be drunk. Later when I was owned by a pimp I got into crack rock and cocaine. I tried ice but didn’t care for it. mescaline was my love drug of desire but it’s become harder to come by. It was cum though that I craved allot when I was high. I craved to feel that cock in my pussy, my ass and to suck them off. I am an addict to all that is perceived as filthy and I am ok with that!

So this guy wanted what I had to offer but he wanted me young and to be daddy’s dirty little cock lover slut. I love it. I never have an issue with ageplay or the likes it’s enticing to be young again and taking cum like a filthy little whore. Daddy loved the creampies I brought home for him when I would be out Junky-ing around town. It was his thing to have his baby doll sit on his face with my gaping fucked holes dripping and oozing jizz out of them. I bet you want a filthy whore little girl to tease you about all the cocks that fucked your babygirls pussy.

Trashy Milf

bounty hunter anal fuck

I was on all four’s in a mini skirt the bounty hunters cock was pressed against my asshole. Last time I got chased they excepted my form of payment and now this fat asshole decided a blowjob wasn’t enough. His chubby thick cock head pushed into my asshole with ease. It did need a little bit more spit then he was willing to get. His body was sweating all over me as he huffed and puffed drilling my asshole so i wouldn’t be taken to the slammer for being the little prostitute whore I was. I needed to make quick work of him. He gripped my hair and started to fuck my brown eye harder and faster, his sweaty body slamming into mine as he was about to hit his peak! He poured his cum in my used asshole and let me go.

Drive Thru Stripping is Hot

Hot Stripper SexDirty Phone SexSince we cannot have clients come to the club, we have made a little makeshift drive thru of sorts. The clients stay in the car and as they pull up to the curtained area, we perform hot sexy dances for them. I had this nice-looking guy pull up and gave me some hard cash and we began. It started out typical with me shaking my ass, pussy and tits within inches of his face but then he pulled out this giant dildo attached to a long stick. He asked if I was game and of course my slutty ass was all about it. He licked that dildo until it was all sloppy and then ask me to sit and spread my legs. He guided that dildo deep in my wet pussy and started fucking me with it. I made eye contact with him as he continued ramming it deep inside me. He had already pulled out his big fat cock and was jerking off. As I moaned close to orgasm, he removed that dildo, brought it back in the car and shot his load all over it. The dildo was dripping from his cum and I started stroking my clit as I watched. And then that horny bastard stuck it back out the window right up to my face and I cleaned all his warm salty cum from it. He loved that so much that he handed me a nice size tip. I hope he comes back tomorrow.

Do You Need Some Company Baby?

Phone Sex SlutsAre you looking for a phone sex slut to keep you company while you stay home? Look no further than Deanna. I am a nasty slut that wants to make you cum. I want you to stroke your cock while I tell you how I want to take it and put it in my mouth and suck on it baby. I want you to stick it all the way down my throat. I want you to make me gag. Throat fucking me until I have tears running down my face. How you want to spread my legs and lick my juicy wet clit until I squirt all over your face. I then want to kiss you deep so I can taste my own pussy juices. My pussy will be begging for you to ram your big cock deep inside of it and pound me so hard and so fast that my entire body will shake from the orgasm. I will get on all fours and spread my ass cheeks for you as you put your cock inside of my tight ass. I want to fuck you so good that your toes curl baby.

White Trash Phone Sex Stripper Milf

White Trash Phone Sex

This white trash phone sex whore ex stripper milf is ready for that throbbing dick. I was on a binge Friday night and all day Saturday. I binged on taboo sex and lots of fucking drugs. I got stoned, fucked, geeked and blasted out of my mind. I love to party hard and take all kinds of cock. This quarantine has some folks fucking off their rockers with the cabin fever and I got the keys to the strip club and texted a few VIP’s to come on down for some private fun. My son was bartending and mommy cunt tending between clients. I had the regulars and dealers pounding my trashy mommy holes til they gaped and oozed with jizz. I had my son taking his times in my pussy and keeping me going with that crack pipe, lines, and shots. It was one hell of an unholy and illegal bash for the Easter weekend, the way I like doing things. Going against every law and moral standard. I ain’t living if it ain’t taboo.

Trashy Milf

Creampie Slut Silvia

creampie slut

I don’t know if you’re even ready for this creampie slut. I’m pretty horny and I love taking load after load every single day. My horny cunt just needs it and if I don’t have cum inside me, I just get cranky. I need that big fat cock and I need my pussy to be dripping cum. It just fulfills me like nothing else ever has. I used to never let guys cum inside me but once it happened accidentally, I was instantly addicted. I loved the warm tingly feeling between my legs and that’s when I became a slut for creampies.
Are you one of those guys with teeny tiny dicks? I love having guys like you watch me get fucked by big black cocks. You know you could never fill me up like those cocks do. I want you to get up close so you can see him pound me properly. And then when he shoots his black creampie inside me, you’re going to get down on your knees and lick it right out of my pussy. Having a cleanup boy is very important to a creampie slut. Are you ready to be mine? Call me and we’ll make it happen.

Hot Stripper Sex with my Bedpost

Hot Stripper SexIn this time of social distancing my stripper gig is on hold but that doesn’t mean that my webcam game has to stop. I took out an add on Craigslist and a few other sites so that these men can pay to see me play. I love it actually. I pick and choose my clients and just sit back and watch the money roll in. I do get a few odd requests but that is what makes it fun and interesting. Last night I had a client that wanted me to put on a pair of thigh highs and zoom that camera in on my tight little shitter hole. Then is got fun, he would list objects he wanted to see me stick in my ass. The weirder the object the higher my price went. He requested all of the typical objects, dildos, vegetable and hair appliances, but then he wanted to see if I could sit all the way down on my bedpost. My bedpost is rather large, and I was hesitant but when he offered 3 figures, I figured what the hell. I lubed that pole up really good and had so much lube in my tight ass that it was leaking out. I started slow and lowered myself a little at a time. It was so big and was stretching my sweet hole out, but it also felt so fucking good. I could feel my pussy getting so wet and as I lowered myself, I started playing with my nipples. I continued taking it inch by inch until by ass was completely full. I was so damn horny by then that I just stayed there and started playing with my clit and pinching my nipples, bringing myself to an orgasm as I ass fucked that bedpost. He loved it and tipped me well, but I also loved it and continued fucking that thing all night long, even without the cameras rolling.

Doing my Part with Lot Lizard Sex

Lot Lizard SexWhile some businesses are shut down, the truck stops are booming and therefore there are lots and lots of horny truckers and being a nasty slut, I was just the girl to help them out. I headed down tonight to offer them some lot lizard sex for a discounted price, as my way of playing if forward. The drivers aren’t coming off the roads like they are used too, and porn just can’t replace the feel of a nice, warm, wet pussy. I walked in and picked up a 40 and talked to the clerk and then headed out to the lot. It was packed but a lot of the lights were on signaling that they were still up and probably down for some company. I stepped up to the cab and knocked on the window. I could hear some porn in the background as the guy opened the door and motioned me in. His dick was already hard so I asked if he would like some help finishing. He handed me a $20 and I grabbed that hard cock and stuck it in my big fat warm mouth and swirled my tongue around the tip. He was hard as hell and his dick was already twitching and I didn’t want to lose any money, so I opened wide and took his big fat cock down my throat as he pounded my face hard. In a matter of moments, he had squirted his load. I smiled, wiped my face, climbed out the door and headed to the next truck.

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