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Hot Stripper Sex Show

hot stripper sexLast night was a hot stripper sex show. My husband and I had a date night. We went to the local strip club for amateur night. It is a good place to check out talent. We make most of our money off the jailbait whores who live with us, but we do get requests for the right side of barely legal often enough to make recruiting necessary. My husband and I find lots of girls willing to moonlight as whores at the strip club. There were a lot of amateurs there last night for the contest. Times are tough for working girls, younger girls in general. We saw all sorts of dollar signs with some of the girls competing for the $1,000 cash prize. My husband had a brilliant idea. If I entered the contest, I could talk to the girls, feel them out and see if any of them wanted to be part of a profitable group of sexy prostitutes. I had a better idea. Invite them to our place after the contest and have a big orgy. Test the possible merchandise out before making any offers. About ten out of the 15 girls there came back to our mansion. They got a taste for the life of luxury.  Hot tub, in ground heated pool, top shelf booze, expensive clothes… My husband fucked a few of the girls. I finger banged them all. I made sure to 69 with each girl too so I could taste their juice. All of them were between 18-22 years of age, which is what a lot of our clients want. These lovely ladies would make a great addition to our home brothel. Being hookers for hire is nothing to be embarrassed about. While everyone else is struggling right now, whores are on top because sex is always repression proof. And as long as we can keep recruiting young girls, we will just keep getting richer.

Trashy Milf BJ Loves Getting DP’d

Trashy Milf

Trashy Milf BJ is the filthiest trailer park whore stripper druggy cunt that you crave. It’s my pleasure to be a filthy cum dump. It’s my husbands filthy desire to watch me getting banged by as many big hard cocks as I can take on. I’ve been triple penetrated with 2 in the cunt and one in my ass. I was stretched and gaped. My holes were oozing with cum. I reeked of fucking and I was in pure fucking heaven! My husband is a good man that sits in the background while I am turning tricks, getting high, and begging our son to get me my next fix. I’m so high and preoccupied with my pussy and ass that I can’t function to text my dealer. My son is always nearby listening and watching mommy be the filthy trashy cunt she is. He loves beating his dick off to mommy fucking BBC. He gets so erect and excited watching a big black cock sliding in and out of my trashy cunt hole and gaping my ass. Sometimes I get really lucky and get some hot Golden showers phone sex play in as well. It’s hot getting sticky and wet with piss and cum. I am the trashiest fucking cunt hole in my trailer park and I even got an upgrade to a doublewide by the park owner. I have done really well with making him income also and got a pay off this way and that means an extra room for my big dicks to stick around and fuck me more often. I am a happy wife and mommy to two wonderful men.

Golden Showers Phone Sex

Trashy Milf On the Desk

Trashy Milf

My son is getting bad grades, and that is why this trashy Milf ended up butt ass naked on the principal’s desk. See, I had slept through three parent teachers conferences and I was called into the principal’s office. My son has better things to worry about than history or some other stupid shit. He excels in math, mostly to do with money and fractions and measurements, thanks to mommies drug dealer friends. Well, One look at Mr. Brown the Principle and we instantly recognized each other. He is a regular down at the Kit Kat all nudes stripper lounge. I knew that my son would be passing all of his classes. All I had to do was give Mr. Brown some free pussy and be his cum guzzling slut. I know this Man is a nasty freak like me and he also said something under his breath about how lucky my son is to have a hot mommy like me. I pulled his mouth to my breast and told him to suck on mommies bobbies and he could fuck me like my son does. My only request from him as he was pumping his cum in me was to be able to call me mommy. He was quite a good boy and I don’t mind fucking him the rest of the year so my son can pass his classes!

A Slut Does What A Slut Wants To Do

phone sex slutsEveryone loves a nasty naughty slut but when you find one who knows how to take control and bring out the kinky side of you that you never knew existed then you have found a fun playmate. I love to take a man who thinks they are going to use me only to turn the tables and make him my bitch. I had a guy who decided he was going to hold me down by the throat and fuck me. I love that shit but as soon as he came, he thought we were done. No baby, far from it. I started blowing him and then spread his legs underneath me. I then buried my fingers in his ass. He hesitated at first, but I was persistent and relentless. Soon his struggles were non-existent and as I blew him, I fucked his ass with my fingers. Not one finger, but two. His dick was rock hard, and his balls were full. As I sucked his cock my fingers went in and out of his tight asshole. I felt his entire body tense up before he shot the biggest load of cum I had ever seen him shoot. He laid there silently for a few minutes before smiling and just saying wow. I know he liked it because my phone was dinging within hours of him leaving. A slut has to do what a slut wants to do.

Trashy Stripper Cum Filled Cunt

I’m a retired stripper. My tits are fake and my pussy and ass have been used hard. I have been throat fucked a million times and my lovers enjoy my cum filled cunt more than any other filthy whores. I’m the Queen of blowjobs and I live up to my name. I give the best down right filthy stripper sex and will do almost anything for drugs or drug money. I am trash and I am a cum dump. I am the dirty seedy street walker of the 90’s that would do anything for a grand. The whore in me needs the reckless libido you have to get off with. I am the answer to your filthy crack fueled and viagra enhanced night of jerking off. I am the lap dance that gives the happy ending, bareback and cum filled stripper cunt you crave in that filthy smoke filled mind of yours.

Cum filled cunt

Let Me Spread My Cheeks For You

hot stripper sexLet’s take it to the VIP room is one of my favorite things to come out of your mouth. I am a slut, but I am a high price slut. But every so often I a pleasantly surprised by just what you have underneath your khaki pants. The wifey doesn’t take care of you the way I can does she. She gives you every excuse she can think of, but I never say no. You start flashing those bucks around and all of my holes immediately open. What you like best is a wet sloppy blow job. Been awhile since you have had one of those hasn’t it. I will take you deep and hard. Want to hold my face to your crotch and hear me gag? You got it. Let me lay on the couch and show you the most desired hole. My sweet tight asshole. You know you aren’t getting that at home. So come on, I will even hold my cheeks for you while you ram it in. It is nice and tight isn’t it? Now push my face to the ground and ram it in so hard that your balls are smacking against me. That’s right baby, with a long thick dick like that you will have us both orgasming in no time.

Dirty and Hot Stripper Sex

hot stripper sexI had hot stripper sex again last night. My husband and I had a date night. We rarely get to have quality time together these days. One of us is always working or busy lining up dates for our brood of brats. Every one of our girls were on special dates we arranged. Two of my boys were on real dates with schoolgirls getting some teen pussy. My two youngest boys were spending the weekend with friends. That left daddy and I home alone. There is not much open in my city, but the strip club is. It is a seedy little place. Not a classy gentleman’s club. I do not really do the classy route unless forced lol. My husband bought me a lap dance. He is older than me by 22 years, so his dick has slowed down. But he loves to watch me in action with our sons, our daughters, other men and hot sexy black strippers. He loves black pussy. So, do I, but since his dick does not work like it once did, he lives vicariously through me. He hired a sexy ebony stripper for the VIP room. Young Nubian princess looking girl. The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. She thought he hired her from himself. She was pleasantly surprised when she discovered she was for the trashy milf trophy wife. After a few sexy lap dances with her twerking her big beautiful black ass in my face, I joined her on the private stage in the VIP room. We both gave my husband a show that included scissoring our naked bodies together. He had wood in his jeans. First time in a while he has gotten hard just from a visual. He came when I ate the sexy stripper’s black cunt. She was juicy. Her cunt juice squirted all over my face. We brought her home with us for the night. My husband asked her to be one of our sexy prostitutes. That sexy young black ass will make bank. Barely legal, looks younger, big ass and a hot body. Tasty as fuck too.

A Dirty Phone Sex Slut For Cum

dirty phone sex

I am a dirty phone sex slut who craves cum. I hustle in the strip club for dollars and cum loads. I  make sure that it is well known that I will do anything in the back room for some coke and cum, and well money. I am a whore and whores get paid for any and all sexual favors. Now I will suck two cocks until my mascara runs down my cheeks mixed with that warm dripping jizz. I had the opportunity to perform a live sex act at the club the other day. It was coerced by a young stud who threw money on the stage and was cheered on by the crowd. Nothing stops me from making my money and being the whore up front and center! He climbed up on the stage as I finished my set. He pulled his cock out and made me give a blow job for the crowd. I don’t know if it was the cheers or the cocaine and speed running through my body, but I sucked him off and drank his cum and got his big dick hard again. He pushed me on my side and ripped my G-string off and was cheered on to fuck my pussy and then my hot ass cavity. I was a porn star on stage and loved every fucking minute of it. When he yelled this is my mom I squirted all over his taboo cock. I felt his load seep inside my ass hole and was pleased with my self. I make for a great Milf whore public fuck!

live phone sex

Cum Guzzling Welcome Party

Phone sex line

People think that I fuck everyone just because I am a stripper. That is not true! I would fuck every one even if I wasn’t a stripper!

Hot stripper sex is just better because we know how to work it! We got the bod and we got the moves!

But we have to workout a lot! So when I am not on the pole, I am at the gym.

I am new in town so I was trying to find a good place to work out. I came across this hole in the wall gym and the second I walked in, I knew I was in trouble! There were all these muscle bound guys working out in front of the mirror. They all stopped to watch me but I ignored them and when I was finished I went to the showers.

Next thing I know, they are all following me in. I was cornered in the locker room and all these guys started getting the dicks out! Talk about a girls dream come true!

A couple of them grabbed my arms and forced me down while another shoved his sweaty cock in my mouth! I pretended to struggle ( they like it better when you put up a fight) and I thought I was going to choke to death every time he slammed that head against the back of my throat!

I thought that was all I was going to get…force fed a couple of cocks, and I was a bit disappointed. But then a couple guys pried my legs apart and I felt someone punch my cunt until their fist was deep inside!

They each took turns fucking my face and pounding my ass as another fist fucked me! My body was torn and stretched but I loved it!

I took everything they gave me and guzzled of drop of cum there dicks could spit!

I guess that was my welcoming party! So much better than a plate of cookies and house plant!

Boy, Do I Have Some Striper Sex Stories For You

stripper sex stories

I’m sure you’ve discovered by now that I’m a dirty whore. And as you might imagine, I have a lot of stripper sex stories. Stripping is still one of my favorite things in the world. I enjoy being ogled and used by all these dirty fucking men. It gives me a rush that I can’t even explain to you. So if you’ve ever had a fantasy about fucking a stripper, call me and tell me all about it. We can talk about it and I bet we can come up with a nasty role play to make you happy.

I’ve fucked a lot of guys who come in to see me dance. They love seeing my titties and even my cunt as I slide my panties over and show them how wet I am. I’m so popular that it’s always a fight over who gets to fuck me. But I tell them to calm down because they can all get a piece of this hot pussy. Sometimes there are even threesomes and gang bangs. If you’d like to hear more about how my body gets used every single day, give me a call! I can’t wait to tell you about what I did yesterday. Curious? I’m ready for you.

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