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Hot Stripper Sex in VIP Room

The VIP room is where magic happens. By Magic I am referring to Hot stripper sex of course! For Jim this was just the thing to cure his blue balls. My breasts and muscular body really brought him to his knees. In the back room that was literally. Worshipping my cunt and getting to plant that sperm in me was the best cure.

We started with him in the chair and me coming in in my trashy stripper dress, lingerie, and 8 inch high heels. I ran my hands over his shoulders and chest as I came in behind him. Had him blindfolded. I came around as I untied it and was in front of him. I leaned in and nuzzled my breasts in my bra and dress into his face. My hands on his thighs I did a little shimmy.

Slowly I dances and undressed. Wiggling my ass and tits as I slowly peeled off my lingerie and giving him a front and back view as I teased with my stripping. A strip-tease for sure and boy was he enjoying it. Opening his pants and pulling his cock out I kneeled in and gave it a tease.

I know he wasn’t going to last long and slide down my waxed oiled cunt right on that shaft. Bareback and exploding cum and sperm in my stripper cunt was the best of times.


Hot Stripper Sex

Stripper Hookers For Hire

Hookers for hire

In my area stripper and hooker just means the same thing. There are no girls I work with myself included that won’t do extra for a bit more cash. Why the fuck not, most of us end up fucking by the end of our nights anyways might as well take the highest offer instead of spreading for free. I might be a slut but I’m not a dumb whore. I’m giving lap dances and pocketing extra money I don’t have to split for blowjobs, and getting gushy creampies. Strippers are just hookers for hire that you can sample a little bit first around here. For just the right price you can get the white trash whore of your dreams. Just be careful if you go home to the missus afterward, you never know what evidence might stick on you when you hire a stripper to fuck your brains out.

Sexy Blossom: The Stocking Fetish Princess!

Hooker Phone Sex

Hi there! It’s me again, Blossom, your stocking fetish phone sex cum whore who always satisfies any hard cock round! Some of my favorite days as a stripper are when I dance on that big stage in my thigh highs, whenever I wear stockings, I have so many guys come up to me and tell me how sexy they think I am. Guys love a girl in hose! It reminds them of women they’ve grown up with or even jerked their cocks with their stockings. I love the way my stockings cling to my body, holding my shape and making my cunt so wet. I never wear panties with my stockings because I don’t want anything separating my pussy from that amazing feeling! I love getting fucked in thigh highs or even a full pair of hose that get ripped open. Let me rub my stocking covered feet all over that hard cock of yours tonight, baby!

Freaky Phone Sex

Stanky Pussy Smell

Nasty phonesex

When a pussy gets nasty, yea it will smell dirty. However, men love this about me, when I perform solo on the slower nights and I do a standing split around the pole. All of them can get a whiff of how busy my coochie has been. Last night a guy cried out what a stanky pussy I had while throwing dollars onto the stage. He certainly wasn’t wrong and his nose didn’t miss the mark one bit. 

Before I was going to go on, my manager and I had a little fun in his office. I wanted to convince him to allow me to take home a little bit more of my tips. So he decided he wanted to try me out like so many of my customers. Bending me over his sticky desk and spreading my ass he buried his cock deep inside helping himself. When he pulled that shitty dick out of me, he stuffed it in my pussy hard and fast until he could pump me full of his cum. Only give me about five minutes of prep time before going up on the stage. All I could do was a brief wipe down, but it didn’t stop the steady dripping to come. As I went up the sweat, and pussy musk just created stanky pussy fumes for all the men to enjoy as I performed.

I’m A Hardcore Piss Whore!

Pissing Phone Sex

Sometimes I just love soaking my stockings in piss and playing with my cunny! There are so many guys who love piss play who ask me to soak my stockings for them so they can feel my slippery wet pussy. I live to make guys with hard cocks cum all over my wet stockings! Just this morning I had a guy call me and make me so fucking wet that I just had to piss right through my pantyhose, I came so hard! Just feeling all that warm piss soaking my cunt and my legs slowly made me drip. I slid my vibrator over my clit and as I came, I squirted all over my sheets, the piss flowed into my squirt juices and my caller came hard for me just hearing it! I love being a filthy piss whore who will do anything to make you cum!

Club Gang-Bang

Gangbang whoreBachelor party season is not over just yet and we had quite the horny group just last week. They came into the club and asked for the “private section”. It’s a little room we craved out in the back to bring guys to for our extra services. I went back there with another girl to be their entertainment. A few lap dances and strip down to absolutely nothing, allowing them to watch the other girl eat me out on the couch. That however was not enough for this group, they didn’t want to watch. They wanted to play. So for just a couple hundred more they could play a lot. 

I’m used to being grabbed and crowded by lots of cocks at once but it was fun to have another girl to share it with. Getting to see another girl stuff with cock just like me was hot to watch. Just two gangbang whores getting stuffed in all our holes with our hands full was amazingly hot. The guest of honor gave each of us facials while his buddies stretched and opened our holes for him to watch. He had a nice thick juicy dick that I really didn’t want to stop sucking, the bride-to-be is a really lucky girl.



A Strippers Guide To A Good Handjob

Stripper sex stories

Being a dancer, I have tons of stripper sex stories. For a few bucks, one of your private dances with me can turn into a full-on cum fest. I have new girls ask all the time, “Becky, how do I sell a dance like you?” and I tell them, it’s all in your technique. Being the worn gangbang whore I am, I know how to handle a few cocks, and to full service with just a hand. This blog is a guide to know how to get a man off with just a few flicks of the wrists. Maybe you’d like to try these on yourself. 

First of all, remove any rings and lube up your hands real nice. I like to use my spit sometimes, but always having a good lube will reward you with your cum fountain a lot sooner. The first basic move I like to do is wrap both my hands around his shaft and twist my wrist toward each other while moving up and down. This lets me stroke each inch of his hard cock, and it’s great on the bigger guys. 

If you’re a bit on the smaller side or just love to feel it grow in your hand as I do, this one’s for you. Use one hand to grab the shaft and use the palm of your other hand to carry the tip. I love how sensitive the head of a cock is, and by rotating my palm in a circle I can give him a toe-curling orgasm in minutes. My favorite one that I totally stole from porn is perfect for eye contact, and great if you’re milking him for a facial. Interlock your fingers around the shaft, and use your thumbs to caress the frenulum. If you’re bad at anatomy like I am, that’s the real sensitive bit right underneath the head. 

This last one I want you to try is very simple. If it doesn’t cover your wrists in hot sticky cum I don’t know what to tell you. Grab your cock with your non-dominant hand at the base. This is best if you stand. Next, I want you to grab it with your free hand and squeeze and twist, it like a door knob. Don’t squeeze too tight, but you’ll be able to gauge by your twitching when you have just the right grip. Happy stroking!

New Trailer Neighbor

Trailer trash whore

I was sitting out topless in a lawn chair when the new couple pulled up to move into the trailer adjacent to mine. A younger couple, so I assume first place together but the guy just would not stop staring at me. Hardly even tried to hide it from his little girlfriend who was clearly upset with me shirtless in the middle of the day. She was too much of a pussy to say something though, and she better get used to it. It’s a trailer park not some kind of ritzy apartment. As I continued my tanning I could see the blinds moving occasionally over at their trailer I know it was them. Secretly hoped it was the guy, such a power trip to know my tits can be so alluring. 

After about an hour of peek-a-boo from the blinds, I hear their back door open and watch him sliding out trying to be quiet. Jogging over to me, he was all red and nervous. Not really sure he even had a plan. I like them young and stupid, which means they’re easy. He asked me if this was a regular thing for me, and I simply told him I’m a stripper and this is cheaper than a spray tan. His dick was noticeably growing, and I just smiled. “Wanna come inside?” giving him the let’s fuck grin. All he could do was nod while quickly glancing over at his place. 

We got into my trailer and he said we had to be quick. I just told him to take his dick out and shut up as I pushed him down onto my couch. Climbing on top of his young hard cock, letting it plunge into my wet cunt and started to fuck him. I was loud and vocal sure to make sure everyone knows I was certainly fucking. He busted so fast inside me the whole thing was over in less than five minutes. He promised me next time he’ll show me what he can really do when his girl isn’t home. I just smiled and gave him a kiss while showing him the door.

The Fuck Show

Stripper sex stories

Hope you enjoy stripper sex stories cause I got to tell someone about my show Monday night. It was wild! Obviously, our place isn’t the high-class strip joints that have super strict rules, hell most of us girls make our money providing “extra” services. We are also cheap sluts so our little rundown strip joint attracts all sorts of clientele. Well, it was my turn on the stage, prepared to do my usual strip and grind on the pole. Then a new guy came in and waved a wad of cash at me and I crawled out to him with my tits hanging down, making my nipples touch the sweat-covered platform. 

He pulled my hair to whisper in my ear “Let me fuck you here and now, and it’s all yours”. Smiling I waved the bounce and asked him to hold on to my cash, with a promise of a slice for turning a blind eye. Pulled up my new favorite customer up onto the stage dancing my ass all over him while he got hard and pulled out his cock. Thick, fat 9-incher rubbing all over my juicy red pussy while I moaned. The stage had lookers all around, and the money piled up on the stage. They loved seeing my holes probed and stretched by his cock shouting out requests about where he should cum. Ultimately there was overwhelming support for him to nut in my ass, when he pulled out I bent over and let the onlookers watch the cum dripping out my gaped ass. It certainly was one hell of a finale!

Backseat Anal Lot lizard sex

Bent over and porked by a big black cock in the back seat on a side road was absolutely not what I was expecting when I took this most recent Lot lizard sex session, but it’s what I got. He wasn’t interested in my soaked pussy either, no he had an idea and he wasn’t going to let it go. His hands clapped onto my thick ass, squeezing hard and prying my bouncy cheeks apart so he could get at my stretched and ready asshole. His cock was lubed up and ready, and I was peering back at him from over my shoulder with as much surprise as embarrassment at the sudden unannounced decision. Here I’d been ready for a fucking but not the kind where he has to slowly push in and separate my asshole from its ready to be clenching natural state. “Oh, fuck yes!” I heard him groan as he slipped in, he was ready for Hot stripper sex. His slippery tip poked its way far deeper while he rocked himself and I focused on controlling my ass just right to give him a constant, valuable, lovable tightness and pressure that would create a story for him to remember. Anal isn’t something you do on a whim, it’s an experience without standard, an art form that changes every time and never really hits the same. Anal is a practice with a goal and a slippery, spunk-filled prize if you do it right. Anal can be so much better than fucking my whore cunt, but it all depends on how ready you are for an unfamiliar ride that’s just as strong and curvy as an old friend but with an all-new personality you’d never recognize. I was ready for ass busting, spunk pushing, anal creampie sex, was he? The cum in my Cum dumpster ass says yes.