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Pissing sex with a filthy gutter whore!

Pissing sexThere is something so primal and nasty about Pissing sex with a gutter whore. I mean there is nothing more fun than being a drunk whore and pissing outside for everyone around to see. I was at the beach party the other day and I got wasted with my friends. I made out with a few guys and sucked off a few too. Before I knew it, I was drunk as fuck and I had to piss so bad. I don’t know what happened but all I knew was I needed to drain this bladder as soon as possible. I briefly remember trying to look for a bathroom or something; it dawned on me that we were outside so there wasn’t one obviously.

I swear sometimes I am just a dumb bimbo bitch; it is what it is though. Long story short; I said to myself “fuck this I need to piss”. Somewhere between that and being in public turned me on so much. So, I took off all my clothes and walked across the sand while everyone could see me. They all stared at me like I was a Cum dumpster and some of them jerked off too. I smiled and opened up legs so they could all see. I took my fingers and peeled open my cunt lips and pushed out my hot, warm and big piss stream right there. It took a good five minutes until I emptied out my dirty pussy. I grinned and walked back to my clothes and waited for all that hard dick to follow me. I knew I would get some more cock at the end of the night!

Cum guzzling slut Hazel

Cum guzzling slut

One thing about this Cum guzzling slut shes gonna get her fill no matter what! Lately I’ve been on a roll lately With my favorite john. He comes to pick me up from the lot whenever he’s in town and last night he was bringing in a load and I was ready to drain every once of cum out of him. He always comes with the party treats that makes him last all night long.

He took me to the back of his trailer and laid me on my back and did a line off my titties and had me do a line off his cock before he shoved his meaty cock inside of my tight little cunny. He filled me up with his thick 10 inch cock making me moan and gush. I told him to bend me over and he shoved a X pill into my ass and began pounding my pussy making me squirt all over him. I love being a trashy slut getting fucked and filled with cum. Come and fill me up daddy!

Cum dumpster poses for the camera man and sucks his hard prick!

Cum dumpsterWe all know I can’t help being nothing but a Cum dumpster whore. I mean I live and breathe sex 24/7. It’s not my fault that I was pretty much built like a sex machine. I have all the assets a man wants in life. Big tits, a Bald cunt and a nice little round fuckable ass. That’s why it’s so easy to get a man to give me what I want; as long as I have something to offer him. Usually that means he just needs one of my holes to unload into. That’s easy enough; since I like being pumped full of cock and cum anyway. 

Believe it or not; all my porn pic shoots are free because I always suck and fuck the camera man. They are usually dirtier than the bastards they film me with. A lot of the times they are more perverse than some of the men who hire me and my girls for servicing specials. Bill is my go to guy; he gets the best shots of me and always makes me look sexy. He always has the best outfits too; he lets me keep a lot of them which is nice. He is a sucker for a Blonde fucking slut though; as long as I give him my mouth or ass hole to use he is a happy man. I needed my hot little mouth full of spunk so I begged him to face fuck me before and after the shoot. He obviously did and I had a whole belly full of nut!

Hot stripper sex gets your cock off like a bomb!

Hot stripper sex

Hot stripper sex gets your cock off like a bomb! I am one bad-ass bitch. I know you all can’t resist my sexy curves and my seductive moves on that stripper pole. I’m the queen of the club, making all the men drool and their dicks hard. Trust me when I say that I know how to get that money, one lap dance at a time.

But let’s talk about the real reason why I’m the hot topic in this town – my insatiable appetite for sex. I am a true freak in the sheets and I’m not afraid to admit it. You want your cock to explode? Well, just wait till you experience my skills in the bedroom. My pussy is like a bomb waiting to go off and I’ll make sure you feel every inch of it.

I need multiple dicks and pussies all in one room, with no rules and no boundaries. I’ll take it all and give it right back, making sure everyone is satisfied. I love when a hard cock fucks some coke into my ass while I am sucking on some pussy.

I save my wildest side for my clients. When you call me, you better be ready for some nasty Hooker phone sex. I’ll be your dirty little secret, your escape from reality. I’ll moan and scream on the other line, making you feel like you’re right here with me. We can get high together and talk about the nastiest shit. I will be fingering myself and make a sloppy mess for you.  I’ve got a lot of naughty fantasies and I’ll make sure you’re cumming harder than ever before.

So come on, boys, what are you waiting for? Call me up, let’s get this party started. I’ll make sure you have an experience you’ll never forget. I’ve got some moves that will drain every last drop in your balls. I’m always down for a good time and trust me, you won’t regret it. 

Hot stripper sex with a couple of BI-Sexual whores!

Hot stripper sex Hot stripper sex with a couple of dirty whores is always a fun time. You know how the trailer park whores are; we fuck for fun and attention. Anything that will make us some money and get a guy rock hard we are down for it. This is Layla; she is such a fun bitch and is always ready to do whatever I say. When I am on a Duo session with a client who wants a mistress and a sub; I will always pick Layla. She lets me do whatever I want to her and she is such a good sub bitch for me and the degrading clients who love to talk so much shit. 

Layla gets such a Sloppy wet pussy when I am fucking her up the ass with my toy as her mouth hole is being fucked by a cock. All her slut holes nice and filled up. Her sweet pink fuck hole is just dripping and begging to be used by a cock. It makes me so horny when I watch her struggle not to cum; usually a customer loves to watch her sweet ass beg. They love to make her get on all 4s and beg to cum as my toy is up her ass. Or making her eat my slutty cunt out while she gets her ass hole force fucked. Her twat just gushes when we use her like a little piece of fuck meat!


Hookers for hire need a Horny Whore to help them learn the trade! 

Hookers for hireHookers for hire need a Horny Whore to help them learn the trade!  I am the perfect white trash tramp to help them. I’m experienced and I can make good money fucking men. New sluts to the game can learn all the tips and tricks they need to know to get started selling ass for cash. 

This little slut Jewels needed a hand with her deep throat blowjob skills. She thought she could lick the tip and use her hands to get a big ducked John off. But the men who frequent my clubs want a whore who can suck it down her throat like a golf ball through a garden hose. They want that esophagus to close around cock heads! 

I see her struggling and gagging across the dim VIP room. He smacks her and calls her a worthless cunt. It’s up to me to rescue her and make my customer happy!  I step in and take over. So I did what any good trashy milf should do. My motherly insects kicked in and I got right down on the floor with her and shoulder that all she has to do was relax her throat.I take her gag reflex out of the equation and make her swallow every inch of his shaft. He’s impressed and rewards me with a fat tip.

Hookers for hire need a Horny Whore to help them learn the trade! 

It’s a matter of technique that leads to great cocksucking skills. Well worth the pain! Our John got off by me helping her suck that fucking big long down her nice little teen throat. Should see how much jizz she has blown down into her sweet little teen belly for us!  He leaves and I take her in my arms. She cries on my shoulder and I take her to the bathroom to clean up. She is going to half to learn how to survive in the world of Hot stripper sex one way or another! 


Blonde fucking whore spreads her holes for the manager!

Blonde fuckingI am the towns favorite Blonde fucking whore; which makes sense since I am the only who shows off like this. All the other sluts in the area have way too limits unlike me and my girls. It’s clearly why me and my bitches pretty much get whatever we want. Most of the time at least 2-3 men in a place know me immediately. It’s always so much fun watching them turn their heads when I walk into a store, bar, etc. Sometimes they are with their partners who have no idea what their man is doing behind their back. I love when the guy looks like he has seen a ghost when really it’s because his stupid ass bitch wife has no clue he has had me bent over their bed,counter tops, etc. 

This morning I headed over to the store so I had to flash and give myself up a bit to the workers; I wanted to make their day. At first the manager pretended to be turned off as he ranted and raved about his town being filled with stupid sluts and he was sick of it. That was until he brought me back into the office as I sat there and showed off my freshly shaved pink little cunt and ass hole. He loved that I had no panties on and he liked that I showed him my Sloppy wet pussy from the chair. He tried to call me a gutter whore but that would be ridiculous since his cock was out and he was already about to bust a fat load. The poor bastard didn’t even get to fuck me yet and he almost came just by me sitting there with my holes exposed. 

Cum dumpster shows off for all the customers and camera crew!

Cum dumpsterA proper Cum dumpster knows how to present herself; especially when she I needy for cock. It’s been a slow week with my escorting company so I needed some new pictures for my clients. I figured it would be a perfect time for some updated stuff and maybe it would bring in some newbies. I had a sexy photo shoot set up with my camera crew; me and a few of my hottest girls made sure to look out best. I told them to make sure they looked skimpy in some bathing suites; I wanted a slutty beach scene for the pictures and videos.

Some juicy asses and tight Sloppy wet pussy looks the best in a skimpy bikini set on a beach. The sweet sandy look with a sexy little skank will have all the men stroking off their cocks. My camera crew was bricked up as they took shots of my big fat tits and pink bald little fuck hole. I made my girls bend over and show off their ass cracks. They slipped the strings of their suites to the side so it would ride up their cunt lips and butt holes. They looked perfect; most of the men were drooling and adjusting their pants the whole time. 

Since it’s been slow with my company I figured the best way to pay the crew would be with some nasty Hot stripper sex. I knew they would have no problem getting their moneys worth with all our holes. They didn’t spend anytime waiting on getting naked and tearing our swimwear right off our bodies. I watched them hammer my girls cunts and ass holes. I was rubbing my clit while a couple of them used my throat. I love watching my bitches get used like the pieces of fuck meat I have trained them to be!

Hot Stripper Sex Makes Life More Exciting

In the first place, Hot stripper sex is amaxing with the right whore. Essentially if you get a hot whore like me, then obviously things are going to get wild.

Granted I am in my 40’s now, that doesn’t mean shit. All that means is that I am truly more experienced. Secondly it means I can handle my drugs, booze and all the rough sex that comes my way. With this all in mind this also means that I am one hell of a freak. While I know what men want, I also know what I want.

Consenquently, when guys call me and tell me they want a filthy whore, they really need to undestand in what effect. Obviously filthy means something different for everyone. And some of the most compelling evidence follows. Like when I get told to get filthy without any input. Nor on what fashion of filthy. Then obviously I will go straight to the scat.

Adversly, when I get asked what the filthiest thing I have done. Well I will go right to what is true filth, shit, piss and bukkake. This leads to the bathtub of shit, piss, vomit and sperm that I enjoyed rubbing all over my whore body.

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot stripper sex gives me a dollar see a nipple.

          Hot stripper sex gives me a dollar see a nipple. Spot me a five see boobie. Oh la…la…la a twenty and you will be shown the whole package. This stripper bares it all. Takes it all. Above all this wenchHot stripper sex likes it anal. Now you are to try and see if you can get three in the ass at the same time.

          Stretch, bend it will take a Franklin for this stripper does anything for the right amount of cold hard cash. Want two in the ass make it Grant. Money…money…money ain’t it grand. As long as it is green and real with a dead president on it chances are I can be bought. Most whores can.

          Now if you were to hand me a Wilson, then you could paint me purple, trick me out and this fucking Anal sex whore will let you do anything you ever dreamed of doing to me, no questions asked. For that I will bring all my stripper friends with me.

          Fuck it. Let’s have a PARTY! Fuck me, fuck them. Show this whore the greenback and you get the wet back pussy thrown in.

           As long as the money is there, you can do as you wish. Until you finally decide where you want to cum. Don’t pay enough and you get attitude. Give this bitch hard time and I will make sure you stay hard.

          In conclusion let us have fun. Beat the meat. Pound the cunt. Get down and nasty. Chances are you won’t find nastier than this bitch of a stick.