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Hot stripper sex means no strings and no regrets

Hot stripper sexHot stripper sex means no strings and no regrets!  Being a slutty stripper is not always an easy thing to do. The horny-ass men shove dollar bills into our panties as we dance around poles on stage. Everyone seems to believe that, at least. That’s not all there is to it. 

Hot stripper sex turns to hooking easy!

 Do you really think we hot strippers just dance around a pole? We seduce If we want to keep these men coming back to us, we must go the extra mile to please them. Like my first night dancing my ass off, I made some decent money but it was measly dollar bills. In order to get good money, I needed to work hard.

That is when I heard about prostitution in the VIPS!

This young exotic dancer was intrigued and decided to give it a try. Sure, I was hesitant at first, but the money was too good to pass up. I quickly found out that the VIPS were willing to pay big money for the right services.

Instantly I had an epiphany! Sloppy wet pussy is meant to be shared with men with money and cocaine! 

As I for the next horny old man to come over to me pushing bills in my panties I devise my seductive plan.

 As he was doing it I leaned over and shoved my big tits in his face! I kissed his neck and told him that I would fuck him for Hours in the back rooms! Turns out fucking and dancing is the right amount of money to get some coke and pay my rent! The first time I took an old man in the back room he was 60 and I was 18.

No worries though, We fucked for hours and my ass twerked on his cock so hard! Giving my callers my first Stripper sex stories to spurt a volcano of cum for has me wet-wet! Even though I was covered in sweat and cum when he left- I was hooked and I knew that this was going to be my new life. I started to make more money and I was able to pay my rent and get enough coke to keep me going.

Hookers for Hire Deanna

Hookers for hireHookers for hire situations are great money but not always fun. So when you called me to pay for time with you and your girl, I was ready to lick some clit and cock to make your fantasy come true.  We went back to my small room above one of the seedy bars where the three of us sipping cheap whiskey and you laid out some nose candy, which I was all about. I started undressing your girl, kneeling down to suck on that beautiful clit inserting my fingers in her cunt. What a ready and willing cunt she had, oh good times!

You joined me without further ado taking control right away holding onto my hips as you inserted your rock hard monster cock in from behind as I continued making your girl squirt all over my hand.  You teased me taking your cock out as we all three went to change positions.  You then began kiss ing my way down my neck, across collarbone and finally reaching those perfect tits of mine, which you sucked on like they were the last drops of water in desert. Your girlfriend got out her wand vibrator to play with her pussy watching her man please me. I moaned loudly signaling approval so you moved further southwards until your tongue found its target – that wet pussy full with anticipation for me!

As expected you said it it tasted salty yet incredibly arousing as well; I squirmed beneath you but didn’t resist when you entered slowly at first then began thrusting harder faster deeper into my tight hole. You were claiming me and taking control of the cunt, which got your girlfriend going! She was cheering you on, so

The sex became rougher more intense by each passing moment: slapping ass cheeks occasionally spankings even bites here there just to heighten sensations we were all three experiencing. Eventually weyou and I reached came with you inside me as your girlfriend sat on my face and I slurped up her delicious pussy.  It was one of the better times I had that week with hooker phone sex and I was very happy to have the experience with both you and your girl.

Hookers for hire, pick me as your dirty nasty whore.

Hookers for hire        Hookers for hire, pick me as your dirty nasty whore. Pay for around the world and I will take you to place that you have only dreamed of doing. Give me every dirty thought you have in your head and I will have your cock completely drained of drop of cum.

        It must be remembered that you paid for it and these tits are made for fucking, sucking, pinching and having cum all over them. Fuck this ass and stretch me apart. Rip me open. Need I to bring a friend? Among my many talents you would love to be in the middle of two smoking hot whores that will peg you and fuck you at the same time. Coating every inch you in their juices.

        Squirting all over you. At least once in the night I will have you begging for mercy that I have drained you and where there is a will there is a way. Making your cock twitch by pressing in on your prostate forcing you to get hard so that I may ride you time and time again.

Happy “Hot Stripper Sex” Halloween

We sure had some fun back in the day with all that Hot stripper sex. –Hot stripper sexHalloween brings back so many evil phone sex memories and I love it when we relive them through our calls. Ghosts, skeletons, and dead bodies aren’t just stuff you get at the hobby lobby to decorate and impress your neighbors. They are part of some of the hottest phone sex fantasies you can have.

When my older cousins took me to the nearby graveyard growing up, you could see the orange lights in the distance from the decorated houses. The air was chilled and spooky. I was so trusting and innocent. Until that night that is.  When they started digging, I just looked the other way. I didn’t want to be a snitch. But when you got to the body, I knew it was getting far too real.  I couldn’t turn back now.

They told me to undress. So I did. Each time I took something off one of my cousins took it and threw it in a nearby fire. As they pulled the body out, I was completely shocked. They continued digging into the body of a young woman and as they pulled it out, it was decomposing in parts but parts were very real. They made me take a knife and cut parts of the body for souvenirs. They photographed my naked body with the buried body they uncovered. They made me pose as if I was humping the dead woman and forced my hand up her dead cunt.

It was so wrong but looking back, it also turned me on like crazy. I love visiting graveyards now and would love to visit one this Halloween with you!

Drunk sex porn With a Hot Domme punishing me!

Drunk sex porn

Drunk sex porn making involves a hot dominatrix using me for her personal playtoy. Alcohol is my poison when it comes to submitting fully and devotedly to another woman.  My porn Mistress is in control of the situation though, and I’m more than happy to drunkenly comply. MMM, she loves to tease me and use my body for her pleasure when I’m so drunk! Dark Liquor makes me as horny as a blast off a pipe does! You can say I am completely under her sex spell. She makes me worship her pussy and asshole and I’m willing to do anything for her. Mistress loves to tease me with her big beautiful breasts and make me, her whore beg for more. It’s the ultimate pleasure for me to be on camera performing while being disciplined by her strong hands!  She makes me do as she says, no matter how much it hurts.

Absolutely, I love how my ass submits to her, and the feeling of complete submission is overwhelming.

Pain sluts like me get so horny and excited when we are with a strong Femme Domme. We are both dancers at the Kitkat so she knows all my dirty whore Stripper sex stories. We are making a fall special for Our best porn lovers. Watch how an older whore takes control of a young stripper’s wet cunt. Spanked ass and tits are only the beginning. Just wait until you see the massive dildos she dick-trains me on! Pain is pleasure and Pleasure has no limits with a dirty submissive skank like me!  She is determined to make me her slutty little bitch and I am all for it! I fucking can’t wait to show you all the naughty things that happen in this special show. Get ready to be blown away by our hot BDSM Hardcore orgy porn!

Stripper sex stories

It’s Whore-A-Cock For This Cunt!

Sloppy wet pussySpread open with my sloppy wet fuck hole just begging for cock. I mean honestly I am down for a cock in any of my holes so come over and pound me out. I jut got back from work so it is late; I am drunk, a little coked up and ready to fuck. I strip on the weekends at my favorite club and I get so horny from all the attention I get. Usually I get fucked out in a private dance but today it was slow and my regular customers weren’t there so I couldn’t get dicked down which sucked. So my shift is over and I am  home alone with a slippery wet pussy ready for a guy to fuck me and tell me what a stupid stripping coke whore I am. I mean I know what I am good for because I am well trained. I am a young drunk whore who strips and gets fucked for drugs and money just like my uncle taught me. It is the easiest life to have; especially when you are sex addict like me. So is your dick ready to use my body yet? I left the door open for you!

Hot stripper sex

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot Stripper Sex is my life by night. I was an accountant During the day, I had been living in the city for a few months when I was approached by a high-profile gentleman by the name Lucky J. He was tall and owned a gentleman’s club downtown. Called Crazy Stallions, and he told me to meet him there at 9 p.m. on Saturday night for auditions. He gave me his card and said that he had to go that next night. I got dressed in a hot pink bra and panties set and paired it with a black mini dress, knee-high boots, and my leather biker jacket. Then I grabbed my car keys and walked to my beat-up blue Honda. And I drove downtown to the location.  As I passed security, they let me in, and I searched the club for Lucky. I stepped over to the bar section and ordered a drink because I was nervous. Just as I was about to take my first sip, Lucky tapped my shoulder. and said let me show you around he took me to the VIP section and told me to show me what you got. I started to give him a Lap Dance. His strong hands were around my waist as I danced to the beat just as I was grinding on him, his lips connected with mine, melting everything else away.  Then he said to turn around. He lifted my skirt and ripped my panties off, then my arousal hit his nose, and he took two fingers and dipped them into my soaking wet cunt. Ooooh!!! The pressure was real I hadn’t had any sexual intercourse since I moved to the city because I left my ex-boyfriend behind. in my rearview, but right now, I was having the best night of my life


Hot stripper sex orgy and fisting On video

Hot stripper sex

 Hot stripper sex with other harlots is very lucrative. I have a man who will throw a bag of molly and uppers on the bar and ask for three blondes. The bartender sends a message to the VIP Lounge (aka fuck room) and I will pick two of the hottest and craziest strippers for us.

I know once we are in the very back room his camcorder is going to be rolling. Moreover, we will be getting high and getting large tips for our hot performance. He usually pays us $500 each at the end of the night. It’s a great way to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. It’s a win-win situation. We get to party and make money at the same time. It’s a great way to have a night of fun and excitement. 

Our John who loves blondes likes hurt pussy, and ass filming us. 

But we work hard for our little chunk of change. The drugs make us do things only seen in Hardcore orgy porn! Piss, cum swapping, and ass-eating is only the beginning. Our John loves when we get fucked up enough to start fisting each other’s pussy and causing pain. I know these two sluts won’t be able to dance or make any more money tonight. They are such stupid whores that can not take the pain of my fist and forearm pumping away.

Easy money for some fisting? yes Please!

Maybe it is the ass-fisting that makes them such pussies! Who knows, but I do know one thing! But this whores cunt can take a beating like nothing you have ever seen! I’ll stay making money even if my cunt is so raw I want to cry! Plus I get a small kickback on every video he sells! Shhh, that’s our little secret!

It pays to be a bad girl Fisting whore!

Trailer Trash Whore Fucks For Food Stamps

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore life is in my blood. My mama was the local parks best known hooker for years and years.  She sucked all my friends dads off at one point and likely had them throbbing in her slut hole from time to time.  I had a big name to live up to.  I always knew I wanted to make my mama proud.

I started off trading blow jobs for some change for the mall to get some new stuff from Claire’s.  Wanted to look all fancy for the boys at school.  I reckon I became quite the business woman there.  At a young age, I was leaving my cars on the hoods outside the gas stations and local dive bar joints and getting my pager paged to come meet them.  I loved when I could come home with food for all of us from a night of getting fucked.  Around here, getting someones food stamp card means you are working smart.

The guy who offered it to me was a regular. He would pick me up walking home and have me suck his cock on the way home.  This time though, he had his buddies in the car and not enough money to pay me to let them all relieve their hard dicks and cum in my whore hole.  Being the people pleaser I am, I offered to make a deal with them. Give me your foodstamp card for the week and they get free cum dumping until his buddies head back out of town.

The old man agreed and they sure gots their money’s worth. Anytime I turned around that week, it felt like I was being told to bend over real quick and within minutes one of these dudes shot their load up in me.  Next time, I’ll put a limit on it.  A girl needs to sleep right?

Despite how exhausting it was, I was super proud of myself for being the talk of the trailer park that week.  Mama was beaming with pride as well.  Nothing like making your white trash hooker family proud of your work!

Hot stripper phone sex and cooling off

hot stripper phone sex

Hot stripper phone sex, oh the way it makes those cocks harden up, those veins start bulging out with each piece of clothing removed from that perfect body. Watching as I will turn around and shake that ass in your face. You are siting on a chair  so my ass is now perfectly in your face as I shake it.  I turn around to get a glimpse of my white smooth perfectly round ass going up and down bouncing on that scruffy chin of you, my favorite lap dance client.

I bring you back to our special room.  You lean back comfortable as you know the drill.  You pull that large cock out holding it at the base and give me the nod.  I tease a dance on the way closer until I’m on me knees as you waste no time thrusting that cock in my mouth.  My phone rings and I accidentallty put my co-workes on Facetime.  My client waves hi to 5 naked girls back in the dressing room while I slurp him up for dinner.

Before I knew it, I had orgy phone sex happening with my girls getting off watching this man blow his load all over me, and in me and they were fingering and licking having their own phone while getting off watching my mouth teach them what a real classy stripper does for her man.  Sucks his cock dry so no other bitch gets a chance at him.  That’s just how I roll y’all!