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Hot Stripper Sex Is The Best

Hot Stripper SexHot Stripper sex is the best. I mean a woman who knows how to move her body to get you so worked up that you will throw money at her definitely knows her way around a bedroom. Of course, a woman who is comfortable with her body being naked in a public setting is going to give you a great time in private. I definitely do not disappoint in that area. I am a naughty nasty freak who likes it rough and wild and non-stop. I mean that is what the coke is for right? To keep it going all night long. Don’t think I won’t make you work for it though. I am a sure thing, but you best know how to get my pussy wet and my orgasms long and often if you want to keep me around. I want you to start by sucking on my juicy wet pussy, paying lots and lots of attention to my sweet clit. Suck it, rub it and nibble it just a little too. Stick your finger in my hole and feel the orgasm as my pussy grips your finger before my juices flow. Now if you can get that done you are in for a real treat. I will keep that cock hard and have you blowing your load over and over until we both are too exhausted to keep going. Then we will rest, hydrate and go on to round two baby. So, you think you could keep a dirty slut like me satisfied?

I am Full of Stripper Sex Stories

stripper sex storiesI am full of hot stripper sex stories. When the virus shut everything down, I started giving private dances. I had a big black book of patrons because I have been at the club for several years. I had phone numbers and emails. I got industrious. I sent some texts and emails about private lap dances and more. While my fellow strippers were trying to collect unemployment, I was whoring myself out for private dances and parties. So many horny men wanted someone, anyone to fuck. If they paid, I did whatever they wanted. My strip club is back upon now. I just dance with a mask on. I double dip. I work at the club a few days a week and the rest of the week, I am doing private parties. Last night, I helped a soon to be husband have a bachelor party. He paid me more than I make at the club in a week. Of course, I had to do a lot more, but I have no limits when it comes to making money. I got gang banged by 22 guys. Most of the men had a lot of cum to give me too because they had been stuck at home with their wives who would not put out. I let them run a train on my ass. Married men love to fuck my skanky ass. I do not know why I did not become a whore sooner. I could have been making so much more money.

Let’s Get Naughty

hot stripper sexWhat is better than hot stripper sex after a long day at work? Not much. And when that stripper is a naughty kinky slut who wants to get drunk and high with you then you have hit the jackpot. I love it when I get a caller and we drink and smoke or sniff a line or two before we start into a hot and naughty role play. There is nothing too taboo for me and I will play along with what ever is your kink for the night. I can suck a mean cock, tilt my head back and open my throat wide. I love it when it fills it up so much that I gag and gasp for air. I bet you love the sound of a woman gagging on your cock don’t you. Of course, if you want to play with some little ones too, I always have them handy as well. They are good little whores in training and while they can’t take it all the way down their throats just yet they do know how to spread those legs for you to demolish that small young bald pussy or tight little ass. The options are limitless baby, so pick up that phone and you give me a call and let’s get kinky.

Crack Whore Anal Orgy

Crack whore anal

 Every bad girl needs a good orgy.  I’m a crack whore anal sex fanatic that thrives on lots of drugging and fucking. I love cock. I love big black cocks penetrating, violating and fucking the shit out of my trashy cunt and ass. I will gobble down loads of hot jizz and take as many loads as I can and gargle that spunk into a mess of bubbles. I like it best when I am swapping the man goo with other cum junkies. You are a filthy cum junkie reading this blog right now, I know it. I bet you crave to feat on Aunt or Mommy BJ’s big nasty creampies. My ass dripping and oozing with mancream for a little faggot mouth of yours to lap up. I will put my feet on your head and pull your face deep inside this messy jizz filled cunt of mine. That’s right boy, clean mama BJ’s spunk holes up like a good boy.


Always Time For BBC Phone Sex

It’s just how I roll mother fucker and if you don’t like it take it outside. I’m all over the BBC phone sex cock and making little bitches like you take it down your little cock sucking throats for me. I love sharing that glass dick with a rock and a ft black cock with a dirty boy. I know that secret desire that comes out when you get high. You start craving to suck a big black dick and then you want more. More crack hits and that desire gets deeper. You see that’s just like me and my addiction to that taboo fucking. I love incest, a big ole nigger dick and some hot k-9 rocket. There’s always time to train you on BBC and you will be as addicted as me on that, I guarantee!

BBC Phone Sex

I Was The Birthday Treat

Hot Stripper SexAlthough the clubs aren’t open the pervs will always find a way and I will always be looking to make a buck. So, I am doing a little Craig’s List advertising for private parties and my phone rings off the hook. I think the whole quarantine has caused a lot of blue balls and with the bars not open they aren’t finding any pussy to fuck. So anyways, I got to the house for a small gathering ready to pocket some dough and was greeted by a group of youngsters that had me questioning their age until they popped out the id’s and those cute things had all just turned 21 and I was going to be their birthday present. They were cute as can be and I felt a bit cougarish but who better than to give them some birthday snatch that a hot experienced hoe. There were three and I sat them down and proceeded to give them a good show. Lots of lap dances and a strip tease down to just a pair of heels and thigh highs. By the bulges in their pants I could tell they liked it. As I rubbed my nipples across one of their chests, I whispered that for the right price I could make sure that the entire group was satisfied. He smiled as he walked back to his room and returned with a fat stack. I put the money in my purse and then started unbuckling pants and getting down to business. They were actually a freaky group and I left with my holes full of cum. Give me a call and let me tell you all about what I did to those young horny boys.

Hot Stripper Sex Added to My Kinky Resume

hot stripper sexI had hot stripper sex last night. I am a whore, a slut wife and dirty mom. Stripping is something new I just added to my kinky resume. I have a friend who runs the girls at this gentleman’s club downtown. They have reopened. She needed a favor and I owe her a few. Their featured porn star dancer was a no show. Guys packed the place to see this retired star I bare a resemblance to. She asked me to give the men a show and pass myself off as the porn star. It sounded fun. I was going to make some money too. I looked up the porn star so I could memorize some info about her in case I was asked. I have some dance moves. Plus, I am in shape. Pilates and yoga keep my trashy milf body in good shape. I was excited to help her out, make some money and pretend to be a porn star for a night. No one seemed to notice when I was on stage that I was not who they paid to see. I shook my ass and tits. I worked the pole. And, I worked the men. I had a stage full of money after my first set. I loved the attention and I loved the tips. I signed some autographs, took some pictures with fans and even gave some lap dances. By my second set, I had another stripper on stage with me. We got each other wet in more ways than one. It was like a bimbo car wash without the car. I even ate her cunt on stage. The money flew in the air when I did that. I did not care at all about this virus, and neither did the club or its patrons. The place was packed, and no one was wearing a mask. I even let a few of the wealthier patrons fuck me. I called it the porn star experience. Even though I was not the real porn actress, no one caught on. Not like I do not have a life as dirty as a porn star anyway. Hell, I bet I have a dirtier one. I cannot wait to create more stripper sex stories to share.

Let’s Get Off Together

Freaky Phone SexAre you looking for a nasty little freak? A girl who is not afraid to try anything. A girl who is just as horny as you are? I keep my drawer of toys right here next to me so that when you call, I can pull them out and start playing with them as we talk. I like to hear you stroking your cock as I fuck my juicy wet pussy with my thick dildo. If things get really wild, I have a jewel butt plug that I like to stick in my ass too. I can sit down on it pushing it deeper as I spread my legs and move that dildo in and out of my wet pussy. I will make you really hard as I pull it out and lick it, pretending it is your rock-hard cock. I cannot wait for you to give me a call so we can play together. I will go ahead and start stroking my clit getting ready for you.

Gangbang Whore Hadley

Gangbang Whore

It was like any other night for this gangbang whore. I was at the strip club and I didn’t have a babysitter so my little son was there watching me dance and gyrate on these men. He must be really proud to have a slut mommy that makes so many dicks hard.

 I had already taken three Cocks right in front of him as he rubbed his little boy dick. I had so much cocaine flowing through my body that I felt like I was flying. So the next logical Choice after leaving the strip-club was to go by my favorite biker bar.

And of course  being the whore mommy that I am…I drug my son along with me. Not one of those hairy, sweaty men cared that my little son tagged along to watch my whore activities.  They still  bent me over the pool table and used my holes the way a good Coke slut should be used. Big slugs in and out of me cumming so deep and making me moan right in front of him. Even though my son’s watching as I masturbate my cum filled pussy.

 I was raised on incest makes  sense that my son and I be lovers sharing my sex escapades. And I know you need all the nasty details in live phone sex with this blonde slut! I’m ready for a P-mommy hot whore fuck now!

Hot Stripper Sex Party Of BBC

There was a hot stripper sex party on opening night. We were finally allowed to open up and the VIP room was jumping. I work that backroom like the Madame of a prominent whore house or brothel. I generally service all the big black cocks that come through the door. These guys pay big bucks for what we offer. I am a train pulling filthy cum dump crack whore of an ex stripper. I bring in the young fresh meat often to let my guys get that feel of fresh tight young white girl cunt meat. They love to rip up a sweet little college girl that’s trying to pull in quick cash for the university studies. School isn’t cheap and neither is rent. These girls will do whatever it takes to make a few bills quickly. That often means me pulling them of the stripper pole and into taking some big black poles. I got my fill of black dick opening night and our newest recruit really took it good also.

Hot stripper sex

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