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Trashy Milf & Down With Filthy Fun

This Trashy milf is hot, horny and down with the filthy. I’m a druggy whore. A crack whore to be exact. I adore BBC. The best thing is that I have been a whore since in my teens. I had a fake ID and worked as a stripper. I was knocked up early and have a teen son now. I fuck him too.

The thing is, in my 30’s I have become accustomed to taking big nigger cocks. I love them. I enjoy being gangbanged by these big nigger dicks. I enjoy having cuckies enjoy the show and my sloppy fucking cunt. You like to eat ass? Well I have a freshly filled and gaped ass as I type this. Hell my cunt and ass are both sore and oozing with that nigger jizz.

I think mama BJ needs to clean this cunt and ass out in some little cum sluts mouth. Are you that filth loving cum slut for Mama BJ’s gaped and filled holes full of nigger cum?

Trashy milf

Hot stripper sex with me for your pleasure

Hot stripper sex

I know you want hot stripper sex with me. You see me and get so turned on and want to fuck my every hole. There is nothing like using a slut up and pounding her until she’s ready to jizz. I want to bring over all my stripper friends so that you can have the orgy of your dreams. Watch as we give you the orgy you crave. You know it’s hot when you see me and my girls do big lines of blow and fuck all the big black cock we crave. Whenever you see us, you go home to your wife and dread every minute of it. You wish you can fuck us, and now it is your chance. Pull your cock out now that we are high and you have tipped us greatly. Now you can fuck me and my hot friends. We are always ready for big cock like we are supposed to be.

Have some fun with us and get those balls to drain.

Hookers for hire I’m an escort now

latina phone sex

I’m an escort at a high-class establishment. I love to fuck guys looking for hot hookers for hire. Whenever I get a white-collar guy I know, he’s going to bring the good stuff. I love coke and love to fuck, so of course, I am down to have those party favors. My pussy gets very wet whenever I am high in angel dust. It’s a job, but it feels so sinister to get paid to get laid and have a good time. Of course, it’s frown upon, but that doesn’t bother me when I am cashing that check and driving my Benz and getting the top of the line outfits and make-up and skincare sets.

I already closed on my second house and have the life most girls will only dream of. I wouldn’t give up my life for anything. Any guy that dates me has to be assimilated into my lifestyle. I’m sure as hell not going to stop the fun.

Big Dick Sucker Obsession

big dick suckerMost women would start this with “I don’t like to brag” but if I said that, it would be a lie. I love being the best dick sucker down at the truck stop and I’m proud of it. When the guys presented me with the little golden dick trophy, I got so excited that I drop down to my knees, opened my mouth, and started sucking. I made every guy there shoot a load in my mouths and I swallowed every drop of cum they shot. I personally think it’s a crime against humanity to waste even a tiny drop of jizz.

I guess I’m really good at sucking dick because I love it. Having a guy hold the back of my head while he pounds my face really makes me wet. It’s so exciting to feel his cock start to throb right before he shoot his load down my throat. Do you love a dirty cock sucking whore? Then you’re going to love me because I am the best of the best. Like I said, I’m an award-winning dick sucking slut and I’m ready to get you off with my whore mouth. Cum find out what a true cum addict I truly am.

Hot Stripper Sex Slut

hot stripper sex

What’s up, my sexy dudes? Over the weekend, I was working the pole and a guy asked me if he could stay after hours. I asked how much he was offering, and the amount he gave me showed me that he was willing to make it worth my while, so I agreed. Not only was he generous with his fuckin’ money, and I don’t know if I have ever had hot stripper sex that was that good! And you know me – I’m a whore and I have had a lot of sex. He had a huge cock and he really knew how to work it. He made me cum on his dick a bunch of times before he shot his load inside me.

After he came in me, he pushed me down on my knees and told me to lick his cock clean. I was more than happy to since he’d made me cum so many times. But while I was sucking him clean, he got hard again and I won’t lie – I was excited because I knew he’d fuck me again. This time, he told me to ride him and I bounced on his cock like I was riding a bull. Do you wanna hear more? 

Latina Phone Sex with the hottest slut

latina phone sex

If you’re craving hot latina phone sex look no further I am the filthiest slut ever. I may look delicious and sweet and yes I am super fucking delicious but I’m also quite devious. My mind is meant to be on cock only and getting rammed. One day at the pool hall there were these two brothers playing and I could certainly tell that both were blessed with big cocks. It clearly ran in the family. 

My only other reason to not want to try to get these two guys to DP me was that my ex was close by. To be totally truthful I could care less. My mind was on a great fuck. If that includes me bending over for everyone to see then you know I will be doing so.

The two brothers knew I was game for some hardcore pounding. Once things started to wind down they kicked it up a notch. We ended up doing lines and partying till 5 am. When they pounded me I even blacked out. 

Drip Wiggle Walk

Live Phone Sex FreidaI get a lot of horny men in the club that want to fuck me inside out but I love the kinky fetish guys the best!

I love getting my tight cocked fucked silly by a thick hard cock and if a man wants to rip my ass open with his massive meat, who am I to say no!

He gets enough of that from his wife!

But the best nights are when a man comes in with a dirty secret…something he can’t tell his wife…like how he loves the feeling of a twelve inch hard strap on sliding deep into that back door!

I am only too happy to slide my tongue from his full bursting balls to his sweet ass cheeks and sliding it deep into that yummy ass!

I love feeling him start to rock back as I am tongue fucking him while stroking his hard cock!

Once I feel it start to throb in my hands, I know it is time to slide this giant strap on into his tight man hole!

I love sucking his cock dry, draining his big balls and dumping that load into his over stretched gaping ass!

And I love the smile he gets when he feels it dripping back out and that cut little wiggle in his walk!

Every oozing drip is a happy memory!

Cock Juice Lover

cum filled cunt

I know I talk a lot about having a cum filled cunt, But that is the life of a whore like me. I am a stripper by day and a phone sex whore by night and in the middle of all that I’m getting fucked fucking dick down by the biggest dicks around. I can not imagine not having come inside of me all the time. I say it’s my duty to bring you my sexual excursions on the daily. What happens when a beautiful blonde gets a tit and goes to work on the pole? She becomes one of the biggest and baddest fucking stripper/prostitutes in this little Florida town. Not that I haven’t jumped a few trucks in my life and fucked trucker cock! I just want to become billed like a fucking Twinkie
If that’s wrong I don’t want to be fucking right! You need it down and dirty fucking whore for some live phone sex? That’s me I have a cute little voice and I’m really dirty life I’m really up for anything as long as I have my pipe and my sex wand!

Dirty Phone Sex with a Hot Young Stripper

dirty phone sexNothing better than dirty phone sex with a no limits mommy. I had another night alone last night. All my slutkins were pimped out for the night and my sons were gangbanging a milf with son fantasies. My husband was with our youngest girls chaperoning. I have a date late tonight, but last night I was on my own. I could not decide what I wanted to do. Did I want to go to the red-light district and pick up a hooker or go to the strip club and get some lap dances? I decided to go to the strip club for some hot stripper sex. I picked up Lola, a barely legal stripper with a rocking hot body. She had track marks, so I knew she was likely trafficked. I got a VIP room for us for a couple hours. I ate her pussy, she ate mine. I got her high on coke so she would talk. She has a pimp and a set amount of money she must bring him a night just not to get beat. I made sure I gave her that amount, so she was safe for the night. I told her I would talk to my husband and see if we could buy out her contract. She could work for us, live with us and we would never beat her. She licked harder on my clit as I told her how much better life could be for her with benevolent pimps. I went down on her and started fingering her tight cunt. For a whore her age, I was impressed with how tight she was. I tested her limits with her my fingers. Before long I was fisting her. She was a fisting whore too because she started creaming on my hand. I made her work for the $5,000 I gave her, but it was all worth it. Now, I just have to figure out how to make her one of my whores.

Wild Stripper sex stories

stripper sex stories

This Blonde Bimbo had the wildest and nastiest stripper sex stories around.  I have became in charge of all the new young and dumb dancers. Girls who are eighteen but look so fresh faced and cute. These are the ones who are going to be stars in the Club and I have to mold them into fuckalicious freaks! Men don’t come to my club to watch and not touch. Full service whores service, for a fee. These fresh faced sluts know nothing of the pretty vials filled with white gold. One line and these young ladies have no clue how to handle themselves. That’s what its important for an established hoe to make sure our club clientele get the hot stripper sex they are after! Being right there when these girls do that first coke covered cock blow job. Pouring water down those throats so they stay hydrated. Many of these nubile whores in training never have orgasmed in their life. Now they are high and having two or even three orgasms every night. It’s a lot to take in. The shit these men want my fresh young  strippers to do sometimes is over the top. I have to teach them it’s okay to puke on a cock and that every stripper whore gets fucked for cash here! Piss is common when white collar men go slumming. They can get vanilla sex any day of the week with boring fat wives. Its up to me to make sure our club has the raunchiest teen sluts fucking to satisfy big cock! 

hot stripper sex

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