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This Shemale cannot get enough use of an anal cum dumpster like a couple of my favorite bitches. Making men worship my shecock is really a ot time for me. It’s kinky to ooze my jizz all over that fucking begging face that stopped sucking me off properly.

If you are afraid of taking this cum in your mouth I will force you to start getting used to it. Start with eating your own cum to get accustomed to the taste. I can guarantee I cum lots and with a warm wet mouth like my bitch bois working my dick he’s going to get all of my ball juice.

Once I feed you my cum I will get that man cunt and own it too. On your back as I stand between your legs and thrusting them up I will force myself in that cunt and fuck you hard while you suck on that crack pipe.

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hot stripper sex and blow

hot stripper sex

I love to dance, and I am proud of stripping. I don’t care who sees me. Anyone can come into the club, and I have no shame. I’ve gotten to enjoy my life as a stripper slut. One of my favorite clients brings me so much coke. Whenever he gets a private dance for me, I get an eight ball handed to me.

It’s pretty impressive and the best form of payment. Oh my gosh, I love getting high and having hot stripper sex. My client loves to give me coke because once I get some in my system, there’s no stopping me. The sloppiest yummiest blow job you will receive, and it will be so worth it, and you won’t be able to stop seeing me.

Stripper Fucks Customer in VIP Room

Hot stripper sex


Stripping in the club and getting tipped a whole bunch of money can be great, but I know the real money is in the private rooms. In walks a high roller, well-dressed and eager to spend on girls. He is throwing so much money around I know I have to get a piece of that. I straddle his lap, play with his hair and tell him that he can enjoy more than a show if he takes me to the VIP room. We go in there and I strip for him, revealing my sexy titties and my pussy shaved bald. He pulls down his pants to show off his huge cock. He tells me to rub my pussy on his cock. I rub my pussy, now wet from rubbing my clit, all over the tip of his cock. He says that if I sit on his cock he’ll give me the tip of a lifetime. I ride that cock hard, bouncing my tits and my ass up and down, telling him to grab my ass while I ride him. He comes inside my pussy, cum dripping out of it. When he cleans up, he slaps my ass and gives me a nice big tip. I hope he comes back next time because I have a few more things I want to try out on him. I wonder if he has ever been given a blowjob by a stripper who can make him cum instantly.  

Trashy Milf Stripper Cunt Druggy

Trashy Milf stripper cunt druggy really does sum up all that I embody. It’s my life to get high and fuck all the black cocks I can get at. I live to get high and turn tricks. Growing up on the streets really brought me to what I am now. That is a truly dirty crack whore that craves the BBC. Working the circuit of strip clubs as a special service kind of gal was something I started ages ago.

Just the other day I was invited out to a two week trip out to the keys. Seems I will be performing for lots of bbc fresh from abroad. I’ll be part of the special Welcumming committee. Likely a couple of other gals from the Gold Club line of Adult entertainment.

It’s great for me to really embrace these BBC’s and show them they are appreciated. All I want is to be fucked into oblivion by big black cocks.

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I Kissed Santa Claus With Mommy!

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My mom and I went to a male strip club and ended up sharing the cock of a stripper dressed like Santa! I’m a stripper and my mom is a former porn star so we celebrate Christmas a little differently than normal folk. This year we went to a Santa strip-off contest at a male strip club that we saw an ad for; the competition was stiff, literally, I’ve never seen so many hot guys and with hard cock wearing Santa suits! Me and my mom ended up sharing the cock of the best stripper Santa who won the contest! We danced with him on the bar and invited him back to my place for a Christmas drink with us two horny sluts. When we got drunk together, me and my mom put on a show for that sexy Santa with the hard body; while my mom licked my cunt, sexy Santa made me suck his big hard dick!

Hot Stripper Sex

Santa’s Little Cock Gobbler!

Big Dick SuckerEvery year I look forward to the holidays at the strip club! There are fun costumes all month, Christmas lights and the annual Christmas that raffle gives us all a little Christmas cheer! One thing I look forward to the most is wearing my slutty Santa costume and getting my regulars into the Christmas spirit with my festive dances. Just last night I ended up leaving the champagne room with a belly full of cum because I sucked off a big group of thugs with huge black cocks! There were seven guys crammed into the champagne room with me and I could see that their dicks were rock hard. I knew I had to do something to escalate the situation so I took off my top and started sucking on those big black rods! Next thing I knew I was swallowing a big load of sperm in my Santa hat and that room full of studs were so impressed with me!

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Golden Showers Sex One Night Stand

As an drunk off my ass stripper chilling at the bar post set, I get approached with all kinds of propositions. I accept most of them without a thought. And Golden Showers Sex is certainly a popular one when drunk. The ones I don’t accept is usually that the guy wouldn’t even be able to walk out of the joint much less enjoy my filthy company.

So I was getting completely pissed and searching for my cocaine connection. My normal guy was away for a bit and my other guys had been out of town or down sick. So I was looking for some of the regulars around the club. I was lucky while I waited that one of the patrons had a bit on him. He wanted a little trade. He wanted me to piss on his face while I snorted lines off of his six pack, then let him piss on my stripper tits.

This was certainly right up my alley and I told him I had to piss like a beast, and we all know that he got more than he bargained for!

Golden Showers Sex

Hired for Hot stripper sex

Hot stripper sex

I got hired for Hot stripper sex at a frat party! I got on that pole while every cock watched my moves and twerking! Mm, I took off my bra and they all went wild for me! They kept groping my ass, perky tits, and trying to feel up my pussy! I slipped off my wet panties and let them go to town on my slutty fuckholes! There were forty guys from my college with every cock out, hard and throbbing for me! I bent down and spread my ass cheeks and yelled. “FUCK ME!” They wasted no time in stuffing their cocks inside of my fuckholes! I twerked my ass all over that big dick inside of me and sucked off a guy right in front of me. I kept bouncing this perfect ass on those cum leaking and rock-hard dicks. Some guys came without even touching their dicks! They got their cum all over my ass, back, and face! My little fuckholes kept getting abused by those hard dicks, pushing in and out of my pussyhole and asshole! I came like twenty times! The last guy who fucked me and came inside of my holes slapped my ass and spit on me, “fucking whore.” He laughed and I was left a fucking Cum dumpster, still being used up whenever a man-cock got fucking hard. 

Cummy Hot stripper sex

hot stripper sexHot stripper sex will make you melt this holiday season. If your down my way you will find my sexy ass dancing naked with a pussy full of cum. Some of thise splits on teh pole are helped buy my lubricated cunt. Its an industry standard that many strippers keep to themself. Slippery stages coated with a fresh wax of cum get the best gryrations for you buck! Fuck knee burn, I much rather glide on jizz! Speaking of why dont you meet me in back after I pick up theses cum soaked bills. I can show you another use for a cummy cunt.

My pussy is slick and will bounce on yoru dick so hard you wont even care about barebacking sloppy leftovers. Here baby Take a line line of my tits it will help you overcome your cum filled cunt objections. If only i could tell you my husband is the club owner rand my brother is the bouncer. Let me wiper in yoru ear that theses strong men both do not care about a wife or a sister full of another mans cum. If that doesnt help snort another line and pretend its Ky jelly sliding on your cock as you fuck me! Don’y cum in a strip club and think that your wont leave without another mans DNA somewhere on your body!

Hot Stripper Sex With Uncle Ron: Used Like A Little Whore

Hot Stripper Sex

Imagine if you walked into the club late one night, saw your hot young niece on stage and all you could think about is having Hot stripper sex with her! Would you pay for some extra special alone time with me? Or would you quietly sit down in the corner and just watch?

That’s exactly what happened, Uncle Ron just sat there in the corner slowly “adjusting” himself as he watched me. Once I noticed he was there I made it a point to display every inch of my tight young body for him to see. I could tell he was really enjoying himself, as I walked off the stage I slowly made my way over to him.

Crawling into his lap I softly whispered into his ear, asking if he’d like to come with me and move this somewhere a little more private. Nodding, he followed, his hands working their way down my soft supple body. I knew exactly what he needed.

As we ented the champagne room I stripped, removing all of my clothes as I stood there before him. I knew he’s been wanting this for so long now. Dancing and moving about I began to lightly tease him before dropping to my knees in front of him to suck that big massive cock I removed from his pants.

There’s nothing better than being filled in the dark back room of a strip club by your dirty naughty uncle.