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Big dick suckerI want your balls deep in my fucking pussy.There is nothing better than a good fucking dick ramming down my throat. I have fucked everyone in my city. Even the amazon delivery driver. He put my package on the porch and when I opened up the door I starting sucking him off right then and there. I sucked it so good and hard I thought it would burst. And then I took my right hand, spit right on that mother fucker, and made him beg me to let him cum.I grabbed him by the balls and threw him on the ground. And I rode his cock like a fucking bull rider threw my ass back and told him not to stop fucking this pussy until he breaks my fucking back. And right as he cumed a big load I put my ass in the air and head on the ground so my pussy was all he could see. Just to let him see that cum bursting out my pussy.

the sperm bank

Black teen phone sexI once worked at a sperm bank just so I could have all the cum I want . Got hired on and went to the back where we collect are products . And I started just squeezing them up inside of me moaning . I think at the fortieth one my coworkers came in and got jealous . This whole started to suck and lick all the cum out of my pussy ! I can still feel her tongue inching inside of me twisting and turning hitting my clit over and over . I shoved that whores face in my pussy just as four more works came in . So I laid on top of her rubbing her clit while one man laid underneath her and was fucking her ass . Don’t worry , I wasn’t left out . Another man started fucking my pussy . While the two others where making us suck there cocks . Seeing her eye rolled back and getting fucking while a big thick cock is stretching me out was the best fucking thing. 

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Anal Cum Dumpster I’ve been a little slut for as long as I can remember! When I was younger I had a bunch of fuck buddies . I use to go over to the main ones house and then he would call all of his friends over . I love having four cocks up my pussy and a thick one is my ass . I swear to you I can feel both of them sliding hitting against one another . They would fuck me so good I had drool hanging from my mouth and was just begging for a nice big fucking load when another two men fucked started fucking my mouth at the same time . And they where big fucking cocks to . Man you should have heard it !! You could hear all of there cum swishing around inside of me and the nice wet pussy sound . It sounded just like mac n cheese ! And the entire time you could hear me gagging on those fucking cocks! 

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Icreampie slutI couldn’t pay to have my food delivered so I just had sex with him instead . I opened up the door with almost nothing on . I invited him in , pushed him up against the door , and started sucking his dick right then and there . I am such a whore for cock who could resist a free pizza and sex . His gigantic cock could barely fit in my mouth . But I toke it like a champ ! I shoved that mother fucker all the way down my throat and looked up at him while I was gagging on it . He really liked that and shoved me on the ground and I could feel his meaty slung  all the way inside of my belly . Every single thrust honestly took my breath away . Nothing turns me on as much as some good fucking cock . I dug my nails in his back and begged for more . All I fucking want is a good cream pie with my pizza .


sexlineNormally I am a doctor . But when I am bored I love to go to truck stops . I get my lab coat on and glasses and I go to every trucker asking to get fucked . Begging for it . All I want is a big nasty good cream pie . I want every single man to give me a big ass load . I really don’t care whore . Please make me your cum whore . Don t you dare jerk it ill lick it off your hand like the good slut I am . I want that nasty good sex . I want to suck the life out of you . I need someone to fuck my ass real good and hard and I wont be satisfied until I get every last drop . I love it . I love going there and all of them rip the clothes off my body and smash my face into the ground . I love being there cum dumpster . Let this doctor take care of your needs .

Cum guzzling slut

ICum guzzling slut am such a fucking slut . All I can think about all day is cock . I miss it! Your hard thick cock slowly inching further inside of my tight pussy . Don’t you miss how tight I am ? How wet and moist I am as I squeeze that nice cock of yours . Oh I know you can feel my pussy throbbing . Almost makes you want to nut instantly doesn’t it daddy ? But are fun isn’t over yet . Slam that fucking cock inside of me . Fuck my brains out ! I know you love how much of a cum slut I am . That’s right daddy go faster and faster . My cum is dripping down my legs . Is my pussy to much for you ? Want me to suck on it ? If you think my pussy is good your really gonna like what this mouth can do ! I wont stop until tears are streaming down my face and your cum fills up my cheeks . Don’t you want your wet balls slamming against this little throat ? If you take the lead and fuck me good ill even let you fuck my ass to . I have never done anal before but I can try for you .

my bro

Creampie slutMe and my bro went to the gym and as I was doing my squats I felt his eyes staring me down . I’ve wanted my big brother for such a long time . So I made sure to tease him and moan . I was getting to sweaty so I went in the back where the showers are and here I comes running . What will my big brother do to me ? Maybe he will fuck my big tities and cum a big load on my face . He could also try to stuff that cock of his in my virgin little ass . What if my big brother takes my virginity . I hope he pushes me up against the glass shower so my gigantic fucking boobs are all over the place and he fucks me so good and hard . I wonder what his cum taste like ?That’s right brother fuck the shit out of your sister and make me scream your name 

my friend

cum dumpsterI had my sights set on my friend at work since I started . He just makes my pussy throb and I find myself always bending over and looking at him and pressing up against him . Eventually I got the courage to hit on him even though he is married .I knew once i put in my two week notice that I was running out of time so I found a reason to go into the freezer and i bent over and took off my pants. I had fantasized about his dick many times but I had no idea it was so big .He  lifted both of my legs above his cock and slammed it in ..anyone could walk in at any moment .He dug his nails into my skin and I squirted everywhere . He told me how bad i was for wanting his dick so bad ..and then he shoved my face into the icy floor and fucked my virgin ass .He instantly he cummed the biggest fucking load i have ever seen but he couldn’t stop ..He flipped me over and as I laid on the floor he tied some tape from one of the boxes around my neck until i couldn’t talk or breath .Then he shoved his big throbbing cock down my mouth .I loved the taste of my ass and his cum .He used the tape like reins so that it kept tieing tighter around my throat while face fucking me so damn hard it made me cry .

Crack Whore, Piss whore

toilet sexToilet sex is nothing new to me. I get paid to be the piss drink cum slut men love to hate. They know I am a used up crack whore. And when the economy gets bad men get meaner than they have ever been. They need a skank like me to take it out on. Sometimes, like tonight I remind them of their nagging wife. My name isn’t even mine as I am in the back room of the trap house. A cock is in my mouth and my hair is being pulled as I am being called his worthless wife’s name over and over. “That that you bitch, maybe my cum load will change you attitude,” He is seething. And as his cum squirts into my mouth I gag a little. That results in a slap that blacks my eye. I feel the pain But I don’t care as he breaks off a nickel of crack and kicks me in the ribs. You like that Skank? You are nothing but a five dollar whore. His lets loose a stream of after sex piss on my bruising face. I grab the tiny rock greedily. I don’t care, I just need my fix.

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I come on strong, but you’ll be cumming hard by the time I’m done with you. You’ll arrive questioning if such a sweet smile can suck your soul out, but you’ll leave addicted to every little drop of me. If you get tired of my mouth, I’ll use these sexy fucking titties of mine to jack off your throbbing cock. Either way, you’re cumming; I don’t care if it’s deep in my virgin asshole, down my cum dumpster throat, or up inside my velvety young pussy.
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