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Cum Dumpster Carrie Will Take It All, All Night Long!

Cum Dumpster

They call me cum dumpster Carrie for a reason. I love cum, its that simple. I am a cum whore and I love every second of my cum filled life. I love it in me and on me and just all over the place so I can feel it between my toes and fingers and inside of my pussy. I am the very definition of a cum whore, look it up buddy my picture will be right there spread eagle first page.

I love taking big hard cocks, especially big black cocks, with veins all over them for me to trace with my tongue. Oh, and when cum catches on those veins I lick them all up in seconds. It’s like the center of a lollipop, I want it all to myself. So, come and give this blonde bitch a try, I promise I won’t disappoint. I will tease and please you all at the same time.

My sopping wet cunt is here ready for you to take like all these other of hundreds of guys have done. They say I’m a pump and dump, pump a few times inside this tight pussy and you’re sure to dump your load in me. I would love it if you just fucked me and used me like the piece of fuck meat I am then cam in me and left.

That shit is hot, not knowing who the father could be if I end up getting knocked up by your super strong seed. I fucking love it, its all one big game after all.

BBC Sex Stories With A Goddess Will Make You Explode!

BBC Sex Stories Carrie

Let me tell you about some of my naughtiest, raunchiest bbc sex stories! There are a ton of stories because I absolutely love big, veiny, juicy black cocks. I think for today we will focus on one thick juicy, meaty piece of ass. His name is Omar and I fucking worship his beefy black cock. He has a thick, 9-inch black anaconda and it is all mine!

I love sucking on his juicy thick ass man meat and worshiping him like he’s the god he really is. He is truly blessed to have suck an amazing cock and have one that takes me to another world of orgasms. I am nothing more than amazed at how big and juicy it is and how it pushes and pushes to get into my tight wet cunt. How it stretches and fills me up so much that I nearly cum right as he penetrates me. It’s so hard not to cum when you have that enormous anaconda inside of your little slit.

When he pounds me and thrusts his cock inside of me, its like I cum over and over again. It’s a never-ending pleasure feast and he loves every minute of it. He always tells me how tight my wet pussy is and that he loves making love to me and fucking me like a whore I am. He told me he will never stop and I am so good with that, I never want him to stop fucking the whore out of me.

Cum Filled Blonde Whore Is Ready To Play!

Blonde Phone Sex Carrie

I am a delicious and voluminous blonde who loves to be filled up! Yup, I am talking full on filled up creampies! So, give me all that you’ve got guys because this blonde is all about that deliciously sticky and creamy cum going into all of my holes, especially my juicy little tight cunt.

Feeling your thick, beefy man meat deep inside of me as our hot and sweaty bodies grind together is so intoxicating, I just love sex! Blonde sex is on a whole other level too. You have regular sex, then you have blonde sex which is wild, and crazy, and hot, and it is exactly what this smoking hot blonde slut offers.

So come and play with me, I promise you won’t regret a single minute being inside of this tight little slit of mine. Plus, you get to cum in me free of charge, that’s right no condoms and no commitment. If this pussy gets pregnant, I won’t fucking care, I still want that fucking cock! I love that feeling of feeling so full like you are about to explode cum everywhere. So, come and fill me up! Make me the woman I have longed to be for so long.

Hell, get me pregnant and have me be your pregnant slut, or forget about me just hit it and quit it. I can be your side peace with no attachment needed. So come and give me your all or give me nothing, but please leave all your cum. This blonde pussy will always be open to your cock to warm it and caress it as needed.

Blonde Fucking With Carrie Is So Fucking Hot!

Blonde Fucking

I just want all of your delicious body pressed against mine tonight, with my blonde fucking you’ll never want to let me go. And, tonight you don’t have to, you can fuck me and cum in me as many times as you fucking want. You could even run a fucking train on me, I don’t mind in fact Id love if you ran a train on me tonight.

I am a true woman with needs and desires, so come and fuck me big boy, I cant wait to get your delicious big black cock deep inside of this tight blonde cunt. Fill me up with all of your cum! I want to have one big wet fun filled cum guzzling cunt by the end of the night! So let me guzzle all of that cum from your beefy fucking meat stick.

Once you’ve had a taste of the good stuff, you will never want to go back to that big ole boring wife of yours at home. No, no, no you will always think back fondly on the night we had together. The night you tamed the beast and fucked it. You fucked it good and hard too.

So come and play my little game, wont you? You know you want to, play the game of life and fucking all night long! This blonde cunt will take whatever you give and put out 100 times fold, so come and take a ride on this wild rollercoaster, ride at your own risk.

Creampie Slut Carrie Will Leave You Drained And Satisfied!

Creampie Slut

I am one massive, creampie slut! I absolutely love it when a man cums inside of my pussy. I love it even more when he records it so that I can watch it later as spank bank material. No clue what it is about creampies, maybe it’s the thickness and the creamy goodness that I love so much. Whatever it is, I cannot get enough of it.

This slut is all about you jacking off and busting your nut inside of my pussy. Sure the face and tits are great for your meat stick to play with, but that cum should always, and I mean always, go inside of my pussy.

Even those yummy huge bbc cocks need to cum inside of my pussy. That is my one rule if you fuck me, you have to cum inside of my pussy. And I don’t mean partially, I mean fully 100% fill me with all of that cum in your balls. I want to drain your balls and milk your cock so that you are empty for a few days afterwards.

I want you to be thrusting so hard into my sopping wet cunt that you can’t think straight and just burst inside of me. Pump your delicious thick, meaty, beefy cock inside of me like no other then just give me that sweet, sweet baby making juice.

Plant it so deep inside of me that it goes directly into my fucking womb. I want to have that risk and danger factor of oh no I might be pregnant. So, pump this pussy full of that delicious gooey goodness!

Carrie The Cum Dumpster Is Ready To Fucking Go!

Cum Dumpster

I have always loved being the town whore. Men and women from all over would come just to get a taste of the legend that is me. The town whore Carrie is always on every man’s and woman’s mind. Simply because I am that good, I am the best of the best at fucking and being a good little cum dumpster.

I love when a couple teams up on me and the woman sits on my face as the guy pounds my pussy and breeds me hardcore. That’s right, breeds me, no condoms, just barebacking me until he breeds this little town whore.

I love slurping pussy and sucking on clits while I am being fucked into oblivion. It makes everything more sensual and I fucking love it. Just soaking up all of those pussy juices as that cock pumps and thrusts and pounds its way inside of me. Making its way into my womb, simply to plant its seed and say it was here. Like a flag marking new conquered land.

Yes, I want to be bred to have young ones of my own to teach all about like and the pleasures life has to offer. So go ahead and breed this whore, I will gladly take your seed inside my womb even if I don’t know your fucking name and I never see you again. I want you to mark me as a woman.

I especially love being gang-banged with like 3 or 4 men at once then having them all cum inside of me, not knowing who the baby daddy will be is so fucking exciting.

BBC Cock Sucker Carrie Is One Big Dick Sucker!

Big Dick Sucker

I love a good cock sucking, and why wouldn’t I? I am the biggest cock sucking whore around. But when you bring an amazing, beautiful big black cock into play, I lose my shit. I just love those thick, veiny, meaty goodness cocks and of course I hog them all to my big beautiful breasted self.

Those enormous, 9 inch big black cocks are what make this pussy sopping wet. Just thinking about last night has me going again, this pussy is ready to hunt again. So, I go to the club and find the biggest baddest big black cock I can find.

Once I had him in my sights I started to grind and dance with him to the music. He brought me to the back of the room, where it was so dark that no one could see what the other was doing. He kissed me and grinded against my body, letting me feel that enormous man meat under his tight jeans.

I started to stroke the outside of his pants then dropped to my knees and began to suck on that big black beauty. It had to be about 10-inches long. And the thickness of a beer can, I was super impressed and up for the challenge.

So, I stood then he pushed me up against the wall and tore off my dress. He pulled my hair and thrusted hard while sliding inside of my tight wet cunt. Oh god does it feel so good to be pounded by a real mans cock!


Best BBC Anal Fucking Ever With Carrie

anal cum dumpster

Let me just start by saying, I am an absolute lover of BBC’s. I especially love it when they decide to plug all my holes and fuck the shit out of me. Their thick, veiny, beefy, meaty cocks with the oh so yummy bulging veins.

I let them fuck whatever hole they want to on me baby. Today, he wanted my ass, and I could not refuse his delicious meaty cock. So, of course I said yes. I pulled up my skirt, and moved my red panties to the side to reveal my perfect little pussy. Then I reached back and spread my perfect chubby ass cheeks.

With my pink starfish staring right at that enormous cock, he spit on his manhood then rubbed it all up and down my crease. I moaned in anticipation of that delicious big black cock. It was as thick as a red bull can. I could not wait any longer, I pressed my body backwards towards his cock and winked playfully.

He smacked my round white ass then shoved his hard dick inside of my pink starfish. I moaned and groaned as he spread me open with his man meat. It felt so fucking good to be broken in by a real BBC! I can’t believe his cock is so perfect and yummy and that it is all for me.

As he was pumping I felt him get extremely hard, his breath was jagged and rough. He moaned loudly as he thrust once more then released the most enormous load I have ever had in my ass.

Cum Dumpster Trailer Trash Whore Gets What She Craves!

Cum dumpster

I am one dirty cum dumpster whore. Let me just start by saying I absolutely love cum. Ever since I was a youngster I have had an affinity for cum. Making people cum, eating cum, being drenched in cum, I love it all. I just cant seem to get enough cum in me or on me to be satisfied.

So, its only natural that I’d be a huge druggy whore who lets anyone and everyone fuck her, don’t you think? I sure do, besides its not only the cum I love. I cant get enough of the orgasms!

My mom said that I was special because I could have an orgasm just by being penetrated. She was jealous of me so shed use me as a way to make money when we were short growing up. Actually, now a day a lot of women are jealous of my natural cumming abilities.

So, growing up I was branded the town whore. As such I figured it was only right to keep my title upheld. So, whenever if comes to a man now, if I want him, I get him. Even if he is already taken, I would fuck the shit out of him until he filled me with that delicious baby juice.

I long to be filled with your seed and party with you until you’ve had your fill of cumming all over and inside of me. So lets do this coke and smoke this pot until we are high enough we forget our own names. And lets party hard baby!

Come and Party With This Stripper

Hot Stripper Sex

Are you wondering what a slut like me does on my days away from phone sex? Well I will tell you. I am a stripper on the side and I fucking love being one. No, don’t even try to shape this pole-dancing whore because nothing you say will affect me at all. I love who I am and how slutty I am because I can pay my bills simply selling this ass. Instead of having a dead end 9-5 job that I hate. I have a great job that makes me thousands in a single night.

Stripping and prostitution is a great way to make all the money I need to live my luxurious lifestyle.  I make men cum for me all day long, what more could a girl ask for? Not much because the satisfaction of knowing that men have spent their hard-earned money on me and my fat ass makes this pussy drip. Especially when they cum for me, hard and all over my face.

I slurp up that cum like it were my last meal ever and I make sure not to waste a single fucking drop. Then I bump a hit off your rock hard cock and continue making my men cum for me all throughout the room. There are so many naked men here to fuck and play with I cant control myself any more.

I tear off my clothes then start this orgy like it is meant to be started and fuck everyone at the party. Its so fucking fun being me, I cant believe I get paid to make men cum for me.