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White Trash Phone Sex on Black Friday

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex on Black Friday has been insane. I love working on Black Friday. Most men have the day off and most of their wives leave them alone to go shopping. Although I do love to shop, I will never shop in a store on Black Friday. Not when I can talk to my fellow perverts. So, most of my calls today involve my youngest daughter or son, and big daddy dick.

All my girls are daddy’s girls. I birthed them knowing one day daddy would train them to take care of him. My husband is 20 years older than me. Although he has begun to slow downs sexually, he still enjoys fucking me and his daughters. A little Viagra and Daddy can fuck a pussy like he was 30 something still.

He overheard part of my phone sex line call involving our youngest daughter, and Daddy’s dick came to life. No Viagra needed either. It felt like a Thanksgiving miracle. My daughter was excited too. Usually, my husband sits on the sidelines and watches our girls with their brothers, me or a John that came to the house. But I was the one sitting on the sidelines this time.

Talking Dirty to Perverts Like Me Gets My Husband Going Better Than Viagra

And I did not mind either. This is the sort of white trash show I enjoy. A daddy fucking his teen whore daughter in her princess bed made my pussy so fucking wet. I watched daddy pump his baby girl full of daddy milk. Secretly, I hope he knocks her up. I would love to be grandma. Plus, how hot would it be for my husband to be the father and the father and the grandfather too.

Normally, I dive right between my daughters’ legs after daddy leaves his seed and clean up a cum filled cunt. But I let that sperm ruminate inside her fertile little womb for a while before I dived in and licked up daddy’s cum. Maybe I will get another Thanksgiving miracle in 9 months.

Sexline for Unrestricted Fun with a Dirty Old Whore

sexlineMy sexline remains no limits. Sometimes people think as a woman ages, she becomes more conservative. They think that way because their wives aged and stopped giving head and stuff. But I am no wife. Although I once was a wife, I vowed never to marry again. Why? Because the other woman gets to have all the fun, right?

Most of the married men at the truck stop and in my trailer park understand that I am the woman who does what their wives won’t do. I swallow, take it in the ass, fuck with the lights on and let men share me with their friends. And I do not nag them. If a man wants to smoke weed or do some coke, I do it with him. I just want to enjoy life. And for this trailer trash whore enjoying life involves, cock, cum and coke. The three Cs of life for me.

Alex came over last night and brought a few friends. He is a new guy I am fucking. When he moved into the trailer park, I thought great a new man to fuck. But he has a white wife. Alex is half black and half white. But luckily his cock appears to be all black at 11.5 inches. He seemed impervious to my charms at first, but then his wife got pregnant, would not fuck him and he had needs.

A Trailer Park Slut Does What Your Wife Will Not

My guess is that once she births that brat, the brat will consume her, and she will keep on neglecting her hung husband. However, I will never neglect a big cock. He can cum on my face. I will be his anal cum dumpster too. Alex never met a woman who would take his anaconda in her ass. Well, few women resemble me.

Last night, he decided to share me with a few equally hung and neglected friends. So, I took care of them all. A few times over too. I took Alex and his friends in all three of my fuck holes. None of his friends had ever fucked a woman in her ass. Men need to send me their wives so I can remove the stick from their asses, LOL. I am not a wife anymore. So, I will do all the things wives won’t. And I will love every minute of it.

Trashy Milf BJ Has Been Fucking BBC All Night

I’m BJ and I am a trashy milf. My son and adopted daughter’s know that I love to fuck big black cocks. My daughter is part black too. She knows mama loves to use the nigger word alot.

Obviously I say nigger and yes it is true I am a red neck whore from the slums. My daddy was a klans man and mama was just a pass around girl for the klan. I watched mama get used one night by a bunch of niggers.

Ever since seeing those massive black cocks pounding out my white whore mama I was intrigued. So in my coming of age I set off to finding myself working the streets.

Conclusively when I became a prostitute my world expanded. Furthermore I soon met my own nigger pimp. And this daddy figure for me was who really assisted me in the rest of my life. 

Finally I knew what my place was and sure I was stuck fucking little dicked white men at first. One night I begged to get high with the good stuff.

After all a Crack whore is what I became soon. My craving for the black dick led me to begging my pimp to fuck me.
And that was how it all started.

Trashy Milf

Anal cum dumpster Hooker and wife likes it hard

Anal cum dumpster

Being an anal cum dumpster is one of the best things to ever happen to me. You could say that I was born to be a butt slutt. One thing is true a lot of whores give up their ass but those who really enjoy getting a cock reamed in that tight ass hole like me are in demand. I ride and back it up like no other!

Twerking on cock with my ass makes me so fucking crazy. Most men I take home have no clue I am so much into ass play and back-door fucking. That’s right I take clients right in my own home. Sometimes my husband and offspring are even home.  Now that might make my ass fuckers uneasy. Wait until we snort a couple of lines and I show him what my ass can do!  

Anal cum dump hookers are so nasty!!!

Second, a woman who loves to have her ass gaped and dripping cum just hits a little harder. Your wife sure the hell isn’t putting her ass to good use now, is she? So you cum looking for hookers for hire who love anal! Lay back and imagine that’s my little ass ring getting spread on your cock as I tell you all the dirty ass fuck sessions I have had with and without my cuck hubby!

 Let me explain how pleasurable it is to get fucked in the poop shoot. Il grab a nice fat toy and stick it to the wall and fuck my ass on call. Cum for my ass hole baby, let me show you how a dirty whore can please you! I’m going to make you cum so hard you’ll be begging for more ass fucking! Hardcore anal sex  I want you to cum all over my ass hole and pussy. I want to feel your cum dripping down my body. Let’s have some fun!

Sexline Transexual Dominant Josie is Ready to Own You

Calling my Sexline is like calling yourself out as a cock craving little faggot. Don’t resist or deny yourself. My cock and my body are beautiful and perfect for fucking you best. Let me just own that sweet spot and give you the best orgasm ever.

Optimally you will have a little something to play with while we play. Maybe some candy and we can both get fucked up and  or high. The one thing I love with my lovers is that they are willing to take something in that sweet hole of theirs. Get that ass cunt fucked. Massage your prostate and jerk off.

Finally the thought of my dick owning your ass and mouth pussies makes me hot. I will destroy your hole and make you gag with that throat fuck. Let Josie own your dirty desire for shemale cock.


Sorority girls fucking On Halloween weekend

Sorority girls fucking Sorority girls fucking On Halloween weekend are too much for just me to handle. I need a big slapping rock-hard dick to corral some of these little bitches. I was never one to go to college but I often worked the frat houses with a couple of younger hookers. Rich boys and money and coke flow freely on the weekends. But occasionally the rich daddies of these teen and young 20-year-old sluts pay for something taboo. Breaking into sleeping girls’ rooms at the sorority with a grunt is so fun. We have no-fail plans that have up to three young whores duct taped in minutes. Some papas just want to scare the girls and show them a good tie with said grunt and me on video. But others need to punish these young girls. 

So Ready to have some fun and make some money by partying and sorority girls fucking!

Other times I was paid to infiltrate the sorority and lead Christian girls into the depths of sex and drugs. This would often take a few weeks, with red tape and connections unknown to me. But these were the best times of my life, a place to sleep, partying with the ladies who had money, and seeing them turn into gangbang whores fast. Even if at their age, I was whoring at high school age.

I found that the videos of these girls on thick cock would have Daddy sending money more frequently. The flip side of this is a couple of my sorority sisters dropped out of school and began to fuck for money full-time with me. I guess Daddy forgot that once a whore is popped she often can’t get away from dope and cock.  Ending up on the streets, selling bodies to the highest bidder. It was the only way they will survive. Soon realizing that they had no choice other than to accept their fate and make the best of it.

Sexline is No Limits Age Play with Me Always

sexlineMy sexline is a no limits line. I love taking men down rabbit holes of perversion. My life appears to be one big rabbit hole. I get older and my play mates get younger. Most of my calls focus on my little slutty daughters. Men crave young bald pussy. So, do I. But I love boy cock too. When I first married my husband, I told myself I would just watch him with our girls. But I could not stay on the sidelines for long.

Why would I want to watch when I had horny sons around wanting to fuck me. Even though I waited until they became teenagers to fuck my sons, I like them even younger now. One of my callers asked me recently what the appeal of boy cock was to me. Oh, what is not the appeal? I prefer my cocks like many men prefer their cunnies, bald. Hairless cock makes mommy feel great.  But as my sons age, that hairless phase of their youth disappears.

I Get Older, and My Lovers Get Younger

What does a trashy milf do when that happens? She looks for younger boys to play with. My oldest son joined this Big Brother program to help his mouth out. For the past few months, he has brought me young boys. And guess what? They all want to fuck me. Young boys are easier to molest than young girls. And they never tell adults because they enjoy that pussy too much to give it up.

This weekend, my boy brought me 4 young schoolboys to molest. What a treat for mommy too. My son loves to watch me molesting hairless cocks and bodies. One of the boys appeared to be a repeat customer. A few months back he fucked me. Now, he wanted a second helping of trailer trash whore pussy. My oldest son enjoyed watching me entertain 4 boys younger than him or any of his siblings when I first molested them.

Now that my son helps me get younger cock, my husband wants his daughters to do the same for him with younger girls. This is why I love my husband so much. We get older, but our playmates get younger.

Big dick sucker Hadley loves to give CBT for pay

Big dick sucker

The ultimate big dick sucker and CBT specialist for your cocks pain and pleasure. Men who hire men wan me to do the things that they cannot get partners to do for them. They may be ashamed, or just not want that woman to know they need cock and ball torture occasionally.  I am a proud hooker and shame is not even a thing with me at this point. I do all kinds of fucked up shit for pay.

 So when Richard asks if I would like to hurt his beautiful cock, I smile with glee. My Main man who needs his dick bitten and cut with my fingernails during a blow job knows I am ready! Many men use a hooker or some Freaky phone sex to get family jewel punishment. No not all men who enjoy CBT need my heels penetrating soft testicle skin. But those who do know that I am grateful to give back all the humiliation and agony I can.  

Be like Richard who has me choose three methods of cock and ball torture before our calls. I choose from a list of handy dandy household items for him to use on an edged-out cock. It really is a beautiful large cock, I almost feel bad for how it looks after our Taboo phonesex. I said almost! There is just something so satisfying as I dial up the vibrations on my lush and lead him into the dark shadow of cock and testicle pain.

Has he cried? On more than one occasion!

Has he begged me to stop after the throbbing soreness has set in? Of fucking course. Have I stopped? Hell fucking no!

He calls me because he set me up to hurt him ever so badly. If the first two steps have made him beg for me to stop, I still have one more. And I’m a nasty bitch who loves to finish what I started. He can stop anytime he wants to but by now I know just how much cock and ball torture he can take.


Nasty Phonesex Tranny Prostitute Druggy Josie’s Diseased Cock

Nasty phonesex with a hot druggy prostitute shemale is a life sentence. When druggy prostitute Josie gets her hands on a useless loser like you your life has an expiration.

I met up with a client that wanted bareback fucking. As I have been a druggy whore for years. Money talks and I go bare back. One night I got myself beat and violated by a gang of black thug niggers. These guys really ripped my ass and did a number on me. It was before I got my breast job.

Soon after this event I found out I was positive. In denial I continued to prostitute myself and the best revenge was infecting other men with my diseased seed. The fantasy raping of those fuck holes raw and bareback was exiting. I got one jon and fucked him hard. As I was spunking in him I told him I was HIV Positive and I will pass every sickness I have on.

Nasty phone sex

Cum Guzzling Slut Love Getting Face Fucked


Just look at that huge cock in my mouth. I’m the filthiest cum guzzling slut on this site, but it’s not just the cum that I’m swallowing. I’m a filthy whore for piss play too. I just want my slut mouth used properly. Just last night I was getting down on to my knees and opened my mouth wide for this huge cock. Just some random guy I met at a bar. I sure know how to pick ’em. He was so fucking thick I could barely fit the tip in my mouth at first. As soon as I got it to slide down my throat he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face.

cum guzzling slut

Cum Guzzling Whore Loves Toilet Sex Too!

I was staring up at him while he rammed his cock down my throat. My eyes were rolling to the back of my head and I could feel my cunt soaking through my panties. I started rubbing my cunt and then I felt something warm and wet sliding down my throat. But it wasn’t cum. It was piss! I didn’t even tell him I liked water sports sex, but he was doing it anyway. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and covered my face with it. 

I loved the feeling of getting showered in that warm piss stream. I was completely covered in piss and soaked. He rammed that hard cock back down my throat and I could taste that salty piss. It made it so much more fun to suck his cock. I wrapped his hand around the base of his cock and milked him. I wanted my reward for pissing sex. And that’s a major load of cum filling up the rest of my tummy.