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Four Dicks One Girl

Crack Whore AnalLet’s go back to the first gangbang I enjoyed. I met up with my brother’s friends because he was supposed to take me home-but we fucked instead. I always found Chris attractive, and I knew he knew because he would always flirt back. It was when he slipped out his cock by the subway that I knew how much he really liked me. He had three of his other guy’s meet us- but he was already balls deep in my cunt when they arrived. When his friends came by-they asked no questions, just hopped on me or should I say into me hehehe. One stuck his cock straight down my throat, the other up by ass and the last waiting for the right moment to double cock my ass. Chris knew I was already loaded up on crack so I wasn’t feeling anything but euphoria. I just didn’t expect the trip to escalate from a simple flirt into a subway gangbang.



Dice and Dicks

Druggy Porn Bobbie

Suck cock, get fucked in the bathroom, whatever it takes to keep this sugar daddy. Looking back to the boys I dated no cock compares to his. Go to Vegas-know I’ll count all his chips, Bitches wanna judge me but I don’t give a fuck. The popular boys are overrated- I need to go on big trips, fucking bigger dicks. I love when he watches me count and slobber on all his friends’ dicks. I fuck him because my cunt can’t be empty long. Got cum, you need to fill me- don’t make contact unless you’re ready to whore me out honey. All other girls hang around to look pretty but I don’t care because they don’t know how to get nasty like me. He picked me to be his bitch because I love the rocks you can’t wear. But never mind what I had to do to get these rocks babe, crush them up and eat my pussy like he tells you to. Gucci, Prada, these sheets are comfy time to get cum stains on them. Bring those fellas over and stretch me out while he records us. “I bet you didn’t expect me to be this kind of whore huh daddy?” I moan while you fuck my cunt and your brother rails my ass deep. Smack me in the face with your cocks again he likes that,! Ohmmmm, I can’t hardly wait for the cum shower he has in store for me tonight!!

Fuck My Hairy Cunny!

Hookers For Hire

I like to grow my pussy hair out so guys can fuck my cunt and cover my bush with their hot creamy cum! I usually keep my pussy nice and bald but occasionally I like to grow out a bush for the a few of my fuck buddies who love eating and fucking a nice hairy cunt. It takes a while to get it to the perfect length but once I have a full bush guys can’t resist the temptation to fuck my bushy wet pussy! It feels amazing to ride a guys face while he sucks on my sloppy wet hairy twat, I think the bush makes it more fun to cum all over their cocks as they are surprised at how sexy I am and how hard they cum with my wild hairy pussy.

Big Dick Sucker Faggot on my Dick

I will never turn down a Big dick sucker that craves the shecock. My sweet little faggot needs me more than ever. There was a time that he just sucked me off and begged for my salty thick and gooey jizz load, but now he wants to delve even deeper. I went deep for my own pleasure. Burying this big dick of mine deep in that faggot pussy was the best way to take my edge off and boy he was screaming like a bitch. This fucking dick is not for beginners but this one was a true anal virgin and I owned his sweet faggot cunt. Balls deep in that little faggot ass I was showing him no remorse. Doing lines of blow and fucking that sweet tight ass just had me in the best slut fucking rhythm ever. I bet you want to be next don’t you?

Big dick sucker

Anal Sex Whore Craving She-cock

You are seeking something dirty, sexy, and kinky. I am a sexy dirty girl with a special something for added pleasure. Please understand you will be hypnotized by my big beautiful she-cock. In fact you will beg to be my Anal sex whore. As so many other *straight men* have done in the past. You get a little taste and decide you can’t go through with it… but with a little sexy persuasion you end up on your knees before your hung goddess and worshiping every inch of my lady boy parts.

A sexy feminine blonde is what most will see, however they will be fooled. This has happened at the Hotel lounge I was working one night where there was some convention full of big wig CEO types. Dressed in a slinky dress, and looking pretty hot as always. I was approached by a usually alpha male type and we had drinks. He was completely interested in what I was offering. But seems he didn’t quite catch on to the fact that I was a special kind of girl.

No, not that, he knew a drink in that I was a prostitute. We were up in his room and making out pretty heavy. I started to give him the blow job we agreed on and he started roaming his hands up my thighs going for the prize when suddenly he started to get freaked and nervous. I shushed him and continued to suck. He was starting to push me away and I thought he was going to go batshit. Instead he was on his knees in front of me and devouring my something extra.

Anal sex whore

Nasty Phonesex Stripper Whore

I’m the Nasty Phonesex stripper whore that fucks in the VIP room. I fuck like a druggy whore because that is exactly fucking what I am, a druggy whore for big nigger cocks. I don’t feel ashamed for my fixation. You should not feel ashamed for yours either. Embrace it and embrace me and we will have the best time ever. My whore pussy is filled with that nigger seed. The very gooey goodness that makes your cock throb and mouth water. You are a filthy little cum eater that luvs a nasty creampie from a nasty stripper prostitute that only fucks big black dicks. We can get filthy, uninhibited and down right fucking southern style dirty. You will worship my gaped and filled dirt hole. Enjoy that spunk covered brown shitter treat like a good nasty pervert.

Nasty Phonesex

BBC phone sex

Sexline Whore


It was a natural progression for a fuckin’ whore like me to end up working on a sexline. I mean, I’m the biggest whore my town has ever seen and that’s a pretty big deal. My town has a lot of women who are very friendly if you know what I mean. Anyway, talking to all you pervs is the best. Finally getting to talk to tons of people who are as horny and kinky as me has made me even hornier if you could even imagine that! Let’s just say that since I’ve been doing this, the guys down at the truck stop have been really impressed.

I’m up for talking about anything when you call me! I can tell you fun stories about nasty shit I’ve done, or you can tell me what you’ve been up to. I’m the biggest taboo whore there is, so if you want to talk about things that would make prim and proper cunts clutch their pearls, then you’d better come and play with me. I’ll be waiting by the phone, rubbing, and slapping my cunt with my dildo till you can tell me what to do to myself. I take orders very well.

My Taboo Sexline

sexlineMy sexline is a party line. You can be your freaky self with me. I love to party. I am an old school coke whore. My husband turned me into a coke head when I was just a teen girl. He told me it would relax me, and it did. My freak flag grew over the years. Now, I am a full-time whore. A dirty mommy, a phone sex slut and a kinky madam of a home brothel of little sluts. I love to party and tell all the dirty tales from when I was a Lolita slut to when I became the madam of my own Lolitas. I was partying last night with a new caller. He was raised in a home like my husband, and I are raising our little ones. Only he was raised by a single mom. She was a party mom like me. His mom was a stripper in the 70s and 80s and would have these drug fueled orgies. He would watch his mom getting gang banged and doing lines of coke off a dick. She would never let him join though. She was a cock teasing mommy. Now, he is married to a stripper and raising his little girl and son in a drug and sex fueled life too. My phone sex line is like therapy for him because I help him with grooming his daughter to be a good cum whore and dick sucker. I have also helped him with how to get his wife on board with the incest. She fucks guys in front of her husband, many are younger than her, but he cannot get her to fuck her son yet. This woman does not know what she is missing. One of my favorite things to do is put coke on one of my teen son’s cocks and let him ravage my mommy pussy for hours. I have no limits. No inhibitions. And no regrets. My sons and daughters are great money makers for my family, and they are the best little sex slaves for daddy and me too. I want all families to be like our family. Maybe I can help you have what I have.

Puke Princess

Extreme Phone Sex

I have all kinds of calls as a phone sex cum slut but more recently I’ve been asked to puke up all my food while my guy listens to me vomit! I won’t lie the first time I did it I was a little thrown off, seeing my puke and feeling it cum up my throat but the more I stuck my finger down my face fuck hole, the more I started liking it. My nickname is now puke princess because I can vomit on command! Lots of guys cum from just hearing my wretch over the toilet as I throw up my last meal for their pleasure. If you love to hear a girl toss her cookies, call me! I’ll make it so fucking hot for you as I purge and play with my cunt all over the phone.

Worship My She-cock Bitch

Tranny phone sex

SO many straight men out there are craving cock. Most want to experience the kink of a girl with a dick. I’m well aware of this fascination and know how to make these bitch boys into my personal little servants. Just earlier i got this little Sissy faggot that wanted me to pimp her slutty ass out. I don’t really do that sissy shit much, it’s not my specialty. However this little slut was just so fucking easy and eager. I invited some of BBC guys over and asked if they wanted a taste of some prison fuck white boy fun. I told them I had a sissy slut needing to earn money for me. I shoved her ass in the room and locked her in. Locked her in with five BBC wild assed mofos and boy that bitch was screaming and gaping with that big dick she craved. I guess she had a good time. I know how to turn a bitch out but really making men my bitch to worship My big dick is truly my thing.

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