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Big dick sucker married woman gets the biggest dicks

Big dick suckerBig dick sucker genes run through my family. I am a married mother of two. By day, I am your typical suburban housewife, cooking meals and cleaning the house. But at night, I am a whole different person. I work a part-time job at a club, but not as a dancer or bartender. I am a blonde MILF who loves to suck the biggest and thickest cocks.

Big dick sucker married woman gets the biggest dicks

I have always had a wild side, but I never thought I would end up doing what I do now. It all started when my husband and I were having some financial struggles. I needed to find a way to make some extra money, and that’s when I stumbled upon the club. At first, I was hesitant, but the lure of easy money was too strong to resist.

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I quickly became popular among the men at the club. My long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and full lips were a huge hit. But what really set me apart was my love for sucking big cocks. I would tease and taunt the men, making them beg for my mouth. And when I finally gave in, they would be in heaven as I deep throated their massive members.

But my adventures didn’t stop at the club. My friend, who owns an office in a nearby hotel, asked me to work for him one night. I agreed, and when I arrived, I was greeted by a group of businessmen.  I felt like one of those Hookers for hire! My friend knew my reputation and asked me to entertain his clients. And that’s exactly what I did.

I sucked and fucked every single one of them, relishing in the feeling of a big cock in my mouth. I even had a little competition with another woman who worked at the office, but I knew I was the best. As the night went on, I could feel the men getting more and more turned on by my skills.

I felt like one of those Hookers for hire!

But the biggest cocks always got the most attention from me. I loved the challenge of trying to fit them all in my mouth and hearing their moans of pleasure. And when they finally came, I would eagerly swallow every drop of their cum.

Am I a gangbang whore ?

Working at the office became a regular thing for me, and I loved every minute of it. I may be a married woman, but when I am working, I am a whore who can’t get enough of the biggest cocks I guess I might be a gangbang whore! And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Horny straight guys, and faggots call my Sexline for a need. That need is indeed my big throbbing dick. Of course I expect you to worship my big beautiful cock.

Most of all you on your knees sucking my big full balls empty, is how I want you.  You know the saying: The early bird gets the worm? In my terms I like to make it my big fat gooey load. By all means reach out to me with an email if you miss your chance to worship my big tranny dick.

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First thing to remember is that I really am not a bottom at all! However, a sexy bigger dick than mine certainly gets attention from me.

One of my favorite cocks to play with is just so big and full for me. In fact My shemale pussy really loves getting stuffed by that big 9.5″ of hard straight man dick.

To emphasize this love. My mouth wrapped arounf that bigger dick feels so good. And to know that every inch of that big dick is sliding inside this ass pussy makes me more excited.

It’s true I can feel a little like you do, faggot. Excited to be opened up. Just call my Sexline and get fulfilled like a good slutty cock sucking faggot.

Finally I anticipate of that fat gooey load of cum in my tranny ass. My dick throbs as I am so turned on. Almost as much as tasting shoot down my throat.


Hooker Phone Sex May Be Something I Know A Lot About

hooker phone sexI may know a thing or two about hooker phone sex. Even before I could walk, I hooked for my parents. However, I do not remember much from my super young days. That’s because my parents kept me doped up. You would think that after a life of forced prostitution, I would not want to fuck any more. But nothing could be further from the truth.

I love fucking. But now, I am in the driver’s seat. Although, men hire me often, my daughters take most of the jobs. Daddy and I are so proud of them too. We love our baby girls. And we love the money they make us. But they do keep most of it. Daddy and I do not force our girls to hook. I never had a choice. And we started them at an older age. My folks forced me to fuck for money before I could even talk to agree to it or not.

I Was Born a Whore and I Might Die a Whore Too

And I never saw any money from all my hard labor. However, my daughters get 90% of the money and always have. My husband and I love our angels. My folks only had me to support their meth habit. We don’t need the money, but can you ever have enough money? Being hookers for hire helps my girls love sex too. Daddy had fucked them first though. Another difference, my parents never touched me. They barely fed me let alone touch me, LOL. But daddy and I love all our daughters, as well as our sons.

But I might love our sons a little more than daddy if you get my drift. I play with my sons and my daughters, but daddy only plays with the girls. He is missing out if you ask me. But you cannot be a woman in my family and not enjoy pussy too. Sometimes, I cannot believe I am where I am today knowing where I came from. I may still be a whore, but I am a whore with six offspring who love me. And a husband who loves me just as much and supports me fucking for a living and working a sexline.

Lot lizard sex addict like me loves the red, white & blue!

Lot lizard sexLot lizard sex addict like me loves the red, white & blue! Hey y’all, it’s your favorite gun totting trailer trash whore. My favorite things in life: sex, America, and getting paid for both! I may not have much in the way of education or fancy things, but let me tell you, I know how to please a man like no other. And I ain’t afraid to get down and dirty for a little cash in my pocket.

Give me a hot and steamy truck stop bathroom any day over some fancy hotel. I love the thrill of the chase, the smell of diesel in the air, and the sound of a big rig pulling up. There’s just something about a rugged, hard-working man that gets me going. And trust me, I know how to give him what he needs.

My body is perfect, and it sure knows how to please. My juicy pussy is tight as can be, and I guarantee you’ll be screaming the Lord’s name in vain once I’m done with you. I’ll ride you like a wild stallion, and I won’t stop until you’re begging for mercy. And when you finally release all that baby juice inside me, it’ll be like a celebration of the red, white, and blue. Let’s breed for America, baby!

But don’t just take my word for it, give me a call for some hot Live phone sex. I’ll make you feel like you’re right there with me, riding me hard and fast. I’ll moan and scream and make you feel like a real man. And when you’re done, you can cum deep inside that pussy, because I love the USA and everything that comes with it.

So, my dear men, don’t be shy. Give me a call and let me show you how a real woman takes care of her man. if you’re lucky, maybe we can make some patriotic fireworks together. Yeehaw!


Phone Sex Line Open for Easter and So are My Fuck Holes

phone sex lineMy phone sex line stays open for Easter weekend. No religion in our house. If we found religion, I doubt we would be paid whores who like family fucking in our free time. Religion ruins all the fun. And I am all about the fun. My daughters and I stayed busy last night being paid whores. Plenty of daddies in the world who enjoy a nice young bunny for the holidays. Even this sexy mommy does too. All that sweet sticky girl goo hiding in those pink hairless baskets turns me on.

Can you relate? One daddy hired us all last night. And anytime I make money to play with my three daughters, and even my youngest adopted one too, I consider a great night. This daddy and I go way back. He bought my oldest daughter’s virginity when she was a young, innocent schoolgirl. My girl grew up to be a sophisticated and greedy whore. All the girls in this family enjoy being hookers for hire. But this daddy pretty much funded our worlds for a few years with what he paid for her cherry.

Any Night a Whore Can Get Paid for Playing with Her Daughters is a Good Night

So, we wanted to spend the night with him. Although he appears older like my husband, young bald pussy brings his old dick to life. Happily married man, but never able to fuck his own daughter because he did not marry a woman like me. You did not marry a woman like me either. Our rent a daddy watched us play together before he joined in. As his “wife,” I licked those bald pussies and puckered assholes so they would be lubed up for his daddy dick.

I looked like a glazed donut after eating my girls’ sweet honey pots. This daddy’s dick feels amazing in a pussy. Thick and long just like daddy’s cock, so my girls worked hard to drain him dry with their tight teen holes. Another profitable night spent with my daughters. But now I am ready to relax at home with my sons and daughters. And of course, talk to horny perverts on my sexline.

Blonde fucking whore spreads her holes for the manager!

Blonde fuckingI am the towns favorite Blonde fucking whore; which makes sense since I am the only who shows off like this. All the other sluts in the area have way too limits unlike me and my girls. It’s clearly why me and my bitches pretty much get whatever we want. Most of the time at least 2-3 men in a place know me immediately. It’s always so much fun watching them turn their heads when I walk into a store, bar, etc. Sometimes they are with their partners who have no idea what their man is doing behind their back. I love when the guy looks like he has seen a ghost when really it’s because his stupid ass bitch wife has no clue he has had me bent over their bed,counter tops, etc. 

This morning I headed over to the store so I had to flash and give myself up a bit to the workers; I wanted to make their day. At first the manager pretended to be turned off as he ranted and raved about his town being filled with stupid sluts and he was sick of it. That was until he brought me back into the office as I sat there and showed off my freshly shaved pink little cunt and ass hole. He loved that I had no panties on and he liked that I showed him my Sloppy wet pussy from the chair. He tried to call me a gutter whore but that would be ridiculous since his cock was out and he was already about to bust a fat load. The poor bastard didn’t even get to fuck me yet and he almost came just by me sitting there with my holes exposed. 

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Blonde Fucking Drains That Drunk Cock

You make blonde fucking a lot more likely when you start getting me fucked up. Every shot of tequila makes my cunt throb. And you’re lucky enough to be drinking with me and my friends. You pour some liquor down my throat and watch me get nasty with one of my other blonde friends. Spitting the tequila down her throat and watching her get horny too. Then I do the same to you. Climbing on your lap and pouring a shot down your throat. Kissing you and letting you snowball some of it inside of my mouth. blonde fucking

Drunk Girl Fucking Like No Other

I yank you up and to the back room. The both of us are sloppy fucking drunk. All I can think about is a fat cock down my throat and in this sloppy wet pussy. So, I yank your pants off and make that happen. I’m on all fours gulping inches of cock like a slut dying of thirst. My big blue eyes are glazed over and that’s your cue. You grab the back of my head and push me down on your cock. My gag reflex is long gone. Your dick just slides balls deep over and over. My throat is like your personal fucktoy. 

My cunt needs that fucking cock. You don’t even get to speak. I’ve pushed you onto your back and hopped on top. My cunt swallows you deep. I put my hands on your thighs while I spread those knees far apart. My tiddies are bouncing and my clit is fucking throbbing. I’m hypnotized by the alcohol. I’m like a machine, riding your dick like a machine. Cum in my cunt. I lean forward and ride your cock. Kissing you while my pussy takes that load in deep. Dump your load while this drunk girl is fucking that cock.

Hot Stripper Sex Makes Life More Exciting

In the first place, Hot stripper sex is amaxing with the right whore. Essentially if you get a hot whore like me, then obviously things are going to get wild.

Granted I am in my 40’s now, that doesn’t mean shit. All that means is that I am truly more experienced. Secondly it means I can handle my drugs, booze and all the rough sex that comes my way. With this all in mind this also means that I am one hell of a freak. While I know what men want, I also know what I want.

Consenquently, when guys call me and tell me they want a filthy whore, they really need to undestand in what effect. Obviously filthy means something different for everyone. And some of the most compelling evidence follows. Like when I get told to get filthy without any input. Nor on what fashion of filthy. Then obviously I will go straight to the scat.

Adversly, when I get asked what the filthiest thing I have done. Well I will go right to what is true filth, shit, piss and bukkake. This leads to the bathtub of shit, piss, vomit and sperm that I enjoyed rubbing all over my whore body.

Hot Stripper Sex

Gangbang Phone Sex Make This Trashy Milf Excited and Wet

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase Gangbang Phone Sex? I would love to make it that I, BJ comes to your mind when the term gangbang is used. It would be of great pleasure to be making you addicted my filthy cum soaked world.

This weekend I plan on taking part of a great gangbang party. It’s going to be phenomenol. And of course itwill be something of an organized thing through a friend of mine. He is a bit of a purveyor of sexual perversions. Thus this party will have it all.

By having t all I am referring to anything goes hot filthy sex. And of course there will be many BBC’s there as is always on topic with me. The best part is that there will be three of us hot whores.

So essenially three cum and piss dumpsters and over a hundred guys. Well essentially a give or take number. The best part is the filth that we will get into. Scat, piss and bukkake oh my!

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Phone sex sluts Phone sex sluts Like me love being the sneaky link. Your wife won’t do half the shit I do to your cock! I bet she can’t even deep-throat your cock at all! In a perfect world, men would marry the whores who give the best blowjobs and pop that pussy until you both have a screaming orgasm! The real trophy wives should be that late-night whore who is put making you money after she fucks you into a coma. 

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A nice sexy squirting pussy that brings home extra cash. But I get it, women like me are hard to handle. We love sex, and we are willing to be as nasty as possible to make your cock throb all night. 

It’s okay baby you can bring that 8 Ball over here and let me be the nastiest Big dick sucker on the end of your cock! I am all for men who love strip clubs, dive bars with hookers for sale, and the men who pick up a streetwalker for shits and giggles. 

Big dick sucker Hadley has some ideas to make you blow!

I am also for the men who grew up with a whore mother who couldn’t keep her hands or pussy away from that youthful dick! Mommies like me who overlook you force fucking your sister just so she can spy on you are worth more than gold! I get it, I grew up servicing a Whore mother and my step daddies, long before it was cool. So cum back in time with me, or let me do the things your wife would never consent to!