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Gangbang Whore Trucker Heaven

gangbang whore Every dirty man craves a naughty gangbang whore for a mom. It’s true! My son loved to drug me and get me banged by a group of men he invited over. He works with truckers as a dispatch and is always sending over a special fleet.

They will be big and burly and in need of a trashy cunt like mine. I may be old but I sure have the fuck holes that these dirty bastards love. I love to be their road fuck stop over. It’s often that they come by without having had a shower and all high on crack. My son provides the crack for these filthy bastard trucker types and I provide the pussy.

I was breeding until I could not and have a good bit of young pussy available for them too. This was a goldmine during the pandemic and I know it will stay in the ranks of the best little whore house in the Southern region for truckers and cab drivers for longer still. Swing on down when you are driving those long hours and need a trashy tramp to bust a load in. I am always waiting for the next fuck squad.

Trashy MILF

Trashy Milf I am a trashy milf. Born and raised in a trailer park. The reason I am the nasty whore I am right now is because my mom pimped me out to her drug dealer when I was just a cute schoolgirl. Mom was a crackhead. No one wanted to trade her old used up fuck holes for drugs. Something tight and taboo like me, well that was a different story. It was not like she set out to pimp me out. She was jonesing bad one time for a fix. She had to take me with her because it was late, and I was too young to be left alone. Her dealer laughed at her. He said she was not tight enough for Godzilla’s dick. He was looking at me like a wild animal and mom offered me right up for some crack. I remember he was not nice or gentle. He fucked me like I was a whore. I was just a virgin schoolgirl. After that night, I became my mom’s drug ticket. Flash forward a few decades, and I am the dirtiest hooker you will ever meet. Just now, I fuck men much younger than me. You would be surprised how much a boy’s allowance will get him with a dirty old whore like me.

White Trash Slut Loves Cock


I love seeing your name come up for every time we have some nasty fun together! I’ve been thinking and dreaming about your huge thick cock pushing in and out of my tight asshole and this soaking wet bare pussy that has been needing your dick for so long. You know I can’t help how horny and hot I get when I see you coming towards me with nothing on at all ready to fuck me until I can’t handle it anymore. You will be covered in my squirting orgasms when you shoot that hot load of cum into my mouth and making me scream all night. I love being your white trash whore all day and all night, you completely own me and my body daddy please let me cum with you!

What a Great Lover of Tranny Cock

Tranny phone sex is hot when you love a sexy woman with a dick. I’m trashy and classy. Lewd and polite. Lascivious and virtuous. lol… Virtuous!? What a fucking joke right? Come on I am on The Fornication Station after all and this ain’t no site for docile virginal innocence. Who the fuck am I fooling?! No One! 

I have dressed for Sunday Brunch with a lovers family when I went on vacation with him. I looked classy and together. I passed so fucking well. But you know that was making him so much more lusting to rip my clothes off and let me fuck him like my bitch. It was funny watching him squirm in front of his elder parents that were clueless. I reveled in it. The moment we left them we were in the car snorting lines and he was suck my big tranny cock like it was mums fucking tit.

I will say that I miss all of my filthy lovers while away on my little excursion to an Island to visit my lovers family. *Disclaimer: Please do not ask where I went as I am not privy to giving out that much private information. I just can’t help but mention I had a blast but specifics I am not disclosing and that goes for all aspects of my life. *smooches* thanks for your restraint.

Needless to say his sisters were complete freaks and they really knew how to through down like good Columbian whores. *wink* Yes, I did fuck both of his sisters this family was amazing. The parents completely oblivious and the sisters complete fucking party whores with so much fucking Columbian blow I no idea why I even left there! But, for you my lover, I am back! 

Tranny phone sex

Freak for Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sex You ready for raw and untamed lot lizard sex from a sexy blonde whore? Traveling the interstate looking for trucker cock is what I love during the summer time. Hot sweaty cocks and balls for my perfect ass! I love being a pass around whore for some strung out drivers who need a release. Sitxy hours fighting traffic and hauling ass deserves some tight sweet ass around that cock. I have been in the driver’s seat steering as my hot driver passes me that glass dick and I bounce his cock up into my ass. Watch out cars a high whore and a trucker fucking my ass is going to make you go splat if you don’t get out of my way! I don’t give a fuck as long as I get a fuck or two! I love getting my cum even at the risk of wrecking this 40 ton rig! The risk is a thrill just like that cock going in and out of me with each bump in the road! You want some white trash phone sex ass and pussy? Pick me up at the interstate rest stop as I get passed to you, I might be cum filled, I hope that’s okay!white trash phone sex

Hot Druggy Phone sex

druggy phone sex Let’s talk about druggy phone sex regulars. Men who love a high whore and are dedicated to making her cum before shift as she smokes a huge doobie. Men who taunt me with that cock and want me blowing a big cloud of smoke on that dick. I love that I know to have my wand charged and my weed rolled up and ready because as soon as I light up (pun Intended) My sexy man is going to be ringing through to make sure I puff, puff, play with my pussy before my night gets in full swing. Perhaps it’s easier for a trashy slut like me to bare her soul on the sexline if she has a little weed to start her day. My sexy caller loves to hear me inhale and blow out my weed smoke as I masturbate for him.
As the night goes the dirtier and nastier I get and sometimes he calls me up after my shift and knows I’m more than likely spun from my blow and need some more weed to bring me down so I can crash before I go on the hunt for a cock or two or three! I’m High right now and feeling very fucking nasty By the way. when you need a girl to party and play, your gangbang whore is a call away!

Small Dicked Men Need a Teen Anal Whore to Feel Like a King

teen anal whoreI have raised each of my daughters to be a teen anal whore. You need to give up the ass to be a good whore. Men pay money for jailbait hookers. And when they pay that kind of money, they want to fuck the ass. Something so alluring about a teen ass. My guess is because not only is it taboo to fuck a young girl’s ass, but it is also her tightest hole. Young girls have tight cunts because they have not had babies yet. Men love a tight hole, especially men with small cocks. Now my husband is not small. He is a P man, but many P men who pay the big bucks to fuck young girls have small cocks. They like young pussy because they think the girls will think their cocks are huge. And when they fuck the girl, she will feel his dick. A man with a four-inch dick falls out of my pussy. He falls out of most women’s pussies. My husband and I have this wealthy client with a 2-inch clit. He has the smallest cock I have ever seen. When we first met him, he wanted to fuck me. I can suck anything up for money, but he just would not fit. He was upset because he had paid for a service. We would have refunded his money because it is just good business. But I suggested my youngest daughter at the time. A P man was born that day. He has been in heaven ever since fucking young girls’ pussies and asses. We managed to make a small-dicked man feel like a King. That is hard to do. My daughters do have to fuck a lot of small dicks, but they have daddy’s dick too. His cock shows them what they should fuck when off the clock. If you have a tiny dick, maybe you need the pussy of young sexy prostitutes too.

High Masturbation

druggy phone sexMy favorite druggy phone sex caller loves to call me and have me smoke a fat joint while I masturbate for him. He loves to stroke his big fat dick. He says a high whore with big tits smoking a joint and masturbating is his favorite. All his girlfriends love to smoke a fatty and pass it to him as he takes his turn and fucks her mouth.

I’m thinking he has a few women like me on the side and only calls me when he wants to hear me light it up and blow smoke all over his cock. And I love it because he knows a high whore is a good whore for fucking. I’m not a shy slut at all, I’ll do a few lines of coke and smoke my Marijuana with you and let my freak flag fly! I’ll lay back on my couch and let you in the world of this dirty stripper slut like never before when I am high as a kite!

Your Meth Momma

druggy phone sex

Your meth momma is here to make sure you have a drug filled good time with an extreme whore. I may look all sweet and innocent and I have a great body and skin, cum does that for you! I’m barely a milf who had a couple brats between all the gang bangs and fucking my black cock dealers. My womb was sure to be implanted with a stranger seed eventually. Now my son helps feed his meth mommas addicted to cock and dope. My boy loves how much of a whore his druggy ass mommy is.

He lays out some blow on my tray and brings it to me as I am getting my ass ate out so I can keep going and get that cock in my ass next! I am that trashy doped up momma who will always be a cum slut. If you have a druggy slut for a momma you should be one proud boy like my son is! He says he says nobody is a perfect mom, but your imperfections are perfectly fuckable! I tend to agree, cum get some hardcore momma Hadley twat! Its better when mommy is a ganbang whore!

One in the pink…

sexlineOne in the pink and two in the stink, thats how I like to fuck on the sexline! 

Your true street walker and family fuck specialist loves fucking and doing lines. 

Time after time I get fucked and fucked up and dicked down, 

But you love to check my “Oil”. 

Am I wet enough for you to fuck this girl.?

Do you love how big of a goddamn whore I am? 

I love my ass being finger fucked as you check how slippery wet I am for you! 

Cum filled and drippy is what you like from a prostitute like me! 

I enjoy being a creampie slut to just get fucked! 

My life is drugs and fucking and I wont stop till I am dead. 

My son can enjoy this cunt and my brother and daddy! 

They just need to know I fuck every cock I can and they still want to drill this gangbang pussy

Nasty Sex is the best with four cocks or more! 


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