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Live phone sex With Weed and Hadley For fleshlight fun

Live phone sexLive phone sex With Hadley For fleshlight fun. We all know I’m a dirty whore and have been for a while. But there’s a sensual mutual masturbation side that lights up when I light Up! Weed makes me be a naughty girl and want to fuck that much more. 

I sighed with pleasure as I sank back into my pillows, my phone pressed to my ear. On the other end, Kents voice was a low growl that made my skin tingle. We’d been playing this game for weeks now, turning each other on with dirty talk and vivid descriptions of our sexual escapades during our smoking sessions with live phone sex! I could hear the faint hum of his fleshlight in the background, the sound making my own desires spike. I reached down to my bedside table, pulling out my vibrator and turning it on low. Another hit of that good shit and my pussy is dripping.  ‘Fuck, baby,’ I moaned, my voice already husky with need. ‘I wish you were here with me.’

‘I know,’ He replied, his voice strained. ‘But for now, let’s make the most of what we’ve got.’ I closed my eyes, letting the sensation of the vibrator against my clit wash over me. I could hear the wet sounds of the fleshlight slapping his cock. Live phone sex and smoking weed made us into devilish masturbating fools. My man’s cock sliding in and out of the fleshlight, and the thought of him getting himself off while I did the same was almost too much to handle.

Live phone sex With Weed and Hadley For fleshlight fun.

‘Are you touching yourself, Hadley?’ He asked, as I blew out another cloud of Mary Jane smoke! “Yes!!! baby!” I groan as I turn my toy up and spread eagle my legs further apart! “Stroke that cock for me big daddy! That fleshlight is my pussy and my ass! OHHHH ‘God, yes,’ I moaned, my hips bucking against the vibrator.  I knew he was close to dumping in that fleshlight! ‘Baby!!!,’ I panted, my orgasm building inside me. ‘I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come for you.’ ‘Do it,’ But take a big hit for me, first!” he urged, his voice hoarse. ‘Come for me, baby.’ And with that, I let go, my body shuddering as I came hard. I could hear his moans of release on the other end of the line, and the thought of him cumming because of me! As we both came, I knew he would be back so I better keep a blunt rolled and my vibe charged!

Live phone sex

Sexline for Married Men Craving a T-Girl’s Big Dick

When you call my Sexline, you understand I am not like other girls. My extra special treat is exactly what makes your dick twitch. And in all honesty, that makes my shecock twitch.

Many of my callers are married men. They sneak their time with me and boy do I love that. To demonstrate this effect that married guys need tranny girl phone sex, let’s discuss J. This young married man would hide in the closet with his toys and cell.
Honestly I don’t believe his wife was even home but seems he had his play time there to ensure full discretion.

Even if his wife was home, it didn’t matter. J was jerking hard to me and using his dildo to suck while he jerked off. And I had him fingering his ass and we were going to get him trained to take it in the ass. However, it seems he disappeared. This happens often.

The fact of the matter, humans are just fucking gay. No, don’t deny this nor yourself. Men and woman need to explore sexuality to the fullest to really know their own bodies. Even if it’s just a short phone rendezvous, or a constant need of partying with a hot tranny. Sex is healthy.

A Sexline for Exploring T~Girls

Finally, if you find yourself thinking about the feel of a real fleshy cock in your mouth, and to look up at these great tits and pretty face while you suck. Then please do not deny yourself.

One final note. My craving is to throat fuck the hell out you. Then I will either sit my beautiful waxed taint on your face and make you eat my tranny pussy. And when I feel you deserve it. Only then will I fuck that sweet pussy of yours with you on your back. Bareback, deep and raw.


Big dick sucker Hadley Loves making a mess

 Big dick suckerBig dick sucker Hadley Loves making a mess.

A cock through a hole in the wall has me with loads of spit and drool cum running down onto my tits. I bet you’re wondering how This sexy Blonde wife ended up here. Well, My past seems to be catching up to my nymphomaniac sex drive.

Big dick sucker cheater at the Glory hole

My husband is due back in town and I have an ache to go suck some stranger cock. Plain and simple. Of fucking course, my husband knows I cheat all the time, and he loves it. But he has no idea how much Cock I get. He probably thinks that I only do it when I tell him about my exploits. Often, I wonder how he would think of me if he knew how many cum loads I need to have shot inside of me, or how many I swallow while he is away. 

Cum Guzzling slut has no shame

When I do see him later, I won’t even brush my teeth after sucking the glory hole cock. I love making a big drool and cum mess all over my tits and swishing hot sticky loads around in my mouth after.

Positive that he will notice the shein of glaze on me, but will he acknowledge or ask me where I have been. No, so I do these crazy things to put it in his face, hoping he will ask me why cum is in my eyelashes in my hair. So I will keep being a Cum guzzling slut until he does!

No taboo phone sex includes snuff scenes sometimes

No taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex includes snuff scenes sometimes! If you ever wanted a blonde dope whore to be your victim, you have found Hardcore Hadley, the do it all call-girl! Many times during my street walking days, I found myself almost dead due to a mean man who hated women. Several scars on my body prove that a bitch can’t be taken out that quick.

No taboo phone sex snuff hooker

But I speak too soon as a string of jack the ripper type hooker deaths have happened around my territory lately. Men can be brutal when they hate women, cutting tits and pussy lips off. And it’s a fear that  runs deep with Hookers for hire! And those of us that love dope are more endangered than any other. Being suffocated during hardcore sex acts carried fear of never waking from breath play. But If I had to choose A death, I would do it big, like everything else in my life. Lots of blood, dope and torture.  I’d die with no regrets, knowing that I died doing what I love.

I would hope my insides would be used like a pocket pussy. My need to die only enhances the wrath and pain you inflict in those last moments.  Use my blood as lube for you, your friends and K-9 buddies. I want it sick and twisted like never before! Fuck my dead boy, after I beg of you.

It would be the ultimate high, and I’d be remembered forever as the sexline whore who sacrificed her body for a man’s cum load. I only hope he fucks me to death and after!  I’ll make sure to leave an everlasting impression. My legacy will be my death, and my body will be his trophy. It will be my ultimate orgasm and my final act on life.

Hooker Phone Sex Makes You Feel Like a Real P Daddy

hooker phone sexHooker phone sex lets you fantasize about fucking one of my slutkins. Daddy and I love to pimp  out our daughters and our sons to men like you. Although we earn a good living as pimp parents, the money just seems like icing on the cake. We enjoy providing our little ones with cock and cum. Cum does little bodies well. All that necessary protein to make little bones big and strong.

The more sex a young one gets, the better they get at fucking as they age. And we teach them how to enjoy sex too. When my parents pimped me out, no one taught me how to enjoy sex. My husband was the only client my parents brought me who ate my little bald pussy and focused on my pleasure. And once he bought me outright from my parents, he worked on making me enjoy sex too.

Little Slutkins Enjoy Pleasing Daddy Dick

Now, I am a trashy milf with a home brothel who loves to fuck. Although I do not need to hook anymore, I love it. Our little ones understood self-pleasure before they fucked any men like you. Daddy taught them all about orgasms. Even though my pervert husband enjoys young bald cunnies, he still loves me. And he still fucks me too. Our marriage might not be traditional like your marriage, but we enjoy each other. A solid relationship might be what we all crave too.

Our little sluts stayed busy all weekend long. Father’s Day gave my little ones sore holes. So much action because men just like you crave young pussy on Father’s Day. And I understand that. But I also know that smart men crave that young bald pussy every other day of the year too. And that is why me and my husband pimp out our hookers for hire to men just like you. Are your ready for some tight holes?

Tranny Phone Sex Is Exactly What Married Men Need

My Tranny Phone Sex line is always buzzing. Often times it’s the married men that crave a hot sexy chick with a dick. And I love to give them what they need. Some of the best callers for my tranny line are the Married guys. And these guys  wear panties craving to get owned.

With this in mind when your wife is away, just get that tranny porn on and give me a call. Maybe we can watch a hot tranny video together while you tell me about how badly you crave a real dick. Most importantly a real dick on a Shemale with nice tits.

If you do a good job convincing me how badly you want to be my bitch, I may have you eat my ass. Then if you give my tranny ass a good rimming I will allow you the joy and pleasure of sucking my big tranny cock.

Alternatively, if you are like Mr. J and have a really nice big dick for me, then I will love to suck you off. After all I too love a nice big dick to suck and let yo fuck me.

However, my cock is throbbing right now and I could really enjoy a hot little ass pussy to fuck out.

Tranny Phone Sex

Druggy Phone Sex Whore Trades Harcore Anal Sex For Crystal

druggy phone sex

I’ve been addicted to druggy phone sex and druggy fucking since I was a tight little teen. Now I use my used up cum holes to get another hit. That’s why I came over to your house. I’ll trade these slutty fuckholes for more ice. You toss the baggie on the table and my cunt starts getting wet already. Then you pull out that hard dick. I know the drill. I get on my knees and spit on that dirty cock. You love a nasty slut and a sloppy throat fuck. I ram that cock down my throat and let the drool leak to those full balls.

Druggy Phone Sex With Slutty Meth Whore

You lean back on the couch and let me fuck my own throat. I have my hands twisting and stroking the base of that cock while I slobber all over that tip. The slurping noises are so fucking loud. You push me off your cock for a second to fill a pipe. I keep pumping that cock when you put it up to my lips and tell me to suck. The rush hits me immediately. I slide my hands into my panties and get back to taking care of that cock. But you’re ready for that blonde fucking. 

Forced Hardcore Anal Sex for Slut Lauren

You grab a fist full of blonde hair and drag me until I’m bent over the coffee table. My bald pussy is ready to take that cock. You rub my cunt with that dick. Then surprise me with your cock balls deep in my ass instead. I scream outloud. You just stick the pipe back in my mouth and tell me to take another hit. I know the deal, I’m your filthy fuckdoll until you jizz in one of my holes. I just take a hit and bite my lip. Then, I reach back to play with my cunt while you keep giving me hardcore anal sex

Pissing sex showers me with drugs, sex & a wild ride!

Pissing sex

Pissing sex showers me with drugs, sex & a wild ride! I’ve been a toilet slave a few times, and desperate times call for desperate measures. But I’m not ashamed to admit it. Hell, I lost myself  in it. The first time I did it, I was missing my Crystal so much I couldn’t see straight.

I was practically drooling, craving that sweet, sweet hit of methamphetamine that makes me feel alive. I knew I had to do something drastic, something that would bring in the big bucks and satisfy my cravings. So, I rounded up a few of my girls and we headed to a private party for a group of lawyers. These guys were horny and high, and they had money to burn. We were making money hand over fist.

At first, I was disgusted with myself. I mean, who the hell wants to be a toilet slave? But then, I thought about it. These guys were so horny and high, and they were willing to pay top dollar for us to do all sorts of things. It was like a dream come true. I knew I had to go all in, to give it my all. And that’s exactly what I did.

Not once did I fake my orgasms. Hell no, I enjoyed every single second of it. The higher these guys got, the nastier we got. I had this one slut over my face, and I fingered her pussy so hard she squirted all over my face. She had a cock down her throat the whole time too. We were all totally wild.

Then, she showered me with her piss. She couldn’t control herself, and neither could I. My Sloppy wet pussy gushed as the salty warmth poured into my mouth. I came so fucking hard! Damn, it was almost better than any hit of meth I’d ever had.

Us girls got our fair share of cock too. Those lawyers had some big dicks! We rode them all over the penthouse. I got drilled in my ass and when he exploded into me, I took another load in the face! I really couldn’t get enough. And the best part? Those horny fuckers spoiled me with great drugs. They gave me hit after hit of the good stuff, and I was in heaven. I had no shame, no inhibitions. I was just a nasty, methed-out piss whore, and had a blast!

If you want a night that you’ll never forget, then call my Sexline. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. I’ll give you a show that will leave you breathless and begging for more. I’m a nasty piss whore, and I’m proud of it. So come on, give me a call. Let’s get dirty, let’s get filthy, and let’s have some fun. I’m ready for you, are you ready for me?


Stripper sex porn made from mommy Hadley

Stripper sex porn Stripper sex porn made from mommy Hadley for her best boy! I know that you think I’m just after your fathers’ money. You think women should be faithful and not dirty trashy whores undercover. But I am going to do you a favor, okay? Step momma will make you a sexy porn that tells you just how lucky a son you really are!   

Don’t be shy now, I am going to show you all the naughty things I can do to myself. While I’m doing that, I want to tell you what I want to do to your dick and how much fun we can have together. Let me be that special stepmom who can give you first pleasures! How else can I make you feel like the luckiest boy in the world.?

You stare at the screen, your heart pounding in your chest and cock as the video plays!

Your dick is what I am after, and I am going to do a sexy striptease and invite a few of my favorite men over who look like you. After you see how hard I go on sucking that cock and letting them fill my whore holes, I’m giving you this video so you can stroke to me.

Stripper sex porn made from mommy Hadley

You can’t help but imagine those same things happening to you. Your dick twitches in your pants as Step-mommy teases you!  Clearly wanting you to stroke and wank off to her sultry words and wild pleasing skills. 

And when you’re ready to finally find out why daddy loves this gangbang whore, my legs will be open and waiting for you!o  Cum find out why daddy loves me fucking other men and him! Are you ready for this stripper whore mommy to give you your first lap dance? 

Tranny Phone Sex With Deannas Sexy Prostitutes

Oh, you want me to describe how I’d fuck your cunt with a strap-on to train for some tranny phone sextranny phone sex Well, let me tell you what I have in store for that pathetic little cocksucker. First of all, I’d make sure to choose the biggest dildo from my collection – something that would stretch out your tight little asshole and fill up every inch of it. Then, after lubing up both the dildo and your ass nicely, I’d position myself behind you and slowly push inside. You know how much I love watching men squirm when they take my big black cock!

As soon as I feel you opening up for me, I’ll start thrusting hard and fast. Your insides will clench around my dick like a vice grip at first but eventually give way under the relentless pounding. The sound of skin slapping against skin will echo through the room while we fuck like animals together. Every time our hips collide, grunts escape from both our mouths because this is exactly what we both need – raw animalistic sex without any restraints or boundaries!

To add some extra excitement (and humiliation), maybe one of my friends could join us too; someone tall dark handsome like Jamal who loves nothing more than using his massive black cock on sissy boys like yourself! He could stand behind him holding onto his hair while he takes turns using both ends of me.

First fucking your throat until it’s raw before sliding into your ass again just to hear those pathetic moans escape from between those plump lips of yours..and then back into my pussy again. We’ll take turns using every inch of your worthless body until neither one of us can take anymore! And don’t even think about cumming without permission – I’ll make sure to keep those balls empty so that all that delicious cum shoots out onto our stomachs or maybe even into my mouth if I feel like it.

After we’re both satisfied, I might decide to let you clean up the mess since it was mostly your fault for being such a slutty little cocksucker in the first place. But before that happens, there will be plenty more anal training sessions ahead: learning how to properly lick an asshole clean after taking a big black dick up the ass; practicing different positions like doggy style and missionary just so you know how much better it feels when taken from behind by someone who knows what they’re doing…