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Sexy Prostitutes Have Dicks & Tits

You need not be shy about your desires. Sexy prostitutes have more than just a sexy body. A great body and a nice cock is what this sexy shemale ho has. I’m excited to think about you worshiping my asshole and my big dick. You will love every bit of my cock. Something that turns me on is watching you get turned on, and hearing in your voice just how turned on you are. I play off of your sounds completely. My pleasure is knowing how hard you are going to cum for me.

You may just want someone to talk to about things and that’s ok baby I am a great listener especially if your confused. I have shy first timers hit me up and it’s always awkward at first, but once they open up…  Together our experience will be priceless baby.

Sexy prostitutes

Anal cum dumpster Bitch 4 Shecock

Bitch boy Anal cum dumpster, that’s you. I’m the sexy trans woman that has you crawling around begging for my meat stick. You a good boy baby? Hmmm? Does Josie have what you crave? Be a good boy and beg for it, cum on. Beg for my shecock, bitch. Oh, yes that’s what I thought. Mouth open eyes big and wide. I slide theis tranny cock across your lips. You try to part them and I slap you. No! Not yet… I walk around you looking you up and down. Running my long nails across your bare cock I scrape up the shaft. It reacts and throbs. I smile sweetly as I direct you to lay down. Good boy. I sit my beautiful ass on your face and command you start eating my ass.

You are a good rim jobber baby, but you need to go deeper. Come on. Drive that tongue deep in my shitter and your lips around my puckered hole. That’s it baby. Eat that cream out. Slut.

Anal cum dumpster

A No Limits Sexline

sexlineI have a 24 /7 sexline. No taboos and no limits always. I am a night owl. I tend to stay up after everyone in the house has crashed. I break out some coke and get ready to help men with their naughty fantasies. Sometimes, I have had a similar real-life experience. Sometimes, a caller’s fantasy inspires a real-life experience. Last night, I spoke to Joel. He is now raising his two barely teen daughters. His ex-wife is sick with COVID and needed him to be a full-time daddy for a month while she recuperates. His head started swirling with dirty ideas about his girls. I was right there to egg them on. I will never talk you out of an age play or incest fantasy. I am a fan of both. I whipped up a sexy roleplay for him and we played it out. A daddy should turn his sweet young girls into sex slaves. A girl cannot become a big dick sucker or a cum whore without some early practice first. I played his ex-wife but instead of being his ex-wife, we were still married, and I came to him with a suggestion. I wanted him to make his daughters women. I wanted him to breed them, so we would have more young ones running around the house. He was all in too. Daddy’s girls and family whores grow up to be phone sex sluts like me. By that I mean if a girl is sexualized early in her life, she grows up with a healthy and freaky view of all things sexual. And who does not want that? Look at me? I was fucking before I was talking, and I grew up to be a nasty no limits mommy whore. The world needs more women like me, right?

Sexline for No Limits Fun

sexlineMy sexline is anything goes anytime. Guys ask me all the time if I am no limits. Of course, I am. Read my blogs and my bio. I have never had limits in my life. Why start now? My middle daughter is pregnant. Despite all sorts of birth control methods, she got knocked up. She is still in high school and the daddy could be her own daddy or some random John. It could even be a schoolboy. She is a whore. She was thinking about getting rid of it, but my husband and I discussed it. If she does not want to raise her little bastard, we will. Of course, we will groom the little girl or boy for incest. If a little girl, she will eventually join the ranks of the sexy prostitutes in this family. Plus, we will make bank off her pregnant body.  Johns pay great money for pregnant whores, especially jailbait pregnant whores. My husband and I decided that since she is not showing yet, we can auction her pussy off for impregnation. Men love to impregnate young girls. Any girl really. It makes them feel virile and manly. I get it. While my daughter is not showing, we will profit off her pussy as much as we can. And we will enjoy every moment of her knocked up cunt too. Pregnant girls are hornier. Their cunts are wetter. And their pussies are even tighter. Would you pay for the privilege of knocking up a young girl or banging a preggo girl? How much would it be worth to you?

Warm Golden Showers sex stories

golden showers sex

Warm Golden Showers sex stories always turn me on. Do they make your cock hard? I always envisioned my first piss experience as something dirty and obscene and that I had to hide what a dirty filthy tramp I really am. But those teen years where men just pissed all over me taught me to appreciate that golden nectar! 

See I now how dirty and nasty can be, but for a whore who enjoys pissing on a man, and having her mouth be a urinal, these things aren’t much discussed in circles. 

But I can tell you even the straight laced man enjoys drinking pee and pissing in a whores mouth! Men who call me up to the sleezy hotel just to piss on me and in me. Yes, My ass hole has felt the warm piss after it has been ransacked by a cock with a full bladder and nutsack! 


I get to dress up and have my nipple clamps screwed tightly for some wild BDSM play with a favorite john of mine! This nice dress and clamps will be coated in his urine soon enough! He is a rough man who likes to see my mascara run from the stream of piss going down my face! I am no longer shy about my piss and dirty deeds. Piss on me and make this whore a good whore. 

P.S. I love having a man drink my piss before he fucks me! 

Your dirty whore, 




sexlineNormally I am a doctor . But when I am bored I love to go to truck stops . I get my lab coat on and glasses and I go to every trucker asking to get fucked . Begging for it . All I want is a big nasty good cream pie . I want every single man to give me a big ass load . I really don’t care whore . Please make me your cum whore . Don t you dare jerk it ill lick it off your hand like the good slut I am . I want that nasty good sex . I want to suck the life out of you . I need someone to fuck my ass real good and hard and I wont be satisfied until I get every last drop . I love it . I love going there and all of them rip the clothes off my body and smash my face into the ground . I love being there cum dumpster . Let this doctor take care of your needs .

My Sexline is No Limits or Taboos

sexlineMy sexline is no taboos or limits. I love talking dirty because I live dirty. My world was XXX since I came into it. I make the most innocent things dirty like a neighbor’s birthday. I was invited to her daughter’s sweet birthday. Those are so special to girls. Just a few other neighbors because we cannot have parties like we once could. Not that a bunch of mature women is who a young girl wants to ring in her sweet teen birthday with, but better than being alone, right? I made her a cake, and I got her some swag for a birthday bag. Gift cards and a pretty pink vibrator. Every girl needs a sex toy. She cannot rely on a teen boy to get her off and if she does not have an older man in her life like my husband, she needs a sex toy. I was not sure how the gift would go over with her mom and the other moms, so I told her to hide it in her room. It was a party like I expected. Boring and brief. I was not home for 30 minutes when the girl texted me a thank you for her gift. She texted me a nude selfie with her using it. I was sexting with a teen girl. I sent her a video of me using the same model I got her. An hour later she was at my back door wanting to play with this horny trashy milf. It is no secret that I enjoy pussy. I have adopted girls to be my sex slaves. I have turned other neighborhood girls into my private lesbian tricks. I just added another hot teen slut to my black book too. This girl has a killer body. Barely any peach fuzz on her pussy because she is a natural California blonde. Tight holes. The birthday girl is all mine though. My husband caught us in the 69-poistion, but I denied him access to her young body. I knew he was wanting to put her to work. Sometimes, a horny mommy just wants a young girl all to herself.

Hot Tranny Phone Sex Fucking

Tranny Phone Sex

Doesn’t that just mesmerize you baby? Tranny phone sex is dirty hot fun. Yeah he is wearing a condom because he is a fucking wuss. Hahah… I have some really high end on the income bracket Johns and they want it dirty but at the same time they play it safe. Mostly. I had this guy who fucks me with a condom. He will suck my cock and eat my cum. He lets me fuck him bareback with my beautiful tranny cock. But he will only put his dick in me with a fucking glove. I refuse to wear condoms when I fuck. Nothing makes this big dick Ladyboy limp like a condom does. I’m about pleasure baby and a fucking sausage sheath is not sexy for me. I want to bare back fuck that backdoor pussy of yours baby. I promise to give it rough. But I will start easy.

Party Sexline

sexlineWhen you call my sexline, we can talk about anything. We can party too. Friday was a busy night on and off the phone. My daughters had a gang bang. I was trying to get them dressed like little Lolitas. I was trying to do some lines to fuel me for a Friday night marathon. The phones were ringing. My sons were horny, and my daughters were needy. They wanted my make-up and my lingerie. Eventually, daddy got them out of the house, and it was me, three horny boys, my callers and a big bowl of coke. It was only about 9 PM and the phones had slowed down a bit. I was coked up and my boys were horny. I was buzzed, so I thought why not blow my boys. Get the party started. Of course, I got a call mid blow. Teen boys do not understand that some random stranger on the phone gets to cum before they do. I paused them for my caller, but my sons did not want to be paused. They started pushing their cocks in my mouth while on a call. I was too fucked up to fight them. My caller was getting off thinking I was blowing my husband for him. My boys were cumming and I was trying to muffle their voices, so my caller did not realize there was more than one cock I was blowing. My caller was partying too. He did not seem to realize I was getting skull fucked by three horny boys. In fact, he did not believe I was even sucking on my husband’s cock. This caller does not even believe I am married because he thinks no husband would let his wife do live phone sex. I laughed so hard because my husband loves pimping me out on and off the phone. This is the modern world guys. Women are not barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. We are talking dirty, doing lines and being whores.

Creampie sex stories For fall

creampie sex storiesCreampie sex stories will never get old for me. Fall is special for a cum loving slut like me. It brings back my first cum deposit memory. And I mean it’s only natural for a whore who gets her pussy and ass filled with that hot seed as much as I do to be nostalgic. I have taken thousands of loads by now. I can’t even keep up. My baby daddy gets off on me telling my nightly score of ejaculate loads. But to be honest, I was fucking long before he met me. And do I count each man different, no, I have fucked the same dirty bikers dozens of times equaling hundreds of loads between just them. Sometimes I do feel a little ashamed and then I have a big bowl of some good crystal or a fat line and those thoughts disappear. I swear it’s magic. I do some pretty whorish things that much is true. But growing up with a daddy and mommy like mine, I knew my only way to get by in life was going to be slinging my ass. So, don’t mind me getting high with you with about four loads of ropey cum I am playing with in my pussy. I tried to be innocent once, but that was taken from me without my consent, one fall night years ago. I don’t blame daddy, he was just showing me that a sweet girl isn’t what men want. They need a cum dripping whore. It was my choice to pursue being a filthy tramp and Gangbang whore. Do you want a creamy taste of fall? Or do you want to add to my cum deposits?

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