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Trashy Milf Likes it Rough

Trashy Milf

My whole life i have liked it rough and tumble when it comes to sex. It’s no surprise that as a trashy milf the rougher the sex the better! Last night as I was scoring some coke from this white boy, he doubled the price on me. I had a client waiting on me and was pissed off. Not only was he fucking with my money, he told me the only way he consider giving the coke for regular price was if I blew him. So looking at the time I figured I could get him off in a hurry and be back where I needed to be. Still pissed at losing money, my body is money!  And I would be losing more money if this whore didn’t get back in time. As I began to suck that pecker presented in my face, it became clear that he was a grower not a shower. The more I gobbled, and sucked and bobbed, the larger his dick grew! I was really impressed and lost track of time as I lost myself in sucking this glorious member. Soon he had me on my back slurping my dirty pussy like it was golden nectar. My coke dealer really loved to bury his face in this cum dumpster cunt! And I’m hoping you do too! I have a treat for a trick. 

No Taboo Sexline

sexlineMy sexline is an unrestricted party line. I love to party with guys and talk about fucked up taboo shit. I was super high the other night when he called. He encouraged me to get even higher. Of course, I did not mind. I always have coke and pot in the house. I do not need to be high to get freaky. I am a nasty freak sober. I was telling my caller about my daughters. Both the ones I pushed out of my pussy and the ones we adopted. I described each girl’s sweet little pussy and ass. I informed him what each girl is best at. I even told him about some of the experiences they have had with their rent a daddies. He was eating my taboo phonesex stories up. I have so many too. My stories go way back to when I was a little whore for my meth head folks. Some of the things men did to me! My parents never vetted guys. They let any stranger do whatever he wanted to me. I am just lucky no one ever snuffed me out or I would not be here with a big brood of my own to pimp out. I am nicer to my little whores than my parents were to me. My parents did not love me. They never interacted with me. Never celebrated birthdays or holidays. I was just a cash cow to support their meth addiction. My husband and I love our little whores. And we play with them daily. After my call last night, I was so horny, I went into my adopted daughters’ rooms and played with their little bald pussies. They taste so good. The girls woke up and wanted to play with mommy. I love this job especially when I get to party and share taboo age play stories.

My Sexline is No Limits

sexlineMy sexline is no taboos always. I am not the kind of woman who has limits. I always laugh when a guy asks me what my limits are because I have not found them yet. My life is a far cry from vanilla. I may have left the trailer park behind, but the trailer park is still inside me. I live in a gated community in California. A big difference from the dingy trailer I lived in while a young girl in West Virginia. I married well. I was his jailbait bride, but we have been married for twenty-five years now.  I am 40 now. I am sure you can do the math. My husband just turned 65 last week. Most of the community has warmed up to me now. I was the trailer trash whore and trophy wife. Folks thought I was older than I was, but they still saw me as a gold digger. I still went to social events with my husband. I remained quiet and got revenge by seducing the husbands of all the mean ladies. It has been twenty some years since we were married, and a few bitches in the neighborhood still see me as a trailer park gold digger. I have perfected my revenge skills though. Back then, I took their husbands. Now, I take their sons. My husband and I were at a fundraiser the other night and this one bitch was making jabs at me all night. She has been a cunt for the 20 years I have known her. She is not much older than me, but I was not having any of her bullshit. I found her teen soon who has grown up nicely and fucked him in a broom closet. I made that boy a man. I let him get his dick wet in my pussy, but I wanted him to cum in my mouth. It was part of my plan. After I swallowed his load, I found his mother. I cornered her, kissed her on the lips and with great pleasure I asked her how her son’s cum tasted because I just swallowed his seed. She took one look at the shit eating grin on her son’s face and knew it was true.  She will not rat me out because it would be too embarrassing for her and her social status. I doubt she will fuck with me again. I should have done this sooner. That young teen boy of hers is quite the stud, but then so is her husband.

Slutty Piss Whore



Pissing Sex Stories

When I get bored I like to go to the gloryhole in the bar where I work and let some guys piss in my mouth! I come in early so no one sees me when I take my position completely naked and waiting to be pissed on. When the first guy comes in to use the urinal I say,  “over here…” when I have their attention I stick my tongue through the hole and say “Piss on me” sometimes they get freaked out but most of the time they step right up, stick their cock into the hole and I open my mouth for the golden stream of hot wetness. As their piss soaks my mouth and starts rolling down my naked body and my slutty toilet whore pussy gets so fucking wet!

Sexline Latex Gift!


I have a secret obsession with latex and leather that makes my pussy drip with excitement! I never thought of it before but one of the guys I talked to on my Sexline told me I would look hot in leather, the next time he came over to fuck he gifted me a sexy leather skirt, top and gloves. He told me to put them on and when I did I became someone else. I was taken over by the feel of the leather against my skin and filled with a new found confidence. My friend told me to grab the lube and start stroking his dick, the feel of the lube making his cock slippery in my hand was amazing! It was effortless for me to jerk him off, my hand slid so easily on his cock that I didn’t have to put any effort into the motion. His dick in my hands was shining so slickly that I when he started shooting cum it slipped right out of my gloved hand. I was sad that he finished so I gave him a little break before I started stroking him again, working his cock hard again so I could keep playing with him. Once he was hard I took two of my fingers that were shiny with lube and started playing with his tight asshole, one finger sunk in deeply with help from the slippery gloves. He moaned so helplessly when I hit his prostate with my two fingers and started stroking his cock again, in a quick-quick-slow rhythm, his cock was so hard with the additional play with his prostate. I wiggled my latex covered fingers deep into his asshole and felt his cock twitching with every stroke against his joy button. When I shoved a third finger in his ass and fucked him slowly his cock shot rope after rope of sticky thick cum all over his belly! I think I found my new hobby, prostate milking and latex gloves!

White trash phone sex whore to the rescue

white trash phone sexWhy would a white trash whore be the one to help in a sexual crisis? Because I am the one who has sold her body and enjoys it. Being high as a kite and being horny all the time, brings new and exciting sexual adventures all the time. I know a man needs a little more in the bedroom than missionary. He needs a slut who will talk dirty and encourage his fetishes and desires. You need to be told that hard dick is exactly what I need while we talk about K9 adventures of a whore who loves getting nasty and filthy! I’m not relationship material but I am one hell of a fuck. I know incest and I know what is is like for A man to need a slutty cum dump to pour his load into! Slam bam thank you bam is and has always been my motto! Fuck me and leave me an go home to your wife with my cunt and as son your cock! Fuck her for me! I love knowing she is getting my juices inside her and she doesn’t even know!

Drunk Girl Fucking

Drunk Girl Fucking

Hi ya’ll, I’m Aurora. It’s no secret that I love a good time. The drunker I get, the hornier I get. And I love a good party. My trucker friends invited me to a party last weekend. They said they had some good blow and I couldn’t say no. I was already a few drinks in and I could feel my pussy start to get wet when I walked to the back of the trailer. There were a couple of girls getting railed and a few men standing around the bed jerking their cocks while they watched. I took a shot of Jack as one of the truckers slid my skirt down past my knees and bent me over the bed. He started fucking my sloppy wet pussy from behind as two girls in front of me were fucking with a double-sided dildo. It felt so good and the smell of sweat filled the room as I came all over his cock. He started spanking my ass and I moaned for more. The girls and I all shared another shot as we started fucking each other next. I love cock but a tight snatch can be just as satisfying sometimes. I was starting to feel the booze and the blow just raised my libido. We were fucking and snorting until dawn and I must have came at least twenty times. I can’t wait for the next party.

White Trash Phone Sex


White Trash Phone SexI’ve always been a white trash slut and I’m not ashamed. I love letting men use me like the cum-guzzling fuckslut I am. It’s what I’m good for. I crave filthy, nasty, no taboo sex. I was visiting my friend at the trailer park last weekend for a party and it didn’t take long for things to get pretty wild. My friend took me into the back bedroom and pulled out some drugs. He said I had to fuck him for them and of course I couldn’t say no. I heard a few of his friends walk in right as I started straddling his cock. There’s nothing I love more than putting on a good show! The show became a full-on orgy as I felt one of his friend’s cocks slide into my asshole while I was riding him. My trashy little pussy was cumming everywhere. The bed was soaked. Two more cocks filled my mouth as I jerked one off. I laid down on the bed as they all circled around me and busted their nuts all over my body. That’s what I call a white trash party.

Gangbang Whore Trucker Heaven

gangbang whore Every dirty man craves a naughty gangbang whore for a mom. It’s true! My son loved to drug me and get me banged by a group of men he invited over. He works with truckers as a dispatch and is always sending over a special fleet.

They will be big and burly and in need of a trashy cunt like mine. I may be old but I sure have the fuck holes that these dirty bastards love. I love to be their road fuck stop over. It’s often that they come by without having had a shower and all high on crack. My son provides the crack for these filthy bastard trucker types and I provide the pussy.

I was breeding until I could not and have a good bit of young pussy available for them too. This was a goldmine during the pandemic and I know it will stay in the ranks of the best little whore house in the Southern region for truckers and cab drivers for longer still. Swing on down when you are driving those long hours and need a trashy tramp to bust a load in. I am always waiting for the next fuck squad.

Trashy MILF

Trashy Milf I am a trashy milf. Born and raised in a trailer park. The reason I am the nasty whore I am right now is because my mom pimped me out to her drug dealer when I was just a cute schoolgirl. Mom was a crackhead. No one wanted to trade her old used up fuck holes for drugs. Something tight and taboo like me, well that was a different story. It was not like she set out to pimp me out. She was jonesing bad one time for a fix. She had to take me with her because it was late, and I was too young to be left alone. Her dealer laughed at her. He said she was not tight enough for Godzilla’s dick. He was looking at me like a wild animal and mom offered me right up for some crack. I remember he was not nice or gentle. He fucked me like I was a whore. I was just a virgin schoolgirl. After that night, I became my mom’s drug ticket. Flash forward a few decades, and I am the dirtiest hooker you will ever meet. Just now, I fuck men much younger than me. You would be surprised how much a boy’s allowance will get him with a dirty old whore like me.

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