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Creampie sex stories For fall

creampie sex storiesCreampie sex stories will never get old for me. Fall is special for a cum loving slut like me. It brings back my first cum deposit memory. And I mean it’s only natural for a whore who gets her pussy and ass filled with that hot seed as much as I do to be nostalgic. I have taken thousands of loads by now. I can’t even keep up. My baby daddy gets off on me telling my nightly score of ejaculate loads. But to be honest, I was fucking long before he met me. And do I count each man different, no, I have fucked the same dirty bikers dozens of times equaling hundreds of loads between just them. Sometimes I do feel a little ashamed and then I have a big bowl of some good crystal or a fat line and those thoughts disappear. I swear it’s magic. I do some pretty whorish things that much is true. But growing up with a daddy and mommy like mine, I knew my only way to get by in life was going to be slinging my ass. So, don’t mind me getting high with you with about four loads of ropey cum I am playing with in my pussy. I tried to be innocent once, but that was taken from me without my consent, one fall night years ago. I don’t blame daddy, he was just showing me that a sweet girl isn’t what men want. They need a cum dripping whore. It was my choice to pursue being a filthy tramp and Gangbang whore. Do you want a creamy taste of fall? Or do you want to add to my cum deposits?

Phone Sex Sluts Know How to Have Fun

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts know how to have fun. I am the type of woman who can have fun in a closet. It is more fun with someone, but even alone I know how to enjoy life. My husband is very wealthy. He is well known in our community for his business endeavors. Very few people know what we do behind closed doors. The ones who do, have too much to lose if they expose us. We like it that way. Less risk. We attended a political fundraiser Friday night. I got to dress up and socialize with other rich trophy wives. I do not really get into politics. It is always the lesser of two evils to choose from anyway. My husband networks at these events and I get into trouble which is what I do best. Another hot trophy wife had some blow to share with me. We went off to another part of the mansion. With as many people there, we knew no one would miss us. Most of the women and men at the party were boring goody two shoes types who would be shocked at a fraction of the shit I have done. Melissa and I got naked. Coke goes straight to our pussies. We started eating each other out. We tribbed our pussies. We might have inserted some objects in the room up each other’s pussies too. We were having fun. More fun than we would have if we stayed in our dress clothes socializing with the stuffed shirts. We were naked playing with each other for a couple hours and no one missed us. We touched up our make-up and went back to the party to join our husbands. Mine told me I smelled like sloppy wet pussy. I just winked at him and licked my lips.

Unrestricted Sexline

sexlineWe can talk about anything on my sexline. I mean it when I say I am no taboos and no limits. Let me tell you what I did yesterday. I came home from an all night sex festival. I had been hired for a private party and it went into the wee hours of the morning. I was still horny, however. I saw the house keepers’ little angels playing in the yard. One of the benefits of having illegal help is you get access to their little ones whenever you want. We have several members of her family employed with us. They are all grateful for how well we treat them. I am not being facetious. They live in a 4-bedroom carriage house. Everyone is paid well above minimum wage. They have health benefits and get to take vacations with us and spend holidays with us too. Every now and again, I help myself to the help’s little ones. The maid has a big brood. They have been with us for years. We paid for the two oldest to go to college, and now the two youngest are just starting private school. Twins. An adorable boy and girl who love to play with this gringa. We played in the pool naked, before I took them upstairs to my bed to fuck. I sucked the boy’s hairless cock. I ate his sister’s hairless cunnie. I let the little stud muffin hump inside me. No swimmers yet, but he does the best he can with what he’s got. I still felt amazing. It was just the little taboo tryst I needed to be able to fall asleep. They curled up with me in my bed and we napped a few hours before I had to sign on to my phone sex line. If you treat people really well, you can do anything you want with their angels.

Blonde Fucking A Slutty Whore!

Blonde fucking

I know I am nothing but a blonde fucking whore, but when I get a boyfriend he is supposed to be devoted to me. I can fuck whoever I want, but his cock is reserved for me. Double standards apply to men who worship big titted beautiful blondes. I can get away with anything I want point blank. I work in the sex industry I have to fuck for a living. The back room at the club after dancing and teasing men. The nights I feel like slinging my pussy on the boulevard. Or a paid Gangbang. I used to have a hot boyfriend that loves that he could  fuck me after all the cock I took for the night. I need a cock to stroke as I fall asleep and a hard dick between my ass cheeks when I wake up. I had a man recently fuck my so called best friend. We were at a decent bar and she was fucking him on the dance floor. 

I know what you’re thinking, how does a gangbang whore have such audacity? Well, I am a nice piece of ass and since my boyfriend’s Twin was with us, I decided to get revenge publicly. I pulled out my tits and sank to my knees at the side of the bar stool. “Fuck my tits! And I will suck you cock!” I yelled loudly making the patrons of the bar turn around. I was right in sight of that boyfriend stealing whore. Maybe she didn’t think anything of it because I am such a whore. But what is mine is mine.  I now have my ex’s Twin at my beckon call. He has more money and a bigger dick and I fuck him in front of his loser brother every chance I get now! I still fuck who I want, but I have a big dick to fuck when I am done being a cock skank now. Oh the good life. Cock , coke and cum will always be my great loves! 

Live Phone Sex: Anything Can Happen

live phone sex

Live phone sex means anything can happen. Last night, I was home alone. That almost never happens. I was partying and taking calls late. I had this one guy who just wanted some one to party with. I get it. I do not judge. I like talking to high men because their true self comes out. Same can be said for women. It is that coke or whatever your drug of choice may be lowers your resistance. You speak more freely. This guy was not home alone. He moved back home after the pandemic to help his folks out. We got to talking and he admitted he called me because I am a trashy milf who fucks her sons. He revealed his longings for his mommy’s pussy. Incest thoughts lurk in us all somewhere. I told him how I came to be the son fucker I am and gave him some tips on how to be a mother fucker. He added Fireball into his mix and that liquid confidence, made him bold. He was whispering. But I understood he was going into his sleeping mother’s room, naked with his cock out. The plan was just to jack off and look at her for a few. Maybe, steal a pair of dirty panties. His father takes Ambien at night and would sleep through a bombing he said. I was quiet, but I was speaking to him on an earpiece so no one could really hear me. He was so fucked up. He ended up cumming on his mother’s sleeping face. She woke up and I heard yelling from a woman. I think I heard something break too, LOL. We got disconnected. I was hoping to hear back from him, but I think his mother did not respond like he hoped. It was still hot for me to be along for the ride even if it ended abruptly. With druggy phone sex, anything can happen.

Freaky Phone Sex Fantasy Tranny

I love getting off with some freaky phone sex. I have the best freaks as lovers too. I had a good run with two of my favorite freaks getting our own freak on. I love to get high and fuck them. My favorite little sissy is always a blast. I love getting that man fucked up and taking advantage of him. He has a vulnerability and I milk it. He loves tranny girls and is in love with me. I can’t blame him, tbh. I have great tits, and I can party like nobodies business. Really it ain’t nobodies business what I do, nor who I do. I was pulling a train the other night and man some pencil dick neighbor called the pigs on me. I really wanted that copper to be my cum receptacle and I urged him to come back after his shift. I would still be awake and partying and I know he could use a little let loose. I know an interested party when I see one and boy was he interested. I had the man in blue return in just his street clothes and he was looking every bit a tasty treat for me. I knew he would be hung, I could tell. He was throbbing for me and a very willing bottom. Most pigs are bottoms. They are busy asserting so much testosterone at work that they need to lay back. He laid back and took my knight stick like a good ass fucked bottom always does.

Freaky phone sex

My Phone Sex Line is No Limits 24 / 7!

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is for unrestricted fun. You can talk about anything with me. My life is a far cry from a Hallmark card. I am more like an X-rated Lifetime movie. Born in the sticks of West Virginia to meth head parents who pimped me out to older men the moment I learned to walk. No love. No friends. No school. Only cash transactions to support their addictions. One day, I was sold for a lump sum and that is how I got married. My husband, however, is the hero of the story not the villain. Yes, he likes young girls. Yes, I was a breeding whore for him. The payoff was sweet though. I live a nice life. I am rich. I live in a beautiful gated home in California and my submissive sex slave days are long gone. My husband and I have a brood of sexy prostitutes who work hard for the money. They are not chained in some dingy trailer on a cum stained mattress like I once was. They each have their own rooms with beautiful clothes and expensive electronics. The ones who can drive have their own cars. They go to school and they have friends, but they hook at night and on weekends with clients daddy puts through a rigorous vetting process. Unlike my sperm and egg donor, we care that no one beats our cash cows or ruins them from making top dollar in the future. You will never hear one of our little whores crying because they are hungry or dirty. You might hear them bitching about wanting more cock and cum, however, because they are greedy little whores. When you call my sexline, I promise no limits on age and no taboos on what we can talk about. Clearly, my life is not censored, so why would I censor you?

My Sexline Celebrates Hispanic Heritage and Hispanic Cocks

sexlineWhen you call my sexline, you will here all my dirty stories about Hispanics. It is Hispanic Heritage month and let me tell you, I love celebrating brown dick and pussy. I live in California. All the help here is Hispanic. Some legal, some not legal. My husband and I do not care. We prefer the illegal Hispanics because they make the best sex slaves. Desperate for money and will never report what you did to them because they will be deported. I have a Hispanic family that lives in the carriage house. All illegals. But in our household its Hispanic Heritage month every month. I am not a racist. I am an opportunist. My little brown family helps my family out in so many ways. First, the husband and wife work for us. She is our cook and maid. He is our landscaper and car repair guy. They are paid well. Better than they would be paid if documented immigrants. My sexline is not so much about them, but their offspring. When my husband first met them, they just had a son. That boy grew up to be quite the stud for me. He is a teenager now and he knows how to fuck white pussy better than most white men. I love brown dick. I celebrate Hispanic Heritage daily when his teen cock is going in and out of my fuck holes. This family has grown since moving on to our property. Now they have three little angels. Of course, we think they tried to have girls to make us happy. Our Hispanic family knows we run a home brothel filled with young talent. Sure, little white girls are always in demand, but so many men want a Hispanic angel or a Nubian princess. Variety is the spice of life, so we aim to please the varied tastes of our perverts. Do not feel badly for them. Those little brown angels bring home more money in a night than their parents make in a year and we pay the parents well. My sexline is full of dirty stories of pimping out the help’s little Hispanic darlings. My family knows the importance of celebrating Hispanic heritage. Brown pussy and brown cock bring us pleasure and money.


Vacation For Sexy Shemale

It’s Summer and this Sexy Shemale phone sex whore is heading to vacation! I will keep all my perverts in my thoughts as I go and soak up some sun and fun. It’s going to be exciting to hook-up with some vacation cock. I will be taking and giving loads like the sexy chick with a dick I am. It’s ok guys, I am headed to a secluded little Island with my lover. I’m a good girl even though my dick get’s me in trouble nearly as much as these perfect tits do! Well, I guess my ass seems to also draw attention mixed with my blonde mane. I’m just a hot little package of trouble and I guarantee I will be back and ready to let you drain these balls before long! I suspect I’ll be back by Sunday the 8th so save some of that playtime for this horny sexy shemale’s return. *smooches* to all my lover boys. You have a coupled of days to get me before I go.

Shemale phone sex


Sexy Shower Stranger Fucks My Soapy Cunt

Hookers For HireI was soaping up my cunt, rubbing my clitty with the suds, trying to grab a shower between my diner shift and my night in the lot. My hands trailed up my body, tweaking a thick, dusky nipple. I moaned quietly and then a firm hand clasped over my pouty lips. He was on me like July flies on honeycomb.
I felt his fat cock pressing on my lower back; a tall man. His chest hair scratched my back. “Quiet now, whore.” He hissed in my ear, taking his hand from my panting mouth to my hips. He lifted me, and slid his cock right into my tight, soapy pussy. I whined under my breath as he stretched me around his thickness.
He bounced me, jack-hammering his dick deep into my cunt. I threw my hands against the wall to steady myself, the hot water rippling down our bodies. I shuddered as an orgasm ripped through me involuntarily. He just felt so good!
It was well over half an hour, and six times cumming later, he unloaded his balls deep inside my fuckhole. He slid out, set me down, patted my head, and slipped $200 into my hand. I crumpled to the floor, ice cold water sending shock-waves through my body.

Cum Filled Cunt

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