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Trashy milf Deidra cumming for all the Boys

Trashy milf

Would you imagine a woman wanted to be a trashy milf from being very young. I saw my mother having an awesome time with my father, her father and my brothers and anyone’s friends who wanted to. She felt like she was the perfect women whom I desired to become. So as I grew older and was almost ready for graduation mom took me down to the truck stops where I could get experience. She made such big shoes for me to fit in and boy did I want to walk her walk. So when I finally got to college I joined Sorority girls fucking , but I knew something was missing.

So even though I loved the dynamic of older men having my young tight body and knowing what a sex fiend I was. It was never enough. I wanted to be the bad mommy I wanted to know I was taking advantage of young guys sex drives and knowing they can’t say no to a dirty milf who loves cum. When I finally gave birth to a son, I was over the moon. I only had a few more years to wait, grinding way as a horny sexy wet Trailer trash whore.

As soon as I saw his cock starting to pester him mommy knew just what to do. He had always been into seeing mommys sexy tits but when mommy started taking them out to allow him to nurse while he stroked, it didn’t take me long before I was able to ride that hard cock.

Phone Sex Line is a Party Line for Horny Men with No Limits

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is a party line. When we do a call, especially if it is a long call, I am usually high on something. Trust me, you want me high. That is when I spill the tea. I know that I seem open about my past and my current naughty existence, but I save a lot of the good details for our calls, when I am fucked up and ready to be honest. When I was just a whore for my parents, before my husband liberated me, I had three pregnancies. None of the little ones I was allowed to keep. My parents sold those angels. I never knew what happened to them. Did they get a good life or were they used worse than me for most of their lives. Maybe they were still being used or worse. They would all be legal age now, because I was just a teenage girl when I had them. My husband found one of the girls ripped from my arms through a DNA kit. She lives in Florida. I was in WV when I was a hooker phone sex whore for my parents. My husband and I combed her social media looking for signs she needed rescue. She is 26 now. She went to college. She may have just been sold to loving parents who could not conceive. She could have been trafficked and rescued and adopted again. Or she could be a survivor. My husband, my oldest son and I thought of all the possibilities. We started fucking thinking about everything we could do to her. She was smoking hot just like her half-sisters. Before long, we were having a family orgy thinking about this hot girl who was my daughter and their sibling. You know where our minds were going. Straight into the gutter. As we fucked each other, we thought about how much money this girl could make us if she was part of our home brothel of sexy prostitutes. All my daughters have always been great money makers for daddy and I. Why would the daughter who I have yet to meet be any different. I mean, she does have part of me in her. Soon, hopefully, she will have part of her brothers and step daddy in her too.

Bored Housewife Drunk Phone sex

Drunk phone sex

Libations have made me into a sloppy mess. Read and jerk off to my drunk phone sex raunchy tale. When my husband is at the Gentlemen’s Club EXPO or scouting new talent, I find myself becoming a bored housewife. Not a good look for me at all. So I start with a wine bottle or two and that only makes me horny. I find myself watching old videos of me taking massive amounts of cock. I have a new agenda for helping the young whores become like me. I also have to keep my cuckold husband happy with his whore wife. It happens to all aging whores, although I’m still quite young, I have fucked hundreds of men. I haven’t retired, I just have the longings of being creampied and left in some skanky motel. But the wine helps, and I remember that time Valde shoved a champagne bottle up my ass and laughed as I screamed. My cunt aches to be that young whore scared out of her mind again. The panties slip off and The bottle feels cool against my pussy.  I lift the neck up and pour the rest of the wine down my folds. The kitchen chair is replaced by a bar stool in memory of mine as I push the bottom of the wine bottle into my hole. I’m drunk and all I know is in my mind I’m back in a nasty biker bar and Joe is pushing his fist inside of me. A $50 dollar bet for 20-year-old me. The wine bottle goes inside me and I begin to fuck my Sloppy wet pussy. I think for a minute I should film myself but I’m much to drunk and I have a glass wine bottle fucking my cunt. 

My Sloppy wet pussy is off limits for dicks smaller than 8in

Sloppy wet pussy He stroked his tiny little clity for me while I totally ignored his existence. I had him watch Prostitution porn for excitement, in no way was he getting coochie out of me.. I could care less how much he paid me to join him in his hotel suite.. He should have been honest about the size of his peen. I literally have in my ad in parenthesis (not accepting tricks with cocks less than 8 inches) He couldn’t have missed it. This fucker didn’t even have half that and had the nerve to think I was going to fuck him bareback and risk another genetic malfunction of a penis; if he had gotten me pregnant… I’ve popped out a few offspring’s from dates and this one wasn’t worth the risk.

My littles tend to my needs whenever I am not out strutting and posting ads on the black-market. His weiner was risky business! LOL he stood there in front of me holding his dick that vanished into the palm of his hand and pleaded for me to at least take my shirt off. Well, I did consider since I thought it would be a bit exciting to be a cock tease. Instead of just my shirt I stripped down completely naked and whipped my clit back and forth while telling him a man like him doesn’t deserve Sloppy wet pussy, not even on his own dollar. There isn’t enough money in the world for him to be deserving of pleasure!

I spit roasted him and had him tug at his cock while I said the most degrading things. I pulled a few toys out of my purse and gave him an ultimatum, it was either he fuck me or I fuck him.. He obviously chose to stretch my cunt out… That didn’t last too long, not even his arm had the stamina nor rhythm! I bent him over and slid my pussy cream covered dildo into his asshole. If he wanted to get off he was going to have to accept fate! From the grip of his asshole I could tell he had never done anything like this before.. If there is one thing, that fucker sure did enjoy it! I cut him off mid fuck and packed my shit, his clit hadn’t even squirted yet.. He tried chasing me to the door but as soon as I had my foot out, you know that fucker was not risking anyone else being able to witness his micro-peen. He has been blowing my Sexline ever since.. Sorry loser prostitution gigs are nonrefundable, cash in hand first! 

My own Cum dumpster under the table

Cum dumpsterI’m a big fan of bending stereotypical situations to my advantage in fun, cum dumpster ways. That’s why I had a guy under the tablecloth while I was on a date with another guy. My – gonna call him tablecloth guy – had my big dick out, slobbering all over it like the horny slut he was. A real sissy trained over at the sissy slut hut. He knew how to work a shaft, I’d give him that, my dick was really hard and ready for him and he went right to work. It was really hard to pay attention to the dude I’d be railing later that night while the dude I was actively toying with was sucking my fat cock into his mouth and bobbing. My hand found its way down to his head, forcing him down a little more, and taking in just how much he wanted me in his mouth, in his throat, getting ready to spray a big helping of jizz right down his phone sex line gullet. I’m not coy, or ashamed, or anything but ready to spring up and fuck at a moment’s notice. I love my girlcock, I love driving this fancy prick right up a man’s asshole and giving him a limp the next week. I also love filling a throat with a deep load of my cum. I pat his cheeks, lift my leg and smack his ass with my foot, and fake myself a giggle at the way he jumps in surprise and my dick finds itself lodged deep in his throat. “So how are you liking the food.” I remind him there’s an actual guy here that shouldn’t find out about him. The conversation quickly lulled me into a deep state of enjoyment, both carnal and romantic.

I’d probably be fucking them both in the ass by the end of the night, not lightly fucking either, hardcore anal sex.

T-Girls are Popular Hookers for Hire

Hookers for hire are where perverts go for discreet fun with dick. Yeah, you know it’s all about that dick. That fucking big beautiful waxed set of balls and a nice hard cock. The waxed puckered taint of a beautiful t-girl with a perfect rack, big cock and a tight sweet asshole.

Obviously, you are maybe a little bit high and horny and thinking about shecock. Let’s just smoke some crack and fuck baby. I will stroke this big nine incher.

So call my tranny phone sex line and suck on the glass dick while we talk filthy together, lover. I want to tell you how I will pound out that hole of yours while you are on your back.

Standing at the edge of the bed with my cock rubbing against your face to tease you. Give it a kiss, mmmm that’s it don’t be shy, just get it wet for that butt pussy of yours. Leaning in as I pull my cock from your mouth I give you a kiss and smirk followed by a wicked laugh.

Your cock is throbbing right now, and your stroking it slowly. Watch as I lean down and start to lick and rim that taint. Let me eat that ass and make good and ready. Coming up after a few moments and you are edging like a good boy.

Now, time for this cock to push into that puckered wet hole. Take my Big tranny dick.

Hookers for hire

Sexline is Always No Taboos: Let’s Party and Get off Together

sexlineMy sexline is always no taboos. I love true confession calls. I like to know other people were raised in fucked up families but embraced it. It is no secret that my parents were never really my parents. I mean they whored me out for almost 2 decades before I escaped. I was just a piece of meat to them. I had none of the typical hallmarks of youth. I talked to a guy last night who had a similar upbringing. He went to school and had friends. His mother celebrated his birthdays and holidays. I had none of that. But this is not a contest to see who had the worst boy or girlhood. This is about taboo phonesex stories. His mother pimped him out.  My caller is older than me, and I guess there was some recession in the 70s. His mom was laid off her job, but she had some rich trophy wife friends. When my caller was a teen boy with a strapping hard cock, she pimped him out to her rich girlfriends. That was how she supported them as a single mom during tough economic times. He got to fuck rich trophy wives. The guys I was fucking in a trailer park were less glamorous, but we were both whored out by parents and that bounded us. He is a coke fan like me. Coke is not my coping mechanism. I just like to party. We exchanged stories about our youth, did lines of coke and masturbated together. Not my typical role play call, but just as hot. He likes little girls now, but sadly he never married. We did fantasize about him fucking my angels, even my sons. He goes both ways like me. I think we should all be bisexual, especially with little ones. My phone sex line is open. We can roleplay. We can party. We can swap stories. We can masturbate together.


Orgy Phone Sex Tranny Party – Big Dick Shemale Josie

Orgy phone sex is a kinky kind of fuck. All those cocks and pussy… However with me it will be tits, cocks and a bukkake slut. No, I am not the bukkake slut. I have a nice nearly 9″ of shecock. So do all of my girlfriends. You, my sweets, are the slut. The fuck trophy of sperm. We will all take turns on your fuck holes.

In return of your service to our big shecocks, we expect you to take all of our loads in both holes like a good cum slut or a bitch boi. Crave that shecock, and crave it bad. We will stretch that fuck hole of yours nice and wide. Gape you the fuck open. You like that, Daddy? Letting us all spread you wide and spunk in you? I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

Orgy phone sex

No taboo phone sex Wife

no taboo phone sex

How about some No Taboo phone sex with a cum whore wife!?

I am that blonde bimbo wife who fucks her sons and does big fat lines of coke before she jumps on that dealer’s dick. I love spreading my legs and telling my husband how good that boy’s cum feels inside of my cunt! I so love sucking my boys cock while I get fucked  by my drug dealers!  And when the dealers are going to come over and bring some good blow I’m going to go downstairs and jump right on their fat BBCs. And my husband knows all about it and he appreciates me for the whore that I am! Even if she does what I watch sometimes I let him I’ll be on that bed just riding that fucking cock you know white cock Black cock any cock will do! Just call me a hot wife cock whore Cum dumpster! 

Any fucking cock will do you know what a blonde chicken says “any cock will do!” in the mornings! Just Like me!

My Sloppy wet pussy gets hot for P daddies

Sloppy wet pussy My sloppy wet pussy can make you cum within minutes, my pussy is so tight you can call it the cock choker, you will remain hard as a rock and ready for another round… My pussy has a personality of  its own hehe, it knows all the tricks that will keep you coming back for more! Don’t believe me? Then let me prove it, phone fuck me so you can listen to me rub my waxed pussy and listen to the sloppy noises she makes..

My dripping wet pussy is ready to get the bruising it deserves.. I’ve got all my biggest toys handy and I am ready to finger my shit hole while penetrating my pussy.. Stretch me out and make me whimper! I am here to serve and fulfill your dirtiest fantasies.. Nothing is off limits with me babe, the dirtier the better! Think you can shock me? I highly doubt it.. Come to me with your dirtiest fantasy and I will twist the fuck out of it while I fuck myself relentlessly. I am no amateur!  Maybe, I can share the link to my favorite Hardcore orgy porn and we can watch it together while we mutually masturbate..

My pussy is so tingly, I can’t resist the temptation of stuffing my cunt! I’ve got a bullet vibrator deep inside of me pulsing up against my cervix uhhh, it feels so good to adjust the speed.. I prefer using it at its highest setting but right now I’ve got it set pretty low.. haha if not I would have a million typos and wouldn’t be able to think straight.. I need someone who knows how to get dirty, very dirty! I am so not into vanilla the more taboo the fuck, the wetter my cunt.. The harder my orgasm.. My Sexline is open for any and all of you perverts.. No kink left behind hehe, P daddies welcome!