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Druggy Porn of Shemales Who Love Controlling and Fucking Faggots

Druggy porn is a hot time watching as you jerk off on the phone with a sexy shemale like me, Josie. I will help you get your filthy kink on and keep you jacking it hard. But first I hope you will be fucking that ass cunt of yours with a nice big toy.

Obviously I get a great bit of high men that love to party and worship me. Worshiping my cock and ass is a great time. My tits are rather nice as well. In fact gazing up at my tits as I have you on your back is great.

In the end of our filthy fun you will be messy and completely drained. I love to pound that ass cunt of yours hard. However you sucking my big tranny dick is so fucking much fun for me. I will certainly have you shoving that tongue up my taint and eating my ass just the same.

Druggy phone sex

Hookers for Hire When Your High, Horny and Craving Dick

When the craving comes about and all you want is a sexy tranny dick then Hookers for Hire is hot. Tasting that big smooth shecock in your cock sucking mouth as you play with your dick. It’s quite all right to be married, straight and wanting something extra.

As a sexy shemale I myself can understand your craving for a pretty hot blonde with nice tits. The kind of woman that has a secret. On the outside I am so passable and elegant enough to take to your work events. Behind closed doors I will expose the secret.

I promise my shemale surprise is our dirty little secret. And to really make you mine, it is that tight sweet ass of yours I want. That’s right you will be my anal sex ball drainer for my sexy tranny dick.

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Druggy Phone Sex with Sexy Shemale Josie

Some of the best times I have working the lines are the druggy phone sex calls. This is really my kind of thing. Just gettting high and having my big tranny dick worshiped. The best time is making my phone bitch (that’s likely to be you). Honestly Making you be a filthy little cock sucker is hot fun.

Consequently, I just love to make my high lovers get super nasty with me. Eat my tranny ass like a good bitch. Undeniably this truly a sexy time. And if you do a good job I make just tell you to fuck my tranny ass.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Respectively, even as a dominant top tranny tramp, I still eat ass myself. In fact I take cock all fucking day and night. Just understand my needs are met by some great big bull cocks most of the time. But if we are hanging and getting high I may just require some really good ass play and that means dick too.

Let’s see how filthy you are willing to get with me.

Druggy phone sex

Crack Whore Anal Sex Cum Dump for a Sexy Shemale

My New Years Resolution is to make more men my cock sucking beta bitches. The fact that so many straight men crave my shemale cock makes me laugh. Men like you want to be my Crack whore Anal sluts. I will be laughing all the way to my dealer and tell him I just can’t help it. You see man, there are a million little white men that are so damned gay.

Admit to it pervert. You are a cock craving faggot. I know I am more feminin than your wife even. But the truth is I have a dick. And it is this dick that you fucking crave.

On the other hand maybe you are just really kinky. I bet you probably could care less about gay, faggot or straight terms. In fact you just fuck who and what you want. Finally the true kinky lovers of mine are the fucking hottest.

So, if it’s a nice tranny cock and a fucking party you crave then come on over to my line and let’s get filthy.

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Druggy Phone Sex with a Tranny Hooker for Seasonal Joy

Nothing makes a better reason for the season than Druggy phone sex with a tranny prostitute. This is truly a great coping mechanism for many men. I greatly enjoy being a part of your life in these Festive times.

Taking my pervert strokers that love chicks with dicks and making them feel good makes me feel good. I want to put out a thanks and appreciation for my many lovers this past year. My shecock really gets excited when I get to be nasty on the phone with you wonderful perverts!

Just last night I was out partying at a local club and getting so turned on by all the straight men out there craving my dick. In fact I had a couple of guys sneak off with me in the parking lot to suck me off. All while their wives were inside the club.

Druggy phone sex

Druggy phone sex

Druggy Porn and a Sexy Tranny for the Night

Druggy porn and a night with a tranny prostitute is a good time. I truly love just getting high and watching porn with my lovers. Let yourself get kinky thinking about being my little bitch.

First things first, and that is the fact that I love being the one in charge. However there are a few exceptions. These are rare exceptions too. One is that the guy has a bigger cock than me and is truly a confident and dominant man. Then and only then will I become ever so slightly submissive.

When I say slightly submissive I mean that I will not tolerate some ignorant guy that thinks he can control me. As a control freak and one that is very skilled I know how and when I will submit.

Of course there are times when I have a lover and we really just have some kinky fun together. That is truly the hottest time for me. No need to try and convey your testosterone levels to me. I will pick up on your energy soon enough. We can just really have some fun partying and I can seduce you and take that man pussy.

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Hardcore Anal Sex With My Big Shecock to Stuff Your Ass

Hardcore anal sex is a fuck of a hot time with my Shecock pounding your ass out. Make no mistake that my greatest love is owning bitches like you pervert daddy. My Uncle Dave was in for a surprise on Thanksgiving.

Obviously when he started to hit on me he had no idea of my secret. Uncle Dave is new to me as a true womanizing pervert. He thinks that all women need to be groped. So I found it a total joy to get him alone.

Men get so drunk on the Holidays and Uncle Dave was no different. And due to his pure assholeness to all the women we comprised a little fun. I lured him into a room as I flirted back. We made out way to a room and I pretended to be ever so flattered by him.

Playing shy and flirty I got him where I wanted him. I had his cock out and it was pathetically small. I stroked at it a little and let him suck on my tits. He was so hard and telling me to suck his cock. In a matter of seconds when he tried being forceful I turned on my full dom bitchiness.

Hardcore Anal Sex is what Uncle Dave is going to get…

Pushing Uncle Dave down on the bed and dominating him. He had no idea what was about to happen as I straddled his face and forced my big shecock down his throat. His struggle made me laugh. I pulled it out and noted how hard he was. I pushed his legs up and slapped his ass and called him a hot piece of ass.

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Finally I slid my throbing big tranny cock in Uncle Daves asshole and fucked him hard. Funny thing… he turned into a weak little wimpering bitch. Best yet he fucking blew his load as I unloaded in that tight puckered ass.

Sexy Prostitutes Can Be Special Girls with Big Dicks – Josie

When you think of sexy prostitutes are you thinking about T-girls? I sure hope you are! Prostitution is a great time, especially treating men with a special surprise. Most men that I hook up with think I am pure woman.

To be fair, I am pure woman. Well except that I have only a back door pussy and a mouth. But my special surprise, or shemale surprise is really the greatest part of the experience.

You see when we get hot and heavy with kissing and you get to suck and kiss my breasts… well you are so ready and turned on. No need to shy away from me because I have a cock. In fact I will even suck your cock and get you so far past the point of no return.

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Sexline Transexual Dominant Josie is Ready to Own You

Calling my Sexline is like calling yourself out as a cock craving little faggot. Don’t resist or deny yourself. My cock and my body are beautiful and perfect for fucking you best. Let me just own that sweet spot and give you the best orgasm ever.

Optimally you will have a little something to play with while we play. Maybe some candy and we can both get fucked up and  or high. The one thing I love with my lovers is that they are willing to take something in that sweet hole of theirs. Get that ass cunt fucked. Massage your prostate and jerk off.

Finally the thought of my dick owning your ass and mouth pussies makes me hot. I will destroy your hole and make you gag with that throat fuck. Let Josie own your dirty desire for shemale cock.


Nasty Phonesex Tranny Prostitute Druggy Josie’s Diseased Cock

Nasty phonesex with a hot druggy prostitute shemale is a life sentence. When druggy prostitute Josie gets her hands on a useless loser like you your life has an expiration.

I met up with a client that wanted bareback fucking. As I have been a druggy whore for years. Money talks and I go bare back. One night I got myself beat and violated by a gang of black thug niggers. These guys really ripped my ass and did a number on me. It was before I got my breast job.

Soon after this event I found out I was positive. In denial I continued to prostitute myself and the best revenge was infecting other men with my diseased seed. The fantasy raping of those fuck holes raw and bareback was exiting. I got one jon and fucked him hard. As I was spunking in him I told him I was HIV Positive and I will pass every sickness I have on.

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