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Shemale phone sex

  It’s Shemale phone sex that I offer. I have a dick, and a Ladyboy pussy. I’m always jerking my dick and sometimes I need another dick to jerk and suck off. I’m very dominant but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like a nice big fat cock to suck off. I love getting my Ladyboy hole plugged with worthwhile big dick. The best times are had with a sexy hunk of hot man meat. I love being the tranny with nice tits and a perfect cock. This picture is missing you baby. You sucking my tranny ass and this beautiful cock while I blow pretty boy smooth talker Romeo. I’ll be your filthy Juliet big boy if you have more than 7 inches for me.

Freaky Phone Sex Fantasy Tranny

I love getting off with some freaky phone sex. I have the best freaks as lovers too. I had a good run with two of my favorite freaks getting our own freak on. I love to get high and fuck them. My favorite little sissy is always a blast. I love getting that man fucked up and taking advantage of him. He has a vulnerability and I milk it. He loves tranny girls and is in love with me. I can’t blame him, tbh. I have great tits, and I can party like nobodies business. Really it ain’t nobodies business what I do, nor who I do. I was pulling a train the other night and man some pencil dick neighbor called the pigs on me. I really wanted that copper to be my cum receptacle and I urged him to come back after his shift. I would still be awake and partying and I know he could use a little let loose. I know an interested party when I see one and boy was he interested. I had the man in blue return in just his street clothes and he was looking every bit a tasty treat for me. I knew he would be hung, I could tell. He was throbbing for me and a very willing bottom. Most pigs are bottoms. They are busy asserting so much testosterone at work that they need to lay back. He laid back and took my knight stick like a good ass fucked bottom always does.

Freaky phone sex

Shemale Surprise Hooker Fun

I love hooking up with a stranger at the Hotel lounge while conventions are going on. These business guys traveling solo need companionship. I love to help the out of towners get their little private party on. These times away is when guys will let loose and get their freak on. They love to do things they can’t do in their home town. These guys want the excitement. They are looking for a no strings attached hookup and party. I used to run Backpage ads and meet up with guys. That got so fucking problematic and find it better to troll the highend hotel lounges and the nightclubs to get my clients. I’m a tranny, and I have a nice tight package that goes with the big cock and tight titties. I am a mans dream girl. I’m blonde and sexilicious. It’s never a problem to have the party favors these guys are looking for to make the night better. Sometimes they really don’t grasp it or pick up on the hints that I may be more than they can handle. It’s always a surprise in how guys that are clueless will react when they notice my nearly 9″ package in these tiny panties.

Hooker Phone Sex

Shemale Phone Sex Beach Sex Summer

Shemale Phone Sex is the hottest thing to get into while on Holiday. I love the Beach in the Summertime. The smell of sunscreen gets this tranny cock throbbing. It’s something I love since being a girl and living an hour away from the Beach. I wasn’t exactly born a girl but my mama made me one. I didn’t mind and loved wearing bikini’s to the beach and having long blonde hair. I got to go topless and get a nice tan. My mama was such a druggy whore that I was destined to be much the same. She was doing Johns under the boardwalk and in the bathrooms all the time. That was Jersey baby and now I am the Shemale Phone Sex Beach trolling Queen always ready to turn a trick and suck some dick.

Shemale Phone Sex

I love the prime Beach time and am across the country these days. I live in California and I get my share of hot beach fucking all season long. I like to ride my bike to the Boardwalk and see what lonesome tourist is trolling for some hot Cali style tranny fucking. The fact that I have so many t-girl friends to hook up with makes times always exciting. We love taking a straight man back to his Beachfront hotel room and fuck his brains out with our sexy Shemale phone sex fun. The idea of hot beach sex is exciting for men that want to cheat. It’s even more exciting for them to get with a ladyboy to get their inner most desires for cock met. You think they would just call and hook up with a sexy tranny from Eros or some shit. They find trying to hook up with a professional online to be extremely difficult to g through with. I have had my days on craigslist to hook up and usually they want to hook up with a t-girl because we always have party favors. I guess it makes it easier for them. It’s super easy to lure them in at the Beachfront bars when they have been relaxing and drinking.

Shemale Phone Sex

Hardcore Anal Sex Sub For Tgirl Cock

I need to have some hot hardcore anal sex with a subby faggot. Maybe you are craving that dick and afraid to admit it? I’m the best thing between the two. I have a slim body with a juicy ass guys love to eat, a sexy nice set of tits, and a nice big fully functional cock. My cock get really hard and big when I have your faggot mouth working it. I love the way you take my nearly nine inches down your throat, with a little force of course. Subby faggots are my favorite because they really worship me like the Goddess I am. It’s exciting to have you on your knees and worshiping my toes and feet, up my silky smooth legs, and between my thighs. I will push you down on this raging hard dick and make you suck it good while you desire to worship it. I will have you milking me with that faggot mouth before I let you experience my dick in your ass.

Hardcore Anal Sex

Anal Cum Dumpster Wanted For Tgirl Cock

Anal cum dumpster sought by a sexy, sassy and trashy fucking blonde t-girl. I am hung well and full functional for your pleasure. You crave to suck off a tgirl and maybe even let her fuck your sweet tight ass. I need to cum so bad with a new fuck buddy. I am so sick of my boyfriend right now and bored with the bastard. I want to cheat on him and make deep filthy passionate love with a virgin to the tranny world. I want to rock your world so bad that you will be craving more of me. I want you addicted to me and I can tell my fucking lame ass to fuck off. Ever consider a crack whore tranny for your next lover? Maybe I can be your nasty girlfriend and fuck both you and your wife, luver, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or even your fucking mother with you.

Anal Cum Dumpster

Vacation For Sexy Shemale

It’s Summer and this Sexy Shemale phone sex whore is heading to vacation! I will keep all my perverts in my thoughts as I go and soak up some sun and fun. It’s going to be exciting to hook-up with some vacation cock. I will be taking and giving loads like the sexy chick with a dick I am. It’s ok guys, I am headed to a secluded little Island with my lover. I’m a good girl even though my dick get’s me in trouble nearly as much as these perfect tits do! Well, I guess my ass seems to also draw attention mixed with my blonde mane. I’m just a hot little package of trouble and I guarantee I will be back and ready to let you drain these balls before long! I suspect I’ll be back by Sunday the 8th so save some of that playtime for this horny sexy shemale’s return. *smooches* to all my lover boys. You have a coupled of days to get me before I go.

Shemale phone sex


Gangbang Sex Stories w/ Sexy Shemales

For some the thought of a tranny is exciting and they are always curious about having sexual encounters with one. Some even want more of that tranny dick. I had this caller that wanted some hot tranny gangbang sex stories to get him off and it was quite hot. Getting yourself sandwiched with a whole lot of tranny sausages in your face and in that faggot ass of yours is what you need, at least once. The idea of a sexy gangbang of big shemale cocks probably tends to get your cock hard. It’s tits, dicks and ass. So many as five sexy tranny cocks could excite that desire for cock and make any alpha male a total submissive faggot. I know this to be true. I have been a part of a few hot orgies with as many as ten sexy tranny girls. We love to fuck one another and suck each other off as much as we love to share some intrigued little bitch, female or male. I know plenty of chicks with a fetish for tranny dick and why the hell not?! If this intrigues you we should talk about it baby.

gangbang sex stories

It Was His First Time

Joey was a curious one that wanted to suck cock. He has thought about sucking a big black dick so much he slowly got his nerve up to try out Shemale phone sex to help ease him into a new world of perversions. Joey is a married man and is unable to please his wife adequately. He lets her fuck other men, and he sometimes watches them please and fuck her. He saw the way the BBC really dominated her and it looked amazing to him. He started to get hard thinking about that black cock in his mouth. He has even thought about taking a BBC in his virginal white boy ass. He was so horny one night he called me up and needed to try a sexy Chick with a dick to break him in. I hooked up with him in a hotel room and we smoked a little crack. I told him it would ease his uncertainty and loosen him up. I got him sucking my tits and to stroke my cock. He was growing so hard. I pushed him down to his knees and made him suck this nearly nine inches of tranny cock. He did good and I came in his mouth. He swallowed like a good boy. He was throbbing i decided I could let him fuck my shemale ass to help him get into things. It took like three pumps before he shot. I bent him over the bed and drove my tranny dick in his virginal hole and blew my hot load in that hole. I think he will start calling me more and next time I will bring my lover with the big black cock along for him to suck.

Shemale Phone Sex

Go Fuck Yourself w/ Dirty Phone Sex

Dirty Phone Sex

Dirty phone sex is a great way to Go Fuck Yourself. That’s right fuck your little bitch ass with the biggest dildo you have while getting off with my ladyboy cock as your muse. You are my dirty little fucker and I need you as my muse as I smoke this crack pipe and get nasty with you. You have the best time to go on a druggy binge and I will be here to help you out. We can watch some tranny porn and I can control you and make that cock of yours explode with it’s own fireworks. I love a good hot cum blasting orgasm and would love to shoot it in your ass, bitchboy. Yeah You know who you are. The best little slave to this dick and ass licking mother fucker that craves a good hard cock. I’m ready to go and ready to see if you can take what I have. It’s nearly 9″ and it is the perfect size. I get so hard for your bitch mouth and to lay you down and just fuck that cock sucking faggot mouth of yours. When I’m done with your mouth I will push your legs up while you are on your back. I want you to gaze into my eyes as I push the first inches of this tranny cock in your sweet tight fuck hole. reach up and grab my perfect tits as I make sweet dirty love to you baby. And Yes, you can take another hit off that glass dick before you make me shoot. I want you high as fuck while I fuck you and let my cum explode inside that faggot ass. I will grad a hold of that dick of yours and stroke it to it’s cum shooting explosion. We will have so much fun baby.

Hardcore Anal Sex

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