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Sexline for T-girl Prostitution Stories

These days there are sexline topics of every imaginable thing. My T-girl phone sex line is one for partying and enjoying this tranny gal in every way. The most taboo ass licking, anal pumping, and cock sucking fetish can come into a kinky play.

As a sexy mature t-girl with a nearly nine inch cock and- I might add- a fine set of tits, I can be very popular. Guys of all kind want a little spice in their life. I am an even spicier side fuck with a nice she cock. Married men crave a girl like me to fully fulfill their kink. They want a good anal fucking milking that works best with a nice real cock.

You could just stick with girls and strap-ons or try the real thing but on a real girly boy. I want my breasts pressing against your back as I bury myself in that man cunt.


Gangbang Whore Sissy Wanted T-Cock

I get this sissy whore that loves chicks with dicks. She aspires to be a sissy slave porn star for shemales. She begs for my girlfriends and I to make her our gangbang whore. She was such a willing and eager cock sucker. On her knees in the sluttiest lingerie. This faggot sissy knows her place. I got 12 of my t-girls come with me and we showed up at sissy’s suburban house.

This was an absolute great fucking time. We all wore the hottest little dresses and panties that would surely stand out. But those fucking stiletto heels we wore truly wrapped up the look. Thirteen hot tranny prostitutes in suburbia to own one of their own. Fuck every suburban neighborhood is filled with dark secrets.

We barged in the sissy faggots home and took ownership. That slut was immediately obedient and on her knees. Thirteen hung shemales surrounded sissy and the rest is truly filthy history.

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Josie Needs an Anal Cum Dumpster

Big dick trannies like me need some good bitches for our anal cum dumpster. It’s ok that you are craving my big Shemale dick, and even whack off looking at big black dicks. Craving these taboo elements of perversions is what I help with, cock sucker.

I’m a filthy little crack whore t-girl that has been working the streets before I was even legal. If you have had the slightest craving for a sexy tranny with a big dick, then we should talk. I want to fuck you and make you a little cock sucker for my big beautiful uncut cock.

Don’t worry lover. My cock is just shy of nine inches. It’s not ridiculously large. But yes it is a big cock and it is full of cum for you, faggot.

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Tranny Phone Sex Goddess Josie

I’m a true goddess and I have a dick. Tranny phone sex is a special thing for me where I can really enjoy finding out about more men craving t-girls than will ever openly admit and hook up with… for real.

The truth is I am happy to be the fantasy girlfriend with a little something extra. A woman that gets a second look always. I am the lady of the night wearing the heels, cocktail dress and full of surprises. My look will never divulge my secret. Only those who know, will know.

Bragging rights are mine with this dick. That’s right this gorgeous petite body boasts a nearly nine inched of uncut dick. I know you are craving to see it. You make out with me and when you start to get hard and notice I have quite a solid pack in my panties. You kneel down to see… yes it’s true I have a dick.

Tranny Phone Sex

Tranny Phone Sex Hooker

Most married men fantasize about getting with a Tranny Phone Sex hooker. The fact so many men crave dick must prove that society is so busy fucking people with their mind fucks and non-literal dried anal fucking. These guys and gals just figured they can’t get any more fucked and that well may as well find some pleasure in it.

I offer pleasure and the escape from all the dried raw hardcore ass fuckings that aren’t desireable. I bring you my beautiful nearly 9 inches of fleshy real and ejaculating she cock. Don’t miss out on this offer that will end when I log out. But it is renewable just like my cum. Stay tuned for when I return to fuck a few more throats and man cunts tomorrow! You can experience me also and it’s fairly painless well the initial pain becomes deeper penetrating pleasure.

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Hardcore Anal Sex Violation

It’s the best pleasure ever to have a hot violating session of Hardcore anal sex. The idea of taking this nearly nine inches of shecock really is exciting for some. I know a few men that crave me so bad that they just cannot cum enough thinking about me inside of their man cunts.

I love to tease men and get a rise out of their timidness to approach me. I will be waiting for you at the lounge of the highrise. I am the one smoking the long slender cigarettes and looking exceptionally feminine and hot. I am going to mislead you into believing I am a woman, and it’s not intentional. You are too fucked up to really put it all together.

Personally I don’t think the fact I have a dick should be a problem. Hell, most men secretly crave to get fucked. A man’s cunt has a g spot just like any bitch. I will allow you to fuck me too if you are a good lover for me.

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Hookers for hire Tranny Girls

Many guys really love the idea of getting with a hot tranny. This is such a demand that many sexy shemale women are Hookers for hire. I for one used to be a sexy assed shemale escort. I did quite well, and still could. I have a few of my choice regulars that indulge in me in a big way.

Mind you I can not discuss those days too much, as I don’t want men to get the wrong idea. I will not meet up with you. Ever. Now, we have that cleared up, and we can get into fantasy play. I have a very rather lover that has flown me all over to hang out with him on his trips away from home. He is a family man with a happy marriage. Ha ha ha… money and ignorance is a good mix for some women to not have a clue of things.

Hell she is kept well. He is not interested in her sexually. He enjoys his chosen few shemale companions. I have been one of his for many years now. He spoils and pays for my time and why I was off for a couple of weeks. I was off enjoying some Sun and pleasure.

We had some of the best anal fucking fun together. If you love to entice in a filthy behind the scenes and classy in front kind of She cock femme fatale then we need to play!

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 This is my Wanted ad for you. If you are a cum guzzling slut that craves shemale cum. My shemale cock is big and beautiful and loves to shoot cum loads out in little faggot pussy and mouths. You can enjoy me too. 

As I am writing this I am stroking my nearly nine inches (9″) of shemale cock. I’m clean, uncut and waxed. My hole is for big daddy cocks. My mouth does enjoy a big veiny god rod that is worthy of my skills. It’s true that I am a hot piece of ass and can suck a mean dick. My whole body will have you mesmerized in how I can have such great tits and a big dick. 

Truth is my dick is bigger than most of my lovers. I would really love a nice big cock like mine to suck and let fuck me. Mutual masturbation big boy? I am the girl of the night with the special treat to please.

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I know exactly what you crave big boy. You wish to be my big dick sucker and worship she cock like mine. You really should just accept the fact that you love tranny dick. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Wanting this beautiful she dick is actually in style and in fact girls like me are in high demand.

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Tranny Phone Sex Drug

Hello there pervert shemale strokers of the world. Unite over the phone with this Shecock lover you crave. My Tranny Phone Sex is the best way to get off.  Oh, don’t be shy it’s our secret. My cock is nearly nine inches and gets fully erect.

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