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Vacation For Sexy Shemale

It’s Summer and this Sexy Shemale phone sex whore is heading to vacation! I will keep all my perverts in my thoughts as I go and soak up some sun and fun. It’s going to be exciting to hook-up with some vacation cock. I will be taking and giving loads like the sexy chick with a dick I am. It’s ok guys, I am headed to a secluded little Island with my lover. I’m a good girl even though my dick get’s me in trouble nearly as much as these perfect tits do! Well, I guess my ass seems to also draw attention mixed with my blonde mane. I’m just a hot little package of trouble and I guarantee I will be back and ready to let you drain these balls before long! I suspect I’ll be back by Sunday the 8th so save some of that playtime for this horny sexy shemale’s return. *smooches* to all my lover boys. You have a coupled of days to get me before I go.

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Gangbang Sex Stories w/ Sexy Shemales

For some the thought of a tranny is exciting and they are always curious about having sexual encounters with one. Some even want more of that tranny dick. I had this caller that wanted some hot tranny gangbang sex stories to get him off and it was quite hot. Getting yourself sandwiched with a whole lot of tranny sausages in your face and in that faggot ass of yours is what you need, at least once. The idea of a sexy gangbang of big shemale cocks probably tends to get your cock hard. It’s tits, dicks and ass. So many as five sexy tranny cocks could excite that desire for cock and make any alpha male a total submissive faggot. I know this to be true. I have been a part of a few hot orgies with as many as ten sexy tranny girls. We love to fuck one another and suck each other off as much as we love to share some intrigued little bitch, female or male. I know plenty of chicks with a fetish for tranny dick and why the hell not?! If this intrigues you we should talk about it baby.

gangbang sex stories

It Was His First Time

Joey was a curious one that wanted to suck cock. He has thought about sucking a big black dick so much he slowly got his nerve up to try out Shemale phone sex to help ease him into a new world of perversions. Joey is a married man and is unable to please his wife adequately. He lets her fuck other men, and he sometimes watches them please and fuck her. He saw the way the BBC really dominated her and it looked amazing to him. He started to get hard thinking about that black cock in his mouth. He has even thought about taking a BBC in his virginal white boy ass. He was so horny one night he called me up and needed to try a sexy Chick with a dick to break him in. I hooked up with him in a hotel room and we smoked a little crack. I told him it would ease his uncertainty and loosen him up. I got him sucking my tits and to stroke my cock. He was growing so hard. I pushed him down to his knees and made him suck this nearly nine inches of tranny cock. He did good and I came in his mouth. He swallowed like a good boy. He was throbbing i decided I could let him fuck my shemale ass to help him get into things. It took like three pumps before he shot. I bent him over the bed and drove my tranny dick in his virginal hole and blew my hot load in that hole. I think he will start calling me more and next time I will bring my lover with the big black cock along for him to suck.

Shemale Phone Sex

Go Fuck Yourself w/ Dirty Phone Sex

Dirty Phone Sex

Dirty phone sex is a great way to Go Fuck Yourself. That’s right fuck your little bitch ass with the biggest dildo you have while getting off with my ladyboy cock as your muse. You are my dirty little fucker and I need you as my muse as I smoke this crack pipe and get nasty with you. You have the best time to go on a druggy binge and I will be here to help you out. We can watch some tranny porn and I can control you and make that cock of yours explode with it’s own fireworks. I love a good hot cum blasting orgasm and would love to shoot it in your ass, bitchboy. Yeah You know who you are. The best little slave to this dick and ass licking mother fucker that craves a good hard cock. I’m ready to go and ready to see if you can take what I have. It’s nearly 9″ and it is the perfect size. I get so hard for your bitch mouth and to lay you down and just fuck that cock sucking faggot mouth of yours. When I’m done with your mouth I will push your legs up while you are on your back. I want you to gaze into my eyes as I push the first inches of this tranny cock in your sweet tight fuck hole. reach up and grab my perfect tits as I make sweet dirty love to you baby. And Yes, you can take another hit off that glass dick before you make me shoot. I want you high as fuck while I fuck you and let my cum explode inside that faggot ass. I will grad a hold of that dick of yours and stroke it to it’s cum shooting explosion. We will have so much fun baby.

Hardcore Anal Sex

Freaky Phone Sex Shemale Josie

Freaky phone sex is my specialty as a Hot sexy Ladyboy. I have a naughty lover that is always blushing when he’s around me. Jay is always so very intrigued by my hot body and throbbing package. It’s easy to seduce him and make him putty in my hands. It seems to amaze him all the time in how well I hide my big package between my legs and still wear sexy micro skirts and bikini’s without the bulge really being noticed. I’m just a professional so of course I know how to hide the fact that I have a nice shemale surprise lurking in the midst. I seduced him the first time at the club and he had no idea what I was. He knew I was a prostitute of course. But the nice nearly nine inches was quite the surprise to him. We just had such a hot love making session and I really did cum quite hard for Jay. It’s amazing how good he is at worshiping every inch of this fine body of mine. The way he eats my ass is fucking amazing, but of course I do have an amazing and clean ass after all. Wouldn’t you like to get in on some of this fine tranny action?

Freaky phone sex

He Loves Toilet Sex With a Tranny

He wanted a special kind of fun with a tranny. It was toilet sex that he craved. He wanted to worship me and everything that came out of my pretty little bottom and the ladyboy hose that I was equipped with. He loved to drink from my fountain(s). I loved taking an enema and just exploding cum and shit juice all over his cock. He had a thing for bringing other hookers in with our fun and having me coat his dick with my shit and the cum from all of the johns I took that day. I would collect the cum after our fucks. Sometimes the cum was in comdoms and sometimes it was in my ass. I squat over a bowl and push it all out. I would empty the contents of the condoms in the bowl also. With the shit mucus and cum collected just for him. He paid me well for this. He would prep an enema with all of it and administer it back inside my shitter. I would then squat on his face and have the other hooker pull the enema tube out and I would just let all of the brown and cum explode on his face and in his mouth. The two of us ladies of the night would then piss all over him. My hose and her pussy just flowing the golden nectar all over the cum and shit covered brown tongue of his. He was a really dirty boy that loved my tranny sex ways. I would pound him real good and he would then leave a messy hot brown shit all over her pussy before he fucked her. Things were always very dirty with this guy and he would always tip us very well. He was a true dirty man and I guess I’m a filthy tranny that serves it up right.

Toilet sex

Blonde Fucking w/ a Shemale Surprise

He hit me up at the club. We had some drinks and flirted and hit it off. He was looking for a good time and a blonde fucking hooker to party with. He was already enthralled with me and we were getting pretty hot on the dance floor and he never quite realized I was packing something extra. I had a nice bulge and maybe he just was that wasted he didn’t notice. I figured he knew what he was getting into and he paid me up front as requested. We got to the hotel room and he was ready to go. Mr. big man popped a viagra and was full speed ahead. I was down on my knees servicing his rock hard cock with my sultry wet lips. Giving him the best blowjob of his life. He was groping at my tts and constantly commenting on how perfect my body was. He loves hot slim blondes. I got his first load in my mouth and kissed him with it. When he was a little shy about that I knew he just might not realize I have a dick. I took his hand and guided it between my legs and let him get a feel for it. He was surprised but he was already sold on me. I coaxed him into sucking my tranny cock and he did it without much fuss. I bent him over and gave him the night of his life. Never judge a book by it’s cover baby.

Blonde fucking

Don’t Be So Shy

Don’t be so shy about it, you are an anal sex whore and you must succumb to that desire. My big dick was just what he needed to really set him free. We have had multiple secretive rendezvous in seedy hotels. He would get wasted at the bar and ready to go, or rather ready to take it. I loved delivering the cock to his sweet tight puckered fuck hole and delivering it often of late. I am making a real anal slut out this good ole boy from Texas. Everything may be bigger in Texas but he sure is lacking that for country boy, he’s a real bitch when I deliver the goods. I love making him my big dick sucker and he’s beginning to get really good at it even. He sneaks down to Mexico sometimes to get some real fun and try out new things. I suggested he take those steps and improve on coming out like a good little fag boy. He does so well taking my cock and dressing like a slut. I should just start calling him sissy, after all he is sure becoming one. I really love to see one that acts so manly is really furthest from that truth. This one is muscular and masculine until he takes those tight jeans and cowboy boots off. What’s hiding under your man suite big boy?

anal sex whore

I Was The Anal Cum Dumpster

He tricked me today and made me his Bitch. I was high and elated after taking one of my little bitches on and his girlfriend earlier in the morning. He showed up then and decided I was going to be his anal cum dumpster today. He is always so cunning and sweet to me. Always sweet talking me and kissing me sweetly. Those sweet kisses are usually accompanied by his twisted little ways in how he’ll pinch my nipples and nibble my neck. He know just what to do to make me let my guards down. I’m so ashamed in how easy he had me. That cock thrusting in my t-girl ass. The way he stroked my cock as he fucked me like a bitch. I guess all Doms get a little switching sometimes. I must admit though, I really kind of like it.

Anal cum dumpster

Trashy Tranny Josie

I’m that trashy tranny that offers tranny phone sex fun to married straight men who crave to feel a dick. You want tits because then it’s not so gay to be enjoying this dick. My nice big tranny cock is making that ass feel like it’s missing something. You are missing my beautiful nearly 9 inches of shemale surprise up in that hole. It’s my pleasure to give it to you like the little depraved cock craving bitch you are. Never deny the desire for the dick. I have a pretty face, slim body, a nice set of tits and the dick you crave. Eat my ass like a good boy and I will let you fuck my pussy. It’s really the best fun a fellow crack lover can have, it’s secretive, sexy and won’t break up that marriage. If I do become the home wrecker, it really isn’t my fault. It’s just your animalistic desires can only be quelled by a nice sexy cock. I’m not gonna tell anyone and if you didn’t do it with me it would be someone else so just take the plunge baby and explore my cock.

Tranny phone sex

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