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I encountered this young man and he was so enamored by my sexiness and the fact I had a big dick. I am bigger than the average white male and that’s a turn on for many. A chick with a nice cock, that passes as feminine more than some biological women. I am always luring in straight men that never desired cock. Well so they say. This loverboi I brought home after a night out and clubbing. We were wasted. He sucked me off and I wouldn’t let him cum.

It was time for my shift and I had taken calls while he was still passed out. Well I thought he was passed out. He was listening in and stroking. He wanted me to destroy that pussy of his by the time I was finished. He told me he had never thought listening to a t-girl having phone sex would be so hot. He wanted me more than ever.

Anal Cum Dumpster

Dirty Phone Sex Salaciously Trashy

It’s dirty phone sex that you need. I am a salaciously trashy tranny. My big cock makes men like you drool. Don’t fight that urge To suck off a beautiful, big, she cock. It’s OK to desire this.
And some things just cannot be resisted. What I have in these pretty little panties it’s exactly what you can’t resist. I know you crave cock.  You really crave to suck on a nice she cock. Here’s a great little secret not just the one I have between my legs, but it’s the love affair that will grow between us. It’s something of a secret. Just between you and me. You can enjoy my cock in any way you want and no one has to know. I promise I won’t tell your wife. We both know you’re not a faggot.

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Blonde Fucking Some T-girl Dick

Getting on with some hot blonde fucking tranny cock is what uptight men need. I always like to hang out the hotspot where the high baller business men congregate for drinks and making business deals. This is a convention area and always a marketplace for me to find wealthy clients. These men are workaholics and some married and no sex life.

It’s so perfect for me. Strolling in, looking hot as hell and sitting at the bar alone. I’m a magnet for these men. Or I often scope out the one sitting alone at the bar contemplative and sipping his whisky. I move in, sweet talk him. And we end up in his room.

He had no idea what he was getting into. The fact that I have a dick seemed to turn him on even though he was not admitting at first. He came around quickly.


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Hookers For Hire Online T-Girl Sex

The best kind of fun for open minded sexual men who enjoy Hookers for hire is to play with a sexy t-girl. My clients love how sexy I am and the fact that I have a nice cock is even more exciting for them.
Working the ski-resorts for a week was a great time. I was just hanging out in the hotel lounges and getting my pick of all these horny rich men.
of course one guy had no idea what he was getting into. He was a little inexperienced with women, much less with women like me. He was just a high earning computer geek that was forced to the resort for a business deal. Of course he was not even interested in skiing and I thought he needed to relieve a little pressure.

Giving this young millionaire the experience he won’t soon forget was truly a good time. He had no idea but boy was he excited. I’d love to roleplay something like this with you.

Hookers for hire

Orgy Phone Sex of T-Girls on Fag

My filthy little dicked lover enjoys tranny orgy phone sex. This white boy begs for more of my girlfriends to join in. He is insatiable for this shecock. I bring in as many as fifty hot tranny whores to party and pound that little bitchboy to a gaping spunk covered mess. He fucking eats so much gooey cum loads that his breath smells of cock and cum. That ass is gaped and oozing and this little cock slut is covered in shemale bukkake.

You would not even know that this other little shecock orgy lover begs for his wife to be taken by the big black shecocks that I know. I make the little bitch watch as that wife of his is destroyed by tranny dick and then that white boy bitch is the cum slut cleaning her up like a good little trashy slut. I even dress the bitch in panties and a bra while his little white prick jizzes the panties into a cum soaked mess. This whole time he is also getting his fuck hole gaped and filled. I really do have some wonderful shecock lovers that get so extreme with me.

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Blonde Fucking Double Trouble

Blonde fucking two girl calls are exactly the thing for you. My sexy tranny cock throbs for Lilibeth and for your big throbbing cock. The two of us on that big cock of yours is hot isn’t it? You think you have two hot blondes whores on that dick. Well you do, essentially. Only thing is one of us have a cock. Well, also that we are both dominant hot bitches. I’m the bitch with a dick. Lilibeth is just a hot size queen bitch.

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I say we are Bitches because we are the true meaning of controlling bitches. However, you may never call us bitch or bitches. You got that little man? We will control you from this point on. You will worship my cock and Lilibeth’s pussy. You will not be allowed to cum until we both take you like a dirty little bitch. You worship that cunt. My big beautiful cock will be pounding your tight ass pussy.

Shemale Phone Sex

If you have a big cock then you may get to cum. You may earn this tranny ass to fuck. Maybe you can earn the chance to fuck that beautiful pussy. I know I will be fucking that pussy. I bet you would love a chance to fuck that ass while I take her pussy. Do you think you can actually handle the two of us. Well, maybe you can afford us and maybe you think your a big man but I doubt you will last very long. We make a bet you lose and we get spoiled. The thing is you must pay up even if you can’t last.

Hookers for hire on tranny Hotline

You seek out Hookers for hire and call up a tranny hotline. This is a hot roleplay we like to entice in. You call for two hot blondes. There must be a package deal. The package deal isn’t exactly what you think. Two for one? Nope, not even close. Two sexy blondes that both have packages *wink, wink*. Yes, that’s right. Two sexy hot blonde chicks with dicks.

So, it seems you are about to have your hands full. Most literally speaking. Hahhahaha… Mmmm…. Look at us. Two of the sexiest blondes with the hottest bodies. We embrace and kiss and give you quite the show. What a lucky man you are.

We start fondling each others beautiful breasts. You already arranged payment and we are here for your pleasure. Well, that is the pleasure we allow you. We are dominant and will turn on you in a second. Once we have you worked up and hard, we begin. Coming toward you and undressing you. We find that you are wearing panties and lack a bulge. Smiling at each other Raina and I move to action.

Hookers for hire

Down on your knees. That’s a good slut. Open up and suck us both off. Cock sucking faggot cum whore. Do your job right and your pussy will be violated. That’s it a sissy fuck doll between us. We cannot wait to get you on our line.

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Anal Cum Dumpster For Tranny Dick

I made this ass virgin an anal cum dumpster for my tranny dick. The most exhilarating feeling is a virgin ass on my throbbing big shemale cock. I really love the curious as much as I enjoy the unsuspecting guys. It’s so delicious to feel that virgin hole spread for the first time. To have him gasp loudly when I take his sweet ass cherry forcefully is a whole other thing. This guy was not having my slow loving attempt at being gentle. Like most guys, being gentle just doesn’t do it like a good full force ass pounding. I was happy to pound that virgin hole and blow a fat wad in it. Too bad my other lover missed out by trying me at the wrong number! Then again he may have been just a terrible liar. It’s all good since I quickly got a new lover boy that got ALL of my shemale cum.

Anal cum dumpster

Stripper Sex Stories With Tranny Escorts

Tranny escorts and stripper sex stories are truly a filthy mix for a diabolical Halloween! I love to get all ghoulie and party my sweet she boy ass off. It is much more enticing when I have a couple perverts to party with. I know we will get wasted and watch all kinds of kinky porn. The toilet play porn is so hot when it comes to a nasty hot t-girl pissing all over a pervert.

It’s going to be a sick and twisted Friday with me. I will be enjoying some of the finest fucking meth and kicking it on the lines here being the filthy cock toting sex pot that guys will go gay for. You know this big dick is what you crave. Stop being shy that you aren’t wanting to slide this between your lips and become a cock sucking tranny lover.

Stripper sex stories

Anal Sex Whore Play Toy Wanted

I am a trashy hot T-girl and need myself a filthy cum dump to be my Anal sex whore play toy. You will desire to have me cum in that sweet ass multiple times a day. I will use you my muppet cum slopping cock puppet. You will expect my big cock to hurt at first. It’s only temporary. The pain and the gape is part of the fun. I will anally destroy you and then just make you a party favor for my sexy hot tranny whores that will be visiting me and partying with me. We are a bunch of hot tranny phone sex whores and have a great need for a warm hole and nasty cock sucking mouth to help us out as we take filthy calls and do massive lines of blow. A girl like me just can’t have enough playthings in her life. Yeah sure as sexy transvestites’ we enjoy fucking each other also. We really put on a nice show for some big daddy cocks that love our tranny holes. So we may be sexy ladyboy lesbians when we party hard but we still need a good clean up bitch to lick and suck our cocks and asses.

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