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Hookers for hire

Hookers for hire are where the sexiest Shemales can be obtained. It’s probably true that you wouldn’t have a chance with a hot ladyboy if you didn’t hire one. That’s part of the perks for both sides. I am offering a service and making money, you are obtaining a service and getting a fantasy fulfilled. That to me is a win/win and why being a hired date is the best fun.

I get some of the kinkiest perverts and I adore them all. More than one share in my love for piss play. I find golden showers very arousing and kinky. It’s a give and receive kind of kink for me. You will have to enjoy my piss on you and you must also piss on me. Understand I want to get really nasty with you and I hope that means a lot of cum, piss and piss play.

Sexy Prostitutes Have Dicks & Tits

You need not be shy about your desires. Sexy prostitutes have more than just a sexy body. A great body and a nice cock is what this sexy shemale ho has. I’m excited to think about you worshiping my asshole and my big dick. You will love every bit of my cock. Something that turns me on is watching you get turned on, and hearing in your voice just how turned on you are. I play off of your sounds completely. My pleasure is knowing how hard you are going to cum for me.

You may just want someone to talk to about things and that’s ok baby I am a great listener especially if your confused. I have shy first timers hit me up and it’s always awkward at first, but once they open up…  Together our experience will be priceless baby.

Sexy prostitutes

Anal cum dumpster Bitch 4 Shecock

Bitch boy Anal cum dumpster, that’s you. I’m the sexy trans woman that has you crawling around begging for my meat stick. You a good boy baby? Hmmm? Does Josie have what you crave? Be a good boy and beg for it, cum on. Beg for my shecock, bitch. Oh, yes that’s what I thought. Mouth open eyes big and wide. I slide theis tranny cock across your lips. You try to part them and I slap you. No! Not yet… I walk around you looking you up and down. Running my long nails across your bare cock I scrape up the shaft. It reacts and throbs. I smile sweetly as I direct you to lay down. Good boy. I sit my beautiful ass on your face and command you start eating my ass.

You are a good rim jobber baby, but you need to go deeper. Come on. Drive that tongue deep in my shitter and your lips around my puckered hole. That’s it baby. Eat that cream out. Slut.

Anal cum dumpster

Big Dick Sucker Dom Tranny Josie

Good times are what this big dick sucker tranny gets off on. When I had Ryan hit me up with his promise for a big black anaconda cock I was all in. My little slutty cock sucking mouth was watering at the look of that big black dick. I sucked his cock so good he plastered the back of my throat with his seed. The next thing I knew I was getting down with that black dick and bouncing my sweet blonde ass on it.

Ryan really knew how to serve this dominant tranny the good hard anal fucking I needed. I pumped my jizz all over the place as I was being fucked hard and deep in my ass. I lapped up every drop of that jizz off of those big black balls. Once they were clean and emptied in my tranny whore ass I sucked it clean. Mmm… I would take Ryan on again anytime and be the total anal slut ball drainer for his big nigga cock.

Big dick sucker

Tranny Phone Sex Druggy Hooker

I’m a druggy hooker and Tranny phone sex is what my clients crave. Well most crave to meet me but I’ll be damned if I bend to every one of their fucking desires. I’m a party whore and trashy. Thing is I have quite a satisfying life with my phone sex lovers. I’m not ready to commit to meeting these guys in real life as that would just blow this fantasy. I’m a chick with a dick. I can be a real bitch. I’d much rather make you my bitches and be in complete control. Yes I am a control freak, and I control how I do things. It’s simple as that fuckers. Let’s not ruin these hot sexy fantasies with neediness. Well… you get me. I love you to need me as much as I need you. So please guys, don’t take offense that I won’t hop on a plane and come meet you. Fuck I know good and well we will have some hot fucking and awesome partying. Let’s just keep this sit on the down low and continue our filthy fun the way we are. Love you guys, but I need to turn tricks the way I do! xxx Josie

Tranny Phone Sex


Blonde Fucking Tranny Whore

Cum and get sum of this baby. You love that Blonde fucking tranny fun. I love that party time fun and we can share in the party together. I will be your Nurse maid with a big throbbing cock to resuscitate you with. Just open up and suck my cock and I promise you will regain consciousness as I shoot a fat load in your bitch boi mouth. mmmm.. Look at you! You can worship my asshole too. Be a good little bitch boi and get your tongue inside this sweet puckered asshole. You like that, don’t you? I know J does. He is a good bitch for me and always ready to help me cum. I know you want some romantic time with this sexy Mistress. I’m the Mistress with a cock and this cock needs a slave. Lay back put your legs up and take me, that’s it nice and deep.I have nearly nine inches for you baby.

Dirty Phone Sex Tranny Anything Goes

You are going to be my fuck boy aren’t you baby? I know you want some of this big beautiful tranny dick. In fact, that is exactly what J loves about me, my big cock that he can worship. I am wanting to wish all my lovers a wonderful Valentines day and think about me. I will be thinking about you baby and how much I adore our time together. What’s better than a creamy big load? A creamy big load and some chocolate covered strawberries. I love dark chocolate, strawberries or cherries and cream. Yummy. I want to feed you from my cock while you feed me dark chocolate covered cherries and champagne. I am a trashy slut though and I am happy to drink a lot of cheap liquor, smoke some crack and fuck like rabbits. I just want you to appreciate my cock and all my beautiful curves baby. A nice spa treatment is this girls delicious treat and maybe some sexy lingerie. Gift cards are awesome to let this girl shop. I am a material girl and being showered with gifts are a joy for me, like any girl. I have that cock you crave and I want to show you how much I love you with a good gooey fat load. In your mouth, on your face or in that mancave I don’t care. I love to have you and share that salty cum with a deep sensual kiss. Let me make love to you baby and cum deep inside. Valentines day is about the sensual, dirty fucking and that is what I am best at. I will give you my champagne and my cream. It’s wonderful and so are you! 

Dirty phone sex

Dirty Phone Sex Sissy Fags

Dirty phone sex Sissy slut cock sucker is what you are faggot. I see no future of you ever being a man again. Hahaha… again… you were never a man, where you? No need to answer as that was not a direct question, sissy. I see you are craving tranny cock. Do you want to be my little bimbo bitch? I know the assumption is right, sissy faggot? You don’t need to be shy about it. My cock is beautiful, my tits are perfect and my ass is juicy. If you are lucky, slut, I will even let you eat my ass out.
I’m rather fond of my tranny lovers and fellow partiers. I am excited to get high and watch porn with you. We party and discuss the filthiest things that turn you on. I have a sexy favorite that loves dressing like a hot bimbo and doing web shows for fellow crossdressing sissy fags. She wants to be a sexy tranny girl. Great big titties are always exaggerated with some of my favorite bimbos. I admire their desire to push those feminine boundaries. My love of training sissy sluts to being sexy transgendered fuck dolls is fueled by the crack and sexy sessions we have together.

Dirty Phone Sex

I’m curious about you. Your surely a kinky man that would love to suck a sexy she make cock. It’s not unusual you know. You’re not doing something bad by wanting some of this tranny dick. It’s kinky and it is out there for you to crave. The only restrictions are what you put on yourself. Live a little and enjoy what makes your cock feel good. That is often more mental since most sissy fags will only be fixated on pleasing the cock. It is your place on your knees before me.

Tranny Phone Sex For Cock Curious

The curious always tend to fall for tranny phone sex Mistresses like me. I have the perfect sized tits and cock. I have a beautiful slender body and a libido for a hot fucking time. You can have a sexy GFE with me. I am a pretty face and very feminine. You can take me to dinner and then take me home for a hot fucking time. Sucking my tranny cock and feeling it fuck you will all you have on your mind while we are out. These things build up the anticipation. A little drink and some candy and we will be going at each other all night or day long.

If you just want to suck my tranny dick and experience my cum spurting down your throat, that is the best time too. I’m flexible and I will even let you fuck me in my sweet tranny cunt. It’s exciting the kind of kinky fun you can have with a little ice and some hot tranny cock. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure baby. I can accompany you to a nice dinner as your escort and then return to the penthouse suite for some hot filthy fun. If you like BBC we can arrange a few hung black cocks to meet us there too. Anything goes with Josie.

Tranny phone sex

Blonde Fucking Tranny Hottie

I’m a hot blonde fucking tranny and I love making men my bitches. However, there’s no saying that I don’t enjoy some good hot love making with my lovers. I have many lovers and they know how to please me, and I them. I get the occasional naughty boy that likes to get aggressive with me, well if he is packing what I love then I let him get down and dirty with me. I will willingly suck a cock bigger than my nearly 9 inches and let him control me like a little bitch. But those are a rare few that earned their place to get me to switch.

Blonde fucking

Most guys looking for Shemale phone sex want to be owned by a hot and sexy femdom with a little something extra. I bet your own cock is twitching right now. I had the hottest cyber sex chat with one of my favorite lovers. He is so weak in the knees when we have our dates. I adore him so much. He is also the best fucking kisser. You know a good kisser when you get that sensation through your body and your cock starts to twitch. Mmm… yes that is exactly what I love. I bet we could be good lovers too baby.

Shemale phone sex

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