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Sexline for Married Men Craving a T-Girl’s Big Dick

When you call my Sexline, you understand I am not like other girls. My extra special treat is exactly what makes your dick twitch. And in all honesty, that makes my shecock twitch.

Many of my callers are married men. They sneak their time with me and boy do I love that. To demonstrate this effect that married guys need tranny girl phone sex, let’s discuss J. This young married man would hide in the closet with his toys and cell.
Honestly I don’t believe his wife was even home but seems he had his play time there to ensure full discretion.

Even if his wife was home, it didn’t matter. J was jerking hard to me and using his dildo to suck while he jerked off. And I had him fingering his ass and we were going to get him trained to take it in the ass. However, it seems he disappeared. This happens often.

The fact of the matter, humans are just fucking gay. No, don’t deny this nor yourself. Men and woman need to explore sexuality to the fullest to really know their own bodies. Even if it’s just a short phone rendezvous, or a constant need of partying with a hot tranny. Sex is healthy.

A Sexline for Exploring T~Girls

Finally, if you find yourself thinking about the feel of a real fleshy cock in your mouth, and to look up at these great tits and pretty face while you suck. Then please do not deny yourself.

One final note. My craving is to throat fuck the hell out you. Then I will either sit my beautiful waxed taint on your face and make you eat my tranny pussy. And when I feel you deserve it. Only then will I fuck that sweet pussy of yours with you on your back. Bareback, deep and raw.


Tranny Phone Sex Is Exactly What Married Men Need

My Tranny Phone Sex line is always buzzing. Often times it’s the married men that crave a hot sexy chick with a dick. And I love to give them what they need. Some of the best callers for my tranny line are the Married guys. And these guys  wear panties craving to get owned.

With this in mind when your wife is away, just get that tranny porn on and give me a call. Maybe we can watch a hot tranny video together while you tell me about how badly you crave a real dick. Most importantly a real dick on a Shemale with nice tits.

If you do a good job convincing me how badly you want to be my bitch, I may have you eat my ass. Then if you give my tranny ass a good rimming I will allow you the joy and pleasure of sucking my big tranny cock.

Alternatively, if you are like Mr. J and have a really nice big dick for me, then I will love to suck you off. After all I too love a nice big dick to suck and let yo fuck me.

However, my cock is throbbing right now and I could really enjoy a hot little ass pussy to fuck out.

Tranny Phone Sex

Live Phone Sex With A Hot Tranny Is Best For Partying

When it comes to party time, dressing up and watching tranny porn, Live phone sex with a Tranny is exciting. My best times are with fellow sexy ladyboys. Most often they have not gone as far as me and just dress with sexy stuffed bras. But really tits aren’t everything.

Sometimes I get with my fellow Shemales, we party hard. We love to enjoy a nice tight virginal male. The thoughts of three t-girls on one submisseive guy is exciting. I have one guy CJ that really loves to be used by many of my girlfriends. He is such a good little beta bitch for our shecocks.

A good time is often had with me when I have my cock craving party guys calling me up. I love my pervert men that love to worship my cock. And when that rare opportunity to get a nice big dick calling me, well I am more than willing to please it any way I can.

Live Phone Sex

Druggy Porn Is Full of Weapons of Ass Destruction

Filling your hours with druggy porn is the way of my meth smoking perverts. These hours of filth is enhancing that need for ass destruction. My tranny cock is what you start to crave.

Now is the time to submit to me and worship my shecock. Be a good little slut and dress like a sleazy sissy. My Sexy tranny cock throbs for a hungry sissy craving the ass destruction. While you take a hit of tina,  H or Ice whatever term for your poison, you cannot stop stroking and thinking about getting pounded.

Evidently when you get high you like to dress up and watch tranny porn. And at some point you are craving to talk to a real shemale with a beautiful tranny dick you can worship. Now I say look no further honey. I will let you suck off my shecock.

In fact I will expect you to worship and eat my sexy tranny cunt. My ass pussy feels great when your tongue is licking it, nice and deep.

Druggy porn

From the very moment you ring me up, I will have you mesmerized. Let my voice guide you into a complete blissful enticement for yearning to feel my cock in your mouth.

Once I have you hypnotized, with the images of this beautiful shecock, I know you will be mine. Just remember you crave this and I adore the power i hold over you. My cock will be the very thing to destroy that ass of yours.

Just enjoy that druggy porn and let my shecock destroy that ass

Finally the moment I have you fingering your sissy cunt as I tell you how good you feel you know what you need. The need and desire is to have me bust a fat load of cum deep in that sissy cunt.

Tranny Phone Sex Joy Of Chicks With Big Penises

Tranny Phone Sex is a kinky kind of outlet. Surprisingly, a lot of you crave my special package. Whether you care to admit to it, it’s a nice dick that you desire. Now let’s not get defensive. 

Important to realize that being a cock sucker is not a bad thing. Especially when it’s a sexy tranny dick like mine. By all means kneel before me and worship my big dick. Taste that delicious ooze of precum that your wet mouth and tongue are causing. 

Another key point to take note of. Is that ass of yours is equipped with a pleasure point. With this in mind feel free to let me tap that with my big shecock. All the same I promise to be gentle at first.

Finally, as you become comfortable with my owning that ass. Without any holding back I will plow this big shemale surprise deep in your love hole. In just one hard thrust I will fill you up with my love juice. 

tranny phone sex

Sexline For My Special Shemale Surprise Catering to Bottoms

Horny straight guys, and faggots call my Sexline for a need. That need is indeed my big throbbing dick. Of course I expect you to worship my big beautiful cock.

Most of all you on your knees sucking my big full balls empty, is how I want you.  You know the saying: The early bird gets the worm? In my terms I like to make it my big fat gooey load. By all means reach out to me with an email if you miss your chance to worship my big tranny dick.

My faggot cum dump whores mean so much to me.

First thing to remember is that I really am not a bottom at all! However, a sexy bigger dick than mine certainly gets attention from me.

One of my favorite cocks to play with is just so big and full for me. In fact My shemale pussy really loves getting stuffed by that big 9.5″ of hard straight man dick.

To emphasize this love. My mouth wrapped arounf that bigger dick feels so good. And to know that every inch of that big dick is sliding inside this ass pussy makes me more excited.

It’s true I can feel a little like you do, faggot. Excited to be opened up. Just call my Sexline and get fulfilled like a good slutty cock sucking faggot.

Finally I anticipate of that fat gooey load of cum in my tranny ass. My dick throbs as I am so turned on. Almost as much as tasting shoot down my throat.


Anal Cum Dumpster Like You Craves Tranny Dick

Would you admit to being an anal cum dumpster? Most of the guys that call me actually love the idea of it. And what is better is when I get a caller that I will happily transform into a tranny prostitute and whore her out. And this did happen.

Obviously it was not the first call I have had where a guy wanted to be transformed into a Shemale. It does happen alot. Either in forcefully abducting a married man, or he begs and is willingly transformed.

However it is always at my hands. This time I had the wife get in touch with me. She devised a plan and I was more than happy to assist her. This wife was done with her husband. She thought he would be better as a whored out tranny.

Now then once we had him turned into another her, the two of us got to take out use of her. Once she was awake and in shock we introduced her to the new her. I really enjoyed fucking this newly transformed tranny with her wife.

Anal cum dumpster

Druggy Phone Sex and Tranny Porn Watching is a Hot Time

Watching tranny porn with Druggy phone sex is a great time. As I get high alongside my caller I really can’t help stroking my big tranny dick. This is the greatest thing about being a pso with a dick.

So often guys love to share their tranny porn wth me and smoke meth, do coke, smoke crack, or even snort ice. Any of these wonderful vices work great with some hot tranny fucking.

As I was at one time a Sexy Shemale prostitute, I know what men crave. They crave the forbidden fruit and a great time. My shecock is worthy of worship and I certainly do love having guys enjoy doing just that. Worshiping my cock.

Finally the best fun is when I have married men with their toys and need to have my attention. After all, I enjoy these guys that crave to crossdress and fuck their cunts as they talk to a dominant tranny like me.

Druggy phone sex

Tranny Phone Sex Is a Special Kind of Hotness

Tranny Phone Sex Is a Special Kind of Hotness for a dirty connoisseur. Some of you crave to be a good cock drainer of a sexy shemale dick. Then some are just high and druggy phonesex kink is what you crave.

Whatever your motivation is, you want a sexy babe with a big dick. I really do not find it a problem if you are gay, straight, married or a virgin. Essentially I just want to get my beautiful dick off as much as you do.

This afternoon I will be taking this young guy on. He is a virgin and cute as can be. Mr. K wants to take me out on a date, and then get a hotel room. I imagine I will certainly have one hell f a hot time with this innocent little virgin.

As a matter of fact I love a good anal virgin. I am happy to break that seal open of yours too!

Tranny Phone Sex

Druggy Porn of Shemales Who Love Controlling and Fucking Faggots

Druggy porn is a hot time watching as you jerk off on the phone with a sexy shemale like me, Josie. I will help you get your filthy kink on and keep you jacking it hard. But first I hope you will be fucking that ass cunt of yours with a nice big toy.

Obviously I get a great bit of high men that love to party and worship me. Worshiping my cock and ass is a great time. My tits are rather nice as well. In fact gazing up at my tits as I have you on your back is great.

In the end of our filthy fun you will be messy and completely drained. I love to pound that ass cunt of yours hard. However you sucking my big tranny dick is so fucking much fun for me. I will certainly have you shoving that tongue up my taint and eating my ass just the same.

Druggy phone sex