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I’m a hot blonde fucking tranny and I love making men my bitches. However, there’s no saying that I don’t enjoy some good hot love making with my lovers. I have many lovers and they know how to please me, and I them. I get the occasional naughty boy that likes to get aggressive with me, well if he is packing what I love then I let him get down and dirty with me. I will willingly suck a cock bigger than my nearly 9 inches and let him control me like a little bitch. But those are a rare few that earned their place to get me to switch.

Blonde fucking

Most guys looking for Shemale phone sex want to be owned by a hot and sexy femdom with a little something extra. I bet your own cock is twitching right now. I had the hottest cyber sex chat with one of my favorite lovers. He is so weak in the knees when we have our dates. I adore him so much. He is also the best fucking kisser. You know a good kisser when you get that sensation through your body and your cock starts to twitch. Mmm… yes that is exactly what I love. I bet we could be good lovers too baby.

Shemale phone sex

Crack Whore Anal Slut Faggot

Crack Whore Anal

Crack whore anal slut faggot in need of a hot tranny dom is what he is. His cock throbbed for my control over him. I had him down on his knees in front of me and worshipping every inch of this nice big beautiful shemale surprise. I love the way you get weak and nervous for me. You know I have something special in these panties and it requires a little attention. I will warn you though, it isn’t very little. Can you handle my tranny cock and are you willing to worship it and suck it like a good little bitch? I want to own you and that means I will rub my dick and sweaty balls all over your cock slut little whore face. We can play a game. Your hands tied behind your back and your mouth open trying to catch my big shemale fuck stick as I slap you in the face with it. Lets see how hungry you are for me baby. Kneel before your big tranny cock goddess like a good slave.

Chicks With Dicks Dominating Desires

You have had more time on your hands lately and find yourself intrigued by Shemale phone sex. The hotness of tits and dicks is overwhelming you when you get yourself worked up taking your poison and poppers. You just want that dick in your back side pussy. You want to feel a real cock fucking you but you love the tits of t-girls. You’re having a drug binge and watching porn to jerk off good and nothing gets you more filthy in the fantasies like that tranny porn. You start thinking about having a sexy ladyboy on the phone to take control of those desires with you. You want to be my bitchboy, you know you do. You haven’t the nerve to meet up with a tranny for real and how can you really trust a meeting with this pandemic. The next best thing is a good butt plug, dildo and a sexy Ladyboy like me to help your needs out, at least for now.

Shemale phone sex

Shemale Phone Sex Mistress Josie

Shemale Phone Sex

I’m a Mistress with a cock. Shemale Phone Sex crack slut is what I am proud about being. I love stroking my cock and making you worship it. Teasing you with the bulg in pretty panties exciting you. My breasts, pert, full, and sexy pressed against your back is best. My joy stick slipping into that man pussy is exactly what will fill you with Joy this season. Josie’s Joy Stick brings Holiday gayness. I’m going to be spending this X-mas making it my XXX-mas of fucking. It’s a tranny cock fuckathon and you are my conquest. I want to fuck as many mouths and assholes as I can on XXX-mas and I am offing you the best deal ever! You get to suck my big tranny dick and I promise to put the cream inside, where it belongs.

Druggy phone sex

Being without family on the Holidays is no problem for me. I get to do all on my own free will and I get to spend my time making money off of fellow loner druggies like me. We have our own untold bond and familyness. I would always visit my regular club that was 24/7. This pandemic has killed that fun and family gathering of misfit sex hungry drug addicts like me. It was the best times. Well I am going to be celebrating with you guys instead and it will be an all day party!

Don’t Be Shy, Cum Whore

You have this urge to suck a dick. In fact, the urge to suck a dick isn’t for any dick. You aren’t craving big black dick, well not yet anyway. What you are craving is my nice big tranny cock. It’s Shemale phone sex that has you hot and hard right now. I’m a dirty talking tranny with a big beautiful cock. You know what you want, and I have it. My pert sexy luscious breasts, this slender sleek body. My ass is juicy and plump and so is this ladyboy cock. It’s ok if your smaller than me. After all 7″ inches is average. Most guys don’t even hit that mark. I am nearly 9″ inches. My shemale cock is uncut, big, and beautiful. I am a sexy blonde and I am also very dominant. Being a dominant tranny doesn’t mean that I won’t take or suck a cock. It just means I like control. I am a switch. I also love to be a slut for a nice big cock. If you are over 7 inches then I would surely be happy to pleasure that cock like a cock slut. I’m just not going to ever be a little bitch for some small assed dick. I will quickly turn it around and have you squealing with my nearly 9 inches buried in your manpie.

Shemale Phone Sex

Druggy Phone Sex Trashy Tranny

There’s a need as great as your favorite druggy phone sex poison stirring inside. You start to crave dick as you get high and reach those desires. Mmmm… baby I am the kind of sexy gal that loves to party. I am also the kind of gal that has a little something extra. You don’t need to be a fag to crave a cock. You love tits and ass and just wish to have a nice sexy slut with a nice shemale surprise stuffed in pretty panties. I want you to slide your hands in my panties and explore that special extra in the silky bikinis. Oh, that is a surprise for you. Mmm… come here big boy and kiss me. Go ahead and stroke my meat rod and get it throbbing for you. I whisper in your ear as I press my perfect tits against you. “I think you should get down and suck my sexy shemale cock”. You don’t even respond. You are slithering my snake from its panties and on your knees taking it in your mouth. You like that don’t you baby?

Druggy phone sex

Hot Tranny Phone Sex Fucking

Tranny Phone Sex

Doesn’t that just mesmerize you baby? Tranny phone sex is dirty hot fun. Yeah he is wearing a condom because he is a fucking wuss. Hahah… I have some really high end on the income bracket Johns and they want it dirty but at the same time they play it safe. Mostly. I had this guy who fucks me with a condom. He will suck my cock and eat my cum. He lets me fuck him bareback with my beautiful tranny cock. But he will only put his dick in me with a fucking glove. I refuse to wear condoms when I fuck. Nothing makes this big dick Ladyboy limp like a condom does. I’m about pleasure baby and a fucking sausage sheath is not sexy for me. I want to bare back fuck that backdoor pussy of yours baby. I promise to give it rough. But I will start easy.

Serving Tranny Ass

You are curious about Tranny phone sex. It’s domination you crave. Most of the time you just get a sexy babe with a strap-on to fuck you. This makes you feel less like a fag. You’re a filthy cock slave though. I know how you salivate when you see those rock hard cocks dripping with pre-cum. You crave to fee a real dick in your mouth. The constant fixation when you masturbate. It’s cock. Fleshy, throbbing hard cock. It’s what you crave. You start exploring and playing with your ass. You just really want to eat a tranny Doms ass out so much you would eat out your girlfriends ass after you watched her take a big tranny dick. I love to fuck you and your girlfriend. The idea of the two of you sharing my tranny dick while we all party is extremely inviting for this tranny whore. I’m a party girl and I love to get high, stroke my cock and watch filthy porn. Just like you. But my tits are real and so is this nearly nine inches of fully functional tranny dick.

Tranny Phone Sex

That Something Extra Men Crave

I have that something extra that you are craving. A sexy hot blonde. A pretty face, and slender body. The tight rack of pert tits and luscious cock sucking lips. A sweet ass that cries “Fuck Me” and long legs. I also have something else. That men love to fantasize about. I have a nice big cock. It’s nearly nine fucking inches of pleasure for you, baby. I’m sexy tranny phone sex slut. I am dominant and love to be your Mistress. I will have you sucking dick and taking my tranny cock like a good slut. I know you will love on every inch of this hot ladyboy body. I do love it when you lick my ass and beg me to piss on you also. I am a dirty girl and I love to get dirty with a filthy pervert that loves to party.

Tranny Phone Sex

Dirty Phone Sex Tranny Josie

I’m a slut for dirty phone sex. It’s true that I have a cock, and yes my cock is beautiful and big. My tits are perfect and I ma a slender, sexy blonde. I love nothing more than to let you watch me take a big bull cock in my tranny cunt as you worship my shemale cock with your cock sucking faggot mouth. I like to be a part of the fucking faggot culture and be as filthy as we can get together. I’m a lover of sucking glass dicks with crack rock and sucking big black dicks from my dealers gang of bull cocks. I also love making my fagboy lovers and clients suck those big black bull cocks also. I will let you worship every inch of this beautiful ladyboy cock and you will love looking up at these tits as my dick is stuffing your mouth. You will be on all fours and you may be lucky and get a nice ass gaping of that BBC if your a good slut. Dirty Phone Sex

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