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I am a t-girl prostitute and here to tell you that Sexy prostitutes do have dicks. Yeah, not all are so well endowed as I am though. I am a sexy feminine bitch with a sexy she-cock. You know I am a whore, but don’t be mistaken. I am not a submissive little girl. I am a powerful top. Dominating perverts like you is my pleasure.

Some guys get off on sucking a shecock and being owned by a sexy tranny. If you are one of them then the two of us will get along famously. Now you will be directed to get on your knees like a good boy and start worshiping my she cock. That’s right suck my tranny dick like a good bitch! See how easy that is? Let me fuck that man cunt of yours once you get my cock al slobbery with your saliva and spit.

Tranny Phone Sex Cock Worshipping

Cock worshipping is why you are interested in Tranny phone sex right now and I know it bitch. You are a hungry little cock whore and I have a big dick for you to suck and worship. Be my bitch and you will get the best fucking you could ever handle. Maybe you can’t quite handle me but nevermind, you will learn. My dick is nearly nine inches and uncut. My balls are smooth and heavy. I have a nice tight ass and a great set of tits. As you can see in my pictures I am also a blond. It’s true about blondes when it comes to me. Well my twist to it is that blonde t-girls do certainly have more fun. I know what I want and will more often than not get it.

Tranny phone sex

Daddy Loves His Shecock

I have this pervert that loves to play with me, and when we play he likes me calling him Daddy. He likes to have his cock sucked by me and he loves taking me with our shemale phone sex fun. I am also face fucking him with my big tranny dick. Usually I am fucking the shit out of daddy then inviting a bunch of my tranny girlfriends with big dicks over. They want to fuck the shit out of daddy too. I get on and ride daddy’s cock and pull his legs back for my girls to all get their turn with daddy’s holes. I will take a big shecock also as I ma riding daddy’s cock and shooting my load all over daddys face. We do have fun and I know you want this shecock to daddy.

Shemale phone sex

My Cock Sucking Slut J

I have a few great lovers that are really my favorites. And I always miss them when I don’t hear from them. As a sexy gal of Shemale phone sex there is no shortage of horny men for a hot fit babe with a secret package waiting to be exposed. I love to indulge in the surprise aspect of them not knowing.

Here’s the set up: Me sexy and alluring in the upscale hotel lounge working my circuit as a prostitute seeking out the lonely and solo traveling business man. These guys are so easy to spot. I walk in and scan the room quickly as I approach the bar for my usual Martini, extra dry. I sip and wait for the approach, or vice versa I slip in next to my potential client and get my drink making flirtatious small talk.

This occasion, our eyes meet as soon as I walk in. We have a few drinks and kiss a little. I move my hand to his leg and whisper that we should go to his room for more fun. We barely make it to the room before stripping each other. It doesn’t take long for him to find my surprise and he shyly takes my shecock into his mouth.

I force his face down on me and to suck me giving him his first taste of cum. He is not big at all and is therefore officially my bitch. I take that sweet ass forcing his legs up and that hole exposed. He panics a little and grunts with the bigness of my shecock breaking open his virginal mancunt. I spread him and he lubes up and soon he is pushing back on my cock and squirting.

Shemale phone sex

Be My Anal Sex Whore

Be my anal sex whore. You know you want this shecock to own your faggot pussy. My fucking baiting you at the club, getting you drunk. You are procuring my services as a hot sexy prostitute. The thing is, you seem to not realize that I am a special girl in more ways than just being a prostitute.

You are really into my nice tits. We kiss and you are kissing my neck and breasts. Really loving them. Thing is this is going to be embarrassing as you are making me hard. This is really hard to hide. So I slide your cock out and start to give your big dick a blowjob, after all you are paying me for pleasuring you. I hesitate when things come to getting in my panties. I wait til you are all worked up. I bend you over and to your surprise you are getting my special shecock in that faggot pussy.

Anal sex whore

Big Dick Sucker Faggot on my Dick

I will never turn down a Big dick sucker that craves the shecock. My sweet little faggot needs me more than ever. There was a time that he just sucked me off and begged for my salty thick and gooey jizz load, but now he wants to delve even deeper. I went deep for my own pleasure. Burying this big dick of mine deep in that faggot pussy was the best way to take my edge off and boy he was screaming like a bitch. This fucking dick is not for beginners but this one was a true anal virgin and I owned his sweet faggot cunt. Balls deep in that little faggot ass I was showing him no remorse. Doing lines of blow and fucking that sweet tight ass just had me in the best slut fucking rhythm ever. I bet you want to be next don’t you?

Big dick sucker

Anal Sex Whore Craving She-cock

You are seeking something dirty, sexy, and kinky. I am a sexy dirty girl with a special something for added pleasure. Please understand you will be hypnotized by my big beautiful she-cock. In fact you will beg to be my Anal sex whore. As so many other *straight men* have done in the past. You get a little taste and decide you can’t go through with it… but with a little sexy persuasion you end up on your knees before your hung goddess and worshiping every inch of my lady boy parts.

A sexy feminine blonde is what most will see, however they will be fooled. This has happened at the Hotel lounge I was working one night where there was some convention full of big wig CEO types. Dressed in a slinky dress, and looking pretty hot as always. I was approached by a usually alpha male type and we had drinks. He was completely interested in what I was offering. But seems he didn’t quite catch on to the fact that I was a special kind of girl.

No, not that, he knew a drink in that I was a prostitute. We were up in his room and making out pretty heavy. I started to give him the blow job we agreed on and he started roaming his hands up my thighs going for the prize when suddenly he started to get freaked and nervous. I shushed him and continued to suck. He was starting to push me away and I thought he was going to go batshit. Instead he was on his knees in front of me and devouring my something extra.

Anal sex whore

BBC Sex Stories For Tranny Lovers

BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories are the best. I’m a whore and I love the BBC as much as you do. It’s super hot to share a little fag boy with a BBC lover of mine. Making you our personal little bitch is exciting for me. I love to force your face down on that BBC and fuck you at the same time. We will really destroy that man cunt of yours and you will be a cum receptacle for us. If you are a good little fag boy then we will bring in many more big black cocks for taking ownership of you, or I will invite a bunch of my gorgeous shemale girlfriends along and we will just have so much fun. How about this, some large giantess shemales standing around you like our pathetic little prey. We will fucking torture you. Fuck you in every hole and destroy that cock and balls with out pointy sharp heels. Be a good bitch boi and call Josie.

Worship My She-cock Bitch

Tranny phone sex

SO many straight men out there are craving cock. Most want to experience the kink of a girl with a dick. I’m well aware of this fascination and know how to make these bitch boys into my personal little servants. Just earlier i got this little Sissy faggot that wanted me to pimp her slutty ass out. I don’t really do that sissy shit much, it’s not my specialty. However this little slut was just so fucking easy and eager. I invited some of BBC guys over and asked if they wanted a taste of some prison fuck white boy fun. I told them I had a sissy slut needing to earn money for me. I shoved her ass in the room and locked her in. Locked her in with five BBC wild assed mofos and boy that bitch was screaming and gaping with that big dick she craved. I guess she had a good time. I know how to turn a bitch out but really making men my bitch to worship My big dick is truly my thing.

Be My Anal Cum Dumpster

All I want from a little bitch like you is to bend over and let me dump in your ass. You can be pf good use being my anal cum dumpster. My very desire is to have you gaping around my big shecock. You will gag on it for me also. I am completely fucking dominant. However if you are worthy and have a decent cock then I may desire to suck your cock too. It’s hot to 69 with two big cocks getting pleasured. My nearly 9 inches of shecock will feel really good down your faggot throat. If you don’t like the name calling then you are in the wrong place. I am a filthy tranny that will use every possible non-politically correct term out there. This ain’t no prissy playground for pansy assed cunts. This is Josie’s playground and what I say goes. 

Anal cum dumpster

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