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Shemale Phone Sex Beach Sex Summer

Shemale Phone Sex is the hottest thing to get into while on Holiday. I love the Beach in the Summertime. The smell of sunscreen gets this tranny cock throbbing. It’s something I love since being a girl and living an hour away from the Beach. I wasn’t exactly born a girl but my mama made me one. I didn’t mind and loved wearing bikini’s to the beach and having long blonde hair. I got to go topless and get a nice tan. My mama was such a druggy whore that I was destined to be much the same. She was doing Johns under the boardwalk and in the bathrooms all the time. That was Jersey baby and now I am the Shemale Phone Sex Beach trolling Queen always ready to turn a trick and suck some dick.

Shemale Phone Sex

I love the prime Beach time and am across the country these days. I live in California and I get my share of hot beach fucking all season long. I like to ride my bike to the Boardwalk and see what lonesome tourist is trolling for some hot Cali style tranny fucking. The fact that I have so many t-girl friends to hook up with makes times always exciting. We love taking a straight man back to his Beachfront hotel room and fuck his brains out with our sexy Shemale phone sex fun. The idea of hot beach sex is exciting for men that want to cheat. It’s even more exciting for them to get with a ladyboy to get their inner most desires for cock met. You think they would just call and hook up with a sexy tranny from Eros or some shit. They find trying to hook up with a professional online to be extremely difficult to g through with. I have had my days on craigslist to hook up and usually they want to hook up with a t-girl because we always have party favors. I guess it makes it easier for them. It’s super easy to lure them in at the Beachfront bars when they have been relaxing and drinking.

Shemale Phone Sex

Pissing Sex in the Pool

pissing sexOccasionally, I enjoy pissing sex. It makes me feel even dirtier than I already am. When you are a P mom who pimps out her offspring, there really is not much you will not do. My oldest son had a pool party over the weekend. It was his birthday and daddy and I said he could have whatever he wanted. What he wanted was to have friends over. I wore a tiny bikini for the celebration. Not sure he wanted me at the party, but I crashed it anyway. I am a hot woman and a sexy mommy. His friends did not mind. I served his friends beer and let them smoke some primo weed. I had my motives. High drunk teens get freaky. I took off my bikini and pissed in the pool. Then teen boys pissed in the pool. Then boys pissed on girls. We were swimming in pee. At one point, we were all by the edge of the pool pissing into it. The girls were squatted down on the pool edge pissing right with the boys. It was kinky. It was something out of a freaky phone sex call. It was hot and liberating too. Being naked outside, pissing our cares away, partying and fucking. The boys all fucked me, and they fucked the teen girls at the birthday party too. I do not always participate in watersports, but when I do, it is with a bunch of teens.

Crack Whore Anal Is the Nastiest

crack whore anal

Trevor loves my lady stick! He also gives great crack whore anal. He is a new fuck buddy I have just acquired. He moved in down the street a few months ago and recently bought some crack off of me. He really had no clue what I was but was always telling me how pretty I was and that he loved smoking with me. I thought this 20-year-old dude knew all about my dick and when I gave him his first blow job the other night and said it was his turn and pulled my skirt up until he almost screamed. I said what’s the matter baby is it too big for you? He said he had never seen a girl with a dick. Well that didn’t stop my new high friend from attempting his first blow job. He did quite well and as I loaded our glass dicks again, I used his vulnerability to push him on the couch ass up to pull down his baggy pants and impaled him with my lady stick. That young guy came all over himself and bucked back like a stallion. I held on for dear life as I came deep in that anal cavity.

Pissing Sex Fun

pissing sexI have lots of pissing sex fun stories. My daughter and I are holed up together waiting out the storm. My son pops in and out to check on us. Last night, he came by with a bunch of beer and a few friends. I am more of a coke gal, but beggars can’t be choosers, right? Alcohol is better than being sober any day. I can throw back some beer too. Only problem with beer is that I need to piss like a racehorse often. Once I break the seal, it is game on. I only have one bathroom in the trailer. My daughter and I were drinking with 8 boys. There was a line for the potty. So, I pissed in my daughter’s cunt. The idea just came to me. I was drunk. She was drunk. And, I had to piss. Once the boys in line for the john saw what I was doing, they redirected themselves to my daughter. I opened my holes too. I did not want my girl to have all the fun. I stripped naked and got in the same position so they could piss in my trashy milf cunt and ass. I knew it was going to make a hell of a mess, but I did not care. I was horny. I was drunk. Plus, a pissing party broke up the monotony of being stuck in a trailer. All the boys wanted to brush up on their shooting skills. They looked at my daughter and I’s fuck holes as targets. It was like they were playing that carnival game where you shoot a stream of water in a tiny hole to get a prize. No prize for filling our fuck holes with piss, but they did get to fill us up with cum too. We went from a pissing party to a hardcore orgy porn. Welcome to the quarantine life.

Anal Cum Dumpster Freak

anal cum dumpster

My ass was meant to be gaped and ruined from the start. I only wanted to be fucked so hard by the men who paid money for my ass. But my ass and piss soon became the star of the show. My drug-addled state couldn’t say no as the coke and bowls of go-go juice were passed to me. The piss in my mouth made it easier to suck the cum down into my belly. My ass was fingered and my throat full as I was pissed all over. I had a blast as I got cum blasted! I was so high that I didn’t mind the recording of me being the biggest slut in town! My pussy and ass are so raw, but I love being a piss and ass whore for you and all your friends. Nothing like a blonde bimbo being the dirty whore your cock needs.

Pee all over Me Lover


Water sports sex

Shower me with your Golden Sunshine because I love golden showers. I want you to pee all over me, spread your delicious hot cock tea all over my body. I can’t help, but to love it nasty, I’m just a nasty cum dumpster whore. Lot lizards like me have always loved to be treated like skanks, and I’m no exception I love it so much. I want my body wet from your hot cock juices. I want you to drink a lot of water because the more water you drink, the more of your hot fluids I get to spread all over my body. My mom told me that I was a number one slut in the trailer park she said that I was always going to have guys chasing after me because I was willing to do anything and my mom is so very right. I live for guys pissing all over my body. I live for them pissing in my mouth, and I live to swallow it all up. I don’t care who calls me a nasty bitch, in fact, I take that as a compliment because I am so fucking sloppy wet slutty nasty. I love when three or four guys surround me and piss all on my face and all down my tits all over my body. I’m a piss, loving slut, and I can’t help myself. I will worship your cock. I’ll let you spray me down with your cock hose. I want to be fucked in my ass I want to be fucked in my cum guzzling pussy I love it so much I just don’t ever want to stop being such a nasty fucking slut. In my opinion, every guy needs a bitch like me every guy needs to be able to piss on the woman of his dreams.

Live Stripper Sex Porn

stripper sex porn

It was just another night when my club became live stripper porn central. We are all clothes off and I love playing with my pussy as the dollars hit the stage. Some drunk guy came up and put his face right in my pussy and I let him. He slipped me a vial of coke right before so I gave his face some stripper pussy. Oh, but that wasn’t enough for him he pulled back and offered me 200 dollars to piss in his mouth. I happily obliged pissing with great accuracy. Well, that caused mayhem at the Kitty Kay Plaza. Men pulled me down and started fucking my holes and pissing in every one of them too! I was screaming as it took six bouncers to free my ass, literally! I just knew I was going to be fucked to death or suffocated. The night ended well as I took six cops back to the VIP room. The owner can always count on me to smooth things out with the local law!

Pissing Sex in Public

pissing sexDo you like pissing sex? I love water sports. My daughter loves bathroom play. When she was young, she would sit on the toilet while one of my lovers peed between her legs. That was how she was toilet trained. Sometimes a lover would miss the target and piss in her mouth or on her bald slit.  She grew up to love pissing games. I got my love for pissing fun seeing her pure joy from being pissed on by a grown man. She would play pissing games with her little schoolgirl friends too. One day, I caught her brother pissing on her. He is 5 years older than her, so he had a better stream than her little school friends. Now, my daughter is grown-up, but she enjoys pissing games still. She will sometimes pee through her cotton panties, especially if a grown man is watching.  We were shopping last night at the mall. The food court has a fountain in the middle where people sit to eat and toss coins in for a wish. She had a look on her face I knew all too well. She hopped in the fountain because several men were eying the sexy tight body, she was flaunting in her little jean skirt. She pulled it up exposing her bald pussy because she had no panties on. She pissed in the fountain like a drunk coed. Men were watching and growing bulges in their jeans. Nothing embarrasses me. I had bail money on me if she got arrested. Soon we had a gathering of dirty old men jacking their cocks watching my daughter piss in the fountain. I was turned on too. I lifted my dress and pissed in the fountain with her. Soon, more girls were joining us, and men were jacking off on us as we pissed. Eventually, someone called the mall cops, but we got out of there before I had to use my coke money to bail us out of jail. A few guys followed us to my car, so we took them home and enjoyed some water sports sex. It is amazing how many men love to piss on a mommy and daughter.

Water Sports Sex With A Tranny Whore.

water sports phone sex

My sexy tranny ass beats the midweek blues with a hot shot of piss. I really excel in water sports sex these days.  I love how my neighbor’s teen son is quick to please my tranny cock on any given morning. I love to leave my trailer windows open and jack my big dick and tempt that boy on the way to the school bus. I haven’t pissed yet and I know he isn’t going to go to school anyway. He is the trailer park drug runner. He slings weed for us and a little crystal when he gets the balls. Sure, enough his little Hispanic ass knocks at my screen door. “Missus Henrietta? You need anything ‘dis morning?” Yes, I need a bowl full and to fill his mouth with my piss and cum. I invite him in and ask him to come back to my room. I ask him to load my glass dick and then cum and sit between my legs. “You Know people with talk because you come over so much. They all know what I am. I don’t want anyone to beat your ass kid.” I smile at his sweet angelic face. They know you’re a dope head too Missus Henrietta, Plus they all asleep.” I tell him to open his mouth and let my big ass piss load go down his throat. I push his teen mouth on my cock more and then let him up and let him become a dragon with my melted dope. Back and forth until we burn the shit away from last night. I throw a couple hundred at him and tell him to load the bowl as I can’t help myself and crouch down and start blowing his meaty boy cock. These are the best mornings with a ladyboy and her teen dope runner sucking and eventually fucking.

Family Fun with Golden Showers Sex

golden showers sexGolden showers sex is the game the entire family can play. My daughters and I love water sports. The boys enjoy it too, but let’s face it, it is easier to piss on girls than boys. We have adapted in our family, however, so everyone can enjoy the wet fun. Last night, things got wet. Super wet and even sticky! The boys pissed on us girls, but we pissed back! We enjoy pissing back; turning the boys into our human toilets. We made the boys, daddy included, lay on the bathroom floor that was already covered in our golden nectar. We squatted over their faces and pissed in their mouths. We rubbed and fingered each other’s cunts too. This made us piss and squirt making a huge mess of the boys in the family. They didn’t mind. They basked in our juice and used it as lube for the family fucking. We were so super wet and horny. What started out as water sports sex turned into a family orgy. Sisters bouncing on their brothers’ hard cocks. This mommy bouncing on her sons’ cocks and baby girls being daddy’s little dick spinners. Honestly, it was hot fucking family fun.

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