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Drugs make me do it

 cum dumpster

Drugs make me do it.. I am such a nasty cum dumpster,, and love it so much. Ever since I made my way to Las vegas,, I have gotten friendly with a few of the escorts. Now I am enjoying myself,, making money,, and pimping out my sisters.

I’m such a slave to coke that I have gotten a job as not only a prostitute but also a stripper. You can even call me a pimp because I am pimping my sisters and all the young girls in my neighborhood. From Nevada to reno, these girls get ready for weekend affairs and get bidded on, and I know its wrong, but it makes my cunt wet when I’m high.

I’ll do anything to get my fix no matter how dirty or how unethical.

Pissing Sex Party With a Beta Man and Lolita Sluts

pissing sexIt was a wild weekend of pissing sex. My daughters got hired for a pissing party. It has happened before, but it is not a common request. And when they are hired, it is usually the men who piss on the girls. Not this time. This was a special client. A rich loser. Usually, guys with this kind of money are alpha men to the core. And he is in business an alpha man, but behind closed doors he is sexually submissive to women and young girls. He likes little bratty, spoiled princess type of girls. All my Lolitas are switches because in this kind of business it pays to go both ways, LOL. Hookers for hire do what will create them the biggest payday. My girls dressed in their finest stuck up bitch clothes, with my youngest in a pink princess dress, and we went to piss on an old rich guy.

He has a bathroom bigger than most people’s homes. It was perfect for a water sports date. This client laid on the floor of his humongous rain forest shower. My girls took turns squatting over his face and pissing on him. They had little switches in their hands, and they would smack his balls and the head of his swollen cock if he did not drink all their piss and lick their little bald kitties. My girls love being Lolita dominatrixes. This guy was licking it up and eating it all up. My little whores were seeing dollar signs and giving this guy exactly what he wanted. After all my girls, and myself included, pissed on him, we made him rim our assholes too. And boy was that hot. This was a messy date, but very profitable. Water sports sex is profitable. Guys with money pay for the stuff wives will not do. Same for us phone sex whores. We do and talk about all the freaky shit that would shock your choir girl wife. We went home with a bag of cash smiling all the way to the bank.

Water sports sex is what I always crave baby!

Water sports sexWater sports sex is what I always crave baby! I was at a party and being the nasty whore I am, we all know and love when I got the craving for some piss. There was a drunk guy and I knew he wouldn’t remember let alone fight me. I knew he had to piss and the way he was stumbling around, well he wasn’t going to make it, and I sure wasn’t going to waste it. I lead him to the bathroom and his dumb ass whipped out his cock and started pissing right there on the floor. Wasting my liquid gold! The stream was splashing up and hitting my legs.

I was so turned on hearing the piss leave his cock and feeling the warmth splash all over me. I was so ready to be the potty whore that I am. I knew if I got piss all over everyone would know, and that turned me on more. I got on my knees and opened my mouth. I was trying to catch every drop. Alcohol abuse is a party foul and the amount he drank well his piss was basically 80 proof. I couldn’t let that go to waste, could I? I sat there on my knees being the disgusting toilet whore I am. Letting this random drunk man piss all in my mouth and all over my whore face.

I grabbed that rock-hard cock and jerked it, milking out every drop of that delicious piss. I wanted every single drop like the greedy whore I am! I contestant came in to join in. he too was drunk but her just came over and told me to open up. He said he heard I was a good toilet slut and he was going to find out. Got it was so fucking hot. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the party on my knees while guys came in and pissed and shit on me as they pleased. Then when I thought I had my fill. There was a bunch of guys that bend me over and gave me a real good thrill. Fucking and raping my tight little cunt. Oh, and don’t let me mention what they did to my tight round butt! I so fucking filthy!

My Phone Sex Line is No Limits

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is for dirty, no limits fun. Guys ask me what I am into all the time. I can do anything on a call, but I do like it dirty. Last night was a wild ride. I was doing lines of coke all night. I am a party mom. Last night was a rare night. Everyone was home. No one had a date night. No one went out with friends. It was reminiscent of the early pandemic days when we were quarantined together. I know some folks went crazy then, but not me. I just partied and fucked my ass off. That was the kind of mood I was in last night. When I do coke, my nasty side comes out. I am a nasty freak most days, but I can clean up and fit in with the Joneses when I need too. I just prefer not to need to fit in. At home, my offspring and husband encourage my nasty side. After about the tenth line last night, I was in a pissing sex mood. I am a dominant mommy. I do love all my little ones. They take great care of their mommy. Just sometimes I like to piss on them. So, that is what I did. I was doing lines and drinking wine. I summoned my daughters to me so I could take turns pissing on each one. They enjoy piss games too. I enjoyed pissing in their mouths, but where I really excel is target practice. That is what I call this game we play. My girls lay on their backs, spread their legs, and I piss either on their clits to make them cum or I piss in one of their pink holes. It can get messy, but water sports sex always is messy. It was a wild and messy night. When mommy is high, her freak flag flies.

Pimping out my babies

hot stripper sex

Pimping out my babies is the way I make money now. I have to say hot stripper sex is what men like and need but I am so far gone that I am indulging in some wicked deeds.

When my cunt became to regular I had to think fast and who would make me the most money? I didn’t have to think too hard. My brats are sexy and so young. My young sisters and my twin daughters are the same age. They all have nubs for boobies and perfect unpopped cherries.

I’m about to make a fortune pimping these littles out.  I’m too high to even think clearly all I want is drugs and sex. Coke for my clit and let me hit nirvana. 

 You can bet your ass I’m going to tie these girls down and make them get niced and prepped for that pcock. Go right ahead and stick it in their young cunts. You can’t knock them up quite yet but lets give it a try stranger things have happened. 

Toilet princess

fisting whore

My boss loves that I am his secretary and will do anything to destress him. Lately, I have been more than a fisting whore for him. I’ve let him eat me out during my cycle and lick my ass after a meal of refried beans. So I am keeping a big secret my very successful and popular boss loves to pay me the big money to be his toilet princess.

A couple of lines of coke, and I am okay with whatever his heart desires. If he wants me to fart and shit for him and watch him devour my shit on his desk, I will do so.

Its a turn-on to see him so weak and helpless and like a complete addict for my piss, blood, and shit,

Dirty Phone Sex Fun

dirty phone sexSometimes even I have such dirty phone sex that I need to shower afterwards! My daughters and I were hired for a watersports party. Ever been to one? They are pretty hot. It is where a bunch of guys get together and piss on girls. In their mouths, on their faces and in their fuck holes. It can get pretty messy. This house we were at had a concrete party room for pissing games. The walls were painted like a pool, so it was like we were under water. Cool concept for a party room. The men were not that old. Two of the guys were the sons of one of my husband’s biggest clients. Rich boys born with a silver spoon looking to degrade some women, knowing the only ones who would let them get away with their bad behavior would be hookers for hire. I tell guys all the time when there is a cash transition, you get what you want and never have to fear being arrested or blackmailed. Money for sex is the way you ensure you get what you want. My girls and I love watersport games. It was like the Olympic games of water sports too. Me and my sluts lined up and the men sprayed us with their golden nectar. Are water sports my favorite, no. I am more partial to cum baths than piss showers, but the pay is good and it all washes off at the end of the day. So, where is the harm? Men love to think they are degrading me, but I am a tough old broad. If my youth as a whore for my parents did not break me, nothing will. We let those guys think they were degrading us with pissing sex but we laughed all the way to the bank. Whores do anything for the money.

Water Sports, anyone ?

water sports sex
I have a newfound love for water sports sex! At first, I had no fucking idea why this guy asked if I liked water sports. I told him if drowning in cum counts as a water sport then yes, I love that shit! Then, when I found out he would pay me 1k to play with him I didn’t really care what the fuck “water sports” were! That’s enough to pay for my liquor and blow for a few days so I’m down. The dude told me the only thing he wanted me to wear was stockings with my black tits exposed. As I sat in the plastic covered bed, I rubbed my twat while waiting for the games to begin. I was getting so horny with anticipation as he stood over the bed jerking off. He stroked his dick while making eye contact as I begged for him to play with me. I really really wanted his dick shoved down the back of my throat so begging came naturally. As I was mid-sentence he began to spray a steady stream of warm piss into my mouth and all over my face. I’ve had golden shower phone sex before but his piss tasted so good as it trickled down my tits and over my twat. I couldn’t get enough of this yellow liquid that he was showering me with. My stockings got soaking wet and began to stick to my coochie making it easy for me to rub the swollen clit through the crotch. Even though he only paid to piss on me once I wanted so much more! I can’t give it away for free though! He’s gonna have to empty that wallet if he wants to eep drenching his sweet chocolate skank.

Water Sports Sex at the Truck Stop

water sports sexWater sports sex is not an everyday thing for me, but if a guy wants me to piss on him, who am I to say no or judge? This was a loser white boy, of course. That was probably obvious, LOL.  I go to the truck stop a few nights a week. I pick up a lot of black cock at the truck stop. I find a lot of men down to party with me. Occasionally, it is some bitch boy like Leroy who has no cock but lots of coke. He was not looking to fuck me. Unlike my small dick ex-husband, Leroy has accepted his short comings. He knew he could never fuck a hot trailer trash whore like me. I asked him what he was offering then. He was the one that approached me about some coke he wanted to share. I know it is ass or grass, but nobody rides for free. He wanted a hot bitch to pee on him. I was like is that all? I mean he had a huge bag of coke that would have been $500 easily if I had to go to a dealer for a fix. He spewed out this sob story about being a humiliation junkie but struggling to find some one for water sports. Golden showers or brown showers, if you are paying me cash, grass or powder, I am in. What do I care that some small dick wonder wants me to give him a golden shower? I have done a lot worse things than pissing sex for coke, LOL. I got in his cab with him, snorted a couple lines and guzzled a Big Gulp of lemonade. That turned me into a pissing machine. I coated him head to toe in my golden nectar. He was like some horny monkey in a cage, basking in the glory of my sunshine and wanking his little nub. Sure, he was one pathetic loser, but I got the biggest bag of coke from our deal and it only cost me a Big Gulp. Now, that was a steal.

Golden shows sex and more!

golden showers sex He loved that I was down for golden showers sex. Some men Like Ryan want to piss all over a whore so she can know her place. But with me I enjoy being rained on and drinking piss straight from the source! Ryan loves when I piss and even shit all over his cock! What a motherfucking dirty man! But as Im drinking his piss he is already setting me up with a tequila emenema and ready to clean me out and get me fucking drunk as hell! That way I get even more perverted and open for his dirty ass shit! I know they call him big daddy Ryan for a reason. He has his hooks in my gangbang whore as his fake titted cum, piss and scat queen. Big daddy will always know just how to handle me and dominate a stupid slut. Fuck why does it get me so hot when he calls me filthy fucking names as he is fucking my fresh enemas ass. I’m just a cum whore who loves to be rode hard and put up wet!
Cum and call me the filthy names as I get high and masturbate to your dominance!
Let those inhibitions out along with that cock for me! Get prepared for my messy ass to take you whole fuckrode inside and slurp me out all of that gooey, stringing cum booty juice. This pissing sex ass gets such a pounding that once fucked and filled with luscious loads of jizz the gaping of this Shiitter!