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White Trash Slut Loves Cock


I love seeing your name come up for every time we have some nasty fun together! I’ve been thinking and dreaming about your huge thick cock pushing in and out of my tight asshole and this soaking wet bare pussy that has been needing your dick for so long. You know I can’t help how horny and hot I get when I see you coming towards me with nothing on at all ready to fuck me until I can’t handle it anymore. You will be covered in my squirting orgasms when you shoot that hot load of cum into my mouth and making me scream all night. I love being your white trash whore all day and all night, you completely own me and my body daddy please let me cum with you!

Your Piss Slut

Water Sports Sex

You’ve been holding it in all day for your sweet piss princess haven’t you daddy! I know that cock is rocking fucking hard after drinking and drinking and waiting to release it all on me. Onto my body, into my mouth. A hot mixture of your piss and cum is my dinner for tonight and I’m starving baby! I’m going to kneel down here in from of you, stick out my tongue and feel the warm yellow nasty piss stream out of your hard daddy cock and onto my pretty face and tight horny body. My pussy is getting so wet at feeling the loads of piss your dumping on me. I want to reach down on my hands and knees and lick it up like the good pee whore you trained me to be. I do this for you and all of your big cock daddy friends! When you and the guys go out for a drink and come back with full bladders to release onto me and into me! Let me suck all those cocks while you relieve your bladder into my tight throat!

Dirty Phone Sex Mommy

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is the only kind to have, right? There are plenty of vanilla or taboo companies out their that will not talk about certain subjects, but that is not my site. I specialize in all the dirty thoughts and experiences that men have or want to have from extreme age play to bathroom play. I have a dirty story to share. I have thousands actually, but this one happened last night. I was babysitting. I know what you are thinking. Who would want me as their babysitter? I can play the doting soccer mom too. A neighborhood woman is going through a nasty divorce, and she is following her estranged husband to catch him cheating. She needs proof for the divorce to void the prenuptial agreement. She was in a jam, so she dropped her brats off with me. A lovely little girl and boy. I was high and drunk. I was in the mood to have some fun. I got my dildo out and told the girl we were going to play a game. I had fresh new cunt in the house. I am a P woman. I could not ignore that. I had to play with it. We went into my bedroom. I laid her naked on my bed. I spread her legs and fucked her little bald cunt with my dildo. Oh my, she was untouched. Nice. I justified it by thinking if her mother discovered she had a used little cunnie, she could blame the estranged daddy. He does like them young because his mistresses are barely out of high school, LOL. I popped her cherry with my dildo, and she peed on me. It was her form of squirting. She tastes sweet like watermelon. Her piss was tinged red from the cherry poppin. I had fun with the boy too; but it is not every day I get to pop a cherry. I love being a P trashy milf.

Water Sports Sex For World Environment Day

Water Sports Sex

It’s World Environment Day which, as you damn well know, means I’m up to do my absolute best in conserving the planet. How am I doing that today? Water Sports Sex! I may as well repurpose my piss and cut down on that flush of the toilet, right? I can get a hot little John to be my toilet. I love piss play, and so do some of my best clients out on the lot.

Honestly it’s sort of a secret fetish of mine that I’ve just never taken the time to properly explore. I’m glad I have you here with me. Let’s party it up a little, if you’ve a mind for a drug fueled fuck session with some delicious potty play all over your sexy little face. Lay down on the bed, and I’ll climb right on top.

You know the carpet matches the curtains, and I’m a hot little fire crotch ready to grind all over your hungry mouth. Instead of relieving my oh so full bladder into the piss pot where I’d flush it down and waste water, I’m going to let the river flow out into your mouth instead. You said you were thirsty, sweetheart. Though I know it makes you just as hard for me to stand over top of you and give you a true, well aimed steamy golden shower.

Big Dick Sucker, BBC Whore and Dirty Cougar

big dick suckerI am a big dick sucker and a black cock whore. I have been sucking dick longer than most of my lovers have been alive. My son came over last and he brought me a friend. His friend was a yummy dark morsel for me to suck and fuck. Lenny is my son’s former college roommate in town visiting him. I fucked him a few times while visiting my boy at his school.  When my Oreo boys walked into my trailer, I had them both naked and on my couch within 20 minutes of arriving. We did not spend much time verbally catching up. While I had his black cock in my mouth, my son put his cock in my pussy and pounded me hard while I slurped on his pal’s hard cock.  I know I am the best cock sucker this black boy has ever had. No way his coed girlfriends do some of the shit I do, like ass to mouth play and rim jobs. I sucked the black right off his dick. Well, figuratively at least because I suck better than a vacuum cleaner. My son and him took turns on my holes with each one filling me up a few times over. I even let the boys piss in my mouth because I enjoy water sports sex too. I am a no taboos mommy whore. Lenny pissed on me like a dog claiming his turf. He even pissed up my ass.  His chocolate cock owned my fuck holes. He finished in my mouth. His dick tasted like my dirty ass, but I did not care. My son finished in my ass. And to show them both what a trailer park whore I am, I shit my son’s cum out my ass and licked it up with a smile. That made the boys hard again instantly. We fucked all night and all morning. I love it when men share me.

Amara: Piss Capital Of The World

Golden Shower Sex Stories

Dear Daddy,

You’d be proud of me. I’ve finally started exploring the world of hot golden showers sex stories with my little ones. I know the very thought of my little rugrats getting pissed on turns you on so badly. You love the fact that you were my first dirty, nasty pissing experience. You made sure I spent my younger years, especially in my teens, learning what it meant to be a hot little whore for that golden urethral nectar!

Let me show you what a cumslut I am, and exactly how I’ve trained up my little whores to worship your every movement. Not only are these sweet angels toilet trained with their filthy fuck holes, but they enjoy giving a bit of piss play as well. My lovely lullabies aim well, and always hit the mark. They’re known for sucking down every last drop, and begging for more. I love watching them showered in that aurum water.

I have made a name for myself; Amara, piss capital of the world. Use me like a filthy little toilet again, Daddy. Cum and put your slutty little girl in her place. You left for a pack a cigarettes, and never came home. Momma said it was my fault, but I know damn well you left ‘cause she wouldn’t let you piss in her mouth.

Let me say “aaaa” Daddy. Cum back home.

Pissing Sex

Pissed On Sluts Face

Golden shower phone sexMy master loaned me out to a man who loved watching me piss on someone, I didn’t know I would like it as much as I did! My bladder was full and I was naked so was the slut he picked for me to piss on. He told me I could do whatever I wanted as long as in the end I pissed all over her, I agreed. The first thing I did was sit on her face, I made her lick my cunt and asshole. I fingered her pussy while she licked and sucked on my clit, I stuck my finger in her ass and she flinched so I slapped her and told her to not move and take what I had for her. As I finger fucked her ass, I rode her face and it felt so good being able to use her for my pleasure. I told her to finger my pussy while she ate my ass, the sight of that must have been a turn, my master’s friend pulled his cock out and made me suck it, as I sucked his cock, I started cumming all over her face and that’s when he told me to piss all over her face. I did as I was asked and it made him explode the biggest load in my mouth.

Sloppy wet pussy for my landlord

sloppy wet pussy

My fucking landlord is at it again. Motherfucker has gotten smart and has tracked down my schedule. I oftentimes leave at odd times because I am trying to avoid him like the plague. I am behind on three months of rent, and I can’t keep dodging him. I knew he was a dirty motherfucker long before and assumed I could get away with leaving him waiting. Eventually, he caught me and told me it’s time I pay up the money or get my sloppy wet pussy off in front of him whenever he pleases. Meaning he would have access to come in and out, and I better be there to satisfy the thirst he has for a cum fucking whore like me. I could not pass up on that offer! To be quite frank, it was a dream to get that proposal from him. I am a complete fucking slut, so why not benefit from the slutty shit I do and get him off my back.

Sexy Prostitutes Are Whore Milfs

I know that the idea of fucking some sexy prostitutes that a filthy whore mama’s excites you. You want to bang a trashy cunt and hope her offspring walks in and watches. I do everything in front of my god angels. They are just little fucking crack whore’s genetic dumpster dropping. It’s no fucking big deal. I don’t give a fuck if you desires to get your dick wet in some of that cracked out jailbait either. I have a teen son and he done gone and knocked up some skanky hoe recently. I guess if that bitch pushes out that crotch trophy I will be a grandma. A sexy mother fucking gilf stripper cunt always looking for more cock. I am always open and ready to be bred too. I may be past my prime but damnit I aint fucking dead. The only thing that sucks ass is the fact that my shit ain’t working so I can’t actually be bred anymore. It’s ok, that’s why  take in the trashy young cunts as their mama. I always got a few around the house and feel free to knock their cooches up.

sexy prostitutes

Crack Whore, Piss whore

toilet sexToilet sex is nothing new to me. I get paid to be the piss drink cum slut men love to hate. They know I am a used up crack whore. And when the economy gets bad men get meaner than they have ever been. They need a skank like me to take it out on. Sometimes, like tonight I remind them of their nagging wife. My name isn’t even mine as I am in the back room of the trap house. A cock is in my mouth and my hair is being pulled as I am being called his worthless wife’s name over and over. “That that you bitch, maybe my cum load will change you attitude,” He is seething. And as his cum squirts into my mouth I gag a little. That results in a slap that blacks my eye. I feel the pain But I don’t care as he breaks off a nickel of crack and kicks me in the ribs. You like that Skank? You are nothing but a five dollar whore. His lets loose a stream of after sex piss on my bruising face. I grab the tiny rock greedily. I don’t care, I just need my fix.

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