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Smoking Weed & Golden Showers Sex!

Golden Showers Sex

For some reason every time I smoke a big fat blunt of weed, I start craving golden showers sex! They don’t call me ‘Blunt Smoking Blossom’ for nothing, I love rolling up a nice heavy joint after a long shift of stripping and whoring at the club. My sore feet and tight muscles all relax when I take a long inhale of my Mary Jane, then like clockwork I can’t stop thinking about golden showers sex. My cunt won’t stop pulsating in my stockings as I think about being pissed on, all that warm golden liquid sliding down my face, tits and soaking my pussy. Even thinking about my own golden shower sex stories, like the first time I was getting licked clean and couldn’t stop cumming so hard I pissed right on my friend’s hot wet tongue! She loved slurping down my pee and squirt juices, remembering how wet every part of me got just takes my high to another level. Before I know it, I’m calling up a hot stud friend from the trailer park to come over and make me his pissing sex whore for the night. Smoking weed and getting high makes me crave toilet sex like nothing else!

Brother Humiliates and Pisses on Sister

Golden showers phone sex

My brother has been pissing on me since we were so young. I remember him wrestling me to the ground and sitting on me so he could piss down my back. Sometimes he would piss on my head as he sat on it. That experience has made me crave golden showers ever since. Now that my brother and I no longer live together, I had been craving him ever since. One day, he invited me to his home for his birthday. I ended up being the only one who could make it. We reminisced on our younger days and I brought up how much he loved to piss all over me. He told me he loved to humiliate me, so I begged for him to humiliate me again. He took me into the shower, pulled down his pants and pissed all over my face and clothes. He made me lick all of the excess piss from the shower floor and told me I would be his personal piss slave from now on. God, I love my brother!


I Can’t Hold in My Piss!

Pissing phone sex


I have to pee! Pull over! 

You’re my Uber driver and I start to get the urge to pee. As the ride has only 15 minutes left, I decide to hold it in. Soon, we head into some heavy traffic. No one is moving and I still need to piss badly. I beg you to pull over or take the next exit so I can piss on the side of the road. You tell me that the traffic will clear up soon and I shouldn’t leave the car. I believe you, my bladder still full of piss, making  me very uncomfortable. It also doesn’t help that I’m super pregnant and my womb is squeezing on my bladder. I squirm in my seat, bounce up and down and look around frantically for the traffic to clear up or a place you can exit. I am now begging for you to unlock the doors and let me out, but you refuse. I tell you I’m about to piss all over your seats and you tell me not to do that or you’ll charge me. I can barely hold it in. My pregnant bladder can’t hold on much longer. I’m going to piss on the seats! 

Anal cum dumpster Seen at Truck Stop

Anal cum dumpster

I have an obsession to be the biggest Anal cum dumpster this side of the Mississippi. The weekends are prime time at the truck stop where I work. I pretty myself up so I can be seen when those long haulers pull in the lot. This week the lot was super busy and not that many girls working so I got lots of extra attention. My little tight button butt hole needs to be gaped so I find myself walking the lot every weekend. I’m always dropping to my knees in between the long haulers. Sometimes I even take a ride up the interstate and back down. This weekend I decided to go on vacation down in the dirty south. I love riding up from the Pilot in one area, seeing how many cock’s I can make come and then getting a ride straight back down to the one I came from. It was cold so I was dressed warm in my thick fleece lined leggings and short black mini skirt. Dressing slutty makes me have Sloppy wet pussy. The first trucker who spotted me just had to smile my way and I was headed over. He went over to the passenger side of the short bed and he opened the door to bend my whore ass slightly as the waist and take my ass bare back. Maybe I looked clean that day and he figured he would be the first load. Well he was the first of many many loads dumped into my hungry ass.

Lot lizard sex slut

lot lizard sex

I am a lot of lizard sex slut wants to get high and find out who they can fuck for the right price. I am that slut and I love to find a guy who is willing to pay up to make me a great little whore for the night. When I get that money I go to my dealer and buy a big eight ball out of him. Usually I owe him from before so I have to pay with pussy to get him to give me the good stuff. The dealers are always looking for young new blood so I bring over a young slut for them to be able to thrust their cocks into and I can get the good stuff. Its surely a win win and I get to enjoy that angel dust.

Torturing My Piss Slave

Water sports sex


That man was swimming in piss by the time I was done with him, it was crazy! Okay, let me start my story from the beginning. I had a guy who wanted me to piss on his all day. He wanted to truly be my human toilet and would either drink my piss or soak it all up through his clothes. All day, he hung around me. When I was out shopping and he was carrying my bags like the bitch boy he is, all I would need to do is spread my legs and squat down. He would rush over to me with his mouth open, ready to drink it all. He did not spill a drop or let any piss touch my bags. When I was at home, sometimes I would just tell him that I’m pissing, and he would have to run to me and do the best he could to catch whatever piss he could acquire. That meant using his clothes to soak up my piss. I made him wear the soiled clothing all day long. 

Toilet Sex with a Trashy Stripper

Trashy Stripper BJ knows how to get filthy and hot with some Toilet sex. Push my big bare tits against the wall and finger bang the fuck out of my cunt wile being pushed against the urinal. Telling me to piss in the Urinal as this cunt gets banged. Slam that big cock inside my cunt from behind. That’s right get down and eat my ass out too. I am the trashy stripper whore that kneel before you and be your urinal. Piss on my tits and down my throat.

I once had a client that hired me to shit on his hooker date’s face while he banged her. In fact he paid me to make it a show and had an audience. I was merciless with this little fucking crack head cheap hooker. Best part was his cock pissing inside her after he came all over her whore face mixed with my cocaine shits.

Toilet sex

cum filled cunt and ass

cum filled cunt

I am such a fucking whore who needs so much coke. You love that I am so addicted. My drug dealer loves fuck my ass while I’m so fucking horny and high. I am so horny from my drug dealer. My fingers are so fucking drenched with all my fucking pussy juices. Everyone is going to see what a hot coke whore is.

My dealer always brings all his friends. They even brought a four-legged friend to use me. Only a fucking druggy slut would allow that kind of humiliation. It feels so good when I am so high and ready to be used.

All I want is cum and coke, and I want to be stretched out. I am the hottest coke whore fuck. I want to pimp out all my little sisters for all that fucking angel dust. My cum filled cunt feels fantastic!

No taboo phone sex means you can get really dirty with me!

No taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex means you can get really dirty with me! I am the nastiest toilet whore you will ever meet! I crave the taste of your dirty ass! Bend over and let me clean it for you baby! I will be your toilet paper! Make me tongue fuck that tight little ass, then you can return the favor baby I don’t want you to cum too fast! Let me hover over your face pussy dripping in anticipation. I want you to open wide so I can feed you this creamy shit! Open your mouth and take every little bit!

Then I spread my round plump cheeks wide open and rub my ass over your tongue and nose. wipe me up you know how this goes! Then I’ll come kiss you so you can share some with me! What baby, you don’t think you are the only one who wants to eat?! I grab your cock and jerk it just right then I bend over baby shove that dick in I know it is tight! Ram me hard and plunge all the shit out! Get that dick sloppy you know what I’m about!

I love it nasty and dirty! I can’t help that I do, luckily for me you are a nasty freak too! Take that cock out of my gapping dirty ass, then let me jerk that cock nice and fast! I’ll rub all the shit in and cover your dick and balls. After all baby you know that’s one of my favorite treats in the fall. Chocolate covered nuts and a king-sized cholate bar on the side. I’ll clean it all up before I climb on top and take a ride!

my drugged up cunt

cum filled cunt

My cunt is going crazy. I woke up this morning in a puddle of all my juices. It was yet another productive night of partying and fucking and getting my pussy all coked up.

The dealer and his friends came around and used me up, but after hours of getting high and fucking like crazy, I still felt I needed more. So I went with some friends to the local sex lounge. We all look like cheap hookers with heels and stumbling all over high, drunk, and fucking horny.

We knew we would get fucked well in the lounge. More drinks, more coke, and some X, and we all were a part of a massive orgy. The whole place was filled with hot whores and horny men who gave in to our desires and cravings. I always end the night with a cum filled cunt.