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BBC Lover

Big dick sucker

When I’m in the mood for a really big cock, nothing scratches that itch quite as good as a big thick BBC to stretch and fuck my sloppy wet pussy. I had a little too much to drink last night and a little too much  of everything else and all I could think of was how bad I wanted to get fucked. I started dancing with a hot guy and I could feel his big thick cock through his pants. He told me if I wanted to have some really nasty fun, that he had two friends with him that would love to try me out. The four of us went back to his hotel room and got freaky. We passed around a plate full of coke and did lines until our faces went numb. I stripped naked and the three of them picked a hole and started stretching me out with their huge black cocks. I had one in my ass, one in my pussy, and one of them shoved down my throat gagging me. The three of them used me like a whore and fucked me as fast and hard as they wanted. Even if I wanted to stop, it was too late. They were too fucking hard and horny to stop, I was basically their fuck doll. They filled every hole on my body with a big fucking load of cum and gaped my ass and pussy.

Daddy’s trashy whore

Dirty phone sex

I’ve always been a cum guzzling slut. My daddy is the one who taught me to be a dirty little whore for him. Back when I was much younger and I stilled lived at home in the trailer park, he would get drunk and come to my bedroom and climb into bed with me. I wasn’t upset or bothered though, my daddy had a big fucking dick and when he had been smoking meth he could fuck for hours. He would stretch out my little tight pussy and fill it full of big loads of his cum. Mama had taken off years before and daddy said I looked so much like her that he just couldn’t help himself! He taught me how to suck cock and take a dick in the ass too. I miss my daddy so much sometimes, but every time I’m home for the holidays, we love to get drunk and fuck just like we did when I was a teenager.

Cock Sucking Competition

Big dick sucker

I got so fucked up at a party last night. My friends and I had way too much to drink, and way too many drugs too. When I’m drunk or high though, I’m even more of a whore than usual. My friend is the same way too. We had a bet to see how many guys at the party we could hook up with and suck off. Whoever sucked the most cock was the winner, and the loser had to buy the other a round of drinks at the bar this weekend. Needless to say, I won the competition. I think I outdid myself tonight, but the competition was stiff. Both of us trawled the party hitting on guys and taking them into the bathroom or  an empty bedroom to get down on our knees and suck them off. By the end of the night, I was the obvious winner at 6-4. Guess who is getting free drinks on Saturday!

Big natural tits

Dirty phone sex

My tits are my best asset. They’re big and totally natural, and men love to play with them and suck on them. My nipples are so sensitive too, My pussy can get soaking wet just from having my tits sucked on and rubbed.

I strip at a club on weekends and I was giving this guy a lap dance and jiggling my tits in his face when he told me he would slip him an extra $100 if I let him suck on my tits while he jacks off. We went into the back room and he sucked on my nipples and squeezed my big tits while stroking his cock. He didn’t even want to fuck me, he just wanted to get up close and personal with these huge tits of mine. I let him cum on my tits and he coated them with a nice layer of sticky jizz.

Going solo

Dirty phone sex

Sometimes when I get really high, it’s like I become insatiable sexually. I just can’t get enough sex. When there’s no one else around though, that’s not a problem. I’ve got every kind of sex toy you can think of. After I popped a few special pills last night, i spread out on the couch and started to play with my pussy using my favorite vibrator. I teased my clit with it while plunging my fingers in and out of my dripping wet cunt. I closed my eyes and thought of all the freaky and kinky things I like to fantasize about when I’m feeling really nasty and horny. I pretended my fingers were someone else’s and imagined myself getting fucked right there on the couch. In no time my clit was twitching as I orgasmed hard.

Sucking cock for coke

Big dick sucker

You don’t pay for drugs with money when you’re a cock sucking slut like me. I found a guy selling and he gave me a price, but I just licked my lips and asked if he accepted any other forms of payment. We went into an alley and he took his cock out and I squatted on the ground in front of him and started sucking. I deep throated him and made his legs tremble as I slurped on his cock. He told me he had never met such an eager little cock sucker before and gave me a little treat. He put a tiny bump of coke on his shaft and I snorted it off before going back to sucking him off. He came straight down my throat and I felt his cock pulsing as he filled my stomach with his cum.

Make me gape

Anal sex whore

I let a guy fuck me in the ass for drugs. I’m not an expensive whore, and there’s not much I won’t do for drugs. I had no idea how huge his cock was until he pulled it out and told me to suck it to get it nice and wet. I had never seen a cock so thick and long. I wasn’t sure he could even fit it in my ass! I could barely get my mouth around his huge cock, but I sucked it and got it as wet and slippery as I could. I bent over the bed and he spit on my asshole and started working his way inside my ass. He finally got the big dick inside of me and fucked me so hard I was afraid my asshole would prolapse. By the time he was done fucking my ass, it was hanging loose and gaping wider than I ever thought possible!

Jamie loves tranny cock

Big dick sucker

I was at a party when I met sexy tranny Josie. She had a little baggy of special powder that I really wanted. She told me she would let me have some of it if I gave her something in return. She pulled out her big tranny cock and forced my head down to suck it. I sucked her cock while she laid back on the couch. I licked and cupped her balls and even spread her legs and licked her tight little asshole. She really started to moan when I did that, so I stuck a finger up her ass and fingered her prostate while deep throating her big girl dick. She was so turned on that in no time she was squirting a huge load of cum onto my face. I scooped all the cum off my face and licked my fingers clean. When I was done, she already had a line ready for me to snort. She’s the best!


Shemale phone sex

High Orgy

Orgy phone sex

I went to a party last night. It was pretty chill and very low key compared to the drunken drug fueled ragers I usually go to. I wasn’t having a good time until the host said he had this new drug to try. It was a special tea he brewed that he said would make you hallucinate and get you really fucked up. He passed me a cup full of it and I downed it in one gulp. Within a few minutes I really started to feel it. My body felt magical, colors had sounds and tastes and it felt like I was in another dimension. I ran my hands up and down my body and just loved how my skin felt and I started to take off my clothes. The people around me started to strip too. We were all touching each other and mesmerized by our bodies. Soon, everyone was writhing around, bodies wrapped together and lips locked, you could hardly tell one person from the next in the huge writhing pile of flesh. I felt a cock enter my pussy, I didn’t know whose it was and I didn’t care. I felt too good to care. I found the nearest body and made my way down to her pussy. I love the way pussy tastes already, but on this drug, her pussy tasted magical. I lapped up her juices and it was the sweetest thing I’d ever tasted. I had my face buried between her legs for hours it felt like, licking her and making her squirt just so I could get another taste of her delicious honey. Men lined up behind me to fuck my holes. It felt good but I was too swept up in the taste of this yummy cunt to pay them much mind, I just felt myself cumming over and over as the next cock took its place inside of me. We fucked the whole night away.

All girl bukkake

Freaky phone sex

It’s not just guys who get to ejaculate on someone’s face and drench them with cum, girls can do it too. I’m a squirter and so are my friends. If I rub my pussy in the right way, I can gush cum like a fountain. That’s why Donnie paid me and my friends to spend a night with him. He didn’t even want us to fuck him, he just wanted to throw some tarps on on the floor and let us cum all over him. He laid on the floor while me and 4 of my best slut friends stroked our pussies until we were cumming and squirting all over him. We covered his whole body in our sweet sticky girl cum until he was so soaked it looked like he had been swimming!