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I was hired to whore at a small party a rich gangster was hosting. He offered me crack to blow his whole crew and I did, swallowing those big black thug cocks. He let me get a hit of the baggie he had in hand and I felt amazing. I told him that I would do anything to get more. Then, he told me that if I wanted to get more crack I would have to get fucked in the ass by each of his homeboys. I had never gotten ass fucked by that many cocks before, but I wanted more crack so bad. I agreed and they proceeded to use me like a fuck doll. They lifted me up and put me in position as they rammed their cocks into me. Some of them wanted me on my back, others wanted me on my knees, another wanted to slam my ass on his cock as he sat on the couch. They tore my ass apart, leaving it a gaping hole. They knew I would do anything for more crack and kept pushing crack on me in exchange for abusing my body. 

Sexy Prostitutes are Always Recruiting New and Young Whores

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes like me are always on the look out for new meat. I consider myself a talent scout. I know a good whore when I meet one. Last night, I was feeling restless. I got in the car and drove to the red light district. LA still has old-fashioned street walkers. There is new meat on the corners daily. Some have pimps because they are trafficked girls. Some are runaways who will eventually have pimps, and street pimps are never nice. Some girls are not full-time hookers, but drug addicts in need of a fix and hooking is a quick way to get that money for a fix. I have recruited a lot of talent on the streets of LA.  When they join my home brothel of hookers for hire, they are treated way better than any street pimp. They become part of the family. I target the young ones. I only want Lolitas. Preferably, runaways with no family to rescue them, and no pimp yet for a turf war. I found Misty last night. Cute teen girl down on her luck. She was dirty. No bath in way too long. I needed to polish her up and see what I had to really work with. I paid her a grand for the night. More money than a dirty hooker can make on the streets in a week. Misty had potential. I saw me in her. I was a dirty whore literally when I was young. Thanks to my husband, I cleaned up well. When we got back to my place, I cleaned Misty up. She had never seen a bathroom like mine with a huge walk in shower and rainforest shower head. I got in the shower with her. I wanted to test the merchandise. I did pay for her, so I had every right to fuck her. She cleaned up well. She is perfect for my young teen phone sex clients, but I think she will be my personal lesbian slave until I grow tired of her or want something younger. As the head of this home brother of hookers, I get to claim whores for myself. And what madam ever has enough little cunt lickers around?

Lot Lizard Sex Whore Gets Anally Tortured for Coke

lot lizard sexI am a lot lizard sex whore. I love the truck stops. I find that I can hustle safely there. I did have one bad encounter this weekend but I was so fucking high that I did not feel it until the next day. Boy did I feel it too. Nothing that a little coke cannot fix. Okay, nothing a lot of coke cannot fix, lol. Want to know the story? I knocked on the wrong cab. There was not just one trucker in there. There were 6. I don’t think the other 5 were truckers though. All Hispanic and young looking. Did not speak much English. I think that truck driver was part of a coyote organization. Coyotes smuggle in folks and make them work off the fee for getting them out of their homeland with sex work and sweat labor, or even mule work. I played dumb. Coyotes will kill anyone who stands in their way. I guess I found the one benevolent coyote. He offered me up as a gangbang whore to the men in the back of his truck. I understand some Spanish because I live in Florida. They saw me as a whore and wanted to use my asshole. The coyote trucker gave me some good blow, so I sucked it up. Welcum to America boys. I was on all fours in the truck getting anally gang banged. Those were some big brown cocks. Aggressive too. I am an anal slut, but these guys were rough on my old ass. Brutal. I did not feel it at the time because that was some good cocaine. King Kong could have fucked my ass and I would not have felt it in the moment. The next day, however, this anal sex whore felt it all. But I still had some primo weed. That makes anything better.

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This Shemale cannot get enough use of an anal cum dumpster like a couple of my favorite bitches. Making men worship my shecock is really a ot time for me. It’s kinky to ooze my jizz all over that fucking begging face that stopped sucking me off properly.

If you are afraid of taking this cum in your mouth I will force you to start getting used to it. Start with eating your own cum to get accustomed to the taste. I can guarantee I cum lots and with a warm wet mouth like my bitch bois working my dick he’s going to get all of my ball juice.

Once I feed you my cum I will get that man cunt and own it too. On your back as I stand between your legs and thrusting them up I will force myself in that cunt and fuck you hard while you suck on that crack pipe.

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sloppy wet pussyI love playing with my sloppy wet pussy. All my offspring like playing with it too. I had one hell of a creampie the other night. I came home smelling like a porno queen. I had a gang bang that night. I lost count of all the studs that fucked me. I was hired for a birthday. The dad of the birthday boy wanted a hooker to celebrate his son’s 18th birthday. I am 42, so you know I wanted to be that hooker. My husband sold the client on me versus one of our daughters. Young men want a sexy mommy being their whore not some teenage girl. They can get teenage pussy whenever they want, but a trashy milf pussy is harder for them to find. I gave the birthday boy the best birthday ever. I made him feel like the belle of the ball. He had never been with a mature woman. Some of his friends had, but most of them did not have much skill yet. Young boys are chronic masturbators. The more they jerk their meat, the more problems they have lasting for a woman. The birthday boy’s dad knew his son was a chronic masturbator and wanted him to get a taste for mature pussy. I think he got more than a taste, LOL. My milf cunt is addicting for boys and girls. The birthday boy fucked me the most, but his friends loved fucking me too. My ass and cunt were equally pumped full of cum, so when I got home, I was a creampie slut. I was heading towards the shower, but my sons and daughters stopped me. They said I did not need to shower when they could clean me up. Oh, how I loved hearing that.  I sat down, spread my legs and fed my babies my sloppy seconds. They did get every last drop, but guess what? My sons pumped me full of more cum, so I still have some sloppy seconds for you.

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I’ve had my skinny, flat chested blonde fucking so many freaks lately that I think she’s made enough to pay her college tuition for a couple of years in just the last few months!  Everyone has been ordering up my fair haired, soft skinned little fuck doll lately.  I don’t know what the big deal is, but young looking pretty blonde girls with no tits and even less inhibitions are really hot right now.  Luckily I have a golden haired nymph of a sex goddess to satisfy all of their kinky urges.

My bony blonde beauty is really versatile, her specialty is whatever kind of naughty nookie you’re after.  She gets lots of prick pleasing practice, definitely one of the hottest whores in my lineup.  If there’s a way to make a cock cum, she’s done it.  Pussy, ass, mouth, of course she uses the standard slut toolkit to get a guy’s goo, but she won’t hesitate to let you fuck any part of her that you want.

Need a foot job?  She has the softest, finest little feet you’ll ever have the pleasure of jizzing on, I guarantee it.  Her armpits are perfect for pumping in and out of and you can do the same with the backs of her knees.  Men use her lovely golden locks to masturbate with and leave big wads of spunk in her mop, making her whole head really messy and sticky.  Seriously, you can do whatever you want to her, she’ll love it.  Throat her out, test that gag reflex of hers.  That blonde bimbo is a real big dick sucker, I’d be surprised if she even has one anymore.  Pretty much the only thing you can’t really do to her is titty fuck her, but you can sure as hell have fun trying!


Phone Sex Sluts Have the Most Interesting Stories and Experiences

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts have the most interesting lives. You do not get into the phone bone business if you are a choir girl. There are many reasons why I am in this business. Where to begin? I had an interesting upbringing as a Lolita whore for my Meth head sperm and egg donors. I married a former “John” who was 25 years older than me and gave him three daughters to fuck and along the way I had three sons for me to fuck too. We have a home brothel and a very profitable one too. I have broken all sorts of laws and moral codes in my life. Some not by choice, many by choice. Where else could I ever work? Working for a sexline was my only option but I do not do it for the money. Between my husband’s career and our side business, money is not tight. I just like sharing my dirty life with men who wish I was either their mother or their wife. I find this kind of work rewarding on so many levels. I think it does a lot for one’s self-esteem to know you are not alone in your perverted thoughts and experiences. I love being the madam of my home brothel because I can do it right. My parents were rural hicks who never thought about the real money they could make off a Lolita whore. Of course, I grew up in a trailer park in rural West Virginia and now I live in a gated community in California. The clientele my husband recruits for our home brothel are far richer than truckers traveling through a truck stop when I was little. My husband and I vet our “Johns,” too so that our precious cargo is never ruined, or at least not ruined for long. My phone sex line is not just for fantasy thoughts about little sluts and dirty mommies. It is for sharing taboo experiences and learning how to have your own dirty family too.

Outdoor Score Crack Whore!

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I’ve been known to do some crazy things for a crack rock but getting fucked in public is a new one! I needed a score really bad, I had to work later and my usual dealer wasn’t picking up. I knew just who to call, my friend Tyrone, he would give me a rock if I took his BBC! Tyrone asked me to meet him downtown behind the warehouses, by the time I got down there it was dark and there was no one around. Tyrone stepped out of the shadows with about four other tall dark guys, I was relieved to see him. He told me that I would have to gape my asshole for them if I wanted my quick fix. I told him they could do whatever they wanted with me once I got high! They pulled out a pipe and lit me up before they started grabbing their dicks and surrounding me in broad daylight. Luckily behind the warehouses there was an alley that was hidden from view, I sucked every last dick and let them stick it deep in my ass. I loved the way my ass stretched for those Big Black Dicks; every hit made every stroke feel like the sweetest anal punishment!

Cock Sucking is My Specialty

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My girls and I are nasty little sluts who aim to please. When you hire us, you hire professional cock suckers and cum dumpsters. We have a large variety of girls with a wide array of skills and abilities. I am known as the resident suck machine. Whenever there is a cock that needs to be sucked dry, I will be there. I love sucking cock and learned how to make them feel amazing. When I bob my head up and down on your cock, you will feel the highest form of ecstasy. I love draining your balls too. My job is not done until every drop of cum is either in my mouth or on my tits. Use me like a cum rag and squirt ropes until I am completely covered in your jizz. So, cocksucking is my game, Ms. Blow Your Mind is my name. Are you ready for me to drain your cock? Hire me and I will make sure not a drop is left. 

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If you may have noticed I have been missing in action for a couple of weeks. I went to dose up on vitamin BBC sex stories and some beach time. Enjoying the sea and sand I was soon in for a real big surprise. As it were the beach had these fresh off the boat BBC’s roaming about.

I am the sexy crack wore one was calling me a sexy Banana. That made me laugh and he didn’t know very much more English and laughed and continued to say it. I found it sweet and showed him my cunt. I spread my legs as I was already topless. This guys banana was big and boy was he getting hard for some white pussy.

I went with him and a couple of other guys and the four of us did some blow and they too what they needed from me. I gladly gave it up spreading my legs and letting those big island niggers fuck my crack whore pussy, ass and mouth.

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