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Anal cum dumpster loverboy For Me

I encountered this young man and he was so enamored by my sexiness and the fact I had a big dick. I am bigger than the average white male and that’s a turn on for many. A chick with a nice cock, that passes as feminine more than some biological women. I am always luring in straight men that never desired cock. Well so they say. This loverboi I brought home after a night out and clubbing. We were wasted. He sucked me off and I wouldn’t let him cum.

It was time for my shift and I had taken calls while he was still passed out. Well I thought he was passed out. He was listening in and stroking. He wanted me to destroy that pussy of his by the time I was finished. He told me he had never thought listening to a t-girl having phone sex would be so hot. He wanted me more than ever.

Anal Cum Dumpster

I Get a Sloppy Wet Pussy Sharing My Dirty Life

sloppy wet pussyI get a sloppy wet pussy talking on the phone with fellow perverts. I love sharing my dirty upbringing with guys like you. I also love talking about my sluts. My boys and my girls are into family fucking and fucking for money. I raised them with their P father to be little whores for us and for anyone willing to pay. My husband handles vetting the clients and taking care of the billing. I just get the talent ready and deliver them dressed how the client wants. Almost every night some one has a hot date. Sometimes, we all do, me included. I am one of the family hookers for hire. I have fucked thousands of men in my 42 years on this earth. Now, I am doing it on my terms. Last night, I had a special date. I call it special because it was with my youngest son. Most men hire me with a daughter for a family experience. This was still a family experience, just not the typical family experience. It is equally as hot and as profitable though. Some men love to fuck a young boy. We do not judge in our family. My youngest boy is a natural cum slut. He watches shemale porn with me. He fantasizes about going to glory holes to swallow cum too. He has been rented out to P daddies before and loves it. Honestly, he is a bisexual schoolboy with a tight ass and a greedy mouth. No wonder P men want to fuck him. My son and I met this daddy in a hotel. I was his wife for the night, and my son was our son for his fantasy. I got to help my husband fuck his son’s tight little ass for the first time. It was so hot to watch. My boy got fucked in his tight little bottom. I licked the cum out too because not only am I a dirty mommy, but I am a cum guzzling slut too. We made bank and had fun. Mother and son bonding. I am full of dirty tales I like to share.

Best Anal Whore Around

Anal sex whore


Being the best anal sex whore in the whole trailer park takes a lot of hard work and practice.  Okay, it really just takes a shit ton of huge cocks and gigantic dildos in my asshole, but you get the fucking point.  I spend a lot of time making sure that my backdoor whorehole is ready to take on all cummers, no matter what.  When they want to see you gape, they want to see you FUCKING GAPE!  And I have a reputation to maintain here, I’m going to give them what they want.  

I’ve been stretching my chocolate rim all day long getting it ready for the pounding it’s going to take tonight.  A few of the second shifters from the fudge packing plant have taken a liking to my rectal expertise and will, no doubt, be by to turn my ass into an anal cum dumpster after work.  Their sweet semen makes for a delightfully lovely treat for my hungry asshole.

The head of the pipe layer’s union likes to frequent my hershey fuckhole on the reg, he could drop by anytime with that rigid rod of his to see if he can get the diameter of my swollen sphincter to pass inspection.  He pounds at my backdoor really hard, knowing my experienced ass can take every inch, every powerful thrust.  Once he fills my colon with cream, he balls up his fat fist and forcefully pops it past my rim.  He digs real deep so he can pull out a cum covered rosebud for his viewing pleasure.  I make him sprinkle some blow on my prolapse and snort it all off before he leaves.  He prefers his coke when it’s mixed with shitty cum anyway, and it’s just the polite thing to do after reaming a piece of hot fuck meat.

No matter who comes by to pay for my heavenly fuckhole, I’ll be ready.  My sloppy wet pussy and ever expanding asshole are always ready.  Just be sure you bring some cash.


Young Sexy Prostitutes for Daddy

sexy prostitutesThe weekends are busy for a family of sexy prostitutes. Around here, the weekends often start on Thursday nights. We had a family gig last night. Those are the best. I love it when a guy hires all of us to play. By all of us, I mean me, my daughters, and my sons. It was a hot family fuck fest. My husband served as the chaperone, but we knew he was there just to watch. What daddy would not want to watch something that hot, right? The daddy of the night was James. He is a close associate of my husband. He is also a frequent flyer of my home brothel. He is very fond of my hookers for hire. This was his 60th birthday treat to himself. He is divorced with a daughter he has not seen since she was a little schoolgirl. He has a longing for family. He wanted to pretend like I was his wife, and it was time to introduce our sons and daughters in the family way. I was down for that. Why wouldn’t I be? I gave him a happy birthday lap dance and fucked him. I got that first cum out of the way so he could last longer for our baby girls. He liked the idea of their brothers watching. They watched and stroked their cocks as their sisters took turns sucking their rent a daddy. James has a nice cock. And at 60 it still works. Of course, he had a bevy of jailbait beauties sucking on his cock too. That would bring any man back to life quickly. We had a family orgy. It was so fucking hot too. My girls called him daddy. They know how to milk a pretend daddy in more ways than one. It was a great way to kick off the weekend.

Big dick sucker Stripper

big dick suckerThis sexy blonde Harlot of cum is a big dick sucker and stripper that works the VIP rooms. AKA back rooms where men get fucked and sucked by trashy women like me! On my knees is where I belong, sucking off men one after another. The pay is good and many of these men have party favors they are willing to share with a great cock sucker like me. I love the way my mouth can make a cock as hard as it possibly can. I enjoy a deep throat fuck with my tonsils massaging that cock head. I might gag and drool, but I am getting hornier with every passing thrust! Rocking back on my heels I prepare for that cock to coat my esophagus with a nice warm batch of fresh cum! I love men who take control and grab my hair and force that dick down my gullet as far as it can before they let go and empty right down into my stomach! Breakfast of champions for a dirty whore like me! Do you need your cock serviced by a high cum guzzling slut? 

I am Full of BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories to share with you. I am a BBC whore. I get it from my mother. She was a trailer park hooker on the down low. She would fuck black men while daddy was on the road. He never knew. My mom did not say I am gonna be a white hooker for black men. It was the 70s. Racial tensions were still high in the South. My dad was a racist. He used the N word daily. My mom was not that way. Her first John was black, and that was a game changer. That first John told all his friends about the hot white hooker, and soon she was servicing every black guy in town. She charged $50 and that included everything. Blow jobs, anal, two guys at once, cum shots on the face. Whatever the men wanted. That would be about the equivalent of $250 now. She became a black cock whore. I was raised watching her take those beautiful big black cocks. Eventually, I was hooking with her. We hid the money from daddy. I do not know why I married a white guy just like my daddy. That marriage did not last long because he was not a fan of his bbc gangbang whore wife’s choice in lovers. Once I was divorced, I was free to be the BBC whore my mom was decades earlier. I have had 5 decades of taking big black dicks. I have shared BBCs with my mother, my daughter and even my son. The older I get, the more BBC I get too. Black guys love mature sexy women because we can handle the kind of monster cocks they have. Us old bitches do not care about tight holes anymore and we cannot get pregnant, so black men gravitate to us. Here I am today, in my mid 50s, and still enjoying black cock thanks to my pioneering momma. If you are looking for BBC phone sex, I am full of stories and Nigger seed.

House full of Phone Sex Sluts

phone sex slutsI have a house full of phone sex sluts. Okay, I am the only phone slut, but I do have a family full of sluts. My girls love to fuck. They especially love to fuck for money. Daddy and I are their pimps. I love making sure my daughters know how to please men. My oldest girl is 19. She is legal age. Now, she still hooks for her mommy, but she does these special arrangement sites while she is in college too. She may be the richest coed in California who was not born into money. Last night she needed her sexy mommy for a client. Normally, older men do not want a milf, not even a sexy, trashy milf life me. My bread and butter is with younger men. Her sugar daddy was going to tribute her a sizable amount to get a hot older woman to join their fun for a family fantasy. She knew just who to ask too. She asked her very own mother. She knew I would do it. I will do anything for any of my offspring. I dressed up sexy. You know I dressed classy not like a trailer park slut. Her sugar daddy was impressed, but when he found out we were a real-life mother and daughter, he went ape shit. I was a young mother when I had her. Barely 18 when I married her daddy. I was already knocked up. Turned out our true-life story was hotter than any fantasy he could conjure up. I spent the night with them on his boat. I fucked him. I fucked my daughter. We both fucked him. When he could not get his old dick hard anymore, he watched us snowball his hot sperm. I am so proud of my oldest daughter. She is hot as fuck. She is smart as fuck. And she is a great fuck.

Dirty Phone Sex Salaciously Trashy

It’s dirty phone sex that you need. I am a salaciously trashy tranny. My big cock makes men like you drool. Don’t fight that urge To suck off a beautiful, big, she cock. It’s OK to desire this.
And some things just cannot be resisted. What I have in these pretty little panties it’s exactly what you can’t resist. I know you crave cock.  You really crave to suck on a nice she cock. Here’s a great little secret not just the one I have between my legs, but it’s the love affair that will grow between us. It’s something of a secret. Just between you and me. You can enjoy my cock in any way you want and no one has to know. I promise I won’t tell your wife. We both know you’re not a faggot.

Dirty phone sex

Phone Hookers for Hire

hookers for hire

It’s your favorite slut and I’m so fucking horny today. I woke up with my cunt throbbing and it was already soaking wet. So, I did what I had to do and I got out my big black dildo and fucked myself like five times. You are probably wondering what got me into such a randy mood that early in the morning. I got a call yesterday and this guy told me that he was looking for hookers for hire because he had a really raunchy fantasy. I asked him what it was, and I was happy that I did.

He said that he wanted to find me on a street corner and give me a lot of cash to make his fantasy come true. He didn’t want to fuck me himself. He wanted to take me out to a back alley where all the homeless men lived and told them to fuck me. And while they were fucking me, he wanted them to tell me all about how long it had been since they showered, what kind of STD’s they had, and how I was going to help them spread it all around town. Sound like fun to you? 

I Give you Freaky phone sex while high

freaky phone sex

I woke up from a daze. It was clear that I had partied all night. I can’t remember what happened the night before. All I know is that I woke up in a pool of cum. There was a gangbang. so I woke up with a lot of cum deep inside my twat. It is college life, and things like this are the norm. I mean, have you attended college if you haven’t gotten roofied. I’m glad I got to get plenty of cocks in me even though I don’t remember a thing. I love cock so much, and it turns me on when I have a man or men that want to fuck me at the same time fuck my brains out and show me a good time. I love the drugs and alcohol and what they do to my body.

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