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Trashy Milf Lilibeth Wants a Cunt Licker

trashy milfA trashy milf knows how to have fun at home. I have a few girls. They are my cunt lickers. When I got married and started birthing brats, my husband wanted the girls to be pimped out. I agreed. Not even reluctantly agreed because I had been pimped out when I was young too. I understand the value in prostituting young girls. But as the girls developed personalities of their own and skills beyond their years, I wished that I had just one girl who would be mommy’s personal slave. What woman does not want her very own cunt licker? This is why I adopted Jasmine. She is naturally bisexual young teen slut. My husband agreed to adopt her with me. I knew he was thinking she would make the family money, even if just as a lesbian whore. It has been over a year, and I have kept her out of our hookers for hire home brothel. Jasmine is for my personal use.  I know I may have to slut her out soon enough, but I do think there is a market for young lesbian hookers. There are plenty of horny middle-aged women like me who want a good cunt licker between their legs working their magic tongues. My husband is less interested in having a lesbian jailbait hooker than I am. I have become addicted to Jasmine. She licks my pussy and ass whenever I snap my fingers. She was unruly when I first brought her home, but I broke that rebellious spirit and harnessed her natural bisexuality to benefit her new mommy. She is the best pussy licker I have ever had in the house, so I am not wanting to part with her anytime soon. Every morning, she licks me awake. I use her as my alarm clock. Every night she licks me to sleep. A cunt licker whenever I want? Of course, I am going to fight to keep her all mine.

Amara On The Rocks With a Twist Of…

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Hey hon, welcome to the bar! Yeah yeah, what can I get you to drink? Oh, Amara on the rocks with a twist of lucy? Sounds delish! Let me go in the back and get ready, I’ll meet you upstairs in room three, alright?

Twenty minutes later, I come in with a cart carrying an array of party time favors for you and I. The rocks was a certain, and I lit up that crack pipe without a second thought. I’ll roll on the rocks all day and do any fucking thing you say. My bar is a special place where we cater to the taboo and unusual. You’ve just booked a night with a wild druggy whore who will do anything to stay up up up! The only crashing down I want to do is onto your cock.

But you, my sweet, ordered me with a twist of Lucy! LSD is my favorite, even more than methamphetamine. I took that tab, and watched the edges of everything begin to fade. That’s when you grabbed me, and forced me to the floor. You ripped my panties off, and spread my PAWG cheeks. My dirty posey stared back at you, and you lined that sadistic cock up to fill me in one fucking stroke.
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Not Yet a Teen Anal Whore

teen anal whoreMy youngest daughter is what we call not quite a teen anal whore. She is young, but she wants to please. I adore my baby girl. She never questions anything. She rarely cries. And she never fights. If there was ever a time to cry and fight, it would have been last night. Daddy arranged a special daddy gang bang for her, and all the daddies wanted to fuck her virgin asshole. The daddy that fucked her asshole first, paid the most to pop her anal cherry. The rest of the daddies paid well too because she is still a little girl, and they were fucking her asshole. Normally, we do not let men gang bang our super little ones, but this man is a very wealthy man. He is also part of an underground daddy pervert ring that uses sex trafficked little girls. We made sure he knew our hookers for hire belong to our home brothel only. We never sell our little ones out right like my parents did me. We do, however, rent their fuck holes by the hour. Sex sells and it sold even during a pandemic. Now that the world has opened back up, our little sluts are in the highest demand ever. The money is too good to say no to, so we let him, and his horny P men sodomize our littlest angel all night. When we brought her home this morning, her baby butthole was destroyed. Nothing that will not heal, but we do have to take her off the rotation for a week. She is not complaining either. She gets spoiled all week. Plus, mommy licks her sore little butthole to make it feel better and she gets eat some magic gummies that make her feel good too. I feel bad that her bum hole hurts, but we made more money off her in one night than the rest of our jailbait sexy prostitutes combined in the month.

Ass To Mouth Training

anal sex whoreHave you ever shoved your tongue straight in a shit shoot? I think it’s so fucking hot to be able to clean that puckered little hole and the septic canal beyond it out with just my slutty mouth. It started with getting rimmed out myself. It felt so good when I would finger my cunt and my lover would lick at my tight dirty poesy. I was enough of an anal whore at that point but no one had ever made out with my ass. I was moaning so loud I woke the cows next door and I’m sure the neighborhood too! I started squirting before I could help it! Then, he would have me clean off that throbbing dick of all my ass juices after he had gaped out my shit box. I found I really loved the taste, the smell, and the sexy little slime that dripped from that dick. After gagging me for weeks on a shit stained stick, he finally upgraded to having me eat his ass while he jerked his massive cock off all over my face and back. Another sticky mess to clean up for me! I got addicted real quick to rimming out anal fuck holes and pleasing any man who came my way. They say I’m a shit eating scat whore. I just love assholes!

Feeding My Girls My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy cum filled cunt was in high demand this morning. I was fucking until the sun came up. My slutkins were already awake for the day when I cam stumbling home. I was high as fuck and full of cum. I was hired for a boy’s sweet teen birthday. He invited his entire soccer team. I was paid well for all the extra cocks going in and out of my pussy and ass. I was drenched though. I also smelled like a frat house. I had the scent of 20 young boys on me. They did body shots off me too, so I smelled like day old slippery nipples. Plus, I smelled like weed. I normally do coke, but the birthday boy had some top shelf, Mary Jane. I mean that was like some Bob Marley shit. I enjoyed being the life of the party. The boy’s dad is one of my husband’s best friends. Instead of hiring a bunch of hookers for hire for his son and his friends, he thought one sexy MILF would be able to entertain the troops. He was right. I did some shots and weed, then I was a gang bang whore for the birthday boy and his friends. Then I was a cum dump for my daughters. They fought each other for dibs on my sloppy cunt. It was like a volcano load of cum exploding from my pussy and ass. I thought I wanted to crash when I got home, but my daughters gave me a tongue bath and I realized I was still in need of cock. My boys were home because it is summer, so they took their turns filling their mommy back up with cum. It was a cycle for a few hours. My sons would pump me full of cum and my daughters would clean me up repeatedly. Not a bad way to start any day.

Hot date night makes me so much money

fisting whore

I love dating rich men with fetishes. They love to seek me out and make me their trophy girlfriends for an event of even a couple of months. Many of them end up falling for me. They love that they can fuck me wild and are so proud of my hot looks, but they also love that they can share those freak fetishes that unless you got an escort of whore you would never be able to be so open.

I look like the total hottest sexpot you will ever lay your eyes on, but I’m also keen on fetishes and making them happen. You would never think Id be such a coke slut who will allow you to fuck me in any way as long as I’m high. Let me be your fisting whore. You have always wanted to fist a hot sexy slut. Now that I’m yours for the weekend make that fantasy reality—That’s exactly what I do.

My Phone Sex Line is a Party Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is a party line. I love to do coke and swap dirty stories. A lot of callers want to know about me when I was a little girl. They expect to hear daddy daughter incest stories. The truth is my parents never touched me. But they were likely the only ones in my rural West Virginia town who did not diddle me. I came into this world for one reason. That reason was to support my meth head parents. They never had to work selling my tiny little holes. I never went to school. Never had a birthday party. Hell, I was with my husband before I even realized birthdays were a thing. He got me a social security card and a birth certificate too. As far as the world was concerned, I did not exist. That was how my parents wanted it. I was their cash cow jailbait whore. Men did things to me long before I have my earliest memories. Despite all the money I made my folks, we still lived in a dingy trailer. They put most of the money I made them up their nose or in their arms.

Thanks to my husband, those days are long behind me. Now, I am still a trailer trash whore. I party. I pimp out my angels. I do things most mothers never would consider. I just do it with money and style. When I am doing coke, I spill the beans. I have no remorse about my life. If I had not been a trailer park jailbait whore, I would not have met my husband when I was a teen girl. I would not have become a mother and the madam of a home brothel. I would not be here helping you molest young ones.  I took the experiences of my youth and turned my life around. Let’s party so I can tell you all my dirty phone sex P secrets.

Dirty Phone Sex with Lilibeth

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex stories are fun to share. One of the reasons I love this business is I can share things about my life that I cannot just tell anyone, you know? Why would I work a white-collar job when I can stay at home and do lines of coke, fuck and get paid? I have been a whore all my life. I love being a whore. A caller last night asked me how many guys I have fucked over the years. It must be well over 1000. I have been fucking men long before I can remember. I was brought into this world to be a whore. When I got married, I knew I was to be a breeding whore. Now, I am a mommy whore. I fuck my sons and I fuck younger men with mommy fantasies. When I was young, my lovers were much older men. Now that I am older, my lovers are much younger guys. I am happy to fuck young boys. With my skills, I can help them be great lovers. The first young men I fucked were my boys. I was not sure I would like it but molesting tender age boys turned out to be my thing. I am a trashy milf. I enjoyed sucking hairless cocks, rubbing peepees and training them to eat my pussy. My boys are teens now and they are all my little mother fuckers. Last night, after I signed off my shift, my boys took turns fucking mommy. They pumped their whore mother full of cum. Just what I needed too. I wanted all that seed in my pussy. My daughters wanted it too because they love my creampies. Daddy’s cum, their brother’s cum, stranger’s cum. They will guzzle it all. That is because I taught them how to be dirty little hos like their mama.

Drugged Up Hooker Takes Daddy Cocks

Taking your dick down my throat is my favortie thing to do! Daddy I’ve gotten all fucked up with the street drugs you brought me last night and here I am on my knees waiting for to suck your hard pimp daddy dick before you send me out to make some more money for us!! I take that hard dick into my mouth and sucking it down with my pretty soft lips. My pussy gets wetter and wetter from how honry it makes me to serve your dick daddy. That precum on my tongue and the drool running down my chin as you here me gasping and moaning every time your cock hits the back of my throat. Don’t stop fucking my holes please I can beg and beg all day and night, even the rest of my life to keep your cock in my life!druggy phone sex

When I finish sucking and swallow all you steaming baby bater into my throat I stand in my fishnet tights and black, pointed high heels and make my way out the door after giving your cock a final kiss on the tip. You send me out while fucked up and high as hell to find hard daddy dicks to swallow and take into all three holes. I find three huge bbcs in an alley, I get down on my knees and asked to be fucked. WIthout hesitation thet grab me by my hair and I slober all over their cocks so they can force fuck my other two dump holes. They push in and out of me for nearly an hour as I beg for their baby batter! They finish inside and outside of me, making sure I’m covered and dripping in cum. I better hurry and get cleaned up for the next daddy!

Anal Cum Dumpster for Teen Boys

anal cum dumpsterI was an anal cum dumpster last night. I was the star of a teen birthday party. A friend of my husband’s hired me to make his son and his friends men. I loved the idea. Many fathers get their sons hookers in California before they graduate high school. Hookers can teach boys things schoolgirls have never heard about. Plus, when a teen boy cums quickly, a hooker will not laugh at a boy or tell friends when he cums too quickly. Hookers let young boys share them with their friends too. I had 15 young boys last night. They fucked my pussy and my ass. They tag teamed me. They came on my face. I was doing lines of coke off teen dicks to keep up with them. Little stud muffins. I made them all men. The client was happy. The birthday boy was happy. His friends were happy. And I was covered in cum. Head to toe cum. It was oozing out of my pussy and my ass. Cum was matted in my hair. It was pouring out of my ass like an anal sex whore, so I put a butt plug in to save the car seats. I collected my money and went home, happy that I had satisfied all the involved parties. I was going to shower. I mean I was a few inches deep in cum and it was drying quickly on my skin. My daughters were up wanting to clean me up when I got home, however. How could I say no to that? I sat on the couch with my ass on the edge and my girls lined up for their feedings. Fresh cum oozing out of mommy’s ass is something to be savored. I felt tongues rimming my ass and mouths sucking on my swollen asshole. They got all the cum out of mommy’s asshole. I raised them to be cum whores. They love cum so much they will drink it out of mommy’s ass.

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