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Sloppy wet pussyI am a Big boobed slut that loves to fuck! My Sloppy wet pussy was made to be filled with loads of cum. I like using my assets to get all the finer things I want out of life! there is no point in burying myself in debt to go to college when three thousand dollars have bought me a pair of knockers that every rich man would love to have wrapped around their cocks. I knew pretty early on that I would be a whore, it was my destiny! It also runs in my family tree… My Mother is a skeeving whore and so isn’t my grandmother. My Grandmother started the tradition by pawning her three girls off to local dealers for a fix. My mother has been turning tricks with her mother for ions and well I was bound to follow in her footsteps.

The first time I got my asshole stretched I was face down eating my mothers Cum filled cunt.

We were a Motel 6 with one of her tricks… they met up regularly to smoke meth and do some sick twisted shit. Since mom didn’t have a sitter she would just dress me up in platform custom mules and tube tops and have me sit and watch her be a nasty slut. I would get a contact high from all the cigs and meth smoke that filled the room… Eventually, Mom started having me do some dirty deeds with her.

My mother wasn’t the only whore out of her pack, there was a herd of bitches running behind her. Mother happened to be a bottom bitch because her pimp impregnated her with me. Dad was all about his Benjamins, he preferred I address him as pimp daddy. my sweet hairless cunnie was a money bag to him… He had many Hookers for hire but the younger the better!

Hooker Phone Sex May Be Something I Know A Lot About

hooker phone sexI may know a thing or two about hooker phone sex. Even before I could walk, I hooked for my parents. However, I do not remember much from my super young days. That’s because my parents kept me doped up. You would think that after a life of forced prostitution, I would not want to fuck any more. But nothing could be further from the truth.

I love fucking. But now, I am in the driver’s seat. Although, men hire me often, my daughters take most of the jobs. Daddy and I are so proud of them too. We love our baby girls. And we love the money they make us. But they do keep most of it. Daddy and I do not force our girls to hook. I never had a choice. And we started them at an older age. My folks forced me to fuck for money before I could even talk to agree to it or not.

I Was Born a Whore and I Might Die a Whore Too

And I never saw any money from all my hard labor. However, my daughters get 90% of the money and always have. My husband and I love our angels. My folks only had me to support their meth habit. We don’t need the money, but can you ever have enough money? Being hookers for hire helps my girls love sex too. Daddy had fucked them first though. Another difference, my parents never touched me. They barely fed me let alone touch me, LOL. But daddy and I love all our daughters, as well as our sons.

But I might love our sons a little more than daddy if you get my drift. I play with my sons and my daughters, but daddy only plays with the girls. He is missing out if you ask me. But you cannot be a woman in my family and not enjoy pussy too. Sometimes, I cannot believe I am where I am today knowing where I came from. I may still be a whore, but I am a whore with six offspring who love me. And a husband who loves me just as much and supports me fucking for a living and working a sexline.

Cum guzzling slut Hazel

Cum guzzling slut

One thing about this Cum guzzling slut shes gonna get her fill no matter what! Lately I’ve been on a roll lately With my favorite john. He comes to pick me up from the lot whenever he’s in town and last night he was bringing in a load and I was ready to drain every once of cum out of him. He always comes with the party treats that makes him last all night long.

He took me to the back of his trailer and laid me on my back and did a line off my titties and had me do a line off his cock before he shoved his meaty cock inside of my tight little cunny. He filled me up with his thick 10 inch cock making me moan and gush. I told him to bend me over and he shoved a X pill into my ass and began pounding my pussy making me squirt all over him. I love being a trashy slut getting fucked and filled with cum. Come and fill me up daddy!

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Cum dumpsterWe all know I can’t help being nothing but a Cum dumpster whore. I mean I live and breathe sex 24/7. It’s not my fault that I was pretty much built like a sex machine. I have all the assets a man wants in life. Big tits, a Bald cunt and a nice little round fuckable ass. That’s why it’s so easy to get a man to give me what I want; as long as I have something to offer him. Usually that means he just needs one of my holes to unload into. That’s easy enough; since I like being pumped full of cock and cum anyway. 

Believe it or not; all my porn pic shoots are free because I always suck and fuck the camera man. They are usually dirtier than the bastards they film me with. A lot of the times they are more perverse than some of the men who hire me and my girls for servicing specials. Bill is my go to guy; he gets the best shots of me and always makes me look sexy. He always has the best outfits too; he lets me keep a lot of them which is nice. He is a sucker for a Blonde fucking slut though; as long as I give him my mouth or ass hole to use he is a happy man. I needed my hot little mouth full of spunk so I begged him to face fuck me before and after the shoot. He obviously did and I had a whole belly full of nut!

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When I get really high, I love finding a pdaddy who will give me some blow to be his Creampie slut. After I get my money and my blow he says “I hope you’re ready for my motherfucking cock” junkie whore. Just like when my mom sold me to her dealer, I sell my holes to get what I want. My asshole was fucked open when she sold me but I barely felt it. That’s because he got me high. “Snort this if you want to enjoy any of this, ” he said to me.

Cock sucking whore

Since I was young and dumb, I did what he said. Right away I felt the rush hit my body. Then he rubbed his finger covered in blow all over my asshole. Even shoved it deep in my hole. “Open your mouth slut, ” my mom’s dealer said. “I like young bald little hoes,” he smirked at me. After I opened my mouth, he slammed his big hard pcock in my throat. With tears streaming down my face all I could think about was snorting more blow. “Are you ready for me to get what I paid for?” He asked.

“Not until I get more of that” I said as I pointed to his drugs. After he smiled, he let me snort as much as I wanted. It was easy for him to lift my little body and slam me on his cock. Since he numbed my ass, I took every inch. That is what you want from a young slut, and you pay for it just like my mom’s dealer. After ramming your cock in my ass, you fuck he hard like he did. “What a good little dumb whore” you moan out as you feel me up. Because of pdaddies like you mommy made me into a junkie hooker. It is the best way for me to get what I want.

Dirty Phone Sex Is A Hot Fucking Time With Prostitutes

Dirty Phone Sex is a hot fucking time with filthy prostitutes like BJ. My Cummy goo filled cunt is what my Johns crave. Mostly because the cum in this trashy prostitutes cuntis cum from BBC. Because I’m a milf trailer whore. And on crack and taking lots of BBC, white men love me.

Granted most white guys could not even please my trashy crack whore cunt. This is due to me being so stretched and used. Next, they love the filthy BBC sex whored out pussy. Thes men are lusting to be filthy cucks. Now that we have it clear, my trashy cunt is BBC only.

With this in mind, you should understand that you are paying to get a taste of that nigger cock cum. It’s what is oozing out of my filthy ass and cunt. Obviously you are welcome to come and suck big black cock for me. And either clean his cock of his cum and my cunt and as juices. Then, Of course that will also cost you.

Dirty phone sex is taboo and hot

Finally the mere fact that you wish to watch me take on all of the big black bull cocks. Just means that you too are willing to be used by bull daddy as well.

Dirty Phone Sex

Anal Sex Whore Lilibeth Knows How to Make a Girl an Anal Sex Slut Too

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. But I was not always. It takes time and practice to make a girl love anal sex. And usually, it comes with age. However, Daddy and I trained all our daughters to be good anal whores like me. Men love to fuck a tight young ass. And since we love our daughters, we worked on their assholes so it would not hurt as much the first time a cock slid inside them.

For months, I licked and rimmed their sweet, puckered holes. A good rim job helps prepare them for what comes next. Mommy’s fingers. Slowly, I incorporated my fingers to massage their little buttholes. A finger in the ass helps turn your daughter into a teen anal whore. So, for a few more months, I fingered and licked my daughters’ tiny assholes. And I loved it as well as they did. A virgin girl’s ass will always be the tightest thing a finger or a cock feels.

This Mommy Whore Turns Young Girls into Anal Whores for Daddy

After several months of tongues and fingers, a young girl feels ready for one of mommy’s sex toys. Anal whores are made, not born. Although I peg a lot of assholes as a hooker and a phone sex whore, nothing feels better than pegging your own daughter. But by the time I get to the pegging stage of anal training, my girls start begging for a dildo up their teen assholes.

I know it is a long training process before one of our girls seems ready for daddy’s dick, but we love our girls. We do not want to ruin their assholes. Hard to sell a ruined butthole. But if you do not care about that you can fuck your daughter’s asshole at any age. Sometimes, it appears easier to fuck the asshole anyway. No girl parts in the way. Lesser risk of pregnancy. And not as likely to cause issues like bladder infections that expose swollen, used parts to a doctor.

I can help you prepare the girl in your life for hardcore anal sex too. Just ask my husband.

Hookers for Hire Suck Better Than Your Wife

You know what it’s like with hookers for hire. I smell like smoke and alcohol. And I look like the cheap whore that I am. It makes your cock hard. Even handing me the cash sends a rush to your cock. There’s just something about treating a woman like a cheap piece of meat. And I know that I’m nothing more than a dirty whore. I’m on my knees with your cock in your mouth in minutes.

hookers for hire

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Just fucking my throat feels better than sex with your wife ever did. You start fucking my throat and praying you don’t shoot your load so fast. But it’s hard when sexy prostitutes get on their knees to slurp up your cock. Spit leaking down my chin. Dripping onto my tits. When you’re pushing my head off of your dick, I switch to massaging those balls. You can slap your cock on my face and I don’t even flinch. I fucking love it. When you look down, I’m playing with my pussy. Treat me like the cheap whore I am. I like it when you force your dick down my esophagus.

You love the gagging and glugging noises I make when I choke on your cock. I put your hand on the back of my head and hold in place. You thrust your dick in my mouth and the spittle splooges out onto your balls. The harder you fuck my throat, the more spit pools out of my mouth. Your balls start slapping against my chin over and over. I reach up and massage that swollen sack. You can’t hold back that cum anymore. You start fucking my throat until tears are running down my cheeks none stop. I can’t fucking breathe but you don’t give a shit. You’re going to drain your balls in this cum guzzling slut!

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Hot stripper sex

Hot stripper sex gets your cock off like a bomb! I am one bad-ass bitch. I know you all can’t resist my sexy curves and my seductive moves on that stripper pole. I’m the queen of the club, making all the men drool and their dicks hard. Trust me when I say that I know how to get that money, one lap dance at a time.

But let’s talk about the real reason why I’m the hot topic in this town – my insatiable appetite for sex. I am a true freak in the sheets and I’m not afraid to admit it. You want your cock to explode? Well, just wait till you experience my skills in the bedroom. My pussy is like a bomb waiting to go off and I’ll make sure you feel every inch of it.

I need multiple dicks and pussies all in one room, with no rules and no boundaries. I’ll take it all and give it right back, making sure everyone is satisfied. I love when a hard cock fucks some coke into my ass while I am sucking on some pussy.

I save my wildest side for my clients. When you call me, you better be ready for some nasty Hooker phone sex. I’ll be your dirty little secret, your escape from reality. I’ll moan and scream on the other line, making you feel like you’re right here with me. We can get high together and talk about the nastiest shit. I will be fingering myself and make a sloppy mess for you.  I’ve got a lot of naughty fantasies and I’ll make sure you’re cumming harder than ever before.

So come on, boys, what are you waiting for? Call me up, let’s get this party started. I’ll make sure you have an experience you’ll never forget. I’ve got some moves that will drain every last drop in your balls. I’m always down for a good time and trust me, you won’t regret it. 

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Crack whore analI had a urine drug screen so I had to fuck the MRO… We both know I could never pass a drug test I am a Crack whore anal slut that wakes up to smoke meth and snort coke. I am on probation for prostitution… I was caught selling ass to a federal agent! I couldn’t believe he was a fed since he let me suck his dick but; he made sure to leave that out of the police report… and like he said “Who is going to believe a crack whore?” After giving him the sloppiest Deepthroat blowjob and letting him shoot the Biggest cum shot down my throat I couldn’t believe he still turned me in. Well anyway, the MRO at the laboratory agreed to use his urine for my drug test if… I bent over and let him fuck me in the bathroom. Of course, I didn’t turn down the opportunity!

I placed a nice thick line of cocaine on his cock and sniffed his dick from base to tip.

He wasted no time and bent me over so he could ram his cock in and out of my Sloppy wet pussy. I was so turned on that my cunt left a frothy ring of pussy cream at the neck of his cock that I licked clean when we were through. I wasn’t expecting him to have so much stamina… I thought it would be like a quick gig.

Ya know, pay me for an hour but finish in fifteen kinda deal, But, the fucker held me up for three hours milking my cunt and using me as his human condom. I was so lucky that the MRO turned out to be an old perv who couldn’t resist my perfect physique and Big tits pouring out of my tube top. My pussy has paid my dent, rent and now has gotten me out of a drug screening. Sex sells, and you can find me anywhere there are Hookers for hire.