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They Love My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntWhat is better than a cum filled cunt? A cum filled ass according to my daughters. I am enjoying having them around for summer break. I came home from a gangbang last night dripping wet. Both holes dripping with cum from frat boys. It was my monthly rich boy frat house party. This frat house is nothing but silver spoon rich boys. They have trust funds and can afford to hire a mature hooker once a month. I love it. It pays well and all those young cocks are so hard for me. No dick issues ever with frat boys. Hell, they can drink a gallon of booze and never suffer drunk dick. After my gangbang frat nights, however, I am full of more cum than a street whore. My belly is full too. Those college studs make sure I always have a cock in a hole. Sometimes a few, LOL.  I am a gangbang whore. My little angels and my not so little teen daughters were waiting up for me. Do you know why? Because they are dirty cum whores just like me. I was bottle fed cum. I grew up big and strong with a healthy addiction to male seed. I passed that love for cum down to my daughters. I stumbled in about 4 am and they were on the couch waiting up. Even my bi boy was there waiting for his creamy treat. I love my offspring. They take great care of their mommy whore. I was sore and oozing cum, but my greedy cum whores cleaned me up and soothed my tired asshole and cunt. My girls like to wiggle their tongues up my cum filled ass and snowball it with each other. I love watching them enjoy cum so much. They always seem sad when they have sucked it all out. This is why they make such great hookers for hire. They are natural cum junkies. The apples never fall far from this tree.

Born for BBC Phone Sex

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is my jam. My comfort zone. I am good at it because I am a BBC slut. My mom was one in the 70s. She was a big whore. My dad would be on the road for weeks at a time and my mother would fuck black men in our trailer. For years, I watched her in awe of her big dick sucking skills. When I got older, I helped her with those black cocks. My mom took money from black men for sex. She also took money from them so they could fuck me. My cherry was popped by a much older black man with an 8-inch cock. My mom said he was the smallest she fucked and my tight little cunnie would make him feel like a king. It made me feel like a Queen. A Queen of spades. Although, I never got a tattoo, I am still a dirty bbc whore, full of bbc sex stories. One of my mother’s old lovers, Tyrone came looking for her. I live in the same trailer I was born in. Of course, I have updated it. I told him my mother died a few years back. He thought maybe I was her. We look alike. She got knocked up with me when she was in high school. When he realized I was her daughter, his dick came alive in his pants. I could tell he had a monster cock. I told him I was a BBC whore just like my momma. He told me he offered my momma money to fuck me, but she declined because his dick, which is 12 inches, would have destroyed my schoolgirl cunt. He is in his late 60s now, but his dick still works. I fucked him. Of course, I did. I let him turn me into a cum dumpster. Why wouldn’t I? Age is never a factor for me. I mean a hard cock is a hard cock!

No Hazard Pay For Hookers

Hookers for hire

It’s not easy being a streetwalker, hookers for hire get used and abused on a nightly basis.  Whoever coined the term “Been rode hard and put away wet.” had to have been talking about a paid whore.  Guys think that, just because they’re paying for it, they can do whatever they want to us.  Sometimes a girl gets into a car and you never see her again or her lifeless body gets found some weeks later bloated and rotting down by the river or cut up and mangled in a dumpster.  Dying is one of the dangers sex workers constantly face and, unfortunately, there’s no hazard pay for pussy slingers.

Last night, one of my cutest little blond bitches got beaten up by a trick.  She said he was the typical cocky frat boy type so she knew he was going to get his money’s worth when she agreed to the twat trading transaction.  When she told him her prices, he agreed and opted for standard sex in his backseat.  As he was giving to my girl, he started choking her so she said that rough stuff costs a little more, which is standard procedure for every prostitute.  That’s when he got irate.

Apparently he screamed in her face and told her that she’ll take whatever he gives her then started slapping her around as he jammed his thick and rigid cock in and out of her really hard.  She said he grabbed her face and forced all of his weight down on her jaws as he pumped and pounded her pink pussy.  The bruises on her face probably match the ones on her cervix, but who knows?  He managed to maneuver her onto her stomach with her hands pinned behind her back, drilling her dick drainer the entire time.  He laid on top of her and wailed away as he wrapped one of his arms around her throat and cut off the oxygen flow to her brain.  The last thing she remembers before blacking out was her face banging into the door handle as he drove his huge dong deep into her cunt.

When she came to, she was face down on the ground with one of his hands grasping a handful of her hair grinding her face into the gravel as his other hand grabbed one of her ass cheeks to spread it wider as he plowed into it with his extra big peen.  He made my girl beg him to cum in her ass over and over again until he finally blew a geyser blast of a load into her helpless backdoor fuck hole.

He got up, threw a wad of cash at her and told her to stay on the ground.  As he got back into his car he spit in her face and told her she was lucky that he didn’t just run her over and bury her somewhere in the woods.  He started the car and backed away so she couldn’t see his license plate.  She had the wherewithal to look but didn’t have the strength to get up and give chase.

She was found this morning walking home, naked and crying, leaking blood stained cum out of her ass.  I feel bad for her, she’s a real nice girl.  I should probably let her keep my cut, but like I said, there’s no hazard pay for sexy prostitutes.


Unrestricted Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is open for any kind of talk. I am most popular for mommy and P fantasies, but I get my fair share of calls for domination. I may be a hooker for hire, but I am not submissive. I love it when I am hired to dominate and train unruly girls. This week, however, I was hired to train a wife who has lost her way. My client hired me to retrain his wife on the basics like sucking cock and taking it in the ass. All things she did before getting married. I see this in a lot of trophy wives. They snag that rich husband being a slutty whore, then become the Virgin Mary when they get married. Most of us trophy wives marry rich old white dudes. Sure, they may not be the best men in the world to fuck, but we took vows. We want to stay in our cushy lifestyles, we need to put out like the nasty whores we are. A trashy milf trophy wife is replaceable. I made sure Selena knew this. I fucked her in the ass with my strap on. I made her suck her ass juices off it afterwards. A good whore needs to be an ass to mouth whore. I mean men do not leave their respectable wives for other respectable wives. They leave them for whores. But you cannot be a whore who has a headache for 5 years and expect to stay in your cushy lifestyle. I was hard on Selena. I used whips. I used huge dildos. I told her stories about trophy wives like us that have been left penniless. I mean whores like her and me are not going to make millions on our own. We have a certain skill set and that is what we use to stay married to rich old white guys. It was like a Scared Straight episode only with hookers for hire. Selena was once a high-class call girl. Whores need to stay whores. It is why men want us.

Fuck My Hairy Cunny!

Hookers For Hire

I like to grow my pussy hair out so guys can fuck my cunt and cover my bush with their hot creamy cum! I usually keep my pussy nice and bald but occasionally I like to grow out a bush for the a few of my fuck buddies who love eating and fucking a nice hairy cunt. It takes a while to get it to the perfect length but once I have a full bush guys can’t resist the temptation to fuck my bushy wet pussy! It feels amazing to ride a guys face while he sucks on my sloppy wet hairy twat, I think the bush makes it more fun to cum all over their cocks as they are surprised at how sexy I am and how hard they cum with my wild hairy pussy.

Stripper Sex Porn Whores

stripper sex pornMe and my daughters made a stripper sex porn last night. We were hired for an employee party at a car dealership of all places. It was me and my teen sluts. They did not care about their technical age. They just wanted a hot milf and a couple hot teen sluts. Of course, they compensated us well. I was not sure if we were the entertainment or the companions or what. It did not matter. We were paid well for whatever they wanted. Not our typical gig, but the owner of this high-end car dealership is a frequent flyer of our home brothel. He likes young girls. By having me and my daughters at this party, his sale guys would have something old and young to chose from. This happened late last night, after the business closed for the night. It was not all the employees, just members of his millionaire boys club. That is what he calls his men who sell a million dollars’ worth of cars a month. Quarterly, he wants to reward his high sellers with some sexy prostitutes. My girls and I know how to drain balls and wallets. I brought the portable stripper pole, and we gave lap dances to each guy. It was a small gathering, but it was kinky. My daughters blew cocks. They took the millionaire boys in all their holes. So, did I. I was popular too. Some guys want a hot teen slut. Some prefer a sexy MILF. I like cock of all ages. I like money almost as much as cock. I worked that pole like I was a professional stripper. What I am is a professional whore. I milked cocks into my mouth, pussy and ass. So did my girls. Hookers for hire give men what they want and need. That is why we were hired. Wives do not swallow. Wives do not do anal. Wives do not fuck their hot teen daughters. Whores do all of that and more though.

Coke and Cock


druggy pornDo you need a cheap quick nut? I’m your fucking girl! I am a cum guzzling whore that doesn’t mind getting pissed on , eating ass, and getting filled with lots of cum. Most people know me as a slutty black cum dumpster that likes to party and have fun! With a little blow I can party all night! Just a few days ago I went on a 4 night bender where all I did was coke and take cock! My old pimp came to the club and wanted to see if his favorite cash cow hoe could still pull. You are damn right I can! We got a room and some party favors to get shit going. After one add on craigslist, my cunt was getting called for! The burner was blowing up with calls from horny ass husbands that wanted a nut nestling slut to drain them. I was getting so much clientele that I had to start taking them in multiples. For 4 nights I took loads in my ass, mouth and pussy. So much that I my cum filled cunt still leaking cum from that run! Once I recharge and get more drugs, I’ll be ready to sell this black snatch to the highest bidder.

Sexy Prostitutes Get Hired By Women Too

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes are often hired for bachelor parties. I have done a lot of bachelor parties in my time. This was my first bachelorette party, however. At first, I thought maybe it was a lesbian wedding. We have a lot of gay weddings in California. That was not the case. The bride was marrying a man. However, she was the one wearing the pants in the family. She was a smoking hot bride. Sexy alpha woman who just wanted some safe fun on her last night as a single woman. I enjoy being submissive to women. I am not submissive to men. Not much at least anymore. I was submissive as a young girl, but I have paid my dues. For women, well I will worship their pussies and toss their salads for as long as they want. This trashy milf has 4 daughters. I have learned to be a great cunt licker. The bride to be was aggressive. Not that I minded that. I am a paid whore and an awesome cunt licker. I would be her bitch if I was not getting paid. She put on a strap-on and fucked my mouth then fucked my pussy. She ended with my ass. She fucked my ass harder than anyone has before, and I loved it. Every woman there took turns on me. None of them were lesbians. Just alpha women looking to blow off some steam. And my fuck holes took the brunt of their pent up aggression. I am a gangbang whore for men all the time, why not women? It was not my typical hooker for hire scenario, but it was one I will never forget. My sons and daughters were disappointed when I did not come home with any cum in my holes, but when I told them about all the women that fucked me, and they were super turned on.

trashy milf boy and girl fuck

trashy milf Trashy milf loves a good boy fuck! I was just telling my son how much my pervert clients love me talking about sucking his dick. He got all shy and started sucking his thumb. I slapped him and told him to man up. If a man loves mommy fuckimg her offspring then we will give him a nice show. I really thought if I could just make him understand that men love seeing a mommy sucking a cute bald pee-pee he wouldn’t be so baby faced! I’m going to be fucking him for a long time why would i not want him to be comfortable fucking me in front of other men? I know it’s fucked up that i slapped him. But I put his face right on my tit and let him suckle for a little while as I stroked his beautiful boy cock! This is my lover, my son and he knows if he a good boy he can go into sissies room to fuck her while mommy holds open her legs. I want my son to grow up to be a pimp and my daughter to be one of the many young hookers for hire out on the street beside this horny bitch!

I would love to be your white trash mommy! 

Hookers For Hire are for Women Too

hookers for hireHookers for hire are for women too. My daughters and I are mostly hired by men to fuck men. Occasionally, though, a woman hires us. Last night, a woman wanted me and two of my daughters. I thought she wanted some Sapphic orgy. She wanted me and my daughters to train her girls how to eat pussy. She was my kind of woman. She is a wealthy widow. She married some rich old guy who left her set for life. She informed me that if she had well-trained cunt lickers she would not have to marry again and risk losing her inherited millions. California has awful laws for divorce. A trophy wife can get screwed. She does not want to marry again, but she has sexual needs. I get that. I am hornier now than I ever was. I get plenty of at home attention. I would be hiring studs if I did not have an army of brats at home to eat my sloppy wet pussy. Her daughters were younger than my girls, but I have no limits when it comes to training girls. I was trained straight out of the womb to be a little whore. The girls were not the most willing in the beginning. I showed our client some of my motivational secrets for getting little whores to eat pussy. It worked. I put some chocolate in my cunt and those girls were eating me out in no time. My daughters showed them how they eat my pussy too. Before long, we were in a daisy circle eating pussy while the matriarch watched and masturbated. I do not think pussy is a substitute for cock if you are not a lesbian, but I understood her desire to protect her newfound wealth. I told her that her girls were natural cunt lickers and if she ever wanted to make money, I could help them become young sexy prostitutes too. Not my normal client experience, but it is always a hot time when I get to eat young pussy I did not bring into this world.

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