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A House Full of Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fuckingI have a house full of teen sluts fucking. Some of my angels are fucking each other. Some are fucking daddy or me. And some are fucking clients that paid for their jail bait holes. On any given day at any given time, my daughters and sons are in the house fucking. I am either watching, participating or talking dirty on the phone. This morning, I thought everyone was at school. I started working and getting high. I was not alone though. Halfway through the call, I heard loud moaning. My caller heard it too. I told him it was just some sexy porn to keep me company. After the call, I went to investigate. I found my oldest son and oldest daughter fucking. They are both out of school, but in college. I partied so hard last night, I forgot they do not go back to UCLA until next week. They woke up horny and wanted some family love. I did not want to be left out of the fun. I stood in the door frame with coke on my nose. I seductively asked if mommy could play too. They extended their arms to invite me in. My son’s cock tasted like his sister’s cunt. That is the best taste. A blend of the two scents of your son and daughter is always fucking hot. I even sucked the cum from my daughter’s pussy. I love a cum filled cunt, especially when it is my son’s cum, or any family cum. I played with my son and daughter for a while before I had to go back to horny pervs on my phone line. They are still home in the day for the rest of the week before they go back to college. That means more family fun for this dirty mommy.

Miss Fists

Fisting whore


I’m a dirty back door, front door, fisting whore and all the guys in the trailer park know it.  Somebody even put a sign up in the dirty trashy laundromat that has a picture of me with a fist wrist deep in my ass hole advertising my status as a fully stuffed slut.  It’s a little humiliating but it also makes my nasty cunt drip into my constantly cum filled panties thinking of everyone that might see it.  That means that if they ever take the notion to take out their aggressions on a slutty piece of meat they know exactly who to hunt down for a furious fist fucking.  Years of hardcore hole abuse and constantly penetrating my professional pussy with the biggest cocks and dildos I could find have made my canyon of a cunt hungry for more.  I need a couple of handfuls of balled up knuckles thrusting and pumping in and out of me to really get me off.  Okay, if I’m honest, I might have put up that sign.


Blondes Have More Cum

Blonde fucking


I’m a blonde fucking whore and last night I went on a fuck filled cumstravaganza.  I felt extra whorish after bleaching my hair so I threw on a short ass skirt and some fishnets with a hole in the crotch for easy pussy access then took my happy ass down to the adult bookstore.  I knew there would be plenty of sleazy cocks looking to get sucked and fucked by a trashy blonde who is hungry for jizz and a good hard pounding in all my fun holes.  I headed straight back to the porn arcade, grabbed the first guy I saw and shoved him into one of the booths.  I dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick, slurping loudly up and down his shaft.  We attracted some not so unwanted attention and, before I knew it, I was gulping down and getting railed by about a dozen dirty dongs. It got to where I couldn’t count how many pricks were surrounding me, stretching me out and stuffing my holes full.   I just took load after load of hot horn dog cum wherever they wanted to put it.


I am Great at Hooker Phone Sex

hooker phone sexI am great at hooker phone sex because I have been a whore all my life. I was born to be a whore. I do not mean that figuratively either. When I was born, my parents started selling me before I even remember. They did not sell me for much either. They were meth heads. It was a miracle I was not born with any defects with the amount of meth that my folks did. Also amazing I was fertile after all cocks I fucked. I have awful memories of being shackled in a dingy pop up trailer for years. My folks fed me and bathed me, but they never educated me or loved me. I had no birth certificate until I was 18 and my husband got that for me. I am not even sure of my real birthday. I was born to be a cash cow. My husband of 25 years was a client. One of the few out of towners with money who was a frequent flier. I remember our first encounter. He was gentle and loving with me. Called me his baby girl. Eventually, he would buy me from my folks and make an honest woman out of me. Well, not completely honest because I am still a whore and now, I am the madam of a home brothel of sexy prostitutes. I was like George Jefferson. I moved on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky. I traded shackles and a dingy trailer for motherhood and a mansion in a gated community. I was my husband’s “nanny” until I was legal age to marry. He is 20 some years older than me and was a widow when I became his nanny. I am the mother of 9. Six I birthed, three we adopted. I am also a step mom to three boys who are my age or older. My husband married me so I could birth him little girls to play with since his previous union only gave him boys. I also got little boys to play with and some stepsons to bang. He educated me. He polished me up. He transformed me from an illiterate poor whore into a sophisticated, rich madam and mother. Do not worry though, I am still a trailer trash whore at my core with lots of dirty stories to share.

BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI am full of BBC sex stories. I have been a black cock whore since I was a young girl. This week, I ran into the man I lost my virginity too. I was a young schoolgirl. He was a younger man. Not younger than me, but younger than my mother who he was fucking. He was my mom’s first black John. He was the one that spread the word that she was a great BBC whore and down to fuck black men for money. I used to spy on them fucking and masturbate. I was supposed to stay out of sight. My mom’s Johns were not to know I was in the house, but I liked to watch her. She was beautiful, especially when she was a big dick sucker for the local black men. One time, Jerome caught me watching and he offered my mom money to fuck me. Now, she did not want to turn out her young daughter. It was me who assured my mother I was ready for the challenge. I was still a virgin, but I was horny as fuck. I had been watching my father’s VHS collection of porn and watching my mother be a black cock whore. I told my mother we needed the money. A bbc whore was born that day. It hurt, but I still loved it. I was not sure Jerome would recognize me. I was all grown up. It had been 40 some years since I saw him, but he recognized me because I look just like my mother. He is damn near 70 now, but he still looked good. My guess was his anaconda still worked too. I went home with him. His dick had a few issues, but nothing a good rim job could not fix. His son was there too. He has a son my son’s age. The boy was just as hung as his father. I am a trailer trash whore, so I fucked them both. I had a black father and son tag teaming my holes all night. I did this for free. I was feeling nostalgic and super fucking horny. My mom may have charged black men to fuck her, but I fuck them for free.

Blonde Fucking Some T-girl Dick

Getting on with some hot blonde fucking tranny cock is what uptight men need. I always like to hang out the hotspot where the high baller business men congregate for drinks and making business deals. This is a convention area and always a marketplace for me to find wealthy clients. These men are workaholics and some married and no sex life.

It’s so perfect for me. Strolling in, looking hot as hell and sitting at the bar alone. I’m a magnet for these men. Or I often scope out the one sitting alone at the bar contemplative and sipping his whisky. I move in, sweet talk him. And we end up in his room.

He had no idea what he was getting into. The fact that I have a dick seemed to turn him on even though he was not admitting at first. He came around quickly.


Blonde fucking

Dirty Phone Sex for the New Year

dirty phone sexIt is already starting to be a dirty phone sex New Year. Last night we all had special dates, even me. While my little sluts were taking care of daddies, I was taking care of their sons. We were hired for a party. It was only men and boys at this party. A big rich guy wanted to give his best clients and their sons some whores to use for the new year. He paid good money for some little whores and a trashy mommy. Some of the sons were virgins, but a couple had some skills already. While my daughters were getting blow banged and gang banged, I was turning boys into men. The sons were so excited that they got a sexy and trashy milf to fuck. I lined them up against the wall. There were 8 of them. I liked those odds a lot. I blew them in an assembly line. I went straight down the row blowing them until they came. When it comes to young studs, I wanted to make sure they all came once before we fucked. That is a trick for quick cummers. Get them to nut quickly, so they will last longer. I was getting gang banged by teen boys, while my daughters were bouncing on daddy dicks in another part of the house. Honestly, it was a busy night for the females in my family. I came home looking and smelling of sex. Cum was running out of my holes. Same for my daughters. Their little fun holes were battered, gaped and oozing jizz. That is nothing new in this family. Cum is a badge of honor. We let jizz stay in our holes and on our bodies until we can clean it up. Every female in this house is a creampie slut. We always clean up our messes. It was a great start to the new year.

Sexy Prostitutes for New Year’s Eve

sexy prostitutesMy sexy prostitutes are going to be busy New Year’s Eve. It is a busy day for flesh peddlers. It is one of the most trafficked days of any year for young flesh. Men and women alike want to ring in the new year with something tender and taboo. I understand because I am the same way. Even my sons have new year’s dates with women wanting to play house. This one rich widow hires my boys every year. She is older than me but has a lot of money. She was a trophy wife in her day, but her rich oil tycoon husband died. He used to hire my boys for her to fuck. He liked watching her with younger boys. He was shooting blanks, so he could never make her a mommy. Now, once a year, she honors her late husband’s memory by indulging in a boy orgy. Last year, I was there to supervise. My boys treated her like she was their own mommy. My boys are skilled lovers because I taught them well. It was hot for me to watch them eating her old hairy snatch. She sucked their dicks and tossed their salads too. Each of my three studs gave her a couple loads of jizz before the date was over. My sons do not get hired as much as our girls do, so it is exciting for the boys when they are requested, especially by a trashy milf like their mommy. The same lady has them again for New Year’s, but I will be with my daughters doing a family play date. My husband will go with the boys. I am a little jealous. I know they fuck me anytime I want. It is just I am no longer the only milf they fuck. Hell, this lady is GILF age. Well, I guess that means even when I get old, they will still want to fuck me. We will be fucking for New Years. What about you?

Fresh Meat

Hookers for hire



Last night I recruited my niece for my team of hookers for hire.  Her juicy snatch is ripe and ready to take fat cock after fat cock and her flat little titties are just begging for loads of cum.  She’s come a long way from shoving hair brushes and markers into her hungry little cunt.  I knew I could make my rent and get some more party supplies in just a few hours with this hot and tiny whore.  She was itching to get fucked in all her holes plus she knows I’ll show her how to make some good money with her wet cunny.  We blew a bunch of rails then I took her to the adult bookstore where the rich perverts shoot their wads all over the walls and set her up in a booth.  I told the guys that anything goes for $100 each and let them go to town.  I didn’t even look to see what the fuck was going on in there.  I was too busy blowing lines, fingering my gash and counting my cash.



Trailer Trash Whore BJ Pimps Teens

You want that fucking forbidden fruit. I’m the Trailer trash whore mommy will help you find it. In fact I’m a crack mama pimp. I earn my money for my druggie fix by pimping out teen crack whore Sluts.

So when It comes to desiring some dirty hot fucking, then I am the one to come to. I have no limits and I am as filthy whore as you could ever desire. When I say anything goes I mean anything. He went to beat the crap out of a fucking little teen slut after you fucked her and fuck her some more that’s fine.

Just remember the holidays are for treating your local crack whore to some of the good stuff. Spoil my crack or needs with extra money and I’ll spoil your kinky desires with the filthiest fuck dolls.

Trailer trash whore

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