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Trashy MILF Loves Immigrants Day

trashy milfThis trashy milf celebrated National Immigrants Day with a young Mexican stud named Rico. I live in California. There are immigrants everywhere. My daughters and I go to the parade every year in hopes of picking up some beautiful brown boys with some beautiful brown cocks. Most of our staff that works for us are immigrants from Mexico. We sponsored them and they got green cards. I am always looking for a beautiful brown cock to sponsor. Rico came on to me. My daughters were eyeballing him too, but he had milf fever. He wanted nothing more than to fuck this dirty old woman. I am a trashy milf. Of course, I wanted to fuck him back. After the parade, we invited him back home with us. I found out that he is in the country on an expired school visa but wants to stay in the US. California is a sanctuary state. He would never be turned over to ICE here but being legal has many more benefits.

trashy milfHe knew why I invited him home. I mean you do not need to be a rocket scientist to know when a sexy mature woman is hitting on you, right? My daughters were happy for me, but sad for themselves. They love big brown cocks. If he had shown an interest in young teenage pussy, I would have stepped aside, but he was all about this sexy mommy. I fucked him. I fucked him for hours. He tore my pussy up too. And let me tell you how hard that is to do because I am a seasoned whore. I was brought into this world to fuck. I have had 1000s of lovers in my 42 years on this planet. But this Mexican stud was one of the best fucks of my life. His cock was a foot long. It was thick and it was hungry for some mature pussy. He told me young girls are afraid of his cock. No way a trashy milf like me would shy away from a big brown cock. He gave me a hot squirting pussy because he hit spots most men can never find.

trashy milfAfter a three-hour fuck fest with my Latino lover, I was drenched in cum and walking funny. I wanted him to not only stay in the country, but to stay in my house. I told him that I would sponsor him, give him a job and help him become legal. The catch was he had to fuck me every day. I want that brown cock as much as possible. Funny, he has no problem being my live in lover in exchange for his citizenship. I know no better way to celebrate Immigrants Day than fucking a hung brown boy and helping him become a legal citizen of this fine country of ours.

Fucking a Trashy Milf like me

Trashy milfI may be the kind of woman most would view as a Trashy Milf, but I’m just so damn soft that guys can’t resist getting under my skirt. I let this one get his needy tongue deep in my mouth, and before I knew it he was groping my bountiful chest and swearing to all things above that it was the best set he’d ever held onto. That probably wasn’t much of a compliment, what with him being the type that’s probably not held many pairs of tits to begin with, but I took it as he meant it and let it give me a smile. Soon enough he was under my Cheap phone sex skirt, his cock resting on my very loose satin panties. My thicker lower lips stood out against him and I could feel him strongly. He had a package I could appreciate, and my earlier thoughts changed, now I knew he was a man, his compliment meant a lot more all of a sudden. I felt him swell, and I was surprised to know I wasn’t even evaluating the full man on top of me! I suddenly knew quite well that I was in for the kind of fun that makes a girl swoon. I moaned as he ground himself against me, exploring my mouth, and had to resist rolling my eyes at all the teasing he was doing. Within a second I tilted just right to push his cock around my panties to slip against my whore slit bare. When he still didn’t get the hint, and instead rocked around begging for more, I did what I had to do as a slut. I wrapped him in my legs and pulled him in, engulfing him in my ridged paradise fast enough to make his eyes cross and my body shiver. Like lightning coursing through me, I knew I’d made the right choice and was ready to make Creampie sex stories.

Hookers for Hire, Halloween and a Dirty MILF, Oh My

hookers for hireHookers for hire are very popular around Halloween. Men always want a trick and a treat. We had our costume party last week and we met a lot of new potential daddy clients. One of the daddies hired me and my two youngest daughters for a little monster mash. He wanted us dressed as sexy monsters. I dressed us all as sexy vampires because at least those monsters can be sexy too. I assumed he meant vampires anyway. I love it when I get to play with my little ones too. My girls are the most popular whores in the house, but many clients want a mommy accomplice. This trashy milf loves helping men fuck their baby girls on and off the phone. This new client is an older man with three ex trophy wives and 6 grown sons, no daughters. He always wanted daughters and wives like me. We could at least simulate it for him. In our sexy vampire outfits, we arrived at his mansion to spend the night. It was one of the most amazing houses I have ever seen. We had a Halloween party full of apple bobbing, and dancing. The girls even got to swing at a pinata for some candy. He catered in a great spread too. After some family fun, we had some naughty family fun. I told my “husband” I thought tonight was the night to make our girls women. He just wanted a woman’s approval and assistance in molesting his baby girls. I am the right woman for that job. My girls are not virgins, but they are great little whores. They pretended to be virgins. They played their roles perfectly. I have the best sexy prostitutes for hire. Our rent a daddy was very happy with our family experience. He tipped the little girls very well too. My angels are motivated by money, but honestly, they just love to fuck daddies too.

Trailer Trash Whore Halloweens are the Hottest

trailer trash whoreWe had a trailer trash whore Halloween party last night. We throw a party every year for our clients. They get to sample our young talent. If they bring a friend who ends up hiring one of our little Lolita hookers, they get a free fuck. We are always recruiting new clients. Since my home brothel is highly illegal, we are very careful with who we do business with. Clients who have been coming to us for ions have as much to lose, so we trust their judgment in recruiting new clients for us. My little sluts love our Halloween parties too. They get to dress up in slutty little outfits and entertain some of our clients and they get to meet some new potential daddies. My sexy prostitutes may be young, but they are skilled beyond their years. They can suck the chrome off a doorknob. They can drain cocks with their pink pussies and assholes. Seriously, these little Lolita whores can charm the pants of a snake. All my girls were looking hot too. I had a little Harley Quinn, a Wonder Woman, a sexy witch and a cute zombie girl who eats cum instead of brains, LOL. That was her idea too. All my whores are cum guzzlers, but they went above and beyond last night to make their old daddies happy and their potential new daddies happier. They know that the way we keep making money is to grow. I have adopted younger girls to keep the daddies happy, but they must recruit new daddies to keep getting spoiled. And last night, they showed me just how much they want to keep making money. My little hookers for hire roped in every new client that was there. We have paid sessions in the books, so every girl gets a new and an old daddy date this week. I have the most sought after sluts in town. Clean, cute and eager to please. Want to sample one? They are the trick and the treat.

Hot stripper sex pays the bills

hot stripper sex

I’m always in the mood to make some extra coins, even if it means having to fuck a customer. I spent all my money on blow and was short. So immediately, it hit me that I’d have to give one of these lucky bastards some hot stripper sex with me.

It’s not that I don’t want to do it, but I enjoy it more if I’m high as a kite. Feeling my wet pussy fucked when I am under angel dust makes it much more enjoyable.

I chose the guy who signed up for the VIP room and made my way to him. It was clear I was going to suck him dry so I could get my high going.

As soon as I did my dance number, I got him rock hard and offered him a little rub and tug. I gave him my price, and he opted for more than a hand job. I will stock up on eight balls and pay my rent for a while.

Hardcore Orgy Porn with the Family is Hot to Make

hardcore orgy pornI make a lot of hardcore orgy porn. Some of it paid, some of amateur. I do some videos for rich guys’ spank bank. Mostly that stuff is family porn that may or may not be legal to possess. I made one of those last night. A guy hired me and my brats for the family experience. He wanted sons, daughters and a sexy mommy. My husband served as camera man. He loves watching his hot wife and his progeny service men and each other. Usually, these kinds of family film projects require the client to be front and center for the blue film. He wanted me front and center. I sucked off all three of my sons like the trashy milf I am. I ate all three bald pussies too. He wanted me to peg them all with a fairly large dildo. Now, I will fuck my girls’ little pussies with dildos and a strap on, but my two oldest boys will never let me get near their assholes. My youngest son, however, loves all things anal. Fingers, dildos, or cocks. I think he is naturally gay. My husband had to bribe my two oldest boys with money, so we did not upset this client. This guy is a frequent flyer and a big spender. My daughters love him because he is generous to them. He has only hired the girls before. This time he wanted a family affair with a sexy mommy leading the show. We wanted to keep him happy. I used plenty of lube, and I went gently, but did I fuck each boy butt. My youngest is an anal pro. His cock was at attention as I fucked his ass. He even twerked his ass back on my strap-on. My other two sons surprised themselves getting erect. They took it like champs though. In the end, my sexy prostitutes are motivated by money most.

The Gape Is Worth It

Freaky phone sex

I’ve got several regulars who love freaky phone sex and fucking a couple of my trailer park prostitutes at the same time.  The best is when they take my horny hookers home with them for the weekend so they can stretch out my girl’s gashes as much as they want.  48 hours of fucking two whores in whatever hole they desire as many times as their dick can stand sounds hot as hell, right?  

One of my long-time customers likes to treat my ladies to a little luxury when he brings them home with him.  He makes sure they get fed until they’re full and fucked up on whatever booze and drugs he has around before he literally fucks the ass end out of them.  He drills out their cunts until he’s had enough and then it’s all anal for the rest of the time my whores are with him.  He’s a little insatiable.  I’ve had some girls tell me that, even after he blew out their buttholes all day long, they woke up in the middle of the night with his cock buried deep in their rectums.  They weren’t complaining, though.

My lovely ladies of the night all love going home with my oldest regular.  They feel like they won the lottery when he picks them to be the bitches to be relentlessly butt banged for a couple of days.  He’s got a pool and hot tub and loves to party hard.  Kind of like a big dicked hole-y grail for all of us hookers for hire.  Trust me, the gape is worth it.


Tranny Phone Sex Goddess Josie

I’m a true goddess and I have a dick. Tranny phone sex is a special thing for me where I can really enjoy finding out about more men craving t-girls than will ever openly admit and hook up with… for real.

The truth is I am happy to be the fantasy girlfriend with a little something extra. A woman that gets a second look always. I am the lady of the night wearing the heels, cocktail dress and full of surprises. My look will never divulge my secret. Only those who know, will know.

Bragging rights are mine with this dick. That’s right this gorgeous petite body boasts a nearly nine inched of uncut dick. I know you are craving to see it. You make out with me and when you start to get hard and notice I have quite a solid pack in my panties. You kneel down to see… yes it’s true I have a dick.

Tranny Phone Sex

Sloppy Wet Pussy Needs Cleaned Up: Will You Lick it All Up?

sloppy wet pussyMy family loves my sloppy wet pussy, some more than others. The girls all love to eat mommy’s creampie. They love it most when it is full of family spunk, but they will clean my cunt up after an army of strangers has fucked me too. Daddy and I raised our girls to be jizz junkies. My sons will begrudgingly lick my cum filled pussy. My youngest son, however, begs to clean up my pussy. We have a very special and unique relationship. I think my baby boy is a natural bisexual. He is gender fluid. He has dated girls and boys from school. And when it comes to mommy and daddy’s home brothel, he is one of our hookers for hire who is always in demand, especially with dirty daddies who love a tight boy ass. Last night, my youngest son and I had a double date with a father and son. I was the hooker for the son, and my boy was all for daddy. The client’s son was only a few years older than my son, but he was much more masculine. A virgin until daddy hired him a milf hooker to make him a man. Our client wanted to fuck a young boy, one less manly looking than his own son. My boy is perfect. He has no hair on his chest or his cock and balls. He is soft and very femme looking. He is naturally submissive too. Night and day between the two teen boys. While I was the trashy milf hooker for the son, my own boy gave up his ass to dear old dad. We both got fucked like whores for hours. And when it was done, we cleaned each other up. My pussy was full of cum and my boy’s ass was oozing jizz. We are a family of cum guzzlers who know how to clean up our messes, so when we got home, we 69’d instead of showering. Got every last drop too.

Tranny Phone Sex Hooker

Most married men fantasize about getting with a Tranny Phone Sex hooker. The fact so many men crave dick must prove that society is so busy fucking people with their mind fucks and non-literal dried anal fucking. These guys and gals just figured they can’t get any more fucked and that well may as well find some pleasure in it.

I offer pleasure and the escape from all the dried raw hardcore ass fuckings that aren’t desireable. I bring you my beautiful nearly 9 inches of fleshy real and ejaculating she cock. Don’t miss out on this offer that will end when I log out. But it is renewable just like my cum. Stay tuned for when I return to fuck a few more throats and man cunts tomorrow! You can experience me also and it’s fairly painless well the initial pain becomes deeper penetrating pleasure.

Tranny phone sex