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Hardcore Orgy Porn is Hot to Watch but Hotter to Make

hardcore orgy pornI made a hardcore orgy porn last night. We were all hired for the same guy. He does this once a month. He hires me and my sons and daughters for a family orgy. He is super rich but never married. No brats of his own. I get it. He wants a family fuck fest, so he hires us because we can make it seem real for him. This time he wanted me to film it. My little sluts are naturals in front of the camera. They love to perform. In fact, I think they all have a future in porn. My middle daughter has already told me she wants to be a porn star. It is an honest profession. I will encourage my daughters to be in the sex industry. I mean why not profit off their natural abilities. Teen sluts fucking is a wonderful thing. Daddy and I always encourage our angels to be whores. This client last night loves all my brats, even the boys. He pays well. His only request is that the girls call him daddy. They love that. Even the boys call him daddy. We all worshiped our rent a daddy’s cock and balls. Plus, we licked his ass. He loves that. Not sure why he has never married.  He is older than me, rich as fuck and handsome. He spoils us, especially me. I always get gift cards to local spas to pamper myself. He has the stamina of a 20-year-old boy. He can fuck my ass, cum and be hard to fuck one of my daughters a minute later. He used my son as an anal cum dumpster too. My youngest son is bisexual naturally. He loves to take a daddy dick in his ass. When we got home, we watched the video I made and fucked some more. We loved watching ourselves in action.

Trailer Trash Whores Are Tough

Trailer trash whore

You know there’s a difference between your everyday, average, run of the mill street walker and a good ol’ fashioned, down home, shit heel trailer trash whore, right?  I mean, yeah, my paid pussy pack gets out and hustles the street with all of the other prostitutes, but not every girl of the night comes home after a hard night of humping to a trailer court full of pervs looking to pound their already pulverized pussies.

Escorts have it easy.  They sit around the house until it’s time to go out on a date with some dude who found them somewhere online.  You pay those prissy bitches to show up, whether they bang you or not.  After an hour, they’ll offer you more time or they’ll jet depending on how they feel about the situation.  That’s fucking lame.  Order escort service from me or my girls and you’re guaranteed to get into some gash.  We don’t play around, but we also don’t live in a ranch style house in the suburbs.

I know a lot of whores who live in one hood or another around here and they have a bit more of a buffer from weirdos once they get home than we do.  Those neighborhoods are tight, people look out for each other in what you probably call the ghetto.  Two things that are not tolerated: snitches and perverts.  Sure, they’re still around, they’re fucking everywhere.  Nowhere are they more concentrated than the trailer court, though.

My girls go through it all, really run the hole gaping gauntlet.  Imagine trying to sleep after a hard day’s night but you can’t because creepazoids keep pounding on your doors and trailer windows to try to get you to suck them off or give up some ass.  You should hear how whiny they get when you tell them “no” because you’re taking a day off.  Fucking simps.  So, my teen sluts fucking demolish any guy who doesn’t want to listen to them.  They’ve had to develop a bit of an attitude to successfully live the life of trailer park prostitute.  They don’t give a fuck about you and they only want your money when they tell you they want it, not when you want to give it to them.  


Sexy Prostitutes Still Make Bank Even During an Economic Recession

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes stay busy. Does not matter what the economy is doing, men will always pay for sex, especially Lolita sex. The girls in my brothel are cute, young and easy. They spread their legs so easily for money. The kind of men who can afford my whores do not get impacted by economic recessions like the average person. They have hidden money and stocks and bonds. They will keep paying for little pussy regardless of gas prices. That is very lucky for me and my husband. We have expensive tastes. Even though I am still hot, I am legal age. I cannot charge more because it is not taboo or forbidden to fuck me. Just hot as fuck to have sex with a trashy milf. My little ones are Lolitas and they can command top dollar. Plus, they are just good little whores. Greedy whores who love to drain balls and drain wallets. I have this one hot teen slut daughter who is the most in demand whore I have. She may be older than some of her sisters, but she is the nasty freak, and she just knows how to wrap a man around her little finger and make them weak. I watched her last night in action. A client came over here to fuck her in her princess bed. She has a beautiful teen bedroom. Pinks and pastel blues in her room, and she has a big white canopy princess bed to fuck daddies in. She knows what daddies want. She does her hair in pigtails and puts on pink booty shorts and a tank top without the bra. She shakes her ass, bats her eyes, purrs and the money just flies out of your wallet. I love my little money-making whore. I love all my money-making young hookers for hire, but Tessa is the best teen whore around. I think you will love all my young whores.

PoPo GloHo Toilet Sex

Toilet sex


My hot hookers all know that if your whore holes are out of commision for any reason but you still want to make a few bucks, then you have to spend a little time toilet sex blowjobs in the PoPo GloHo.  Yep, my porta-potty gloryhole was one of the best investments I ever made, not just for me, for all of us cash hungry cum guzzlers!

Should a prostitute have to put her paycheck on hold just because her pussy is so swollen from the previous night’s work?  If one of my creamfilled callgirls comes down with the clap really bad or contracts a particularly staunch strain of syphilis that just won’t go away, should she have to worry about feeding her family until she’s better?  No way!  I have a great option for my gaped out girlies who aren’t trying to work the beat or have pus covered pussies that are too sticky for a roll around in the sheets.  That’s right, the PoPo GloHo.

It gets a lot of action, I put it in the park behind the dumpsters right across the fence from the truck stop.  It’s basically my own personal 24 hour blowjob station with a constantly rotating staff of cock snot sucking sluts whose cunts you may or may not want to risk ramming your rod into.  Make no mistake, just like all of my sexy services, my porta-hole is provided on a “Fuck at your own risk” basis.  You’ll probably be fine, though.

You need a quick long dong lube job, 30 bucks and a bit of throwing caution to the wind is all you need.  Just hop the fence at the Lovelies Travel Plaza off of exit 89 and you can get all the sucking you want.  Don’t hit me up with complaints, though.  You get what you get at a gloryhole, just sometimes load blowing comes with an STI.  You won’t mind, I have the best big dick sucker sluts ever who can’t wait to show you how they can make their tongues work.  All you gotta do is come on down to, say it with me… Caroline’s PoPo GloHo!


Hookers for hire Tranny Girls

Many guys really love the idea of getting with a hot tranny. This is such a demand that many sexy shemale women are Hookers for hire. I for one used to be a sexy assed shemale escort. I did quite well, and still could. I have a few of my choice regulars that indulge in me in a big way.

Mind you I can not discuss those days too much, as I don’t want men to get the wrong idea. I will not meet up with you. Ever. Now, we have that cleared up, and we can get into fantasy play. I have a very rather lover that has flown me all over to hang out with him on his trips away from home. He is a family man with a happy marriage. Ha ha ha… money and ignorance is a good mix for some women to not have a clue of things.

Hell she is kept well. He is not interested in her sexually. He enjoys his chosen few shemale companions. I have been one of his for many years now. He spoils and pays for my time and why I was off for a couple of weeks. I was off enjoying some Sun and pleasure.

We had some of the best anal fucking fun together. If you love to entice in a filthy behind the scenes and classy in front kind of She cock femme fatale then we need to play!

Hookers for hire

Stripper Hookers For Hire

Hookers for hire

In my area stripper and hooker just means the same thing. There are no girls I work with myself included that won’t do extra for a bit more cash. Why the fuck not, most of us end up fucking by the end of our nights anyways might as well take the highest offer instead of spreading for free. I might be a slut but I’m not a dumb whore. I’m giving lap dances and pocketing extra money I don’t have to split for blowjobs, and getting gushy creampies. Strippers are just hookers for hire that you can sample a little bit first around here. For just the right price you can get the white trash whore of your dreams. Just be careful if you go home to the missus afterward, you never know what evidence might stick on you when you hire a stripper to fuck your brains out.

Are you a Cum Guzzling Slut?

 This is my Wanted ad for you. If you are a cum guzzling slut that craves shemale cum. My shemale cock is big and beautiful and loves to shoot cum loads out in little faggot pussy and mouths. You can enjoy me too. 

As I am writing this I am stroking my nearly nine inches (9″) of shemale cock. I’m clean, uncut and waxed. My hole is for big daddy cocks. My mouth does enjoy a big veiny god rod that is worthy of my skills. It’s true that I am a hot piece of ass and can suck a mean dick. My whole body will have you mesmerized in how I can have such great tits and a big dick. 

Truth is my dick is bigger than most of my lovers. I would really love a nice big cock like mine to suck and let fuck me. Mutual masturbation big boy? I am the girl of the night with the special treat to please.

Cum guzzling slut

Pissing Sex Party With a Beta Man and Lolita Sluts

pissing sexIt was a wild weekend of pissing sex. My daughters got hired for a pissing party. It has happened before, but it is not a common request. And when they are hired, it is usually the men who piss on the girls. Not this time. This was a special client. A rich loser. Usually, guys with this kind of money are alpha men to the core. And he is in business an alpha man, but behind closed doors he is sexually submissive to women and young girls. He likes little bratty, spoiled princess type of girls. All my Lolitas are switches because in this kind of business it pays to go both ways, LOL. Hookers for hire do what will create them the biggest payday. My girls dressed in their finest stuck up bitch clothes, with my youngest in a pink princess dress, and we went to piss on an old rich guy.

He has a bathroom bigger than most people’s homes. It was perfect for a water sports date. This client laid on the floor of his humongous rain forest shower. My girls took turns squatting over his face and pissing on him. They had little switches in their hands, and they would smack his balls and the head of his swollen cock if he did not drink all their piss and lick their little bald kitties. My girls love being Lolita dominatrixes. This guy was licking it up and eating it all up. My little whores were seeing dollar signs and giving this guy exactly what he wanted. After all my girls, and myself included, pissed on him, we made him rim our assholes too. And boy was that hot. This was a messy date, but very profitable. Water sports sex is profitable. Guys with money pay for the stuff wives will not do. Same for us phone sex whores. We do and talk about all the freaky shit that would shock your choir girl wife. We went home with a bag of cash smiling all the way to the bank.

Extremely “Classy” Party

Extreme phone sex


If you like extreme phone sex, then let me tell you about this “classy” orgy my girls and I got paid to attend.  A bunch of drug dealers pooled their money together and through a high society style shindig packed full of the most low life fuckwits you’ll ever come across and all of the whores that were only there for their drugs and money.  Me and my bitches were after both, as always.

Between the lot of them, there was every kind of crazy party favor you could ever want and it was everywhere, as free flowing as the beer spitting out of the multitude of kegs.  We got everything we wanted and then some.  My girls were fucking guys everywhere, which made the unpaid whore girlfriends those dumbasses just had to bring get jealous.  What a stupid oversight, I can’t believe that those dealers didn’t think about the massive chemical/emotional reaction their chicks would have upon seeing them bang a bunch of prostitutes.  Fucking idiots!

I was blowing lines off of the bar and getting butt banged by a bunch of gang bangers when this super sassy latina came up flapping her extra dark lip liner lined lips at me, telling me that I need to gather up all of my hot whores and leave.  With her man’s dick drilling out my asshole, I told her we’d leave when our time was up.  She didn’t like that response and pulled her coke slinging slug of a boyfriend out of me and grabbed me by my hair.  It was fucking on!

I spun around and dropped her with a left cross to the jaw, really rang her bell.  Her dude apparently didn’t like that at all and his lunky ass started choking me, so I reached down and grabbed him by the base of his balls and yanked toward the floor.  No, I didn’t rip them off, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I tore something inside of his sack.  I gave my chicks the hooker roundup whistle and we all jetted out of there before shit really hit the fan, snatching up all of the pills and powder we could on the way out.  Nights like those are the reason all sex services are on a prepay basis only!


No Taboo Phone Sex with a Real P Mommy Whore

no taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex is the only kind in my opinion. Why call women like me for stuff you can talk to your wife or girlfriend about? That is not who I am. I am not the Madonna. I am the whore. Men call me or hire me for the things wives refuse to do or they simply are not mentally equipped to hear about. I was hired last night by a party guy. He wanted a hooker who was a mommy so he could talk about his love for young pussy.  I told him he could hire one of my daughters for the real. He told me he is working up to that. Baby steps. We had a great time doing lines. I am a druggy porn star in my mind. I did lines of coke off his big cock while I described what it would be like to fuck a little girl. I described her bald little snatch. The way it looks like a clam because it has no discernible inner lips yet. Now my little slutkins have some high mileage little pussies compared to girls their age, but they have not yet been mommas, so those inner lips are not gaped or elongated yet. I described the taste of a pink cunnie. At a certain young age, those little cunnies taste like watermelon or cotton candy. They are sweet, pink and juicy. I described how tight those little juice boxes are on a daddy dick. It is like a vice grip on your cock. You will not find anything tighter. I made him cum a few times without even touching his cock. He is such a P man that just describing the pussies of my young hookers for hire made him spontaneously cum. Never underestimate the power of young pussy. Trust me, when you get your first, you will be addicted too.